A Pledge to God

“There is a pledge for Me and My name. Not a pledge of the flag, but a pledge for Me, Father God. You are to find this pledge and reveal it to all.”

On August 6, 2015 during my time with the Lord, He gave me this task:

“There is a pledge for Me and My name. Not a pledge of the flag, but a pledge for Me, Father God. You are to find this pledge and reveal it to all.”

I prayed about this and over the course of the next few weeks, God showed me different things that I was to bring to your attention. Please pray to Him for discernment and leading in this.

The first thing I googled was “pledge to God”. I did find a few things but nothing that stood out. I found a song but it was by a man who strayed off the path. I found a sermon but in the end, there were a lot of statements you had to make to pledge. My next stop was the Bible…I should have started there. Numbers 30 gives us specific instructions on how to make a pledge, and who is bound by it.


It is quite clear when it says in verse 2, “ If a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.” It does not get much clearer than that. This tells us that a pledge to God is VERY important!

When I looked up the word “Pledge” as a noun I found this:

a solemn promise or undertaking:

This is not just a promise…but a SOLEMN promise. I then looked up “solemn” and it means formal and dignified. You aren’t just promising something here…but are formally and with dignity…giving God your solemn promise to do what you say you will do. This is exactly what I did in the fall of 2013. I will tell you my experience because while it’s very personal, I believe this is what God would have me do. He wants you to read an example of someone else’s pledge…even though at the time I did not think of it that way.

In 2012 I discovered dreams and Words and Visions of people online that were hearing from God, and seeing what He wanted to show them. Throughout that year and the next, I was in training mode (still am) but did not know it. I was learning SO much more about the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Father than I ever knew…just soaking it all in! I had even learned about the transformation that the Bride will go through, and that she would help during the Harvest as well as the Tribulation. I wanted to be that person! I want to help others. I had read and learned so much about the “aliens” that were coming, that I wanted to expose them…but I knew I was helpless in this body.

So I decided to speak to God very solemnly, and tell Him my thoughts. I remember where I was standing in my living room. I stood still and started speaking and it was something like this.

“Lord, I want to help in the Harvest and Tribulation, but I cannot do it in this body. So I want to make you a promise. I promise to help fight the enemy if 1) I cannot die 2) I hear you speak clearly and 3) I have courage! If you will give me those three things, I will help fight the enemy!”

That was the gist of it. Two years ago, I did not know much at all other than the Bride will help. I knew I didn’t want to die during that time, and I knew I had to have courage…how else can one face demons/aliens? It would have to be supernatural courage! And I KNEW I had to hear His instructions…loudly and clearly! So that’s what I said…and promised. During the time when I was speaking I did feel stronger…more authoritative. I did not know about the Throne Room of God or how you can go there and speak. But I think that is what happened. God heard me…and I had made a commitment in front of a cloud of witnesses. I felt it strongly and that was that. The next day, my world fell apart.

The enemy came after me like a mac truck…I won’t go into details because it is a private matter for my part, but for a week I thought God was truly mad at me. I thought I had done something wrong although I could NOT figure out what! I went to Him during that week and cried my eyes out…then He sent me a Word through a dear friend and that Word changed my life and how I view prophets and seers and messengers and whatever you want to call those people. I see them as human, not to be placed above any other…and the Lord was very clear that I was to pay attention to HIM and not someone He might speak to. Two years later, I can see how my pledge to God, was tested in that God allowed satan to mess with my head and try to cause doubt. Yet at one point I knew God was who I was going to follow no matter what. I tell you all this because there is always a chance that when you step out and make this commitment, that things may SEEM to go awry for you. Yet if you know and believe that God is in control of everything you do…then whatever happens is for HIS glory! And that is what this is all about! When you make your decision to step out in faith and ANNOUNCE it, then you need to make sure you have God’s armor on, and are prepared with Him as your Leader. Stay behind Him, stay hidden in Him and stay quiet until He leads you.

