Tea with Lu

Meet my friend, Lu.  I've discovered that she has a plethora
of information on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Angels, dreams, visions...pretty much you name it.  She's had a very rough life but has learned much because of it. As we have emailed back and forth, it occurred to me (call it a HS nudge) that Lu has a lot of knowledge that would help all of us, and has taught Christians for many years. I mentioned the idea of this page...and ongoing lessons as the Lord leads and she is all for it.  We do nothing without asking Him first and in this case, He started it! Start at the bottom of the page on Lesson 1 and read upward.

During our talks I found out that Lu was British and we both like tea...a lot!  All kinds even!  So this page just named itself.  I invite you to pour a cup of your favorite tea and read some lessons that God has brought for your learning experience.​   ~ Hope

Lesson 7 - Love's Unfailing Promise

In our last lesson we learned about the reversal & the unique calling we have, & throughout all of it I see His love. He knows of our desperate need to try to atone, but what can we give to the Lord, creator of all things, we who have nothing to call our own, except what He gave us first? We can give Him ourselves. All that we are we give to Him, our will, our love & our obedience. With these three offerings, He can do amazing things. He can reverse the course of history, turn the tide of evil, & fulfill the many promises He gave us in His Word.

Lesson 6 - Infinity and Beyond!

I have always had a niggling unease with the doctrinal explanation of the Fall Feasts & what they represent, but I could never ‘see’ past the ideas to see God’s truth. That’s is until last September when once again I spoke out an unthinkable question…..Lord, are the Fall Feast Days in the wrong order? What happened next, was something quite unexpected & even now makes me smile. No sooner had the words left my mouth, than the Lord appeared in front of me.

Lesson 5 - Why?

In Genesis 2 we see that the Lord had His day of rest on the 7th day, before starting the next chapter pertaining to mankind. He was happy with His creation & everything was in balance. He created the Garden of Eden & created Adam & Eve, & placed them in the garden which contained the Tree of Life & the Tree of Knowledge of good & evil. In this simplified version we see 2 people, man & woman, 2 trees each of a different type.  Click on the link below for more!

Lesson 4 - The 144,000

This teaching is very long and so I have posted it on a separate page.  However you can find the "multi ingredient" tea recipe to the right!  

Lesson 3 - New Year Health Check

My Mom is 81 & is amazing for her age. In fact, she could put most 50 year olds to shame! Lately however, I have noticed she’s been squinting when she is watching tv, so today, we went to have her eyes examined. Sure enough, her eye glasses needed stronger lenses.

While we were there, I started to ponder the things that we need to be aware of in spirit, & that New Year is the ideal time to do a spiritual health check! Let’s have a look at a few things to get you started.

Firstly, check your mind… & no I don’t mean is it sound or not! Seriously though, our minds should be wide open, not narrow & constricted by worldly things & doctrines of men. An open mind allows for the possibility of all things, & looks for wonders in the most mundane of circumstance. If our minds are cluttered with old or corrupt files, how can we download, & understand God’s knowledge & wisdom?

Check your eyes….where are they focused? On the Lord, on the world or somewhere in between. When we lose focus, we don’t see anything clearly, & may be seeing something in completely the wrong way or not seeing something that is right in front of our eyes. We may have ‘spiritual cataracts’, something that we need to remove from our lives in order for our sight to be clear. When we have clear sight, & are focused on the Lord, it’s less likely that we will be distracted by the world, & more likely that we will see spiritual attacks before they hit.

Open your mouth & say ahhhh! Okay, we all know ears, nose & throat are all connected, but we very often don’t think it applies in spirit. We hear the Word, speak the Word, hear the Word, speak the Word, & all the while we breathe in the Ruach HaKodesh. What you hear, affects what you say, & what you say affects everything about you & around you. The Ruach HaKodesh moves in, out, & through you, so make sure that nothing is constricting your breathing passage, be it your words or the words of others. If you are feeling spiritually tired, try a few deep breaths, it works wonders!

