Sharlene's Visions

A friend sent me an email of Sharlene's visions and we've been corresponding ever since.  Sharlene lives in Canada and has been having visions on and off since 2016.  Lately they have seemed very end time prophetic in nature and the Lord has revealed to her that she should post them publicly.  If this is your first time to read these, please start at the bottom with Vision #1.

Please link back to this page if you desire to post Sharlene's visions on your own.  She consistently refers to other visions and you will do your readers a favor by having the other visions available.  

Vision #128 - China on the Move

12/08/18 Sat evg

I was in the Throne Room worshiping and praying as I always do. During my prayer time of Ps 91, I found myself in spirit travel declaring at the top of structures around the world ie: Paris Eiffel tower, New York (not sure which one) and ended up somewhere possibly in China where I saw the continued persecution of the Believers there. I encouraged them and returned to the Throne Room. I visited briefly with Jesus who showed me one of the highlights of His day: I saw a tall field of flowers and  heard children running and giggling in there and Jesus popping His head out with one of them in His arms laughing. I guess the flowers were so tall, I couldn’t see them; just their movements as they ran in the flowers and heard them. I was looking down from the air, just above the field. I understood these are children growing up in heaven. Beautiful.

From there I went to the vision area, greeted my 4 Saint friends and the others that always gather and turned to the screen. It opened up to a barrel from a tank- the cannon end- pointing straight at me! Then it turned to my left and began moving. It had a red star on it.  I noticed other military tanks in the background also moving to my left over land that reminded me of the Middle East. My perspective changed as I saw and recognized the northeast part of Israel; the place where I had been when I was on tour there in Feb 2017- it was the Gate of Abraham. I also saw Mt Hermon in the background. I understood that the military are advancing against Israel. It seems that Jesus continues to show that there is war coming to Israel.  I asked Jesus if the army or armies will be advancing into the northern part of Israel and He replied: “Yes.”  Although Israel will be surrounded by armies, it seems that at some point in the military advancement, they will be entering via the northeast corner. Continue to pray for Israel! Please remember readers: I know in part and prophecy in part.

Vision #127 - I AM

12/05/18 Wed evg

I was in the Throne Room praise and worshiping Jesus and went into my prayer time as I always do. It has been a while since I went to look for a vision. The days are getting very busy and I’m finding myself neglecting this particular time of worship. Although I do have my Jesus time every morning, I’m not going to the vision area. I have some guilt with this and yet, I know that God’s grace is for me. I am practicing the discipline of just sitting with God and being completely silent. It’s not easy! For those who have learned to take the time to do this, how blessed you are!

I went to the vision area as I always do greeted my 4 Saint friends and the group that gather there and turned to look at the screen. It opened up to see a huge Jesus standing in His beautiful and brilliant white robe carrying a little lamb around His neck. It was so encouraging. He said: “I am the Good Shepherd and am always looking for that lost lamb. Don’t hesitate when you hear Me call you! Listen to My voice and come to Me. Don’t harden your hearts. Time is running out.” He went on to give a message to the Believers. “I am the good Shepherd; I know My sheep and My sheep know Me. I take care of all My sheep. Come to Me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” Jesus was quoting from John 10.  

Vision #126 - Become as Little Children

11/29/18 Wed evg

During my prayer time in the Throne room, I was in my spirit travel and went to pray over some family. I will omit that part as it’s personal. From there, I went to the white bench as I always do. I spoke with Jesus briefly. I asked Him if He had a highlight of His day and He spoke of how He has been strengthening the faith of many Believers as they are breaking strongholds of fear and doing so, they are standing up in the midst circumstances of difficulty; persecution or trials and are becoming bold!

I went to the vision area as I always do. Greeted my 4 Saint friends and the group and looked up at the screen. It opened up with a kite filling it. My perspective was in the air looking straight at a simple and plain old-fashioned kite in the air. I looked down and saw that the kite’s string was held by a young girl running around with her family. My perspective changed as I was on the ground watching this little girl squeal with delight over this kite; such joy over something so simple as flying a kite in a park. I couldn’t help but smile. Then a pack of large wolves showed up to my right. (they were bigger than the regular wolves we see in the forests) I’ve seen this pack before in a different vision. The leader was larger than the others, snarling, bearing his fangs and his fur was standing up on end as if in attack position. Suddenly a brilliant and large angel arrived and stood in front of the pack of wolves; standing between them and the girl with her family. The pack scattered instantly but the leader, who did turn to leave in fear; his head and tail were down and was cowering but he did so slowly. His face though remained a look of scheming or I understood as if he would return to try again.

I understood that the little girl represents the Believer. Jesus says that we can find joy in the simple things of life; like the kite- if we look, we will find them. Joy is also a choice. He also reminded me of Matt 18:3 where He teaches us that “…unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Child-like faith is required to have a relationship with Jesus. We need to be completely trusting, humble and dependent on Him in all areas of our lives. This builds our faith and develops a deeper understanding of who we are in Him and He in us. “Remain in Me and I will remain in you.” John 15:4 And when we understand this, it is an incredible weapon that destroys any stronghold and bondage! Satan knows this. The wolves represent satan and his evil army. “So be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy, satan, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” And he doesn’t care how old you are.  The angel represents the help we receive in the spiritual realm. Eph 6:10 “…be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armour of God to that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” And “The Lord will guard you from all evil; He will preserve your soul. The Lord will watch over your coming and your going.” Ps 121:7

Vision #125 - A Storm to Come

11/24/18 Sat evg

In my time of praise and worship and prayer time of Psalm 91, I traveled in spirit with my eagle and found myself ministering to an Asian family seeking shelter from a horrific storm. It was incredibly windy and raining hard. I saw a palm tree with its branches all facing in one direction because of the wind. The family was huddled somewhere in fear but the angels were covering them.  I encouraged them and gave them hope of salvation In Jesus Christ and returned to the Throne Room. I went to see Jesus at the bench. My visit was personal and I will keep it private.

After this time I went to the vision area as I always do, greeted my 4 Saint friends and the group and turned to the screen. It opened up to see the same palm tree bending in the wind that I had just seen in my spirit travel. The wind must have been very powerful to make the branches fly in the wind completely in one direction. My perspective was standing as if on the ground looking at the scene. The ocean, which I knew was on my left but didn’t see, was just beyond the palm trees and shrubbery. The area was void of buildings; I only saw tropical vegetation and that small family but I knew there were small homes in the area even if I didn’t see them. It was difficult to see through the heavy wind and rain; it appeared foggy because of it. There was debris flying and suddenly a large boat came inland from my left with the surge of ocean water. I wondered if it was a large fishing vessel. I knew this was a serious storm that would be incredibly destructive. I understood that there would be roofs gone, homes destroyed, crops ruined and even death. I asked Jesus why so much destruction in this area. He replied: “…it is because of their idolatry.”  I understood that God goes through great lengths to bring back people to Him and sometimes He will send horrific storms and destructive natural events to do that. He wants none to perish but come to repentance.(2 Peter 3:9) I asked when and He said: “It is a storm to come.” 

Vision #124 - The Statue of Liberty

11/22/18 Thurs evg

After my time of praise and worship I went out in spirit travel declaring Ps 91 and I found myself in New York, USA.  I was near the harbor and there was a man sitting by a brick building near a door. I encouraged him and went on to the tops of the buildings to declare more truth of the Word. When I returned to the Throne room, I went to the bench to speak briefly to Jesus.

I went to the vision area as I always do, greeted my 4 Saint friends and the group that is there and turned to the screen. It opened up to see a massive, giant wave that had come from the Atlantic Ocean, go over the Statue of Liberty and crash into the city. My perspective was mid air and looking to the north east. The wave was over 100’ high. It looked like something out of an apocalyptic movie. I saw it crash into buildings which were instantly destroyed and hit taller ones which went down like dominoes. The water went far into the city. I have seen a vision of this same destruction before in vision #26. Jesus said: “I warn and warn the people to repent and return to Me before judgment comes. Just like the Israelites in the OT. Be earnest and repent! Destruction is coming!” So many people will die, I said. And He replied: “Yes, it is the consequence of unrepentance. There will be great sorrow.” Then He went on to say: “I know their deeds- which are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah! Woe to those who will perish without repenting! Hell will be enlarged that day.” I asked when this will happen and He replied: “Very soon.”  I did ask if there was any way to reverse this judgment and He gave me 2 Chron 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Pray for New York!!

Vision #123 - No Straddling the Fence

11/19/18 Mon am

I was spending quiet time with the Lord Jesus (Yahushua :) and He showed me a legion of angels to remind me who is battling with me. I needed to see that as recently I have been battling in the spirit in my community. Thank you, Jesus for that reassurance.

I went to the vision area after that and greeted my 4 Saint friends, the group and looked at the screen. It opened up to a portion of brownish picket fence approx. a meter high or so. (it had maybe 5 vertical boards) Then the perspective changed as the fence changed colour to white and grew in length.  I saw Jesus walking through the gate of this fence and stood by the outside opened gate. As He stood by the opened gate, I saw two family members that I have been praying for their salvation for some time, walk a very short distance with the fence in the background towards Jesus. There was joy on their faces. When they reached the gate, He greeted them warmly and ushered them through! Tears of joy!

Then the perspective changed. This time I saw Trump closely walking along the white fence and he walked along it for a while, looking very concerned and burdened. That’s where it ended.

The first part of the vision is self explanatory.

I understood that the second part of the vision regarding Trump is that he is burdened with decisions and he may not like the ones he will have to make. He is struggling as he is walking so closely to the fence.  I understood that he will undergo pressure from others in the government to make choices that he may not entirely agree with and it will appear that his faith is on the fence.  Jesus said that we need to: “Continue to pray for Trump.”

The fence represents a spiritual boundary or border for a Believer. When a Believer is committed to Christ, by faith, they live out their lives in obedience to God.  When a Believer is uncommitted; living a life of hypocrisy and compromise and refusing to repent, that is lukewarmness. That’s like sitting on or straddling the fence. Jesus gave me Rev 3:15,16&19 as a warning to those who are uncommitted: “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were one or the other! So because you are lukewarm- neither hot nor cold- I am about to spit you out of my mouth!...Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.” A sobering warning!   

Sharlene noteMy family who I've been praying for so some time were not saved very long before they died. They did choose Jesus before they died and were warmly greeted into heaven. It just stands that we must not give up praying for the lost. A decision for Christ can be made right up to a person's death. Every prayer is heard and is important!  

Vision #122 - War is Coming!

11/14/18 Wed evg

Today after my praise and worship time in the Throne Room and before I started the spirit travel, Jesus told me to put on my armour. I prayed the Eph 6 scripture and took off with my eagle. I was fully armed; brandishing my new sword.  I found myself ministering to a woman and her small family who were victims of one of the California fires. I saw a child and a husband but I was ministering to the mother mostly. I found her sitting on a cot in a temporary shelter much like a gym of a school or possibly a church weeping and so discouraged. They had lost everything. I noticed as I was praying and singing over her that there was demonic presence. My gut told me they were there. I began spiritual warfare and I battled the one that was near her but Jesus told me to look up. Oh! Something much bigger was facing me. I found myself battling with the angels- who were wearing golden armour- this large demonic possibly principality entity. It was a great battle and I know I wounded it. Thank you Father for Your help!  Prayer is essential. I left her, praying a blessing over her.

Back at the Throne Room, I sat with Jesus- Yahushua- (Jesus confirmed that His real name; which has been lost in translation, is indeed Yahushua. But I don’t need to fret over that :) I asked Him what the highlight of His day was and He showed me the woman I had battled over and ministered to repented and returned to Him. PTL!! I saw Jesus sitting beside her, comforting her. It was such a beautiful sight.

I went to the vision area as I always do, greeted my 4 Saint friends and the others and looked at the screen.

It opened up to see a fighter jet flying from the farthest distance away coming towards me then swooping down and then up and over my head. It was like a 3D experience. The fighter jet had a red star on it. Then my perspective changed and I saw fire and black smoke in the night in the distance. Something was on fire. My perspective changed again and it was day light and there were buildings on fire. I asked Jesus if this was Jerusalem and He replied: “Yes.” I looked to my right and saw Putin standing like he was over-seeing this. The perspective changes again and I see Ultra Orthodox Jews and Israelis fleeing down streets in chaos.  I have had previous visions about this and one quite recent (#117). Jesus said: “Church, get on your knees and pray for Israel. War is coming!” Jesus warns and warns before judgment comes.  

Vision #121 - Tornado!

11/10/18 Sat evg

In the Throne Room, while I was P&W and during my prayer time with Psalm 91, I was spirit traveling with my eagle and as I was declaring the Psalm I found myself ministering to an Asian woman whom I believe had suffered from that huge cyclone Manghut that hit southern Asia this year. She was in despair, struggling from the destruction. She was crying and upset. I did the best I could encouraging her with hope in Jesus. It was a good reminder for me to always be ready to give the reason for the hope we have. (I believe Peter states that in 1 Peter 3:15)

I was visiting Jesus on the steps of the Throne Room and from there I went to the vision area. I didn’t go to the bench as I normally do as I’ve been talking to Jesus right there for the last few days. He is regular size. This vision is short but hard. It opened up to see a huge dark tornado swirling in the distance. My perspective changed as I was in the air next to the tornado or maybe on the outskirts of the funnel, looking down. I saw homes surrounded by trees and I knew they would be hit. The size of the tornado reminded me of that huge one in that movie Twister. I understood that it would be very destructive; loss of homes and property as well as human life.  I asked Jesus if it was to hit the USA and He replied: “Yes.” And He confirmed that it will happen very soon.  He said again: “It’s not climate change. It’s to bring the people to repentance and to return to Me." I also understood that the church needs to pray and fast for their nation to return to God. 

Vision #120 - Dark Entity

11/06/18 tues evg

In my praise and worship time in the Throne Room, I noticed a choir again. I didn’t see how big it was but when I looked, I always saw my mom singing. It was like I had a of closeup of her. I didn’t get to see who was around her. I believe they were singing whatever songs I was singing- it was like they were singing along. :-) The choir was to the left of Jesus’ Mercy Seat. During my prayer time of Ps 91, I was in spirit travel and found myself declaring over Trump and the government in that Capitol Building in Washington. I understand they need prayer.

I went to the vision area. I was tired so I just went to look at the vision right from the bench. It opened up to see Trump speaking; addressing people from a podium. I saw his dark suit with his trademark red tie. Suddenly a dark entity zoomed by his face causing his body to jerk back and his head to turn as if he had been hit. But there was nothing there. He seemed to have felt it. I saw some people around him that were controlled by other demonic entities. I understood that we need to continue to pray for President Trump. He is under demonic attack. 

Vision #119 - Utter Darkness 2

11/03/18 Sat evg

After my brief time of Praise and Worship in the Throne Room I went to the bench to see Jesus. I’ve been sick so it’s hard to sing or do any worship. I remember Jesus telling me it’s the quality time and not the quantity; He understands my circumstance and sees what motivates my heart. Being at the bench I just wanted to sit with Him. Sometimes I feel like I can’t focus or carry on a conversation. Jesus then just wants me to sit and be.  Interestingly, this time He asked me “Do you want to go to the vision area?” I replied, “Is there something for me to see?” I understood that there was something and He encouraged me to look.  I appreciated His direction.

I went to the vision area as I always do; down the giant staircase to greet my 4 Saint friends and walk over to the area where all the others are gathered to view the vision. The scene opened up to a brilliant light, like light from a huge star. It’s the same light that I saw in the previous vision (118) where the sun became so bright just before it imploded or blew up. I noticed it had a centre where the light was most concentrated and the beams of the light filled the screen. 

Then, to the left of the screen, a large asteroid was slowly spinning towards the star. Then I heard Jesus say to look again. So I looked and beside the asteroid was what appeared to be a part of a planet. I could only see maybe a ½ of it as it actually was quite big from my perspective. The planet was the background to most of the asteroid. I guess I missed it because the light from the star was so bright. They appeared to be heading towards this bright light which in fact Jesus confirmed is our sun.  “Yes, the Milky Way sun. This will be a sign and wonder in the skies.” Then He said: “That’s all you need to know for now.”  (Hope note - see below line for 2 more confirming pieces of info)

Hope Note - I recalled that Lisa had many visions about this they are posted below as confirmation.  A link to her webpage is noted at the bottom of the Sun references. (note that some of it is my writing and some is Lisa's)

08/11/18 - These bombs like I said can take out a small city. RIGHT after these bombs is when I believe peace will be talked again and the peace treaty signed or talked about signing..that is when I see a huge impact in the sky, which I believe is something hitting the sun. There will be a delay of hours but that impact will cause the earth to shake violently

08/20/14 - There is a collision in the sky, I am not sure if something hits the sun but some things collide together which makes the earth start wobbling violently, where people cannot even stand.

09/02/14 - She saw "waves of dark" move over the sun, so not total darkness at first but a darkening sky to be sure.

09/05/14 - at some point during these colorful lights, they will begin to turn gray, smoky, darkish. Lisa sees something HUGE, round, and dark in the center of the sky, between the sun and the earth. She cannot see the sun and feels the object blocks it. It is ominous and foreboding but it is NOT an eclipse. The atmosphere is tangible but hard to explain, like dust or ashes…definitely gray and dark though. Also there was a small light to the right of everything. (note that there are pictures that Lisa sent that are posted under this date on her webpage noted below.

11/15/14 - Lisa believes that soon we will go outside one day and look up and see a very close by planet, bigger than the sun and we will be able to see distinct features on it. She was seeing this in her vision along with a lot of “bright things” so I asked her some questions. I asked if this was daytime or night. She said it seemed like dusk. I asked her if the “bright things” are what we know now as the planets in the night sky, or were they aliens. She said no, these are MUCH closer and bigger than even the sun and moon. What we will see are events that occur before the sky changes color.

11/19/14 - Now, Lisa feels that something, not sure what but something will either hit the planet Nibiru or jar it in some way, and that will in turn pull earth into the “shaking”. I am reminded of a young boy's dream where Jesus showed him that Nibiru would push Mars into the Sun, and then it would push another planet into the Moon.  It would appear there were two suns in the sky,

01/31/15 - I think that dark thing I see at the bottom of the left corner bottom of the sun is black and starting to go over the sun. I think that is going to cause the three days of darkness, I don’t know if it’s an eclipse or…its not smoke but I see some black thing like covering the sun up and that’s going to cause the three Days of Darkness. This is what the dark against the sun looked like..sorta

02/29/16 - I had a vision on Sat…something flying towards earth..I was not sure if it was a bomb or seems to block the sun for a sec as it passed…the earth shook hard when it least where I was seeing…I don’t know where it was…and yes I tried to see and ask… did seem to explode when it hit, but that could have just been the force of the weight bringing it to impact. It looked HUGE whatever it was!!! I was duckin for cover!!!

03/11/17 - She could see this happening around the entire world, both to the east and west of the United States....multiple continents  She thought the bombs started first but she could not be sure.  I asked her if she could see the sky and she said no, it just looks like things are flying everywhere.  She had not been looking up, but things were flying that were blocking the sun....or possibly she was seeing shadows from whatever was blocking the sun.

Hope note - some have asked me why the term "Milky Way sun" was used and I am wondering if it had to do with the fact that more than one sun will be seen at some point.  Besides Lisa's Visions we have this excerpt from 278pikelk:

" Many are talking about worldly calamities. These things that are coming can not be imagined by the human mind. Will the people start to listen when they see two suns, when the sky is darkened for three days, when the rivers dry up and it rains blood red, when the rocks flow with water, when the air is thick with smoke, when the earth shakes underneath them and swallows up their homes? Many will come to Me, but many will be deceived."   Link to her Message called Guidepost

Vision #118 - Utter Darkness

10/29/18 Mon am

I spent time resting in Jesus this morning- probably because I’m sick and can’t do a whole lot of singing. Interestingly, even if I couldn’t sing much but Jesus said it’s the quality time of worship not the quantity of singing I do that matters.  Sometimes I do sing for a while but that’s because I want to, not because I think Jesus will appreciate me more. We can’t earn His love.  I saw my mom today singing in a choir. It was beautiful. They were singing about how worthy Jesus is. I didn’t hear a lot just a few lines of the song. Sigh. Well, you can imagine how that brought me to tears! Thank you Jesus for that gift.

After my time with Jesus, I went to the vision area as I always do, greeted my 4 Saint friends and the group and turned to the screen. It opened up to our sun filling the entire screen. It was a huge ball of fire; a view you would see from NASA. It was different shades of orange and yellow with a few of those solar flares shooting out. It was quite spectacular. Then it suddenly became super bright that I could barely look at it. Then in a few seconds it was like it collapsed into itself, and was gone. The word “implosion” came into my mind. There was utter darkness. Jesus said: “Right before I return this will occur - the earth will be plunged into darkness.” He gave me Joel 2:31:  “The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” 

"That will be quite horrible!" I said to Him and He replied: “Yes.” I understood to keep reading to the next verse which says “And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved; for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be deliverance, as the Lord has said, even among the survivors who the Lord calls.” I felt that was very encouraging considering how horrific it will get.  

Vision #117 - Ushering in the AC

10/25/Thur am

I had an interesting vision this am after my time of P&W. I saw Jesus very tall standing in the Temple. My perspective was I was seeing me in front of Him very small, standing to His right and someone was speaking to me. I saw the same thing yesterday but didn’t look into it. This time, I looked closer and saw that it was prophet Jeremiah. 

I believe he was encouraging me to continue to pray for Israel. I also heard a shofar sounding from somewhere in the Temple. I went to talk to Jesus at the bench as I always do talk to Him briefly and then on to the vision area. I greeted my 4 Saint friends and the others in the vision area and turned to the screen. It opened up to approx 3 or so jets flying over land, firing missiles. I understood the land below was Israel! The jet fired something and as it banked to its right, I saw a red star on it. The scene changed and I saw a rocket or missile hit Jerusalem. Sirens were going off. There were some explosions, some destruction and death as I understood it won’t be completely destroyed just more like maimed or wounded and it would be a short war.  Jesus said: “War is coming to Israel and will come under attack very soon. This war will usher in the antichrist.”  I understood that the red star represents Russia and is the “big kahuna” heading the attack but there will be other nations supporting them as well. The most important action we are called to do is to continue to pray for Israel.  Pray that they would repent, return to God and be restored to Him as it says it the Word regarding Israel’s prophetic destiny.  Pray their hearts would be softened; that their spiritual eyes would be opened to receive and know the true meaning of shalom – peace- which can only come from knowing the Prince of Peace- Yeshua- their true Messiah. Also pray against deception.

I have had 4 other visions regarding Israel coming under attack. I had to look back and found them as #10, part of #37 and #55&56 which go together. There is a 5th one #39 but it has to do with the trouble that is coming after the antichrist has been in place for a time. Please 
understand that when Jesus says “very soon” that it doesn’t mean tomorrow or it’s imminent. He always warns and warns before He brings judgement. If you care what is close to God’s heart, you will pray for Israel. (Zach 2:8)

UPDATE:  (partial emails from Sharlene:  " I went back to read some of my visions of the past  a little more and discovered a few more that were about attacks of Israel. #94, #54 #78 are also about Russia/iran and Israel....(Jesus)  said that "The first war is a strong warning. I always warn first. Jacob's trouble is a specific time." He went on to say "There will never be a time like again. It will be horrible. Pray for Israel. Nations will rise against her like never before and persecution will be acute." He gave me Matt 24:21.

Hope note - this was my response to Sharlene as we were discussing the timing of the AC reveal, " Yes I’ve heard through the prophets that I trust, that this will be a quick WWIII for Israel.  I also feel it is Psalm 83 and Israel will come out the winner thanks to God fighting for her.  She will sign the treaty and even take down the Iron Dome because she feels very strong.  However her enemies will and already are plotting behind her back.  I can see perfectly how this first war brings in the AC because it is not yet time for Armageddon.  Also I believe Ezekiel 38 war comes after this brief war because the Bible says they will be living in UNWALLED villages.  That cannot happen yet but once they feel secure, it will happen. 

Vision #116 - Asia Bibi (Christian mother in Pakistani prison)    News story here

10/21/18 Sun evg

This was a difficult vision to see but one that all Believers need to understand. 

In my time of P&W and prayer time, and during my spirit travel as I was praying Ps 91, I came to a prison cell room with that woman who has been sentenced to death for her Christian faith. I prayed over her and sang songs to encourage her. Jesus came to minister to her as well. I saw Him sitting beside her and holding her hand and speaking to her but I didn’t hear what was said. There were angels around them as well. After this I returned to the Throne Room and went to visit Jesus at the bench but I will keep that private.

 I went to the vision area as I always do, greeted my 4 Saint friends and the group there and turned to look at the screen. The vision opened up to see that same woman that I had just seen in the prison cell with Jesus, standing on a platform being blind folded. She was incredibly calm; at peace. I knew this was her execution. I knew she was going to be beheaded. Suddenly I saw the clouds parting and the glory of the Lord brightly shining down on her with the angels surrounding the area. I heard a voice say “Come up here!” I saw her beheaded with a sword.  And angels surrounding her and one took her hand and I saw her go up in the air with them. She was wearing a white shimmery robe and beaming a beautiful smile!  I understood that this is that Believer from Pakistan who has been in custody for a long time for her faith. She has been condemned for blasphemy. I understood that some of the people witnessing her death will see the glory light and hear the voice of Jesus. They will be confused and fearful.  We are to pray for them. I asked Jesus what is the purpose of me witnessing her death. He replied that: “Believers do not need to fear death. Your rewards for standing firm in your faith far out-weigh the death itself. Your strength will be in Me and I will give you the peace you need to face it. I will never leave you.”  He gave me Ps 116:15 “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful servants.” And 1 Cor 15:55 “Where O death is your victory? Where O death where is your sting?” I also understood that it takes just one drop of blood and the soul is gone. Her death will be a testimony to many; Believers and non-Believers. Continue to pray for the persecuted church that they would stand firm in their faith.   

UPDATE 10/31/18 - Asia has been released!  Praise God!  A reader sent me this link and I was glad to have it.  So what do we do now?  What happened?  I am not one to shy away when a prophecy does not come to pass.  Was this a false prophecy?  Let's look into this.