As I continued in prayer and pondering on this teaching, I wrote just a few notes while at home last weekend. Yesterday when I was at work, I did a search through my email because I thought I might have emailed it to myself from home. In gmail, you can search all your emails so I typed in the word “Pledge” knowing I hadn’t used it much, I mean who uses that word? But the search came back with something I did not expect. My friend Randy had sent me a program that pulls up all my dreams from the dream forum. Apparently the word pledge was in there! Here is what I posted (in green) from a dream March 11 of this year:

March 12, 2015 at 5:37 AMTopic: (13150381) Arlys Rakes - name in 2 dreams

I had a dream last night with a weird name. As I woke up from the dream, I said the name repeatedly so I would remember it this morning. Before I woke up, I had another dream with this name in it. Here are the dreams:

First dream – I was with my mom and she was concerned about her friend Evelyn being upset with her because Evelyn was asking if my mom had heard from “Arlys Rakes”. For some reason, I felt Arlys indicated a man and said, “Maybe she is jealous.” However, mom said no, that Arlys had upset Evelyn and she wanted to make sure he did not contact mom.

Second dream – I was in someone else’s home and a small Christmas tree was set up. I knew the season was over and it had to come down. A young woman was laying on the floor and I had to step around her. I felt I had to start cleaning things up although I was sneaking in a bite or two of food here and there. There was a note from Arlys Rakes and I knew it was a female but I don’t remember anything after that.

What I found:

Arlys – feminine Hebrew means pledge

Rakes – one of the verb usages is “to gather abundantly”

Back to today…when I found this dream, I knew it was my confirmation! It is simply uncanny and only a God thing that I would find this dream about a pledge while looking for an email…and having the name Arlys that means pledge…twice in my dreams in one night! Putting Arlys together with Rakes NOW…helps me to understand what God was telling me to reveal. That it is time for many of YOU to step forward and make a pledge to God! There is an abundance of people that God is pulling into Himself. With this dream in the forum, a few saw it and commented, but at no time did we understand that WE can make the pledge to God! I know that I am not a prophet, not a messenger, not a seer, not an apostle or evangelist or anything else that God has set on other people. However, I know that I DO have a purpose and that for now, I am at the back of the room just waiting on the Lord. He is still teaching, and I am still learning. But soon my time will come and I am READY for that! I have committed myself to His will and it’s just a matter of time now. If you feel this type of calling on your life, then I would suggest you pray fervently about making a pledge to Him. This is something that He has told me to share with you, so I feel there are many of you like me out there. A few months after I made my pledge, I read this Word from Julie Whedbee that seemed to really hit home.


This is not about death and dying and persecution…it is about obeying! It is about willingness to die to self, if only to live for Christ! It is about finding His Key and being anointed and forever sealed! This is what Brides do! We take vows, we make pledges! Jesus has made us this way! We may be Brides, delicate and emotional NOW…but in the coming days we will come forth boldly with authority!

Joel 2:7-11a

They run like mighty men; they climb the wall like men of war; and they march every one on his ways, and they break not their ranks.

Neither doth one thrust another; they march every one in his path; and they burst through the weapons, and break not off their course.

They leap upon the city; they run upon the wall; they climb up into the houses; they enter in at the windows like a thief.

The earth quaketh before them; the heavens tremble; the sun and the moon are darkened, and the stars withdraw their shining 

And Jehovah uttereth his voice before his army; for his camp is very great.

