The Messages on this page are posted here because there is no website to link to.  I get these Words from Facebook, the Internet, and emails and post when led.  ~Hope

I hear the Father saying,

"Listen to the sound of an abundance of rain beginning to fall upon your land, upon your family, upon your region, upon the fibers of your very soul and spirit. For, I am tipping over the bowls of prayers of My Saints and they are falling, falling, falling like showers upon the very substance of the earth, to water the seeds of harvest, to cleanse the land, to make every deserts desolation a garden of the Lord, and to begin the mighty downpour you heart and spirit have longed for, without having seen it in all the history of your life and times. See and hear it coming: the former and latter rain together amidst blinding lightning and vociferous thunder! Open up and begin to perceive the signs all around you like the smell of wet earth after rainfall, the sounds of new life arising, the fragrance of flowers blooming and fruit expanding, fertilized by the ashes of what came before. It is coming...It is here! So, rejoice, My Child, and glory in this: that what started out in dark silence and brokenness, like a seed coming to life as it germinates and gives way to roots and stems and leaves and erupting forth from the dark crevice of the place it was buried, and, is coming down in the thunder of My Rains of Glory. Follow My lead and stand up again and look up and see that your redemption draws near and is beginning to show all around you. For, it is the time for you to witness the lightning and thunder of your availing prayers as the high pressure of enemy's resistance is broken through as I unlock a new hope, a new liberty, inward miracles, barreling down in a downpour of My Rains of Glory! "
Revelations 8:4-5 (VOICE) "From the hand of the eighth messenger, the smoke of the incense mixed with the prayers of God’s people and billowed up before God. 5 The messenger filled the censer with fiery coals from the altar and cast it upon the earth, causing a great commotion of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning, and an earthquake."
Hosea 6:3 (NKJV)“Let us know, Let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord. His going forth is established as the morning; He will come to us like the rain, Like the latter and former rain to the earth.
Joel 2:23 (AMP) “Let us acknowledge the LORD; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear
Psalms 84:6 “As they pass through the Valley of Baka, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools.”
Ezekiel 34:26 (AMP) "And I will make them and the places round about My hill a blessing, and I will cause [abundant] showers to come down in their season; there shall be showers of blessing [of good insured by God’s favor].
He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside streams of clear water;
He restores my soul...
Psalm 23:2-3


John 10:10 (TPT) “A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow!”


During the last couple of weeks, I’ve had 3 dreams in a row that God has highlighted to me to be about the work of restoration, restitution, and recovery that He is accelerating during this new spiritual season we are in. I thought I’d just share the word He gave me for them, but He’s been prompting me to share them with you also, so I’ll share both in 2 separate parts for brevity’s sake.

Dream 1: In the first dream, a friend of mine was going through an ATM drive through with her new golden retriever mix puppy. She put in her card in the ATM to get some money out, but the ATM machine was completely transparent and we could see the bills had gotten stuck in it. She put in her hand and part of her arm in the money dispenser slot (which was quite large in the dream) to try to pry the bills out, to no avail. As she did, however, her puppy ran into the ATM slot and into a money ‘vault’ where the bills were stuck. The puppy pulled and loosed the stuck bills and then began to pull more bills out of the vault playfully. My friend turned to me laughing and said, “Look at what he’s doing!” pointing at the puppy chasing out bills inside the ATM’s interior. My friend and I began to laugh uncontrollably with so much joy at the puppy’s antics. It felt like sparkles of joy were being dropped all over us, we were so tickled by it for some reason, and we couldn’t stop laughing. I woke up still laughing and overcome with joy.

For me personally in dreams, golden retrievers always represent the retrieval of things by God from darkness and into the golden glory of God’s original intent, which is always redemptive. For reference, the name of the friend of mine who was in the dream means, “God has been gracious”. As I prayed over this dream, I heard God saying to His Bride: “I AM a gracious Father. And, My intent and perfect outcome is ALWAYS redemptive. Meet with Me in the field called great expectations for I am restoring your joy to believe and live in Me that you may walk in the great exploits I have prepared for you in the days ahead. I will retrieve, recover, restore, repay, and redeem and I will multiply your joy!”

Dream 2: I saw a scroll all rolled up inside of one of those safe vaults they have in banks, etc, to keep very costly, rare and import. As it was unrolled, I saw that the scroll had 3 bullet points written out in red ink about the inheritance left to a beneficiary. They read:
1. Full beneficiary of all things pertaining to life and godliness.
2. Full beneficiary of complete arsenal of warfare.
3. Nothing stolen or taken away by the enemy from beneficiary can be destroyed or truly be taken away. It can only be transformed and must be returned to beneficiary, at another time, in a different way, a 7-fold return for all losses endured.
It was signed at the bottom with simple, clear letters: “Paid in full: It is finished.” End of dream.

As I prayed over this dream, God began say to His Children: “This is a season of great inheritance. A season to truly focus, and rest in, and understand and appropriate all that the Finished Work of Christ accomplished on My Children’s behalf. Cooperate with Me, for I am doing a great work on your heart to remove things that have hindered you from grasping all that I have for you as My Child, (and even physically!) so that you may move in the Mind of Christ like never before. And, as a result, you will be very much liberated and relieved from stress and grief over past losses that has burdened you! For, I have already given you everything that pertains to life and godliness and it is your time to arise gloriously upon the earth to take much territory for the Kingdom, knowing that the battle has already been won by Me!”

Dream 3: I saw a group of people looking up at a screen with a counter adding the numbers for something up. It reminded me of those stock exchange screens that tell you whether the stocks have gone up and down. I got a sense of dread coming from the people looking up at the counter, that some events had occurred which they expected to effect the outcome of the counter negatively such that the numbers would come up short. However, as the numbers on the screen kept on being tallied up, they kept going up and up beyond what they expected, much to their surprise, until they surpassed the number it should have reached had no adverse events happened. The number finally reached "6453" and everyone began to jump and cheer in amazement and someone shouted, “It’s all adding up and it’s going to be bigger than we think!” I woke up and it was 10:10 pm. End of dream.

When I woke up I felt led to look up Strong's number 6453. It is the word "pesach" meaning "passover". As I prayed over this dream, I heard the Father speaking to His Remnant: ‘Don’t submit to the gloom and doom of public opinion nor the external appearance of things, for your salvation comes from the Lord who gives you life and life more abundant. You are not called to fear the things people fear, nor dread the things people dread for your future is safe in Me. No matter how things seem you are passing over to a whole new era in life and the Egyptians you have seen, you will see no more. So in this new era, I am drawing you deeply into Me and beckoning you to be so focused on My Love for you that the outside storms barely wake you from your rest in Me. So, continue to keep your hand to the plow and trust that I will meet you in that place called victory. Cease from your own self-striving and from trying to figure out how it will all add up. Leave ALL to Me the Great Mathematician, Creator of the Universe, for in the supernatural mathematics of My Kingdom you will not come up short. Rest in Me and continue to pray, declare, trust, obey, and appropriate the inheritance the sacrifice of Christ has made yours. And then watch how I will move on your behalf. For, what I have said is yours! You won’t come up short: it’s all adding up and it’s going to be bigger than you think!”

In summary, God is saying: “Trust in Me to retrieve, recover, restore, repay, and redeem what the cankerworm and locust has stolen. Allow me to heal your wrong notions that you may rest in ALL that your divine inheritance and the finished work of Christ mean for you. It’s all adding up and it’s going to be bigger than you think!”
Joel 2:23-37 (AMP) “So rejoice, O children of Zion, and delight in the Lord, your God. For He has given you the early [autumn] rain in vindication and He has poured down the rain for you, the early [autumn] rain and the late [spring] rain, as before. And the threshing floors shall be full of grain, and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil. And I will compensate you for the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the creeping locust, the stripping locust, and the gnawing locust—My great army which I sent among you. You will have plenty to eat and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord your God who has dealt wondrously with you. And My people shall never be put to shame. And you shall know [without any doubt] that I am in the midst of Israel [to protect and bless you], and that I am the Lord your God, and there is no other. My people will never be put to shame."
Psalm 90: 14-17 (TPT) (A prayer of Moses) “Let the sunrise of your love end our dark night. Break through our clouded dawn again! Only you can satisfy our hearts, filling us with songs of joy to the end of our days. We’ve been overwhelmed with grief. Come now and overwhelm us with gladness. Replace our years of trouble with decades of delight. Let us see your miracles again, and let the rising generation see the glorious wonders you’re famous for. O Lord our God, let your sweet beauty rest upon us and give us favor. Come work with us, and then our works will endure, and give us success in all we do.”
He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside streams of clear waters;
He restores my soul...
Psalm 23:2-3


John 10:10 (TPT) “A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow!”
Colossians 1:12-13 (TPT) “Your hearts can soar with joyful gratitude when you think of how God made you worthy to receive the glorious inheritance freely given to us by living in the light. He has rescued us completely from the tyrannical rule of darkness and has translated us into the kingdom realm of his beloved Son.”
This is what I hear the Father saying about these dreams. I pray it brings confirmation and encouragement to someone today.


“My Child, in this season, know that I have your back. Know that the enemy will not be able to take or steal from your life. For, everything pertaining to you is wrapped up and secure in Me to where the enemy will NOT able to steal, kill, and destroy from you. For, I am causing a shift in your life, where you are going to begin to see that, by My Hand, from death shall come life. It is a time for you to ‘Power through’ in Me through the trials, tribulations, and the things you are having to face this season. But I want you to know, when you have gone through this, you are going to come out a new whole person. You are coming out clean, spotless, pure, and stronger than you have ever been before! Because as My Child, it is ONLY true for you that I will turn everything that the enemy meant for harm for your good and that, by My Hand, ‘it will not kill you, but it WILL make you stronger’. And in this season, I am making you stronger. I am making you fortified, tough as nails, to begin to endure and to take up the fight of your life this season. For, the fight of your life is you rising up on wings like eagles to fight the Good Fight of faith as you stand firm in My Word, holding on to your faith to where you know that the enemy can’t steal anything from you, because everything that belongs to you as My Child is wrapped up and sealed in Me and I will retrieve, restore, I will recover, I will redeem, and I will repay, says the Lord!”


“For, as if someone were to open a vault and unroll a scroll with the last will and testament of someone granting you everything, so it is with you, Beloved of My Heart. My Child: because My Son died on the cross, you have already been granted everything that pertains to life and godliness. This is a season for you to walk fully in this, for you understand and grab a firm hold of everything I have already provisioned and to not forget any one My Benefits that have already been provisioned for you in the scroll of your inheritance signed and made valid by the Finished work of Christ. For, this is a Season of Inheritance for you, where you begin to grasp and walk in and fully experience what the Finished Work of Christ is truly about! Remember, that everything in the scroll of the Inheritance gained for you by the Finished Work of the Lamb, is truly yours. So don’t be afraid to ask of Me. Don’t be afraid of asking big prayers and to believe Me for big bold things. Don’t be afraid to even ask for big bold Faith from Me to believe. Know that nothing has been in vain, for your prayers, your sacrifice of worship and obedience, and the glory cloud of My Grace are all converging and adding up to more than you think and nothing is going to be stolen from you. Instead, I am giving you double for your trouble and repaying you 7-fold for everything that the cankerworm and locust of the enemy have stolen from you—more than you ever imagined or thought possible!”


“For the old has passed away and all things have been made new. And, there is a new Divine order coming to your life, where I am going to begin to open new spiritual doors for you to go through. And, as I do, know that you will know which these are and you will walk right through them. For, as you keep connected to Me, I am giving you eyes to see what I need you to see and ears to listen to the beat of My Heart to understand and know that you know that you know what My Will for you is. Pay attention, I am even going to bring you confirmation on the wings of My Wind from the north, south, east and west. And, as you pay attention and hear My Confirmation it will become transparent and clear for you to see and understand the leading of My Spirit. For, I am going to speak to you and formulate ideas in you and give you revelation just from seeing and hearing things around you through the eyes of My Spirit in every day life. And, you will sense and know by My Spirit the avenues and the doors that I am leading you into. You don’t have to force anything or push or pull to make something happen, because I go before you to open doors that no man can open. I am giving you direction. I am giving you strategies as an Esther, as Deborah, as a Ruth, as a Joshua, as a Gideon, as a Joseph, as a Nehemiah in the Land. I am causing new things to come up, new gifting to bubble up, and new directions and opportunities to open up. Things are shifting and, as if it were a row of dominoes falling one after another, you are going to begin to see how, as some things shift, others will begin to shift and fall into place as well.


“So, take heart! Because even though some things in your life have seemed as if they’ve been dying, for you My Child, all is always well, because joy comes in the morning. There are things that need to pass away, because as My Word says, ‘unless a seed dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit’. So when you see this happen, know that in it is well for you, My Child, and let Me cause resurrection of new things to come out of the death of things that are passing away. For, even though you may feel as if you were at the end of your rope, where things in your life seem to have been left at a vacuum and you don’t know what else to do, know that it is all well with you. For, behold I do a new thing and sometimes you have to have a vacuum effect to remove the things of the past out of your life, in order for Me to re-institute, re-stabilize, and re-build a new firm foundation of the new. Know that the things that seemed to have been taken from you at the end of a previous season, will give way to the NEW that I am establishing for you. Know, that you will not ever lack anything that pertains to life and godliness. It’s already yours! You have it! You possess it! You own it! So, look up and see that your redemption draws nigh! And, as you look up and know that your redemption draws nigh, understand the power of My Word will help you realize as you go through situations where some things leave and some things stay, that new things will be established in the place of what has come to a close.”


“My Child, this is time of dynamic movement of My Spirit of restoration and advancement over your life. So, don’t let anyone or anything, not people, not situations, no even the physical appearance of things, tell you otherwise. It may look like there are troubles all around the world and doom and gloom and bad reports abound. But, you refuse to give into the bait of the enemy contradicting the Word of the Lord for you. Continue to rest in Me and follow My Leading. Continue pressing through the Good Fight of Faith in prayer, declaration, worship, and rest in the intimacy of our covenant bond. For, it is not your lot in life to come up short in life; but, My Power that is FOR you, the same power that rose Christ from the dead, is not only within you and quickening your mortal body into the life more abundant I have set apart from you, and spilling and pouring forth into your circumstances and atmospheres. Let people say what they want to say and do what they want to do. And, let the doom and gloom of worldly opinion wash off from you, because your hope is not found in natural circumstances, nor people, nor on the courts of public opinion. For, this is a season for you to begin to stand firm and begin to recognize and realize like never before that I will never leave you nor forsake you and that, as My Child, this is and will always be your inheritance through all your seasons. Therefore, keep Me at My Word and watch Me open doors and avenues of opportunity, restoration, healing, and recovery. And, you will walk in them and your heart will be satisfied in Me and My Joy will be your strength and you will walk fully in the brightness of the road of destiny that I have prepared for you. For, your hope is found in Me and your hope in Me is forever certain, signed, settled, and delivered!” Says the Lord.

He makes me lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside streams of clear water;
He restores my soul...
Psalm 23:2-3



In the vision, I was deep in a forest with several other people. The trees were so thick that they blocked most of the light in the place where we stood. I noticed a slight opening a short distance ahead of me and some light was shining through the open passage. As I look at it closely, I saw a man standing in the darkness near us. I began to see more clearly and realized that he was a mighty warrior. After coming to understand that he was not our enemy, we welcomed him into our camp. Then I saw another mighty warrior take his place and wait to be invited in. More and more came to help us. Some of them brought groups of warriors with them. Our small group began to be a mighty army of the Lord. I thought about all the warriors who came to David in the wilderness and formed that awesome group of mighty men of war. I understood that the Holy Spirit is repeating this process in this time for our generation. I believe this will begin to manifest more fully during and after Shavuot. Don't give up! Stand strong! Help is on the way! A mighty army of people and angels has been released to you.

James Durham

Psalm, 119:49-50 (AMPC) “Remember [fervently] the word and promise to Your servant, in which You have caused me to hope. This is my comfort and consolation in my affliction: that Your word has revived me and given me life.”

I pray this brings confirmation and encouragement to someone today.


I hear the Father saying,
“My Child, just as My Word says to remind Me of My Word, in this season I’m reminding you of your own word. Which means: remember the things you’ve been speaking recently? Remember My promises you’ve been talking about? Remember the things that you have been reminding Me of Myself of those things that I have promised you in My Word? I want you to remind yourself of your own word and thoughts to make sure you don’t ever go against My Word of what is real and true in My Kingdom. No matter what your natural eyes see, refuse double-mindedness, refuse to speak out of your mouth anything and everything that is in opposition to the Words that I’ve spoken to you that you are believing Me for. Continue to hold your eyes on what is unseen of My Kingdom. Continue by faith to hold fast to the fact that the universe was created by My Word, so that the temporal things that are seen were not made out of things that are visible, but out of the eternal unseen things of My Kingdom. Refuse to speak anything different than what My Promises and My Word say to you. I want you to continue holding on to My promises. I want you to continue in understanding that when the words of your mouth line up with the Word of My mouth, then your life is going to begin line up with My Word of life. Which means: what happens when the words of your mouth are lining up with the Word of My Mouth? What happens is that a great explosion of My life-giving Resurrection Power begins to flow into the soil of your life. When you partner with Me and align your eyes and mind and thoughts with My Thoughts and My Word of Life, it is nurturing and watering the soil of your life with My Life-Giving Power to empower the seeds of My Word of Promise. So, this is a great hour for you, My Child, for you to keep a tight check in your spirit, keep a watch over your mouth, keep guard over your mind, and your eye-gates. It’s a time to keep your eyes on the Prize of Your High Calling and upon your Savior Jesus Christ and begin to take captive to obedience to Christ every thought cast down imaginations and every high thing trying to exalt itself against the knowledge of My Truth in your life. Make sure that what you’re hearing with your ears is the good news of the Kingdom of God and of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Relentlessly reject anything contrary to My Word of victory for your life and make sure what you’re hearing and seeing and speaking and thinking are only those Words that confirm the Truth of My Promises, the Truth of My Word of Life, of the good plans of peace and not evil to give you a future and a hope!”


“For, I am even speaking to you in your night season to bring you confirmation, wisdom, and understanding. For, this is a season of great confirmation for you. It’s a season of new things, but it is also a season of great confirmation of the things you have heard Me speak to you in seasons past in the Secret Place. I am about to bring you great revelation, even within the next few days, weeks, and months. So keep your hand to your pen and take note and write the vision of what I am about to reveal to you in the night hours, even within the next few days. I am going to give you downloads upon downloads of confirmation, of instruction, and direction through things, places, and people—friends, family, neighbors, even strangers. I am sending you confirmation for you to feel confident and reassured anew that what you’ve been hearing in the past of My Word and My Promises has been from Me. That you may know that you know that you know that you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you’ve been hearing from the voice of Your Father God, so that you may be refreshed and strengthened to put action, to put your hand to the plow behind My Word of Promise and direction and run the race to its fulfillment with such joyful expectation, gratitude, and a heart pumped full of love. For, there is liberation in the revelation I am about to downpour into your day and your night season. It is revelation that will bring confirmation and understanding. It is revelation of divine blueprints of advancement and acceleration from My Throne Room that will bring clarity and restoration in places of stagnation and desolation, says the Lord! So take heart and listen up, because it’s season to begin to ask Me to open your spiritual eyes and ears and to begin to pay attention. For, as you do, you are going to come to a confident understanding that you are a sheep of My Pasture and you truly hear and know the voice of your Good Shepherd!”


“This is a dynamic time when you are going to begin to experience and see the promises of My Kingdom of what I have told you in seasons past be fulfilled. It’s a time for you to begin to become pregnant with My Joy, with My Laughter, and with the fire of My Passion again to blow off the ashes and grief of the past and begin to be catapulted to run the Good Race of Faith again with joyful abandon and expectation. You will find in this season, that as I begin to confirm My Word to you, it is going to begin to boost you up out of dormancy and lethargy till you are bursting with new vitality, new energy, passion, and certainty of what it is that you need to be doing in this path of My Divine Destiny for you. And, as you begin to be filled with Divine reassurance, you’ll begin to see things divinely unfold. You’ll begin to see and experience My Divine acceleration in your inner man and in the fulfillment of My Destiny for you. So, I say to you, My Child: Bubble forth full of My Joy! Bubble forth full of My Laughter! Even within a world of negativity, even in the face of the attacks of the enemy, be like Me and let your joy bubble forth, let your joy out, let your joy overflow in expectant gratitude for the fulfillment of My Word, even as I sit enthroned in Heaven and laugh at the enemy. Bask that My Resurrection Power is about to bust dormant seeds open in the field of your life. And start feeling that I see if a woman is pregnant. Rejoice as a woman ready to birth, and it will begin the birthing forth in the natural for you!”


“This is a season when soon, and very soon, you are going to begin see some extravagant things by My Hand. Hold on to that word, ‘EXTRAVAGANT’, because it is the word for you this season. Even within the next month or two, pay attention, because you are going to begin to receive and perceive confirmation. And, not just confirmation, but you are going to begin to receive a continuation of the next phase in the story of the promises of God for your life. It will be like reading the next book of a series of books in the story of your life penned by Me, that will bring confirmation of the things you have heard from Me, as well as the beginnings of My Manifestation of the fulfillment of your promises and blueprints for the next leg of your journey. Lean into Me and listen up and pay attention, for I am speaking to you in your day time and in your night season and in the quiet of the secret place. And you will know it’s Me speaking to you, because you will hear words and vocabulary that you have never heard anyone speak, but that only I have spoken specifically to you. My Child, like a mother eagle, I am affirming and instructing you in how to fly higher in the winds of My Spirit. And I say to you: keep warring with My Word, keep resting in My Word, and keep rejoicing in My Word of Promise even before it comes to pass! For I am Faithful and True to My Word and I’m teaching you this hour the power of Divine Acceleration and Alignment ent that occurs as you continue to relentlessly partner with Me in Word, thought, action, and emotion, renewing your mind by the washing of the water of My Word and harnessing and making your thoughts and Words captive to the Truth of the Certain Hope of Victory that is already Yours in Christ!” says the Lord.
Psalm 119: 97-114 (MSG), 129-134 (MSG), 162 (TPT), 169-176 (MSG)
“Oh, how I love all you’ve revealed. I reverently ponder it all the day long. Your commands give me an edge on my enemies; they never become obsolete. I’ve even become smarter than my teachers since I’ve pondered and absorbed your counsel. I’ve become wiser than the wise old sages simply by doing what you tell me. I watch my step, avoiding the ditches and ruts of evil so I can spend all my time keeping your Word. I never make detours from the route you laid out. You gave me such good directions. Your words are so choice, so tasty. I prefer them to the best home cooking. With your instruction, I understand life. By your words I can see where I’m going. They throw a beam of light on my dark path. I’ve committed myself and I’ll never turn back from living by your righteous order. Everything’s falling apart on me, GOD. Put me together again with your Word. Adorn me with your finest sayings, GOD. Teach me your holy rules. My life is as close as my own hands, but I don’t forget what you have revealed. The wicked do their best to throw me off track, but I don’t swerve an inch from your course. I inherited your book on living. It’s mine forever—what a gift! And how happy it makes me! I concentrate on doing exactly what you say—I always have and always will. I hate the double-minded, but I love your clear-cut revelation. You’re my place of quiet retreat. And I wait for your Word to renew me…Every word you give me is a miracle word—how could I help but obey? Break open your words, let the light shine out, let ordinary people see the meaning. Mouth open and panting, I wanted your commands more than anything. Turn my way, look kindly on me, as you always do to those who personally love you. Steady my steps with your Word of promise so nothing malign gets the better of me...Your promises are the source of my bubbling joy. The revelation of your Word thrills me like one who has discovered hidden treasure...Let my cry come right into your presence, GOD. Provide me with the insight that comes only from your Word. Give my request your personal attention, rescue me on the terms of your promise. Let praise cascade off my lips; after all, you’ve taught me the truth about life! And let your promises ring from my tongue; every order you’ve given is right. Put your hand out and steady me since I’ve chosen to live by your counsel. I’m homesick, GOD, for your salvation. I love it when you show yourself! Invigorate my soul so I can praise you well. Use your decrees to put iron in my soul. And should I wander off like a lost sheep—seek me! I’ll recognize the sound of your voice.”
Ezekiel 37:3-7, 10 (VOICE)

“The Eternal said: Prophesy to these bones. Tell them to listen to what the Eternal Lord says to them: “Dry bones, I will breathe breath into you, and you will come alive. 6 I will attach muscles and tendons to you, cause flesh to grow over them, and cover you with skin. I will breathe breath into you, and you will come alive. After this happens, you will know that I am the Eternal.’ God is not only the Creator of life, but He is also the Restorer of life. So I did what God told me to do: I prophesied to the bones. As I was speaking, I heard a loud noise—a rattling sound—and all the bones began to come together and form complete skeletons…[Then] I prophesied to the breath. As I was speaking, breath invaded the lifeless. The bodies came alive and stood on their feet. I realized then I was looking at a great army.”

He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside streams of clear water;
He restores my soul...
~Psalm 23:2-3
In a time when many are gathering on the battlefield, there stands a remnant, few in number, separated, set apart from those set apart. In a vision I see them, standing together, straight and still. There is no murmuring among them, no complaining, and no tears will be shed for the price they paid to stand where they stand. They hear the battle raging, yet they stand still as they wait on Him, for His powerful presence is the secret weapon within them. In their hearts they know the battle will turn to a game when their Captain appears.

Many delights await them, but for now they stand quite still. The Lord Himself has taught them, there is no powerful force, no purpose and no delight above Him. There is a fog that surrounds them. It is a Heavenly veil. It shields, it covers, it holds them in their place and it protects them, but above all, it keeps them from seeing while their patience and courage are built. This is the Father's will, for if they could see what is set before them, their hearts would fail and melt.

Mighty warrior, child of God, such strength resides in your bosom, not even the devil can tell just what exploits the Lord will do as you are revealed in this world. But the enemy knows who you are, and a target was placed on your back. Living with this has led you to live a life of supernatural trust, and the Lord has given you supernatural wisdom and strength.

It is in this strength and courage that you stand in your place today, knowing without seeing, waiting on Him, you are convinced of only one thing-you wait on Him. You know first hand what your Father meant when He said, For such a time as this. That is your middle name, His is your First and your Last. You are only here for Him.

Kathy Mote
"An Army Of Last Days Gideon's Are About To Rise Up, And You Are One Of Them!"

by Lonnie Mackley 6 Feb. 2021

No matter how bad things have been over this last little while God wants you to know today that something very good is about to come out of it, and that something is you and others alike rising up in the power and the anointing that came upon Gideon in the bible; and then some! In Judges Ch. 6 Israel was suffering intensely because an evil nation named Midian was plundering them at will and depriving them of their livelihoods and the food they needed to live on. So Israel cried out to God in their suffering and God raised up an unlikely deliverer for them named Gideon. Gideon had become depressed and dejected because of all the evil that was seemingly being allowed to take over and make life nearly impossible for Israel, so he was trying to hide what little food they had in an out of the way place so the enemy could not take it. An angel appeared to him one day and actually called him “Mighty Warrior” at a time when Gideon felt anything but a mighty warrior.
JDG 6:13 "But sir," Gideon replied, "if the LORD is with us, why has all this happened to us? Where are all his wonders that our fathers told us about when they said, `Did not the LORD bring us up out of Egypt?' But now the LORD has abandoned us and put us into the hand of Midian."

Gideon felt abandoned by God and that God had just given his people over to evil and that He did not care, but that could not have been further from the truth! You see, God was actually using the tough circumstances they were in to change the disobedient hearts of the people as a whole, and to get them to turn to Him in their place of helplessness and inability. God was not afraid to bring tough trials in order to change their hearts, and He’s willing to do that today. So in a nutshell, God raised up Gideon and a small remnant of people who had enough faith to stand with Him to bring deliverance to Israel by following God’s directions in order to get out of it. They chose to trust God and to be obedient to His plan, rather than just complaining and cowering in a corner. And in the end the enemy not only retreated, but they even turned on one another, and a great victory was won that day because they took God at His word when it didn’t make much sense in the natural.
JDG 6:15 "But Lord, " Gideon asked, "how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family." 16 The LORD answered, "I will be with you, and you will strike down all the Midianites together."

So no matter how small, weak, weary, or incapable you may feel today, and no matter how much the enemy has tried to get into your head and accuse God, just know that He is calling you today to be His divine answer and deliverer right now! And you may feel more undone and fleshy at this time than you ever have been before, but all God is asking you to do is to believe His word when He gives you fresh orders, and to rise up in the power of His Holy Spirit to defeat the enemy! God has planned to bring a great deliverance for His people and for the entire world we live in through a remnant of people who have been prepared to rise up in the same strength and anointing that came upon Gideon in his darkest hour! All of the Kingdom and your nation is depending upon you right now to answer God’s call, even though everything tells you to just hang back and wait it out. So know this today; an army of last days Gideon’s are about to rise up, and you are one of them!

JDG 6:14 The LORD turned to him and said, "Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian's hand. Am I not sending you?"
In a dream that took great effort not to interpret through my own thoughts, I was given a message that I would like to share.
In the midst of what will be the most adverse circumstance and shaking in the world, the Lord will prosper His children in a way that defies all the logic that the world holds dear.

I would like to share what the Lord taught me about what prosperity truly is. It is not counted in money hoarded in piles in the bank that one depends on and is afraid to lose, it is defined as abundant provision flowing through your hand as you always have far more than you need. It is having enough and more than enough as you are lavishly cared for by Him.
It is giving Him your life and trusting Him with it, not telling Him your need. It is having a heart so given to Him, that surrender is an expression of deep trust in Him. It is being loved by Him in the midst of true surrender to the point that you cannot contain all of it. There is no fear in the life given to Him. There is order in the life given to Him. The only thing you cling to is Him, and He is gentle, caring and generous!

But getting back to my dream, I saw an oil pipeline that was supposed to mean unending provision of the things that we need, but it was sealed and we couldn't tap into the world's provision because of an agreement between two queens. (I assumed this referred to the government of two countries that had just 'sealed a deal'...)
Then I saw in my own backyard oil bubbling up without any help from me. The oil was so abundant, I had to move to a better place! It was too much for the place I was in! The music from the Beverly Hillbillies TV show was playing in this part of my dream. For all you younger folks, this meant wealth in such abundance that it was beyond counting and put you in a place of influencing rather than being influenced by carnal means.
Perhaps I should not have told the details of the dream. As I pondered it, the Lord showed me something that changed how I saw the message He gave me in the dream. It was an interpreter's key.
He said He would prosper those who are called to Him who trust Him with everything. Those with a carnal mind seek carnal things and are mindful of carnal things, but those who are surrendered to Him do not need to seek anything. In their surrender He is present to lavish His love and His provision on everything that is given to Him as He brings about His will.
This is what the Lord will do. He will teach His Beloved ones to walk in the prosperity that He gives. He reminded me of the widow who had the jar of oil that never ran dry, and the jar of grain that was never empty, day after day after day after day until the famine burned itself out.
He also reminded me that in the years when I couldn't work, I had more than enough. This was a miracle of inexplicable proportions. We didn't 'make do', we had too much! Each day as I put my daughter's portion into a pan for her lunch, it multiplied before my eyes into two and a half times what she could eat!
Even so, He is not limited to these things, and I perceive He will exceed even what He has already done, but that is not what my heart desires. My heart is filled with desire for Him. There is great prosperity coming to those who are surrendered to Him, who trust Him with their life and accept His will for everything in it. He will teach us to walk in the prosperity of His Lordship and we will astound the entire world.

Kathy Mote - FB  01/26/21
1-13-2021 - 278pikelk (no video)

My daughter- Write MY words for those with ears to hear. MY children, many of you listen to many different voices theorizing over what is to come.

Be not anxious MY loves for all that will occur MUST be allowed by ME and for the time being remain a mystery. Do you have faith to allow MY plan to unfold in MY timing with out becoming anxious or fearful? Are you remembering MY PROMISES MY CHILDREN. Are you remaining in MY PEACE? I promise you that whatever unfolds, whether part of MY PLAN, or the enemy’s plan- I will never leave or forsake MY OWN. Remember MY children- I will never set out to deceive MY CHILDREN, but deceiver is the enemy’s first, middle and last name. 

Glimmers of hope that some have that a man alone can save your nation let alone the world appear to those without ME as their compass, for anything “positive” that occurs can only come FROM MY HAND. I have put in place MY ARMY both within the HEAVENS and upon your earth MY heavenly angels. They are involved in a monumental battle with darkness this day. MY children understand that this battle has already been won! MY death upon the CROSS cut the head off of the serpent, yet the body of the serpent remains slithering about. Soon MY children his body will be sliced into chunks and his earthly kingdom torn down its foundation! The only thing left his seed from which he will attempt to grow his kingdom once again.

Many of MY children believe they understand and can predict MY timing. They believe that the end of life as they know it on this earth is imminent. MANY of MY CHILDREN long for MY return that I might gather them to MYSELF. I feel their longing but I wish for these to understand, this is a battle for MY entire creation. MY love for MY children that already know ME is incomprehensible, but how many souls of MY creation would be lost if I were to return to you today? More than I can bare MY CHILDREN. The souls of the lost if thrust into darkness will never experience a single moment in MY KINGDOM. These will face eternal damnation. Eternity means forever MY CHILDREN. It says in MY WORD that I WILL search for the last lost sheep. I wish for MY CHILDREN to extend mercy to those that remain lost for a time. MY children understand that this earth exists in a fallen state and is not their eternal home, yet they wish away the moments instead of doing battle for the many lost hearts in MY CREATION. Many wish for a rescue that is not yet meant to be.

I will be putting forth yet another Army MY loves. An army of dedicated believers that will spread MY pure and simple gospel turning many many more to their eternal CREATOR. There is a time coming upon your earth where the story of the enemy and his plans will be exposed to many. Many of his minions will be placed in chains that bind them. Do not be disappointed that MY return is not yet upon you, but mount up as a soldier to spread MY GOSPEL OF TRUTH! This world has been under the dark cloud of evil (the enemy’s curse) which casts many of MY creation into a state of blindness. This is the time I will allow for MY LIGHT TO SHINE THROUGHOUT YOUR EARTH THROUGH MY CHOSEN so that those who have yet to know WHO I AM are shown they have a choice to make. They can remain under the spell of darkness cast upon your earth by the enemy or they can enter into the expanse of MY LIGHT. Many more will choose ME during this time MY CHILDREN! I have many seeds sown that have yet to take root. For MY OWN: Cling tightly to ME NOW! Allow MY HOLY SPIRIT TO GUIDE you and bring you MY peace that passes all your understanding! MY heart hurts for those that long for MY return in this time, but MY heart breaks over those that do not yet know WHO I AM. I have given the enemy his rule from Adam’s fall in the garden. He has been the ruler of the air for this time. Coming is a time where MY light rises against him. MY love for MY CREATION will shine brightly for a time and all that has been known and unknown to this point in time will be exposed in the light of MY TRUTH. Coming is a Jubilee for MY OWN but a Holocaust for those that will reject ME.

I love you MY CHILDREN!

12-26-20 - 278pikelk  (no video)

MY daughter- write MY words for those with ears to hear. MY daughter and all who read these words...MY prayer for you is that you hear these words with your hearts. The thoughts produced by the minds of men even if filled with good intention are only as good as the heart of the man who thinks them. If a man walks in the flesh he can have no good thought - for MY standard is perfect HOLINESS. Apart from MY HOLY SPIRIT every man is corrupt. Apart from MY HOLY SPIRIT every single one of his thoughts- his every action/deed is carnal. With the gift of MY HOLY SPIRIT comes a mans ability to walk in MY PERFECT HOLINESS not a holiness conceived by men- but a perfect HOLINESS in which he is all consumed by MY HOLY SPIRIT. MY will for every single child of MINE is to receive the indwelling of MY HOLY SPIRIT to overflowing minute by minute allowing HIM to push aside carnality, allowing him to work within and through you.

It is the responsibility of MY children to not only allow this indwelling but to pursue it-by pursuing ME daily. Minute by minute. The allowance of MY HOLY SPIRIT to act within your heart. By pursuing the things of this world you block MY HOLY SPIRIT and stifle HIS ability to act within and through you. Every action has a reaction. If your action is to pursue the ways of this world this is NOT MY WILL for you. By pursuing ME and allowing your self will to be crushed you will be setting yourself up to walk in MY perfect WILL for you. By walking in my will you are automatically walking in MY perfect holiness. It is not MY wish that any one of MY children would try to navigate this world on their own. Many try and in doing so hit road block after road block and curse after curse. Walking alone leads my children down the dark path of destruction. Walking filled with MY HOLY SPIRIT allows MY LIGHT to fall at your feet so every step is taken in perfect confidence that MY will is being carried out. Every child of mine is on his or her individual journey, yet MY will for all MY children is the same. I long for a personal relationship filled with MY SUPERNATURAL PEACE. Simply asking ME to come into your heart but doing nothing to pursue ME is not what I want for or from MY children. Our relationship is reciprocal in that I give but you must be open to receive. I cannot give anything to a child that chases after the things of this world and does not chase after ME. MY voice comes to men in a whisper and only when a man is able to lay the cares of this world at MY FEET is he able to hear ME. The enemy has worked hard to create many distractions in the in the lives of MY CHILDREN. Remember- every action has a reaction. Pursuing ME by spending time in MY WORD, praying and hearing MY STILL SMALL voice should be the one and only goal of all of MY creation. Doing this will keep you walking in MY WILL and the corresponding reaction will always be from a place of MY LOVE FOR YOU! Your path will be guided by MY BRIGHTEST LIGHT. Your walk will be free from the snares of the enemy which can only pop up when you walk in the darkness. Draw near to ME and it is MY PROMISE that I will draw near to you!(Jms 4:8)

I will bring to you the desires of your heart for I AM the one who placed them there. MY HOLY SPIRIT is the KEY MY CHILDREN! Without the HOLY SPIRIT’S indwelling I cannot be heard. Pursue ME now that I may pursue you!

I love you MY CHILDREN.

Yeshua Hamashiac
Psalm 107: 23-24, 28-31 (TPT) “Some of us set sail on ships upon the sea to faraway ports, transporting our goods from ship to shore. We were witnesses of God’s power out in the ocean deep. We saw breathtaking wonders upon the high seas…we cried out, ‘Lord, help us! Rescue us!’ And he did! God stilled the storm, calmed the waves, and he hushed the hurricane winds to only a whisper. We were so relieved, so glad as He guided us safely to harbor in a quiet haven. So lift your hands and give thanks to God for His marvelous kindness and for His miracles of mercy for those He loves!”
I had a dream some nights ago where a friend of mine and I were on large platform supply ship in the middle of the ocean at night. The ship had been storm-beaten and sustained great damage, that caused causing its systems to fail and power to be lost. The damage, debris and water that blown in by the storm winds and wave were causing it to sink. With no power to try to get to shore or call for help, there seemed to be no apparent chance of being rescued. Obeying the ship captain’s instruction, we stood and continued to stand against all hope in the middle of the ship’s platform worshipping God and declaring and decreeing the Word of God over the ship, ourselves, and over various things that in real life had been weighing heavy on our spirits. Our words were met with the deafening silence and darkness of the night and, for a very long time, it looked as if nothing was happening in response to our release of the Word of the Lord. At some point, I looked up and something caught my eye in the night sky: there were angel armies of God scurrying with excitement in obedience to the Word of the Lord released through our worship and declarations to carry it out! This was a turning point and here we began to notice that as soon as our decrees left our mouth, the things we were declaring the Word of life of the Lord over began to come back to life and into manifestation. Even a dead, broken little plant that lay in a broken flowerpot at my feet began to immediately grow green with life again and bloomed a beautiful resplendent white flower as I spoke life into it. The ship’s lights came on suddenly again as power was supernaturally restored. Under the ship’s lights, we could see now that amongst the debris on the ship’s platform were scattered glowing precious gems that we began collecting. The ship began to move forward and, as it did, the debris and entanglements that were causing it to sink began to be broken and shaken off from the ship. It even seemed as if the damage that had been sustained by the ship was being restored as we began to move forward to our destination again. We were so overcome with joy and we began to cry out, “It was worth it, Oh God! Every single thing was worth it and now makes full sense. Look what God has done for us!” I woke up.
As I began to pray into this dream, I began to hear the Father saying there are those that are feeling as if they were that sinking ship in the middle of ocean at night: weighed down by the debris, the pressure and damage of the storms of the enemy that have them feeling as if they were between a rock and a hard place, stuck, powerless, and with no chance of escape or of being rescued. I hear the Father saying to these,
“You are not a sinking ship. And you are never too far gone for rescue. My Child, take heart and know that the only things sinking are the capsizing ships of past limiting beliefs and the plans of the enemy toward you. When the enemy and circumstances around you scream ‘It’s too late!’, lean into Me and hold on to the gentle whisper of My Voice declaring firmly, ‘I’ve still got a plan and I’ll still make a way.’ Listen: nothing is too impossible for Me! I’ve still got a plan and I’ll still make a way for you! Nothing catches Me by surprise and My Plans for you are deeper, grander, and more thorough plan than you can perceive, comprehend, or even imagine! Eye has not seen nor ear has heard nor has it entered into the heart of man what I have prepared for those who love Me! So, continue to stand still upon the certainty of My Love, My Promises, My Protection, and the Finished Work of Christ and see the salvation of your Father God. I will do for you what neither you nor others can do. I alone will get the glory for the turns in your story ahead! I will do it because I care deeply and always have. I am breaking you out of every disempowering place of doubt and fear. I am releasing from Heaven an anointing for restoration to bring back life to the deepest depths of My people’s soul. It is time to start walking more fully than you ever have before in the confidence and the blessings and the grace of your Father God! Know that I am working behind the scenes to prepare a way for you and to prepare you for the next leg of your journey through the oceans of My Plans and Purposes for your life. Continue standing on the truth and the promises of My Word and continue to rest in My Love and My Faithfulness. The waves of the beating storm of the enemy may seem unsurpassable, but rejoice that I have already given you victory on every front! I am the Lord of the impossible who defeated death and the grave and with that same power with which I defeated the enemy ensured the victory that is already promised to you. Don’t give up now at the edge of victory. Your breakthrough is coming and it will more than make up for everything you have been through!”
“I am releasing into you a profound impartation of supernatural faith to continue to partner with My Word and the Truth of the Hope that you have firmly anchored in Me. For, I am doing profound and powerful things through your prayer life this season. So, grab a hold of your faith and continue to speak of those things that are not as though they are and to release the Word of God over every area of your life that is not in alignment with My Will. Continue to prophesy to your life, to your situations, and to everything I laid in your heart to speak life over. Though it may not make sense to the carnal mind, My Word which I send forth never returns to Me void, but always accomplishes that which I sent it forth to accomplish because it is not by might, nor power, nor by human reasoning, but by My Spirit, says the Lord, that My Plans and Purposes come to be! On the surface, it may seem as if little change is happening and things look only l a little different. It may seem sometimes like only little things are happening in response to your prayers and your faithful decrees and declaration. But the truth is that your partnering with Me in Word and action is provoking a great release from Heaven behind the scenes and at the appointed time, you WILL see it come forth. For, angels harken at the Word of the Lord being released by your lips and there are warring angels, ministering angels moving over even now to the sound of My Word to bring deliverance. I have heard your prayers and your fervent declarations and I have sent forth My Angels to minister to you, to your family, to every situation of concern to your heart, whether you have been aware of it or not. And, I am releasing My Power and My Anointing to perfect all that concerns you within and without and I am intervening and doing big things behind the scenes of your life! I am sending help! I am dispatching My angel armies of Heaven very swiftly on your behalf. You will not perish in the sea of impossibility, nor drown in the midst of the storm waves of the enemy at night, says the Lord. Your prayers, your faithful obedience as you have stood upon My Word has not been in vain. I am going to work out testimonies for you that will deal a fatal blow to your capacity for fear, anxiety, and unbelief!”
“Know, that everything you are going through I will turn into strengthening and preparation. For truly, in My Hand everything the enemy has thrown at you will become a season of preparation for you for the great things and the greatness I have laid ahead for you! Listen: I am preparing you for greatness. So look up and realize all I am releasing to you in this season. Search out and grab a hold of all the blessings I am releasing in the midst of the storm. Grab a hold of the gold, the lessons, the strengthening, the treasures hidden in the darkness of everything you are going through. For, I am turning trials into treasures of learning and strengthening and equipping for greatness I have laid ahead for you. Keep going forward in obedience knowing I will make a way. I will make provision for everything you need along the way. Continue to stay the course faithfully where I have planted you and in the things I have laid in your heart to do, because from here a great harvest of blessings come forth and in due season you WILL reap the fruit of unfailing love!”
“You have been stuck in certain areas of your life for so long that you almost don’t believe that there can be a season of moving forward for you. You have felt behind and stuck between a rock and a hard place, unable to move forward no matter how hard your tried and held back by the memories of all that you’ve thought disqualifies you from all I have from you. Well, I say that time is coming to an end. I am sorting things out for you to help you get into a better place so that the seasons can begin to turn for you again. I am bringing you into a place of forward movement where change will come and your life where things are going to start turning and moving and you are going to begin to see the fruition of a harvest. So begin to step out in faith to do the things I have put in your heart hat you never believed you could do before. You don’t know your own strength, your own capacity, or the depths of what I have placed inside of you. But I am going to begin to show you the strength and the power and authority that is available to you from Me that you haven’t even began tapping into. I am nudging you out of your stuck places so you can start moving forward in faith in the strength and power that is available to you through Me. I am nudging your faith. You are going to start experiencing some things you thought you weren’t really ready for, because this is your season to get unstuck and caught up to the levels I want you to be functioning in. I am helping you catch up and begin walking in the power and the faith and the momentum that you need to be operating in. And, as you move forward in faith, there is a cutting away of the things that have been hindering you that is going to happen, but the knife that cuts those things loose form your life that have held you back—the fear, the powerlessness, the discouragement, the defeat and failure—is going to be your faith as you continue to stand in Me and walk forward as a choice of faith upon My Word, My Promises, and into every pathway My Voice directs you into. Don’t feel as if you have to be perfect or have it all together before you can go forth in obedience. Don’t feel as if you have to have your ducks all in a row before you come with me out of your fishing boat and into the waters of Destiny. For I choose the weak things and the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. And even as I called and used mightily those mired in debt and problems and downturn to return the Kingdom back into David’s hand and out of the hand of Saul, so I call upon you today to take a step forward in faith into My Purposes in trust that as you answer the call of My Voice, I will equip you, provide for you, and take care of all that concerns you. You’ve felt under the thumb of the spiritual warfare of the enemy for long. And today I am calling you out to fight that back as you step out in faith into the things of My Kingdom. And I guarantee you: as you do, you will see restoration, healing, chains falling down and your life will change dramatically as you step out in faith in obedience to Me!”
“The enemy doesn’t play fair. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy, endeavoring to make you sink under the fear, doubt, and unbelief that he tries to sow into your heart. He tries to put you under the weight of a heavy blanket of confusion and hopelessness in wondering, ‘When is all this going to ever come to an end!’ But take heart in knowing that while the enemy doesn’t play fair, I have come that you may have abundant life! For, I am the God of Justice who has overcome the world and every plot and scheme of the enemy! In the past, your ignorance to the devil’s devices against you kept you bound in powerlessness and discouragement. But, I am giving you the wisdom and discernment, even as you continue to renew your mind with My Word, to know and discern his schemes, to discern the ways in which he has tried to hold you back and keep you bound in powerlessness, fear, discouragement, and defeat, to keep you from moving forward and walking in everything I have for you. I am giving you discernment to know that there are more for you than those who are against you. I am giving you the upper hand of greater discernment of the enemies lies, schemes, and devices against you that you may arise in the authority and the My weapons of warfare I have already vested upon you to fight back and rebuke and come against and tear down every work of the enemy that would keep you bound and in defeat! So go forth My Child, you are breaking through. For I am bringing you break through and overturning the unfavorable verdicts against you. I am overturning the works of the enemy that have kept you stuck, says the Lord and I am overturning the chains that have kept you bound. I am bringing healing and restoration and an infusion of power to your life. I am rearranging things for you and bringing change to empower you to sail forth in faith upon the waves of victory that I have already won for you, not by might, nor power, but by My Spirit!” Says the Lord.
Dorkita Urdin
As the Lord was drawing me deeper into His presence, He said, Don't look at anything else. So when I thought I'd go check the election news, again He said, Look at Me. Don't look at anything else. I noticed one of my friends had been gone for over a day, and as I wondered about them, He said, Stay with Me. Don't worry about where they are. They are in My presence. You stay in My presence.
Even as He spoke this to me, I sensed great shifting in the world. He is moving and great change is coming to the world. But again He said, Stay in My presence.

What I realized is that in His presence, with our eyes fixed on Him and our heart set on Him, we are affected by nothing else.
Not even the powerful things He is doing in the world, for as we rest in Him, we do not get caught up in what He is doing in others. That is faith. Not ours, but His, working in us to accomplish His will as He pleases. For me, it was comfort, protection, focus and rest. I am at peace, not in a whirlwind of turbulence.

It would be so easy to get caught up in current events as they are unfolding. I am reminded of what the children of Israel did as each plague that was unleashed in Egypt consumed the land they were captives in. That was God's hand to release them, but they weren't standing on the sidelines cheering or jeering. They were in their houses, and with grateful hearts, they were standing before Him, worshipping.

Kathy Mote
The Father says:

"The Great Awakening, which exceeds every previous outpouring, occurs as My Sons begin walking in all I purchased for them. You are called to be used in what I am now doing in the earth.

You are to no longer look at yourself as man sees you, but as I see you. If you will seek Me, and ask Me to show you how I see you, you will begin walking in the fullness of what it means to be a Son of God.

How I see you can be found in My Word. You must learn to read My Word through My Eyes, not the eyes of man or religion. Ask Me for grace to do this and I will give it to you.

As you read My Word through MY EYES and as you say My Word over your life, all that is from man, all that is earthly, will drop away, and you will begin to walk in the full freedom that I purchased for you on the Cross: Freedom from fear, from doubt, from sin, from sickness, from oppression, from every single thing that the fall brought with it. You will walk in ALL that My Son Jesus purchased for you on the Cross.
Before I send My Son for His Bride, My People shall walk in FAR MORE THAN the Church of Acts walked in. For the END of a thing is better than the beginning (Eccl 7:8), and what you are about to see in the Church shall so far exceed what you read about in Acts that it cannot even be compared to what is about to break forth upon the earth in this season!"

Jeffrey Stewart - FB
This word from my Abba Father is flying in like a white dove through my window. I see a exceeding dark cloud over some people right now. It is a dark cloud carrying with it discouragement and despair. However I see very distinct rays of God's infinite love steaming through! You will rise above this cloud and it will be a thing of the past far behind you.

