Night Psalms

The LORD will command His lovingkindness in the daytime,
And in the night His song shall be with me—
A prayer to the God of my life.

Psalm 42:8

Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I pray. On May 31, 2017, I "heard" someone else praying, the Holy Spirit.  The Words were so awesome that I found it right to pray those Words so I did.  This is the same Voice that I hear when I hear from God.  I heard the Voice again on June 2, and after the third time on June 3rd, I felt God was directing me to start a page, similar to the Night Writings.  However, these are clearly not the same as the Night Writings so I prayed and felt led to call them Night Psalms...a psalm is a sacred song or poem, a religious verse.

NOTE - You may post these anywhere but please post a link back to this page so the psalms can be read in context.

10/09/17 - For three nights the Lord has mentioned that the Night Psalms would be ending.  Last night He told me to lay down my pen.

10/08/17 – Tensions

Tensions are brewing. The East and West are fighting for rule. Soon there will be war. Let one win and let the other lose…temporarily. Then the world will come crashing down.

My return is near. I will save those who call on Me. Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts.

10/07/17 – Shadow & Flame

There has begun burning in men’s hearts. Shadow and flame burn, igniting passions for Me and against Me. Where do you fall? You must choose.

The time will come when mortal men must make a choice. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Will you pick it up and run towards Me or from Me? The seconds are ticking down.

10/06/17 – The Sound of Music

“There’s a song in my heart and joy in my soul.” Let the earth sing as she breathes, for the hills are alive with the sound of music. Soon she will break her chains…this earth, and be free of the sin that lies upon her. She will shake because I want her to shake, and dust off the sin with her movements.

Are you prepared to die? Oh sinner, get behind Me. Allow Me to protect you and bring you Home. This world is not for living but for dying to self.

10/05/17 – Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. All comes falling down.

The Lord reigns, the Lord rules, and the first thing to go is sin. Man’s sin is prevalent. He needs to look to His Savior who will show him the way. There is no other way shown but the mighty Son of God.

10/04/17 – Destroyer   (will post dream link later to go with this)

The faint of heart need go no further for the Destroyer lies ahead. I Am true to My Word and men’s hearts will fail them. But where are you? Under My wing, snuggling in soft furry warmth of comfort. With this you will comfort others.

Sing now and rejoice! Your Redeemer has come!

10/03/17 – Planetary History

Your planetary history will change. The evil one will come and preach a new “truth”, one that is a lie, one that deviates from My Word. Pay no heed to this for it is a part of the deception. You are MY children and no other. No one created you but Me. No one else can create life.

Live your life abundantly now, knowing you are under My wing of protection. Truly nothing can happen to you that I do not allow.

10/02/17 – Egypt

Egypt relax, your glory awaits you. I will call you from the far country to come to My own, to worship and praise. My House will be called the House of Prayer. You won’t miss it.

Kingdoms come and kingdoms go but the Word of the Lord remains forever. This is a true Word, you can trust it.

10/01/17 – The Midnight Hour

I wait for you at midnight. That’s when I will call. The midnight hour comes soon and it’s always darkest before the dawn.

My friends will call first with a shout, and you’ll hear a Trumpet! You won’t miss it as it will be loud and noisy! 

Hang on My sweets, not much longer now!

09/30/17 – False Witness

There will be false witnesses everywhere. The enemy is here among you, he even watches this website. But I the Lord know him. I the Lord will finish him. Do not worry or be alarmed as you are with Me under My wing.

Cherish these moments now for Home is your next stop. I love you My children.

Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God

09/29/17 – False Light

Satan feels he is the father of lights but in truth, I Am. I Am the true Light of the world. His deception is coming. He will glow and let off a false light and people will be amazed and confounded.

The enemy lurks but soon he will be out in the open. He is coming My children, but do not be afraid for I AM is with you.

09/28/17 – Timing

Do not quit! Do not give up hope yet! I Am coming! My timing is not your timing. I do not follow man‘s rules or feasts. I follow My own, set from long ago.

Listen and you may hear Me. I will whisper in your ear. But you must be facing Me, looking neither to the left or right. Stay on My path set by Me…and you will not miss Me!

09/27/17 – Interpretation

My Words are interpreted many ways. Some see what they want to see, some ask Me for help. 

Always go to the Lord, always ask your Abba for help.Would I not give it to My children whom I love? Ask and I shall tell you, seek and keep on seeking and you shall find it. My Words are a treasure and your seeking is the map.

09/26/17 – Rule

I govern the world though its rulers do not see Me. I rule the cosmos with an iron hand. Nothing gets by Me. Everything is noticed, down to the molecules and beyond.

Your life is precious to Me. Find joy in it, find life in the Son and meet Him in the air!

09/25/17 – Home

Going Home is the theme, you hear it everywhere, you see it everywhere. I will be taking you Home.

If you want a front porch to rock on, you’ll have one. In fact it’s already built ! These things are waiting for you, friends and family, meals and activities like you would never believe. Your mind cannot comprehend the wonders of heaven!

We are waiting!

09/24/17 – Play

Forever and a day is how long you’ll be with Me. We will have SUCH fun! Climbing mountains, swimming oceans, swinging in trees, and all manner of adventures! Just you wait and see!

I want all My children to experience this so first the Harvest. Bring them in and bring them Home. Then we play!

09/23/17 – The Great Sign

This very day is The Great Sign in the sky. My people see it, those who walk with Me, My hand in theirs. We both see the sky and I ask…”Do you see it? The reasoning of God?” Who knows the mind of God? No one but the Son.

