Just a quick note to THANK all of you that send me emails with information to research, post, and comment on.  I believe that God directs some of you to send things my way because these are things He wants us to delve into more.  Even music videos and wondrous things of nature are welcomed!  God created all things and is in all things, even in the cell of a mouse whisker!  (I love those microscopic God things).  Do not EVER think that you are not important to God! We are all the Bride, we are loved equally in God's sight and as long as we continue to obey Him, He can use us as an empty cup and fill us up to the brim and overflow out!  

Some of the things I post can be controversial.  Please do not let that stop you from going to God and asking HIM about it.  Do not seek your answers from man.  But know that others also have posted things that are controversial because they believe them to be of God and that they are hearing from Him.  You need to ask for discernment on a daily basis!  When I put the Belt of Truth on, I ask for knowledge of what is from God, and what is not from God.  When I put on the Helmet of Salvation, I ask for the mind of Christ to know His wisdom versus man's wisdom.  I only want to know HIS Truth because there is no other truth!  Man can only point me to their beliefs and they may even have Scripture to back it up.  But the devil uses Scripture too, so I rely on God and what He points me to.

Thank you for "listening".  :)