My Tongues Experience

For someone speaking in a tongue is not speaking to people but to God, because no one can understand, since he is uttering mysteries in the power of the Spirit.

1 Corinthians 14:2

UPDATE 10/13/17 - Please see Words from the Lord regarding tongues towards the bottom of this page.  (278pikelk)

UPDATE 07/05/15 - Please see teaching videos from Dr. Patricia Green at the bottom of this page.

When I first became heavily involved in "watching"...the idea of speaking in tongues did not occur to me.  That was not part of watching in my world, so I simply didn't think about it.  And in most of the forums and websites I read at the time, it was not brought up either.  But the closer I became to Jesus, the more I realized that I wanted to be able to talk to Him in the spirit...His language.  However I was clueless as to how to go about it.

I was brought up in a Wesleyan church and to this day when discussing speaking in tongues my Mother says, “Oh we don’t do that.”  I found out a while back that my brother had spoken in tongues about 5 years ago, and never told me (or my mom). Growing up we lived beside Pentecostals and while I was allowed to play with their daughter to a certain extent, it was generally frowned upon BY them because my mother was divorced.  That wasn’t normally done in the 60s.  So I learned nothing positive about tongues until I was 50 years of age.  But this watching thing that I had flirted with off and on throughout my life, became a real passion around Spring 2010.  Through the course of learning much more about Jesus, I started to realize that I needed to become closer to Him.  I prayed that our relationship would grow…and God started nudging me toward accepting this gift.

Last year in another forum we were discussing the gifts of the Spirit and I mentioned that I had never spoke in tongues. My goal in speaking with a prayer language was not necessarily to do this in church or public or anything, just during me and God time. In March of last year (2013), I briefly mentioned it to a sister in Christ while on the phone and she immediately starting praying for me. I will tell you that the second she started praying, it felt like a warm blanket had been thrown over me, covering me up. I was not used to being prayed for or having anything of a supernatural quality happen to me. So I reveled in it, knowing it would only last a few minutes. We ended the phone call and that was that.

The next day I was driving to work and the thought came to me (thank you Holy Spirit), "I should try to speak in a different language, just to see what it sounds like." And so I opened my mouth, spoke out loud, and attempted it.  I mean it took off like a shot! I had NO clue what I was saying mind you, none at all. I still don't...that is not the purpose for me.  But it sounded like a complete language, not a stutter or repetitive or anything like that. Just a pure complete language. I was amazed at myself but kept it up while driving to work. I then thought...well if I can do this I might as well sing in the language. And so I did. Most of it was minor songs just because it came out that way. I am somewhat musically inclined so I can carry a tune and play piano and the like. But this was an immediate song. Then I thought to myself, I'll test this tongues thing again on the way home from work to see if I still "have" it. And I did and still do.

I use this language for two reasons.  One is to pray for people that I have no clue what to pray for.  Some see me as their enemy but I love them anyway…so this is how I pray for them. Sometimes I have dreams about old childhood schoolmates and so I feel led to pray for them as well (since I had not been thinking about them in any way).  I don’t know what is happening in my friends lives but I pray that God’s will be done and then speak in this tongue to Him.  The second reason I use this language is just to pray in it to God during devotional times.

I was concerned about posting this because I know some of you don't speak in tongues. The Bible says not all do this.. In fact we are told to want the better gifts. I just wanted it for a personal time once in a while and that's when I speak it. After I started to do this, I watched a couple people on youtube trying to "train" people and that's not what happened to me at all. Nothing comes over you and starts it for you. You have to do the talking.  You can start or stop and anytime, out loud or in a whisper. Having said that...there is nothing wrong with those videos and it's possible that this is their ministry.  Only God knows this. 

I had never spoke my tongues in public until a while back.  Several weeks ago I was with a group of four others outside at a picnic table (prophecy buffs) and we decided to go around the table and speak in tongues.  WOW!  Everyone was so very different! I mean VERY different!  It was an eye opener and quite frankly, it was helpful to know that it IS just different for all.  God makes us all unique and that's a good thing! 

Messages on Tongues - Words to Barb   278pikelk

"As I was led, I prayed in tongues, and immediately I was aware of a small spirit, taking notes, and gathering what I said. Off it raced to decipher it, for the enemy ever seeks to work against God's Kingdom in us. I am told by the Lord that our prayer language is between us and Him. Not mere gibberish, it is old languages, tongues of angels and of peoples long gone from an ancient time. God knows every syllable, and as we pray as His Spirit gives utterance, it is an outpouring of heartfelt need, a battle plan of action, and our cry to receive. The Lord hears every word we say. The enemy hears as well, but can't decipher our prayer language." 

 Kathy Mote - FB 10/10/17

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Dr. Patricia Green

This is her teaching and also she directs you in how to speak in tongues, with her own example.  Note that every tongue language is different and my own does not sound like too know that yours will be different.  ~ Hope

" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24