Words to Sue

The Lord has used Sue off and on to help oh so many people throughout these past years.  She was brought into my life 3 years ago and has remained a steadfast friend.

I absolutely trust that the Lord gives us Words to hear through her.  The focus however, now and ever shall be upon HIM and no one human.  He is our life and future, He is our comfort and joy, He is our Savior and Redeemer and has brought us all together for this moment now to be at peace!

(all songs added by me as I feel led)

11/18/19 - Just Be

Child, you are stressed and concerned about many things. I see your heart, your devotion, your love, and your abilities. I know there is not enough of you to meet the needs and complete the tasks before you. I see all your concerns and total inability, and I have called it “Good”.

What if I met those needs for you? What if all you had to do, was what I told you to do each day? What if you were obedient to My small instructions, giving Me what little you had, and I multiplied your little and made it much?

What if your smile really does bring sunshine, what if your laughter really does heal, and what if your love really does set the captive free?

Child, what if you have no clue what I AM doing, but you let Me do it? What if no one saw your weakness because it is hidden in My strength, what if no one saw your tears because they are hidden in the River of Life, and what if no one saw your nothingness because you are hidden in My abundance?

What if no one saw you at all, but Me? Would you be willing to be hidden, insignificant, and unworthy for Me? What if that’s what I truly need you to Be? Can you rest in the knowledge that you are absolutely nothing and I AM everything? Can you rest in Me and live in peace?

I care not, that you do not know what I AM doing, for I have designed it so. If you knew, then you would try to “help” Me. I do not need your help; I just need you to praise Me with all that is within you. For I AM, the Lord your God, and I AM, working mightily in your behalf. Just rest in Me and watch the miracles I Do. Shalom

11/18/19 - What If

From before the foundations of the world I loved you. There is no way you can fail Me. Your desire to please Me surpasses what I created in you and your love for Me exceeds all My expectations. The unworthiness you feel is not your own, but rather the measurement you see within yourself when standing next to Me.

What if I filled you with Me? What if the emptiness within you overflowed with My goodness? What if My grace poured out of you and washed over My lost sheep? What if My mercy within you became the sea of forgiveness? What if, child, what if?

What if all I wanted from you was praise? What if all I wanted from you was you? What would happen if I fought ALL your battles? What would happen if no one saw you, but Me? What would happen if you had no clue what I was doing, but you let Me do it?  What would happen if you let Me have My way with you? What would happen if We became One?

Do you conceive what I am doing? You have given up everything for Me and I have given up everything for you. What would happen if you received ALL of Me? “You will know Me even as I know you.” What if that happened sooner rather than later? What would happen if I showed you how?  What if now?

11/18/17 - Power   Video link

Child what you are about to face will take your breath away. You will thank Me over and over for the detailed training I have given you. Life as you know it will change drastically. You have been designed and created for this purpose since the beginning of time. Your entire life has molded you into the vessel I have now completed. My sons and daughters will rise up in these last days with a force the world has never known. Nothing can compare to the power of My Bride and I as we unite as One. I have protected you, hidden you, and taught you. Now I will bring you forth, and Satan will not even know you, for you will take him by surprise and ambush him with all the forces of heaven at your disposal. You had to die as I did, you had to submit to the will of the Father as I did, and you will be resurrected as I am. This power from on high dwells within you now, but when I flip the switch, My power will be released with such force upon you that it will not be contained. Darkness will flee before you as when the day dawns. Nothing will stop this mighty move, for I am about to break the neck of Satan by the very ones he has tried so hard to destroy.

Rise up My little ones, downtrodden ones, and forsaken ones; for the mantle of Moses, Samuel, Elijah, and David, cannot compare with the Power that will come “upon and through” My Bride as we unite as One. Shalom

(note that Sue saw something in a vision from 07/25/14 that I feel goes along with this)

Vision:  NOTE: In the vision that accompanied this message, I was shown a new house that was cut in two and the halves separated so I could openly see within the walls. Each wall was “packed” with multiple wires intricately entwined and connected to incredibly powerful circuits. All the wires were hidden within the walls and could not be seen with the natural eye. The power switch was still in off mode. I instantly knew that is why we don’t “see or feel” any differently yet. Then, I understood from the depth of my being that when the “Main Switch” is flipped, entire house would be flooded with power from on High. In a moment…in the twinkling of an eye, we shall be changed.

09/04/16 - Rise Up and Take your Place

Rise up O mighty Army from the dust, where you have been trodden under foot of man and foe. You have been counted as dead and forgotten as nothing; yet I have not forsaken you. Rise up, for the day of reckoning has come, and you have been made a threshing instrument in the hand of Almighty God. You will thresh the mountains where there are no fields. You will thresh the dens and caves of the earth where My lost ones hide. You will thresh the air, you will thresh the oceans, you will thresh the cities, and you will thresh the fields. Not even “one” grain of wheat will fall from your teeth, as you tear from the enemy all that is Mine. You will be given My robe of righteousness, and you will fully clothe My harvest, as you pull them naked from the very gates of hell.

JOY as has never been experienced by man, in heaven or on earth, will be yours as We harvest this land. You are a sickle in the hand of Almighty God that will be used to thrust the earth. In My Name, you will perform My Will, with Power that has never been witnessed on this land. Therefore, lift up your head and your voice, for you are about to behold Me in ways you have never dreamed possible. We will walk as One, as My Power and My judgments are poured out upon this land. You will not be afraid, for the Power and Love of Almighty God will rise up within you and pour out like a flood. You will hear My Words rush from your mouth with Authority and great Force, and the enemy will be silenced and flee before you seven ways.  

