Whatever God Sends Our Way

Last year God told me to follow my inner promptings that He was giving me.  So this page will be just...whatever seems right to add.  Could be anything!  Be ready! 


"May your hand be ready to help me,
    for I have chosen your precepts."


Psalm 119: 173

A Good, Good Father - 12/23/18

Several months ago my husband brought me a letter he had handwritten. He does not type other than to say “ok” to my text messages.  I’m ok with that. Anyway, he wrote this letter to Jim Irsay, owner of the Colts football team. In the letter, he explained that our daughter was going through cancer again and when she was done with chemo she would be rehabbing etc. This was after her 30+ days in the hospital. My husband was going to include a picture that he took standing with Jim as Jim had done a TV show that my husband and daughter had attended. Jim had even let my husband hold his Colts football ring for the picture. My husband’s request was…did Jim know of any programs where my husband could purchase tickets for some handicap type seats. This all seems like a reasonable request but you don’t know my husband.

This letter, this request…made my eyes swim with tears. You see, hubby does not type, and he does not spell well either. He had given this letter to me to proofread. He ended up rewriting that letter 5 times to get it just perfect. He added the picture and then he mailed it.

A few weeks later…you guessed it. The Colts called. They wanted to know what game my daughter wanted to attend so they could send us tickets.  They are very good people. My daughter wanted to attend the game today, Dec 23, 2018, as it was the Colts against the Giants and Eli Manning is the quarterback and Colts fans tend to have a soft spot for Eli as well since he is Peyton’s brother (former Colts quarterback). The Colts lady and my husband had several communications to get everything set up. I reserved a wonderful hotel suite downtown and we started to look forward to the game. We received the tickets last week…FLOOR SEATS!! And very close to the 50 yard line! Grace was thrilled! She had her clothes picked out, we arranged transportation, everything was set. Then her cancer returned. (sigh)

Today is game day. We are not attending as she is in the hospital having chemo…again…for the 4th time. She is not distraught or downtrodden…my husband is more so than she. I feel she will be healed in the upcoming transformation but truly, Jesus needs to hurry! I don’t believe there are any chemo treatments left after this one, more cutting edge than the previous experimental chemo treatment. The dr says it will cost one million dollars for her to go through this next treatment but she is very much worth it.

Now…this is why I told you the story. it's not about my husband or daughter...it's about our Good Good Father.  You know, the Lord would have gone through everything He did while He was on earth…for just one soul. It reminds me of an old Star Trek quote, one of my favorites. It is a reverse of Spock’s usual quote but in this case it is…”The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.” My daughter is the one. And many are helping her. The Lord died for her too. She has said if SHE can help just ONE person with her story, then it was all worth it. Kids! Anyway, I told you this story so you could understand the heart of a father…and our Father even. God would do ANYTHING for one single child of His, and I see this same trait in my husband. I hope this story has uplifted you today…not brought you down at all. We are not depressed or discouraged but rather I see love in action here. God showed this to me…and I hope you see it as well. He IS a Good Good Father to us!

2018 - We are seeing some prophets and seers giving Messages and information about not only days and months ahead, but years.  I've had some emails and message about this, questions from frustrated friends and dismayed website readers.  This is my take on it:

Whether you are a pretribber, midtribber, or prewrather...at the least, the world has at least 3 1/2 more years right (THE WORLD...NOT US)?  If you believe the 7 year treaty has already started, then you would agree that we have not yet reached the mid-point because the AC has not shown himself in the 3rd Temple. There are other indicators of the remaining 1260 days after the midpoint of the Trib...and we are not there yet.  If you are a pretribber then for SURE the world has at least 7 years before the 2nd Coming of Christ...right?  Since this is the case, then those prophecies we read about the next few years...do NOT mean we have to be here 

Let's think this through logically.  I'll use an example of the recent Jeremiah Johnson prophecy of Trump being in office for an entire term.  As I type this it is 01/21/18 so ironically Trump has been in office for one year and one day.  According to the term of POTUS, he has an additional three years in this term.  Who says we will be here?  Who says the called out ones of the Bride, will be here until 2020?  When you read a Word, pay attention to that and do NOT be dismayed.  Just because a Word points to a few more years, verify in that Word that the Bride is not involved.  Actually I would be very suspect if it did involve us being here until 2020...even Godshealer7 has a Message from Jesus saying He would return before her 04/06/19 cutoff date.  Again let me emphasize...just because a Word mentions a few more years, that does NOT mean that WE will be here!  Be encouraged because the Messages I am posting and reading seem to point to MUCH sooner than that!  

My Plan of Action for Warnings

Hello all.  I am writing to give you a heads up on what my plan is for the Warnings that will go out.  First and foremost...God and ONLY God is in charge of this website!  I pray fervently each day that His will be done, not my own.  So if it is His will that I have no electricity and no means of any kind to send out Warnings, then let it be so.  He will make a way for all of us.  No matter what...we will KNOW by the colors in the sky, as will the entire world.  That is one thing you can count on!  He has told us this and so believe it.

So here's the plan that I "feel" He is leading me to.  I know how you are all concerned about missing the Warnings...BELIEVE ME I KNOW!  I feel exactly the same way!  BUT...we are not to fear and not only that, I cannot tell you how many Words I have read where He has told us we would be warned.  So you can rest in that.  You really can. I am resting in that...because I know that I know that I know!

Some of you feel the Warnings should have been given already.  But I should remind you that while we are protected through the chaos that is coming, we WILL see it.  Again the Lord has told us that things will get so bad...that it will seem like He is not with us.  Yet over and over He has reminded us that He is ALWAYS with us!  So in my logical mind, my world can't go from everything is ok to suddenly I get a Warning.  Now I hope I am wrong!  I would LOVE to see the Warning tomorrow!  BUT...if it does not happen that way, just remember that we are here right where we are supposed to be.  Everything is in place where God has placed it, and you will be EXACTLY where you are to be when this comes. He has said so!  So what is my plan you ask?  Here it is.

I expect that the Warnings from those who are to give them...will come all at once.  I will see them in my email or a text message fairly quickly together.  And I will not waste any time making sure that YOU know.  Again this may not be one of my purposes, but I feel that it is...letting you know.  

1) I will send out an Email Blast which you will receive if you are a member.  I no longer accept memberships due to troll damage but truly don't worry because you will KNOW.

2)  I will post all the Warnings on the Home page in BIG BOLD RED LETTERS

3)   I will post them on my Facebook page (link at the bottom left on the Home Page)

4)  I will even send out a Tweet which is kind of funny as I only have like 38 people..but that's ok.

5)  Update:  Also will add the Warnings to the Google Gmail thing.

Ironically, as the youtubers and others are closing down...visitors to this website are increasing.  I stay in touch with many of those that no longer post videos and if they send me a Warning or a video or email they feel the Lord wants posted...posted it will be.  I tell you all these things because I AM a planner and this is what I feel led to do by Jesus.  This is why He made me this way after all.  However it matters not what I think or want to do...it only matters that He do His will through me.  My plan is to send out the Warnings, but His will be done. ~ Hope

Emergency List - 10 Minutes to pack

02/17/17 - Because of what is happening in Oroville (dam is eroding as well as emergency spillway forcing people to leave home quickly), it occurred to me that I need to make a list and stick it on the fridge to show what to grab in an emergency if I had to leave home. I then thought I should share that idea with you guys, because it does not matter where you live, at some point due to the end times, you may be told by the authorities that you have 10 minutes to gather emergency supplies, then you have to leave home.  Since I am practical person, I try to think ahead.  So over the weekend I will make a list for each person in my house to grab things in an orderly fashion. It may end up NOT orderly...but at least there will be a small plan.  Now, there are some thoughts involved before you make a list like this.  

1) Who all will be available?  Make sure your list includes one person...or the entire household as you never know who will be home. May sure they can carry things. Prioritize based on one or more people.
2) Choose which vehicle to drive because we may be told only one per household.  (plan people in car and how much space to pack)
3)  Are you able to keep some gas in a can on hand?  My hubby says yes if it's mowing season but gas can grow "stale".  I put him in charge of that. :)
4)  Do you already have an emergency backpack in your car? Since 2012, all three of us have had one in our car, somewhat tailored for us individually as well as more (clothes but also med supply, etc) Make sure you grab them from other vehicles if so.
5)  Have you stored any emergency supplies?  Is it easily accessible if you only have 10 minutes to get it?  These thoughts may become more obvious as we get further into the end times. Remember you can put a trash bag in some areas to stuff and go.
6)  Make sure you have paper maps as the electricity may be off.
7)  Plan for pets

I may add to this.

