Visions of Hope

On 07/02/15 I had my first "vision".  I say that because it was just a picture in my head, nothing I could actually see with my physical eyes. The reason I believe it was a vision was because I was not thinking of that in any way and it did not make sense.  It is very possible that this is happening to many of us, we just need to pay more attention.  As these visions occur, I will post them here after prayer and help from the Lord. They start at the bottom of the page.  ~ Hope

" My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth."

Psalm 121:2

03/20/20 - Concrete City Shaken

My vision started with me seeing a silo with a small tower beside it.  It occurred to me that I was seeing a vision play out (it has been a while!).  Beside the silo grew other concrete/cement type buildings until I was looking up high for even more structures.  Then suddenly pieces of concrete began flying towards me, coming off the structure.  It reminded me of this verse:

" For thus says the LORD of hosts, 'Once more in a little while, I am going to shake the heavens and the earth, the sea also and the dry land."  Haggai 2:6

12/29/18 - Snowmound Vision

It's been a long time but I had a vision a few days ago and needed to pray on the interpretation. I asked you all to help with the word Bente and one person gave me the information that I needed. The Lord then gave me the interpretation. The vision and interpretation follow.

Vision - I saw a white mound of snow, covering something like a grave.  On top of the snow was large drops of blood.  Above the snowmound in the vision was the word/name Bente.

The word bente means blessed.  It is also used in "Sacrus hymn", a Roman Rite liturgy.  It is a common name in Finland and thereabouts.  The male form of the name is Benedict.

Interpretation:  I believe this may be the demise of former Pope Benedict.  I asked the Lord if I should post this and to please give me a clearcut confirmation. Within two minutes I was given a confirmation of 263...a declaration in Hebrew in Strong's Concordance.

07/21/17 - A couple things occurred in the night.  I will work on more interpretation later. (see update below)

1) I had a dream where I needed to go to an area I didn't want to, it was dangerous.  Then suddenly I was there and sitting in a pile of rattlesnakes and other venomous snakes (they were orange, brown, and white long stripes).  I was afraid of being bitten and was being pushed towards a small overlook (a one foot drop).  I was sitting down on the ground on these snakes, and felt one brush up against my neck. However I was never bitten.  This may point to the spiritual attacks I've been under (see the Dailies for 07/20/17).  They've got me down but the Lord continues to protect.

2)  Along with this dream above, I had a vision later on.  I saw the back of a person's head, with their neck being prevalent.

3)  I saw a pyramid and it was opening up at the top, similar to a can opening where the top is peeled back.

4)  I saw the word SLATE.  You know how you see something in the distance and it gets closer?  This was the opposite.  The word was close to my eyes, then moved further away.

4)  I saw the word "pind" which means village.

UPDATE:  Some of you that read this early today, know that I posted it about 7:00 a.m. this morning.  Several hours later we found out that the White House Press Secretary Sean Spencer had quit.  He quit due to another person that Trump had hired...apparently he didn't want to work with him.  Sean says, " . my decision was to recommend to the president that I give Anthony and Sarah a clean slate to start from.”"  I guess I find out somewhat ironic that I saw the word "Slate" moving away from a clean slate?  In my vision.  Who knows...just passing it along.   Link to article

UPDATE:  12/29/18 - Because of the vision I had of the snowmound on this date (see above), I reread the vision above.  It is dated just a few days before we found out our daughter had cancer.  As of today she has had cancer 4 times.  She has been in remission 3 times but this cancer is aggressive.  Like the snake dream above...I now know what it means.

07/04/17 - A couple of days ago the Lord gave me the word "Rendelstein".  It seems this is a castle of sorts in Austria.  It's very old.  Another definition of this word is that it is a Jewish name, and possible this is a family name for those who once owned this castle.  The Lord has not shown me anything else about it at this time.  Many of those that read this website gave me information on Rendelstein and I appreciate it.

02/15/17 - I had a vision this morning of the sun and a black object revolving around it. The black object was not round but looked like a jagged rock, and was traveling from east to west...or from my right to my left as I looked at the sun. The object got closer and closer as it revolved and eventually covered the sun. This was NOT PlanetX as it was not round. Also you can put your thumb between your eyes and the sun and it covers up the sun so I don't think this object is HUGE. I asked the Lord if it was from Him and He showed me the story below as soon as I woke up. 

Many of us have had dreams or visions of this coming space rock so it's not new but perhaps there is an additional detail here.

02/13/17 - I had this vision last Friday I believe...but it was a vision within a dream and points to a potential earthquake near US Highway 27, and a possible prison involved.  Please note that I guessed on where the prison was based on the info I had.  Use discernment in all things of this nature and of course, take it to the Lord in prayer, as I did!

11/21/16 - The other day I heard the word "Pliva".  It is a pharmaceutical company but it is ALSO a river in Bosnia.  I'll be keeping my eyes on this area for a while.   Pliva River  It's east of Italy.

The past few days I "heard" 2 words, and had a dream.  Two days ago I heard "denizens".  I had heard it before but did not know the meaning.

DenizensFull Definition of denizen

  1. 1: inhabitant <denizens of the forest>

  2. 2:  a person admitted to residence in a foreign country; especially :  an alien admitted to rights of citizenship

  3. 3:  one that frequents a place <nightclub denizens>

My first thought sadly..was the gay bar in Orlando where 50 people were shot on Pentecost.  This morning I heard the word "hubris".  Again I had heard the word but did not know the meaning.
HubrisSimple Definition of hubris
  • : a great or foolish amount of pride or confidence

Then early this morning I had a dream which I don't recall.  (figures)  I do remember it had to do with 4-5 bombs and they were in the USA and at least one or two in Israel.  And at least one in Israel was at a market.

This is just a guess, but I am wondering if an attack will occur at a place where "denizens" hang out in their "hubris".  Den of thieves comes to mind when I think of denizens as well.  Just wanted to pass the info along.

Oh my, I was scrolling down a bit and found Hubris under 04/30/16 vision as well!  "Pride goeth before destruction" Prov 16:18

UPDATE:  Jackie was updating the PDF for this vision when she noticed the 04/30/16 vision below that said " occasional pairing of hubris and nemesis in Greek mythology"..." Isn't one of the other names for Nibiru, "nemesis"... or one of the names of its companions? anyway, while i was formatting your vision, i was also wondering if "denizens" might refer to those creatures who are denizens of this solar system, who probably have an abundance of hubris."   WOW!  Nice catch, Jackie!

05/28/16 - Panic Ensues

This morning 4 things were shown to me.

1)  An Asian man wearing white clothes 

     (like an orderly or kitchen worker) was yelling,

      he seemed  frightened

2)  I felt the word weebly come to mind

3)  I got a heavy sense of "Stock Market"

4)  I heard "panic ensues"

I knew "Weebly" was a website host. (Previously I looked at it long ago to see if I wanted to use it for hosting this website but decided not to.)  Then given the theme of the vision, I looked up the stock market symbol for Weebly.  There isn't one because it's not on the stock market even though it's a prominent company and has won many awards.  I felt "stock market" strongly during this vision but am not even the slightest bit familiar with how it's run. I don't count on it for retirement because it's surely meant to fall.  It is a WALL and all walls will come down when the heavens shake. 

I saw the asian man and am unsure of what he is afraid of.  Perhaps it has to with his stock market...the Shanghai Composite.  I did research that a little bit and found that this stock market was the FIRST tumble of stocks that led to last August's plunge (link is from last year) in financial sectors worldwide.  The indication of what the man was wearing does not necessarily point to the Bride, but rather a middle class worker IMO.  

My interpretation is weak and the Lord knows this so perhaps this entire vision event is meant for someone else to figure out.  It seems that asian stock market may be in trouble down the road where all are affected, the rich and the poor and the in between.  This of course will plunge the rest of the world into a financial crisis once again, just like late last summer so perhaps like Weebly, it is better to not invest in the stock market at this time.  Please don't go by my interpretation as these are just my thoughts.  I certainly don't feel correct in trying to predict when or give dates of any sort.  What I DO know on the matter is this excerpt given to Julie Whedbee:

" He said Jerusalem is surrounded by her enemies as the Word says it will be at the end, and that the US will betray her in her moment of greatest need. This will bring the first judgement poured out, and I feel I understand this to be financial, but the rest immediately following."

What is happening in the month of June that might cause this?  PEACE!  Both Arab countries and France are hosting these.

04/30/16 - Sad Ashes 

God showed me some things this morning so I will just call it a vision, not sure what else to call it.

Vision: First of all, the phrase “Sad Ashes” came to mind and it was in regards to military people. Then I heard the song God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”, and finally as I was thinking of all the weird words God has me think of from time to time, the word “Hubris” came to mind right then. Hubris is a very bad thing:

Hubris (/ˈhjuːbrɪs/, also hybris, from  ancient Greek ὕβρις) refers to a purely negative emotion that may be defined verbally in a modern context as extreme or foolish pride orconfidence.[1] In its ancient Greek context, it typically describes violent behavior rather than an attitude.


“In its modern usage, hubris denotes overconfident pride and arrogance. Hubris is often associated with a lack of humility. Sometimes a person's hubris is also associated with a lack of knowledge.The accusation of hubris often implies that suffering or punishment will follow, similar to the occasional pairing of hubris and nemesis in Greek mythology. The proverb "pride goeth (goes) before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall" (from the biblicaBook of Proverbs, 16:18) is thought to sum up the modern use of hubris

Interpretation: I feel that a group of military people will be bathed in fire due to their hubris. They will turn to ashes and many will be saddened by their loss. It may be the United States but it could be any military as I did not see any nation or person specifically. The song in particular goes along because these military people were making light of a situation, in pride or hubris. So they were merry but now they will rest in pieces…the ashes. God can be quite blunt when He wants to be. I don’t think the song points to a time, but rather I look at the context of its addition in the vision and it was right after the “sad ashes”. I do not know how the fire comes about…could be a volcano, could be a missile, could be a nuke. Only that it causes great destruction and sorrow. The Bible confirms this scenario in that the military and their "works" will burn together:

" The strong man will become tinder, His work also a spark. Thus they shall both burn together 

And there will be none to quench them. Isaiah 1:31

04/09/16 - Blue Moon

Last night I had a vision. It was like reading this short paragraph from a book:

“The blue moon is the time

when the Angel of the Lord

stands beside me.”

I did not write it down but said it over and over so I would remember it. This morning I started researching and found out the next blue moon is May 21 (exactly 6 weeks from today!) of this year. While some say a blue moon is simply two full moons in a month, the true description of a Blue moon is a third moon of a season, when there are four altogether. Normally you have three full moons per season as each month has a full moon. So the “extra” moon is called a blue moon. There are various reasons for this which you may search out if you like, but I found this one most interesting, given our end time focus (bear with me as I show you an excerpt from NASA):

“A truly-blue Moon usually requires a volcanic eruption. Back in 1883, for example, people saw blue moons almost every night after the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa exploded with the force of a 100-megaton nuclear bomb. Plumes of ash rose to the very top of Earth's atmosphere, and the Moon … it turned blue!” (it goes on to say that forest fires can do the same trick)

Let’s look into the next aspect of the vision, the Angel of the Lord. Who is the Angel of the Lord? I was careful to note the word “the” in THE Angel of the Lord vs AN angel of the Lord. Most interpret the Angel of the Lord to mean Jesus in one of His forms before He became the Son of Man. We see the Angel of the Lord appear in Old Testament, but not in the new. Here is another brief excerpt of something I read and agree with:

The angel of the Lord speaks as God, identifies Himself with God, and exercises the responsibilities of God (Genesis 16:7-1221:17-1822:11-18Exodus 3:2Judges 2:1-45:236:11-2413:3-222 Samuel 24:16Zechariah 1:123:112:8). In several of these appearances, those who saw the angel of the Lord feared for their lives because they had “seen the Lord.” Therefore, it is clear that in at least some instances, the angel of the Lord is a theophany, an appearance of God in physical form.

The appearances of the angel of the Lord cease after the incarnation of Christ. Angels are mentioned numerous times in the New Testament, but “the angel of the Lord” is never mentioned in the New Testament after the birth of Christ.”

It goes on to mention that it is possible that the Angel of the Lord is Christ before His incarnation. 

Lets go back to the vision. Since I was seeing this in a book, it seems that the Angel of the Lord "stands by" the author of the book (or "me") on the night of the blue moon. The next blue moon is in 6 weeks. Is it possible that we will see volcano fire or stars falling around that date? And what of my “Two Moons” vision just below? Is God showing us a confirmation of something happening in May, the month with the extra full moon? And the vision below that...the "Red Alert May"?   I will continue in prayer about this and keep watching!

03/29/16 - Two Moons?

Early this morning I had a vision. There were tree branches on the left and it was nighttime.  I saw what appeared to be a very bright full moon, much brighter than this, behind the branches.  The moon was just sitting there, then suddenly it moved up a few inches, maybe a foot.  If I had to guess, I would say it moved one hour, or possibly where it appears at one time, then the next night it's higher at the same time.  That is what occurred to me.

Underneath the moon, I had the impression that there was another sphere, unsure if it was Nibiru or another moon or planet or what.  My attention was on the very bright moon.  

The light of the moon will be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven days, on the day the LORD binds up the fracture of His people and heals the bruise He has inflicted. Isaiah 30:26

03/26/16 - The Month of "Red Alert" May

Today I was looking through all my end time papers and came across this page that I recorded visions on.  The ones with the checks have been posted (2015 below) but ones without checks have not.  What you are seeing is this:

09/23/15 - I saw a vision of a magazine called POW and there were photos all over the front page.  I never posted that vision.

09/25/15 - I saw the word MAY in caps, outlined all in red.  Never posted that either.  Are we about to see "red" in May?

On 03/24/16 I heard "Flesh and Blood", is this something that goes with a bloody month of May?  I don't know, but felt I should post all today since I came across it while looking for something else entirely.

03/25/16 - Boston Tea Party False Flag Event

VISION: I saw a white framed picture but I could not make out what the picture was. It had white in it, and some sandy colors. As I was looking at it, I heard Tom Silva of This Old house television show say, “You all recognize this one…it’s the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. I thought to myself, well I don’t see a wreck because it’s hard to tell what it is. End of vision

I wanted to make sure that this vision was from the Lord so I got up and prayed about it, then went back to sleep. I had a dream where I was talking to my husband about this same vision. When I woke up, I realized that this was one of the confirmations. Later in the morning, I asked my husband which person’s voice I heard (he watches This Old House religiously and it was Tom Silva) and we discussed the Edmund Fitzgerald as well. Ironically, my husband’s entire family vacationed at the Soo Locks in Michigan in the early 70s and he recalled that the captain of the Edmund Fitzgerald spoke to two of his sisters over the loud speaker. As I researched the boat, I found that indeed, the captain used to speak through his loud speakers as he went through Locks. You can read more here. That’s just a little bit of trivia as this boat is not the focus of the vision, rather a ship from the past.

Tom Silva and the “This Old House” television series, is set in and around Boston. As I went to research this topic after prayer, I initially had in mind that what I saw, was a shipwreck that would happen in Boston. I watched a short video on the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (and cried when I thought of the fear those men went through) and continued to research. Since the EF was already a wreck, I wondered what the vision could mean. The other thing that stood out to me was Tom’s accent. When I thought of a ship together with Boston, that brought to mind the Boston Tea Party. Well, I almost dismissed it…but came to a sharp realization that I was wrong, once I recalled the two confirmations I had IN ADVANCE of this vision. Work with me here as I explain the full circle of this coming false flag, an event similar to the Boston Tea Party from 12/16/1773.

