From time to time I read things that seem just full of God's wisdom. Many times they are from friends of mine but other times wisdom comes from something online.  I will start posting those nuggets of wisdom here.

Frankie (Jr)

(Email I received with permission to post - Hope)

"This was too cute and I just had to share it. Frankie will be 7 in January and is in 1st grade at public school. 2 days in a row this week he has held church at recess and then the best part afterwards, as he puts it, is lunch with the pastor (himself)  LOL!  
He is too much!  Praise the LORD!  
He gave a sermon yesterday on Matthew and today on Acts. Not sure what he's preaching tomorrow but he said he is going to keep going.  He said his teacher and classmates love it.  He told me today he prayed with his classmates for their food, for people who have died and for the sick.  I told him to make sure he glorifies Jesus and he was like, yeah of course!  How silly of me to question him!  LOL!  

What a blessing and encouragement he is to me!  I shared with the pastor from our church that Frankie might be coming for His job.  LOL!  He thought it was so cool. And the best part is that I am looking up to Jesus to be like Him, my son looks up to me to be like me and is therefore looking through me at Jesus!  It's so awesome!  Praise Jesus!  What a blessing!  If only adults could be more like kids!

God bless you,
Frank (Sr)"

Hope note...I'll post updates about Frankie when I receive them!  :-)

Heights with the Master - a One on one Teaching from Jesus thru Sue

My children are created by Me and conceived in their mother’s womb for My purpose alone, on the earth. By My plan they walk among men and declare Me as Lord of their life. For these chosen ones, new levels arise, and like Job, life as they know it will come to an abrupt halt, as they are whisked away into the desert for intense training. It is during this time that My servants come to know Me in ways they could not learn by any other means. This intense isolation creates a mighty driving force, pushing the believer into greater depths and heights and into a world completely foreign to earthly valley dwellers. And yet the wear and tear of the wilderness isolation continues to attach itself to, and break down even My strongest believer, until he learns the art of releasing all to Me


Most of My children truly believe in order to be effective in their wilderness setting, they must find true needs and errors in their loved ones to pray about and bring to Me. Unknowingly they take on this responsibility, believing “If they, themselves, were truly spiritual, their loved ones would come to know Me or situations would change in their behalf.” My children also take on extra responsibilities known as “concerns” in their spirits. These concerns may range from paying bills and being a godly example in the home, to taking out the trash and stressing over deadlines at home or at work. Some are burdened and stressed about caring for beloved pets or how to minister to friends and online acquaintances, while others are struggling to forgive past hurts, desperately trying to bandage up their pain and walk in love. However spiritually correct the need is, the unending list goes on and on, until unknowingly the believer’s eyes are taken off Me and onto the problem. 

Now visualize this beloved believer trying to follow Me up the mountain with all this baggage attached to him. These “concerns” catch onto rocks and get wrapped around trees as the long line of “wilderness godly cares” come dragging up behind him. As the air gets thinner and thinner, My believer starts gasping for breath and finds it much too difficult to continue forward. So he resigns himself to sitting back down, and as he does, he again takes his eyes off the Master and puts them back on his spiritual concerns. This believer then stays where he is…with his godly baggage, and is completely unable to move up higher.

 Now take a moment to visualize a professional athlete. A professional has a completely different perspective. His unquenchable goal is to reach the summit and to do so he must put aside every weight and burden that might hinder him. Therefore he carefully considers the climb, the extreme heights, and thoughtfully weighs what he truly needs. A professional athlete also has a guide, and a burden bearer. He is instructed on what he may or may not take on the journey, and if he desires to make it to the summit, he “must” follow the rules. Preparation is of utmost importance, as the professional athlete peels off more and more baggage. Weight or lack of it, becomes imperative to his success.

Child, you are the professional athlete and I AM your Guide and your Burden Bearer. For My children to go to new heights, they must release all to follow Me: every concern, every worry, every loved one, every sin, every pain, every weight of your past life, everything that you can think of, peel it off one by one. It was not in vain that I said, “You must forsake all to follow Me”. When you die, you will leave it all behind. Not one thing will you take with you when you leave this world. You will leave with Me, and nothing else. Therefore I ask that you die to your cares now, that you follow Me now, with nothing from the past hanging onto you. Release ALL to Me.

