There has been news both prophetic and public, about this ship.  Yesterday Oct 16, I read this about it and feel this is one of the puzzle pieces that is part of what we need to keep in mind.  I've written a few things about it, and added a dream from Lu and a video from Sister Barbara.  Let's keep our eyes on the Roosevelt!

As you are probably aware, the USA has for the first time in years, left Israel without backup.

10/16/15 –


US aircraft carrier, CVN 71 Theodore Roosevelt is currently on its way out of the Persian Gulf, leaving just the LHD-2 Essex Amphibious Warfare ship group to defend the Persian Gulf and more importantly, leaving the hotly contested Middle East without U.S. carrier-based air support for the first time in years.


The U.S. Navy will not be able to keep an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf for much of the fall season, according to a Navy official.  The official said that's because the Navy has to schedule needed maintenance after years of extended deployments and because of reduced spending due to mandatory budget cuts.

This is important because it essentially sets a timeline for the amount of time that Obama can say “no” to Israel.  Why does that matter?

Julie Whedbee – Word from God  09/27/15

“He said Jerusalem is surrounded by her enemies as the Word says it will be at the end, and that the US will betray her in her moment of greatest need. This will bring the first judgment poured out, and I feel I understand this to be financial, but the rest immediately following.”

Having no carrier ships near the Middle East gives Obama a practical excuse of why the USA cannot help Israel.  No way to get enough troops there fast.  Keeping no ships there for the next two months brings us to mid-December.  Could the great shaking really be by the end of the year?  God has confirmed it!

Here is a dream from Lu that is posted elsewhere on this website...and has to do with the Roosevelt.

January 5, 2015 (from Lu)

"a couple of months ago I 'saw' Baltimore,MD twice in under a minute (vision) so I asked him if this is something, show me in the physical,'re gonna love this....Mom wanted a Whopper so I ran into Burger King, & funny thing was, I went inside to get a takeout burger....when I got to order, the girl serving turned her head, & I know you will laugh, cos I did...she had in 1" letters, tattooed on her neck 'BALTIMORE'...who does that????  Anyway, He led me later in the day to MD, Baltimore on the map, I have never been so wasn't really sure about what I was looking at....a large stadium, near the water.  I know people have had dreams & visions about stadiums being bombed near water.  It's not that far from Norfolk, VA.....why do I mention that?  When I listened to Barb's video on the ship bombing I heard, USS Theodore Roosevelt...which is homedocked at Norfolk,Va.  Don't know if it is connected or not??"

Vision - Sister Barbara


(ironically the USS Roosevelt left the Middle East one day before Sister Barbara had her stroke)

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5