I want to make this page simple.  What you have here is the entire .pdf of Lisa’s Visions, to be continually updated by Jackie, the most marvelous editor in the world.  She will also be giving me just the updated pages for each vision.  So there will always be the full version, and the partial version. Once you print off the full version, you won't need to anymore.

For example, let’s say  you print off the pdf and there are 83 pages with the last one being half a page long.  Lisa has a vision and after typing it up, it takes up three more pages.  In order to print those pages off and keep your pdf in good shape, you would print the partial version, which would only contain pages 83 through 85.  You would want to throw away the last page in your full pdf version that you had already printed out, because page 83 is now a full page of text, rather than a partial page.    I think once you start to add to your pdf, it will make more sense.  How’s THAT for being simple?

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