But soon you shall know and soon you shall see. For the Manchild comes forth and will rule the world. Watch and see!

09/22/17 – Father’s Heart

The heart belongs to the Lord. The Father’s heart belongs to the people. Your heart is crushed when your child mourns. Imagine the Father’s heart in the next few years.

Pray for the people and perhaps they will not reject God. He is their Creator and wants them home. He is the Father.

09/21/17 – Mercy

My King and my Prince, my Father and His Son. Look upon me God, with mercy. Let your judgments be carried out to the end of the age.

09/20/17 – Sign

A new moon awaits you. The beginning of the year is here. Look for My sign in the stars with the moon at her feet and dressed in the sun. 

She is on her way.

Godshealer7 video she reposted yesterday is confirmation  - video here (received in March 2010 before we knew about Sept 23 sign!)

09/19/17 – Road

Cross the road to the other side but be careful how you walk. The enemy is roaring and watching, waiting for you to make a mistake.

Live in Me, and through Me you shall live. And the devil shall cease his efforts.

09/18/17 – Dragon

The moon is hot tonight. It appears to be a cold orb but the dragon draws near. The moon will become blood red before the Day of the Lord when the dragon is near and ashes fall.

09/17/17 – Demons

The demons run among you. They call your name and they whisper. They distract and distort.

Hear My Words this day. The day shall come when all demons shall burn in the fire. They have hurt My children for far too long. Bind them now for soon they will be loosed upon an unsuspecting people. And then the world will end.

09/16/17 – Light

Shine your light into the hearts of men for it is there that I reside. I shine for you against the lights in the sky. Do you see Me? I Am in your heart.

Hear Me close. There is more light coming but it is a false light, a false Jesus among men. Stay close to Me and you will not be fooled, for you are Mine.

09/15/17 – World Stops

There are moments when the world stops in your mind, mental moments.  These are clear to you, startling even.  Soon the world will stop physically and be thrown out of orbit.

Be on your guard for I Am with you then.  Know that I Am always with you.  I Am your Father and I hold you in My hand.  The world does not hold you, I do.

09/14/17 – Monsters

The monsters are coming. They will form in your skies and will sparkle and shine. They are NOT of Me. They are from the evil one. His principalities, his offspring the hybrids – all are in the mix. Do not go near them.

Listen to Me, I tell you this now. I love you, you are of Me, but they are not.

09/13/17 – Small Things

This is a morning that you will remember. So few good days left. I love My children and would do no harm. But the enemy prowls. He looks for ways in. The least distraction can be caused by him.

Be on your guard for all small things are not from Me, but from he who would steal your heart and destroy your soul.

09/12/17 – Rest

There shall be peace in the land when all is at rest. Right now though, things are NOT at rest. From the sky to the waters, from the mountains to the streams, everything is moving.

Men’s hearts shall be moved before the coming of the Lord. ~ Shalom

09/11/17 – Ravages of War

Spring will arrive late in the year. Winter will last a long time. But My people will have a Home.

The ravages of war will take over the world, and the “aliens” will be in the mix. Your world will look so much different in a year. It saddens Me, the very thought, My creation is troubled for it knows what must be.

Turn to Me children, your Maker, your Creator, and I shall bind the wounds and heal you.

09/10/17 – Treasure

Today is a day that the Lord has made. Rejoice! Lift up your head for He draws near. He makes EVERY day and calls the winds to fall on the good and the bad.

Each day is a treasure waiting to be unlocked. What will you do with your treasure today?

09/09/17 – Filth

The Word is given tonight. The I Am that I AM is coming and He will wash away all sin. The hurricanes have started it, the islands have begun it. All filth will wash away in the end for My people.

09/08/17 – Flashes

The flashes of God are coming. You will see them in the sky, around the world, around MY world. These are from Me. These are signs.

Are you listening? Are you watching? Your Lord is coming for you!

09/07/17 – Provisions

Talk with Me tonight. Speak My Name. Shout hallelujahs in your dreams for I Am Lord!

The Father God giveth and taketh away. Look to Him for all things, all provisions, and He will provide.

09/06/17 – Fulfillment

The fulfillment of all things is at hand. My hand holds the power to do this, to destroy or create, to bring life or death.

The time you have left is precious and short. Use it to seek Me, to seek the heart of Me. For I Am for you and not against. I love you My children. ~ God

09/05/17 – I Have This

The fight for heaven has begun. Those who wish My children ill and harm to My Bride are in the air fighting against My divine angels. 

Principalities of the air fight one another day and night but no evil will trump. I have this. ~ God

09/04/17 – Footsteps

Look this way My friends. Keep your eyes on Me. Footsteps are falling from the North and the hour of war is upon you.

Look to My coming for the Son will shine in your hearts first, and you will guide My people Home.

09/03/17 – Almost Home

The storms will cease when I come into My own, My Kingdom. No more fear comes after that. I reign, not evil.

We are almost there, almost Home. Hold on for just a little while longer and I Myself will then hold you.

09/02/17 – Sword of Truth

There is war on the horizon, more than one battle. The Bible speaks of this.

All truth is in the Bible, My Word. It is the Sword of Truth and you should live your life by it.

09/01/17 – I Am Here

Listen to Me this night. Horror comes knocking now. People will suffer inhumanity to man. But I Am here, I Am with you. Many would cheat you, many will strip you of your rights but I Am here.