Mouse Retina




God particle

space particles



brain neuron

light from a firefly (I like this one :)

part of a eye (YOU WIN!!)

A True Story about Rich Mullins

(read story first :)

Almost 20 years ago my family and I attended a very large church in Indianapolis, one of those that has several preachers.  My husband and I went to a different room one Sunday rather than the large auditorium, as we liked the more contemporary music and sermon.  We looked off to the side at the preacher we liked (Gary) and saw he was standing with someone.  Rumors started going around...slight whisperings...it was Rich Mullins!  I was very excited!  At the time, he was quite popular and I liked his music.  Truth be told, I didn't think much of his singing ability but I liked his songs

 and his style.

After much applause at his introduction, Rich stepped forward and sat down at the piano.  He started to play a song and for one minute, my world changed.  I was enthralled!  My Wesleyan upbringing held me back but I wanted to stand up and just raise my hands and look upward in joy at the Lord!  Even though I had had several years of piano lessons and played the piano myself, I had never heard music like this in the video above, that brought tears to my eyes.  Rich put his heart and soul in it and I was amazed!  After the first minute (like in the song), things changed as he started singing. :D  But I never forgot the beginning. The CD that I own does not have this same introduction.

I purchased many of his albums/CDs after that.  A few years later, Rich was killed in a car accident when he was thrown from his jeep.

When I heard the news, my immediate thought was..."he really DID go out like Elijah!"

Leap of Faith - 2017

(great short video clip, needs no translation!)

I had no idea I was going to write anything today, and even as I type, I'm just typing at will, asking the Holy Spirit to lead me.

I wanted to share with you, my feelings about what I am reading in these "Words" about 2017.  I keep reading how great the world and the church is going to become...these are some of the words I am seeing:

  • refreshing
  • breakthrough
  • new beginnings
  • victory
  • Divine intervention

I am tired of this kind of stuff...I am weary just like many of you.  I want to see RETRIBUTION, RECOMPENSE, REJECTION.  You get the point.  These prophets speak these words as if the world will become a happy place.  My problem is...that I am not looking at the world from God's point of view, but rather mine, and what I feel should be done to it and the sleeping church. But who am I to assume I know what is best?  This is the year that I let go of ME and step out in faith...praying "thy will be done on earth" instead of my will be done at home, at work, and in the marketplace.

This is the year that no matter what...no matter WHAT...I will pray and ask the Lord to allow me to see events through His eyes.  I will step out in faith even though it appears one way to me, in actuality it is another.  It is God's way, and that is the ONLY way it can be.  Perhaps it WILL be refreshing, in that God brings the Latter Rains.  We may see Breakthrough, in the form of our transformation.  This year could very well have a new beginning, if the Tribulation starts. And victory always belongs to the Lord as He brings divine intervention.

Like Indiana Jones, we don't see the truth that is right in front of us.  We need to have faith and LEAP into the year no matter what is ahead for us and the world...good or bad.

" for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust."  Matthew 5:45b

I was tested with a vision!!

You know how God has said OVER AND OVER to go to Him with everything?!?  He has said if a Word or vision or dream is not from Him, He will let you know.  But you have to ASK!  My number 1 issue with this whole personal visions and dreams and Words things is...not to be deceived.  I've been wondering what it's like to have a vision that's not from God.   So He allowed it to happen this morning.

I was wide awake with my eyes shut.  I saw this large Abe Lincolnish type home made of rolled stones.  The vision slowly moved to the left and I was THRILLED because it had such clarity and I KNEW it was a vision! I felt like it was to go with my whole "Battlements/Battle of the Bulge/dreams" stuff that I am working on. I said, "God this is really cool!  If it's not from you..."  I did not even finish the sentence when the entire large vision disappeared!!  It just VANISHED!  POOF!!  

I am so excited about this because now I have a new tool in my armory, I know how to test these visions!  Praise God!!

Watchman on the Wall Award

It's not about power or money, it's not about prestige or popularity, it's about watching for the Lord, and warning whoever will listen.

It is my opinion that Pastor Paul Begley is the energizer bunny of watchmen! He used to drive me crazy and I couldn't watch him. But what I saw as his fruits...as his heart's cry...became obvious.  He does sell a few things but it's not his goal or purpose for being. What he does that floors me...is records watchmen videos no matter WHERE he is.  He "feels" that people need to know what's going on.  I understand this.  I feel like that about this website.

My number 1 concern is that I am able to post THE WARNINGS once I get them...assuming I have electricity and the Lord wants me to.  I will leave my job at the drop of a hat and come home and post those messages, send the emails, record a video if I have to, and post on FB. So I understand the compulsion to do my job...complete my purpose.  I see Pastor Paul going WAY beyond the call of duty here.

Here is just a short list of videos that I've seen him record while he is in various places (I would post the videos but my website is acting up)

1)  Israel

2)  Sick in a Canadian hospital

3)  In the kitchen with Heidi

4)  In his car driving to a variety of states

5)  In the passenger seat while Heidi is driving to a variety of states

6)  Recovering from an auto wreck

7)  In a cabin in Tennessee

8)  At prophecy conferences 

9)  At his actual church

10)  Showing us his grandchildren

And note, he is not talking about his speeches or lectures that he is giving during the videos above, but rather he is warning us of CERN, Hillary, EQ, Finances, etc.  HE IS WATCHING AND WARNING. I tip my hat to you, Pastor PAAAULLL BEEGGLLLEEEY!!!!     I am serious!

Time Travel and other Oddities

10/17/16 - Johnny Baptist had some guests on his show last week that blew me out of the water.  This one guest is Robert Vandriest Mitchell and he is being helped out of satanic ritual abuse from Dan Duval, head of Bride Ministries. You can find the TribNow show here...it is MUCH tamer than the radio programs on Dan's website.  If you go to Dan's website and click on Radio, you'll find Robert.  I listened to three of the four part messages and had to take a break as they are so far out there for me to read.

In the past when I heard the phrase Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) I thought of children going through beatings and being locked up.  Maybe some type of incantation ritual but not much else. I simply did not know any better.  Listening to Robert, as well as Carolyn Hamlett has changed all that for me.  I won't go into detail but as I am understanding it, this SRA life contains EVERYTHING evil under the sun and the people and adults that suffer this, have no clue what a normal life is.  There is mention of portals, time travel, distance traveling on other planets and the moon, aliens of all sorts (WAY beyond Dulce) blood offerings (think Molech), offerings by very famous people (Bohemian Grove), witchcraft, rape,  medical experiments and beyond.  I can't even think of all I have learned just in the past few months of reading this stuff.  But listening to Robert and his mentioning of time travel really made me question that particular piece of SRA.  So I asked God.

If time travel really exists, I asked God to reveal that to me.  What Robert said made sense as far as what I have learned about end times and that is that per him, people have been sent back in time to collect samples from Nephilim so they could be created.  That makes sense to me.  But was it true?  God showed me a few things about this.  On the divine side, we are to be translated to other places right?

Now when they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away, so that the eunuch saw him no more; and he went on his way rejoicing.  Acts 8:39

We know that we will be sent places and may just poof right to them, because God wants us to minister to the Harvest.  I believe we will also minister during the Tribulation.  Since that time period comes after the Rapture, we will be in Heaven by then.  But if we are sent back, then we need to come "back in time" to the earth as there is NO time in Heaven right?  Along those lines, I've read many near death experiences where the person sees their entire life on a timeline so to speak.  They are able to step back into their life at any time.  This is all divinely led, but what about the opposite?  What about the evil version?  I had already read about the Nephilim's blood.

As I researched more online about this time travel, I came across something I watched in a movie LONG ago.  It is about a ship, an entire ship, that disappeared.  I remembered that part, but forgot that the ship actually traveled into the future!  The information can be found here.  If you research The Philadelphia Experiment you will find many youtube videos on the subject, including the movie. It's so bizarre, this ship traveled 40 years into the future!  One of the scientists was actually waiting on it to arrive, that had been at the initial experiment in 1943!   There is a lot more to this story but I felt that God answered my question and I did not need to research any further.