I knew that once Sharlene found out about this news story...that she would go to Jesus with questions.  If we are all being shown one thing but another comes to pass, we trust that our Lord will show us what we need to know.  Jesus said that like others, Sharlene only sees in part but that what she saw was real.  The more I thought about it the more I likened it to the story of Jonah.  Asia is not guilty of anything we would understand as we are Christians too.  Yet she has been let go.  Like Ninevah, there is still time for the prophecy to come true (sadly).  It is my personal opinion that the vision above will still take place in the future.  If you read the description under the picture in the link, you will see that violence occurred because of this whole situation.  I do not feel that Asia is safe at ALL.  The other thing is what Sharlene saw here:

"I understood that some of the people witnessing her death will see the glory light and hear the voice of Jesus. They will be confused and fearful. "

Sharlene did not see guards or soldiers, just the platform. It is possible that if Asia would have been executed by the government, that there would be no onlookers at all.  Now that she is "free" and in the open...who knows?  This vision is different than Pastor Brunson's in that we were told to pray for him.  He had a different outcome as well even though he was found guilty.  

One last thing...Jesus told Sharlene something that I feel we all need to hear.

Jesus said that "All true prophets are persecuted because of Me", and that I'm (Sharlene) to trust Him and not worry about what man will think. 

So there you have it.  We are to be Bereans...we are to search the Scriptures and we did.  We are to go to the Lord with all questions and we did.  There have been other "prophecies" this year that such and such would take place but they did not...even as recent as September.  I've even asked those involved about them but got no response. Did these people ask the Lord?  I don't know.  I only know that it makes me confused when they do not respond.  So I no longer follow them.  

Vision 115 - Storming Japan

10/17/18 Wed evg

I was praise and worshiping in the Throne Room and once again I found myself going through the old hymns. Its kind’a funny because as a teenager, I had complained to my mom that they were so slow and boring. Now here I am singing them in the Throne Room (but at a faster pace lol!). Never underestimate the teaching of your mother in song or word. :-)

Today I did something new in my spirit travel. I found myself at an area of destruction from Hurricane Michael. It may have been Mexico beach I’m not sure. After praying Ps 91 I was standing on the beach with my eagle in my full armour. There were angels around and I heard Jesus say: “Pray healing over the land.” So I prayed a prayer of restoration and healing; claiming that the land belongs to the Lord God. I gave scripture and then found myself planting a flag with the Lion Head on it into the beach sand. I did the best I could. I saw the strongman of the area or principality but understood I was not to engage it. It’s not my battle.

I went to the vision area after my time with Jesus at the bench. I will keep that visit private. After greeting my 4 Saint friends I greeted the group of Saints as I always do and turned to the screen. It opened up to see the side profile of a giant face in the shape of a cloud blowing a mighty wind over an ocean.  The wind formed clouds that turned into huge storm clouds and were blown over land. I saw dark; almost black clouds with a lot of powerful lightening flashing straight down. Then it was over a city  with tall buildings and it began to hail. The hail was huge- as I saw car windows smashed from one hail stone and as well as roofs of other vehicles greatly indented and smashed in. People were running for cover in shock.  One man dressed in a suit tried to protect his head with his business case. The hail stones looked like the size of giant grapefruit or melons (cantaloupe) and possibly softballs as the smallest size.  It would be a very destructive storm. Jesus said there would be deaths of people and animals.  It looked like something out of apocalyptic movie. I asked Jesus if this will occur in China as the people were all dark haired and Asian in appearance and He replied: “No.” I asked if it occurred in Japan and He replied: “Yes.” Going back to the vision and looking closer, the business man looked Japanese.  I asked Jesus why the incredible destruction and He replied: “They need to repent of all their idolatry! I am the only God; the only One that can save them.” Also the Japanese as a nation have an issue with a curse of suicide. It began around 1100’s AD as a suicide ritual by the samurai to restore honour by committing seppuki or hari-kari or jigai (Samurai wives). Today, suicide is still considered an honourable action to atone for failures even if judicial seppuki was abolished in the mid 1870’s. And the curse is also covering the nations’ children as their suicide rates is one of the highest in the world.  It makes Jesus very sad as He is the only One who can atone for sin which he died for once and for all for the entire world. He is THE only hope.  Pray for Japan.

Hope note - on Sunday Oct 14 at 4:27 EST, I sent the following link to Sharlene.  Several hours later...she had the following vision:


Vision #114 - Kavanaugh and the Witches

10/14/18 Sun evg

I had a beautiful time in P&W this evg, singing oldies from a hymn book I grew up with. It sure brought back memories of my old church and my mom. She loved her hymns. She’s in heaven now. JAfter some prayer time, I went to see Jesus on the white bench as I always do. I’ll keep that visit private.

I went to the vision area as I always do, greeted each Saint and joined the others in the vision area. It opened up to see the face of that American politician that’s been in the news so much of late; Mr. Kavanaugh. Then the picture changed and a white sign with his name written on it filled the screen. A red substance started running down it covering his entire name. I immediately knew it was blood. I looked to my left, which was a new scene and saw a man wearing a black hood and robe. It was dark as the room was lit only with candle light. And while he was chanting, he was cutting the neck of some kind of animal and sprinkled it over an altar in front of him. There was something of Kavanaugh's on the altar.  I was aware there were others there but I didn’t see them. I only heard them chanting. Very creepy. I understood that these are sorcerers, witches and others who are attacking Mr. Kavanaugh using demonic forces. Jesus said “Pray for Mr. Kavanaugh and his family.” I understood that we are to pray in our borders for those who will do spiritual warfare but we are to nullify the verbal and written curses on this man in Jesus’ name!  Jesus was saying that there has never been a time such as this where there is so much demonic push against a government. It’s a spiritual war! Pray for Trump and VP Pence as well.  

Believers, put your armour of God on and remember who you are in Christ!  Remember Luke 10:19 and Col. 2:10 Jesus is the head over every power and authority! I remember that John Ramirez has great teachings on spiritual warfare and gives good tips on wording of prayers. He reminded us in a testimony I watched recently that October is the most evil month of the year. As well as Derek Prince has very good teaching as well. Let’s pray! 

Vision#113 - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

10/13/18 Sat evg

During my time in P&W and prayer time in the Throne Room, I experienced something new in the spiritual realm. Someone I know of but not personally, was needing prayer and encouragement. He was beside me and was grieved. So I prayed over him- feeling rather awkward and inadequate because of who he is. But he said that “We are the same before God. My gifts don’t make me higher than you.” Jesus reminded me that he is a human and all humans need prayer and encouragement. (which I know but I guess I needed to be reminded) So, I laid hands on him and prayed Ps 91 over him and tried to encourage him the best I could. I leave his identity anonymous.

I went to the bench to visit with Jesus. He spoke a bit about what I experienced. Then I understood why the man was grieved. Jesus was grieved with him. Jesus knows and cares for the condition of everyone’s hearts. He cares deeply.

From there I went to the vision area. I greeted my 4 Saint friends as I always do turned to greet some others and turned to look at the screen. It opened up to see a marching army in green with an interesting way to march. My perspective changed as I then saw the President of North Korea standing in black watching the military march by from a balcony. It was like some kind of show of military strength or like a type of military inspection. The picture changed and I saw Trump and Kim Jong Un shaking hands at some kind of meeting. There was media present as cameras flashed and discussions were going on. Then I saw the face of Kim Jung Un turn into a wolf while sitting in the same room as Trump. I understood that President Un is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He says one thing but means another.  Jesus mentioned that if Kim Jung Un doesn’t repent he will be removed as leader. The thought of King Nebuchadnezzar came to mind. He was warned by Daniel to repent and change his ways but King Nebuchadnezzar refused. (Dan 4:25). “Then 12 months later as the king was walking on his roof of his palace he proclaimed: “Is not this the great Babylon I have built as the royal residence by my mighty power and for the glory of my majesty? Even as the words were on his lips, a voice came from heaven “This is what is decreed for you, King Nebuchadnezzar: Your royal authority has been taken from you…”Dan 4:28-31  “God changes times and seasons; He deposes kings and raises others up…” Daniel 2:21

Vision #112 -  Antarctica and the "Aliens" part 2

10/11/18 evg

After my time in the Throne Room  and sitting with Jesus at the bench, I went to the vision area. I greeted my group of four and turned to look at the screen. 

It opened up to my perspective standing on a bow of a type ice-breaker ship in the ocean.  It didn’t take long and I started noticing icebergs to my left and as I traveled I saw them on both sides. Then in the distance, I saw a wall of ice breaking away and falling into the ocean.  I have seen this wall of ice before in a previous vision. I believe it is in the Antarctic somewhere. The ship kept moving past icebergs but the space between them was narrowing and the sunlight was becoming less and soon the ship was surrounded by ice all around, as if in a tunnel but the bottom was still ocean. I could still see.

I looked to my left and saw a demonic entity appear from somewhere behind part of an ice wall. He was large. Then I looked just beyond the entity on the left and saw a metallic object which I understood was behind the wall of ice and was deeper than where I was. It was as if I was allowed to see through the ice. The metallic pewter color object was something I’ve seen before in previous visions. (#32 and 17) It was a round shaped spaceship with a slight bubble on top. The bubble top was of solid metallic material. There were markings on it but I didn’t see them close enough to be able to identify them.  I saw about ½ of it and there was movement around it but I didn’t see what or who was there. It was a good size but difficult to tell how large.  The shape reminded me a little of what I saw in that movie Independence Day. 

I asked Jesus why I was viewing another vision that I had seen previously and Jesus replied: “People need to understand that this is a reality and not conspiracy theory.” I replied that it is difficult to believe because it’s so sci-fi and something only Hollywood would come up with.  I understood that Hollywood presents actual possibilities and desensitizes the world with their movies so when this actually occurs, people won’t be so afraid of it and will accept it. But they will be accepting what is demonic and not of God. That’s the reality. 

Vision #111 - The Asian Attempt

10/09/18 Tues. evg

During my P&W and prayer time in the Throne Room and as I was praying Ps 91, I was travelling with my eagle and we came to a scene with someone abandoning a baby. The child was wrapped up and placed on a doorstep of a home on a tiny street cramped with homes tight next to each other. I thought it might be in Asia somewhere, possibly China. I picked up and prayed over the baby. The angels where there too and kept the child safe. It reminded me of the scene from that documentary of a Chinese orphanage that takes in abandoned babies; I think it’s called the Drop Box.  

Coming back from that, I went to see Jesus at the white bench. He told me to follow Him. So He took me to a place somewhere just beyond where we were sitting. We went up some steps and came to a simple square looking chair or seat. It had a back, sides and legs which were thick in appearance. It was gold and was empty. Jesus said that the seat is the Father’s reward and is waiting for those who remain faithful and obedient and have kept the faith even under persecution. I understood that there are more of these seats waiting for the Saints.

From there I went to the vision area, greeted my four Saint friends and turned to the screen. It opened up to see Trump standing at that podium I have seen before in a previous vision. He was speaking, giving some kind of an address. There were people sitting behind him. This time I had a close up of his face and upper body while he was speaking. I heard a shot sound and immediately knew it was a gun shot. Trump was hit in his right lung/shoulder area. The scene moved in slow motion now where I saw his eyes widen and his head snap back like in whiplash and he fell behind the podium. It was chaos after that; people were screaming, moving off the platform as Trump was immediately surrounded by help- agents, body guards etc. I asked Jesus if he dies and He replied: “No.” I understood that he is wearing a bullet proof vest or something to do with that. There is still a planned attempt on his life.  Jesus said that “My mercy for the USA will remain as long as Trump is in office.” Then I understood that there have been foiled attempts on his life that we are not aware of because of the prayers of the people. We need to keep praying for the safety of your president.  (see visions 29 and 74)

Vision #110 - Waking up the Nations

10/07/18 evg

After my time in the Throne Room, I went to the white bench where Jesus was waiting for me. I asked Him about His day. He said He was saddened to see so many of His followers trapped in their fears. He went on to say that “…if only they believed in the power that is in them to overcome. They don’t trust Me enough to help them let go.  These have believed lies from the evil one for a long time and are in bondage.”  Jesus encouraged me to continue to pray for my family and friends that need to be set free. Then He spoke about the ministry of healing, which is part of the supernatural ministry of Him. “When the church believes that same power that raised Me from the dead is in all Believers, and they use it as I’ve called them to do, it will be a powerful weapon to destroy strongholds and bring Me glory.” I understood that this supernatural work was not just for the disciples. He called all Believers to do this. I understood He was referring to John 14:12, Matt 17:20 and Matt 10:8. 

I went from there to the vision area. Greeted my four Saint friends and turned to the screen. It opened up to see giant head of a lion, His eyes on me. Then the face changed and revealed a huge lion- which I’ve seen before- which is God to me. He stood in His Temple, not the Throne Room, slightly turned to His left (which was my right) walked a little and began roaring very loudly towards the earth which was the small planet in the distance to my right. He roared for a while. He said: “I am waking up the nations that you pray for.” A huge motivator for us to keep praying for the lost! The power of prayer is incredible. I’ve seen a similar vision of God roaring over the nations. It reveals to me that God does indeed hear our prayers, desires us to keep praying and that He is steadily working on the world. This is very encouraging to me and hopefully it encourages and motivates you too. 

Vision #109 - Intimidation

10/03/18 evg

I was in the Throne Room P&W and praying as I always do. During my time praying Ps 91- where I am usually travelling on my eagle and declaring Ps 91- I came to that disaster I saw in vision #108. But my perspective was facing the land so on the other side of the ships. It was a close up as both ships had not sunk yet but people were in the water, some alive some dead. So I continued to declare Ps 91 over them. Then I saw a giant wave come and push everything towards land. I understood that it was a tsunami wave. Oh my. I do not know where or when this will occur. I pray that there were people saved that day. Sigh.

Meeting with Jesus at the white bench, I asked what His highlight of His day was and He said that seeing me serving with joy today was pleasing to Him and gave Him glory. ( I had been weary and there was little joy in my serving) I understood that it’s important to serve with joy and it’s a choice. But taking the time to rest in Him is very important too- as well as spreading the kingdom work out. A lesson for us all.

I went to the vision area as I always do, met my 4 Saint friends and turned to the screen. It opened up with a red flag with a black dragon on it waving in the wind. I understood it represented China. Then I saw a larger map of Asia and an arrow pointing from China to Israel.


Netanyahu’s picture flashed. I have seen a similar vision where China and Russia join forces and come against Israel. I asked Jesus why another? I understood it was to remind us that Russia and China come together to intimidate as a super power. China’s army is growing and they come as wolves in sheeps clothing. China’s support of Russia is a foreshadow of what is to come. I recalled my earliest visions of the attack on USA.  I don’t know which attack comes first; USA or Israel. But one thing is for sure, there is a war coming to Israel and there is an attack coming to the USA. Continue to pray for wisdom and protection for Trump and Netanyahu.  

Vision #108 - Impact!

10/01/18 am

From the Throne Room, I went to the other part of the Temple where I pray for Israel. From there I went to the white bench. Jesus was encouraging me to rest in Him more. I have been very weary have been experiencing demonic attack in different ways and one was in the form of a weird and nasty dream last night. Since I’m not a dreamer, or don’t really remember my dreams, I’d have to say, this one was very vivid. To sum it up, I understood that we need to be on the alert regarding deception. There will be presentation that will seem to to be correct and good but understanding there is a better way with Christ.  Also in signs, wonder, amazement and beauty that are not from God. Be mindful of the angel of light who can deceive even the elect. Be very discerning. I believe it was a warning to us all. 

From my time from the white bench with Jesus, I went to the vision area as always, greeted my 4 Saint friends and turned to look at the screen. It opened to a dark scene and I heard a loud long horn blast of warning that came from a ship. Then through some fog, I saw a ship that was sitting further off in a harbor but my perspective was close up to the end of it so it probably was the stern. I only saw the last ¼ of it and was aware of people standing by rails. It wasn’t a cruise ship and I couldn’t see their faces. 

Then suddenly I saw another ship come in hard from my right and it collided with the first ship. It was an incredible impact that caused people to fly in the air and land in the water. I heard a huge crash and crunch of metal. It was horrific. I understood that there would be deaths. I asked Jesus where this is to occur and He didn’t reply. I then asked why it happened and I understood that the captain who collided with the other ship was in a panic with fear. Some kind of major natural disaster will occur causing much panic on the water.

Vision #107 - The Third Temple

09/27/18 evg.

This vision began in a different area in the Temple. I was praying in a different place with other Believers who are also praying for Israel. I was wearing a prayer shawl as were all the others. The area is veiled as I can only see the floor and some parts to my right which is an expanse area with tall pillars to the far right.  I’ve been here often when I pray for Israel. This is also where I’ve seen God as a huge lion. It is not the Throne Room. After my prayer time, I went to the white bench as I always do but I don’t know how I got there. I was just there. Jesus shared that a highlight of His day was seeing the persecuted church stay strong in their faith despite their persecution. (He showed me people of China and Middle East)  He said that they are very weary and that we need to continue to pray for the persecuted church/Believers in Asia and around the world.

I went to the vision area, greeted my 4 Saint/Believer friends and group and turned to the screen. It opened up to see the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount, Jerusalem. The scene changed as I saw a white building under construction. I saw a large crane working at a building site. The building was a good size. I asked Jesus if this is the 3rd Temple and He replied “Yes.” I asked where and He replied: “It is being built in Jerusalem.” He didn’t say where specifically. I asked when and He replied: “Very soon.” Then I saw pictures of Trump, the Pope and Obama and the evil one but only as his evil form as I am not to know his human form identity yet.  I understood that Trump will be involved by assisting a deal to establish what must take place to fulfill prophecy. He has a desire to be the one to get a deal done. (personal and political gain at this point and not necessarily because of misdirection) Obama and the pope, who is the false prophet, are all under the influence of the antichrist.  Jesus did say that the ac will erect an image of himself and proclaim that he is God in the temple, opening the eyes of Israel of his deception. (we read of this in Rev 13:15 and 2 Thes 2:4) This is all must happen to fulfill prophecy before He returns. 

Vision #106 - Men of Renown (Gen 6:4)

09/23/18 Sun evg

After my Praise and Worship and prayer time in the Throne Room, I went to speak to Jesus at the bench. We spoke briefly as I was tired and it was late.

I went to the vision area as I always do, greeted my 4 Saint friends, greeted the group that was there and turned to look at the screen. It opened up to a tall pine or spruce tree standing tall and beautiful in a forest. Then a giant’s face came suddenly beside the top of the tree as my perspective was on the ground looking up. The tree must have been around 50’ or so. What?? Another giant vision? I stopped, closed my eyes and then looked again. Nothing changed. The giant remained. The giant had reddish hair on his head and beard, was thick in body structure. His teeth were crooked and large. His head shape was not normal proportions. I’ve seen this same giant before in another vision.(#44) The scene changed as I saw around 3 or 4 people running along a forest edge beside a stream or small river moving to the right of the screen. My perspective was standing on the ground on the opposite side of the river. The people were fleeing from something. Then I saw the giant show up on the left side of the screen that I saw in the first scene, chasing them. He wasn’t fast but rather cumbersome and his steps were heavy and shook the ground as he moved. I noticed ahead of the people that were fleeing were a couple of men with guns running towards them coming from the right of the screen along the river. They stopped to aim at the giant, fired and shot him in the head. He went down with a huge boom. I asked Jesus why He was showing me another giant vision. He said that “People need to wake up and understand that we are entering the times “as in the days of Noah.” This is coming, it will be a reality and people will faint in fear.” I understood that the stories of fairy tales in books of old will be actual. But I was also reminded that God gives us the strength to defeat them. 

Remember David and Goliath, (1 Sam 17:4) Joshua and the Israelites defeating the Anakites (Joshua 11:21 &15:14) 

Some references to giants/Nephalim/Raphaites/Anunnaki can be found in Gen 6:4, Numb 13:33 Deut 2:20, Deut 3:11, Josh 12:4, Josh 13:12, 2 Sam 21:16.

Vision #105 - The Persecuted Church in China

09/19/18 Wed evg

Today, my spirit travel took me to a place in China. As I was praying Ps 91, my eagle took me to a woman weeping in a little room. I prayed over her, sang to her, read Ps 23 to her and I found myself hugging her, wiping her tears from her face and sitting with her trying to comfort and encourage her. I’ve never done that before. I heard her speak Chinese or Mandarin. Slowly she stopped crying. Some angels were ministering to her. I understood that she and her friends were being persecuted for their faith.  As I was leaving, I saw people rush into the little room. They hugged her and I knew they were fellow Believers in the same circumstance. Upon returning to the Throne Room, I spoke with Jesus for a short time at our spot on the white bench. He did share with me a highlight of His day – a man from either Pakistan or Iraq was holding up a Bible he had received and was shouting and leaping for joy. A precious sight! How we take our Bibles for granted and many of us have several sitting on our shelves not even being used. Sigh.

I went to the vision area, greeted my 4 Saint friends and turned to the screen. It opened up to see that same Chinese woman who I had just visited in spirit, leaving her home with her friends. They are fearful, crying and beginning to scatter. I saw soldiers break in to homes to break up small churches and burn all the Bibles and Christian paraphernalia. It was so sad. One scene showed a soldier beating a Believer. I don’t think the media has picked up on that! (I’ve read lately about the soldiers burning Bibles on a pile and destroying the churches on some news sources.) Then the scene changed and I saw the President of China sitting at a large table surrounded by other Chinese government dignitaries. But hovering behind him was a huge evil spirit- probably a principality, who was whispering in his right ear.  Then I saw a map of China fill the screen and it started to shake and crumble. I heard Jesus say that we are to pray for the persecuted church in China and the deliverance of the government. "I am going to shake the nation of China so they will know that I am the Lord God Almighty.” I understood there is destruction coming in the form of earthquakes and the consequences of earthquakes.  

China shutters churches, demands recant of faith   (Hope note - this is just one of many stories)

Vision #104 - The VP has Fallen

09/17/18 Mon evg

After my time of P&W in the Throne Room, I went to the bench where Jesus was always waiting for me. It was a brief visit as I sensed since yesterday that I need to go and look at a vision-that it was urgent.

I went to the vision area as always and greeted by my now 4 Saint friends. I know they were there yest but I was not in a good place. I believe I was under attack and was seriously distracted from going to see it. Now I understand why the vision is urgent. It opened up to seeing someone on a stretcher or gurney being rushed into a hospital, surrounded by medical staff, paramedics, government personal etc. It was a crazy scene. The person looked like VP Mike Pence. He had a 02 mask on him, someone held an IV bag in their hand as they were pushing the man through the hospital doors. I knew it was VP Mike Pence but I asked for confirmation and Jesus said “Yes.” Then the scene changed and I saw a news person on TV announcing as breaking news that VP Mike Pence has been in a horrendous accident and has been sent to hospital in critical condition. I heard Jesus say very seriously “Church, get on your knees and pray for VP Mike Pence!” I understood that prayer is powerful and effective and can change outcomes. Let’s pray!!

I asked Jesus why I first saw the vision of  VP Pence's funeral (vision #83), then his death(#103) and how he's alive and in critical condition. It's a bit puzzling. I understood that prayer changes outcomes. People have been praying but this is a call for corporate praying and fasting. It's a call for the churches to get on their knees, repent and come humbly before the Lord and intercede on behalf of VP Pence's life! USA needs this man's counsel. Trump needs him!  The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. James 5:16

Vision #103 - The VP takes a Hit

09/11/18 Tues late afternoon

After my time in P & W in the Throne Room, I went to the white bench where Jesus was waiting for me. We had a short visit. He encouraged me with the reminder that the power that raised Him back to life is in me- in all Believers. Just as the disciples were anointed with Holy Spirit, and used this power to be bold in speech, healed people and performed signs and wonders, we too are to use this power for the kingdom. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Believe and don’t doubt. “…trusting in the power that’s in you is of Me and yes, Sharlene, you can even walk on water.”  I also want to share that Jesus said to “Continue to pray for the people of the USA who will be affected by Florence. Pray that the storm will bring them to repentance and that it would motivate the church to pray.” I understood that Jesus is shaking 


I went to the vision area and greeted my 4 Saint friends. The screen opened up to see a helicopter spinning in the air like it was out of control just a little ways from the ground. It could have been red but I’m not sure of the colour. It had smoke coming out of it and it crashed! Then it exploded! I understood that the machine was sabotaged. I asked if the President of the USA was in there and Jesus replied No.” Who is in the helicopter? “Mike Pence.” What?? Did I hear You correctly? “Yes.” Oh my word. Father, I can’t post this. It’s too much. Then He said:  “Pray for his protection.” I understood that it’s imperative that we pray for Vice Pres. Mike Pence. His life is in danger. 


(see vision 83 for possible more info)

Vision #102 - The Deal Part 2

09/07/18 Fri evg

After my time of P &W in the Throne Room, I met Jesus at the bench as I have been doing but I found myself walking around and talking with Him. We didn’t walk far. I just remember walking slowly in that corridor with some pillars in the background- nothing new. One thing I will share is that I asked what one of His highlights of the day was and He showed me a picture of a new born baby. I understood it was a miracle baby born to a couple who chose not to abort their child after Dr.’s told them it would be born with defects and would be sickly and never be a  normal child. So, God manifested His glory and that baby was born in perfect health! I’m sure the medical staff were in shock! God is still in the business of miracles! PTL! Thanks for sharing that Jesus! 

I went to greet my Saint friends and a fourth Saint friend joined the greeter group! I guess the more the merrier! We turned to view the screen.  It opened to see PM Netanyahu standing on the right hand side of the screen facing right, discussing something with a couple of other leaders with him. One looked like an Arab. (He wore a white robe with a head piece which I’ve seen before.) The other dignitary I wasn’t sure of.  On the left side of the screen, stood Trump with his back facing Netanyahu having discussions with another group whom I couldn’t identify. They were not aware of each other (not in the same room) yet I understood it was part of the same thing. I asked Jesus if it was related to the previous vision #100 I had about discussions at a table. He said “Yes.” “Discussions will always be on going. The Palestinians will never agree to anything until the man of lawlessness comes in and perfects the facilitated discussions to a deal.” I understood we need to continue to pray for Trump and PM Netanyahu for wisdom and discernment.  

Vision #101 - Everlasting to Everlasting

09/03/18 Mon evg

After my P &W and prayer time in the Throne Room, I went to sit with Jesus on the bench as I always have been. After a brief time of sharing and encouragement (I needed some affirmation on something) I went to the vision area as always, greeting my Saint friends.

This time it was a bit different. Everyone that had gathered to the vision area were praising the Lord Jesus, declaring His His Praises so I looked to the screen to see what was going on. Well, there walked Jesus onto the large screen! He was huge as He filled it completely! Wearing His brilliant white robe, His glory just shone from Him (but to me I understood it was somewhat veiled or not as bright.) But it was a beautiful sight to behold! He was the same Jesus in appearance that meets me at the white bench somewhere beyond the Throne Room.  