Call on Me now – I Am waking up the world! The end time Harvest is about to begin. And it begins with you!

08/31/17 – Man in White

Do not trust the holy warrior in white. Do not speak his name as if he can save you. He cannot. Only the Lord who lives eternally can save man’s heart.

Trust Me for I Am your companion. My Holy Spirit comforts you, not the man in white.

08/30/17 – Your General

You are my Rock and my Deliverer, a very present help in times of trouble.

“Call out to Me and I will heal you. Say My name and demons will be bound. Who can stand when the Son of Man stands up? Your General is on His way!”

08/29/17 – Doves

Spread your wings and fly My little doves. Your Lord and Savior is coming to meet you in the air!

Your bodies are white, they have been washed in the blood of Jesus your Savior. He is your Rescuer, the Almighty God and time is VERY short now!

Rejoice! Again I say rejoice!

08/28/17 – Shake

The world is surrounded by evil men. It is time to surround her with My arms. She will shake but I will still her. She MUST shake in order to lift up men’s heads. They must look to Me for this help and I shall give it. Shalom

08/27/17 – Old and Aged

Never is there a care in the world when it comes to dying. Rich and old, young and poor, it happens to all.

Now the time is short and there will be no more old and aged. Enjoy them now as I Am taking them Home soon.

08/26/17 – Winners

There are those born to win. My children are born to win. Whatever they may be in this life, whatever they have been labeled…they are winners. Losers go to hell, but My children come Home.

08/25/17 – Lost

The way of the west is evil. The way of the east is sinful. No man is righteous; no not one. But the Son of Man came to seek that which was lost. Like a buried treasure, He will find it and reclaim His jewel!

08/24/17 – Face to Face

The way the wind blows is the way I come. From west to east and east to west, the Lord God doth come.

Do not be late coming into My presence each day. Do not put off what must be done. I Am your God and I love you; I want to spend time with you and I want to hear you. I AM your Father and we’ll be together soon, face to face.

08/23/17 – The Righteous One

The world is about to change. It will seem to go forward for some, backwards for others but certainly off track. It will go off its path yet I Am in control. I hold the world in My hands, like I hold you, My children. Do not worry when this occurs for your destiny is sure.

You are with me, the Righteous One, and I cannot fail. I Am God and there is no other. Trust Me. Your future is sure, and the rewards are many.

08/22/17 – The Woods

The woods are full of the wild but My House is tame. Man may be full of turmoil but My children are full of love and light. They are complete in Me and have no reason to hide. 

Come in from the woods and let your Savior rescue you from evil.

08/21/17 – I will Silence the Earth

My voice is heard in the wilderness – praise ye the Lord! My voice is heard in the cosmos – praise ye the Lord!

My voice will be heard as a trumpet sound when the Great Day of the Lord begins. Are you listening?

It is a still small Voice. You can only hear it if you are still. I will silence the earth soon, and all will hear Me. Praise ye the Lord!

08/20/17 – I Am Worth Everything

This night is not over for the eve is here, the one before the eclipse. The sun is going to grow dark. This is from your vantage point. This is what all My prophets saw and will see.

The moon grows red, again from earth’s view. I create this! I allow this. It is for a purpose, all things in the sky are created for a purpose, even things you don’t see or hear. You do not know the mind of God. But My followers, My children, My Bride knows Me and My love and they trust Me.

Do you know Me? Do you trust Me? I Am worth everything you would give up for Me.

08/19/17 – Life

There is more than this, this world. Life starts after death although some of you will not taste death…ever. You will never know the pain that death sometimes causes because you will be free to live!

Lift up your head and rejoice for LIFE draws near, the Holy Savior - who died for you and took your place on the cross.

08/18/17 – Your Future

There is a moment, one moment, when all will end. The earth will flee from My sight and the heavens too. A new earth begins after that. Be excited! Be ready! For you are part of this – this is your future!

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul and this you will see!

08/17/17 – Love Never Dies

Love never dies. It saves the day and hearts are won over because of love. The Father loves you so much that He sent His Son as a family member, to die. Would you do that?

God knows best and God is love. 

~ Amen

08/16/17 – Wonders

Wonders are ahead of you! They will never cease! Are you ready for this? Sometimes they will be good wonders but at times the evil one will show signs and wonders.

Supernatural occurrences are happening all around you but you cannot see it. But hold on My Bride for they are about to begin right in front of your face!

08/15/17 – Watch the Watchmen

Watch the Watchmen, see where they are looking. The entire Bride is watching and waiting for the Lord. But do they know Me? Do they love Me sincerely?

Examine your hearts for time is short. Know Me, know My Son, thy Deliverer for He is coming!

08/14/17 – Give Hope

Warning! Red Alert! The Father comes soon to open the hearts of those who love Him! Jesus is coming, our Rescuer and Redeemer!

The Path to follow is easy, even children understand the meaning of the word love. Give bread, give shelter, give hope! Jesus rescues and uses His Bride to shelter. Be ready!

08/13/17 – Stay Alert!

My thoughts are your thoughts. My love is your love. Let Me work through you as you praise and worship Me always.

Do not turn to the right or left but see Me as a dove, not looking away. I am your Shepherd and I will guide you Home. We are close to Home now, stay alert!

08/12/17 – Love is the Rule

There are no more terrors in Heaven. Peace like a river flows from the Throne of God. Everyone is satisfied with all things and love is the rule of the day.

Do you want this? Then join My side. We will live forever in peace and harmony.