Reading about any one of these things on my own would not be sufficient for me to believe in this oddity of time travel.  But as God has said MANY times, "Things are not what they seem".  We have already learned about portals and the reason behind CERN and dimension. So perhaps time travel is real after all.  I believe God has answered my question and I wanted to share that with you. 

DELETING PAGES: As of end of day, Oct 2, 2016 I am deleting the following pages from this website on Oct 2.  Please note that I STILL believe in the visions and Messages of the pages I am deleting, rather these are no longer ongoing pages and my hope is that by removing them, the technical glitches will subside.


Fireballs, The Two Bombs, Blood Moons, The Last Pentecost, September, Sons & Daughters, Light in the Darkness, Fin,The Fallen, Conflicting Messages, Devotional, Cepher, Ask & Yes shall receive, Seek and ye shall find, Heaven Stories, Good news, Teachings, 

Bible characters, 2 groups of 144K, Isaiah,

Tribulation Now Radio Show - 07/31/16

The bottom link is to the online show, the link to the right 

is an mp3.



07/23/16 - This morning I was thinking about what Jesus' leadership style was.  Immediately I heard in my spirit...


A monarchy is a form of government in which a group, usually a family called the dynasty, embodies the country's national identity and one of its members, called the monarch, exercises a role of sovereignty.  (wikipedia)
"Has not the Scripture said that the Christ comes from the descendants of David, and from Bethlehem, 
the village where David was?"  John 7:42
The word "monarch" (Latin: monarcha) comes from the Greek language word μονάρχης, monárkhēs (from μόνος monos, "one, singular", and ἄρχω árkhō, "to rule" (compare ἄρχων arkhon, "leader, ruler, chief")) which referred to a single, at least nominally absolute ruler. In current usage the word monarchy usually refers to a traditional system of hereditary rule, as elective monarchies are rare nowadays.

05/08/16 - Today is Mothers Day and while I am blessed to be a mother of a wonderful grown daughter, many are not so blessed.  Yet the Lord has heard your cries.  My prayer is that you find peace this day in one of the links below.

            (a mother's experience)                https://www.facebook.com/joellen.stevens.9?fref=nf

Aborted Babies: https://www.thecallofthebride.com/sue   Read 04/19/16 about the wonderfully now grown children in Heaven!

Mommawannabees:  https://www.thecallofthebride.com/lisa-s-visions  Read the Intro at the very bottom of the page!

      (Lisa has had many visions of more children...here is an excerpt from the link above)

From a vision 11/05/13 - Children

Babies and children in Heaven....I have 3 grown children of my own...BUT in Heaven I get more...there are SOOOOO many babies and children!! If you would like you can raise some. There will be NO diapers, accidents, sickness, preparing food (unless you want to) so only the good enjoyable part will be there. If you had a miscarriage that baby will be waiting...at whatever age you want them to be. If you have lost a child they will be waiting (unless they were over the age of accountability and not a believer) I also see my oldest daughter with about 10 kids run around her legs...(she has never been married or had kids yet @ 27) Some kids will just always be around Jesus, some others who have passed on take care of them, (like a big group home/nursery) Some I don't know if they desire a family or what the difference is but some will be adoptable is the best way to put it I guess. No supervision needed in Heaven. So they can freely play and we don't need to worry about them."

Yesterday I was blown away by a verse I read.  Does that happen to you too?  It struck home as a watcher. Isaiah 33:15 (partial)

"He who stops his ears from hearing about bloodshed and shuts his eyes from looking upon evil..."

Good things happen to this person!  This person is considered righteous and provisions will be given to them!  This is why I don't read internet stories and watch bloody television shows.  Just last week my husband and I made the decision to quit watching one of my favorites...Agents of Shield...because of how violent it was getting.  Now I know why!  There is NO need to watch the news and even some...MANY...watchers watch and read and focus on the beheadings and the conspiracy theories, perhaps they feel it helps them watch for signs of the times.  

"You are not to say, 'It is a conspiracy!' In regard to all that this people call a conspiracy, And you are not to fear what they fear or be in dread of it."  Isaiah 8:12

We know this is already here, it IS the end, but WE don't need to watch it.  So turn your focus to our Lord now.  The other Word (because the Bible IS the WORD!) posted for today to parallel this one is below...and it is telling us to do the same thing, confirming His Word in Isaiah. 

This "watching" also includes the internet, and even reading the newspaper.  Perhaps it's time to rethink what you take in, and make an effort to take in more of God now, breathe in His Word, and find that quiet place where you can hear Him. This website is for encouragement, that's why you see very few stories that include violence, even if its end time stuff.  That is not where we are to focus. 

Just a thought. :-)

This is a typical prayer request in our Forum.  I wanted you to see that not all tribulation is about beheadings, but rather spiritual warfare exists in EVERY home right now, especially the called out ones from the Bride because the enemy HATES us.  Please keep the website members in your prayers when the Lord brings us to mind, and I want you to know that I pray for all of you as well.  Shalom  ~ Hope

Please pray brothers and sisters, I only have a network of 5 and you guys to pray, so much appreciated!! My husband, who I've asked for prayers a few times before, is continuing to be used by the enemy to mock and blaspheme even in front of the children, the enemy constantly lies to him and is lying to him again to try buddist meditation as apparently it will "help him" and also spoke through him to call me an unsupportive wife when I said I didn't agree with it and wouldn't do it personally.. Please pray he will realize Jesus is the truth, please pray Abba father will be done re kids and household as I don't want even more attacks and demonic openings through my husband.. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for me and to hold fast, thy word is truth!! Interestingly enough, it's been a real week of Jesus being the truth the way and the life and all else being enemy deception, as my 9 year old daughter is being forced to sing praises to "allah" as part of "international day" and I when I told her I didn't want to hear it and preferred waltzing matilda, I accuse spoke through her too (I know she's an innocent which is why I really really hope the child rapture happens soon!) and said about "other religions" (lies going in, lies coming out!!) so plse continue to pray for me, and let's pray to Hold Fast!!!

Quick update:  The person's husband has passed a job interview so she feels she will have more God time now, praise Jesus!

01/17/16 - The Audio Bible (free online)

On 01/16/16 I had two visions.  The first one was of a type of book.  It had scribbles across the pages instead of sentences and words...and I knew the scribbles meant static.  The book was full of static. The second vision was a few hours later.  I saw a closed black portfolio and I knew that inside it was the Bible on cassette tapes.  The first vision was a book of static and the second was a closed Bible on tape.  I believe the Lord wants me to show you another way to "read" your Bible in case you are behind, or having problems.  What came to mind is a free online audible Bible that you can listen to!  Just pick a version and a book and start in!   http://www.biblestudytools.com/audio-bible/

The static may represent something (the enemy) that keeps interfering with the time you have set aside for the Lord...we all know distractions come then.  Depending on your job, an online Bible may help you listen while you work.

The closed portfolio may be that you aren't even reading your Bible, though you want to!  Listening online can help you absorb the Word of God!  

Lastly, you can even set your computer up to have the Bible read out loud in your home during the night!  This may help keep demons away, and nightmares.  The narrator's voice is very soothing and some of these Books are long so...go for it!  God's Word is never a bad thing!

" For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."   Hebrews 4:12

11/14/15 - On 11/13/15 early in the morning, I had a dream about being in the backyard of Quentin Tarantino.  That was such an outrageous thing to dream about that I decided not to post anything about it but...it had me thinking about his movie Inglorious Bastards.  Well, much of that movie takes place in Paris...and couple that with my vision words of "Bastille Day"...it seems I should have posted it since later that day, the terrorists started shooting.   So from now on I am going to post all odd things like that on the Dailies page.  ~ Hope

Prophetic Visions? - Guys, I have noticed lately that I post information about my visions, and then a few days later things that MAY be related are in the news.  Examples:

1)  09/13/15 - I posted my Eiffel Tower vision on this date and on 09/21/15 the Tower closed due to an intruder alert.