Immediately He spoke: “I am the Everlasting to Everlasting. Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened with all sorts of sorrow; from health, a death and more and I will lift you up. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me for I am gentle and humble of heart and you will find rest for your weary souls. Don’t do anything on your own power, for I am the only One that heals. Give it all to Me and I will give you peace and rest.” I understood this was from Matt 11:28 and Jesus was encouraging and reminding us that He is the only One that can heal broken and wounded hearts and restore them. He may use people to help like therapists etc.. (but for those who help need to direct the wounded to Jesus).  

A very encouraging vision!  Hallelujah!! 

Vision #100 - The Deal part 1

08/29/18 Wed

I went to the bench as I always have been doing after my time in the Throne Room. I spoke to Jesus about some personal matters then proceeded to the vision area.  One thing I will pass on and share with you  is that Jesus is not a God of guilt. I misunderstood a prophet of God regarding taking vacations and Jesus set me straight and explained what the prophet meant. Prophet Sahdu- whom Jesus confirmed as a prophet of God- said something about no more vacations or trips as it’s time to do kingdom work. I thought he meant no more planning trips from now on and only do kingdom work. I misunderstood and missed the message that it’s about where our FOCUS is. So many people strive and live for their vacations. Jesus wants us to strive and live for doing His work in the kingdom. A vacation is a blessing and a time for rest. Even Jesus took rests away from people. We should always be working for Jesus but it’s ok to plan a vacation.

 I greeted my now 3 Saint friends and turned to view the screen. It opened up to see President Trump walking towards leaders/dignitaries seated at a table. He shook each ones hand and sat down with them. They were all sitting on one side of the table facing the media who were taking pictures and covering the event. Trump looked determined and confident. I saw PM Netanyahu, and an Arab leader or what people call a Palestinian possibly and 2 others who I couldn’t make out as their identity was obscured. I didn’t understand this vision as I thought Jesus has shown me something similar of this before. But Jesus doesn’t allow me to see something without a reason. I understood that Trump is determined to get a deal done. I wasn’t sure if the vision represents that it gets done here or rather that there is still a work in progress and Trump is determined to keep on making attempts to get a deal completed. Continue to pray for wisdom for President Trump and against deception.  

Vision #99 - Shake the Nations

08/27/18 Mon evg

From the Throne Room, I went to see Jesus sitting at the bench. I was just mostly just sitting with Him. But I did ask Him an unusual question- What was one of Your highlights today? And He showed me a picture of a young African man praising the Lord. He had just become saved. That’s definitely worth sharing! :)

I went to the vision area but I was greeted by 3 Saint’s this time! I was happy to see the third. I cried and hugged her. I turned to view the screen. A giant Lion filled the screen. I knew immediately He was the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Then He was walking over the earth and roaring over the nations. I understood that He continues to shake the nations. More calamities will occur- weather related, volcanic, earthquakes etc… because the people are not repenting. He gave me a great warning: Jesus said “Repent and return to Me! Churches- wake up! Repent for compromising your faith. Repent teachers; pastors, ministers and priests who are twisting My Word. Repent you false teachers so you won’t be caught up with the wicked! I called you to be shepherds to teach the truth! Many of you have led your flocks astray. Woe to you! Believers, continue to pray for the lost and for the churches.” Rev 3:3 Rev 21:6-8 

Hope note - I asked Sharlene if she could give us more information about the third person that greeted her and she said, " It was the only grandma I ever knew who passed away in June 1995. She died knowing Jesus on her death bed or just before it.  I understand that there is no communication when I see the Saints I knew, that have passed. I’m not disappointed nor inclined to try. I believe I just know that.  They are there for support only unless of course Jesus allows otherwise."

Vision #98 - The Persecuted Church

08/23/18 Thur evg

The vision started with spirit travel to somewhere in the Middle East.  The thought Pakistan came to mind. I started declaring Ps 91 with my eagle and we flew immediately to a small house that was white plaster/mud type with a guard standing in front of the door. He was wearing a dark green uniform. The ground was sandy. The man inside was wearing East Indian attire- a long plain robe with maybe a pant or legging. 

He had short black hair, slightly wavy and when he spoke I could see he was missing a tooth on the left side of his mouth. I couldn’t understand what he was saying but I think he was calling out to the guard. He was fearful. I immediately started praying and declaring over him. I encouraged him with Deut 31:6, Ps 91 again. I then saw him sitting on a type of bench crying. I put my hand on his shoulders and encouraged him with verses that popped into my head. Then I asked for help and 2 angels sat on either side of him ministering to him. I understood he was a persecuted Believer maybe even a pastor in the local area who had been caught preaching the Word with a Bible. Then I went to the guard started proclaiming truth over him. Rom 10:9-13, John 14:6 and told him he was believing lies. I looked up and saw the local evil strongman with his minions coming in for battle. I rebuked it and asked for help to fight them. I was wearing my armour and using my new upgraded sword. My angel that I’ve seen many times was there battling with me along with other angels. There was a battle going on! Before I left, I encouraged him with “the Lord will never leave you nor forsake you. Keep your eye on the prize that awaits you!”

When I got back and went to Jesus in the Throne room where I sit with Him at the bench, and I asked Him about the man in the small room with the one guard and how can he be encouraged as I’m speaking English. I understood that the words I proclaim are translated for him in his head. He hears his own language! That’s great!  I went to the vision area as I always do. Greeted my 2 Saint/Believers and greeted the others waiting and turned to look at the screen. It opened up to see the same area that I had just been on my spirit travel and there was a crowd of people running towards my right on sandy ground; men, women- families- and they were wearing East Indian clothes. They were fleeing from something very big to my left.  I looked to the left and saw what I think was the local demonic strongman. I saw the evil spirit pressing the local authorities to persecute the Believers there. I asked Jesus about what I was seeing and He said that “We need to pray for the persecuted churches and Believers in the Middle East.” I understood that it is difficult to be a Believer in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. They also need bibles and it’s risky to hand them out and own one.  Pray and support the ministries that distribute bibles to these people.  Keep praying for the lost as well. The picture is similar to what I saw in my vision and also what people are wearing.

Vision #97 - The Death Angel

08/19/18 Sun evg

It has been a while since I have gone to look at the vision screen. I was away on holiday. Although I continued praying and spending time with Jesus while we were away, I chose to take a break from the visions. I spent a good time in praise & worship in the Throne Room. It was good to do that again. I sat with Jesus on the white bench and was ‘just being’ with Him.

I saw that one of my Saint friends was waving at me to I went to the vision area and greeted everyone and turned to watch the screen. The vision opened up to see Jesus standing in the clouds; a HUGE Jesus who was looking very serious. He had a sword in His right hand and the word judgement came to mind. Then a new figure stood where Jesus was standing. It was a dark, ominous figure, who was wearing a black hooded robe that went down to its feet. He had a sword in his hands which he held at the hilt. The sword was pointing down. The angel was not demonic. I asked if this was the angel of death and Jesus replied: “Yes.” Then the picture changed and I saw people running quickly down white/cream stone steps that were leading downward. I understood they were fleeing to hide. Regarding the angel of death, I understood it is the same angel that God used to take the first born in the final plague when the Israelites where in bondage in Egypt. I also understood that the angel of death is getting ready to strike Israel. I was sad. I asked Jesus about what is going on here. He said that “There is a time coming when I will allow the angel of death to come a take some of My inheritance. It will be a very difficult time for Israel, a time of great distress, not ever experienced before or will again. This must happen to bring them back to Me. The trouble will come and they will flee to the mountains. They will seek shelter. They will run and hide. Continue to pray for Israel. Pray that their hearts will return to Me. Believers who love Me, should love the apple of My eye, My inheritance, and pray for them. Pray as you have been doing.”

( I have been interceding in prayer for Israel for their salvation, that they would believe that Yeshua is their Messiah and the prophecy of Israel to be fulfilled as the Word says. Just as the prophets from ancient bible times did for Israel) Jesus gave me Matthew 24:15-21. I asked when this will happen and He said “Soon, Beloved.” Sigh   The pictures are like what I saw of the angel of death. Although I did not see wings.

Vision #96 - Loving the Unlovable

08/06/18 Tues am

This is a vision that I did not want to write up. It made me sick to my stomach. I know that God reveals His heart to us through the visions I receive; the good, the bad and the ugly. Processing this one I went from anger, sadness to weeping because I was reminded I have seen a glimpse of the pain Jesus feels. Keep in mind, I don’t get to pick and choose what I get to see.

Nothing has changed. I met my 2 Saint friends and we went to watch the vision. It opened up to a young blonde-haired girl giggling and playing with other children of mixed races playing on a playstructure. It was surrounded by apartments and homes as it was somewhere in a city or large town. I was mid air looking at the children play and I noticed a few care givers possibly parents or babysitters etc… There were a few trees and green grass next to the structure to my left. A street ran across from the structure in the background which is where I saw what looked like side by side homes and/or apartment buildings. To the left of the structure was a park bench and there was a tree next to it. A man was sitting on the bench and was shrouded in darkness. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach which usually indicates demonic activity. I understood exactly what the vision was about and I started crying. The scene changed and I saw the man walk off with the little blonde-haired girl holding her hand like they knew each other. I don’t want to describe him as I don’t know if he actually represents someone physically or the whole of pedophilia evilness. She was about 4- 5 years old. I was upset and quite besides myself with grief. For what purpose would You show me this, Jesus? There are a few lessons Jesus was teaching me with this vision and I will share them with you. Please be patient in the interpretation.

1. When I first understood what was going on, and knew that I would be praying on this, I asked Jesus “Why?” And Jesus answered with a question “Did I not die for everyone?” Then He paraphrased my prayer which I always pray from 2 Peter 3:9 and said” ‘”…I don’t want anyone to perish but come to repentance. Do you mean that?” I had to pause before answering. Yes, Jesus, I truly believe You died for everyone and every soul matters. I understood then how I need to see that man through Jesus’ eyes. Sigh. I can’t pray with hate, anger or disgust in my heart. My heart has to see the man as Jesus sees him. Once, that man was an innocent little boy until he was violated and subsequently became corrupt. The monster in him is actually quite literal. And in order for me to see this man as Jesus sees him, I need to remember that He died for EVERYONE and ALL need to come to a place of repentance.

2. We need to continue to pray for the protection of the children and those who survive. But for those who don’t survive, Jesus said: “Those children are growing up in heaven.” I understand that difficult and traumatic circumstances cause deep and painful wounds where there is much anger and blaming. In our humanness, we will ask God- “Where were you when that happened? Why didn’t you stop it?!” I can testify to that as I asked God those same questions with what happened to me as a 2 year old. (not sexual assault) I understand that many blame God for their pain, not just from sexual assault, as I did, because of “human sin decisions.” In my “wisdom” now, I understand that God was there, He is faithful and He can heal our wounded hearts from ALL pain. I no longer blame God for the action of a person’s sinful choice. Yahweh that heals- emotionally, physically and spiritually, healed me completely.

3. I understood that we need to pray Holiness into the issue. Holiness is perfect and pure and there can be no sin there. Reminds me of God’s perfect light. In Him there is no darkness at all and His light- Holiness- reveals the darkness and sin can’t stand in Holiness. Also, in the presence of His Holiness, wounds can heal- emotionally, spiritually and physically.

4. Jesus did reveal to me that the line ‘“There’s a special place in hell for people like this.”’is actually true. There is a place reserved for the unrepentant pedophile and will be subject to unimaginable torment for all eternity. I asked Jesus where this practice came from and He said “From ancient times.” My cousin mentioned Sodom and Gomorrah. I understood that satan corrupted mankind with sin to do evil to hurt God. All acts because of sin are done to cause God pain. satan hates the Holy One and all mankind because we are made in His image. Satan’s goal is to corrupt as many as he can.

Vision #95 - Spirit Travel

08/01/18 Wed evg

I was praying Ps 91 and now when I pray it I am always traveling on my eagle. It’s a huge bald eagle. Today I was lead to a person on a paddle board that was paddling on the ocean a bit of a distance from shore. I believe the person was a young man maybe early 20’s. He was not wearing a life jacket. I came to him and proclaimed the Psalm over him then proceeded to speak gospel of Rom 10:9,10&13. I noticed he hung his head after I proclaimed to him. I told him to look up and see the beauty God created, how can you deny His handiwork? I said he was loved with an everlasting love by God and Jesus died for him. Then I noticed a large shark fin! I asked the angels for help to push him to shore. I saw an angel help move the board so it would go faster. I yelled “hurry, paddle hard!” I believe he got safely to shore. Thank you God that You intervened. I don’t know if this is to happen or if it already did or where it occurred.

Vision #94 - The White Rocket

07/31/18 Mon evg

Things are changing. Now when I’m praying before God I see myself wearing some kind of shawl over my head which drapes over my arms. I often see me from a bit of a distance away as I’m kneeling before God. So far I only see it white in colour. This is the place where I have seen God manifest as a Lion many times in the past and more recently I saw His hand. The area that I am in is very vast and of a huge expanse and most of it is veiled to me. It is not the Throne Room. When I’m in the Throne Room, I can see Jesus sitting on His Mercy Seat and there are others there too as I’m never alone in the Throne Room. I have asked about the shawl and my “new look” and the word “Deborah” came. I was reminded of a book I had just previously read by Jim W Goll -Kneeling on the Promises: Birthing God’s Promises through Prophetic Intercession, where he rhetorically asked “where are the Daniels, the Deborahs, the Jeremiah’s…” people who will intercede for Israel and their communities? I believe I am being prepped to possibly be some kind of Deborah in my community. Judges 4 speaks of Deborah. I will pray and wait and see what comes.

I went to the vision area as I always do, met my 2 Saint friends and looked at the screen. The vision opened up to another white rocket about to be launched. I thought I was having a repeat vision so I stopped and tried again. The missile remained. I understood that it’s a new vision. My perspective was a good distance away as I saw me standing on the launch pad to the right of it with the exhaust billowing out from the bottom. It launched and I watched it fly into the sky. I asked Jesus where it was headed and He said: “Israel.” The screen changed and I saw the face of the Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani, then Putin filled the screen, then President Trump. Then I saw a picture of a hospital. The screen changed I saw Israelis running and screaming. There was chaos and smoke in the air. I understood that the weapon fired on Israel is from Iran but is backed by Russia. I understood that Trump will possibly be incapacitated and unable to help with this situation. I did ask a few questions in the area of when this is on the time line and He said I don’t need to know that. That will take care of itself.

Hope note - I am seeing much about ministries and am wondering if the Lord is being more specific about each individual's purpose for the Bride at this time (before the Transformation).  I'm just guessing...but I recall Sharlene's previous Vision where God says "Are you ready?!"  He has said this in other Messages I've read, and I too feel myself being pulled to look more into one area.  Still keeping the website though! :)

As for Iran, this article from two months ago... White House Condemns Iran Rocket Attack, Supports Israel Defense 

Vision #93 - The Ten Kings

07/28/18 Fri evg

After my time in the Throne Room, I went to the bench where Jesus was waiting but as I was being quiet with Him I noticed God who was manifested as a Lion and joined us. He was about the size of Aslan if I had to give a description. I just sat there in awe. I was grateful for the time I could spend there. I went to the vision area as always and greeted my 2 saint friends and we turned to watch the vision.

This vision was different. I was seeing myself in God’s temple, standing very small in my heavenly robe looking at God’s massive hand! I was on the right facing left. His hand was on the left side of the screen and it dwarfed me! It was His right hand and it was illuminated white/blue and was palm up with part of His fingers slightly curled like they were inviting. I saw part of the sleeve of His white robe near the wrist. I was standing on a white floor and there were a couple of those familiar tall pillars behind me. Everything else was veiled. Then I heard a voice say: “I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.” 

Then I heard a question “Are you ready?” I was unsure what it meant. Then He gave me information. I heard Him say: “The 10 kings are about to rise. They are gathering.” I left the vision a bit confused. I did look up the verse that was given to me which was stated by God to Moses in Ex 33:19 and referenced by Paul in Rom. 9:15. I went to bed a bit confused. Sat evg, I asked God about it all again. I understood that He was showing me some of His goodness and glory and reminding me to go to Him when I am weary. I understood that his hand is also a place of perfect peace and rest. The question to me was regarding my personal spiritual level. God is still grooming and preparing me for something more but more will be expected of me- for example- in obedience- "and in all, it will bring honour and glory to Him," He said. I asked about the information He gave me regarding the 10 kings. I understood that things are happening in Europe with the NWO as the 10 kings are rising and gathering. We are to continue to pray for Trump as they want him dead. We are also to continue to pray for PM Netanyahu and Israel.

Hope note - I was reminded of these verses that speak of the ten kings:

"As the toes were partly iron and partly clay, so this kingdom will be partly strong and partly brittle." Daniel 2:42 

" As for the ten horns, out of this kingdom ten kings will arise; and another will arise after them, and he will be different from the previous ones and will subdue three kings." Daniel 7:24

"The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast." Revelation 17:12

Vision #92 - The Lion

07/23/18 Mon evg

After my time of P&W and prayer time in the Throne Room, I sat with Jesus on the bench as I always do. This time Jesus just wanted me to sit for a while with Him. No talking and just be in His presence. That’s not easy to do. Then He got up and I understood He was going to show me something. We walked a familiar path yet I don’t know how long it took to get there as much was veiled but we came to the area where the River of Life flows out of the temple and cascades down the side of a low mountain. Suddenly I was falling with Jesus in the waterfall going down, down and I landed in the pool on the bottom! Jesus was laughing at me. He poked His head above the water with me for a moment then we both went back under the water. If this were real life I’d be dead!! I recognized being under this water before as I have been here many times swimming with 2 humpback whales- a mama and her calf. I remember I didn’t need to hold my breath as I could breathe in it. The message for me and I understood that I need to rest and have fun in Him too. My ministry is serious but Jesus is a place of rest and fun as well. Thank you Jesus.

From there I went directly to the vision area. I briefly greeted my two Saint friends and turned to watch the screen. I’m seeing a change in my visions as God is not only manifesting Himself to me on a personal basis as a lion but now in my regular visions. The screen opened up to God manifested as a huge magnificent lion standing in His temple. I was dwarfed by His paw. I didn’t see anything behind Him just Him standing on the pure white bright floor. It was somewhat toned down so I could actually see it. His face was gentle and kind. He told me to think about what a lion represents. I immediately thought of strength, power, regal, majestic, beautiful and awesome. But then was reminded of playfulness, courage, leadership, gentleness, kindness, loving and a place of rest. 

Then the scene changed as I saw Him turn and walk to His right. Then I saw regular sized Jesus walking ahead of God wearing His white robe. My thoughts went to revisit the idea that Jesus is the Lion of Judah but yet He is God and Jesus. Jesus reminded me that He and the Father are One. (John 10:30). Still a bit of a tough concept for me but I’m learning.

 Then Jesus became very large and I saw Him holding the earth in the palm of His hand. I understood that He has Word to pass on to us. He said “I am the resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me will live even though they die.” John 11:25 and “I am the way the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through Me. If you really know Me, you will know My Father as well.” John 14:6-7. The earth in the palm of His hand is symbolic- not only does Jesus have the whole world in His hand literally but also that He sees all and knows all. Nothing goes on without His knowing. Jesus gave me Heb 4:13 “Nothing in all creation is hidden from My sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before My eyes to whom you must give account.” I understood that He sees the obvious and the hidden of sin and of good. Jesus said “Repent of the sin and return to Me so you can walk in My light and enjoy good fellowship.” He gave me 1 John 1:5-7.

(later)  I was given encouragement to research the significance of the earth in Jesus left hand. (thanks Heidi) It actually turns out to be a significant warning! Scripture reveals that the right hand of God represents something positive- His power, position, blessing and strength etc., where as the left is mostly negative. Interestingly, the Hebrew word for left: semol, smosl more specifically smilah can mean dark as in enveloped-ie: the north by orientation. (Strong’s Hebrew 8040 under Strong’s exhaustive concordance) Holy Spirit brought to Matt 25:31-33, 41 where Jesus tells us about the final judgment. Here we read of the sobering account where Jesus separates people like a shepherd who separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on His right and the goats on His left. Sadly, those who have not repented and lived for Jesus will be placed on the left like the goats and He will say to them: “Depart from Me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” The reason why He is encouraging or more like pleading for us to repent and return to Him is because of the final judgment coming where we will all have to give account! The finality of it all: “Then they (the people on His left) will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” V46

Vision #91 - Peace and Rest

07/22/18 Sun evg

After my time spent praising and worshiping God and my prayer time, I went to the bench where Jesus was waiting for me as He has always been. He gave me some reminders and I also just sat in His presence, practicing my “just be.” It was a good reminder that sitting with Him and being quiet is important.

The vision opened up to see God as lion walking on a pristine beach. He has been manifesting to me as a lion for some time now. I was up in the air as if looking from a hill down on the scene. The sand was powder white and the ocean was an incredible blue and the water was crystal clear. I saw the waves come slowly, peacefully ashore. Behind God were palm/coconut trees and some kind of shrubbery. There was light but it wasn’t sunlight. It seemed brighter. I saw me walking towards Him. I was wearing my white shimmery robe. Then my perspective changed as I walked up to the Lion as me. His face was peaceful and warm full of love and kindness. He was big, maybe the size of an elephant. I asked about why He was showing me the beautiful beach. He said: “This is a glimpse of a part of heaven- a place of peace and rest - something for me and all Believers to look forward to. You will one day walk here with Me.” I could hear the waves gently wash ashore, the water so incredibly clear and it tickled my toes. “I am your perfect peace and rest,” He said. “Think of this place when you are weary to persevere.” Thank you God! It was such an intimate experience, I wasn’t sure I should share it but I understood that it was something for all of us to look forward to- for those who love and know Him. So I will share it. Be encouraged.

Vision #90 - Falling Stars

07/16/18 Monday evg

After my time in the Throne Room in praise and worship and prayer, I went to sit with Jesus on the bench where I have been regularly spending time with Him. From there I went to the vision area with the other Believers/Saints after greeting my two saint friends.  

The vision opened up to me in space with the earth down below me at the bottom of the screen maybe the size of a grapefruit. Suddenly I saw stars coming from all directions and I understood that they were falling towards the earth. Each one had a bright beginning like a fireball with a white streak or long tail behind them which slightly arched and gave the appearance as if they were falling. As I looked, more of them were falling, coming from all around space streaking towards the earth. From my perspective they appeared like many meteor showers but I knew they were all individually falling stars.  Jesus gave me Joel 2:30I will show you wonders in the heavens and on earth...” and Rev 6:13 “...and the stars in the sky fell to the earth like figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind.”  I asked Jesus if this was in the future and He replied “Yes” and it’s “Soon”.  And then He said: “Judgment is coming to the earth. Repent! Turn to Me, the only One who can save you.” Also, I understood that the Believers need to persevere in praying for the lost and for revival.

Vision #89 - Whom Shall I Fear?

07/09/18 Mon evg

After my time of praise and worship in the Throne Room, I proceeded to the bench where Jesus was sitting waiting for me. We visited a bit and then He said to come walk with Him.  We walked through a long hallway or corridor which I have no concept of how long it was. The familiar large white pillars which the bottoms dwarfed me, lined either side of it. I didn’t see anything else. We came to an opened area and I understood that it was somewhat below the temple. The open area was gushing crystal clear water and when I looked down from it to see where it was falling, it went down the side of a mountain to an area below which it flowed into a river. It was so beautiful. I knew it was the River of Life. Thank you Jesus for showing me that!

From there I went directly to the vision area. I greeted my two saint friends and we turned to look at the screen. It opened up to a woman with medium dark hair swinging on a long roped swing from a tree on top of a cliff over looking a valley below.  A thick forest was behind her. She was singing and praising God, declaring and praying His promises and proclaiming His righteousness. The scene changed and I saw a pack of wolves making their way to her through the forest. They where huge wolves; at least 3 times the size of a regular wolf with the leader the biggest. They were dark grey with silver flecks. I only saw about 3 or 4 but I knew there were more. My perspective changed and I saw the wolves almost upon her, snarling and growling; bearing their teeth as if they where about to attack her. I saw the hair on their backs standing up. Scary picture. The woman just kept swinging and praying; paying no attention to the wolves.  Suddenly a magnificent large angel landed and stood between the woman and the wolves. The wolves panicked and were terrified! They abruptly turned and scattered. My understanding of this vision is that Believers do not need to be afraid of the evil one and his demons. Jesus said: “Trust Me that I will look out for you and protect you.” When He has called us to pray and intercede in spiritual warfare -prayer ministry-we need to be obedient and persevere no matter the challenges and not be afraid. Jesus gave me Ps 27:1-3 “The Lord is my light and my salvation- whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life-of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked advance against me to devour me, it is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall. Though the army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident.

For those who want me to describe the angel, he was about 50’ high, bright, brilliant and beautiful. He wore golden armour and had blonde hair. There was a sword but I didn’t really look at it. My view was further away so I could see the entire scene. 

Vision #88 - All Creatures Great and Small

07/05/18 a.m. on vacation

After my time in the Throne Room, I went to the vision area after greeting my two Saint friends. The vision opened up to a large modern grey fishing boat in the ocean. It had no flags or markings that I noticed.  My perspective was mid air looking at the boat from the back and noticing the starboard side. I noticed a very large fish hanging upside down from its tail. Upon a slightly closer inspection, I realized it was a whale! I don’t know what kind as I only saw it’s underbelly.  I understood immediately that they were hunting the whales illegally due to the black market demand because of medicinal purposes. But Jesus made it clear that hunting ANY creature for this purpose is in vain; bears, sharks, rhinoceros, elephants, etc.  Also killing creatures for sport; trophy hunting and not for food, is disrespectful.  He said: “All creatures are My handiwork and should be respected. I will hold people to account for their abuse.” Jesus also made it clear that He gave us everything to eat but not to abuse: Gen 1:30 “And to all the beasts of the earth and the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground- everything that has breath of life- I give every green plant for food.” I understood that God has entrusted these beautiful creatures to our care. They are not for exploiting, abusing and to be disrespected. I understood that abuse of anything that God has created disrespects Him as it represents the characteristics of the evil one. Then Jesus gave me Prov 12:10The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.” Prov 27:23 “Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds.

Hope note - I loved this vision!  Jesus told us exactly how we should treat animals and the consequences if we did not follow His rule. 

 On a side note, I highly recommend this TV series or the book as well.   All Creatures Great and Small

Vision #87 - The Eiffel Tower

06/28/18 Thurs. evg

After my P&W and prayer time in the Throne Room, I walked to my bench and saw Jesus sitting there waiting for me. I was weary and He encouraged me to persevere in my praying (I am praying specific prayers for many specific things) I went to the vision area as I always do but this time there were 2 Saints who met me at the bottom of the stairs. I have seen this other person before but only a couple of times. We had a group hug and went to view the vision together with the other Believers/Saints.