Confirmation 1:

One of the causes of the Boston Tea Party per the link below:

"The American colonists believed Britain was unfairly taxing them to pay for expenses incurred during the French and Indian War."

If you recall, a few weeks ago the Lord directed me to read The Last of the Mohicans. This is a story based on the French and Indian war in the United States. If that seems confusing, just read the link. Anyway, the British also fought in that war (northeastern USA) which explains why the colonists thought they were raising the taxes. The British needed the money for their war efforts.

Confirmation 2:

Here is another interesting fact from the link below:

In an effort to hide their true identities, many of the Sons of Liberty (colonists)attempted to pass themselves off as Mohawk Indians because if caught for their actions they would have faced severe punishment. 

This is interesting because of what they call themselves, and their disguise. Just yesterday while I was driving to work, I found myself behind a big ol’ pickup truck that had a sticker advertising “Indiana Sons of Liberty”. All I could assume was that it was a militia group. The Lord brought it to mind again today, that I had seen THIS group in advance of my vision! I’ve never seen a sticker like that before in my state! You can google it and find the site, I’d rather not point to that link on this page though. So first I am reading the book about a French and Indian war, and then I am seeing this sticker. Both things for me, point as confirmation that what is coming and that it is an event similar to the Boston Tea Party incident. Here is the link I've taken excerpts from:

Here is more of my interpretation.

Tom Silva was the voice I heard so I looked up the meaning of the name Tom. It is parallel to the name Tammy and means “Twin”. As soon as I found that out, the Lord gave me “twin event”. An event similar to the Boston Tea Party? Hmm. As I pondered further asking for the Lord’s lead, He directed me to the picture in my vision, that had the white frame. I recall there was no boat in the picture, but it seemed as if I was in a museum or place of history, and Tom Silva was pointing out something from the past…this shipwreck that wasn’t really a wreck per se, but a ship that went down. The Edmund Fitzgerald is fully immersed in the waters of Lake Superior. That is why there was no picture of it in the frame, yet almost every citizen in my country knows the story from 1975, because of the song by Gordon Lightfoot. Tom was pointing out the past in this picture, because you could not see a boat. Also it was if I was seeing this picture with a group of people in a museum, another indicator that he was pointing to the past. History…repeating itself? The twin event?

The fact that the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Indians for the actual Boston Tea Party, lends me to think that this will be a false flag event. I originally erred in what I thought was a false flag. I thought only the government caused them. But again, Wikipedia to my rescue:

Operations carried out during peace-time by civilian organizations, as well as covert government agencies, can (by extension) also be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organization behind an operation,

So in essence, even the original Boston Tea Party was a false flag event! And even the Boston Marathon bombing!  Oy vey! And the white frame around the picture may point to the same thing…a frameup of the wrong group. I’m not sure if the white color indicates that a good group frames a dark group, or vice versa, but that is what this vision and its confirmations led me to. One final thing, I felt very much as if I was not to read my devotions today until I had a lot of this in place. When I went to read in Isaiah 30, I found this in verse 17:

“A thousand shall flee at the threat of one; at the threat of five you shall flee, till you are left like a flagstaff on the top of a mountain, like a signal on a hill.”

Yep…the word “flagstaff”!! I think in the near future, a false flag event similar to the Boston Tea Party, may take place. I’m not sure where, but it would seem that a boat is involved. The Edmund Fitzgerald was a bulk carrier so perhaps this will be an act of terrorism on a civilian boat as I saw nothing military in this vision. Also, it is frankly easier to get onboard a commercial vessel than a military one. So lets keep our eyes open!

My video with a small bit of extra info

03/20/16 - Halo moon before California EQ?

If you read the website one week ago, you will recall that I posted a quick sentence about having info on Warrior Princess's USA EQ Word and a halo moon.  At the time, I did not go into detail because one of the words I saw was confusing to me, so I sent it to Jackie who also found nothing on it.  I kept all my info on the dream within a dream so I will post it now...because Minister Paul just posted a video where he was outside last night, and saw a ring around the moon and took a picture of it, AND he lives in California!  Here is his video.

DREAM:  On 03/10/13 I had this "dream" but really it was more of just information imbedded in a dream.  It was very strange, maybe it was instructions but anyway, I knew I was seeing things that pertained to Warrior Princess's EQ Message from 12/13/14.  I saw three things written down but don't recall the third one exactly.  I saw "crystal moon", and knew the word "winter" was involved (WP had seen snowflakes on her eyelashes during her vision), and also something like eiwman or eimwan.   I've researched variations of that last word and only came up with one place in Saxony Germany.  If any of you know what a spelling of that word may be and in relation to an earthquake or halo moon, please email me!

Also, I had three incredible confirmations of this right away.  I will tell you the first I woke up and got ready to go to work, I read my devotions for the day and I was completing the Book of Revelation. The very first verse of chapter 22 is!:

Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city.

Some other weird things went with this which is why I did not post this..but now I feel I should. Right after this in my dream, I was wondering again...does this go with WP's Word? And a little bird sat on my shoulder in a vision and I felt the interpretation was, "A little bird told me". I also saw a black robe, and silk. I know that is strange but at this point, I want to write it all down for you because I feel I neglected this! The word "crystal" happened twice again in 24 hours in strange ways, suffice it to say it was incredible. So there you have it!

03/13/16 - No Eyes to See

I'm not really sure what to call this vision but I will tell you what I saw.  Please go to the Lord for interpretation and discernment as you pray.

I saw a skull, only not that clearly.  Later I saw a cave, again though not clearly).  Lastly I saw a man standing before Jesus and he said to Him, "We shouldn't be dead."

My interpretation is this.  The skull is Golgatha and the cave is where our Saviour was buried. I do not know if this points to a time, but rather an event.  The man may represent those who believe the Rapture is next and they will miss all the chaos. That's why it was blurry, because these people/church do not have eyes to see. Yet the dead in Christ will rise first so perhaps this is similar to what happened when Jesus rose and some dead saints rose with Him

03/03/16 - Kosher Vision

I saw a young woman walk up to an older woman in a kitchen who was preparing something.  The young woman said to the older woman, "Do you know what Kosher is?"  The older woman said no.  The younger woman walked away and looked at me and smiled.  She was dressed comfortably in what seemed to be a light brown/white plaid shirt and jeans.  She had medium complexion but her hair stood out to me. It was long black hair with waves.  The waves were the type that occur when you unbraid your hair after a long time.  End of vision.

As I was looking for a picture of the hair (because it stood out to me that it was different), I found that this is now called "crimped".  lol  When I was younger, we would braid our hair for this same affect.  Now there is a styling tool for this but ANYway...the woman in my vision had long black hair and I felt she was Jewish. My impressions was that the hair was formerly braided and that is important because the Bible notes quite a bit about braided hair:  

1 Peter 3:3-4 and 1 Timothy 2:9 specifically mention not to braid the hair.  I believe they are in essence saying (and please note this is MY interpretation only) that women should not call attention to themselves (being careful of adornments. etc).  At the same time we know that

1 Corinthians 11 tells us MUCH about women's hair, that long hair is a glory to her and is her covering.  So keep this in mind for my interpretation as you continue to read.

So what is "Kosher"?  Kashrut is the Hebrew word for Kosher. It is a set of "Jewish" dietary laws such as no mixing dairy and meat.  The Lord established these rules in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 when He gave them to Moses. Many MANY people call them Jewish laws...just like they call it the Jewish calendar.  But these are not from the Jews.  They are from God!  The food laws put into effect for the Jewish people under Moses, were from God.  

I learned a lot from watching this short video.  There is:

  • Biblical Kosher
  • Rabbinic Kosher
  • Common Sense Kosher

Towards the end, this man promotes common sense kosher but truly, that is not what God established in the days of Moses.  We know that many of God's simple laws, have been taken to the extreme and written about in the Talmud and other books.  Here is what I found and is most interesting:

"The entire Talmud consists of 63 tractates, and in standard print is over 6,200 pages long. It is written in Tannaitic Hebrew and Aramaic, and contains the teachings and opinions of thousands of rabbis."  Oy vey!  Seriously...God did NOT write this!  This is all from man!  Do you know why Jews do not mix dairy and meat?  It is WAY MORE complicated than what God said in the tail end (no pun intended) of Deuteronomy 14:21 when He said, " Do not cook a young goat in its mother's milk."  That's His rule about it...plain and simple!

Frankly, I don't know why God said it and neither do those who wrote the article in the dairy and meat link above. And I don't need to figure it out.  We are no longer under any law when we choose Christ.  So that brings us back to the vision.  Why is the young Jewish woman curious about what Kosher is?  Here are my thoughts.

Interpretation:  SeekandYeShallFind is working on a long video series about separation in the church.  Today she posted this video which parallels my vision.  I believe the Jews are coming back to their heritage.  We know that in these last days, many Jews are making Aliyah, coming back to their homeland. We also know that during the Tribulation, that the old laws will be in effect.  The Bible is full of this end time information, most especially in Daniel as well as Revelation.  The Temple will be rebuilt and the laws put in place...and this woman is now one of these young people wondering about what Kosher is.  She has come out of the world, and is trying to practice her faith but even the older generation aren't sure of how to do that.  Plus, man has added to what God has written.  

The young woman's hair is long and no longer braided as she is no longer part of the worldly scene.  Also her clothes are comfortable and simple, no longer stylish. You may have a different interpretation of this and frankly, the Lord works in layers and patterns as I have come to learn.  But this is what I gleaned from the vision, after prayer and research.

02/07/16 - Superman Joseph Vision

I watched a video of Cristine Pina's yesterday and she mentioned God had given her dreams where she is a superhero.  I thought about this, and realized I had not had this type of dream.  My daughter has...but not me.  I believe it comes from Joel 2 and that when we are transformed into the remnant Bride since we are this army of the Lord's...that these things will happen to us.  

Last night I had two quick visions.  In the first one, I saw man wearing a cape and the cape was multi-colored.  My initial thought God showing me a rainbow or gay man?   Then He gave me another vision and the same man (chisled cartoon face) came flying down in front of my, with his multi-colored cape.  The cape was not the colors of the rainbow, but more earth tones.  Then it dawned on me that God was showing me 

1) Joseph's coat of many colors and
2) a superhero!  
I remember reading many Messages about this and I'm sure you do too.  We are the Elijahs, the Moses's, the Samuels, the Josephs, etc.  Here is an excerpt from Elaine Tavolacci's Message from 2014:

"I am raising up Josephs.  They have been dishonored and falsely accused but have not taken offence or let go of their dreams.  I will raise them up and reveal My goodness through their lives.  I will use them as signs and wonders to the nations.  They will be leaders and they will prosper in times of famine."

Are you ready for this, guys?  I am so SUPER excited about it!  Keep watching, ever watching!

01/20/16 - XFiles Vision

This morning about 5:00 a.m. I had some things happen.  First I had a vision of a headshot photo of Gillian Anderson.

Then I heard a phrase...."Reserve judgment"

Then I heard a song....Final Countdown by Europe

Then I saw another headshot photo of a man wearing a military hat.  The hat looked just like the one in this photo, but I did not see the man's face clearly, and unlike this photo, it was a photo from the neck up, not the torso.

I wrote these 4 things down in the journal by my bed, and got up and prayed about it.  Then went to work.  I knew I would have more time tonight to look into it.  I was astounded at what I found.

Even though God had me wake up by teaching me tactics of the Fallen's channelings, and alien abductions, and loving science fiction (Trekker here!) all my life...I've never really gotten into the XFiles, they just did not appeal to me. I knew who Gillian Anderson was when I saw her face in my vision and that photo above is almost exactly if not THE exact picture I saw, because her head was tilted and she was wearing a light or white color.  When I heard "Reserve judgment", I got the idea that that phrase was for me personally, rather than including it with Gillian as a search online (although I tried that with little success).  The song...well it's been driving me nuts. :-)  Recently it was featured on a commercial and I know many watchers have used it in their videos to point to the end times.  So I was surprised when God allowed me to hear it because...well...I'm getting tired of it!  lol  But hey, what He wants is what I want so I wrote it down.  Finally, another headshot photo of a man in a uniform with a specific hat.  White on top, black or dark on the bottom, with insignia in the middle.  

I believe it was a Coast Guard hat.

So I started doing my research and after a few minutes...I found something that astonished me!  It seems that there is a new 6-series XFiles starting this Sunday!  Now you have to understand, we don't watch commercials in my house...we generally mute them, or change the channel to a Christian station or God TV...we just don't watch commercials.  If there had been one on for XFiles, I don't recall it.   When I found that this show was on starting on Jan 24...well I got the strong impression I am to watch it.  I was thinking it was crazy really...I mean unless you are a fan, who would want to watch that?  That's when the Lord reminded me..."Reserve judgment".   Yes Lord!

As for the song, I am clueless how that fits in right now, but will allow the Lord to show me.  Perhaps there is some Final Countdown piece in the show...or something to do with Europe. And as for the military man's headshot photo, I was thinking about this when I was making the bed tonight.  God immediately gave me the understanding that He was giving me a "heads up" that the military are involved with the aliens.  I know this and have studied it so am looking forward to what He wants me to learn from all this CRAZY stuff!

There you have it, folks.  I am set to stay up past my bedtime on Sunday night to watch this first episode.

PS:  My daughter is borrowing Season 1 from the library for me.  Perhaps I am to "watch" the entire series.  :-)

Lyrics of chorus (sounds like the Bride!):

(ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one)

We're leaving together,
But still it's farewell.
And maybe we'll come back
To earth, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame
We're leaving ground (leaving ground)
Will things ever be the same again?

It's the final countdown.
The final countdown

UPDATE:  It's late in the year and I see that I never updated this!  The final shows pointed to the government being behind ALL the if you were a fan, it's like finding out the entire season of Dallas was a dream right?  Well, LA Marzulli sums it up well here. LINK

01/13/16 – See, Hear, and Speak no Evil

Early this morning I had a vision, very clearcut. There was a teenage girl sitting on the edge of the bed. I had a impression that she had pajamas on and was just getting ready to get up. However, she had a large monkey hugging her body and face. The monkey’s arms were around her head so her face was planted in its chest (think Alien facehugger!). The rest of his body and legs went around her torso as she was sitting on the bed. End of vision.

The interpretation was almost immediate. The teenage girl is the sleeping church, getting ready to wake up! She is a teenager because she is not an infant in the Word, she knows the Bible and the physical church. But she is not fully mature because she does not have the relationship with her Groom like she should.

The monkey keeps her from seeing, from hearing, and from speaking. She does not see the evil in the world, she does not hear the evil in the world, and she certainly does not want to talk about the evil. In my Biblical dream dictionary it says monkey means playfulness, childlike. So it is possible that the enemy is covering the church’s ears, eyes, and mouth with things that are cute and fun, tickling the church’s ears so to speak. We can all think of examples that take the focus of our church friends off of Jesus and the holiness that we are to live in. But I am encouraged by this vision because the church is about ready to step out of bed and wake up!

The story behind the three monkeys can be associated with a false religion as well, which is also appropriate for keeping the church from rising up.  If you are interested, you can read more here. 