08/11/17 – Afflicted

“Where are the children?” People will ask this soon. But My Bride knows. They will reach out and heal people’s hearts, those who are afflicted.

My children, soon I come. I will gather you into My arms like a mother hen and take you Home.

08/10/17 – Lord

At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord.  No one else has the name, the Song of God, Yeshua 


Do not let your heart be troubled but come to Me all ye who labor for I will give you rest.

08/09/17 – Evil

The world is changing, evil is at her door and evil is in the house. It is mixed among the residents and is hovering over the waters.

Be careful how you speak for evil is listening ,My children.

08/08/17 – The Change

Lo and behold, the earth lives with no life. Valleys of My breath do not issue forth and the waters run deep searching for Me.

Lean on Me now, when the day is long and I will protect you. The change is imminent in My world and surely close in yours.

08/07/17 – Wind from Heaven

There is to be no more time on this earth for My Bride to Be to suffer. Things will unravel quickly now with events happening simultaneously.

Hold on to your hats My children, the Wind from Heaven is about to blow!

08/06/17 – Abundance

There are those that would destroy you but My Bride is under guard. Her time approaches; it is quite near.

Tarry not to find joy and love now, but follow Me always because I give these things in abundance.

08/05/17 – The End

There is terror in the streets. Up and down the people go, searching, watching, looking for trouble. Riots breaking out, a world without end, on there IS an end.

I Am the Alpha and Omega, and beginning and the end. I see all things and will carry out My commands until the world is done. The end is here, make no mistake.

08/04/17 – Focus

The night is new, the day is long for some, but not for My Bride. Her head is clear, her focus is sharp and her heart is for the Lord.

Do not wander from the faith. Stay close to Me little ones, for I Am your Shepherd and I hold you all along the way.

08/03/17 – My Love

My love, my love, I cry to you! Who put the sky in its place? Who builds the sparrow’s nest? Who makes the ground twist and turn? Is it not my love? I cry to you with the voice of a child. Hear me oh God, and save my life! My fears overwhelm me to the point of suffering.

Who is it that turns the eye? Not my love, for He is forevermore in love with me. He keeps me safe at night and grounded in Him. I wait for my love so we can be together always.

08/02/17 – Awry

Things will go awry. Your world is spinning yes? But it will turn and be moved out of place. You will fall…all who are not grounded in Me will fall. But I Am here to catch you.

Turn to Me now. Let Me hold you tight and you will not fall when the others do because you will be held by the King.

08/01/17 – Sate

The seed began unchecked years ago. Once…he was caught in a trap and was let out (flood). But now no more, this is the end. I Am done with him hurting My people. It must end, it must end with this death in a Lake of Fire, no flood to quench its growth.

Sleep well My children, for your Maker is here and you are safe. Love, Jesus

(for those of you that know what I'm going through with my daughter's illness, should know that this could be her 34)

07/31/17 - Trust Me

There is plenty to do now.  Trust Me, worship Me, praise Me.  The more you do these things, the more I Am aware in you.  Others will see that you have the Light of the World in you.  This will last through the Harvest.  Trust Me now for I have your back.  You are My child and sweet reward is coming your way.

07/30/17 – Faith

Bind yourself to Me. Trust in Me all ye who have faith. I will supply even more faith when you do so.

Walk through the fire with Me for I will never leave you. Be a child of God to the Great I Am. I love you forever.


07/29/17 – 2nd Sun

This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!

There is a new sun coming – a 2nd sun for you. It will arrive soon and startle everyone on the planet. But the Lord of Hosts already knows about the sun. Tell the people that. Tell them I Am not surprised for I Am the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. God is in control.

(Later the Lord said to me) “This sun is like a holiday. It will arrive when it is supposed to. It will appear on time, and then it will leave, never to return.”

07/28/17 – Maker

There is a life in you, one full of hope and glory. Shout it from the rooftops! “Our Maker’s coming!” for the joy of the Lord is your own!

Bow to Me little Egypt. Your Maker is stepping into the fray. You stole My heart long ago but disturb Me with your presence now. Come back to your King and rule with Me. Your heart is on fire but not for the Lord.

07/27/17 – Hell

All hell is breaking loose among My people. The devil has come down and roams among the flock.

Lean on Me at this time and watch yourself. For all will be revealed.

07/26/17 – Gate

Wide is the gate before you, the entrance unknown to man. This gate is yours, the Bride’s and she has always been welcome.

These are the days of Elijah and he is about to leave the Throne Room and appear below. Watch for him, wait for him, for then you go forth!

07/25/17 - Pearl

The world is an oyster and My Bride is the pearl. She walks on loveliness, her light shining through her - far reaching to others.

She will reach out to them soon…the others…the lost and the lukewarm. She will bring them Home to sit at My table.

Be ready; for in an instant your life changes.

07/24/17 – Fears

There are fears abounding right and left at this time. Do not let them come near. The Lord of Hosts is My Name and I will protect. Just call on Me, say My Name out loud – Yeshua – and the beasts will leave, never to bother you while I Am here.

Do not worship another King for I Am a jealous King. Bow to your Maker for I Am your love.



07/23/17 – Jerusalem

Tomorrow is a new day, safe from today. Each day builds upon another. The fat lady has not sung and it’s not over yet.

Look to Jerusalem to see the future. She is a cup of trembling. Many more horrors await her.

Shalom, shalom

07/22/17 – Treasure

A treasure lies before you. A King, mighty of old, is coming to earth to dwell and live happily ever after. You will know Him as your Husband if you say yes to Him now.

