The False Light that is Coming

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.  And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15

Recently the Lord has guided me back to an area that’s always been fascinating to me, but lately it’s become something I need to research and study, know thy enemy so to speak. The main purpose of this video is to help you recognize some of the deception that’s going on out there. Secondly, I will very generally speak about the false light that is coming…the false light being Lucifer, his minions aka aliens, and the people that follow them. Most of the people that follow Lucifer, or satan as we know him, haven’t a clue that they are following the most evil being on this planet. At the same time, they are not aware that God is actually FAR more than the energy source they are taught about and frankly this video is for them too. For far too long, most Christians avoided people of the new age and yet the same God that loves and created us, loves and created them too. Also in this video I will let you know some of the catch phrases or words that I’ve been researching and learning about, pointing them out so you can discern them and be aware that they play a deceptive role in daily life .

Let’s start with Lucifer: His name is translated in Hebrew as helel which means “brightness”. We know him as the main fallen angel in the Bible, who masquerades as an angel of light according to 2 Corinthians 11:14. Satan is still using that term angel of light, and he himself is at the head of the Illuminati. One source you might look into for more about this is Carolyn Hamlett. She refers to herself as a former illumined one because she was brought up in the Illuminati having that bloodline, and was introduced to Lucifer. In one video she was also introduced to the one I believe fits the description of the antichrist. You can find a link in the description box to the video where she speaks of meeting this being. Eventually Carolyn found Jesus Christ and has a most awesome testimony.

Over the millennia satan has come up with a plan to fool mankind. We refer to it as the Great Deception and there are a variety of beliefs of what the great deception actually is. We have been told that it has already started and we certainly know that to be true. I will also post a link to a Roger Morneau video. He explains that he was going to be brought into the new world order or whatever you want to call it for it has many names…and so being curious he went to a meeting. At the meeting in a very opulent mansion, a man explained that Lucifer had three plans to fool humans, one of which was for us to believe there are aliens. Now…I believe there are aliens in other parts of the universe or even multiverse if you will. But at this time they have NO part in or on earth. A true alien being from another galaxy cannot see earth, they don’t hear us, they cannot come through different dimensions or fly ships to us…God is not allowing that. ALL beings are made by God no matter where they reside, but the only “aliens” we have here are Fallen angels, demons, and rulers and principalities of the air. Ephesians 6:12 points out that when it states:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

We see there are powers and spiritual forces, all these are the same thing…EVIL and WICKED beings! They are not lovely guides, delightful spirits, or divine angels. They are fallen. Over time satan has formed them into groups that go by various names. As a general reference they can be known by certain words such as a council, a federation, an alliance, ascended masters, guides, spirits, and yes even watchers. Their appearances are also varied and I have recently seen where they are referred to as tribes. Imagine that. Some of the “tribes” have a human appearance or almost human, there are some that are bright beings, reptilians, you’ve got your short and tall grays, some even have feathers and are birdlike. In the great mix of them all, they will refer to some as good tribes, and some as bad. But we know and need to remember that they are the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Aka Fallen, no matter how you slice it. These Fallen beings even point to us humans as having negative groups. They refer to them as the cabal and lump humans and aliens together. We have a variety of names for us bad humans. The cabal, the deep state, the new world order, etc. But all the cabal and all these beings…are one in agreement and obey satan. There is no good or bad, black or white aliens or groups. All are evil. But the deception will come when the “good” aliens start pointing out the “bad” government leaders and then those humans that are asleep will agree with these aliens and want those officials gone. There is much more to this and other topics in this video but I’m trying to stay focused. However you can see how most people get riled up when you mention the ISIS murderers…wait until the aliens come in and say they will help wipe them out. You see? There will be an alliance then, of humans and the fallen.

There is already a false fellowship of these beings and humans right now. They are strikingly parallel to us…the called out ones, the remnant Bride of Christ, only their leader unknown to them, is satan. These people are called by various group names as well: lightworkers, wayshowers, starseeds, and light warriors, even rainbow light warriors. They have been deceived into thinking that they are souls from other planets that agreed to come to this earth at this time to help with ascension into the next dimension. The false beings that channel messages to these humans, are truly from another dimension which is why at times, they have crafts that seem to disappear, or they themselves disappear. So they are appealing to us humans to “ascend” and become a better being so we can integrate ourselves with the rest of the universe blah blah blah. The people that follow these beings are being deceived. This bothers me greatly. This is why I am hoping that some of these same people end up listening to this video because let me tell you…you are greatly loved! Many of these new agers want only peace and joy and love on this planet, same as we do. However, we know that Jesus Christ, our risen Lord and Savior, Son of God, will have to be the Ruler of this earth before that happens. My compassion goes out for these people, these lightworkers, because they are being deceived into following the false light of Lucifer. Remember, every human that has a soul, is created by God and loved overwhelmingly by God. We need to pray for these people for the Lord to open their eyes and I do pray this prayer, moreso that ever now. Having said that I’m not blinded by the light. We in the Christian endtime community have our false prophets among us. So do the lightworkers…their “false prophets” are greedy and know they are working for evil beings. This goes WAY back, even in the apostle Paul’s time. You can read an interesting story about this in Acts 16:16-24.