01/10/16 - Flooding in the Netherlands

I had a vision early on 01/10/16. I was seeing what was happening in a small area outside. The first thing I saw was flooding, people pulling others out of the water, several feet deep and the water was treacherous. It was not caused by a river but due to being on the coast. I could see rocky cliffs out in the distance to my upper right.  (I was looking SW)

Then I saw children playing and laughing, they had blond hair and were jumping over a small wall or fence. It may have been set up to keep the water out. One of the young girls was wearing a long dress.

I could see houses near me and for the first time, I was able to focus in on something. I purposely tried to do this (was thinking of how Lisa is able to look around in her visions) and was able to zero in on a window like a camera lens. Nothing interesting there but I was excited that I was able to do this.

I started looking to my left (inland) as the vision moved. I saw the back of a very very tall white silo like structure. It had been there for a while because I saw rust on it. I prayed during the vision that God would show me a word on the building so I could tell where or what this place was. Towards the top of the silo around the front, I saw rust, and slime or dirt come off and partially reveal the word “Invinty”. 

End of vision.

Research and Interpretation: For sure the letter "I" was the first letter I saw on the silo, and I did see a “v”. I have been researching this online and a few of you have sent me links (note that it was not the word Infinity, at least not in English). Since all the children were blond or at least had light colored hair, I was thinking Sweden or something like that…and that the word was how it was spelled in that country. However, after research, I believe the Lord was showing me a company as well as an area. When I researched I found a company called Invinty BV. I could not find much on it at first, then the search results started pulling up Infinity BV. This is in the Netherlands, Rotterdam to be exact. The website is here:

They seem to be into the wellness thing which can be good or bad. I am not going into that at all for this vision, rather I believe God is simply pointing to an area and a company. They are venture capitalists and have also invested in an online used clothing site for children (I saw children in the vision and it may explain the girl’s long dress which isn’t normal outside clothing except for religious cultures). The website for Invinty’s purchase of used kids clothing is here:

I saw the kids jump over a wall and the dike below was what I saw.  It was not made of wood but also not a dam or fence like we build in the USA.

Netherland Dikes

Old White Silo

The map to the right shows some of the people that looked at my website over the weekend; it is from a page that shows me where visitors are located that view my pages.

 Please keep this area in prayer as it includes the Netherlands.  I believe the Lord is showing us part of this area will be flooded soon.

01/09/16 - Shrouds

About 5:00 a.m. this morning I saw the word "Shrouds" in my mind.  The "S" was capitalized and the letters were an offwhite color, like a shroud color.  My first thought was the Shroud of Turin, but this word was plural.  As I researched this, I found that many cultures and religions wrap their dead in a shroud, ironically most Christians do not use a shroud.  To be sure, Jews use a burial shroud and the preparation for it is far more extensive than I ever knew.  Muslims too use a shroud and the most recent one that comes to mind is the one for Osama Bin-Laden.   My interpretation is that soon a large amount of Middle Eastern people will die.  We know this is coming in the plagues and judgments, but this may pertain to something sooner than during the 7 year Tribulation.  

Isaiah 25:7 " On this mountain he will destroy the shroud that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers all nations,"

Jeremiah 47:5 Gaza will shave her head in mourning; Ashkelon will be silenced. You remnant on the plain, how long will you cut yourselves?"

01/07/16 - Earthquake Vision

In the early morning hours of Thursday Jan 7th, I had a vision. In my vision, I walked into my bedroom and looked at the ceiling. There was a large crack which ran north and south like this.


This picture shows the crack on the edge of the ceiling but in my vision, it was right in the middle of my room. We have a ceiling fan in the bedroom but I did not see that, just the crack. I only saw part of this crack so I do not know if it ran the entire length of the ceiling. As I looked again, I saw a second crack in the ceiling to the left or west of the initial crack. It DID run the entire length of the ceiling and looked like this:

Yes I know this is the Nile river…so ignore that and just focus on the type of cracks. It was fairly straight north and south, but on the southern end it split into several areas. In my vision I thought, “Well my husband will have to fix the ceiling if we are to sell the house.” End of vision.


As I thought about this vision, I remembered not to interpret it on my own. For all I knew, God was showing me that the veil was opening …more and more, rather than an EQ. So I prayed about this and asked that the first time I saw either EQ or veil, I would know what He was showing me. I got up this morning and assumed (never assume) that I would read something in the Bible. Wrong. I started out this morning by reading my emails and right away read one about an eventual earthquake on the West Coast, starting in CA. The second thing I read had God saying that the veil would open. So I believe my vision showed both, and we know that both will happen fairly close together.

First I saw the large crack…this seems to point to the New Madrid area which lies in the middle of the USA as you see in the picture. The New Madrid fault runs north and south in the United States.

This next picture gives you a better idea of what a 6.8 EQ did to the New Madrid fault some time back (1895).

I live in the IND spelling of Indiana on the map to the right. So anything greater and I’ll feel it shake the house, if not damage or obliterate it altogether! Actually I don’t know WHAT will happen when this EQ goes off and I don’t know if it extends totally north and south in the USA. It is possible that this vision is more personal and the Lord is showing me what will happen to my own home. The crack that I saw was such that I would not feel safe sleeping underneath it. Yet the Lord has told us we are protected so…I know we will be protected. Do I believe the New Madrid EQ goes before CA? Not really, just because I saw it first does not mean it will go first. We know that CA EQ is set to go at any time and frankly, I believe that’s what I saw that appeared like cracks like the Nile river and tributaries in the second vision. If you interpret this one way, I saw a crack to the far west, one that did real damage, especially to the southern area. That crack could represent the West Coast as a whole with the southern area being California. I’ve seen this picture floating on the internet at times and it’s possible that this is what the USA will look like soon:

Remember, I did NOT see this picture at all, no maps of any type…just cracks in my ceiling. But I do feel that the interpretation of earthquakes is correct.

This picture reminds me of my Flood dream (see 09/16/15 The Disaster) where I asked the Lord before going to bed one night, what I would “see” in my area, before the transformation. In my dream, I was walking through about 3 feet of water. I don’t know if the tsunamis come after the earthquakes or not. Also as I reread that dream, I found that my friend said something about California (I don’t know what though) What I DO know is that our transformation and rapture of the Lord is not far off at all! I’m excited about this…I just know it is soon! Too much going on not to be. So hang in there!

PS: During this video I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of Sarah Menet’s NDE. You can read about it here:

03/27/16 - Confirmation - Having reviewed JPJ A Coming Perfect Storm notes...he says this, 

" Earthquakes will strike coastal areas and even the Midwest will experience a devastating one. In fact, the Midwest may experience one before any coastal city does; along the Mississippi River near Cape Girardeau, MO." 

12/19/15 - Hold On !!

I had a vision this morning.  I was driving in a car.  There were multiple problems occurring at once and I interpreted this to mean that we will be going through this cascading chaos soon.  

Here were the "signs":

1 - narrow road, could not pass

2 - numerous cars in front of me

3 - horrifically steep incline

4 - even more horrific pure dropoff on the right

5 - view was very small and dim, unable to see well

Yet my one thought was a blessing about the sun...and when I rounded a curve, I heard a choir. More in the video.

Here is the link to the song I heard as confirmation.  This was NOT the song in the vision, rather it came after the vision as another "Hold On" confirmation!  God is VERY amazing in that He shows things to us!

12/06/15 - Civil War is Coming...Who will you Trust?

When I was little, you knew who the good guys were and who the bad guys were. I was born in the last years of the baby boomers (early 60s) who “boomed” because the soldiers from WW2 came home and started their families. I learned that the soldiers were good, they protected us. The government was good, as was the church. And our small town cops and big city policeman…all good. Hollywood began to show us movies with dirty cops, corrupt governments, and soldiers who killed the innocent. Real life seemed to follow in its wake.

On November 18, I had a vision of a woman’s fingers, cleaning out the mouth of a baby. The baby was dirty with either soil or ashes, I couldn’t tell. I did not know if the baby was dead or alive. I also saw a man in a black and white helmet, in his 40s, no glasses or shield on the helmet. I did not know if he was a military pilot, or a motorcycle driver from down the street. He could have been anyone. In the middle of these visions…I was given a song by the group Leeland. I could hear the song and lyrics but did not immediately know what it was. Upon getting up, I found the song was called “How Wonderful”. It is not the hymn that you may be thinking of, so I will put the YT video on a link below.

I contemplated and prayed about the vision for a while. Other things came to me and I researched them as well, things pointing to war…civil war. I believe this type of war will come to all nations, not just the USA. And even then it will be a different type of civil war. There will be no blue coats and no gray coats to designate sides this time.

I had three more visions on November 28. This first one was interesting and I wish I would have done my cut and paste picture but you will just have to imagine it. I saw a black van driving slowly past my house. On the side of the van was the phrase “Gunmen101”. These were in white letters, easily readable. I did not know if these were good guys or bad guys and I did not see them stop in my driveway. I was inside my house, looking out my window, exactly as you see in this video. This road beyond the bird feeder is where I saw the van.

I then saw people sitting in a bombtype shelter. These shelters were prevalent in the 60s…they were referred to as bomb shelters. It may have been a basement as I only saw the back wall behind these people. They were very quiet and did not look too alarmed. But as the vision faded, I heard babies crying.

Lastly I saw something else in front of my house. I saw a white truck this time, like a pickup truck only with a cap in the back with two windows. The white truck went directly to the middle of this field in front of me, across from the bird feeder. The truck then drove directly into the field. In real life, this would not be strange right now because the farmer of this field lets hunters in to hunt for deer. I do not know if the driver in the vision was a hunter, but I did feel he was going back into the woods. This was the end of the visions.

I have been praying about this one daily. I started to get the understanding that it was about the coming war in my nation, and others as well. The Gunmen 101 truck reminds me that there will be people out there that own guns. Maybe tons of guns. They are NOT the government or military or local law enforcement. They are preppers and bomb shelter owners and hunters and people that just want to protect themselves and their loved ones from the bad guys. They were driving slow so I didn’t know if they were coming for me or not. As I prayed more fervently for God to show me exactly what He wanted me to see, I distinctly felt it was related to civil war. But here’s the thing…God seems to give me just one more insight into these visions rather than the obvious. In fact, I am learning that I am TOO obvious at times. For example, in my Towers vision, I saw the Eiffel Tower and a guy in a mask. I assumed the guy would blow up the Eiffel Tower. Yet I now believe God was showing me what would happen in Paris exactly three months later. So I am not to look into exact answers, but rather patterns or parallels. In the case of the civil war, I was not sure of that yet so I asked God if this was what He was pointing to…to please show me the words CIVIL WAR on tv or something obvious! PBS many times shows television shows like this. I do not have cable or satellite TV, just whatever we can get on the antennae. So for a few days I watched the TV Guide but not civil war stuff. I can be pretty dense at times. Here is why.

Last night our daughter was visiting (she is turning 33 on Monday…same age as Jesus!) and we were watching the trailer for the new Captain America movie that is coming out May 2016. Captain America is a good guy…and he was seen fighting Iron Man, another good guy…in this movie trailer. My husband said he would not go to a movie where two good guys were fighting each other. I felt the same but of course, a trailer does not show you the entire story and the movie is a long way off. This morning while again pondering my visions, within one minute the Lord wrapped everything up for me. I just needed to wait on His timing! The name of the Captain America movie is….Civil War! It had been in my face all week as I had been talking about it to a co-worker as well! It was SO obvious that I missed it! Then the Lord also gave me the instant download of the extra insight into this…and that is that those left behind or even before the Rapture, will not know the good guys from the bad guys. (Note this is NOT true of the Bride!) The people in the black van could very well be bad guys out to steal the food of those that live on their own. Or they could be my neighbors down the road making sure we are ok. Just because they are in a dark van does not mean they are bad…or good. People simply will not know! We are now calling good evil, and evil good. So you will not be able to know a person’s heart by what you see. We have come a long way from the Civil War in America that started 100 years and 6 months exactly before my birth. God is showing us that people can trust NO one! The ONLY One you can trust is God. He simply will be the answer to everything. The song that was given to me sung by Leeland is here. When you listen to this song, there is praise and worship to God. The lyrics tells us that He saves us by His grace, and that He is closer than a brother. People will NEED that in those end times. These days some of our good guys are no longer good, and some of our bad guys, aren’t so bad after all. It’s all about the heart and only God can see that. So we (and those left behind) must trust Him to show us the way, His way. Because truly…there is no other way to follow.

11/14/15 – Food Shortage vision

Puzzle Pieces as follows:

11/07 – Heard “The economy will grow wax and wane shall be their diet.”

11/06 - Flash Vision; I was inside a barn on a hill overlooking a small village. I could see very tall brown doors on the barn and as I looked out, I saw a few scattered homes with a lot of grass inbetween, and a large round metal building, not too tall.

Heard a little boy say, “Mom, a toy farm!”

Had a vision of my husband accepting a raw turkey after paying $4.34 

11/10 – Flash Vision – saw an empty pickle jar with a lid on it

Heard “The reckoning has come” 3 times

11/13/15 - vulture like eagle vision...came and landed near my window

Prompted to write down Bastille Day

When I think of wax and wane, I think of the moon. Here is a quick definition:

Wax & Wane:

Increase and decrease, as in size, number, strength, or intensity, as in Enrollments in these programs wax and wane from year to year

It seems the economy will grow just a bit for a short time, then fall to the point that we grow short on food we eat.

Here is a picture of the scene I saw in my vision, looking out through the Barn doors.

Assuming I represent the Bride, we will be protected during the time of food shortage. The metal round building I saw seemed to be a grain bin. It was large in diameter, but short to the ground, new, not old.  There were houses and roads, driveways, blue sky, lovely green grass. It was hard to find a picture of a single grainbin...see link below.

The little boy I heard said he was seeing a toy farm. I am under the impression that even though the grain bin is there and in good condition, it is not filled. The landscape and sky looked fine, like a nice day. But there was nothing of substance on the farm. It looked nice but wasn't real.

In a separate vision, my husband was handed a raw turkey. I got a very distinct impression that the $4.34 was from gematria so I looked it up.

Gematria: 434

The Fourth Spoke is governed by the fourth letter Dalet.  Its name denotes a door, and has the value 434 = 4 (D) + 30 (L) + 400 (T).

Also on that page….The seat of God

I think it is possible that God will start His judgments just after Thanksgiving. It is VERY possible that the “Great Shaking” in Julie Whedbee’s vision is one of economics…she did not rule this out, she only says that God was not specific in what the shaking was. Reread her April 10, 2015 Word for more understanding.

I also saw an empty pickle jar with a lid.I believe it points to nothing being preserved, not even anything in small amounts.

Pickling is the process of preserving or expanding the lifespan of food by either anaerobic fermentation in brine or immersion invinegar. The resulting food is called a pickle, or to prevent ambiguity, prefaced with the adjective pickled. The pickling procedure will typically affect the food's texture and flavor. In East Asia, vinaigrette (vegetable oil and vinegar) is used as the pickling medium.

I heard “the reckoning has come” three times.

Reckoning:     an accounting, as for things received or done. 

It is time for God’s judgment…He is on His throne and it is time. 

I was in a room and was looking out a window when a bird that seemed like a vulture but had the coloring of a bald (white) eagle…flew to the window and landed on a branch just outside, he was looking at me. It looked quite a bit like this hybrid bird that I was shocked to find...

