From time to time I just feel I have something to share.  Others might create a Blog I suppose...

so consider this my Blog page.

~ Hope

07/23/21 - My 40th Wedding Anniversary

This picture was taken on my wedding day, July 25, 1981.  Much has changed since then including the rings we wear.  My husband has an "upgrade" and I have one ring now, that incorporates my mother's engagement diamond, my engagement diamond, and a diamond representing my daughter. That's a change on the outside but our hearts are still for each other.  I won't get mushy though...let's move on.  :-)

As most of us know, the meaning of "40" is a period of testing. You are aware of all the times of testing for 40 days/years in the Bible and I'd like to think that like those 40 years for me have made me the person that God chose me to be before He put me here.  That while my path included much, much sorrow and even despair over the years...He has also given me a wonderful partner to help me through it.  While not going into detail, my childhood was a mess...and I'd like to think that God knew I would meet my husband and he would make up for a lot of bad events from back then.  That's how I choose to think of it anyway.  

I don't normally get this personal with any individual, let alone post it online for the public.  But you know what?  I am very pleased that I made it this far.  Similar to when I turned 50, I feel that a 40 year marriage is a milestone I can point to when I get to Heaven.  Not a proud thing..but one that perhaps the enemy would have disrupted if he could have. He didn't win. I'm hoping this 40 years is for all of us and that as Kathy Mote recently heard from Jesus..."This is the year of My Bride."  

Lastly, a few years back when I was conversing more often with Sue...she posted this Message.  She had NO idea that July 25 was my anniversary but I just felt it was a wonderful confirmation from God.  Recently I've really began to learn what the phrase "loving kindness" of God really means.  This Word is exactly that.

06/21/21 - Herbert

If you look back on 10/23/20 you'll see that God has been telling me the names of His creatures for a while.  This continues to happen (I love our little wren Penelope who calls me from our porch lattice when a sparrow bothers her nest) and I welcome it.  I tell my husband the names and he just says..."Uh huh".  ANYWAY...a while back I saw a spider in my house and had to kill it.  Especially in the fall when they are bigger, they simply gotta go!  I grabbed a paper towel to quickly kill it and a name popped in my head.  I killed it anyway.  I don't like those kind of spiders! 

Two weeks ago I found the tiny spider in the above picture, in a small web around my trash can in the bathroom.  He had spun his web between that and the cabinet wall.  I knew I'd be cleaning in a few days and figured I would take care of it then.  When the time came to clean, I took the trash can out of the bathroom so I could sweep the floor like I always do.  I had forgotten about the spider.  Later that day when I went into the bathroom, I saw this same tiny spider had now built a new home in the corner.  As soon as I saw the spider the name "Herbert" came to me.  I sighed.  Last time I had killed the spider, I told God that it would be better if I did not know these names; but He thought better.  Since Herbert survived the breaking of his first web, I've decided to give him a reprieve until I clean again.  How can you kill something when you know God's name for it?  And it's so very tiny.  In this picture it appears he is against the wall but in truth there is a tiny web spun from corner to corner and he is in the air.  Herbert means "famous warrior" by the way.

Several years ago my friend Randy told me that there is most likely a kingdom of spiders in Heaven where they can all live safely and they are colorful and fluffy and crystally.  I believe he told me they have a special tree. (sigh)  That's one of those things you can't unremember so even though I have to kill spiders on occasion, I'd like to think they will end up in this kingdom with their friends. 

“She asks me to kill the spider.
Instead, I get the most
peaceful weapons I can find.

I take a cup and a napkin.
I catch the spider, put it outside
and allow it to walk away.

If I am ever caught in the wrong place
at the wrong time, just being alive
and not bothering anyone,

I hope I am greeted
with the same kind
of mercy.”
Rudy Francisco, Helium (collection of poetry)

05/24/21 - Happiness is...Maple Syrup!

A few days ago my husband and I received a card from some church friends.  It seems they just found out about our daughter passing away (remember, we started attending there about 6 months after) and wanted to let us know we were in their thoughts and prayers.  Sadly this couple was not aware that the card was a reminder to me of my daughter's illness and death and it put me in a sad state of affairs.

It lasted through Sunday morning when I told my husband that I think it was going to be "one of those days".  Almost all my days are good now but every now and then it can still get quite depressing.  So before church I began to pray that God would bring joy into my life this day.  It's hard to explain if you've not lost someone close like this, but suffice it to say that your life is never the same.  So I prayed for joy.

After church I was talking with a church member who makes maple syrup.  We had purchased some of his syrup before at a church auction.  He had some empty jars and I asked if he was filling them for a friend. He told me no (his wife had made salsa instead) and that he had not had a good maple season because...well...he discovered he had cancer.  While he seemed to be on the mend, my heart went out to him, knowing how devastating it can be, both mentally and physically.  Anyway, my husband and I left church and went home and ate lunch.  About an hour later, this man and his wife showed up (never been here before) and he said he just wanted to drop off some syrup!  I was ecstatic!  Sometimes I make cookies with it and also cake etc...not just on pancakes and waffles!  He only stayed a few minutes but after he left, I realized I felt joy!  THIS was God bringing me joy on Sunday when I needed it most!  He is such a good God and I give Him all the credit.   :-)

UPDATE:  I was so thrilled with the maple syrup that I made this man and his wife a  "Maple Leaf" afghan!  These are all colors that a maple leaf can change to throughout autumn. 

My husband also made them a quilt rack with a cross embedded on the sides.  Here is a picture of the afghan;  unfortunately I did not take a picture of the quilt rack.  We delivered these items on Friday night and had a great fellowship!

04/16/21 - Uncanny Coincidences

For the last several months from my local library, I’ve been reading all the Tom Clancy books that involve the character Jack Ryan. I like reading book series that are good, and in chronological order. I’m up to Executive Orders. The more I read this book, the more it seems like predictive programming. Some of the parallels in this book to the past few months and years are as follows: (book was published in 1996)

  • A plane crashes into the Capital building
  • A man who is NOT a politician is made the President of the United States (he is NOT well liked)
  • A contagious disease in another country is purposely coordinated and sent to the US
  • A former vice president fraudulently declares he is President (seriously!)
  • Tehran and Beijing are joining in agreements (like they did on Passover)

This is what is on the back of the book: (simply replace “Ryan” with Trump’s name).  He also uses the term social distancing and talks about how weird courtroom people look with facemasks on.

“Many eyes are on him now, and many of them are unfriendly. In Beijing, Tehran, and other world capitals, including Washington, D.C., there are those eager to take advantage where they may, some of whom bear a deep animus toward the United States-some of whom, from Ryan’s past, harbor intense animosity toward the new President himself.”

I’m not quite halfway through this book. I’m wondering what surprises lay ahead and if they are or will be copied in the years to come.

03/31/21 – Passover 2021 and Pastor Dana’s Dream

This year Passover started on Saturday March 27 sundown and ended on March 28. On Sunday when my husband and I went to church, I kept thinking, “Today is Passover!” Of course, the entire sermon was built around “Palm Sunday”. Passover is God’s Feast. He gives Moses the instructions in Exodus 12. There are instructions for celebrating the day for a week but the Lord’s angel “passed over” on Passover, and Jesus died on Passover, so me being very literal, see it as one 24 hour period. Kinda like Christmas, I may start decorating and baking in December, but Christmas is actually on Dec 25 only (I no longer celebrate Christmas but if I did, it would be on that day). We also saw that precisely on Passover last year, we were all in our houses. Whoda thunk.

Pastor Dana saw in his Dream “Flag, Fireworks and Faithful” a billboard and heard a Voice:

“And then I saw this big billboard and it said Passover 2021 big things are coming for the world big things are coming for the world.”

The dream itself was from August 2020 and was prophesying all the lies that would occur during the election. All of that came true so I was VERY interested in seeing what would occur on March 27/28 this year. I believe I found the “big things”! It was not spoke of on any news channel I followed over the weekend, rather I found a story in Times of Israel on Monday. Once I read it, I felt a quickening from the Holy Spirit. Here is that story:

Just because there were no EQs or blood moons or leaders dying or whatever you want to call a global event on Passover, does not mean that it did not happen. The billboard message is a future one…”big things are coming for the world”. It very well may have started with this deal. Russia is already in cahoots with Iran, and now China? Oy vey!

One thing was brought to mind…are these part of the “east and the north” in Daniel 11?

"But news from the east and the north shall trouble him; therefore he (the ac) shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many.”  (verse 44)

Russia is north of Israel and Iran and China are east. Could this unholy alliance eventually be the one that goes against the antichrist? It is possible that these nations will not follow the antichrist. Especially if he espouses being of Jewish descent. I don’t know. But I DO know that Pastor Dana is a genuine man of God and I would do well to pay heed to his dreams. Let’s just keep watching what happens in Israel. Remember, this beloved country and people of God are our gauge for end time events. Not the USA, not Donald Trump, not China, not any one person or place other than Israel.

03/26/21 - Let there be Light!"

A few days ago I found this written in one of my journals...I wrote it after doing a study on the word Let from Genesis:

Let = H1961 (ironically the year of my birth)

“To be, Become, Come to pass, Exist, Happen, Arise, Appear, To occur”

The Creator’s first Word

Was that of permission

“Let”, “To become“, “To exist”

That began the glorious transition.

To bring into being existence

For there was indeed a void

A darkness overwhelming

Of light it was devoid.

“Let there be Light!”

The divine Command was given

Through piercing darkness a flash

A brightness that was driven.

The night turned into day

The deepness had been broken

A shining white arrived

By the Word of God thus spoken.

And He saw that it was good

A brilliance splitting the night

Illuminating the Power

And the Glory of the Light

03/01/21 - Compassion

Some of you know this story but many years ago when God was first waking me up, I was diagnosed with cancer.  At the beginning of the year I had prayed that God would teach me compassion because at the time, it was pretty much "all about me".  Well, cancer makes it all about you, trust me.  BUT I did learn compassion and the Lord is still teaching me.  

For example, last night my husband and I watched something different...To Catch a Smuggler.  These are filmed arrests of "drug smugglers" who (sometimes) hide drugs in their suitcases and fly into an airport near Madrid Spain and think they can get away with it.  First off, these narcotics police are INCREDIBLE!  One of them merely smelled cocaine from a guy walking nearby.  When they searched his suitcase, he had several packages wrapped in duct tape.  Another policeman just thought something looked wrong with another guy...and yes he was carrying 17 kilos.  But that did not strike me nearly as much as WHO was carrying these drugs.  

We only watched two episodes but some of those caught were couples.  In each instance, the man tried to take all the blame. Especially in the instance of married couples. Others had lost jobs and needed quick money.  But the one that stood out to me was the man that had been a chef and lost his job.  His wife had died in December and he had a 7 year old daughter.  My heart went out to him because he was going to jail for upwards of 9 years.  Another single mother was going to jail and had 2 young children.  She was so upset she could not even call her family to tell them.

The devil is forcing people to do evil things.  My vision of a drug smuggler was a person that was unkempt with shifty eyes.  God showed me otherwise last night. The Remnant will be going to all sorts of people that are in need of saving.  They will be rich and poor, various cultures and religions, and all manner of personalities, demon possessed and the like.  We are not to judge them, we are to love them.  If I learned one thing from having cancer, it is that you do not know what is going on in the heart and lives of strangers or even coworkers.  I told no one of my cancer other than my boss...I was off work for 3 weeks and no one knew what I had other than being sick. So now I realize that people I meet and see across the street, I cannot judge them by what I see.  So rather than try, I pray every morning that I feel what God feels for everyone I meet.  I don't think we can go wrong by asking that.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.  Ephesians 4:32

02/24/21 - Words of Wonder

I wanted to share with you something that has happened to me recently.  I share this because I feel that it is something that all that read this are able to do.  

For a few mornings now, just before I get out of bed, I seek out God and He has been sharing what to me sounds like something from the Psalms.  

