Part 4 - How to Discern who is Speaking to the End Time Messengers

" And we also thank God continually because, when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as a human word, but as it actually is, the word of God, which is indeed at work in you who believe."

1 Thessalonians 2:13

Transcript below - small additions added to video

Finally in my discernment process, is looking at the messenger themself.  I try not to do this as I cannot see their heart.  All humans are fallible.  We misinterpret, we put our own opinions in our thoughts, and our emotions get in the way.  I know messengers that hear from God that have lied, have falsely accused others, and have hurt their friends.  Guess what, we all have as all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  So I remove the messenger from the Words.  You really need to do this.  So MANY times the question I get is…”What do you think of so and so?”  They are really asking, do I think that person hears from God.  But for so many of us, we look at the human rather than who they are hearing from.  Yes their fruits are important.  But we know some people that do wonderful things in public, but we don’t know what is done in their private life.   I know other messengers that stay hidden in Christ, then when they do post a Message that is True, others doubt them because they feel that person is too quiet.  My best advice after prayer is…learn to discern the Words…ignore the messenger and pay attention to what they are saying that is directly from God.  That’s what this entire series is about.  We need to learn for ourselves who is speaking.  And when you do that, God is speaking to you.  Whether it’s through a Word of knowledge, or a nudge, or a Holy Spirit inspired feeling…you ARE hearing from Him.

The last thing I want to leave you with is why I believe a messenger either hears a Word totally from God, or totally from the enemy.  I have read recently that someone felt they were deceived while hearing from God.  “God”..told them that the enemy’s words were mixed in with a test.  I do not for one moment believe that God would do this.  Yes He allows deception but it would not be mixed in the VERY SAME MESSAGE that He is giving!  That just sounds ludicrous to me.  (see..told you I could be harsh!)  Please know this is my opinion only, but God is not the author of confusion.  The minute you believe that HE might allow a demon to talk while He is talking..then when will you ever believe it is fully Him?  He does not test His Bride this way.  I watched a video of one person who believes that JESUS told them, that He would talk, then this messenger would leave the room, then return and Jesus would allow a demon to talk.  Say what?!?!  That is SO not right!  Again this is just my opinion but I do not believe God tests us that way.  What is the purpose?  Where is the trust after that?  How can we rely on His protection if He allows the enemy to flow in and out of a True Message? There is only harm in that. 


On this subject of being disrupted by the enemy while hearing from God, I have asked a close friend whom I genuinely know hears from God.  The Words she speaks are truly full of love from God the Father, even when rebuking…He is gentle.  I asked her to let me know what happens when the enemy tries to interfere with what she is hearing.  This is what she said:

“My experience with Satan's interference has been "interference". The Lord starts giving me a message and then all at once He fades away. Then He starts speaking again, and I get one and a half sentences and it fades away again. It is like trying to listen through static...although I don't hear static..."I just get bits and pieces". It's like a strong message with many missing words or sentences. After prayer to clear the heavens...the complete message comes through... the original pieces of sentences I had gotten...and all the rest of words to complete the sentences that had been missing before.”

I received a confirmation of this from another sister in Christ whom I have no doubt hears from God.  Same problem when the enemy interferes…God just gets quieter.  What do my friends do?  Do they continue…believing they are hearing from God?  Yes…after they pray and ask Him to bind the enemy.  Then they hear Him loud and clear.  There is no hearing from the enemy and then God, back and forth like a yo-yo.  It’s all or nothing.  Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega…He is the same in speech.  He does not allow the enemy to creep in while giving a Word to someone.  I do believe He may speak to someone for a while, then if that person slips back into the world and just assumes Jesus will give them Words whenever THEY ask…then over time yes, the Lord allows the enemy to deceive them…so that in the end, that person will recognize their sin and return to the holy path of the Lord.  No one is perfect.  But I tell God every day before I listen to Him, that He is my Abba and I have no one else to trust.  I repent and ask for Him to bind the enemy in His name.  There is no other thing I know of to do, no elaborate methods of binding, no special prayers that I follow. I simply have to trust God that when I am asking to hear Him, He grants me that request and does not allow the enemy to interfere.  He has never failed me yet.

One final thing that I said I would elaborate on and that is false messages are a mixture of lies and truth.  These are the difficult ones.  It’s easy enough for me not to post someone that I have doubts hears from God, but there are times when the message is so good that I want to share it. So I start using my red flag approach, and I compare what the message is, to other messages.  This is the same God that speaks to all, so while the Words are tailored different, the message stays the same.  When the enemy is involved, there are a few good things, then something bad or fearful thrown in, then a good thing.  It's exactly like the New Ager channelings.  Those just don’t sound genuine to me.  They don’t have the true tone of Christ.  

I'll give you a quick example and please note that I AM MAKING THIS UP!  Ok, a true message has love and protection with judgment so a word might come across like, "The fire will rain from the sky and the earth will be refined after much bloodshed.  I will rescue those who call on my name."  So that would be something God might say.  The enemy would take that same thought and twist it so you would hear, " Fire will come from the sky and burn the earth, she will writhe and twist in pain and spew forth demons that will terrorize all upon the earth. After many die through horror and anguish, some through a bloody war, others through chaotic weather that destroys houses and homes of your families, then and only then will I ride on my white horse to rescue those of my children who have survived and called on me."

See the difference?  I may be wrong about these messages, but better safe than sorry.  You must really pay attention to those messages that you question.  Satan slowly lures people in.  So in all things, go to God.

I hope this series has helped you.  If nothing else, I hope you have learned as I have over only go to God with your questions.  If something sounds not quite right whether you are hearing from God, or you are listening or reading another’s Words that are from God…if it’s not quite right, STOP RIGHT THERE and start praying for help.  Do not continue to listen to that messenger just because they have other words that are interesting.  Do you not think that is exactly what satan wants you to do?  He does not come out and lie as I just mentioned, he deceives slowly over time and twists the truth.  These messages from the father of lies always bring fear and doubt…doubt and shame are big in his camp.  There is no fear in Heaven and the Lord does not apply guilt and shame.  He is your daddy, your abba, your pappa.  He does not want you lied to.  He IS speaking His truth these days, but you must learn when it is Him versus another.

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