The bald eagle is the nationally recognized bird of the United States. We even have it on our money. The eagle is a bird of prey, as is the vulture. The vulture is more a scavenger bird and survives by eating the carcasses of other animals. From what I saw, I feel the Holy Spirit is saying that those who reside in the United States will turn on each other. Civil war will ensure due to food shortage.

Finally I got the words Bastille Day. I had heard of this before and assumed it was a holiday for another country. It seems in truth it is a national holiday for France. Now I will tell you that I received this on the morning of Nov 13, and later that day terrorists shot and killed over 100 people in Paris. Bastille Day while related to France, was based on a revolution and in fact, started the French Revolution.

Excerpt “By the summer of 1789, France was moving quickly toward revolution. There were severe food shortages in France that year, and popular resentment against the rule of King Louis XVI was turning to fury.”

I sent my info to Jackie in the early afternoon as she has asked me about Jasher.  She pointed me to Notzrim Woman (Penny) who has had a lot of information regarding the French Revolution come to her in the past year, via what the Holy Spirit is showing her. I emailed her (also before the shootings broke out later that day) and we discussed it via email…and her sending me the video below:  (Revolution - Bastille Day from Penny)

Bastille Day seems to confirm that the Holy Spirit is pointing us to an internal war in the USA, and it may very well start with food shortages. Those food shortages may originate with the downturn in finances shortly. Bo Polny feels the stock market will crash by the end of November. He has an excellent track record of predicting what will happen.   (Bo Polny financial interview)

I believe that God is showing me this fall of finances first, then food shortages, then civil war in the USA. If the economy grows (wax) first, it will be very shortlived if Bo is correct, and then “wane” will indeed be our diet! This is why God continues to tell us to stock up the best we can. Keeping in mind though, that we are protected (in the barn and behind the window) during this time. But we DO need to follow His instructions in this matter…each one individually.

Confirmations: People, I gotta tell you that this was unreal. I can tell when these visions and words are ongoing and I just continue to pray. After Friday morning’s Bastille Day, I felt that sealed the ending and now I was ready for confirmations, pointing to this certain famine. We KNOW it will happen, nothing here is new to you. But perhaps the unfolding of events are more clear now. As I thought this through, I had another quick vision of a dinner plate with two things on it…both runny foods, similar to grits. When I got up, the first video I saw on youtube was one about the black horse from Rev 6 which represents Famine. I smiled and prayed about this and wondered what my daily devotion reading was going to be. I am reading in the Book of Jasher right now, and recalled reading about the sons of Jacob. I kinda laughed as I thought, “wouldn’t that be cool if I read about a horse!” I had forgotten that I was already up to Joseph interpreting Pharaoh’s cow and grain dreams.

I was ready for Jasher 49 and I started to read about the coming famine that Pharaoh saw in his dream. Joseph was chosen to lead the effort to store food (HEY! A FAMINE! Confirmation 1) and because of that, he was sent around the country on a horse (HEY A HORSE! Confirmation 2). I was so excited that I read chapter 50 as well, and found that Joseph told the people of the land HOW to store their abundance of grain. However they did not follow his directions (verse 11) and vermin were all over their grain when they needed it, so they cried out to him. This seems VERY critical to me so I reread the verse with the directions in 9:

9 And at any time when they gathered the food Joseph commanded that they should bring the corn in the ears, and also bring with it some of the soil of the field, that it should not spoil.

I asked my husband about this method and he said yes, in the “old days” farmers stored corn right in the ears in the grain bin (metal building in my vision). In the past, there was no metal building per se, rather it would have a roof and somewhat out in the open for the elements. Also, since the corn was not shucked, there would still be dirt on it. Only recently do we now DRY our corn, etc. So what is God saying here?

My friends, I am sure that God gave those instructions to Joseph and I feel we should apply them to a certain extent today too. When we are storing our food for the coming days ahead, whether for us or for those left behind, we need to anoint that area where the food is stored, and pray over it. Maybe you do this already, but I had not thought of it. But God is giving us direction, like He did Joseph. And He will multiply our food one day. So please follow His lead on whatever He has you do.

Finally, on my way to work, I pulled out my Bible on CDs and prayed first, asking God to give me a final confirmation. I opened it and grabbed a CD without looking and quickly popped it in. Numbers 11 came on….the one about the people complaining about the manna they were given, and God got upset with them and gave them tons of meat instead! Confirmation 3!

I hope this helps you. I am hoping that we DO see this financial crash and food shortage, before we ever see war on our land. We also may have the horrendous weather that also caused the shortage, but again praying it is before war, whether internal or external. No matter what though, we can count on what the Lord has told us NUMEROUS times now….Be….Not….Afraid!

11/15/15 - PS:  At times, God will continue to give me confirmations even after I've posted. I don't normally add them but this one I will because it is so...uncanny.  On Nov 5 I purchased a book called "Personal" by Lee Child. It's the latest of a series of book with a character named Jack Reacher. I've read them all...I like reading about a former police Marine guy that continues to put the bad guys away in his own individual style. I have been reading this book off and on for a week now and today on page 117, Jack (who happens to be in Paris, another "coincidence") decides he wants to go near the Bastille to a cemetery to see where his mom was buried long ago.  Uncanny

11/03/15 – Snowstorm

I saw the words “time of hope” in the Bible, like they were part of a verse on Oct 30. My impression was Jesus as a baby and I thought, “Oh this is about Christmas!”…but then the words faded. (I do not believe He was born then but the world celebrates it as though He were.) The following morning on Halloween, I saw the name “Thor” only that faded quickly…and changed into “Theus”. After that I saw the word “cat” and then later the number 4. Lastly I heard “protect you in the storm”. Five puzzle pieces!

As soon as I got up, I looked up the phrase “time of hope” in the Bible. I looked and looked but could not find it no matter what search engine I used. Then I enlisted Jackie, my resident English major/author go to person…to help me look. She could not find the phrase either! I was fasting this day and I think that helped because information came pretty fast a few hours into the morning. As I was thinking about it…the Holy Spirit said, “it’s not found in the Bible because it is not in the Bible”. Now how could that be? I had seen the phrase as if it was in the Bible. The Holy Spirit showed me that it was one of those books that has been removed from the Bible….and since it has to do with hope, I thought about Hanukkah…and Maccabees. I looked at the book and saw there were 4 Maccabees books and so I felt I was to read them…that the time of hope was about Hanukkah. There were 4 books, that was my number 4! Well, maybe.

Now here is the interesting thing about Thor/Theus. I googled Theus and all I found was a guy that played sports. Nothing else. I was pretty sure that my vision was not about this person but never say never. I decided to look up the meaning of Theus and eventually came across this.

Theus Name Meaning

Dutch and North German: from a short form of the personal name Matheus or Matthäus (see Matthew).

Matheus? That was the name of the father of the Maccabees! Another confirmation that I was to read that book.

EXCERPT: Though many Jews had been seduced by the virtues of Hellenism, the extreme measures adopted by Antiochus helped unite the people. When a Greek official tried to force a priest named Mattathias to make a sacrifice to a pagan god, the Jew murdered the man. Predictably, Antiochus began reprisals, but in 167 BCE the Jews rose up behind Mattathias and his five sons and fought for their liberation.

The reason that I feel “Thor” came into the picture is that the whole reason for the uprising…was that the officials wanted to force the Jews to worship pagan gods…and Thor was considered a Norse god. But the Lord didn’t want me to focus on that, rather on Mattheus or Mattathias as they spell it.

Now don’t laugh but…I felt at some point in these books I would read about a cat, even if the word was just tossed in there, I thought I would find it. I’m VERY literal! Plus I have faith…these visions and words can seem unrelated, but then the Lord relates them as I have seen in the past, in incredible ways no less. As I continued reading, I read something in 1 Mac 13 that seemed to stand out, but I was looking for a cat and continued reading.

During my reading time…the answer came out of nowhere. It was not a cat…it was a snowstorm! 1 Maccabees 13:22 says:

“Wherefore Tryphon made ready all his horsemen to come that night: but there fell a very great snow, by reason whereof he came not. So he departed, and came into the country of Galaad.”

That snowstorm had stood out to me but I kinda ignored it. I think that happens to all of us really. God prompts us to look into something further but, we shake it off and think it’s us that has that thought, and move on. Fortunately God turned me back to this and it hit me like a lightning bolt! A “cat”egory 4 snowstorm is going to hit in December…possibly around Hanukkah! The first thing I want to add is…I do NOT know what year. The fact is, I didn’t even know they categorized snowstorms, but they do here in the United States as I found information here:

My husband and I both grew up in Indiana and lived here all our lives. Neither one of us have ever heard of a category of SNOWstorm. But I think God is pointing us to something here. Based on the information on NESIS, snowstorms are categorized differently than hurricanes. These are based on how many inches of snow, and how many people will be affected. A category 4 has between 12 – 16 inches and is considered a rare event. You can read more at the link below.

Please note that I do not feel this is limited to the United States, or even 2015. But category 4 snowstorms are rare events so perhaps we should be on the lookout for one in December, possibly from December 6 to 14!

10/29/15 - Farthing

(incredible confirmation follows on 10/30/15 AND 11/01/15 !!)

On 10/19/15 I saw an image of an old-fashioned black bike for men. I say old-fashioned because I remember my brother having one in the 60s…it has that grill behind the seat that can hold something. I saw that image, and nothing else for days. I knew I had to wait on the Lord.

5 days later I saw the same bike in a movie that I attended with my family…Bridge of Spies. I was so excited that when I got home, I showed my daughter where I wrote down in my journal 5 days previously, I had seen that bike! The next morning, the Lord showed me other things. I saw a woman with a clown smile but no mouth. I heard “Acts 4:1”, and the names Eleanor and Charlotte came to me. (I also had a dream about a Charlotte in a race). I also distinctly heard an African-American male saying, “Jesus saves.” I could almost see his face..age 50s - 60s. Lastly, I heard/saw the word SAFE…SAFe…Safe…safe. Over and over like an echo. I had my puzzle pieces, so it was time to pray and then research.

Bridge of Spies is a movie about the United States and Russia, along with East Germany…trading spies and men. The black bike showed up when the third man (who was not a spy but a student) was riding it. I was astonished! What was God telling me? Later on the next morning when I saw and heard the other things from the Holy Spirit and I was getting a vague idea of what this entire vision (I don’t know what else to call it) was about.

The woman with the mouth of a clown really was strange to me. Yet it was confirmed that very morning when I got on Facebook and the FIRST thing I saw was a picture of a woman clown with that mouth! (it was under a TB Shores post)  I did not feel the prompting to research the person that posted the picture (it was their avatar) but rather to just keep it in mind. 

The verse from Acts 4:1 states…

The priests and the captain of the temple guard and the Sadducees came up to Peter and John while they were speaking to the people.”

Lastly, the two female names.  Most of my research went into Eleanor and Charlotte…various spellings and search engines. There were were historical pages of sisters with that name, and eventually I did find a page that just felt right to me. Call it a get them too.  Here is that page:

You will see the picture on the left of that page, titled African American history includes an old black bike, same as in the movie. Eleanor means “shining light” and Charlotte (like Charles) means “free man”. Interesting…when you think along the lines of spies. Those two sisters are listed on that page.  Would Jesus save them as I heard the voice say? And what about safe safe safe…what was that about?

Like I said, I had an inkling. The Holy Spirit clearly led me to write up my interpretation first and then He would confirm it. That’s not what usually happens but then He is my Instructor so I do what I’m told.  I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me with the following interpretation...

"Then they called them in again and commanded them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus."  Acts 4:18

Interpretation: This vision is not about two women named Eleanor and Charlotte, but rather two people that are descendants of their family…Eleanor and Charlotte are their ancestors. It seems there will be 2 African Americans that are held prisoners for preaching the Gospel….Jesus Saves! Like Peter and John, they will be brought up on charges…similar to the spies that were caught. Like Peter and John, these people will be told to keep quiet, but inside they are rejoicing. That’s why the clown has no mouth. I felt no fear or trepidation with the clown…my Christian dream interpretation book says in that case, the clown represents joy and happiness. Only these two people are told they cannot speak about what is causing their joy.

I feel that these people will be in the Left Behind group. I also feel that the Lord is telling me that there will be those that find this vision and will need to know that these people are SAFE. Like Peter and John, and like the three men in the movie, they will be let go. They are shining lights…free men…under the love and protection of Jesus Christ for He does indeed save! Acts 4:21 " After further threats they let them go."

As I finish this, it is 11:30 a.m. on Wed 10/28/15. I will let you know how God confirms this. I look forward to it!

Confirmation - 10/29/15 In the middle of the night, the Holy Spirit gave me the word “farthing”. This is not a word I would come up with on my own, or even think about for any reason. I knew it was a British coin and that was the extent of it. And there was no possible way for me to think it could be a confirmation. I researched the word and found a very long history of the farthing. You can read it here. I thought that God was showing me the beginning of another vision…kind of like He gave me the old fashioned black bike and that was all for a few days. But no, I was to find out differently.

I read various things about a farthing over the next few hours, and knew it was not even used anymore. Finally after lunch, I looked up the word again, intending to read further. I found a link that spoke of farthing and a Bible verse. Hmm…so I click on the link and found this!

A small coin of little worth.

Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison. Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost FARTHING. ( Matthew 5:25-26 )

Whoa! For me, that was astounding confirmation of my thoughts of the two people that will be taken prisoner for preaching the Gospel. I’ve not read “farthing” in my own Bible because it uses the word cent or penny (New American Standard Bible). I did not even know it was there! Not only that, but the only thing that stood out in the link above was that 1 verse, even though farthing is used in the Bible 5 times total. The one verse I find has to do with's the only verse on the link!

Finally, the farthing was no longer in use as of 1961. Ironically, in 1961, Frederic Pryor (the man on the black bike in the movie) was captured.  Two personal confirmations are 1) I was born in 1961 and 2) while I was thinking over this confirmation on the drive home tonight...a car with 777 in its license plate passed me!  But for me...that verse in Matthew with the  word "farthing" sealed the confirmation.

We do not know what lies ahead for those that will be imprisoned for the cause of Christ. We know horrible things are coming. But with prayer and supernatural intervention from God, those same prisoners may be set free…and be safe, safe, safe!

1 - UPDATE CONFIRMATION!!! 10/30/15 - Today I received this email.  I know my visions are strange...believe me!  At times I wonder if I am trying to put something there that isn't there...but then God sends me assurance that I am following His lead!!  (posted with permission)

" Hope, I tried to send an email from your website, but my computer was not configured and I wanted to get this message to you.

In the vision you posted, I received a confirmation from Abba and wanted to say thank you. On Wednesday evening, I was talking with a Brother in Christ and he had some anxiety about his children and the coming tribulations. Rather than go into my personal revelations (and sound a bit crazy) I explained that my personal opinion was that the children would be safe from a majority of the calamities. As I was speaking with him, his anxiety may have rubbed a bit off on me and I started to doubt what I had been shown.

The next day your vision appeared on your website. As I was reading through it, the only things I saw were my children's names 

(Eleanor and Charlotte) and that they would be protected. I know there is much more to your vision, but the Ruach HaKodesh led me to the personal revelation and I will now be able to respond without wavering to my brothers and sisters regarding this concern.