This really is us! How incredible! Thousands of years ago this was written…long before we were a thought. Yet the Lord knew we were coming, the Lord knew He would create us. He knew HIS plan and that was to use His Bride to bring others in! He is truly doing something in our day we would not believe even if we were told. Yet we WERE told in Joel 2! I can’t get over it…even now, even in these days, it just blows my mind of the awesomeness of God. I can’t wait to climb the walls like a soldier of war. One of the few TV shows I watch on a regular basis is America Ninja Warriors….we will be SO beyond what they do! And we will be in the history books of the millennium! Your great great great grandchildren will not only read of our exploits, but we will TELL them ourselves because once we are changed, we cannot die! Do you feel my excitement here?!?! Are you one of these people? Again I am reminded to let you know of this pledge to God. I had a second reminder that came my way when yesterday I read the Word in the link below. You see…we are Generals in the Lord’s Army! We have been set aside before the world began. We will bring others in and keep them safe as the Lord directs us. Others we will pull from the gates of hell itself. This will happen due to the power of God through us! Yes we sit in the back of the room right now…and frankly I’m ok with that because it helps me stay hidden in Christ. So as you read this…see if you feel it applies to you. Pray about this, fast if you feel it is necessary. If you decide this is a commitment you wish to make to the Lord, then choose your own place, your own atmosphere where you will go to God on His Throne. You can write out what you want to pledge, or simply voice it to Him. Say what you want, what you feel LED to say. And trust that it is the Lord Himself that is writing those words and causing you to make this pledge to God. This is a major moment in your life now that the end is near. Is it time to make a pledge to God? Are you a General in the Lord’s Army?? Seek Him now as you step forward in faith! And may the Word below bless you and uplift you as it did me!


Numbers 30

Numbers 30New American Standard Bible (NASB)The Law of Vows

30 Then Moses spoke to the heads of the tribes of the sons of Israel, saying, “This is the word which the Lord has commanded. 2 If a man makes a vow to the Lord, or takes an oath to bind himself with a binding obligation, he shall not violate his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.

3 “Also if a woman makes a vow to the Lord, and binds herself by an obligation in her father’s house in her youth, 4 and her father hears her vow and her obligation by which she has bound herself, and her father [a]says nothing to her, then all her vows shall stand and every obligation by which she has bound herself shall stand. 5 But if her father should forbid her on the day he hears of it, none of her vows or her obligations by which she has bound herself shall stand; and the Lord will forgive her because her father had forbidden her.

6 “However, if she should [b]marry while [c]under her vows or the rash statement of her lips by which she has bound herself, 7 and her husband hears of it and says nothing to her on the day he hears it, then her vows shall stand and her obligations by which she has bound herself shall stand. 8 But if on the day her husband hears of it, he forbids her, then he shall annul her vow which[d]she is under and the rash statement of her lips by which she has bound herself; and the Lord will forgive her.

9 “But the vow of a widow or of a divorced woman, everything by which she has bound herself, shall stand against her. 10 However, if she vowed in her husband’s house, or bound herself by an obligation with an oath, 11 and her husband heard it, but said nothing to her and did not forbid her, then all her vows shall stand and every obligation by which she bound herself shall stand.12 But if her husband indeed annuls them on the day he hears them, then whatever proceeds out of her lips concerning her vows or concerning the obligation of herself shall not stand; her husband has annulled them, and theLord will forgive her.

13 “Every vow and every binding oath to humble herself, her husband may confirm it or her husband may annul it. 14 But if her husband indeed says nothing to her from day to day, then he confirms all her vows or all her obligations which are on her; he has confirmed them, because he said nothing to her on the day he heard them. 15 But if he indeed annuls them after he has heard them, then he shall bear her guilt.”

16 These are the statutes which the Lord commanded Moses, as between a man and his wife, and as between a father and his daughter, while she is in her youth in her father’s house.

  1. Numbers 30:4 Lit is silent to her, and so throughout the ch
  2. Numbers 30:6 Lit be to a husband
  3. Numbers 30:6 Lit her vows are on her
  4. Numbers 30:8 Lit is on her


1. a solemn promise or agreement to do or refrain from doing something:
a pledge of aid; a pledge not to wage war.
2. something delivered as security for the payment of a debt or fulfillment of a promise, and subject to forfeiture on failure to pay or fulfill the promise.
3. the state of being given or held as security:
to put a thing in pledge.
  1. the act of delivering goods, property, etc., to another for security.
  2. the resulting legal relationship.
5. something given or regarded as a security.
6. a person accepted for membership in a club, fraternity, or sorority, but not yet formally approved.
"But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."

Joshua 24:15

 Pledge to God