Part 1 - How to Discern who is Speaking to End Time Messengers

" And we also thank God continually because, when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as a human word, but as it actually is, the word of God, which is indeed at work in you who believe."

1 Thessalonians 2:13

Transcript Below - small additions added to video

This video series titled How to Discern who is speaking to the End Time Messengers, is mainly for those who are watching for the Lord RIGHT NOW…the Bride of Christ. My ministry does not seem to be for the lukewarm or the lost, but rather for the Bride, to edify her and encourage her as we get closer to the day of our transformation. One of the ways that I accomplish this, is to promote videos and transcripts of Words (and sometimes dreams and visions) of those who Hear from the Lord. While my website has been turned over God and indeed is turned over daily with pleadings that He does not allow me to post anything that is not of Him, I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes and have even posted those who hear from the enemy. Let me just add, that those are not posted for long. You who have read this website for a while, have seen this come to pass and I admit my error to you when necessary. I am always so grateful to God that He shows me these things before much damage is done. Most of these messengers don’t even know they are being deceived and I don’t wish to hurt them. God knows their hearts and that is all I need to know. Yet I don’t want to post things from the enemy. How do I learn that they aren’t hearing from God? How does God bring this to my attention? That’s what these videos are about, only in this case, it is to help YOU so that you too can know if you are hearing from God through a messenger…or hearing words from the enemy. Here is what we are going to cover in this series:

  • The beginnings of my discernment training (and that’s this entire first video so feel to skip it if you aren’t interested)
  • My current process of discernment
  • How many types of messengers are out there (IMO three)
  • How to separate messengers from their Words

First I want to give you a some background on how God trained me on discernment. Some of this is going to sound weird but…we aren’t meant to understand the ways of the Lord, that’s for sure! And besides, what He trains us for may not be important until years later. In this case, He started to wake me up in 2010 by watching ghost hunter shows. Let me state that I have never had a strange encounter…not one supernatural meeting with a spirit or ghost or anything like that. Humans full of demons yes…but not a spirit or angel. So frankly I did not believe in ghosts. I started watching Ghost Hunters and some of those types of shows because it seemed interesting, they were shows I watched out of curiosity…for if ghosts did not exist…how can this happen? I assumed everything was caused by demons because THOSE I believed existed! But as I watched these shows, it started to become clear that there was something out there…I was not sure what but I was praying about it and God was showing me. Even Jesus tells us in Luke 24 that ghosts don’t have hands and feet like He does. My literal interpretation of that verse is this…if ghosts don’t exist, Jesus would have told the disciples that, when they said they thought He was a ghost. Instead He gave them an explanation. Ok so there was something out there besides demons. If there were some type of ghost out there…who were they? Some of the ghost encounters seemed to be from relatives. Now I understand that demons come to psychics as dead relatives. I’ve never been to a psychic and never will. But again, having a religious upbringing as a Wesleyan, we were taught some things of the devil, vs in churches today when I barely hear the name of satan. Not to mention the Bible clearly tells us in Leviticus and other places, not to visit with those who speak to the dead. We are even told in 1 Chronicles 10 that this was one of the sins that King Saul died because of. Yikes! Demons that speak to psychics are called familiar spirits for a reason…they are VERY familiar with the life of the dead person. Easy to mimic that, which is why people are so gullible and believe they are hearing from their departed loved ones.

After watching many of the ghost shows, I became interested in watching people who had Near Death Experiences., known as NDEs. But that was not my focus in learning about NDEs. My focus was…what are people seeing when they die? Are these experiences true? What’s going on here? I won’t go into what I learned because it was part of my training as a Bride of Christ and not applicable here. But for this video’s purposes, I will tell you that I learned that not all NDEs are from God. Sometimes He allows those people to see a false Jesus, or a “Light” but not the light of God. I am not talking about hell NDEs, but rather people that see a light and think it’s God, and come back and change their life in a spiritual way, but not in a way that promotes Jesus as the Son of God. I even posted an NDE video and the breakdown of how I think it is a false light on my website, see link below. (See a NDE from what I believe to be a False Heaven on this page)

Also a quick note that a false Jesus can be seen in dreams and visions as well. Anyway, I learned that not only are there ghosts that aren’t demons, but that there are people that have died and not gone to hell, and not gone to Heaven, but have seen something else. How is this possible? At that point, my interest in NDEs waned a bit and I was led to the New Agers. Keep in mind that I knew exactly who they were. But I believe God pointed my interest towards them…know your enemy so to speak. Please don’t freak out with what you are about to hear (or read). God was showing me these things for a reason. I KNEW with all my heart, that He was with me in this and there was a purpose in it. Frankly, knowing what I know now…there is no way I would even READ something like a channeling in depth any more. For one, they are from evil beings and two, there is dark evil in the words just by reading. But in the case that the Father set aside for me, I was learning. Same thing happens to those like LA Marzulli and Chuck Missler that study the Fallen. They have to understand the dark side of it, in order to spot it and report it. When I first started reading these channelings that I found online, I immediately knew it was evil. These “messages” SOUNDED loving, they SEEMED to be full of light, but it is a false light, and the love is not genuine. I was aghast that the people that would comment on these messages, could be so taken in. These were and are LIES against Almighty God! Our precious Jesus is denigrated to existing simply as a source (small “s”)…He is belittled to represent an energy, in no way do these evil beings suggest there is a Holy God. Their words were falsely kind but twisted, seemingly loving but lying. I read these for 8 months and learned much. In between all of this I also learned about UFOs, “aliens”, hybrids, and other things that the Fallen have used to promote themselves so we will be deceived. Then I quit the whole channeling, UFOs, ghost hunting, near death experiences things almost overnight. The interest in knowing more just left me. I had spent 3 years doing this but God was ready to have me do something else. So I quit all that and moved on my path…not even knowing there was one.

I became involved in an endtime forum…a lot of you know it as RitaNow. Over time I moved on to other forums and websites and slowly but surely came to find out that people were actually hearing from God! At my first encounter, I was very wary…having just come from reading demon talk. And I continue to be wary…and that’s how you need to be. All things need to be brought to God and no one else. He WILL show you if you ask. We tend to ask others because we get quick and easy to interpret feedback. But truly that is not what God wants. He wants us to go directly to Him. As I read more of these Words and dreams and visions, my training expanded to the point now 5 years later, that it is much easier to spot a false god speaking to someone. What is very sad is when that person believes they are talking with God. They are innocently deceived, not knowing that it is not our Lord, and not understanding how to discern that voice. But the messengers are fewer than those of us who are affected by and believe in…their words. And that is what I am going to talk about in the next video. current discernment process and what it entails.

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