Hearken, Mighty Army of God. Rise up and stand before your God, for the Day of the Lord has come; a day of outpouring, a day of release, and the year of jubilee. Shout out loud and sound the shofar; for the Great War in the heavens has come down to earth. Rise Mighty Army of God, and take your place. Shout out loud and sound the shofar!!! The Day of the Lord has come, and through you, I will show Myself Mighty across this land. The leaders of this earth will fear greatly and bow down before Me, as I disintegrate the entire master plan of the enemy and bring him low. Shalom

08/22/16 - Arise-Mighty Army of God

My mighty army I AM with you this day, for the power of Almighty God lies within you. No longer are you called weak, no longer are you called forsaken, and no longer are you forgotten. You will rise up and do mighty exploits in My name as you destroy the works of the evil one. You will work independently united across this globe as massive amounts of the harvest are brought into My fold. You will tread on serpents, break through every stronghold, and restore hope in total despair. Multitudes will come into the Kingdom of Heaven, for there will not be one inch of darkness that will escape the torch of My mighty army. Those who do not come to Me during this great visitation will have to die for Me later. Yet they will remember what you have told them, and as the tribulation on earth intensifies to unbearable measures, I will hear their desperate cries and I will send you, My mighty unseen Ones, to walk with them through the valley of the shadow of death and bring them to heaven’s shores.

Your work on earth is not done. The faith that has brought you through a lifetime of intense trials has but paved the road of your next journey.  I will bring you out of your wilderness of extreme solitude, and like Moses, you will lead My people out!! Satan hates you with a fury unlike the world has ever seen and yet you will walk through this land unscathed taking back all he has stolen from Me.

I will do these mighty works through the most insignificant of My children, for they are like the widow who gave Me her last two mites. For through your nothingness My Power will burst forth and through the shreds of your being My light will radiantly shine; as the Spirit of Almighty God quickens your dry bones. Shalom

08/05/16 - Choose Me, As I Have Chosen You

My Mighty Army I speak to you this day. Gird up your minds and rally to attention. No longer are you called weak, no longer are you called forsaken, and no longer are you called forgotten. Instead you are My Chosen Ones, My called out ones, the ones I have hidden from world; and you are the ones whom I shall now send forth to conquer and spoil the camp of the enemy.

I am with you, as I was with Moses, as I was with Joshua, and as I was with David. I am with you, as I was with Elijah, as I was with Elisha, and as I was with Gideon. These mighty men of God used to be small, they used to be insignificant, and they used to be powerless. These mighty men of God were empty vessels before Me. They knew they were nothing, they knew they had no gifts to offer Me, and they knew they were but mere flesh before Me. So they gave Me the only thing they had, they gave Me themselves. They held nothing back; they gave Me their entire vessel, sparing nothing. I then filled that entire vessel, for as they held nothing back from Me, I held nothing back from them.

These mighty men of God sought My face, they sought My Will, and they sought no one else. As I spoke in the still small voice to Elijah, it grew to become the only voice he heard. The still small voice was a fire in the burning bush to Moses, and it grew to become a pillar of fire by night as Moses led the children of Israel through the wilderness. I am the voice, I am the fire, and I anoint you this day with double, triple and quadruple portions. The mantle of God has fallen on you, My mighty hidden army. Rise up this day, for I am with you. Shake off the dust of the past and forsake the lies of the enemy. I HAVE CHOSEN you. Will you choose Me, as I have chosen you? Shalom

07/31/16 - My Mighty Army

My little ones the time of your departure is nigh. No longer will you be known as “My little ones”, instead you will be known as the Mighty Army of God that is marching through the land. The time of great change has come and you will be empowered from on high. Great exploits will be done in My Name as My Mighty Army performs My Will upon the earth. Eye has not seen and ear has not heard the wonders of My plan as it unfolds upon this world.

My Army is composed of the outcasts, the cripples, and both blind and deaf sheep. My Army is composed of those who have served Me for years and those who have only known Me but a few short months; for I see within the hearts of man, and I know those who are Mine. 

First My Mighty Army will be healed, second My Mighty Army will be transformed, and third My Mighty Army will march forth in great victory taking back everything the enemy has stolen from them their entire lives. My Mighty Army will take spoil and will ravage and plunder the enemy. They will forcefully take back what is MINE and disintegrate the entire plans of the wicked. 

My Mighty Army will become the source of supply in the midst of dire need. Healing and salvation will issue forth from the very atmosphere they dwell in. They will know and understand all things for they have been taught by God himself. Nothing will remain undone, for My Mighty Army will work with precision and detail that has never been witnessed before on earth.

My Mighty Army, I AM with you today; prepare your hearts for the time of your departure is nigh. Heaven and earth await your coming, for I AM with you and great is your reward. Shalom

VISION:  " I saw the healing, transformation and going forth into the world as very quick steps in "time" as we know it. We also know that additional training in another dimension can occur "without" a break in earth time as He has told us before. I don't understand everything, I just know He said, "Do not fear, this is a very exciting time for all of you! Eye has not seen and ear has not heard, how wonderful this time will be!"

The Broken Seal - 06/06/16

My little ones look to Me for I am coming in an hour that you think not. Grave deception covers the land and is steadily swallowing up earth’s inhabitants. Peace and safety is heralded from the pulpits, to the United Nations, as leaders greedily strive for rank and power.  Multitudes upon multitudes, in the valley of decision, have been lulled to sleep, completely intoxicated with the poison of wellbeing. Yet the cries of the redeemed, who have been cut off from mankind, have reached the Father’s Throne and the seal of earth’s doom and judgment has been broken.

