Selah Words

I have begun hearing from the Lord at night again.  This will be the third "set" of Messages that He has given me in the night.  I hear Him during my devotions and throughout the day, but I hear Him more clearly at night and since my daughter's medical condition has improved, perhaps it is time for me to write again.  The other two sets of Messages He has given me are found here:

Night Writings

Night Psalms

I will make them and the places surrounding my hill a blessing. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.  

Ezekiel 34:26


My Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ

He is bound to me and I to Him

I will marry Him one day

For He is my Bridegroom

We shall live happily ever after in His Kingdom

And I will rule and reign with Christ

This is the end of the Selah Words

Your loving Father



My Kingdom is here

It lies in your heart

Some men’s hearts are stone

But some hold the Kingdom of God

Who among you is found to be royal?

Who among you is true?

Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men

For the Kingdom is yours



The wars have begun in your mind

They started long ago

And continued all your life

The battle is there

But I Am with you

You are covered in the blood of Jesus

You are protected from all harm

For your Shepherd watches over you



My loves My loves, it is time

Harm is coming to some of My children

They are not looking to Me but rather to man

I would save them if they would only look

Danger comes now, in many forms

Cry out to Me and you will come Home

Only seek My face

And trust in the One who died for you



The arrow flies by night

And the missiles by day

Neither hit their target

For their eye is not on the prize

Death and mayhem await them

Those who are out to kill My children

My love comes home and finds a place to roost

In the arms of My Beloved



All the time in the world

Does not compare to your love

All the money in history

Does not compare to your trust

All the wealth of facts

Will be burned up

Many will run to and fro

And money will be burned up

But I will remain…forever

Trust in the Arm of God



My loves, the time has come for you to hear Me

Press in now, and eat the Word

Your life and My life will be joined together

As each one comes from all parts of the world

To join as the Bride



The lines are drawn between My people

All will sit at My table

But the bow will bend

And arrows fly

Before some come to the Lord

Weep now My friends

And cry out for your neighbors

Their souls are in the balance



Lazy days and lazy nights

Under the cover of darkness, evil hides

Plans are being formed for the ultimate end of My children

They will not succeed

Nothing formed against you that is not of Me, will prosper

Have no fear



Tomorrow is a new day

But do not let this one pass you by

You are living moment by moment

But eternity holds you in its arms

Do you know where you are going?

Do you see the path ahead?

Do not worry My loves, for I Am with you

I guide you and keep you safe

Rely on Me, relax and lean back

The Savior of the world holds you



The winds are blowing

Life is changing

Many die and many live

People are marrying and giving in marriage

Yet I Am always…I AM!

Never changing, solid as a Rock



The earth groans at the pain she is in

She comes to Me crying

Blood is in her

My children’s blood

Recompense is coming

The Lamb will bring it forth



The Lord God cometh with the clouds

Every eye shall see Him

And every knee will bow

The earth mourns for the dead

But she will rise one last time for the King



The Lord thy God is one God

The enemy has many gods

But none are powerful

Their strength comes from Me

And one day they will falter

One day they will die like men

I laugh in the face of their strength

For their leader is caught

Between the palms of My hands



The forces of the Lord are with you

They are prophesying over you

Your time is at hand

Rise up My children

Pray to Me and ask for assignments

For the Lord your God…




The world is about to change

Both physically and spiritually

Her borders will change

Her oceans will rise

And her lands will fall

Her spirit will rise when I return

For the entire earth cries out

For the manifested sons and daughters of God to heal her

And rid her of the filth upon her lands



The nights are long these days

The days are filled with war

And the nights are filled with terror

I Am your hope

I Am your comfort

In Me you will find peace

I Am your Great Shepherd

Abide in Me and find all the comforts of Home



The God of all ages is near

He resides in your heart

And He takes your hand and walks with you

Whispering in your ear

The secrets of life.

Soon you join Him permanently

Imagine that!



I will guide you to the light of dawn

My children seek My face and no other

Would I steer you wrong?