Choose today whom you will serve. The enemy of old, that serpent satan, or Jesus Son of God. Choose well and live forever!

07/21/17 – Jewels

There are jewels in the sand, jewels in the air, and jewels all around you. Only I see them. They are your brethren. They are like you, jewels in My crown. They are the payment I made on the cross, the Bride price.

Think of your brethren this way for it is how I see them.

07/20/17 – My Hand

Your world will burn. My craft, My creation, it has come down to the wire and already started. You can see it in California, it is NOT fake news. She is dying and she will fall soon. Her borders will change and the world will see My hand.

07/19/17 – John 3:16

The world is a dream. It is My dream. I Am the Creator of My dream and My dream has come true.

I love everyone on this planet. There are those who would say that I do not love everyone, but they have not read, have not understood My Words in John 3:16. I will never give up on the world until time is up. That is why I created time…it is a countdown. The hour though, strikes midnight and My children are about to be removed!

07/18/17 – Holy Spirit

Time honors no one. We go back and forth in our lives, moving and shaking the lives of others. What they don’t know is that We live through them. As God, I live through you.

You expect the miracles, the quaking and shaking but you do not expect the falls. Yet when you fall and get hurt, We are hurt too. We are ever praying for you. We want you to succeed for there is joy in this! We want you to win for there is celebration in this! We celebrate with you when you win! And We cry with you when you hurt.

The Holy Spirit touches your life and others by everything you do and say. Be kind to Him. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit. Let Him pick you up when you fall. He is your Counselor, your everlasting friend.

Go with God, My children, for God is surely going with you.

07/17/17 – Translucent

The cities are full of gold in Heaven. They are built in gold, Heavenly gold, for they are translucent and you can see through them.

That is My life, translucent for all. Your heart is translucent to Me. I see every emotion and walk by your side all the times. Praise ye the Lord!

07/16/17 – Keep Watching!

Keep Watching! Keep Watching! Again I say keep watching!

Soldiers are coming, missiles will rain down, mountains will move. But first I come! My heart is with you, joined inseparably until the end. It speaks love loud and clear. We are one and you feel the closeness of Me.

Stay in line with My Word for time is short!

07/15/17 – The Next Event

There is more to this night, there is more to the morrow. People are not expecting the next event. They will be shocked beyond belief, and many, MANY will not survive.

Have you chosen the way? You must choose ME and live. To live eternally in Heaven is My wish for ALL My children.

Keep watching for it is soon!

07/14/17 – Other Worldlies

There are others who will arrive on the scene. These are the “other worldlies” I’ve mentioned before, imposters, aliens. They will appear to offer help but will cause many to turn from Me. I loved them once but they no longer obey Me. The do not cherish My Words. These are the beings I created long ago who disobeyed their Father. They want you to disobey Me too although they don’t care if you live or die.

Choose Me if you haven’t already. My love for you is immense and grows daily.

Love, Your Father in Heaven

07/13/17 – Solemn Times

Virtually no one will live through the earth’s final destruction. Those in the Americas will run to the hills. Those elsewhere will survive by walking with Me. After this, the Millenium. After this, I rule.

Solemn times are ahead for you. No one can fathom the utter destruction that is coming.

Lean now into Me for I Am Jesus, Son of the Living God and I will rescue you!

07/12/17 – The Needs of the One

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. This is a wise saying. I died for many, yet I was only “one”. I gave My life for many, so all would be one with Me. This is My joy! My Bride will come Home with Me. I Am one and she is many but is also one. She will be many, though right now she feels as an individual.

Soon all this will be over and we will both be welcomed Home with royal Thanksgiving!

07/11/17 – Have no Fear

Long long ago, far far away, in a town called Bethlehem, I was born. I was small, a wee tot, when we had to flee. But My father protected Me. He kept Me safe, and My mother prayed.

You will be safe when danger falls and the calamities hit. You will be tucked under My wing and carried away, quietly in the night.

Have no fear, for I AM here.

07/10/17 – Rescue

The awakening is here. The rocks will cry out for Me. Man does not know the danger and the pain of the calamities about to begin.

Be at peace, your rescue is at hand! The Father knows best how to proceed and all will be made right with the world again very soon.

07/09/17 – Shelter

The sins of the people are like a tornado burrowing through fields. Look at Me My people. Live as I do. Walk as I walk. You are to be in righteousness, holy and pure before the Lord. I will forgive all sin but you must ask. I wait day and night to hold you as you are a sweet child before Me.

Shelter in My arms and soon we will become one. I will save you. I will rescue you and call you My own.

Love, Jesus your Bridegroom

(later) Oh people of the Book, prepare to sing! Prepare to sing for Jesus lives! Glory hallelujah, He is the risen King! His mind is full of love, and we shelter in His wings. His Glory, Power, and Honor will rule forever! Selah

07/08/17 - Examine your Heart

Are you willing to rest from your labors?  Are you willing to rest from your works?  The King of Glory calls you.  He is in need of your services.  Will you bow to Him?  Will you serve Him forever? 

Look today and see if this is true.  Examine your heart and be shown the Way of the King.

07/07/17 – Retribution

The death of a big ship is a loss to many but the death of My Word is a loss to the world. So many feel they can just throw Me out, but there will be retribution in the end.

No one comes to the Father except through Me so to toss Me aside like a simple book will bring acts of war. Remember this.