Thank you for reading and thank you for the work that you do for Abba's Kingdom. In Yahushua HaMashiach's most holy precious name"

2 - UPDATE Confirmation!!! 11/01/15 - Last week while I was still sorting all this out with the Holy Spirit's help, I know God...this would be a whole lot easier if you would just let me hear, "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"...that would be TOTAL confirmation for me! That song is the first American Negro Spiritual Song I know.  Then I kinda laughed because there is no way I am going to hear that song. The only music I listen to is KLove or my iPad and that song never plays on that radio station.  The confirmations above that I got were outstanding. But tonight...I had the station on ME TV for just a few minutes, thinking about whether to watch Columbo again...and it went to a commercial.  Guess what started playing?  Swing Low Sweet Chariot!  It was a commercial for Unicef with Alyssa Milano as spokewoman. I just shook my head and smiled. I just wanted to share that, all glory goes to Him. When you let HIM take control, amazing things happen!

10/18/15 – Alarm

I saw an emergency vehicle’s flashing red/blue/white lights. They were going around and were very bright. I then heard a phrase I’ve never heard or said before in my life, never even read it that I am aware of. In a British accent I heard, “Brilliant Urgency”. This all happened Saturday morning before I got out of bed.

I did a Google search on that phrase and found 48 results…that’s all! The phrase seems to be used by people to critique something. From musicals to books to cars to food, that phrase is used. And it is used worldwide although I heard it in a British accent. But I could find absolutely nothing that is titled Brilliant Urgency. Yet if you think about it…that is exactly what an emergency vehicle’s light looks like. A dazzling bright light that you know is an alarm, an alert, a warning. And these critiques came from all over the world. It could be interpreted that when the Lord does appear, He will be dazzling in appearance and will come quickly!

As the day wore on, I got on my social media and found out that Godshealer7 had had a stroke. Her stroke occurred a few days earlier on the 14th and while I had a dream on the 10th about her…(and sent it to her then in a FB message), I don’t think this vision pertained TO her. But it IS a wakeup call.

As I prayed about this and continued to think about that phrase, I asked the Lord for more to point me in the right direction. This morning (Sunday), I had another quick vision. My desktop computer is set up for Chrome and there is a toolbar at the top. The first tool is “Apps” and when I click on that, I see this.

In my vision, at the bottom right of my YouTube app was a small red and white icon. I think it was a Red Cross symbol but I cannot be sure. I normally take longer to post these things but I do feel an “urgency” to post this one. My interpretation is that more of our leaders will be falling. They may be in our circle of friends, prophecy, military, government etc. We will learn about these things either on Youtube or they will have their own YouTube channels. Regardless, it’s a headups to keep our eyes on this.  

We know that as it gets worse, it also will get better.  Jesus returning IS our Brilliant Urgency!  The Bible speaks to this:

Matthew 24:27

“For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

10/17/15 - Dimensions

This “vision” started out with me hearing an announcement spoken slowly.

“New region in space will harbor life”

Then later on I saw two things. First, a man was halfway outside a door and pointing to the sky, looking back inside the doorway as if he was communicating with others. After that, I saw a door open and someone fell out of the door in slow motion. A few weeks later more came to this vision and I’ll get to that later. 

This was interesting…I knew the vision could point to either divine things or evil things. I was concerned that I would research the wrong thing but Jesus is my Instructor and I went to Him many times on this. The final vision and two confirmations nailed it for me and I will share those in a bit. There were some key words in this announcement that I felt I should get good definitions for:



  1. an extensive, continuous part of a surface, space, or body:
  2. Usually, regions. the vast or indefinite entirety of a space or area, or something compared to one: the regions of the firmament; the regions of the mind.
  3. a district without respect to boundaries or extent:

4. part or division of the universe, as the heavens:a galactic region.

A region has its own nature that could not be moved. The first nature is its natural environment (landform, climate, etc.). The second nature is its physical elements complex that were built by people in the past. The third nature is its socio-cultural context that could not be replaced by new immigrants

The other word that got my attention was harbor.  I think of boats coming into a harbor but I am also reminded of the song..."A shelter in the time of storm."  


  1. a place on the coast where vessels may find shelter, especially one protected from rough water by piers, jetties, and other artificial structures:
  1. keep (a thought or feeling, typically a negative one) in one's mind, especially secretly:
  2. give a home or shelter to:

Then I looked up “doorways” in the Bible. I was not sure about this because a person came out of the doorway in my vision, not an angel or other entity. I won’t go into all the detail but again I wanted to be careful because good or evil can come through portals, also I don’t want to present something that is NOT from God, so this has taken me a while. The doorways pointed to other dimensions and that word got my attention (thinking of CERN). I asked the Lord if this was related to my recent 4 tornadoes dream and got a definite NO on that.

I recalled another recent dream where it was shown to me that I needed to study Geometry. This seemed to go inline with the dimensions. I knew about 3 and 4th and even 5th dimensions and wanted to look into that further. So I googled Chuck Missler (one of the few people I trust) and dimensions and found a lot of information. He has so much knowledge that it astounds me and I am grateful to learn from him. One thing I read really caught my eye that Chuck mentioned in one of the things I read, was Salvador Dali’s 4D Cross.

EXCERPT:   The use of a hypercube for the cross has been interpreted as a geometric symbol for the transcendental nature of God. Just as God exists in a space that is incomprehensible to humans, the hypercube exists in four spatial dimensions, which is equally inaccessible to the mind.

I thought this was fascinating but was not sure it was part of the interpretation so I kept researching.  More Geometry studies took me into Fractals and the like…and I love fractals! But I also know that the Fallen have used God’s math and twisted it and continued prayer led me to believe that my visions were pointing to a good region, not a bad one or CERN or evil portal etc. I again watched more of Missler and recalled Fibonacci (144 is in the sequence). I LOVE this stuff! It is Math but it is God’s math! I won't expound on it here but will wait for the Lord's leading.  THIS is the kind of Geometry I like!

I felt this was pointing to a good doorway, into dimensions in space but I needed something final. I didn’t have enough trust in what I was coming up with. I asked God for something definite. On Friday 10/16/15 upon waking up, I heard the last lines to the song Old Rugged Cross, then saw a gold cross moving from my right to my left (like the Dali cross only not in 4D). That was what I needed!

Interpretation: The final interpretation of all these things is this: God came to earth in the form of a man...this 3D earth that He made for us.  He died for us in our human form.  When we accept this, our spirit will become a part of another dimension when we die (or are transformed).  He is coming soon in our dimension as well as His.  All eyes will see Him!  When we walk through that Door, we will fall to our knees.  I've read from those that go to the Throne Room of God tell of how their cells and entire DNA structure just FALL before Him!  He has created a new place for us...a new heaven and a new earth in another dimension where we will be safe forever. 

Revelation 21:1

“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”

Confirmation:  I pray about going down rabbit holes fervently, again not wanting to post anything incorrectly. After receiving the song lyrics and the vision of the cross today, I asked for a confirmation that what I was doing was correct and the Lord gave me two confirmations, both having to do with the Cross.

The first one was MOST amazing…each morning I take communion. I have a small glass for this and just buy typical grape juice. This day like every other day in the past 3 years, I opened the lid to pour it. As I poured it this time, the juice spilled out and overfilled my cup, causing it to spill on the countertop. Immediately the Holy Spirit told me, “My blood spilled out.” It was not audible but almost. WOW! I shake my head and smile at God’s cleverness. Then on the way to work, I heard “At the Cross” by Chris Tomlin. That did it for me!

When this earth is finally gone after the Millenium, then the new one may be in another dimension that we cannot fathom right now. Like our Lord, we will be able to walk through things, and yet eat food. I look forward to that day! But if there is no time…will there be a “day”? Who knows! But I’m ready for it!

10/12/15  - Geometry Dream

I don't normally post my dreams here but a few weeks ago I had one where I was leaving a class and apparently graduating. As I left the class, an incoming student brought basic sewing supplies with them and my thought was, "Nobody really sews much anymore but I'm not going to judge them because there may be a reason for that."  Then I looked at what was coming next for me and I saw a book on Geometry.  

The reason I am posting it here is because despite the fact that I don't like geometry, it is appearing in some of my visions, such as the "Disaster" vision on 09/16/15 below which included a geodesic dome.  I've just had another vision this past weekend that may have something to do with a Penrose Diagram (WAY beyond me!).  Not the picture per se but just STUFF in regards to that.  I don't know what yet though!  

That's all for now...I'll post more when God reveals more!

10/08/15 - The Fox and the Doll

In a vision last Thursday, I saw the face of a fox, it was normal coloring but it was also showing gray and white fur, as if a very old fox.

It is generally not good to see a fox in a dream…they point to a clever and sneaky enemy.  But that was what I saw in my vision. 

Jesus replied, "Go tell that fox (Herod) that I will keep on casting out demons and healing people today and tomorrow; and the third day I will accomplish my purpose."  Luke 13:32

The next morning, I had another vision.  First there was a doll and I had the thought that it was an "alien doll"…when I thought of the shape what came to me was a ghost cookie, but I knew it was a doll based on aliens (hard to explain).  Then I saw plans or blueprints of this alien doll and how it should be made.  I could see no details but I was made to know that these were plans.

As I started to think about these two visions, I asked the Lord to give me a confirmation from my morning reading.  I read this right away from The Book of Enoch chapter 93:5b, 

“Retain my words in your inmost thoughts, and obliterate them not from your hearts; for I know that sinners counsel men to commit crime craftily.“

Seeing that word -craftily- was my confirmation that yes, these "dolls" would be coming from the Fallen.

Interpretation:  The fox represents an old but sneaky enemy.  His soft and furry appearance, belies the fact that he is clever and sneaks his way in to places where he disrupts many things.  The “alien” doll was represented by a sweet cookie decorated as a ghost so something innocent and sweet on the outside, but it is really covering something up (imposters).   People think they are speaking with ghosts of their ancestors but in fact they are demons.  I do not believe this vision is pointing to Halloween or any date (although Halloween is MOST evil).  I believe God is telling us that the enemy will come bearing gifts, and the doll represents one of the ways the Fallen (an old enemy) will use their cleverness to bring things into homes that should not be there.  They are deceitful and the dolls will be made to look innocent but in fact will bring in spirit guides.  These dolls already exist from the past, and they will exist again in the future.

Action Figure Dolls (the future)– I had this thought that like Thor or Ironman or even GI Joe, dolls represent figures that children can play with or collect.  When the Fallen arrive as aliens and “other worldlies” , it is VERY possible that some toy company will create these dolls in order to make a profit.  The Fallen may even provide a type of doll for children…”we come in peace” and all that.  We DO know they will come bearing gifts such as free energy and miraculous healings.  Having a “doll” in a home, may allow them to “see” into what is going on in that home.  I know dolls creep some people out and this gut feeling may protect some from buying or accepting them.

Ancestor Dolls (the past)– As I started to research how the Fallen might “plan” this, I thought of the New Age channelers.  This was something the Lord had me focused on for a while in 2012.  I know channelers talk with spirit guides so on a hunch, I did a search on spirit guide dolls.  Yikes!  They are out there and it’s worse than I thought!  I will not post any links but one site even discussed how children received this and learned about them, then forgot them while growing up.  Then for some reason after the age of 50 they took it back up again!  Friends, that is just what happened to MANY of us.  We have watched for the Lord and paid somewhat attention to a Rapture date all our lives, but since the age of 50, we have been FOCUSED on our newfound purpose!  The enemy always copies our Father!  In this case, I made up the term ancestor dolls because the website noted about young children starting this based on generations before them.  They have altars and all kinds of evil offerings for these dolls.  So I want to caution you about something.  First off let me say that my daughter’s great aunt made her a doll long ago. Aunt Louie was an old saint that died at the age of 106, but when she was younger she sewed, so she made Grace a doll.  Aunt Louie was a Christian and I have no doubt that doll was created with love.  Grace will always treasure it.  This is NOT an ancestor doll.  THOSE are dolls created specifically for trying to speak or “channel” your ancestors, or some other spirit guide (aka demon).  If you have something like this in your house that you found at a garage sale or in another country, then go to the Lord about it and ask Him what to do.  I found something called Santeria dolls as well, all these types of things belong to cults and false religions!  So be VERY careful what you buy at garage sales or stores in other countries. If you have questions, go to the Lord for He will answer you in ALL things.  You may have picked something up somewhere thinking it was cute and innocent for a child, when in fact it is anything but.  The Fallen have been around much longer than us so they have started their plans for this long ago.

I’ve been discovering (and you have too) that when we bring our questions to the Lord, He always gives us an answer.  His timing is MUCH more important that ours, and when you have the patience to wait for His response, then it is SO much better than we can imagine.  He answers us in all kinds of manner which I’ve discussed in various parts of this website.  So pay attention to what is going on around you but always surround yourself with the Armor of God, then the enemy cannot penetrate into your mind and deceive you.  Stay strong!

10/05/15 - Linux

I adamantly believe this vision is for those who are left behind after the Rapture. We know they will go through our houses and apartments, desperately seeking to find out why we glowed, and why we disappeared. Here is what happened in my visions.

As I was having some quiet time on Sunday morning, I saw the word Linux in a vision. I knew that Linux was a free operating system software but that was all. As I prayed and let my mind focus on what the Lord was showing me, I then saw a two line equation….and towards the end was the number 4500. There were various algebraic signs in the equation as it was long, but I only recall the number 4500. After that, I heard a man’s voice in my mind say, “Vasque” (like Vasky). I was immediately reminded of the second movie of the Alien series, a character named Private Vasquez is a female Marine soldier. More on her later.

I thought about these things for a while and started to get pretty excited. You see…I think this series of visions was specifically for the left behind. As I contemplated this, I felt led to ask a VERY smart friend about Linux and the equation. Here is what he said:

“Linux is free and powerful. A powerful unix-based operating system and mathematical equations are two elements that imply scientific power.

Here is something interesting. Exactly 24 years ago today, Linux was released.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

“The defining component of Linux is the Linux kernelan operating system kernel first released on 5 October 1991 by Linus Torvalds. “

There are no coincidences...I found the timing profound.  As for the equation itself, I cannot remember, nor do I think it pertains to us at this time. I’ll explain in a moment.

Lastly was the name Vasque that I heard. In the movie Aliens, the Marine’s name is Vasquez but they affectionately call her Vasque (end sounds like “key”). So when I heard it, I knew it was not the name Vasquez per se, rather it was pointing to the Aliens movie. Vasquez means Shepherd or one who tends a flock. Private Vasquez is one of the Marines protecting and finding civilians. She kills a lot of aliens in the process and eventually kills herself as well in order to take out several aliens at once, and giving the civilians more time to get away. The “Company” that is pushing to get these aliens for their weapons division is known as the Weyland Corporation. Here’s the kicker…although spelled differently, Linux also uses Wayland as a protocol. Honestly I am clueless about all this hardware and software and OS stuff. BUT…I know the word “Wayland” from Aliens…so incredibly the two visions are tied together!

Interpretation: What do I feel God is pointing this to? Well, this may sound very strange but I am thinking that God is telling those who are left behind and reading this, should work with Linux in order to protect their communications from the Fallen…aka aliens…that show up. And I think the answer to one of their numeric computations is 4500. I asked my friend about Linux OS vs Windows OS…can it be hacked? He responded:

“No comparison. Windows is full of holes like swiss cheese. That being said, all operation systems are hackable. How? Anyone on the inside of a software development team can create hidden back doors.”

