Part 2 - How to Discern who is Speaking to the End Time Messengers

" And we also thank God continually because, when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as a human word, but as it actually is, the word of God, which is indeed at work in you who believe."

1 Thessalonians 2:13

Transcript Below - some additions made in the video

This is the second video in this series of How to Discern who is Speaking to the End Time Messengers. My goal in this video is to explain my process of finding out of someone is truly hearing from God through their Words. I do this because I want to bring encouragement to the Bride of Christ through my website…and I can’t do that if I am posting things from the enemy. God seems to give me a nudge or prompting that points me to watch or read someone. This is not a gut feeling as I will describe, it’s more spiritual rather than physical. I feel more like, HEY! God is speaking here! And I need to follow up!

I go through this each time for my website. However, were I an individual or in a small group on FB or another forum and we were discussing whether or not someone heard from God, I would still apply this.

My process for discerning is this…it is both physical and spiritual in nature:


  • Never post things that people tell me God told them to send for posting
  • Read/watch everything that messenger has said before posting, depending on the urgency of the message.
  • Communicate with them to answer any questions I might have
  • Gut feeling – not so much! We cannot go by our own selves, even our physical selves. Yes the Holy Spirit dwells within us and yes I get Holy Ghost chills at times too but…in the instance of knowing whether or not another human is hearing from God, you just need to go to God with that question…and not rely on your feelings or emotions.


  • Pray pray pray!
  • Additional prayer when putting on the Belt of Truth…so that He shows me the lies of the enemy
  • My three red flags
  • Looking at the messenger’s heart (this is God’s job, not ours)

The first thing I will tell you is that I have learned NOT to post things that people send me. I used to…a few people came to me and said God told them to post their messages. Of course I wanted to obey so I read a few of their messages (if they had any established) and posted! Boy I sure learned my lesson! The messages started out ok, but within weeks, there was fear running through them, and eventually lies. Not only that, but the enemy started pointing directly to the messenger, saying things like, “My son this and My son that” using that messenger’s name…and that separates the messenger from us. If we are ALL the Bride, then God just does not speak like that for a public Word IMO. On an extremely rare occasion the Lord may point back to His messenger for a specific reason but I have found that almost never happens. It does happen but NOT very often. I can think of less than a handful of people that I listen or read, that God has pointed to individually. It just doesn’t happen to people that are appointed to bring Messages to the public, IMO. Don’t misunderstand me here…the Lord does use My son and My daughter or My child frequently…and when we hear that…we feel included. It’s a different message than one that uses individual names and places the messenger higher than us the reader. THAT is the false message. Hopefully you understand what I am saying here.

The second thing I do to help discern is to read and/ or watch as much of that person’s messages as I can. I get a feel for how the Message comes across and I’ll be honest with you, I get a spiritual feeling that Yes they are hearing from Him, or No they are not. I believe this is the gift of discernment. Yet I have to follow up further if I am to share this with anyone. Some of this is done by obvious pieces of information in the message itself.

There are some NO BRAINERS in knowing if someone is hearing from God as far as I am concerned. Here are a few and I’m just going to list them quickly…if someone you listen to hears these from Jesus, you better go to the Lord on that. Better yet, go to Him for all Words, even your own. OK here are words from a so-called Jesus that make me roll my eyes:

There are no 3 days of darkness

The Rapture is not until the end of the Tribulation so the Bride will go through it

There are animals in Heaven in a different area than others due to fear

Fatima or Mary the Mother of Jesus really does speak to people

Very specific instructions on what to do in the end times (I will elaborate later)

This last one is my favorite…and mind you people are buying INTO this! Here it is: You can get rid of demons by pouring water on them! Are you serious? That’s from the Wizard of Oz movie…NOT the Bible! We can’t even see demons to do this to! Believe me, the entity that promotes this is cackling over those who believe it. Not the messenger…that person is not who I am speaking about…I am speaking about the entity that talks to them, posing as Jesus.

These are the obvious false messages IMO. Think twice if you are listening to someone that you hear these as words from Jesus. Go to HIM with your questions and He will show you! He does not want His Bride misled!

Things that ARE genuine are love, peacefulness, protectiveness, compassion, and yes judgment. This is not the same as fear, but rather judgment for those who are not looking to God. Most of the false messages are a mixture of truth and lies and they can be hard to discern. I will go into this in further detail later on in this series, because it is SO important to know the difference and needs to be expounded upon!

The 3rd thing I do is go directly to that person with any questions I have. And may I add that this is an important step. Here is a case in point. Just last week I was very excited to see a new youtuber that was having Words. They sounded legitimate to me, with visions and dreams from Jesus. I started watching all of them right away…very anxious to post them for you to see on the Call of the Bride. This person promoted their website and just before I posted several of their videos, I decided to go to their website. Much to my surprise, it had some links to reincarnation sites. Thinking they were against that, I clicked on a few links and was directed to the ND experiences stuff that I had read years earlier, where the person felt they had lived before. I quickly contacted the youtuber who is the website owner. She explained to me that while she knew reincarnation was controversial, she herself had had three lives. So guess what, I did not post her stuff and I quickly unsubscribed. That came after research. I would not have known that just by listening to her. But reviewing the website showed her beliefs. This is NOT something I want posted because even if she does hear from God, her beliefs are skewed and eventually that will show up in what she records.

In all these things, I go to God. When I put on my armor each day, I specifically put the Belt of Truth on and ask Him to show me if someone is hearing from the enemy. I give Him TCOTB website because it IS His and not mine. Then I leave it at His feet. I don’t think too much of it and I don’t think too little of it. It exists for Him and I truly believe He works through me to post what He wants promoted. There are times when only one person may be affected, but that is His choice and He knows more than me.

Lastly I do not base anything on my gut feeling. The reason is because I have seen true men and women of God… base things on their gut feeling. Then they justify approving or disapproving of someone because of that. Because I am more analytical in nature and personality, I feel this is a good thing as I tend to be skepitcal. I see most things as black or white with very little gray. Either it’s from God, or it’s not. Period. I believe that makes me harsh sometimes because I get very upset when people are believing something false. This is very important to me that you know….and that is that I DO NOT LOOK AT THE MESSENGER…rather I look to the words that they speak…and IMO if those words are not from our Jesus, then I am against that, NOT the person. I will go further into that later as well because it is very important in how we view other brothers and sisters in Christ, that gives messages.

The next video will cover how I discern things spiritually. Mostly it’s through prayer and the Holy Spirit. I will also explain how one of my closer friends knows when the enemy is trying to disrupt her from hearing from God. This is very important to me because there is a false understanding out there that while God is speaking to you, at the same time He may allow a demon to talk to you, and deceive you. This does not happen in the same Message from God…why would He do that? That is not testing as some think. So I will elaborate on that later.

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