2)  10/10/15 - I had Godshealer7 dream about Dan overseeing repair of roof corner while Barb arrives home.  On 10/14/15 she had a stroke 

3)  End of Oct - I posted a note on the Home page about needing to read Maccabees for a vision, and posted that Snowstorm vision on     11/03/15.  On 11/04/15 an article appeared about the Temple during the Maccabees period.

4) 11/03/15 - I posted a blog about an object I saw in a vision...having to do with Pepsi. On 11/06/15 this article on a new mysterious  Pepsi product appeared on the front of Fox News .

Those of you who read this website daily, know that these events and visions WERE posted before the related events and articles came into the news.  I am not prophetic in any way, nor am I saying these are.  They are just....weirdly related.  I guess that's my best word to describe it.  Anyway, I wanted to give you a heads up so you can help me watch this kind of thing in the days ahead. What is God showing me?

Lukewarm Family Members - in 2012 my family was not awake.  "Christians" yes...but lukewarm.  I was just waking up myself (thank you God).  Recently the Lord has been giving our daughter more prophetic dreams which are convincing her that Momma may be right!  And that is a praise!  But hubby is still asleep, he even yawns if I discuss end times stuff for more than one minute.  Back in 2013, I had a talk with the Lord.  I told Him that I did not want my two outside dogs to suffer at all during the upcoming events and to please take them Home first if there was any chance of this happening. After this chat, I told my husband about it and...he nodded. Our dogs were in good shape then, a bit old but good shape.  Then the oldest one started to have a lot of pain in his hip.  In June this year, we began giving him pain shots which helped some. He was THE most loving dog I have ever known! A huge white dog like a shepherd...just a wonderful personality. On Labor Day morning Sept 6, my husband went out to feed him and he had died in his sleep.  A total shock to us!  We buried him and comforted our other dog who is now also in pain and has various old dog problems.  My husband told me later in the day after our dog died, that he remembered what I said about God taking the two dogs before the 3 DoD hit.  He also said that if the other dog dies, he will REALLY need to pay more attention.  Friends, I went to the Lord that day and asked Him to please take the second dog too, if it meant that my husband would WAKE UP and start paying attention to the Lord!!  I am sharing this with you as a witness now on 09/23/15, because I believe if you go to the Lord about something very critical such as a family member, especially a spouse, waking up, He will hear you and answer in His timing!

09/19/15 - I wanted to just add my opinion here.  Sister Barb did NOT say that God said He was delaying Jesus return.  However I can certainly see how He would add more time for repentance.  I look at it this way, as an EXAMPLE...lets say that satan was just about to win three souls in a family....but the Grandmother had prayed and prayed and God knew those people would turn to Him and repent if they had one more chance.  Instead of satan winning, perhaps Grandmother passes away and the three people that would have been lost, came to Christ after her funeral while going through her belongings.  THAT'S how He can give more time, yet not delay.  I will tell you that I believe God picked one Day long ago and He is not and will not delay!  There are other delays in the Bible, especially in the case of Ninevah.  But the Day is different.  Anyway just my opinion.  I continue to believe that Dan and Barb hear from the Lord 100%.   ~ Hope


Wrong Interpretation

This is an excellent example of how someone can misinterpret their dream.  Stan Johnson has a radio show and ministry.  He believes in the Rapture at the end of the Tribulation, a Post-Trib Rapture.   In this dream however, he is saved from death and financial collapse by getting into a truck (ark) and escaping.Others are killed but Stan isn't even hurt.  He gets in a truck and leaves.  He is saved out of it right at the beginning and is not hurt or killed...he is SAVED by getting in the truck which is an ark!  He sees calamity begin to come to pass but he is not touched...just like God has told us!  Just wanted to share.


01/31/15 - This word came to mind twice yesterday for no reason.  I don't ever use this word in conversation or print, nor does it come to mind, until yesterday.  Then again this morning when I was looking at some clouds, it came again.

 When our bodies change, they will be impervious to the enemy. Yes they will glow, the Bible is chalk full of references about that. But no harm can befall us either. Psalm 91:7 tells us, "A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee." NOTHING will harm us. That is why we will be the Army of the Lord in Joel 2! 

I was thinking of the recent Lord of the Rings movie called The Battle of the Five Armies and it occurred to me that there will be FIVE armies in this last war!  Ok maybe I am stretching it but...it works for me because we are on the good guys side!  There are God's angelic hosts army, there is the Bride army, there is the human army, then the demonic/locust army, and finally the Fallen angel army.  This war is already started but not all the armies are in play.  Once the Bride is added to the mix...we will be in our IMPERVIOUS armor, the armor of God!

Why I am not afraid

One of the most freeing Words ever given to me was a sister in Christ who sent this back in April 2013, from the Lord directly to me:

"Call upon Me.  My shoulders are large and I will bear your burdens willingly!  The enemy knows who you are and where you reside, he also knows that you are marked by Me with favor!  

He hates you because I love you!"

For me, this was wonderful because the enemy already knows about me so I have nothing to fear from man.  There is nothing I can do to hide.  So I stay under the wing of Christ.  I know some of us worry about hackers and DHS and FEMA and drones and it goes on and on.  Why worry?  The enemy knows where you live and work.  But we have Someone far greater than the enemy to take care of us.  We have the Great Shepherd, and He will not allows us to be harmed, not one of His sheep will be lost. Let that bring you hope today! ~ Hope


01/02/15 - Wedding Cookies Dream

I had a dream last night.  A wedding was going to take place and the tables with the bakery items were being set up.  I had a small container of the wedding cookies and I was sitting with my husband watching the people setting all the goodies on the tables.  The cookies I was eating were two kinds, one standard type with those yummy sugar crystals, and the other was cream cheese mint ones which I LOVE!  Both types of cookies were larger than normal for a wedding. 

On one table workers came along and as they walked past the bakery item on the table (I forget what it was but it was large and had various lengths to it like a starfish only all together), the container they were holding was held backwards in their arm and as they walked past the candy slid out onto the item, landing perfectly in the slits of the item, all kinds of colorful candy and very pretty.  I turned to look behind me and there was another table with very large items on it.  One item was a HUGE Swan cookie.  (If you have read my blogs, you will note that in another dream, God gave me the name of my guardian angel and it is Swan) This cookie was flat on the table like all the rest, but was white with sugar crystals to the point where they looked like diamonds. The swan was not the standard picture that you see, but rather the cookie was made so the wings were spread out and the wingspan of this COOKIE was as long as my arm!  I remember thinking, "I want to eat that cookie!"  There were other swan cookies as well on other tables, also huge.  During the dream, it did not occur to me that this might be a dream from God, not until right at the end.  Here's what happened next.

The bakery had used a recipe from another place so there was an article on that in the newspaper that I picked up.  In the article it mentioned that this particular bakery was just down the street from Smith Wigglesworth.


i woke up after that and recalled this man from previous readings in the last year or so.  This name would never come up in a conversation or TV so I knew that God was pointing me to something there.  So in the coming days I will show you whatever God wants me to see!

12/31/14 - I had two thoughts to share for the New Year.  The first is that Jan 1 is Tevet 10 and it is a minor Jewish fast day.  I am eating supper tonight, then no food until tomorrow night.


The other thing is that many people decide to read the Bible, or even a daily reading throughout the year starting Jan 1.  I would add my suggestion of reading a chronological Bible.  I have found one online that has daily readings...if you don't own a hard copy.  One year I even read 4 readings per day so I could read the Bible in 90 days.  WOW!  It really opened up the Bible to me as an unfolding story of Truth!  So if nothing else, try reading everything in the historical order it occurred.  You might find it....illuminating!

Here are a couple choices:



12/16/14 - I am posting this partial vision of Sarah Menet's from her 1979 NDE to go along with the recent Word to Warrior Princess found here, regarding the California/New York City earthquake soon to come.  Note that while many people (including Sarah herself) believe this part of Sarah's vision came to pass during 9/11, the financial collapse did NOT occur as indicated in her vision.  Now if you assume a horrific EQ in NYC...then yes for sure everything in her vision will come to pass.  At least that's my take on it.


My focus then changed from the Middle East to the United States, and I understood that I was about to see some of the things that would lead up to the nuclear holocaust that I had just witnessed (between Iran and Israel).