So it is a better OS to work with if you are trying to send messages. I know this is really strange and I may be off base but…there are divine ties and coincidences here and after much prayer I believe this is what the visions are about. So I’ll leave it at that.  I will say though, that the strangeness of it bothered me so as I continued to talk to the Lord about this, I decided to ask for a confirmation and I did.  Last night before I went to sleep, I kinda thought I might have a dream.  And I did actually, In my dream, I owned three computers and had decided to sell the oldest one.  It had many extra "parts" and seemed old and heavy to me, but the computer overall was in excellent shape and all systems were fast and in tiptop shape.

CONFIRMATION: In the middle of the night, I woke up.  As I laid there, I let my thoughts wonder like they do.  Suddenly I heard static coming from our radio (alarm clock).  We never turn the radio on and it's alarm is no music or static can even come out of it unless we change the settings.  As the static started, I saw a vision.  I have an iPhone and iPad and both are set to show notifications at the top of the screen when I get a text or email.  In my vision, I saw the top of one of these devices and the text read, "Hello" and then there was a picture of a small globe after that.  In the middle of the night, I thought that was strange but when I woke up, I realized that I had seen "Hello World".  This is a very definite computer announcement in the software world, at least it was when I learned how to code software in college (standard freshman course) . You can read about what "Hello World" is here.,_World!%22_program

My impression is that the static is similar to hacking...they will be trying to get in.  But if you stick to something simple yet profound like Linux, then you will still be able to communicate via computers.  I am clueless about anything else in this vision BUT, I truly believe I have confirmation that it is NOT for us, but for those who will come after us, seeking out the Lord and His protection.

4500 UPDATE:  From a computer savvy member...

"Port 4500 is usually used for the network  address  or NAT translation for IPsec.

The NAT is what reminded me how to hide your ip address using other users connections as a relay.

Hackers have been using this method for decades to hide their location"

10/16/15 - Another confirmation... Directly from Linda Kirby's newsletter:

"Wanna know why Microsoft won't let you opt out of Windows 10? Cuz this is a spying tool. They will be able to copy all your files, texts, emails, pictures, etc., activate your webcam and mic to see and hear you when ever they wish. Now, you know why I don't use Windows cuz they have always been a spy tool. But this Windows 10 is worse than all combined. They will even be able to take control of your computer if they choose to. Seems every device, smart phone, etc. is going Windows 10! Should tell ya something!! If you have Windows or Microsoft anything, NOW is the time to look into Linux. I had to give up program compatibility on some software for security, but in my business, security is more important. There are few people who know how to work with, install, or work on, Linux cuz so few people in comparison to the general computer population uses Linux. So, if you are going to go Linux, be sure who ever converts you knows what's he's doing or he will ruin your computer. There is no need for virus protection because so few viruses are written for Linux, cuz so few people have it so it's more efficient to make viruses for Windows. No, I'm not a Linux salesperson!! LOL. Just want to protect my subscribers from this evil Windows 10!"

09/16/15 – The Disaster

Word: In the middle of the night I heard “The time of the Host is over.” I heard it twice…then thought I better write it down so I would not forget it. Later on I realized that the exact wording is important so remember that when you are writing down Words etc. The word “host” was not plural. I also felt it should be capitalized as in THE Host. Research showed me that “hosts” means armies, and the Lord of hosts is the Lord of all the heavenly armies. But the angel armies time is NOT over. I believe this particular use of Host is to point to us, the body of Christ. I see this as 1 Luke 22:19

" And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, "This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me."

Various denominations and Christian practices have different words to mean the communion wafer.  I believe that is what Host is referring to with what I heard.  Yes I know that is what Catholics call it.  That does not matter to me.  What matters is that I wrote the word down correctly. If we are the Host...the body of Christ NOW on earth, then our time is over!   Yay!!

Vision: Soon after hearing that, I had a vision of the word “Liberation”. I saw a light colored background or backboard if you will, and it flashed and I saw this word. When I saw the word I had the impression that it was regarding the Fallen. I was reminded of this verse in 

Rev 9:14,

“Then the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, one saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, "Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates."And the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released, so that they would kill a third of mankind.” 

(Sixth Trumpet) 

Several hours later I had a dream, right before waking up actually. I would like to add that I had asked the Lord a few days ago, exactly what disaster should I prepare for.  Once I woke up, I knew I had my answer.  Floods and imposters!

Dream: I was at work but needed to leave early to go to the bank (this is typical in real life as well as I make a deposit before going home). Before I left, I sat with some others at what appeared to be an old school desk. A high school friend was there but I did not want him to recognize me because I did not look as good as I did back in school (who does?!??!). :-)   He was talking to others and mentioning California. Right before I got ready to leave, I did reveal who I was to him and we hugged. In fact, I felt overwhelmed with affection for him and hugged harder, almost sobbing as he tried to console me. He said something about living in Texas then.

The company started having a party but I was not staying. I looked for my purse and it was missing. I was very annoyed with my co-workers as I thought they were pulling a prank. I asked around about it but everyone was drunk and no one cared about my missing purse; in fact THEY were upset that I was upset with them. I left the building without my purse.

Once I got outside, I did not recognize where I was although I knew the building (like a hospital) was where I worked, it seemed dilapidated and letters missing out of the hospital name, something like Lakewood.  I turned in the direction of my car, then realized my keys were in my purse which was missing. I knew I had to go back in the building. At the right of the building was a strange sight (although not in my dream). I saw geodesic domes, all set out in rows like a trailer park.

These were very large, possibly three stories tall. Not simple round domes like the picture...but a complex structure with scattered windows and ledges and doors, possibly plumbing and conduit type features, with this honeycomb roof.  They were all in a row and I saw more than one row.  People were mulling about. 

There was a truck that was pulling one of the domes out of the row, as if it was time to move it. It was a regular size pickup truck so the dome must have been lightweight.  

As I turned to look in the area in front of the building, I saw a black man walking with others. He was talking about a specific young girl who had been through some trauma; apparently she was known by the media. I did not see her at first, then I saw her. She was wearing a mask. She was covering her face supposedly because of damage, except the mask was creepy. It was made up of two colors, her left side was white and the right side had a large area covering the right eye and was beige.  The man (candidate) was behind me and getting closer, and I heard him telling everyone, “This is the girl that I want to vote for me!” I looked ahead and there was another man from the political team trying to coordinate everyone to be ready for when the candidate got to that area.

This area was in front of the building…and it was flooded. It was at least three feet high with water and I knew I had to go through it to get back to the building. I felt it was what I needed to do so I started to walk back to the building to call my husband to come get me. 

End of dream.

I did not feel any fear at all during this dream, whether with my co-workers, the geodesic community, the candidate or girl, or the flood.

Interpretation: Most of this is fairly simple. I had asked God a few days ago to show me what specific disaster I would have to deal with. I had gotten this book from Holly Deyo out over the weekend and every imaginable disaster preparedness is in there, and I didn’t know where to start. This dream is for sure current day, because I had not yet been transformed and that was brought to my attention a couple times. I do believe though that the affection for my old friend may be pointing to increased love, compassion, and prayer for the lukewarm and the lost soon.  The drunk co-workers are easy to point to as the lukewarm and lost right now, all caught up behind the veil.

In the dream, I am not able to leave when I want to. I will leave early (transformation) but before that happens, I have to go through some things. Frankly, every one of us needs to be prepared to go through such global and local havoc, that it will seem as if God has left us. You should reread Bonnie’s Words as they point to this kind of warning. God is warning us…but also states He is with us no matter what.

The Geodesic community really got my attention upon waking up because I knew the correct word in the dream (I would not know this in real life). I prayed about this because why not use mobile homes/trailers? They too are temporary shelters (which is the interpretation as they are in rows and move easily) but they are not large enough. I’m not sure who these quick to build shelters are for, but they were there for a reason in my area. They looked like a rounded honeycomb…that shape of hexagon. As I typed this, it occurred to me that these shelters may have been provided by aliens…aka the Fallen. Last week I purchased DVDs of the TV series “V” (visitors). It’s a sci-fi television series from the 80s, and remade a few years ago. The head female commander is considered their “queen” and she is an alien. Also if you read the information on this sphere on the geodisic dome link above, there is a “chord” involved. There is probably a lot more to interpret here but it’s beyond me. As I read the description of chord, the Greek word “nu” stood out to me. It has a numeric value of 50 and that brought me to here.

I don’t know if it’s a rabbit trail or not, but I can see the Fallen copying God and using Aleph Tev...and also 50 for the Jubilee year!

The candidate’s appearance is current day. In the USA, we are seeing many people as candidates for office right now (our vote is November 2016). The fact that he headed for the masked girl and ignored all the adults that could have voted for him, is interesting. The girl is too young to vote and he did not seem to care about the adults voting for him based on feigned sympathy for the girl. He just wanted her vote…was he drawn to her because she is part of the Imposters? A disguised human? A walkin or demon possessed person that controls the elite? As I type this, the Lord brought to mind the All Seeing Eye gesture that all the celebrities are doing.  I haven't studied it but have watched Seek and YeShall Find's videos and they explain a lot.  Certainly the “aliens” will promote the candidate they want in charge. They did this when I used to read their channelings (they were ALL about Obama then). So I can see that this girl may represent the Fallen…hidden in plain sight as they are even today.  It is possible that Obama is trying for a third term and may succeed with the help of the Imposters.

I was not surprised in the dream when I turned to see the flooded area. I took one step and was in it up to three feet and started to walk slowly to the building. I wanted to get back to the building and call my husband for help. I’m sure he represents Jesus and I sure needed a rescuer! Jesus will rescue His bride very soon!

I believe the Word, the vision, and the dream are all tied together. “The time of the host is over” represents us, the Body of Christ. We are being taken out soon. The Fallen will be liberated through CERN…that is why I saw the word as a FLASH with a bright lighted background highlighting the word quickly. Then the dream shows us that the Fallen come before the transformation, along with the disasters, and also to "help" save mankind from the calamities. Not really though, they do hate us and plan to destroy as many as possible.

The Towers

09/13/15 – The Eiffel Tower

I saw the Eiffel Tower in a vision. I then saw a masked man standing in front of a wall; he turned and looked around a corner. Then everything blew up. 

End of vision

Not much need for interpretation here…I feel somehow man is going to blow up the Eiffel Tower in Paris at some point. (updated in Nov 2015, not the Eiffel Tower but a terrorist attack in Paris, I'm being too literal!)  As I thought about this, I wondered if this went along with my Wellspring vision from a few days ago…since I KNEW at the time it was a very tall building I had seen. The events unfolded quite divinely after the Eiffel Tower vision, and at one point had me laughing at the incredibleness of God. I thought I had the Wellspring vision all nicely typed up yesterday, just a final edit this morning before posting. Uh uh….not what God wanted. He had some final additions and a comment to make. Please read to the end of the Wellspring vision as I believe God pulled these “Tower” visions together for a reason.

09/12/15 – The Wellspring Tower

On Sept 9th I heard a loud whisper inside my head during the night...I heard my name. I believed it was the Lord speaking to me. I decided to respond as Samuel did and said three times, “I am here Lord”. Nothing happened after that. Went to sleep again. I woke up and for like half a second, seemed TOTALLY out of my body and overlooking a piece of ground, made up of dirt and grass. I was excited and thought, “So this is what people experience in the spirit realm!” and I didn’t even finish that thought before I was no longer looking at anything and was simply in bed. Lol (Hopefully more of that will happen again if it is His will!)  Then later on, I had a few flash or picture visions. I saw a metal building with holes in it that reminded me of a grater, like you use for cooking. 

I got a strong impression that it was a tall building. Then I saw on the side of the building, the word “Wellspring” embedded like a logo. Later on another quick vision of me being at the feet of a man, all I could see was him typing on something on a desk. I said to him in a British or Australian type accent…”I think the Holy Spirit said it.” End of vision.

I looked up “Wellspring” on my iPad beside my bed. I expected to see the definition as that is usually the first thing. Not this time, this time it was a company, Wellspring Capital or something like that. Later on as I was up and doing more research, I found several companies with this Wellspring word in their company name. I even found a company that was doing things secretly, giving money to appoint judges etc. I thought, “This must be it!” and kept researching. At one point I found several financial companies called Wellspring, as well as churches and other social groups. I started to research images for the metal building I saw. I drew what I saw here and also added a picture I found on the internet.

In case you can't tell...this is my drawing.  :-)

Actual "Cheesegrater" building in London

I looked up metal buildings, and the like. Nothing seemed to make sense. Wellspring and a metal building that looked like a grater? Hmm. I had been praying about this, and decided to ask for a BIG clue from God during my devotional time. He gave me the entire interpretation on Sept 11.

“Look to the East. Look to the buildings there. Are they not “holy”? Do they not seek the Lord? He is a Wellspring for them. They grow stronger each day. My people come to Me full of pain but I AM a Wellspring for them, a Wellspring of Living Water. I will flow in all directions and in all ways. Look to My Word for help.”

Duh! I wanted to slap myself on the head. I am looking for a tangible building, a physical place named Wellspring, when it was the Lord showing Me Himself the entire time!

Interpretation: The Lord said my name, letting me know He was with me. I saw the ground but I was not standing on it. It was Holy Ground. The building too had holes and was “Holy”. There were different sizes of holes because the Living water of the Lord flows out in all ways. It is metal…because He is reflective! His love reflects inside and outside of us as He lives THROUGH us.   He is the Wellspring of our life, He does not just provide Living Water, it is embedded into Him! The word wellspring means:

1. the head or source of a spring, stream, river, etc.;fountainhead.

2. a source or supply of anything, especially when considered inexhaustible:

And based on this definition, it is from Old English (my accent? And the building in London?).

I was at the feet of this man, the Lord is indeed the head of everything…our Source and Supply!

Jesus answered and said to her, "Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life." John 3: 13-14

"Understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it" (Prov 16:22);

"The wellspring of wisdom is as a flowing brook" (Prov 18:4

Confirmation: After having my devotions, I pondered what I had been told. I was in my bedroom and thought out loud, “I am definitely going to need confirmation on this!” Within ten seconds, I heard a knock…5 taps on an outside wall. Now people, I have NEVER heard a knock at my house when someone was not there. NEVER. I was right near my open bedroom window so I said my husband’s name, expecting him to answer. Nope. I thought…maybe he got locked out of the front door and was trying to get my attention (even though the knock did not come from there.) He was not at the door, in fact he was in his workshop just piddling around. He hadn’t come out in quite some time. But I KNEW I had heard a knock and told him so. We discussed sewer pipes knocking in the foundation (nope) and the dog or cat making noise…nothing was logical. I started to wonder if that was my confirmation. I sent Lisa a quick text asking if she had ever heard God knock as a confirmation. She said she hears knocks all the time and knows it is God as her husband never knocks. So that was that, my confirmation. And Lisa confirmed my confirmation. Lol

I wrote this all up yesterday and thought I was pretty much done at this point. Then I had the Eiffel Tower vision this morning and God reminded me of a verse that is so often misinterpreted. 

”A Song of Ascents. I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord who made Heaven and earth."  Psalm 121:1

Our help does NOT come from the hills. This is where the Israelites sinned so horribly by building altars and making sacrifices to gods of other countries…an abomination to the Lord. The writer of the above verse questions where his help comes from…the mountains? The high places? No!  Our help comes from the Lord. HE is our strong tower…HE is our wellspring!

Psalm 61:3 “For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe.”