I have heard Night Psalms and Night Writings (posted under the tab titled Messages) and wrote them down as directed.  But these past few mornings I simply hear words that are praising God.  They speak of Jesus riding a white horse and a lot more and it sounds very poetic.  I encourage you to try this next time you have a chance.  When you wake up, just reach out to God and see if He has anything to say to you.  It may only be one Word but if it is from God, is that not significant for your life?!?!  You bet it is! I feel the Remnant is passed the point of milk only and is craving meat and so this is a chance for you to have some supernatural steak.  :-)

PS:  Please email me if something is spoken or shown to you because of this...I am always encouraged by reading testimonies!

UPDATE:  As I was praying this morning, I discovered what I am hearing are "Words of Wonder" so I have retitled my Ponderings to reflect that.

02/15/21 - Snowden 2

I was listening to Kevin Zadai's recent teachings that occurred over the weekend and he said something interesting...another Snowden will arise!  Begin listening at precisely 1 hr 35 min in...

I told this to a friend of mine and he reminded me that Kim Clement had also said another Snowden would come.  I had heard a 2nd one would come forth as a whistleblower but didn't recall it was Kim.  THEN my friend sent me the prophecy. Here is what Clement said.  NOTE THE TIMING!
They will shout, "Impeach, impeach," but this shall not happen, and then, God says, highly embarrassing moments when another Snowden arises and people will become very afraid.


Is it possible that he will reveal ALL about the false election last year that will make people afraid! ??!?!?!   STAY TUNED!!

02/06/21 - Intimate Encounter

​I had a vision early this morning.

I saw a table with 2 chairs and an overhead hanging lamp in a cozy corner of a house. A stairway was ​on the wall to the right​ and behind it. This picture is perfect except there was no food on the table and the stairway with the landing was behind it. 

As soon as I realized I was seeing a vision God told me many things about the soon coming light ​flowing​ into us, the Light of the world which is our Bridegroom. ​I feel the initial "gift" from God is going to be very intimate, a wonderful joining with Jesus as He flows through us, rather than a brilliant flash of light and the full transformation. Our families will know the difference to be sure, but since we know we need training, this points to a maturing for the Remnant.  As in most everything else God does, it will take time.  He wants His Bride to be perfected, with no spot or wrinkle.  Since no one has ever experienced this permanent change, we will feel it as a flood of changes and I can hardly wait.    

The stairway from the vision, was very close to the table and led to God above in Heaven and it sorrows my heart to know that the devil wrote the lyrics for Stairway to Heaven. (you can find that if you search on it).  But he can do nothing on his own, he can only copy, and many have seen that stairway in their dreams and visions.  We also have proof of it in Jacob's dream in Genesis 28.  This encounter will eventually lead to the Rapture when Jesus takes us away permanently to Heaven.  But before then, we have a job to do! 

 ​​Finally the Lord said, "I will flood you with Being.”  I was reminded of a Word from Sue that I had just seen yesterday (Word here)

Be encouraged brothers and sisters, because this Encounter IS coming! Peace will flow through us like never before, and we will have zero worries while we remain on earth to fulfill our purpose in helping with the Harvest.  Are you ready??!?!?

02/03/21 - Waking Up Changed

Yesterday I watched Captain Marvel for the first time.  As usual with an Avengers movie (and my imagination), I see clear parallels to the Remnant that is about to arise.  As Captain Marvel wakes up, her hands glows.  I truly believe that's what will happen to us once God sends His transformation upon us.  Unlike "Carol Danvers" in the movie, we will be AMAZED!  My first though is going to be..."God?  Is this from You?"  And I will HEAR Him!

Here is an excerpt from a Word given to Sue in 2013:

You will walk with Me in Light that you have never dreamed possible on Earth. I will flow through you in a magnitude that is completely foreign to Earth minds. Bible stories are but a mere shadow of what is to come, for I will flow upon this Earth in Power that has not been seen since the Creation. This ushers in a new beginning, a paradigm change, that you, My Bride, will assist Me in.   (all of Sue's Words in PDF)

Remember through all this chaos in the USA right now, and the world with the virus...keep your eyes on the Lord.  He is our Shepherd and Protector and we are simple children.  But oh what a mighty army we are spiritually and when we arise, watch out!

01/22/21 - Revealing the Wicked

Rather than write another election post, I'll just revise the one I had.

There are three prophets that recanted, that is they changed their mind about the "words" they posted about Trump remaining in office.  They changed their mind and took it back BEFORE the inauguration.  I no longer follow these men.  Not because they supposedly got it wrong, but that they themselves were so unsure...and so concerned they would lose followers, that they wanted to be sure to recant before Slow Joe took office. I won't be posting them.

You old timers will remember this television series called "V".  This woman's name is Julie, as is mine.  I can relate to her as the Lord started waking me up by researching fallen angels.  :-)  

Their deception WILL be exposed!

It's been a few days now since the Inauguration and yes I did watch it.  Like many others, I was hoping the power would go out or tv be interrupted or internet go down, etc etc. I simply did not know how Trump would remain in office but I so strongly felt he would. When all that didn't happen, I had to repent for putting God in a box, and assuming I knew what He would do. (see 01/08 post below). I was wrong!  

As I pondered the events of the past few weeks and prayed about it, God let me know what was going on. Please take this to the Lord because He will direct you and tell you things different than me, not for confusion but for understanding. He told me that some of us will be exposing these liars for what they are, wicked, and of their father the devil. He told me that in order for them to be exposed (like the snake that slithered out of the woodpile to bite Paul), they had to be in office! He wants their removal to be public and final.  The whole world will see.  Yesterday I did not want to watch the news but after reviewing what some of our prophets are saying...I am looking forward to seeing evil take a fall!  Remember, it'll be a domino effect.  That first one could fall any day.

I am now thinking that it's not by "man" that these things will occur.  In other words, the military is not going to take over Biden and the others and put them in jail ALTHOUGH that may be God's choice.  I am certainly watching to see when the Ntl Guard leaves.  I'm sure they're bored. When Trump "returns" I feel that this whole thing will go down supernaturally.  If Jill Steele's Message is correct, then the entire world will say, "Who is the God of Trump?!?"  I am reminded of several Bible stories similar to this but the one that stands out is the 3 men in the furnace.  When they walk out of it unhurt, King Nebudchadnezzar says, "Therefore I decree that the people of any nation or language who say anything against the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego be cut into pieces and their houses be turned into piles of rubble, for no other god can save in this way." (Dan 3:29)  THAT'S what I believe will happen again!  It will supernaturally be from God and not man!  I will continue to believe that these prophets that have said Trump will stand...have heard from the Lord.  We wanted it to be our way though, some STILL do and are pushing the whole military, EBS will go off, thing.  I no longer watch for that.  God may uses them but HE may use the Supreme Court, or just full on GOD stuff. 

One last thought.  Remember all those stadiums that will be full during the harvest?  Many many coming to Christ worldwide?  If Biden is in charge, that ain't gonna happen sister.  He will use the virus as a reason.  However if the nations see that God did bring Trump back, then I can absolutely see those stadiums overflowing for God!  Imagine that!!  That makes the most sense to me but again, I am watching God and not man.

We were told to brace ourselves...there was a reason for that.  Now is the time to hold the line!

01/14/21 - Removing Conservative Voices

As of today Trump and Sidney Powell and Gen Flynn and MANY others have been removed from social media platforms.  I just wanted to give you a heads up on where the Lord has led me with this.

I've prayed about it and I am not to try and track down all these voices and people and download apps to follow them.  Even some of those I post frequently are very concerned that they will be shut down and are giving out social media info to follow on another app.

This seems overwhelming to me so I asked the Lord about it during my devotions.  As I opened my Bible to read today's passage, it was titled "The Ministry Continues".  :-)  I believe He was speaking to me right then.  He also told me later to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  So I am to continue posting on this website and if Twitter and FB shut me down, so be it.  I will post here as long as I can.  Also I am going to wait and see where Donald Trump sets up his next social media and will download that app to follow him. Hope that helps.

01/08/2021 - Why I believe Trump Remains in Office

Since before the election, I have maintained and spoken the word that while the road would be difficult, Trump would remain in office.  I have specifically told this to five people on more than once to the point where they text me and ask "what now?"  I have told this to:

1) my hairdresser (she has a role to play in the harvest)

2) my friend from church (she needs her faith in prophecy to grow)

3) my husband (he needs his faith in prophecy and God to grow)

4) my preacher (hey...he needs his faith in prophecy to grow!)

5)  my dentist (decades old friend from small group that needs his faith in prophecy to grow)

I trust that God has spoken through certain people via dreams and visions and Words.  I've read prophecies that have Trump in charge during catastrophes, so those prophecies still need to come to pass.  I believe this is for now, and not in 2024.  And if Trump does not remain in office this year, then there are a WHOLE lotta people I will quit listening to.  But here's the thing, and God showed this to me in my devotions the other day.  It's not about the people...it's about whether the real God is speaking to them.  I pray about listening to them and discerning.  I ask the Holy Spirit to show me truth.  I have this website and many are encouraged and draw hope from it.  I am a watchman...how can I post something discouraging or fearful?  I cannot, that's not what "Call of the Bride" is all about.  And I feel these people truly hear from God.  Are they perfect? Oh no way!  I have spoke to some on the phone, I have read of their troubles that they caused, and some I even know of past issues.  But that makes no difference to God...only HE knows their hearts.  This is why discernment is critical.  It's not about the person, it's about the Voice speaking to them. God reminded me of this through this passage:

The next day John was there again with two of his disciples.  When he saw Jesus passing by, he said, “Look, the Lamb of God!”   When the two disciples heard him say this, they followed Jesus.  Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, “What do you want?” 

They said, “Rabbi”, “where are you staying?”

“Come,” he replied, “and you will see.”

So they went and saw where he was staying, and they spent that day with him. It was about four in the afternoon.  

John 1:35-39

So many people were following John the Baptist because they KNEW God had sent him, and spoke to him.  He was the voice calling in the wilderness and many were baptized.  He was a really strange guy though right?  He wore camel's hair and ate locust!  Yet many knew he heard from God.  So when we see John pointing to the Lamb of God, his own devoted disciples took off!  It was never about John, but rather who he was preaching about!  That is what we are all about as watchmen.  Yes we believe the prophets hear from God, but we will leave them in a heartbeat once our Bridegroom shows up!  

Until then, we have been told to brace ourselves, hold fast, and when all else fails...S T A N D !!!  I'm standing, I'm unrelenting, and I TRUST God to do this apparently miraculously thing at this point. Don't wobble, don't hesitate, and don't remain on the fence.  STAND FAST!!

These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. 1 Peter 1:7

01/01/21 - A Prayer for the Remnant

Dear Father God, thank you for life.  Thank you for allowing us to live at this very moment in time when the return of your Son, our Bridegroom, is near.  Many generations now pray for us in Heaven, the loving cloud of witnesses.  They stand before you in the Courts of Heaven, praying for Your will to be done in and through us.  You are LIFE, our very DNA glows with your Breath and the Living Water flows through us to nourish our souls. We look to the Son for every heartbeat.

Many of us are weary Lord...some of the Remnant are sick and hurting.  Some cannot fight the spiritual warfare around them and others have been so put down by people, that they hide in symbolic caves.  None of us is perfect and all need Your help and blessing now.  Please show favor to this Remnant that is about to step out into Your Glory, and assist in the harvest of pointing the hearts of the children back to their Father.  Allow our lives to become so simple, that there is nothing for us to pay attention to except You.  Keep our daily path clear of debris because You are our Good Shepherd and protect us from evil.  Keep our eyes ever on you oh Lord, 24/7, and in that way nothing unclean can enter them.  Our hearts can stay pure because we care not for the world.  Turn our ears away from the news of the day, and the men and women who speak only wicked things.  Let our every action reflect what Jesus would do.