What is coming upon the earth has never been documented in the life of mankind. You will not believe your eyes, yet you will know and understand with your heart. The “trust” that you have learned and nurtured, through a lifetime of hard trials, will arise and propel you forward through a millennium of time. I will rise up within you with boldness that you have never known, and you will speak the TRUTH mightily and with great power; for you will be transformed into My very image, in the hour of great darkness that is coming upon the earth.

My little ones do not look to be seen nor applauded by mankind, for many of your assignments will be in the oceans, in the tornados, in the nuclear reactor explosions, underneath landslides, in the earthquake tsunamis, and in the middle of volcanoes. To these torn multitudes, I send you. Many are the souls who have never heard of Me, yet they will cry out to Me in that day, and I will hear them and send you. Even more are those, who only knew My Name in cursing, yet they will desperately cry out to Me with their last breath, and I will hear them and send you.  Still more are the vile and wicked, who have spilled much innocent blood across the land through their various evil ways and deeds. These are marked, even as Apostle Paul was, and to these vile feared ones, I send you.

My little ones remember what is written in My Holy Word, “The last shall be first and the first last”?  You will live to see this day. Therefore, humble yourselves before Almighty God that you may be counted worthy to escape what is coming to pass upon the earth.  Shalom

Look to Me - 04/19/16

My little ones, the night is thick with evil. Stay close to Me for I am your only safe guard. World leaders have met with the ruler of darkness and have aligned their total allegiance with him. This does not bode well for the bulk of humanity; for they have mocked Me, trodden My grace underfoot, and counted My love as a thing of naught. The winepress of earth’s judgment has been filled.  My fury will soon be poured out in a manner the world has never known; bowl upon bowl and vial upon vial. Relentless are the judgments sentenced upon the earth, and many will die from sheer fear alone. Your once great nation will be rocked to the core and then disintegrate; for there will be no organized military, first responders, or police defense, equipped to touch even the smallest of these great areas of need. Bridges will be down, communication systems will be dissolved, and basic supplies will be an extreme scarcity. 

My bride, it is during this time that you will be transformed. You will be clothed in My Righteousness and shine as stars in the blackest of night. You will be equipped by My Power and I will send you straight into the darkness. Do not fear, but rather rejoice, as you see this day approaching. Multitudes will come to Me renouncing their sins; for earth’s harvest is ripe and heaven has prepared to receive them.  Many, many, are the souls who do not know Me today and yet their mansions are prepared and their families await them. Multitudes of aborted children from earth have been busy about My Father’s business. They are now grown and have built and lavishly decorated mansions for their lost families on earth. They have completed their tasks and now wait by the door to welcome their mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers home. As these children have feverishly worked, they have prayed for their lost loved ones on earth; and I say unto you, they have not prayed in vain. Everything possible has been done to awaken these lost ones, along with multitudes of others, and ripen them for the harvest. I will send you, My Bride, to lead them to the cross and bring them home. Joy as you have never dreamed possible accompanies your tasks in the days ahead. Keep your eyes on Me, My little ones, and be not encumbered by the cares of this world, for I will come as a thief in the night. Put ALL of your faith and trust in Me alone; for just ahead lies earth’s darkest hour, and you will again find, I AM all you need. Shalom

Behold I Come - 03/01/16

My little ones, the day grows increasingly dark. I am your only hope. As it was in the days of Noah, so also shall it be in the coming of the Son of man. Look to Me, for I am your only safe guard. The road to heaven is narrow and steep, but as I promised in My Word, you will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way, walk in it.”  Trust in Me, for I will keep your feet from slipping and your steps secure. Flee the ways of the world, for many are on the road to destruction wooing you and desiring to have you join them in their glee. They do not see the trap of Satan; therefore they mock My warnings and make sport of My return. Pray for them, that their eyes be opened and their hearts softened. 

Perilous times are ahead. Great disasters will occur simultaneously and multitudes of souls will die. During this time of immense catastrophe, My workers will be transformed to complete the tasks that I have ordained for them. Sometimes you will be seen and other times you will not. Your physical body may appear to be sleeping quietly in the bed, while you are a world away bringing in the lost. You will go where I send you and come back again in an instant, for earthly needs will be staggering and your tasks will encompass the globe.  Bodies will grow new limbs and gaping wounds will close at your command as you walk through the earth performing My Will. Food, water, and shelter will appear from your hands as I provide for the multitudes crying out to Me in desperation. You will work the works of Him who sent you, for the harvest is great. Do not fear My little ones, as you watch the world crumble before your very eyes. Your heart will soon leap with anticipation, for you will hear My call. Joy as you have never known is just before you. Look up My little ones, as your redemption draws nigh; for your Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach, is stepping through the door. 


Walk with Me in the Unseen - 01/22/16

My little ones, out of what appears to be total disaster, I bring forth life everlasting. Out of the rubble of your past, I create mansions of glory. You will not believe what I am doing. Every moment of your life is designed to bring forth fruit. What appears to be overt disruptions and blatant attacks of the enemy, are but goldmines of great riches when given to Me. Many, many, opportunities come your way each day. When you respond with Spiritual keys of love, forgiveness, and kindness; many doors open in the kingdom of heaven pouring forth My life upon the earth. You cannot see these doors, for they are hidden within the hearts of mankind. You cannot see My life pouring forth, for I soak deep into the soil of man’s past, totally hidden from the surface of today. There I work in the unseen, bringing life and healing, totally unnoticed by even those within whom I work. Here My little ones, is where My greatest works are done. Do not seek to be seen or noticed for your great works, but instead enter with Me into the unseen, and walk where the fruits of the spirit grow in abundance. For where love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control are, I reign supreme. In the world of the unseen, mountains are moved and cast into the sea, and multitudes are brought into the kingdom of heaven. Do not look at the things which are seen, for the things that are seen are temporal, but the things that are not seen are eternal. Come with Me, My little ones, and let Me walk each day, moment by moment, with you. Together, you and I will turn all of your disasters into goldmines; as you take your eyes off of what is seen, and walk with Me in the fruit of the unseen. Shalom

