" On this day, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court has issued a decision saying that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. Be warned, America. A constitutional right is not the same thing as a Divine right."  

Several years ago I was working at a company and one of my co-workers was gay.  I will call him Jay.  I had another co-worker friend that I will call Stan.  Stan was married with kids, a nice Catholic although a bit flirtatious.  I sat beside Jay and Stan sat behind him.  We talked among ourselves all the time.

One day, Jay came into work wearing a wedding ring.  Apparently he and his partner had flown to California to get "married".  I didn't say anything about it and a few days later, asked Stan if he saw the ring.  He said yes he had seen it and told Jay he was very happy for him.  I asked Stan..."Do you think it's wrong to live a homosexual lifestyle?"  Stan said yes...he was church goer after all.  I asked Stan, "How can you be happy for someone that is living in sin and will go to hell because of it?"  After talking back and forth a bit...Stan realized how he was thinking.  We want to get along with people and be happy when they are happy but...I can't be happy for someone when their happiness is a sin.  Stan never brought it up to me and I didn't say anything.  If he would have, I would have said something, but it is not my way to confront someone.  You may frown on that but...it's just my personality.  God seems to love me anyway.

I have a gay nephew and his sister is also gay.  Both have partners.  My other niece also practiced the gay lifestyle for a while.  When God started to wake me up, I learned about generational curses.  I had never heard of them...didn't know much about spiritual warfare.  So God started to teach me (outside of the church).  I found out about going to the Throne of God too, a most wondrous thing that again, the church needs to teach!  I'm sure most pastors don't know about this but...I'm so glad I learned it.  One of my favorite 2-hour teachings on it is included in a link at the bottom of this page.

Last year I learned that as the Bride, we are to bring our entire families to God in prayer.  This seems to go beyond regular praying for them, even salvation.  The way I understood it, it is to bring them before Him so during the darkness, He will use our prayers to show our loved ones His Son and they will come to Him for salvation.  This is very serious business as we do not want anyone to be lost, not one soul!  At the time, I decided to go to the Throne Room (I've only done this a handful of times as it is of a critical nature in my opinion.)  I brought my gay niece up  before the Throne, and asked God to break that sin.  My father, my brother, and my brother's son had all committed adultery.  Indeed it was a generational curse!  So I asked God to break that curse and brought my niece up to break her homosexual lifestyle.  I only did this once because when you are in front of the Throne Room, you are not alone.  Jesus is with you, and you are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses.  As far as I am concerned, other family members were present as well that had gone before.  Even ancestors that I did not know about...because of this generational thing.  So I prayed for my niece and left it there at Jesus feet.

I have a personal Facebook account that I rarely go on.  It includes about 10 family members but that is it.  All three family members are on there.  I went on that page a few weeks ago and discovered my niece had a new boyfriend.  She confirmed it in a post with his picture, and through various comments.  I thought to myself, "That's great!"  And forgot about it until the other day.  It occurred to me, that the generational curse had been broken!  Praise God!  God grants things in His timing...but He does hear our prayers and takes them VERY seriously!  So I rejoice in my niece's new lifestyle!

Finally I have been asked about my opinion on this new law in the USA.  As most of you know, I don't post current events on the website unless it has to do with Israel or our end times.  That law certainly seems to fit the bill.  Sadly the news has traveled around the world already and there is no need for me to post anything on it.  But I did want to let you know how I believe it will affect us.

The Lord has told us many times that there will be division in the church.  I think this division comes before our transformation.  So there is coming a divide.  Could this law be the divide?  I know there are some "militant" gay people that will go directly to the most humblest of preachers and ask to be married.  When that preacher says no, they will prosecute.  But who would stand with the preacher...is my question.  This is where the church will be divided.  Little by little it will start to trickle down.  It has ALREADY started within the Bride because I have read comments back and forth that seem arguable.  Satan is rubbing his hands together...he is just getting started.  He doesn't care why we fight or which side we are on, he just wants us to fight because it's easier for us to be found by the demons then.  We are not "hidden in Christ" if we are bringing arguments to the Bride.  So I am not going there.  However, my friend and I had a discussion about this and here is where I stand.   I try to base my actions on "WWJD".  I thought of my nephew and niece and their partners.  They all come to our family gatherings and are loved.  For some reason, they seem to attach themselves to me (I must be the cool in-law :)  Like all conversations, I bring God up when He comes into it...whether it has to do with food or nature or people or whatever. I don't change my conversations with them, but I don't preach at them either.  Its just not my way.  That is not to say I am not against their lifestyle, believe me!  Once one of the partners called my niece her "wife" and I had to leave the room.  I cannot be happy for them, because their happiness is a sin.  But I can let them know where I stand, even if that stand is subtle.  And more importantly...I can pray for them that they will see His Light before it is too late.  I've seen the Lord turn one niece around...so it's just a matter of time.  I have faith. :)

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5