Check your heart…does it beat for Jesus? Or beat to a different drum? Our heart is so vitally important to a healthy spirit. This is where the Lord’s love resides, & it is up to us to exercise not just our heart, but that love also. Love is what grows our heart & keeps it strong. When you work out with the Lord & allow Him to grow your heart, you will find that your chest is too small to contain it any more. Don’t be alarmed if you find your spiritual heart has escaped your body…it’s meant to. The bigger the better!

Open your hands often & stretch them. These hands are hands that do the Lord’s work. Extend them wherever needed so that they remain versatile, & reach out to others with tenderness & love.

Check your feet often, they have to carry you a long way on your walk with the Lord. If your feet become tired & weary, pour on some spiritual oil & massage well. They will be like new in no time.

Sometimes we just feel out of alignment, & I know just thing for that. Walk on your knees & allow the Lord to put everything in its place. Whatever your ailment, be aware of it, take it to the Lord, & allow the Great Physician to heal you. Even if you just need to talk, invite the Lord in, pour some tea, & let Him put your New Year in order.

May the Lord bless you, & may your cup run over!


Lesson 2 - A Rock and a Hard Place

I was taking a scenic tour of the world yesterday, all from the comfort of my armchair, cup of tea in hand. What a breathtakingly beautiful world the Lord made! As I was gazing in wonder, the Holy Spirit started to show me Bible verses…..oh I love it when He ties things together like that! Have you ever looked to see how many times landscapes occur in the Word? Hundreds upon hundreds! Mountains, valleys, oases, wilderness, deserts, seas, islands, & beaches, time & time again. Since the Lord is the same, yesterday, today, & tomorrow, & His Word tells us that in days past He walked with His people through each of these landscapes, does it not hold then, that we too must walk through these same places on our journey with the Lord? Let’s take a look shall we?

When we first meet the Lord, most of us, I think you will agree, are somewhere deep in a valley, cold & shivering, rain pouring with not so much as a rain poncho to shield us. We have no survival skills in this dark world, no means to light a fire, or make some warm food. Then we meet the Lord! Instantly He lights a fire within us, bringing us the much needed warmth of His love. Slowly He starts to feed us, warm nourishing food, & living waters of life. He tells us He will walk ahead of us, making a path, & when we are ready, we are to follow Him. He gives us a gift before He walks ahead…..a survival tool, a spiritual Swiss Army Knife, the right tool for any occasion, that fits in your breast pocket. Yep, you guessed it, the Holy Spirit, fits neatly in the pocket of your heart, & always the right tool for any need!

So, when we’re ready, we get up & follow the trail of breadcrumbs the Lord leaves for us. And before you say ‘Hey Lu, this isn’t Hansel & Gretel’, remember that He is the Bread of Life, & He feeds us every step we follow Him, but just enough to still leave a little hunger there. The valleys sometimes seem never-ending, but it’s a lovely feeling when you realize you are finally climbing up & out! And such a relief, finally seeing & feeling sunshine as we step out of the valley onto a plateau.

Now just for a moment….picture your walk on a lovely flat path, with the same scenery all around, day after day, year after year…sounds lovely doesn’t it? Well, I know one group of people that would be out of a job if that were the case. Who’s that you ask? Inspirational singers! I mean who would want to sing this! (You can make up your own tune)

Our walk with the Lord, it is always the same

I'll be falling asleep, cos it's always mundane!

It doesn’t exactly stir the spirit does it? But seriously, if we never have the trials we can never relish the triumphs. If we never hunger for the Lord or His Word, then how can we feed our spirit? How would we grow in our relationship with the Lord?

