Primer for the End Times 
- Part 1

(transcript below)

Have you had dreams of chaos or disasters? Or maybe a friend or loved one keeps talking about “the end” and it’s driving you nuts? This page is dedicated to you. My hope is to explain what’s going on in a very simple manner. I’m not going to use any Bible verses or other quotes because they are on other pages of this website, as well as just about every end time website or prophetic video you find on the internet. And first and foremost please remember this. All the answers are not on this page. You can’t find all the answers on the internet but you CAN go to God and ask Him. And He will, all in His good time.

The people that read this website and many other end time prophetic websites, believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and He is about to return. Some of us believe He will return right away, and others of us believe He will return at the end of a period of disasters that occur on earth (this is still before the Tribulation…if you have ever heard that term). Since I believe like the second set of people, that’s where the focus will be for this explanation. If you had a dream of say…fireballs raining down or a ginormous tsunami destroying a city, I believe that will happen soon. Most of us that are into this end of the world stuff…did NOT learn this all by ourselves. God has woke us up. Little by little He showed us a dream or maybe the world events caught our attention. You know…like all the dead fish, birds, mutilated cows, 

superstorms, thundersnow, solar flares, sinkholes, colors in the sky….all that weird stuff that we never saw while growing up. That has made us pay more attention to what the Bible says about all this. Many people have heard that “in the end” the world will have lots of disasters. They just don’t expect it to be in their lifetime. But God is waking them up! You can believe there is a REASON that you have been led to read this page. Perhaps God too is waking you up. You really do need to understand that God loves you as much as He loves Billy Graham. You are absolutely NO different in His eyes. That is why He is the perfect Father. He has no favorites. The Bible tells us this. It makes no difference what you did in the past, you are still LOVED by Jesus Himself!

Is He really coming back? Yes. How do I know? Because He said He would in His Word…the Bible. So how is He going to come back? Well, that’s an interesting question and you will find 100 different people with 100 different answers. Like I said above, no one has all the puzzle pieces. But God is sure revealing some things! Here is what I believe.

Very soon we will see the following things. I wish I could tell you the order of appearance, but I can’t be 100% sure. God is keeping some things to Himself because…He’s God. But here is what I believe.  We will see more geological disasters. Many people have had dreams of these disasters. Others have visions. Some have “heard” from God Himself. He WILL talk if you learn to listen to the still small voice. But it takes some time. The reason for the geological disasters such as more spewing volcanoes…is that there is a planet or dwarf star (look up Nibiru or PlanetX)…or some giant object from outer space moving close to us. It’s messing with earth’s gravity and in turn, the volcanoes, sinkholes, and earthquakes are occurring. Does this sound nuts? Yes, but so does 1,000 dead fish washing up on the east coast all at once.

Another thing you should pay attention to…is Israel. In fact, Israel should be your first priority. She is like a compass and we always need to know where she is pointing because the land of Israel belongs to God. We understand that God owns and created the entire earth. But God tells us to watch Israel, so we do. There are places in the Bible that point to wars in Israel, both in the past, present and future. Almost the entire book of Revelation points towards the future of Israel. But a lot of preachers ignore this. They ignore God’s feast days such as Passover, and instead point to Easter. That’s why many of us end time people no longer go to church. Because we are not finding out the Truth there.  Most preachers don't discuss the coming 3 Days of Darkness or the Harvest...because they are unaware of them for various reasons.

So back to the giant planet thing. NASA and other scientists and countries have put more satellites into space these days. There are telescopes in the Artic pointing to space. They may be looking for UFOs (BAD by the way!) as well as something coming closer. They just aren’t saying. Once you start researching a little bit more, you will see that many secrets are being kept from us sheeple (sheep plus people). Does this sound nuts? Oh totally! We know how we sound! That’s why we don’t talk much about it. But believe me, those of us who have been called by Christ to watch…cannot stand NOT to watch. It’s not something we did, it is something He is doing. He is pulling us back to Him. That’s why you had the dream or possibly vision. Or that’s why your friend/loved one keeps talking about “the end”…and “be ready” and all that jazz.  God wants your focus to be on Him so He is giving you reasons to talk to Him!

Once the volcanoes are spouting off (think Ring of Fire), other geological and cosmic events will take off. Earthquakes in weird places, tsunamis, rainbows in the sky when it’s not raining. These things are going to happen because God has showed this to us. It’s going to get so bad, that when this planet (Nibiru, PlanetX, Herculobus) gets near, you will see it in the sky for yourself. The world will panic! But those of us who are expecting it…will be excited. Why? Because Jesus has told us that is when He will return then. It’s going to get to the point where there will be a “earthquake” so bad, that even the Heavens will shake. When that happens, get into your house because for three days, it’s going to be pitch black outside. Horrible sounds will be heard through the walls but do NOT go outside. Again I know this sounds nuts…but it’s not me telling you. It’s God. These things have happened in the past, it’s all in the Bible. And it’s going to happen again only worse.

So why will we be excited? Because during those three days, some of us will be leaving. Our bodies will start to glow and I am not sure if we will walk through a door or just disappear or what. But we will be leaving. You can find more about what will happen to everyone on the Three Days of Darkness page on this website. But for now, just know that after these three days, those of us who left, will come back and help others to find Christ and get ready for a moment in time when everyone who does come to Christ, will disappear. You may have heard of this…it’s referred to as the Rapture. It is possible that we will have around 40-50 days after this darkness, to help others out. People will need help because there will be global chaos caused by this nearby planet. Many people will die. But we will help with food, healing, even raising the dead! Again, this is what we have been led to believe by God Himself. Patterns of this are all throughout the Bible as well. Most preachers and priests do not preach that these miracles could still occur today. But they can and they will because God will make it so.

Now that you know this, you have three choices. One is to do nothing. To scoff at our beliefs and blow it off and go your own way. Another thing is to start to watch and keep track of some of the events listed above, especially since many are already occurring. If you believe you are already a Christian, then you need to really commit yourself to the Lord and walk in His ways. There is no easy answer to do this

from man…but from God all you need to do is to talk to Him. Ask Him for help and He will send it. You will be surprised in the ways He sends it. Finally, if you don’t know Jesus at all, you can pray to Him in your most simplest prayer and just TALK to Him about your life and how you would like Him to come fix your heart. He is just waiting for this! And angels actually rejoice in Heaven when someone turns to Jesus to change their life.

The final thing I would like to add, is please do not make fun of your friend or loved one for their belief in what’s to come. There is proof in the world today in the storms, and the Middle East. Evil is running amuck. And God is getting tired of it. He’s about to come down and change some things, so while you may think it’s all a lie…what if you’re wrong? What have you got to lose?

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