Lord, sadly many still look for signs and wonders and take their eyes off of the Giver of such things.  Some even focus on disasters thinking this will bring about Your return. Let us not judge but rather pray for Your oil of joy to be poured out upon them.  We love whom You love, and want ALL children to return to the Creator of all things.  Let the peace that passes understanding be poured out not only on them, but us your Remnant as well.  Let our coming days be filled with joy regardless of what transpires in the world, for the world is watching us to see if our faith can truly move mountains. Help us in our unbelief.

Finally Lord, please speak to each of us loudly and clearly so we know Your instruction each moment of the day.  You told me that You and I do not have a Vulcan mindmeld, but rather a Godmeld.  The Holy Spirit resides in us...God lives IN us, the hope of Glory!  And so keep our minds pure so we remain focused on You. We claim Your promise today for this year, 2021.

Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble"

I trust you God.  The enemy cannot take that away and it is my shield against him. You have walked with me through the fire and I came out continuing to trust in you.  May the same be granted to all the Remnant and the Bride in the coming days.

In your precious Son's name, I thank you.


12/18/20 - Extra Vaccine Dosages in Vials

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?  Since when do vials contain more doses of a vaccine than what is noted?  Where are the safeguards?  Who or what filled these vials?!?  I asked my SIS who is a nurse, if she ever found extra dosages in a vaccine vial and she said, "not really".  She is currently on medical leave and had no idea what I was talking about.  Do a quick search and you will see what I mean about these extra dosages.  And not just in the US...this headline especially bothers me.

An American Hanukkah miracle? Pfizer vaccine bottles hold surprise extra doses

Oy vey!  Now I know that there are some people even reading this website, that have to take the vaccine for their job.  I do not judge those people in any way shape or form.  But from what I am reading, the leaders giving out this vaccine feel that extra doses are insignificant.  How can that be?  They see it as a good thing and not a questionable issue to look into.  It reminds me of how there is so much proof of election fraud right now...but the bad guys are just looking the other way.  Somethin' don't smell right!

12/12/20 - And the Hits just keep on comin'

Sheesh!  What is UP with all these lies?  I could rant and rant and I'm sure some in your households do.  My husband and I are constantly discussing the fact that all these people and videos and facts are coming forward about the fraudulent election and keep getting dismissed! We had our eyes sets on this latest with SCOTUS but nooooo, "there is no standing".  Well!

So rather than go into all that...I asked my husband a simple question tonight.  "Given that BEFORE the election, you thought Biden would win...and after all losses Trump has suffered in all these courts...if Trump is sworn in on Jan 20, will your faith in God grow?"

Hubby:  "yes"

And perhaps that is what this is all about.  God wants ALL His children to come to Him and ask for our country back!  He wants many to come to a saving faith in Jesus, and to wake up the lukewarm! I cannot imagine my life 5 years from now if Biden wins.  So I am praying daily about this, several times a day, declaring and decreeing on earth as it is in Heaven! 

Do you have the faith that Trump will win?  I do!  I had it before the election and it continues to solidify despite these setbacks.  But maybe they are not setbacks at all.  After all, God is laughing at these shenanigans.

" The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them."  Psalm 2:4

Trust...keep trusting in what God has already said would happen!

12/04/20 - "Bombshells are coming"

God spoke this to me early in the morning of 12/3 and I had posted it on the front page.  Later that night, I heard this while watching the Georgia Senate discussing the witnesses that had come forward.


Listen at exactly 21:29.

Once I heard that...I knew that the "suitcases" were the bombshell...and that they matched Pastor Dana's Data Dream precisely.  If you read that entire dream again, you'll see Dominion's entire program slowly falling apart throughout the night of the election.  I await further bombshells!

11/26/20 - Asking God for a Favor 

Being a friend of several people who have seen Heaven and met Jesus and seen loved one who have passed...it can be disheartening at times not to have those same experiences.  So on occasion I ask God to show me something encouraging.  These generally take the form of a dream such as the one I had last night.  Yesterday I specifically asked Him to show me something I would be doing during the Millennium. Last night I had this dream…

Dream:  I was in a community type building with "stage" people.  I had just spoken an awesome stanza out loud to someone and said, "Oh I have to write that down!"   I knew I was writing an opera.

Upon waking up I was smiling because it was so NOT me. I don’t like musicals let alone operas (even though I have been in choirs and play piano). Other than seeing Cats with my daughter, I’ve not been to any musicals and avoid them on TV. After a few minutes thinking about this dream I prayed about it and God reminded me that I had asked a favor of Him…and He had answered. He even told me, "It will be fun!"  WOW! Whoda thunk! I’ve been smiling a lot today because God is so good. And I wanted to share this experience with you because you too should ask God for favors now and then, especially now during this time of the plague. God wants you to be lighthearted and not fearful. He’s got this right? Then we need to act like it, especially around other Christians. Ask God for a favor today and then sit back and watch Him work!

For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the afflicted ones with salvation.

Psalm 149:4  

11/02/20 - Why Trump will Win

For several months now I've not had any worries or doubts about who will win tomorrow's election.  Trump is the hands down winner.  I say this with complete confidence yet with one caveat...his win will not be obvious right away.   I have 3 reasons why I believe he will win a 2nd term.

  • Prophets and seers that I trust hear from God, have declared it
  • There are prophecies that still need to come to pass that point to Trump still being president
  • Because most of the news is fake and the polls are just plain wrong

1)  Pastor Dana has seen in his dreams..."the obvious winner is not so obvious".  Ergo my caveat.  Don't expect to hear a winner for a while.  Another person to point out Trump's next term is Kevin Zadai.  Also Jeremiah Johnson.  I believe these 3 men hear from the Lord.

2)  Prophecies I recall are that Trump is in control when a major calamity hits the nation.  Another one I recall does not mention Trump but surely describes him here, " I saw a newspaper on the corner with a picture of the President. It surely wasn't Mr. Roosevelt. He was bigger, heavier, big ears." (Joe Brandt's vision

3)  This one needs no explanation

I keep coming across Christians (church and family) that are concerned, very concerned, that Biden will win.  These people are watching too much TV and political polls, and are assuming what they see is the truth.  Pfft.  I try to tell them that Trump is going to win hands down, BUT it will take a while to reveal a winner.  God has already decided this...life will win over death.  Zadai has even declared (along with others) that Roe vs Wade will be overturned!  You can't do that under a Biden administration.  Most of you probably know of other dreams or visions or Words from the Lord that point to Trump's win.  God's Kingdom and Harvest WILL be brought in as He has declared...but everything is in His timing.  Do not look for the Rapture but rather the transformation of the Remnant, and the slow but sure changing hearts of the lukewarm and the lost.

10/23/20 - The Name Game

Last year after my daughter passed away, a baby bunny came to be my friend for a few months.  After a few days I decided to ask God the bunny's name and He said, "Percy".  Now I KNOW I would not have come up with that on my own.  I even told my husband about it.

Fast forward to this year.  The second picture here is a small praying mantis that I discovered earlier this summer.  God told me his name was Hercules.  He told me this BEFORE I saw this mantis do some real damage to a moth (aka act like Hercules).   

A few weeks ago I found a toad in the garden...he had dug his way into the soil and apparently that is how they hibernate for the winter.  I was concerned about him and prayed that God would take care of him and the Holy Spirit whispered, "Clive".  Oh!  I had another name.  Also over the summer a treefrog had been visiting our upper kitchen window at night where we left the light on.  We saw him clinging there from time to time.  Last week I discovered him under my Hibiscus and I was worried so I took him to the soil (after having found Clive there) and God whispered..."Horatio".  Seriously?  And get this, the next day I was reading a fictional book and they mentioned Horatio Hornblower!  I kid you not!   Other confirmations have confirmed these offbeat names.

And then this past week I was told that the stinkbug on my porch door was MacArthur, and that a daddy long leg that scurried away from me was Alfred. 


Hercules (and moth)

Now you may think I'm kidding but I'm not.  I didn't feel I needed to know the stinkbug's name, and especially not the daddy long leg's name!  But God thought it was necessary.  So perhaps there is a reason for this.  Like most of you, I am concerned about upcoming catastrophes in the USA and have prayed for protection.  Perhaps God is saying, "If I feel these tiny creatures are so important in your yard, that I have named them...think how much more I value you!"  We have been told we would be experiencing new things, and I delight in God's unexpected gifts.  :D  

10/10/20 - The Mayflower Connection

In Genesis 15 God told Abraham that his children would be slaves and oppressed in a land for 400 years.  Next month in November, marks 400 years since the Puritans signed a contract to begin a new life, free of persecution by King James.  I found out that the Mayflower Compact was signed around Nov 11th (give or take 10 days).  I urge you to read this short and easily readable document about this contract.

I am writing this Pondering based on Pastor Dana's dreams for November and beyond.  My main thoughts are...will the United States have a calamity around this date based on the 400 years so the Remnant can "leave"?  And is our Transformation coming around that time?  Is the Remnant parallel to the "Saints" of 1620, being called out of the land and transformed and coming into provisions while the country lies in tatters? 

Genesis 15:14, " But I will punish the nation they serve as slaves, and afterward they will come out with great possessions."

It is my opinion that the Remnant that is part of God's Army, is represented in Pastor Dana's dreams found here.  I see the Remnant in those dreams with fire over their heads, wearing crosses, encouraging others when there is no peace, even the 10 riders in the latest dream.  Given that Pastor Dana's dreams have all come to pass as prophesied before their time, I see no reason to disbelieve what he saw coming in Nov, Dec and Jan for this country.  Putting these things together with the 400 years, we see the Hebrews leaving from a bad life into a new God given life.  We see the Pilgrims leaving a bad life, and coming into a new God given life. 

Two more thoughts on November....Lisa's had a vision of her being with her whole family (even deceased) and a turkey is nearby on the kitchen "island".  Is that indicative of Thanksgiving for her?  Also I've not shared a personal dream I had but in it, my husband and I were excited to see our daughter again, fully alive before her birthday, which is in December.

One last thought I will share.  I was reminded of this 1620 Mayflower document while reading Jonathan Cahn's Harbinger II.  I am only 1/3 through the book so perhaps he has already put many pieces together.  But one thing I have learned from his first book and what I'm reading now...is to pay attention to the Torah reading for the days that these events come to pass.  If we are the small part of the Bride that are the firstfruits...and will be changed in November...this lines up with the reading for November 11, also knows as Cheshvan 24.  It is the story of Abraham's servant looking for a wife for Isaac!  Rebecca too is ready to leave her house and go be a wife to Isaac!  She is leaving one life to go into a God given life!  Now I am NOT saying I feel this will happen on November 11th.  The firstfruits of the Bride are global...not based on the USA.  But connected with Pastor Dana's dreams of those who carry the torches...perhaps it WILL occur sometime in November!

09/27/20 - The Lonely Flower

(scroll down and reread 06/29/20 Firstfruits below for preface)

When I wrote part 1 of this post (I didn’t know it would be a two-parter), I was excited…anticipating summer and warmth and blue skies and flowers and butterflies. Sadly part 2 has arrived since the season of winter is just a whisper away.

If you reread part 1 then you know what the single flower stands for. In part 2, given the cold season of autumn here in Indiana today…the lonely black-eyed Susan no longer represents the Remnant, but rather the one man left in the dry garden of earth. We represented the single flower in part 1 because life is coming to ALL the flowers…to all the children of God. And very soon! We will be transformed to go help in the harvest. But at the END of the age, there is no longer a harvest. In fact the dark scattered stems that you see are the dead flowers, left behind to feed the birds. (Rev 19:17-18) 

Only one single flower remains and I am reminded of Isaiah 13:12 which says, “I will make people scarcer than gold— more rare than the fine gold of Ophir”. When the Bride of Christ is long gone in Heaven, having the wedding and the feasts and dancing with our Bridegroom, mankind will still be here to finish out the end of days. But man will be rare. Satan has written his intentions in the Georgia Guidestones and Bill Gates agrees with it in maintaining humanity of 500,000. By the end of this age, only God knows how many humans will actually be alive. 
I know this isn’t my usual upbeat Pondering but ponder I did as I saw the last flower of my 2020 season.