This hardship and burden bearing has sinewed you into strength. A Joseph must be shut up in the prison to be trained and prepared for the palace. For you see there is another cloud directly behind this dark, menacing cloud. This affliction has worked out for you an exceeding weight of glory.

Do not shrink back from this deep trial. Sing those praises in the midnight hour. There is a Divine Love that is coming on the scene.
I hear these heavenly utterances right now for you. "All things work together for the good to those that love God!" "Let not your heart be troubled, for in My Father's house are many mansions. Where I Am there you shall be also!"

Let those words of our Abba Father sink deeply within. His ways are not our ways but they are infinitely better. This dark cloud of despair is not so dense that it cannot be pierced by the rays of your King.

Keep your eyes toward the throne and know that God shall wipe every tear from your eyes.  Dana Jarvis FB
What it Means to Be a Son of God - Jeffrey Stewart

The Father says:

“I am revealing all things about what it means to be My sons and daughters. This is so you may walk in the fullness of everything Jesus purchased for you on the Cross. Before the Wedding of the Bride, all of My sons and daughters will walk as My Son Jesus walked, and minister as He ministered.
When I placed you in Christ and Christ in you, I made it possible for you to walk as full grown sons and daughters, just as Jesus walked before Me as a full grown Son. So I am going to reveal all things about what it means to be in Christ, and Christ in you.
Jesus walked in great authority when on the earth. He walked in My authority. That is because He and I are One. We are one Spirit. When He spoke, it was the same as Me speaking. That is because we are one Spirit, He is in Me and I am in Him. He spoke words from My Throne into the earth realm. You are one spirit with the Lord. (1 Cor 6:17 But he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him.) So when you speak from your spirit, it is the same as Jesus speaking, and your words carry the same authority that His words carry. This allows Me to speak words from My Throne from ANY of My children. I am able to exercise Heavenly authority through My sons and daughters in the earth realm. I am able to enforce “on earth as it is in Heaven,” through you. My sons and daughters walk in a much higher level of authority than is commonly taught. When you speak in Jesus’ Name from your spirit, it is just like My Throne is exactly where you are standing, and no sickness, no oppression, no work of the enemy can stand before My Throne.
There are many, many more things I am going to share with you about what it means for you to be in Christ, and for Christ to be in you. I delight in sharing these things with My children. Before I return, millions of My children will be walking in EVERYTHING My Son Jesus purchased for them on the Cross. All creation has waited for the manifestation of My sons and daughters, and THAT DAY IS HERE.”
“As part of revealing all things about what it means to be My children, I am going to share with you more things about what it means to be In Christ. Who you were before you were born again ceased to exist. Colossians 3:3 says: “for you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” I recreated you WITHIN MYSELF. Therefore I see you as being JUST AS HOLY as Myself, and there is none more holy than I. You exist WITHIN ME, the One whom the angels declared “Holy, Holy, Holy” meditate on these words. I had to hide Moses in the cleft of the rock as I walked past Him. He could not behold My Face. Now you are inside the One who walked past Moses. No other beings are as close to Me as you are.
My Love for My Son Jesus is infinite. He is the most highly favored person that there is. I demonstrated this favor by giving Him the Name that is above every Name. My Face shines on Him at all times. When you were born again, I recreated you WITHIN HIM. You are now one spirit with Him. So you hold the exact level of favor with Me that My Son Jesus holds with Me. My Love for you is also infinite. And My Face shines you just as it shines on Him.
You are holy and dearly loved in My sight beyond your comprehension. My children are the most loved beings in the universe. Every single thought I have about you is for your good. You cannot comprehend how precious and fully accepted you are in My sight. What Jesus did for you on the Cross was a perfect work. A work so perfect that as far as our relationship is concerned, the fall never occurred. Ask Me to help you comprehend these things, to show you in My Word where I say these things to you. Then meditate on these things, so you can walk in the absolute freedom of what it means to be sons and daughters of God.”
My Face is beautiful beyond your comprehension. It is so beautiful that it will captivate you throughout all eternity. It is the Joy that is set before you. You see, ALL I AM is visible on My Face. My Infinite Love, Joy, Peace, Light, Life, Wisdom and Truth all shine from My Face. You cannot imagine the beauty of Heaven with your natural mind.
I placed My Beauty in you when I placed My Son in you when you believed. I made you beautiful beyond your comprehension because I placed My Son, the infinitely beautiful one, to live in your heart. That is how I see you, and each of My children.
Because you are one spirit with Me, you can see through My eyes. You can see your brothers and sisters as I see them. You can see beyond their external appearance and see just how beautiful they are in My sight. You can see just how much each of My children mean to Me.
When you were lost, I found you. I put My Heart within you, the most beautiful Heart that there is, and your purpose, as My sons and daughters, is to show My Heart to a lost and dying world, so they will come to Me, and I can beautify their lives as well.
My sons and daughters represent earth in Heaven, and Heaven in earth.
They intercede for the affairs of the earth realm before My Throne, and they speak and act on behalf of My Throne on earth.
My sons and daughters are able to do this because they are seated with My Son Jesus (Eph 2:6) while at the same time, their physical bodies reside in the earth realm.
My sons and daughters operate in both places at once because they are one spirit with the Lord.
Where He is, they are. And where they are, He is.
They pray before Me in His authority, and they speak for Me on the earth with His authority.
My sons and daughters operate in both realms in order to involve Heaven in the affairs of man.
My sons and daughters operate in both realms to enforce “on earth as it is in Heaven.”
My sons and daughters have the highest authority in existence because they have the right to operate in the Name of My Son Jesus, who has been given the highest Name in existence, as direct representatives of My Throne in the earth realm.
All of Heaven responds to the Name of Jesus.
If it is loosed in Heaven, My sons and daughters can loose it on earth.
If it is bound in Heaven, My sons and daughters can bind it on earth.
There is no sickness in Heaven, so they can loose the Life of Heaven into the earth realm, healing the sick.
There is no death in Heaven, so My sons and daughters can raise the dead on earth.
There is no demonic oppression in Heaven, so My sons and daughters can set the captives of oppression free on earth.
My sons and daughters have the ability to represent and enforce how things are in Heaven, on earth.
My sons and daughters not only walk in the freedom of Heaven, they can release the freedom of Heaven into the lives of others.
My sons and daughters represent Heaven to those who are lost, so that the lost will know that My Son Jesus died for them.
By demonstrating Heavenly Authority in the earth realm, My sons and daughters demonstrate the reality of the Heaven in the earth.
The lost will see this, and they will see that the Gospel is true, and many will be drawn to Me, and be saved.
Where My Throne is, My Kingdom is.
My Throne resides in the heart of every believer, because My Son Jesus, the King of kings, resides in the heart of every believer.
Where you go, the King of kings goes.
This is because the King of kings lives in you.
He has been given all authority in Heaven and on earth.
So where you go, the highest authority in the Universe goes.
I have trusted My Son Jesus with all the authority that I have.
I did this when I gave Him the Name that is above every Name.
He has entrusted My sons and daughters with all the authority that He has.
He has entrusted His Name to My sons and daughters.
When you walk into any situation, you have the right to exercise the highest level of authority that there is.
My Throne is above all. And My Throne lives in YOU.
You, My sons and daughters, are to be My Throne operating in the earth realm.
You are extensions of My Authority in the earth realm.
You extend Heaven into the earth realm, wherever you go.
Where My Throne is, Heaven is.
And My Throne lives in the hearts of My sons and daughters.
When I placed My Son Jesus in you, I placed all My Authority in you.
I have trusted no other beings with this level of Authority.
You carry the very keys of the Kingdom wherever you go, because you are My Royal Family, sent to represent My Throne, on earth.
I have placed all that I AM in My Son Jesus.
I have placed My Son Jesus in the heart of every one of My sons and daughters.
So every one of My sons and daughters are able to make Me visible to the world.
When the world sees Me, they are drawn to Me.
The world thirsts for My Love, My Joy, My Peace, My Life.
They seek to and fro for these things.
They seek for Me, and do not know it.
You carry the water that they seek.
For where My Throne is, the River of Life flows.
My Throne lives in the heart of every believer.
Where you go, the River of Life goes.
Revelations 22:1 “Then the angel showed me the River of the Water of Life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the Throne of God and of the Lamb”
John 7:38 “He that believeth on Me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”
These two verses of Scripture refer to the same river.
Where you go, the River of Life goes, flowing into a dry and thirsty world.
Drawing men from far and wide, to drink of Me.
Col 3:3 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.
Because I recreated you within Myself when you were born again, you are uniquely qualified to share what is within My heart with others.
You, as My sons and daughters, exist within My Heart, and can take those things that are within My Heart, and share them with people who do not know Me.
My love for EACH person on this earth goes far beyond what you have the ability to imagine.
Yet, I have put within each of My sons and daughters the ability to share this love from their hearts.
You will learn to share My intense love for them as you begin to see the lost through My eyes.
You can see the lost through My eyes because you are one spirit with Me.
You cannot only see the lost as I see them, you can feel what I feel about them.
We are One Spirit, because you are within Me.
That means we share the same heart.
When people see My heart in your eyes, and hear My heart in your words, they will be deeply touched.
My love breaks down barriers that nothing else can overcome.
You are on earth to display My heart to those who have never known My Love.
You are on earth to make My heart visible.
My Love is the most powerful force in the Universe.
I placed My Love in your heart when I placed Jesus to live in your heart.
It is this Love that draws men. It causes you to say to the lost what they have always wanted to hear.
It shows them that I am the One that they have always been seeking and didn’t know it.
It draws them to come to their true home, in Me, as they accept what My Son Jesus did for them.
My love, within you, is what sets them free.
As My sons and daughters, you are the ones that I have chosen to have this high privilege and honor, to rejoice alongside Me as the lost come to My open arms, and are saved.
To God alone goes ALL the credit, glory, and honor for these revelations that He has most graciously shared with His bride, His precious and dearly loved people.
"2020: When The Whole World Went Into The Wilderness!"

by Lonnie Mackley 5 Sept., 2020

LK 21:35 For it will come upon all those who live on the face of the whole earth.
We who have lived in the Christian Wilderness for many years now know what it is like to have God shut our lives down and take full control. We know what it is like to have to live by faith and depend on God for literally everything. And we know what it is like to lose our life so that He can live through us. In 2020 everything changed and the whole world went into the same wilderness experience that we did and are still going through it. They are in shock because they all expected everything to stay the same and never change; but they were wrong. Everything in life changed!

The world is reeling from everything that has happened over the months and many, if not most of them are very frightened and terrified as to what the future may hold. They are not used to things destabilizing, and they just want things to hurry up and go back to the way things were. But just like our wilderness, things are not going to go back to the way they were until the world (and the Church) wakes up and sees their need for God. I think that the birth pangs are going to get more intense and frequent until we all bow our knees to Jesus and make Him 100% Lord of our lives.

You’re leaving your wilderness and entering harvest but the world is just entering their wilderness, and like us they will not leave their wilderness until they have confronted God about their life. We don’t realize how sovereign God really is until He moves. If you have ever had God move in a firm and powerful way then you know what I’m talking about. It is like Job when He said “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you. Therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes." All the world is about to see God in His true and powerful form, and they will all tremble!

So as the world reels and groans as they go through these times of tribulation be aware of where they are at and be there for them when they are asking questions. You’ve been given much more experience than you know so share with them about who God is and His ways. Some people are ready to hear more and God has been drawing them by His Spirit. If you have ever had someone come to you at a time with the right words from the Lord then you know how much it means. You have an opportunity to share with the world what God is doing, and invite them to receive Jesus!

PR 25:11 A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.


AUGUST 21, 2020, will mark three years since Jared Kushner flew to the Middle East to begin work on the Trump peace plan.

As Kushner was arriving on the other side of the globe to begin work on the plan—which we now know divides the Land of Israel—the shadow of the “Great American Eclipse” was tracing a path diagonally across the United States, in effect “dividing” the land.

While most Americans viewed the Great American Eclipse as simply an awesome spectacle, Bible-prophecy enthusiasts, for reasons noted below, considered it an omen.


The last time an eclipse darkened the US in a manner similar to the Great American Eclipse was more than a century ago when the moon’s shadow cut a path from Washington State to Florida. The last time a total solar eclipse’s path crossed only the US, like the Great American Eclipse, was before the country’s founding in 1776, making the August-21 eclipse a first for our nation.


The Great American Eclipse occurred on the biblical date Elul 1. According to Jewish tradition, the first day of Elul marks the beginning of a 40-day period of repentance leading up to the Day of Atonement, or “Judgment Day.” The 40 days of repentance recall Jonah’s preaching to the Ninevites: the Lord sent Jonah to warn the wicked inhabitants of Nineveh that they had 40 days, presumably the span from Elul 1 to the Day of Atonement, to repent or face judgment (Jonah 3:4).


Jerusalem is God’s holy city, and seven is His number of completion. It’s thus striking that the Great American Eclipse’s path of totality crossed directly over seven US cities named “Salem,” an alternate name for Jerusalem (Ps. 76:2). Beginning on the West Coast, the eclipse’s 70-mile wide shadow crossed over: Salem, Oregon; Salem, Idaho; Salem, Wyoming; Salem, Nebraska; Salem, Missouri; Salem, Kentucky; and, finally, Salem, South Carolina.


Seven years after the Great American Eclipse, in 2024, a similar eclipse will trace a path diagonally opposite across the US. The respective paths of the 2017 and 2024 eclipses thus form a giant “X” over the center of the nation, with the crossing-point landing in the heart of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, a hotspot for major earthquakes. Considering the rarity of total solar eclipses over a given location, it’s remarkable that two eclipses occur seven years apart to form a giant “X”—the universal sign of something cancelled or eliminated—across the US.


The Great American Eclipse occurred on the day Jared Kushner was arriving in the Middle East to begin work on a peace plan that divides the Land of Israel. God warns that He will judge those who sell or divide His land (Lev. 25:23; Joel 3:2). Additionally, in Paul’s first letter to the Church at Thessalonica, the sign that judgment is about to fall is a declaration of “peace and safety” (1 Thess. 5:3).

If the Great American Eclipse was a warning-siren from God concerning the apportioning of His land, the alarm has fallen on deaf ears. Israel is currently awaiting the greenlight from the White House, which has been working on a package to “sweeten” the deal for the Palestinians, before annexing areas in the West Bank as provided in the plan.

Speculation is that it could happen later this month.

With late August as a possible implementation time for the ill-omened peace plan, it’s interesting that August 21 marks yet another significant anniversary: it will be 50 years since the New York Times published an article about the newly approved master plan to rebuild Jerusalem, recaptured during the Six Day War of 1967.

The announcement of a plan to rebuild Jerusalem is significant because Daniels 70-weeks prophecy, the only Bible prophecy that contains an explicit countdown to Jesus’ coming, says: “From the time the command is given to rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah comes, seven times seven years will pass” (Dan. 9:25 GNT).

According to Daniel, a command to rebuild Jerusalem initiates a 49-year countdown to Messiah. Counting from the 1970 publication of the plan to rebuild the Holy City, the 49th year ends the third week of August, 2020.

Is it coincidence that the third week of August marks three significant anniversaries, namely the Great American Eclipse, Kushner’s inaugural visit to the Middle East, and 50 years since the 1970 plan to rebuild Jerusalem was made public?

Scripture implies that there is no such thing as coincidence (Prov. 16:33).

That being noted, I want to make clear I am not proposing the third week of August to be a prophetic deadline or cut-off date related to Jesus’ return. Only God knows whether the 1970 plan to rebuild Jerusalem is connected to Daniel’s prophecy and, if so, how the timing might play out as regards the 49th and 50th year .

Nevertheless, with late August and God’s warning against dividing the Land in view, it’s fascinating to consider how the US—the nation administering the soon-to-be implemented peace plan—finds itself in the midst of a perfect storm of upheaval and calamity: record GDP losses, a plunging dollar, stock market and housing bubbles, rising unemployment, racial unrest, lawlessness, a record start to the Hurricane season, a major upsurge in Covid-19 infections, and mounting “division” along social and political lines.

No one knows exactly what the future holds for the US. However, if we’re correct in our assumption that God is displeased with the peace plan, the days ahead may prove to be even more daunting.

. . .


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2. Biblically, a total solar eclipse is a sign of the impending Day of the Lord (Rev. 6:12; Joel 2:31; 3:14, 15; Isa. 13:9-10; Mark 13:24; Luke 21:25-27; Acts 2:20, 21). In the Talmud, solar eclipses are a sign of judgment for the Gentile world (Succah 29a). The United States, the setting for the Great American Eclipse, is the world’s only superpower and thus the de facto head of the Gentile nations.

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5. Concerning Jonah and the 40 days of repentance (presumably spanning Elul 1 to the Day of Atonement), an intriguing link to an actual total solar eclipse is noted. NASA data confirms that a famous eclipse mentioned in ancient cuneiform tablets, the Bur-Sagle Eclipse, occurred in June of 763 BC, just before Jonah began preaching to the Ninevites. The path of this eclipse crossed directly over the City of Nineveh. Some speculate that the Ninevites interpreted the darkened sun as an omen of God’s impending wrath and that this is why they were quick to repent when Jonah arrived a couple of months later.

Noteworthy is the repeating pattern of “threes” in the story of Jonah. The prophet was in the belly of the fish for three days and nights (1:17). Afterward, in verse three of chapter three, when God sends Jonah to warn the Ninevites, it takes the prophet three days to go through the city of Nineveh and declare that judgment is 40 days away.

With the “three” motif in view, it’s interesting that Elul 1, 2020, marks exactly three years since the Great American Eclipse and Kushner’s inaugural trip to the Middle East to start work on the peace plan. Could the first day of Elul in 2020, as in the days of the prophet Jonah, mark the beginning of a 40-day countdown to Judgment Day?

6. “While they are saying, ‘Peace and security,’ destruction will come on them suddenly” (1 Thess. 5:3).
Netanyahu to Pompeo: “We'll Promote ‘Peace and Security’ Based on Understandings With Trump”:…

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While the planning and clearing of rubble in preparation for the rebuilding of Jerusalem began soon after the Israeli takeover in 1967, the plan to rebuild the Holy City, composed by a team of architects, engineers, and administrators, was not approved and publicly communicated until the third week of August, 1970.

9. Most interpreters limit the predictive scope of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks prophecy to Jesus’ first coming. Typically the “seven sevens” and “sixty-two sevens” are added to get 69 sevens, or 483 years. Counting 483 years from the 457 BC Artaxerxes decree allowing the Jews to return to and rebuild Jerusalem, we arrive at Jesus’ anointing as Messiah in 27 AD. Thus the prophecy accurately predicts the year of Jesus’ first coming. However, since the prophesied final restoration of Jerusalem was such a principal expectation among the Jews, it would make sense for said (latter) restoration to be included in Daniel’s prophecy. This would explain the two sets of sevens (seven and sixty-two). Together and independently they identify the years of Messiah’s first and second coming, following two historical restorations of Jerusalem.

10. Interestingly, if August, 1970, marks the prophetic command to rebuild Jerusalem in Daniel 9, there would be exactly 1,900 years between the destruction of the Holy City in August 70 AD and it’s rebuilding in August 1970. According to E.W Bullinger in His Book Numbers in Scripture, the number 19 denotes the perfection of Divine order connected with judgment.

The anointing the Lord placed on your life is the reason you stand where you are today. The plot twists, the rejection, the damage to your health and appearance, and your ruined reputation are not a sentence against you, they are the backdrop and springboard for the glory of the Lord to be seen.

What you are about to see will not be your accomplishment any more than what you have been seeing was your doing. What you are about to see is change so great it will require the strength the Lord built in you as you waited. This will be the mighty hand of God getting the ball rolling.

The changes that are about to take place in your outward appearance will stun into silence those around you. The treasure the Lord has been building inside you will change the very lives of those who hear it. All the time you spent being rejected has put you in just the right place to hear Him, and all the years spent on the backside of the mountain have taught you that you only need to hear Him.

The years you have waited for breakthrough have been years He was preparing you for this. You will receive miraculous healing in this powerful breakthrough anointing, and those around you will be shaken by it. This move of the Lord is so powerful, the very ground around you will shake. This is why you have waited so long. This is about far more than your life.

Kathy Mote

"There Is an Open Door Waiting For You Right Now!"

by Lonnie Mackley 6 June, 2020

My dear precious child, I have seen you fretting and worrying about what you should do next and so far nothing seems to be working for you. You have gone from door to door trying to see if that is the right avenue to go forward, but none of them seem to be your way out. You have been crying out to Me wondering where I am and what you are supposed to do next and I would tell you now that there is indeed a door open for you where I will speak to you and that door is through intimate fellowship with Me!

I would call you to come to Me in prayer and seek Me and you will find Me because I am here waiting for you already. Be fully obedient to what I have called you to repent of so that you will not be ashamed when you come before Me. You and I must develop a closer communication between us so that I can guide you in the challenging days ahead. I have planned many miracles and Kingdom assignments for you, so it is very important that you be able to be more closely and accurately led and directed by Me.

You asked for My power long ago so that people would believe when you preached to them and I have been preparing you for many years for this very thing! My power and gifts flow through obedience and through daily fellowship with Me, so be willing to come and develop a closer relationship with Me. I know that you have tried to do this in the past but this is a new day and a new place in Me. If you will come before Me daily I will indeed speak to you very clearly because I am here waiting for you now!

REV 4:1 After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, "Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this."

JER 29: 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Kathy Mote - 06/03/20

The Lord said, You swim in troubled waters, My Beloved. To all who are sent this is His message. As there is looting and pillaging in the streets, there will be looting and pillaging among those who are in ministry. There will be a mad grab for power to rival what has ever been seen, and they will call it grabbing hold of the anointing. It will shake those whose hearts are pure down to their core. The sight of it will be shameful, and I will turn My face away from it.

As for those who are sent, it will burn them down to see what I have given them being defiled, used and stolen. It will test their metal before all men. It will bring them deeper into the sanctuary of My heart, and that very act will completely sanctify them. They will lay their desire to minister on the altar. They will lay down the very reason they were chosen.

They will say in their hearts, Not for men, but for God, to accomplish His purpose. That is how My Spirit will intercede for mankind through them as they separate themselves unto My purpose. This will be a trial by fire for every heart to come to Me and I will fight to win them.

As for those who enter My presence to live, they will enter naked and I will clothe them. Their reward will be sweet beyond imagining. My presence will be powerful within them. And this is how I will vanquish the hearts of those who desire power. They will be made to see I AM He, and by fire they will come before Me.

Kathy Mote

The Lord showed me something that I am being asked to share. On May 19, He took me to a place where I heard a principality who was frantically declaring spells with what sounded like religious authority. 'She' stood on a cloud and spoke her profanity over the Earth to corrupt man's thinking. The Lord told me to tell her to cease and stop speaking. As I obeyed Him she responded to His authority and stopped speaking.

The next day the Lord told me she has operated for a very long time, two levels higher than where I stand. He told me that I was sent to speak on that level because the revelation of Him was being released on that level. She gave way to Him. Confusion over who He is and how He is will no longer muddy man's thinking.

The Lord told me it was a spirit of enchantment, causing people to be delighted with the thought of having their own power and of being powerful. The principality enticed them to see all things through their desire to rule, a most unfortunate symptom of the pride inherent in the fallen nature.

That carnal desire blinds them to seeing Jesus Christ as He truly is, that He would rightfully take His place as Lord of them. They see what they read of the scriptures to mean they are given power to rule instead of the Life He offers them. This spirit was loud and insistent and distracting, speaking in an aggressive, authoritative tone that confused people into seeing less of Him, that they might not honor Him.

What I learned is that when you are sent, you go in the authority of the One who sent you. As you obey, His Word is established by His authority. As you speak as you are sent, darkness must give way to you. Christ rules in all authority, and darkness does not stand against the Light of the Truth in Him.

This prophecy was given in September 28th, 2001


The Dragon Stirs


I experienced the following vision:
I seemed to be high up in the heavens, looking down upon the earth. The earth appeared as a globe to my eyes. The Lord was standing next to me. I saw a huge golden dragon on the earth that appeared to be asleep.

For some reason, though, I sensed the dragon was very aware of all that was transpiring around it.
“What is this dragon?” I asked the Lord.
“It is the spirit of a nation,” the Lord replied.
I then saw groups of men and women of every nation and nationality converging upon a certain spot on the earth.

They were entering into a large meeting room. Yet, a few of the men and women first met with one another secretly and privately before the big group meeting. I watched as they solemnly nodded, and shook hands.

I then saw as the dragon opened one red tinged eye, stirred slightly, and gazed fixedly at this smaller group of men and women. The group of men and women who had met with one another in secret, joined the rest of the men and women in the large room. The dragon closed its eye, and appeared to go back to sleep.

Yet I was once again pricked with the uneasy sensation that the dragon was not truly asleep, but was in fact very aware of all that was going on around it.

The men and women in the large meeting room appeared to be discussing and debating heated issues.

There were piles of papers in front of each person, and they were reading and reciting from these papers. The debates and discussions became more and more heated. I watched as a small group of people from two nations got to their feet, and walked from the room. Pandemonium broke out after their departure.

“Who were those people who just walked out?” I asked the Lord. “The Americans and the Israelis,” the Lord replied.

Once again, the dragon opened one of its eyes and surveyed this scene that was taking place. The dragon appeared to give a small smile of satisfaction. The dragon stirred slightly, and almost without appearing to do so, moved itself in a soft slithering motion into the large meeting room. It then curled itself back up, shut its eye, and once again appeared to fall back asleep. Yet from its very stillness, I once again sensed very strongly that the dragon was indeed awake and aware. I experienced a very sinister feeling in regard to this dragon.

The large group disbursed after a time of more heated debates and discussions. After the large meeting broke up, the small group of men and women who had met secretly and privately, met with each other once again. A few of them then met with a new set of people. After a time of talking, they all nodded, shook hands, and left. While these other meetings were transpiring, the dragon stirred once again and stared through one opened eye at these people. After the people left, the golden dragon slithered softly and silently from the scene.
“Who are these people who keep meeting secretly?” I asked the Lord. “They are the leaders of certain nations,” the Lord replied. “They have their own agenda. Their agenda is quite different from what was taking place in the larger meeting. What they speak with their lips, and what is actually in their mind to do, are quite different.”

As I continued to gaze down at the earth, I began to see what appeared to be veins and tunnels running through certain sections of the earth. I was puzzled and perplexed as to what these veins and tunnels represented. “What are these veins and tunnels?” I asked the Lord.

“They are secret entrances into certain cities and countries,” the Lord replied. “What you are observing is a very detailed network of undercover agents and operatives. Much planning has gone into this network. Many nations are involved in this network. There is an even smaller number of nations who have an even more secret and sinister agenda than this present network. This smaller group of nations is using what is being made available to them to further their agenda, but they have already made plans to one day dispose of those they are presently using. This is a sinister plot of tremendous evil in high places.”

A chill spread through my body at the Lord's words.

I then saw as small groups of darkly cloaked people began to appear on the veins and tunnels I had just noticed. The people and the veins and tunnels appeared to be highly organized.

“Who are these people?” I asked the Lord.
“Mercenaries,” the Lord replied. “They are the puppets of the smaller groups of people who met in secret that you observed previously.”
I then saw the golden dragon in the heavens where I was. We appeared to be in the outer space region around the earth, for I saw the moon and stars, and the sky was very dark. The golden dragon was breaking up and hurling a large object from the sky. This large object looked like some sort of a giant satellite.

“What is this large object?” I asked the Lord.
“It was a defense mechanism your country was setting in place,” the Lord replied. “Making it inoperable was one of the items that was discussed by the small group of people you observed.”

The dragon then flew swiftly and silently through the dark sky and landed in a country I saw was the country of China. The dragon then met with groups of people from its own nation. After their meetings were finished, I saw as other people from other nations joined them, and new discussions began. I was extremely perturbed and puzzled as I saw these meetings transpiring.

“What is happening here?” I asked the Lord.
“The fate of your country, as well as other countries, is being discussed,” the Lord replied. “There is an agenda. There is a plan. These people you are observing operate on many different levels, but each of them has their own agenda.”

After the groups of people left China, there were more meetings with groups of Chinese people. The dragon was now fully awake.
When the meetings were over, I watched as the dragon silently slithered from the meeting room. When it was outside, I saw as the golden dragon flew into the sky, gave a tremendous roar, opened wide its mouth, and began to devour and swallow whole nations. To my amazement, most of the people of these nations appeared totally oblivious to the fact that they were being swallowed and devoured.

“What is this?” I asked the Lord. “What's happening here?”
“This is China's secret and hidden agenda,” the Lord replied. “The dragon will use whoever and whatever it can avail itself of to further its own agenda. It will work from within nations, seemingly as a harmless friend seeking to strengthen and promote political ties. Yet at the end, the dragon will seek to devour all in its path. It will turn on all who have secretly conspired with it. It will come up against your nation, and the nation of Israel also,” the Lord continued. “These will be troublesome times.”
“When, Lord?”

I asked. “When will these things be?”

“It has already begun,” the Lord replied. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear what My Spirit is speaking to My children. He who has eyes to see, let him see what is transpiring in the spiritual realm. Be alert. Be prepared. Be on guard. Be not deceived by any means.”
For the first time became aware of an extremely large angel standing next to the Lord and I. This angel had a large, drawn sword in its hand. The sword was like a flame of fire.

“Who is this angel?” I asked the Lord, “and what is this flaming sword in his hand?” “This is the destroying angel,” the Lord replied, “and the sword of the Lord.”
I then saw as groups of people began to cry out warnings to the world.
“Who are these people?” I asked the Lord.
“My messengers and prophets,” the Lord replied.

I heard as one group of messengers and prophets shouted one thing, and other groups of messengers and prophets shouted something that seemed totally contrary to what the other group had just spoken. I was becoming more and more confused.
“Why does it seem so many of the messengers and prophets are speaking contrary words?” I asked the Lord. “Which group have You truly spoken to?”

“I have and I am speaking to both groups of messengers and prophets,” the Lord replied.
I then saw as what appeared to be a thick blanket of mist was dropped over the messengers and prophets. I could somehow see through the blanket of mist, though. The messengers and prophets appeared to be quite agitated and very unsure of what was happening to them. A large hand appeared and began to drive the messengers and prophets into dens and caves.

“What is this?” I asked the Lord. “What's happening to the messengers and prophets?”
“I am calling them into the caves,” the Lord replied. “They are filled with self-doubt and are beginning to wonder if I have truly spoken to them. I will nourish them in the caves with My words during their season of darkness. During this time, they will shed all their self-sufficiency, and learn to lean totally and completely upon Me. They will hear no other voice for a season besides My voice. When they come forth from the dens and caves where they are being driven and hidden, they will come forth speaking only what they have heard and what they hear My Spirit speaking unto them. This is a time when I will be teaching them to fully discern My voice from all other voices.”

The Lord and I were still up in the heavens, looking down to the earth, observing all that was transpiring upon the earth. The dragon was still devouring whole nations and peoples. The destroying angel with the drawn, flaming sword still stood next to the Lord and I.

I then saw as the messengers and prophets who had been driven and hidden in the dens and caves came crawling and stumbling out of the dens and caves. They appeared completely broken both physically and from within. I then saw as angels came to the messengers and prophets and began to feed, nourish and minister unto them.

When the messengers and prophets began to regain their strength, I saw as walls appeared in the distance. The messengers and prophets saw the walls, and began to run swiftly towards these walls. When they reached the walls, they climbed quickly to the tops of the walls and began to cry out loud warnings and instructions to the people gathered around the walls. Some of the people listened to the words of the messengers and prophets; others did not listen.

“What is this?” I asked the Lord.
“I have set these messengers and prophets as watchmen,” the Lord replied. “They will not hold their peace day nor night. They will continually lift up their voices. They will spare none of the words I speak to them. All I tell them, they will declare.”

I then heard a loud roar. I turned and saw the golden dragon flying towards the messengers and prophets. The dragon was enraged. When the dragon reached the messengers and prophets who remained standing steadfastly upon the walls, the dragon began to devour them.

The Lord lifted up His right hand. I then saw the destroying angel with the flaming sword shoot down as a lightning bolt towards the dragon. The dragon saw the angel approaching, and curled itself up amongst the people and nations it had been devouring. The dragon opened its mouth, and the people and nations it had swallowed and devoured came streaming forth from its mouth. They were armed for battle. They began battling the messengers and prophets on the walls. The destroying angel with the flaming sword also began to do battle, and attacked both the dragon and the warriors who had come from the dragon's mouth.

I saw as nation after nation was conquered, the people bound and enslaved. Many of these bound and enslaved people and nations, were then armed by the dragon and they also became warriors for the dragon.
I then saw two nations and two groups of people who had not been devoured. The dragon was now completely covering with its body all the other nations. These two last nations and groups of people had been under attack, though, and I saw many scenes of bloody devastation within these nations. I saw bands of angels surrounding these two remaining nations and groups of people. The dragon and its warriors could not penetrate past these angels.

“Why are these the only two remaining nations and peoples?” I asked the Lord.
“It is only My word, My presence, which is protecting them,” the Lord replied. “The final battle will be between Myself and the dragon.”
“When, Lord?” I asked.

“When it is the set time,” the Lord replied. “All things are being set in place. Many leaders are unknowingly being manipulated by those who have their own agenda. Many leaders are under plans to be slain. Their predecessors are already in place, with their agendas set in order.

“Those who hear My voice, and seek after Me, will not be dismayed or deceived by these things. Their eyes will see clearly; their ears will hear clearly, what is occurring in spiritual realms. I have allowed a small time of grace and mercy while the prayers and cries of many are lifted up to Me. Yet I am seeking not only the cries and the prayers of people. I am seeking their consecration. I will establish My covenant with those of a heart which is perfect towards Me. I will be their God, and they will be My people.

“The conspiracies are agreed upon, and are in place,” the Lord said.

“But My children, fear none of these things. You will be betrayed, yet fear not, for I am with you and will not leave you defenseless. I have given My children weapons to war with: prayer, supplications, fastings, consecration. I will bring the counsel of the wicked against you to naught. Advance My Kingdom while it is still day.

The night is coming.

Thick and gross darkness will cover the land. My word will be precious. My children will not be a prey. I will be their bulwark and their defense. Trust in Me, My children, and fear none of these things which will shortly come to pass.”
Visions of Hollie L. Moody (Hollie Lee Moody).docx

HOLLIE L. MOODY Muskegon, Michigan

September 28th, 2001

"Be Encouraged! I am doing a new thing! Do you not perceive it? If you could see all I have planned for you you would not be able to contain your joy. If you knew the surprises I have in store for you, you would not be able to sleep. Your captivity is over. The enemy's attempt to destroy you has fallen by the wayside. My Will will prevail in your life. You will taste of the joys of heaven while on earth. You will shout at My Goodness shown toward you. You will marvel at how My Lovingkindness has overwhelmed you. You will wonder about the depth of My Love for you. You will cry tears of joy until you have no more tears left. For it is My intention to so overwhelm you with blessings that you will almost be unable to contain it. For My Love for you bursts at the seams of My Being, and I am going to show you My Love in ways that you can scarcely comprehend it. So do not let your present circumstances discourage you IN ANY WAY. They are temporary. The Brightness of My Appearing is upon you, and the clouds will evaporate in the Presence of My Glory. For My Son, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, is about to appear, and things I have held in reserve for My People will be revealed with abandon. The rejoicing in Heaven will spill over into the earthly realm, for My Wedding is about to take place, and You are privileged to be the generation to see it. My Joy comes from seeing you rejoice, and rejoice you will, My Children. Rejoice, you will!"

Jeffrey Stewart - FB

There will be no false prophets among the Remnant. There will be no false teachers among them, as well. The Lord is raising His anointed ones, and not a soul among them will be false, weak or mistaken in their hearts about Him. They will all hear Him. They will all obey Him and they will all be made one with Him.

The Father is honoring the Son in us, and He will be lifted high. He will not compromise the Truth for any man, and no man will be allowed to steal the glory that belongs to Him. The day is upon us when the difference between false and True will be as obvious as day and night. As He honors the Son, the Father will disallow what does not honor Him. He will break every heart. That's how He will draw ALL men to Him. With the Truth that will not be compromised.


Flesh doesn't approach the throne of God, only a heart made pure stands before Him. That's why Jesus changed your heart to honor Him. Your life has become His covenant with you fulfilled. You have given Him your heart and lain down your life in answer to His call to stand before His throne. His perfect will is seen in you. God doesn't walk by flesh and neither will you. He will save you in it. He will save you out of it. He will save you period. A life for Life is what covenant means, and you will find that He has done this in you to save you.


There is a big difference between thinking you know God and knowing God, between hearing and obeying God's voice and following your own thoughts. Just ask Paul, who was forever changed upon hearing God's voice, his life made right with Him


I have noticed that what the Lord tells me to say is in the form of an invitation. It is like the parables because it is only heard by those who truly have an open heart and want to hear. It is not the edict or declaration that I expect it to be given what it is I am hearing Him say.

I will give one example. When we stand before the Lord, honoring Him in our heart, our eyes on Him, desiring to obey Him, this is a different heart than aspiring to save someone else, set someone else straight, minister to someone else, walk in power, accomplishing something in someone else's life. The difference is who is Lord of our heart and who is being honored as Lord.

The Living Truth of His recent invitation to keep our eyes on Him as we obey Him is that He will be honored and He will be lifted and He will draw all men to Him. With our eyes on our self, we have made ourselves lord of what we say and do and there is no Life in that. The difference between honoring ourselves and honoring the Lord is the difference between Life and death.

Kathy Mote - Facebook

Those whom the Lord is raising will be for a sign. The Lord said, I will call you My Prophets of the end time. I will use you to open everyone's eyes. I will settle every score in every heart who sees what I have done, for upon seeing you, there will be no questions left to ask.

You did not come to this place easily. I have asked for everything from you and given nothing but My presence back. This is because you must have nothing left to hold you back, no desire left in your heart to corrupt what you will be the first to walk in. What I have planned for My Beloved must not be handled casually or changed in any way by human desire.

So your heart has been made pure, and what a long road it has been, but nothing stands in the way of coming as you are called to Me. As My desires are revealed in you, your heart will be in My hands, for I AM Lord of your every desire, even your desire to live.

As you are made one with Me, your identity is part of Me. You have given your life to receive what I give, a part of My heart to live in you. It draws you into My arms at long last as I speak the Truth to you. I am coming to gather you.

Kathy Mote  FB

"You will shine like Moses' face shined. You will shine through and through. You will be as one made of pure Light. You will reflect the Light because you face the Light. Never do My eyes turn aside from you. You will be filled with a Light that causes joy, and because of you, many will be filled. They will be filled with the Light that brings comfort and causes joy. That's what I will do with you.

Before you were born everyone knew you. Everyone in Heaven knew My purpose in you. Every one operating in the Earth knew you, too, and they came against and reviled you, causing a mighty strength to rise in you.

It was in your suffering that you came to know the strength that will sustain and empower you. It is to stand before My face, never turning your gaze away. This was always My purpose in you. And when your life is through you will take your place above the stars, by My side with My hand upon you. That all would see I AM the King of Kings was My purpose in you."

Kathy Mote

I received this short Word earlier this morning. The Lord instructed me to capitalize the entire message. (Doug MacCallum)


My notes. This Word is NOT as simplistic as it appears. It goes Much Deeper!

Our English word “KNOW” was originally defined “ to be able to distinguish, perceive or understand as a Fact or Truth (my cap’s). The original root for our word is “GNO”. The Greek word used most of the time for “know” is Strong’s G1097 Ginosko. Here is one explanation:

HELPS Word-studies

1097 ginṓskō – properly, to know, especially through personal experience (first-hand acquaintance). 1097 /ginṓskō ("experientially know") is used for example in Lk 1:34, "And Mary [a virgin] said to the angel, 'How will this be since I do not know (1097 /ginṓskō = sexual intimacy) a man?'"

Mary was referring to the fact that she couldn’t become pregnant since she hadn’t “known” any man.

How can The Espoused to Christ experience Intimate Love with Him unless She KNOWS Him?!

Jesus said in John 17:

KJV says ”declare” The Greek is G1107 a form of “ginosko”.

NASB    25“O righteous Father, although the world has not KNOWN You, yet I have KNOWN You; and these have KNOWN that You sent Me; 26 and I have made Your name KNOWN to them, and will make it KNOWN, so that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”

The word “KNOWN” (my caps) is used 5 times(G1097 & 1107) in two verses! I think He was and is trying to make a point. Knowing Him is also critical so that The AGAPE, my caps, of God may be IN us and also that Jesus may be IN us!

G1097 is also used in verses 3,7,8, and 23.

The most important one, my opinion, is Jn 17:3 “This is ETERNAL LIFE, that they may KNOW You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” 

Didn’t Paul cry that out in Php 3:10: “That I may KNOW him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;” CF Is 52:13-15-Is 53.

As I recently learned from another brother; Who was told The Name of God(YHVH) first? Moses! EX 3:13-15. Moses kept seeking and asking, and later as well. EX 33 & 34.JER 33:3: ‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’(LXX for “KNOW” is G1097)

What did Jesus warn us about? MT 7:13-29>Verse 23: And then will I profess unto them, I never KNEW(G1097) you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.The Greek word for “Iniquity” is the same word used in 2Th 2:7 and another form of it in verse 8 referring to the antichrist! Go back to The Lord’s message at the beginning of this post.

Why did He turn them away? Because He doesn’t KNOW them BECAUSE The AGAPE of God was not found in them! Why, because, as Jesus warned: Mt 24:12: “Because lawlessness(ref: AC) is increased, most people’s love(AGAPE) will grow cold.CF 1JN 4:1-16; 1Cor 13!!

Brethren, Deception has and is working in the church. Jesus said: For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect (God’s chosen ones).AMPC

In conclusion, (not really, but for now,) please read EPH 3 and compare to all of the above. Glorious days are ahead for The Bride of Christ. Her REVEALING is about to take place. ALL to The Glory of YHVH and to His Son, JESUS!!

Keep seeking, keep asking Him. He delights in THE DIVINE RELATIONSHIP, that He planned before all Time. To KNOW HIM, to LOVE HIM, to BE ONE WITH HIM!!!

PERFECT - 02/03/20  278pikelk

My Daughter:
Write My words for those with ears to hear. It is by my perfect and great love for my creation that I continue in my longsuffering. This is so that many will not perish but come to perfect understanding of my perfect plan of eternal salvation. My entire creation is loved by me, otherwise I would have not put in place my perfect plan. As the birth pains continue in more rapid succession and grow in scope, more and more of my children will realize the emptiness of this world and begin seeking My truth. As hearts are exposed to the trials and tribulations of MY final days there will be no place else to turn to receive comfort but for their Creator.   My longsuffering is My Mercy put into action. I will supply all that is needed for My own during these times of trial. The joy of My perfect salvation will be boldly expressed through the hearts of those who have already discovered it. My own will shine in a new light reflecting MY glory towards the lost and the suffering world around them. I have a fail-proof plan for My own, and in this truth you must place your faith. Rest in this for you cannot be defeated when you operate in My perfect power.  There are many parts to My body. Some of these parts will be used sooner than later. Others will remain at rest for a time until My perfect plan calls upon them. Some of these know their calling already while others wait patiently upon Me to lead them when their time comes. I will use all of My children that carry me in their hearts, by the power of My Holy Spirit, in one form or another, to help grow my harvest, sustain it, and reap it. Do not be dismayed if you have yet to feel my calling upon you, for it will come over you in my perfect timing. Allow this time now for hardened hearts to be softened. This will be a time where I infiltrate the plans of the enemy and steal back from him what he has temporarily stolen from Me.  Remain in my secret place now, my loves, safely tucked under My wing. Refrain from following the ways of this world even though you are being constantly beckoned. I Am your Peace. I Am your Joy. I Am your Comfort. My love for you knows zero bounds. I created you to love you. Live now under my great wing of protection knowing that you are immune to the evils of this fallen world . Put your full faith in me. If ever a thought or worry comes upon you lay it at my feet. For I give My own the perfect promise of living in My wholeness. Free from fear, free from anxiety, free from worry. Continue to watch for my signs, but know in your hearts that no matter what you see you are safe. Continually bask in my promises and you will easily receive my comfort. Continue to let my glory shine through you, my loves. However my plan unfolds, be assured, it is sovereign. It is perfect. It is unstoppable I love you my children. Your merciful Savior who loves you beyond your comprehension. Jesus Christ/ Yeshua Ha’mashiach

The onslaught of slander and gossip that the Spirit of Jezebel has been hurling against the anointed of God is a smear campaign, and it is designed to shame you out of standing in your place. Be brave. As you endure, standing before the Lord, giving all that is in your heart to Him, you are entering into covenant with Him for something big. Big strength, the honor of dignity, and the dignity of humility will be your reward. The Lord is purging you of every flaw, and purifying your heart. He is giving you a warrior's heart. There will be nothing in you the devil can accuse or slander, even in those who have been taught to hate you. This isn't a battle between you and someone who gossips and slanders. This is the battle between God and the devil and in the Earth, you are His dread champion.


I am beginning to understand who the remnant are, and why their numbers are so few. They are not those who assume to usurp God's authority, they are the ones being humbled by it. They are the ones being brought into the Lord's presence and learning to honor Him. They have trusted Him with all, so He has released them from every burden. They have given Him all, so He has complete authority to powerfully move them. He provides for them, protects them, and leads them in every step taken. Their lives are completely in order. Their hearts are where He is comfortable. He grooms and corrects and tends them. He takes great care with every detail concerning them. They are always under construction. These are His first string precious few who believe Him, not just in Him. These who have given Him all of their desire to be something will become as His dread champion. As they remain devoted to Him, the enemy will run from His powerful presence in them.


In a vision I see the broken ones, kneeling before their Father's throne. They are in His presence because He brought them there, and as they have been emptied, they will be filled. He has also protected them by bringing them to Him heart and soul. That is the one place the enemy cannot torment them, tempt them or corrupt their hearts.

There is coming to the Earth a mighty move of God's heart. It will be seen in those who are hidden in Him, those who are set apart. It is in those His glory will be seen.

He calls them His Beloved, and in them He will show a finished work, a picture of Him. They will be His masterpiece, giving glory to Him. The glory of it will be so profound it will knock all of mankind onto their face.

The Lord said it will change the course of human thinking by making them fall on their neck. I pondered that for many days, and then realized what it meant. The neck holds the head, where man's high and lofty thinking comes from. After He is seen in the Earth, mankind will see Him in their heart, for He will be hard to miss.


Some of you are obeying the Lord so quickly that He is delighted in you. He is watching you race and He is filled with delight. You are as a sleek and fast, powerful and beautiful fish swimming in the deep, a marvel in your environment. You are so on board with what He is doing in your heart that you move so fast, it takes the natural realm a few minutes to catch up even as the Lord works miracles to match your pace! In a vision I see the Lord's powerful ones gliding through the deep, and the living waters around them look like diamonds. Very exciting!

The Lord said, I'm going to stampede My mighty ones. I will rise within them and rile them up. They will make a mighty noise that will be heard. They will take a stand against demonic hordes and destroy their strongholds. Their mighty footsteps will be felt more than they will be heard. They will rattle whole governments. Their move will shake the very Earth. They will walk in power never seen before. My mighty ones are about to take the floor and begin to speak.

Kathy Mote
The Lord showed me something and told me to share. There are many who are about to see release in their lives on an epic level, but don't see it yet. What they see almost breaks their hearts. But the Lord has been unraveling all that stands in His way, knocking things down one by one. He is bringing those He loves to the brink of complete deliverance, and it will bring complete peace to them. This is not something they have to accomplish. He is not waiting for them to have enough faith. This is not contingent upon what they can believe for. It is far too big. What they can do is trust Him, and love Him back every moment of their life. His love for them will become evident, and just like that, their trial by fire will be over, bringing great delight.

Kathy Mote

I would like to share something that I learned about the frequency of Heaven, the resonant sound of our Daddy's voice, spoken to us. It is deep and rich with the wealth of His knowledge of all things. It pierces the heart and pulls on the heart strings, and it brings peace.

When He speaks, the message to your heart can be simple and sweet, but it also gives you a deeper understanding than many words can explain. With just a few words He can give you an understanding of your life that your heart so desperately needs. The peace and freedom of knowing His heart toward you will astound you.

There is comfort, guidance, wisdom and His assurance that things are in His hands. This is what He gives your heart to understand when you hear Him. There's more that you won't hear and don't know yet, more Truth that will weave your heart together with His when you are ready to hear it.

What our Father speaks to your heart is what He intends for you to receive from Him. All of Life's mysteries are not what you are expected to understand to navigate your life. Your heart hears the frequency of Heaven in your Daddy's loving and redeeming voice.

What He says to you is His promise to you and that is what you can expect of Him. That is what you live on. That is your bread. That is your personal covenant with Him. That is His will and what He will fulfill. That is also how He will reveal to you the deep meaning of His living Word.

Kathy Mote  01/12/20  (Hope note - one of my favorite soaking tunes)

John Clements - Georgia - (non edited)

I am opening your eyes to see ,like you have never seen before said's The Lord, for in this hour I will have a people who see out of my eyes said's The Lord who hear with my ears, and who speak from my heart said's The Spirit of God. For there are many voices speaking forth in this hour ,but not all of them are speaking forth from my heart ,so you must discern what is of my heart and what is not .For there are those who are clamoring for your attention who wish to distract you from being with me said's The Spirit of God .But as you hold fast to my word which is your sword this will allow to be able to know and discern.what is from me and what is not .For there are those even now who are twisting my word to fit there lustful appetites and I tell you the truth they have perverted my word by there unnatural thoughts and unnatural ways .Because my truth has exposed there foundation and has exposed the darkness and blindness of there hearts..Even those who are greatly gifted and charismatic are being deceived,for many are chasing man made fables that have no solid backing in my word ,I tell you the truth when I come to you ,and if what I say to you can not be backed up by my written word ,do not receive it ,for when I give you revelation it will be backed by my written word and I will give you the Grace to be able to walk it out said's The Spirit of God.

John Clements - Georgia - FB  12/24/19

Betrayers will deliver you into your purpose in me says God, don't be offended. There is a media blackout coming, concerning silencing those who are speaking my truth, & in the midst there will be a bold witness through those who are my disciples, many will be delivered out of the Harlot system.