Prepare - 12/14/15

Oh My little ones, stay close to Me, for the day is black with evil. Do not look to the right hand or to the left, but keep your eyes fixed on Me. The great disaster is upon you. I will keep those whose heart and eyes are fixed on Me. Do not fear when the world crumbles around you, for I will lift you to safety. Do not fear when the arrow passes your way, for I will be your shield and buckler. You will see My Hand of protection and understand Psalm 91 in ways you have never dreamed possible. Look to Me alone and put no confidence in your own strength, or the strength of man; for unless the Lord keep the house, the watchmen watch in vain.  Stay focused on Me. Do only what I ask you to do, and say only what I ask you to say. Completely untangle yourselves from the world and hold none of its treasures in high esteem; for the world as you know it, will disintegrate before your very eyes.  The lofty haughtiness of mankind will be suddenly dissolved into dire basic needs of food, water, and shelter. This event will happen suddenly, and in a moment you think not. Prepare your hearts now and trust only in Me. Shalom

(Hope note - do not fret or worry in any way because wherever you are, whomever you are with, whatever you are doing...you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be whenever this happens...whatever "this" is!)


Stay Focused in Me - 08/27/15

My little ones keep your eyes fixed on Me. There are a multitude of distractions pressing hard against your soul, forcing many to take their eyes off Me. But My child, it is imperative that you keep your eyes focused on Me and Me alone. I AM in you and you are in Me. Stay within the boundary I have created and do not be lured from My arms of safety. I will give you moment by moment instructions. Do not run ahead or lag behind, but stay within Me; for those who are not in Me, will soon be scattered. Disaster is upon your land and your only safety is in Me. Many are My little ones who will radiantly see Me in My glory, for as My hand strikes the earth, they will be lifted to safety within My arms of love. My remaining little ones, whose eyes are fixed on Me, will know peace that passes all understanding as the world rocks in total chaos around you. Are your eyes fixed on Me? Have you placed all of your trust in Me? Then look up, My child, for your redemption draws nigh. Shalom

Forsake the Past - 08/12/15   (note that Sue feels this is a critical Message...please forward!)

My little ones, I am coming. I would have you be faithful, trust, and hope in “Me alone”. As the children of Israel left the wilderness behind, even so I would have you leave the tents of your wilderness experiences behind and follow Me out. Like the children of Israel, you have abode in the wilderness so long, that many have set up housekeeping. I have fed you with manna and provided water from the rocks during your wilderness experiences. Now as I lead you out, do not embrace the old manna or the rocks from which I gave you drink. As Moses went forth from Mt Sinai, embracing My commandments and proceeded to the Promised Land; even so My little ones, I would have you forsake the places, the trials, where you received your greatest revelations of Me, and follow Me out. The past was for your learning. Graduation day is here. Embrace what you have learned and move forward, not back. Familiarity of the past calls many of you, begging you to stay within its harshness. But I say unto you, forsake the old wineskins, or you will not be able to contain Me when I come. Shalom

(Hope note - if the Lord showed you an open door RIGHT NOW that you had to walk through to get to Him...what is your first thought? Is it of Him...or something you would have to leave behind? You must rid your mind of people, places, and things that you would leave...we must be ready!)

Be Faithful in Little - 08/06/15

My little ones look unto Me, for My return is upon you. Those who have called on My Name and honored Me with their lives will soon receive their greatest rewards; for those who have been faithful in little will now be faithful over much. My chosen ones have utilized their talents, sowed their seeds with tears, and cast their bread upon the water. Now they will rejoice with joy unspeakable as they bring the massive harvest into heaven’s fold.

The world as you currently know it, is about to shatter. Earth’s loss will be beyond description. It will initially appear that all you have worked for is totally gone. Yet out of this phenomenal disaster, My little ones will arise with the power of the Almighty God upon them. All of your life’s training and preparations will be used. Nothing will be wasted. Trust Me completely and fulfill your mundane tasks with great joy, for I make no mistakes. I have not called the proud, nor have I called the mighty ones. But I have chosen the meek and lowly ones, whose hearts are totally dedicated to me. My little ones, the time is upon you, he that has been faithful in little will be faithful over much.  Shalom

New Wine Skins - 07/14/15

Oh My little ones, for years upon years My people have perished for lack of knowledge. I am coming with new wine and I seek for those, who love Me enough, to lay their old wine skin down. I seek for those who would follow Me out of their shame, out of their history, out of old memories they “cling” to as good, and follow Me into Our future. When I came the first time, My disciples left all to follow Me. When I come the second time, My requirements are the same. The past clings to you like a torn, filthy garment. Forsake the injuries of past hurts, forsake old grievances, and forsake the very cradle of your existence. Count it all as loss and follow Me. Remove your old wine skin and do not attempt to redeem it. For I am coming with new wine and your old wine skin cannot contain Me.