09/10/20 – The Abraham Accords

I don’t believe this is THE Peace Treaty that brings about peace to Israel, but it is a step in the process. I agree with Perry Stone that at some point several other nations may sign this, but for now UAE is only one.

Dubai and Israel Treaty – Perry Stone (PS: It's very interesting to here what he says about Dubai having cities come out of the sea!)

This peace treaty is said to bring about the “normalization of what has been strong informal relations” between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Since Jordan and Egypt already have agreements from decades ago, the UAE will be the 3rd Arab country to join with Israel in this matter. Didn’t Solomon do the same thing? Make peace with the enemies of Israel? How did that turn out?

At first glance in my opinion, this is not THE peace treaty of Daniel 9:27. There are 2 reasons why. From what I can tell:

  • There has been no seven year timing mentioned…so far 
  • There is only one nation in agreement with Israel, not “many”  (Update...Bahrain may also sign but IMO that is still not "many")

In the days ahead we must ALWAYS compare the Bible to what we are seeing in the news. Now granted, once the deal is in place and if many other nations have signed, we may indeed see a 7 year time limit. If so…WATCH OUT! The Tribulation has started! But if there is no mention, then this particular agreement does not line up with the statement in the Bible. And since there is only one nation…UAE…that itself is a clear factor in not pointing to the Daniel 9 treaty. 

Do not be swayed by others posting dates and proof of this being the treaty…you must always compare it with what we know to be Truth…the Holy Scriptures. It’s a no brainer.

Also don’t be caught up in thinking that the Ezekiel 38-39 war is going to happen right away. Again we see why this is NOT the case…proof from the Bible in the first part of verse 11, Ez 38:

‘I will go up against a land of unwalled villages; I will go to a peaceful people who dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates”

God is concerned that we know exactly what to look for…that it is mentioned twice. UNWALLED….WITHOUT WALLS. Are they dwelling in safety? NO! This MAY happen once THE treaty is signed. But it is my thinking (just speculating here) that two prophetic chapters in the Bible will occur first, Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83. I don’t know what will happen to Damascus to make it fall overnight, but it ain’t fallen yet. The king still lives there and abhors Israel. As for Psalm 83, I believe that is a small short war to come…Israel against all her bordering enemies. If you check out the Ez 38 war, NONE of the countries coming after Israel border her. So Israel will feel safe after “she” has conquered her surrounding enemies in Psalm 83. There is also a chance that some divine intervention will occur to make Israel feel safe and secure enough, to remove the Iron Dome and rely on God for future protection. But SOMETHING has to occur to make Israel feel as if they can dwell safely in their homes, take any bus they want, walk thru any border including Gaza in peace, and actually take down walls. This is not happening just because they sign an agreement with the UAE.

So there you have it, my opinion for what it’s worth. The main thing I want to get across is in the coming days when it comes to war and peace with Israel, do not forget the Bible! Do not let your itching ears be led astray. Know the Truth and it will set you free.

09/01/20 - Our Prime Directive

Recently I purchased the full series of Star Trek: Enterprise. I’ve always been a Trekker (not a Trekkie, totally different!) ever since Captain Kirk was at the helm. And I’ve love space. Some people love the oceans, some love the trees, some the mountains. I love space. When I was a teenager I had a poster of Roger Daltrey from the movie Tommy, on my wall…along with a poster of the Pillars of Creation within the Eagle Nebula (see pic). I thought of myself as a cool geek. 😊

ANYway…I’ve been watching this first season of Star Trek and sure enough, something has come along to make me perturbed. Seems that although this alien species came to the captain for help in curing their genetic disorder that would kill them off in 200 years, the captain said no (agreeing with his own doctor).

 Even though the Prime Directive has not been established in this series, the captain felt it was WRONG to “interfere” and cure them. Seems there was also another race of beings on the same planet that were less intelligent (they did not have the disease) but seemed to be “evolving” into smarter beings. Long story short, since evolution was guaranteeing that the smarter species die, and the less intelligent ones live…that the captain felt it was wrong to give them a cure. Ugh!

What about first do no harm? These beings came to the Enterprise! (stay with me here). They were hoping for a cure and in my opinion it was harming them NOT to give them that. AND…the captain said he struggled with his morals but by golly he was not going to interfere. (sigh) This tells me that this most recent Star Trek series has gone off the deep end. Yes I know where Gene Roddenberry got his material but he had died before any of this was written. I blame Hollywood and evil, just plain evil.

Since this show was about not having the Prime Directive in place yet…the Holy Spirit prompted me to recall our own Prime Directive, given to us by Jesus Himself. You can find it in Luke 6:31. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Simple as that. God makes everything simple so we will UNDERSTAND and implement. Sadly there are almost no examples left of this Directive in the world. The 60s left us with the Me Generation, and well, the generation that followed is now rioting in the streets of some of our cities around the world.

I am comforted though, and encouraged by the absolute fact that once we are transformed, the Remnant will 100% follow the Golden Rule given to us by our Creator. We will hear Him speak it. I look forward to that time with my entire being.

08/26/20 - Pastor Attack

Myself and a few other ladies had lunch with our pastor today.  At one point, he described an encounter with a young man who a few nights ago, knocked on the pastor's door and asked directions.  Long story short, the preacher went outside and tried to help the man, even calling the man's friend etc.  The man then asked my preacher to drive him to the friend's house...my pastor said no.  Then the pastor described a second encounter a few days later where a couple stopped and said they ran out of gas but when the pastor was able to get them some, they did not leave right away.  Again he felt uncomfortable. He even mentioned going to the shooting range.

I had sent my preacher Pastor Dana's early dreams where he mentions the attack coming against pastors.  I had a clear understanding not to bring up the video during the luncheon and simply told the pastor that angels were watching over him.  Note I have been praying for him ever since I heard from Pastor Dana.  In my opinion this is exactly what Dana was talking about...and the evil is already coming after my man of God!  He said as long as he has lived there, he had never been uncomfortable living there until these encounters.  At some point, I may try to establish a prayer group for covering or something like that...whatever is needed!

On a more refreshing note...I've been listening to all Kevin Zadai's messages.  I am a student and partner and even listen to his monthly prophetic outlook video.  At this time, it sounds as if all our praying has pushed back the darkness for a few more weeks...perhaps until October.  I am fervently praying for favor for my state of Indiana, so it will not be as hard hit.  I feel I am supposed to do this.  Be sure to pray how the Holy Spirit leads you, because something is indeed coming, but our prayers are heard.  Remember King Hezekiah prayed after he was told he would die...and then God added 15 more years to his life.  Keep praying!

08/01/20 – Under His Wings

So much is starting to happen. Remember where you were one year ago…did you think we would be in the midst of a pandemic? Did you think the US would have record unemployment? Or record heat? 4 million people are affected by flooding in India. There is also deadly flooding in China and South Korea. We have an incoming cosmic debris field that will become more obvious this fall and winter. So much of this can only be found on alternative news. Fortunately God warns us when it pertains to us. We are on a “need to know” basis only and thankfully, our Creator knows when we need to know.

We know a 2nd wave is coming. There WILL be another lockdown. I don’t know when but it seems it is this year. I don’t know if it’s due to a plague or maybe the debris field or something else. I just know we have more coming. It won’t stop now. More important than anything else is that we have been told not to fear. Have you found the hidden place where you meet Christ? It is imperative that you do so. I feel some of the Bride have not been “tested” to the point of making a choice yet…an absolute choice to run to the Lord, or to run away. In a recent communique, Diana Pulliam told me that we must pray and fast…cry out to God. We need intense preparation. She recently posted this on her website:


She will be on Johnny Baptist’s Tribulation Now radio show on August 23 and I will post that later. We aren’t done, folks…her posting above states, “The Saints of God are the target of Satan.  The goal of the devil is to muzzle and shut down the Church! “ I am reminded of Pastor Dana’s video where he mentions demons coming after pastors and Christian men…and that he and others were standing on the month of September and the calendar became as large as the US. We are in for a rough ride ahead and we need to batten down the hatches once more.

I am praying that God show me exactly what He wants me to do to get ready for the rest of the year. I would suggest you do the same. Then just relax. Just “be”. God has this. He always has AND He already knows the end from the beginning. Let that be reassuring to you! All we need to do is walk hand in hand with our Savior…our Bridegroom! He will not let anything hurt us…reread and memorize Psalm 91. We should be EXCITED about what we are seeing! Not full of anxiety. This is what we signed up for! There are so many saints in Heaven that wish they were in our shoes…I know right? Seems unreal but I’ve heard it many times. So…we have a purpose. I want to carry mine out, no matter how long I am here. Once we are changed, we will ONLY do the Father’s will, nothing can go wrong because everything is rigged in our favor. We cannot lose!

I’ve written more than I expected. In fact I was going to complain about wearing a face mask at the grocery store. Lol But you know what? I am doing it and telling my husband, we gotta do it and not complain because we are to stay “hidden” until God says otherwise. The devil will get what’s coming to him. Doubt not the Words of God, for He is Truth. When He finally starts giving us instructions as the Remnant…I will speak out the words of Star Trek Captain Jean-Luc Picard and say…”Make it so.” 😊

07/17/20 - Can you Spare a Dime?

A few days ago I had to go to the local bank to cash a small check.  As I was waiting on my change, I asked the teller if they had had any problems with getting change from whomever they get it from.  The teller said yes, that they were only allowed so many coins at a time. We spoke a bit on the US Mint not making enough coins due to employee shortage (or whatever) due to the plague.  I told her that at this time, we had no 2020 coins in the house so it's not like we had ever missed anything.  Logically there is no reason for this shortage in my opinion.  

The teller's thought was that "everybody wants to go to plastic."  That SOUNDS good until you realize there is a New World Order and they want control over everything including every human...and getting rid of cash is one of their goals.  As I left, I told the teller that next to go are the $1s and $5s.  I recall Pastor Dana discussing this and it rings true.  My husband and I are now turning in all our change because once they stop taking it, it'll never be worth anything. Isn't it interesting to see how God is allowing TPTB to take over...things are happening that never occurred to us.

07/15/20 - My Eyes have seen the Glory

My plans this morning were to visit my former sister-in-law and discuss colors for an afghan I am going to make for her granddaughter/my niece.  However I ended up spending several hours in my optometrist's office as well as a retina specialist's office across town.  You just never know what God has planned for the day!

Around 11:00 this morning, I started seeing flashes of light that appeared as arcs in my vision.  I am very nearsighted and have been told I am high risk for retinal detachment...something that I shudder to think of.  After 30 minutes of this, I left a message on my optometrist's "emergency" line and started praying.  You see...based on Kevin Zadai's latest video discussions with Jesus that he is spoon feeding us with, we are going to be out and about doing our ministry by next spring.  My own thoughts lean towards the initial outpouring this year.  So on Tuesday I had I prayed about this and told God to do whatever He needed to do to get me ready.  Today I see arc flashes.  I was not afraid...just placed my calls and prayed.  I asked God not to allow the enemy to have his way with this...Jesus was my Shepherd and I expect protection! I quoted Psalm 91 back to Him.  How am I supposed to start my church ministry this Saturday...if something is wrong with my eyesight? I directly asked God about this and He said, "Go see the doctor."

The dr called back and I was able to see her within the hour.  She said I did NOT have detachment but she was very concerned.  After several phone calls, she found a retina specialist who could also see me the same afternoon.  Again my husband carted me off to the next dr.  After having my eyes dilated 3 times (there were pretty rainbows around all the ceiling lights hence the "glory" :), I was finally told that what I was experiencing was due to AGE!  Granted, I'm a bit young for the problem but being that I am very near sighted...well...it just happened a bit sooner and for now, there is nothing to worry about.  