The last ironic confirmation…the part that made me laugh. Yesterday while writing up the Wellspring vision, there was a real knock on my door. I heard a child speaking and quickly turned to look out the window. JEHOVAH’s WITNESSES! YIKES! I don’t speak to those people. The enemy had sent a distraction during my typing! I asked the warrior angel at my front door (we all have one!) to keep the people from coming in as they knocked on the screen of my porch door, not the actual front door. I then prayed that the Lord would send them away. Interesting…they did not knock again, they simply left. Praise Jesus! I went back to typing. Now for the funny part. As I was getting ready for this morning, the Lord reminded me of something. The Jehovah Witnesses have a magazine…do you know what it’s called? 

The Watchtower! That’s when I started laughing. God is incredible and if you just WAIT for His timing on things, He brings it all together.

We cannot count on man in the times to come. The Lord is our strong tower, He is everything we need to look to. During the final edit of this, the Lord said to me, Man cannot count on man to help, because man destroys the things of man.” 

I couldn’t have put it better.

09/06/15 - Ein Dor

This morning I had two quick visions.  The first was of a news desk.  I saw the outline of a person sitting behind a desk with a square outline where a TV might be, above and behind them on the wall. The idea I got was an anchor person reporting the news.  

A few minutes later, I had the second vision which was one word and this is how it appeared.

Ein dor

I looked the word up on the iPad that I keep nearby so I can "watch" all through the night, and was excited to see that Ein dor is a kibbutz in Israel!  In my vision, I saw the word below some boundary lines in my vision so I believe it is about this area.  It's about the kibbutz and not some other Ein dor...there are some people that have Eindor as a last name, but this word was separated. As you read the links above, you will see that this kibbutz was named after nearby Endor from Bible days. 

Friends, I don't know if this is a good or bad thing that is coming to Ein dor, or if it represents a soon coming battle, but I believe this kibbutz will be in the news at some point...have no idea when.  It is near the Golan Heights.  Let's keep them in prayer.

UPDATE:  After a member read these visions, he sent me Bear049's video as possible confirmation (thanks Pete)

08/30/15 - MacBeth

A few weeks ago I had a flash vision. I saw the face of a man and the right half of it was behind a dark wall. Also, the man had tape on his mouth to keep him from speaking. I prayed about the vision but had no idea what it meant. It just sat there in the back of my mind for a while, until God was ready to release the incredible confirming mystery.

(this is actually a picture of "MacBeth" I found on!)

Early Friday morning August 28th, I had a dream in which there were three elements:
  • I ​was in a building where MacBeth was being produced.  I was walking and had something in my hand and knew that I had to speak to the actor that came AFTER the man who walked slowly.  Patrick Stewart walked in front of me and I told him I had to talk with the actor that came after the man who walked slowly and Patrick said, "Maybe this time I will play the old man".
  • I then saw just the face of Patrick Stewart in my dream and he appeared as if in agony.  Crying out and screaming only I could not hear that in my dream.
  • I was then in another room in the building, it was small and had other people in it. I picked up some dusty puzzle pieces laying on a table. Then I got on my knees and looked under an unfinished wall (that did not meet the floor) into the next room and saw more puzzle pieces. I used a hand broom to pull them towards me. These pieces were dustier than the ones found in the room I was in. The pieces were regular sized and ​I knew I had to put the puzzle pieces in a box and was hoping I had them all so the next person would have all the pieces to put together.​

 ​When I woke up, I was excited! I KNEW that having puzzle pieces in my dream meant that this was a prophetic dream from God. But….I can’t stand Shakespeare! I think many of us were forced to read Romeo and Juliet in school, but other than that, I never read anything else of his. I can’t understand the English and it’s bothersome to me. I put Shakespeare plays up on a mental shelf with Rap music…and stay as far away as possible! So this dream was interesting to me because I knew it was a God thing.

"Indeed God speaks once, or twice, yet no one notices it. "In a dream, a vision of the night, when sound sleep falls on men, while they slumber in their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction,.."

Job 33:14-16

I knew that Patrick Stewart (whom I affectionately think of as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek) was considered a Shakespearean actor so in my dream, I was not surprised to see him in the play. When I woke up and began to research, I started with him. Not only did he act in these plays, but he has been in MacBeth, and not only in MacBeth but starring AS MacBeth! I was surprised! In my dream, Stewart mentioned playing a different part this time, “I think this time I will play the old man.” So I knew I had to read MacBeth and search out this clue and the clue of looking for a "slow walking man" and the character that came after that, as well as an old man. I downloaded a free PDF of the play and read about 3 lines before I started falling asleep. Ok not really but I don’t like this kind of English…drives me nuts! You are talking to a girl that LOVES sci-fi and this is a FAR cry from it!  Fortunately God showed me some easier notes for my brain and you can find it here.

I eventually found the “slow walking man” and that was the drunk porter who answers a knock in Act 2 Scene 3. Now…I would not have found this had I read the actual play. But in the sparknotes version, sure enough I found, “A porter stumbles through the hallway to answer the knocking, grumbling comically about the noise and mocking whoever is on the other side of the door."  Whoa! Again I am amazed when God reveals these things! I knew I was on the right track and kept reading. However, I was reading during work Friday, and had to stop at the end of the day. I marked my spot and left for the day. When arriving home, I began to search out other information instead of reading more notes. I found out that when Jean-Luc…..I mean Patrick Stewart “began playing MacBeth in the West End in 2007, some said that he was too old for the role; he and the show again received excellent reviews, with one critic calling Stewart "one of our finest Shakespearean actors". Hmm! So here we have some old man information in regards to Stewart personally.

However in my dream, Stewart wanted to play the “old man”. I found out that there are two mentions of old men in the play. One is an actual character, but then my attention was drawn to Act 5 Scene 1 when Lady MacBeth refers to the king as “the old man”. I felt led to focus on this because of the second “act” of my dream which was the agonizing look of Stewart. I believe he meant to play King Duncan in MacBeth in my dream. The king was murdered by MacBeth (sorry to give it away) and that is why I saw Stewart screaming.

As I continued reading this article (and yes it has the 222 I’ve been seeing all week!) I found out even more information about MacBeth…it is considered a cursed play!

The first sentence from this article states, “They simply call it "The Scottish Play", because even to utter the title of Shakespeare's 

Macbeth is to invite bad luck.”  The Holy Spirit immediately reminded me of my vision of the man with tape on his mouth! He could not speak!  This was it, this was the confirmation that the MacBeth dream was from God! Finally I had an answer to why I had that vision! Know that God ALWAYS reveals what He shows you, but you have to wait on His timing. He never fails!

At this point I was convinced that God was giving me confirmations about this dream, using Patrick Stewart and the taped mouth man vision. I hadn’t got to the puzzle pieces yet but that was clearly the deciding factor for me. Knowing all this though, I didn’t know WHY I had this dream. I mean…I never read MacBeth, and did not want to. I hadn’t finished my sparknotes and was feeling frustrated. It’s knowing that you are on the cusp of the answer but cannot get that answer. From my dream, I knew that I had to figure out who the man was AFTER the slow walking man…and that man was MacDuff. Again sorry to spoil the ending of the play but…MacDuff kills MacBeth. This is the most gruesome of all Shakespeare plays apparently, but in the 222 article, the writer suggests it is the most Christian of plays. Who knows…people see what they want to see. I am not suggesting this play is in any way Christian, especially as there are witches in it but there are certainly elements of good vs evil, and foreboding visions of daggers and blood and even lightning and thunder during tense moments. But on to MacDuff, I did not know why my dream pointed to him. As mentioned previously, I did not finish reading the cliff notes and had stopped on Act 3 Scene 3 when I left work on Friday. Keep in mind, that I continue in prayer about these things and never EVER want to create my own interpretation. I think that’s why God chose MacBeth, a subject I was clueless about. (I had also had a dream about a sword called Camelot and I knew nothing about King Arthur either…yet both these dreams have elements of the UK and Scotland…is God telling me something? I don’t know…my ancestors are from Ireland and Holland.)

Finally, I went to God about getting help from members and readers of TCOTB. I try to be very careful to not get interpretation from anyone because He told me to go to Him for interpretations. But I asked Him if I could have help this time. I recalled that Jackie had a degree in something English but I forgot what. God said yes I could ask her, and that she would help me. Yay God! So I emailed Jackie and she majored in English and minored in History (could be why she is a writer!). We ended up on the phone and I explained EVERYthing to her (thanks for bearing with me, Jackie!) and then we discussed MacBeth. She said, “Well really, MacDuff ends up the hero.” And that is true, he kills the bad guy and (spoiler alert) helps the rightful heir become King of Scotland. I think the Bride will be the hero soon but still, I was not sure where this was all leading. I told her I knew that MacDuff killed and beheaded MacBeth and then Jackie said something that was I was not aware of at all but was IT!! She said, “MacDuff and the army came disguised as trees in order to kill MacBeth.” WHAT?!?!? A disguise?! Immediately the Holy Spirit confirmed this as the answer to the entire MacBeth riddle and why I had to talk to MacDuff. People…strange as it sounds, I believe with my entire heart that we will not only help out in the Harvest, but that some of us, even some of those who are lukewarm now but will change their heart before the Rapture…will come back during the 7 year Tribulation period and help those left behind. AND now it seems confirmed that we will be in disguise at times in order to fool the enemy! I had been wondering about this...wanting to be in a FEMA camp to help others but I can't do that if I am shining!  Oh my! To find this out...I was almost jumping up and down on the phone! This was it! This was the purpose of the vision and dream. You see, besides the dream, EVEN IN THE VISION it is confirmed…half of the man’s face was hidden behind a dark wall. I could not see who the man really was as he was hidden! I’m almost jumping up and down again! Lol  Sorry, for a very analytical person, I can get excited at times! So that is what I think this message is for everyone..that there are those of the Bride and others, that will be allowed to come back and help even after the Rapture. I know that some have had dreams of this already, this is not new to you. My daughter has even had dreams of her, my husband, and myself helping out. But God is showing us cool is that! No wonder I’ve always wanted to be a spy!

Now, is there precedent in the Bible for this? You bet your sweet Aunt Betty there is!

Check out the disguises of people in the Bible in these stories.

  • 2 Chronicles 35:20-24 Josiah disguises himself so he will not be killed
  • 1 Samuel 28:4-12 Saul disguises himself to meet the witch of Endor
  • 1 Kings 14:1-6 Jeroboam tells his wife to disguise herself so that a prophet will not know who she is.
  • 1 Kings 22:29-37 King of Israel (Ahab) disguises himself in battle

    Other Bible stories include Tamar, the Gibeons, King David, satan (disguised at light) etc. There is nothing new under the sun! God can do whatever He wants and I am happy to oblige! Are you with me? What say you?!?!?

    Lastly, I want to discuss the puzzle pieces because there is a reason they were dusty. Not dirty, just had dust on them. The pieces that I found in the room were dusty but not as covered as those from the other room. Here is what I think. I believe these point to some of you having pieces of God’s prophetic puzzle that you haven’t brought forth yet. Many times I get emails that start out, “The Lord has allowed me to release this now” or “I wanted to tell you a dream I had a while back” etc. People KNOW things but don’t comment on blogs (public) or mention them in the Forum (members). In my dream, these could very well be the room I was in (forum) and the room where the dustier pieces were found (public). I believe you have things to reveal that God has shown you but…you’ve let it fall by the wayside and the revelation knowledge has been covered up and you’ve forgotten about it. But we NEED to know everything we can…not just for us, but for those left behind…those that will find the boxes of puzzles that are found on youtube, websites, and blogs of Watchers everywhere. So I implore you to speak out now before it is too late. If you at least write it down in a journal somewhere..then it will be found PRECISELY when God wants it to be found, and by whom it should be found. All is in His timing but don’t delay any longer! Please share what you know here in the comments if you like.

    One last piece of irony. As I was researching MacBeth, I discovered that a movie version is coming out on October 2 of this year…and will be shown in the UK. Since it is in the UK and not here, I never would have seen that commercial.   But God is amazing is He not?  

    8:05 p.m.   I do not have cable or satellite television, I only have over the air antennae.  Sunday nights are pretty slow so I tend to watch Columbo, an old but interesting detective show.  Tonight Columbo is in London and attending a play....are you ready for this?  It's MACBETH!!!  He is solving a mystery on the set of MacBeth!!!

    08/09/15 – The “Eyes” Have It

    I was awake with my eyes closed, just thinking about the day ahead. I started to see a circular area…a circle within a circle. Then I saw there was a grid inside the circles and I immediately thought of CERN. I saw this twice and then the circles went away.

    I then started seeing an eye forming. Seems to be a theme with these visions…eyes. The eye formed and then disappeared. Then I saw an eye, a pair of eyes with eyelashes. I could tell that these were the most beautiful eyes! The eyes blinked and the eyelashes slowly went down and up and it was quite beautiful (the picture is MUCH worse than I saw but seems about right). I was also able to see an outline of a face and I could tell it was an alien gray! These were the eyes of an alien gray and they were beautiful! I saw this twice and then the vision stopped. This seems to be a fairly easy to interpret vision in that the grid/CERN will open and the aliens will “arrive” and they will deceive people because some of them will appear beautiful.

    (I know the picture is a bit disturbing but I think we need to understand what we will see...the Left Behinders will have to deal with this!)

    If you have seen many alien videos or researched them at all, you know there is more than one “race”. Actually I am not sure what to call them because they are not aliens at all, but rather the Fallen angels. I’ve read many interpretations and ideas and the one that seems to fit is that like the divine angels…there are categories. We know there are archangels and warrior angels as well as messenger and guardian angels. So I feel that the grays vs the tall whites vs the zetas and pleiadians and reptilians are all just different categories. Of what I do not know but there are some that believe that since they have been away from God for so long, these angels have lost their covering, their light, whatever made them of Him. So now they are ugly for the most part. Some of them however, will be beautiful and will glow. These will also deceive people and I feel this is what my vision was revealing.

    Something else occurred to me after much prayer. I recalled a dream I had a while back but never posted…at least I can’t find it. I remember praying and asking God to show me what would I see while still in this body. That night I had a dream about being in a house and hearing a noise, then looking out a window and seeing the bottom of a UFO in the sky. I remember music as well and thinking, “Oh my daughter is NOT a part of this choir!” My daughter often sings in choirs but I knew this was an alien choir in the dream, designed to fool people. Then I woke up. So my takeaway from that was that we would see aliens before we were Transformed.

    If you think about it though, I did not see any aliens in my dream, I only heard them. (Reminds me of the Borg…”can you hear our call?” Ewww) Anyway, I saw the bottom of the ship and heard the sounds of them. As I thought about this and my recent vision, I had a thought. During the scientists experiment with the Large Hadron Collider in September, they may actually split the veil. Before the chaos comes…what if this makes the news and CERN announces that yes, they have found alien life in these other dimensions. I’m not sure what would transpire after that BUT…if the world was ALREADY alerted to ET’s presence…then even if the three DoD hits and people saw aliens in the sky AFTER that, they would not be surprised. With no notice at all, we would BLAME the aliens for causing the cataclysmic event (most people would anyway). Yet if we know they exist before the cataclysmic event occurs, they may even LIE and alert us that this EVENT is on its way and they will send help. I truly don’t know, this is new territory for me but it makes sense that if we know about their presence due to a CERN experiment, then we (the world) will not be surprised to see them land. THEN they try to fool us with their lovely eyes, etc. All lies of course but..most people won’t know that unless we tell them. This actually may be one of the things we are hearing about in Words over and over…that there will be a separation between His people and those of the enemy. If the world finds out there are aliens BEFORE they make an appearance, then some will view them as evil, and some will view them as coming to help us. The split will become more divided as the debate grows.

