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Thru 11/18/17

Hope's Visions & Night Writings

"No Fear" document comprised of Words from some of the pdfs above and the Bible - print for the 3 Days of Darkness!

Extra Biblical Books

Words to His Beloved Bride

From Jeffrey Stewart on FB 12/31/17 -

In the spirit of the Christmas Season I am giving away PDF versions of the three books that the Lord had me write, "Words to His Beloved Bride," volumes one, two, and three. You can download them at the following links. I believe that they will bless your walk with the Lord. Also, feel free to print them, email them, or anything you like with them. God bless you and Merry Christmas!

One person's interpretation of the Rev 12 Sign in the Sky

Prophecy give to Rabbi in the 12th century...2017 is very important!

Spiritual Warfare testimony, end time visions - recommended by Susan Davis

Words from Jesus from the early 1900s

Written by Hope with a Message from Sue and Words from others

Friend of Hope's

Words from God through Priscilla Van Sutphin (my highlights)

Luis Vega
His Handmaiden

This is the author reading the first few chapters of his book,

Casting Pearls

W. Mark Wattenford


" There will be several nuclear power plants attacked. These plants will begin to leak radiation, not to mention much of the water supply will be tainted, and there will be huge areas experiencing a power-blackout. This has been planned for a long time within your government and within elite circles. Tell My people to prepare with food and water. Learn about radiation and how to protect yourselves from it. Do not delay as this is happening soon. The states are California, Arizona, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey and Colorado."

"The following visions have been received by a 14 year old boy living in Cape Agulhas (the Southernmost tip of Africa) during the period April to August 2007. Please take note of PS at end of document."  (Hope note - I do not agree with all the interpretations of these visions, but I do believe they are from God)

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