My husband (whom God is drawing closer ever since my Courts of Heaven visit for him) told me he started praying for me before he even left work to pick me up.  That's amazing right there!  Then we prayed together...and now he sees the answer!  Praise God!  Oh...and one of the medical assistants and I connected well and started talking about Heaven.  Again in Kevin's videos Jesus has told him that we are to LIFT UP the Name of Jesus...and explain that God is NOT doing these bad things...God is a good God!  We are to spread the Good News, not the bad news amen?!?  So God had me connect with her.  Perhaps that was the single purpose of my visit!  Or perhaps it is to show both drs...perfect vision in a few months.  Only God knows.  But I saw His Glory as the day progressed whether in ceiling lights, or witnessing.   Amen!

07/13/20 - Good good Father

If you look closely on the roof of this little birdhouse, you'll see a sparrow.  It's the father of the babies inside.  We moved this birdhouse precisely so we could keep watch while we were sitting at the computer.  But we aren't the only ones...that Dad is always keeping watch. 

I felt this was a perfect parable.  God is similar to the father sparrow.  He is ALWAYS keeping watch, never leaves our side, and fights off every enemy.  (even as I was writing this, a small squirrel tried to get in the birdhouse and the sparrow parents fought it off and yes I ran out shooing it away as well!)  

The babies are similar to us.  We are safe and snug inside the house, being watched over by our Father in Heaven above.  But we don't SEE Him, we don't always HEAR Him...but that does not mean He is not there.  He has promised to never leave us and so we must believe and have faith that He is true to His Word.  Amen?

06/29/20 – Firstfruits

This is a photo taken of my Black-eyed Susans. They are full of buds and will come into bloom shortly but meanwhile this one small somewhat hidden flower, has bloomed early. I say early because this flower is generally one that blooms in the fall (the link explains it) My husband tells me this single flower has been there for a week but I did not see it. This is a perfect representation of what we are in Christ…hidden in Him but the firstfruits of many that will bloom. The whole body is ready to sing…that’s how I see flowers that are pointed up…they are signing to their Creator.

Yesterday I returned to church. It was an interesting service and I’m sure it helped our preacher that the people were there in the pews. Almost no one wore a mask because the church had already been meeting for a few weeks and seating is set up for social distancing. We are to use common sense and take precautions. Because of this, there is no hugging when meeting friends, no real chatter between people face to face, and frankly no fellowship. This was missing. It was nice to see other people from the church but that was about it. We did sing together which was good

There are no handouts (government is poopooing anything that may be handled by more than one person). It’s amazing to me how the enemy has snuck in and put a barrier between people serving their God. The church speaks of “safety first”…but God should be first and foremost. Meanwhile His Firstfruits are just about to bloom and take off! Are you ready?!?!

06/13/20 - "Resolute"

This morning the Holy Spirit dropped the word "resolute" into my spirit.

Definition of resolute

1: marked by firm determination : RESOLVED a resolute character

2: BOLD, STEADY - a resolute gaze

Create for me a pure heart, O God! Renew a resolute spirit within me! Psalm 51:10

Then when he arrived and witnessed the grace of God, he rejoiced and began to encourage them all with resolute heart to remain true to the Lord; Acts 11:23

My first thought was the Resolute Desk that is in the White House.


Then I got to thinking that this word really means the same thing that I saw in Master and Commander movie recently...an old sailor with the words "hold fast" (see picture) tattooed on his fingers. I am reading the Master and Commander series of books and have finally gotten to book 10 which is titled The Far Side of the World (the movie is a compilation of books although the same title as 10).  This man is holding his hands like this in a scene where the doctor is placing a spoon on his skull as his was injured. There was no anethesia in the early 1800s so I can relate to why this man has this tattoo!  Anyway...he needed to remain still...and resolute during this procedure.  As I looked for a remaining Word to post for Sunday, I went to this one (first and only) and found...you guessed it..."hold fast" within the Word!  How perfect!


As we are counting down to our final days in these bodies, we have been told that we will "see" things we wish we didn't have to.  I hope you are memorizing Psalm 91 because it is especially for the remnant.  We will be resolute in the days to come, holding fast ONLY to Jesus our Lord and Savior!

UPDATE 06/15/20 - This morning I decided to read a Fox News headline as I am looking for 2nd wave info.  The Chinese actually used the word "resolute"!!

"The risk of the epidemic spreading is very high, so we should take resolute and decisive measures..."


UPDATE 07/08/20 - Just found this on the Prophecy Club...Pastor Dana mentions the Resolute Desk


***** UPDATE *****

This was sent to me by my friend Doug Macallum

How I continue to understand what the Lord is saying regarding the word Resolute, given to you, has a double meaning. It does involve the President and the U.S.

The Satanic powers, working through their human counterparts, are RESOLUTE, RESOLVED, decided upon, and determined to dissolve, disunite, unyoke, make void, and dismantle the structure of our Government and our way of life. When Jesus spoke, in Mt 24, about nations being against nations, the Greek word for “nations” is, ETHNOS, i.e. RACE. These riots, like 911, will bring more infringement on our Civil Liberties. “Morally lax” also defines RESOLUTE. The morality of America is almost extinct. "Draining the swamp” would only be a drop in the bucket, compared to the sea of a cesspool we are being flooded with. I cannot imagine what the World will be like after the Rapture?!  

2Thess 2And now you know what is restraining him [from being revealed at this time]; it is so that he may be manifested (revealed) in his own [appointed] time.

For the mystery of lawlessness (that hidden principle of rebellion against constituted authority) is already at work in the world, [but it is] restrained only until [c]he who restrains is taken out of the way.

And then the lawless one (the antichrist) will be revealed and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of His mouth and bring him to an end by His appearing at His coming.

The coming [of the lawless one, the antichrist] is through the activity and working of Satan and will be attended by great power and with all sorts of [pretended] miracles and signs and delusive marvels—[all of them] lying wonders—

10 And by unlimited seduction to evil and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing (going to perdition) because they did not welcome the Truth but refused to love it that they might be saved.

11 Therefore God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false,

12 In order that all may be judged and condemned who did not believe in [who refused to adhere to, trust in, and rely on] the Truth, but [instead] took pleasure in unrighteousness.

I believe, what David Wilkerson, years ago,  called “The Merciful Delay”, is ending. YHVH’s Mercies endure forever and He Will Save all who surrender their lives to Him. BUT, the American way of life is changing and dissolving before our very eyes. Americans have been slowly conditioned, just as the frog in the heating pot of water, to accept the erosion of our freedoms. I believe what’s fast tracking, for this country, will be more like deer staring into the headlights of  a runaway train!

Here are some facts and thoughts regarding The Resolute Desk, which I knew absolutely nothing about until you brought it to my attention, Thank you. You may or may not be familiar with the following?

The desk design is called a Partner Desk. Curious? It was designed for two people, partners, facing each other, to “work together”. was made from timbers of the HMS Resolute, after it was “dismantled” by the Brit’s. This ship failed to complete its mission in finding remains or survivors of the Franklin Expedition who were looking for the NW Passage in the Arctic. The Resolute also became ice bound and was abandoned, later recovered by an American whaler. President Hayes spent $40,000 dollars to have her refitted and gifted back to Queen Victoria. Pretty expensive desk! This era of Hayes and Victoria was also during huge industrial growth and expansion in both countries. Cecil Rhodes, an Englishman, was king of the gold and diamond mining in S. Africa at this time. He also started The Round Table. This group believed that the English speaking, white people should rule the World. Rhodes used his huge fortune to facilitate his vision. This idea was brought to the U.S. and to the Rockefellers, Morgan’s, etc. The Council on Foreign Relations and Tri Lateral Commission are by products of The Round Table. The Rothchild’s were also very cozy with the families of Victoria and Albert( him personally). These organizations are One Worlders to the core! I believe that’s why the Brit’s sent the U.S. a Partner style desk. Order out of Chaos, Partner Desk out of a dismantled RESOLUTE, Phoenix rising out of the ashes. “Resolute, Resolve” carry these double meanings. I believe this Satanic concept is a counterfeit to God’s Plan, 1Cor 1:18-31; Jn 12:20-26; Php 3:8; Jn 17:11,21-23; Rev 12:5; 19:15.

Rev 2 25 Only hold fast to what you have until I come.

26 And he who overcomes (is victorious) and who obeys My commands to the [very] end [doing the works that please Me], I will give him authority and power over the nations;

27 And he shall rule them with a sceptre (rod) of iron, as when earthen pots are broken in pieces, and [his power over them shall be] like that which I Myself have received from My Father;

28 And I will give him the Morning Star.

29 He who is able to hear, let him listen to and heed what the [Holy] Spirit says to the assemblies (churches).

I just read some secular articles ( I will forward in another email if you’re interested? ) regarding “possible” future scenarios in the U.S. These articles smack of what I’m sensing coming to our country, using the pandemic to further the dismantling of our liberties and the achieving of their ultimate  goal. The Lord has not given me specifics as to timing, but has repeatedly told me what we are experiencing currently will only ramp up and get progressively worse. This is OF COURSE is from the natural/carnal point of view. We, God’s People, will Manifest The Glory of The LORD in Great and Mighty Ways to Destroy the works of darkness and bring in His Great Harvest paving The Way to The Rapture and The Marriage Supper of The Lamb!! Rev 19:6-9-21.

06/08/20 - Prayer Vigil

One of the members at our church is having a bone marrow transplant today.  My daughter would have been a good candidate had she not gotten sicker. (We had gone through all the initial procedures).  I have never spoken to this man but I have seen him and am friends with his mother-in-law.  The church has known for some time now that he would have a BM transplant this week (held up by Covid), but for some reason last week I felt the urge to ask if there was a prayer vigil occurring for him.

I have never been part of a prayer vigil, I've never prayed for very long at a time.  I know I am not a prayer warrior per se (although I do go to the Courts of Heaven and HAVE seen supernatural results) but rather I speak to the Lord at all hours of the day and night.  Psalm 55:17  But I wanted to be part of praying for this man so I set out last week to ask about a prayer vigil.  Mind you, there is no set night for "prayer meeting" at our church so I imagine a prayer vigil was an unusual request.  I texted a friend and she said to ask the preacher about it.  So I did and he thought it was a great idea.  He wanted me to write up the request and he would set up the timing and emails.  So I did.  15 minutes increments were set up for several hours and I said I would sign up for 3 increments that had not been spoken for.  The preacher signed me up for 3 in a row!  45 minutes!  I've never prayed that long! lol  Like I said, I pray and talk with God all the time but not an ongoing conversation (although I long to do that!). When my time began today I started in and asked for help right away and just went for it.  I know what I would have prayed for my daughter, so I did the same for this man and his family and medical workers etc.  And when I ran out of things to say and Bible verses to read out loud, I just prayed in the spirit.  How perfect a language that is when one does not know how to pray! 

I wanted to share this with you just because I felt led to.  As I type this, I do not know how the procedure went, but one thing I know for sure...it's in God's hands!

PS:  After my husband came home from work and had been home a while, he said, "Oh I forgot to tell you, Today I was praying for John and I had a question for you."  I did everything in power to keep my mouth from dropping open!  Those words have never come out of my husband's mouth!!  Yes he prays but he has never said anything like this before!  Thank you Jesus!  The question was personal and not the point..the point I'm sharing with you is that wow!  Again I cannot emphasize enough how important and crucial it is to go to the Courts of Heaven for your loved ones!  Especially now as you seek to have their attention with what is coming.  Pray about this and follow through, for our time is short!

05/29/20 - Pentecost

Folks, this whole Pentecost thing was making me crazy so in the night, I believe the Lord spoke to me what I needed to do. Thursday morning (today) I prayed about it and here is my thought in a nutshell. God is going to BEGIN something new on Pentecost. It may not be razzle dazzle shock and awe energy running right through us..or it may be. . I do not know.

What I DO know is that in my flesh, I tend to view things as black and white and there is no room for compromise. What God says is absolute Truth in my book. But there are times when I do not read slowly, and then I get into trouble. This happened when I 1) believed we would see the outpouring at Pentecost and then 2) this was reversed when I read things into Barb and Doug’s Messages, that simply were not there. My bad on both accounts. What I was led to do was to relisten to this video and take notes.