    Those are my thoughts. Boy I sure can get a lot from a 30 second vision eh? But who knows!

    "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways," declares the LORD.   Isaiah 55:8

    08/01/15 - Writing on the Wall

    I saw a board that was the color of corkboard but was not made of cork.  Suddenly a capital letter "O" started to form in white cursive writing, and followed by the letters  "ysters"...the vision stopped but I just knew that it was forming "Oysters on the Halfshell" (not just the word oysters).  This was most interesting because I live in the middle of the USA, no raw oyster sources to be found.  So I started praying over the next few days for His interpretation.  As always, it is never what I think it is going to be.

    I discovered through research that oysters can be used three ways.  1) to eat 2) to wear (pearls) 3) the shells for decoratation.   Since my vision was related to food, I stayed focused on the first one...eating them.  Not just oysters but on the halfshell.  This is a delicacy...

    " A delicacy is a food item that is considered highly desirable in various cultures. Often this is because of unusual flavors or characteristics, or because it is rare compared to the availability of other foodstuffs."

    A verse came to mind at this point...I had JUST read it the previous day.  

    And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, "A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not damage the oil and the wine."   Revelation 6:6

    We see that for a while during the rough times ahead, expensive food will still exist "do not damage the oil and wine".  Was this what God was reminding me of?  I truly did not know.  I started reading up on how the oysters get to the table and found quite a few interesting facts:

    - You should not consume oysters during the months that contain the letter "r".  (Summer is prime time for "red tide" containing toxins)

    - There are numerous oyster festivals around the world in September 

    - Oysters are filter feeders and filter out toxins and pollutants by allowing water to flow through their gills

    - A manmade method to grow oysters includes "tumbling" 

    I learned a lot but I did not know why the Lord showed me this food in particular.  On Saturday Aug 1 as I was doing my quiet time with Him, He said this, "The oyster is a beloved ingredient of Mine.  I have recipes for it, recipes of love and rejoicing.  The oyster on the halfshell is for all.  It is a delicacy to be sure.  But its life will be snuffed out with the tsunamies.  The pearls will turn color and fade.  The shells will harden and the oysters will die.  Only man will be on the halfshell.  It will be as if he has half a life.  It will be over quickly and will turnover and tumble in the sea.  No more delicacies, no more rarities, no more man."

    "I will make mortal man scarcer than pure gold.  And mankind than the gold of Ophir."  Isaiah 13:12

    This morning, Sunday Aug 2, I had another vision that lasted for a long time.  It was bright pictures over the dark blackness and I could barely make out what the pictures were.  I prayed that the Lord would take it away if it was from the enemy. God told me to do this during a vision...but the vision did not stop.  I requested this several times and told God that I could not see what the pictures were.  They were moving but not in any logical fashion.  I thought I saw all kinds of things...a piece of mail, a human, a hand, just things moving around.  Then the Holy Spirit showed me that these pictures were actually tumbling.  That is why there was no logical movement.

    verb (used without object), tumbled, tumbling. fall helplessly down, end over end, as by losing one's footing,support, or equilibrium; plunge headlong roll end over end, as in falling: fall or decline rapidly; drop:
    4. to perform gymnastic feats of skill and agility, as leaps or somersaults.
    5. to fall suddenly from a position of power or authority; suffer overthrow:
    6. to fall in ruins, as from age or decay; collapse; topple:.
    7. to roll about by turning one way and another; pitch about; toss.

    The last thing the Lord showed me right before I started this the most exciting!  Could it be the Psalm 83 war is about to begin?

    " O my God, scatter them like tumbleweed, like chaff before the wind!"  

    Psalm 83:13

    07/27/15 - Yosemite

    The vision is different but I am finding out that God sends us interesting things, not difficult things because He is not the author of confusion. But interesting things to be sure. Once again I have a cartoon in my vision.

    Vision: I saw Yosemite Sam wearing a lavender hat, with a big grin on his face while he was walking up a ladder. End of vision.

    Again this was strange…I’ve been reading disaster visions and heaven visions for years now…but God shows you what He wants you to see and that is that. I went to Him in prayer about it, and received 3 confirmations that it was from Him. I ask for one confirmation, and He gives more. Then I start praying for understanding and divine guidance to interpret the vision. I do not share my visions with anyone (other than my husband who just nods) because the Lord made it clear that He would bring interpretation. Who better to go to for help?! He gives me the interpretation throughout the day, sometimes into the next as He did this one. Here is the interpretation based on HS guided research.

    I was to focus not so much on the character of Yosemite Sam (from the Bugs Bunny cartoons) but rather Yosemite. Yosemite is a National Park located in the Sierra Nevada mountains in eastern California in the USA.

    It envelopes 1200 square miles and is known for its waterfalls and giant ancient sequoias. As I researched this, some interesting facts were discovered. October 1st this year is the 125th anniversary of this park. (Oddly enough, yesterday when I had the vision...was the 75th birthday of Bugs Bunny). Even more interesting, is that there is a waterfall called Bridal Veil in Yosemite. Because when the wind blows the falling water to the side, it looks like a bride's veil blowing in the wind.

    The Holy Spirit started to point me in the direction of the Rapture, not the transformation of the Bride, but the Rapture. There was no bridal white in this vision, but rather a covering of purple…a lavender hat. That is not pointing to a Bride but rather to a priest.

    Also, those who are Raptured…the dead in Christ and the end time saints along with us are called to be kings and priests. (see Revelation 1:6 and 1 Peter 2:9) So I was understanding that this figure represented an end time saint, but not the Bride.

    In the Bible, a ladder is a symbol of ascending to or descending from Heaven. In Jacob’s dream there were both, but in my vision there was only ascending. Sam had a HUGE grin on his face…he knew he was going up. The Bride goes through a door as in Revelation 4:1. I do not believe that particular verse points to the Rapture but rather first, to the transformation of the Bride. Sam was not transformed, he was not wearing white, he was going up which seems to indicate that he was an end time saint.

    I was starting to understand that the place of Yosemite would have an area of end time saints, possibly for hiding out. The waterfall is called Bridal Veil and as women, we are hidden behind the veil until we are married. I believe this explains that these people will be hidden away. It is quite possible that there will be people there during the Harvest, and the Bride will help to hide them.

    veil is an article of clothing or cloth hanging that is intended to cover some part of the head or face, or an object of some significance.  It is especially associated with women and sacred objects.

    I believe the Holy Spirit showed me these things and pieced them together for me, as truly I could never get this from just the vision alone. The final piece of this puzzle kicked in last night and this morning. During my devotional time with the Lord, He told me to look up the meaning of the name Samuel.

    Hannah conceived and bore a son, and named him Samuel, "since she had asked the Lord for him" (1 Samuel 1:20 NAB). So Samuel means asked or requested of the Lord and like an end time saint, would go on to serve the Lord in His Temple. This morning I was getting ready for work and the Holy Spirit gave me to understand that the people that will be hidden in Yosemite, are people we have prayed for, that we have requested God to help. I believe there will be a hidden place in Yosemite National Park for end time saints, and also other hidden “Goshens” or sanctuaries or cities of light, throughout the world during the Tribulation.

    And it shall come to pass, while my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a cleft of the rock, and will cover thee with my hand while I pass by: Exodus 33:22

    God will establish these places but our prayers now will help decide who finds them. At the start of this vision, I would never have guessed this interpretation. But with His continued guidance, I shall keep going in faith!

    07/18/15 - Hollywood

    I had my eyes closed but was awake, laying in bed.  I saw an old TV and then some black and white cartoons started to form.  I thought to myself, "Oh, this is a vision!"

    The cartoons turned into Popeye, still in black and white.  He appeared to be flying at first, then ended up on his back still seeming to be flying or maybe floating, and holding a baby. They looked very happy together and Popeye was stroking the boy's head.

    I was not around when Popeye initially made his appearance in the newspapers but do recall seeing him on TV in the 1960s when I was a kid.  I know he had a child called "Sweet Pea" that was a boy that Popeye adopted.  This may have been who he was holding in the vision.

    The next scene was Desi and Lucy Ball.  It was a black and white scene  and they were singing and appeared happy together.  

    After that, still in black and white appeared two women singing together.  They too looked very happy.  I recognized one of the voices and I think it was Rosemary Clooney but I cannot be sure.  But it was that era, Ethel Merman, Judy Garland etc. This voice was belting out the song.

    The television then disappeared and all I could see was a dark (much darker than this) picture of a woman's face.  Her features seemed to be highlighted and she too was singing although it was not a happy song but rather neutral.  I did not recognize the singer or song but I do recall hearing the word "world" in the song.

    The woman's face then went away and only darkness appeared.  I could hear a man singing, low and somber.  It sounded like rap...very monotone with no sing song or happiness to it at all.  

    I spent the morning in prayer and waiting upon the Lord.  When I went to listen to Him this afternoon, I asked about this.  He had told me that He would tell me directly the interpretation of visions.  So this is what I got from Him. 

    This series of things was about Hollywood.  At first, it started out bright and happy, a very simple life where things were easy and laughter was a part of every day life.  Hollywood depicted the perfect life, but behind the scenes, not all was well.  Desi was cheating on Lucy, and Rosemary Clooney had a mental breakdown, Judy Garland seemingly committed suicide.  Over time the world wanted to see more of the dark side of things, and now we hear it, and see it on a daily basis.  Did you know that the word "pregnant" was not allowed to be used on the I Love Lucy show when Lucy was pregnant?  Gee, look how far we've come today. You can watch a live birth on TV, you can even watch HOW people become pregnant!  Our media is saturated with horrendous stuff from the enemy to the point where we just look the other way or roll our eyes when something evil is on.  What are your eyes seeings?  What are they taking in?  The Lord wants your focus to be on HIM in these last hours.

    "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."
    Hebrews 12:2

    07/16/15 - I Only have Eyes for You

    I was awake this morning and my upper back hurt quite a bit.  It has been hurting for a couple days now.  I finally succumbed to asking my husband to rub my back and he agreed.  I turned over and he began.  I immediately saw a dark night sky full of stars. I also began to see shadows of eyes here and there, nothing frantic this time (like the vision below) but just looking out.  Then the best part...I heard this song from the 70s in my head.  Meanwhile my husband is rubbing my back and I am feeling all loved inside!

    I believe this is Jesus telling us of His love for us!  Everyone can take this song and the lyrics personally, it is for all the Bride! 

    PS: Within one hour of posting...I got this email:

    "I just read your post about "I Only Have Eyes for You" and nearly fell off my chair!!  The night before last I awoke at around 4 am & had that VERY SONG in my head and actually had to find it on youtube to play it on my ipad at that moment!!! LOL  Oh my goodness, that is SO AMAZING!!  It has always been one of my fav songs from Art!  Hahaha I just LOVE how our awesome God works!!  And I actually had a thought that night about posting about the lyrics but the song blog was a while back and there was no place to post about it.

    You just made my day!"

    07/12/15 - The Eye

    I may have to change the title of this page because this was not a flash vision, this lasted a while. I was awake but with my eyes closed and I started to see an eye forming.  It came into view and the eyelashes started growing, only they grew VERY THICK AND BLACK.  Not human like at all, although the iris was a green/blue. The eyelashes were so thick that for a moment I thought they would turn into a spider, but they did not. The eye started blinking and looking frantically around!  I could see it moving all over my mind, to the left and right etc. It wouldn't stop. I could not tell if it was a right eye or left eye, and it did not look at me, but rather blinked a lot and was moving all over and looking everywhere. After about 20 seconds, it went away and I opened my eyes and started thinking about it.

    I closed my eyes again and the eye formed again, only this time it was a normal eye with normal eyelashes.  It blinked normally and looked around, and even looked at me once.  I found this vision fascinating because I was analyzing it and noting details as it was not a picture this time.  It is possible that it goes with the first dream I had that is posted in the Forum.  The post is titled Secrets.

    This eye reminded me of TB Shores Eye of Horus series.  It did not look like that eye, but it was so dark and thick, I think that is why I was reminded of it.  It did not seem evil, just frantically looking.

    07/12/15 - Skull

    I have to tell you one of the scenes in my dream first. 

    Scene 2 - I was wearing a camouflage shirt and I was in a room by myself but others were nearby. This room seemed more like a barn room, a bit dark and musty with a dirt type floor. I had the understanding in this dream that rebels would be kidnapping or taking more Israeli hostages.

    Vision - As I woke up and was thinking on these dream scenes, I had a quick vision. THIS time though, I was wide awake and thinking about Scene 2 specifically. I was thinking about the room that I saw and suddenly at the top of my mind I saw a white skull facing left. This skull whipped around at 360 degrees very fast, then disappeared. I had my eyes closed so everything else was dark and I saw the skull clearly since it was white.

    It would be easy to guess that ISIS is responsible for whatever happens in Scene 2 with the hostages. I had the thought of "rebels" while in the dream perhaps they (Gaza rebels)  are working together. I know even Hamas does not want ISIS near them.

    07/09/15 - Flags

    I was taking my time waking up this morning and I saw a type of grid (eyes were closed).  My next thought was "This is not a war" and I saw what seemed to be 5 or more flags laying on top of each other, on the right side of my "vision".  They were NOT flags that belonged to countries, but rather they were each all one color each (I will draw and insert a picture later) such as a green flag, and orange flag, etc.  Also each flag looked similar in design to something like the Greece flag where the color is all the same but there is distinct pattern.  Again though, these did NOT belong to countries. I prayed about this and asked for a specific confirmation that it was indeed a vision (I'm still new at recognizing this) and had two confirmations before 9:00 a.m. this morning.

    The phrase "This is not a war" is found in many places...titles of documents, names of songs, etc.  Also the word "Flag" means:

    1. A piece of cloth, usually rectangular, of distinctive color and design, used asa symbol, standard, signal, or emblem.
    2. National or other allegiance, as symbolized by a flag: ships of the same flag.
    3. A ship carrying the flag of an admiral; a flagship.
    4. A marking device, such as a gummed strip of paper, attached to an object toattract attention or ease identification; a tab.
    5. The masthead of a newspaper.
    6. Music A cross stroke that halves the value of a note to which it is added.
    7. A distinctively shaped or marked tail, as of a dog or deer.
    8. Computers A variable or memory location that stores true-or-false, yes-or-noinformation.

    07/05/15 - The Author

    I had another flash vision or picture.  I was thinking of a dog drinking out of a creek, when I suddenly saw a "picture" of a table with books on it, one being prominently displayed by standing up. The tablecloth was black and the books were other subdued colors, I could see no titles and those books were lying flat.  The prominent book was black and white and standing up.  The cover was a drawing or outline of the head of a woman, I assumed an author of the other books but I may be wrong.

    07/02/15 - The Shield

    I had a "vision"...hard to explain it because I saw nothing, it was just in my head. It was as if Lisa was sending me an email with one of her recordings where she records a Word from God. The subject on the email was HMS - 9?True. In my thoughts, I opened it and there was a picture of a gray shield, only it had vertical lines at the top, then a dividing line midway, then vertical lines again at the bottom only in a different pattern than those above. So there was a title of HMS - 9?True and a picture of a shield.

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
    in all your ways submit to Him,
    and He will make your paths straight.

    Proverbs 3:5-6

    " And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

    Genesis 5:24