And two voices will arise in this coming year one will speak out of fear and intimidation, and the other will speak out of a place confidence and love. One will see the giants in the land and how great they are, the other will see with my eyes says God, and will go forth and conquer and will leave no spoils. I see two armies one will be Saul's army that is driven by the fear of man and the praise of man and that armies confidence will be in their own strength and the arm of the flesh .The other Army will be driven by my love says God and Holy reverence for me and they will be filled with my love and my Spirit and wherever they go my power will be seen, and my fire will be present ,for they are my ministers of fire. And there will be the consummation of many relationships for purposes of the Kingdom. And there is a full measure of release coming. Many will witness miracles of multiplication. There will be a party that will come forth out of the two parties, that will be a party of the people, that will return people back to my principles says God There is a war brewing in the middle east…it is a very unstable situation. There will be a move of my Holy fire that will fall upon Africa, and will purge the land of false teachers, prophets, preachers and apostles says God, and many will be liberated from The Spirit of Divination. Where money has been stolen from the people by their Government it will be given back to them. And my fire will sweep across the nation of America even in the midst of great conflict and some cities will burn because the spirit of lawlessness. They will be an attempt to collapse the economy but it will be stopped through intercession. The church in China will continue to grow and expand and there will come a shaking beneath the feet of those in this land ,a quake and a changing of the guards ,and be prepared for blackouts across the countries ,Russia will attempt an invasion but I will stop it says God, I will expose wickedness at its core says God. I will bring justice where there has been injustice for you will witness the overthrow of hierarchy over many nations where the people have been oppressed and will bring to light things that have been hidden for over 25 years or more says God.

The Lord said the Bride is beautiful. He is gathering us into Him as we rely on Him. Trust is intimate. He is hiding us in His arms. He is covering us, shielding us, recovering our lives, and buying back our field.

In the past two years, He has gathered us into His heart and taken the responsibility for everything in our past making it the crowning glory of our trust. When you walk in that kind of trust, you receive that kind of healing and nothing will ever hurt you in this life again. Your life comes solely from Him. Fear is a thing of the past.

Words that adequately describe what He is doing are hard to come by these days. How deeply we trust His will in our life is how completely we see His mighty hand move. He is Lord over all that concerns us. We are not here alone and without Him. We do not live our lives without His hand covering every detail. As we are faithful to trust Him, He is faithful to protect, provide and heal.

A wonderful example of this was seen in my own life just two years ago. My heart and finances were broken, my future was unclear to me and in the midst of man's deepest, cruelest betrayal, the Lord taught me the deepest, sweetest trust the human heart is capable of. I asked how I would survive in my situation, and He told me, I'll take care of you. He has provided so sweetly and wonderfully that I have learned never to question His will, however it may come.

The Lord is responsible for my situation, and our conversations boiled down to me accepting our simple yet powerful bond. My life belongs to Him and He will take care of me.

So just like that my pain and resentment left me, never to return again. And just like that my hurt and fear was replaced by confidence in His gentle, generous care. If everything in my life belongs to Him, so does the care of what that is.

This is the place where people cling to their absolute need to judge the good in their life from the bad, accepting the good and crying out against the bad. This is beneath the high calling of having the heart of His child. His child will trust Him to bring about His perfect will and be delivered.

The reward for accepting my circumstance from Him instead of holding man accountable is being provided for in perfect peace in the midst of every circumstance.


In a vision I see pieces of an ice floe that have broken off, and people using them as rafts. These rafts are floating in treacherous waters so cold you cannot survive in them. These rafts represent religious beliefs and conclusive, natural thinking and people cling to them. They are terrified to let go of them, and even more terrified of the waters they are floating in.

The Lord has shown me something that literally blew my mind. It began with Him telling me we sit on the palm of His hand. We are His creation, and He is not finished with us. His work in us is not complete. Some people become agitated at the very thought of this because it is a view of God's perspective of us and not our accepted perspective of Him which we struggle and fight to justify.

The Lord said that when we desire Him, yearn for Him and perceive Him it is His work in us and our response to Him. I asked Him why He has not made it common knowledge that we are literally the workmanship of His ever present hand. His response was that if it were revealed before we are brought into His presence and made sensitive to Him and responsible before Him, the way of our flesh would be to slide backward and not yearn. He said, I want you to care. I want your heart.

The Lord is bringing His creation to the place of great change by way of a deep revelation of Him. Every uncomfortable moment you spend yearning for Him is His work in you and your yes.

Kathy Mote

Here is the word given by Smith Wigglesworth
 to Lester Sumrall in 1939.

Smith Wigglesworth to Lester Sumrall in 1939 (WWII ready to break out) With tears rolling down his face Smith cried saying, “I probably won’t see you again now. My job is almost finished.” As he continued to pray he cried, “I see it, I see it!”
Brother Sumrall asked, “What do you see, what do you see?”
He said, “I see a healing revival coming right after World War II. It’ll be so easy to get people healed. I see it! I see it! I won’t be here for it, but you will be.” And there was a healing revival right after the war.
He continued to prophesy, “I see another one, I see people of all different denominations being filled with the Holy Ghost.” That was the Charismatic Revival. God raised up people during that era, like the Full Gospel Businessmen.

Then Brother Wigglesworth continued, “I see another move of God. I see auditoriums full of people, coming with notebooks. There will be a wave of teaching on faith and healing.” We did experience that wave he saw, and we call it the Word of Faith movement.
Then he prophesied, “After that, after the third wave,” he started sobbing. “I see the last day revival that’s going to usher in the precious fruit of the earth. It will be the greatest revival this world has ever seen! It’s going to be a wave of the gifts of the Spirit. The ministry gifts will be flowing on this planet earth. I see hospitals being emptied out, and they will bring the sick to churches where they allow the Holy Ghost to move.

Kevin Zadai FB

Kathy Mote postings:  11/27/19

To think you are something because of your gift is to throw that gift back at Him. To think of yourself more highly than you ought is to dishonor the Lord who blessed you. In the days to come only the humble will be capable of carrying promotion.


The 'Prosperity' message is coming down. It has led many astray. It has taken the portion meant for the sheep and turned them into goats. It does not reflect God's definition of prosperity at all, it teaches poverty. It leads God's children out of the throne room and away from Him. In His presence is abundant Life, and all that is lain down is given back again.

The Lord multiplies all that He is entrusted with, leaving the hearts of His children intact, filled with what is in His heart for them. The difference between commanding His Word to gain His promises and trusting Him in all things is that as HE is Lord, He is present to provide.

The reward belonging to those who remain in His presence is immeasurable. I won't even try, but they are in the presence of the living God. The result of trusting Him with all is seeing His powerful and unlimited desire and ability to protect and provide. He is mighty to keep His Word.

The Father said, As you obey Me you are not responsible for what it is I tell you to do. (You do not author what I tell you to do.) You are not responsible for the consequence of your obedience, and you will not bear the burden of responsibility for being where I have brought you. You are not expected to bear the responsibility for other's reaction to you. You are free of these burdens as you stand before Me, but the humility in your contrite heart will remain to adorn you. This is My gift to you
The Father said, You who have missed being loved will no longer feel unloved. You who have lost family for the sake of My calling will be warmed by the comfort of being family to Me. Before you leave this place you will miss nothing. You will know your every need is satisfied in Me.

In a vision, the Lord began to show me rows upon rows of trees. Some were bent, but still standing. Some were missing branches from passing storms, but they still stood tall. Not one of them had fallen to the ground. It was then I heard the scripture from Psalms.

“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree, he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon!” (Psalms 92:12)

These trees started out small and unable to stand very well, but they have adapted to the changing seasons. The winds and the fire that have come against these trees has caused them to stand stronger. It has taught them to grow in every season and to learn of only Gods ways and not that of man. They have learned to bend in the wind and bow in the fire. They knew that no matter what, the Lord was working out a far more excellent way. With each passing trial, they reached toward the Son while refusing to let the things of this world hold their branches down. They flourish in a living water that never runs dry. They push past all these things trying to block them so their roots will immerse deeper into the water of his Spirit.

Their branches are a place of safety and refuge to some just beginning. These trees are so in love with their Maker that they desire nothing else. They have come to know their Master’s voice well and follows no other. They will not be tricked by the lies of the wicked one. These trees I speak about that the Lord so vividly showed to me are His Chosen ones, his Remnant. They have laid down their lives and taken up a cross. Their innermost desire is to be with their Beloved never to be separated. Their hearts beat his name! These are the ones who have pressed on, they been beaten, but kept going. They have been bent over by pressures, but they stood back up. They are the conduits of which the powerful water of life will flow out to others who are thirsty. These are the ones preparing the way of the Lord.This Remnant is reserved to him alone and will not bow to a Babylonian system. They cling to his word and drink of his Living water. They are the trees of righteousness in the garden of the Lord growing right where they have been planted.

For many I am speaking to right now, you have been bent by the winds of adversity, your branches has been battered by the storms to the point you feel so bare. You feel like the waves will sweep over you at any moment. Be encouraged for you are one of these mighty trees in this vision. You may bend, but you will not break! You may have been battered, but you will stand tall. The waves nor the fire will come near to you. You are planted by a river where you shall flourish even in the midst of trials.

There is something happening right now! Do you hear the sound of the wind blowing in the treetops? Do you feel something shifting as your roots are going deeper. That is the call of your Master as he is preparing you for greater!

I hear the Lord say, “Feeling Bent and Broken, you will flourish!”

Dana Jarvis

Olivia Reitz Long 
       Isa 5:27-28 "None shall be weary nor stumble among them, none shall slumber nor sleep; neither shall the girdle of their loins be loosed, nor the lachet of their shoes be broken; whose arrows are sharp, and all their horses' hoofs shall be counted like flint". 

Ex. 19:5-6 Ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto Me above all people, for all the earth is Mine, and ye shall be unto Me A Kingdom of Priests". 

I Am raising up a people in this hour who will literally and totally reject the wisdom of this world, for it is foolishness to your God. I Am raising up kings and priests after the order of Melchizedek. 

You will have one heart and one motive, you are redeemers, reconcilers and restorers, and you shall move forward pouring forth My grace, My mercy and My salvation. You have gone through the purging fires, purifying your heart, mind and body. You have "willingly" surrendered and given up all in every area. You have stayed the course, willing to have every selfish, even secret motive and intent of your heart to be cast out. 

For everything must come to the surface for the dross to emerge. I had called you out of Babylon and I have purged Babylon out of you. You are overcomers, you are conquerors but only after being conquered by Me. You are standing at the ready to ride with My Son. You shall carry the light of the world and wherever you go, the light and splendor of heaven will shine. 

You shall have "clean eyes" the eyes of Christ. The eyes of discernment, shining with heavenly fire, shining with unlimited love for those reaching out in their pain and misery. I have prepared My horsemen company. Pharaoh’s horses and the horses of the kings, were known for strength and swiftness in battle and powerful in warfare. 

They were noted for beauty, sure footedness, never falling or stumbling, obedient and would run straight "into" the enemy even unto death. They were bedecked with gold and precious jewels, portraying the glory of the king. They were "#royal #horses" and they were 'thoroughbreds in every way". As My horsemen company, you are as the magnificent white stallion My Son rides at your head. 

Symbolizing holiness, purity, righteousness, illumination...all characteristics of My Sons of Glory. You are rapidly approaching your completion and your speed and beauty will become marked, bearing the King's Glory. Into the manifestation of My Sons of Glory...Power, power for speed, strength and victory. During your wilderness training I was there sometimes unseen or unheard, but I have established your steps. 

I have kept your feet from slipping, lifted you over all the ravines and jagged rocks below, even though they were unknown to you. As Gideon, who was also in hiding, there is nothing especially mighty about you, but as with Gideon, I led you slowly and gently to become My Mighty Men and Women of Valor. You are not of this world, there will be no more of the old nature left in My chosen ones. 

For old things have passed away and behold "ALL THINGS ARE BECOMING NEW". Now you are waiting, waiting for My command, and you shall go forth. Grasp this, My beloved, you have been and are being prepared to rule and reign with Christ. Purposed from before the foundation of the world, calling you to Glory. Your entire life has been to train and equip and process you for a royal position, one with Jesus. 

You are standing on the threshold of a powerful move of your God. My Son shall be revealed in you and through you. You are even now being raised from death, death from the world and carnality and from your wilderness cave. A company with Christ as the head bringing forth the rule of the Kingdom of God upon the earth. 

Hold on, for the journey you are to embark on, you cannot conceive with your human mind. Only in the Spirit can you imagine where I am taking you. You have been called for such a time as this. You will speak forth My words to the nations and the world. You will speak pure and undefiled words, as they come straight from My lips. Your light is a beacon to those I will place in your path. 

There is a great breaking forth as everything is lining up for that great day. Stand back and see the Mighty Work of the Lord, for the hour for the manifestation of My Sons of Glory is at hand and I who have begun a good work in you shall complete it. My chosen ones "The day of death is over, now it's time to live" !
Wendy Alec
.... AND NOW....

Oh beloved ones....
In research...when certain interrogators were asked...WHAT were the things that break the most hardened prisoners..they came back with some amazing facts..
That is was NOT the physical torture...or even water boarding...
The issue that broke the most hardened captured soldiers or terrorists was the ISOLATION AND THE COMPLETE LOSS OF HOPE THAT THEY WOULD EVER BE FREE.
The enemy’s tactic on so many of us has been the same in this past season
So - back to Joseph.
His first day, following the cupbearers promise to tell Pharoah and GET HIM OUT OF PRISON...
Imagine...he must have been sooo excited...
his heart filled with the elation that he would finally be free...
A week passed...and Joseph would still have been expectant....
a secret joy and relief in his heart...
But the week turned into three months...then six...then a year....
And Joseph must have realised, with sinking heart and resignation...that he had been forgotten...abandoned to the sight of the prison bars surrounding him...
The joy of hope fulfilled had now turned into the bitter taste of hope deferrred...
But the greatest challenge was not only that his plight had been forgotten...but that HE HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA OR UNDERSTANDING OF WHEN HIS IMPRISONMENT WOULD END...
All of us can stand courageously when we know there is an allotted time to our suffering or shattered circumstances....
That on THIS DATE....The Royal Guard is coming to open our prison doors and set us FREE....
But now Joseph was still facing the same prison walls...
Not knowing if his release was imminent or to be NEVER......was it for life????
And that is the greatest weapon that the enemy has used against those of us in this PAST SEASON....
Faced by such many shattered dreams...
There have been moments when many of us were so assured that THIS WAS IT...
And so...our hearts fell back into desolation..abandonment...and despair...
Like Joseph...
Beloved...hear me....

.... AND NOW....
10/20/19 - KATHY MOTE
The Lord said, Every one of My children who will abide in My presence will be raised to the honor of a prophet.

a proclaimer of the will of God. 
one who is sent from God's presence with a message.


What you are called to carry you are required to lay down. You don't bring His Word to pass, He does as you obey and honor Him. His Word in you is far bigger and more powerful than you can imagine. You don't operate it, it manifests in you. Those who realize this and humble themselves before Him will see the miracles His presence commands.


Those who will carry the anointing of God are being lowered, humbled and measured. The warfare that is coming against the coming outpouring of God's power is virile, ranging from petty to hateful. I jokingly said, I may need a bigger angel (to guard me), and I saw the angel that was standing three feet to my left react with a sideways smirk and silent snicker as if to say, I don't think so, the power of God I am given to stand in knows no rival. Alright, then.


The Lord is calling His DNA in you to rise. He is Spirit. You are His spiritual child. You will walk and talk and hear His voice in a heart that is in perfect union with Him. There will be no conflict in you and nothing will separate you from Him. You will live in the flow of communion with Him. You will know first hand the power of His Spirit breathing into you, awakening your heart, bringing you to Him. You will be made perfect by Him. You will walk and talk and think and act in the perfect knowledge of Him. And in His arms you will hear His heart and all the secrets in it.
Word of wisdom
“It is not out of arrogance that anyone should speak about others who fail to walk in the light. Complaining never helped though. Complaining only disqualifies someone from being able to see clearly. Complaining is only a form of discontentment & sin. But IF I tell you to speak, & to confront & give you the words to speak, then you MUST speak them in LOVE & I will orchestrate it completely as you follow, BY MY SPIRIT. 

Meanwhile, what you know of others is not to be shared unless I say to share it. You don’t uncover others, otherwise you may be uncovered. I am not a God of punishment & harshness normally, & yes, I am sick of the greed, avarice, cheating &  
misquoting in My church. But instead of speaking against whomever, PRAY. Pray they might be saved from the wrath to come which is short at hand. DO confront what you see instead of shrinking back WHEN I LEAD YOU TO!

But only when I say. When you do it WITH ME, instead of separate under your own flesh, then you are subject to lash-back. But if you do it under the anointing, & with ME, then there is no way it will harm you. Yes, they may take pot shots. But it will not cause real harm.”

Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

By: Jo Ellen Stevens (2018)

Daniel 10:12-15 "Then he said to me, “Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand, and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come because of your words But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia. Now I have come to make you understand what will happen to your people in the latter days, for the vision refers to many days yet to come."


I heard the Lord say, "I need your words to clear the atmosphere! Just as Daniel cleared the way with His words for Michael, one of the chief princes of heaven's army, to come with the word from My throne. I am now calling My people to continue in Prayer, fasting and speaking my word without wavering until the atmosphere is cleared for the Angels who hearken unto the voice of My word to enter into this earth realm and begin to prepare the pathway for the greatest harvest the world has ever seen!" 

"Yes,this is a critical time in the earth and I need you to speak my word and clear the air for the angels to come and set the stage for me to end the scourge of the shedding of innocent blood in the land! I am calling you all to continue standing and having done all to stand with the word of God in your mouth, decreeing what I say!"


The Lord reminded me of a dream that I had a while back. In the dream, all of the intercessors that I knew came into a huge group in the industrial part of our city and when they did they began to decree the word of God in unity. There were intercessors from every church in town there in this dream. Over the top of us was this thick dark cloud that looked like a smoke screen. As we began to speak the word these doves came up from us and began to poke holes in the smoke screen. We continued to decree until there was a complete open portal above the city! Hallelujah!! 

I believe that this is what God is saying in this word that he spoke to me tonight. I believe he is calling us to clear the atmosphere so that the angels of God can go forth and prepare our land for what He longs to do right now! I believe that He is calling us to become that house of prayer for the nations! I believe that through the word of the Lord that we speak that we will now become the governing body of Christ in the earth! 

Arise Shine! Jo Ellen Stevens 


"I have observed how the enemy believes that he has succeeded in ending the plans I have for some of My Children. How the enemy gloats while one of My Precious Daughters cries as she realizes her husband was sent by the enemy to destroy her life, how the enemy laughs when one of My Dearly loved and precious Sons has given up on life because of all the things that have been done against him. Because the enemy has not been afraid to come against My Precious Children, I have decided to make him become very afraid. I am going to take that Daughter of Mine, and not only heal her, but cause her to walk in an anointing a hundred times greater than I had originally planned for her to walk in. I am going to take that Son, and use him to win a million souls to Jesus, rather than a thousand. FOR THIS IS A NEW SEASON, THIS IS THE SEASON WHERE WRONGS AGAINST MY CHILDREN ARE MADE RIGHT, WHERE THE ENEMY LEARNS TO FEAR THOSE WHO BEAR MY NAME."


"If your life has been tormented by fear, pray that the Lord will mightily use you to strike fear in the heart of the enemy during this new season, and He will do so. If your life has been full of tears because of the things that the enemy has done to you, ask your Father to use you to cause much weeping in the enemy camp, and He will do so. For this is a new season. The is the season where things done against My Children will be made right. THIS IS THE SEASON WHERE THE ENEMY LEARNS TO FEAR THOSE THAT BEAR MY NAME."


The spirit of religion hates women. It oppresses women where ever it can. It treats women the same, whether it be in the mosque, or in some churches. Well I am going to show the enemy how much I love My Precious Daughters, and I will cause My Power to rest heavily on those of My Daughters who were most heavily oppressed, and the enemy will be like a man who chases a lion into a cave, and , reaching for a flashlight, sees the lion turn around in the last seconds of his life. That man is better off than any evil spirit who harmed one of My Daughters. For this is the season where wrongs are made right. THIS IS THE SEASON WHERE THE ENEMY LEARNS TO FEAR THOSE WHO BEAR MY NAME"


Psalm 149

4 For the Lord takes pleasure in His people;
He will beautify the humble with salvation.
5 Let the saints be joyful in glory;
Let them sing aloud on their beds.
6 Let the high praises of God be in their mouth,
And a two-edged sword in their hand,
7 To execute vengeance on the nations,
And punishments on the peoples;
8 To bind their kings with chains,
And their nobles with fetters of iron;
9 To execute on them the written judgment—
This honor have all His saints.
Praise the Lord!


"Because the enemy was not afraid to come against My Children, I will cause him to become VERY AFRAID during this season, the season of My Bride arising. I have taken note of each and every tear shed by My dearly loved children. While there is grace and forgiveness for man, there is NONE for the devil and the fallen angels that followed him. And while they will ALL be cast into the lake of fire, before then I will cause some justice to be inflicted on his kingdom through My Precious children. If the enemy has caused a dearly loved child of mine sorrow, through that child I will cause MUCH sorrow in the enemy camp. If the enemy had beset a dearly loved child of Mine with fear, I will cause MUCH fear in the enemy camp through that one. For while you may roar AS a lion satan, I AM THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, AND WHEN -I- ROAR HEAVEN AND EARTH TREMBLES, AND YOU TOO WILL TREMBLE AS I ROAR THROUGH THOSE WHOM I LOVE. For THIS is the season where THINGS are MADE RIGHT, THE SEASON WHEN MY BRIDE ARISES!"

Jeffrey Stewart - FB

08/22/19 - Two Words to Kathy Mote

This morning I had a vision of a beautifully perfect, perfectly beautiful woman dressed in plain Prophet's robes. Nothing of her perfect beauty drew attention to herself. As she arose to take a step forward, she encountered people expecting their heart's desire from her. They had crowded around her.

She did not simply rise and move forward. She rose, turned back and re entered the Lord as if He were another place to be in. She walked right back into Him and remained in Him, and as HE moved forward to speak to, teach and heal the people, they didn't see her, they saw Him. He was very swift and powerful as He dealt with them. Demons were dispatched, sickness and infirmity were dismissed from them as He walked through them.

When this woman turned around and entered the Lord, He was hazy, smoke, spirit presence only. As she entered Him, He became flesh and moved forward. Very powerful. We will see Him have His way powerfully in everyone who comes near us as we remain hidden in Him.

In her heart was not the desire for ministry or power. She had no desire to move forward as what He had made her. There was only the desire to remain in Him. Her heart said, I am not here, the Lord is. This is obedience and communion rolling into motion. This is the power we have been waiting for. This is the power He has been preparing us to move in.

This is what the Lord said. You will move like an arrow shot from My bow. Your words will be as sharp as the edge of a scalpel. You will be raised up. You will take, and own, and dwell in the land. You will be victory personified, and mystery unraveled. You will be visible to all nations, the very image I have created by My own hand. You will teach without saying a word. You will correct without judgement. The very heart of all who see you will burn within them, for as they see you they will perceive the image of My heart. In your yielded heart you stand on Holy ground, and it is there My completed work is made perfect in you. From there it is a matter of timing, as all things come together in Me.

The Lord's Portion - Kathy Mote

In a vision I see a golden vessel. It is a diamond studded, emerald studded vessel with beautiful adornments of morganite and pearl. I looked inside this vessel fit only for the Lord Himself, and saw that it was empty. It made a resonating sound like fine crystal makes when you run your finger on it.

That sound was the worship coming from the resonating chamber of the most beautiful heart. Only one who is completely emptied of all strife can make that sweet a sound. Only a heart that's irretrievably broken can be emptied of self like that, and only in His presence can they be filled with praise that flows that deep for Him.

There are many like this who stand before the Lord. They burn like flames before His throne. They were brought into His presence by what He sent for them to endure. Their voices ring like bells, crying Holy are You, Lord.

These are precious to Him, for they have been made fit for His use. These are to be filled with the glory of His presence in all the Earth. Of all the Earth's inhabitants, not many would have endured. These will carry His sweetest wine. They are His choice. They will rock the Earth. Chosen from the beginning, being chosen by Him is all they embrace in this life, but if you were to ask them, they would cry out, It is more than enough.

The Lord is raising His remnant to run as mighty stallions of war. They have been shrouded in obscurity, where He has trained them to hear His voice deep in their heart. Their very hearts have been pierced by His softest whisper and when they hear His voice they run full force to Him. He guides them by tugging the chords of their heart. Never have any been this close to Him. Not even John the Beloved who rested on His bosom was so close to Him. John heard His voice with his own ears. These hear His voice on the inside of them. He taught them to be mighty by revealing His love for them. Now they are prepared for every battle because of their love for Him. They will be His force for what He is doing in the Earth.

Art by Revelations in Art   Kathy Mote


A word I keep feeling led to share here. I pray this speaks confirmation and encourages someone today. ♥️

This past Sunday while in prayer, I felt a shift in the spiritual atmosphere, followed by a sudden sense of release in the Spirit. God then began to show me a vision the small beginnings of a wave forming way out in the ocean far away from the shore. At first, it was just an almost imperceptible ripple moving slowly in the direction of the shore, but as it moved closer to the shore, it began to grow and grow and grow with increasing acceleration in size and momentum. By the time it was near the shore, it was no longer a gentle ripple, but an enormous tsunami driving forward with great force and momentum. I heard the Father saying:

"Take heart and press through, because soon and very soon the fruit of your faithful intercession is going to break through and you will begin to see the answers to long-held prayers. Be still and know that I am God. The shift has come. The change is happening. Things aren't necessarily how you 'feel', nor how your carnal eye perceives. I tell you: do not despise the day of small beginnings, because the answers, the change, the transformation, the breakthrough, and the shift into the new that is coming will begin at first like that almost imperceptible ripple undulating slowly far away from shore, but growing in size and acceleration until it becomes a mighty tsunami crashing upon the shores of your life."

1 King 18:41-46 (VOICE)
"And Elijah said to Ahab: 'You should go fill your belly with food and water. I hear a heavy rain coming.' Ahab did as Elijah instructed and went to eat and drink. Elijah journeyed to the peak of Mount Carmel. There he bowed down on the ground and placed his head between his knees. [Then, Elijah said to His servant]" 'Go now, and look in the direction of the sea.' The servant, returning to Elijah, said: 'I did as you asked, and there is nothing in the direction of the sea.' Elijah gave him the same instruction seven times, 'Go back, and look in the direction of the sea.' The servant did as Elijah requested each time; and on the seventh time, he told Elijah, 'A minuscule cloud, as tiny as the hand of a man, is ascending from the sea.' And Elijah said, 'Go quickly, and give a message to Ahab for me: 'Prepare your chariot, and leave quickly before the rain gets torrential and keeps you from traveling.' The sky became filled with dark monstrous clouds, the wind grew wild, the heavy rain fell, and Ahab traveled quickly in his chariot to Jezreel. The strength of the Eternal filled Elijah and the prophet pulled up his garment around his thighs and sprinted ahead of Ahab the entire way to Jezreel."

Ephesians 3:17b-21 (AMP)
"And may you, having been [deeply] rooted and [securely] grounded in love, be fully capable of comprehending with all the saints (God’s people) the width and length and height and depth of His love [fully experiencing that amazing, endless love]; and [that you may come] to know [practically, through personal experience] the love of Christ which far surpasses [mere] knowledge [without experience], that you may be filled up [throughout your being] to all the fullness of God [so that you may have the richest experience of God’s presence in your lives, completely filled and flooded with God Himself]. Now to Him who is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams], according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever. Amen."

Hosea 6:3 (NIV)
"Let us know; let us press on to know the Lord; his going out is sure as the dawn; he will come to us as the showers, as the spring rains that water the earth.”

Proverbs 4:18 (NIV)
"But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day."

~Dorkita Urdin
He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul...
~Psalm 23:2-3


by Becky Porte - FB

I hear the Lord saying:  Just like in a game of chess - I know every single move the enemy will ever make, and I have already “checkmated” him before he even gets there!  No matter how hard he tries he will NEVER win, for HE IS ALREADY A DEFEATED FOE!!!
As you spend time in My Word and in My presence, I will reveal the enemy’s plans to you in advance, and I will show you what move he is going to make before he actually makes it, and I will show you how to checkmate him EVERY time!  

It is of the utmost importance that you spend quality time communing with Me every day so that you will be prepared and equipped and will not be caught off guard by the tactics of the enemy.  If you are prepared for battle and already know in advance what move the enemy is going to make, then you can thwart his plans and “cut him off at the pass” and avoid his “land mines” and hidden traps.
I have a glorious and perfect plan for your life, and I will unfold it with precision and impeccable timing.  

Often My people try to take things into their own hands and do it their way – the way that “makes sense” to their natural minds, but My ways are much higher than your ways, and My plans will NEVER fail if you follow My instructions and carry out My plans as I direct.

Many of you are war torn and battle weary from fighting daily battles – battles of the mind and the flesh, battles in relationships, battles with finances, battles with health, etc.  The enemy’s plan is to wear out the saints; to distract them and keep them occupied and focused on other things so they will not be effective for My Kingdom, and so they will live defeated lives and never fulfill their destinies. Many of you have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to recover from hits you have received from the enemy.  This should not be so.  I want to teach My people how to do effective spiritual warfare.  The key is to get My Word into your hearts – renew your minds by reading My Word daily, meditate upon it and memorize it.  

My Word and I are ONE, and as you “eat” My Word you will be transformed more and more into My image and likeness. As you truly begin to know, and receive the truth of My Word and My promises to you, you will LIVE it!  You will begin to think differently and talk and act differently, you will respond to others differently, and you will respond to circumstances differently.  You will begin to see yourself differently, you will see others differently, and you will also see ME differently!

As you renew your mind through the transforming power of My Word you will become stronger spiritually and it will become easier to put the flesh under and to walk in purity and righteousness.  Be quick to repent and quick to forgive – all of these things help you to close access doors to the enemy.  Remember to put on your spiritual armor daily, (Ephesians 6:10-17). 

Praise is a weapon of warfare – listen to praise music daily and sing along with it.  As you praise Me with a heart of worship I will clothe you with My glory, and chains of bondage will be broken off of your life.  There are many songs that contain scriptures – as you sing My Word it will transform and strengthen you.     

You also need to have balance in every area of your life – not only do you need to spend quality time with Me daily, but you also need to get the proper amount of sleep, you need to heave a healthy diet, and you need to get the proper amount of exercise.  Everyone has certain daily responsibilities that they need to take care of, but you also need to have FUN in your life as well!  

Many of you are so burdened and stressed with your daily responsibilities, you don’t think you have time for fun recreational activities, but it is a very important part of life because it helps to keep you from getting “burned out.”  If you give Me the opportunity, I will help you find the proper balance that you need, and as a result you will have a much higher quality of life.
"For with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment."
~Luke 1:37 (AMPC)


"May we shout for joy when we hear of your victory and raise a victory banner in the name of our God. May the Lord answer all your prayers."~Psalm 20:5(NIV)

“Lift up a banner on a barren mountain. Call out to them. Signal with your hand, and they will go through the gates of the nobles.”~Isaiah 13:2 (CSV)

A few years back I had a dream where a friend of mine and I were inside an old house that looked like it was from the 1800s. Inside the house it was very dark and the air was heavy with dust and the rancid smell of uncared for antiques that were all over the house. We were looking through the antiques and feeling as if I was about to have an asthma attack from the heaviness of the air I told my friend: "We need to get out of here, if we don't the mold and the spores are going to kill us!" We went out of the house and, as we did, the sun was setting. The sky was a beautiful pink colors and there were groups of clouds colored in pink by the setting sun that spelled out the same word over and over across the entire horizon. The word the clouds spelled was the Hebrew word "Haphak" (הָפַךְ), which literally means "transformation" or "change".  I looked around over to a barren field just off from the horizon line and I saw a long line of children running across a dry field holding up a banner above their heads that had the word "Haphak" written on it. As the children ran across the field the banner trailed in the air behind them, and with every step forward they took, the field began to transform from dead and dry and barren to green and lush and full of blooming flowers.

This is what God spoke to me about the meaning of this dream. I pray it encourages and brings confirmation to someone today. ♥️


"And the One who sat on the throne announced to His creation, 'See, I am making all things new.' And, turning to me, He said, 'Write what you hear and see, for these words are faithful and true.'" ~Revelations 21:5 (VOICE)

The Father says,

“My Child: change is available and change possible. The enemy says that circumstances cannot change and you cannot change. But your Father God says over you that neither you nor your circumstances are ever so beyond hope that change is not possible. The word 'CHANGE' is written over your life! One of things I am to you is Jehovah Nissi, meaning 'God is my banner'; but on that banner at any time over your life is a word, and the word right now is 'CHANGE'. You cried out to me for change, you petitioned me for change and change is your portion!"


"Joshua told the people, "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you." 
~Joshua 3:5 (NIV)

"So make yourself available to me! For as you come deeper into Me, I will download My Mind and My Mentality into your heart and cause you to begin to navigate through your circumstances and situations according to a pattern and strategy from Heaven that confuses the enemy and makes you walk through the walls of restriction and impediment. I will cause you to see the open doors where others just see bars and gates and impossibilities. For I delight to do in your life in this season what others say is improbable and impossible!"


"You spread out a table before me, provisions in the midst of attack from my enemies. You care for all my needs, anointing my head with soothing, fragrant oil, filling my cup again and again with Your grace."~Psalm 23:5 (VOICE)

"YOU are my poster child for IMPROBABLE OUTCOMES! Improbable outcomes in this time. Improbable outcomes in this season. Improbable outcomes in the coming year. For, I have set my favor upon you and this is a season of endearment and a time of advancement in your life. The hand of the enemy will be unable to stiff-arm you or divert you from the promises that I am bringing to pass in your life: Promise of increase, promise of restoration. Moving from visitation to habitation in that place of blessing and in your walk with Me in My Favor and Goodness. I have a table spread with the full bandwidth of My Promise in your life in the coming season."


“I will court her again and bring her into the wilderness, and I will speak to her tenderly there. There I will give back her vineyards to her and transform her Valley of Troubles into a Door of Hope. She will respond to me there, singing with joy as in days long ago in her youth after I had freed her from captivity in Egypt...Then you will lie down in peace and safety, unafraid; and I will bind you to me forever with chains of righteousness and justice and love and mercy. I will betroth you to me in faithfulness and love, and you will really know me then as you never have before. I will answer the pleading of the sky for clouds, to pour down water on the earth in answer to its cry for rain. Then the earth can answer the parched cry of the grain, the grapes, and the olive trees for moisture and for dew—and the whole grand chorus shall sing together that ‘God sows!’ He has given all!”~Hosea 2:14-15; 18-22 (TLB)

"This is a SEASON OF ENDEARMENT where I am endearing Myself to you, beginning with Grace and ending in Substance and Manifestation. Get ready for change! Get ready for a shift because this is your NOW season! I am showing up in your life as you seek, knock, find, and secure those new strategies in COOPERATION with my SPIRIT and COOPERATION with MY WORD. For, I am copying out the testimony of My Word and establishing it in your life. My Child, you are My living epistle to be known and read by all men as one who is established and one who is brought forth in ministry portion causing your life to count for something in my Kingdom and in provisioning for you beyond your expectations!!!" says the Lord.

Dorkita Urdin
He makes me to lie down in green pastures
He leads me beside still waters
He restores my soul...
~Psalm 23:2-3
TRANSCRIPT: My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My children, what burdens you today. Lay it at My feet. Remember no situation remains the same, as you live in a world of constant change. Yet, I remain the same through all of the yesterday's and all of the tomorrow's. Cast your burdens upon Me, My children. My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Are you allowing Me to give you My rest to My children, or do you continue to struggle against the darkness on your own. Yes, there is a learning process here, but you will feel the heaviness that weighs upon you lifting if they'll trust. Trust Me to carry you through whatever it is that you are facing. No weight is too great for you to bear when you allow Me to do the heavy lifting. No heart is too broken for Me to mend. I am your supplier, and I supply in abundance, but many fail to see Me, thus they are blind to receiving what I offer them. Do not allow yourselves to be a victim of your circumstance. If you are sinking, My hand is open and within your reach to grab. I promise My children this. Reach now. Take a hold of My hand. I delight in helping, My children. I wish for all to see this. I am by your side when you're feeling alone. If you reach for Me, I will surely grab a hold of your hand and bring you to safety. I am your shield and buckler. I am your strength when you have none left. Look upon your situations not with your own view but with mine. If you remain on your own, you will flounder, but with Me, your victory is already complete. Place your faith in Me, My children. Allow Me to renew what has been taken from you. Allow Me to repay what the enemy has stolen from you. Allow Me to be your restoration. What is your question, My children? I am the answer. I love you, My children. 

Yeshua Ha'Mashiach (Remember Psalms 30:5)
Transcript by 51Cats    278pikelk website/transcripts

Tyler Medina

Tonight in worship, the Lord took me into an open vision. In this vision, I saw many churches throughout the body of Christ. Some were withered, dark, and looked abandoned and I asked the Lord what am I seeing? He said “These are the churches who have traded holiness for popular opinion, they have traded righteousness for church members, and above all they have rejected MY precious Holy Spirit.”

Then He panned the view around and I saw churches that appeared as if they were glowing. They were fluorescent white with the greenest grass. The whole church from top to bottom was well kept and looked whole. Then He took me inside and I saw fathers, mothers, and kids travailing in prayer as tears rolled down their face. There were rocking back and forth, wailing for the move of God and a hunger for holiness to be returned to the house of God. The fire of God's presence radiated in the room as the assembly of angels gathered around. Their prayers and petition filled the prayer bowls of heaven until they began to tip over, pouring out fresh oil upon the people.

I then saw a giant quilt that was formed and fashioned by the Lord. It was very colorful like the coat of many colors. Each patch was symbolic and perfectly aligned. I asked what am I seeing? The Lord responded to me and said “These are the mantles of many generations, They are the mantles of past men and women of God but also past moves of God.” He said “I am dispersing them upon the hungry. Upon the ones who’s cry of hunger and desperation has turned my ear toward heaven (2nd Chronicles 7:14). The ones who have stood for holiness and have become pillars of righteousness in their generation. The ones who have become desperate enough to lay on their face before me, forsaking all they have to seek me until I moved on their behalf. I’m rewarding the hungry.”

And then He took these mantles and began throwing them upon these glowing churches (houses of righteousness) and said “They will be host of my glory.” I prophesy to you tonight that there are churches that have not forsaken the covenants of old. They have pursued holiness and stood for righteousness. They have hungered after the authentic move of the Spirit and have not wavered in prayer. They have not compromised in a time when so many churches are throwing in the towel for the sake of what’s convenient. He said “These churches will host revival in their generation, and they will bring liberation to their cities, their regions, and their nations in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.”
The Lord is Raising His Voice
05/11/19 - Elaine Tavolacci

One day as I was walking into a store I heard a loud truck horn. I thought that a huge semitrailer truck was coming down this small road but when I turned to look, I saw that this blaring sound was coming from a small sports utility vehicle. Apparently this man put an air horn of about 150 decibels into his SUV. As I looked back at this vehicle the Lord said; don’t judge anything or anyone from what you perceive, see or hear in the natural.

Jesus is raising up a generation of believers who will raise His voice. He is turning up the volume of His voice in those who are willing to become His mouthpiece, reverberate His word, reflect His glory, and rekindle the fire of the Holy Spirit on this earth. He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying. 

Some of you may feel insignificant. You may feel that you are unworthy to even speak for the Lord but when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will prophesy and be turned into a different person just as Saul was (1 Samuel 10:6) The Lord has called Gideon to raise his voice as a mighty man of valor. He has called many to decree and declare His word to release life to the nations.

The Lord says, I have created men and women and I have called, anointed and appointed those to be My mouthpieces in this season. This is the day that I am taking those who seem to be small and insignificant in the eyes of the world and raising them up to become My representatives. They are those who will trumpet My voice, resound My words, and release my glory to a dry and thirsty land. They will speak as My voice with a mighty roar that will shake the nations.

They will trumpet My voice and prophesy My word. They are those who know their authority and know that they have been chosen to shift atmospheres. They are able to relate to all walks of life, because many of them have been delivered from a life of adversity. They will bring hope to the destitute, bring comfort to the lonely, heal the brokenhearted and ignite the flame again to those that have given up on their dreams.  

Don't judge them by their outward appearance. They may seem small in the eyes of men, but when My anointing comes upon them, they will become as another man or woman. Don't despise those that have come out of the pit. Welcome those whom I have delivered, transformed, and set free because I desire to use them mightily. They are My vessels of honor. Those that have been released from chains will be given the keys to unlock the chains of others.

They will do no more than what was assigned to them, and they will be no less than who they were created to be because their hearts are aligned with My will. I will raise up those that are the least of them and make them mouthpieces resonating My word to the ends of the earth. They will know their assignment and release that which I have given them to release. Be watchful and pray for them as this divine shift transforms into a magnificent reality." says the Lord.

1 Samuel 10:6
Then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you, and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man.

John 3:34 (The Passion)
The One whom God has sent to represent him will speak the words of God, for God has poured out upon him the fullness of the Holy Spirit without limitation

1 Corinthians 1:27 (The Passion)
But God chose those whom the world considers foolish to shame those who think they are wise, and God chose the puny and powerless to shame[a] the high and mighty.


“'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,'declares the LORD. 'As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.'”~Isaiah 55:8-12 (NIV)


About a week ago while praying, God began to show me a ballerina dressed in a beautiful purple dress and a crown of fragrant white flowers that looked like daisies getting into a boat with Jesus. As soon as they got on, the wind began blowing behind the boat and the boat began to accelerate with greater and greater force out of the dock. Then the boat began to turn to the right to sail off into the choppy waters. I began to guess where the boat was destined to, but at some point, to my surprise, however, the boat began to slow down and Jesus got off the boat, stood on the water and extended His hand out to the ballerina. Without faltering, the ballerina bent down to fasten the satin laces on her purple ballet shoes and jumped out of the boat. Then, as the ballerina’s hand met Jesus’ hand, they began circling away from the boat in a dance upon the waters.

This is what God spoke to me about this vision. I pray it speaks encouragement and confirmation to someone today. ♥️


“We are confident that God is able to orchestrate everything to work toward something good and beautiful when we love Him and accept His invitation to live according to His plan.”~Romans 8:28 (VOICE)

“My Child, you have asked for answers, petitioned Me for answers, and there are answers coming to you this season. There are answers and there are greater doors of opportunity going to become available to you. Press past the frustration and the seeming standing still, because there are doors that seemed to close for a season, while I drew you close to me to prepare you and make new roads for greater and effectual doors to come. There is a strong fragrance of My Leading and My Strategy about to overwhelm you and steer you into new waters, new roads, and a new season full of fresh new undertakings that will both surprise you and inject newness of life into you. You may have had your own expectations of the paths I would take you in, how things were going to pan out, and how the breakthroughs, the direction, the doors were going to come. Instead, attacks from the enemy have come to your life that threatened to silence your voice, numb you and zap your energy and will to go on. Take heart and continue to follow My Voice and My Prompting, because you are about to find yourself not regretting where you have been, where you are at, nor where you are being taken! Rather, you are going to find yourself excited about what is up ahead and you are going to know that you are in the right place at the right time and you are going to see like never before how strategic My Timing is. It will ALL make sense! I am an intentional God who works ALL things out for your good. Every good and perfect gift comes from Me, and you are one who will walk in this knowledge stretching beyond what you thought you were able to do, refreshing yourself through My Word knowing that you will find your strength and joy in Me because My Grace is there for you through everything and anything you walk through.”


“But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me, so that through me the proclamation might be fully accomplished, and that all the Gentiles might hear; and I was rescued out of the lion's mouth.”~2 Timothy 4:17 (NIV)

"But those who trust in the Eternal One will regain their strength. They will soar on wings as eagles. They will run—never winded, never weary. They will walk—never tired, never faint."~Isaiah 40:31 (VOICE)

“I am releasing My STRENGTH over you. Strength is coming into your joy. Strength is coming into your will. Strength is coming over your faith, over your relationships, and over every part of your life. My strength is going to overtake you and help you break through stagnation and move forward into things and the places I am moving you into. I am refueling you, refreshing you, and filling you afresh with My Fire. I am breaking limitations and barriers and bringing things, people, places into your life that will bring you upwards into other levels. What this means is that there are people, places and things you don't even know about that are coming into your life to elevate you to new levels and walk through new doors to break you out of the last season of your life and into new levels of My Glory. There are long shut places that have been closed down for years that will be open for you. Do not limit the ways in which I can break you through for my ways are many and often unusual! Be open and receptive, for I have unusual ways full of My Grace and Power to break you through to extraordinary things to come! Doors, places, adventures that you never thought you’d walk in are about to give way before you as I release My Strength over your life! The veil of fog that has clouded the road against you is about to give way! The oppressive hand that has tried to keep your voice silent and to diminish your hope and strength is about to be removed by My Hand! And you will charge forward with the full force of My Strength, speaking with My Might words like thunder that will bring the force of My Breakthrough with them for you and for many others!”


"I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”~John 15:5 (NIV)

“My Child, there will be crossroads ahead at which you will have to yield yourself afresh to Me, for what you encounter ahead may take you by surprise and perhaps not even make sense to you. But, fear not, because My Hand is at work in your hand and what I am leading you to still waters and green pastures of My Glory! The path ahead may require you to be one who is pliable and flexible in My Hand, but as you remain in that place of declaring, ‘God let me be that vessel that you can flow through’, I will cause all things to come together, to intertwine and lock together and fall in place on your behalf. And, it is going to be a good, good work of My Hand for My Plans are to prosper and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope! You are an instrument in My Hand, so continue to draw closer to the Hand that moves you. Let me continue to cultivate in you a childlike stance of reverent trust and joy in the great Love, Peace, and Victory you have in Me. Continue to adapt to the movement and the prompting of My Spirit upon your life, because step by step and moment by moment, I am leading you in all things through My vehicle of destiny and I will bring all things together in a wonderful way for you! Trust that not only do I have My Hand of Favor upon you and your best interests at heart, but you have My Gold in you, Child! My Glory and My Anointing are at work within you and within your life to bring everything that is needed to fall into place."


"Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place— the Most High, who is my refuge— no evil shall be allowed to befall you, no plague come near your tent."~Psalm 91:9-10 (NIV)

"For the Eternal is always there to protect you. He will safeguard your each and every step."~Proverbs 3:26 (VOICE)

"Listen, repeat, and remember: I am your security and I am your Victory! Like the spring rains that water the ground with promise, I am infusing you with My Strength, and as I do, expect to be moving forward with great unspeakable Joy full of My Glory—for, My Strength will not only conquer for you, but stir you up in a new and exhilarating way! Expect the full force of My Strength to also come upon your vision, meaning that I am strengthening your vision that you may visualize clearly the plan and the strategy in moving forward in Me through the next steps ahead. I am tying up all the loose ends that have had you on edge. I am strengthening your step and your stance in Me to bring you into a new place of heavenly balance and beauty for ashes ahead. I am ordering your steps and My Voice in your life is leading you in the right direction. You are about to enter new doors, new adventures, and new levels of My Glory that will be exactly the right thing at the right time for you. So, fear not, if things don’t make sense at the onset and continue to seek My Face, because in the grand plan, the great scheme of My Plans and purposes for you and those whose lives I made you to touch, it will ALL make sense! Get ready for the cloud of fog to part from your life and for the light of My great revelation of the Divine strategies and blueprints you have asked Me for such a to break through to your life. Get ready to move forward into a great field of blessings I have prepared for you, with My Spirit of Might permeating your joy, your faith, and every area of your life. Get ready to see My Strength to hit your life full force like abundant spring showers, permeating you with beauty to advance!” says the Lord.

Dorkita Urdin
He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul...
~Psalm 23:2-3

Kathy Mote - Word 04/17/19

The Lord said, I don't choose many, I choose few.

For days the Lord has been showing me glimpses of a beautiful woman, heavy with child. He speaks to me of her and His purpose in her. He says how important she is, and that she carries the seed of what He will do in the Earth.

He said, She is few in number, but I have put great power in her. I have raised her, and guided her every step. I have taken her into the wilderness to bring her up, and now I am bringing her out.

I see many things about those filled with His purpose that I am to share. The Lord's calling on your life and the anointing that it required has isolated you, taught and trained you and required so much of you. It has changed your life.

You seem to have always flowed in your own stream and it made you much stronger than those who seemed 'normal'. Another word for normal is average and you, my dear, are neither. Your uniqueness has built in you uncommon strength and that strength is becoming your uncommon beauty.

None of your seasons have been easy, and this one is no exception. The seed of great and powerful change within you has become so burdensome that you feel this change is overdue. How much more will this cost! But in this moment the Lord is filling you with His strength and it feels like faith that abandons all else.

The Lord is putting the finishing touches on your already deeply ingrained and beautiful humility as you trust Him in this season. As He is going all out, you are going all out. You used to say, He is my only reward, but you are about to know that on a much deeper level.

I cannot express the glory I see Him pour out on you. I am also at a loss for words to describe the strength He must build in you. Most people see God in a very limited way, but this is not true of you. The mighty God who called and filled you will show up mightily in you. He is changing your earthly view to a Heavenly view.

He will be releasing a powerful, eye opening message through His 'very few'. This message is powerful and is explosive enough to change the world you live in. He is making you ready for that. The heartfelt knowledge that He is your reward will go deeper into your heart until you become one with Him. That will be your strength.

Is Anything too Hard for the Lord? - Elaine Tavolacci

There is a story in the book of Genesis about a man named Abraham and his wife Sarah. They left their families and even their country trusting the Lord at His word to bless them and make them a great nation. The word of the Lord came to Abraham in a vision and told him that he was going to have a child. The Lord put Abraham in a deep sleep and made a covenant with him. When I read this passage I remembered when the Lord also put Adam into a deep sleep when He created Eve from his rib.

Sarah gave her Egyptian maid Hagar over to her husband so they could have a son. Abraham went along with Sarahs wishes and Hagar conceived and had a son which they named Ishmael. This was not Gods promised son. Then the Lord reminded me of the time that Adam followed his wife Eve by eating the forbidden fruit which was not Gods will. 

Some of you are tired of waiting on God's promise and you are about to settle for an Ishmael. If you follow your natural instincts you will not produce what Jesus has for you. Don’t try to make things happen in your own strength. Refuse to give birth to an Ishmael because the Lord has an Isaac planned for you if you wait on Him.

Ten years later the Lord came down and appeared to Abraham. He changed his name from Abram to Abraham and changed his wife’s name from Sarai to Sarah. He told him that Sarah herself was going to have a son and will name him Isaac. Abraham fell on his face and laughed to himself. Although he was a man of faith, this sounded ridiculous to him because of their age.

In chapter eighteen, The Lord appeared to Abraham again as three men came to him. He told him once again that Sarah was going to have a son. Sarah overheard this conversation and she also laughed in unbelief. Although they trusted the Lord all along, they were now looking at their situation in the natural which was their old age. Then the Lord said to Abraham, "Why did Sarah laugh, saying, 'Shall I surely bear a child, since I am old?' Is anything too hard for the Lord?