The vision was short. It opened up with the Eiffel Tower in Paris breaking apart and falling. My perspective was standing on the ground looking up at it. I could hear the metal bending and creaking and a very large beam hit the ground in a noisy crash. There was some kind of explosion. I saw smoke. I didn’t see the rest of the city but I heard people screaming and running. I understood there are more dark times coming for Paris. Jesus said: “Judgment is coming to this city. They must turn to Me and repent!” He gave me John 11:25 “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in Me will live, even though they die.”

HOPE NOTE - I had a vision, possible of this as well.  I posted under 09/13/15 - The Eiffel Tower.  I had thought it was already completed but the tower did not blow up.  In my vision, it did.  So perhaps it ties with in Sharlene's vision.

Vision #86 - Behind the Scenes

06/24/18 Sun evg

After my time of P&W and prayer time in the Throne Room I went to meet with Jesus at the bench. He wanted to show me something, so I followed Him down a corridor, but I’m not sure how long we walked and most things were veiled except the white floor and a few pillars along the way. We came to a set of stairs that went up 3 steps and a new corridor. I looked to my right and the wall became full of gems! There were thousands! I saw sapphires, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones of all different sizes and shapes. The wall kept going up and I didn’t see its end. One of the sapphires I saw was the size of a basketball or even larger. I saw a diamond that was as large as my head! It’s was very beautiful. And for the first time, I noticed that the floor was gleaming gold!! I looked down the corridor and it gleamed gloriously as far as my eye could see. I asked Jesus why He was showing me this as I had no desire to want any of it. It was a beautiful and stunning wall to me. I was thinking that this was part of our inheritance. Then thought of why I didn’t desire any of the gems came to mind. And Jesus reminded of what I had just read in a book I’m reading by Jim Goll: “Whatever a man loves most, governs him….But if he loves God most, his character is divine.” Jesus was teaching me that everyone has their areas that they struggle with. Mine is not worldly goods or money but I have my struggles of temptation that are different but still need to be kept in check. So when I see others; my family and friends that struggle differently than me, I must keep praying for them as I would pray for myself. Thank you Jesus for revealing Your heart to me this way.

I went down the stairs to the visions area. Greeted my friend and joined the others as always. It opened up with a jet circling a city as if to wait to land. I recognized Tel Aviv, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea. I understood that dignitaries were converging in Israel. Then the scene changed as I saw Trump speaking on the phone on the upper left corner of the screen and Kushner walking and talking on his cell on my right. Then I noticed the background blurred as if I wasn’t suppose to see it. I understood that the man of mystery was somehow involved. The thought that Mr. Kushner is inadvertently being used by the man of mystery came to mind. It is my understanding that there is some kind of influence going on with Mr. Kushner by the man of mystery even if he’s not in the picture. Jesus reminded me of vision #9 I had in the past about a treaty being signed where Mr. Kushner was standing next to the man of mystery. Jesus said that we are to pray for Mr. Kushner that his eyes would be opened to the deception.

Vision #85 - What Prayer can Bring

06/21/18 Thurs. evg

I was in the Throne room as always and I experienced something quite amazing in the spiritual realm while I was praying the Psalm 91 part of my prayer. I usually start on top of a high mountain and then with my eagle, fly off with it as I’m on its back declaring the Word. We were flying over water and came to a horrific scene. I recognized it immediately as the aftermath of the recent vision #83 I had with the US battleship that had been attacked. I was on the port side of the burning ship and there were many marines in the water. Some were dead. I remember seeing one marine in the distance from where my perspective was put up his right arm as if to call out to me but I wasn’t sure if he could see me. I continued to speak Ps 91 and when I was finished I realized I was still there. We hadn’t moved so I started encouraging them all, hoping they could hear me to call on the name of the Lord and be saved. I spoke Rom 10:9-10 &13 and continued to encourage. Then I saw a marine close up who was bobbing in the water over something. I realized she was a female, unconscious and had a head wound. I went to her and began shaking her and said “wake up” and “to call on the name of the Lord and be saved.” Don’t be afraid, Jesus is with you.” I just kept talking to her. She slightly opened her eyes and I encouraged her. Then there was a bright beam of light that shone on her. It came at an angle from the sky. Then I saw a couple of angels with her as her soul came out of her body and one of them took her by the hand and accompanied her up in the light with the other. I waved at her and she waved back at me all smiling and happy. She had medium dark length hair and was wearing her heavenly white shimmery robe. It was so beautiful to watch. I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed. I was shocked and in awe. My mind is a bit busy with some questions. This hasn’t happened yet. What did I just witness and was a part of in the future? I asked Jesus about this later after my prayer time in the Throne Room while I was sitting with Him on the bench. He said that I don’t need to understand everything but He did say that she was saved because of my perseverance in prayer for the lost. I was just being obedient. Wow!

I asked Jesus then if I could see a vision from the bench after my time in the Throne Room. So He sat with me and watched the vision together. That was special. It opened up to see birds in the far distance flying in front of the sun over water. There were mountains and forest to the far left. They were flying towards us and as they got closer, I noticed that they were bald eagles, large ones, like the one that flies with me when I pray Ps 91 and often see him in my garden with me and Jesus. There were many and I understood more will come. A vision of encouragement to me as I have been praying for the outpouring and anointing of the Spirit from Joel 2:28-29 over our town and churches and the world for over 2 years now. Eagles represent the gift of prophecy. So I want to encourage the Believers out there to ask Jesus for the gifts especially the gift of prophecy. I was reminded of 1 Cor 14:1. Keep persevering in yours prayers. And remember, they are gifts given by the grace of God - you can’t earn them. They are to edify the church/Believers and give glory to the Lord God Almighty!

Vision #84 - Attacked!

06/20/18 Wed evg

My beginning time in the Throne room was interrupted by another huge “glorious figure” who came before me and wanted me to get on the floor to worship him. (I was kneeling over my bed at the time which is what I always do when I am worshiping in the Throne Room.) Hmmmm. I thought, that’s odd- firstly, Jesus doesn’t look like that and God has never revealed Himself that way to me. Secondly, his voice was curt and demanding. God would never speak like that. I told it to say Jesus is Lord God. It couldn’t do it. The illusion was gone and suddenly I was fighting a huge serpent whom I’ve seen before. I knew this was satan and it was an attack. I was seeing me in this battle as if watching it like a movie. I had all my armour on and I was dwarfed by him as he began breathing fire on me. My shield was partially up and then I saw my angel rush in to intervene and was battling by my side. I saw my new sword that Jesus gave me last week and I saw me using it. I was trying to stab the evil one with it. The blade is silver and the handle is golden with gems on it. I don’t remember the end of the battle or how long it endured. In the vision it seemed like a few seconds. And I don’t know how many other angels were helping as I didn’t see them but I understood there was more help than I saw. I just knew it was over and the evil one was gone. I was back in the Throne Room worshiping Jesus on His Mercy Seat and everything was back to normal. Later, after my P&W and prayer time, I asked Jesus in my time at the bench what was that all about?! I was shocked at what I had seen yet not afraid. Jesus said that “the evil one is trying to trip you up. It’s nothing you did.” (I had thought that I had maybe prayed out of my jurisdiction again) He went on to say that I had “discerned correctly and needed help with battling.” Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. I understood satan doesn’t like what I’m doing so I must be doing something right! I saw my angel and turned to thank him for his help. I was so grateful. He nodded his head slightly in response and left. No speaking. Sigh. As I’m writing this I’m shaking my head and I thinking how crazy this looks and is like something out of a fantasy movie! It’s unbelievable. I sure wish I could draw…

I do have a regular vision to mention.

I met up with my friend and joined the other Believers/saints. The vision opened up to see Vice President Mike Pence- walking from my left moving across the screen towards a military dignitary standing with a group of family and shake his hand. They were outside and I understood it was a funeral- a military funeral. I saw President Trump there as well. Then the screen changed as I saw a battleship travelling in an ocean which went by me and continued into the open sea. I didn’t see any land or any objects in the water to give its location. I understood it was an American ship. Then suddenly I saw it attacked by a missile which came out of nowhere from the starboard side as my perspective was looking at the ship from the left stern and it was facing my 10 ‘o clock! The ship was on fire. It seem to come as a surprise. Then I saw an explosion- like fireworks as the ship was attacked again. The ship was sinking and I believe that some of it had been blown apart. I had wondered if this was part of vision #22- the attack on the US at sea I had seen before and Jesus said that this was a separate attack. There was only one ship involved with this vision. And unfortunately, there will be many deaths. Sigh. Russia has a hand in it; backing another nation.

Vision #83 - The End of Mike Pence?

06/17/18 Sun evg

I went from my time with Jesus in my new area of meeting which continues to be at that white marble-like bench. I had a long day and since I started my P & W and prayer time very late, I had the vision actually from there- in the area with the bench. I just looked and it began. This has happened before.

It opened up as a casket filled my view. It was closed and covered with some flowers. I understood that someone had died. The casket was sitting in a room- possibly in a church. The scene changed as I was in front of an older looking church- with steps to the front doors. There were many people gathered, wearing black, standing in a large area in front of the doors on top of the steps. I noticed a medium length white or blonde-haired-woman (middle aged) standing to my left; possibly a wife to one of the dignitaries attending. Not sure why I noticed her. I was too far away to see her face. I saw black cars parked in front of the steps which I understood were for the families in mourning and possibly dignitaries. There was someone standing between those black cars, talking on a personal device that was in his ear. He was pointing as if directing others like him. The scene changed again and I saw President Trump leave a helicopter and walk towards the funeral. I understood he was there to attend and support. He seemed sad as he walked with his head down. His wife was with him. I asked Jesus who was the person in the casket. I got a picture of Vice-President Mike Pence. Oh my. 

Jesus said that his life is in danger and that the church needs to pray for him! Prayer changes outcomes. Pray against and cancel the assignment on him in Jesus name. I was then reminded of Dr Patricia’s teaching of praying people in the scriptures. Is 54:17 immediately came to mind: “…no weapon forged against (Mike Pence) will prevail, and (Mike Pence) will refute every tongue that accuses him. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is (Mike Pence’s) vindication from Me declares the Lord.”

Vision #82 - Angels sent to Help Us

06/14/18 Thurs evg

After my time of praise and worship and prayer time in the Throne Room, (it remains P&W and prayer time before I see any vision) I went to meet Jesus who was sitting on the bench waiting for me in the new area beyond the Throne Room. We had a private conversation. But one thing I will share from that encounter was seeing my angel again. 

I was just about to leave for the vision area when my angel showed up. I was seeing me sitting with Jesus to my left and the angel standing by the bench to my right. Jesus wanted to explain to me that the angel had been working hard to protect me lately. Then I looked beyond my angel and a saw what looked like a small legion of angels. I recognized this legion as I had seen them in a private vision months ago. I had been in intense spiritual warfare (I was actually in a vision battling with proclamation and declaration on the Temple Mount as I had been so upset with vision #80) and I didn’t realize the trouble I was in. It’s beyond me and my understanding. Jesus just wanted to remind me of how important it is to battle within our borders as many angels went to battle for and with me to protect me. I was incredibly grateful. Lesson learned. I was reminded that the evil will be allowed to trample on the Temple Mount as scripture must be fulfilled. But it sure is upsetting to see. I went to the vision area using my new route; going down the other stairs, greeting my friend and joining the others in the vision area. 

The vision opened up to see a small mountain split in two from top to bottom. The area shook violently from a huge earthquake and the land opened up and was dividing! My perspective changed as I saw that Jesus standing on a mountain top. I knew it was the Mount of Olives! I understood that despite what I saw in vision #80, Jesus reminded me of the prophetic promise: He gave me Zechariah 14:4. “On that day, His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley with half of the mountain moving north and half moving south. This is when the Lord returns to fight against the nations that are against Israel.” Jesus will defeat the evil one- He will have the final say; the final victory! PTL! And all of Israel will know that He is the Messiah!

Vision #81 - Acapulco Tsunami

06/13/18 Wed evg

My time with Jesus just beyond the Throne Room to the right of the Mercy Seat, was spent sitting on a plain white marble bench. This is new. I also noticed that there is white marble railing that goes with the 3 steps I take to get to Jesus. But I can only see the right side of the steps. From the bench, I went to the vision area but I took a different route- one that Jesus has pointed out to me before. It’s further from the regular staircase I take to get to that expanse area. But I can’t seem to see much of the path from the bench to the other stairs. It’s veiled. After I went down the stairs, I saw my friend to my left, who was walking towards me with another Saint and greeted me at the bottom of these stairs. I know who it was but I will keep that private. The 3 of us walked to join the others at the vision area as I always do. 

The vision opened up to see someone diving off a high rocky cliff into the ocean. He did a spread eagle type dive. I understood not many people do this dive as it’s dangerous but it’s a very popular place for the tourists who come to watch. I noticed the diver is dark haired and has a darker complexion- one that reminded me of Central America or Mexico. My perspective changed as I was up high, like where the divers stood overlooking the ocean and shoreline. I was looking to my right. Suddenly a massive tsunami wave hit the shore and went inland and covered everything. It was gigantic wave! I understood it is triggered by an earthquake. Jesus said that “There will be a lot of destruction. I am sending it (the wave) to wake the nation up as they are still not listening to Me. Repent and turn to Me, the only One who can redeem you!” I understood that the previous earthquakes that have hit Mexico were to wake up the nation but it seems the people didn’t respond with repentant hearts. When judgment comes to a nation, it is also showing the world; other nations, that it is a result of unrepentance.

I discovered this picture on the internet which matches my vision. It is the cliff diving in Acapulco, Mexico.

Vision #80 - The Enemy

06/09/18 Sat evg

So after my time with Jesus in the area just beyond the Throne Room, I went to the vision area as I always do, and greeted my friend and the Believers/Saints. Some greeted me by my name but I don’t know who they are as I was not allowed to see their faces. 

The vision opened up to a huge hideous entity standing on the top of the Dome of the rock on the Temple Mount, Israel. I knew immediately it was satan. My perspective was mid-air facing the Western Wall. I recognized the area as I was there Feb 2017. I saw his talons of his feet and hands. He had huge dark grey wings which were tucked in while he was standing. There were other evil entities of different sizes and shapes flying around him which he dwarfed. Then fire came out of his mouth, like a dragon but he didn’t look like a dragon. ( I didn’t see a tail or a long snout that would indicate typical dragon appearance) I didn’t see his face close up. I understood they were gathering in number and strength for something important. He was declaring ownership and making quite a spectacle of himself; like asserting his dominance. Jesus said we need to continue to pray for Israel. 

Jesus reminded me of the satanic image on the marble on the dome of the rock which is NOT etched but there naturally. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn speaks about it clearly and explains it well.  

Hope note - Sharlene also added more about our enemy..."He's ugly; quite hideous and big. One thing I'll say is that he's not black. I have seen him 3x now and he's always dark greys. I've seen other evil entities and some of them are black to dark grey and/or mixed. He was not a dragon in this vision as he looked the same when I first saw him when he came at me as an angel of light on my way to the throne room.-(this was something Sharlene had shared with me earlier...Hope) I had a routine I walked to get there and he tried to trip me up by coming at me partially as Jesus but I figured it out and rebuked him and even went at him with my armour of God and a spear! When I threw the spear, his illusion went poof and he was satan in all his hideousness and I saw him fly away." 

Vision #79 - Trouble in the Med

06/07/18 Thurs. evg

I had been worshiping Jesus in the Throne Room as I always do then sharing a private moment with Jesus in my new area just beyond the Mercy Seat to the right of the Throne. I went to the vision area, greeted my friend and joined the others as I always do. 

The vision opened up to see a battle ship traveling at a quick speed- a boat on a mission! It joined others in a large body of water which I understood is the Mediterranean Sea. I couldn’t make out which country represented these military ships. My perspective changed as I was looking ahead as if I was standing on one of the ships and saw a city by the shore in the distance. I was looking East. I understood then that the city is Tel Aviv. Israel! Then my perspective changed again and I was looking north and seeing the ships side profile sitting in the water. I don’t know exactly how many ships were in the area but I did see two –three for sure. Suddenly they were firing missiles in the air which were travelling east. I understood they were firing on Tel Aviv, Israel. Jesus gave me Matthew 24 and pressed on me that this is part of the “…distress in those days…” I did ask Him the identity of the battle ships and He responded with “Who benefits from taking over and defeating Israel?” “Russia, because of the oil and gas”, I replied. “Yes”, He said. But I understood that’s part of it. There are other nations that want Israel defeated too but for religious and political reasons. It’s all part of the coming invasion and the time of great distress- the time of Jacob’s trouble. Jesus reminded me of the other visions I saw about the future invasion of Israel: #10, #39 and #54. The war unfortunately has to occur to bring Israel back to Him. The time of Jacob’s trouble is coming just before the Lord’s return.

If you want to understand this more, there is a documentary that explains Jacob’s trouble called Covenant and Controversy part 3: The Great Trouble. It’s the last of a series. You can find it on You tube.   Link to video

Vision #78 - Tiger Hill Volcano

06/03/18 Sun evg

From my new normal area with Jesus just beyond the Throne room, I went to the vision area, greeted my friend and said hello to the Saints/Believers that had gathered to view the vision. 

It opened up to a small sized bird singing while perched on a branch of a forest tree. She suddenly flew off and I followed her. She took a dive down like we were on the side of a mountainous hill. It was a far dive and we swooped when we got to the bottom which was a stream or small river. I stopped and stood on the left side of the stream looking ahead. In the far distance, was a large mountain peak which was pointy. I was surrounded by forest on steep hills with a river running in between. There was a bit of a shore with rock and some sand but not much. The river in this area was not deep.

Suddenly the ground started to shake and I heard rumbling like that of an earthquake. I looked ahead to the mountain peak and saw that it had erupted and there was a huge grey cloud billowing up from it shooting high into the air. Then there were animals running past me to my left away from the mountain: deer, a bear, a goat type? (wasn’t sure of all the kinds as they were running fairly fast). Then looking across the stream/river, I saw an orange tiger briskly walking by. Seeing the tiger I knew this was to occur in Asia and upon some investigation and some help from my cousin, I found the peak I saw in my vision in a picture on the internet which is called Tiger Hill in Darjeeling in the Himalayan mountain range, India. I asked Jesus if this is the area to have a volcanic eruption and He replied “Yes.” And He said that it would occur “Very soon.” I understood that we need to continue to pray that people will wake up, repent and call on the name of the Lord!

Hope note - I did some research and could not find a volcano on Tiger Hill.  This leads me to believe that time really is short as in the vision above, the Lord said it would happen very soon.  Also note that Sharlene asked Jesus if this is the "area" to have the volcanic eruption and He said yes.  I recall a nearby EQ in Thailand in 2014 that toppled a Buddhist temple...and led to a slight argument between myself and a co-worker when I said God was bringing down false gods and my friend was momentarily incensed as he felt the monks there were very peaceful.  

In this vision,  I find it amazing that the Lord confirmed the Himalayan mountain range in India!  We know what to watch for don't we?!?!?

Update:  Sharlene wanted to add that the river she saw in the vision above is the Ganges River.  Also, the top 1/4 is of the entire mountain not just the the top. The picture that went with it was almost exactly what Sharlene saw, just take away approx the bottom 1/3 of the picture above...."Tiger Hill in Darjeeling"

Vision #77  - The Final Battle

05/30/18 wed evg

After my time of worship in the Throne Room, I walked once again to Jesus standing in the area beyond the huge stage of where His Mercy Seat is. I have not been shown what is between that and the 3 steps I go down. So I have no idea how long it takes me to get to Him or what I pass by on the way. Once again I will keep that visit private. One thing I will share with you is that Jesus is growing me and pruning me; more like refining. He’s been asking me to be obedient in certain areas in my life. It’s important to be obedient! I went to the vision area in my usual routine. Not sure how I got to the top of the stairs but everything is the same. After greeting my friend and joined the others I looked at the screen. 

The vision opened to a dark oval shaped swirling cloud as if a tornado was forming. It was on my right side taking up half the screen and my perspective was in the air; the height about where those big white summer clouds are. This cloud was huge, black and dark grey in colour. But as it was swirling, I realized that is was alive! That’s no cloud! I saw what appeared to be millions of evil entities flying, swirling and I understood that it was evil that was that had formed that cloud. I was at a distance in order to be able to see it all. Some of the evil beings were beginning to come out of the formation in legions as if readying for battle. Then to my left I saw the clouds part and brilliant bright white light poured through an opening. Out came millions of angels. They had their swords drawn. Leading them was a large angel- who I knew was Michael and when he reached the middle of the screen, met a huge black dragon and began battling. It was quite a sight to behold! It’s like something out of a fantasy movie. I wish I could draw it all. I understood they were above the land of Israel although the land below was not very clear but I did see hills and a little bit of green. I also understood that at any second, Jesus would come through that opening with all the saints to battle. I did see the beginning of a white horse with Jesus with sitting on it, wearing His crown in the opening but He was very small with my perspective as the entire vision was at such a distance so I could see it all! I know I’ve seen something like this in a previous vision I had but this was more of how the good and evil come together before Jesus returns. I understood that this is the final battle. Wow! Jesus then said: “Repent! Be ready for I am coming soon!”

Vision #76 - Eyes on the USA

05/29/18 Tuesday

I was worshiping the Lord in the Throne Room and saw Jesus standing in that same area as I have been seeing Him lately. I still walk 3 steps to get to Him. He shared something with me which I will leave a private matter. I went down the regular stairs to see my friend...greeted her and joined the others to view the screen.

It opened up to a military jet flying by me very quickly and closely! I followed it, right behind it and to its left. It was banking right and left quickly and moving up and down; maneuvering so fast that I actually felt a twinge of nausea! (I have difficulties with motion sickness)The jet was flying in and out of the clouds. I saw that it had a red star on it and understood it was a Russian jet. Suddenly we were flying closer over a large body of water travelling west. It reminded me of a previous vision i had where a Russian jet was flying over the Atlantic ocean travelling west.   I was wondering if it was trying to avoid being detected? I’m realizing the pilot is flying too close to the water. My perspective changes as if I was in the cockpit of the jet and I see it crash into the water. I don’t know if the jet had a malfunction or why it crashed. It’s my understanding the pilot does not die. I understood that the military jet reveals that Russia still has it's eyes on the US. It's a wake up call for the USA

Vision #75 - The Storm

05/25/18 Friday evg

After my time in the Throne Room, I walked to where Jesus was standing in the area where He has been recently standing. We shared a conversation which I will keep private. I was physically tired and had been praying for an hour so I didn’t walk my routine. I just stood in front of the screen in the vision area with my friend whom I quickly greeted. 

The vision opened up to a storm over a body of water which I understood was the ocean. I had a birds-eye view. I saw several waterspouts (I think that’s what they are called- they looked like tornadoes over the water) in an area with large dark clouds. I watched the waterspouts destroy a few white boats that were close to land but further out from the harbour. I was wondering if they were anchored further out? I was seeing the storm coming towards land. The storm was to my left at the 7-10 o’clock perspective (Sharlene lives in Canada) and the land to my right and ahead from the 11 to about the 3 o’clock position. There was a bit of a beach with buildings behind it. Then my perspective changed to outer space as I saw the storm which looked like a huge hurricane cloud formation. It seemed like it had passed Florida and was in the Gulf of Mexico. My perspective changed as I was now looking from the land at a side view, mid air, as the ocean was on my left and the land on my right. I saw palm/coconut tree branches blowing straight to my right as the wind was coming in with great force with the rain. The branches then ripped completely off the trees. There was debris blowing everywhere. I saw a huge water surge move inland. I understand it is a powerful storm and will cause a lot of destruction. I asked Jesus if the storm was to get the people’s attention to repent and return to Him and He replied “Yes.” I understood that the message is still the same – Jesus is in charge of the weather. It’s not climate change. The storms are destructive because the people refuse to repent. Wake up!

(later on...)  I did ask Jesus if the storm will occur this year and He replied "Yes."

Vision #74 - Trump in Asia

05/23/18 Wed

After I was worshiping in the Throne Room, I see Jesus standing just beyond the right of the Throne Room area of Jesus’ Mercy Seat. He’s waiting for me so I walk towards Him, going down the 3 steps that I saw in the last vision and stood with Him. What He said is personal so I won’t be sharing it. I asked if there was another vision to view and He turned and pointed almost behind Him in the direction I should go. I didn’t see a lot as most of it was veiled but I know there were pillars to my far right. I’m not sure how far I walked to get to the stairs. They are the same stairs as the other. Looking down from the top of the stairs, I recognized the expanse area that I see from the other stairs. It’s just like one HUGE ballroom. The pillars remain massive and are strategically positioned but not close together. At the bottom, I turned to my left and saw my friend far away waving at me. She was tiny so there was quite a distance between us. I walked to her passing a large pillar to my left which the bottom dwarfed me. My friend was still in the regular vision area and I saw the other stairs when I reached her as well as the rest of the group- Saints/Believers. I greeted her and the group and turned to look at the screen.

It opened up to a man of Southeastern Asian appearance. He was wearing a suit and addressing a large crowd from a podium on a stage. My perspective was in front of him. There was I believe, a banner behind him of some kind as well as green foliage. Then my perspective changed and I had a birds-eye view looking down on the stage. I saw Pres Trump walking across the stage from my left as the Asian dignitary was introducing him. I saw a few dignitaries sitting behind the podium to my left or their right. I saw Trump's hair blow in the wind a bit. I’m wondering if this occurs outdoors? Then I had a close up of him addressing the group and giving a speech. Then my perspective changed to the birds-eye view again and I heard a shot in the air and then commotion and chaos as people covered the President. I asked Jesus if this is somewhere in Asia and He replied “Yes.” It is my understanding that there is an attempt on his life and we are to continue to pray for his safety. 

Vision #73 - Rocket Fail

05/20/18 Sun evg

I was with Jesus who was standing in what seems to be a new regular area somewhere beyond the Throne Room to my left. I remember walking down 3 steps to where He was standing. The area hasn’t changed. Everything is white and bright. The steps appear like white marble. We walked a bit and I can see those pillars that have a partial wall that I can lean up on and lean my arms on. Between the pillars I understand is heaven and is veiled. After my time with Him there, I went back sort of the same way I came but I can’t quite make out exactly how I got to the top of the stairs by the Throne Room. I saw my friend and the rest of the Saints/Believers in the vision area. 