When you do this for Me, when you truly forsake it and cut it from you, letting it fall behind you - then I will heal you, and it will be like it never existed. Then and then only, will you be free to follow Me. You will be free to truly love others as I have loved you, with no strings attached. Your joy will flow out from you and you will walk in My love and My forgiveness. As you walk in these new heights with Me, you will become an Overcomer, for as you release your baggage to Me, then I am free to work in these situations and you will find yourself praising Me for what I have done, and not what you have done. You will find yourself going from glory to glory and from height to height, as you view the world and your loved ones through My eyes and from My perspective. The problems that used to overwhelm you will no longer touch you, for you will see them as small and insignificant, as they truly are.

For My children who learn this art, I will give a new name, one which no one else knows, and grant them to sit with me on My throne; for in this life, they have truly forsaken all to follow Me and have become an Overcomer. Shalom

Unique info on upcoming solar eclipse - August 21, 2017 

(from a friend of mine who also wrote the "How we put our armor on" post below)

"I know you’ve all probably seen Rick Larson’sStar of Bethlehemdvd, and probably remember the significance the star Regulus had in that discovery.  (It’s considered the ‘king star’ and was circled by Jupiter the ‘king planet’…. Etc, etc.)

Anyway, my son, who happens to be named Leo, will turn 3 on August 21st, which happens to be the exact day of theGreat American Eclipse’.  We have a family trip planned to drive down to KC for the weekend to experience it.   Anyway, I decided to look closer at the eclipse in Stellarium last night in anticipation of this event.  To my surprise, the eclipse is right next to Regulus…. The same star that was so vital to Rick Larson’s discovery.  I mean it is right beside it.  Additionally, Regulus could be considered the handle of ‘The Sickle’, the common term for that portion of the Leo Constellation.  (Reaping, Harvesting, Sickle, etc are common images used for the gathering of Gods people and the last days as I’m sure you’re aware). 

I just found it so moving, that here just 33 days prior to the Rev 12 sign, the eyes of America will be focused on this area of the sky with more intensity and enthusiasm than ever before.  And as the sky goes dark and day becomes night for a few brief minutes, all of the pieces of the Rev 12 puzzle will be right there before their eyes soon to come into their final alignment.  Additionally, all of the imagery described above that seems to point to Christ is right there with it.  I don’t know what is going to happen, but IF this sign is something great, what an amazing way for our merciful God to reveal a short ‘sneak peak’ of the fulfillment of His word to the masses."

11/22/15 - Three Snow Visions and the Coming USA EQ and other Calamities (Transcript)

Because there is no other good place during the day to record a video…and I like to give you SOMEthing to look at if you decided to watch instead of just listen…I’ve kept the recording on our bird feeder. I’ve been recording for over a year now and so you have seen the seasons change here in the middle of the United States.

Yesterday was November 21, 2015 and it was the first day of snow where I live. And not just a spitting snow as we call it…but a heavy wet snow! It is beautiful! And it reminded me of three visions or Words. The first one was a vision from Lisa and I am going to reread part of it...

01/04/15 - Snowing Vision

Lisa was having her quiet time with God on Sunday when He showed her something interesting….it was snowing. Then she saw the arm of someone that was drawing back to throw a snowball. Immediately she knew that once that snowball was thrown, an avalanche of snowballs would be coming. She knew this indicated that once the first problem occurred, many would follow. She asked God, “What is the first snowball?” She was shown the USA getting bombed.

I know many people have seen missiles and rockets hitting the coasts. Lisa has seen NYC and Washington DC getting bombed. She and many others have seen Hoover Dam in this same situation, along with football stadiums and shopping malls, and this is something we in the states need to pay attention to on THIS Friday November 27. It is called “Black Friday” because so many people are off work due to our Thanksgiving holiday, that they start their Christmas shopping. So tons and tons of people are in the malls, and many of us are concerned that ISIS or some other Islamic terrorist group, will take advantage of that. So my family is staying home.

Then I recalled Warrior Princess’s Words about looking to the East in her 12/13/14 Message in regards to NYC and the earthquake. I reminded Lisa that we are to look to the East (I was wondering if this was part of the snowball). When I said “East”, God showed her “Russia”. At the time of the vision, Lisa saw nothing else. But now we know that Russia is in Syria, supposedly fighting ISIS. That brings Russia VERY close to Israel...and the eventual Ezekiel war as well as Armageddon.

Here is the snowflake vision and Word from WP. Not that it has been almost one year exactly since she received it.

12/13/14 - Word from Warrior Princess

This is not the kind of message I am used to. Please use discernment!!

My love, listen closely to these words. Each word is specific and do not shrink back from what I am giving you now.