You are My chosen, My elect

The called out ones

Get ready to rise My children

Your Light is coming



My love, My dearest love

Troubles are coming

My heart is for you, I Am with you

Though you do not see Me, I Am here

I want you to TRY and see Me

I want My children to feel Me

To know My essence

Make time in your schedule

And I will make a way


(Hope note – I have been watching an instructional series on seeing into the spiritual realm. The “instructors” are Bruce Allen and Sadhu and the series can be found here.)


Dark clouds are coming in

My children will be covered

The world reaches out to Me

And I Am here

I have never left, nor shall I



I Am the God within

I Am the God without

There is no other

Mountains will come down

And oceans will rise

But My Word stands forever



There is strength in numbers

But I Am the only One you need

Mortal wounds lie near

But I Am the only One who saves

My child, you are one of many

But unity lies in tomorrow

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

And you shall have all things in abundance



My sheep know My voice

And I call to them

Lay low in the valley

And remain safe from harm

The Father watches over you

The Great Shepherd

You are safe from the enemy’s reach

You are safe in My arms



There is little time left now My children

Seek the Father in His eternal Home now

Let the love of Jesus Christ flow from you

Remove all bitterness

And enjoy peace like a river

For it flows from the Throne Room of God



My heart goes on for you

One beat at a time

In the end, it will beat forever

My love never dies

Though my heart may

Come to the Father now

For the Son made a way



The sound of a bell tolls

My heart cries for thee

It is time to come Home My loves

The Father seeks your heart

That’s all He ever wanted

You don’t have to DO anything

Just be an empty vessel

And He will fill you up



The day is coming when there will be no wind

No mighty storms upon the earth

Only Me and My love

Keeping you safe under My arm

All sorrows gone

That day is coming soon

Sooner than you think



The early bird gets the worm

The saying does go

Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men

You won’t need worms

My love covers all things

My heart is for you



Let the chimes of the earth ring out

There is glory in His Name!

He is Magnificent, Wonderful and the Great I AM

And He loves me, even me



The ocean is a world away

For there is a world in the ocean

The waters speak and have breath

I formed them at the beginning

And they are with us at the end

They are old and ancient like the earth

Groaning and moaning for the manifest sons of God

Come forth My children

Be bold and stroke!

For the earth is coming Home

Back to her Creator



Walk the narrow path along the river

It leads to My Kingdom

It is narrow and straight

And made easy to see

When you ask Me



You are a very present help in times of trouble

You are my fortress and my shield

Oh my Lord and my God!

Do not desert me in this time that is near

For calamities shall befall us

And many will die

Let them live forever in your heart

And bring them Home to Jesus



The tent of the earth grows dim

Its tent pegs are shallow

No strength left

By My delight, they will hold

By My force, they will dig in

Not much longer now My children



This is the Day of Love

The Father loves the world

All mankind is His

He gave His only Son for them

And wants them to come Home

Bear the way of the cross

And follow the Lord Jesus

Thy will be done, Lord



The Lord is My Shepherd

I shall not want

You will never be found

Wanting in Heaven

All your needs are supplied

I will open My arms

And say, “Welcome Home”

And you will live here forever

It’s very simple



(my daughter passed away the evening of 02/11/19 and while I listened for the Lord that night, He gave me rest)


The door to Heaven is now open

Angels are streaming forth

Jacob’s ladder is ever present

I Am near children, I Am near

Your Bridegroom cometh

Your Warrior King arrives

Be prepared!



My lovely God, how great thou art

Lover of my soul and Prince of Peace

You are Mine forever

And my heart is yours

I belong to you My King

Love me and take me Home

Remove me from this misery

So we can be together forever



The very air you breathe will change

Change is coming, My children

A change is in the air

Standards will be marked

Boundaries will be set

And you cannot cross the line

Stay with me here

Be protected in My arms

For I Am your Father

And care greatly for you



The city on a distant shore approaches

Heaven awaits thee

My children cry out to Me and I draw near

Nothing escapes My attention

For I too am watching

Fear not for thy God is with thee



The winds of change are coming

Glory be to God!