The vision opened up to a huge white rocket being launched into space. I heard a countdown: “T minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. We have lift off.” As it launched, I saw a lot of exhaust and fire below as it lifted off and was heading for space towards something. My perspective changed as I was in space looking at the earth which was huge in the background (I couldn’t see the entire earth because I was so close to it) and the rocket almost looked like it was going to circle the earth a bit first but I think because of the way it was gaining altitude and being so close to the earth, it appeared to be but wasn’t. It was moving to my left and slightly up. I understood it was on a mission to go somewhere. It then exploded. I don’t know if there were people on this rocket or where it was launched from. I did understand that it’s related to the recent vision I had of a launch that failed. (#68)

Vision #72 - Tsunami Wave hits the North American NW Coast

05/16/18 Wed evg

I was once again standing with Jesus in that area that I have been in the last couple of visions. I’m just standing with Him and He’s talking to me. I will not share that. But I went to the vision area after our short talk. I greeted my friend and the rest of the Saints/Believers and stood to view the screen. 

It opened with me mid air watching 2 people on my right walking down by the shoreline with trees/forest beside them. The shore was sandy/rocky. Suddenly a wave from my left came with force and I was under the water! I could breathe under it! It was a little murky but I was stopped at an end of what I believe was a ship hull. I knocked on it and it sounded like clanging metal. It was large and upside down. My perspective changed and I was looking towards shore in the air and the ship was a little ways in resting on the land. It was capsized. The hull was black. It appeared to be possibly a cargo ship. The area had been destroyed or flattened. There were no more trees. There was a lot of debris around the ship. I understood this is somewhere on the west coast of North America. The shoreline reminded me of BC (Canada). I’ve seen that shoreline before in a previous vision. I understood it to be a tsunami wave and it is related to the previous visions regarding a tsunami wave hitting the northwest area. (#25, #34).

(Hope note - I found this as a confirmation!  Link to confirmation

Vision #71 - Waikiki Beach Wave

05/15/18 Tues

I was worshiping God in a different area. My perspective was mostly the floor but I could see veiled pillars ahead and to my right. It’s like looking through a fog. I asked if there was a vision to view. I went to the vision area but I’m unsure how I got there.

It opened up to see a very large wave with a barge type ship facing it. My perspective was the side of the wave which was moving to my right. Its bow was facing the wave to my left and almost on top of the wave. I understood that it didn’t capsize. The wave was gaining height and was moving faster towards a shore. My perspective changed mid air and I was seeing a beach with many different heights of buildings. I saw the massive wave hit the shore with force and move inland. It didn’t cover the taller buildings. I understood it was a tsunami wave and it hit a famous and populated island. I recognized one of the hotels. Sigh.  I understood it's one of the Hawaiian islands and Jesus will allow the wave to hit because they need to repent of their idolatry and turn to the One and only God.  The Lord is shaking the world! Wake up!

Vision #70 - The Persecuted Church in Asia

05/13/18 Sunday evg

I was in standing with Jesus in that area that goes to the corridor. I was seeing more of me looking at me and Jesus than me seeing it. The floor was white shimmery as the expanse area is near the vision area. I can see partial pillars to my right that go ahead in a row. Jesus was speaking to me but I will keep that to myself. I went then to the vision area as I always do. 

The vision opened up to people driving white cars and vehicles along a road on a side of a mountain. I noticed some green trees/forest. Suddenly there was hard shaking and they were covered by a slide! It was huge! Then I saw everything shaking and the mountain collapsing. I looked below from my perspective as I was on the side of the mountain and I saw the slide continue down and it covered a town at the foot of it. I saw large cracks in the ground below. I asked Jesus if there is a lot of loss of life? He replied “Yes.” Is this in Asia? “Yes.” Will it happen very soon? “Yes.” Why is this happening? Jesus said: “There will be suffering because the leaders of this country are persecuting My church. They need to know that I am the Lord God Almighty and repent! Stop persecuting My church.

From Sharlene - I was bothered by Jesus' words of "Stop persecuting the church." as I thought that persecution often leads to people to the Lord. But God is speaking to the leaders which I suspect is China. This morning, Jesus gave me Acts 9:4 where Jesus asks Saul "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?" The message is more to the leaders of that country. So I feel at peace with this confirmation.

Vision #69 - More on The Attempt on Trump

05/10/18 Thurs. Evg

I’m standing with Jesus in the area where I have seen Him waiting for me as if we were going to that corridor. We didn’t walk so I asked Him if there was a vision to see and He told me to go look. Somehow I got to the top of the stairs. I don’t know how the place where Jesus was standing is connected to my regular path to the vision area. 

The vision opened with an emergency helicopter flying away as fast as it could. Before it banked slightly right to fly away, I was in the air with it as it was rising and I looked down and I saw agents, dignitaries, people in suits, black vehicles surrounding the area where the helicopter had left. One particular person was standing there in a long spring coat type looking up with this hand over his brow as if to protect him from the wind of the helicopter as he was looking to watch it fly away. He was so concerned. I may have been approx 100’ in the air already when I was looking down as the helicopter was rising. Just before it flew away to a hospital, I got to view into the helicopter and it looked like President Trump on the gurney! There were medics beside him. I asked Jesus if it was the President Trump and He replied “Yes.” Does he die? “No.” But I understood that there is an attempt on his life and Jesus said “You need to continue to pray for him.” 

Jesus then reminded me of Dr. Patricia’s teaching where we need to declare scripture in our prayers of protection for him. (interestingly, I just watched the video regarding that teaching today- A time to pray, a time to declare! Wow. :-0) Is 54:17, Ps 91 Is 55:11 I understood that we are to use his name in the scripture. I did ask when this will happen and Jesus replied “Very soon.” Prayer changes outcomes.

Vision #68 - Let us Build a Tower

05/09/18 Wed

I am in the back of the vision area with the group of Saints/Believers and my friend. The vision opens to me seeing something racing to get up into the air. It looks like a race car? It’s zig-zagging in the air with exhaust billowing from behind. I’m not understanding this at all. 

The scene changes and I am on top of a huge white rocket-type and looking down. It’s about to be launched and I see billowing exhaust from below. It must be a very tall rocket as it seems the exhaust from the launch is so very far away. I’m moving up towards space with this rocket. My perspective changes as I’m viewing it from a bit of a distance in the air which is almost into space but I can’t see it completely as the exhaust is in the way. Suddenly it explodes! I can see debris fall back to the earth. It reminded me when the space shuttle exploded. I asked Jesus what this was about. I understand that there are those who think they have the technology and believe that space living is attainable but will discover that it is a waste of time and money. There may even be a human cost as well.

(Hope note - it's possible that the Lord is showing Sharlene about Musk...Link )

Vision #67 - Christians in Trouble

05/05/18 Sat evg

I went through my regular path from the Throne Room to the vision area. Nothing new to describe. 

The vision opened up to a residential area in a town or possibly a city. At first I was slightly in the air, maybe tree height, looking ahead of me down the street. I saw cream/beige coloured hummer/military vehicles coming towards me, approaching the street that I was focused on. I have seen these military vehicles in previous visions. (#3,#7) They reached an intersection. Some turned to my right or their left and disappeared down that street. Others turned to my left or their right and the other 2 came forward towards me. They stopped just after they had passed about 4 homes. Approx 5 or 6 soldiers wearing dark uniforms jumped out of these vehicles. Each was carrying a special weapon. It looked like a regular military type gun but I understood that is it was high tech and had many special functions. I have seen these guns in previous visions. (#53 #61) The soldiers proceeded to each a house, bang on the doors, some broke down the doors and dragged people out to the end of their front yards. One man was on his knees and was shot in the head! I understood that he was asked if he was a Christian and if he didn’t recant his faith he’d be killed. I saw a woman dragged to her front yard. 

Then my perspective changed as if I was standing right beside the soldier. She was on her knees. She was quiet. At peace. The soldier specifically asked if she believed in Jesus. She said “yes.” She did not recant her faith and he shot her point blank in the head. One woman came running and screaming out of her home and she was immediately shot and killed. It was so difficult to see. Jesus then said “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” He gave me Rev 13:10 “If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go. If anyone is to be killed by the sword, with the sword they will be killed.” This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people.” Upon looking up the scripture Jesus gave me- Rev 13:10- I also found part of this verse repeated in Rev.14:12 “This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep His commands and remain faithful to Jesus.” This is a hard vision. Sigh.

Vision #66 - "Feed My Sheep"

05/03/18 Thursday

I saw Jesus standing in the area as my last vision, #65 but we didn’t walk down that corridor. I went to stand beside Him and asked if there was another vision to view. So I went to the vision area and everything looked the same. But the vision was different.

It opened up to Jesus playing with little lambs on a slightly sloped hill covered with grass and short field flowers. There was a tree near the top. The lambs were around him enjoying his presence. He even had one in His arms. Jesus was wearing a white robe and had regular brown sandals on. His hair was dark brown slightly wavy and went to his mid neck. He had a short brown beard and mustache. He turned to look at me and said “Sharlene, feed my lambs." I looked at Him and said “What?” And He said again: “Feed my sheep.” I went to look up the scripture reference in John 21:17 where Jesus is telling Peter to feed His sheep. Dave reminded me that I am doing religious exercises starting tomorrow am every Friday for the Month of May at the local elementary school. I’m having a bit of a hard time with that as I’ve never done it before. Maybe this vision is meant as encouragement to me?   Or is there something else He is implying? He didn't say anything else.

Vision #65 - Flying High

05/01/18 Tues

From the Throne Room, and to the right of the Jesus’ Mercy Seat, I looked in the usual direction where I see Jesus standing often to walk with me to the stairs. But this time Jesus stood waiting for me in what looked a bit like a corridor just ahead. So I saw me walk with Him and He took me to a different area but I have been there before. It was an area that had pillars closer together on one side and a partial wall which went as high as my waist when we reached it. Beyond this, the area is open to heaven I guess. It’s outside the temple. I didn’t see what was beyond at that point. I didn’t look out for some reason. Jesus and I had a conversation there that is private but one thing I will share- I did ask Him what made Him smile or laugh and He told me to look out. I saw a garden just beyond the pillars and a little downward. I heard children squealing in delight, laughing and running around the trees and plants. I didn’t see much of the garden as a lot of it was veiled but I did see one child, running around a tree as if being chased by another. I could hear more but I was not allowed to see them. The child was young, maybe 6 or 7 years old. That’s a guess. I turned to look at Jesus and He was grinning. I cried and laughed all at the same time. The pillars and floor of the partial wall of the corridor are exactly the same as the Throne Room and the expanse area I see that is part of the vision area. Everything is white, shimmery and bright.

I asked if there was vision to view and Jesus said to go and look. So I went to the regular area. I don’t remember the path back though. I just remember being at the vision area. It opened up and I found myself high in the sky and a military jet suddenly whizzed by me from my right to left, leaving a smokey path. I saw behind the jet. Then I looked ahead and I saw a few more flying close together. I noticed the red star on the wings of the jets. I was close to one of the jets and could see the pilot and I heard him speak in Russian. I asked if I could follow the jet so I did. I was flying with it and looked down. I saw white, like ice and snowy terrain below me. Then it cleared and became regular land. We flew a little further and I backed off so I could see the jet in full view. I saw it drop a bomb and make a sharp bank right. Some of the other jets kept flying. I understood that the target was the USA. There were more places that were to be bombed. No confirmation of what places or when.

Hope note - I had the urge to ask Sharlene the question," What do you mean when you say “temple”?  Could you explain that a little bit more? "

Sharlene -  The Throne Room is in a temple as well as the area that I believe is a corridor. When I was in that area which may or may have not been a corridor as I only saw a bit a head of me and to my right- the row of pillars close together and the partial wall, but nothing on my left. So it gave me the understanding that it was a corridor. This area  must have been somewhere near the outside of the temple because I saw through the pillars a glimpse of a veiled garden near the temple. I have also seen glimpses of veiled structures below as well as some kind of trees.  I have seen the front of the outside of the temple, as I often take a path that goes towards it, up huge steps to an outer area that is before the temple gate. This is where I have seen a huge angel on the right, blowing a shofar for a call to worship and once a long silver trumpet in a previous vision. This area before the gate which is two huge gigantic pillars, is massive; a large expanse area where saints gather before entering the temple. It is my understanding that it sits on a high hill as I have seen a valley area on my left a couple of times when I was up on that expanse area before entering the gate.  

Vision #64 - "There is no deal"

04/30/18 Mon evg

I walked down the stairs from the Throne Room on my regular path to the vision area. I greeted my friend and the other saints/believers and looked at the screen.

It opened up to President Trump in his oval office signing a paper with Mr Pence behind him and a few other government officials/dignitaries. I didn’t see their faces. The President then said: “There is no deal.” Then with both his arms and hands makes a gesture to show cancel. 

Then in a different scene, I see him get up and shake the hand of PM Netanyahu as if in support. I see the face of Macron and a map of Europe and other nations as I understand that some leaders are not happy with what President Trump did. 

(Hope note - maybe Iranian deal?  Macron has just visited the states and had a discussion with Trump about this, Macron also continues to push renegotiation but is leaving out the oh so important cache of Iranian nuclear data that Netanyahu just unveiled...and gee what do we have here?!)

Vision #63 - I See Fire

04/26/18 thurs.

I went down the stairs from the Throne Room and this time after I greeted my friend and walked to the vision area, I turned to my right and looked up to see the angel that often stands at the top of the stairs. From my distance I saw that he was still wearing his golden armour and golden footwear. There were protectors that went up the front of his leg below his knees. I saw his sword- which was on his left side, sheathed in gold. (that makes him right handed! :) ) I saw gems sparkling in the light but I couldn’t make out all the details. Anyways, I waved at him and turned to look at the screen with my friend looking once again from the back of the area behind all the saints/believers.

The view opened to magma/lava exploding high into the air from some kind of black structure. It was night and the magma made the sky glow orange. I saw colours of reds, oranges and yellows shooting up into the air with great force. I saw black rock around the edges of the area but I couldn’t tell if it was a mountain top or not. I then saw large rocks/boulders flying out of the exploding lava into the sky and curling back to the earth but I didn’t see them land. The boulders glowed red and orange. I understood that this vision was related to the previous vision #62. I asked Jesus if this is the natural disaster that levels the giant trees and He replied, “Yes.” I understood this occurs somewhere on the west coast of North America. No confirmation of where or when. I know it’s not imminent.

Vision #62 - Every Good Tree

04/24/18 Tue evg

I had been spending a lot of time praying but chose to see if there was a vision to view. I went down the stairs and when I got to the bottom I looked up and saw Jesus and the angel at the top of the stairs. I waved and they both waved back. It is the same angel that I have seen before. It’s unfortunate that I can’t see great details from where I am standing. But this time I noticed I was looking as me! I greeted my friend as me. For some reason I asked her if I missed something as I felt I took so long today- did everyone see it already? I don’t know why I would even think that. I heard “no.” in response to my question as I saw the saints/believers were waiting. 

The screen opened up to a huge evergreen tree. It had a thick base and was incredibly tall. It was surrounded by other tall trees just like it- a forest of tall evergreen trees. I was mid air and understood that I was looking north. Then suddenly a blast of fast air hit them. I could see the air, like an explosion and it blasted the trees over like match sticks as they fell in the direction away from me and slightly my right. (from my perspective it would be the 2 o’clock position) All the trees that I could see in that area went down. It once again reminded me of that movie Dante’s Peak- where you could see the fast explosive air hit the trees and destroy them with such power. It’s the best way to describe it. I asked Jesus if it was the result of a natural disaster and He replied “Yes.” I asked if it happens in North America and He replied, “Yes.” But He did not confirm if it was in Canada or USA. There was no response to time frame. I understood that a large area of the very tall forest will be destroyed.

Vision #61 - The Warning

04/21/Sat late evg

I was met at the top of the stairs by the angel that I have seen before. He had dark hair and red on his breastplate. This time I could see it was a diamond shape and it had writing in it. ( I had wondered if it was Hebrew) He was to my right at the top of the stairs as I proceeded down. I saw my friend and I waved at her as I was walking down the steps. We greeted and went to the vision area joined the others as always who were already gathered. The vision opened with Obama to my right, taking up almost half the screen speaking to an audience. I saw steps behind him going up. There was someone above him on the top of the steps, whom Obama was referring to and would hand gesture to him as he was speaking. I recognized the top of the steps from the pergamon museum aka the seat of satan from a previous vision: Vision #27. I heard Obama speaking something about the importance for us to worship our supreme leader who is worthy of our allegiance and is all powerful and wise. He seemed very adamant as if it was not a request or an option. Then an image appeared to my left which dwarfed the people all around it as it was in the middle of an area and people could see the image from all angles. I could not identify the image as it was blurred. I understood I was not to know that yet. I was wondering if it was some kind of hologram type image. Then Obama was warning the people that if they refused to worship the image they would be arrested and there would be severe consequences. In the back to my 1 o’clock I saw a female military guard- I have seen her before in a different vision-vision #53 take someone aside as this person refused to bow down to the image and she shot him in the head! I was shocked as it was in broad daylight, there was no arrest and no trial! 

Then the scene changed as I saw different places around the world that were viewing the image: a movie theater type where the image was on the screen, also there was what looked like a mega-church- as it had a huge stage and many seats for the audience and a balcony as well. I understood the image would be available for everyone. I understood that Jesus has a message for the Believers: Do not worship the ac, or take the mark of the beast or compromise your faith so that you live. If you compromise your faith to spare your life, you will be separated from Me forever. Can you take a bullet for Me? If you can’t, come to Me and get to a place so you can. Deeply root your faith in Me so you can stand firm when the trials come. Isaiah 7:9b. This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people. I will never leave you or forsake you.

(what follows is a quick communication between Sharlene and me that we agreed should be posted)

FROM SHARLENE Apr 22. Sunday am. I was deeply saddened about the message to the Believers in yesterday’s vision (see above) as I suspected it was directed to all of us. I feel badly as I purposely left out the question to Jesus yesterday because I didn’t want to hear the answer that I suspected. But this morning I asked Jesus if we go through the tribulation and He replied “Yes.” This confirms my long suspected suspicions about the pretrib rapture and saddens me as most pastors do not believe this and many Believers will not be ready. Sigh I feel alone. 

FROM HOPE - I agree with you that we will have to go through some of it. I didn’t used to think that but God taught me that I was wrong!  And for sure the Ra​p​ture is not the next event. I am saddened that people are taught this. Preachers aren’t taught by the Holy S​pirit like they were in the days of old. They are taught by other men.  I am once again reminded of my favorite verse which is:

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."  1 Corinthians 2:4-5

I am tired of hearing and reading "high watch".  I've been on a high watch since 2012!!  lol  Jesus did not return when I thought He would...the feasts come and go and things do not happen as we were taught and some even led to believe.  But when I hear from the true Christ, He does not give dates. How can He, if even He does not know when?  Maybe He knows the year, maybe He knows the month, I don't know.  But we've been told to look for a season and so I am getting almost physically ill when someone comes up with a date.  I just delete those emails and do not focus on that person.  Perhaps the Lord has given them a talent for dating but they are using in for their purpose.  Many of His children try to set a date because they LONG for His return.  But in His kind way, He tells us to BE..just to LIVE...because we are missing opportunities when we ignore everything and are distracted (yes DISTRACTED) when dating the Rapture.  So I've stop thinking about that.  

I don't feel pre-trib anymore.  Maybe pre-wrath would be a better word for how I believe.The Bride of Christ does not go through the wrath of God, but that does not mean we won't be here and see it, and help through it, working with God and other Bride members to carry out His will.  How that plays out, I do not know, but I leave that in His hands which have carried me this far and they will continue to. 

Vision #60 - Three Headed Monster

04/21/18 Sat early evg

I was walking on my treadmill. I’ve never experienced seeing a vision during an activity before. I saw three heads in a hierarchy position. On the bottom left corner, was the face of the present Pope. A forked snake like tongue was darting in and out of his mouth. Then above him to the right was the face of Obama. There was fire coming out his mouth. Then above him was a face of Apollo. I knew it was the ac but because we are not to know his identity, Jesus showed me a chiseled face of a Roman god. It was my understanding that the ac is attractive and convincing and wants to reign supreme and be worshiped like a god.

Vision #59 - Trump, Obama, and the AC - OH MY!

04/18/18 Wed.evg

It seems that I am watching me more than me seeing things as me. I watch myself walk down the grand staircase from the Throne Room. I see that Jesus is watching me and encouraging me as I am seeing this from below standing in that expanse area. I watch me greet my friend and proceed to the vision area. Everything looks the same. 

The vision opens with President Trump speaking at some kind of meeting. I see evil lurking from behind him (actual demonic entities of several kinds) I understood Jesus was telling me that he still needs prayer against spiritual attack on a political and personal level through different means like media, false testimony, distraction stories etc. Then the perspective changes and I see Obama speaking from a seated position in a gallery. I’ve seen this gallery before in vision #53. He had his own microphone to speak into. There were others seated in front, beside and behind him in a slightly curved rows. He was addressing some kind of organization.

Then I was focused on a man seated behind him to his right that looked familiar to me. He was wearing a suit and his face was blurred. I understood that he is the man of mystery. I have seen him a couple of times before in other visions as well. Then a picture of that building that I’ve seen in vision #53- which looks partly like the tower of babel in Brussels, fills the screen. I understood that what I’m seeing is set before the rise of the antichrist. There is no confirmation of time frame. I asked Jesus if this has to do with the NWO? He replied: “Yes”. Obama is speaking and I understood he is speaking with authority but not complete authority. I asked Jesus if I need to hear what Obama is saying and He replied: “No.” Is Obama speaking lies? Jesus replied:”Yes”. I understood that he has been voted into this position and will receive more authority yet. I understand that Obama has ulterior motives which are evil but he is not the ac. 

Jesus wanted to be understood that the ac is on the rise but he is not to be identified yet. I was wondering why I saw Trump first and I understood that there is a connection between him and Obama as Obama has evil intentions towards Trump which is why Jesus wants us to continue to pray for Trump. (link added after the fact by Hope...dream from Pastor Paul's friend as confirmation)

Vision #58 - Volcanic Eruption in Canada

04/15/18 Sunday evg

As I am walking down the staircase I noticed my friend is walking towards me on my left from the expanse area. She waves at me. We walk the short distance to the vision area and I see the other saints/believers standing and waiting. We look at the screen

I’m shocked as I see an eruption of a mountain top. I see the blast of ash cloud billow up and down the side of the mountain. It destroyed everything in it’s path. My perspective changed as I was now on top of the mountain looking north and I saw mountain range as far as my eye could see. There was snow on the tops of all of them. Looking downward and below to my right, I saw a river not far in the distance. It looked like a ribbon from my perspective. It was surrounded by forest and flowing towards my right, going east. I asked Jesus if this river is related to the last vision and He replied “Yes.” No confirmation of the province that this occurs. And no confirmation of time frame. I understood that there is not a lot of warning with it. I also understood that there will be a lot of destruction and some human death. I understood that this is not as a result of climate change and that He is shaking the world. Jesus said: “The world is Mine and everything in it. I am returning soon. Wake up! Return to Me and repent! I am the Way the Truth and the Life. No one can come to the Father except through Me. I am the Alpha and the Omega, The Beginning and The End.”

Vision #57 - A River Runs Through It

04/13/18 evg

I watched myself walk down the staircase from the bottom looking up. I could easily fit 20 or more of me across the bottom stops as they gradually widened as I walked down. I think I’ve tried to figure the dimensions out before. I don’t know why I thought to try again. I saw Jesus standing on top of the staircase. He was smiling and as always I was too far away to see any great detail of His face. I saw myself greet my friend and we proceeded as always to the vision area. Nothing has changed.

The scene opened to a massive wave of water pushing around a bend of a river. I was at the river level perspective. The turbulent massive wall of water was travelling around from a right hand bend into a straight section. The water was so powerful that as it came around the bend, it took out a lot of tall pine or spruce trees on both sides that lined the shore of the river. There was forest on either side of the river and it’s not very wide. It came rushing down full of debris from trees and whatever else. I’m not sure at what point along the river this turbulent water was but I saw it take out a smaller scaled bridge and completely destroy several houses that were close to the shore. I understood that it is the result of some kind of natural disaster. Jesus did not confirm what the disaster is. But He did confirm that it is a river from North America and specifically Canada. I didn’t get any confirmation of which river I was looking at. The force of the water mixed with the trees reminded me of the movie Dante’s Peak where a river became a turbulent force of power after a volcanic eruption that took out forest, a bridge and whatever was in its path (see video). But the movie river was wider than the one in my vision. It is not imminent.

Vision #56 - Cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs of War ( 2 visions together)

04/13/18 evg

I walked down the staircase from the Throne room on my regular path. Jesus was standing beside me on the top of the stairs. I did look at Him from the bottom of the stairs at a distance from where I have often been standing in the expanse when I see see things around me. It was Jesus this time and not the angel. I greeted my friend and we walked a little closer to the vision area and looked at the screen.

It opened up to see a large military tank in front of me moving to my left. The landscape was the same that I saw in the previous vision #55 where it was rocky, hilly and light coloured rocks with sand. I didn’t see any trees. I noticed there are other tanks in the background as well moving in the same direction. They are navigating the rocky land. It looks like an army. Then I notice that same man again that I saw in the previous vision as well in vision #10- the man with thick black hair, a black mustache with a very short black beard. He was wearing a green military uniform like the picture I recently found with the military cap. But the picture is not of the man but just the uniform that I saw in my vision. He was leading in the front military tank. 

I looked up and I saw fighter jets in the sky moving from my right to the left in a V formation. I was too far away to recognize where they were from. Then I’m in the air and get a jet fighter view and I see the lush land of Israel below me. I saw the Sea of Galilee and further south the Dead Sea. I looked to my right in the air and I also saw an army coming from the north over land. They are proceeding to Israel as well. Then suddenly there is a flash as the entire screen lights up and I can only see bright for a few seconds. It came from my left. I didn’t see where it came or from or what caused it. Jesus didn’t confirm that with me. That’s all I was shown. Jesus did confirm that the nations represented here are coming at Israel are Iran and Russia but He didn’t confirm yes or no to any other nations.

Just a note to the readers. It’s my understanding that Jesus wants me to write just the facts now and not my interpretation unless Jesus gives it to me. If He chooses not to confirm something with me it’s because He wants people to just take it as it is. He wants people to stop assuming and making up their own interpretations which may bias the reader giving a false interpretation. I’m not quite understanding this directive but I will be obedient and do as He has asked. There is a reason for everything He does even if I don’t understand it. And as I remember- I know and see in part. Thanks.