Since everyone’s journey is different, & the Lord always reminds me ‘it’s a journey, not a dash’, then where you go next will vary greatly. It’s an ever-changing undulating landscape of mountains & valleys, & through it all runs our very narrow path. At some point or other you will visit each of the places mentioned above… Sailing the seas, whether rough or smooth, the Lord is at the helm. Staggering through the desert, parched for the living water, the Holy Spirit will sustain you, drop by precious drop until He can lead you to an oasis. Battling through the jungle when you can’t see a step ahead, the Holy Spirit will cut a path. The mountains I know are steep to climb, but we have our own ‘Tenzin Norgay’ guiding the way, & the view from the top is sublime! And when you finally get to rest, with the Lord by your side, just sitting, admiring the view, you know that the climb was worth it!

Wherever you’re headed, trust the Holy Spirit to guide you, teach you & do the heavy lifting. The Lord wants to be your provider, & when you think you can do these things by yourself, you are going against everything He is trying to do for you, & may just find you’ve wandered off the path into unknown territory. We’ve all known people like that.

And there are times you’ll feel like you’re stuck. Have you ever felt that, stuck in the same spot, for months, maybe even years? It can be very frustrating I know, because I’ve been there. We know the Lord hears us, & we hear Him too. Sometimes though, the noise from the world, or simply the busyness of our lives, makes it hard to find that ‘sweet spot’ where you know you are centered in Him. But even when we can’t seem to hear Him clearly, He is still with us, still talking to us, encouraging us, & urging us forward in whatever He needs to do in us or with us. Be willing & obedient, & let the Lord do the driving! After all, He knows where you’re headed!

And if you do find yourself stuck, between a rock & a hard place, do what you were taught….get out that trusty swiss army knife, lean in to the cleft of the rock, and P.U.S.H….Pray Until Something Happens!

Who wants more tea?


Lesson 1 - Christmas

I was reminded today of how often the Lord speaks to us, through the simple things of everyday life. If we are only willing to be open & obedient, then that still small voice resonates strongly within us.

Today I was baking Christmas cookies, as I have for many years. Two dozen of each type, and 12 types in all. And yes, that’s a lot of cookies! I know many of you will have this question pass through your mind while reading this…’So Lu, do you celebrate Christmas?’ And my answer is this: Yes, yes, yes…but not what you may think. I don’t do Christmas trees or Christmas lights. I don’t eat what ‘tradition’ dictates, or feel the need to be a glutton or sloth, as so many do, not just for the day, but for the season. Then why, you may ask do I bake so many cookies? Again, my answer may just surprise you. I don’t believe in the televised rendition of the modern day pitiful excuse for debauchery that they crank out every year as the ‘Holiday Season’, but I do know an opportunity when I see one! In amongst the filth & glitter, buried somewhere under piles of popcorn & fairy lights, there still beats the now somewhat fainter, but still beating heart of the Christmas story. While as faithful followers of Christ, we know this is not ‘the day’, but all those souls, still dwelling in the darkness don’t know that. So I will bake my cookies, & do what I have done every year…share my home-made cookies with as many families as I can, & while I have their attention, even for a short while, share the story of the birth of our dear savior, Jesus Christ. And just to let you in to a little secret, my cookies have a secret ingredient…I bless the cookies, that whoever eats them will find themselves blessed with more than a tasty bite, rather a taste of God’s truth & love. It’s not our place to judge others for putting up a fancy tree, or running up their plastic with as much debt as a small island nation, or cooking enough food for an army! It’s our place to see the empty space, the empty plate, the empty heart, the empty lives, & do what we were called for! To shine His light, to spread His Word, spread His Joy, spread His Peace, & most importantly…bring the Love of God to a hungry world! I celebrate the Lord every day, so why should Christmas Day be any different. So, I would like to ask you one thing before I go….who wants a cookie?

Stop in for tea again!



Persian Love Tea


Smooth Sweet Tea


(Hope note - I can and will drink this into Infinity and beyond!)

Paradise Tropical Tea

Indian Masala Chai

Russian Tea - Diet Recipe


Rock Tea

(sorry, no real recipe here!)


Christmas Tea

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5