All life on earth will cease to exist one day

As a new earth takes over

And you are removed

But for now, watch for Me

For I Am coming

To take up My Throne



In fire I will come from above

In the raging storm I will appear on earth

You are My Beloved

And I will rescue you

The trials of history are about to begin

Be found not wanting

By being safe in My arms



A marvel to watch is the way the universe works

Only I know its secrets

But I am willing to share

You will come to know all things through Me

For I love My creation

And My children



The world is Mine and all that is in it

Greater is He that is in you

Than he that is in the world

Do you live as if He is in you?

Where is the power?

Where is the authority?

It comes from God on high

He loves you and holds you in His hand

Seek Him today for all things

And rest in the Lord



Several years from now

This pain will be a bad memory

Those who go through the Tribulation

Will know it as such

And will carry the memory

Of those who have fallen

But My children who are My Bride

Will shine forever

With the knowledge that they have overcome

And live with Me forever



There are worlds where there is no color

And worlds where colors spring forth from everything

I own them all

I created them all

All creatures will bow to Me

For I Am the Great I Am

And I Am Love



Thine eyes have seen the glory

Of the coming of the Lord

Not all will see Him this time

Just His own

Will He find you watching?

Turn to Him now, in the last moments



I have made the world and all that is in it

The sky above, the ground below

The roaring seas, and man

I Am mindful of man

As he is My greatest creation

Made after My image

Come Home to Me, children

I miss you



There is a crisis in your life

All the riches are gone

Nothing will help you but Me

I Am your Everything

Lean on Me for I Am stronger than anyone

I Am always with you

Even in the darkest of night



God will take care of you

Through every day, in every way

Do not think that He won’t

Not for one second

For He is already with you even now

He loves you



There shall come a day when all is well

The town crier will cry out

“All is well!”

And truth will reign

The truth is coming very soon

Be at peace for I Am coming



The well of life is broken

Only I provide living water

All else is putrid

I love My children

I absolutely love and adore My children

Come to Me for a drink

And you will live forever



Under the seas you will find

A roaring sky

The earth is hollow

No core to be found

The flatness is gone, there is none now

But the sphere of the earth

Is ever before Me

I take no pleasure

In the debate among My children

Let these drop, as rain from the sky

Look to Me only for answers

For I Am your Maker


(Hope note - I had this impression a while back that perhaps the earth was flat when it was formed, but in the days of Peleg the splitting of the earth was in a way we had not thought of and the explosion came from within, and pushed out the sides.  Just my thoughts)


Life is about to change

Eternally for all

Wars and rumors of wars abound

Rest in Me

Let Me be your comfort

Find peace in Me




The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want

Is the Lord your Shepherd?

Does He guide you?

Is He your Protector?

There is none better

None more qualified

Than Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God

Choose Him today



The world is Mine and all that is in it

You are before Me and behind Me

I Am surrounded by My children

And My angels surround all of you

Some of you sleep, and some are awake

But all of you will make a choice soon




There will be news to the north

News you will not take kindly to

Watch out for wolves

Watch out for enemies

For they lurk around you

But soon you will be their prey

I Am your Guardian, your Protector

I Am the Chief in Command

Of the army that surrounds you

Be safe in My arms, child

And trust Me to do the right thing



The clocks are ticking

War is starting in the east

My people are under fire

Innocents will die

Yet My Son died for the world

Come to Him now while there is still time

And live



The Fallen are on their way

Some already walk among you

Some are below and some are above

All are evil

They were with Me in the beginning

When I created the world

Beautiful and strong they were

Now they are full of lies

Which brings Me to My knees in sorrow

My creation…fallen.

