The Unfolding of Events

   -    Before the 3 DoD
   -    During the 3 DoD
   -    Harvest
   -    Rapture
   -    Tribulation

What follows is a more concise and condensed version of another video series I did titled Primer for End Time Events.  I am going to let you know my beliefs of what will happen (mostly to those set apart of the Bride that I refer to as us) before and during the 3 Days of Darkness, the Harvest, the Rapture, and the Tribulation. Here is the full transcription.

Pre-3 Days of Darkness - Events leading up to the 3 DoD include bombs in Israel…war in Israel really.  Horrific geological & cosmic disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and  colors and objects in the sky that simply should not be there. The entire world will see these things come about, everyone will be afraid of what’s going on. CERN is part of the cause, as well as other manmade events.  Nibiru is also drawing closer, and we have already seen evidence of that in the geological disasters going on now. It is also possible that aliens…imposters that aren’t really aliens but are the Fallen angels…will show up during the 3 Dod to “help” mankind through the disasters.  (Lisa has seen them walking our streets) There will be a cataclysmic/cosmic event occur, and everyone on the face of the earth will see this.  This is the sign that God is coming.  We will go to our homes and stay there!  And in truth, the whole world will be doing this, it will simply be THAT OBVIOUS and THAT HORRIBLE that people will do this.  There is a REASON for this though…God wants to speak to every soul that is alive, and this is how He is going to get their attention.  A mighty earthquake will occur a few days BEFORE the 3 DoD and that is our warning.  People will not want to be out and about, so He will finally have the world’s attention.

3 Days of Darkness - Once we are in our houses, the darkness will descend.  Many people whether Christian or not, lukewarm or lost, have had dreams and visions of this darkness.  During this actual event, pitch blackness, a tangible darkness that can be felt such as in Exodus 10:21, will cover the earth.  This has nothing to do with a solar flare, EMP, or anything else.  This is being sent by God for His glory.  We are not to fear, we are to be EXCITED AND THRILLED knowing that finally after all these years of human training, we are ready for our spiritual training in another realm (Palawan!!!).  This darkness will settle over our houses and terrify many, but NOT where we live as WE will be lit up!  The Glory of God will shine through us and our families will see this.  Our homes will not be in darkness and we will see our protective angels surrounding us.   Outside, we may hear horrible sounds both from the demonic spirits as well as the earth groaning.  It matters not, just pray and worship because the Lord will be coming to visit all! I have this thought that He will put people in a type of sleep, in order to get their attention. Then God Himself will allow everyone to see how He sees their heart.  He has told us this in Messages.  He will also tell every soul, who Jesus is and they will have a chance to choose Him.  This is how the mandate of Matthew 24:14 will be carried out.  God Himself will finally complete it. 

Since we are set apart for a specific purpose at this time, WE will see a DOOR. When you see this door, do not hesitate to go through it! We already have the Key, we are just waiting on this Door to present itself through Christ.  I don’t believe our families will see the Door, in fact I don’t believe they will know we even left because where we are going, time does not exist. We will be in a different realm, and ready for training for our new purpose, with our new translated body! We will hear as One, unity in Christ.  We will learn from angels and be given instructions.   We will be going back to our families to help during the darkness, and when it is over we will step out into the world to help assist in the Harvest.

Harvest – I’ve read many things about these coming Harvest days.  Christ will accomplish all of His plans through us.  How exciting!  It’s like we will be Avengers, only Agents of God rather than Agents of Shield!!  Some will heal, some will multiply food, some will reveal the Fallen, and we will all bring in those who have come to Christ.  We will be on battlefields, pulling some in from the gates of Hell because those people have God’s seal on them.  They are His and He wants them! We will go out in pairs and also in groups, depending on the mission.  Sometimes we will be seen and other times we will not.  Demons will RUN from us!  The enemy will flee because Jesus is shining through us! Isaiah 60 explains this, as well as Daniel 12.  My daughter had a dream that she was running up the walls of a house and while she felt exhilarated in the dream, she was concerned.  I told her to read Joel 2…verse 11 specifically tells us this is JESUS’ army…not an evil army!  My friends, if you doubt at all about our purpose…read these three chapters I just mentioned.  They have been hidden in plain sight for millennium!  Preachers don’t preach this or if they do, they preach it incorrectly for the most part.  But the Lord has explained this to us in these last days…those with ears to hear.

A few of the dead in Christ will also help us.  I don’t know when they rise or how, but there is precedent in the Bible for this, when those arose with Christ and walked into the city of Jerusalem and appeared to others in Mathew 27:52-53.  Imagine you and your Grandmother appearing to your lost and lukewarm family members, not in a dead form, but in the appearance of someone alive and well with God shining through them.  This WILL happen!  (Update:  my daughter who had the dream in the previous paragraph...passed away in 2019 and her dreams confirms this idea of the dead in Christ rising to help.  She has also had dreams of being a Bride) Family and friends will STREAM to you…nations will rush to us because we have the Light of the Living God in us, the hope of Glory! We were made and are here at this time, for this very purpose!  I feel so strongly about this and all that God has shown me through the years, that I know that right now, this is my ministry…to help show those of the Bride that are part of this, their purpose. Not all have believed me, some have even yelled at me. But I presented the case and asked them to go to God for this. All of us need to do this. We are told over and over to go to God, not man.  But God uses man to get through to some people, and the time for this is about up!

Rapture - Towards the end of the Harvest days, we will know it is almost time for the Rapture.  I do not believe we will go to Heaven during the 3 DoD OR during those days…rather the Door that appears for us will allow us to continually go back and forth between our training and resting area, and the world. We are not taken to Heaven until the entire body of the Bride is ready to rise when He appears to us.  Those who are looking for Him, will see Him.  It is said that those who are not looking for Him, will see something else, perhaps a false Rapture.  I believe this to be true but it is not the purpose of this discussion. But know that we will all go up at once when Christ comes for us in the clouds. Remember, Jesus has continually told us that He is coming back for His Bride, not a group of Christians.

Tribulation – While some of the Bride stay in Heaven at this point, others will again come back.  Of course there will be those who did not make the Rapture but also have not taken the mark of the beast.  These people will remember what we did during the Harvest, and those that cry out to God will be saved. Our testimony, our witness, those videos and books and other things that were written, will make their way to these people because God will cause it to happen.  Those of us who come back will be allowed again to help with healing and multiplying food etc.  We may even be called upon to help them right before they die as martyrs.  All they have to do, is choose Christ.

Conclusion – God has shown me these events to come over several years of instruction from Him.  This is not verbal instruction, but rather I first asked Him to show me His truth.  Then He a variety of methods and people.   I am listing many of the websites and channels that I visit on a daily basis below, so you too can read and watch, and go to the Lord for discernment.  He is the only one that can lead you to the Truth.