To those who choose Me above the past, will be granted new wine skins. You will be transformed into My image and pour out My glory upon the earth in measures never before told. You will expand and expand in ways you never dreamed possible, and multitudes upon multitudes will be brought into the Kingdom. My little ones, I need you. Do you love Me enough to let your old wine skin go? Shalom

The Path of Being - 07/06/15

My little ones, there is a narrow, hidden path of peace and complete surrender to Me that opens wide into the very corridors of heaven. Few find this path, for it is completely camouflaged in the midst of backbiting, pride, chaos and dissension. The path is a simple, quiet, condition of the heart, called “being”. This condition of “being” seeks no change to any circumstance or person. It is merely a heart of complete focus and submission to Me, and is totally blinded to all but Me. Within the humble heart that finds this path, I reign supreme. Unknown to the one “being” or to the ones filled with backbiting, pride, chaos and dissension, I flood the entire scene. In a very short period of time, the eyes of understanding are opened, situations are neutralized, and relationships are restored. In the natural it cannot be explained, yet in the spiritual a multitude of souls find Me. No one sees or notices the “being” ones, for they are totally hidden in Me.

As the harvest ripens and as evil rises to new heights to encompass your land, I seek for those who have chosen this hidden path of complete surrender and “being”. Will you choose Me and the path I trod? Many are called, but few are chosen. 


Judgment Falls - 07/01/15

Come My little ones, gather around Me and abide under the Shadow of My Wings. I AM your only ark of safety now, for grave judgments are sentenced upon your land. You have been chosen and marked for such a time as this and will be used mightily by Me. Therefore stand fast and rejoice in Me, for your redemption draws nigh.

The people across your lands have rejoiced greatly over the empty certificates of Rights and new laws of Freedom being handed to them, but death and untold bondage will overtake them in its wake. Mankind scorn and mock Me, as they jeer at My little ones who fear and honor Me. My greatest gifts of mercy and grace have been extended so long that now; even those are being trodden under foot of man.  Yet My judgment will fall upon them suddenly and without warning. Multitudes upon multitudes will go into eternity without hope, and many more will seek death and not find it. Among the burning rubble of the land, sheer panic and terror will reign, as mangled bodies scream and cry out for help. You will go where I send you, and follow My detailed instructions, for I alone know whose hearts will turn towards Me.  Not a moment of your time will be wasted, for the harvest is great and the time allotted is short. Everyone whose heart has turned towards Me will be saved, and not one will be left behind. You will see your current evil dictator fall, only to be replaced by the Antichrist himself. There is no safety on earth, but in Me. The unwise virgins secure in their own robes of righteousness will finally awaken, only to discover they have been left behind. Many will be the stunned sinners and whoremongers that will arrive to the courts of heaven in total shock, because in their last repentant breath, they were scooped from the pains of death and carried to the bosom of Abraham. Oh America, America, I have warned and warned, and My voice has fallen on deaf ears. Yet once more and My Mighty Voice will thunder, but many will not be alive to hear.  


Within Me - 06/22/15

Within the center of My heart, there is a hiding place where rest and safety are found. Though a multitude of storms may swirl around you, the eye of peace is only found in Me. Within Me there is direction and light, within Me flows the river of Life, and within Me lies heavenly manna. Complete provision has been made for you to “abide” within Me.

In order to enter this rest, you must lay your cares at My feet and leave the world behind; for neither of those will fit inside the door. You must also leave unforgiveness and aught against anyone outside the door; for neither of those will fit in either. There is only room for “you” to abide within Me, all else must be left behind.

After entering this rest, you will begin to observe and understand much, for you will now have the mind of Christ. You will be moved with compassion for mankind and will walk in understanding and light. You will no longer be seen, for mankind will see “Me” and not you, for your only existence is within Me. The world will cease to have its effect on you; because “within Me”, you are now affecting the world. There is no need to force Me on anyone, for they will be drawn out of the darkness and into My light. My little ones, the world as you know it, is about to drastically change; it is imperative, that you walk and abide within Me. Shalom

Practice My Presence Now - 06/18/15

In the stillness of the night, I come for you. Out of the depth of the ocean, I speak to you. And within the midst of the storm, I bring peace. Still your heart, My little ones, for you are never alone. Though the tempest rage and the mountains fall into the sea, even there, I AM. When I vehemently shake the world, will My hand be shortened that I cannot save? Do you know Me by now? If you are engraved on the palm of My Hand, will I remember you and keep you safe? Much is just before you, yet you will be calm and abide under the shadow of My Wing; practice this now. You have ample opportunity in each moment of your day to practice My Presence. Walk with Me, move with Me, swim the depths freely with Me. You will find your cares dissolving as “awareness of Me” touches every aspect of your world. This is what it means to bring Me to the multitudes. When I embody your earthly vessel, every move you make is Mine. Become One with Me, still your heart, and watch Me work miracles through you. Shalom

(Rush of Fools - Peace Be Still )  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEAYR7ey3qk&list=FLuPuPvsS5nG3FaR4UPqQJuw&index=18

The Opening of My Safe - 06/08/15

My littlest ones, for many years you have been locked away and hidden in My Safe. During this time you have been unseen by the world, and unheard of by mankind. Many of you have even questioned the reasoning of your existence, for nothing you ever did, or said, seemed to make any difference. Many were the prayers you prayed, many were the promises you claimed, and many were the scriptures you stood on. Yet your stay within My Safe continued for years without end, appearing to be uneventful, unfruitful, and of no use.

Yet little did you know that behind the veil, within the confines of My Safe, a great army was being birthed, raised up, and joined together. This army is made up of My “end-time disciples”, and they have been gathered in My Safe, waiting for the promise; just as My first disciples waited as they were gathered in the upper room.