Children, do not go to them

They are light but it is false

Stay with Me, under My wing

And be free of deception



The snow comes forth from God’s Kingdom

From Heaven’s storehouses it comes down

The cold of winter blows in

But My children are safe in My arms

Trials will come before you

But stay in My arms

And be safe


Fire and hail, snow and clouds; Stormy wind, fulfilling His word; Psalm 148:8


In the place of the Rock

You will find freedom

High above the sky you will ride

Flying on the air on wings of an eagle

Are you ready for this My love?

Imagine! Imagine!

Because it is true!



Here I Am

I Am with you always

Even to the end of the world

Greater things will you do than Me

And this too is about to happen

The Door leads to the Light

Find the Light and soak in it!



The Lord is at hand

He is at your right hand and left

He stands before you

And stands behind you

The Father never sleeps

But guards His children constantly



At night I Am near you

Your heart always belongs to Me

I Am your Beloved and you are Mine

We are bound together forever

By the scars on My hands

Nothing will separate you from the love of God



The Law of the land is here

I Am your Delight

You Fortress in whom you trust

Take My hand and walk with Me

Along life’s narrow way

And danger will not befall you



I Am coming for My Bride

My horses are at the ready

Each one of you will have a horse

For you will need it in the Army

Tried and True these horses are

Broken but not in spirit

Get ready to ride!



The world is Mine and all that is in it

Every flower, every animal, every tree, every human

I own the cattle on one thousand hills

And one day you will see them all

And so much more



With a ready pen I write this,

“Trust in Me, the power of God will move you.”

You are my shield and deliverer

An ever present help in times of trouble

I count on you, God

The Holy One of Israel

To supply my strength

I love you, Lord


(Note that this was very personal for me today)


I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life

No one comes to the Father except through Me

Satan is not even allowed to enter the Courts (on his own)

But My Beloved is always welcome

Turn to Me now in the time of troubles

And I will hold you

You never need fear again



The time has come for Me

To deliver the Israelites

Open your eyes wide and see

What I will do

Oh Israel, My jewel!

Judah, I Am favored towards you!

I love My children

Tho’ they be wayward



I Am the Great I Am

I Am the Lord God Almighty

Maker of Heaven and Maker of earth

I Am the Alpha and Omega

And I Am the Light

There is no dark in Me

Look to the Light in the days ahead

The True Light

And you will find comfort



The joy of the Lord is my strength

My voice sings to the highest Heaven

Shout the news to all the world!

The King is coming!

And NOT on a lowly steed this time

But with a powerful army of might and men

He WILL accomplish His purpose

And His Bride with Him

For she is His and He is hers

Rejoice oh Beloved, Rejoice!



You are My warning sign

My people will rise

The Bride will shout and sing

And many peoples will be changed

Watch now, My people

And look up

Things are about to go sky high



You are ever on My mind

My children are My life

And My breath flows within you

To become undone, you must leave everything

The Cross and all it represents

Is everything in My sight

Die to life and live for Me



Wars will be fought this day

And wars and rumors of wars abound

Even now that verse is being carried out

It all comes to an end soon

And I will rule over all



I Am the Lion of Judah

I roar at the sound of war

War is coming to all nations

It will visit certain ones first

But make no mistake

There is a war to end all wars

And the Lord God will fight it

And vanquish evil once and for all



Another year you think?

Will it be happy? Doubtful

Only for a chosen few

Not My chosen


(I am to understand that the NWO will be the only happy ones on earth)


I love you like a lost child

The burden of which is overwhelming for a parent

Lean on Me and lay down all your burdens

For I will give you rest

This is the Year of the Lord’s Favor upon My child

You will walk in miracles

And the lost will find you

For you carry Me



My ways are not your ways

But your life belongs to Me nonetheless

Stay with Me, people

For you are My people

Do not run down the wrong path now

For I will point you Home



Forgive them for they know not what they do

My Words said on the Cross

Extend this love today

For there is a purpose in all things

For My Father



Upon a Friday it is

That I shall bury the dead

The night is bright without them

Those whose souls are Mine

Wonder not at this

But go your way until I call you



The show is about to go on

Up on stage first are My people

They will shine like stars

Before the curtain closes on the first act

Are you ready My people?