The story goes on to say in chapter 21 that Sarah conceived a son named Isaac in her old age. This was his promised son. The name Isaac means “laugh”. Ishmael is not Gods perfect will but it is something that is born of the flesh. John 3:6 says: That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

The Lord says, is there anything too difficult for Me? Don't allow situations in the natural to steal your faith. Trust in My promises and provisions. Do not see yourself as inadequate but know that I can do more with your life than you could do in the natural. I am El Shaddai and nothing is too difficult for Me. Just as I told Abraham to leave everything behind and trust Me in the journey ahead, I am calling you to trust Me with your future.

Just as I led Abraham, I will also lead you. I am the same yesterday, today and forever and I am still speaking today. Just as I honored Abrahams prayers and did not destroy the city for ten righteous, will I not honor your prayers? Trust Me for your families, your cities and even your countries to be brought into My kingdom. Believe My word to answer every prayer and supplication.
Don't make hasty decisions, which will produce an Ishmael. Wait on that which I have promised to you because it shall surely come to pass. Just as I made a Covenant with Abraham, I have made a Covenant with you. Wait on My promise. Your promised seed, Isaac is on the way. Don't allow the enemy to magnify the difficulties in your life and make then appear unconquerable.

I will bring you through situations that you have not been able to go through on your own and open the doors that need to be opened.Trust Me to move every obstacle that is blocking you from getting to your destination. Go forth in that which I have commissioned for you to do. Go without fear or wavering, surrendering all for the assignment that I have for your life says the Lord.

Genesis 18:10 -14 
And He said, "I will certainly return to you according to the time of life, and behold, Sarah your wife shall have a son." (Sarah was listening in the tent door which was behind him.) Now Abraham and Sarah were old, well advanced in age; and Sarah had passed the age of childbearing. Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, "After I have grown old, shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also?" And the Lord said to Abraham, "Why did Sarah laugh, saying, 'Shall I surely bear a child, since I am old?' Is anything too hard for the Lord? At the appointed time I will return to you, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son."

Romans 4:3 
Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness.

Hebrews 11:8 -12 
By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going. By faith he dwelt in the land of promise as in a foreign country, dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise; for he waited for the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God. By faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed, and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised. Therefore from one man, and him as good as dead, were born as many as the stars of the sky in multitude-innumerable as the sand which is by the seashore.

Lisa Beth Adams - Facebook friend of Michael van Vlymen's

ANGELS: I want to share something very special with you.
Some things are so intimate and personal that sharing feels like you’re violating something holy. After prayer, I feel it will benefit some of you and hopefully create a hunger in you to go even deeper in your walk with the Living God.

Every year I walk with God, The experiences He allows grows. Last Saturday I went out for a run. I got about a mile from home when I heard the rustling of leaves. I looked to my right and out in the field was a small tornado of swirling leaves. It was like the leaves were intentionally being picked up and swirled around. My heart spoke in that still small voice that I know so well. “It’s an Angel.”
I smiled as I continued to watch it moving across the field. I spoke out loud and said, “Thank you for being here today. If you don’t mind, I’d like to meet you. I’ll stop and wait for you.”
I stopped running and watched for a response. The swirling cyclone that had been traveling North of me, before my eyes now changed direction and came East directly towards me. I stood still as it literally came from the middle of the field right to where I was and enveloped me. The leaves swirling all around my body. I was laughing and in supreme joy as you might imagine.
It left and changed direction back to North going across the street into another field.

I continued my run, relishing in what just happened and praising God.
I ran about 2 tenths of a mile and then turned left on the intersecting road. I get around another 10th of a mile down and it appears again! Coming from my left, I questioned if it was the same one. If so, it would have had to make a strong change of direction to the south to get to where I now was. In the natural, it didn’t make sense for the distance it traveled to have started north, then east to me, it left going north again to now going south to find me. But there it was! It again came to where I was, still carrying its dancing leaves and traveled right in front of me as it continued on its journey.
I smiled and waved as I watched it leave and I continued on my run.

The carnal mind is enmity against the Spirit. So though I knew what I saw and experienced, my mind tried to dismiss it as a fluke of nature and coincidence.
Monday night comes two days later. I’m at the end of my Monday night house meeting. We always pray together before we dismiss for the week. The ladies and I are circled up holding hands and I begin to pray. I prayed for healing that each of them needed. One was instantly healed of sinus infection and the other relieved of back pain. God’s Spirit was moving. I finish praying and one lady says, “as you were praying, I saw beautiful swirling lights and you were surrounded by swirling leaves.”
The other lady also saw light, like everything got lighter.
She said, ”I don’t know why I saw leaves.”
I smiled and told her what I just told you.

You see, God confirms things to me like this all the time. She saw the angel as I prayed. God revealed it to her to confirm the experience to me. The angel was the swirling lights and leaves she just saw. The angel used the leaves that day to allow me to see him. He is spirit and wind.

Regarding the angels, he says, "He sends his angels like the winds, his servants like flames of fire. Heb 1:7

God is real and interactive friends. His angels are real and interactive. If I had not developed ears to hear the leading of God’s Spirit, I would have missed this encounter.

The sons of God are led by the Spirit of God. Practice following the still small voice obediently. God will show you who He is in ways that are just as intense as in the Bible accounts. He will lead you, direct you and use you for His glory. And along the way, He will delight you with Himself and His creation. He IS the same yesterday, today and forever.

Seek Him while He may be found.

LOGOS - Doug MacCallum  (Word from April 2018 released 03/12/19)

I am about to unleash My Fury upon the Earth. The powers of darkness have gathered its forces to attempt to overthrow My Rule, but all in vain. Satan believes he has control of the Earth and does not realize that all control he has is because of what I have allowed for My Own Purposes. Those who follow him also believe he is their true god. The darkness of their hearts has choked out any shred of Light and Truth. They are truly the sons of deception, blind to their own folly. They listen for and hear the lying spirits who direct them, as blind sheep being led to their own slaughter.

But My Flock know My Voice. Those that know Me know My Way, My Truth, and My Life. My People, mark those who say they know Me, but walk on the wrong path and speak not My Truth. They are as the walking dead, trying to mask their own corruption, deceiving others who wander from My Righteousness and despise My Truth. The devil and his coworkers are searching the souls of mankind. They are looking for disobedience, rebellion, and unbelief in men’s hearts. These attitudes are the very things darkness feeds on. Going unchecked, these blackened souls fall victim to the enemy. These attitudes of the fallen nature become the host for all forms of evil spirits to grow in and bring ultimate Death. My People will see a clearer distinction between My People of Light and the children of darkness. You have asked for and are being granted greater Discernment in the Spiritual Realm. You will also discern the enemies devices. I will give you greater Wisdom and Knowledge as to his strategies in order that I may execute My Plan through My People to destroy Satan’s works. Before I take My Bride Home to Myself, She will be My Great Hammer and Sword against Satan and his forces.  The Gates of Hell will not prevail against My Plan, The Body of Christ, which I intended from before the foundations of the Earth. My Beloved has been preparing Herself, and making Herself ready for My end time Operation on the Earth. In the midst of great chaos and destruction She will come forth, leaning on Her Beloved, to accomplish the Task I called Her to for My Glory!  My Holy, Righteous, Company will only do as I command, just as Ezekiel’s  four living creatures and their wheels function. Whichever Way My Spirit blows, to lead and guide, so too will My Mighty Army go. Never has there been a Company of My People since Time began, that is One in My Spirit, Name, and Purpose! They are MY BODY, joined securely to My Headship, wholly given over to My Will to fulfill. Because of Their surrender to Me, I will fill Them with My Glory as has never been seen before on the Earth. My Plan, My Son, will be magnified on the Earth before I remove My Bride to Myself. She has secured My Favor and Trust so that I may pour out My Spirit and Power in and through Her to display My Presence to those who are yet to come into My Flock. Many will come to Me through the Work of My Trustworthy Vessels. The displays of My Great Power will also be the final witness against many who reject Me. They will be without excuse.

My Beloved, continue to trim Your Lamps and be continually filled with My Spirit and Word. Allow Me to complete all that I have started in You. Do not  lean on your own understanding but let Me be Your Reality and Focus. Your Destiny is closer than you think!

Leilani Masaniai


Behold the Calah, "it's how you say the bride in Hebrew." 
Do you remember when the bridegroom made his visit?  It was for her.  And yet she's still here. 

She's the bride but not yet married.

In the Hebrew wedding, the bridegroom journeys to the house of the bride. There in that house, or tent, the covenant is made. They are from that moment on considered bride and groom, husband and wife. 

But the bridegroom must then leave the bride and her house and journey back to where he came from. 
The two are joined in the covenant of marriage. But they don't see each other until the day of the wedding. They spend their time preparing for that day.
But for the bride, it seems as if nothings changed. She still lives with her family in that tent. She still doing her daily chores. Her surroundings are the same. Her life is the same. She's married, but what's changed?
She's changed.
She is now the Calah.

Two thousand years ago that bridegroom journeyed to the house of the bride, God journeyed to this world, to our house, to our lives. 
And, likewise, it was to make a covenant. 
According to the mystery, the bridegroom must leave the brides house and return home. 
So Messiah then left this world to return to heaven. 
So these now are the days of separation. 
The groom is in his house, heaven. 
And we, as the bride, are in our house, this world. 
And if you've said yes to the bridegroom's covenant, you are as she is. You're still in the same tent, this world. Things around you may look the same and feel the same. Your life, your circumstances may look unchanged. But something very big has changed…You! 
It is not the tent that has changed, or your world, but you. And so you are no longer of the world. You're in the world, but no longer of it. You no longer belong to your circumstances, nor your past, no your sins and limitation. No longer are you bound to these things. You don't belong to the world. You belong to the Bridegroom. You are free. You're the Calah!

Live this day as the bride in the tent – as one no longer bound by your circumstances, but belonging to the Bridegroom – free of this world.

John 17:9-18; 2 Corinthians 11:12; 
1 Peter 2:11–12
~Beneath the Shadow of Thy Wings

Beloved. My timing is perfect. Do not fret about the evildoers or the plans of the enemy. Though many whisper and send dark forces against you to arrest you and stop you, have no fear. For I have announced to the devil that My Warrior Bride will be here a "little while longer". Now is YOUR time, My Child. They could not stop My Plans in the past and they will not stop them now, Dear One. The Restrainer shall stay to thwart the plans of the enemy until I call you unto Me. Then the enemy shall look for you and not find you, because where I am taking you, he cannot go. So do not fear, My Child. My Spirit in you holds back the darkness around you. The Light is among you, and in you. The darkness cannot overtake you. You are My Child of Light, and nothing shall penetrate My Glorious Shield around you. You have been born for such a time as this. The enemy is distressed because I have placed you right where you are for a "little while longer." GREATER THINGS shall you do by the Spirit of God. Do not lose your Hope, Beloved. Hang on a little while longer. Let not your heart faint and be not fearful at the reports heard in the land. For GREATER is He who is in you than he who is in the world. I will turn darkness into Light before you.These things I will do for you, and I will not forsake you. Let not your heart be troubled. Your very presence on earth is holding back the darkness. It always seems the darkest right before the Dawn, My Love. You shall be here for just "a little while longer", pushing back the darkness, and oh what miracles, signs, and wonders I shall perform for you and through you! ...............................................................John 7:32When the Pharisees heard the crowd whispering these things about Jesus, they and the chief priests sent officers to arrest Him. 33So Jesus said, “I shall be with you a little while longer, and then I shall go to the One who sent Me. 34You will look for Me, but you will not find Me; and where I am, you cannot come.” 
...John 12:35 Then Jesus told them, "For a little while longer, the Light will be among you. Walk while you have the Light, so that darkness will not overtake you... 
...John 14:12 Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. ...Luke 1:78 Through the tender mercy of our God; by which the Dawn from on high has visited us ...2 Thessalonians 2:6-8


•Released with Permission from Lou Engle and Will Ford

On January 28, 2019, I had a prophetic dream where I was taken up to an elevated position over the United States and saw the word, “Nineveh” written over the landscape of the nation. I then was immediately taken into a large courtroom that was filled with all sorts of angelic beings. Many of them had beautifully colored wings while others had the features of humans, only taller in appearance. A gavel was suddenly slammed down in the courtroom and our attention was shifted to the case at hand.

The United States and Nineveh

A man in a suit quickly walked in carrying a brief case that had, “The antichrist spirit” engraved on it. He approached the Judge and on the paper he handed to him was clearly written, “ABORTION”. It seemed as if the angelic beings in the courtroom began to be filled with wonder and curiosity. It seemed that they were waiting for the Judge to make a ruling on the case so that they knew their assignments.

The Judge began to speak out loud in the dream and this is what He said, “The destiny of the United States in hanging in the balance as in the days of Nineveh. I once pronounced judgment on Nineveh and so I now pronounce judgment on the United States of America because they have tolerated the murder of My innocent ones for too long. However, I am sending my prophets in the likeness of Jonah from within and without. Yes, I am sending Jonah’s from foreign nations that will confront the antichrist spirit in the United States. Yes, I am also releasing My Jonah’s from within the United States who will contend against the antichrist spirit. Did Nineveh not repent from her wickedness and My hand of judgment relent? Can the United States not repent from her wickedness and My hand of judgment relent concerning this issue of abortion? You must understand that there are many watchmen in the United States that I have called to take a stand for LIFE and they have run from it just like Jonah. For this time and in these days, I shall call upon them once more!”

Lou Engle and the Grey/White Hairs

Immediately the dream shifted to a morgue where I was taken inside of a room and waited for a body in a bag to come out. The body was wheeled out before me on a bed and the bag was unzipped. Underneath was the body of Lou Engle. He had a very long white beard and had the appearance of a young physically fit man. I wept in the dream over Lou and shouted, “Lou, we need you! The womb of this nation needs you! The intercessors and the prophets need you! Judgment has been decreed upon the land as in the days of Nineveh, but the word of the Lord is that the judgment can be overturned! We must cry out for repentance and mercy in these days!”

Suddenly, one of the angelic beings who was in the courtroom earlier appeared with a gigantic golden key. The angel drove the key directly inside of Lou’s heart and a bolt of lightning hit the room. Lou jumped off the table with a staff in his hands. He looked at me in the dream and said, “Jeremiah, I once as a young man called the Nazarites forth in this nation, but now as an older man I will call forth the grandparents in this nation to fight for LIFE!”( I felt instantly in the dream that there was a direct connection in the spirit realm to grandparents in the United States championing this issue of abortion in their last days. They in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s are carrying specific authority to do so.) Lou continued and said, “I once called upon the long hairs (Nazarites), but now I will call upon the white and grey hairs.” (Grandparents/Older Generations)

The Fight for Life in the Black Community

The dream shifted yet again as I found myself in a sea of people as far as my eyes could see in Washington D.C. Millions of Christians had gathered on the Mall in D.C. to fight for life. Lou took the stage with Will and Dehavilland Ford (African-American leaders) and they made a decree to everyone present in the nation. Will Ford declared, “Beyond political parties and racial affiliations, we will stand together for LIFE in these days.” I heard God immediately say to me in the dream, “The issue of abortion will divide the African-American race in the days ahead. Some will refuse to hear what I am saying, while others will be given a justice mandate like never before.”

One last time, the dream shifted to a newspaper article highlighting an African American woman who was raised up in politics in the years ahead that would force the black community to choose between life in the womb or political party affiliation and race.

I heard God say, “You have been warned America. What will you do with the judgment of Nineveh upon your nation? Will you fight for life and see mercy fall upon you or will you remain silent and watch as great destruction and economic collapse fall upon your land?”

Then I woke up.

-Jeremiah Johnson


There are several instances mentioned in the bible where people had encountered giants. In the book of Numbers the Lord told Moses to send twelve men, one from each of the twelve tribes of Israel to spy out the land of Canaan (The Promised Land). They returned to Moses with a cluster of grapes that was so huge that it took two men to carry. But they had returned with a bad report saying "although the land surely does flow with milk and honey the giants are too large for us to conquer" They also said, "We were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight." This was due to their own intimidation. When Caleb heard this report he said, let us go up and possess the land. Joshua and Caleb went in and returned saying that the land flows with milk and honey, the Lord is with us, and do not fear the giants because they will be bread for us..

The book of 1 Samuel chapter 17 mentions another giant named Goliath who David slayed with a sling and a stone when he was a young shepherd boy. The reason why David knew that he would have the victory over Goliath was because he had already killed a lion and a bear before he defeated this giant. God used a slingshot in the hands of David to take down something that would be impossible to do in the natural. His strength was not in and of himself, but it was a supernatural act of God. David had a personal relationship with the Lord and later became a psalmist, a prophet and a king. The time that he spent alone with the Lord gave him great courage and determination to behead something that he knew in the natural was extremely stronger than himself.

Throughout his younger days, David was being groomed and prepared to become a great leader during times of rejection and difficult tests.. Some of you are also being trained in your darkest hour. Recognize the challenge. David had been through many battles in his life but he always came out victorious. He was a warrior but also a man after Gods own heart. David’s brothers also became giant killers as they were later influenced and trained by him (2 Samuel 21:21-22) David had an elite army who were mighty and fierce warriors. They are named and described in 2 Samuel 23: 8- 39. Jesus is also raising up an elite army of warriors for the days ahead. It is imperative to get connected with other giant slayers so that you will be victorious and defeat giants in the days ahead.

The Lord says; I have created you to be a giant slayer. Never allow the enemy to magnify the negative situations in your life, and don't look at the giants as unconquerable. Do not see yourself as inadequate but know that you are well able to overcome any obstacle that stands before you, and fulfill any assignment that I have called you to do. Go forth as Joshua and Caleb knowing that you are well able to possess the land. Do not fear but go forth in what I have commissioned you to do.

Don’t be led by your natural senses or your physical limitations. Your present circumstances may be overwhelming but observe every situation in the light of My word. The weapons of your warfare are not natural weapons but I have provided mighty spiritual weapons for you to tear down strongholds and annihilate any giant that rises against you. Don't be intimidated by the vastness of your challenges and don't allow your natural circumstances to steer you in a neutral gear. Gird up the loins of your mind when threatened with adversity. You have been equipped to defeat any giant that rises up against you says the Lord.

Numbers 14:6- 9 (AMP)
Joshua the son of Nun and Caleb the son of Jephunneh, who were among those who had spied out the land, tore their clothes [as a sign of grief], and they spoke to all the congregation of the sons of Israel, saying, “The land through which we passed as spies is an exceedingly good land. If the Lord delights in us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us, a land which flows with milk and honey. Only do not rebel against the Lord; and do not fear the people of the land, for they will be our prey. Their protection has been removed from them, and the Lord is with us. Do not fear them.” 
1 Samuel 17: 48-49
So it was, when the Philistine arose and came and drew near to meet David, that David hurried and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine. Then David put his hand in his bag and took out a stone; and he slung it and struck the Philistine in his forehead, so that the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell on his face to the earth. 

Encouraging Words through Kathy Mote

When Jesus told His followers that His body was the bread of Life, many became offended and left Him. What He said challenged them and they didn't understand. The only ones who didn't leave were those who had a close and intimate relationship with Him.

Soon many mysteries of the glory of God will be revealed. The enemy will also be hard at work, and many counterfeits will be heard and seen. Those who trust the Lord intimately will be the ones whose hearts are secure. Those are the ones who are satisfied in Him, knowing He is their true reward.

With all the falsehoods, half truths and counterfeits, many will be led astray. But you who know the voice of the Lover of your soul will never be deceived. Those in intimate relationship with Him will not be carried away. It's not head knowledge, but heart knowledge that will keep you safe in the day when everyone is being tempted.


For some reason, I always assume that normal life is for everyone else. I also assume that I am here to serve because I am all for Him. But when sickness comes, I give it to Him. I don't have time for it. Once my symptoms indicated a very serious condition, and I asked Him what I had. His response was to hold out His hand and say, Give that to Me. I asked Him again what it was and He answered, Does it matter? Is there anything you can name that I am not Lord over? That is the day I learned that Jesus does not need my help. I do not need to understand what I am being healed of. I don't need to know any of the details and I don't need to know how they are taken care of. He is Lord means He is Lord of every thing.


n a vision I saw the nose of a giant bull, and in the bull's nose was a heavy, black iron ring. The Lord spoke to me and said, "The rules, standards and expectations people exact from each other are not standards that give me a place of honor. They force you to honor one another, instead. They are a bull ring in your nose that the enemy uses to lead you away from Me. They cause you to enter all manner of soul ties that cause heartache and drama and blur the plumb line. By these standards you are expected to please and answer to each other. You find yourself entering into covenant with man rather than the Lord who called you to high integrity heart behavior."

The Lord calls you to give Him first place today, to walk in a high level of integrity as you honor Him in all things. Not one tenet of kindness will be missed. Not one aspect of Kingdom living will you omit.


When we were created, we were given authority in the Earth. Just because we lost fellowship with the Lord in the garden doesn't mean He took that authority back. He didn't. We don't have the power and wisdom of His Life in us until we are restored to our rightful place in Him. Having authority and honoring Him in it are two entirely different things.

The choice is ours, and the authority is ours but we trust Him for the ability to perceive and walk in Life and the power to honor Him, for they are His to give. It takes a yielded heart to remain in fellowship with Him. Walking in our authority has to be done in His presence of we are to bring His Kingdom to Earth.

Kathy Mote - FB  01/06/19  

Many are entering a season of freedom and release. The Lord spoke to me about this season years ago...He said, You will hardly know how to handle it, it will be such a relief!

Change will come upon you suddenly and the turnaround will be complete. Your memory of the difficult years will fade as your heart is healed. You will no longer see yourself as one who is destined to struggle. You will see yourself as one who is called to overcome.  You will enter the fullness for which you have been trained, and the faith and courage, humility and wisdom you gained in those difficult years will be your adornment in the harvest and fruitful years.

Your turnaround will bless more than just you. The light that shines on your life will be a testimony of His faithfulness for all to see. Those who scoffed at the Lord and scorned you because of your trials will stand in awe and be amazed.

The Lord said to me, I am calling My warriors to rise, and you will rally them. I looked at myself and at those around me who are hanging on, barely able to stand, having been stripped right down to the bone. Our every desire being aligned with His heart, we are coming to know His purpose in our lives. As we continually choose Him we are becoming one with His desires. To rally His Beloved is an impossible task, and I realized with a sinking heart why I was not up to the task.

We are being raised in such great power that only He can accomplish this in us as we become one with Him. Every weakness in us is being removed and every desire in us is being discovered by Him. Every notion we had of what this should look like is becoming obsolete. He will be raising us on the battlefield for our faith and hope. He is renewing our every expectation and our reward will be great.

Kathy Mote - FB

Apostolic Vision shared by Graham Cooke in Toronto  1996 Prophecy Conference. {Transcribed by Priscilla Van Sutphin}
{ First he apologizes to a woman who offered to buy him some books and he wouldn't accept her offer and the lord convicted him...and he openly in all humility apologized and prayed special blessings over her and her family.} ( This impressed me as I have NEVER in the US seen a prophet or pastor do this publicly.)

Then he read Isaiah 42:9 Behold, the former things have come to pass and before they come to pass I tell you of them.

Isaiah 43:18 Do not remember the former things nor consider the things of old. Behold I do a new thing. It shall spring forth. Shall you not know it ? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in he desert. The beasts of the field will honor Me. The jackals and ostriches, because I give waters in the desert, to give drink to My people, My chosen. My people that I have formed for Myself, they shall declare My praise!

Luke 5:36 Jesus spoke a parable. No one puts a piece from a new garment on an old one. Otherwise the new makes a tear. Also the price taken out of the new does not match the old wineskin, and be spilled. And the wineskins will be ruined. But new wine must be put into new wineskins and then both are preserved. No one having drunk old wine immediately desires new for he says the old is better.

Graham next taught on this, then shared a vision he had during the conference. " I remember Marc and I had breakfast the other morning when I was praying for you, I had a vision of a big marble hall, with huge double doors, twelve by ten, and when I pushed them open, there was this huge marble hall. He's been bringing you into a new place of anointing. A place of His presence and that really stirred something up inside of me. And on Saturday morning, one moment I was worshipping, the next moment I was stood outside these doors. 

And the doors began to open, and I could hear Marc (DuPont)'s voice in my ear saying, God has called you into a new place. He's opening new doors for you for a new place in God. I felt the Holy Spirit push me in, and I'm stood in the middle of this marble hall, and all this room here disappeared. I am physically in a new place and as I stood in the middle of this marble hall, I couldn't see the ceiling it was so high. I looked up, I saw movement. And what I saw was two angels, with a huge caldron of oil, golden oil. They were about a mile in  the air and they began to tip it.

The stream began to flow on top of me. They began to fly down, and the nearer they got, the bigger they became.  They were 100 ft tall. There was the huge caldron of oil being poured all over me.

And they got to a point where they stood next to me, and the caldron was half over my head and they were emptying out the drops. And I fell on the floor at that point, and all the time this golden oil was pouring out.  And there was a voice proclaiming, calling out to me over and over and over, “I’ve called you to restoration and unity.  I called you for the healing of the nations.  I called you as a peacemaker; to repair, to restore and to build the waste places; to repair old foundations, to repair streets and dwellings, the rebuilding of broken walls.  I’ve called you to the healing of the nations; to broken bodies and broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken relationships.  Over and over the voice proclaimed these words.

And I could feel the oil upon me, filing me up on the inside, till it flowed out of the pores of my skin, and my fingernails.  The end of my fingers began to drip with oil.  My eyes were weeping with oil.  My eyes were weeping with oil.  It coated my tongue and it filled my ears.  And then two more angels came.  They were smaller in size but still huge, and they stood near me and they carried huge baskets bigger than a table.  And they were filled with rose petals, blue, pink, white, red, and purple.   

They began throwing them over me, chanting about intimacy, and passionate love.  I could feel the rose petals dissolving and sticking on the oil.  They were covering me in a mantle of different colors.  And the angels were chanting” love and mercy, peace and grace, passionate love for the  Most High, worship, adoration, high praise be yours in the name of the Beloved!”  “ You are called to intimacy,  You are called to profound love and affection. The passion of the Bridegroom will fill you.  He will suffuse you with His desire until you are filled with love and you are Betrothed to Him.”

My mind was filled with a vision of newlyweds coming down the steps of a church and the bride was laughing in delight as rose petals were thrown over them.  And  two  more  angels  came smaller in size again but still bigger than the tallest man.  And in their hands they held huge containers of perfume, like hand pump sprays and they were covering me head to foot with this perfume and as they were spraying me they began to sing a new song: a song of intimacy, about prayer  and  intercession.  It was a  call to come  into  the secret  place  of  God’s Presence, to be filled with a zeal  for  prayer  and  prophetic  intercession.   I  was under the fragrance that comes from the very presence of  the Lord.  It permeated all of my clothes, my hair, and my skin.  It worked it’s way into the very fibers of the cloth I was wearing, and into my skin. 

 And the angels said,
“These are assigned to you for the shaking of the nations”  Then I found my-self in this huge vehicle, with six angels in the back.  And we are traveling from city to city. The angels would shout, as we moved Into a city, “We are here to pull down the strongholds, and to tear down the oppressor.  We are here to proclaim liberty to the captives and to bring the hand of the Lord into this place. “  I asked the strongest angel, “ How do we identify the strongman ?”  He pointed through  the windscreen (American=windshield) at the approaching city and said, “ Look for what dominates the skyline. That is the high place where the oppressor lives.  

And in the foundation of those places there is every kind of evil and corruption.”  And as we drove into cities,  the angel would begin shaking buildings.  The city was in an uproar.  It was almost like an earthquake happening.   And in one city we came to ( I don’t know how many we came to) but in one city we came to, there was a church steeple, on the same skyline as these other high towers.  And an angel pointed out this church to me. And he said, “Behold a man who forsook the kingdom to build his own empire !”

His ministry shall be brought low.  And as I watched the angel shook the church.  And it collapsed into a heap of rubble and stones.  I saw a huge meetings with  thousands upon thousands of people where the wind of God would come and the whole building would shake and fire would come and settle on every head. 
{  fire was seen on the heads of people at Azusa St. revival- insert by Priscilla }

And as I began to draw back into my body I heard a voice saying,” Son, this is for you.  It is for your church and it is for this church.  That you may join together for the healing of the nations.  New alignments I’m giving into the earth, new friendships, new partnerships, for a new day and a new time;  Friendships for proclamation and power.  “

Kathy Mote - FB

In a vision I see a woman being bombarded with bombs. One explosion after another hits her until she is surrounded by blinding smoke and flying debris. As the smoke clears, and the debris falls at her feet, I see the woman standing tall, hands on her hips, in almost defiant strength.

The enemy has become frantic and thrown everything in his arsenal at you, thinking he will succeed if he fireballs you. Nothing he has done has succeeded in stopping you before, so now he is throwing all he has at you rapid fire in hopes that you will become overwhelmed and discouraged.

The Lord is using this to promote you, and because the enemy has pushed you too far, you are rising up in strength born of desperation to stand and overcome.

This is what I see and hear, that the Lord is teaching you to walk in the power and authority of His Spirit to survive and honor Him. There is nothing that will not give way to His power in you, nothing you won't easily take authority over and put in its proper order. All the enemy has thrown at you will be like pebbles on the ground as you trample them.

There is one irrefutable weapon in your arsenal now, and that is His Word is the only authority that you will allow in your life. The thought of bending your knee to anything else is out of the question, and the enemy knows it. Despite what things looked like a minute ago, the enemy is the one on the run now.

God of Wonders - Elaine Tavolacci

As we are winding down the year 2018 and coming into a time of Thanksgiving this week, I want to share something that the Holy Spirit showed me a couple of years ago. This has been a year of many battles but also a year of many victories thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to encourage you to stay strong because the God of wonders is about to visit us in an unprecedented way.

The Lord showed me an old windup jewelry box with a dancing ballerina. When the box is wound up, music begins to play and a little ballerina doll begins to dance. The Lord is saying that many of you have been discouraged and have lost your zeal. Battle fatigue is part of the warfare and even Moses got tired and needed support from Aaron and Herr. But through it all, we should never lose our passion for the things of God. Those of you who are no longer fascinated with the God of wonders, you may simply need to be wound up once again. 

In this season of wonder, many of you are wondering what is going on. You wonder where you are at, and wonder where you are supposed to go next. You even wonder if God is going to release blessing or if He will send judgment. Sometimes you wonder if you missed God's will because you seem to be encountering one battle after another. We serve a God of mercy and not the author of confusion. Jesus came to set us free and He did not come to condemn or judge us, but to give us life more abundantly. He is s supernatural God and He desires to work wonders among us. 

The Lord says; allow Me to restore the wonder of My glory in your life. Rise above the challenges, and refuse to allow the voices of compromise to neutralize you. Refuse to be led by your emotions, and don't allow frustration to overwhelm you. As you continue to resist the opposition that comes against you, you will once again recognize My presence in your life. I will show you the spiritual significance of the times and seasons. I will uncover the deep things of darkness, and bring the shadow of death to light. I will dispel the darkness and release My glorious light through you. 

I am the God of wonders and will do wondrous things among you. Don't allow the enemy to dismantle, scatter and bring division with other believers, but sanctify yourselves for tomorrow I will do wonders among you. My presence will go with you as a cloud by day and fire by night, and I will release manna and quail to feed you in times of famine. I will once again visit you just as I visited those in the upper room and I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below. Allow Me to reveal the splendor of My glory once again as I lead you into the days of wonder says the Lord. 
Psalms 19:1 
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. 

Psalms 40:5 
Many, Lord my God, are the wonders You have done, the things you planned for us. 
None can compare with You; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare. 

Jeremiah 32:17 
Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you. 

Habakkuk 1:5 
Look among the nations and watch-Be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days which you would not believe, though it were told you. 
Acts 2:19 
I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below. 


My Precious One,

When a building is under construction, it looks messy, chaotic and the environment around it is very noisy. There is nothing attractive about it.

This is how it is sometimes with you. I will answer some of your prayers instantly, but concerning some things I have desired to do in your life, it will take a process and it will take a journey...sometimes for years.

You will be tempted to quit along the way because it won't be pretty. It will take lots of work, investment and unbelievable sacrifice. It will be painful sometimes.

There will be battles, conflicts, wounds, scars, bruises and many tears along the way. There will be people assigned by the enemy to mock you, beat you up, kick you around, trample on you, belittle you and viciously attack you. They will believe in their hearts that they are doing the right thing and be blinded for a season to the damage they are inflicting in your life.

You will learn to forgive and love the worst of your enemies and wish nothing but the richest of blessings upon them, many times through a bleeding heart and rivers of tears in your eyes.

Sometimes you will feel you've been in one place for too long, stuck and hurting, because clay needs to sit in the fire and just allow itself to be refined for a season.

You will feel like Joseph, stuck in a dungeon, with no hope, humanly, of ever getting out. You will wonder at some point if you ever really heard from Me and received My promise because your life will look nothing like what I promised at that point.

So many things will happen along the way that won't make sense at that point.

There will be times when you feel it's over and actually believe you've really hit rock bottom and come to the very end of it all. The enemy will throw the best of his discouragement and despair arrows at you along the way.

People will despise you because as far as outward appearance goes, people look at where you've been and where you are now and conclude your story, making unrighteous judgements against you.

You'll try to prove yourself to them and wear yourself out trying to win their approval, and at some point you will give up on this because you'll realise how deeply they despise you. A building in the foundation stage of its construction is not attractive.

It won't be easy. There is a cost to pay. There are trials to be endured. There will be waiting periods. Excruciating waiting periods. You'll learn to trust Me and praise Me in the heat of the furnace.

Your heart will become stronger and your eyes and ears will become clearer. At some point you'll then be able to pick up and flow with songs of deliverance in the worst storms of your life. Many will be inspired by your faith.

You need eyes to see who you are in the future I have planned for you to stay in the process. It will help you not agree with any other report concerning you and protect you from despair and hopelessness.

If you stay with Me and yield to the process, and allow Me to continue the good work I have begun in you, I will perfect all that concerns you and make everything beautiful in its time.

Hebrews 10:36-38

Simply endure, for when you have done as God requires of you, you will receive the promise. As the prophet Habakkuk said,

In a little while, only a little longer,
the One who is coming will come without delay.
But My righteous one must live by faith,
for if he gives up his commitment,
My soul will have no pleasure in him.[a]

Your Dad, Your Potter,


Voice Of Hope

My precious one,

My care and love for you is deeper, wider, higher and longer than you have ever imagined or conceived in your mind. One of the blessings I have poured out on you is the ministry of angels.

I have given them charge over you, to keep and guard you in all your ways. There are angels I send to deliver messages to you and heal you, and others that I send to save you from danger and trouble. I make them like the wind, other times like the fire. And other times, they come in human form. You may not realise they were angelic helps until they have left.

Other times, they come to you in dreams and visions and sometimes, you just sense their presence and activity all around you. And right now, I am making angelic ministration more known and accepted as normal as is in My Word.

I am also teaching you how to co-operate with them and opening your eyes to see them and know how I send them to minister to you in a very personal way. I am making you more conscious of angelic activity and ministration than you are of demonic activity and attack, so that your faith can arise and conquer the spirit of fear.

Knowing how active the Hosts of Heaven are continually on your behalf will greatly encourage you. And I am taking your eyes off the demonic armies trying to attack you all around, and shifting them instead to the Hosts upon hosts of the Heavenly Army all around you, fighting for you.

You are not alone. I am with you to deliver you.

Look up!

Hebrews 1:14
Are not all the angels ministering spirits sent out [by God] to serve (accompany, protect) those who will inherit salvation? [Of course they are!]

Hebrews 12:22
No, you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to countless thousands of angels in a joyful gathering.

Your Loving Daddy,

In a vision I see a young girl, sword in her hand larger than she is. She is leaving the field of battle and behind her, laying on the field, is the lifeless dragon she just defeated. She has had enough of this war affecting her life, defining her existence, measuring her faith. Fought from every angle, her battle has become her strength. She walks up to the Lord, the sword heavy in her hand. The simple and flawless understanding that His will and hers have become the same is why the battle came to an end. Her strength is in knowing who's victory this is.

This challenge is how the Lord has taught her to leave a defeated foe laying in the field behind her, never to rise again. Every issue is settled. Every question of her place and identity is resolved. Every lie against her has been denounced. Every inch of ground taken away in this battle has been reclaimed. Every weakness and uncertainty turned to glory in the Lord. Her heart on the subject of dragons is quieted for the first time in a very long time. It is done. It is finished and fearing dragons is a thing of the past. This was the perfect way to equip her to stand down every dragon who will ever think of rising to challenge her again.

"You Are About To Walk In Miracles!”

by Lonnie Mackley Oct. 6th, 2018

        There are some of you reading this that have gone through your whole life and never really felt like you have found your main purpose in this world. Well there is a very good reason for this, and it is because you were created to walk in miracles full-time in these last days and to preach the gospel with true power; and soon you will be stepping into your calling and you will feel like you have finally found your true place on earth. You will feel like a duck “in water” instead of always just waddling on the shore looking for the water. And as this happens in your life, everything will finally make sense.

There is one thing that seems to draw all people’s attention no matter who they are, and that is a true demonstration of God’s miracles. I remember just before I became a Christian I had someone telling me about Jesus, but it was when I saw and felt the power of God for myself that I really began to truly believe. In this last great harvest, and especially as things get darker out there, people will be looking for God’s true light and love, and as they see and experience the true and living God for themselves in power they will either believe the message of the gospel that we preach; or run away.

Now the devil’s crowd will be operating in certain levels of power as well, but the difference is that Jesus Christ will always be the center of the true miracles that He does, and they will always lead people to genuine repentance and salvation. Some of you may not feel very ready right now, that’s good; Peter didn’t feel ready either, but he just had to be willing. So if you’ve felt like you just can’t find your place here in life yet then be at peace, because you were created for miracles! And these same miracles that will flow through you; will also come to you to restore and heal you in every way!

1CO 2:4 My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power, 5 so that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom, but on God's power.

The Lord has said you will know if this Word is for you, as it isn’t for everyone.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

“Today is the start of many things, a new beginning for you, for it is a greater call to the nations. I will take you far and wide. I will show you the hidden things, the things that I have held back for thousands of years. For I am about to EXPLOOOOODE ONTO THE EARTH!!! For My signs, wonders, and miracles are going to start to flow, like they have never flowed before.
And there are many who are naysayers, who are Doubting Thomases, who have said, I won’t believe it until I see it. But I say to you, you have not said that. You have said, “BRING IT ON GOD, BRING IT ON!!!”

You have brought great joy to My heart. For I say there are many, who I have chosen for this time, this place, and this hour. There are many, who will go out, like my FLAMING ARROWS, as I will SHOOT YOU, AROUND THE WORLD. SO YOU KNOW I SPEAK TO YOU OF TRANSLATION, FOR THAT WILL BE THE PREFERRED MODE OF TRANSPORTATION. Don’t worry about your plane ticket or passports, for I’ll have you packed and ready to go. There will be much done at all hours of the day, for you know I never sleep. And as I’ve said before, there is a time and a place for everything. This is My time, for those of you, who have sought Me, unerringly, literally 24 hours a day. I’m bringing you out of hiding. I’m saying, “GET READY! GET READY! GET READY! For THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE IS UPON YOU NOW!”

Spiritual Veil Tearing - 278pikelk

My children, write My Words for those with ears to hear. Many will listen to these Words, but few will hear them. My daughter, study My word and hear what it says. Listen to My messengers and allow Me to show you the pieces of the puzzle. Many anointed servants are having the pieces of the puzzle revealed to them. When My bride begins to put these pieces together, she will begin to see a beautiful picture of her purpose in the here and the now. For yes, she will see that she will be lifted above the chaos. Some of the chaos has already begun, and My bride has been kept safe in the chamber of My heart. There is a common theme in the prophecies that I have shared among My messengers. Things will fall like dominoes, one right after the other. These plagues, or as many might refer to as disasters or catastrophic events, will be occurring now in quicker and quicker succession. I have shared with this scribe many times that the destruction in your physical realm will begin on your coastlands and be coming from every angle, culminating in the center of your once great nation. Be aware of the great shaking and catastrophic events that are occurring around the world now, My children. The reprieves between these events will be brief, My love, as the birthing event grows nearer. For I will birth My own, as they will be birthed into their new and incorruptible bodies. These will be hidden for a short time, but then they will be released as My harvest workers to gather in My remnant. The number of earthquakes in diverse places will continue to increase in size and magnitude. You will see and hear of meteorites and other things, some unexplainable, coming into view of the naked eye. Satan's army is vast. Just as I explained to My scribe recently, the last gentile has come in. Satan has received his last warring demon, and this is his time to bring his war against My creation. This war has been raging in the heavens forever, but now comes time for this war to manifest in your earthly realm. My bride, you will not be left unprepared, and though you operate in flesh bodies now, you will be instantly and supernaturally changed that you may be prepared to do battle against the serpent of darkness and his minions of evil. It is not too late to turn an ear to Me now, My creation. It is not too late to open your heart and enter through the only narrow gate. Receive your salvation and receive My righteousness, and you will be saved from much of what is to come. This is My appointed time. I will be calling up My undefeatable army and these will no longer be subject to the darkness of sin that has covered your earth since man's fall in the garden. Just as I asked My disciples to stay awake in prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, I ask now all who have received Me; share My request with all that will hear; remain awake and in prayer. The veil that has kept My own from experiencing My light to its spiritual fullest will be torn just as the veil was rent when I gave up My Spirit upon the cross. For the veil that tore upon My death on the cross was a physical veil. The veil that will soon tear is a spiritual one. Just as the physical veil was torn from the top to the bottom, this spiritual veil will be torn from the top to the bottom from My heavenlies down to your earth. Just as the veil represented the separation from the Most High between My Father and His creation on a physical level, the tearing of the spiritual veil represents the same on a spiritual level. Just as My Father's presence occupied the Ark in the Holy of Holies, the Holy Spirit occupies the hearts of My chosen in the earth, allowing for us to be one in your physical realm. For I have become the High Priest that you may come boldly to the throne of My Father. The tearing of this spiritual veil marks a new beginning: birth of My own from the physical into the spiritual, from flesh bodies into incorruptible bodies, reconciliation of My creation to Myself not only in the spiritual to physical but now a true reconciliation where we will become one as your physical bodies will be cast aside and reborn into My glorified bounty. For now is the time that My chosen will no longer be subject to this physical realm, no longer be subject to the limitations of physical bodies and no longer subject to the curse. For the curse can only come over the cursed. The curse can only prevail in the physical. When My own are changed, there remains no curse, and it has zero power against My own. For My connection with My creation has now been a spiritual to physical connection. We will now become connected as we were before the curse, a complete spiritual oneness. There will be no greater day. Turn to Me now, My creation. Open your heart to your Creator. Delve into My word and I will show you My truth. Man cannot teach what only My Holy Spirit can show you. Come from wherever you are because nothing stands between us. I love you, My creation. Yeshua HaMashiach

09/06/18 - Anne Shikuh FB

My Beloved One,

Many have become acquainted with the power and gifts of My Spirit but lost fellowship with Him. These ones will continue to be deceived and deceive many that they are still in step with Me, but they are of those who will say to Me on that day. "We prophesied, healed the sick and cast out demons," but I will say to them, "Depart from Me for I do not know you!"

Those who pursue and delight in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit are one with Him and are obeying His promptings in every area of their lives.

They have turned over their lives to His control and are led of Him. He orders their steps, tames and controls their thoughts, desires, speech and the most hidden motives of their hearts.

They listen to Him. They allow Him to move, quicken and stir them up in My perfect will for them. They inquire from Him and commit their ways and plans to Him continually.

He continually leads them into all truth, helps them in their weaknesses and comforts them in their earthly journey. He's a Person and a friend to them. Not just a power, or a manifestation.

Desire more than ever to know Him. To be one with Him as a Person. Ask Me for a deeper fellowship with My Spirit.

John 20:22

And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit.

Your Lord,
Jesus Christ.

Untitled - 08/23/18   278pikelk

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. What is the key? Who is the narrow gate? Are all of you part of a fallen creation? Or just the bad and evil people? Hint: you are all with sin. I do not base salvation on sin. I base it on the acceptance of My sacrifice for it. Your Creator left no stone unturned when He made the plan of salvation. Not one. It is a perfect plan which simply requires belief in your Messiah. Your Messiah is the blood sacrifice atoning for the sin of the world. This leaves nothing to chance. There is no gray area. If you believe in the Son, Yeshua HaMachiach - Jesus - you receive salvation. Seem too simple? Yes, to some it does. Their pride leads them into judgement of others. They judge their brethren that seem to be falling short of their own standards. My standard is belief. Their standards are put in place by the devil himself. Their standards are more than just believing. Their standards require extra payments. As your Creator, is there extra payment that a man could pay Me? I gave My life as a sacrifice for sin, the sin of the world. What could a man possibly add? Nothing. Too many believe the false teachings of many, promoting man's works. My salvation comes by believing. Believing that I loved you enough to be the sacrifice for your sin. I will guarantee you with 100% certainty that a life of sin will lead to a dead end. Even death, if it comes to that. But believers who have received Me will share in My eternal rest. They will receive salvation just as a murderer who received me on their deathbed. All those who teach a different gospel than this lie. They lie for the enemy, for they claim that man is in control of his sin. This is not true. You see, man is condemned, and I am the answer. I am the only freedom from sin that a man will ever have. I free My children from the bondage of sin, and shower all of My children with My love. When they believe in My sacrifice, they are free from their sin. Yet some continue in it, because they cannot comprehend their new freedom. Men's actions do not determine where they will spend eternity. I do. Men's actions, good or bad, bring upon their lives blessings or curses, and their freewill determines their blessings or curses. Just as their freewill will determine whether or not they will spend eternity with Me. The only thing that keeps a man from believing in Me is the pride of their flesh, which is ultimately a consequence of them believing Satan's lies. No man can earn salvation, and no man can return it to Me once he believes it...or receives it. Believe as a child, and you will be received into My Kingdom. Set everything you've been taught by men aside, and ask Me into your heart, and you will receive salvation. Is this where I want My children to stop, at salvation alone? No. I wish for a personal and loving relationship. An enduring relationship with every single child that receives Me. Will they still sin? Yes. But the difference between My child and a lost child is that My child will know in their heart that their debt has been paid. My children receive the power of My Holy Spirit. He is their guide. And He leads them down straight and easy paths. So even when they do fall, He can easily pick them up and set them straight and on their way. The devil loves nothing more than to operate and wreak havoc in the lives of My children. My children that are weak in faith and still stuck in this world. Ask My Holy Spirit and He will throw you a life ring. Climb inside and He will pull you back in the boat. It is My desire that every child of Mine call upon My Holy Spirit, for with Him all temptation will be conquered. And with Him, you will remain on My path. My path that is for you, and not your own. Your own path leads to destruction. Yet My path leads to perfect peace. It is never too late for a man to receive Me as their Savior. And it is never too late to invite My Holy Spirit in to be your guide. He is alive and active and a pure help in every situation. And for what will be coming on your Earth, essential for your well being. I wish no harm to come to My own. But My own that refuse to call upon My Holy Spirit will not endure as the ones who do. Before calamities strike at home, call upon My Holy Spirit. For He will protect you and guide you through anything you face. My heart is for all of My children to have an intimate and personal relationship with Me. Not through man-made religion, but just you and I. A mustard seed sized amount of faith is all it takes to know Me. Open your heart and let Me do the rest. Your sin - past, present, and future - has already been judged on My body on the cross. Walk My way, the way of freedom, and your sin will flee from you. Though you live in a corrupt world now, this is not your home. Come home now, My loves. Come home so you will not have to suffer what is to come. Come home now, My loves, and experience My love and peace that passes all of your understanding. I love you My children, Yeshua HaMachiach

Beginning of Woes -  Doug MacCallum  (08/10/18)

Time after time I have warned My People of what is coming to your Nation(America), and time after time many of them have ignored Me and those who I have spoken through. What is taking place in your country, up to this point in time, is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what is coming to America. Did not mighty Babylon fall in one night! So too America! The great cataclysms and change to this country will happen suddenly and rapidly. For those who have not prepared themselves in My Spirit and Word, will be caught completely by surprise. Even some of the lost in your country are more prepared than many of My People. Albeit, not in My Spirit and Word, but in the natural they are preparing for a great conflict and turmoil. Sadly, they will be wrestling the supernatural in the natural and will fail unless they surrender to Me at that time. My Word says that the children of Darkness are wiser than the children of Light. But My Word also says that Wisdom, My Divine Wisdom and Logos, is justified by her children. I do have a Remnant, My Hidden Ones, Who have saturated Themselves into My Wisdom. Is not My Wisdom, My Dear Son, My Great Plan for Mankind! These, My Son has been Wooing for sometime now. This Company is His Bride that has been preparing Herself in Me. They have allowed My Spirit to come and remove the cataracts from Their eyes and unplug Their ears so that They are becoming more and more familiar with My Presence and Voice. They have been daily consuming My Word and are allowing It to go deep into Their hearts to effect My Transforming Work. They have surrendered their wills to My Will. They have endeavored to obey My Word as an expression of Their love for Me and to be pleasing to Me. Through this Great Company will I do even a greater Work than ever has been before on the Earth. This Company is Worldwide and every corner of the Earth has My Hidden Ones. When I reveal Them, and that Day is fast approaching, They will be One in Purpose, Faith, and Me! This has been My Plan from before Time; The Expression of Myself, through My Son, and His Revealing through His Bride. She has, and continues, to respond to His Wooing, so that The Plan may be completed in and through Her.

Those who reject His Wooing will soon be Woeing! As in the days of Moses dealing with Pharaoh, so My Woes will be poured out on this country(America). To whom much is given, much is required! The intensity of each one will increase, so as to break the hardest heart to bring them to Salvation. Some are responding already through the light judgements I AM sending to your Nation, but I have many others to reach, and they will only respond to a more severe Spanking. However, many will not respond to these preliminary Woes. That is why the Time of Jacob's Trouble must fall on the Earth, for the Time grows short for My Son's Return and Reign on the Earth.

Which will it be? Will you respond to My Son's Wooing to become One with Us, or will it take My Woes to bring you to a place of surrender? BEWARE! Those that continually reject His Wooing and My Woes, are causing their hearts to become hardened to the point of no return! Pharaoh allowed this and it ultimately led to his own destruction and the downfall of a mighty Empire.

Neville Johnson -  Tell My People the Seraphims are Coming!

On 1st July 2007, I found myself watching the LORD picking up sticks and wood.

He placed the wood into small piles then started another pile.

He looked at me and said will you help me?

I was a little startled but said yes, and I started picking up wood adding to the piles.

The LORD then blew on each pile and as He did they burst into flames.