My notes today included that the “literal Pentecost” that is spoken of is true! But the timing may not be what we think, it can be a day, a cycle or season. However, once this outpouring occurs it will indeed be gifts from a Bridegroom to His Bride, above and beyond Acts 2. None of the people in the video above claimed this full outpouring would be this May 31/June 1. But they did strongly suggest that something would start. I believe that. Same with Jo Ellen’s Messages below. God even uses the word “begin” but in my haste, I skipped over that.



Lastly, I think these Messages below are meant for people just like me that run ahead. We should not be setting dates for any of God’s appointments because only He knows them. At times He may share them but for this instance, I believe I jumped the gun. I’m sorry if I caused any of you grief. We are to be cautious and discerning but most importantly go to the Lord first.

Barb - https://278pikelk.wordpress.com/2020/05/23/ljgve08i5qg/

Doug - https://www.hiskingdomprophecy.com/strange-fire/

05/15/20 - Signs at the Door

I'm very literal.  This really IS about signs at the door.  I went out again today and had to wear a mask again.  Since I went to more than one place, I discovered something.  Every business or medical place or whatever, has SIGNS on the doors!  If you read every restriction mentioned, you would be there 10 minutes and late for any appt you might have.  At the local market store today there were at least 4 signs!  I didn't even see one of them until I was leaving.  Sheesh!  It immediately reminded me of this song from 1970...

05/07/20 - Unmasking

For the first time today, my husband and I were both "forced" to wear a mask if we wanted to accomplish what we set out to do.  For me, it was occupational therapy.  I've not mentioned this but I've been having a lot of shoulder pain, to the point of needing help.  This help started in February but of course, was suspended in March.  They have started up again (and if you pass the temp test you can go in) and I now have to wear a mask and I discovered something.  Every time I breath, I fog up my glasses!  Who doesn't love that? I hate it.

My husband does not have to wear a mask at work, but he does need one (as of today) to go into a hardware store he likes.  As he was walking into a store, a security guy walked towards him, and my husband whipped out his trusty mask and put it on.  When he got home he proceeded to tell me, "I hate it!"  It's clear we were meant to be together.

"His and Hers"

One more thing I forgot to mention...my therapist said, "I don't know why anyone would not want the vaccine when it comes out!"  This is where "staying hidden" comes into play.  On the one hand, I could have told her that Bill Gates has no business making vaccines, that some vaccines have fetus tissue in it, and most vaccines for children have a sterilizing compound so they cannot "go forth and multiply".  But she would have considered me a nut, a fanatic, a conspiracy theorist.  I told my husband this and he said, "She'd say, "Ohhh, you're one of THEM!"   And I replied, "I AM one of them!"  :-)  But I didn't say any of that to her.  I simply said I don't trust Gates.  Gotta plant the seed.

04/26/20 - No website update

For three days Ap 28-30, I will not be updating, reading or responding to:

- This website

- Emails

- Facebook

- All text apps

- Twitter

Otherwise I will update and respond as of Friday May 1

EXCEPTION:  If Sue or Lisa has something that God wants posted

04/19/20 - Revival vs Chaos

A while back I asked God why some Messages seem to indicate good news and prosperity coming, and some point to chaos and calamity. Since He is not the God of confusion and we are to go to Him with everything, I knew He would have the best answer. Here is what I received:

Even in the times of Jesus, the disciples thought He was the One who would be King. Yet He died. How could both things correlate? Same thing happens with labor while having a child. Intense pain, yet you know joy is coming. Same thing with my daughter’s death. We celebrate her promotion and happiness in Heaven but mourn and grieve over our loss.

Here are a few things I’ve heard God say lately:

"It may seem for some time in the future that things are getting better"...and in the same Message…”The water has not yet broken, and your earth will be experiencing a much longer labor than many have suggested.” We see that we’ll have some more good times…and yet there are birth pains here.

A friend of mine pointed to my Word from last November where God told me that “next year will be a rough one”. We also know that the devil has less than a decade…he has been given the Tribulation period of 7 years. Yet he has been given permission to start horrendous things even now. But remember, these are just birth pains. I have heard people that I KNOW hear and visit with the Lord, mention more years to come. I would encourage you to read their Messages in full and not in part. Generally you are not able to exactly pinpoint timing in their Messages. Even if they give a time, we still do not know when the outpouring of peace will come upon us (I think it’s this year), or the full transformation. It’s possible that we will be working as the remnant under the direct instruction of God, this year. We could be here for a while but in my opinion, if I am here and healed and doing God’s work, then I am doing what I can to promote Jesus. Isn’t that what we want? 

Remember what you’ve learned in the past. We will travel at night while our family is asleep (Warrior Princess). We will be translated to areas and work in pairs and groups (Lisa’s Visions). The AC cannot come into power until the Bride is gone, he simply can’t. Do not get so caught up in one person or one Word that you neglect all you’ve been shown by the Lord. Go back to the older Messages that you KNOW are true. Reread them and gain encouragement. This virus will come to nothing with the Bride. Neither will anything else. We will not be harmed! Do you believe that? If not, go to the Lord and ask for His great peace and He will give it. Meanwhile, be excited for the time you are in and do not fear. If something makes you fearful, just stop listening or reading. Easy peasy. 

We will not be subject to the mark of the beast. We won’t have to make a choice because we are the remnant. If you are coming to this website, then you would know to trust in God and He will take care of you. He has you in the palm of His hand. No worries! No fear! If you are fearing then cast it out in Jesus name! Speak truth over yourself and your family. Frame your world with the Words of Jesus. You have been taught and trained for years now…it’s time to act on it! 

03/20/20 - USA Residents that Watch

I wanted to get these to videos to you because they are for right now.  One is from Celeste who used to work with FEMA and still gets their information.  The other is from Mike from Around the Word who is saying that by this Saturday March 21, President Trump will announce some pretty harsh restrictions.  I think this is coming regardless if it is by tomorrow or not but I feel these warnings are critical.  These people are not alarmists, rather they work ( or did work) in areas where they are privy to information that we as the general public are not.  Since they are Christians and trust the Lord, they make known to us what is coming down the pike.

I will not be posting any more Celeste videos so please subscribe to her if you wish to know what's going on.

Mike mentions on his own website that by Sat March 21, Trump will announce we are in more of a lockdown country wide.  I feel Trump does not want to do this but is being pressured.  Either way, we need to purchase what we need NOW. Ask the Lord what do to!

01/23/20 - Trump Timeline

I've been mulling over the timing of Trump and his Peace Plan announcement...possibly before the Israeli Elections.  I've come to this conclusion...just my opinion.

  • Trump will be acquitted before the Superbowl (Feb 2)
  • Trump will highlight his acquittal at the State of the Union address (Feb 4)
  • The Peace Plan will be announced before the Israel Elections (Mar 2)

Here's my logic -


America likes her Superbowl..she does not want it "marred" by impeachment hearings and the government leaders want to watch/attend it, as well as Trump.  They don't want to have to THINK about what's going on.  I should say this is mostly about those who are FOR Trump and not against him.  Those against him want him out no matter how long it takes.  So anyway, Trump attends/watches the Superbowl and then has Monday to write his speech for the...

State of the Union:  He will be acquitted and will most likely gloat over it (you know how he is).  He has done many good things for the USA and since this is his last SOTU speech before the election, it'll bring in all the good stuff...and possibly include:

The Peace Plan announcement:  He may or may not discuss at the SOTU speech this but I believe it WILL happen before March 2.  

There are at least three reasons for this.

     1) Trump is tired of waiting on the Israeli elections

     2) MAJOR primaries in the USA begin Mar 3, those siding with Trump will use this announcement somehow

     3) Trump want to be able to start discussing the fact that he has released his announcement...for his own election.  He wants to "trump" everything else he has done throughout the years.  After all, he calls it the Deal of the Century and if he thinks he may not be reelected (we know via God that he will), then he will want his presidential legacy to be historic.

Just my thoughts and opinion.

UPDATE:  I wrote this around noon on 01/23/20 (Thursday).  Since then, an Israeli newspaper noted that Bibi and Gantz were coming to the White House next week, specifically for the peace deal release...and later on an article noted it would be Tuesday.  I HOPE YOU ARE WATCHING!  

And even now as I am updating this at 7:20 a.m. EST, I found another article stating that the final political part of the plan may be released before Tuesday!  Oy vey!


12/22/19 – Life

I wanted to share a quick dream but also what myself (and others who grieve) are going through right now. After the dream, you may wish to quit reading as I’m sure this will be depressing. I totally get that and understand it, especially this time of year. Besides, I won’t even know you have stopped reading.

Dream – A few nights ago I asked the Lord to show me my future. Many of my friends and those I read of dreams and visions, have been shown this magnificent future of the remnant of the Bride, the firstborn. My friends and others are glowing, helping others, healing them, etc. I was praying to know my role in the days to come. Well…God showed me my future, but it was unexpected. The only part I recall of my dream was walking in front of my husband and being skinny again. 😊 I was outside of my body in this dream so I could see what was going on. Hubby was walking toward me and I was walking across in front of him. All I could see was that I was wearing jeans and skinny like when I was a teenager. The end! Lol I feel that points to current times because after the Rapture, my husband will look much differently. So I feel this points to now…somehow. I’ll take it!

Ok on to this past year. It has been difficult to say the least. Yes this is our worst Christmas ever. We are not celebrating in any way at all. It’s not because we loved Christmas (although I used to celebrate the entire month of December), but because our daughter loved Christmas and she is not here this year. Also this was her birthday month. Last year around this time is when she started to become much sicker until her death in February. So no, we are not having a good month. On top of that, the weather is brutal and there is no escape outside to sun and flowers and warmth. Summer is my favorite time but at least the days are getting longer now. Woohoo! I’ll take any benefit I can get!

You may not know but Sue lost her husband this year, also after a lengthy illness. Yet look at the Word she received recently…we are to SWIM in joy! We cannot do that on our own, this is the power of the Lord stepping into our lives. I pray for this joy each day. A week or so may go by where I don’t cry, but then like this weekend, I am cleaning out our spare bedroom which used to be our daughter’s. I need to see a change of scenery in there so we have gotten rid of the spare bed and purchased a recliner yesterday. The room gets the full sun in the winter so I’m going to use it as a reading room. But cleaning out the closet has been painful. I have now gotten to the point where I am getting rid of things our daughter made when she was a child. Very personal things, so it’s been difficult. The grieving continues. Her loss in this world is heavy at all times as my husband and I feel our “entire” family is now gone. We’ve not been invited to any holiday get togethers and to be honest that’s ok with us. I read in one hospice letter that the reason for families to ignore us at this time is that they don’t want to be reminded of what they might lose. Spouses…children…the pain is incredible. My husband and I have decided to celebrate Jesus’ birth again once we are united with our daughter. I recall Lisa’s vision of her family get together in Heaven and that’s what I see happening for us.

So how can you help those who are grieving? I’ve learned how but only by going through it. I’d like to pass along what would be helpful to me, knowing that you can do the same with those among your family or friends that have lost someone very close to them.

  • What are their hobbies? If you want to purchase something for them, let it be a book or something related to their interests. That helps their focus stay on something besides their loss.
  • If possible, spend time with them AND their hobby. I no longer shop or go to movies because my daughter was my buddy in these adventures. If you know someone that has ceased some of their activities based on their grief, slowly lead them back into it by suggesting you do something together. Let them take the lead in this. Make time for them.
  • When you are with them, do not go on about your own family. I do not wish to sound discouraging here but I don’t know how else to say it. Our best friends have 4 healthy children with spouses and grandchildren and they rarely have time to see us, and they talk about their family a lot. My husband and I understand this because that is what makes up their lives. We get this. But since our family is no longer here, it’s upsetting after a point, to hear about how happy others are. Your happiness does not spread to them, it only reminds them of their loss. But PLEASE do not keep out of touch from them because of it. Rather read 1 and 2 above and pray about how the Lord would have you step back into their lives and help them see that there IS joy in the Lord. If you are the Bride, you are to SHINE!
  • Cards and letters and emails can be helpful but kinda follow suggestion 3 above. Seek out how they are doing but don’t focus on their loss. Rather, pick something neutral or something you know they love that will help ease their mind. We have received Christmas cards this year and we quickly open them and if there is no personal note, we toss them in the trash. I’ve not sent cards out but that’s because I don’t really celebrate Christmas. But if I did, I doubt I would send cards this year. There is no merriness in this holiday for us.