As I looked upon the continent of North America, I zeroed in on the eastern coast and then on New York specifically. I saw New York City with all of its people and buildings. I then saw some tall buildings crashing to the earth surrounded by tremendous amounts of smoke, dust, and debris.I zoomed in closer into the smoke and dust, and I saw a woman holding a little girl’s hand and running from the crashing buildings. The woman had long dark hair, hanging past her shoulders and curled inward slightly. She wore a beige business suit, heels of a slightly darker color, perhaps tan, and she was not wearing glasses. The little girl appeared to be about 6 or 7 years old with short brown hair reaching below the chin and cut in a type of pageboy look. They ran together, holding hands and trying to escape from the falling buildings. As they ran through the heavy smoke and dust, they were forced to let go of their hands and became separated. The child was terrified, and I could hear her screaming, “Mommy, mommy!” over and over again.I don’t know their outcome, if they lived or died, but I can still see the face of the woman clearly and could easily identify her from a photo or describe her to a sketch artist. I asked if an earthquake had caused the buildings to fall and felt impressed that the answer was no. However, I was not given any indication as to the cause of the destruction.

The next thing that came to me was more felt than seen. It was the understanding that shortly after the crashing of the buildings in New York City, commerce ceased. Shopping and buying seemed to stop, and the economy failed **throughout the world**. Few had any money at all, and those who did have it could not buy anything of worth with it. Gold and silver and other commodities had value and could be traded.

12/08/14 -  Hope's Dream of Things in the Sky

I always pray that God sends warrior angels to surround me at night so the devil cannot send his dreams to me.  Now when I have a scary dream, God allows it for a purpose.  I think He allowed one last night, because He also wanted to send me one of His dreams.  Maybe satan was trying to stop it...I don't know.  But on occasion I am screaming in my dreams and in my dream, I know my husband will wake me up if I yell loud enough and so that's what I do and sure enough, last night he wakes me up.  I don't recall anything about the dream, just that I was terrified.  So then God's dream came right before I woke up for the day.
Dream - I was standing outside of my house at night, looking up at the sky (true north...directly up).  There were some clouds but I could also see stars.  I saw what looked like a galaxy very very far away, not as close as this picture below, but more of just a small circle of many stars and I thought to myself, "I wonder if I am seeing a galaxy."  
Then I saw a UFO.  It had no lights on and was silently moving.  It was above me and I could see it well, it was shaped like a tamborine with those cymbal things on the side.  That was the shape of it.  It flew away and I saw another, same shape, it too disappeared and I saw another and I said, "In Jesus name you have to leave!"  And it zipped off quickly leaving a trail of warp drive stuff.
Then I turned (to the west) and saw a piece of equipment in the sky, moving past.  I thought to myself, "Hmm...well that must be a satellite only I can see it MUCH better now." I've seen satellites in the sky but they are tiny dots...day or night.  But this was easy to see and closer.
Then I saw what looked like the shape of a comma, more than one.  These commas were about as big as the overhead sun in a sky (and was yellow, not blue) during the day (still night time in my dream though) and the Commas kept reforming themselves like a paintbrush, first the big swoosh, then the tiny curve.
The last thing I saw was red streaks in the sky.  With them came a noise.  The noise was like many videos we listen to of the weird sky sounds.   The red streaks kept redrawing themselves with the sounds, sort of like a heartbeat going straight across.  They looked like the ones in the drawing of Lisa's husband in his 10/9/14 vision, only the ones I saw were straight across, rather than in a circle like this drawing.
Since the sounds were very loud, I was surprised that my husband who was in the house in my dream, did not come outside and look up.  I yelled at him to come see this stuff and I turned to look as he came out the door.  When we both looked up, everything was covered with an overcast cloudy look.  All that I saw was gone.  I was very disappointed because even in real life last night, my husband joked about the "photo" of Nibiru that was on the website I was looking at.  He is not mean about it but just does not believe.  

When I woke up, I knew this had been a dream from the Lord.  My interpretation was this...these things are already in our skies.  We know there are galaxies, and we have created satellites to be in space.  The UFOs are real and we know they are demons, just itchin' to land and take over.  But there are also things we don't see just yet...the comma and the stripes and sounds (coming chaos really).  These things are ALL here but we cannot see them all yet, they are behind the veil (clouds).  

When I got up for the day, I saw that Lisa had sent me a Word and I called her on my way to work about her accompanying vision, same date of my dream.  I believe God allowed me to see current things, just veiled. Lisa's Word is for us to look up..and so perhaps He was allowing me to confirm her Word with my dream, who knows!  But I know that I know...that this dream was from God!

UPDATE 12/10/14:  Today it occurred to me that the red lines in the Sky  which were to my east....may be indicative of Israel's red lines about to be crossed!

11/14/14 - Email to me from my new friend Ita from Portugal!  Posted with permission

"Since the beginning of this year the Lord showed me that I was getting a great harvest. Then he showed me a lot of horses of various colors to run paired, which the Lord said to we ride because of the times they approached. These horses rode at great speed and walked in the opposite direction of the world. Then the Lord showed me that these were the horses described in the book of Joel, chapter two of the book of Joel was being fulfilled in our day.

In September of this year, the Lord showed me a vision of his bride out of a city that was in darkness and had the same walls and gates of a cemetery. Those gates were opened and the bride of the Lord went totally transformed and adorned to celebrate with branches in their hands. All those people in addition to branches in their hands also had wreaths on their heads symbolizing the harvest they will do for the Lord. They get out of the city into darkness and the walls and the gate of the cemetery which symbolized the world. The bride when out of town came to a place that was nothing but the presence and the glory of the Lord and great worship. But the Lord said that the bride would enter that city no longer the gate, but supernaturally over the walls to make his harvest. That vision was very beautiful and the people who represented the bride was radiant with joy. I describe here this vision for our mutual motivation as well as confirmation of many others described on your website."

(partial email to me - 11/06/14 - posted with permission)

My oldest son, who is five has been drawn to the word and continually prays with me. Recently, he had a dream and couldn't wait to tell me the next day about it. 

He told me that he believes God was sending him a message. That he felt God was trying to show him how the rapture happens. After describing his dream, we were driving in the car to see his grandpa that day, when he told me, "Mommy, God is talking to me now. He tells me stuff." I asked him, "like what"? He said, "Is there such thing as November 28th on the calendar? We need to be careful... Something bad mommy". I almost stopped the car in the middle of the street. If you knew my son, he is the most purest of hearts. He thinks saying the word butt, is saying a bad word. He also went on to tell me that after we had an argument one day and I had sent him to his room. He went in there to pray and ask God into his heart. Ever since then, he has felt God taking to him. After warning me about the date, he asked me to write his dream and what we had been discussing down. 

A week later, I decided to google Nov 28, 2014 and discovered that that is Black Friday. Whether it has significance I don't know. Whether I think something is going to happen, I don't know. I do believe my son and I don't believe he would just make something like that up. I do believe that in the end God will give people dreams and visions.

(later on)

So the dream was about my son in a park, (under a park bench). There were clouds and lightning. We live in Arizona, so he didn't know how to describe what he was seeing, which was what I believe to be a tornado. He described it like a giant hoolahoop, but in the sky sucking things up. He also said that everyone who believed in God were floating up in the sky to meet him. But everyone else remained on the ground. He said he was a little scared in the dream when all this was happening, so that was why he was under the park bench.

He forgot to tell me the next morning, but remembered out of the clear blue the following evening. It was so urgent to him that he kept interrupting me and my husband. I kept telling him, "Can you please wait until we get in the car to grandpas' shop?" He kept saying no, I really need to tell you this. I think God is trying to telling me how he is going to take us. That is when something hit me and I listened to what he had to say.

10/31/14 - Why I am not celebrating Halloween

Psalm 118:24

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."

I made a decision a few weeks ago to fast on this day.  Normally when I fast, I don't advertise this on my website because it's personal and for God.  But today is a bit different. I felt led to fast in order not to celebrate this day because satan feels it is his.  He gets power on this day from all the evil we do, whether we give him the acknowledgment (black mass etc) or we allow our child to wear a witch's costume.  Since I have no children that dress up on Halloween and no school functions to worry about anymore, I decided that other than my morning communion with the Lord, I will not take in any calories today.  I don't want to celebrate this day in a form that glorifies satan, and I want to instead, think on those things of Christ as my hunger pangs kick in.