The scene changed and I was high above Americaand other nations looking down, as if from a view from a satellite.

Fires were starting all over various countries.  Many joined together became much bigger and I noticed that there was no smoke.  These were not ordinary fires.

Again I was down where the fires were burning:  there were people in the fire.

Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego went through my mind.

I said, “LORD what is happening?”  Then people  began to emerge from the fire.

They were glowing, their skin was smooth – almost glass-like, not a wrinkle anywhere.

I remember thinking that beauty salons would make a fortune with this.

The LORD looked at me and smiled hearing what I was thinking.  These people looked almost molten, glowing with blue, white and red and other colours flashed inside them.

I said, LORD what is this?  He said, “You are seeing what I AM about to do.  I will purify My People with fire – the Seraphims are coming.”

Then I saw these people healing the sick.  The Power of God was flowing through them unhindered.

They were casting out demons, healing the sick in Psychiatric hospitals, healing and restoring.  They were stopping plagues and hurricanes.  Their words instantly manifested what was spoken.

The LORD spoke and said:  “Tell the people they must give themselves to Me.  You will not be changed unless in humility and sincerity you come to Me and ask Me to do this.”

The scene changed and I was in heaven looking at these awesome creatures.

They seemed fierce, yet benign.  They stood by the throne of God and above it.

I said LORD what are these? He said,  “These are My Seraphims,”   They made a sound like blow torches, awesome creatures.  Then He said this again:

“Tell My People the Seraphims are coming!”

Just one in the midst of a church will start a revival.

They will burn out the darkness in My People, the ingrained hurts and traumas.

They will activate mantles: “Tell My People they are coming.”

I found myself sitting in my chair looking out across the valley to the mountains.

Dawn was breaking and the mountains seemed alight with fire as the sun reflected off them.  I thought to myself, did I fall asleep and dream this?

I was reminded of the scripture: “He makes his ministers a flame of fire,”  (Hebrews 1:7).

Anne Shikuh  Facebook

My beloved one,

I want us to deal with issues at the core of their roots and not be dependent on and reactive to what is manifesting on the outside.

You see, what you're seeing, hearing and experiencing in the physical is only surface deep. When you attempt to deal with it at this level, you'll not arrive at a permanent solution.

A tree cut down but not uprooted by its roots will grow again at the scent of water.

When it comes to your life's experiences as well as your understanding what's really going on in other people, I counsel you not to lean on your own understanding but trust Me with all your heart.

What looks like a stubborn, hard exterior of a person who seems incapable of receiving counsel from anyone, has its roots deeply embedded in abuse by people in authority, rejection by people he/she looked up to as caretakers and neglect by people he/she trusted. And so what the person needs most is inner healing, tenderness and the ministry of the Holy Spirit to enable them forgive and open up their hearts again.

What looks like laziness, procastination, inactivity, idleness and lack of commitment to goals and targets, is coming from a place of past failures, shame, condemnation, fear of failure and so many other deep issues which you can only see through the eyes of My Spirit.

Yes. The eyes of My Spirit. I desire to show you what is really going on within you as well as in other people so you can respond accurately, and enjoy permanent victory.

Even in the physical realm, a doctor must first conduct a proper diagnosis before prescribing treatment.

Not knowing the root cause of a problem, especially a stubborn, repetitive cycle, will see you trying all manner of things to correct it without any success.

I have promised, that if you will call to Me, I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things you know nothing about. I have assured you, that I am the God who reveals secrets and brings what is in darkness to light.

Ask Me concerning the things you have noticed in yourself and in others that don't make any sense to you and which you have no clue how to handle. You have already tried to change the situation in different ways according to your own understanding and experience but things only got worse.

Come to Me, lay these things at My feet. Lay the frustration, heartache, pain, weariness and heaviness at My feet. Allow Me to pour out My wisdom into your heart. Let Me explain to you what's really happening, what the real problem is and what the root cause of these challenges is. Then I will give you wisdom and insight on how to handle the situation for a permanent victory.

All you need to do is ASK.

I am here. ASK.

James 1:5 Amplified Bible (AMP)
5 If any of you lacks wisdom [to guide him through a decision or circumstance], he is to ask of [our benevolent] God, who gives to everyone generously and without rebuke or blame, and it will be given to him.

Your Daddy,

As the body of Christ we are seated with Christ in heavenly places, and if every Christian had a revelation of who we are in Him we would begin walking in unimaginable favor. We don’t realize that we are behaving below our nature and short of our potential. When we realize what Jesus has entrusted to us, we will begin to walk in authority and demonstration of the kingdom of God on this earth. Jesus had commissioned us to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, and cast out demons.

In the book of Genesis God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth." In the book of Luke, Jesus said: Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Too many believers are being misled and don't understand the authority that was given to them. When Jesus walked the earth, everywhere that He went people recognized His authority. Religious leaders were astonished by His teaching. He healed every kind of sickness and disease, leprosy was cleansed and even the dead were raised. Demons would scream out confessing that He was the son of God. We have been created in Gods image and called according to His divine purpose and plan.

Jesus has given us the same authority that He had when He walked the earth. It was prophesied in the book of Acts "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." We are supernatural beings living in natural bodies and the Lord wants to reveal His power in us and through us in a mighty way. He has given us His name. He said: “Assuredly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. The reason why some of you have been experiencing intense warfare is because you are a threat to the enemy.

The Lord says, I have given you authority in My name and dominion over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall harm you. Just as Paul shook off the venomous viper that tried to take his life, I have also given you the authority to shake off that viper which comes against you to steal, kill and destroy. The enemies attack will not destroy you. His venom will not kill you. The curse causeless shall not come as you speak in My name. The authority that I have given to you can not be understood with your natural mind or received with your intellect, but it is released from the Holy Spirit that abides in you.Take authority over everything that is coming against your life. Take authority over everything that is attacking your families and ministries. Take authority over everything that is coming against your destiny. Take authority over unrighteousness in your cities, states and nations.

I have placed a rod in your hand and a sword in your mouth which is My word. I have given you dominion and power over every situation that you encounter. You have the authority to decree and declare a thing and it shall be established for you. As you speak My word, situations in your life will begin to shift. As you use My authority and speak My name, mountains will move. I have given you authority over all sickness and disease. As you lay hands on the sick, they shall recover. Whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. Whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. I have given you the power to overcome every obstacle that comes against you and to tear down strongholds using the mighty weapons that I have provided for you. As you use the authority, dominion and power that I have released to you in my name, you will begin to rule and reign on this earth and My glory will prevail in your life says the Lord.

Matthew 16:17-19
And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover." "And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven"   

Luke 10:19.
Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you"  

Ephesians 2:6-7
He raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.

War-Fare Dream - Marty Breedon  06/16/18 FB

**Please read this dream from last night and seek the Lord as to what it means for you, always judge it according to the standards of God's Holy Word.

Last night I saw in a dream astonishing "War-Fare".

The ENTIRE atmosphere was "contaminated"
It was very very dark and stormy.
Every single second there were lightnings and thunderings and warnings and new warnings and alarms going off!

I saw men standing guard in their doors and windows awaiting the arrival of enemy forces.
I saw the terrible look of dread and battle fatigue on the faces of these men and women.
Especially as I witnessed these parents losing their children in the battle.
Oh my how they would grieve!!!

It was Gut wrenching to watch them weep and mourn yet knowing that they themselves had to get right back in the battle !!

I saw buildings burning, children being rebellious to their parents,.... parents turning on their children.
I saw this ALL throughout our land!
Then I saw that it went beyond our borders and into other nations.
There was war as I have never seen it, total destruction and carnage everywhere.
One report after another of more victims and more targets.
At one point I stopped and said:

"God, this hell itself?"
He was silent.....
I was so confused, and scared...
It seemed that everything around me was in COMPLETE and TOTAL CHAOS!

It was then that I recalled my own life and circumstances and stood there in this, I was wondering:

No longer able to take time to stop myself , .....I found that it seemed that there was no choice whether or not to engage or disengage in this fight....
I was there and I HAD TO BE IN IT!!

It was almost IMPOSSIBLE to even concentrate on the enemy in front of you, because YOU WERE LOOKING for the waves and waves of attacks that you knew were coming from every corner.
I saw the enemy, I saw his weaponry...

But I had to stop again and ask God another question....
I asked:
"Lord, Is this the Great Tribulation?"
He was silent.....once again I was so confused!

I was immediately thrust right back into the battle....With everything I had I cried out to the Lord:
"God....WHAT is this?? WHAT am I seeing????"...."Is THIS my lot for all eternity?"

Finally, I heard the "still small voice" of what I believe was the Holy Spirit say:

"THIS, is what is now taking place in the the spirit is overflowing into the physical....
It you have considered ,..meant to "wear out the saints" (I knew this to be a quote from Daniel 7:25)
It is NOW TIME for you to return to your "First Love" and DO what you KNOW to do...
You must STAND on what you KNOW!
The Word, the blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony....
This is all you have, it is all you need!!!!"

I awoke.....

Words from Kathy Mote - Facebook

- There is a difference between being burned down and being burned up. One means surrender, the other Resurrection and Life. In a vision I saw a woman gathering sticks and deadfall and laying them on an altar before the Lord. She was carefully giving Him everything that meant anything to her, every dream that had failed in her life. As she did, the fire of the Lord came down and consumed all that she had given to Him. As I watched the fire burn it all down, I saw her weep at the folly of all she once cherished. But the flames continued to burn, and what she had surrendered began to leap to Life, every desire, as if in praise was leaping and dancing with delight. Still weeping, the woman just stood there, not knowing what her future would hold, but I felt the Lord's heart. Nothing is forgotten that is given to Me. Everything surrendered will be redeemed. I will bless all that's in your heart. Every last desire of your life will become Mine and will leap to Life."

 - Someone, the Lord is going to come to you, and you will have a very real and life changing encounter with Him. This will be your burning bush, and after this your heart will be forever settled in your faith relationship with Him. You have known the Lord for some time, and you believe He is with you, but this will settle some deeply felt uncertainties you have about your calling and give you the courage you need to move forward. The Lord will bless you mightily in this, for He will give you more than courage, He will fill you with exuberance. You will never doubt your place in His heart again, for the love you will feel from Him will remain in your heart forever.

 - Someone, I have this Word for you. Do not allow yourself to become preoccupied with irrational fears. The Lord has always taken care of you, and nothing has changed for Him. Your situation has changed, and in it you are being given a perfect opportunity to truly, deeply trust in Him. In this situation is the Lord's invitation to you to trust that He will provide for and protect you. Instead of feeling fearful, feel the strength and comfort of gratitude, because He is about to prove how faithful He is to His Word concerning you.

 - This is what the Lord said. I would not send you out among the wolves until you are mature. Not mature in the sense of knowing My Word, but in the sense of knowing who you truly are. This knowing only comes from being completely reconciled to Me in a heart that is completely settled, healed and free.

Everything you have lost in this life has shaken your view of who you are and your true place and worth. All and more will I return to you, My version, My way and in Truth. Your losses may be the result of warfare and an enemy attack, but your reinstatement will be My own doing, and with My repayment comes a great recompense.

Not only will I repay the identity you lost, you will walk in this life as one who sees the glory of the Lord. You will take back your place in this world with My strength, and the enemy who fought so hard to disgrace you will have no place.


"Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” ~ Revelation 21:1-5 (NIV)


"...Take in the extravagant dimensions of Christ’s love.  Reach out and experience the breadth!  Test its length!  Plumb the depths!  Rise to the heights!  Live full lives, full in the fullness of God. God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!  He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, His Spirit deeply and gently within us."~Ephesians 3:17-20 (MSG)

"I want to begin to show you a new perspective of situations. Some situations within your life you have viewed from the standpoint of the human mind, you have viewed them from the standpoint of what other people have said about them and have said about you, and you have viewed from the point of view of what your own mind has said about them. But this season, I want to open to you a new perspective. I want to show you how everything looks from the Eyes of the Kingdom. I want to show you how to see through MY eyes.  I want to show you how the reality of the natural world and how all the big and all the little details that concern the circumstances of your life look like from My perspective.  For, if My Eyes are on the sparrow, how much more do you think they are on you—on all the small and the big details of all that concerns you? I know the number of hairs on your head. Can you see the follicles upon your head?   Well, I see them and I see even beyond that, and I am CONSUMED in everything that you are involved in!"


“ For God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” -1 Samuel 16: 7 (NIV)

"So, let me give you the eyes of the Kingdom because, even though sometimes you view yourself as being terribly small, this season I want you to really see and know who you are in Me. I want you to see that, in Me, you are a Mighty Warrior, you are an Overcomer, more than a Conqueror, you are a Victor, you are the Head and not the Me, you are eternally and completely loved!  You cannot even imagine how much larger and bigger you are in the eyes of your Father, the Everlasting God! This season, I want to put the eyes of my Kingdom on you and bring this revelation to the completeness of your knowledge. Get ready to begin to see what I am seeing! For now you see in part… but I see EVERYTHING!"


"This is what the LORD says-- your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go."~Isaiah 48:17 (NIV)

"Come deep with me and let me show you what I see through My Eyes, because I want to reveal to you My Hidden Treasures—everything that your heart is longing to see and know and have.  And, as I place the eyes of My Kingdom on you, your mouth is going to begin to utter the sweet fragrance of My Thoughts, sweet things that will cause you to feel set free to REST, because once you see with My eyes, you will KNOW that the battle has never been yours but has always been Mine!  Let me give you the eyes of My Kingdom and teach you how to cast our cares upon me, because I care for you. I more than care for you, I am madly in love with you! And you will marvel to see me start moving in your relationships, your finances, in your health as I teach you how to have dominion in every sphere of your life. I want to show you how to conquer every mountain in your life as I teach you how to see every aspect of your life with MY eyes—the Eyes of the Kingdom. I want to place in you the eyes of the Kingdom, so I can teach you and train you in how to receive from the open windows of Heaven. I want to anoint you and teach you how to produce and bring forth and multiply and produce from all that which I have already given you. Let me give you the eyes of my Kingdom and train you, mentor you, and raise you up."


" You let people ride over our heads; we went through fire and water,
but you brought us to a place of abundance."~Psalm 66:12 (NIV)

"This season, I will begin to show you the turnaround, the change, the restoration concerning all aspects of your life that you feel as if I am not a part of—those parts that seem hopeless, bereft and lost. But, Child: I'm more aware and more part of all those little and intricate details of your life than you ever thought!  I'm going to begin to explode in you with amazing levels of creativity and anointing and ideas and abilities and splendorous things that you have never thought you could ever manifest or do or know or think or say in your lifetime! I am setting you up and having you do amazing things for My Kingdom. Yes, there are trials and tribulations in this world. Yes, you will have to go through things like the rest of them. Yet, in situations where you are suffering for My Kingdom's sake, remember this this hour:  that this is the time that I will cause you to begin to arise with wings like eagles and to see everything with such a new Kingdom perspective and to see such a heavenly twist in every circumstance you face, that you will be propelled to walk as if on deer feet in high places, because I am training you in the ways of My Word and the Ways of My Spirit."


"After your season of suffering God in all his grace will restore confirm strengthen and establish you."~1 Peter 5:10 (ESV)

"I see and know not just the past and present of things--I see and already know the end of everything. I have already planned and arranged and set into motion every step from the very beginning to the rest of your life, even to the moment when you take your last breath. Between now and then, I have already laid in place amazing plans that you haven’t ever thought of or dreamed about. It hasn't even entered your mind or heart to utter all the good plans I have already put in motion for you. And, I want you to know today that the ending is better than the beginning! Not just the ending of your life but the ending of all your situations. This too shall pass! All that seems to be plaguing you right now—from major warfare to annoying details of situations you are facing— that is making you feel as though you are being kept from spending time with me digging in My word and in the Presence in my Glory, is but a drop in the bucket of the vast ocean of My Love you are really swimming in. And, I want you to know that I see your heart and I know your longings and I will see to it in this season that you bask in the essence of the Presence of my Glory!

Let me take you from nothing to something, and give you the strategies, principles, wisdom and promises to be ALL of who I have made you to be. All of this starts NOW!  You might have been mentored before, you might have been trained, you might have had no training or mentoring at all, but I tell you, Child, that you have not known training like this…and your training has just begun! Your mentoring has just begun! You might have moved in great things before, but be expectant because you have yet to see the best of you come out! Get ready for a season of seeing with the Eyes of My Kingdom! Get ready for a season of deep wisdom and learning! Get ready for the great expansion of you that I am beginning now to bring to the surface! Get ready to receive all these things and to see and know like never have before the width and depth and heights of My Love and the profundity to which I am your Eternal Hope, your Provider, your Protector, your ever present help in time of trouble who trains your hands for the battle, your Restorer and the Lover of your soul!" says the Lord your God.

Someone once said how uncomfortable it must be for men to consider themselves part of the Bride of Christ. I am seeing something regarding this, and the huge impact it will make once it is realized as part of the Lord righting the wrongs and balancing the scales for all of eternity.

Men are indeed part of the Bride, and to see themselves as such costs them a rare and reconciling humility. At the same time, women, who have historically been second place in the opinion of fallen men and treated as being less by them, are being given a place of honor by the Lord.

This is a reversal of the consequence of the fall for both, and the reinstatement of the honor the Lord intended for us all that was lost since the fall. It is something that our fair and just Father would do to reconcile the sexes in a way that redeems them both with the honor of equality in Him.

Kathy Mote

Given on New Year's Eve right before midnight - Pastor Kent Christmas    A Prophetic Message for 2018  video link

“God has been speaking to me prophetically about our nation and about the church, and I have never written down a prophetic word before in thirty-some years that God has used me prophetically.

To my knowledge I’ve never got behind the pulpit and read a prophetic word of the LORD.  But God has given me so much over the last few days that in my prayer time I could do nothing but write.

So today I’m going to read you a prophecy that God has been giving me.  And this prophecy deals with the nation, it deals with the lukewarm, it deals with the wicked, and it deals with the righteous.

This prophecy is not specifically for this church, even though The Resting Place is a part of the Body of Christ, this prophecy that I’m going to give you today is not specifically for this church.  So if it doesn’t apply to you, don’t take it. If it does, then reach out and get a hold of it.

It is for the Body of Christ and because we are live streaming I trust that this word of the LORD will be released into places that it needs to be released today in the house of the LORD. It starts out really in a negative. It ends up in a positive.  And so, though I am not used to doing it this way, this is how I felt the LORD lead me today.

The LORD says that, “I AM now taking hold of the reins of the nations in the earth and of My Body, the church.  The season of men being in charge is over, and I AM now going to perform the word of My prophets that they have declared for generations.”

“To those in My house who are believers but have left your first love, either return unto Me your passion, or I AM going to remove your candle stick and I will give it to another.  And the light of My presence will no longer be in your life because you did not value the presence of the LORD.”

“For Christians who no longer value My presence anymore and are lukewarm and My house has not been a priority in your lives, I’m going to withdraw from you this coming year” says God.

“I have blessed the lukewarm hoping that My blessings would make you love Me more and want to spend time with Me, but you have fallen in love with My blessings instead of Me.

I AM now going to remove My protection that I have had in your lives and in your house and over your families” says the LORD.

“And when you cry out to Me, I will not answer you in that day.”

“My people have run after preachers and prophets who have lied to them and said ‘it’s alright to be lukewarm and committed to Me’ and ‘make sin peace in your life.’

They have said that I AM only a God of grace and mercy, and though I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, I also take no pleasure in My people who honor Me with their lips but not with their hearts.”

For Christians who have known My holy presence and have been filled with My Spirit but have put no value on that privilege, I AM, in 2018, beginning to remove My presence from them and they will no longer even feel convicted for the ways that they go in that are no longer right.”

“I have never asked My children to be perfect, just to be holy. Not to love the world or the things that are in the world, but to love Me first.

What the lukewarm have sold their souls for in the church, I AM now going to take from them and I’m going to give it to my children who have lived for Me at any cost. And there is going to be great change in the value system in the house of God.

I AM not releasing this word today”, says the LORD, “because I’m looking for people to repent, but I’m releasing this word because I AM absolving Myself of the blood of the lukewarm on the day that you stand and look into the eyes of your Holy Father.

So He who is holy, let him be holy still. And he who is unclean, let him be unclean.”

“Starting in 2018, I AM going to begin to remove many churches in this nation who have made My house a house of merchandise, but have caused My presence to be hid from My sheep.

For My house shall be called a house of prayer,” says the LORD, “and not a din of thieves.

My house shall be a hospital”, sayeth God, “that shall be filled with the bruised, the broken, and the needy.  And though My house has been filled with many, it’s not been filled with those who My spirit has reached out to.”

“This final move that I AM now releasing in the earth”, sayeth the LORD, “is not a move that is going to have mixture, but it will be a move of the pure presence of Myself and of the Shekinah glory of God.

I AM releasing My glory and My presence in the earth because the harvest is now ready”, says the LORD “and I have been waiting for laborers to gather the harvest in.”

“I now say unto the church that I have enough labors”, sayeth God “to bring the harvest into the house of the LORD.  So 2018,” sayeth the LORD “for many houses, your walls will have to be pushed out”, sayeth God “for there is an army of men and women that are getting ready to come into the house of the LORD.

And for those that are laborers”, sayeth God “your labor in My work has not been in vain, but the joy of the LORD shall be in thee as you watch”, sayeth God “them come in.

Not by the hundreds, and not by the thousands, but by the millions they shall come into the United States of America and to other nations.  And My house again shall be called the house of prayer.”

“As I now begin to release My glory in the nation, there are going to be massive crowds and abundant supply of financial resources. And great signs and wonders shall not only be in the church, but shall even begin to be released in Congress and in governments”, sayeth God “and in places of leadership throughout the world.”

“I have withheld signs and wonders and miracles because the counterfeit church has made a god out of them and sought them and counterfeited them and would not give Me glory. 2018 shall be a beginning of the greatest supernatural display of the power and of the glory of God that man has ever seen.

You shall stand in amazement”, sayeth God “and even the stories that have been told to you by those of another generation shall not be able to measure up to that which I AM getting ready to release in the Body of Christ for the glory of the LORD.

For it is my honor”, sayeth God “to display My muscle and the power of My might.  And though I have been limited”, sayeth God “I AM now no longer limited.  For I have an army of believers who have risen up in faith who have declared ‘Our God can do anything’.

”The days of the Devil and his servants putting a muzzle on my people are over.  I now”, sayeth the LORD “am going to put great men in places of tremendous influence in the nations.

And they will speak with such authority and power that the enemy will not be able to be challenged.  And the voices that have stood on your televisions and have said that God is dead and that righteousness is evil, and evil is righteousness,” God said “I AM going to smite them.

I AM now declaring war on the devil and his kingdom and all his savants which have tried to destroy Me and my people.”

“2018”, sayeth God “will be known and remembered as the year of death in the United States for the wicked who have been a mouth piece for Satan and also for false prophets, hirelings, and wolves in sheep’s lothing, and the lukewarm”.

God said, “I AM physically going to begin to remove men and women.  And when you get up in the coming years”, sayeth the LORD “you shall be amazed at the names that are going to begin to leave the earth the have tried to detour the power and the glory of the LORD.

I AM going to replace them with men, hallelujah, who have never been heard and women who have been silenced by the enemy. And they shall stand and speak under the wisdom and the power of God.

And even your news channels”, sayeth the LORD “shall begin to give them coverage of what God is saying in this hour. In 2018, though it will be a year of death for the wicked”, God says “it will be remembered as the year of rebirth and life for the righteous.”

“I now speak as the Eternal Father of Heaven”, says the LORD. “For decades My Son, Jesus Christ has been ridiculed, discredited, mocked, and ignored by the wicked and not been given the honor and the reverence by the lukewarm.”

God says, “I AM now, in 2018, in this nation and in nations around the world, I’m going to vindicate My Son, Jesus Christ, in the nations. And I AM going to lift Him up and His Name, and it will be a Name above all names in Heaven and earth”, sayeth the LORD.

“And the Name of Jesus again will be on the lips of men and women that are righteous in this country. And the days of maligning My God”, sayeth the LORD “are going to become over.”

God says, “I AM going to bankrupt sports in the year of 2018”, sayeth God.

“I AM coming against Hollywood. I AM coming against the NFL.  I AM coming against professional sports”, sayeth God “and they shall never recover for the spirit that has been within them.

At the same time,” sayeth the LORD “ there is going to be a spirit of honor that is going to descend upon the house of God and I AM going to redeem the integrity of My people and of My ministry”, says the LORD “and the house of God shall be known as a house of integrity and righteousness and power”, sayeth the LORD.

“Starting now and continuing into the year 2018, I AM going to answer the long term prayers of the righteous, both in the Spirit and in the natural.

For years”, sayeth the LORD “My children have prayed to Me, and petitioned Me, and asked Me, and commanded Me, and yet I have been silent until they have wondered ‘God do you even hear us?’.

Yes, I heard you oh righteous children! And not only am I going to answer your prayers in the Spirit realm, and yes there is going to be revival, and glory, and restoration.”

God says “the year 2018 shall be a year of natural blessing upon the house of God.”  The LORD said, “moving companies are not going to have enough trucks to handle the amount of the righteous that are moving out of one house into another”.

God says, “I AM going to take businesses”, sayeth the LORD. “I’m going to transfer their ownership and their deed.  And I’m going to give it to men that have struggled but have tithed and have stood on the things of God and held onto the word of the LORD.”

“2018 will be a year of great reward to those, who with their great sacrifice and faith, have proved to Me, whether I answered their prayers or not, that they would love Me and serve Me til they die.

And if they die with their prayers not answered, that praise would still be upon their lips as they cross over from that world to this.

I AM going to command the enemy to release,” sayeth God “and restore all that he has stolen from the righteous men and women in the earth. So that the word of the LORD shall be fulfilled that declares ‘the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous’.

And though they think because their name is on the deed that it belongs to them”, God said “I have had this generation of wicked men be just become care takers to nurture and to take care, and to grow the prosperity that I AM getting ready to release unto the house of the LORD”.

God says, “I AM going to give you the pick”, sayeth the LORD “even unto this local church, of a sanctuary that you want”. The LORD says, “there has been praise that has come up out of this house.

And though you have wondered ‘God are we invisible?’ and ‘Do You know that we are here?’, God says “ your praise has ascended unto the throne room of the LORD.

And so God says, “I AM preparing thee a house and a habitation that shall be beautiful and you shall be as a city that is set upon a hill and shall not be hid”, sayeth God. “

There will be no mortgage”, sayeth the LORD, “that in the last move of God”, God says, “man and the righteous will not take up three and four offerings in the house of the LORD trying to fund My Kingdom”, but God says “there will be such an abundance of the presence of God through money and resource, that we will have to tell the people enough is enough because thy coffers shall overflow.

For the earth is full of My possessions” sayeth the LORD “and I own cattle on a thousand hills. Do not think because I have been silent that I have not heard thy voice, but oh the year of the LORD has been attuned to the cry of my people.

And I now stand in this day”, sayeth God “and I flex the muscle of My arm.  And I declare that the earth is Mine.  The church is Mine.  Man is Mine.  That I made man and he did not make Me.  And My word will not return unto Me void”, sayeth the LORD.

“This move that you are going to see with thy eyes is not a pruning of my house”, sayeth God “but it is a cleansing. ‘And thou shall (Hebrews 10:31) be fulfilled”, says the LORD.

It’s is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

The LORD says that, “I AM not going to judge those in this house who have sinned out of weakness”.

God said, “My mercy shall cover you”. But He said, “I AM going to judge those in this nation and My house who have sinned out of choice and rebellion, and have rejected the ways of God”.

“Grace”, sayeth the LORD “and judgement shall flow as two rivers at the same time from My throne and one shall be to the righteous whom the world has mocked and ridiculed and the other shall be to the wicked who have said ‘There is no God’. Oh know this”, sayeth the LORD “that when the trumpet sounds all shall wish they had been as the righteous. For the favor of God is now upon My people”, sayeth the LORD.

“And as though they reaped the plagues in Egypt of the first few”, God said “I have declared from this day on that I AM setting”, sayeth the LORD “a fence around godly families.

And I make a commitment to you”, sayeth the LORD “and an oath that cancer shall not cross over, and death shall not cross over, and disease shall not cross over, and the devour shall not cross over. For there is favor upon thee.

And while there grows darkness in this nation, there shall be light in the land of the righteous”. So the LORD says, “I AM loosing a sound of rejoicing in this sanctuary, hallelujah.

And the spirit of heaviness that the enemy has put on you”, sayeth the LORD “I take off of you. And I put on you the garment of praise.

Even get ready”, sayeth the LORD “that even this week”, sayeth God “My word is going to begin to be fulfilled because I do not lie and My word shall not return unto Me void.

And for those that have served me for generations and for decades and have wondered ‘God if this is all there is’, know my son and daughter this is just the beginning of that which is being released.

So choose Me” sayeth the LORD “choose Me and know that the arm of flesh will fail you, but the arm of God Almighty shall sustain thee forever.” Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

God says, “There have been many that before men, you were ashamed”. God says, “I can no longer have people who will be ashamed of Me before men”.

God said, “I need you to take a public declaration that from this day on, regardless of the cost, I AM going to serve the LORD Jesus Christ.”

God said that, “The last move of the LORD will never ever be to the lukewarm, but it will be to the unsaved and it will be to the righteous”.

And God said, “I AM withdrawing my conviction from those that have heard Me and I have pleaded and they have not come.”  And God said, “You say there’s time.”

God says, “There is no more time, not for the lukewarm.  There is for the righteous and there is for the unsaved.”  But the LORD says, “What I AM releasing to Resting Place is so precious and so glorious that I cannot allow it to be put on people who don’t put value on it”.

God says that, “There is a wind of rest that I AM beginning to blow.  Even this morning”, sayeth God, “I AM blowing rest into The Resting Place, hallelujah.

I AM blowing rest upon the lives of you faithful men and women that have been so depleted from the battle”.

And God says, “Today I AM taking the sword out of thy hand, and I’m putting a banner of righteousness and praise. And the war is coming to an end with evil in your life, hallelujah, hallelujah.

For the unsaved that are in your families”, God says “part of my heritage to you, “sayeth the LORD “is that before this coming year is out many of you are going to stand in this church with your unsaved seed standing beside you, and they are going to give their hearts to the LORD”.

God said, “I AM brining healing to the rifts of families, hallelujah. That there is a bond of unity and love thats getting ready to hit the house of God”.

And so the LORD says, “I AM not angry with thee today. That I released this word because I AM now moving and man is no longer in charge”.

And God says this, “I want you to be in My house. I want you to be in My Kingdom. I want to open the windows of Heaven on you. I want to bless you”.

God says, “I AM not angry. You are my love. I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked”.

God said, “what I have is so valuable, that what I AM going to give to committed people is of such price that I can only give it to people who by faith have declared value on me”.

God said, “I have not forgotten the sacrifices that you have made, the tears you’ve cried, the pain of thy heart, the rejections, the sufferings, the embarrassments that you have endured for being a Christian.

Know this”, sayeth the LORD “there has been a minority voice of evil, not of culture that has spoken in this nation”.

God says, “now I’m going to muzzle that voice”.

And God said, “there is a voice of righteousness”, and God says “You will sit as you watch different television news stations, you will look to one another in amazement and say ‘I can’t believe what I’m hearing’. Because God says, “I AM lifting up men and I’m going to confirm”, sayeth the LORD, “that it is not the days of preaching anymore, but it is the day of demonstrating.

And though there will be preaching in the house of God”, God says “it will not have the preeminence like it’s had”.

But God said, “the greatest preaching that is going to come forth is there is going to be a confirming of the word, signs and wonders following”.  The LORD says, “it’s even going to be on little children”.

God said, “I’m going to hit My class rooms”. The LORD says, “I AM invading the school system of this nation and these lies,” sayeth the LORD “that have infiltrated”, the LORD said, “there are going to be professors and teachers that I AM going to remove”, sayeth God “because they have stood in my class rooms and taught this generation that which is not true of Me”.

And the LORD said, “there is a righteous sound”.

Hallelujah, and the LORD also says this, “the flag of this nation shall never fall to the ground in infamy and embarrassment”, but the LORD said, “I AM raising it back up and as thou has honored the flag”, sayeth the LORD, “thou has honored Me.

And know this”, sayeth God “I breathe on you”, sayeth the LORD. “I breathe on you life. I breathe on you joy. I breathe on you peace, hallelujah.

May the peace of God be upon you, My children, and may you receive My word today” sayeth the LORD.”

Three excellent Words from Kathy Mote on 04/16/18

There is a new level of discernment being given to the children of the Lord, and with this discernment they will know 'who' they are dealing with and just exactly who they are talking to. Wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove, it will be discernment that keeps them from ever being duped by the devil again.

Relationships are taking on a different tone, and the calling on your life will dictate who leaves and who sticks around. We used to judge our relationships by their personal worth, by our emotions and desires, or by our commitments or our needs. This will change in the days to come as the Lord brings some people in and takes others out.

This will not be as painful as it sounds. There will be healing and freedom as your life is aligned in wisdom with His perfect will.


This is what the Lord said. Nothing happens to My children that they won't overcome. There is nothing in this life that you have to run from. As you stand you will not be overrun. In your life My judgments will not be overturned. You must see that you stand before your King, not your enemy. You must know that you are surrounded by My Heavenly host, not those who come against Me. You are answering My call and My voice, and as you step out you will be filled with many strengths. I have made the desert sands to fly beneath your feet.
This is what the Lord said. You are being trained for victory right where you stand. You will leave the battlefield victorious, and you will not be taken from your place. You will wear the robes of honor, not the scars of defeat. Your victory is assured by your trust in Me.

You do not fight an enemy you can see. You fight against fear and doubt, and the darkness of unbelief. These are the adversary's taunts and by them he would take you from your place, for he is a thief. Your struggle is to not be taken by what would rob you of joy and peace.

So I will ask you, In this battle, what would you give to Me and what will you trust Me with? As you answer, Everything, that is what I will give to you.

It Is Written!

The Lord began to show me a storm that was brewing. However even though this dark cloud was looming, I could see hands raised in the air and voices blending as the prayers begin to rise. I then saw the Lord walking in front of each person and whispering in their ear as they were praying. It was then I heard him say

" It Is Written!"

He then pointed in the distance and said, Do you see a coming storm? The dark cloud approaching was void of light. He then said, "What the enemy is sending your way, you will not be moved! The raging wind will not blow you off course. You will not be moved by what you see. It is written! My Word is forever settled in Heaven and covers you like a mighty banner in the midst of your storm. Oh yes there is a storm coming for you, but it is a storm of my glory that will overtake you and annihilate the enemy. For those called by my name will be kept by me, their King. It is written that you will stand! It is written that I am with you always! It is written that victory is yours! It is written that I will give you all you need. It is written you will not be shaken or moved!

Know that the prayers and alms of my people have come before me and I will honor them!

The Glory of Heaven - Kathy Mote

This is what the Lord said. The glory of Heaven will come to Earth and walk within My beautiful children. They will rise like a spectacular vision. They will go through the Earth as one, and like locusts they will mow down evil. They will spare nothing, and nothing will be left undone of My desire in them. 

This will be such a grand event, for it will forever change the hearts of men. Gone will be their misconception, away will flee the blindness of their thinking. They will see as it truly is, for seeing My glory will empty their hearts of themselves. In that day no lie will go unchallenged. In that hour there will be overcoming. I will send a bright light that will lead them out of gross darkness like the dawn comes after the night watch, and that light will burst within them. 

And when all the world's an uproar will My children dance in the street delighted. Even as those around them call for their own end will My Beloved be like a welcoming beacon calling to them. Their every heart's cry will be, 'Come Home to Him', and those in darkness's answering cry will be, 'I come to Him'. 

No longer will there be times of prayer, for their every breath will be their whispered heart's prayer. No longer will the heart of their Father say to them, Wait, for His time is near. His time was set in stone, yet I have told no one until all I see is as it should be, for the time is in Me.
You have been thinking that carrying His glory in this world will mean your release from your temptations and trials, but I am sent to tell you, that is mistaken thinking. Are you prepared to be reviled in the street for your gift, or for the warfare that will follow your every footstep as the Light within you shakes the darkness? The Lord prepares you to carry the weight of His glory in this world, and He alone knows when you will be ready. It is His workmanship in you that you see, for you are called to this time to see His glory. I am praising Him today for the place I am in. I will be on time as I trust Him to complete me. I may be ready to receive what I want in this world, but that is far less than He intends to give me for a far greater reason!

The Lord is drawing His children into deeper and sweeter fellowship, which will mean their response to Him will be deeper and stronger faith. There has never been such informed intimacy initiated by the Lord as there is now. Not since He walked this Earth. And the revelation is just beginning to pour out.

The end times Bride will be stronger, and filled with such power that she will rock the world. The Lord's healing presence will be seen in her with every step she takes in Him. In the past year we have entered unchartered territory in human history. The deeper the revelation of His will in our lives, the more detached we are to the things of this world.

The Lord is on the move, the enemy is losing ground, and the body of Christ is being prepared for the unprecedented times ahead. That is the reason you probably find yourself needing to be reassured. Please allow this to encourage you to make your every need an intimate gift to Him. You will be utterly amazed at how He will turn your need into your strength, and how close He is to you.

Kathy Mote - Facebook

3/4/2018 - Byron Searle

Jer. 13:1-11

My son, this evil people who refuse to hear My Words, who walk in vain imaginations of their hearts, and walk after other gods to serve them and worship them, shall be as good for nothing. For I have spoken many times of the coming judgments, but the time to warn is over. My people will now know that I, the Lord your God, have had it with a selfish, stiff-necked people!

My judgments are now falling on this backslidden nation, a nation who once was proud to be called a Christian Nation, but now cannot even draw a breath to utter My Name. This nation who led all other nations in speaking the truth to the lost has now become a nation of lost. My people who once spoke My Word in power and faith now speak as ravenous wolves, only seeking to please the flesh. You are Jeremiah's girdle - good for nothing!!

The false Hananiahs telling my people they are all good, it's the systems that I am judging -- LIARS!!! I am bringing my judgments on a backslidden, rebellious Church, where the people who sit in the pews are as lost as the world. Yes, the systems will fall, but the sinful, prideful heart of My people will fall first. The time for warnings is over; now is the time for judgement.

I have given you what you wanted, a king that would tickle your ears and deceive even My very elect. This king does not hear My voice and is being led astray by lies from the Hannaniahs. Those with ears to hear, so be it.

Prepare your houses, be ready, for My Spirit will flow like a mighty river. Many will come to know Me in great revivals, then the fulfillment of My judgments will proceed. Repent now! Reach the lost! Pray for My Mercy, for the day of the Lord is upon you! 

Be blessed My Remnant.
Shalom, The Father

Dorkita Urdin
“and behold, the glory of the God of Israel was coming from the way of the east And His voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shone with His glory…And the glory of the LORD came into the house by the way of the gate whose prospect is toward the east. So the spirit took me up, and brought me into the inner court; and, behold, the glory of the LORD filled the house.”~ Ezekiel 43:2,4-5 (NIV)


About 2 years ago, I had a dream where another universe was colliding and merging with  our own universe.  In the dream, I could see in the horizon the intersection at which the universes where colliding and how, as the “other” universe collided and merged with our own a lot of natural and man-made structures came crumbling down, while at the same time a lot of new structures began to appear at the intersection of their collision.  As I stood there watching this happen, I began to suddenly feel out of breath and it was soon revealed in to me in the dream that as the collision happened, the atmosphere on our Earth was changing, making it difficult to breathe for people who were not used to the new rarefied atmosphere.  In the dream, a friend of mine was a doctor who knew how to help people breathe in the new rarefied air and she was showing me how to breathe and teaching me how to help people get their lungs adjusted to breathe in and thrive under the new atmosphere that was forming through the merging of the two universes.  

I had forgotten about this dream, until about a month ago when one of the closets in my house just crumbled down and fell in on itself (out of the blue and without any apparent reason) and we had to get it reconstructed.  When this happened, God reminded me of this dream and began to talk about the changing of the guard taking place right now, the deconstruction of old structures and reconstruction of new structures that is happening as Heaven begins to invade Earth to a degree we have never seen before.  I pray this speaks to and gives encouragement and confirmation to someone today.

“The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is majestic.  The voice of the LORD breaks the cedars; the LORD breaks in pieces the cedars of Lebanon.”~Psalms 29:5 (NIV)

"I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving kindness. I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt!” ~Jeremiah 31:3-4 (NIV)

This season I want you to see a new development taking place: there is a deconstruction where I am tearing down some things that must come down and then there is going to be a reconstruction.  Just like when the Israelites marched around the Jericho walls seven times and blew that trumpet, I am tearing some things down.  And remember when that happened, the trumpet began to blow that sound that vibrated with a higher frequency level that destroyed those walls.  It was a sound like the abundance of rain, a new sound from heaven, a sound the earth had never heard before that came out of My People as I anointed them with Holy Spirit power and began to tear and crumble down those walls of Jericho.  That is what is happening to you this season, I am deconstructing some stuff in you and I am deconstructing some structures around you. I am tearing things down and causing them to crumble with a blow from My Trumpet.    This is going to be a great season, but it’s going to be a great season where people are going to start moving into great DEVELOPMENT.  Development, as if a contractor begins to put things together in a blueprint format to get ready to put a house or a building together for the person that is hiring them.  You need to realize this season that there are BLUEPRINTS being established.  There is a construction taking place as a building up of the spiritually-healthy walls and structures that need to be built in you and in the world around you, while other things that are unhealthy or have outlived their time are being deconstructed and torn down to make room for the new to arise.”  


“Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.  All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.”~Acts 2:2-4 (NIV)

You are about to hear a new sound like the sound of the abundance of rain!  You are going to start hearing the sound of My Clarion Call!  Just like when Paul was knocked from his horse at the powerful sight of My Light and to the sound of My Clarion call from Heaven and knew it was the Lord speaking to Him while others saw nothing, so you are about to begin to hear and see things in the spirit that other people will not hear at all. It is a season to begin to move forward to the NEW VISION and the NEW SOUND I am giving you.   As you do, don’t be surprised if others do not see what you see or hear what you hear, because it is going to be almost deafening to other people’s hearing.   For, I am giving you eyes to see and ears to hear this season!   Which means, as walls begin to crumble and you begin to develop a new vision for your life, and you begin to hear the voice of your Good Shepherd and heed the sound counsel I will place in your life through different people, don’t be amazed or discouraged if everyone around you does not see what you see and hear what you hear.  Everyone around you is not called to see what I want you to see or hear what I want you to hear.  This is your calling.  This has happened to you in past seasons of your life where you have felt alone in your vision like Noah did, because you heard things and saw things that you don’t know what to do with that other people did not hear or see.  But, in this season, I am going to begin to show you what to do with what you’re hearing.  There is going to be a level of action this season, because in the past you didn’t know exactly what to do with what you were hearing, but this season I am giving you blueprints and tools to take action with the vision and the voice I am placing in you.”


“Then the Spirit lifted me up, and I heard a great rumbling sound behind me, ‘Blessed be the glory of the LORD in His place.’”~Ezekiel 3:12 (NIV)

“In the past, you have also felt at times like I wasn’t even talking to you, but Child: I am ALWAYS speaking to you!   I’ve been speaking to you the whole entire time, even in times when you thought I wasn’t there or you felt you couldn’t hear My Voice.  In the times you couldn’t hear me, I was speaking to the depths and the widths of your heart.  And as I spoke to the depths and widths of your heart, I want you to know that you that you might not have understood what I was saying, but you heard Me.  When promotion comes upon my people, even as I am moving them from glory to glory, that means they will begin to hear new things although they might sometimes not even understand what they are hearing. That is what is happening in the times and seasons when you have felt like you couldn’t hear My Voice.  And here and now, as you have sought Me with the depths of your spirit, I am elevating you to a higher place in the Kingdom.  This is a season of great divine graduation for you!  Which means: you are going to hear my voice differently as you are being promoted into the things that are going to take you deeper and further into this thing called life and destiny.  Destiny is not something for you to obtain, it is something you are living out even now and through that realm of you living out that destiny in this present moment, there is going to be such an amazing unfolding of My Word beginning to take place in you to give you light and reveal to you some mighty things you know not of.    I am pouring My Revelation and a stronger and more potent outpouring of a new sound of My Voice in you to  encourage, build up, exhort and bring down My Glory, My Freedom, My Comfort, My Healing and the light of My Word to the broken world around you.”


“The people remained at a distance, while Moses approached the thick darkness where God was.”~Exodus 20:22 (NIV)

“I want you to know that, as if a bubble was about to burst, something spectacular is about to break open and bust forth in your life.  It is as if a bubble full of the nutrients, the power, the strength of who I am and of what I have to give you was bursting open to begin to blow a breath of fresh air into your life. I want to breathe into you a fresh new wind of revival to where your spirit knows and understands the power of My Spirit to push you and lead you into all Truth.  This season, I am causing a strong discernment of My Holy Spirit coming upon you to lead you into all Truth, to push you and guide you to places you need to be, where you need to go.  No longer will you second-guess yourself trying to figure out if you are hearing Me correctly.  You are going to know My Word, My Will and My Way.  My Spirit is here to lead you into all Truth.  And, you are coming into a place of more Truth, because you’ve been asking for it.   I’ve heard your prayers and heard the times and seasons you’ve been asking to get to know more of Me, to have a deeper closeness with Me, to have visitations and to get to know the REAL me.  I have seen your heart and have seen that it is like the heart of David crying out for more of Me and that I am top priority to you.  Well, guess what?  If you want authentic, genuine, real encounters with Me, you are going to begin to receive that this season!  You are going to have deeper encounters and revelation of the REAL Me and all that I offer to you this season!  

You haven’t yet experienced the fullness of Freedom that I want to bring to you, but this season, I am causing you to walk into a new level of Freedom to where you feel old burdens and wounds and yokes coming off from you.  Exchange your burdens with Me and take My light and easy yoke upon you.  Remember, the path of righteous it does get brighter and brighter!  I want you to experience that brightness of the coming of the Lord coming into your life today to begin to shift you into a new level of the spirit realm, even to where you are going to begin to experience a new level of visitations at nighttime as well.  You’ve been asking for it and have begun to see glimpses of it, but My Spirit is about to overshadow you in a new way to literally bring My Voice to you as you sleep.  There are also angelic encounters you have sensed in the spirit, but have not been able to pin-point in the past.  Well, Child, you were right on the money about that!  You were right on target!  My Angels have been watching over you and you are about to start experiencing and feeling and sensing the power and presence of My Angels around you to a level you have not yet experienced before.  Get ready for this era of new spiritual depth in your life where the veil is ripping and Heaven is touching and invading Earth as never before!  Get ready to to behold, to hear, and encounter more of the reality of Heaven! Get ready to experience that Fullness and that level of Authority and Boldness coming upon you by My Spirit! ” says the Lord your God. 
Kathy Mote
The Lord led me to a place of deep worship, and there I became aware of many things. First was that I was moving into a deeper realm, and seeing how far He has brought me. Next was that I was being infused with strength that was not my own that I cannot describe or explain. It was, for the first time in my life's experience, a time of the most deeply expressive communication between me and the Lord, and between Him and me.

I realized there was an angel by my side. Then another in front of me to open the way. There was a third on the other side of me and one behind me to guard me, but I kept my heart on Him, and deeper we went. The angels stood guard to honor the Lord in the place where I honored Him. 

The Lord said to me, You will wear a crown, and as He said this, His smile lit up the top of my head, and bathed me in sun light that warmed me. I wept as I saw what it means to literally be in His presence, and how His angels are sent to protect us, to see that our way to Him is safe and unhindered.

The days when He showed us the darkness we were in is behind us, and the time of being in His presence is here. It is our time to know the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, and I am filled with the joy of knowing this. I am sent to say, shed the mindset, the thinking and burden of darkness, for those days are over! He said, Tell My children to come to Me, for it is time to enter in!

Kathy Mote:
This is what the Lord said. You will go as I send you with the skill and precision of a loosed arrow. Each time you are sent you will hit your mark, and healing will follow your words like the fragrance of roses in the midst of the garden. You will be called a people of restoration, and be seen as a Holy nation. You will be known as peculiar, though none will dare stand against you. You will roll over the fallen one like thunder, and in My name free all of his prisoners. You will dance with glee on the field of battle, and where you were once defeated you will show My glory to those who see your deliverance.

Kathy Mote:
To hear His voice and know His will, you must be able to listen. To hear Him you must be quiet, and to be filled you must first be empty.  
In a series of what I think of as 'glimpses', the Lord has been teaching me object lessons. An example is when He showed me cloudy water, and said, I want to see through it. Throughout the same day I was shown what clouds my decision making, the hurt that crippled my walk, and all that remains of the fallen nature in my thinking. As I gave them to Him, He showed me clarified butter, a beautiful oil you could see your refection in. Glimpses. And they speak volumes.

Today the glimpse was when I went to pour water into my coffee maker, and the lid was still on. I saw the 'glimpse' of the closed carafe in a vision and the Lord said, You cannot hear if your heart is not open. I immediately cried to be able to hear, desiring to surrender, but more to the point, my heart's cry was not to be closed off to Him. His response was an outright miracle.

The next 'glimpse' came immediately, and was a distant land. He said, To see My desire for you, you must trade up, and to go with Me, you must abandon your own destination. Desiring your own will in this life is like wanting to rearrange the benches in a bus station. It gets you nowhere. 

Surrendering our heart's desires to Him takes a lot of courage, because He goes deep as He searches our soul. But step by step He has established His Lordship in us, and by now we should be convinced of His faithfulness and trust in His goodness.