Oh, and there will be encores!

Love, Jesus



There shall be showers of blessing

Once you arrive in Heaven

A cup of blessing at every table

And My love as a favor at every setting

The time is soon, children

My arrival is sooner



Tragedy will strike when least expected

Come to Me now, while there is still time

If you remain alive after the coming EQ

Seek Me first for I tell you now

Your spirit will not die but

Be joined with Mine forever



The boats are aloft and

*Titus has come home

Your lives are ever before Me

And My angels watch over you with love

Return to Me

Those who have life and are adrift

I will send a spring wind

To pull you Home


UPDATE:  A reader sent this to me..." After I read your word I went to do my Bible reading for the day and I instantly opened to 2 Corinthians 7:6 "Nevertheless God who comforts the downcast, comforted us by the coming of Titus.""    WOW!!  You know, there are times when these Words I get in the middle of the night sound strange to me...but God ALWAYS shows me that it was Him.  Maybe the "boats are aloft" are the Tevahs that Lisa and others have seen!  It is surely close now!

*The following is the other side of a Titus the manner of the AC!  Now folks, if you know your history, then you know that Titus was the Emperor that sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple in '70 AD. Since I get these Selah Words in the middle of the night, I sent "Titus" off to a friend and he sent back these links....VERY exciting!!!

"Titus, the prince of Rome who destroyed Jerusalem in A.D. 70.“

“the first Roman emperor to come to the throne after his own biological father.” 

This really stuck out to me in context of Satan and the AC.

Scroll down part “2. Titus the Roman General” in this link 

Now one more thing...the word "aloft"...are vehicles being positioned against Israel?

  1. up in or into the air; overhead.
    "the congregation sways, hands aloft" ·
    upwards · up · high · higher · into the air · into the sky · skyward · on high · heavenward · in the air · in the sky · high up · up · high · up above · on high · overhead · above
    • up the mast or into the rigging of a sailing vessel.
      "Tom went aloft with the bosun"


The faithful are ever near Me

Joy unspeakable and full of glory!

Shine, people shine!

Your Light has come

And all earth will see it!



Rejoice in the Heaven above

And praise ye on earth all the people

God reigns on high forever and forever

And His justice rules forever!



Get on your knees and pray!

Shout aloud to the Lord!

The enemy is defeated!

And Jesus’ Name is wonderful!

He is my Savor and King!

And I will live eternally with Him!



Know thy wisdom is from Me, children

Everything you do in life

Is directed by My hand

I watch over you whether you know it or not

I AM with you ‘til the end of the age



Ring around the rosie

Pocket full of posey

Ashes, ashes

They all fall down

Watch for this, My children



(I don't see God's version on this page.  :-)  I am wondering if this may have to do with CERN. 

 A friend and I are looking into this right now and it sure does fit!


I love you like a Rock, My children

Events speed up now

Revolving and crashing into one another

Spare no fortune to find the lost

Call in the forsaken

The Comforter has come

To save the world



A glimpse of Glory is ahead for you

A glimpse of Glory, for the tried and true

You are true to Me

Now let Me be true to you



Enter the Throne Room of God

He will hear your petitions and prayers

Love will find a way

Answers will be given

And authority set in stone

Such are the Laws of Heaven



The joy is Mine to welcome you into My Kingdom

Life will be wonderful here

There is no pain, no remorse

For you forget the former things

Things which caused you pain and grief

And only remember the beautiful



Nights are like white satin in Heaven

Never reaching the end

You may call out My Name

And I Am there

I Am ready for our adventures!

Do you realize how soon “soon” is?

Prepare yourself!

Your Bridegroom cometh!



There are more stars in the sky

Than people on earth

Do you know there are more beings

In the universes, than stars?

