Primer for the End Times
- Part 2

(transcript below)

Hello, I am the website owner of This is part two of my Primer for the End Times. You can find the transcript of this writeup here. I’ve felt led to do this one for a while as many people have questions about the Bride. What you are about to read or hear if you are watching the video, is simply my interpretation of upcoming events. My opinion is based on three years of studying people’s dreams, visions, and Messages from the Lord and pulling them altogether. Separately they are each a piece of the puzzle but together they form pictures. Some of the topics I want to cover are what happens to the Bride during:

The 3 Days of Darkness, How she gets transformed, The transformation vs the Rapture, and Training and Harvest. During the Harvest topic I hope to cover what may be going on at that time in the world. After that, are there multiple Raptures and who are the 2 witnesses? Also, what happens to the children during these times? I’ve prayed about part 2 for a couple of weeks and asked the Lord to bring forth whatever He wants. So here we go.

3 Dod – First off I would encourage you to read my three days of darkness page. What I can tell you that I believe… is that like the 9th plague of the Egyptians, this darkness will be tangible. It is useless to have a flashlight or candle during this particular time because this darkness is from God. It’s not about no electricity, and it’s not dark on one side of the earth but light on the other. This is total global darkness that is terrifying for three days for those that are here. If you have read Bonnie, Julie, and Sue’s Messages from God which can be found on the PDF page of this website, you will know that our families are protected during this time. God tells us specifically not to worry. But I did want to explain what I feel I know about this time. Cover your windows with black trashbags and tape them to the wall, that’s what I am going to go. And do NOT go outside. You may hear terrifying screams and even voices of the dead. But do not go outside! As the Bride, we will not be afraid. God has said He would be inside all of us and that His light would shine. So we will have light in our household…so to speak. Julie Whedbee had a vision of this where she could see her husband and God explained how that could happen. So don’t worry about it, it WILL happen according to His will.

During this darkness, the Bride will go through something different. It is possible that we will see a “Door”. Our families will not see this door, but when we see it, we will want to GO THROUGH IT! This is our Passover, this is our transformation, Jesus is the door and we are passing through Him to get TO Him. Once through this door we will be forever changed! On another page of this website you will find Lisa’s Visions. I have learned a lot from God through Lisa and I will share some of that here as well. Even though we will be with our families in our homes at this time, Lisa does not feel we will be tempted to stay and not go through the door. We will know that we can do FAR more to help if we go through the door. And if we don’t, we aren’t obeying. I don’t think it will be a problem. I’ve already told my family I’m running through the door!

We as the Bride are then transformed once we go through this door. Our bodies change and we go from mortal to immortal. We will never die after this. The Lord has plans for each one of us and it makes NO difference if we feel anything going on right now or not, physically or spiritually or mentally. God has prepared all of us for this time and purpose, that’s why we are here! Do not let anyone discourage you or make you doubt about your purpose. Know this…Jesus chose US to do this. I firmly believe that there is nothing WE can do, or choose, to make us a part of the Bride. He chose us and marked us for this time, before we were born. This fact should encourage you to know that you are part of this group. No more doubting!

Once we are through that door, we will go to Training for our jobs during the Harvest. Again I encourage you to read Lisa’s Visions because the Lord has shown Lisa more about what where and when this training is, more than anyone else I know! It’s very exciting! It is an island paradise in the Philippines, only in a different realm! There are what seem to be Mikvahs, feasts, training with weapons, dinner parties, swimming, relaxing on the beach, and interacting with angels! There is no sleeping there as our immortal bodies will not need sleep, but we can rest if we like. It IS in another realm so there is no time that we are aware of either. What we do know is that we will receive gifts from Jesus, and after the 3 days of darkness on earth, we will help gather in the Harvest of people who have returned or given their life to Christ. I believe this will last for roughly 40 days, and then the Rapture will occur. The dead in Christ rise first, then us. It seems that many people will die during this time of traumatic events that are caused by the nearby planetX. However, each person will have had that one chance to choose Jesus and when the actual Rapture occurs, the dead in Christ rise first, then we will meet them in the clouds with Jesus.

One of the earlier books I read was Casting Pearls by Mark Wattenford. According to Mark who has visions, during the Harvest, the anti-christ will be out and about, trying to push his mark by saying we need to keep track of everyone. As the Bride, Mark indicates that we will barely even consider the AC because we will be doing our job for Jesus. When we are doing this, we will have TOTAL courage, and HEAR our Lord VERY CLEARLY. Every instruction will be clear and concise and we will only learn what we need to know as we go along. Everything will be perfect for us because the Lord is working through us. We can’t go back and change our minds, we will be doing what we were born to do. Do not worry about this time, rather rejoice that you are part of it!

Ok now recently I have learned something new again. Lisa feels that those who are not of the Bride but are Raptured after the 40 days…are going to be the guests at the wedding supper. Revelation 19:9 says, “Then the angel said to me, "Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!" And he added, "These are the true words of God." So even though these people aren’t the Bride, they DO attend the wedding and are BLESSED! They will not be disappointed in any way because we will all feel perfect in Heaven. Just the other day I was emailing a friend that I was tired of being myself. I know you understand this…we are tired of sinning, of not feeling love and compassion towards everyone we meet, as well as other things that are just..human. But just keep trusting that the Lord will change all that, rest in that knowledge rather than focus on your human self right now.