Vision #55 


I see myself once again walking down the stairs from below in the expanse area. The staircase is large and white. I think I could put at least 5 of me across a step. As I’m watching me walk down the steps, I notice an angel standing on the top of the stairs. He has golden armour on with some red- maybe a red belt? (I asked my cousin about the angel and she said that the red is part of his breast plate and is shaped like a diamond. Cool! ) His hair is dark. His wings are folded behind him but the tips of them stick up far above his head. I greet my friend and walk the short path to the vision area where all the others have gathered. They are all wearing white robes. I stay in the back with my friend and the vision opens up to smoke from a battle.

I see missiles in the air flying from left to right from ships in a sea and missiles flying from right to left as if they are firing at each other. There is a man that fills the right corner of the screen. I remember him from vision #10. He has short black dark hair and has a dark mustache and a short dark beard.(but I saw mostly his thick dark mustache) I’ve seen him in a vision past regarding an attack on Israel as he was the military figure that stuck his head out of a military tank. He was some kind of military commander. I can see through the smoke that the ground is hilly, there is light coloured rock and sandy/dusty. I see a map of the Middle-East and there are black arrows that go from west towards Israel and arrows that go east from Iran/Syria towards Israel. It seems Israel is caught in the cross fire. There is a lot of smoke but I don’t sense a lot of destruction. The picture changes and I see Trump standing on my left wearing a suit but I can’t see who he is talking to. He’s moving his hand while he’s talking; pointing with his index finger and saying “We can’t allow this to continue.” Then I see pictures of Putin and the president of Iran- Hassan Rouhani. That is all I saw. Jesus didn’t confirm when this will happen or if there’s more. (Hope note - see vision 56)

Vision #54  - The Black Train

04/07/18 evg

From the Throne Room I went to the vision area. I took my regular path and met my friend and we turned to look at the screen. It opened up to a huge black old fashioned train moving fast and furious from the right to the left. I saw more of the front of it than the whole train but it flew by me at a great force. Then a red dragon appeared above the train. It was very detailed in appearance and it was looking east to my left. Then a map of Asia appeared and I saw that old fashioned black train as it was travelling across China and moving towards the Middle-East. I understood it represented power. Then a grizzly bear filled the screen and with the bear was a picture of Putin. Then the Chinese flag filled the screen. The map of Asia appeared again and I saw black arrows point to Israel. Then I saw the red dragon and the bear were together. Then I heard a voice say, “There is not much time left.” And I understood that things are moving at a very fast pace. I also heard Jesus say, “Continue to pray for Israel.”

Hope note - Sharlene sent me this picture and said the train looked like this only totally black.  Train

Vision #53 - Another Table of Kings

04/04/18 evg

From the Throne Room, I’m watching Jesus stand on top of the staircase as I look up from below in the expanse area. I’m seeing me walking down the stairs, greet my friend and join the others in the usual vision area. Different perspective! 

The vision opens to an expanse room with my perspective mid air. I see a semi-circular table with men sitting at a spot at the table with someone very important in the middle. This man is veiled. I’m seeing it from a distance and I’m at the 7 o’clock mid air. I can’t see any faces but I can see the 3rd man from the right of the man in the middle is wearing a Saudi red and white checkered head covering. He has a beard but I can’t see his face. This semi circular table is higher up than the floor as there is someone addressing the men from below and he is looking slightly up. I understand now that these are the 10 kings and the man in the middle is the veiled antichrist. I understand there is a tiered gallery of seats behind the man addressing the table of men or kings. It reminds me of the UN type seating but the building from Brussels keeps coming to mind; the one that looks like the tower of babel. My perspective changes and I see the gallery from the table position as if I was seated there and looking out. I can’t see anyone. The area is very veiled. But I do see a military soldier wearing a black uniform, armed with some kind of semi automatic weapon standing on the periphery of the gallery. I know there are more but I don’t see them. The guard is wearing a symbol on his military cap but I can’t see the detail. But I understand it has something to do with the NWO. Still at this perspective I glance to my right and see an oriental man wearing eye glasses and dark suit who was looking to his left as if in my direction but was in conversation with the man beside him. Because of the semicircular table I was able to see everyone at the table but I couldn’t identify any face. The Saudi king’s clothing is the only garment that identifies where he is from. I understood that the position of this Saudi as a king in this vision has something to do with vision #52. I’m wondering if the Saudi Prince in vision #52 is one of the kings in this vision of the NWO. Jesus didn’t give me confirmation.

Vision #52 - The Boiling Pot


I’m in a different area of the Temple. It’s the right side and there are pillars lined up and there is a partial wall from the floor maybe less than a ¼ height of the pillars which are those same tall white pillars I’ve seen in the temple. Over the white low wall is a part of heaven. I can’t see clearly but I think there are trees of some kind and I see some goldenish structures but a lot is veiled. I look ahead and it’s open. I’ve been here a few times before but this is the most I’ve ever seen so far. I am worshiping on the floor here. The area is expanse as I look ahead and I can’t see the end. Like a corridor but it’s part of an area of worship. There is a Throne in the distance to the left of my peripheral. I’ve seen myself very clearly wearing a white robe and prostrate on the floor alone. From here I tried to go to the vision area. This area is still there but how I got there I don’t know. I thought I walked there but I don’t know what was in between. I greeted my friend and went to the vision area.

I saw Prime Minister Netanyahu sitting and talking with a man with a white robe, red and white checkered head covering who was also sitting. There were others wearing white robes and those red and white checkered head coverings standing behind the head dignitary who was someone of great importance. I understand that this is the Saudi Prince. I could hear Netanyahu speaking Hebrew and they were in a serious conversation but it wasn’t heated or difficult. It seemed the PM was in agreement and reassuring. I’m looking at the group behind the Saudi Prince and they seem not happy and menacing. (Hope note - I fill this was somewhat fulfilled today as I read this article) The focus is on this group of Saudi men who are standing behind the Saudi Prince and the middle man is standing slightly ahead of the others as if he was the leader. I understand that these men do not like the Prince. And I also understand that his life may be in danger. The Prince has ulterior motives regarding Israel.

(my email question to Sharlene and her response)

Q:   The most interesting aspect of this vision is the "middle man" if he was the leader.  We all think the prince is the leader but perhaps he is only a mouthpiece.  Do you get a sense that this middle man is the AC or just someone who is upset with the prince?

A:   I sense he is just someone who is upset with the prince. He is not the ac. It reminded me of the leader of a gang.

Vision #51 - Trump...Or Not to Be?

03/31/18 evg

After a good time praying and spending time in my garden with Jesus, I understood that Trump is not dead in vision #50. Jesus says the prayers of the people change outcomes. Keep praying for him. I have peace about that.

From there I went to the Throne Room and walked to the vision area. Greeted my friend and the others in the area in the name of Jesus. I still can’t see any faces clearly. 

The vision opened up to see President Trump wearing a dark suit walking down the hallway of the hospital I had just previously seen in my last vision- #50. My perspective was different as I was in the foreground at the 5 o’clock position and he was walking out of the room on my left at the 11 o’clock position and down the hallway as if towards me. He proceeded to an exit at the end of the hallway, and walked down a few flights of stairs. There was a large black car waiting for him as he exited the building. It looked like a dignitary car. In the back seat of the car was also Vice President Mike Pence. Trump says: “What’s the next order of business?” The car drove down a highway and drives up to the White House and goes through the front gate, completely surprising the guard. There’s something really off with the guards reaction- not just that he wasn’t expecting the President but that fact that the President was alive. The scene changes and his family meet him on the lawn in front and there are hugs all around. The White House is in a tizzy. People are dashing and running. There is a person standing in a window, not too happy about what they see. Not sure who it is but a woman comes to mind. I’ll refrain from mentioning her name as I wasn’t 100% sure and Jesus didn’t confirm her identity.

Vision #50  - Trump...To Be?


This is a strange vision. I was in the Throne Room and went to the vision area as always, greeting my friend and others from the area but not seeing clearly any faces. 

The vision opened up to President Trump lying a hospital bed and it looked like he had been shot in the head just above his right eyebrow in his forehead. There was blood around the hole. He appeared dead. Then he sat up and I heard him say something like “They think I’m dead, but I’m very much alive!” The picture changed and I saw him standing by the bed wearing a dark suit and then turn to walk out of the room and down the hallway. My perspective was me standing in the room at the 5 o’clock position while his back was to me as he walked away. I asked Jesus what was going on here, as I was baffled. I was wondering if the administration foiled an assassination attempt? I think I understood that he doesn’t die and that it was a set up. I am not at peace with this. It is so terribly strange. I am not understanding it as it appears he is dead but his response says otherwise. I will pray for confirmation and more understanding. I know it is connected with vision #40  (see Vision 51 for clarity)

Vision #49 - Hounds of Hell


My vision began once again from atop of a mountain when I proclaim Ps 91 (which is from my prayer group prayer) Just before I was about to fly eagle presented himself to my right and I understood that I was to fly with him. I also had my armor on. We flew with me proclaiming Ps 91 over the earth. 

I then came to a Russian office as I saw Putin and a couple of dignitaries but I prayed over a woman wearing a suit sitting at a desk working with her computer. From there we went to an area in the clouds and I saw evil entities- dragon type and others flying up from below like they were coming out of something. It was concentrated from an area on earth. I wondered the location but I couldn’t see where we were. 

Suddenly I was battling! I took out my sword and I raised it and said “For Adonai and for the lost souls!” and slashed a dragon-type face and shot an arrow at it as well. There were other warriors across from me battling but only a few. I said to my eagle “We need more warriors!” We left the battle and he took me back to the Throne Room. The eagle stood beside me before Jesus. He was bigger than I thought as I had to look up to him to see his face. He is a bald eagle. I left to go to the vision room area. My friend met me and we turned to look at the screen. The screen was filled with the idol of Shiva, the one at CERN. I understood that the area where these entities were coming out of was from CERN. 

Then the picture changed to me seeing the land area where CERN was below the surface. My perspective was high in the sky. The picture changed to be underground and I saw a massive silver metal tunnel and a huge silver tube. Then I saw dark room which I understood was a scientist lab room. I couldn’t see anything but heard a lot of hissing, evil indiscernible talk, wings flapping. I knew this is where they were coming in from; the portal. Yikes! Jesus didn’t confirm with me if this is happening now or in the future. I went to google some pictures of CERN and I found these three that matched the closest descriptions as to what I saw in my vision.

Picture 1          Picture 2          Picture 3

So I asked Jesus about the vision and I my understanding is that CERN is the key to the shaft of the Abyss and will open the portal and evil will pour out. It is to come. We are to pray for more warriors and when the time comes, they will know when to fight.  

Vision #48 - Hell

03/25/18 Sunday evg 

From the Throne room, I took my regular path to the vision area. My friend met me but this time I noticed a few more saints there waved at me to join them. My friend walked with me to join the others and I felt surrounded by a group of saints. It was encouraging. But now I know why…

The vision opened up to see a dark place with an evil being at my 11 o’clock. I knew I was looking at a place in hell. My stomach felt immediate nausea. The evil entity was huge, had black horns, black face and red eyes which reminded me of a demonic bull head. His chest was thick and grotesque. I knew he had a high rank in the hierarchy with much power and was in charge of other evil entities and areas. He was standing over black rock and his view was a lake of fire. Below him were caves/cells within the black rock and I understood these as places where individuals are tortured. I heard screaming and crying as someone was being whipped. I heard chains as well. It was just sickening; so horrible. I felt so sick to my stomach. I didn’t feel the heat or smell. Jesus shielded me from that, but I felt despair, hopelessness, darkness, sorrow, pain, regret, anger and fear.

Then my perspective changed as I had the view from just below that huge entity so I was looking where I had just stood and saw more caves to my right in the black rock and the lake of fire to my left. I understood there were more souls in each of those caves and they were being tortured. The evil spirits were not around because Jesus was standing there with me. At first I didn’t see Him but I knew I could only see because of His glory. Then my perspective changed again as I stood closer to the lake of fire which was on my right and Jesus was now standing clearly just ahead of me on the black rock “shore.” He was about 3 meters ahead of me. The “shore” reminded me of volcanic black rock that I had seen when I was in Hawaii. The flames in the lake were high and a bright orange. I could hear a lot of screaming and moaning from there. Then I saw a soul at the edge of the lake as she was trying to get out. It’s not like a shore that you can just walk in. There is an edge and a drop into it. The poor soul said to Jesus, “Please forgive me! Help me Jesus! Just put a drop of water on my tongue- just a drop!” I saw Jesus turn to this soul and say: “You had many chances to repent before you died but you refused.” Jesus was so sad. I could barely handle that. It was just so incredibly sad. I didn’t see her face. I understood that hell is real, has different levels and that it is eternal. Oh Lord. People, give your lives to Christ. Don’t delay any longer!!!

Vision #47 - Pray for Pastor Andrew Brunson

03/23/18 late evg

It started with me on a mountain top that I often go to when I proclaim Ps 91 over the world. Just before I was about to fly on my own and pray, the eagle that I have flown on the back of in a past vision appeared to my right and beside me. I asked if He wanted to accompany me with my prayer. I got on His back and we flew with me proclaiming Ps 91 as we went. We came to a cell in a prison. 

I immediately saw a man sitting on the edge of something- maybe a bed or chair. He had his head in his hands and he looked so discouraged. I think he was crying and praying. My view changed here as I saw myself praying over him and I spoke in his right ear- continuing to pray the entire Ps 91 to him. From there I flew back to the Throne Room and I prayed for this man. I then understood that he is that pastor that has been in jail in a Turkish prison for some time. 

From there I went to join my friend in the vision area and we turned to view the vision. The screen opened up to the face of President Erdogan filling it. Then it changed to a courtroom and I saw the man from the jail cell sitting to the side in the area of the accused. He was in handcuffs. I heard the word “guilty” and he was lead away. Next scene he was being blindfolded. I wasn’t sure what that was about so I asked Jesus if he is sentenced to death. He replied that “We need to pray for him for his life is in danger.” I understood that prayer changes outcomes. Pray for this pastor; for his release and his life. I also understood that he is a pawn in a political battle.

Vision #46  - You can Walk on Water

03/21/18 late evg

I was worshiping in the Throne Room as always and decided to stay up to view the vision as I was getting interfered with (satanic) so I asked Jesus to stay with me on top of the stairs to view the vision like I did in #1. I saw my friend at the bottom of the stairs and asked her to join me up where I was. She came and we watched the vision together from there. It opened up to a body of water with high waves like a lake and it was night but I could see that the sun was about to come up. My perspective was as if I was standing on the water at the 6 o’clock position. I looked a head and in the foreground there was Jesus wearing a white robe walking on the water. I knew right away He was walking on the Sea of Galilee! I saw Him walking towards what looked like an old wooden fishing boat that appeared to my left and was at my 9 ‘o clock; the starboard side. It had 1 mast. I didn’t see a sail. It was filled with men who I understood were the disciples. I couldn’t see their faces clearly but I saw their beards. The waves were choppy causing the boat to be unsettled. Jesus was not that far away from the boat and suddenly I heard a man call out to Him but it wasn’t in English. I assume it was Aramaic. I heard him say Yeshua and something else which I didn’t understand but he was really excited. I understood it was Peter. Then I saw him jump over the side of the boat and start walking on the water! Wow! Jesus was just in front of him and they weren’t very far from the front of the boat- maybe just a couple of meters. Peter started looking down and immediately sank. I could hear him calling Jesus for help but in Aramaic. Jesus grabbed his arm and pulled him up. They walked to the boat and both got in. The waves calmed immediately.

I asked Jesus what was the purpose for showing me this vision? He replied “If you have faith and not doubt, you can do so much more; you can even walk on water. When you completely trust Me in all things, take up your cross and follow Me amazing things can happen. You must come before with a pure heart and with pure motives.” Then Jesus spoke quoting scripture. He gave me Matt 7:7-8Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be open to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks the door will be opened". Then He gave me John 14: 12-14Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in Me will do the works I have been doing and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in My name so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask Me for anything in My name and I will do it.” Lastly He gave me James 1:5-7If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, do not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Such a person in double-minded and unstable in all they do.”

I understood that this message is for ALL Believers. Jesus highlighted “without finding fault” to me because He wanted to be clear that sin hinders our relationship with Him. We should not expect to receive anything if we have unrepentant sin in our lives. He calls us to “Be holy for I am holy.”

Hope note -  Sharlene sees her visions with her eyes opened or closed.  In this case, satan tried to distract and disrupt her by showing himself to her for a brief second but she called upon the Lord and satan's face did not come back.

Vision #45  - The Locusts of Revelation 9

03/20/18  am

I was walking in the corridor or area that I believe is below the Throne Room in my perspective- that large expanse area that I always see from the top of the stairs.  I walk past the magnificent tall pillars and everything is still the same colour and brightness- white.  I meet my friend on the way and we walk to the vision area together. There are others there in white robes waiting for the vision to start as well.  

It opened up with what looked like a swarm of locusts over a town or city. I didn’t see the expanse, just the swarm over buildings. The picture changed to a close up of the insect – but it wasn’t an insect! They had a locust body but their faces looked like little evil demons! They also had tails with stingers on them. They reminded me of a short scorpion tails. I would say they were about 3 inches or so in length. They had small wings which had a funny metallic sound as they flew and I could hear a strange, evil voice coming from them. It was like out of a sci-fi horror movie. Wow and weird.

The scene changed as I saw these ugly creatures attack people walking in a park, on the sidewalk and while sitting in stands watching some kind of sporting event. They could sting right through their clothing. As the creatures stung the people, these horrid creatures would laugh an evil sounding laugh.  I saw people screaming and running in pain. I saw one man get stung on the left side of his neck.

The scene changed to a park. I was watching a couple holding hands walking by a pond on a path and the creatures ignored them. I saw the people were slightly illuminated or maybe it was their foreheads that were slightly illuminated. I saw them from the behind and to their right sides but then I moved so I could see their faces and I saw a mark on their foreheads. I didn’t see the detail of the mark but it was definitely there. I understood that no one else could see these marks except the creatures. I asked Jesus if this was from the Book of Revelation? And He replied “Yes, and it is to come.”

The scene changed to show people moaning and groaning in pain. Some were in beds, others were just sitting and not knowing what to do. There was a lot of despair as I understood that there was no relief for them. I asked if this occurs before or after the rapture and He replied “It’s not for you to figure that out. People need to stop obsessing about when the rapture will occur. They need to focus more on being ready, praying for the lost to repent and working for My kingdom- doing Kingdom work.

I looked up Rev 9:3-6 And out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth. They were told not harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. They were not allowed to kill them but only to torture them for five months. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes. During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.”

Hope here – I followed up with Sharlene about this, particularly about the tone of Jesus while He was speaking the second time. Sharlene said “He was firm, like a light rebuke. He wasn't angry.  My impression was that He was reminding us Believers that some are far too focused on trying to figure out a date of the rapture and/or when it will occur and debate it. He wants the Bride of Christ focused on kingdom work.  My own take is that it's one thing for us to try and place the rapture in scripture and study it but it's another when we become obsessed with it and the focus on what we are called to do is lost.  Matt 28:16-20 came to mind - Jesus' Great Commission. He was firm but not condemning me. I didn't feel like I was being belittled or shamed. And I also knew what He said was not directed at me. I don't obsess anymore over the rapture. I use to and He convicted me of that. I don't even know why I asked. I just did but now I understand as there is an important message to get out.

This is a really really strange vision. I don't like it at all. It's just so strange and weird. Like a movie.

Vision #44 – Giants will Terrorize the Earth...again

03/18/18 evg

I was spending time with God in worship and prayer. I don’t have a path from this area to the Throne Room. I’m just in the Throne Room after my time with Him. I went my usual path from there, down the stairs and to the vision area. My friend was waiting for me in the back as always. We greeted each other and turned to look at the screen. This is a strange vision. I don’t even know if I want to write about it as it seems so far-fetched and unbelievable.

The scene opened up with people looking up and running trying to flee from something. I felt the ground shake as this thing stepped and came closer. I then saw what appeared to be a giant! It stepped over people and on them! I could hear them screaming! I was looking at a forest or maybe a park? I saw tall green-leaved trees as it was summer.  Then I heard a voice clearly saying “As in the days of Noah.” I understood it was Jesus. I looked to my right and saw military vehicles, helicopters and soldiers negotiating with commanders a plan to trap it.  The scene changed to a clearing. It definitely looked like a park. I saw the area surrounded with military as if to trap him and take the giant down. He was now walking at the edge of the tree line furthest away from the clearing in the foreground of my view. I figured he may have been 50’ or more, was muscular; having a thick body, thick legs, thick arms and had tight fitted ancient looking armour on. It looked dark brown or black. He reminded me of Goliath from a previous vision but much much bigger. His hair was dark reddish and he had a beard. I could still feel the ground slightly shaking with each of his steps. He wasn’t agile and appeared kind of clumsy. The military then fired on him and I saw him fall in front of me (I was standing on the ground) onto his back with a huge thud. The ground really shook when he landed! His head was close to me at my 7 o’clock with his feet at my 2 o’clock. His head turned to his right side, I saw his tongue stick out of his mouth and I heard his last breath as he died. The whole vision reminded me of the Hulk movie when the army went after him but this giant wasn’t green or as big as the Hulk but the military sure went after it aggressively. It didn’t seem that difficult to shoot him down. I don’t understand why I would see another vision about the giants. I understood that they can be defeated and are related to the nephilim. They are not a conspiracy theory but are actual and real. But it sure was a weird vision.

Hope note – Sharlene and I discussed this vision a little bit. We were both reminded of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and how the giant wanted to eat Jack….just like nephilim did in the days before the flood. I was also reminded of Gulliver’s Travels and King Kong and the Jolly Green Giant food brand (talk about irony!). We know that the enemy hides things in plain site. Before you roll your eyes at the impossibility of this vision…let’s see what happened in the Bible.

There we saw the giants (the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.” Numbers 13:33

It seems that Sharlene did feel as small as a grasshopper in sight of this giant! If you have read or listened to L.A. Marzulli or Steve Quayle then you know that giants do indeed exist, and in fact our military has already encountered them in caves, but those giants were much smaller. It’s very possible that there are bigger giants in stasis under the ground, in the hollow earth. I've learned this through my research...another good Christian viewpoint comes from Justin Faull.

The Book of Enoch speaks of those that are under the earth for 70 generations and we also know that Revelation speaks of those who are released from the pit. Are they 50 feet tall? All we know is what Sharlene has seen and heard…what was in the days of Noah? Who built the pyramids and carved out these steps to the right? 

 Those who viewed humans like grasshoppers, that’s who!

(notice the tiny human steps to the left of the giant steps!)

Vision #43  - A Call to Be Ready


I saw a huge angel standing outside the temple gate in heaven. It is the same temple gate I walk into on my way into the Throne Room. He was standing to the right side of the gate and must have been incredibly tall because his feet dwarfed me. He was blowing a very long, bright silver trumpet. The sound was long blast, using only one note. He was wearing a long white robe that went to his ankles. There was a gold sash around his waist and his sandals were gold as well. His wings were not out but tucked in behind him so to speak, and the tips of them just behind and above his head. He wore no armour and reminded me of a messenger. I noticed that his hair was blonde! The picture changed to this angel in space with the earth below and the blast was blowing from space and the earth was receiving it. I understood it was a call to warn. I had to ask for confirmation about this and have peace about 1 Cor 14:8. A warning of what it to come and to be ready to battle spiritually.

I would also like to describe the area where the angel stood a little more. Where the angel stood is on the top of the stairs that I go up on my way to the Throne Room and to my right. He stands near a half wall facing me. The area is very expanse. I’ve seen me there and I’m tiny like a large insect. I have seen a similar angel there several times where the huge one was blowing the silver trumpet but the other is smaller in stature, maybe 7-8’ and usually blows a rams horn to call for worship. When I walk through the temple gate, I pass by 2 giant pillars. They are incredibly high and I can’t measure them; much the same height as the pillars in the vision room area. I have looked to my left to see a valley below with green possibly grass and a river flowing through it but much of it is veiled. I have seen some to the right but most of that part of heaven is veiled to me.

(after reading Number 10:10)   It seems that one blast is a call to assemble and to set out. Which for me translates to: Be ready to go. Be prepared to go out. Be spiritually prepared why? A warning to be prepared.  This just reminded about word given to me a couple of months ago : a warrior angel told my cousin to tell me "do not forget what I know" As if to remind me that i'm being prepared emotionally, spiritually and with knowledge/wisdom for what is to come. We are all being called to repentance, a warning to return to the Lord and be prepared spiritually, emotionally and probably physically for what is to come. 

Vision #42 - A Nation Mourns

Mar 14/18 pm

I was in the Throne Room and just before I turned to go down the stairs, ( I was facing the right corner of Jesus on His Throne) I looked to my right and saw others worshiping close to the steps that go up to the stage where Jesus sits on His Mercy Seat. I waved and someone waved back but I didn’t see their face. Going down the stairs, I saw my friend, and as I was walking towards her, I happen to look down at my feet and I was barefoot and wearing sandals! I also saw the hem of my white robe! I’ve never noticed that before! That’s new. Wow! Also the floor appeared smoother today. I saw also my friend a little more clearly and she is very young, like how she looked when she got married. (I was at that wedding) We turned to look at the screen. 

My view opened to see a massive cemetery with thousands of white crosses in rows, each one marked with a soldier’s name. They reminded me of the crosses from WWll. There were so many! A soldier wearing a dark uniform and a red cap was standing in front of the cemetery to my left and was playing a trumpet or horn. I heard him play taps- that music that they play when a soldier has passed away in battle. I understood that all of America could hear it. It was like a national funeral service. I saw an American flag flown half mast nearby. In the distance to my right were many people attending, all wearing black; dresses, suits like what you would wear at a formal funeral. There were many black cars, with dignitaries and families of the soldiers standing, weeping, mourning. It was so sad; so much sorrow. A man was speaking behind a pulpit, addressing the families of the fallen soldiers and the nation. He was too far away for me to recognize him. He may have been a pastor or minister as he was trying to speak words of comfort and encouragement. He wasn’t wearing a uniform. I understood this vision was connected to vision #22 Feb 4/18  (Hope note - I sent Sharlene a link to Arlington Ntl Cem and she had not heard of it)

Vision #41 - Unpredictable Weather

03/13/18 am

This is a difficult vision. 