It is true, trust Me

You will meet them

One by one


(note that God did create other beings besides humans and angels, but for now those beings are not allowed to be near us, only the Fallen will be allowed here soon, as the great Deception)


A Light is coming

The Light of the world

Those who are Mine will be drawn to it

And it will light up the world with love

Enough for everyone



A time to heal

A time to be well

Soon that will be all you know…healings

Healings for all you touch

And your heart will be made pure



Your ruins are a heap against Me

Thy sins are found out

And cleansing must begin in the House of God



It is a wonderment and merriment

To joyfully reign with Christ

Do not sorrow as unbelievers

But rejoice as your name

Is written in Heaven!



Many improvements lie ahead

Those whose eyes are fixed on the Lord

Do not need them

For they are from the Fallen

Set your eyes instead on the Lord

And you will receive new eyes to see

Set your ears on the Lord

And you will receive new ears to hear



Somewhere over the rainbow

Is more than just a song

It is a life, life to man

Your eternal Home is there

And you will move there one day

Plan for it now…the move

For the movers (angels)will be showing up soon

Love, God



Mine eyes have seen the Glory

That ever shall be

Written in their faces

Childlike and pure

Full of Heaven’s grace

And the wonder of His love

As it shines on me



My calling has been given out

My daughter wonders…why all the warnings?

So all men may be reached

Those at home and those away

They are all My children

And as a loving Father

I call to them



The ocean waves are falling

The sky is falling

And the world is turning upside down

Hang on for dear life!

Your Savior is coming!

And He already holds your hand



The Prince of Peace and

Great I Am is here

I Am in your heart and

Breathe from your soul

Your spirit has chosen Me

And I Am forever yours



I Am the narrow Way

I Am the Gate

No one gets past Me on their own

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

And I will welcome you Home



I stand at the Cross with you

You’re a captive audience

But you have been set free, free indeed!

Live free and then come Home

Where your light will shine for eternity



Stand up to the wind

Stand up to the soldier

I Am mightier than either of these

I can blow further than the wind

And surround the enemy camp

There is no fear with Me

Look up and be alive!



Come to Me My child

As I hold your hand

Lay your head on My heart

And tell Me all your burdens

I Am yours



Love lights the way

Trees abound now with lights in the home

But I tell you in Heaven there is no need

Trees light up with no lights

Inside or out

Due to the Light of God!

Come for a visit and stay forever!



Somewhere over the rainbow

I will meet you

I will whisk you off

To My hideaway in the sky

And we will be together forever



For the world is Mine and everything in it

All above and below earth are Mine

My love extends in all directions

East, West, North, South

I Am here for eternity

Join Me



There is plenty to be joyful about

Look to the left and right

Thy neighbor is still here

Thy family is still safe

Pray for them now!

Pray for their very soul!

For tonight it may be taken from them

For you do not know

The hour for which I come



My darling, what a joy you are to have

I Am in your life all the time

You don’t see Me in the physical

But I touch you

You don’t hear Me but I sing to you

Follow after Me all the days of your life

And I will follow you

To the ends of the earth



I Am that I Am

Without one plea

My grace was shed for thee

My children, My loves

I would do it all again

Dying for you, you live for Me

And I cannot WAIT until you get Home!



The way of the world is over

The way of death is here

Choose life for I AM life!



Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

If I die before I wake

I pray the Lord my soul to take

You don’t have to hope

You can believe

You can have faith and blessed assurance

That Jesus is yours

Climb on the Rock today

And have a sure foundation


(I loved this one!  ~ Hope)


The damage is done

The burn is about to begin

Time is truly short now

(I heard coyotes howling outside in the field)

Trust in Me My loves

The howling of the wind is here

Whether winter or summer

I Am coming!



A witness to the beginning of time is here

The stars are out

And they tell a story

“Messiah is arriving!” they sang.

“He comes full of joy

And dies in sorrow

Up from the grave He will arise.”