We serve a God of miraculous power, and He is mighty to save us! He sees a far horizon, and that is where He takes us. Let us not limit Him.  He is defining our union with Him, the more we will see and hear Him. If we are to be a reflection of His will then we must be clear of ourselves. If we are to hear His voice, then we must still our own voice to listen.
Wendy Alec - FB 01/18/18

Beloved child...the season of stretching...of surrender...
of the thorn tree...of the wilderness...
The season of enduring...Of surviving...
of seemingly brass Heavens..
Of waiting and waiting for the rain to come...
This past season of TRANSITION
The Landscape is about to transform even before your very eyes

Dorkita Urdin
“O Jacob, how can you say the LORD does not see your troubles?  O Israel, how can you say God ignores your rights?  Have you never heard? Have you never understood? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of his understanding.  He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. Even youths will become weak and tired, and young men will fall in exhaustion. But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles.  They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”~Isaiah 40:27-31(NLT)

This is what I hear the Father saying.  I pray it brings confirmation and encouragement to someone today. <3 


“He reaches deep into the pit to deliver you from death. He crowns you with unfailing love and compassion like a king.  When your soul is famished and withering, He fills you with good and beautiful things, satisfying you as long as you live. He makes you strong like an eagle, restoring your youth.”~Psalm 103:4-5 (VOICE)

“I want you to know this season that even through turmoil, even through confusion, even when the enemy comes in trying to bring in chaos and scatter and destroy things around you, you are the one who is going to have the victory.  There has been a divine war in the heavens for you and you have not even realized it.   Understand: there is a battle over your life. There's a battle over your emotions. There’s a battle over your relationships.  There's a battle over all your family.  There is a battle over your destiny!  There has been a battle waging over you and in the midst of this battle there have been times when the enemy has tried to make you doubt my love and care for you, but understand also that there are more for you than those who are against you and I am giving you a powerful victory this season. This is not the time to lay down in despair, but it’s a time to look up and arise and see that the dawn of your redemption draws near.  You have been down for a while and haven’t really understood you have been down, but I am picking you back up!” says the Lord.  “I am picking you back up and dusting off the ashes of the places where your spirit has felt beat down and broken in the midst of the battle that you can begin to arise and stand again and run again and fly on wings like eagles again and when you have done all remain standing.  Remember that in Me, you are the head and not the tail.  You are above and not beneath situations.  You are protected and deeply and completely loved, fully provided for, and guided.  Understand this and get ready with a heart full of worship and expectation, for this season, a powerful victory is on its way!  You are going to see it and you will know that it is not by might nor by power, but that it was by the Spirit of the Lord of Hosts.  For truly, you will look back and say ‘Man could never do this, but the Lord My God Almighty has done it!’ “


“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”~Jeremiah 33:3 (ISV) 

Then, I saw a vision of a person sitting at a desk writing math equations into a piece of paper trying to wrap their head around and calculate and work out the answer and the solution for them.  And God said, “I am coming in to calculate some things in your life.  ‘Calculate’ is where you try to put numbers together trying to come up with an answer and a solution. There are some things in your life that you can’t seem to calculate and find an answer for and put together to be able to see how they are going to work out and play out.  This season some things are going to play out while other things are going to work out.  Which means that, as you seek Me, I will show you that there are some things to leave in My Hands and allow to play out under the Hand of My Spirit and there are some other things that will work out by me giving you the ‘spiritual calculations’ you need. The ‘spiritual calculations’ are Me pouring into you My Divine Wisdom beyond anything you’d been able to ask or think.  The wisdom of the Lord is coming upon you to help you cipher through some things that are sitting around and not moving or producing anything. What I am calling you to is step back and seek My Face to make sure that you get a vision, a plan and a strategy from Me and a mentality of the ‘hope and a bright future’ I have for you involved in these situations.  For truly, I am going to reveal to you My Divine Wisdom and the Power of My Spirit stir up productivity and resolution within situations that don’t seem to have an answer to or a way out.” 

“Fear not about these things, because fear, fret and worry are not your portion.  Remember, that the battle is Mine and know that I am and will be the voice behind you guiding your steps to begin to show you the things you need to know to move forward.  The enemy would like to keep you at a place where spiritually-speaking you fall into confusion and fear about the many paths before you you could be following and turning into. But this season, I want you to begin to really see the Power of your God moving within your life to bring you Divine clarity and revelation to know how to begin to cipher through life and how to begin to work out things. I am going to calculate some things in your life where you need an answer, a solution, and a strategy from Heaven. I also want to begin to show you how to capture and recover some things from your past that you saw fall through the cracks and not prosper.  For I am redeeming and restoring the years the cankerworm and the locust have eaten and it’s time for you to recover some things, for them to come back into play for you to dive into them anew.  There is a shift coming as you seek Me and allow Me to download My Divine Wisdom into you to know which things and situations are just dead weight to you and when and where and how to cut these things off; and which other things, even from a long time ago, I am calling you to pick up again and recover. And you will know it is Me guiding you, because as you heed My Guidance, My Joy, My Presence, My Anointing, My Glory and My Freedom will come upon you as the Spirit of the Lord floods your temple.”  


“You have enlarged the nation and increased their joy; they rejoice before you as people rejoice at the harvest, as warriors rejoice when dividing the plunder.”~Isaiah 9:3 (NIV)

“For so long, the enemy has tried to bring you into a place of oppression and frustration--as if you cannot move forward and out of challenges around you--to keep you from dwelling in My Rest, in My Presence where Divine Freedom and Liberty and fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore reside.  Your joy hasn’t been made whole yet, but I am turning it all around this season! I am restoring back the years the cankerworm and the locust stole from you and I am absolutely restoring back your joy to you and bringing you to that place of true divine Liberty and Freedom where My Joy resides!  It has been some time since you have had that deep in your belly, heart-at-ease full of laughter joy.  There have been some things and ongoing situations that have slowly cornered you in a place where your joy and your hope have seen to  be sucked up and filtered out, but I am about to bring you spiritual revelation to show you exactly where the issues have been that have eroded at your joy and tried to keep joy out of the equation of your life and I am turning all this around!  Know, that I have been fighting on your behalf all along to where you can and will begin to experience such a rain of My Joy and of My Divine Creativity in your life.  And as you begin to dive into the flow of My Spirit, I am going to show you exactly how to begin to use My Wisdom, the same wisdom I gave Solomon, in your life to guide you in the way you should go, that you may begin to see the Hand of your Loving Father and know that By My Spirit your life is turning around for your good right now!” says the Lord your God. 

Given on New Year's Eve right before midnight - Pastor Kent Christmas    A Prophetic Message for 2018  video link

“God has been speaking to me prophetically about our nation and about the church, and I have never written down a prophetic word before in thirty-some years that God has used me prophetically.

To my knowledge I’ve never got behind the pulpit and read a prophetic word of the LORD.  But God has given me so much over the last few days that in my prayer time I could do nothing but write.

So today I’m going to read you a prophecy that God has been giving me.  And this prophecy deals with the nation, it deals with the lukewarm, it deals with the wicked, and it deals with the righteous.

This prophecy is not specifically for this church, even though The Resting Place is a part of the Body of Christ, this prophecy that I’m going to give you today is not specifically for this church.  So if it doesn’t apply to you, don’t take it. If it does, then reach out and get a hold of it.

It is for the Body of Christ and because we are live streaming I trust that this word of the LORD will be released into places that it needs to be released today in the house of the LORD. It starts out really in a negative. It ends up in a positive.  And so, though I am not used to doing it this way, this is how I felt the LORD lead me today.

The LORD says that, “I AM now taking hold of the reins of the nations in the earth and of My Body, the church.  The season of men being in charge is over, and I AM now going to perform the word of My prophets that they have declared for generations.”

“To those in My house who are believers but have left your first love, either return unto Me your passion, or I AM going to remove your candle stick and I will give it to another.  And the light of My presence will no longer be in your life because you did not value the presence of the LORD.”

“For Christians who no longer value My presence anymore and are lukewarm and My house has not been a priority in your lives, I’m going to withdraw from you this coming year” says God.

“I have blessed the lukewarm hoping that My blessings would make you love Me more and want to spend time with Me, but you have fallen in love with My blessings instead of Me.

I AM now going to remove My protection that I have had in your lives and in your house and over your families” says the LORD.

“And when you cry out to Me, I will not answer you in that day.”

“My people have run after preachers and prophets who have lied to them and said ‘it’s alright to be lukewarm and committed to Me’ and ‘make sin peace in your life.’

They have said that I AM only a God of grace and mercy, and though I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, I also take no pleasure in My people who honor Me with their lips but not with their hearts.”

For Christians who have known My holy presence and have been filled with My Spirit but have put no value on that privilege, I AM, in 2018, beginning to remove My presence from them and they will no longer even feel convicted for the ways that they go in that are no longer right.”

“I have never asked My children to be perfect, just to be holy. Not to love the world or the things that are in the world, but to love Me first.

What the lukewarm have sold their souls for in the church, I AM now going to take from them and I’m going to give it to my children who have lived for Me at any cost. And there is going to be great change in the value system in the house of God.

I AM not releasing this word today”, says the LORD, “because I’m looking for people to repent, but I’m releasing this word because I AM absolving Myself of the blood of the lukewarm on the day that you stand and look into the eyes of your Holy Father.

So He who is holy, let him be holy still. And he who is unclean, let him be unclean.”

“Starting in 2018, I AM going to begin to remove many churches in this nation who have made My house a house of merchandise, but have caused My presence to be hid from My sheep.

For My house shall be called a house of prayer,” says the LORD, “and not a din of thieves.

My house shall be a hospital”, sayeth God, “that shall be filled with the bruised, the broken, and the needy.  And though My house has been filled with many, it’s not been filled with those who My spirit has reached out to.”

“This final move that I AM now releasing in the earth”, sayeth the LORD, “is not a move that is going to have mixture, but it will be a move of the pure presence of Myself and of the Shekinah glory of God.

I AM releasing My glory and My presence in the earth because the harvest is now ready”, says the LORD “and I have been waiting for laborers to gather the harvest in.”

“I now say unto the church that I have enough labors”, sayeth God “to bring the harvest into the house of the LORD.  So 2018,” sayeth the LORD “for many houses, your walls will have to be pushed out”, sayeth God “for there is an army of men and women that are getting ready to come into the house of the LORD.

And for those that are laborers”, sayeth God “your labor in My work has not been in vain, but the joy of the LORD shall be in thee as you watch”, sayeth God “them come in.

Not by the hundreds, and not by the thousands, but by the millions they shall come into the United States of America and to other nations.  And My house again shall be called the house of prayer.”

“As I now begin to release My glory in the nation, there are going to be massive crowds and abundant supply of financial resources. And great signs and wonders shall not only be in the church, but shall even begin to be released in Congress and in governments”, sayeth God “and in places of leadership throughout the world.”

“I have withheld signs and wonders and miracles because the counterfeit church has made a god out of them and sought them and counterfeited them and would not give Me glory. 2018 shall be a beginning of the greatest supernatural display of the power and of the glory of God that man has ever seen.

You shall stand in amazement”, sayeth God “and even the stories that have been told to you by those of another generation shall not be able to measure up to that which I AM getting ready to release in the Body of Christ for the glory of the LORD.

For it is my honor”, sayeth God “to display My muscle and the power of My might.  And though I have been limited”, sayeth God “I AM now no longer limited.  For I have an army of believers who have risen up in faith who have declared ‘Our God can do anything’.

”The days of the Devil and his servants putting a muzzle on my people are over.  I now”, sayeth the LORD “am going to put great men in places of tremendous influence in the nations.

And they will speak with such authority and power that the enemy will not be able to be challenged.  And the voices that have stood on your televisions and have said that God is dead and that righteousness is evil, and evil is righteousness,” God said “I AM going to smite them.

I AM now declaring war on the devil and his kingdom and all his savants which have tried to destroy Me and my people.”

“2018”, sayeth God “will be known and remembered as the year of death in the United States for the wicked who have been a mouth piece for Satan and also for false prophets, hirelings, and wolves in sheep’s lothing, and the lukewarm”.

God said, “I AM physically going to begin to remove men and women.  And when you get up in the coming years”, sayeth the LORD “you shall be amazed at the names that are going to begin to leave the earth the have tried to detour the power and the glory of the LORD.

I AM going to replace them with men, hallelujah, who have never been heard and women who have been silenced by the enemy. And they shall stand and speak under the wisdom and the power of God.

And even your news channels”, sayeth the LORD “shall begin to give them coverage of what God is saying in this hour. In 2018, though it will be a year of death for the wicked”, God says “it will be remembered as the year of rebirth and life for the righteous.”

“I now speak as the Eternal Father of Heaven”, says the LORD. “For decades My Son, Jesus Christ has been ridiculed, discredited, mocked, and ignored by the wicked and not been given the honor and the reverence by the lukewarm.”

God says, “I AM now, in 2018, in this nation and in nations around the world, I’m going to vindicate My Son, Jesus Christ, in the nations. And I AM going to lift Him up and His Name, and it will be a Name above all names in Heaven and earth”, sayeth the LORD.

“And the Name of Jesus again will be on the lips of men and women that are righteous in this country. And the days of maligning My God”, sayeth the LORD “are going to become over.”

God says, “I AM going to bankrupt sports in the year of 2018”, sayeth God.

“I AM coming against Hollywood. I AM coming against the NFL.  I AM coming against professional sports”, sayeth God “and they shall never recover for the spirit that has been within them.

At the same time,” sayeth the LORD “ there is going to be a spirit of honor that is going to descend upon the house of God and I AM going to redeem the integrity of My people and of My ministry”, says the LORD “and the house of God shall be known as a house of integrity and righteousness and power”, sayeth the LORD.

“Starting now and continuing into the year 2018, I AM going to answer the long term prayers of the righteous, both in the Spirit and in the natural.

For years”, sayeth the LORD “My children have prayed to Me, and petitioned Me, and asked Me, and commanded Me, and yet I have been silent until they have wondered ‘God do you even hear us?’.

Yes, I heard you oh righteous children! And not only am I going to answer your prayers in the Spirit realm, and yes there is going to be revival, and glory, and restoration.”

God says “the year 2018 shall be a year of natural blessing upon the house of God.”  The LORD said, “moving companies are not going to have enough trucks to handle the amount of the righteous that are moving out of one house into another”.

God says, “I AM going to take businesses”, sayeth the LORD. “I’m going to transfer their ownership and their deed.  And I’m going to give it to men that have struggled but have tithed and have stood on the things of God and held onto the word of the LORD.”

“2018 will be a year of great reward to those, who with their great sacrifice and faith, have proved to Me, whether I answered their prayers or not, that they would love Me and serve Me til they die.

And if they die with their prayers not answered, that praise would still be upon their lips as they cross over from that world to this.

I AM going to command the enemy to release,” sayeth God “and restore all that he has stolen from the righteous men and women in the earth. So that the word of the LORD shall be fulfilled that declares ‘the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous’.

And though they think because their name is on the deed that it belongs to them”, God said “I have had this generation of wicked men be just become care takers to nurture and to take care, and to grow the prosperity that I AM getting ready to release unto the house of the LORD”.

God says, “I AM going to give you the pick”, sayeth the LORD “even unto this local church, of a sanctuary that you want”. The LORD says, “there has been praise that has come up out of this house.

And though you have wondered ‘God are we invisible?’ and ‘Do You know that we are here?’, God says “ your praise has ascended unto the throne room of the LORD.

And so God says, “I AM preparing thee a house and a habitation that shall be beautiful and you shall be as a city that is set upon a hill and shall not be hid”, sayeth God. “

There will be no mortgage”, sayeth the LORD, “that in the last move of God”, God says, “man and the righteous will not take up three and four offerings in the house of the LORD trying to fund My Kingdom”, but God says “there will be such an abundance of the presence of God through money and resource, that we will have to tell the people enough is enough because thy coffers shall overflow.

For the earth is full of My possessions” sayeth the LORD “and I own cattle on a thousand hills. Do not think because I have been silent that I have not heard thy voice, but oh the year of the LORD has been attuned to the cry of my people.

And I now stand in this day”, sayeth God “and I flex the muscle of My arm.  And I declare that the earth is Mine.  The church is Mine.  Man is Mine.  That I made man and he did not make Me.  And My word will not return unto Me void”, sayeth the LORD.

“This move that you are going to see with thy eyes is not a pruning of my house”, sayeth God “but it is a cleansing. ‘And thou shall (Hebrews 10:31) be fulfilled”, says the LORD.

It’s is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

The LORD says that, “I AM not going to judge those in this house who have sinned out of weakness”.

God said, “My mercy shall cover you”. But He said, “I AM going to judge those in this nation and My house who have sinned out of choice and rebellion, and have rejected the ways of God”.

“Grace”, sayeth the LORD “and judgement shall flow as two rivers at the same time from My throne and one shall be to the righteous whom the world has mocked and ridiculed and the other shall be to the wicked who have said ‘There is no God’. Oh know this”, sayeth the LORD “that when the trumpet sounds all shall wish they had been as the righteous. For the favor of God is now upon My people”, sayeth the LORD.

“And as though they reaped the plagues in Egypt of the first few”, God said “I have declared from this day on that I AM setting”, sayeth the LORD “a fence around godly families.

And I make a commitment to you”, sayeth the LORD “and an oath that cancer shall not cross over, and death shall not cross over, and disease shall not cross over, and the devour shall not cross over. For there is favor upon thee.

And while there grows darkness in this nation, there shall be light in the land of the righteous”. So the LORD says, “I AM loosing a sound of rejoicing in this sanctuary, hallelujah.

And the spirit of heaviness that the enemy has put on you”, sayeth the LORD “I take off of you. And I put on you the garment of praise.

Even get ready”, sayeth the LORD “that even this week”, sayeth God “My word is going to begin to be fulfilled because I do not lie and My word shall not return unto Me void.

And for those that have served me for generations and for decades and have wondered ‘God if this is all there is’, know my son and daughter this is just the beginning of that which is being released.

So choose Me” sayeth the LORD “choose Me and know that the arm of flesh will fail you, but the arm of God Almighty shall sustain thee forever.” Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

God says, “There have been many that before men, you were ashamed”. God says, “I can no longer have people who will be ashamed of Me before men”.

God said, “I need you to take a public declaration that from this day on, regardless of the cost, I AM going to serve the LORD Jesus Christ.”

God said that, “The last move of the LORD will never ever be to the lukewarm, but it will be to the unsaved and it will be to the righteous”.

And God said, “I AM withdrawing my conviction from those that have heard Me and I have pleaded and they have not come.”  And God said, “You say there’s time.”

God says, “There is no more time, not for the lukewarm.  There is for the righteous and there is for the unsaved.”  But the LORD says, “What I AM releasing to Resting Place is so precious and so glorious that I cannot allow it to be put on people who don’t put value on it”.

God says that, “There is a wind of rest that I AM beginning to blow.  Even this morning”, sayeth God, “I AM blowing rest into The Resting Place, hallelujah.

I AM blowing rest upon the lives of you faithful men and women that have been so depleted from the battle”.

And God says, “Today I AM taking the sword out of thy hand, and I’m putting a banner of righteousness and praise. And the war is coming to an end with evil in your life, hallelujah, hallelujah.

For the unsaved that are in your families”, God says “part of my heritage to you, “sayeth the LORD “is that before this coming year is out many of you are going to stand in this church with your unsaved seed standing beside you, and they are going to give their hearts to the LORD”.

God said, “I AM brining healing to the rifts of families, hallelujah. That there is a bond of unity and love thats getting ready to hit the house of God”.

And so the LORD says, “I AM not angry with thee today. That I released this word because I AM now moving and man is no longer in charge”.

And God says this, “I want you to be in My house. I want you to be in My Kingdom. I want to open the windows of Heaven on you. I want to bless you”.

God says, “I AM not angry. You are my love. I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked”.

God said, “what I have is so valuable, that what I AM going to give to committed people is of such price that I can only give it to people who by faith have declared value on me”.

God said, “I have not forgotten the sacrifices that you have made, the tears you’ve cried, the pain of thy heart, the rejections, the sufferings, the embarrassments that you have endured for being a Christian.

Know this”, sayeth the LORD “there has been a minority voice of evil, not of culture that has spoken in this nation”.

God says, “now I’m going to muzzle that voice”.

And God said, “there is a voice of righteousness”, and God says “You will sit as you watch different television news stations, you will look to one another in amazement and say ‘I can’t believe what I’m hearing’. Because God says, “I AM lifting up men and I’m going to confirm”, sayeth the LORD, “that it is not the days of preaching anymore, but it is the day of demonstrating.

And though there will be preaching in the house of God”, God says “it will not have the preeminence like it’s had”.

But God said, “the greatest preaching that is going to come forth is there is going to be a confirming of the word, signs and wonders following”.  The LORD says, “it’s even going to be on little children”.

God said, “I’m going to hit My class rooms”. The LORD says, “I AM invading the school system of this nation and these lies,” sayeth the LORD “that have infiltrated”, the LORD said, “there are going to be professors and teachers that I AM going to remove”, sayeth God “because they have stood in my class rooms and taught this generation that which is not true of Me”.

And the LORD said, “there is a righteous sound”.

Hallelujah, and the LORD also says this, “the flag of this nation shall never fall to the ground in infamy and embarrassment”, but the LORD said, “I AM raising it back up and as thou has honored the flag”, sayeth the LORD, “thou has honored Me.

And know this”, sayeth God “I breathe on you”, sayeth the LORD. “I breathe on you life. I breathe on you joy. I breathe on you peace, hallelujah.

May the peace of God be upon you, My children, and may you receive My word today” sayeth the LORD.”

12/24/17 - Priscilla Van Sutphin

“There has been a strategy of the enemy to keep you bound to distractions of this world, so that he could come against you unawares. As you listen and watch what is in the news, there is great heaviness for all that is going on, so send that all in prayer back to ME, as I have big shoulders, and the world is in My hands. I will listen and I will act as I see fit. 

Be bold as a lion, be unafraid, of the intimidation going on. It is the enemy’s last dance. And he knows it, and is oppressing wherever he can. But you are My lights, and like your Savior, the Bright and Morningstar, so you will shine greater than the illumined ones who serve the enemy. Believe Me in this ! I have told you before hand, that you would hold on to FAITH and HOPE in My arising, and My glorious coming.

Keep on in faith and obedience to My leading for I have much more to tell you of these times, and I will give you the wisdom you need if you ask for it! Cling to ME. Cling to ME. Cling to ME! Praise Me going out, and coming in. Praise Me in the dance, praise Me in song, Praise Me with instruments. Praise Me in quietness , and with all your actions, be MY LIGHTS. 

Do NOT hide your light under a basket. For I will make you to shine as the stars in the heavens as I pour out My tsunami of Love. My love and My strength will sustain you. Look to ME for everything you need, and trust me to lead you in the way everlasting.”

12/12/17 - 278pikelk - PRAY IN THE SPIRIT  (transcript found under comments)


Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin
chaphaz is the Hebrew word for trepidation
2649 [e] ḇə-ḥip-pā-zō-wn בְחִפָּזוֹן֙ with haste Noun
Dictionary: A State of Alarm or Dread; Apprehension
An involuntary trembling or quivering.
Isaiah 52:12
For you will not go out with haste, nor will you go in flight [as was necessary when Israel left Egypt]; for the Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard.
When Mahesh Chavda came to the Vineyard years back in the 90's during Revival going on, there was a manifestation of the Fear of the LORD when he spoke that caused my knees to knock together.  I knew this was the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord at work in our midst because of His very convicting words, and because the Lord gave me scripture.
Tonight the Lord spoke Trepidation to me, and I waited to hear what He wanted to say:
"Events are coming that will put many nations in trepidation.  I am pouring out My GLORY as never before, because I want a Harvest of souls in this hour.  When My glory comes it brings great conviction. People will be working or shopping and SUDDENLY they will be apprehended without warning.  ARE YOU READY MY PEOPLE FOR AN OUTPOURING? I will give you reasons to TESTIFY of My love for you and those around you.  Rehearse what you will say if anyone asks you for the hope that is in you! For I will give you PLENTY of opportunities as the days pass. I am coming on a cool winter wind!
My KINGDOM will come and as it approaches, NOTHING will remain the same. I am counting on your intimacy with Me and My heart is set on increase of all that I am for you. The whole world will know that I AM THE LORD AND THERE IS NO OTHER.  For I will loose My glory on My sons and daughters in unprecedented ways.  What you have seen and experienced is nothing compared to what is coming. I WILL DO THE STARTLING MIRACLES I'VE SPOKEN ABOUT. SUDDENLY THEY WILL FALL UPON YOU LIKE RAIN.
MY SPIRIT IS COMING TO TAKE OVER, AND ABIDE on My beloved sons and daughters and chains will be broken and cells even in your body will be glorified to change you so that you can fulfill this great commission. Transformation is at hand beloveds.  Spend time with Me, don't run away from My presence. Stay, stay with ME. Spend time in worship and in silence, so you can just listen for "orders from headquarters". There is SO MUCH MORE that I have planned for you than you can imagine right now, but all is at hand!
There will come a time when I say MOVE, or GO, and you must do it immediately in obedience like Lot having to leave Sodom. For I will not strive with men forever. All is "coming to a head" as you say. I have started the "uncovering" but those uncovered are in a rage, because of who they are controlled by. STAY in communion with Me as much as possible. Re-prioritize your time to keep ME first in your lives beloveds. This is going to be a busy but GLORIOUS SEASON in your lives. There will be much heartache over what the enemy has planned and some of which will be executed. But MY HEART is set on SALVATIONS.
Turncoats are around you. Many are so ignorant of ME, and ignorant of any moral compass. Keep VERY dependent on My voice, and the voice of My messengers. Hold on to the hem of MY garment. BELIEVE that MY WORD will be performed when you declare it! Believe My healing will be released as you lay hands on the sick and crippled, for I WILL DO MIGHTY MIRACLES IN YOUR MIDST, as hearts are turned to ME. Do NOT give in to discouragement and despair. The battle is fierce because of MY KINGDOM COMING TO EARTH. The enemy knows he will be thrown down. He's read My words too, but His perspective is warped and he will try to take out as many as possible. But he cannot TOUCH you unless I ALLOW IT! REMEMBER JOB and how he was healed when he prayed for his friends.
Many will be apprehended so powerfully, they will tremble and shake in My presence because My presence will be so strong in you.  Many will cough out demons just being in your presence.  Many will be so convicted, they will be angry or startled. Do not think it strange when perfect strangers manifest in front of you. Count it an opportunity to bring deliverance and healing to the masses, for they will come. Your job is to come to ME NOW while there is still time, and let me perfect your heart and mind in ME. For I LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU TO HAVE A DEEPER REVELATION OF THAT LOVE AND OF THE CROSS."


I had a dream a while back where a friend and I where going through a tunnel of lavender flowers. As we went through, I saw that there were beehives inside and honey was dripping from the walls of the tunnels. I was startled as I saw bees swarming around us as we walked through.  There was a fire ahead and suddenly water rushed through the tunnel barreling us over and putting out the fire but, by the time we got to the exit to the tunnel, I saw that we were completely unharmed. Outside the exit to the tunnel we saw a brook where the waters that lay still and clear and we stooped down to drink from it.   As we drank, we saw our image on the water and were amazed to see that we were completely transformed from who we were before entering the tunnel! In the distance we saw a beautiful lavender field where there were waiters smartly dressed preparing banquet tables. I could see some people I know clothed in white robes beginning to sit at the tables where some waiters were place setting, while yet other waiters in the distance were beginning to bring the entrees on service carts.

This is some of what the Father told me about this dream to encourage some out there who have been in a time of transition and waiting. Though the wait seems long, God is redeeming the time and using this time of waiting to prepare great and mighty things in and for you for your good and for His glory. I pray it encourages and brings confirmation to someone today.  


Child, there are some things going on in your life right now that look to you like they should have happened already, but don’t try to pry the door open. Which means, mentally rest in My Timing and let go of the idea that certain doors should have already been opened up for you. Know, Child, that behind the scenes in the Spirit realm, there are some things are being prepared for you upon the table of the Lord. Just like a feast being prepared before the table of the King takes time to prepare, some things are still being prepared for you, and right now it’s not the complete timing to move into the corridor of that open door. As if a chef is putting ingredients together when baking a cake and then placing it into the oven, if the time is not right for the cake to be taken out of the oven, it’s not going to look the way the cake should look.  This is the way some things in your life are right now, but know that I am preparing a place for you in your future and where I am you ARE going to be also!”


In the time of waiting sit still and wait upon your Loving Father and let me begin to take you to the streams of My Living Water.  Even though some things seem right now as if they are stagnant, I tell you that My Waters are not ‘stagnant’ but ‘still’, because I am your Good Shepherd who leads you to still clean waters of My Nourishment, My Wisdom, My Strength, My Growth, My Clarity and My Revelations.   And in the time of preparation, I am causing you to drink from My still waters, because there is more unfolding coming down the road for the things I have for you. I am drawing you to sit still and drink from My living waters right now, because in that place of being still is where you get to know Me deeply.  It’s where you get to hear My Heart of Love for you and where I show you My Hidden secrets in the darkness that will prepare you for all I have ahead for you.   In that place of sitting still, is where I am causing things to happen on the other side of that door that your eyes have not seen nor your ears have heard yet!  I am preparing a beautiful place for you in your future and you need only trust and expect its unveiling. 

I AM not constrained by time and I AM already there preparing, making room and making a way for you to come into the place of favor, into the place of promotion, into the place where you no longer feel the sting of abandonment, but the joy of total Divine Acceptance. And when you come to that place of beginning to prepare yourself to enter what I have been lovingly preparing for you, you are going to see even your way of thinking transformed.  For even now, your thinking is beginning to change and evolve.  Even as you begin to drink from My Still Waters and begin to participate in the things I have placed before you during this time of preparation, I am causing a paradigm shift to happen to get your thinking ready to shift to a different wavelength, because this new season that I am preparing before you requires a new wave of thinking. You are about to be elevated and promoted to a new level and therefore, you have to re-strategize the way you see, conceive and think about things.”


“I am re-ordering your paradigms and your thinking, because the favor and the promotion I am going to present to you in your new season is going to look so different than anything you have been through before or expected!  Therefore, you cannot think that you will automatically know how it will feel to unlock it and walk into it.  It’s going to require a new thing and I am teaching you gold nuggets of My Wisdom and My Revelation that you may be able to know how to enter through the doors I am preparing for you when the timing comes. You cannot imagine the things I have prepared for you this season to get you ready to understand the exact strategy for moving up and into My New for you!  I must prepare you for that which is to come in your life, for you and for all those who come behind you.  For, as you begin to transition into My New for you, you will see that others in your life will follow suit behind you. In many ways, I am causing you to trail-blaze new territories for others to enter behind you, and for this I am bringing you to such a level of maturity in the Spirit that is going to blow your mind!  I am bringing you to such a level of My Love pouring out through you in Wisdom and Healing you never even imagined could be!  In this time of preparation, as a butterfly strengthens its flying muscles while struggling out of the cocoon, I am making sure that you are prepared and ready for the success, anointing, and ministry that I have prepared for you!  Child, in your spirit you have known that you are waiting on Me and that I am doing something behind the scenes and you are 100% right!   I am Your Keeper and Your Keeper never slumbers!  Get ready!  Let your heart be glad and and full of hope,  for truly, I am preparing a place of honor upon My Table for you!”says the Lord your God.

"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful."
~Hebrews 10:23

"You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."
~Psalm 23:5-6

"The road to freedom is narrow and few find it."  (Words through Susan Davis)
(Words Received from Our LORD by Susan, October 3, 2017)
Children, I am your FATHER reaching out to you.  I am LIGHT.  I move out into the darkness.  I see all, nothing gets by ME.  I am the Great SEER.  I know ALL--I AM ALL KNOWLEDGE.  You cannot comprehend ME, but I AM ALL.  I consume ALL, time and space.  I am incomprehensible by the human mind.
I am a force to be reckoned with.  I AM ALL POWERFUL and UNCHANGING GOD.  There is nothing I don't know about...all the dirty little deeds that go on behind closed doors, I am aware of.  I see all.  All the vile thoughts of mankind are within MY Earshot.  I hear all the evil spoken against ME and against others.  What goes on behind closed doors is out in the open for MY viewing.
I am the Perfect JUDGE.  I have all the facts.  There is nothing that is not disclosed to ME.  I know the beginning to the end of all things on this earth.  What has been and what is to be...
If you stand before a Holy GOD without MY Blood Covering all your spots and stains will be visible and known to a Holy JUDGE.  I will judge evil--all the acts performed against a Holy GOD at the conclusion of each life given into this earth.  Without MY Blood-bought covering, you will stand guilty before ME and the sentence given will be eternal hell fire and separation from GOD WHO is LOVE, CREATOR of all that is good. 
You only have ONE hope and that is in ME and MY ability to wipe all your sins away and to give you a clean slate and right-standing before MY Holy Face.  Your defiance, rejection of MY Word and rebellion to ME and MY ways will be judged by a Righteous JUDGE.  I will pull away the cover you hide behind and expose your evil heart.  But, if you come to ME now on bended knee...broken...hungry to be right with a Holy GOD, I will hear your plea. 
Surrender your all without a trace of desire for this evil world and I will clear your record of past sins and make you free from the evil that has held you in captivity and I will produce in you a new heart, one that beats together with mine.  This is MY desire for you, to be cleaned up, made new and prepared to come away with ME for eternity to live in peace and harmony with your MAKER for all time--eternal time.
Do not wait too long to make this all important decision for no one knows the hour that they will appear before ME.  Do not leave your own salvation to chance or to be given into the hands of the enemy for all time. 
The road to freedom is narrow and few find it.  Get to know your GOD, humble yourself, come and let ME love you in the way only I can love.  Now is the time to know your GOD.  Tomorrow may be too late.
I AM has spoken
"The world has turned its back to ME wanting instead its own way"
(Words Received from Our LORD by Susan, October 4, 2017)
Children of the Most HIGH:
I am going to break the skies open when I come for MY little flock: those who have chosen to follow their GOD on bended knee with broken spirits and undying trust in ME.  I will not look away when they cry out for ME like MY left behind church that denies ME now.  The church of the cold-hearted and lukewarm with lamps that are not filled with MY Oil will be found wanting when I come to relieve MY church of the overwhelming evil in the world.
The rejection of the world for its GOD and MAKER is a key sign that MY coming is close.  
The world has turned its back to ME wanting instead its own way, its own truth, its own version of who they believe I am.  I cannot be known through a casual relationship by barely opening MY Book, by holding hands with the world and its ways.  I cannot be found in the fruit of the world--fruit that looks good to the eyes but is bitter to the taste and poison to the soul leading to spiritual death and separation from GOD.
Come find your GOD through true surrender and admitting you need a SAVIOR in a dark world that is now enveloping you on all sides.  Come in close.  Seek ME through the pages of MY Word.  Wash yourself clean by the words.  Open your eyes to evil and your dirty hands covered with soil from sin.  Come clean your garment with the Blood of MY Sacrifice for you from a hard death of torment, all for you. 
These words are for you.  Make your way to MY Living Waters.  Come drink.  Fill your lamp.  Now is the hour.  Tomorrow may be too late.  Run, don't walk to your SAVIOR...COMFORTER...GOD. 

Dear Followers of CHRIST:
During my prayer time, October 6, 2017, I asked the LORD for words to open this letter and this is what HE had to say as I copied it down:
Dearest children,
The is the LORD, CHRIST,
I am Great with Truth.  MY Words are solid, trustworthy, true.  I am the ONE and ONLY LIGHT to the world.   There is NO other path to follow.  I am the ONE WAY OUT, the Thin TRAIL few find. 
Many look for alternative lifestyles, views, and ways to truth, and deception.  What does it all mean to gain the whole world but to lose your soul?  Come into MY LIGHT.  Turn away from eternal darkness.  Run away from sin committed against a Holy GOD.  You will be held accountable for your choices in this life.  Will you face ME defenseless in a sinful and lukewarm condition or will you walk into MY Courts with MY Blood Covering forgiveness and be received with Great Love?  For I even reward someone in MY Kingdom for giving a child a cup of water in this life, those who know ME.
These decisions are for you to make, but to be made swiftly as you have an enemy who prowls about daily looking for who he can kill and destroy and steal from.  Do not get caught in his webs of distractions and love for this world.  It will be your destruction, and you will not recover. Consider these options seriously as time is dwindling. 
Everyday children face ME whether in MY Will or not.  Choices must be made.  What is yours?  How will I address you when we meet FACE to face?
These Words are serious, take them seriously,
The LORD of ALL has spoken

09/20/17 - WARNING - Pallet  278pikelk (Hope note - I have bolded the phrases below that speak to me of the 3 DoD)

My daughter, write my words for all who will hear them. I am your Creator.  Your creation’s time is up. All that have received me will be brought unto me. All that are on the fence, all that have rejected me will see more proof. For I will show them who I am and then they will decide their eternal destiny. I do not look at your status on this earth. I do not look at your successes or failures. I quite simply see each heart. Every heart is predisposed to need me. But the flesh in some cases, overrules human hearts if the enemies lies are believed. The deception is great but soon will be even greater. Those who have not rejected me will see through this deception if they call out my name, they will be saved from the horrors. Those who have chosen the side of the enemy and are marching for his army will soon be aware of their fate. There will be no turning back for them. 
Every single person on your planet will be given the same offer. Many have already sealed their fate, for they are in covenant with satan himself. They have chosen success in this world over eternal bliss with their creator. They have attempted to fill the empty places in their heart with the enemy and things of this fallen creation, not seeing that I am the only thing that can fill their emptiness. What is coming will force those who have yet to choose to see exactly how they have been living. They will see their choices...the choices they have been making based upon the offerings of this world. They will see in an instant all they have worked so hard for gone. No amount of sex, booze, drugs, money or material wealth or success will matter. They will be forced to look in my mirror.
 The elite, the so-called powerful will attempt to run, but they cannot hide. They have their hiding places ready but they will be exposed. For they can do nothing and they can go nowhere that I cannot see them. There is no hiding from their Creator. When the deception is revealed to them, they will be in anguish, they will see how foolish they were and they will long for their own death. But their wishes will not be granted. This suffering they have chosen. If they would have only picked up my word and received my gift of salvation but instead they chose to believe the lies of the enemy.
Storms are coming upon your earth like no other time in history. The blessed nations in the past are now certainly cursed. My children and my servants will be under my wing for all that is to come. My children have no fear for you are predestined to be in safety now. I love my creation and I have set forth the perfect plan of salvation. In its rejection, many have chosen their fates. During their time of testing they simply must cry out to me, for if they have no longer rejected me and entered into a covenant with satan, they will be saved. Remember my children and my servants I warn with heavenly signs, with dreams and prophetic utterances. My timing is perfect and only I know its end purposes. 
Prepare your hearts for what is on the horizon. No matter what you see or hear you must turn and seek my face. Open your ears to hear my trumpets. Open your hearts to my salvation. Hold nothing back from me and allow me to fill you with my spirit to overflowing. Keep your ears and hearts 100% focused on me. I give pieces of my perfect puzzle to my chosen, but I will not reveal my plans fully to any man. Pray to me and Seek rest in my perfection For tall towers will crumble under the weight of my hand. Nothing that man has built will remain standing. Plains will become mountains and mountains. Flat familiar landscapes will become unrecognizable. Men’s storehouses will become worthless with no chance of their values returning. Your world will never go back to the way it was. Your creation has longed for reconciliation to its Creator for long enough. Rest in me, my loves, and know that all things will fall into place. Into my perfection. In my perfect timing. Have no fear. For again, each individual heart will be examined and shown my truth. Fear not, for Your Creator proceeds in love and perfection. I love you, my creation Yashua Hamashiach Jesus Christ.

The Latter Day Outpouring - Elaine Tavolacci  08/19/19

Last night I had a dream about a minister who I know personally named Easter. In the dream I was in a church and Easter came over and greeted me with a hug. She was wearing a red and black dress. She said to me: That was a powerful word that you shared last night. Then she said: "I will open up the bottle and you will pour it out". I knew that this was a prophetic dream filled with symbolism. When I began to write it down, the Holy Spirit said: I am releasing the new wine and I will use you to pour it out. The name Easter represented resurrection power. The colors red and black in the dress were symbolic of (black) death to the flesh and the midnight hour, and (red) the blood of Jesus as well as the prophetic anointing. The hug was a spiritual impartation. The bottle and the pouring was symbolic for the new wine, and the latter day outpouring.

In the book of Acts chapter two on the day of Pentecost when the disciples were in the Upper Room in one accord, "suddenly" there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance. They were so intoxicated with the glory of God that some of the onlookers thought that they were drunk with wine. Peter went on to say, these men are not drunk as you suppose, and he quoted the prophecy from Joel 2:28 -32. 

In the book of Acts chapter four when they were being threatened, they prayed, and asked the Lord for boldness, to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Jesus. The building then literally shook and they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Another outpouring is about to begin. 

The Lord says, I am releasing my resurrection power once again. The winds are stirring and I am releasing a mighty wind of My glory to transform lives "suddenly". Multitudes will be brought into the kingdom for such a time as this. My resurrection power shall flow through your hands and you will experience mass healings, captives will be delivered and set free, and many will come with repentant hearts. There is a shift in the heavenlies. I am stirring the atmosphere to bring change to the church as you know it. Angelic activity is being released from the third heaven and no man could stop or reverse it. Do not judge things by what you see happening in the natural, but watch what I am about to do. I Am El Shaddai and I am sending a tsunami of My glory.

Just as the winds are blowing in the natural, I am about to send a mighty rushing wind across this country and around the world. Just as the winds came "suddenly" in the upper room, I am sending My Glory to revamp things in the natural. What I intended for in these last days shall be accomplished. You shall see a great acceleration in the lives of my people. I will bring times of refreshing in times of drought. I will bring light to areas where darkness seems to prevail. I am sending the latter and the former rains. My glory will also dwell in the dark places, and in these places, my anointing shall be released. As I said in My word, "the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea"; says the Lord.

Joel 2:24
The threshing floors shall be full of wheat, And the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil.

Habakkuk 2:14
For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

Acts 2:1-4
When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Acts 2: 15 - 18
For these are not drunk, as you suppose, since it is only the third hour of the day. But this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel: And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams. And on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days; And they shall prophesy.

Elaine Tavolacci
PO Box 60414
Staten Island NY 10306

Transition Into Re-position - Maryam Ziadat

Don't be taken by the loud noises around you. Yield and draw yourself closer, focus and tend your hearing to the whisper. Can you hear the sound of bones coming together? Can you hear the tears of intercessors in their secret places? Can you hear my steps treading the earth to answer the prayers of my faithful ones, those who believe that I still hear when they call upon my name? I am doing a work of transition and I shall bring forth my witnesses. 

Watch closely. Listen with a focus for your eyes shall see and your ears shall hear my witnesses of transition for I did a mighty work of molding. I took so many of those who has been spending time in their secret places into a deeper journies in me and I transitioned them to re-position. Nothing in me will go in vain and nothing for me will go without being rewarded and my rewards are eternal. 

There will be a display. A royal display and those who has been transitioned will be re-positioned from the hidden places into a royal display for I called them to be my witnesses of transition. 

Watch and see for there will be signs in the flesh of a work that I did in the Spirit to give understanding to those who are seeking to understand and to serve as a witness. 

I am doing things rather quickly in this season and I am transitioning so many between one minute and another and between a day and a night. Rapid shifts in the spirit will be taking place that will bring forth quick changes, be prepared to move quickly and let peace be your banner. 

So many will have a lifetime encounter with the Lord. Encounters that will do a rapid shifting into a new transition to re-position. These shifts will be clearly felt as an anointing of God's peace poured down to move on with the shifts accordingly. The Lord is ordering your steps. Hold on to peace, God's peace that surpasses all understanding. 

Another witness of this divine transition will be a transition and change in the physical look. Trust the Lord in this for he desires to renew your youth. 

I hear the Lord encouraging so many here who are thinking " I am old", " I am not young as I used to be", " I am tired and can't do this anymore", I hear the spirit saying "Yes, you can for I can, I am in you!" As long as we are walking together, you are not under the earth's rule of time but heaven's agenda. 

Declare that you can do all things through me for I will strengthen you. Declare with me that there is a new, renewed beginning over me. Declare that you are victories in the Lord your God. Declare that your inheritance is yours, all that has been given to you by the Lord is Yours and all to that has been stolen from you will be returned back doubled. double says the Lord.

GRACE IN THE TIME OF WAITING - Dorkita Urdin   link

"I see people standing in the hallway and wondering what they are going to do next. It is not where you have been and not where you are going to be. As you wait, it is uncomfortable, for you do not want to go back to where you were, because it has become uncomfortable and no longer fits you. But the place ahead is unknown and new territory that causes you questions and concern. You are antsy and waiting. Do not despair and do not give up. This time is short, soon you will see the open door that I AM not only standing in, but will speak clearly to you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.' I will clarify My voice on the inside of you so that you will hear and recognize it is MY voice leading and not something of your own imagination. You will know the difference between what I am saying and what others are speaking. Do not be concerned about the process and what you deem as lack of progress in this season, for I am downloading into you. I am shaping you, molding you, renewing your mind and equipping you to be able to fulfill what I have for you in the next season. I will provision you in every step that I ordain for you, says the LORD, and you will have peace. I am preparing the place for you, so that when you step out of the hallway, the preparation that is personal will make you ready for the place that I am preparing for you to be. Others will align with you, and they are also being prepared. Give yourself grace, as I have given you to overflowing, during the process of waiting. Know that you have NEVER failed me. It was never up to you to put all the pieces of your destiny in place. I love you and want only the best for you, and the best sometimes requires waiting for everything to be in place. Trust that I will lead you into your full destiny in me and you will be well able to conquer the land that I equip you to possess once the soles of your feet step into your land of promise. Wait on Me to do this, for pushing to make it happen will not bring it about. Rather, press into My presence now in this place of waiting, and I will fill you with MY presence and glory and prepare you for every good work in Me!" says the LORD.

(Hope note - this was sent to me in an email.  I am not putting much thought into it but...I DID find it interesting!)

Charlie Stamp
In the early morning hours of December 31, 2016, I had a profound visitation from the Lord regarding President Trump and the affairs of nations. In this dream I was brought to a country fair. As I walked in there was a sign that read The Country’s Fair. The sign then changed to say, The Country’s Affairs. The scene was set with different tents representing various nations around the world. It felt as if I was brought to a secret gathering where the leaders of the world were discussing different affairs of the nations.

There seemed to be great turmoil and destruction happening in every tent then suddenly I saw President Trump emerge from one of the tents. As I looked at him he began to change into a dove, then a goose and began to fly. I saw many other leaders emerge from various tents around the fair and change into doves then into geese as well. Then an individual walked over to me; I knew him to be the Holy Spirit because of his unique appearance.

 I’ve encountered him over the years in my dreams so when he approached me I recognized him immediately. I asked, “What is happening?” He said, “Look up! This is what your President has done. He’s chasing the wild goose, everything is about to change!” When I looked up, I saw thousands of geese flying in perfect V formations. It was a sight to behold. I immediately understood what the Holy Spirit was telling me.

In the month of November, the day of the election, the Lord led Brynn and I along with our ten-year-old son and five-year-old daughter to take a prayer journey to the Isle of Iona and pray for the elections. The isle of Iona had been a very significant location for the spreading of Christianity into the United Kingdom and Europe in the early centuries and was founded by an Apostolic leader named Saint Columba. God had given Saint Columba a governmental anointing over nations and there are many accounts and stories of Columba meeting with Angels on the island.

In fact, there is a hill on the island that is called “the Hill of Angels” and it is said that angels would ascend and descend to council with Columba over the affairs of the nations as he and his disciples went out from there across the land to spread the Gospel. Another significant location on the island is a spot that is said to have had the Stone of Destiny brought to it so Columba could anoint the Kings that God had chosen to rule different nations. They would sit on the Stone of Destiny and Columba would pray and anoint them, this was primarily done for the kings of Scotland through the years, but other Kings came as well.

The Isle is so significant in history that sixty kings are buried on this island, forty- eight Scottish Kings rest there as a testament to the power that this place once held. We were led by the Lord to travel and pray there after discovering that President Trump had Scottish heritage through his Mother. She had been born and raised on the famous Scottish Isle of Lewis, which is well known because of the powerful revival that came in 1949 with Evangelist Duncan Campbell. Our whole family prayed and prophesied by the direction of the Lord from the very spot where Columba had prayed for the Kings centuries before. 

We prayed that Trump would be anointed to take the position as the next president of the United States. Despite the downpour of rain, we powered through that day decreeing what the Lord had shown us, even our children joined in and spontaneously prayed during the day. We left with a promise from the Lord, a new king would be crowned, one that He had chosen. His will would be done! Into the early morning hours, we watched as God fulfilled the prophetic word.

In the dream when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said; “Look up, this is what your President has done. He’s chasing the wild goose!” I understand it because the Celtic Saints referred to the Holy Spirit as the Wild Goose. It was a well known symbol to them of the Holy Spirit and His nature. They would talk about the Holy Spirit as chasing the wild goose. A goose also represents great wealth, prosperity and blessing.

 The Lord is speaking a clear word to America and the nations right now. I believe that we are about to see one of the greatest transformations of nations that any generation has ever seen. I believe the Lord is going to get ahold of President Donald Trump that he will chase the Holy Spirit with great passion and cause other nations to follow the United States. He will lead other leaders to fly above the turmoil and chaos to a place of unity and victory in the earth, a massive shift is coming. A global transformation!

I began to look again into the sky and I saw what looked to be a pillar of wings going up into the heavens. I asked the Holy Spirit, “Are the geese flying into heaven?” The Holy Spirit said, “Look again, these are not geese these are angels and what you are looking at is Jacob’s ladder.” I looked again and it came into perfect focus and I saw thousands of angels ascending and descending on a crystal staircase. The Holy Spirit said, “Follow me, I will take you there.” Instantly I found myself in the midst of the staircase. 

Angels were moving past me at the speed of light. I could hear their voices and feel the wind of their wings upon my face, it was breathtaking. They were moving at lightning speed taking assignments throughout the whole earth. We climbed the staircase until it shifted into what seemed to be a crystal looking bridge with angels and people interlocking arms across it. I said, “What is this Holy Spirit?” He said, “This is the bridge from heaven to earth. Come, I want you to meet someone.” He brought me to a man who was on his knees praying. He looked weary like he had been in a great battle. He had his arms interlocking with angels on both sides. The Holy Spirit said, “This is an everyday believer, “The Intercessor”, his name is Urijah. He is a warrior for the Kingdom!” 

The Holy Spirit continued to speak saying, “Prophet, you must prophesy to him. He is weary in well doing, but the joy of the Lord is his strength. We need him in the fight. Without the Intercessor locking arms with the angels, God can’t release Heaven on Earth. It’s the great exchange, the partnership of the celestial and the terrestrial. It is the Intercessor who helps bridge the gap and create the arc from Heaven to Earth with the angelic realm, you must prophesy!”

I started to prophesy and suddenly an overwhelming joy came into my heart and I began to laugh uncontrollably as I decreed the word of the Lord for this man. The Holy Spirit said, “That’s it, the joy of the Lord is his strength!” I saw the joy return to the face of this man and strength come back into his body. He gripped tightly to the angels on both sides of him and began to pray for the nations again. I then awoke at 3:00 am.

The name Urijah holds great significance because it means, Yahweh is my light. This is what all believers are to be; a light to the world. We must let that light shine through our lives and one of the most important places for that light to shine is in prayer.

I believe that many Intercessors have become weary over the past several months praying over the affairs of the nations, but God is releasing great joy in the coming hour. Many have become weary in well doing, but the Lord is about to bring great encouragement and strength back by the Prophets decreeing the Word of the Lord over them.

I want to encourage all believers that God is bringing a refreshing joy to your intercession and where the last several months you have felt a great amount of burden to the point of weariness, God is bringing your joy back. You will stand and see all that you have prayed in this last season come to pass and your joy will be overwhelming and full of Glory. God Bless you all in this New Year!