I am experiencing a different path to the vision area this am. I had been spending time with God and decided to go and see if there was another vision. I found myself walking towards the vision area but I was walking in the area that I usually see from the top of the stairs! I was walking by the large white pillars to my right which dwarfed me and the area was open as it was of great expanse. I could see the stairs that I usually go down from the Throne Room to my 2’oclock . I saw the staircase meet the floor below as I walked closer and they widened at the bottom and seemed to curl outward. There were a couple of saints in white robes as I walked by but I saw no faces. Everything was a bright white and looked like marble. I met and greeted my friend in the back of the group with the Believers/saints and we turned to view the screen.

The vision opened to a storm over an ocean. The waves were huge, the clouds were dark but I understood it was daytime. There was a lot of lightening striking the ocean straight down repeatedly in the near distance. It was very windy. I was wondering if it was a hurricane. My perspective was mid air looking downwards. Then a white ship came into view from my right- a cruise ship. My perspective changed to a higher position in the air looking at the ship and I could see that it was struggling with the waves which dwarfed it. Then I saw it capsize! I understood they will all perish! Then the scene changed and I saw a picture of the Caribbean. I understood that the storm was unpredicted and came fast and hard. Jesus mentioned that “I am shaking the world with unpredictable weather to warn the people to repent and be reconciled to Me. It is not climate change! I am in control of the weather. Repent and return to Me.” I asked Jesus when this event will occur and He said “Very soon.”

Hope note - I've noticed that Sharlene's views of the vision room and pillar area are expanding and more detailed.  I would encourage you to look further into that in Scripture, because surely there is a reason the Lord is allowing this. If you feel led, do some research on what the OT prophets saw, as well as John.  

Vision #40 - Trump Followup

03/11/18 Sun evg

From the Throne Room I went my usual path to view the visions. It opened up to what I thought may be an explosion in the sky; possibly some kind of solar or cosmic event? I saw many massive flares bursting outward all around which might have been from the sun? I didn’t get confirmation on that. I’m wondering if this event occurs before that.

I’m about to see. The picture changed to a hospital scene. It was evening and the sun was beginning to set. I saw black figures propelling themselves from the top down the side of what looked like a red or brown bricked hospital building. Maybe 3 figures. I understood they are assassins. The scene reminded me of a action/military movie. Then swat teams shows up and ran into the building at the ER entrance which is to my lower right (5 o’clock position). I am mid air looking at the hospital and in order to see most of the building I have to see it from a bit of a distance. The scene changes to the President in a hospital bed and the room is well guarded; there are people; agents, staff, military in and out of the room- they are everywhere! It appears there is chaos and confusion in the hospital after the swat teams burst on the scene. I understood that this is created as part of the deception as there are still plans for another assassination attempt of the President’s life. Someone betrays Trump from within the military. I see someone dressed in dark military garb at the end of a hallway of the hospital talking to someone by an exit door to the stairs. There is smoke or fog in the hallway- maybe tear gas? Jesus says that “We need to continue to pray for his (Trump’s) protection.” This vision is related to the vision #29 Feb 17/18.

Vision #39 - "We have been Deceived!"

03/09/18 a.m

My vision was very short (Sharlene is on vacation).  I wasn’t much in the Throne Room as I had been spending time with God in the very veiled Shekinah glory. I went to the vision area and greeted my friend and looked at the screen.  It opened up to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sitting over a desk in an office in grief. His right elbow was on the desk and his hand was on his forehead. He was clearly upset. Then he spoke “We have been deceived!”  Then he began praying in Hebrew and I heard him say “Adonai.” I understood he was calling for help. 

The scene changed as I was looking over a highway in Israel as if in a helicopter perspective. The highway was packed. It looked like people were fleeing south. There was chaos.

Hope note - I originally felt this deceiver was enemies of the state of Israel.  I emailed my thoughts to Sharlene and she said, " My understanding in the vision is that the deception is due with the antichrist." Glad we cleared that up!

Vision #38 - Ring of Fire

03/08/18 am

My vision occurred while I was receiving treatment for my sinuses.  I found myself feeling I needed to be safe so I went to the Throne Room and saw some of Jesus’ robe touching the floor. It was a pure bright white. I lifted a part of it and hid underneath. I saw myself doing this and I was really tiny! I’ve never done this before. This was new for me as I have never seen His robe long. It always just went to His ankles. Now it was folded in a couple of layers sitting on the white shimmery floor. Then I sensed someone wanted to get my attention. It seemed urgent.

I got out from under the robe and saw my friend. She wanted me to follow her and seemed like she was in a hurry, so I ran with her to the vision room.  We looked straight away at the screen. Interestingly, I don’t remember going down any stairs. We passed several huge pillars but much of our journey there was veiled.  The scene opened up to a mountain ranges shaking incredibly and crumbling. The tops of them were falling. Some of the mountains were falling into the ocean. I saw a mountain crumble and fall on a city below completely destroying it.

Then the picture changed and a map of what we would call the “ring of fire” filled the screen. I understood that the ring of fire would go off like a domino effect and volcanoes will blow and strong earthquakes will occur. I was also aware that this vision is related to vision #36. There will be horrific destruction. Sigh.
In his presence the mountains quake, and the hills melt away; the earth trembles, and its people are destroyed.  Nahum 1:5

Vision #37 - The Future of Putin


After worshiping in the Throne Room I looked to my left standing by the stairs and I noticed many saints bowing and praying before the Lord. I heard someone praying in tongues powerfully. That’s new! Meeting my friend, I greeted her in the name of Jesus and we turned to look at the screen.

It opened up to Russian soldiers marching down a street with huge tanks behind them as they were displaying their power. I recognized them immediately as Russian because they have that different style of marching; they bring their legs straight out and I recognized their uniforms. Then the picture changed to a map of Asia which included Russia and the Middle-east. I saw big black arrows pointing from Russia to Israel and to the USA. But the arrow was most concentrated on Israel. (bigger and thicker black) 

Then Putin’s face filled the screen. I heard Jesus talking and mentioning that “Putin will stay in power because of the corruption in their government. But I see it all. I will use him for My purposes regarding Israel; I will hook him and and they will go against her and then he will fall. I will bring him to his knees and he will know that I am The Almighty God.” I asked Jesus if He uses Putin much like He used king Nebuchadnezzar against Israel and He replied “Yes.”

UPDATE:  Completion of what Jesus told Sharlene....PUTIN WINS ANOTHER TERM

Vision #36 - Falling Stars

03/04/18 sun evg.

After my time in the Throne Room, I went to go down the stairs to the vision area. I saw my faithful friend in the back and she hugged me and we turned to view the screen. It was strange as everything was mostly in darkness. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I then understood I was in space and where I was looking was suppose to be the sun, but it was gone or covered or something. Then to my left around my 11 o’clock I saw a large red moon. The earth was below but I could barely make it out because it was so dark. Then suddenly there were what appeared to be little stars falling towards the earth. They were basically the only source of light as they illuminated the earth a little better. The little stars reminded me of shooting stars and there were thousands of them falling downwards towards the earth. I asked Jesus what He was trying to show me and He gave me Joel 2: 30+31. “I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke, the sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.”

Hope note - I asked Sharlene if she thought the falling stars were actually angels and she said, " I did not sense they were angels. I thought they were actual stars or meteors; something as you say 'cosmic' and to do with judgment. "  I then asked her if they were specifically headed to earth and she said yes they were headed to earth...." they were actually literally falling; dropping to the earth as they went straight downwards."  

Vision #35 - Marriage Banquet

03/02/18 evg

The Vision Room - I went from the Throne Room and as I stood on the top of the stairs, I looked to my left and saw the Altar of incense but veiled. I panned some of the area and as I glanced, the area illuminated brightly then as I continued to move my eyes the area became veiled once again. I saw a little more but not much. I walked to my friend who was clearly wearing a white robe and the Believers/saints were also wearing white robes. I noticed that they all seemed very excited and joyful. I saw a few faces as they were facing one another and joyfully talking but I didn’t recognize them. Someone else waved to me to my right but I didn’t see their face. I greeted them all warmly in the name of Jesus. We turned to the screen. It opened up to a long wide table that started in the foreground and continued straight ahead but I didn’t see it end. It was beautiful, lavished with food and delights beyond understanding. There were chairs on both sides.  It was rather veiled but I was thinking it was gold

The Marriage Supper - I saw the Believers/saints standing with Jesus on my left. Then on my right came multitudes of people wearing white robes approaching the table. Jesus then became very tall, wearing a beautiful white robe too and the glory of the Lord filled the area. The area was veiled but Jesus allowed to see a glimpse of it but was too bright for me to see anything. He held his hand out to welcome them. And said “Come, my bride, this is your marriage banquet. I will eat with you and you with Me.” The scene changed to everyone seated and eating enjoying themselves and having a wonderful time! Jesus then said “This is your inheritance- for those who believe in Me, have repented, remain faithful and endure to the end. Look, I am coming soon and my rewards are with me and I will give according to what each person has done.”

03/01/18 - Prayer is Important

I just wanted to share something new that happened to me while I was being treated today. I regularly go and get treatment for my sinuses and during my resting time, while I was laying still, I went before the Lord and tried to go to the vision area. I saw the Believers/saints there when I was at the top of the stairs but as hard as I tried, I wasn't able to go down to them. The area was getting smaller and smaller as if I was going up and up. 

I found myself in outer space but did not see anything else or how I got there.  It was silent and dark except I could see the stars, some other galaxies and a few planets that were small from my perspective. It was amazing! Then my perspective changed and I was watching me floating in space but I wasn't moving. Suddenly a bright white light- like a large beam- came from my left and flashed like lightening as it went passed me. It was moving with purpose and it was angled slightly downward.  I understood instantly that it was an angel moving at the speed of lightening towards earth. I watched it move down towards earth. The earth from where I was appeared as a small dot and it was to my right and down at an angle. I saw a few more of these streaks of light; bright flashes move towards earth. I didn't get to see where they were going or what was the urgent need. I had wondered what it was all about. My treatment was over and I thought to ask Jesus about it later. So in the evg, I wrote it all down and went to my garden and asked Jesus about it. He said that "Someone (or people) was praying and needed immediate help and assistance. Prayer is important."  It was a visual testimony of a glimpse into the spiritual realm of what the power of prayer can do. Angels work hard and quickly when called by God.  

Vision #34 - Tsunami hits Vancouver, BC

03/27/18 evg

I went to the vision room area from the Throne Room as always. I went down the stairs and found myself standing beside a pillar with my friend instead of meeting at the vision area in the back. She was smiling and happy to be with me. I smiled back. I looked up this time and for the first time I saw the golden shine of a very high ceiling but I believe it was somewhat veiled. We walked to the vision area. No words were spoken. We turned to look at the screen. The scene opened to a rocky shore line, by an ocean which was lined with huge pine or spruce trees. My perspective was mid-air and I was looking north so the trees were on my right and ocean to my left. It immediately reminded me of the British Columbia coastline. The shoreline area had no water or the tide was out as it seemed it had disappeared. 

Then a huge strong wave came and hit the trees with such an incredible force that it snapped them like match sticks all the way up into the side of the mountain. I saw mountains in the background. In a new scene, I saw this wave cover a large city by an ocean which I knew right away was Vancouver. (see vision 25) I asked Jesus if this wave was caused by an earthquake and He replied “Yes.” I asked when is this suppose to happen and He replied “Very Soon.” I understood it was judgement; consequences of unrepentant sin. Jesus mentioned that “They have removed me from their laws, schools and lives. They follow their own evil desires and are rebellious and wicked. Much that they do grieves Me. Pray for this city.

Vision #33 - Meteor Targets Salt Lake City

02/26/18 early evg.

I was about to go down the stairs to the vision area and I looked to my left. I saw a veiled Altar of Incense with grey wisps of smoke rise from it. I knew that the smoke was from the prayers of the Believers. I went to the vision room area. I greeted my friend and we looked at the screen. 

It opened to me sitting in a canoe seeing in that perspective. I was on a beautiful pristine lake, smooth like glass surrounded by mountains. It was breath taking. I heard a roar above me and I looked up to see a bright light and a row of thick smoke behind it. I knew immediately it was a meteor. I went up to follow it to see where it would go. It went over the mountains and it hit a city situated in a valley surrounded by mountains. The entire city was destroyed. I asked if this is a Canadian or an American city and I didn’t get a confirmation either way. But when I googled a city surrounded by mountains and was by a lake, Salt Lake City, Utah came up. I sensed that there is judgment coming to this city. I prayed for confirmation. I asked Jesus if this is the city in question and He replied “Yes.” Jesus mentioned that “They have twisted the Word of God and their foundation is based on a lie.” I understood that He was referring to Mormonism. 

Vision #32  - Antarctica and the "Aliens"

02/24/18 evg

I was in my regular area in the Throne Room and went to the vision area. It hasn’t changed. Everything looks the same. I greet my friend and we turn to look at the screen. It opened with funny cartoon alien spaceships flying around with crazy cartoon aliens in them. They were round with glass tops so you could see the funny creature in them. I thought at first if my eyes were playing tricks on me so I closed my eyes and tried to look again. I still saw these funny space ships zipping and zagging around in the sky leaving cartoon exhaust as they flew. There were a few of them. But then their faces changed and they were no longer cartoon. I see full out demonic faces in these real space ships. Oh my word! I get it now. I’m being shown how the deception starts with what is perceived as innocent cartoons for children; funny cute aliens which seem harmless, but in reality, are brainwashing them to believe in something that has completely ulterior and sinister motives. I understood that Jesus was showing me the threat is real. Immediately Disney came to mind. There are those that are part of an occult elite group who work under the disguise of children’s movies. Rather creepy but I’m not surprised. Satan hates children and will use anything to get to them. I understood that their message is to promote aliens are friends which is completely false.

There was a second part to my vision which I don’t understand the connection. In a new scene, I saw a gigantic wall of ice break away from what appeared to be part of the Antarctic ice shelf? There was an earthquake and it caused more breaking away of these giant walls of ice to fall into the ocean. I saw a birds eye view of the top of the ice and it was a huge ice field and it had a massive crack down the middle. I’m wondering what the aliens have to do with the Antarctic. What is the significance and what is being revealed here? The name Steve Quayle suddenly pops into my head. I went to google his name as I thought he had written books on giants but the first book I came across that he wrote was Empire Beneath the Ice. I just sat in awe as the front cover had the EXACT picture of the space ships I saw flying around in my vision, first in cartoon then in real! Oh my word!! Wow. (see vision 17)

Hope note - as many of you know, this is my FAVORITE subject!  The Fallen under the earth!  IMO it is THE GREAT DECEPTION and their first order of events is to uncover our "ancient ancestors" buried under Antarctica.  This is the first step in the deception because people will believe it.  People will believe there was a pre-adamite race because it is written already in older books and texts and hieroglyphics. Christians already believe and some even promote this (NOT Bibilica!).  Yet we know that only divine beings existed on earth before Adam...and those of the fallen beings mated with women and created giants.  Many were caught in the flood and flash froze when the pole shift occurred and Antarctica went cold instead of hot.  They are NOT human nor our ancestors.  I hate the lies but the Truth can be found in the Word!

Sharlene sent this attachment for Steve Quayle's book.  It is one of the few that I've not read about what's under the cold continent. 

Vision #31 - Emergency!

02/23/18 a.m.

I went from the Throne Room area down the stairs noticing the area is still the same. The Believers/saints are there and so is my friend. They seem to be unsettled like something has happened. My friend and I turn to see what is going on. 

The vision opens up to someone covered in blood being rushed on a gurney down a hospital hallway with nurses and dr’s. There is a lot of commotion going on in the ER department. Another ambulance drives up with another victim. I can hear sirens filling the air. A horrific incident has occurred and I understand it’s an explosion of some great significance and there are many casualties. The scene changes and my perspective is in the air like a helicopter view. I can see a large area that once was a complex of some kind that has been flattened by an explosion. I get a picture then of a school bus but the people on the gurneys were adults. I’m wondering if the bus represents a place of study, like a university or college? The picture changed to that of a school with red bricks and has chain-linked fence or metal fencing of some kind. I asked if it’s 2 places and Jesus replied “No”. It’s one place. Is this in the USA? “Yes.” The vision ends with police, fire trucks and emergency vehicles at the scene of the explosion. People are looking for survivors. There is chaos.

Vision #30 - Asian sex Traffickers

02/19/18 evg

I finished worshiping and praying in the Throne Room and sensed Jesus standing there to say there is another vision to view. Walking down the stairs, I noticed that the Believers/saints are either standing or walking around among the others. The tone was hushed or there was murmuring. I saw my friend once again standing in the back of the group. I greeted her in Jesus name, we hugged and she said hi. But there was no conversation. She is always on my left. We turned to face the screen. It opened up with me standing on a dock looking up at a huge black bow of a big ship. I saw the anchor chain and each ring was almost the size of the man working near it on the dock. There wasn’t a lot of activity on the dock. It was evening. 

Then the picture changed to a mid air side profile and I knew it was a cargo ship.  I saw the cargo containers stacked on top of each other. There was some activity going but not a lot. Then I saw a man open a container door and children walked out- some were young teens, others were maybe between the ages 6- 10. It was shocking. They were scared. I’m having a really tough time watching this. I look at my friend and then Jesus. This is so incredibly difficult. I watch as the man makes them leave the ship. My view is now back on the dock and I see a semi trailer truck parked near the ship facing me. It was a red tint with a white trailer ( I saw it from a bit of a distance and I believe the sun was setting so it was in a shadow).  Then my view changed to the back of the semi trailer and I watch the children forced to walk up a plank and into the back of the trailer. The man is wearing a dirty white shirt, and has East Indian skin color, has black hair and a medium length black mustache. He had a visible gun. I’m thinking can’t people see this? And it’s my understanding that they are aware but can’t do anything about it or they’d be killed. I ask is this related to sex trade trafficking and Jesus replied “Yes.” Oh Lord. Then I asked if they are being taken to government or high ranking officials and that they are involved with this? Jesus replied “Yes”. I understood this is a reoccurring issue. I asked where they are going- can you please tell me that? I hear “Asia.” I didn’t hear a name of a city. I also asked where the children are from and I get an understanding that they are from India. Jesus, I said, this is so hard to see. He knows. He said “Pray that they will be exposed.” I immediately prayed over the children and went to them and told them Jesus hears them, knows them, loves them and not to be afraid. I’m sick to my stomach. I was shown this to remind everyone the importance to continue to pray! Pray that that the captors in this ring will be exposed and brought to justice. But not just for this ring but for others around the world. Nothing is impossible with God!! Lord please.

Hope note - I communicated with Sharlene about this vision.  She said she felt that the semi-truck was a North American truck.  My interpretation of this additional detail MAY be that North America is involved in this terrible transaction, and that the children may be victims of satanic ritual abuse based on the higher up leaders and reoccurring.  This is just my impression.

Vision #29 - The Shot heard Round the World

02/17/18 Late evg.

The Vision Room - After the Throne Room time, I am aware that Jesus is there to let me know there is another vision to view. Going down the staircase, I look to my left this time I could see an expanse open area, more than I ever saw before. I also saw a couple more gigantic white pillars in the distance which are in a row but spaced far apart. The floor is beautiful as it appears white, pearly-gold and it shimmered. (it’s difficult to describe) and I know I see it because of God’s glory who is the source of the light. As I’m looking and still walking down the grand staircase, I can see a few saints, I’d say less than 5, wearing white robes that are dwarfed by the pillar I have often seen in the foreground to my left about my 9 o’clock as they walk by towards the vision area. The grand open area reminds me of a beautiful ball room but 10x the size. The vision room area has other Believers/saints who remain veiled but I believe they are wearing robes. My friend is there too in the back waiting for me. We turn to face the screen. 

Trump - It opens with seeing a beautiful waterfall. Then the scene changed to show President Donald Trump speaking behind a podium on a stage as he is addressing some kind of outdoor function. He is wearing a suit. His wife is behind him sitting to his left (wearing high heeled shoes. I’m not sure why I saw that) with what looks like many possible dignitaries or agents that protect him. It is breezy as I see his hair tussled by the wind. Suddenly I see The President get shot! It looks like he’s hit in the right side of his chest/shoulder area possibly. It was hard to tell. It happened so fast. The view changed to me seeing a side view of the stage to Trump's left, and watching him fall to the ground. There is screaming, and running and people are moving fast as I see agents immediately surround him. There are also people surrounding the President’s wife. There is chaos and screaming as people are running looking for cover. I didn’t see another shot. There was only one. I asked Jesus if the President dies and He replied “No” but then He said to “Pray for his protection.” My understanding is that there is a planning for an attempt on his life and we need to pray for Trump's protection. Prayer changes outcomes. Also Jesus didn’t clarify what the waterfall has to do with the President’s attempt on his life. Please cover your president with prayer!

UPDATE:  Sharlene says the waterfall looks very similar to this one.   Jurong Falls

Vision #28 - Planet X and the Asteroid

02/16/18 9:30 pm

Vision Room - Jesus is still King of Kings sitting on this Mercy Seat in the Throne Room. I spent time just being still before Him then went into praise and worship. Jesus was there letting me become aware that there was another vision to see. I walked to the “vision room.” As I was walking down the staircase, I noticed I could see more of the expanse of the room. There were more pillars to see in the distance. They are very tall, maybe 200’ high or higher as the ceiling is veiled but it’s there. I noticed them to be smooth and solid white sitting on rounded mounds on the bottom. The mounds are smooth too. To try and describe how big the bottom mounds are, I’ve seen a Believer/saint standing near one of the closer ones near the vision room area, the Believer is very small and maybe near ½ the height of it. My saint friend was standing in the back of everyone. I also noticed now that she is wearing a white robe.  The rest of the Believers remain veiled.  She greeted me with joy and a hug and we again looked towards the screen. She didn’t speak to me.

Asteroid -  The vision opened with a scene from outer space and a large asteroid filled about half the screen. My perspective was seeing it from behind and it’s right side. It was slowly spinning closely beside a partial view of what appeared to maybe be an orange/brown planet. I could see stars in the distance and a few other planets but I didn’t recognize them. Suddenly the asteroid exploded as a giant force hit it but I didn’t see what it was. Then I saw many smaller pieces of the asteroid spinning faster and heading what I understood was towards earth. I saw earth in the far distance as a dot. I asked Jesus if these meteors hit the earth and He replied “Yes.” But I understood that they don’t destroy it. I heard Him say something about ”1/3 of the earth will be destroyed.” He wasn’t specific as to what 1/3 will be destroyed. I asked if this also is to happen soon and He replied “Yes”. So not "very" soon. I understood that it is part of the wrath of God. It is also connected to my vision 13 written Jan 24/18.    Revelation 8 Judgments

Hope note - it is my opinion that Sharlene is in the vision room with the "cloud of witnesses" from Hebrews 12.  Who makes up these witnesses?  The writer of Hebrews clearly tells us in the previous chapter.  They are Old Testament saints and those who have gone before us...the dead in Christ (Stephen may be the one pointed to in Heb 11:37.  Sharlene has also told me that her friend from previous visions is now identifiable to her as someone who passed a while a few years back.  The people in Heaven are more alive than we are!  They are our friends, family, and those from the Bible (vision 20) and others we have yet to meet!  I feel that Jesus is showing us two things in these to come, and a description of a part of Heaven. I have read of others who go to this place to "see" what is happening below.  Sharelene leaves the Throne Room in order to see this vision screen.  How exciting that we get to be a part of what she is seeing in Heaven...we are like the cloud of witnesses only from below! 

Vision #27 - Obama Worships the Antichrist

02/15/18 am

After my time in the Throne Room, I sensed Jesus encouraging that there was another vision to see. As I stood on top of the staircase that goes down to the other Believers/saints below what I call the vision room, I saw more of the area. The space was huge! I saw more pillars in the distance and larger one closer to my left. The saints were really small from the top so this staircase is higher up than I thought. The Believers were below to my right but some were at about my 1 o’clock. As I got to the bottom to join the others my unidentified friend came to me and hugged me. I saw her face! I will leave that private as it’s too emotional for me to share that right now. I will hold it loosely but my suspicions are correct in who it is. Nevertheless, I will stay focused on my task at hand. She stood beside me on my left as we viewed the giant screen. The vision opened up to me seeing a man wearing a suit and having nice shoes walking down a street or a corridor with people on either side cheering him and bowing down to him. My perspective was as if I was just above him looking down. I did not see his face. The corridor or street path went towards some kind of official place like a temple or significant place of worship. 

The scene changed to seeing Obama getting out of a parked black car as someone had opened the door for him like he was some kind of great dignitary. People were cheering and he waved. Journalists were taking pictures covering the event. He got out on the right side of the car and proceeded to walk towards a man who was surrounded with an entourage; soldiers, men in suits and body guards type- like officers that surround a President. The man is the man of mystery and his face is shrouded in a blurred vision (see vision 9) so I can’t identify him. He was wearing a suit and had those nice shoes on. Obama then walked up some stairs to shake his hand and slightly bowed towards him to give the man of mystery honour. The crowd in the background continued to cheer as journalists continued to cover the event. Then the man of mystery and Obama walk up some more steps which looks like the steps of the seat of satan. Then Obama stops before half way and watches as the man of mystery proceeds to walk up to the top of the stairs alone. The man of mystery stands on the top of the stairs on the platform, faces the crowd, raises his arms and expects praise and worship. Obama bows and worships the man of mystery. The crowd were thousands. I understood that Obama is some kind of assistant who has been given great authority; like a man second in command. I asked Jesus what Obama’s title is and He didn’t respond. He gave me the understanding that Obama will have great authority. I am sick with what I’m seeing yet not surprised. Oh Lord it’s overwhelming.

Vision #26 - New York Tsunami, Russians at Fault

02/11/18 Sunday evg.

Another difficult vision.

After my time worshiping Jesus in the Throne Room, I went to the vision room. My saint friend that I’ve been encountering whom I still can’t identify, was standing in the back as if to wait for me. We stood beside each other with my friend on my left and we looked at the screen together. The vision opened up with President Putin’s face filling the screen. Then I saw some kind of Russian fighter jet/aircraft flying high over the Atlantic Ocean and flying towards the USA. I saw New York City in the horizon. Then the scene changed as I saw a huge underwater explosion which was in the Atlantic Ocean. I understood it was nuclear. I am wondering what the connection is with Russia and the nuclear explosion. Jesus didn’t clarify that. 

The scene then changed again as I was looking north mid air at an incredible massive wave that dwarfed the tall buildings on the edge of a city. I understood it was New York City. The wave poured over everything in sight. It hit fast and hard as I saw tall buildings collapse like dominoes one against the other. I turned my head west and saw that the water surge went far into the city and immersed it. I didn’t hear anyone screaming or see anyone running. They didn’t know what hit them. It was daylight. I asked Jesus, when will this happen. He replied “Soon.” I said “There will be a significant lot of loss of life.” Jesus replied, “Yes, they refuse to listen and repent. They are a wicked city.”