I am reminded of how evil this day can be, mostly when I read what other well-meaning Christians post about the horrors of Halloween. They post pictures of evil clowns, and go into lengthy conversations of Halloween parties.  But don't you see, if you begin to worry about these things, or allow it to bring fear as YOU discuss it or write or post about it...you are giving satan a toehold into your life.  So how can we prevent our minds from focusing on the bad?  Well, that's the easy part!  I think that VERY soon, our Bridegroom is coming for us!  He is going to swoop down and catch us up, rescuing us like a knight in shining white armor!  What a mighty King He is!  So when I see the bad coming today and I WILL see it, I will allow my thoughts to flow back up to the Lord and what He is doing and will BE doing in my life. This is not satan's day, it never was and never has been.  All the black masses and candy and trickortreaters in the world can not take away the fact that THIS is the day the Lord made, no one else CAN create a day!  So by golly I will rejoice and be glad in it!  :-)

Susan Davis posted this vision and dream from Barbara Alexandria - 09/10/14

From Barbara Alexandria:
I am not better than anyone else. I am a sinner, and I am saved by the Grace of God through my Lord Jesus Christ. I am not more deserving to hear a Message than anyone else. But I seek Him, as instructed. I love The Lord with all my heart, and if He chooses to show me a thing, I am happy to share what I have been shown.

I was falling asleep last night. I was still awake but lying down. I felt a strong presence in the room, and I prayed for protection. I prayed a very special prayer, and asked The Lord to cover all the side posts, thresholds and the lintels of all doors with His blood, both physical and spiritual. I asked Him to do this to all doors in my mind, so the enemy may not enter while I sleep.

Ok, so just as I spoke this, The Holy Spirit fell upon me heavily. Peace came upon me deeply. There was a presence in the room alright! It was that of an Angel! I was slain in the spirit, on my face as if dead, and I beheld Gabriel! He spoke to me "I am Gabriel. I come in Peace. Fear not, He is with you! The Lord God of Heaven and Earth has heard you. All of you. He comes now, and it is time to go Home. Ready yourselves." He was smiling. I looked upon his Trumpet! I saw it clearly He said "Thousands will come before you in His name" (He was referring to the Angels I asked for, for protection.) I then beheld Angels pouring down from Heaven into my house by the droves. They were carrying something in their hands, it looked like golden bowls with lids on them. They were all glowing and beautiful, long white gowns and were coming down stairs. Gabriel was done speaking and I heard The Lord confirm these things. He said " Do not be afraid. REJOICE! I come!" Then I fell deep asleep.

Then I had a dream!

In the dream I was looking out the window into the sky. I beheld a large and fiercely bright mass rapidly approaching from the Heavens. It did not have clear borders, as if it were like a giant storm cloud made of light. It came a bit closer, and I screamed and pointed to it while jumping around like crazy. I said "IT'S JESUS!" I went and grabbed my family and screamed for them to come to the window and see! He was brighter than the sun, riding on white horses on the clouds with countless host of heaven riding behind Him!

HE IS HERE!!!!!!!

“A September to Remember!”  09/03/14 -  Robin Kirby-Gatto.

What a September to remember!  God keeps telling me that this month will be a month to remember!

He began telling me a couple of weeks ago “A September to remember!”  Again I keep hearing swiftly as God revealed the same week about victory.  I hear it for the changes that are upon the nations, ministries and families!

What the enemy meant for evil, God will work to our good! (Romans 8:28)  Get ready to see many changes in the air everywhere you turn for the month of September!  I hearMoney Market Accounts (whatever that means), economies of the world, banking systems, Congress and the Senate, as well as many other things political, are going to take many by surprise!

God says also many ministers who have not repented will be exposed this month and Hewill one last time extend His mercy, by exposing the very act in which they have been practicing presumptuous sin.

God says that He is not a God of delay, but of mercy, and that He has allowed patience to have its perfect work in His people, so that we can be expectant for His word to be made known in this hour, especially to those blinded by Islam!

God says to keep praying and contending for those blinded and He will reveal the truth of Jesus Christ, Messiah to them!

He says the Philippines is upon His heart; that you can look to the Philippines this month and see what is about to take place in that nation!   He says to His Church to contend for the Philippines for what seems at first to be a great trial, will turn into a great triumph!

We need to pray for the Philippines because that is a pivotal nation as you look to Asia, is what I hear the Lord saying!!

Keep contending with Israel in this hour for her victory!

Keep praying for Iraq and God says “All eyes will be upon Iraq in this hour, for I will do a new thing and spring forth that which has not been seen!”  (Keep praying for the Christians in that nation)!

Also, I hear USA, God will deal with you today!  I see many cards being laid out on a table as if there were an accounting of sorts (judgment), that was being released on specifically the issue of abortion, the corruption in the banking systems and the governments of the world, all root out of the USA, He says!

God says that He is dealing swiftly with those hidden in darkness, who have tried to take down the nations, and God is turning the tables over on them, removing many ruling powers from positions that are hidden in the shadows, for the saints have contended and the prayers are being answered!

Keep praying for Texas and Chicago against any terrorist strikes from Islamic radicals!  Keep praying on that which the Father has instructed and watch Him do great and mighty things!

God bless! Robin

Robin Kirby-Gatto operates in the prophetic, bringing the testimony of Jesus into the earth through the scripture Revelation 19:10 “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”   Robin walks in God’s Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding and is brought into areas to bring a revelation of God’s Truth, The Word as the Holy Spirit brings forth God’s anointing into her ministry.


Beautiful morning in the Lord... I tell you: my son get home from his school and when he arrives, he tells me: "MOM I dreamed about a very big asteroid and I could see God." (no one has seen Him but I imagine that he spoke of The Son)... I told him to tell me his dream, and he told me in a way that I almost did not understand because my son has a bit of speech problems. So based on that, I asked him if he could draw it and he told me that he would try. These were his 3 drawings. He drew it in three sections, I don't know why he did it so.
Now, so you can understand the dream as he drew it, I will tell it as he told me. His dad, brothers and me were on the balcony of our House when suddenly, he looked towards the sky and saw that a huge rock was coming towards us and I watch it and I said: "The End is here."... The Rock crossed above the House, the wind we could feel seemed like a hurricane. Immediately, he saw a giant wave coming and yelled loudly: "For the love of God, noo!"-There immediately, he said that he saw God's hands come down from the sky and that they were bright, and the Hands took the asteroid and then he woke up.

What I can interpret from this dream, apart from the fact that it is confirmation to me, is that the Eternal God wants prayer, He wants us to cry for mercy so He can take care of us through His Wrath, which will not be removed even if we fast, pray, etc. We must cry out for mercy! There is no more time! My understanding

End Time Chronicles 1 - Edamosamos - 07/30/14 (Facebook)

This is going to my attempt to put pieces together as I see them possibly playing out in the end times or day of the Lord. I am of the race of Adam and I can and do make mistakes. Obviously, no one has gone through what is about to happen. It is my intention to help put some pieces into place to help my end time brethren to survive the days that are coming ahead. I hope by laying out some markers, it will help those left behind to have an idea as to what to expect spiritually as well as physically.

If you will go through the written word and pay attention to how our Heavenly Father does things, then you can expect a certain pattern to unfold. For example, when Moses was leading the children out of Egypt, before the crossing of the Red Sea, God put His supernatural power on display for all to see, those who wound up to be the believers In Israel and those who were unbelievers, the Egyptians. God smote the land of Egypt with various plagues of a supernatural origin thereby displaying His power. As Moses was fleeing the Egyptians, God supernaturally protected the believers. I expect a type of this to happen again at the end of this current Church age. It could be argued that it is already happening for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. In the beginning of the plagues of Egypt, the Egyptian magicians were able to counterfeit the divine plagues up to a point. They could use magic, science and the rational mind to explain away the supernatural by coming up with a natural explanation to explain them. This happened up to the plague of the lice after that the Magicians could no longer keep up and resigned themselves to the fact that they were powerless to stop them. Exodus 8:18 And the magicians did so with their enchantments to bring forth lice, but they could not: so there were lice upon man, and upon beast. From there on, the Magicians and wise men couldn't keep up and couldn't match nor counter the miracles the Lord performed through Moses. Right now we have a similar thing happening in the world with earthquakes, volcanoes, strange weather, sink holes, massive animal die offs, water turning blood red etc. Currently some people are paying attention but many are not. They are comfortable with the lies of the news media and the scientists’ lame excuses. This will continue for a time but fear not! The Lord is just getting warmed up! God continued to ramp up the miracles through Moses to the Egyptians until people got the idea that these things happening were from the Lord God Almighty and that their magic, technology and science could not counter it. There is a time coming when people will begin to come to the same conclusion about the time in which we live. As we finalize this church age, I expect God to work in a similar fashion….ramping up miracles that only He can perform and no one else…..certainly not science nor men will be able to match the workings of the Lord God Almighty.