And indeed He did

Life from now on is full of mystery

Read My Book

The answers are there



Sing to Me, Bride of Mine

Sweetly in the night

I’ll watch over you always

Amidst the rubble and the light

For I Am God

And there is no other



My ways are your ways

When you follow the Holy Spirit

Your ways are not My ways

In all other areas.

Make the Lord of all

Everything in your life

And you will live in harmony with God



The vision in my eyes

Is the glory of the Lord

The heart of the living

Is the holiness of God

The Holy Spirit in all His love and joy

Needs no one to breathe,

For He is life everlasting



Strengthen yourselves for a fight is ahead

The Lord welcomes you into His arms

For the battle belongs to Him

Lift up your face

You’re a soldier of the Cross

And your hope is in Jesus



May your life on this earth grow rich

May you love by the blood of the Lamb

Your thoughts and feelings belong to Me

As I know them all

May you rest in the House of the Lord forever



Bless the Lord oh my soul

The lights of Heaven shine above me

The streets of gold are reflecting

Soon I will walk there

I will carry no more loads




The way of the Lord is

Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding

Ply thy heart full of these

And good things will follow



Midnight is the hour of reckoning

The heart is uncovered

And the soul is unveiled

Who do you serve?

I Am your comfort

Soon to be shown



I Am your Keeper and your Savior

I breathe and you breathe

I love and you love

We are together, we are one

The Lord God reigns over all



Your treasure is found in your heart

I Am your treasure

And you are Mine, My beloved

Hear Me now,

Your soul is Mine

We are intertwined in love

Love, Jesus



The Father in Heaven

Knows your love for Him

He walks with you and talks with you

Along life’s narrow way

You are never alone!



The great I Am is here among us

Joy fills the air

And laughter abounds

But it is few and far between

For the enemy steals the joy

Of My loved ones

Turn to Me, lean on Me

I love you



Charm will get you nowhere

Favor from the Lord

Will bring in blessings overflowing.

Follow Me all the days of your life

And I will give you My World



My life is yours

Given in love

From above

On earth, as it is in Heaven



Chaos is not coming

It is here, it is all around you

Soon you will be a participant

Are you for Me or against Me?

That decision means your life



In your walk of life look to Me

I Am your strong Tower

Your mighty prince of peace

The world will find out soon

Who I Am

Then all must choose



Reach out to the Lord

Oh ye hosts of men

The blind follow the blind

But the Lord sees forever

Where there is hope

There is a way

I Am that Way, that Truth, that Life



Against an army at war

I Am

Snakes and demons and all out warfare

I Am

Never fallen, never giving in

Always by your side

So you don’t fall



The Lord speaks

“I have loved you since the beginning

I will love you to the end

Have I not provided for you

All the days of your life?

Then abide with Me

And we will walk this road together.”



The Son of My Right hand is near Me always

Even to the ends of the earth

Greater is he who is in Me

Than he who is in the world

Proclaim this now!

This is a true Word!




“Turn to Us!” We cry out

Take your lead from the children

Hear Us and obey

And you will live long upon the earth

Such as it is

We provide health, wellness, and spiritual medicine

For We are God

And there can be only One


(I had a very clear impression that this is the Trinity)

Genesis 1:26a " Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,"


Amazing grace how sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost but now am found

Was blind but now I see

Raise the curtain on grace

For it is almost over

The Holy Spirit will be taken up

Never to be found again on earth

In His current form

He will arrive another way next time

Tongues of fire?

We will see



The world is full of lies

Men heaving to the right and left

Never getting anywhere

Focus on Me, all ye who are heavy laden

You will find rest and rescue My way



They’ll never find another hope than Me

Man and all his gimmicks are not to be trusted

Seek and ye shall find a treasure of enormous wealth

For I Am worth everything

I laid My life down for all

Trust Me



Who do you believe?

Choose today whom you will serve

Man or myth?

Or the solidness of God

God is True and Real

An ever present help in time of trouble

Do not look to the right or left

But give Me everything

Your whole heart

And you will live forever



Joy reverberates throughout the world

Peace on earth

Good will to men.