Vision #25 - NW Subduction Zone EQ & Tsunami

02/10/18 Sat. around 8 pm

I had been worshiping Jesus as King in the Throne Room. My perspective of the vision room- it’s what I’m calling it now- was changing as I was noticing more details of the room. It is huge and I can’t see the ceiling. I saw pillars ahead of me in the distance and the staircase was stately, bright white and wide but not steep. The Believer/saint that I have been encountering remained veiled but stood up to welcome me. I went there. I greeted the saint and we both turned to the giant screen.

The vision opened up to me standing on a beach in front of an ocean. I looked at the horizon and a giant wave appeared. It didn’t take long to see that it was the biggest wave I’ve ever seen! It was like out of a movie and may have been 100’. I looked to my right and my perspective changed to mid-air and I was looking north. I saw a mountain range at my 1 or 2 o’clock. There were a few people on the beach walking in a daze. I saw a few buildings that looked like they had previously collapsed. There was destruction that already had occurred. The wave was fast approaching, was about to hit and I heard screaming and saw people running but there was no place to go. The wave poured over the area and and covered everything. I looked east to see the surge travel inward for miles and miles. It was so devastating. I also saw that this wave affects Vancouver BC but I didn’t see any destruction or what occurs as a result. I understood then that the area was the NW subduction zone and the tsunami wave was the result of a massive earthquake that had hit this zone. I asked Jesus when this was to happen and He replied “Very Soon.” Lord have mercy.

Vision #24 - Fly like an Eagle


This morning I had a beautiful vision of encouragement to all the Believers. As I was standing by a lake and forest and i looked up into the sky and I saw it full of giant eagles and we were riding on their backs as they were flying!! It was a beautiful sight. Earlier, in my devotions and time in my garden where I often sit on a bench with Jesus by a stream that runs in my garden, a bald eagle that I have seen recently was suddenly huge. Before, he was my height when I was sitting on the bench. Now he was a giant eagle, dwarfing me. I was then sitting on his back and we soared over a forest and an ocean!  I was so encouraged. The song "They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength" came into my head.  Jesus gave me Isaiah 40:31 "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." I heard Jesus say to all the Believers "For all who's hope is in ME, you will fly and soar like the eagles." I understood that this is to be a reminder for us to trust Him for what is to come.

Hope note - I asked Sharlene about the Garden and she said she learned how to set one up for herself, from this video by Dr. P Green

Vision #23 - Asian Volcano Eruption

02/05/18 11pm

It was late and I sensed I needed to ask Jesus if there was another vision. I went to the place where I always see my visions. The other saints/Believers were there too. They are always veiled so I don’t know who they are. I turned to look at the screen and immediately I saw a volcanic eruption from a single mountain. My view was seeing the volcano in the background of the screen to the left. The huge pyroclastic grey cloud was very evident as it blew high into the air. I saw an orange/black explosion after that of lava pouring out of the mountain top. In the foreground of the scene, Asian looking children and adults were screaming and running towards me. I saw a face of a young person- maybe a teenager- with a look of terror. It was like a 3-D picture as the face stood out. I saw the lava river destroy the vegetation and homes. The landscape was tropical. I wasn’t sure if it was a densely populated area as I saw only a few homes destroyed by the lava. I asked Jesus why this had to happen. He replied: “My people need to pray, pray for their nation, repent and return to Me.” I didn’t have any clarity where this is to occur or when.

Vision #22 - Russia attacks USA Aircraft Carrier

02/04/18 9:11pm

After my Throne Room time, I walked to the area where the others were. This time I actually met someone and shook their hand but their face was veiled. No idea if it was a man or woman. I said hello and greeted the saint warmly. I understood they were waiting for me. That made me smile. Looking at the screen, it revealed ½ an aircraft carrier in the ocean. It’s bow was sticking out from beside what looked like possibly an island. The port side was close to the side of the land. My view was that I was somewhat above the water looking towards the land and the carrier on the port side of it. It was a tropical setting. I noticed land on the other side of the ship in the distance as if maybe it was sitting partially in a bay. I understood that the aircraft carrier was an American ship. Then I saw a fighter jet to my left in the air and attacking it with small missiles. Then I saw an exhaust pathway of a larger missile in the sky arch it’s way toward the ship off the starboard side. It landed on the carrier. There was a huge explosion. I understood that there were other ships under attack but I didn’t see them. I mentioned to Jesus that there would be a lot of lives lost. He replied, “Yes.” I asked who is attacking them but He didn’t respond. So I thought to ask more specific questions. Was it North Korea? He replied “No.” I asked if it was Russia and He replied “Yes.” I then understood that it as part of the attack on America. Interesting that I looked at the time when I saw the vision. I don’t always think to look. It was 9:11 pm .Wow

Vision #21 - How Isaiah 17 Goes Down

02/03/18 late evg

I was in the Throne Room and Jesus is still the King. He even stood while we were singing to Him. I noticed, although they were very veiled, I saw some of the Elders standing and clapping their hands when I was singing: The Joy of the Lord is my strength. I gave them honour and smiled at them. After I finished praise and worship and praying, I went down to the others where the screen is. 

They were all murmuring among themselves. One pointed to the screen and was surprised! So I looked and all I saw was a fighter jet close up, but viewing it from behind, maneuvering this way and that way like it was trying to avoid getting shot down. It all went quite quickly. Then I noticed a small force of jet fighters coming in from my right. They were with the jet that I was so closely viewing. At first I didn’t know what was going on. The jet I saw close up started shooting missiles at some kind of target below. The small force of jets were very close by and seem to be engaged in attack as well. I understood now that the fighter jets belonged to the IDF. I asked Jesus what was going on. I was at a loss of what I was observing. Then I understood to look down. I was still up in the air observing this like the jet's point of view. I saw a city in the short distance with a rocky sandy landscape around it. Then I saw a huge explosion!! It was bright! It filled the screen. The jet quickly banked to my left and I heard the pilot was speaking in Hebrew as if to confirm that the target was hit. I asked Jesus what just happened. What was just destroyed? Was that Damascus? He replied “Yes.” Wow.

Vision #20 - The Schoolbus

02/02/18 8pm

My time in the Throne Room is changing. Jesus is now a King wearing His bright white robe, on His head is His golden crown with gems and this is the first time I noticed His golden scepter in His right hand. On His feet were golden sandals. I also saw some of the 24 Elders bowing low before the King Jesus. I followed their lead and was incredibly humbled. Oh wow! For some reason I understood one of them to be Jeremiah.  (I’m studying Jeremiah right now) Then after some time of praise and worship, they got up and sat on their thrones. They were gold. Then I heard a voice saying “Who will go for us?” I said “I will if you prepare me and equip me, knowing You carry my burdens for me and will be with me.” But I noticed a different saint go forward. It wasn’t my time yet. Then I was thinking it was time to see if there were any more visions. So I left the area and went down some stairs to the area where I watch the visions.

The screen was filled with an ISIS soldier: he was wearing all black and a black bandana type head covering and was standing inside of a bus by the driver pointing a machine gun at a bus full of children and some adults! I didn’t know if they were missionary or regular school children. But Jesus did confirm they were school children. Then I had a side profile look as if I was in the air and saw the bus surrounded by ISIS soldiers and a couple of military vehicles. I saw the ISIS black flag attached to one of the military vehicles. The road was a sandy dirt road. The land was rocky, dry, sandy and dusty. I did not see any trees. I was thinking maybe it was northern Syria but I didn’t get any confirmation. I understood we need to pray! I do not know if this has happened or will. I don’t even know if the media will pick this up. But God have mercy! We need to pray!!

Vision #19 - Michael

01/31/18 9:50 pm

I was in the area with all the others where I view the visions. I wasn’t sure if there were more to see after the last one seeing Jesus as The King. But the screen opened to the view of a huge Archangel battling a huge demonic principality. Looking beyond them as they were in the front of the scene I saw a huge battle of angels and demons fighting in the heavenlies what looked to be over the land of Israel. I recognized the land. I understood the Archangel to be the angel that guards Israel which is Michael. Then off in the upper left to my 11 o’clock I saw Jesus coming in the clouds riding on a white horse in bright glory with the saints surrounding Him. Jesus was wearing white and His eyes were blazing. I thought they looked like blue fire. There were thousands and thousands of saints- probably more like multitudes- I couldn’t count- all wearing armour with their swords drawn. Looking again at the Archangel, his face was human like but I didn’t see it closely. He was wearing some white with beautiful golden armour. I thought I saw something red- maybe his belt or the gems on his belt? (that area wasn’t so clear) His sword was bright, huge and golden. His wings were large white and bright. The entity he was battling was a large black dragon type- I understood it to be a principality. I also understood that this was the final battle.

Vision #18 - I Am Coming Soon

01/30/18 noon

I had been worshiping Jesus in The Throne Room and as I was being still before Him but I knew Jesus was waiting to show me another vision. I started singing my way to the spot where all the others were where we viewed the visions. But when I got there, they were all on their knees bowing in reverence. So I stopped singing and followed their lead. When I looked up as to why, oh wow! There stood King Jesus in all His glory, with a golden crown with gems on His head and wearing a brilliant white robe. His arms were somewhat outstretched and His palms facing me. The light was warm and beaming so brightly. I think it must have been somewhat veiled otherwise I don’t think I could have looked at it! His hair was dark brown wavy medium length and His beard was short. I was too far away to see the colour of His eyes. He smiled and His glory warmed me. I was in awe! Then He began speaking: “I am coming soon. Whoever has ears let them hear. Listen to the words of MY prophets. Be ready. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person and they with Me. I am The Alpha and The Omega, The Beginning and The End.” ( He had emphasized MY prophets and I understood this as a warning to be discerning of false ones.) I am wondering if this is the end of my visions? (Hope note - I told her no...He was just getting started)

Vision #17 - "Alien" Deception

01/28/18 Sunday late evg. 

It seems that I prefer to go to the area where many others are viewing the same visions as me. Jesus is allowing me to go there. I looked around me and saw many other Believers but did not see clearly anyone’s face to be able to identify them. Looking at the screen, a face of an alien filled it. The eyes were huge and completely black. It reminded me of what many sci-fi movies show. The skin was smooth and greenish. The head was somewhat enlongated when I saw a side profile. Then the picture went into night time sci-fi scene where I saw an alien spaceship flying above tall buildings in a city. It was weird, something out of a movie like Independence Day but different. The space ship was grey/black and I saw flashing red lights on its side and underside. The underside had designs or markings on it of some kind. Then the scene went to a mountain top where I saw demon looking angels. I understood them to be fallen angels. There were about 3 of them. I saw their talons and dark wings which reminded me of bats but these creatures were very large. They were muscular and grotesque. I didn’t see them up close. They reminded me of satan when I saw them but different. (I’ve seen satan a couple of times in different visions which have nothing to do with these visions) I understood them to be connected to the nephilim. It was a bit confusing. I asked Jesus if the fallen angels were part of the Nephilim and He replied “Yes”. Then the picture changed to police officers and a pilot who had completely black eyes, even the sclera. I understood that there was demonic possession with them. There is also an understanding that there will be a deception with the aliens as they are not aliens but rather demons in disguise.

Vision #16 - California Falls!


Same as always, I was worshiping in the Throne Room. I went to view with the others right away. The screen was filled with a mountain and then mountain range. Then there was great shaking. Earthquakes! I saw California and the NW coast shaking. Streets were cracking down the middle and one side was rising and the other falling. A satellite view showed part of California fall into the ocean! Then there was the picture of people screaming and running; it was horrendous- utter Chaos. 

Then I saw the big mountain I saw in the beginning begin to crack and crumble. The entire screen was shaking! Great destruction was happening along the west coast of America and Canada too. I saw buildings collapse, large buildings collapsing. I saw I think was the golden gate bridge- the one in San Fransisco Bay fall apart. I asked Jesus when this will happen and He said “Very soon.” There will a lot of loss of life I said. He said “It has to be. They haven’t repented.” I asked about the righteous- would He destroy the righteous along with the wicked? He replied He would warn the righteous. "If they listen to Me, they will hear and they will go.”

Vision #15 - The Seat of Satan


This is crazy but serious information. This vision started with the screen filled with the face of Hitler! He was speaking German, addressing the masses, like a pep talk, what appeared to be a rally. It looked like the entire German army was on display in front of him yet I also saw them marching on the streets. This is in Berlin. Then the picture changed to the Pergamon Museum which is also in Berlin. I saw the seat of satan. I quickly went to google it and it matched the picture in my vision. It is the Pergamon Altar aka seat of satan. I asked Jesus what the connection is and if this is about the rising of the antichrist? He replied: “Yes”. Then I went back to the vision and saw that man wearing that suit- that same man who is in my other visions (see vision 9 and vision 11)- walk up those steps of that museum. When he got to the top, he turned around lifted his arms in the air and demanded praise and worship. I was too far away to see his face.

Vision #14 - As in the Days of Noah

01/25/18 evg

I had spent a lot of time P&W and praying this evg in the Throne Room. After I was in my worship position when Jesus came over to me and I saw Him tap me on my shoulder and motioned me to go and look. At first I thought I saw a robot. I was a bit confused and I asked Jesus what He was trying to show me. Then I looked closely and saw a beautiful woman’s head fill the screen. She was bald and the back of her head was missing. She was connected to machines or computers. I noticed in the computer room was a heart that belonged to this model. It looked human but wasn’t real. I understood this was Artificial Intelligence and something to do with the NWO. I had some trouble seeing the next scene. I thought I saw giants walking on the earth. Then I heard Jesus saying “As in the days of Noah.” So I viewed the others below me look at the screen and thought to join them. When I walked to where they were looking, I found myself looking straight ahead. 

The scene changed to a place in Israel and I immediately saw David and Goliath! David was wearing a tan/cream tunic of some kind and a leather pouch that was tied around his waist. He had just let a rock fly from his leather sling and it had struck Goliath in the forehead. Goliath was thick and tall maybe about 10 feet or so and had  thick black hair somewhat curly and a full medium length black beard. He had some kind of armour on with a tunic under it. The tunic wasn’t long maybe just passed his thighs. He went down face first and hit the ground. It happened fairly fast so I didn’t see much of the details of the armour.  I noticed when Goliath hit the ground it was dusty as he created a dusty cloud when he landed with a thud. David went and removed the sword from Goliath’s sheath and it looked like it was really heavy as it took both arms to lift it and he had trouble raising it to cut Goliaths head off. He lifted the head up in the air. David was far away from me so I didn’t see his facial features. I did notice his hair was wavy, dark and medium length. So I’m wondering why I was shown this.  I asked Jesus if this had something to do with the nephilim. Jesus replied “Yes. As in the days of Noah.”  It is my understanding that some will face giants but we can defeat them.   Also I understood that there is a connection between the giants and the AI as a future army or police force in the NOW. Thought of genetic engineering have been mentioned.

Vision #13 - Meteors on their Way


I was as always in Throne Room P&W Jesus. I went to look at the screen. I had a satellite point of view but closer. I saw fireballs of rock like meteors from space fall onto the earth. They left a smoky path like the rocket or missile vision. They caused a lot of destruction. I understood this was part of the wrath of God. I said to Jesus, “How can anyone survive that?” and He replied “Not many do.” That was the end of the vision.

Vision #12 - The Chip

01/21/18 evg

I was in the Throne Room as always as I was praying and Praise and Worshiping Jesus on His Mercy Seat. I went to the same area to the right of Jesus. I saw a giant hand fill the entire screen. The hand faced palm in towards me and I was drawn to the thumb. I immediately understood that this vision was about the micro chip or the mark of the beast. I then was shown a room with a woman in uniform- someone with authority like a police officer, seated injecting a chip into someone’s hand. Her hair was up in a bun and she was wearing blue gloves. The uniform was not the typical uniform our officers use here in Manitoba. They were dark with minimal markings. I also then was shown law court buildings. I understood that the chip would become imposed by the law. Back at the room with the officer injecting the chip, I saw other stations like the one I saw first, and people in lines who were waiting to receive their chip.  I asked Jesus if this was the mark of the beast and He replied “Yes”. I did not ask when this was to happen. But it seems everything is “soon” and we are to be ready spiritually for whenever it happens. 

Then the next part of the vision was really hard for me to see. I had to leave the vision and go back. In one of the line ups, for the chip injection, I saw someone freak out and go crazy who did not want the chip. An officer pulled out her gun (it happened to be a female officer) and shot him in the head! I was sickened. I understood that there will be consequences for refusing the chip. Not everyone will be necessarily shot but I guess some will be. That was it. Sigh.

 Vision #11 - Shaking the Hand of the Devil

(Hope note - no date was given for this vision but the entire vision was in bold print)

It was  evg prayer time after Praise and worship in the Throne Room.


I saw in a birds eye view,(over head looking down point of view) a man with a white and blue prayer shawl with tassels at the ends of the shawl over his head. He was praying in a temple. Then I had a right side profile look at him praying. He turned to his right as if to look at me and just for an instant, his face became hideous then went back to a somewhat veiled good-looking man. I have seen this hideous face before in a different vision. I knew instantly that it was satan. The man then got up, took the prayer shawl off, walked forward and may have gone up a few steps and turned around to face the opposite direction in this temple. His face was still somewhat veiled but I saw enough that I understood he was good looking or pleasant to look at. I actually saw he had short dark hair and was wearing a suit with really expensive shoes. He was very well put together; someone of wealth, a man who could be on a cover for the GQ magazine. Yet, I couldn't see any details of his face. Odd but this is what knew. When he turned to face the other direction of the temple he had his arms raised and declared himself to be god. "Worship me" he said. I thought this was the end of the vision. So I went back to praying but then I felt I should go back and  look one more time. I immediately saw Prime Minister Netanyahu shaking that man's hand. This saddened me and I felt I should pray for him immediately. The Prime Minister will be deceived. (see Vision 39) Pray for him!!!

Vision #10 - Attack on Israel


The same routine of praise and worship in the Throne Room.  The vision took me to Israel. I recognized the landscape as I was there Feb 2017 on a 2 week tour. The area was hilly, rocky and dry with sporadic green grass and trees. I don’t know where in Israel this was. I’m thinking north east but I’m not sure. I saw a large tank stop and a soldier who popped his head out from the top. He was middle-eastern looking,wearing green army garb with red on the uniform and on his cap or hat.  His hair was short and dark and he had a dark mustache. I saw him point ahead to something and I heard him bark a command in a foreign language I didn’t understand. I saw missiles coming into Israel from the north and the east. I understood that this was a future attack on the nation of Israel. It made me so sad. But Jesus said it had to be to bring back His people to Him. Pray for Israel!

.Vision #9 - Treaty Signing

01/13/18 Evg prayer

Same routine. I saw President Trump standing behind and beside a seated Prime Minister Netanyahu at a very lovely and large ( meant for a king-type) table who was signing what appeared to be an important document. There were flashes going off and I could hear them as journalists were continuously taking pictures. Then a certain dignitary walked in from my right and proceeded to shake President Trump’s hand. He was Arabic in appearance, wearing a white robe and a checkered type head covering. He had a short dark beard. It was a side profile and I didn’t recognize him. Interestingly, I saw Trump’s son-in-law standing in the corner (my right or their left) from the table. Beside him, stood a man shrouded in darkness; a man of mystery. I knew he was wearing a suit but I couldn’t identify him. I actually asked Jesus about this man and He said: “It’s not the time to know that yet”. I was wondering if the man was the antichrist but I didn’t receive a confirmation of yes or no. 

Hope note - I added the link of the possible "Arab"...he sure is wearing the clothes!  And the AC may be the one in the shadows because he has not yet been revealed: " For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way.  And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming."  2 Thess 2:7-8

Vision #8 - Prelude to a Treaty

01/13/18 Morning prayer

Same as all the others in the Throne Room of Jesus. This time I was seeing other people viewing what I was looking at in heaven! I saw them look at that gigantic screen which was several stories high. I didn’t see any faces as I was too far away. It seems I was looking down at the scene from a higher up point of view. Then I looked ahead at the screen and saw your President Donald Trump. He was walking down the steps  of a parked jet and walked across a tarmac where he met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and shook his hand. I didn’t hear any talking but I understood that this meeting had something to do in relation to a treaty

Hope note - it appears that Trump will be leaving the WH in order to sign a treaty...this is a new piece of information!

Vision #7 - Transporting the Military


Same routine as before with all the other visions. I saw a train moving across the USA from the east to the west carrying military vehicles. In another scene, I saw a semi-trailer truck carrying a load of hummer-type military vehicles on the American highways. 


I asked Jesus who I should tell about my visions and what was His response. Jesus gave me the name of Lyn Leahz and the verse from 2 Chron. 2:17. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Vision #6 - Revelation 20:4


This would be the most difficult vision of all. Same routine of worship in the Throne Room and same place. I saw a guillotine machine with a man laying on it about to have his head removed. I also saw a soldier wearing black beheading someone with a sword. I understood that the people being beheaded were Believers. I wept and prayed for comfort and Jesus ministered to me. Jesus told me there is a connection between this vision and vision #3.

Vision #5 - Rocket's Red Glare


Back in the Throne Room, same place, I was seeing the first vision where I was looking at North America from space from a satellite point of view. I saw a huge exhaust path from that rocket that was launching from vision #4. The path was from the north and it went over Manitoba (central Canada) and landed in the middle of your nation. I saw a huge explosion and a mushroom cloud. It reminded me of a nuclear explosion. It was day time.

Vision #4 - Prepping the Rocket

01/05/18 evg prayer time

I was worshiping same place as always and I saw a huge white rocket or missile with unreadable markings on it about to be launched. It was sitting on a large launch pad with exhaust billowing out of it. I knew it was bound for the USA.

Vision #3 - Jailed Believers


Again always during my praise, worship and prayer time, I was back at the same place in the Throne Room. I asked if there was more to see. I was immediately shown a dark screen as it was night time. I was viewing what reminded me of a jail or compound. There was a huge spread-out building sitting on a parking lot type place surrounded by high chain-linked fence with curly barbed wire across the top of the fence. The building reminded me of a Walmart. There was a guard tower in the front of the jail with an armed soldier in it. A gate was below to the right next to the tower. A German Shepherd dog was patrolling along the outside of the fence in the foreground. There were hummer type-military vehicles in the parking lot in front of the compound. I recognized them from a vision I had in Dec 2015 where they came down my street in my town.  They are grayish in color. The lights were strategically placed around the “jail” as that’s why I could see it. I understood that this was part of the coming persecution of the Believers. It shook me. I was scared but knew I didn’t need to be. 

Vision #2 - Red Dawn


I went back to the place where I saw the first vision to see if there was more. I looked again at the screen and saw helicopters- green army ones with open doors on the sides of them with soldiers propelling down a cable. The helicopters had 2 sets of blades; one large one on the main part of the machine and a smaller one on top of the tail. There was also a red marking on the tail but I couldn’t make out the detail.  There were other helicopters in the background. It was a mid-air point of view. I understood that this was part of the attack on the USA. It was dawn.

Vision #1 - Missiles against the USA


I was worshiping the Lord Jesus seated on His Mercy Seat in His Throne Room. I was to His right side. He walked up to me in regular size and I almost laughed! I said: “What are you doing, Jesus. I am trying to worship you?!” He motioned for me to stand up. I stood up beside Him and he turned and pointed to a wall which turned into a giant screen and said “Look”.  I immediately saw a huge orange/black fire ball. I thought it may be a volcanic eruption but Jesus said, “Look closely.” So I took a few steps closer to the gigantic screen and I saw that I was looking at the earth from a satellite view. It was North America and I saw the Atlantic Ocean but it was darkened. I knew it was night time on our side of the world. Then I saw flashes of light and explosions going off all across the land of the USA from the east to the west coast. They must have been big explosions for me to see them from space! I understood this is about the future attack on your nation (USA). I asked Jesus when this was to happen and He said: “Soon”. I asked what is soon? And He didn’t give me an answer.

Description of the Throne Room

When I started seeing what I understood is the Throne Room, much of it was veiled and much still is. I am always bowed on my knees worshiping usually in front of Jesus as He is sitting on His Throne or Mercy Seat. This area is like a giant stage. Sometimes I am seeing me do this and sometimes I see as me. It varies. I’ve also been further back seeing other veiled saints worship. I’ve been able to see around the Room more in glimpses but never full in all its glory. I believe it may be too overwhelming and also I understand “I see in part and know in part.” The Throne Room is a huge room, with what I believe is surrounded by layers of balconies filled with the saints that have passed on. This I’ve seen over time and always in glimpses never in full picture. It’s possibly 25 stories high or more (but more than likely more as this is from my perspective and a complete guess.) I have noticed in the last couple of months there is an altar before Him. I’ve never seen it all, just one side of it. It looks like the altar with horns on it found in the old testament description. I have seen Jesus close up sitting on His Mercy Seat but then I only view a foot or part of his leg because He is so huge and His toe dwarfs me. I have seen Him further away as well then I can see all of Him but the details are more difficult to make out. He is always covered by His glorious white robe. But lately, He is now King of Kings. His sandals are usually brown leather but now that I have been seeing Him as King Jesus the sandals are golden, He wears a golden crown with gems in it and holds a golden scepter in His right hand. His robe is always bright white. So far I haven’t seen any other colours, as I haven’t been granted that privilege. Although, recently, I was shown parts of the floor and it is a pearly/white/gold and it shimmers. A lot of what I see is white- the pillars and surrounding areas are different shades of brightness this is because of God’s glory. I’m sure there are many colors, I just haven’t been shown them. The actual Mercy Seat is like a giant old fashioned throne but I see it in white. It doesn’t have fancy legs. They are solid straight leg which go up into a solid arm rest. But I’ve only seen parts of it because Jesus is usually sitting on it and He basically covers it. Jesus has medium length dark brown wavy hair. He has a short beard which joins a mustache. I haven’t been able to see His eyes up close.

Walking to the Throne Room, I go through a corridor or hallway. Although, I don’t always walk it. There are many times I skip it as I just want to be before Him. I don’t have a hot clue how long it is as that distance is impossible to measure. I have no time concept how long it takes to get to the Throne Room area. I do know that the corridor/hallway has very tall pillars set far a part that line it on both sides. I’ve only seen them as white. They could be 200’ high or more- more than likely higher. Just the bottom of them, which is a rounded mound type, dwarf me.

I hope this helps a bit. It’s difficult to describe it because I only get to see it in parts as many area are veiled in grey or dark grey.

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5