Over the Threshold - Sue Crumpler - 07/25/14

Behold I am with you always ~ even unto the end of the world. The unbearable conditions of this earth life will soon fade away to be remembered no more; and the flourishing evil will crumble and be reduced to ashes for the new Paradise I create. Remember your abode is - In Me - and no evil shall come nigh your dwelling. Only with your eyes will you behold and see the reward of the wicked. You are safe and the enemy cannot see you, for you are hidden in me. Delight in Me even as I delight in you. Open wide your heart and bless all, for seeds scattered secretly in the night will germinate life during the great tribulation hour and nothing will be lost. Current mockery and disbelief from loved ones will fade into blessed hope, for the light within you shall pierce through all their darkness and bring life and meaning to their troubled souls. My little ones, the time is at hand and the hour has come. The earth will rock and shake at the very sound of My coming. Men will fear greatly and panic will ensue. But you, my little ones, are safe with Me. Fear will not be in your vocabulary for you will be instantly infused with My power from on high. The currents and circuits within you are now complete and totally fused with Mine as together we await the Father’s command to go forth.  We are united as One. Together we will walk through the earth gathering the harvest. Love all and forsake all grievances, for the earth life you know is past and our new life begins.

Walk forward with Me


In the vision that accompanied this message I was shown a new house that was cut into and the halves separated so I could openly see within the walls. Each wall was “packed” with multiple wires intricately entwined and connected to incredibly powerful circuits. All the wires were hidden within the walls and could not be seen with the natural eye. The power switch was still in off mode. I instantly knew that is why we don’t “see or feel” any differently yet. Then I understood from the depth of my being that when the “Main Switch” is flipped and entire house would be flooded with power from on High. In a moment…in the twinkling of an eye we shall be changed.

(Hope note confirmation - I am in a very small group of friends that Sue is a part of and we receive her Words right away.  Today is my 33rd anniversary...so literally 33 years ago today my husband carried me "over the threshold".  And 33 is significant!)

My People, this Nation fails to take (God) seriously - edamosamos - 07/16/14


My people, this nation fails to take me seriously. I tell them to prepare for what lies ahead, and they don't prepare. I tell them to prepare physically, and they don't. I tell them to prepare spiritually, and they don't. I tell them to prepare financially, and they don't. There are multiple hot spots throughout the earth, hot spots for war, which could turn nuclear. Hot spots in nature, via volcanoes, earthquakes, etcetera, hot spots in the cosmos, which include your own sun; sun spots, solar flares, in outer space, which includes asteroids, radiation, solar dust and contamination, hot spots in your atmosphere, which include the changing of your earth's magnetic fields, continual spraying of poison via chemtrails in your atmosphere. Even some unbelievers are more awake in attempting to prepare for what lies ahead, more than my people when I warn them constantly.
Repent, repent, repent. I have said and continue to say, "Prepare to meet your Lord and your God." We are coming back to the earth, the Bridegroom for his Bride and the Heavenly Father for his creation. Your government and the governments of the world know this, and they prepare. They prepare to fight us upon our arrival. They prepare to dig and hide themselves like rats in the ground when there attack on us fails as they know it will. Satan's time to be allowed to accuse and slander the brethren day and night is coming to an end, and his expulsion draws nearer, and he knows it. His preparation on earth are almost complete. His plan and the deception of the ages is almost complete. My people, you need to realize this event is bigger than any one person. This is the plan of the ages. This is a very long time in coming. I still have many souls I wish to rescue.
Pray, pray, pray. Pray for the lost and the backslidden that they may be found. Pray for the persecuted that they might be protected, and they don't deny my name. Pray for the sick and the orphans and the widows. There is a time coming your nation will be filled with orphans and widows. Pray for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem. There is so much pain and suffering in the world, only many Americans refuse to see it.
Oh, America, America. Don't you realize in one hour your judgment comes? In one hour, things will drastically and dramatically change for you as a nation forever.
To my people who are called by my name, my Bride write: Continue in Holiness for, without it, you will be left behind. To see me, as my Word states, you must be Holy. Reach out, to the best of your ability, to those who are around you. I have placed people around you for you to minister to and to help. Pray for the harvest that I might send additional laborers to the fields. Don't become like the foolish virgins written about in my word. Stay vigilant; stay sharp.

To the ones who haven't fully matured yet, write: You need to stop fighting among yourselves. Fighting among yourselves concerning doctrines of men causes division. I am calling my people to unity, not division. When the Bride is removed from the earth, try and keep your mourning season short as you can. After the Bride is gone, there's much for you to do. Seek me with all your hearts, and I will be fond of you. Then, get busy bringing in the final harvest. Don't take the Mark of the Beast as warned about in my scriptures. It will cause all to be cast into the Lake of Fire where there is no forgiveness or second chances. Don't take it under any circumstances, and don't let those you love and care about take it either, if at all possible.

To the other nations of the world write: When you see America struck, then don't lose hope. It will be confirmation that my words are true. You have much work to do in your own nations for America is not alone in sins against me. All nations have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Repent, repent and repent. You are not blameless, nor guiltless. Get busy with works I have commanded you to do. Win the lost and the backslidden. Be ready to give answers to those around you who are asking for that. The destruction of America will open up your family and friends like never before. Do the works mentioned earlier in this message. Be faithful to me until the end, and I will give you great rewards. Be overcomers, and I will give you a Crown of Life.

To all my children, whether in America, or anywhere in the world, seek me with all of your hearts. Learn to listen and hear my voice and obey me. Know that I love all my children regardless of race or nationality. You are all dear children and precious to me. Be ready for such an hour as you think not, the Son of Man comes. Behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me. Continue to prepare to meet me and my soon coming. Be not afraid, and be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world and Satan and his minions who run it. I love you, my children. I love you. (thanks to Pam LaSalle for excellent typing!)

This is from an Israeli friend of my sister in Christ. 


"This message is from Henri Sebbane if anyone wants to send messages of condolences to the families of the three Israeli teenagers.

Soon I will visit the bereaved families of the 3 boys who were kidnapped and murdered. I will deliver them letters of support.

If you wish to add your letter too, please send it to my e-mail, and I will print it and deliver it on your behalf. this a email familiesofteens@gmail.com "



Jordanian Bedouin hoist Al Qaeda flag in Ma’an - 104 km (65 miles) from Eilat. US, Israeli forces on the ready


Ma’an is the Falluja of Jordan!” shouted thousands of Bedouin Saturday, June 28, in the southern Jordanian town of Ma’an. This legend was inscribed on the placards and flags they bore aloft with one hand in the name of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). In the other, they waved automatic rifles.

Ma’an (pop: 50,000) is in a sensitive location:  218 km south of Amman, it also lies 104 km from the Israeli port town of Eilat and some 60 km from the main artery cutting south from northern Israel to the south.

But although pro-Al Qaeda riots have been going on for days in Ma’an, capital of the southern province of the Kingdom of Jordan, military and security personnel have not been seen in its vicinity.

The town has a history of violent unrest. It has in the past suffered curfew and was even, when the rioting got out of hand, stormed by soldiers firing live rounds and leaving dozens dead.

For now, King Abdullah is conferring urgently with his army and intelligence chiefs on how to suppress the Islamist revolt in Ma’an without it spilling over into other Jordanian towns, especially Salt, Irbid and Zerka, which have large clusters of Al Qaeda followers.

There was anxious talk in Washington Sunday about the prospect of Abdullah’s throne being rocked by an Islamist revolt, in which case the Obama administration would have no option but to approve the intervention of American and Israeli special operations forces to defend the king,  and push back against an Al Qaeda-ISIS invasion. However the domestic Islamist peril may be more immediate and acute than the external one.