07/06/17 – My Wish

I want the feel of you in My arms as we dance the night away, the cool breeze from the lake blowing against your skin like a kiss. This is My love for you, this is My Song.

Like the Song of Songs I will bring you to your feet and love you forever. This is My wish. This is My will.

07/05/17 – Healed and Sealed

Walk through the waters with Me. You shall see many great things but keep near Me for the enemy would like to entangle you in the sin.

Your mind is My mind, you will be sharp and focused on the Day of the Lord. Allow yourself to be healed and then sealed, waiting upon My call.

07/04/17 – Transformation

Walk upon the earth My friends.  You will glow with My love, My feeling for all.  My children are My loves.  They worship Me on bended knee, they come and adore Me.  I Am so in love with them!  Same as you love your children only 10,000 x 10,000 more.

Do not misplace the trust you have for Me, for the night is not quite over.  There are certain things to come that may frighten you, but I will be your Helper in times of trouble.  Those things occur before your Transformation, in fact they are happening now.  Once your Transformation occurs, no fear will ever haunt you again My loves, never again!  You will walk with Me on the shores of Galilee and whistle happy tunes and the fish will jump for joy!


It is soon, keep watch!

07/03/17 – Pieces

My country ‘tis of Thee shall be no more. Great are its sins. Great are the ashes among whom the dead have fallen. Their tears cry out to Me. The unborn call My Name. I shall redeem them. I shall recover them, and they will live again with Me forever.

Your sins have mortally wounded many. Do you not call on Me? Where are the men who would fight for Me? They fight for thee instead. My nation that once trusted Me is hidden behind a dark veil of deceit and despair.

No more country for Me to love. No more ’tis of Thee. She shall lie in pieces in the end, like a once magnificent puzzle put together by the fathers of old.

Say your goodbyes for soon she shall fall.

07/02/17 – Walk with Me to the Moon   (video link)

Walk with Me to the moon and back. Take flights to other planets. Transform into beings of light. This is what My children will do.

I will Harvest among the reapers. I will bring Home those of My chosen and we will walk among those of other worlds. Are you anxious to see other beings? Others of My creation? Then you shall have your wish for every good thing comes from the Lord.

Pack your bags for soon you go. You will take off like a rocket although for many it will be an immediate translation. To boldly go where no one has gone before, except for the Lord.

I Am all things. I Am the One Being Who created all. I was never born for I Am God. I Am Yah, your Creator and Life Sustainer. No one but Me has the breath of God to breathe life into all things. Yet you will raise the dead through the power of Christ in you, the hope of glory.

My children, My children, it is time to come Home! I love you and soon you shall see all things that are miracles. Walk with Me to the moon for your journey only begins there!


Abba Yah

07/01/17 – Paths at Night

Every path you take at night has a beginning. These paths are taken at night when you sleep. Trust the Lord to set the path and make it straight. Lean unto Him for all righteousness belongs to Him. ~ Amen

06/30/17 – Rise and Shine

Rise and shine for your day has come. A day of no gloom and doom, a day of wonder and life everlasting.

Seek the Lord oh my soul, cover me God for I am yours. You are close, you are near, and you watch over me with a Shepherd’s staff. Sing to the Lord now, and rejoice!

06/29/17 – Love

There is no feeling in the world today, no emotions. Hatred is seen and felt but no love. Be unto others…love. Do unto others….love. Love makes the world go ‘round. Be love today.

06/28/17 – Celebrate!

Infinite possibilities await you. Final decrees are being written but only I know the outcome. Rejoice in your Savior’s birth and rejoice in His return! You will celebrate and dance to the music of God!

06/27/17 – I Promise

The Voice of God is deep.  He speaks from a rock, He speaks from a bush.  He speaks from a man.  Listen to the Voice of God.

My children were in the wilderness wandering for 40 years.  Not one moment was spent foolishly.  Soon you will have 40 days, 40 more days to bring My children Home.  This is ample time for I Am with you and will guide you.  On the morrow you will find this to be true.  I Am your Rock.  I Am what you will hang on to when the winds blow and the waters churn.  The fires will burn and I Am the water that you will thirst for.  Do not look to any other gods for that is the way of the heathen.  I Am your Lord, your Father, and your God.  Yeshua is My name and I Am your Keeper and your Husbandman.

Shortly you will go out.  You have heard this from many.  You will rejoice in this, this is a promise, a promise of new life in Christ.  I will be IN you, guiding every step, every step as I have all of your life.  Do not fear for I Am with you and you will be changed, you will be transformed into My Bride.  The ceremony comes later but you are My Bride now.  You thirst for Me and I you.

Call on Me, call on Me, My sweet!  Let your Lord come and satisfy you.  There are no riches or earth that can do this.  Only Me, your One True Friend.

Are you ready to walk with Me on the streets of gold?  Then prepare yourself for the time is now!  The events are coming.  They will unravel swiftly.  Look to the skies for the event.  It will draw you to Me, I promise!  Video Link

06/26/17 – Harvest

The Harvest is ripe for Me to come collect My children. The wheat is high among the tares but My angels know their way among the crop.

You will help, My Bride. You will be called out of this in order to help bring them Home. Then we will all sup together, with the wine and the bread, My children and My Bride, finally Home at last.

06/25/17 - I woke up at 3:00 a.m. exactly as I looked at my phone.  I also saw that Julie Whedbee had a new Vision up called 

The Transformation of the Bride.