Now My littlest ones, I will come upon you like a mighty rushing wind and you will be empowered from on high. GONE will be the life you now know and understand, for you will be filled with My Wisdom and Knowledge. You will be transformed in My Power and Might, and will operate with My Skill and Assurance. My Words will be in your mouth and My Healing will be in your hands. You will LEAD My people out - for the power of the most High God will be upon you. Come My littlest ones and gather around Me. Do not be ashamed of your short stature and glaring inabilities. Do not be ashamed of your lack of talents or gifts. For I the Lord thy God Am with you, and you will fulfill your life's calling to My utmost perfection; for the power of the Most High God will fall upon you and go with you.

I have unlocked My Safe and opened wide its doors ~ My littlest ones, the transformation is upon you. Shalom

Power of the Holy Spirit - 05/31/15

My little ones focus on Me as never before. Up to this point, you have asked for My Holy Spirit and have been filled in various degrees, some more than others; but My little ones, it is not enough.  What you are about to encounter will require complete Holy Spirit Power. If you do not possess all I have to give you, you will not stand, for you are no match against the evil one.

I arrived on the earth when the Holy Spirit descended upon My mother, Mary. I started My earthly ministry when the Holy Spirit descended upon Me like a dove. My disciples waited in the upper room until the Holy Spirit descended upon them in cloves of fire.  And your earthly ministry begins when the Holy Spirit descends upon you.

Now ask and receive, so your joy may be full. Forsake your earthly gifts to Me, and instead embrace Me and My gifts to you! I came to the earth to give you what I AM. Forsake the earth and all its vanity, for you are nothing without Me! I don’t need your gifts. What I need is your pain, your discouragement, your failures, your sins, and your misunderstanding of loved ones and mankind. For it is only in “giving Me what you truly are”, that I can “transform” you into what I AM!! Ask for My Holy Spirit to descend upon you in Power. Receive My Gift and walk fully under the umbrella of My Covering - for I AM bringing you to a place you have never dreamed possible before. Shalom

Luke 4:18-19 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emvzrQ6Daqw

Abide in Me - 05/25/15

My little ones, let not a moment of your day pass without Me. Rest in Me, sleep in Me, awake in Me, and abide in Me. Relinquish all of your cares and inabilities constantly and continuously into My keeping. When I fill your entire life, and guide your every step; every moment of your being will be one with Me. When every moment of your being is one with Me, you will find everything you do exponentially increases the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. You will watch with Me, as satan returns, with interest, what he has stolen. This is the kind of life that brought into being the Acts of the Apostles. This is the kind of life that heals the sick and makes the cripple whole. This is the kind of life that brings sinners to repentance and fulfills the end time harvest. This is the kind of life I AM bringing you to. Come now My little ones, and follow Me completely with your whole heart; for I AM upon the earth to perform a short and mighty work - within, and through you. Shalom

(Hope note - see link below for free pdf which reads like a "how to" Abide from God)

Martha vs. Mary - 05/18/15

My little ones, there is an incredible story in the Bible about two sisters, Martha and Mary, who both loved Me with all of their heart. Martha chose to express her love, by welcoming Me into her home and serving Me; while Mary loved Me so much, she could not leave My side. Martha soon became exhausted from her much serving- but Mary did not move from her place, as she listened to My every Word. As the story goes, Martha approached Me, requesting that Mary leave Me, to come and assist her. I was grieved and said, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and concerned about many things, but one thing is needful; and Mary has chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”

My little ones, there is a powerful law in the Kingdom of Heaven regarding works. All that is not of Me will be turned into wood, hay, and stubble, to be cast away and burned; while all that is of Me, will last for eternity. Many of My children want to “do” something for Me. Sitting at My feet sounds boring, and no one sees it; so how could it have eternal value? An earthly example of “doing” something for Me is like children playing with construction toys, attempting to build a nuclear plant, to provide electricity for mankind. While the idea sounds noble, the end result will be utter failure, and soon nothing will remain of their efforts. However, the end result is quite different when a child of Mine becomes an empty vessel of “being”-that sits by My side and agrees with My Word. Unknown to the empty vessel and the world, an open conduit for heaven’s resources to reach the earth, has just been built. Now I can work. As My life pours forth through the open conduit, I change the world for the Kingdom of Heaven. Like a nuclear plant, My power then becomes readily available to the multitudes. When you are connected with Me in this manner, I answer prayers before you can speak them, for you are in agreement with My Will…not vice versa. All this is done in secret, and is totally unseen by those seeking man’s approval. My little ones, in the days of My last great harvest - how will you choose to work for Me? Shalom

Be Still and Trust - 05/15/15

Child many are the nights you sleep in your bed and I hold you tightly as I watch you breathe. I wipe the cares off of your brow and I smile as I watch you smile. You seek to please Me with all of your heart and I am pleased that it is so. Yet at the end of the day all I care about is that you loved Me. I don’t need your service or work done in My Name. I only long for you to spend your days with Me in trust, knowing that I AM over all. You look at the world, the evil, and wonder how long it can stand. You look at your friends, your loved ones, and wonder how I will bring them all in. Yet it is through simple faith and trust in Me that I bring My Complete Will to pass in your life. You are not alone. You can’t even make your own heart beat. If I do what is least in your life, will I not always do what is best? Trust Me therefore and lay all of your cares at My feet, for I will bring all to pass as recorded in My Word. When you trust Me to do All that you cannot do, the floodgates of Heaven open in your behalf. Trust flips the switch. In patience possess your souls. “Be still” and know that I AM God. Shalom

Not My Will ~ But Thy Will Be Done - 05/11/15

My little ones to each of you there are given a set of keys and a yoke that binds you to a life of death below or completely unites you with My power from on High. The set of keys are known on earth as “your will” and “My will”, and are freely given to all to be used as each one chooses.  The yoke is created by divine design and is strategically located between the head (Me) and the body (you).  Throughout your entire life many opportunities arise daily to choose your will or My will. Initially the choice of wills appears small and seems not to matter, for the path of your will may even run parallel to My will; therefore you may feel perfectly safe with Me in close proximity. Yet over time the yoke driven by “your will” leads you further and further away from Me until you find yourself totally bound within earth’s valley of death. 