02/11/17 -  A HIGHER LEVEL OF SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT  Elaine Tavolacci  (Hope highlights!)

Some of you have noticed a super sensitivity lately to things that are happening around you but you don't understand why. You may have even wondered why there are places where you go that you sense extraordinary peace, and other places seem as if there is intense warfare when you walk into a room. The Holy Spirit is showing me even now that there is someone who said "It seems like trouble follows me everywhere that I go". That is not so. This is happening because you are now walking in a higher level of discernment, and you are beginning to discern spiritual things in the atmosphere. There are new levels available to those who are mature in their walk with Jesus, and some of you are being promoted to a new level of sensitivity.

The Holy Spirit will begin to show you the motives and intentions of people's hearts. This is not a gift of judgement or accusation, but it is part of the gift of discerning of spirits. (1 Corinthians 12:10). Your heart has to be pure to receive this gift because God will not share such secrets with someone who gossips or is judgmental. Don't allow the enemy to plant seeds of bitterness or create thorny areas in your heart. A defiled heart will not perceive things in the light of God but will misconstrue the truth about others. Be careful what you hear. If you constantly listen to the deception of talebearers and gossipers, you will also get distorted images about other people. The word of God says that if you judge others, you will be judged. The Holy Spirit cannot go against His word, and He cannot trust a meddler with such precious information. 

Some of you have been experiencing dreams that you don't understand. Keep a journal. The Holy Spirit is releasing prophetic dreams as well as visions. He is giving you warning dreams as well as directional dreams. He will show you when to move and when to be still, when to speak and when to be silent. Ask the Lord to reveal these dreams to you and search them out in the scriptures. Jesus is inviting you to come to another level as in Revelation 4:1. The Holy Spirit wants to sensitize you to His voice and lead you by His word. This is your inheritance as a child of God and His covenant promise to you. 

Job 33: 14 -16
For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction.

1 Corinthians 12: 7 -11
But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills.

Revelation 4:1
After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, "Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this."
Please continue to pray for me against re-occurrence of lymphoma,
 auto immune diseases and and for my ministry. Jesus is our healer
and will perfect the work that He has began in us. 
Prayer ministries and intercessors are welcome to share.
Thank you so much for all your love, support and prayers.

Those who are subscribed to "A Word in Season" are covered in prayer.

The End Time Army of God and the Seven Mountains
I had a vision tonight. I saw the Overcoming Church standing in full battle array with bright armor on...every one was clothed head to toe with the armor of God with swords and other weapons in their hands. Yeshua was on a white horse in front of this vast army of believers and had his sword unsheathed and lifted over His head.
Then He cried, "The time has come for you to take the seven mountains and to control them so that the final harvest can be reaped in the earth! Go forth and take dominion...Go forth and posses the land that has been promised to you, oh Mighty Warriors!"
Then the Herald Angels came up flying above and in front of the army, and 120 of them fanned out in in a giant arc in precise formation. They had long silver trumpets and they lifted them to their lips as they flew. I noticed that there were seven giant angels in the center of the arc that had long golden trumpets. They all blew them together. As they did, there was bursting forth out of the bells of the trumpets - lightning flashes - and there were huge thunderclaps as they blew three long blasts. The last one was the longest and it was nearly deafening as it sounded louder and louder.
Then I saw this mighty army start marching forward in precise formation. Not one of the millions we're out of step. They divided into seven parts. In each of the seven divisions there were commanders of 10,000; commanders of 1,000; commanders of 100, and commanders of 10. I could see the leaders of each 10,000 in front of their divisions and by by their uniform and insignia, I could clearly see the other leaders as well in their different ranks. These were marching in the front line in the center of each smaller division. There seemed to be so many that I could not see the end of them. It stretched as far as my eyes could see. There was such precision as they all marched forward in formation. There was absolute silence and unity except for the sound of the marching legions in exact rhythmic footsteps. All the boots hit the ground at the same time - millions and millions of them! It was so awesome that I was overcome with wonder - I marveled at it greatly as each division moved as one Man - relentlessly forward with great solemnity and fierce resolve.
The angel next to me said, "This is the Conquering Bride going to war for the precious fruit of the earth. The Grand Finale has begun! The Glory of God shall now cover the earth as the waters cover the sea! All shall taste and see that the LORD is good and His Mercies endure forever!!"
Then I was suddenly in another place. I was looking above the army of the LORD high in the air - where the Heavenly Host were flying above the Saints in the same kind of ranks and military precision. There were more than could be counted. Multitudes and multitudes were flying above the saints as they marched into battle in perfect military formation.
As I looked ahead, there were seven huge mountains before us.
The army split up and and seven separate armies then marched steadily towards them. There was one ahead of the rest, and this army rapidly ascended the first mountain, until they climbed to the summit and put a big flag on the top of it. It had a Lion on this giant banner and it seemed to be on fire with white flames and lightning was shooting out of it in every direction. There were peals of thunder that seemed to shake the whole mountain. Finally, the original flag seemed to transform into the LORD Himself seated on a throne on top of this mountain in the form of a terrifying Lion.
Then I saw the name at the base of this mountain was "Political Power". The angel said, "This mountain must be taken first, as it has begun in America, and then in the nations. For seven years the ungodly shall not be able to stop the government of God in the earth. I will stand up defend Israel and America as a sign to the whole world that the Most High is Sovereign in the earth!. Then the end shall come when My wrath shall be poured out upon the ungodly nations that refuse to repent."
I trembled when the angel spoke this and fell on my face prostrate. After some time the angel that was helping me in the vision lifted me up and cried with a loud voice, "Behold!" My head seemed to clear and I got my strength back a little. Then as I seemed to zoom in closer on the Lion, I saw that he was now standing with His front right paw - it was huge - with great sharp claws - on top of a hideous looking demonic creature with shredded wings. It had a awful stench. It would change forms from a beautiful looking angel, into a hideous dragon-like reptilian creature, and then into a snake that writhed and slithered around in a frenzy. But, it could not escape the Lion of Judah Whose claws were tearing into the neck and head of that devil. Then the Lion roared so loudly that it shook me to my core!
That devil smelled so awful! It was gasping for breath and dying as the Lion was crushing its' neck and head under His giant paw. It was screaming and shrieking in agony as it was perishing. I saw the name on its' forehead was "Secular Humanism." It had once been a beautiful being and had appeared to men as an angel of light, but now its' true hideous form was being revealed. I don't know why I knew that, but I just did, as I saw it.
That is when the vision ended, and I was back in my room.
I was told to write down what I saw and to share it with you, beloved brothers and sisters.
Maurice Sklar
January 22, 2017, at 12:48am

01/23 - 12:33

The GLORY OF GOD JUST FILLED MY OFFICE...Wow! Angels are descending...into the entire earth!
My oh my! The time of breakthrough has come...the Great awakening is upon us! I seem to be able to see in the Spirit realm right now so sharply...a special "seeing"anointing?



First the barley harvest must be gathered through the winnowing of the angels in the Age of Grace! Then, the wheat harvest, and then the grapes of the wrath of God.




Visit each of them now! And bring all the blessings of your heavenly glory upon them tonight! Let them all receive the fullness of grace, now! In Yeshua's Mighty Name,



 (Maurice Sklar)

Godshealer7 FB - 12/31/16

Daughter, prophesy to the Bear the Eagle and the Dragon.

To the Bear -  the shrewd warrior you are prepared you have aligned your friends, you have stepped to the front...placed your warriors in areas to best serve your purpose. YOU are the STRONGEST.

Prophesy to the Eagle - YOU HAVE forgotten the lessons of past.  You have not locked your gates, your enemies will use this opportunity to cause chaos inside your borders you are the WEAKEST.

Prophesy to the Dragon - you have worked in the night, you have friended the bear in secret, you are the most DANGEROUS.  The peoples of the world have no idea what you have been planning for them so right now your own people cry day and night to Me.  My VOICE WILL ECHO LIKE THUNDER, MY FOOTSTEPS WILL BREAK THE LANDS INTO PIECES. BEHOLD A WAR IS COMING TO YOU AND THE BEAR, THE EAGLE AND THE DRAGON WILL MARCH. CAN YOU HEAR THE DRUMS?

 (punctuation edited by Hope)

Ferns and Urns - 12/11/16
Holy Spirit through Priscilla Van Sutphin

FERN: Function: noun - Etymology: Middle English, from Old English fearn; akin to Old High German farn fern, Sanskrit parna wing, leaf  : any of a large class (Filicopsida) of flowerless spore-producing vascular plants; especially : any of an order (Filicales) of homosporous plants possessing roots, stems, and leaflike fronds
URN: Function: noun - Etymology: Middle English urne, from Latin urna  1 : a vessel that is typically an ornamental vase on a pedestal and that is used for various purposes (as preserving the ashes of the dead after cremation)  2 : a closed vessel usually with a spigot for serving a hot beverage <a coffee urn>

There are many plants in My garden and some give forth fragrance from flowers, and then there are others who do not blossom…those who do not give forth any pleasant aroma. They are beautiful but not noticed. They are plain to the world. There are others who never blossom for years and years, then bring forth the most beautiful blooms. There are others that give forth the most beautiful flowers time and time again. There is a use for all these plants in My Kingdom. But to the ones that bear NO FRUIT, they will be cut down and thrown into the fire. For they are like the parable of the talents and they do not reproduce even! They hoard what they do have and do not even share their knowledge of the Holy One. There are others who appear beautiful to the outside but are rotten on the inside. They hoard for their own advantage all they can. They compete and do not wish to share what they’ve been given with others. 

Shall I not prune My garden? For it is only by PRUNING that the dead branches which sap life from the tree can be revived. I am the Master Gardener and I know exactly what each plant needs to live and thrive. I have granted much to many who do not even try to use their gifts to help others. I have given much to many who reach out to thousands, but live off the earnings of widows and single mothers, and old people, and widows and those who strive to raise their families, and they do not help those same ones when they get into trouble.  
 Shall I not PRUNE MY GARDEN ?

I will raise up a standard in the land. Come together My children to worship and pray, and to celebrate the times coming. For I will pour out My Spirit in unprecedented ways. Wherever one or two or more are worshiping ME, I will rain down My glory! Did I not sustain David in the Caves of Adullam? And did I not revive His spirit as he came out of captivity and danced before me naked and unashamedly? I tell you there is no greater delight than to find My children delighting in ME. But apart from MY GRACE you can do no good thing! You cannot even worship ME without My grace !

I am WITH YOU. I AM EMMANUEL, GOD WHO IS WITH YOU. Realize that even without feeling me, whenever you worship or pray I am pouring down glory. Whenever you gather, I am pouring down glory. To the sincere, I will sincerely pour out MY HEART and MY POWER. I will reduce to nothing the opposition that hinders you from coming close to ME. I am JEALOUS for MY BRIDE. Come and dance, for the days are coming when I will fill the earth with judgment and a man will be more rare than fine gold. In that day, urns will abound filled with the dust of man. Come and buy from ME NOW, gold refined in the fire. Buy for yourself linen garments and I will dance with you and perfume you with My fragranced oils! 

I will use every vessel that will submit to My glory. I will raise up a mighty army. A militant BRIDE that will carry My glory to the ends of the earth, into the marketplace, into the streets, highways and byways…into remote villages of the earth, and into great cities filled with the lost. Do NOT be jealous of what you see in others. DO NOT BE JEALOUS or compete for anything but ME. I AM THE PRIZE. I am all you need. CAST OFF ALL COMPETITION. Remove the stones and hindering blocks from the highway of HOLINESS. PLOW THE FALLOW GROUND. REPENT and REPENT for the priests and prophets who have grown to be like the world. Ask that they might be spared from the wrath that comes with My glory outpoured !!!"

Jer 4:3-4 NKJV For thus says the LORD to the men of Judah and Jerusalem: "Break up your fallow ground, And do not sow among thorns. 
4 Circumcise yourselves to the LORD, And take away the foreskins of your hearts, You men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem, Lest My fury come forth like fire, and burn so that no one can quench it,

"Have nothing to do with the vessels who choose their OWN way instead of MY WAY. For men have grown proud and think nothing of usury and lying, even in My church it is so. PRETENSE has filled My church and the sheep are becoming wolfish. But I have a plan to cleanse My threshing floors. So WORSHIP that the glory might fall. Sow to the heavens and I will rain down on the earth. Worship is a mighty weapon against the witchcraft that is filling the earth. I will put the brakes on anyone who is not using the money given to Help the poor. 

I will remove the candlesticks of those who persist in doing their OWN will over MY WILL. Do not marvel at the judgment coming within My house. And do not say it is the devil For I will stir up those who will execute MY JUDGMENT in MY way. PRAY that many will be spared as you repent for them. Care for your brothers the way MOSES cared for the people of ISRAEL and fasted and prayed for them!

Do not say, I am without sin, or I wouldn’t do that. You don’t know what you would do if I removed My grace from you! Mercy is better than sacrifice and OBEDIENCE is better than sacrifice! CRY out for those who are ignorant of their own sins. I need workers. I need those who will HARVEST and CLEAN, and TRAIN those who will come into the KINGDOM. I will use the tiniest fern, who has no sweet fragrance to give. I will use those who have been thought the LEAST OF THESE MY CHILDREN to confound the wise in their own opinions. So do not make judgments without seeking MY face and MY HEART.

Martyrdom is coming to My church in greater measure in the days ahead. Will you be ready My BRIDE to stand? Will you acknowledge MY will alone in your lives? Will you give up your rights to your own life and live as My Son did, doing only the Father’s will? Will you give up your rights to convenience and fame, and riches to receive what is most precious in the Kingdom ? Will you lay down YOUR AGENDA and ask ME for what I WANT ? Lay aside all your preconceived notions. Ask ME for WISDOM and I will give it! BUT you must ask to receive. IT IS IN LAYING DOWN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU WILL FIND IT !”

Isa 13:11-13 NKJV "I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; I will halt the arrogance of the proud, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible. 12 I will make a mortal more rare than fine gold, a man more than the golden wedge of Ophir. 13 Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth will move out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts And in the day of His fierce anger. 

1 Sam 15:22-23 NKJV So Samuel said: "Has the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, As in obeying the voice of the LORD?  Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, And to heed than the fat of rams. 23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, And stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.

Ps 32:10 NKJV  Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; But he who trusts in the LORD, mercy shall surround him. 
James 2:13 NKJV For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment. 
James 3:17-18 NKJV But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. 

Heb 4:16 NKJV Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. 

Phil 2:1-3 NKJV Unity Through Humility   - Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy, 2 fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. 3 Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.
Rom 9:23-24 NKJV  Rom 9:15-16 NKJV   Matt 12:7-8 NKJV

God has been speaking thru His Messengers, in Visions & Dreams; Giving many, many WARNINGS of things that are going to happen BEFORE the Rapture!! Some have already been happening around the world. But HUGE events are on it's way. The Bible tells us in Isaiah there will be a GREAT SHAKING "BEFORE" the Day of the Lord! Also Matthew 24 tells us the sun will go dark/black. Signs that are spoken of in Matthew 24, have been taking place & are around us NOW. Have you noticed the earthquakes, volcanoes & other natural events happening for a long while now? We have strange things showing up in the Heavens, things we have NEVER seen before! The history books needs to be changed, because we are seeing NEW planets, suns & moons. They are moving closer to us, which is causing a pull on the earth. God has warned us there is coming a CATACLYSMIC COSMIC EVENT that EVERYONE around the world will see! When this takes place..KNOW it is TIME for my coming!

REMEMBER THIS....WHEN you SEE this Cosmic will be the signal that 3 days of darkness will be coming within 3 days. God will give us time to gather our families together in one place & DO NOT go outside when the darkness comes. There will be MEGA EARTHQUAKES that will change the world. Anoint your Home & stay INSIDE...praying & singing praises to God our Creator of all. During this time PREPARE your hearts for JESUS' return.

REMEMBER the Bible tells us ...YOU MUST BE HOLY TO SEE THE LORD!! Spend these days NOW as we await these events.... to grow closer to God! Each day READ your Bible! Start in the Book of John if you haven't been reading God's Word. Then start back in Matthew, read the entire New Testament. Get in the habit of reading the Bible everyday. Ask God to prepare YOU for what's coming & tell Him to do whatever needs to be done in YOU, to be Rapture Ready. Make SURE you have NO unforgivness in your heart! Because YOU don't want to be LEFT BEHIND!! DON'T take being rapture ready for GRANTED!! Bible tells us we MUST work out our Salvation with FEAR & TREMBLING!! Even Paul that wrote most of the New Testament feared that he would not be rapture ready, because of the sin nature we have. As John the Baptist told us....REPENT, REPENT, REPENT!! Don't abuse God's Grace! Strive each day to be CHRISTLIKE!

Be Swift to Hear! - Nov. 13, 2016 - 278pikelk

My daughter, write my words for those with ears to hear. 

My children, I know the heart of each man intimately.  Therefore, I say to you: Do not judge your brothers & sisters, for you do not know their hearts. I see my own children being fooled by the enemy instead of bringing their questions to Me. They believe what the world is feeding them. They are being programmed by what the world thinks & believing what the world wants them to believe.  Some of my children are even reacting as the world would want them to react. Stop, my loves! Come full circle back to Me.  Operate in My Power & in My Love.  Do not fall for the tricks of the enemy.  He is so subtle that, before you know it, you are thinking like the rest of your world.  They do not know Me, & they do not know My plans, & they have NO idea of My Power.  There is coming a time when they will meet Me, My loves.  They will recognize the fact that they DO have a Creator, & at that point, many will seek for a relationship with Me.  Do not be dismayed, My loves.  You will begin to see people turning from the ways of this world & begin to see My Truth. 

As I have said in messages before, more darkness & evil has been released, but there is also more of My Light being released through My children.  Do not doubt the fact that My Holy Spirit has ultimate dominion, My loves, & until He is removed, My children need to realize His Power & use it.  Too many have let the worries of this world dictate their relationship with Me.  The hearts of my Creation are so important to Me, My loves.  I long for more hearts to receive Me, yes, but to My children who are already a part of My Flock, you are My Pride & Joy!  I want nothing more than for you to be in constant communion with Me & relying on Me, filled with My Peace & My Joy, & not affected by what you see or hear in your world.  A complete carefree attitude, knowing that I love you beyond measure, & that I only want supernatural blessing & love on your lives.  This is the biggest issue with My children.  They do not conceive My Love for them & they do not conceive the power of My Love.  They live half in this world & in its worries, & they do not receive the power that I offer.  My Power cannot exist without Faith.  My Power cannot exist without the realization of the victory that I have already won.  Leave all of the things that have bogged you down in this world behind & begin a new adventure with Me, My children.  Allow Me to use you in every circumstance to expand upon My Joy in your nation & in your world.  This is not just a case of occupying until My return; this is a matter of you operating in complete confidence in My Love for you.  Do not allow the enemy to cast a shadow on this Love.  Do not ignore the promises that are SO amazing & SO true that are found in My Word.  Do not let the enemy dictate your circumstances.  He will take every opportunity to attack you if you allow him to. My Holy Spirit wants to bring My children to a new level of understanding now.  He longs to show the enemy who is Boss!  In some cases, these will be baby steps for you, My loves, but be patient & know that your patience is growing you more than you could ever imagine.  Some of you will achieve GREAT works for My Kingdom now going forward.  But if your duties seem less important than another's, do not be ashamed or worried for I have each of My children exactly where they belong.  And for some of you, it's your small circle of family & friends that I want you sharing My Joy with.  Never feel bad if others seem to have more important roles than you do.  Again, I have you where I want you.  Take your focus off of My Timing, My loves, & refocus simply on ME!  Going forward, if you put Me first, I can promise you that all things will work together perfectly. 

To My watchman, you know who you are:  I am not asking you to stop watching, by any means, but make certain, My loves, that our relationship comes first & foremost so that you can continue on in My Strength & not give up watching.  Your jobs are SO important, My loves, & many of you are seeming less hopeful.  Don't be fooled by your fleshy weaknesses.  I assure you I have appointed you for this time, & though things may seem like they will take forever, I have complete control & now is NOT the time to leave your posts!  Refocus on how important your jobs are & receive a new-found supernatural purpose.  My Holy Spirit will bring to you new levels of energy to keep you going if you'll simply ask.  My messengers will soon be overwhelmed with new revelation, dreams, visions & messages.  If the Holy Spirit is prompting you, you MUST share these revelations with your brethren.  I do not want My children to be downhearted that things have not occurred the way that they expected.  Remember: I am the ultimate Decider on how things will progress in the future.  Know that NO man knows how My Plan will unfold, & be sure that no matter what the enemy unleashes, he will be countered & he will not progress beyond my allowance.  My children, you are protected & must not be worried about his plans.  You are Mine & I will never leave or forsake you.  Go forth now, expecting My Love & Wisdom.  I could not love you any more than I do, My children, & I long for complete Peace to engulf the hearts of My entire creation.  I love you, My children.

Yashua HaMashiach

Priscilla Van Sutphin - 11/08/16

I AM lifting off the oppression of the wicked one. I am empowering My owlets, and owls with more VISION, and more authority to deal with the vermin in the kingdom of the enemy. I WILL BREAK EVERY CHAIN that has hindered and bound My beloved sons and daughters. I am not a man that I should lie, nor a son of man that I should change My mind! I AM the GREAT I AM. THERE IS NOTHING THAT I CANNOT DO!


I AM ALMIGHTY. I am not powerless as those who hate ME think ! Even many of My own think I am rejecting them, because I don’t move at their pace, or when they want Me to. But I AM not powerless, nor apathetic as man is. I am not faithless. I AM THE FAITHFUL ONE. But I do test the sons of men, whether they will cling to ME even when things are stripped from them like as Job experienced. Your life should be IN ME, not in your belongings, nor even in your friendships and your life should depend on ME more than all the other things that distract you.

So I WILL COME TO DESTROY THOSE THINGS THAT INTERFERE WITH DEPENDENCY ON ME. THE REMNENT ARE JUST THAT, FEW AND FAR BETWEEN WHO TRULY WANT TO LAY DOWN THEIR LIVES FOR ME. Everything that would happen is in My Word for you to see and know if you will take the time to ponder and meditate on it, and lean on Me for understanding. I WILL NOT ABANDON YOU, despite anything you may have to endure. I am with you as I was with early Christians who endured much suffering and martyrdom. Your brothers and sisters have endured much already in this hour.

Do you think I hold you in better stead than those who are poor, or in other nations? They have laid down their lives for the sake of the gospel, and those who survive are preaching the gospel to neighbors, and seeing great harvesting of souls. Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it will not bring forth fruit.

Rev 17:6 AMP I also saw that the woman was drunk, [drunk] with the blood of the saints (God’s people) and the blood of the martyrs [who witnessed] for Jesus. And when I saw her, I was utterly amazed and wondered greatly.

Remember beloveds how much I love you despite circumstances. Some things will turn around, others will not right away. Keep up the good fight of FAITH. I am with you till the end. You will see startling miracles now as I step forth to enter My Bridal company ! I LOVE YOU AND WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. YOU ARE MY DESIRE. YOU ARE MY PRECIOUS BRIDE AND NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US IN THIS BATTLE THAT IS AT HAND!”

Julie Price: Word of the Week (September 18-24) Seismic Spirit Realm Shifts and Waves of Glory By Julie Price
on September 18, 2016


A seismic shift in the spirit realm has taken place that will position and prepare My people for the next wave of glory that I am releasing upon the earth.

Many of you have felt like what seemed to be a removal of My presence, but what was really happening was a seismic shift of My Spirit. I am refashioning and reforming the flow of My Spirit into a spiritual tsunami; a great outpouring of My Spirit, that will make landfall with great power and authority!

Just like a tsunami, as I have pulled the waters of My spirit back, you saw dry land in a once saturated place of My presence, and you felt forsaken. But this is not so! I am opening your spirit eyes this day to see what is really at hand!



I have brought many of you into a place that seemed dry and empty, a wilderness of sorts, to draw you even closer to Me. When the water seemed to run dry, you pressed in to find Me, and when My people seek Me they find Me. As you press in, even now, with your spirit eyes, you will begin to see…


The water is rising around your ankles now as your perspective is changing and you understand where you are and why you are here. You are going to see My glory rising all around you with great speed and force; like that of a tsunami. You are running with Me now. You are in sync with My presence and this new move of My spirit being released all over the earth. You will be caught up in this tsunami of My Spirit and you will become one with this move of My presence all over this earth. You haven’t understood the process, but today I am showing you. Don’t misunderstand where you find yourself at this moment in your life. I am drawing you out into the deeper waters of my presence. I did not leave you, but I did pull back, so that you would come and experience the deeper places with Me and become part of this new move of My Spirit that is at hand.

Let the waters of My Spirit overtake you and push you into the places I have prepared for you. You will drink Me in as you become one with My Spirit and this fresh move I am fashioning to come upon the earth. You will pour Me out and become a river of refreshing to a dry and thirsty land. People need to know Me for who I really am; as you have come to know Me in these times of seeking, and oneness, and refreshing. I long for people to see Me for who I really am, and you are a part of the people who will release Me into this earth and reflect My image rightly. People will taste Me and see that I am good; that I have great plans for them; that I love them with a Song of Solomon love.


Let it sweep you away. Let it take you where I long to position you. Swim in the rivers of My love. People will be drawn to what I have done in you because you will be so filled with My Spirit and My love for the masses. If you have lost your love for people, swim as far as you can into My presence and return to your first love. Be filled afresh and anew today. Repent and renew yourself in Me, because I long to use you as a change agent that will rightly reflect Me; releasing waves of My glory, power, and love, with demonstration into the earth.

You are the containers that I long to use to pour My Spirit out upon this earth. You are My atmosphere shifters and My world changers. I have much for you to do. So come…come…come closer still. I am wooing you. I have dried up the waters around you and pulled back so that you would seek Me and find the deeper waters of My heart; becoming one with My presence and this new move of My love and power, as never before.

08/17/16 - The Great and Terrible Day of the LORD - Mitch Salmon (Fishers of Men)

The whole earth trembles.

They scan to the left and to the right.

With dying batteries and flashlights

they fend off the coming dark night.

They hear the sound of the trumpet

as it blasts from high on the city walls.

Still they slumber through this critical hour

even as this once great nation falls.

In the old there is no longer hope.

Their trust in the false has come to naught.

Searching for something which will remain

while of the truth forgetting what they were taught.

The once mighty crashes to its knees.

That which “cannot fail” is crumbling to the ground.

The world looks on with jaws agape

yet as Goliath falters there is hardly a sound.

Tracking the blip on the radar screen.

Suddenly it can be found no more.

Fiery judgment now reigning down,

melting to the very core.

They shall stand looking from afar and weep

yet they want nothing to do with her fate.

Once it is all set ablaze

it will be too late.

Oh America, America!

Where are your amber waves of grain?

Before you nothing but scorched earth

with a season of desperate hunger pangs.

Your fruit has been sampled

and it has been found to be rotten.

With the coming days of trials

the times of plenty will be forgotten.

Weeping in the place of rejoicing.

Pain overcoming the times of pleasure.

Oh, once great nation

where now is your treasure?

Even knowing of God’s kindling wrath

you are unwilling to turn.

Because of your stubborn defiance

this nation will surely burn.

Tick tock, tick tock;

time is quickly slipping away.

Until in just one hour

we will witness judgment day.

Come out of her My people

and do not partake in her sins.

Rest assured that in this land of wickedness

it is righteousness that ultimately wins.

Come now to the cleft of the rock.

Place the blood of the Lamb above your door.

In this time of weeping and tears

upon you My mercy will I pour.

Let go of all you once held dear

and cling only unto Me.

As America marches into bondage

you, My people, will be set free.

Among you there shall be no fear

for you are rooted in My love.

You find that mercy is befitting of you

as a hand is to a glove.

As the peoples tremble and shake

under the weight of My great wrath,

They understand addition and now subtraction

in sorrow they shall do the math.

Among them you shall stand

your feet firmly planted upon the Rock.

Your stance will be in love

even as for My namesake you will be mocked.

Reach only to those with arms outstretched

and tear-filled eyes.

Know that many will feign remorse

but do not believe their lies.

See the glorious day that lies ahead

with the coming of the Son of God?

He shall put the nations beneath His feet.

He shall rule with an iron rod.

When He comes upon the clouds

you, My people, will meet Him there.

One moment you will be in the ground

and the next you will be in the air.

So fear not he which can kill the body,

only I who cast both body and soul into hell.

For those there is only anguish

as they rot in their eternal prison cells.

Know that their pain does not bring Me joy

but that I must restore righteousness to this land.

For years they have laughed at My name

but they will tremble beneath My outstretched hand.

Judgment is coming to this land

as surely as the rising of the sun

and when the smoke finally clears

the last earthly battle will have been won.

For heaven and earth will pass away

but My word shall remain.

It alone shall sustain in this dark hour

and comfort those overcome with pain.

So go now and do not tarry

in telling of what is soon to take place.

Do not remain silent in this hour

lest you be left to suffer disgrace.

I am coming quickly

and all eyes shall behold

As every word the world has mocked

will surely before them unfold.

07/31/16 - Word to America - Andy Wallace

The word of the Lord came to me saying:

“I have molded you and refined you for a time such as this. Be obedient to my assignment and speak these words of truth.”

“Tell the people of the wrath I am about to pour out on America. They have grieved the Holy Spirit and profaned My Son.”

God is rejecting our pleas because we have not repented from our sinful ways.

“I can no longer endure your wicked actions and detestable things. You are hypocrites saying you believe in the Holy One, but continuing to do what is wrong in My eyes. Your idols are many: money, fame, pride, religiosity, and sexual immorality just to name a few. Therefore, My wrath will be poured out just as on My chosen people Israel when they did not obey me,” says the Lord.

“Say to them that this once mighty nation of America is about to be destroyed. For ages I have sent many of my prophets and sons to tell of both My love and My justice, to remind you to confess your sins and to repent from your wickedness, but you would not listen. Unlike other nations, I gave you My spoken word, but you have ignored it, doing as you desired. I have sent you end-time prophets revealing to you the things that were secret until now, but you have scoffed at them and turned a deaf ear to their words. Therefore, calamity is about to engulf you.”

“There will be no saving this obstinate nation,” declares the Lord. “You have made a mockery out of your founding fathers that acknowledged and honored My sovereignty. This nation has not been without My teachings, but has chosen to disregard and ignore them. Therefore, my wrath will soon be unleashed.”

“I will refine and test them because of their sins. Your only hope from an eternity separated from Me is to repent and acknowledge My son as Lord and Savior, confessing your sins and thus being saved,” says the Lord Almighty.

“Tell the people that in My mercy I will raise up an army of kingdom ambassadors that will lead a remnant of My true and righteous followers in these last days. These faithful believers will remain steadfast during this time of devastation. Those who remain and have not yet believed, will be drawn to their light, which will shine bright amongst the darkness that will overcome this nation. And so My justice will be tempered with My mercy.”

“Therefore, rejoice for these dark days will see the greatest harvest of believers ever! Teach them My ways from the word you have received. Tell them I am Abba father, and remind them that I love them with an unconditional, unwavering love. Then they will glorify Me, the only giver of eternal life.” Thus says the Lord thy God!


“That vision was of the angel Gabriel picking me up in a black limousine. He came and opened the left rear door of the limousine and had me get inside. He then began driving me above the earth. He said to me, “Look at the beautiful mountains, Great cities, and buildings that the Lord made.”

I responded to Gabriel and said, “Yes, our God is an awesome God.”

Immediately, I saw five distinct brilliant flashes of white light and I looked down and America was destroyed.

This word from the Lord is a call to repentance and it is immediate. Everyone must let their families know about this word from the Lord. We are in the last days of the end of times.

Many people will not believe this word until it happens, but when it happens, when the wrath of the Lord is poured out on America, we will see a multitude of people drawn to the light of the true believers, the kingdom ambassadors, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, will come to know and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

A call to be prayerfull - We shortly will enter
The Season of the Basilisk

July 3 thru July 27, 2016

Bob Jones had a number visions regarding this spirit. He has now gone on to be with the Lord. Paul Keith Davis has also written about this same spirit.

I mailed out an article in July 2007 regarding the need for prayer during this season. This year 2016 is a crucial year for the true church and for Israel. We need to be aware of this spirit. We are told not to be ignorant of Satan’s devises.

One of the great enemies of the cross was identified as "Basilisk" or "little king of Serpents".  Basilisk is also a symbol of the devil himself whose primary purpose is death and destruction.  The natural physical death resulting from this spirit evolves from plagues and other sicknesses extending all the way back to ancient Israel. The Egyptians worshiped this spirit as "the lord and king of Serpents, to awe all others, nor to be destroyed by any."  They displayed a crowned Basilisk on the heads of their gods as observed in the Bembine table and other Egyptian monuments. This demonstrates Satan's attempt to elevate himself above God as an object of worship. as Cockatrice, has brought plagues at various times causing great  Throughout history this spirit, sometimes translated in the scriptures

The period identified as the "Basilisk" season is approaching, and we once again want to restate the importance of this time frame and the great need for consecration, repentance and prayer. In times past, I have greatly emphasized Israel and her need for prayer covering and spiritual intercession. We need to continue to do this. However we need give attention and an equal prominence for the church of God and the Nation we may live in. We need to be aware and on guard as this season approaches.

In the book of Daniel we see special significance on the role of Michael and the implementation of Heavenly plans here on the earth. Our vision and concentration is placed solely upon the Lord and His Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, God has chosen men and women to release the resources of Heaven and hosts of ministering spirits to engage the adversary. We know that there are more that are for us than those that are against us and that no weapon that is arrayed  against us will prosper So he answered, "Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.  Elisha prayed and said, "O LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see." And the LORD opened the servant's eyes, and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. (2 Kings 6:16-17)

We are living in the End-Times and satan will do everything he can to abort the purposes of God in this hour. Israel particular is at risk during this SEASON OF THE BASILISK

There has never been a greater need for prayer concerning the government of Israel, the land of the Bible and the natural seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ has not only a responsibility but also a great privilege to stand in the gap and intercede for the land of Israel during these turbulent times. The scriptures clearly reveal that there is a great blessings for those individuals and churches who stand with Israel.

(Genesis 12:2-3) And I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great; and so you shall be a blessing; And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.

The Lord's love for Israel is eternal, and to share in His heart is to participate in His love for the Jewish people and the land upon which the blood of Christ was spilled.

For the past several years, the Lord has spoken prophetically concerning strategic intercession against the spiritual enemies of Israel and the Church. Perpetual, daily prayer is essential in the spiritual warfare on behalf of Israel and the enemies of the Church. However, the Lord has identified a particular season in the Spirit in which considerable warfare is amplified. This has been known as the SEASON OF THE BASILISK.

Over the past several years, considerable revelation has been released to disclose the workings of this evil opposition historically and currently in Israel and the Church. This unique season has produced many of the most catastrophic events in Jewish history. This historic enemy of the Cross has an extraordinary hatred not only for Israel but all of God's covenant people. We trust the following outline will assist each reader in this spiritual encounter.

Plans And Strategy For Spiritual Warfare

Visions of Basilisk

On July 23, 1996 and again on July 23, 1997, Bob Jones was given visions from the Lord displaying this powerful demonic spirit He is desiring that we understand and oppose. It was clear in the visions that this spirit did not expect to be uncovered nor revealed. This evil spirit is accustomed to operating in secret without being detected or obstructed. This great enemy of the Cross has authority to release extensive destruction and misery in the Earth, especially if unopposed by the praying Church. This evil spirit is identified as Basilisk.

Basilisk is the exemplification of the devil himself whose primary purpose is death and destruction. The natural physical death resulting from this spirit is derived from plagues, sickness and disease, natural disasters and even terrorism. Its origin can be traced all the way back to ancient Israel. The Egyptians worshiped this spirit as "the lord and king of serpents to awe all others, nor to be destroyed by any". They displayed a crowned Basilisk on the heads of their gods as observed in the Bembine table and other Egyptian monuments. This demonstrates satan's attempt to elevate himself above God as an object of worship.

In the second vision given to Bob in 1997, this spirit was multiplied hundreds of times larger than the previous year. This demonstrates a progressive increase in authority presently given to this spirit. Apparently, during certain cyclical seasons, a tremendous increase in power is given to this spirit to cause death and destruction. Additionally, in 1997, this spirit was shown brooding over a nest of eggs desiring to periodically birth wrath and misery in the earth.

They hatch cockatrice' eggs, and weave the spider's web: he that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper. (Isaiah 59:5)

With each revelation, this prince of darkness expressed considerable surprise at being exposed as he is accustomed to operating undetected. So well hidden is this spirit that he did not even require the darkness of night to operate as most evil spirits. He can operate and even prevail in the brightness of the noonday. Though he does not require the darkness of night, like all evil spirits, he prefers to be hidden in darkness.

Of the pestilence that stalks in darkness, or of the destruction that lays waste at noon. (Psalm 91:6)

Basilisk in Scripture

The word Basilisk is derived from basiliskos meaning "kinglet" or "king" signifying a mythical reptile hatched by a serpent from a cock's egg. In Scripture, Basilisk is sometimes translated "cockatrice" or "adder". The Hebrew word for Basilisk occurs in Psalm 91:13, Isaiah 14:29, Isaiah 11:8, Isaiah 59:5, Proverbs 23:32 and Jeremiah 8:17.

Thou shalt walk upon the asp and in the Basilisk; and thou shalt trample underfoot the lion and the dragon. (Psalm 91:13)

But in the end, it will bite like a snake, and will spread abroad poison like a Basilisk. (Proverbs 23:32)

And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall thrust his hand into the den of the Basilisk. (Isaiah 11:8)

Rejoice not thou, whole Philistia, that the rod of him that struck thee is broken in pieces; for out of the root of the serpent shall come forth a Basilisk, and his seed shall swallow the bird. (Isaiah 14:29)

The burden of the beasts of the South. In a land of trouble and distress, from whence come the lioness, and the lion, the viper and the flying Basilisk, they carry their riches upon the shoulders of beasts, and their treasures upon the bunches of camels to a people that shall not be able to profit them. (Isaiah 30:6)

They have broken the eggs of asps, and have woven the webs of spiders; he that shalt eat of their eggs shall die; and that which is brought out, shall be hatched into a Basilisk. (Isaiah 59:5)

For, behold, I will send serpents, basilisks, among you which will not be charmed, and they shall bite you, saith the Lord. (Jeremiah 8:17)

In the land of Palestine, this term is generally presumed to denote the cerastes or "horned viper", a very poisonous serpent, considered one of the most dangerous of all vipers. Clearly, the spiritual symbolism points to a prince of darkness diametrically opposed to the purposes of God in the earth. In Daniel 10 we discover the prince of Persia withstanding Gabriel prohibiting the release of divine instruction for 21 days. Basilisk, also a high-ranking prince, desires to likewise withstand the intentions of God and has been delegated the power of death. It was believed in mythology that the power of death existed in his breath or even in a glance of his eyes.

In each of the visions, the Holy Spirit gave Bob Psalm 91:13 as a defense against this evil opposition. Repentance and steadfast faith in the declared Word provide a protection against this identified enemy. In so doing, our sanctified hearts would then be prepared for the release of the divine authority necessary to defeat this enemy.

The Scripture declares that our foot shall be placed upon the "scorpion" and the "basilisk", not because of any strength of our own, but because of the great victory appropriated to us through Christ. The Church has been given authority to deal with this spirit, yet mankind has perished throughout history because of a lack of knowledge concerning this enemy and the appropriate application of our Savior's triumph over all opposition. In Luke 10:19,

The Lord promises that He has given us authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means injure us.

The Ante-Nicene Fathers records the priceless writings of the early Church leaders. One of these great Church Patriarchs was Irenaeus, an anointed messenger to the Second Century Church who died a martyr's death. His words provide valuable insight on this subject:

"For this end did He put enmity between the serpent and the woman and her seed, they keeping it up mutually: He, the sole of whose foot should be bitten, having power also to tread upon the enemy's head; but the other biting, killing, and impeding the steps of man, until the seed did come appointed to tread down his head,-which was born of Mary, of whom the prophet speaks: "Thou shalt tread upon the asp and the basilisk; thou shalt trample down the lion and the dragon; " -indicating that sin, which was set up and spread out against man, and which rendered him subject to death, should be deprived of its power, along with death, which rules [over men]; and that the lion, that is, antichrist, rampant against mankind in the latter days, should be trampled down by Him; and that He should bind "the dragon, that old serpent" and subject him to the power of man, who had been conquered so that all his might should be trodden down."

The great theologian and writer Tertullian spoke of Basilisk in this regard:

"Who is He that shall bestow the power of treading on serpents and scorpions? Shall it be He who is the Lord of all living creatures or he who is not god over a single lizard? Happily the Creator has promised by Isaiah to give this power even to little children, of putting their hand in the cockatrice den and on the hole of the young asps without at all receiving hurt. And, indeed, we are aware (without doing violence to the literal sense of the passage, since even these noxious animals have actually been unable to do hurt where there has been faith) that under the figure of scorpions and serpents are portended evil spirits, whose very prince is described by the name of serpent, dragon, and every other most conspicuous beast in the power of the Creator. This power the Creator conferred first of all upon His Christ, even as the ninetieth Psalm says to Him: "Upon the asp and the basilisk shall Thou tread; the lion and the dragon shall Thou trample under foot." So aIsaiah: 'In that day the Lord God shall draw His sacred, great, and strong sword' (even His Christ) 'against that dragon, that great and tortuous serpent; and He shall slay him in that day.' But when the same prophet says, 'The way shall be called a clean and holy way; over it the unclean thing shall not pass, nor shall be there any unclean way; but the dispersed shall pass over it, and they shall not err therein; no lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up thereon; it shall not be found there,' he points out the way of faith, by which we shall reach to God; and then to this way of faith he promises this utter crippling and subjugation of all noxious animals.

This evil spirit is also described in Deuteronomy 32:24, according to the rabbinical writings.

They shall be wasted with hunger, devoured by pestilence and bitter destruction; I will also send against them the teeth of beasts, with the poison of serpents of the dust. (Deuteronomy 32:24)

The early rabbis taught that this passage could accurately be rendered "and I will fight against them with flaming demons". The "flaming demons" would be a reference to the spirit that the Lord desires that we understand.


Throughout history, this spirit has sponsored plagues at various times causing great numbers of people to experience death. During those periods of time in history, especially the Dark Ages, man attempted various superstitions and fables in his attempt to combat this evil spirit and the death that it brought, rather than applying the blood of Christ and accepting the victory through His revealed Word. This spirit promotes religious superstition in place of faith. This resulted in Christians praying out of their superstitious imagination rather than the Holy Spirit anointed Promises of God. In his address to the Athenians, the apostle Paul described them as being "too superstitious", or "religious" as some translations rendered it. Paul presented the Truth of the gospel to replace misguided trust in fables and superstitions. The Lord desires to do the same today.

During the 1997 vision of Basilisk, Bob saw this prince of darkness approaching land between two bridges utilizing the winds bringing plagues, viruses and natural disasters causing considerable misery. It was revealed in the vision and confirmed through Jewish literature that this evil spirit prevails during a certain season of the year. This season is called Bein Ha'm'tarim by the Jewish writers.

This term means "between the straits" or "dire straits". This season is a three-week cycle beginning on the 17th of Tammuz extending until the 9th of Av in the Judaic calendar. It is a time when this spirit is prevalent even predominant when unchallenged by the authority of Christ given to the Church through His shed blood. This high level authority cannot be combated individually but must be engaged through corporate united intercessory prayer.

At the time that the subsequent vision was revealed to Bob in 1997, hurricane Danny entered Mobile bay in Alabama, in an area that perfectly fits the description "between the bridges". According to biblical definitions, Dan means "to judge" once again pointing to the coming justice of God. Uncharacteristically, Hurricane Danny brooded over Mobile Bay for twelve hours dumping a reported 40 inches of rain combined with high winds seemingly verifying in the natural the spiritual truths of this revelation.

How doth the city sit solitary that was full of people! how is she become as a widow! she that was great among the nations, and princess among the provinces, how is she become tributary! She weepeth sore in the night, and her tears are on her cheeks: among all her lovers she hath none to comfort her: all her friends have dealt treacherously with her, they are become her enemies. Judah is gone into captivity because of affliction, and because of great servitude: she dwelleth among the heathen, she findeth no rest: all her persecutors overtook her between the straits. (Lamentations 1:1-3)

The effects of Basilisk are not exclusively demonstrated during this season, rather it is during that specific span that the authority of Basilisk operates at its peak. The Bein Ha'm'tarim season for 2002 is June 27 until July 18th.

History records many of the catastrophic events that have taken place on these dates.

17TH of Tammuz

• Moses smashed the tablets of the Torah at Mt. Sinai.

• Daily sacrifices ceased.

• A Torah scroll was burned in the Temple by "Apostomos".

• An idol was erected in the Temple.

• The city wall was finally breached.


• 1200 B.C.– Israel told by God in the wilderness that generation would not enter the land of promise.

• 586 B.C - The Babylonian army destroyed the Holy Temple.

• 70 A.D. - Titus and the Roman army destroyed the Holy Temple

• 135 A.D. - "Bethar" the stronghold of Bar Kochba, fell ending the last trial for Jewish Independence.

• 136 A.D. - Rome began to erect the pagan city on site of the Temple dedication.

• 1096 A.D. - The first crusades began.

• 1290 A.D. - The Jews were expelled from England.

• 1306 A.D. - The Jews were expelled from France.

• 1492 A.D. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella signed expulsion. By July, on the 9th of AV, all Jews had to be out of Spain.

• 1648 A.D. - Chmelnicky massacred tens of thousands of Polish Jews.

• 1914 A.D. - Declarations for World War one began.

• 1942 A.D. - Plans for the annihilation of Jews were drafted escalating World War II.

Historically, the twenty-one days extending from the 17th of Tammuz until the 9th of AV represented a notable time of bitterness and destruction for the Jews. According to the Rabbis, the demon that prevails during this time is also called "ketev" meaning destruction/bitterness.

The Jewish Rabbis regarded "ketev" not solely as a plague, but a demon with authority to cause death and destruction through plagues. It was during this precise time that the Lord's prophecy concerning the destruction of Jerusalem was fulfilled. On the 17th of Tammuz 70 A.D. the Romans breached the walls of Jerusalem. For three weeks Roman troops ransacked and destroyed the city until the 9th of Av when they burned the Temple. In both the Babylonian and Roman captivity, the Temple was destroyed on this agonizing date. It is reported that during the Holocaust, the Nazis systematically chose the 9th of Av to carry out murderous and other demonically inspired actions against the Jewish community.

The prophet Zechariah spoke of these dates in Zechariah 8:19:

Thus says the LORD of hosts, 'The fast of the fourth, the fast of the fifth, the fast of the seventh, and the fast of the tenth {months} will become joy, gladness, and cheerful feasts for the house of Judah; so love truth and peace.' (Zechariah 8:19)

The fast of the fourth month was to be conducted on the 17th of Tammuz representing a day of mourning because of the capture of Jerusalem and the various other calamitous events that took place on this date. The fast of the fifth month was to take place on the 9th of AV because of the historical tragedies that occurred on this date. These periods of mourning and fasting were to be conducted until the promise of the coming restoration of Judah and the Messianic Kingdom.

The ancient leaders recognized that the righteous must be hidden in the secret place of the Most High during this time of trouble, which they believed was a dress rehearsal for the birth pangs of Messiah. In Isaiah 26:17-21, the prophet Isaiah speaks of a season when the righteous are directed to hide themselves while wrath and indignation take its course. Zephaniah 2:3 also prophetically forecasts a season when the Godly are directed to seek the righteousness...and seek humility and perhaps be hidden in the day of the Lord's anger.

According to these Rabbis, the heat of the noonday from 12:00 until 3:00 was a time of extreme activity for this evil spirit.

Even a review of recent years will reveal that this season of time has produced considerable destruction through storms, droughts, floods, extreme heat and famine. If this evil prince continues to go unchecked through intercessory prayer, then great destruction will come to people. We must be brought out of darkness into light so that we would not perish because of a lack of knowledge concerning this spirit and its operations.

On July 16, 1994, which is the 9th of Av on the Hebrew Calendar, the twenty-one pieces of Shoemaker-Levi comet began its bombardment on the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is commonly recognized as a symbol of idolatry and paganism. One of the most devastating events in the history of Israel occurred when the image of Jupiter was placed in the Temple of God. We continue to observe the feast of Hanukkah as a celebration of the victory of the Maccabees in removing this pagan god from the temple and re-instituting temple worship.

It is clearly prophetically significant that the Shoemaker-Levi comet began its assault on the planet Jupiter on this notable date. The Heavens declare the Glory of God. It is also significant that the comet was broken into twenty-one pieces also representing the twenty-one days extending from the 17th of Tammuz until the 9th of AV, the season in which this prevailing spirit operates with its greatest authority.

Even though Jupiter is a symbol of idolatry for the pagan world, it is also a term for righteousness in the Hebrew language. The Hebrew name for Jupiter is "Tzedeq" and comes from the word meaning "righteous" or "righteous one". It is from this term that the name Melchizedek is derived denoting "King of Righteousness".

Clearly, we can see that Satan has perverted Jupiter into a symbol of idolatry. However, we can glean understanding from this term as a symbol of righteousness in the hope of our being cleansed by the Truth of God's Word thereby making us a suitable habitation for His Holy Spirit so we can share in His holiness.

The Plans of Basilisk

It is the enemy's desire to weaken our overall economy. Basilisk intends to bring such calamity to various geographic regions so as to destroy vital supplies, produce and agricultural goods, further disrupting our economy beyond the staggering cost natural disasters and terrorism already generate. The Lord has made it painfully clear, terrorism is not coming, it is here. (Note that this was written in 1999.)

Much of the terrorism and disasters will be directed at densely Jewish population areas. The ripple effect of these calamities will not be limited to those residing exclusively in these states; rather, the entire nation will be adversely affected if the enemy successfully carries out his plans. These supplies are essential for meeting the needs of our population and those we support abroad. With a diminished national security and a crippled economy, we would then be vulnerable to military conflict.

A weakened military force combined with severe economic hardships would make it substantially more difficult to defend and supply the needs of our nation. More importantly, our ability and willingness to stand by Israel would be compromised.

The enemy desperately desires to separate this nation from Israel. If successful, the spiritual and natural implications would be significant. The Bible plainly announces that the Lord will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse her. One of the great attributes of this nation's leadership in times past has been the willingness to adamantly support Israel thereby releasing divine prosperity and blessing.

Additionally, Israel provides America with a strong military ally in that region of the world. Without the close alliance of Israel, our military and economic opportunities in the Middle East and Europe would be severely compromised. Our enemy is attempting to prematurely set in motion events before their time. He is attempting to bring about military conflict, economic shaking, and political upheaval prematurely; especially hostile confrontation between Israel and her enemies. God's people must stand in the gap as a voice toward Heaven withstanding these evil aspirations.