I then grabbed pencil and paper for my Night Psalms and the Lord said, "There is no Message this time, there is nothing to write.  I put then pencil and paper down and went back to sleep and had this dream.

Enemy Distractions & Gifts from the Bridegroom

06/24/17 – Cherished Possession

You are My Bride; My cherished possession. When you weep, I weep. When you run, I run. I Am with you forever, as far as you go for I Am watching over you.

06/23/17 – The Bride   Video

Times are coming that are rough. My Bride will see many things, many things she wished she didn’t have to look upon, but with joy she will return to Me. She began here; she originated in Heaven, sealed here with My kiss. Her history has always been known from the beginning and now it is known here at the end as well.

Where two or more are gathered in My Name, there I Am among them. She started in Heaven with Me, we were the two. And now she is coming back as My Bride, no longer a child. Many things have been learned in your world by My Bride but chief among them is that I Am her Husband. She understands now who I Am, and who she will become; part of a Royal couple.

Do you know the depth of feeling I have for her? She is My responsibility so believe Me when I say no harm will come to her. Trust in Me and know My love is everlasting, same as the beginning as it is here at the end.

When I arrive it will be time to come Home. I will meet with her in the clouds and whisk her away. Nevermore will she be sad as she will forget all things of sorrow.

The morrow is nigh for this to happen. Events come even quicker now as labor pains. Watch for Me, watch the skies and feel My heart. You will know when I Am close.

Love forever and ever,


06/22/17 – Rock of Ages

There are many who wish they knew Me better but I say unto you, I Am the Rock of Ages and I change not. I Am the Alpha and the Omega and you can read about Me in the Book. My stories are true, all of them. You can sit at My feet and hear Me speak to you and you can follow in My ways of everlasting love.

I Am all that you need so you can rest and not struggle with finding Me for I Am God and am omnipresent. I reside in the heart of My children even if they think not.

I love you all and one day we will physically be together forever. Shalom

06/21/17 – One True Friend

I reach out to the Lord; He is there for me. He understands my every need.

The distance from east to west does not show how far enough my love for Him is. He is always there for me, always my one true Friend.

Thank you Jesus.

06/20/17 – A Royal Couple

Let there be no mistake…My mind is made up. It was written about long ago in the Book. I Am returning; not as a Child but as a Man. The sign in the sky reveals a Babe, but My return is as a King. Let there be no mistake.

My Bride will come with Me when I return. She is marvelous, she is wonderful, she is everything I want, and she will rule with Me. We are a royal couple.

Time is short now, very very short. Many think My return is far away. First I come in secret, then the whole world will see. They will weep and moan to find they are left here to go through utter darkness, a darkness that cannot be permeated by the light, for the Light of the world will be missing. Are you ready?

06/19/17 – Praise Him!

I will listen for Your voice in the still of the night, and hearken to the sound of Your speech. You are My Shepherd. Wherever You go, I will go. Wherever You lead, I will follow.

Praise Him! Praise Him, all ye people! The Lamb is coming back to the earth! He is poised to take us Home, His flock and His redeemed. Glory be to God!

06/18/17 – Forevermore

I make the sky blue and I make the grass green. Such are the colors of nature.  The color of your heart is Mine to give. Black is the color of most hearts but My Bride’s is white, pure white, cleansed by the blood of the Lamb.

We are to be married soon, you and I. I will hold your hand, and will walk hand in hand forevermore. No more frightening events, no more horrific childhood memories, and no more death to keep us apart. Imagine…just imagine My love, you will live forever!

06/17/17 – Catalyst

The smell of evergreen rushes up the pine mountains. The hills are alive with the sound of music. No man has seen nor ear has heard the sounds of God rushing through the trees of Heaven. You will hear it then.

A catalyst is coming, something to break the bow of he who rides the white horse. You will know it when you see it.

06/16/17 – Rain of Love

There is love in the air tonight. Layers upon layers of love in the heavens and on earth, peace and good will toward men. But there is no peace and men mean no goodwill toward each other.

Drops of rain are falling in the sky. These are like love. If men would accept them they would be covered in love. I cover them as it is My love. The peace that passeth understanding could also be theirs. But alas, evil reigns in the hearts of men.

Not so with My Bride. Her gaze is full. I see her light and it is the light of My love. I long to hold you, Bride. Do you see…this is coming! The rain of love is falling on you and you are wet and soaked through! Enjoy the feeling for it is Me, your Husband and King.



06/15/17 – Harrowing Times

Art thou a follower of Mine? Gone are the lazy days of summer. Gone are the nights where the cool wind blows. No more relaxing in the car, on the beach, in the woods, for time is Mine, thus sayeth the Lord.

Harrowing times are before you. A winter that will never be forgotten is in your midst. Come to Me now and weep and repent for the end is nigh and I Am near!

06/14/17 – Repentance

My hedge of protection is around you, My angels lay at your feet, My bidding they await.  Seize not the bricks of the ruins for they will come crashing down.  My glory is upon you!

Repentance is what keeps us apart.  Pray for yourselves as the Lord will find favor with you!  ~ Amen.

06/13/17 – Worlds

My children are My ambassadors. There are many, many levels of Heaven. There are many species here. You will go out among the worlds and bring in all My children. You will learn many things in Heaven, other cultures, others beings and make multiple friends. Once you are here, it all begins.

Take not for yourselves anything of note for great is your reward in Heaven and you will need nothing when you leave here to be among My creation, ALL of My creation.

There are worlds to see and places to go, just waiting for you…for us! For we are one in heart and soul and spirit. My children, My loves, My family.