Switching keys at any point requires thought and deliberate action. For laying down your will for Mine guides you through the garden of Gethsemane, walks you down the road to Golgotha and leads you to the cross. It is called dying to self. It is putting others first and yourself last. It is laying down your life willingly, as I did, while still on earth. The yoke at this point unites you directly to Me. What happens next within the heavenly realm is nothing short of an explosion, for I break the yoke. Within this divine yoke lies eternal pollen that then floods the earth in waves. This pollen settles in the hearts of mankind and is totally unseen by earthly eyes as fertilization occurs and seeds form. Gardens of heavenly substance then begins to grow within the lives of your loved ones and among the lives of many you have never known as this unseen process continues and abounds. This is worship in its highest form, for I am lifted up, I am magnified, and I am praised. When I am lifted up I draw all men unto me. This unity brings the last great harvest into fruition, for this is the Unity where My Bride and I become One. Shalom

Key of Forgiveness - 05/04/15

My little ones, there is a “key” in the Kingdom of Heaven that is much more powerful than the law of gravity on earth. It is known as the key of forgiveness and it will either shackle you to the past in a prison or free you to soar over difficulties as an eagle soars over the storm. Throughout the course of time all of My children are given many opportunities to use the key of forgiveness. Many grievances will come against you, some are intentional and some are unintentional, yet within each of these grievances lays the powerful key. If you turn the wrong direction and choose not to forgive the perpetrator, a shackle is formed as the key turns to unforgiveness and you are locked into that space of time. Each time you do not forgive, more shackles are formed and more locks are placed until you are entirely trapped in a prison of your own making.  What makes this choice even worse is the perpetrator usually goes free, while you are completely held captive. However, this same key when turned in the right direction brings incredible freedom. As you turn to follow Me and forgive others, as I forgave you, wings are formed instead of shackles. Each time you forgive others; more and more strength is added to your wing span until you break entirely free of this earthly bondage and rise like an eagle to soar above the storms. This key frees the overcomer in this life; this key raises you to sit in heavenly places with Me, for this is My key to the Kingdom of heaven. Shalom

My Divine Purpose - 05/02/15

Fear not My little one, for I AM with you. Before the foundations of time I created you to be upon the earth at this place, and in this time, for My purpose. My purpose embraces your entire life and all of the plans that have gone awry. Many were the times you ran after your own desires in desperation, hoping against hope that your needs would be fulfilled. Yet at the end of each of these empty desires you found Me waiting with outstretched arms and I held you tightly while your heart cried. Now as you look back at the rocky road you have come from, much may appear to be total loss; yet I have bestowed gifts upon you that could not have been received on any other path. My child, understand within your heart that I treasure you and have blessed you beyond all earthly measure ~ just because I love you. Know that I AM your God and I will NEVER leave you or forsake you. The hope you now have in your heart was placed there by Me, so you could learn to trust Me totally.  Now I ask that you give Me ALL that is within you: the hopes, the dreams, the failures, the pain, and past shame. If you hold on to these, they will cripple you and weigh you down under their heavy load of care. If you release these to Me, you will no longer be shackled and will learn to run freely in My Light and be healed. When given to Me, the very things that used to cripple you will now set you free, for it becomes raw material with which I create a new world for you to live in. The past dust and ashes of your life will reap a bountiful harvest for the Kingdom of God when My River of Life flows through you. Give it to Me, child, give it Me!! Then turn and follow Me, for I need ALL of you to complete My glorious purpose in your life.

Abba Father

(Hope note - please read this as a personal Word for yourself for it applies to many)

Only Me - 04/29/15

My little ones, gather around Me and know with assurance that My coming is nigh, even at the door. As I was with the children of Israel when I led them out of the land of Egypt, even so I AM with you. It is imperative that you keep your eyes on Me and not on others. Your earth is even now collapsing under its heavy weight of sin and soon there will be nothing left but total disaster. Only those whose eyes are fixed solely on Me will assist in My final work of gathering the great harvest from the four corners of the earth. These chosen ones hear and see nothing but Me and My love for mankind. These empty vessels understand they are nothing without Me and have poured out their lives in love and gratitude to only Me. Many of these hidden ones are totally unseen by the “Christian world” for they dwell deep within the recesses of My heart. Remember those who are least in the Kingdom of Heaven are greater than John the Baptist, for the last shall be first and the first last. Humble yourselves therefore under the Mighty Hand of God that you may be counted worthy. I AM your only righteousness. Come to Me in repentance and let go of ALL self righteousness. Be as the publican who smote his breast and said, “God be merciful to me a poor sinner.” Be as the thief who was dying on the cross, and yet looking to Me said, “Lord, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.” I AM all you need. Come to Me naked and empty, for I AM your all in all. Shalom

04/27/15 - Reach for Me

My little ones, rest in Me. The world would swirl around you in a kaleidoscope of seemingly good activity; but that’s all it is My child, useless activity. Many are the organizations that would request your assistance and consume all of your time and energy doing what is called good; but in the end there are no lasting results for all will burn to ashes as wood, hay, and stubble. Choose instead inner solitude in Me. You ask how one can choose this solitude in Me when your life currently feels like a storm of utter chaos; but I say unto you, there is a haven of peace set aside for you in the midst of the storm. Let your inner man listen intently for My voice and surrender to My love. Trust Me to do this for you My little ones. For as the shepherd calms the frantic lamb, even so I provide solace and rest for you in the midst of your storm. Reach for Me, receive My peace, and then reside in it. You will find the stormy waves dissolve into peaceful waters when I am ALL you see. Choose Me above all else, for I will never leave you nor forsake you. 