I’ve been brutally honest with you in this pondering. But know this, I love the Lord and He is holding me in His hand. Each time I cry, I look to Him for relief because He is the Bringer of Joy. He is my Shepherd and watches over all of us. He is the most perfect Father and I cannot wait to meet Him. He too has lost a Child at one point and knows my grief. But truly I and my husband KNOW and BELIEVE that in the near future, ALL will be happy and rejoicing and reunited with loved ones. We are only dust right now…agreeing to be here and even go through all we are going through. You too have “volunteered” to come to earth at this time and have a purpose now and in the future. There is a path we are to follow and the more we turn our lives over to Jesus, the less we have to worry and mourn about ANYTHING. Sometimes easier said than done but you know what I am saying. In the months ahead, I hope to see a turning point in these end time Words and actions but if we are still here one year from now in these same bodies, then we continue to TRUST that God knows exactly what is going on and we are right where we are supposed to be. 


12/10/19 – First Responders

I purchased a new phone yesterday. As the salesman was figuring the pricing, he inquired for a discount. Was I or my husband military? Was I a first responder? As soon as he asked this the Holy Spirit said, “My Bride will be first responders.

Wow! I had never thought of that before but it’s true. Whether we will be used for healings, for rescuing, for revealing the enemy…we will be first responders of the divine sort! How cool is that! Because right now I do best in accounting. 😊 I am very far from the Avenger type, the go getter, the brave Joan of Arc. I prefer to sit at a computer quietly, doing my job, generally with numbers. Granted I am retired but still, you know what I mean. Now please do not feel this in any way takes away from current first responders. You guys have saved my daughter’s life on occasions when we needed an ambulance or took her to the emergency room. You even helped me during my time of the flu when I could barely walk and called 911. 

Also I have had a few wrecks in my time and dialing 911 was always a comfort. There are many types of first responders right now, but one day…we shall be first on the scene and will help millions with whatever God wants us to do! We may be shining in all His glory, or we may be camouflaged from the enemy. It’s possible that we will heal and rescue, or protect a residence or group of people from the enemy. We simply don’t know…just that we will be first on the scene because of prayer and action from the Father. I can’t wait!

11/30/19 - Peace in the Middle East?

After reading the initial story below (11/25/19), and then this update from my friend Dee, I am thinking that I need to continue to read the posts from John Natale found here.  I say this because indeed Israel may at least have SOME sort of peace by the end of the day.  In the message from 10/31/19, John's last statement is:

" November is to remember! So never forget that which was done for you. A harvest month that reveals the table of peace!"

If you read this article, it seems that for a while anyway, Israel is breathing a sigh of relief.  


The other item was found on 11/09/19's post. I'll let you look that one up and review it, again found here.  I'm not sure what it points to.  Could be Pelosi's impeachment proceedings which seem to be fizzling.  Could be Rep Ilhan Omar who is apparently a spy.  (She sure was loud for a while). It's still up in the air for me.  But I'll tell you what...when someone is telling us that God Himself is speaking and saying sure events will come about in certain months...then I am on high alert!  Either I put them in a category with the few others that I truly trust hear from God, or they go off my list.  I've seen others note things for certain months that do not come to pass.  This is a consistent thing on their part such as hurricanes that do not even touch the USA but were said to be horrendous events, wars during certain months that did not occur, other glaring things.  As Kevin Zadai says, we should not let false prophets off the hook.  In the old days, they were stoned!  So go to the Lord with everything you read and hear, for only He knows who His true servants are!

UPDATE: Saw this early this morning.  Peace not looking so near.


11/25/19 - Two for One

I decided to put this under Ponderings because frankly, I'm pondering both.

1)  Early this a.m. I heard, "Are you listening to Me?" (yes Lord)

Broken hearted.  Tragedy strikes soon, My love.  Cling to Me.  Shelter. (Is this meant for everyone or just me?) All.

After the video I posted yesterday, I am definitely watching!

2)  My friend Paul sent me this article.  Because I am watching to see if the prophecy from 10/31/19 comes to pass from John Natale, I am paying attention to see if "peace" of any sort does occur.  Thank you for watching with me!

"November is to remember! So never forget that which was done for you. A harvest month that reveals the table of peace! "


11/02/19 - "She wore blue....velcro"

Yes that's a take on the Bobby Vinton song Blue Velvet.  :-)   You see I visited my mom yesterday and brought her new shoes.  She has dementia and lives in a nursing home but still knows who I am.  My mom has always had interesting things to say and yesterday she said she liked her previous husband (married 30 years but died a while back).  However, she didn't think she would remarry (she's 84).  I smiled at her as she has said this before.  I guess I believe her.

During my visits we attend the "exercise" class.  Conveniently, everyone stays seated.  Even the two that came with their walker.  If you can walk in a nursing home, that's a bonus.  I looked around the circle of those ready to workout today, and all had on the same shoes as my mom...shoes with velcro.  Velcro is very easy to fold back as you can see, and even slippers come with velcro now!  It's a great invention!

These exercises are fun and if I have to raise my arms very much, my shoulders start hurting.  I think I need to do more exercises...my husband would tell me to lift weights at the same time.  I'll think about it.  As for my mom's exercise group, their favorite song and the one they all chime in on is "Rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham". All they have to do is move back and forth and they sure know how to rock!  Now the version I've linked above is MUCH slower than these lovely gray haired people sing it. Even those that keep their eyes closed sing this song.  I'll bet when they get to Heaven, they'll sing it even more lively and will throw away those velcro shoes so they can dance!

10/16/19 – The Winter of my Life

Last week I turned 58. Woohoo. I’ve discovered a few things that some of you already know about, and others hope to never learn. Arthritis, poor memory, reading/knitting hobbies (which translates to couch potato), and new discounts for the elderly. (grimace) Yep, I’m there. Hubby is older but only by 11 months. He IS in shape (works out a couple times a week), has a blue collar job, doesn’t read but has infinite memory statistics on sports, and will take any discount he can get. We are a perfect pair.

I’m titling this The Winter of my Life. And since I am officially in my “late” 50s, I have found a few new things to assist me with this season. I’ve decided that I need to MOVE a bit more often so I have found a new TV show to help. It’s called A New Way 2 Move and can be found here:


It has exercises for the “active senior “of which I qualify. And you know what? I can DO these exercises and I am NOT out of breath but I DO feel the pain and so I GAIN! I’m passing this along to you because as mentioned, some of you are like me. Retired but not really moving all that much. And you know about my 3-wheeled bicycle (see “The Fall” 09/22/19 below)…I’ve been riding it and even went on a special bike trail last week. I’ve always loved to ride my bike, even as a kid. That’s how we got around town in those days. “Let’s go ride bikes” was a favorite way to pass time. Sadly this hobby will slow down as winter kicks in. Winter began on Oct 12 in my house...that’s when the furnace kicked on. (sigh)

I’ve discovered another winter of sorts…life in the outback of Alaska. I just started watching this show called The Last Alaskans. I have a lot of respect for these people. There are 7 cabins in an Alaskan refuge area part of which is north of the Arctic Circle…the size of South Carolina! These people have to travel hundreds of miles just to get to town. The Ultimate Prepper! We could learn a thing or two from them. As I watched one man in particular, he told the story of how he crashed his plane (I watched it…cameras are everywhere), he walked away from the wreck and spent 4 days before being rescued. He gave all the credit to God. Part of his story is here but there ARE spoilers!


These people literally live in the winter season of their life, much of the year. They don’t complain, they LOVE it. And some give the glory to God for getting them through it. I don’t think I’ll be in this same body when I turned 60. I feel we’ll be transformed by then with no more worries about the cold (I'm putting the heating blanket on tonight).   And I won’t be complaining! Funny thing, when I turned 50, I was ecstatic! I didn’t know why…hadn’t been woken up yet. But now as I look back I think it was because I felt I had reached some type of rite of passage. I had crossed over to W.I.S.D.O.M. Maybe that’s why I made the ultimate decision to quit coloring my hair a month ago. I give up. God will have to beautify me as I no longer have a vain vein in my body. And much as I love the REST that winter provides, I am quite pleased to not have to drive on the snow on the way to work anymore. I’m retired. However, the Lord need only need point the way to the mountains that need to be scaled, iced ponds that need skated, and sleighs that need ridden near my mansion in Heaven. I’m ready to fly!

Signs and Wonders - 10/02/19

On Sunday the first thing my preacher said to the congregation when he got to the pulpit was..."Did you see that Roll Cloud on Saturday?"  He was looking up!  As a matter of fact, I DID see the cloud.  In fact, my husband said first, "That's a weird looking cloud."  This picture is after it had already went overhead.  It was much bigger coming!  It was very different looking than the other clouds around it as you can see.  So I was ecstatic when the preacher mentioned it!  

Even though we sit a couple sections away from the lobby where the preacher stands to shake hands when people leave, we are normally one of the first people out the door as we don't really know anyone well enough to stand around and talk.  So I was the first one to arrive...here was our conversation:

Me:     "The cloud.  Most people don't look up these days and wouldn't see that cloud."

Him:    "We all look at our shoes too much."

Me:     "You saw the cloud.  God was showing you a sign and a wonder."

Him:    "It was an incredible cloud!"

Me:     "I know...I took pictures!"

He mentioned one more thing during the sermon.  He used the word "precipice".  Then he said it several times and said he loved the word.  He said, "We are sitting on a precipice and something exciting is going to happen but I don't know what!" He was very giddy about it!

That could only come from a Holy Spirit prompting.  How exciting!

Our Hunger Games – 09/25/19

I decided to watch all the Hunger Game movies. I’d read the books a while back but didn’t recall watching every movie. Since I watched them all closely together this past week I found something interesting. If you’ve not read the books or seen the movies, District 1 is where the government is housed and all the other districts provide for everyone in District 1. As such, all the “color” is in the capital, all the make up and weird looking people and hairstyles etc. Districts 2 thru 12 are all the drab people. Not much color of course…they are poor and barely make a living as they send all their products to the capital. This first picture is a District 1 person along with a District 12 person. Can you spot the difference? (duh)

Today I had an epiphany while watching the last movie, that we already have a District 1 in our world, and we see it on television daily. When I watch movies that I’ve recorded on TV, I fast forward the commercials. But today I saw so many that represented District 1. Makeup infomercials, exercise and perfect body commercials, owning the designer clothes commercials, “be the best you can be commercials”…even perfume commercials are all about how you can attract someone else. We are already living in this day. Television promotes the commercials and all the “housewives” and reality shows you can watch. Do these people even have the same problems we do? Eventually those in the outlying districts understood that the elite people in district 1 were at the mercy of others..the PTB as it were.

Who cares about makeup if you are mourning the dead? Who is concerned about what you wear, if you are in pain or cannot walk? What does it matter that you smell good if you don’t even have enough food for your next meal? THAT is the reality!!! These people that promote all this ME ME ME need to take a tour through a hospital or visit a funeral home. Take a walk on the wild side of life and visit a Medicaid office. God is separating the sheep and the goats alright. And we can watch it happen 24/7, right on TV. We all know that Television is “not real” but there are many people that believe they NEED all these things they see, in order to be happy. What they need is prayer, as prayer changes things. God already knows their problems and issues and is just WAITING to help them! If you know anyone like this, pray for them today, for today may be the day of their Salvation!