A great earthquake is upon you. It will strike suddenly and without warning and will hit CA first and then New York City. There will be massive chaos as this happens. Note that NYC is in the East of the US. Once this happens the cosmic event will not be far off. Surely I will rescue my children. There will be many casualties, but those who are mine will come home right before this hits them. The angels will literally pull them up as the Earth splits. Those that are needed in certain areas will be transported there. This is extremely serious. Anoint your home and selves, pray for covering, pray for your neighbor and pray for all those that will be in the impact zone. I am telling you beforehand so you know I am in control and will not fear that these children are forgotten by me. They are not and will be divinely rescued! I don’t usually send these types of message through you but it is a warning that must go out. The First Call is not far off.

(I see a picture of snowflakes falling on my eyelashes!)

My love pray without ceasing! You need to deliver this tonight. This is not the Great Shaking but is a major birth pain. Orchestrated by the enemy internally.

(Note I was not given any kind of time line) End of WP's vision

Note that it will STRIKE WITHOUT WARNING! It will simply happen and the USA will be devastated...period. Do not look for anything to occur before this. Also, Jesus tells us that it is orchestrated by the enemy internally....manmade! Many dormant volcanoes are becoming undormant these middle earth is it moving. This great eq is soon upon us.

Thirdly, I had a vision of a potential Category 4 snowstorm during Hanukkah this year. Not sure if it is this year or not but…we’ll see soon enough. So that's more snow and more chaos.

You will recall last year that in the USA, Boston had a huge snowfall that incapacitated us in that area for a while. It is possible that God was keeping the evil from happening by using the snow. Same this happened in Israel over some of their holidays. What seems like a negative…may indeed be something God is using for good, we just don’t see it. Job 38:22-23 tells us

22 Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail,

23 Which I have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war?

While the snow seems to be a bad thing…wrecks happen and other accidents...yet the snow is also beautiful and sent by God. Could the visions of Lisa and Warrior Princess be for this season now? We were told something…some great shaking would happen by year end…and now we have snow which has been part of some visions. Yesterday during our 25 minute drive home, we saw 4 cars off the road...and only 2 inches of snow at the time. These are examples of people in a hurry and not being cautious. God has told us how to be cautious and protected. We put on the armor of God every day...we put on our Battle Gear...and pray to our Shepherd to keep watch over us. The fact that Jesus holds the rod and the staff DOES comfort me! Keep looking up because our Bridegroom is surely coming!

NOTE:  The Warrior Princess earthquake WILL be a surprise BUT THE GREAT SHAKING will NOT be a surprise...we will have warning for that, make no mistake!

How our Family puts on our Armor each Day - 10/08/15

A little over two weeks ago I began to lead my family in putting on our Armor every morning.  The results have not only been remarkable, but the process has also given us a time to huddle up each morning in prayer.  I shared with Hope part of our story and she asked if I would please do a write-up about how our family does it in hopes that I may encourage others. 

Some background first:  A few months ago I had a very shallow understanding of the Armor of God.  In an unmistakable way, the Holy Spirit began to bombard me with teachings on the Whole Armor of God.  Through radio, at church and on the internet I was awakened to how critical this was for the believer.  Of course, I also began to read the portion of scripture many times: which is found in  Ephesians 6 (which is easy to remember because there are 6 pieces of armor). The teaching that gave me the last bit of encouragement I needed to implement this in my home were a couple of very practical sentences on Hopes page titled “How to hear God”.  Here is the text:

“Each morning before I even get out of bed, I ask for forgiveness of all previous sins I can and cannot think of.  I thank God for giving me the day and then I give it back to Him so I can just BE and He can DO His work through me.  I then pray for the entire armor of God to be put on, piece by piece because without it, I’ve been hurt tremendously at times.  But with the armor, things roll off my back, and I am able to accomplish His will for that day.“

The straight forward idea of just ASKING God to place the armor on me, piece by piece, seemed logical enough.  After all, these are spiritual battles, so ASKING for God’s assistance in placing the armor just made sense.  God is spirit and we are being attacked in the spirit realm and the Armor is spiritual in nature, so His assistance seems like it would not only be quite helpful, but essential.

An analogy may be in order at this point.  My wife and I have 2 children, ages 3 and 1.  We also live in a part of the country that gets very cold in the winter with lots of snow.  My kids love being outside, and would not think twice about running out into a blizzard wearing their pajamas.   In fact, even if they wanted to put on all the protective winter clothing, they couldn’t.  They couldn’t zip the zippers or tie their boots and get their mittens fully on.   But if they ask me, their father, I am very willing and capable of putting on all of their winter clothing and accessories so they won’t be harmed (just like our Father in heaven is).  I must also add that the job is much easier when they are willing participants and cooperative (which may be true for our Heavenly Father as well).  : )

So here is how our family does it:  Each morning before I leave for work I gather everyone together.  I pray out loud thanking God for the new day and ask for His protection on all of us.  I then pray for each piece of armor to be placed on us, working from the Helmet of Salvation on down.  To help our kids understand we accompany each piece of armor by acting it out.