Keep Me in your heart

And love one another as I have loved you



What the world says of Me is useless

Does the world have a heart?

Can I judge it?

Yet I died for the world

And all those on the world

And I would do it all again



To Thine be the Kingdom 

Power, and Glory

All else pales in comparison

You children, are coming Home

Sooner rather than later



You are as sheep to Me

I Am your Shepherd

And as My flock, I watch out for wolves

I see all but I love when you cry out for Me

I run to you,

Gather you up in My arms

And whisk you off to safety

You will NEVER be stolen from My flock!



Words are never enough

To show My love for you

My death however; says it all

I died that you might live

And live abundantly

Soon when we are together

We will live forever

Happily everafter



As starlight streaks across the sky

I Am there

You may not know the path of the stars

But rest assured I do

I Am yours, child

And I Am worth more than a star

You are Mine, Beloved

And you are worth far more

Than My creation



The portrait you see when you look in the mirror

Is not your own

It is Christ in you

The hope of glory

The wind churns and sways

And moves things asunder

But I Am forever in you



Tears of failure are past

Cheers of happiness and joy are the norm

So is Heaven like this

There IS a highway to Heaven

And My children take that highway

They move upon it with ease

For the Holy Spirit guides them



A furtive glance My way

The enemy knows, he hides among you

He will be rousted out in days

And you will find peace in your soul

Among those who have known Me

And then lost their way



Arise my friend, and seek the Lord

Do not look to the left or right

But only in your heart

For there the Holy Spirit resides.

“Look for Me in the East and West,

North and South, for I am everywhere

You cannot miss Me

For I AM


(I asked the Lord about this since the two sections seem to be opposite.  He reminded me that He Himself dwells in us, but that He can be found everywhere for those that are looking.)

" Where can I go from Your Spirit?
Or where can I flee from Your presence?
8 If I ascend into heaven, You are there;
If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there.
If I take the wings of the morning,
And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,
10 Even there Your hand shall lead me,
And Your right hand shall hold me

Psalm 139:7-10


The night is old, the day is new

And there is nothing new under the sun

The Fallen arrive in ships made of metal, not of this earth

Do not believe them

For they are shining, like My Bride

But they have no soul

It is dark as are they

Appearances ARE deceiving

Trust Me My children

Trust Abba



The new are among us

Newly drawn to God

Newly drawn to Me

I love all My children the same

There are no favorites

There are no black sheep

But I call those most, those who WILL turn to Me

I know each name

They too are My children

They too are loved



A profound effect I have on those bound for eternity

Whether Heaven or hell, their life is in My hands

For richer or poorer ‘til death do us part, though there is no parting with the Spirit of God

I Am yours now and forever My Bride

Nothing shall separate us

Not even death



The Light shines on a new day

I Am the Light of the world

There is hope because of the Light

In this dark world

Standing in the Light you are alive

Blending in the dark you are not

Join the Light

Join life!


Hope note - When we are born, we are brought from utter darkness, pitch black, into the light.  No matter where we were born, it is lighter than where we were in the womb.With our first breath, we are in the light.  God is showing us a parable of birth, and rebirth into His Son Jesus Christ when we ask Him to be our Savior.  Today is my birthday and I am still walking in that Light.


Love conquers another’s sin

Beating it down in the dirt and crushing it

Stomping over it with grace and tenderness

Smother the sin and welcome the sinner

-Selah –

Love pouring over it

Smothering it to death

Taking the air out of it, the life

And bringing back freshness

Clean living, mercy, abundant joy and love

Fr that surpasses all else



The Hindu religion is one I spit out of My mouth. I abhor it, it is distasteful.

See that you do not follow it.

My life for yours in exchange for none.



My heart looks to you each morning

The fair Light of dawn awakens and breathes life in me

Breathe in me, oh God

And delight my senses

For theirs is the Kingdom, power, and glory to witness forever.