Abba Father 


NIV Psalms 23: 4-5

Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

04/25/15 - Unity of Peace

My little ones, rest in Me. Let all of your cares go as you place them at My feet. Soon none of these earthly things will matter for they will be dissolved to nothing in the light of My Glory. Grievances, give to Me; sins, give to Me; misunderstandings, give to Me. Allow others the freedom to be right, be it your spouse, your family or even friends. It is very freeing in the Kingdom of God to bow low and appear to be wrong, for I alone hold ultimate wisdom. Do you really believe you have obtained all wisdom at this early stage in your walk with Me? Do you really presume to be right ALL the time? Your childishness is humorously foolish. You fight and complain and hold bitter rivalries in your heart. When you should be eating meat and walking with Me, you are still pointing at others and crying as you drink milk from a bottle. This should not be so My little ones. Bow low and wash the feet of your loved ones. This is done by letting them be right. Apologize in sincere humility. Is it not better to discard your foolish pride and walk in unity than to “be right”? Let the unity of peace and the bonds of holiness guide you into Life Everlasting with Me. 


NIV Ephesians 4:1-6

As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. 2Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. 4There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; 5one Lord, one faith, one baptism; 6one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

04/24/15 - Power in Weakness

My little ones, life is not the way you planned or what you would have desired if given a choice. You were created by divine design with eternal purpose. Your life on earth extends into and impacts eternity much like rich fertilizer beneath the ground affects a garden. The trials which come your way are often extremely unwelcome, for they are too difficult to overcome without assistance. You have been taught to be self sufficient and therefore you believe yourself to be less than adequate and a failure when the direction of your life seems out of control.  But these trials have been given by divine design to teach you to lean on Me. You were never meant to carry them alone. As you release your anxieties and concerns to Me in trust, eternal power is transfused into your life affecting everything and everyone in your path for good. This power only comes when you release all to Me. When you let go of the pain, the fear, the anxiety, and your own inadequacies, then I can move mightily in your behalf.  Until then My hands are tied because I will not violate your free will. I will let you continue to hold all your pain until you freely give it to Me. Poison held close will destroy you, but poison released to Me becomes fertilizer in My hand and you will be bountifully blessed by what originally appeared as destruction.  Fear not My little ones to release all to Me and then rest with calm assurance; for My strength is made perfect in weakness and My power is transfused in trust. 


2 Corinthians 12:9
And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

2 Corinthians 4:7
But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

04/22/15 - Prepare Your Hearts

Come My little ones and gather around Me, sit at My feet, and rest in My presence. The world will swirl around you and confuse even the greatest of My children when their eyes are not focused on Me. Many of My children verbalize their long lists of trials in total anxiety and panic to their friends. Yet it is only in releasing your grasp on those trials and leaving them in My hands that you are set free. More of My children are strapped to the past with endless lists of grievances and wrongs that they have been the unfortunate victims of. Yet it is only in releasing the offence in forgiveness and praying for the offender to be blessed that you are healed of your wounds and set free.  Even more of My children live in total regret of past mistakes and failures to the point they are completely crippled in this current life. Yet those same sins, mistakes, and failures when given completely to Me in thanksgiving, are taken by the Master and created into such a vessel of honor that you will gasp in awe at its beauty. For it is releasing “all that you are” into My keeping; it is trusting Me to actually “Be your friend”; it is “listening to My voice” speak to you with love; and it is “trusting Me” to bring you into Life Everlasting.  

Abba Father

04/21/15 - Ark of Safety

My little ones I am here. You have not heard incorrectly, there is no time left. Be not weary in heart or deed. All is in place. I have hidden you deep in the recesses of My heart where there is peace and safety. It is not necessary to know and understand all that will come to pass or even in what order. You have learned to trust in Me. Do not be as those who incessantly question striving to understand every detail of the future; for to do so is to set one’s self up as God. Wait instead for divine revelation from Me, for with My understanding comes great peace. Remember obedient Noah, his family, and the Ark I designed for mere animals. The winds blew, the storm raged, and everyone who mocked Me died; yet within the safety of the Ark My chosen ones were hidden and unharmed. Trust Me in this last hour, for as in the days of Noah so also shall the coming of the Son of Man be. Shalom

04/18/15 - Keep Your Eyes on Me

My little ones, My heart breaks for what is coming upon your earth. Men will gnash their teeth in pain and yet refuse to call out to My Name for their hearts will be hardened even as Pharaoh’s was. But you, My little ones, will march through the land and assist untold multitudes whose hearts will turn toward Me. The disasters will come from all sides. I am your ONLY hope and abundant supply. Many of my little ones currently fear for they have not the resources stored up for such a time as this. Yet I say unto you, I will multiply what you have. Many doomsday preppers have stored up for this day and yet withhold their heart from Me. I say unto you, what they have stored up will be taken from them and trodden under foot of men; for unless the Lord guards the house, the watchers watch in vain. I am your only hope and My Providence is sure. The disasters will come suddenly and grip the entire world in its trap, but I will give you peace that passes all understanding in the midst of the storm. Keep your eyes and heart focused on Me. Many of your loved ones will precede you into eternity, but let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid, for I will carry them to safety before they are overtaken in death. All is prepared and the time is at hand. Walk with Me, for I will never leave you nor forsake you. 


" But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me."

Micah 7:7