The Fall - 09/22/19

I bought a new bike yesterday. Technically it is called an adult tricycle. I know right? But it is what it is. You see, a few months ago I was getting on my bike to take a quick ride with my husband. We live in the country and ride up and down the road on occasion. I hopped on the bike and promptly fell over. Problem was…I could not get the bike off me. It’s old and heavy and thank you God that my husband was right there to pull the bike off. The fall left a couple nasty burn marks as I fell on the concrete. My husband quickly panicked because he thought I hit my head. Since our daughter’s death, we’ve discovered that we are concerned about each other much more that we used to be. We two are all we have in this world. But I told him I was alright even while he was running over because I knew what he was thinking. Long story short…I still wanted to ride a bike but I no longer trusted in my old clonky two-wheeler. 

(retitled the Fall as my husband pointed out...technically I did not start pedaling anywhere, I still stood on a pedal and fell over :)

Last week it occurred to me that I should get a new bike. I wanted to be able to ride whenever I wanted to…not wait for hubby to come home yada yada yada. So I had a lightbulb moment. To be honest I believe God was prompting me.  The prompt was..a three wheeler! (sounds better than a trike). That was the answer! I started researching online and knew right away that was going to work. As I told my husband about it, my FIRST question to him upon looking at the pictures online…was did he think our backpacks would fit in the basket? Because it’s all about prepping at this point right? Yes a bike is better than walking in an emergency, but it’s also important to have food and water for a few days. As you can see in the picture, everything is gonna be just fine.  :-)

What if the reason for the fall was not to injure me or slow me down. What if the reason…is that a new bike with a basket will be needed at some point? Maybe even not by me! I believe with all my heart that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I’ve given my entire life to Christ so I am on His path. I never know what He is going to put in my path but I trust Him. And so someday somewhere somehow, someone will have a bicycle that has a basket and a safety flag as a precaution when left behind. We are good to go!

The Oasis - 09/13/19

This is a picture of my "office"...aka the Oasis.  The Lord has had me on a new journey since June...writing a series of books!  I am starting with "worldbuilding" which is SO fun!  Similar to JRR Tolkien planning and mapping out all the Lord of the Rings books, I am doing the same.  I needed a place to accomplish this difficult task so my husband helped me organize the spare bedroom.  What you are seeing is what makes me smile.  In the corner on the wall are miniature shoes (I have another shelf unit to the right of the windows. I've had this collection packed away for 15 years and since we've been unpacking our attic...my husband found these shoes and to be honest, I was just thrilled!  I am not a "shoe" person per se, but I love this little collection I started long ago.

Above the shoes is an ornamental bird feeder my daughter purchased for me on a missions trip in Jamaica. Our cat is in the window on her perch, and to her right are angels we received in my daughter's funeral flower arrangements. The blue chair is antique and belonged to Aunt Louie and it has a thin blanket thrown over it that my daughter liked to take to the beach.  On the table is the small house that I  purchased to give me inspiration while writing. 

This seems to be a cottage not unlike you'd find in an elven forest. :-)  Under the light...is my puzzle piece which if you have followed this website for many years, then you read about it.  It is my hope, my encouragement, and my small token from God as a promise that He is speaking to us in these last days. (puzzle story here if you scroll down a bit)I display that puzzle piece wherever I go.

To the left of the blue chair is a small water fountain that makes a lovely rippling sound when plugged in. Other things are simply office gadgets and oh at times I'll light a candle and turn on the water fountain and just have PEACE flow through me!  This has been the worst year of my life and I realize I am sharing very personal things with you but I want you also to see that the Lord can take away our griefs and despair.  I still cry now and then but He has given me a new task...of writing.  I don't know how long it will last, maybe not much longer if we are transformed.  But it has occupied my mind for now and that is a very good thing.

Football Games – 09/09/19

There are two prophecies about United States Football games coming to an abrupt halt. One is with Lisa and the other is with John Paul Jackson. During JPJ’s prophetic headlines visions he saw:

NFL Postpones all Games Until Answer Found

Lisa has seen something happen to a football stadium: Her visions can be found here.


Here is what Lisa has seen. Football season started last Thursday 09/05 and her vision was 5 years ago. Will events happen this year that John Paul Jackson told us about? We don’t really know what it is but if his prophecy is related to Lisa’s then we know what the answer will be.

09/20/14 - I spoke with Lisa tonight and the Lord has given her more insight into her USA bombs vision…


She feels that ISIS is behind these bombs that are coming upon the USA and very likely other countries as well. The government is aware of the planning behind the scenes and is encouraging it. Lisa has strong feelings that there will be bombings in NY, DC and the Chicago area. These events are tied to others but in a different way. The ones I mention are more scattered around the cities. However she has also seen a potentially larger destruction of bombing of a football stadium. Lisa has a sense of where it is and says that there is enough water nearby to flood the stadium when she sees explosions. Lisa saw her vision from overhead and says there is a partial roof over this stadium so we are not sure if that means a partially retractable dome roof or not. That is simply what she saw.  Others have seen different variations of stadiums being bombed so it is possible that more than one will be attacked simultaneously.

01/04/15 - Snowing Vision

Lisa was having her quiet time with God on Sunday when He showed her something interesting….it was snowing.  Then she saw the arm of someone that was drawing back to throw a snowball.  Immediately she knew that once that snowball was thrown, an avalanche of snowballs would be coming.  She knew this indicated that once the first problem occurred, many would follow.  (again Julie’s train wreck vision).  She asked God, “What is the first snowball?”   She was shown the USA getting bombed.

I know many people have seen missiles and rockets hitting the coasts.  Lisa has seen NYC and Washington DC getting bombed.  She and many others have seen Hoover Dam in this same situation, along with football stadiums and shopping malls, also schools.  So we don’t know specifically what will occur first.  We know that the USA has to go down before Israel…so she has to rely solely on God for her rescue.  But once this first wound happens, then Israel too will be in dire straits.  I personally believe we may see the CA earthquake first, more storms etc. before this attack comes but that is merely a guess

The Shovel – 09/05/19

I thought about titling this the Snakekiller…you’ll see why in a minute. My husband hates snakes…HATES them. He doesn’t run from them when they show up, he obliterates them. We have a few types of snakes in Indiana. Where I live centrally we have garter snakes (don’t click on the link if you don’t want to see Wikipedia pictures). Harmless for the most part but they can be rather long. Long as in 12 inches or more. When I posted my dailies a few years back, I think I had a story in there about a snake. About once every five years I will find one in the house. I know many people think they are from the devil and many times they are, but sometimes a snake is just a snake. Like when the fall harvest time comes, we know to expect mice in the house so we set traps ahead of time, and take measures to prevent them coming into the house. Same with these snakes. You can only do so much. I am not afraid of snakes. I’ve trapped them in jars before, and last time one was in the house, I put a heavy flower pot on top and a brick on top of that. I had to go to work and needed to leave right then, but I left the pot for hubby to take care of the snake later. He has no problem killing them. Go figure. But anyway…

Yesterday I went out to our porch to remove some spiderwebs with a broom. These were outside but had made their homes in windows where I could see them. NOT ALLOWED! As I was ready to open the porch door with weapon in hand, I saw what appeared to be a long thick shoestring on the porch. Hey…wait a minute…that’s a snake! I hadn’t opened the door yet so I tapped the broom up and down a few times and said, “You can’t stay here!” It left right away. However I was upset with myself for not being quieter and sneaking back in the house and going into the garage to get the shovel. THE shovel. The shovel that hubby always uses to chop heads off snakes. That’s the one in the picture. Guess where it is right now. In the corner of the porch by the broom. 😊 Hubby put it there last night. The message is clear...chop now, sweep later.  Oh, and he found the snake a few hours later. It was getting windy and he thought a storm was coming so he proceeded to lay down his basketball goal (portable but large). Mr Snake was coiled up underneath the black base. Probably nice and toasty with the sun warming on the black coating. Well he WAS coiled up. Hubby smashed him with a rock, then decapitated him with THE SHOVEL. Then left the rock on him all night, “Just to be safe.”

Backpack Prepping – 09/02/19

Today (Labor Day in the United States) my husband and I went through backpacks that we’ve had stored in our respective vehicles for several years. The reason was to check the food and water and clothes and hey the clothes don’t fit anymore! And not in a good way! We’ll be making some substitutions there. For about two months those backpacks have been sitting by the back door in the garage, ready to be brought in and explored but we’ve been putting it off. However, after watching and posting this video, even my husband (who was listening at the time) is looking into our emergency preparations again. I think it’s because the woman in this video (used to work for FEMA as a “worst case scenario” person) said something that resonated with my husband. She only got one tomato on a plant this year. We’ve had the same problem. In fact, we planted Roma tomatoes this year and the insides are basically hollow. We did get several but they are hollow and they have black spots. Plus more of our crop did not pan out so we have replanted cold weather crops for the fall. Whether it comes up or not is in God’s hands. I guess I’m telling you this so you too can decide what the Lord is leading you to do in regards to prepping. Over this coming weekend we will be doing even more planning and I gotta say, I’m glad my husband is more into this than usual. I have felt for about a month now that fall is coming sooner rather than later. I’ve noticed the spider webs came out sooner this season and the crickets are chirping 24/7 when it used to be just at night. I remarked today that I hadn’t heard the tree frogs at night, at all this summer. Which now that I think about it is VERY strange because they are LOUD and everywhere! Just not this year. Hmm! Time to go to the Lord and be ready for change of seasons. Recall that God told us through Barb of 278pikelk that the EQ that splits the USA will come when it’s cold…freezing cold! That's why I am keeping an eye ever on this Peace Deal.

Alien Rant 1 (cuz I'm sure there are more to come :) - 09/01/19

I watch Ancient Aliens and some of those other oddity shows.  It really ruffles my feathers because these people...these LEADERS...these really smart PHD humans seem to think we are being visited by aliens!  You know what?  They have finally caught up with those of us that know these beings are inter-dimensional and  they are finally admitting to that.  And this is not new...right?  But, what IS new for me is that there are so many astrophysicists and doctors of this and that and quantum mechanics guys and they are SMART but they don't know they are being fooled!  As my mom would say, they have book knowledge but no wisdom.  And the guy to the right?  He takes the cake.

" The reason we have religion today is because of misunderstood visits of extraterrestrials."   Giorgio Tsoukalos   (article link)

Giorgio Giorgio...(sigh).  Watching these shows used to make me angry but now I am watching them because thou dost need to know thy enemy.  And THIS guy is being fooled by the enemy BIG time.  He wants SO bad to believe that these aliens have our best interests at heart. And everything these shows promote and "learn" and discuss....is ALL in the Bible!  They actually think and it all boils down to this...that the Bible was written BECAUSE of these aliens.  And by aliens I hope you know I mean the fallen angels and their demonic-housed grays.  Every story they tell on these shows can be found in the Bible or in the Book of Enoch or Jasher etc.  And they'll quote them, oh yesseree Bob.  They can quote these books but in their mind, the stories from these ancient texts were only written thousands of years later by the silly humans who could only write what they saw.  I could go on...but I'll stop there so I can sleep tonight.  There may be some of you, perhaps most of you, that aren't really interested or watching alien stuff and that's ok, go where the Lord leads you.  You can skip these ponderings in the days ahead.  That's why I title them now...so you know what you're getting into.  'Course the image is a giveaway.  :D   

Good Witch - 08/30/19 

Oh dear...you know or know of the Hallmark Channel right?  Under their About Us page the word -family- is used 5 times and they note:

" As the country’s leading destination for quality family entertainment, Hallmark Channel delivers on the 100-year legacy of the Hallmark brand."

Yet what they show is anything but.  The very next sentence contains..." In addition to its signature new original movies, the network features an ambitious lineup of other new original content, including scripted primetime series, such as “Good Witch..."

I used to watch Bewitched when I was little.  I read and owned all the Harry Potter books and movies.  And I'm sure I dressed up as a witch on Halloween once or twice wayyyyy back.  I did not know, did not make it my concern to know that God had told us long ago exactly what to do about presenting anything with witch content before our eyes.:

Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. Acts 19:19

I've told you before that I burned all my Harry Potter books and movies.  At the time I was barely waking up and just KNEW it was what I was supposed to do but did not know why.  Now we know.  Are you paying attention?

" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24