Defeating Basilisk

Our Lord in His grace has given us this insight into the plans of the enemy for the purpose of equipping us with the blueprint for success in defeating this adversary. The more we understand his plans and purposes the more capable we will be to pray with pinpoint precision.

The Lord also has His plans and purposes; plans for welfare and not for calamity toward those obediently following His divinely ordained strategy. Nothing could be more rewarding for a Christian than to find favor with God by willingly offering ourselves as instruments of righteousness, hating what He hates and loving that which He loves. This can be accomplished, at least in part, by committing ourselves faithfully to this battle both individually and corporately.

Foremost in our preparation for this battle is sincere repentance for our sins and the sins of our "fathers". Repentance will always bring forth times of refreshing from the Presence of the Lord. Genuine sorrow that is not merely the articulation of our mouths but the incentives of our hearts will also pave the way for the impartation of righteousness and divine authority necessary for defeating our enemies. The Scriptures declare that our Savior came into this world to destroy the works of the devil. He has chosen His Church as the instrument through which this victory is to be manifested.

Daniel 9 records the great prophet repenting for his sins and those of his people, leadership and forefathers for not having obeyed the Word of the Lord to obediently walk in His teachings. Like Israel of old, we have allowed the spirit of the world to invade our lives promoting compromise and spiritual error. We are now being given the divine opportunity to make this right individually and corporately. City and regional repentance is especially crucial in the Southeastern US , the target zone for Basilisk. Sincere repentance will touch the heart of the Father releasing the spiritual "ammunition" to defeat Basilisk.

This victory will be achieved through corporate intercessory prayer. When the early believers were together praying IN ONE ACCORD, great and mighty things were accomplished for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now may the God who gives perseverance and encouragement grant you to be of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus; that with one accord you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Romans 15:5-6)

Few things please the Father more than to see His people in unity:

How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, coming down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard. (Psalm 133:1-2)

Though often geographically separated, we are united in purpose with one mind and defeat the enemies of our God. As one expositor put it "as the instruments of a great concert under the direction of a concert master, so the Holy Spirit blends together the lives of members of the ekklesia of Christ."

Psalm 91 has been given to us as a Scripture of protection and instrument of war against this evil spirit. The Church has been given the authority over all of the power of the enemy...authority and victory in Christ must be rightly appropriated through the body. Like the sons of Issachar, we must be equipped with the knowledge of the times and seasons of the Spirit, dedicated to the Lord's plans and strategy. As many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God. The Lord is calling for repentance and corporate intercession against the specific plans of the enemy here outlined.

Neville Johnson 16 June 2016

06/04/16 - "ARISE, ANOINT HIM, FOR THIS IS THE ONE" - Elaine Tavolacci

There is a story in the bible about the calling of King David. The Lord told the Prophet Samuel to go and anoint one of Jesse's sons to be the next king. As Samuel was going through each of Jesse's sons, he first thought that Eliab would surely be the one as he was looking at his outward appearance. But the Lord said to Samuel,
"Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."

As each of Jesse's seven sons passed before Samuel, he told Jesse that the Lord has not chosen these. When he asked if there were any other sons, Jesse said yes the youngest who is tending the sheep. When Samuel had seen David, the Lord said to him, "Arise, anoint him; for this is the one!" Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers; and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward.

The Lord says, just as I have called David as a shepherd boy to be a King, I have called you to be used in an extraordinary way. Just as I anointed him and raised him up to be a mighty warrior, I also call you strong and very courageous. There is no need to be fearful or fainthearted because you will go forth and walk in My strength and anointing. You will know the authority that I have placed on your life as I raise you up for the end times. As the world looks at you and see's your faults and failures, I see you as the person who I have created you to be. Don't see yourself as being defeated, neither see yourself as the person who you once were because I have created you to be a giant slayer. You will arise and defeat the powers of the enemy because you have been called to greatness. You have been created for My end time plan. Just as David confronted and killed Goliath, so shall you stand against the giants and conquer them. Just as David killed the lion and the bear, you are well able to overcome every obstacle and adversity that comes against you.

I will train your hands for war and your fingers for battle, an have gifted you and called you to do great exploits. I have created each one of you for a unique purpose and placed My anointing on your life. I strategically designed each one of you to be different from the others. Don't try to emulate the calling of someone else, but imitate their life by following their blameless lifestyle and holy way of living as you clothe yourselves in robes of righteousness. I have given you the personality and the temperament to be just as you are and to do all that you were called to do. You are unique because you are not of this world but you have been set apart for such a time as this. You have been chosen for a particular assignment. As you stay steadfast in your convictions and uncompromising in your walk with Me, I will visit you in a mighty way.  As I anointed David, I now anoint you, saying "Arise, anoint him, for this Is the one" says the Lord.

1 Samuel 16: 5-13

1 Samuel 17: 37
Moreover David said, "The Lord, who delivered me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine." and Saul said to David, "Go and the Lord be with you!"

1 Samuel 17:49- 51
Then David put his hand in his bag and took out a stone; and he slung it and struck the Philistine in his forehead, so that the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell on his face to the earth.  So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone, and struck the Philistine and killed him. But there was no sword in the hand of David.  Therefore David ran and stood over the Philistine, took his sword and drew it out of its sheath and killed him, and cut off his head with it.

1 Samuel: 30:6
Now David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.

Please continue to pray for total physical restoration and that I would gain my
 weight back so that I could do all that the Lord has created me to do.
Thank you for your prayers

Prayer ministries and intercessors are welcome to share.
Thank you so much for all your love,support and prayers.

Those who are subscribed to "A Word in Season" are covered in prayer.
THE GOD OF THE UNLIMITED - 04/30/16 - Elaine Tavolacci

The Lord showed me a man with a high tech space observatory telescope looking way up into outer space. This is not an ordinary telescope but it has extreme magnification and high optical performance. What the Holy Spirit is showing me is that many of you are looking for God and trying so hard to reach Him but He seems to be so distant. Just as this telescope gives us the ability to see far out into space, Jesus wants to reveal Himself to you in a greater way where you will be able to encounter Him in an "up close and personal" way without restrictions. There is no need to strive because Jesus is easily accessible as well as always available. There is no limits to what He could do.

The Lord says, you call upon Me but you think that I don't hear. You seek Me early and fast in the day but think that I don't see. You read My word and you worship Me in the evening but you think that I don't take notice. For some of you it has been months and for others it has been years that you feel this way, but know this beloved, your voices have always been heard by Me and I acknowledge every prayer that you pray. Your prayers have come up as incense before Me. As you lift your hands in worship, your worship rises up to Me as a fragrance. I acknowledge every act of obedience. Nothing that you do goes unnoticed. I see all that is done in private and you shall surely be rewarded. Your dedication as well as your zeal is pleasing to Me. I am an unlimited God and I will go beyond your expectations and show you the great things that I have prepared for you.

This is the day of advancement. Don't settle for less than I have for you. I am a God of justice and I will honor My word. You will understand My unlimited power and know that all My promises are for you. You are entering a time when you will no longer be in doubt and as a greater dimension of My glory is released, you will learn how to enter into My presence. You will understand your authority and your knowledge of Me will be magnified.  Just as you are able to see great distances with a high tech space observatory telescope, I will open your spiritual eyes to see the things beyond the natural realm. You will begin to perceive things of the Spirit with clarity. As I said in my Word that the glory that the father has given Me I will give to you. You will no longer be in fear of the darkness, but you will rest assured that no evil shall befall you. The days ahead will be glorious as you experience an intimacy with Me that you have not known before says the Lord.   

Psalm 147:5
Great is our Lord and mighty in power; His understanding has no limit.

Jeremiah 32:17
'Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.

Jeremiah 33:3
Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which
 you do not know.

1 Corinthians 4:20
For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power.

4/12/16 - Prophetic thoughts from Perry Stone - FB

Two things: Tonight is a very important and informative message at OCI that I want everyone that can attend to hear. We will have our prayer teams ministering with me along with Pastor Robby in the altar services. On a prophetic note, I am in touch with some inner circle people who know the "tricks" and the "manipulation" now occurring within the system to void the voice of the America people at the Summer Conventions. This is the most corrupt manipulation I have seen in my lifetime. I will expose what I can at the International Prophetic Summit this week-end in the closed door session and show how a third party could emerge in a short time (or as I call it the three headed eagle). I know some get upset on Facebook for not posting or videoing certain information but Facebook is not the way to discuss certain types of information. Also when it comes to certain spiritual information, Jesus told us not to "cast our pearls before swine," meaning don't expose certain spiritual truths to people who mock and reject them. That's why Christ at times spoke privately to his disciples (Mattt. 24;1-2) and at times took 3 men away from the whole group into a private setting (the transfiguration and in Gethsemane) Christ was using wisdom. Christ knew mature believers can discern while immature only want to debate (as the Pharisees always did). Anyway, pray for us this week as it will be interesting.

“Five Prophetic Mini-Words To Encourage You Right Now”

by Lonnie Mackley  Mar. 15th, 2016

As I have been seeking the Lord I have been receiving small prophetic mini-words that I believe the Lord wanted to encourage you with right now. Some of these may apply to you, some of them may not; but the Lord wants you to know that He is at work in your life, and to look up right now because your redemption is drawing near. So may these words encourage you and let you know that God is still with you, and that He loves you very dearly. So all that being said, here are the prophetic words.

1. Your Time of Exile is About to End- Many of you reading this now have lived in an exile-like state for most of your life where others may and you may not, and you’ve had to watch others go on and have prosperous healthy lives while you seem to be stuck and waiting for something. This has been especially pronounced as you have gone through the Christian Wilderness, and lately this spiritual transition to maturity. Very soon this time will end, and you will move forward with genuine purpose.

2. The Great Divide Will Widen- As we enter our time of ascension as the sons of God in the earth and the anointing upon us becomes stronger you will see a greater separation between you and those who do not want the Lord. Some of these people will be close to you and they will become hostile toward the things so God. Try not to take this personally and just know that this is happening all over the world as the wheat and the chaff are being separated just before Jesus returns soon.

3. Expect To Be Joined to New People Soon- Although we are losing people because the fire and shaking of God are forcing people to choose one side or the other, we will also be joined with new people who will take the place of those we’ve lost and be every bit the family and friends that you need for this last harvest and beyond. These will be eternal friends and family, and they will fill the void of loneliness left behind from those who go. These new people will be loyal to Jesus and you.

4. God Will Start Moving Again- For many of us we have not seen God really move in a big way for quite some time because we have been in a preparation and maturing mode. This will change soon and things will start moving at a pretty fast clip. The children of Israel had to live the same day over and over again for many years, but then came the day to enter their Promised Land and everyone was on deck and going forward all at once. So expect God to start moving, and just follow His lead.

5. Expect Direct Visitation- Regardless of what interaction you may have had with the Lord in the past, you can expect a lot more direct interaction with Him very soon like never before known in the history of mankind. This is partly why your purification and preparation had to be so thorough. You can expect dreams, visions, talks with angels, visits to Heaven, and direct talks with Jesus where He will reveal more of Himself to you and allow you get to know Him more personally face to face.

So I hope that some of these words have spoken to you, and I want to personally encourage you today that no matter what broken down or wounded state you may be in right now, that God will give you all the grace and help that you may need as He sends you forward. You just have to be willing to take each step as he leads you and to cooperate with His direction. Stay obedient, stay holy, stay seeking Him, let go of the world and sin completely. So take heart, and get ready for the good part!

PS 31:24 Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.

01/30/16 - The Breaking Point - Elaine Tavolacci

Many of you feel as if you are at the breaking point. The tests and trials have been relentless and seem so overwhelming, but Jesus, the Lord of the breakthrough says; I see your struggles and I understand the burdens, hardships and difficulties and even the verbal attacks that have come against you. But trust in Me because no matter what the situation looks like in the natural I will not let you fall, fail or be consumed by these calamities. As My hand is upon you I will not allow this adversity to devour you.

Although the storms may be raging all around you, the battle may be fierce and the warfare may appear to be intensifying, do not panic but be still and listen for My voice. I speak in the midst of the storms and every storm has an expiration date. I will speak to you in the midst of your trials and perilous times.  As you submit to Me and cast all your cares on Me I will turn every situation around for My glory.

Many of you have had sleepless nights worrying about situations that you are going through and others of you are concerned about your future.  Some have physical issues that the doctors said were terminal but nothing is impossible for those who believe. I am the God of the miraculous.  Do not allow the evil one to bring fear, condemnation, tormenting thoughts and voices in the night seasons.

Do not retreat, but continue to pursue what I have placed in your heart to do.  These storms shall pass.  Just as the wise man who obeyed My word was steadfast and unaffected when the storms came, know that I will strengthen you as you stand immovable and trust Me to bring you through.  Do not fear but encourage yourself in Me knowing that I am with you and I will continue to uphold you with my righteous right hand.

As I said in My word, I will deliver you out of every evil work that rises up against you. Have I not said in My Word that no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper?. If you do not bow to the opposition or break under the pressure, My Glory will soon become radiant in your life. Your character and integrity will be so evident and you will come out as gold tried in the furnace. Just as grapes are crushed in the winepress through a process of crushing, these times will bring forth much fruit in your life as you endure, stay strong and stay steadfast says the Lord.

Psalm 34: 19
Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all.

Proverbs 24:10
If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strength is small.

Ephesians 6:10
Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

The Rock & The Sand - Mitch Salmon

In the days ahead you will need a foundation on which to stand and that foundation must be firm. On eternal ground there are but two places where people stand. There is the rock which is Christ Jesus and there is the sand which never was nor will it become stable. Consider truth. My truth, the only truth, does not change. Like the rock, it cannot be moved, no matter how mighty the storm. Yet to most the truth seems too rigid. They refuse it and instead prefer the apparent flexibility of the sand. They take off their shoes and plant their feet in it noting that it seems firm and yet soft. In the days which have passed there has been room for this choice with (relatively) little consequence.

This is not so in the days that lie immediately ahead. No one can look towards the sea in this hour and not notice that a storm is approaching. When the waves begin mercilessly pounding the shores of your nation the “fashionability” of relative truth will be no more. While not all who have chosen this foundation will be destroyed, all will be broken. They will suffer tremendous loss and weep torrents of bitter tears. While those standing upon the rock of My truth will feel the force of the fearsome storm they will not be moved. When the wind calms and the waves return to their place they will be found standing firm.

In My church there are many who have forsaken the truth to go their own way. Those ways are many just as there is much sand beside the sea. Those lies have scattered them in many directions and planted them in many places. Just as there is an abundance of sand there are many lies. They say things like, “Love = Love” even as they know nothing of real love. They call My unborn creation a “choice” and My holy word the “writings of man subject to error.” Worse yet, these who call themselves My children use human logic to justify their stances and to dictate their choices.

See the shore? (I am shown a seashore from a slightly elevated view. It goes as far as my eye can see.) There is room for many lies. The whole world could fit on this shore and for that matter many have already positioned themselves there. Yet behold My rock (before me I see a large, solitary rock standing in the midst of the shore. It is massive and multiple stories high). (Speaking of the rock) All My remnant has chosen this place. Each of them had to walk across at least some of the sand to come here yet they chose to continue moving until they arrived here. Some delayed for a time but through My grace I delivered them from the lies that held them fast. Now they remain planted here. This aspect of their journey has ended. By My grace more are coming.

I have a word for those who are scattered about the sands on this shore. ‘Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with Me?’ You have made a choice to compromise the truth for one of various reasons. Perhaps it is that you are ignorant of it. Yet this is not an excuse. My truth is available to all in this nation (the United States). You remain ignorant only because you do not seek the truth. For some of you it is fear. Yet your fear is misplaced in man. Never have I told you to fear man. Fear no man. Fear Me and Me alone. Still others remain here due to misplaced compassion. As a result you now relate more closely with the fallen in their sin than you do with Me in My righteousness. There are also those who cling tightly to their sins. Secretly you wish that you could scoop up a bucket of the sand and take it with you as you position yourself upon the rock but know this, I am not a God of mixture. I am not divided. You who choose this mixture will suffer great loss though you yourselves may be saved.

To you who have chosen this sandy foundation consider this your warning. Come to the rock. It is not My desire that you be swept away by what is coming but I will not infringe on your freedom to choose. You must choose for yourself on this day who you will serve.

I always was and always will be a God of compassion. I seek the redemption, not the destruction of man. My warring is not with man but with this world and its evil system. In the end it will be utterly destroyed and those who hold it dear will accompany it into perdition. My war is with the rulers of this system; evil ones who are beyond redemption. I speak not of flesh and blood but of principalities and wicked rulers in high places. Their war is with Me and it is with all flesh. Do you not see? They seek your destruction and when they have achieved their goal they will rejoice in their success. You are hated, but not by Me. I am the lover of your soul. My grace has demanded that I withhold judgment for a season but it is My righteousness that now compels Me to move forward.

You will stand on the rock or you will sink in the sand. These are your choices. You must choose wisely and you must choose now.

My added thoughts:

I find that with all the wickedness in the world many who are counted among the righteous get frustrated. We surrender ourselves to skepticism and to cynicism. Our frustration and our anger eventually overtakes our compassion and our love. As a result we stop effectively interceding. I have been guilty of this at times myself. On this day I repent before you and before the LORD and ask for forgiveness. When we see what is coming on the face of the earth and upon this nation none will rejoice. Let us remain tirelessly in our positions of intercession. Let us hold fast to our compassion, not with evil, but for those who are held firmly in its grasp.

As you examine this individually you can see these in your mind. Their stubbornness has frustrated you. Their harsh words have inflicted wounds. Do not become a Jonah as you secretly long for the destruction of Nineveh. Instead, decide to be like God who chose to withhold the destruction they deserved while extending the grace that they did not.

Consider this. No matter who you are and no matter where you come from where would you be without grace?

12/15/15 - No Child Left Behind - 278pikelk

TRANSCRIPT: My daughter, this is an urgent message for those with ears to hear. My Father in heaven smells the stench of the sin on your earth. It is filling His nostrils. Your young children, many wait for a season such as this, but so many suffer. Unborn babies murdered in the womb. Children mutilated, tortured and murdered or forced into sexual slavery. Many orphaned, hungry and afraid. The list of violations against My children of your planet seems infinite. Your world leaders do nothing to change this. They meet to discuss and solve so-called problems with your environment, but they never discuss these atrocities that are destroying my precious young children. They want to pass laws making sexual sin with children legal. They want to make it okay to violate the most innocent and pure. The enemy has hardened the hearts and numbed the minds of most people now to what is actually occurring. If it is not affecting you, you do nothing. That is (??) 

The violations against the children have always been occurring, but it has reached a whole new level now. Your humanity will pay the price for letting these abominations continue worldwide. One day there will be not one child left upon your planet. I will receive them into my eternal and loving arms, their forever resting place where not one will be subject to the enemy, Satan, and his schemes against them. They will live forever protected from his vile clutches. All at once, the children of this earth will be removed, snatched from the arms of their parents and snatched from the wombs of their mothers. They will be taken from whatever unthinkable situations that they may be subject to. When this occurs, chaos and panic will ensue. Your media and the enemies' puppets will form a lie and spread it throughout the world that the children have been taken by other worldlies, but my saints will be 100 percent sure that the children are with me. Not only the children will be gone, but the innocent of mind, the ones who need protection.

This will be the first major wake-up call to your planet as a whole. Many other things will occur simultaneously, and many will speculate as to where, why and how did these children vanish? Do not listen to the opinions of the so-called experts. Tell the distraught that their children are with their creator, their Father in heaven, the one who loves them and will protect them for eternity. Comfort these parents when they are searching for answers. Do not shrink back from broadcasting this message, My daughter. My children need to hear what is to come. I have sent many warning signs. My children will be comforted by angels when this occurs. Others will not and will only be comforted by hearing the truth. Be true to me and broadcast this message. There will be others that receive this.

2015-11-12 MORE of ME! 

given through Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

"I say unto you this day much change is around you and even in you as My Heart arises in My People, My Remnant. You have heard My call. You have heard the call to arms. Even in the Heavens the angels stand at ready alert for the battle that comes. I know there are some of you who fear and are in dread of this, yet others are anticipating it, with delight, to see the enemy overcome, like he was at the cross.
There are many days you have wondered and you have thought when will it be the end? When will it be the war of all wars? When will My Lord and Savior come as the trumpets blasts resound through the air that they can be heard by every ear. When?
I say again, only I know. Not even Jesus knows the day or hour, so why would I tell anyone else? There are many who say, oh, it will be this time or that. But I say again, no one knows the day or time, but Me.
So settle yourselves, for it does no good to be anxious, to worry, or be fearful about what is coming. Do not open doors to yourself that are meant to be closed. Do not give the evil one entry to your house within or around you. Am I not the One in control? You have heard it before; I am in control, so since I am in control you have nothing to fear. For I will take care of My own. I will take care of those who love Me and seek Me and have a relationship with Me. I will take care of those who follow Me and many others. It is My heart for all to know Me as Lord and Savior, so do you not think that My Grace will not cover much? Do you remember the thief at the cross?
Luke 23: 41-43 We deserve to die for our evil deeds, but this man hasn’t done anything wrong. Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.”
(43) And Jesus replied, “I assure you, today you will be with me in paradise.”
I know your heart and what you are to Me now, and what you will be in the days ahead. Remember, I created you and knew you before you were born. So I knew you in the beginning, I know you in the middle and I will know you at the end, and the choices you make. So choose wisely, My children, choose wisely.
There will be many who will say they knew Me, who will say they did mighty deeds through Me, and they may have, but I don’t know them.

Time spent with Me in this hour is so important for each of you. Even now I am downloading strategies, gifts, and revelations for My people. If you do not get these, you will not be ready for the battle.
Many of you have already been engaged in battle on one or more fronts and are becoming battle weary. It is so important that you spend time with Me as much as possible, so that you maintain your rest in Me.

Do you remember David playing his harp for Saul?
1 Samuel 16:23 And whenever the tormenting spirit from God troubled Saul, David would play the harp. Then Saul would feel better, and the tormenting spirit would go away.

To combat evil spirits of weariness, heaviness, oppression, condemnation, accusation, intimidation, bullying, unworthiness, anxiety, worry, fear, torture, torment, harassment, pain, harm, suffering, deaf and dumb, religion, legalism, perversion, lies, deceit, jezebel, ahab, hopelessness, despair, sorrow, death, destruction, suicide, and others that are trying to push their ways into your life it is important to spend time worshipping Me.

Playing worship music wherever you are will help you, just as David playing for Saul helped him. But it is important to come home to a peaceful haven or your piece of Heaven on earth, so play worship music where you live while you are gone, either cds or a Christian radio station on low, will help you come into a home of peace and those things trying to come in from work, will drop off at the door, because they don’t want to stay around where worship music to Me is being played, as those spirits don’t worship Me.

Even as the worship music begins to fill your spirit, so will the things of this world, quiet or leave you, just as they did for Saul. You are to rule and reign where you are, use the tools that I have given you to do that. You are not defenseless. I would not do that to you. That is why it is important to spend time with Me and My Word, so I can teach you and show you the strategies within it, that will help to protect you.

I have so much to give you and teach you, My Beloveds, but you have to be willing to sit with Me to learn. Spend time with Me, I need every part of you to be engaged in what I need to teach and impart to you. Otherwise you may have to go through the lesson more than once on the battlefield before you learn the strategy, which may cause you to be hurt, as a consequence, and as I said, go through extended / remedial lessons, so that you learn what I need to teach you, so you will be ready. Wouldn’t you rather learn it in My arms, while you are with Me, rather than the hard way through experience? I know for some of you experience is how you learn, but you could shorten your learning time, by spending time with Me.

You know through Me, all things are possible. So don’t you know that spending time with Me, not only means worship and My Word, but dreams, visions, signs, wonders, miracles, translating (Angel Express anyone?), healing, deliverance, and so much more? I am a God of Wonders and I am excited about what is coming aren’t you? I have done expediated or fast track learning for some, and can for you, but you have to be willing to listen and be obedient to whatever I tell you to do.

I want you to be so ready for the enemy that when he comes into your sphere of influence, you know beforehand, so there is no surprise to his coming. Not only will you know beforehand you will be more than ready, so he will give up even as he gazes on you, because He will see My Glory covering you and He will see Me, because you will have transformed into My likeness. So he will know his battle is futile and that he needs to leave quickly, before he is no more.

I am One you cannot afford to be without. I am One who you will want to have in your life, a full measure, overflowing, so that there is no room for anything else, but Me in you. All it takes is a little more time with Me. Keep seeking Me every day, so that I can fill you with more of Me. So that when the enemy looks at you, he no longer sees you, he sees Me in your stead.

Love, Abba"

10/10/15 - From Brother Dan due to Sister Barbara's being in the hospital on 10/14/15  (Godshealer7)


(transcript from video comments)

10/08/15 - Word to me

Wake up, wake up children!  put on the armor of God.  Lean not unto your own understanding, but follow My ways.  I shall comfort you when you mourn, and shall dry your eyes when you cry.  Your tears are kept for Me as a record, and your sadness is not counted against you.

Rivers of tears will flow soon. The meek shall inherit the earth, but first they will be martyred.  Their rewards are priceless and beyond measure.  Come to Me now while you can, and I will show you the way Home.  You are Mine and I've marked you.  Your soul is not yours to give for I hold it in My hand.

I love you, children,


Hope note - people are emailing me asking me if this is us.  NO!  We are not to be martyred!  What have we learned?  The enemy is not allowed to touch us!  We are protected! Christians meek and mild are already being martyred by ISIS and will continue to be martyred long into the Trib when they stand out because they do not take the mark.  As for us...we are about to get our glow on!  :-) 

09/13/15 - He is Our Armor - 278pikelk

My daughter,

Many warnings have been issued regarding this month of September 2015. Many important days are coming to pass, and significant changes are coming; Of this, have no doubt. But do not be surprised if certain days come and go with no significant historical happening. I ask all my children to cling to me throughout every moment now. Whether I am filling your life with blessing or you are in a valley filled with sorrow, you must not let go of my hand. Set your sights beyond what is occurring in your earth now and focus on the blessed promise of our reconciliation. Anyone filled with my Holy Spirit has a sense of things to come. The puzzle is still incomplete, my children, but many can see and fill in most of the missing pieces Yes, there will be days coming that will be significant in the completion of the puzzle, but do not be concerned if come the end of the month, you are still waiting on some answers. I can feel your anxiety. I see your hearts longing. I request your patience, my children. Do not be saddened or become disengaged when certain dates pass in your earth with no substantial red flag events.. I assure you there is a battle beyond all battles taking place in my heavenlies being continually fought by my angels. This is also a battle for the hearts and minds of all lost souls on your earth, my loves. I always remind my daughter; pray in the spirit without ceasing. Commune with me daily and fast when I lay it upon your hearts ( or her heart.) I realize that many of you are weary because I feel what you feel. Just realize that many more will be receiving my plan of salvation. Many more will be calling out my name.. Many more will be recognizing me as their Savior. Many more will be donning their wedding garments in this ?? time joy. My daughter asks me daily what they are and when my final end time plans will begin to unfold. I say to her, "My plans are unfolding, but my time is not your time and I am beholden to no earthly timing" Do not dismiss the signs in the moon and the sky, but my timing is my timing, and only the Father directs the harvest and the timing thereof. Some of my children.are being martyred for my name. Lift them in prayer. Some of my children are suffering in physical pain. Lift them in prayer. Extend the hand where it is needed, and do not become slack in doing the good works in my name. Do not finish this race by crawling over the finish line for I have prepared you to cross the threshold in My glory and in My power. I continue to pursue your hearts as you pursue mine. I implore you to keep your lamps filled by allowing me to crucify your flesh daily and receive new oil which is my Holy Spirit. If you are filled with My Holy Spirit, the enemy will be ineffective against you, and he has no choice but to flee. To My messengers, your jobs are ever changing. To some, I am allowing a time of rest and reflection. But, to others, I will be increasing their anointing and broadening their audience.. There will be a great reward for those who remain on my path to the finish. 

I love you, My children, and I AM your armor barrier. Remain in my protection and let no one enter your house as a thief in the night.  (typed by Pam LaSalle)

"ARISE DEBORAH" - Elaine Tavolacci - 08/08/15

The past few months there has been an increase in spiritual warfare against women. The Holy Spirit brought me back to a prophetic word that I had last year. I had a dream of a great swarm of large, brightly colored yellow and black bumble bees flying around in my room as I was reading my bible. When I woke up I first interpreted the bees as being symbolic for spiritual warfare, but after further study the Lord revealed something totally contrary to that. In the book of Judges the prophetess Deborah's name means "Bee". The Lord also revealed to me that honey represents revelation. This is the word that the Holy Spirit gave me for the Deborah's who are arising.

The Lord says, I am raising up the Deborahs who will be leaders in the days ahead. They will become My voice as they carry My prophetic word to the nations. As they release My word, it will be as honey, bringing revelation. They will be righteous judges of the land, and bring a word of morality to the nations. They will move in great authority with signs following. As they set the captives free it will bring conviction and transformation. As the days grow darker, they will bring comfort to others as they distribute the milk and deliver the honey.  They will shift the atmosphere wherever they go, and as they worship, strongholds will be destroyed.  They will instruct others how to walk, how to war, and how to resist temptation. They will bring direction to those who are compliant to My word and correction to those who are in rebellion. They will carry a clear stream of My river because they are not tainted by the influence of darkness. Their eyes are clear because they have not been defiled by unclean images.

These women will no longer be dishonored or rejected as leaders. They will not be silenced any more by the church or by the media because I have placed My anointing upon them, and My authority within them. Do not refuse them as they will carry a two edged sword to divide the religious traditions of man, from the truth of My word. They will bring a clear distinction of the genuine prophetic word and uncover that which is deception and counterfeit. These Deborah's will arise and defeat the taskmasters and those who are oppressing the body of Christ. They will always be successful in annihilating and exposing the assignments of the enemy. They will walk in a spirit of love and forgiveness and will not take offense when being confronted with opposition. You will know them by their fruit as they release My word to the nations, bring deliverance and release those who are bound says the Lord.

Judges 4:4
Now Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, was judging Israel at that time.

Judges 5:12
"Awake, awake, Deborah! Awake, awake, sing a song! Arise, Barak, and lead your captives away, O son of Abinoam!

Psalm 119:103
How sweet are Your words to my taste, Sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Proverbs 24:13
My son, eat honey because it is good, And the honeycomb which is sweet to your taste

Here is the transcript..... rec'd by Ed Amos (typed by Ed)
Word from the Lord July 18 , 2015

Write these words son of man……

It has come to me that while the enemy is carrying out his plans in plain sight, that far too many of my people remain asleep and or confused…. Even though I send my messengers to sound the alarm, many of my children remain asleep…far too many walk in confusion…..the enemy, Satan, is causing confusion my children…. I am not the author of confusion but I am the author of peace and clarity, not confusion and unrest……I watch the enemy send his agents to my people and sow seeds of discord and doubt into the minds of my people…..Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth… whenever my people find themselves under spiritual attack, tell them to come unto me, Yahushua (Jesus), seek my face and to read the holy scriptures….God’s word… word…..for the word of God is alive, powerful, sharper than any two edged sword dividing asunder between soul and spirit…..tell my people to find out their spiritual rights and authority contained in my written word for in the knowing, claiming, exercising, believing and walking on the scriptures, my Father and my own words comes authority and power.
As I have warned via my true messengers and prophets the things prophesied in my written word spoken by the prophets of long ago are coming to pass….. You are now entering (just about) the time of sorrows….Are you ready? Are you prepared? Why not? Have I not warned you? Have I not told you to prepare? Then why have some of you buried your heads in the sand, refusing to believe my warnings, refusing to take the action I have commanded you to take? Children, my dear precious children, these things must come to pass, they must come to be….If you had read my word and understood it then you would have understood and prepared….But alas there are many I have supplied with great abundance that could more than make up for those who lack so that all would be taken care of more than abundantly… but many with a greater abundance have a difficult time in believing these times in which you currently live are coming to a close….a violent close never again to reappear… the plans of the affluent and wealthy are going to be destroyed….Satan is the father of lies and deceit… have I not told you so in my written word as well as my spoken word to you?
The plans of the wealthy and selfish are coming to an end….For those among my children that don’t have a great abundance or little abundance know that I know each of you and each of your individual situations. I know your struggles just to make ends meet or just to survive….know this….I place no other burden upon you….I don’t require of you things you cannot currently do so don’t let anyone else tell you different….It is the hardness of your brethren and sister's heart (that have abundance) I am addressing here….and their disobedience to act as I have commanded them…you know who you are… the recording angels are recording what I have told you versus what you actually did….there will be accountability that you will answer to….I love all of my children and don’t wish any to suffer needlessly so I again remind you my children do what I ask so that it may be well with you and your brothers and sisters….The enemy is trying to scare my people with the many distractions he is causing…..don’t fall for them… there will be additional false flag events…don’t fall for them….The enemy is trying to herd people into a cage or coral by fear…..don’t let him succeed….I have not given you the spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind, remember?
Look unto me Yahushua (Jesus) your Lord and Savior and our Heavenly Father (Yah) in all things….trust in us not yourselves and we will get you through this time of trouble that approaches you….I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except by me, remember? Without me you will never see the Father, you will never get to the Father… you must trust and rely on me and I will guide you through these times of trouble and I will bring you directly to the Father and heaven in all of its splendor and glory….This time which you face is dreadful and awful but relatively short in duration then it is over and I can come back and establish my kingdom upon the earth….Behold I come quickly… reward is with me….Will I find any in faith when I return? Draw unto me as I draw unto you…The safest place you can be in this storm that approaches is in the center of my will for your lives….I love you and I am coming back soon….Be ready when I come… look up for your redemption draws near….I love you!
Yahushsua Ha Masiach

07/04/15 - Word to Debra Lowe

Do not be afraid, again I say to you as I have told you before, fear no evil that shall come upon this world. I Am your Father, and as a good Father I will provide and take care of My own. There will be new territory to cross, but I have already gone ahead of you and charted your paths. I have trained you and nurtured you, so that you may be bold and strong and step into the call for the days ahead. Each one of My children I have positioned and assigned each one their purpose for the near future. If each one of you will take your position that I have spoken to you, and trained you for, you will lack no good thing. So, their is no famine, no earthly upheaval, no terror, or sudden calamity that will cause you to be afraid. All whose mind is stayed on Me will experience great peace.

Rec'd by Ed Amos 6-9-15

TRANSCRIPT: My people need to stay in Me during these times. To stay in Me means to stay close to Me. Be by My side at all times. The enemy is and has released a counter attack against My children. He's attacking their minds, their core belief system trying to get them to doubt Me, trying to get them to let go of My hand which is holding them in safety. Soon, in a little while, things are going to be different, quite different, and My children need to continue to hold onto Me tightly. Tell them, my son. Tell them not to allow them to become distracted. Tell them not to allow doubt and worry enter into their minds. Fear, doubt and worry are the evil one. Love, power and a sound mound is of Me. The devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may destroy. I'm going about seeking whom I may rescue and whom I may save. Tell my people to repent, repent, repent. Do not become weary in well doing, but continue in the good fight of faith. The end is near. Your days on earth are coming to a close. Let no one take your crown. Let no one take your rightful rewards. I'm coming soon to rescue My children, My faithful ones, My Bride, away from the evil world in which you live. Stay close by My side. Stay in the ark of safety I provide you, and don't stray outside of the safety limits I have provided. The enemy has put forth many distractions. He has many traps set for my people. Just as a magician is performing a magic act, he is always trying to get focus on the one hand or one thing while secretly he is using the other hand. Satan is trying to get people to focus on the obvious things while he, in secret, is moving some hidden things. Have no fear. As long you are in Me, he can't harm you. Many things are going on in the invisible realm as well as what you call outer space. Your governments are lying to you. They are trying to herd people, My people, into traps. Don't fall into them. Don't fall into arguing over doctrine when you could be out winning souls for the kingdom. Don't allow yourselves to be lured into fighting among yourselves when I need you to be unified in Me. Stop complaining and wining about things you cannot change and be thankful for things I have already given you. Offer salvation to all men and women who you come into contact with as best you are able. Be always loving, kind and patient to those you come in contact with -- your husbands, wives, children, brothers, sisters, friends, yes; even your perceived enemies, for this may be their last time to believe and become saved. Time is indeed running out for those Adams, those people upon the face of the earth for it is indeed like unto the days of Noah where men's hearts thought continually upon evil and evil things. But, unlike the days of Noah, I have sent Jesus, Yeoshua, into the world as a free-will sacrifice and offering. Instead of just eight souls being rescued, there will be thousands and thousands, with thousands to follow at a later time. Yeoshua, Jesus Christ, has made the difference. This time, there is hope available when, during the time of Noah, there was little hope available. Keep sharing the good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ, Yeoshua HaMashiak, until you are rescued from the earth. Those who have chosen me through Yeoshua, Jesus, are almost complete, but there remain a few more I'm trying to reach. Keep reaching out. Keep extending your right hand of fellowship to all you meet, and give them a chance. Perhaps, their last chance before the catastrophes hit where there is coming man made, natural, supernatural, as well as cosmic catastrophes, all headed your way. Be not afraid. Trust me, and hold onto my Mighty right hand, and I will rescue you. I will place you into my ark of safety, and you shall be rescued at the appointed time. Your planet is headed into the time like no other. All of my creation is watching. My Holy angels are standing by. The Time of Sorrows, the Time of Troubles rapidly approaches. Trust in me. Put me first in everything. Put on My thoughts, My ways, and I will see you through to the finish line as more than a conqueror and a victor of life's battles. You have been warned. You have the victory. Claim it. Claim it in the name of Jesus Christ, Yeoshua HaMashiak, and you will receive the prize of the ages, the redemption of your immortal body and the crowns, prizes and rewards that go with it. Behold, I come quickly, and My reward is with Me for the faithful in Christ. Are you my people who are listening to this going to be counted among them? Come onto me. Come, says the Holy Spirit of the churches. Come.

Typed by Pam LaSalle

05/18/15 - URGENT MEssage - starbehindclosedoor

MAY 19, 2015 - (Transcription)

Oh "My God" An URGENT word from the Lord
Published by: starbehindclosedoor

The great SHAKING, so it will be just the same as it was when I took my son from this earth, to sit to the right of me. The great shaking, do you feel the energy? Do you feel the shaking? I have made it pretty clear. The signs, they are everywhere! The earth is shaking like a drunkard, if your head is in the sand you will not see this. Only when it affects you personally, only when it hits home. YOUR HOME. YOUR SOIL. It is with great sorrow that I tell you this.....My children have been obedient in warning and showing love to you, but you have mistaken it as something bad. You refuse to see their light, although it shines everywhere. You turn it into darkness. This is what pains me. You can't see the light, even when the light is right in front of you. I've instructed my daughter to show you, how every knee will bow and confess my name. People do it every day when calamity strikes without even realizing it. It's my name they call out to the heavens. Not Buddha, not Allah....ME...God and my son Jesus Christ. The trumpets are blowing again. This time louder than before. Such a loud clear sign yet people will still miss it. What more can I do, except shake you, Shake you to your core, then maybe you will look up and take notice. Will it be too late? When fires falling from the sky and seas are raging, will you look up and call out to me? Will you want to know me then? Why not now? When I call to you. When I whisper to you or even when I yell. The energy that you are feeling, the shaking that is taking place is my energy coming to earth and with me I bring a new heaven and a new earth. The waves of energy that are shaking your planet is my light and my rage coming towards you. There is no escape. I will take my children just as I have said. Then you will feel the power, no man, no machine will ever be able to duplicate this power that I hold. You will not understand this until you have entered into it. It will all be clear soon. All your questions answered, all the warnings fulfilled. We are at the end of the book and at the beginning of eternity. Rejoice my Bride I come soon. Very, Very soon. Love one another, Bless one another, Pray for one another, Rejoice to you shall come Emmanuel.

05/09/15 - The Bride's Song (word to me)

"It is for us, the darkness.  We are the Light, we are the Light.  By day we are beautiful and by night we shed grace.  Oh to be like thee oh Gracious Lord.  The power thou has given us is Divine.  We cast not the cloak and the mantle to the sea, but wear it proudly knowing you guide our steps."

This is the song of the Bride.  She will forever be an eternal guide to those who are lost. She points the way Home for all creatures near and far.

04/28/15 - Debra

Speak this forth, My child:

Spontaneous combustion. That is what my presence upon you will be like. Spontaneous combustion. Look it up. Learn it well. BE READY. It comes at a moment's notice when you least expect it. Do not be caught unaware. I will surround you and invade your senses. How I have waited for this time. You are my prize, My ultimate accomplishment. I see your doubt. No longer doubt, but believe. How can a God who is Almighty, all powerful, stoop down and take notice of one so small and insignificant, you ask? My love for you is incomprehensible. Those who have chosen Me and Me alone will be greatly rewarded. I AM their reward. This world is an illusion. All the riches and cares of this world are dung compared to my inexpressible presence. Few will find me. Keep seeking. Keep looking. Keep loving, and you will find me. I love you. You are my treasure, My joy, a vessel to carry my presence in. How glorious, how marvelous are my works there inside of you, My love. As you empty yourself, I will be faithful, and I will fill you to overflowing. Joy unspeakable will be yours. You will not be able to contain Me, but I will spill out and touch the broken, the lost and the backslidden. Keep seeking me, My people, and you will find Me. The time is now. I AM here.

(transcript by Pam LaSalle)

04/19/15 – Word to me (Hope)

“Wake up oh children of the day! Night is coming upon your land! The earth quakes and will rock and roll and grievous sights will be among you! Stay with Me, children and seek My face. Your world is about to come apart by the seams. Mountains will fall, cities will be crushed and lakes will lose their water among the cracks in the earth. Bridges will fall and buildings will become contorted. Night is closing in among the land.

Look at Me for your peace, look at Me for your refuge. The sky is about to fall and nothing will take its place. The veil will once again rip from top to bottom as the Lord God makes Himself known to men.

Great evil is upon the land and it begins now. Repent oh sinners repent! Call out to the wicked and show them the way while there is still time! Your walk is almost over and your race will begin anew if you are left behind.”

04/03/15 - Word to me (Hope)

The trouble begins soon.  Nothing will stop it.  Once it starts it begins, like a domino.

Clear out your houses!  Open wide the windows!  The King is coming so sound the banner call!  Welcome Him into your rooms, your halls, your fortresses.  All that is known will be made known to all!

Cry forth the Battle cry!  Victory is ours!  Our King is here and He reigns.  His heart is for His people, and His people love Him.  Look at His Bride, she is adorned with jewelry!  She cometh forth from her chamber where she is hidden under His wing.  The days will soon be over and the nights will begin.  

Who do you rely on?  Who do you call for help?  The King is coming.  Announce it!

03/11/15 -  Heaven please help us! The hordes of Hell are about to be released!  Ed Amos

Greetings and blessings to you from God, our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, our living Lord and Savior. I received this message on three 11-15, today, and it goes as follows: 

Son of man, write:

The time is unfolding. The many aspects of evil are coming together for all their awful plans for humanity. They are plotting, planning, scheming to cause havoc and hate has come together. They are about to attempt to literally open the gates of hell, and they will be, at least, partially successful. As in the days of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, as it is known throughout history, is about to repeat itself in a manner of speaking. I set boundaries long ago to keep the entities of evil out of the dimension reality of Adam. I erected the boundaries for Adam's own good and preservation. It has and is forbidden to breach the walls of separation between dimensions. I have warned over and over again only to fall on deaf rebellious ears. The evil which has been kept out all of these years is about to flood into your world. I have even taken the extra unusual steps to go outside my believers and have had adamant unbelievers to sound the alarm with my believers. The governments of the world are playing with the types of power they know little about and are woefully unprepared to deal with. The evil ones are coming. The evil ones are coming. Let all men come onto me and pray to me and believe me for protection, and I shall take care of those who are called by My name and believe. The others, except those marked for salvation at a later time are on their own. This sin is inexcusable and foolish, and those who are responsible shall be held accountable by me in this life and the life to come. My Adams are a curious race and a rebellious one. The actions of the few are going to cause cataclysms on all.
My Bride, be ready to help your fellow man in their time of need. Start with sharing my salvation message and make it available for them to become saved. Then, meet your physical and spiritual needs as you are able. Get as prepared as you can physically, spiritually mentally, psychologically, financially, etcetera. This will lead to the unveiling of the dimensional separation and the invasion by the hoards of hell upon the earth.
Be not afraid. Be not afraid. Be not afraid for I AM greater than all of this. I AM the Great I AM. I AM the Most High God. Look onto Me and trust Me, and I shall deliver you. Keep looking up for your salvation draws near. I AM sending Jesus, Yeoshua, back to gather my faithful elect Bride. Continue to look for His gathering together. He is coming soon for His Bride.
I love you, children. I love you.

(thanks to Pam LaSalle for transcript typing)

The Visitation

On 3/3/2015, I had watched Bibi Netanyahu’s speech on tv, & the Holy Spirit was very heavy around me the whole time.  During his speech, Bibi mentioned Purim & the Book of Esther, & to my surprise out of my mouth very loudly I proclaimed ‘Esther will Rise, Esther will Rise, this Purim!’  I’m not sure what is going to transpire, but the Lord told me that this speech is a pivotal point in time, & that the ball is rolling & events cannot be stopped now.

Later in the afternoon, I was catching up on some YouTube videos, when all of a sudden my room filled with the Glory of the Lord, & suddenly I was in the presence of the Father.  I could not see Him, but there was no doubt who was there with me.  I cried & cried, overwhelmed by His love.  He spoke to me & told me that ‘Time is up!  It is time to go home.  This Passover is the Time!’  He showed me the solar eclipse & the Passover countdown which was at 30 days.  I asked Him, ‘Father, are we in the last month?’  His answer was a huge wave of His love that rolled over me!  I am in tears now, while I am writing this.  The love that is our Father is so consuming, I can still feel what it was like yesterday when He was here.  I wasn’t expecting a visit from Him & I am still overwhelmed.  I felt like He was holding me in His hands, like a baby, safe & loved.  If you know anything about me, you know that I do not set dates, & I wasn’t sure whether or not to post this, but the Lord told me it was time, & sent a confirmation for me.  So I am being obedient, & shouting from the rooftops!  Keep watching, He is coming!  

We are going home!  Please seek Him & ask Him to show you!  He will confirm it!


(UPDATE 03/05/15 - Hope note, this video was JUST added today!  Talk about confirmation!  "Esther will rise!"

02/17/15 - In the Hour of My Shining 

Prophetic word Received on 2/16/15
by Evelyn Brooks

I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. Yes indeed your sons and your daughter shall prophesy!! My beloved. Shall I pass you by? Shall I turn to the next generation to reveal my power? It is not my desire to overlook your generation but it is my desire that your generation run alongside and lead the younger generation. But yet whether you go or not I shall arise and do a great and mighty work in the youth of this generation. I shall visit them. I shall show them things to come. I shall move upon them in ways that they do not understand for they have a longing within them to know me intimately. It is I that have placed that longing within them. Ha! I have prepared them for such a time as this and all that the enemy has accomplished within their hearts shall serve as the very things that will cause them to run to me in the hour of my shining.

Yes, declares the Lord I will pour out my spirit and all will know that they see and hear me. All will know that it is I that is at work in their hearts because who can do such a thing as this? Who can turn the hearts of this generation to the one true God? Who can make them scream and cry out for me? One touch my children is all that they need. One touch from my hand is all that is needed to turn their hearts toward me. The enemy thinks that he holds them in the center of his hand. He fills their hearts with many perverse things. He thinks that he has won this war. Not so!! Not so says the Lord. I will do great and mighty things. I have risen up a generation that will stand in the face of evil. Their predecessors did not have the courage to face the giant but this group that I am raising up will be fearless. They will live for me and they will not be afraid to die for my names sake. They will run and they will not fall. Everything that I have called them to do, they will accomplish.

Wait and see what I will do. Listen to hear how they will cry out my name! Watch to see how nothing will satisfy their longing but me alone. I have called them, I have chosen them. I have written my name upon their heart and they will not be satisfied until they know me as I am. They search and they long, soon they shall find me and who can stop it? Shall the evil one? No, he will watch helplessly as they run from his hand to mine. They will seek me in the night and they shall find me. They will declare boldly my power. They will have faith like no generation before them. Many of you will be their guides because you have known me. You have gone before them. You have sought to know me intimately. You have run this race and cut their path. You have prepared the way and you will show them the way. You are my mighty remnant. I have prepared you for this time. With great wisdom and strength you will lead them.

Declare my works. Declare my great and mighty power to save. Declare my great and mighty power to deliver from the hand of the enemy. My fire even now is burning within their hearts but most of them do not even know what it is that they hunger for. They will know. I will do great exploits through both them and you.

The mothers and the father’s hearts shall be turned to the children and the children’s hearts shall be turned to their mothers and fathers. Yes, indeed I am a family man. It is my will that the children and the parents run side by side their race and nothing will be impossible to them. Fathers do not look down upon your son’s youth and sons respect your father’s wisdom and listen to him for He also speaks for me. I have made it that to finish this race you must run together each doing his own part. I am in your midst and I will see you across the finish line. I will be the power that causes you to win. Because of your faithfulness, many will be set free from the hand of the oppressor.

(Hope note - I have a confirmation of this Word through a dream I had the previous night.  If you are a member, you can read it here)

02/07/15 - Elaine Tavolacci - A Remnant on the Rise

There was a man in the bible named Gideon who was fearful and weak in his own sight, but mighty in the eyes of God. The name Gideon means "Mighty warrior". Gideon was called to deliver Israel from the Midianites, but one day Gideon was hiding as they were attacking Israel. God had sent an angel to him saying, "The Lord is with you, mighty man of valor". Gideon replied with a question, If the Lord is with us, why did all these terrible things happen? The Lord responded, "Surely I will be with you, and you shall defeat the Midianites as one man. After this encounter with the angel, Gideon went and rescued Israel from the enemy with an army which the Lord had reduced from thirty two thousand, to three hundred. The Lord also allowed Gideon to see into the enemies' camp. Many of you feel as if an army is rising up against you, but Jesus calls you a mighty man/woman of valor. He is with you to defeat every army and adverse situation that comes against you.

The Lord says; I am raising up a remnant as My mighty men and women of valor. They are those who are students of My word, and will see themselves as I have created them to be. I am calling My warriors who are strong and courageous. I am looking for those who will walk in faith and are not moved by adverse circumstances. They are those men and women who are willing to go to the front lines regardless of what they hear and see in the natural. They will take Me at My word as they rescue and deliver others from the grip of the enemy. They are spiritually intuitive, and thei