During this Harvest period, I also believe the “aliens” will show up. God has as sense of humor and the other day during a Word, He said to me, “Space Invaders are coming.” I believe these are the Fallen, those angels that left their first estate along with satan. You can read all about these in the Book of Enoch. I believe some of the Fallen will show up as people of light. Ed Amos, 278pikelk, Chosen Explosion, Godshealer7, and others have told us these are “imposters”. They are NOT aliens, they are the Fallen. I personally believe that demons are the souls of the Nephilim so I don’t think that demons are aliens. I think fallen angels appear as aliens. That’s debatable I know, but that’s my take on it. It doesn’t really matter in the long run. They WILL deceive people. I do believe there are other God created creatures in the universes…but like Howard Storm says in his book, My Descent into Darkness, those aliens do not enter our solar system right now. So what we are seeing as UFOs and gray creatures, are from the enemy.

Angels will take care of our pets and animals when we as the Bride leave. So please do not worry about your pets or children. I know it is easy to worry but God has told us that He will take care of things. You must have faith! Remember, God loves EVERYONE exactly the same as His Bride. We are not better or more loved than anyone else. The minute we believe we might be a bit better, that is PRIDE and that is an awful sin as you know. Repent of that right away when these thoughts come to mind. (Update - 2016 - we have recently discovered that God Himself will remove the children before the Rapture...this is explained here.)

I do believe there are multiple Raptures. Frankly, I don’t know when although I suspect one might be when the 2 witnesses are raised after 3 ½ days. This pattern would follow Jesus resurrection and the raising of dead with Him. It’s just a thought about timing as I truly don’t know. I DO believe however, there are a couple of Raptures. Anything beyond that I can’t even speculate. That just not my focus.

Lastly, I would like to share my view on the identity of the 2 witnesses. A friend sent me an email the other day with her thoughts. She feels the two witnesses are Elijah and Moses. I think many people believe this is the pair. I know some people don’t even think they are two men but I take this part of the prophecy literally. Most everyone agrees on Elijah because the Bible is pretty clear on that. In my opinion and for me it’s a fact…the second witness is Enoch. A couple of reasons why. This is what I replied to my friend:

I wanted to reply on the 2 witnesses and why one cannot be Moses.  I agree with Elijah and the Bible is clear that Elijah will return.  Did you know that on Passover during the Seder meal...the Jews leave an extra place setting for Elijah?  Something to think about.  As for the other witness, we are told in Hebrews 9:27 that it is appointed to man once to die.  We also have Scriptural "proof" that Moses did die because Michael and satan argued over his bones in Jude 1:9.  So if Moses died and we are even reminded about it in the New Testament, then how can Moses live again in Revelation, then die again at the end of 1260 days, then rise again?  We are only allotted one time to die, one period in our life, the end.  Anything contrary to this is against Scripture and points to reincarnation which we know is wrong. Moses has had his end, but Enoch has not.  Many people think because some of the upcoming plagues are similar to those in Egypt, that the second witness HAS to be Moses.  But again this is not the case.  Joshua 3:5 tells us that God is the one that performed the miracles (I know you already know this).  So in every case in the Bible, never once did man perform a miracle with the exception of the Son of Man who is also the Son of God.  During the Harvest do we believe we personally will raise those from the dead?  No!  We believe Christ THROUGH us will do this, just as He performs other miracles through people.  We also see that the Jordan River (like the Red Sea) did part for man, and Moses was already dead when this occurred. God parted the River for Joshua and the Israelites and if you read your Bible notes, you will see that the River was parted up to a town called Adam....19 MILES AWAY!  Can you imagine what the people of that town thought?  I would have liked to see that.  Anyway, it is my opinion that Enoch is the 2nd witness.  Enoch witnessed everything before the Flood and Elijah has witnessed after.  I believe those are the two lampstands that have witnessed everything that has ever occurred.  Enoch seems to be a witness for the Bride as there were no Jews in Enoch's day.  Elijah seems to be a witness for the Groom, as a fellow Jew.  These are my own thoughts but I can tell you personally that I have NO doubt that Enoch and Elijah are the witnesses.  I hope we get to see them at work in Jerusalem! End of email.

And this is true, I really do want to see them in action and hope the Lord grants me this.

So that’s it for part 2 of the Primer of the End Times. I don’t know if I will do another one or not and most certainly I hope I don’t have enough time.

Anyway, please keep your focus on Jesus and you can’t go wrong. Pray that you stay on the path He leads you on and do not stray to the right or the left. Recently I have been concerned about a sister in Christ and I believe she is going to take a hard fall. I’ve been praying for her and felt I should go visit. But the Lord clearly indicates no. I am not to be caught up in that situation. I have another friend at work who is going through a very hard time right now and have thought about visiting her where she lives, despite my impression that there are demons in her home. Again, I am not to go there, that is off my path. Just last night God gave me a dream where I kept trying to get to certain places but I would make wrong turns and have to go back. I believe He is showing me that I am being distracted. So I need to repent of that and get back on His track!

Ask to be kept under His wing in all things. These are things I pray about every day, always being concerned about disobeying. But if you keep your thoughts on Jesus, then they are off of yourself and even off others, and each day is a little bit easier.

God bless and see you soon!

Lisa's Visions 

PDFs & Casting Pearls, Book of Enoch