We also know that many of these same wayshowers have no clue they are helping the Fallen. One of my first indications of this was from reading The Beautiful Side of Evil by Johanna Michaelsen. Johanna truly thought she was serving God by her performing of miracle healings to people. Carolyn Hamlett who I mentioned earlier, read this book and it started her on the path to the true Jesus Christ and helped change her life forever. Johanna can be found on youtube as well. The things these ladies have learned, seemed to start out well, but over time they were deceived.

In this deception, there are catch phrases or words that are used in everyday life that stand out to me as being from the Fallen in their channelings and their writings. Some of these words are as follows:

Energy, vibration, frequency, negativity, self, awakening, enlighten, universal or personal truth, synchronicity, alignment, crystals or crystalline, prisms, rainbow light, golden energy, rainbow gathering, light code, light language, light initiation

Just know and be aware of these words. The Lord God created all good things but the devil twists them to be something they were not meant to be. Also know there is deception in the entertainment industry. I know you are nodding your heads, you already know the obvious shows for example Lucifer and Ancient Aliens. However there are entire corporations built on this falseness. Take a moment some time, and look up the Roma Downey company that produced a movie that many Christians watched called Son of God. You may be surprised.

Lastly, I wanted to explain to those people who listen to these guides, these beings, the ascended masters…who the Prime Creator really is. You have heard Him called source, source energy, divine energy, one infinite creator, even empty space. God as we know Him is WAY more than a source. He is ALL. He gave His perfect name to Moses in Exodus 3…I AM WHO I AM. This God created all beings everywhere, even Lucifer. The fallen beings that masquerade as aliens, will tell you that we were seeded on this planet from many beings around the universe. They go so far as to say that was their task. They tell you that once upon a agreed as a starseed to come here, but you need to ask yourself…where did THEY come from? If they seeded us, who seeded them? They did not create themselves. One Being (capital B) created all, and that is Jesus Christ. If you are listening to this as a lightworker, then you may lump the Bible in with other books such as the Quran or the Vedas or the Book of Shadows. But those books do not prophecy events thousands of years in advance, things that have come true or will come true. Our Creator, known as Abba or Daddy in Hebrew, is perfect. We can look to Him for guidance, not ourselves. New Agers are being told to get off their knees and look to themselves for help. But those who follow Jesus Christ have MUCH more peace about this because we look to our Creator for all guidance and assistance. And we know He has the master plan. Yes He is allowing Lucifer…satan…to act out a certain script. But it is all for the glory of God, and we do not understand the mind of God. Yet with faith and trust, we can rest assured that He has everything under His control, no matter what comes. Yes mayhem and calamities are coming, that is true. But it is not to raise the consciousness of the planet or mankind, it is to bring about the rule of Jesus Christ.

I would like to leave you with one last request. If you consider yourself a new ager, then just take one minute to put aside the thought that you are god, and consider that there is a God that loves you. Ask Him….if there truly is a God, reveal Himself to you and show you who these beings really are, that you listen to. Don’t listen to any men or women, psychics or new ager leaders, no preachers or tv televangelists…but rather go to the most divine and awesome Being that ever existed and just ask Him to show you the TRUTH! Then wait for God to show you. He may open your eyes immediately or He may show you things over time. Just wait for it. By the way, the guides and spirits that you listen to, won’t like this one bit. They don’t want you to talk to God. At first they will gently try to dissuade you, but then they may take more action. Pray to God for your strength, and follow up on those links in the description box below. Shalom

PS:  I forgot to type out that the actual video picture of a "garden" is itself a false is a gift I received for Christmas as I wanted to eat healthier and fresh lettuce throughout the winter.  But the "sun" that the plants are receiving light from is really a fake sun...I thought it was very apropos to the subject.  (Johanna Michaelsen) (Carolyn Hamlett)

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" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24