The Great Shaking

"Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the Lord of hosts, and in the day of His fierce anger."

Isaiah 13:13

(transcripts of both videos are below)

On September 27, 2015 Julie Whedbee posted a vision.  One sentence of that vision had a profound effect on me, and I've done a short video series to expound on that.  You can find the full vision here:

The Lord showed her some things at the start of Feast of Tabernacles. Some of what He said REALLY stood out to me, so much so that we’ve done some rearranging in our household, having to do with taking in another cat. I won’t get into that but it’s because of my total belief that the Transformation is within 90 days, that we are making changes.  Not the Rapture..but the Transformation!


Part 1

As I go into this discussion, please note that these are my thoughts, opinions, and impressions. That’s it. It’s like having a conversation with a friend and you guys are my friends. I am so VERY excited about this vision that I want to share my enthusiasm as some of us tend to look at the destructive side of what is coming. Instead we need to keep in mind that 1) Jesus has TOLD us to focus on Him…so that is a directive we need to obey. And 2) that one more day into chaos, is one day closer to crowning Him King!

" I have installed my king on Zion, my holy mountain."   Psalm 2:6

Part 2

The 2nd paragraph of Julie’s posting starts like this:

He said this country (the USA) is a house of cards, and when the first judgement hits, it will hit the top card (at the heart of America where it would hurt the most), the heart of the nation He said, and then the rest will fall like cards.

First we see that the heart of America will be hit most. What is the heart of America? One thing I’ve learned from God is that He speaks in layers. Let’s look at the physical layer. IMO the “heart” of America could be the Midwest. Governmental layer would be Washington, DC. And the heart of our money systems is Wall Street in NYC. Many people including Lisa have seen destruction of many kinds on the East Coast (NYC and DC), in their dreams and visions and Words. As for the middle of the US, on 12/13/14 Warrior Princess had a Word from Jesus that said, “A great earthquake is upon you. It will strike suddenly and without warning and will hit CA first and then New York City. There will be massive chaos as this happens.

Later on in that Word Jesus tells us…”… This is not the Great Shaking (we have a warning with that) but is a major birth pain.“

I’m very literal so when I read this, it does not say that the EQ will split the country, although that is certainly what we expect to occur when the US agrees to split Israel. We must be careful not to put Words where there are none…unless those Words are from God. WP had a vision with this Word and she saw a LINE that crosses the country, starting in CA and ending in NYC. It is very possible that this IS an EQ that splits my country west to east. It is also possible that when NYC is hit with this EQ….Wall Street falls…literally. And there is no way to carry on business on any given day after that. The dollar is crushed and blown away (like Julie sees in her vision) which in turn affects other countries. This seems to be the first wound or judgment that falls on the USA (not to be confused with any “Judgment” in Revelation). While we cannot be sure that this USA splitting EQ is the judgment from God, it is my impression that it is. It is not THE Great Shaking, but a precursor.

As we move on in the vision, we read this:

He said Jerusalem is surrounded by her enemies as the Word says it will be at the end, and that the US will betray her in her moment of greatest need. This will bring the first judgement poured out, and I feel I understand this to be financial, but the rest immediately following.

Since this seems to occur BEFORE the judgment above of the heart of the USA, I think we should be watching the United Nations for the United States betrayal.

The scenario may be this:

That Iran sends some bombs Israel’s way, and they send some back. Refer to Lisa’s visions for this, as well as Sarah Menet’s vision of bombs being shot from Libya but in truth are from Iran. This could start the Psalm 83 war. Israel goes to the USA for help (as Bibi just mentioned in his UN speech) but none is given. That may be a quick war that Israel wins. This could be the time…the moment…that the USA does not help Israel and we the United States, gets the first judgment that Julie saw. After this she sees:

He showed me financial transactions all over the world and the 'money' turning to dust and being blown away in the winds.