 - I ask for the Helmet of Salvation to be placed on our heads (we touch our heads).
 - I then ask for the Breastplate of Righteousness to be put on us (we  run our hand       across our chests). 

 - The Belt of Truth (run our hand across our waist).

 - Gospel of Peace on our Feet (touch our feet). 

 - Shield of Faith (we hold up our left arm as if we are holding a shield). 

 - And the Sword of the Spirt (We hold up our right arm as if we are holding a Sword.

My youngest child is only 1, so each day my 3 year old not only does the actions herself, but then proceeds to help her baby brother do them.  It is very moving actually.  After we place each piece we close out the prayer and I ask my daughter if she feels strong.  She gets a very tough look on her face and says “Yeahhhhh!”  Each day a sense of peace and confidence fills us all and I have noticed much more peace in my family and less triggers of volatility in my children and in our marriage. (In a side note: Last year my wife and I realized that we were being attacked in an attempt by demonic forces to harm our marriage.  Thankfully we realized this (in the midst of an argument by the way) and we prayed to Jesus and immediately the fog lifted.  It was a very powerful example of the strategy that has been used against us over the years, and we are so thankful to be aware of it now, and to also have the armor so we are not as vulnerable.)


In closing, the image above is I what I printed off and brought home for my family to study.  It was a great visual for all of us, (especially my kids) to see what we are doing and what the armor “looks” like.  There is so much depth that could be discussed regarding each piece of armor and occasionally I will add in aspects of what I learn to my morning prayer. There are many teachings available on the subject so I encourage you to dive deeper so that you can appreciate how critical the armor is and the power it has.  But the most important thing isn’t knowing about the armor, or understanding every aspect of the armor.  The most important thing is to actually WEAR the armor.  God has clearly told us to put it all on, and with so much darkness in our world, I believe it is more important now than ever before.


I pray this blesses you and your family.

God Bless,


Concerning Dates

12/07/14 - from Sue

The Lord has shown me something regarding important dates that continue to pass by and are seemingly uneventful. If you notice all events that were considered "great events" in Jesus time occurred in secret and had astounding results over time. Take Jesus birth for one noticed, yet that day continues to impact the world with staggering results. So when these "dates" pass by without us seeing anything in the natural, it doesn't mean that something huge did not occur. It simply means something great the world has not noticed occurred that day, and yet that day "that slipped by unnoticed" will trigger events that will bring the world to its knees in the future.

2 Corinthians 4:18 King James Version (KJV)

While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

Individual Instructions

Sue is a good friend of mine and I asked her about this season we are in and why we are reading different Messages, some telling us to stay hidden and close to the Lord, others telling us to shout out loud He is coming and to warning of judgments!  Here is what she said:

10/25/14 - Email to Hope - from Sue

I strongly believe the Lord is giving us each individual instructions. So other people's instructions might be totally different from mine. He has shown me very vividly that Satan is going about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. As long as we are following the Lord, we are hidden in Him and protected. However, if we go outside of the boundaries and instructions the Lord has given us, we are legally fair game for Satan to attack. I am seeing strong Christians attacking other strong Christians, Satan is coming as an "Angel of light" many times. I am seeing much godly pride and strong implications of "I'm hearing Him more and clearer than you". It's really sad.

As for the season, I believe we are in the birth pains as evil is escalating and flourishing to Sodom and Gomorra levels. One never quite knows how long the birth pains will last but we know they only intensify until birth. So we are in for the time of our lives so to speak and it might not be "fun" for a while. This is the time that we will look back on and speak of for all eternity. 

We are all learning and even in "abiding and rest" I find I am busier than I have ever been in my life. I am even having to go back and reread the Walk in Love and Abide books. My job has increased to the point that I almost can't get it done in the time allotted. My work at home is almost the same. I spend all of my time just doing what is right in front of me because if I look any further it's overwhelming. I have almost zero internet time. But in all this I am learning to trust Him moment by moment and follow His moment by moment instructions. Everything is training for us. He is not looking for our perfection, but He is looking for our constant attention to be on Him. He is with us, and all is well.

" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24