Love,  God

06/12/17 – My Footsteps

The warning comes too late for many. I will be here and I will leave, taking My Bride with Me. Those who thought they were My Bride but did not look for Me, did not care for Me, did not love Me, will be sorely disappointed.

The grass is always greener on the other side they say, but I tell you the truth…one third of the grass will be burned up and the left behind will weep with tears and sorrow like mankind has not done before.

Follow in My footsteps oh children of men, and you will find the way Home. Even those left behind will seek Me and will be saved. Every one of My children.

06/11/17 – I Complete You

Our worlds are far apart and yet I lie within you. My Spirit has grasp of your soul and your heart reaches out to Mine. We could not be any nearer. You have no concept of this. No earthly act completes this, yet I complete you. Rest in that fact.

I Am your joy and your very foundation. I sing songs in your heart and draw you near Me each day. Your life is Mine which is why you can live it abundantly. Do not run and hide from My Word for I Am with you, to the ends of the earth.



06/10/17 – Hang on to Love

These eyes shall see the glory of the coming of the Lord. There is more than this. Your eyes will see more. You will experience a lifetime of love in a mere moment. Hang on to love for it cannot be stolen, but grief can come upon you when you ignore it.

Your kingdom rests with Me. My kings and queens are worthy to wear the crown though you do not see it. Bear with Me for the night is almost over.

06/09/17 – We are One

The sky above is filled with fire and ice as the stars wink in and out. All obey Me, all sit at My command. I Am the Father, I Am the Son, and I AM the Holy Spirit. We are One.

You are spirit, mind, and body. Your soul is not your own for it belongs to Me. We are one. You will do great exploits soon, as you are written about in My Book. You could never, ever do these exploits on your own but rather accompanied by My Holy Spirit. Great things will be yours to command and the world will change because of you. What was before will never be again, thanks to My Bride!

I come for you soon. Be ready!

06/08/17 – My Love for You

The stars in the sky are too numerous to count but so is My love for you. As far as east is to the west, so is My love for you. It is wide open and cannot be counted. You have no idea…no idea of the magnitude of feelings I have for My children. That is why I give you children, that is why I give you family, so you will have just an inkling of that feeling.

On this night the stars raise up and join together in songs to Me. Soon you will join them, soon you will sing songs like the heavens and raise your voices far above them. You cannot fathom this for it is deep like My love. One day soon though, you will feel what I feel for you and life will never be the same.

I love you,


06/07/17 – Light up the Night!

The stars are breathing tonight. Their flames flicker in and out, their fire breathes back in. You see the glow but they live. I have named them, I know them all by name.

Long ago there were many more but many have fallen, have been cast out and down to this earth, your world. They do not belong here but they chose this life. Now they are with you. Their flicker and flame is gone, they cast no glow in the night. But you My children, My Bride, are about to light up the night! You are about to mount with wings like eagles and take flight among the skies! You will shine like stars…forever!

06/06/17 – Her Doom is Sure

Sorrow has filled the earth with flames upon his brow. His wind strikes the ground and nothing can stop it. Cherish the colors, those of the earth for she shall weep and moan. The earth will fall, everything collapse, until the end has come and her doom is sure.

Follow Me, children of men, for your time here is surely over. Your lives are but flame to a candle, a flicker in the wind but your soul lives forever. Choose life and live abundantly in the Son. ~ Amen

06/05/17 – The Sweetest Name I Know

The Day will come when those who fear the Lord will be saved. You know this for you are trusting Me in this. I AM your Mighty Shepherd, your Prince of Peace and your Great I Am. The devil has no place to rule here. The powers that be that rule Heaven…are Me!

There is no doubt among the angels for they rejoice under their Creator. These magnificent beings bow their head to Me and sing. Many are the children who are coming to sing, “Holy is the Lamb.” You will take your place among them and sing My Name. “The Name of Jesus is the sweetest Name I know. Fills my every longing.” You will know the song among songs as I fill all your desires for I Am your Mighty King. ~ Shalom

06/04/17 – All Things will Return

The glory of My soul is in your heart. My heart is in your thoughts and you weep My tears. Blessed be the Lord.

His hand is upon you, guiding your steps and directing your life. May the glory of My soul sing to you, like the flowers in the rain, like the dew upon the ground. The Lord is near, He is in your heart, and the earth cries for Him. The Creator of all things wishes no less than the earth to be drawn back to Him. He cries for her, the sorrow of sins is upon her grounds as blood has soaked through. But the blood is cleansing; there is power in the blood; and she will return to Him, the Creator of all things.

Rest assured, all things will return as they were and His children will come Home.

06/03/17 – Allegiance is Declared

Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. The time has come to disclose the martyrs. Chaos will ensue for those who know My Name. Bow your head to Me ye soldiers of the Lamb. Make way for the King of the earth to take His royal seat. He is the Comforter, He is all powerful and worthy is the Lamb.

Shine forth your light for allegiance is declared. My angels sing My Name and My people rejoice. Glory, glory to God in the highest for He shall make us one!

06/02/17 - He Heals

May the Word of God be ever in my mouth and ever in my heart.  For the Lamb of God rules the Kingdom and all manner of love goes before Him. He heals the hurting and the destroyed.  He heals those with ripped hearts and torn souls.  

God bless the King.   
~ Amen
05/31/17 - On Bended Knee (this was my first one and I don't recall all of it)

" I wait for my Divine Savior on bended knee."

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