We know that when the US stock market crashes, it will affect those around the globe. It’s already falling as I type, and has been for a few weeks now. Even GOLD is falling! Now…do you remember what Sister Barb (278pikelk) told us in her 09/09/15 Word, “ Once the collapse of the economies worldwide begins, expect the arrival of the other "worldlies" on the scene.” If the aliens/Fallen show up, they could help bring about the “peace and security” for Israel…that is the peace treaty that starts the Tribulation. They will “help” (and I use that word loosely) bring about a change in our monetary system. If the USA falls, and the global economy is collapsing…and Israel is winning a war, what better time for the Fallen to step in right? Just my guess.

When will this all start? Julie next says:

He said He would confirm, that this is the year of the Great Shaking.

This is my favorite part!!! Julie’s Word of 04/10/15 is actually titled This is the Year of the Great Shaking and the Great Rattling. I was VERY excited when I read it in April….but I put it in the back of my mind and allowed it to simmer. I kept thinking about the exact Wording. Keep in mind that I do not read these as if Julie is telling us, rather I read this as God is telling us something. In all the Words that I post, that is my utmost belief. Yet those that “hear” from God, have more personal conversations with Him. So a few months later, I decided to ask Julie if SHE felt that this was truly the year. She responded that she did not know and I left it at that.

I’m sure that I am not the only one that asked her, or prayed to God to ask if this is actually what He meant by these Words…”Great Shaking this year”. We are becoming a cautious Bride. We thought this would all happen a few years ago, yet the feasts and years come and go. But in THIS instance….He said HE WOULD CONFIRM….and He did! I am hanging my hat on this! Only God can confirm His own Words, and this to me is exactly what happened. So I am basing the rest of my year on this sentence about the Great Shaking. This is NOT the Rapture. You will recall that the Great Shaking brings about the 3 Days of Darkness, and after that 40 days of Harvesting…THEN the Rapture. If you are not sure what the Great Shaking is, please reread Bonnie’s Message here. 

Finally Julie says this:

That the moon, sun and stars vividly display the signs of the times we are in, and determine His glorious return. He said Nibiru, the Destroyer, is fast approaching, and again will confirm what He has previously said, in that when Nibiru comes, the Bride rises.

Nibiru is going to do major damage to the earth..God aptly names it Destroyer. I believe it will cause a pole shift and I believe the Fallen are imprisoned on Nibiru and will be let loose here. But we WILL rise, He WILL come to rescue His Bride and just in time! The Harvest will be over for that first gathering in, and we will be safe in His arms!

One final note on the buildup of Russia, Iran, and now China in Syria that is currently going on. How easy it was for these enemies of Israel to move right next door. They say it’s due to ISIS, but SOMEbody created ISIS and I believe it is all part of the elite plan. Keep in mind however, that while these countries are poised right at Israel’s door, I DO NOT believe they are set for Ezekiel 38 just yet. In our eagerness to see this war come to pass, we forget some very important verses in this chapter. Verse 8b tells us that Israel will be living in safety. Are they now? Did you listen to Netanyahu’s speech to the UN? Did you see the GLARE? No, they are NOT living in safety.

Reread chapter 38, there is information there that we ignore…look at verse 11:

 And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates…

Hello? The walls are up…WAY up! Have you heard of the Israeli West Bank Barrier? It will be 430 miles long when it is completed. No my friends, the Jewish people are not living in safety, and they have a very large wall and others too, as barriers to terrorists. They have guards posted, there are drones flying, and God’s Hand still rests over Israel. There will be no attack from the north until Israel feels SO safe that they remove the barriers. At that time, the enemy will easily come in. It is possible and again this is just my opinion, that Russia will feel confident that ISIS is finally destroyed in the next few months, perhaps even after the Psalm 83 war…and will start to go home BUT, then verse 4 kicks in about God putting a hook in the jaw and turning them around from the north. IMO the bombs and Psalm 83 first, then the peace treaty (perhaps during the Harvest), THEN the Ezekiel war. Those are my impressions!

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5