A US military source consulted by debkafile revealed that the Jordanian army is now concentrated in three sectors: The Syrian border in the north, the Iraqi border in the east and the capital.

In the first case, Jordanian troops are ranged to head off a possible incursion by ISIS forces concentrated in eastern Syria. They are also prepared to withstand a possible Syrian army assault to dampen Jordan’s military support for the Syrian rebels operating in southern Syria in defense of the Jordanian and Israeli borders.

In the second case, the Jordanian army is deployed directly opposite the ISIS forces which have seized control of most of Iraq’s Anbar province adjacent to the Jordanian border.
The army’s third sector is the capital, Amman, where it acts as the guardian of the royal regime.

Should the Islamist conflagration spread from Ma’an to other corners of the kingdom, its army will be short of fighting manpower for simultaneous defense against internal and external threats.
Our Washington sources report that Brig. Gen. Dennis McKean, commander of the joint US-Jordanian-Israeli underground Centcom-Forward war room established near Amman, has already received instructions to place the 12,000 US soldiers and USAF F-16 fighter squadron positioned in Jordan on the ready.

They also disclose that Brig. McKean is in direct communication with Israel’s Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, the commander of Israel’s Deep Operations command, Maj. Gen. Shay Avital and Israel Air Force chief Maj. Gen. .Amir Eshel.
The Deep Operations command was established in case it was necessary to launch operations against Iran or the Lebanese Hizballah in alien territory. This unit may find itself operating against Al Qaeda’s ISIS in Jordan instead

Washington, Jerusalem and Amman are mulling over whether to wait for the trouble in Jordan to escalate further before intervening, or to act preemptively before matters get out of hand by punching hard at ISIS forces concentrated along the Iraqi-Jordanian border. In the latter case, there would have to be a second decision as to which army would inflict the punch, its location and a forward estimate of the potential repercussions on Jordan’s internal security.

Believe Not Every Spirit



By Alma E. McClure


Article copied in it's entirety and found here



"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God; because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God. Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ (Yahshua Messiah in the Hebrew) is come in the flesh is of God. And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God; and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world." (1 John 4)

As we have discussed before, this "confessing" involves much more than just saying something with our lips. Not only do we acknowledge that Jesus is the Christ (Anointed) of God come to earth in a flesh body, but our lives must also confess or witness to the fact that Christ has come in OUR FLESH, --that Christ in us is the hope of glory! There will be hunger for holiness and righteousness and a love for the truth. There will be fruit of the Holy Spirit evident, "confessing" by our lives that He is within, processing us, making changes. Although the fruit of the Spirit may not be fully ripe and mature, yet there will be definite evidence of it. What is the fruit? "The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, MEEKNESS, temperance." (Gal. 5:22,23)

Dear ones, we are living in dangerous times, spiritually, in which the enemy of our souls is trying to deceive the very elect, if possible! We need to be sure to have on the whole armour of God, and have the sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) held firmly in our hands. (See Ephesians 6.) Awake thou that sleepest! Consider the possibility that YOU may be in danger of being deceived! For the counterfeit is always very close to the genuine!

Does this mean we are to go around in fear and terror? Oh, no! When we are aware of the enemy's tactics, we can be prepared! Not in our own strength or wisdom, but looking unto our Captain and Leader, the Lord Jesus Christ, victory is assured! HE is our wisdom and strength and our victory! But we can't lie down and go to sleep (spiritually), being passive and lazy, for He has called us to be soldiers, going forth in His strength, at His command. We are not to be spiritual invalids, having to be protected and cared for as helpless babes. Neither are we to try to fight the battles in our own strength. Each extreme is bad and doomed to failure . . . that is, if our goal is the prize of being an overcomer! We overcome only in HIS STRENGTH, the Christ within us doing the overcoming. Christ within, working through us, not Jesus doing it all for us, while we lie at ease on the sidelines, passively watching! He is preparing SONS and OVERCOMERS and MATURE SOLDIERS, trained and skilled in spiritual warfare!

It is time to consider again, seriously and prayerfully, the matter of the tactics of the enemy. We are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Believe not every spirit! A boxer in the ring must be alert, watching and anticipating the moves of his opponent. Satan will use, when he can, some preacher, teacher or prophet in whom we have confidence, and get him sidetracked if possible, from pure truth, and from holding THE HEAD, Jesus Christ, in central place.
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There are several basic things to remember. One is that there are many kinds and degrees of deception. Also, many kinds of deceivers. Some are deliberately and cunningly and purposely setting about to deceive. But others are very sincere! They themselves are deceived, and are passing along their false teachings to all who will listen! But they THINK their teachings are TRUTH, received by revelation from the Lord! They may be off just a little bit from the truth, --but if their eyes are not opened soon, they will be led further and further into error. One falsehood paves the way for more and more serious distortions and deviations from truth.

We need to stay close to the Lord, checking with Him about all that we hear and read, and also concerning the personal "revelations" which we receive. The Holy Spirit is faithful to guide us, and to bring us back from sidetracks, if we allow Him to do so.

Another principle to remember is that Satan knows how to bait his traps! He knows that those who are hungry for truth, and who are somewhat grounded in the Scriptures, would immediately recognize and reject anything which was obviously and completely unscriptural! So always, especially in the early stages of a deception, there is MUCH TRUTH in the teaching! That's to throw us off guard, and cause us to swallow the bait, along with the hook. Then there is just a little twisting, or misapplication, or overemphasis of some parts. From there, after the victim is "hooked," more and more error is included, and one is likely to become blind to the truth, and brainwashed, and almost hypnotized into the new, strange ideas.

Jesus Himself, and the apostles, have given us many warnings to protect us against deception. "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their FRUITS!" (Matt. 7:15) Even some of their teachings will be all right! But Jesus says we are to look at their fruits to know whether they are true or false. Is there humility? Or do we find pride? Is there gentleness? Or is there harshness, and pushing their teachings upon us? Is there holiness and righteousness in their lives? Or are there questionable moral standards and actions?

Let us consider some specific things to notice. Not every false teacher or teaching will have all these qualities, --but if you notice one or more, consider them as warning flags! Stop and get away by yourself, and seek the Lord, and search the Scriptures. Ask the Holy Spirit to give discernment and enlightenment. You can't lose anything by doing this, and you may save yourself from a serious detour from truth. If all is well, the Holy Spirit will but confirm the teacher or the teaching.


Rapid, rushed, confident presentation. Dogmatic statements. "This Scripture proves conclusively . . . " Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn't! Perhaps it could just as easily be taken another way! Don't take for granted that "this Scripture proves . . . " just because the person says it does! Look into it for yourself, alone with the Lord, away from "high-pressure" teaching! As you well know, a multitude of false teachings are supposedly "proved" by the Bible.

Be cautious of those who try to force your agreement with them. Who try to put words into your mouth! "Come on! Everybody say . . . " (A certain word or phrase they are teaching about.) Beware of those who would rush you into agreement. "Come on, now, you know what I said is right!"

Personally, when I hear something new and different, I want to think about it, and prayerfully consider it first. I'm not ready to say "Amen" on the spur of the moment! I'm not necessarily ready to disagree with what is said, either. But I want to give it thought before I say, one way or the other. If I'm pressured about it, I'm inclined to think something is wrong, even before I have had time to find out just exactly what is wrong!


"Oh, how privileged you are to be one of the few with whom this fresh revelation is being shared! What marvelous new truth this is! No one else has seen this yet! ! ! The Lord gave me this revelation, and I'm sharing it with you!"

Get down off cloud nine, and seek the Lord quietly and alone, and see what He confirms, or what He exposes!

3. EXCLUSIVENESS (Closely related to spiritual pride)

"This is the only place you can get this information! The revelation was given to me, and you are so blessed to be getting in on the ground floor! We are the only ones who know this wonderful new truth! Keep coming to me, and I'll teach you all about it!"

Be wary of "exclusive truth"! ! Usually the Lord will give His revelation to several people or groups at the same time, in widely scattered places in the world. The Lord's Spirit gives confirmation in this way.

Beware of statements such as, "This is the most important ministry in the world!" Or, the one who is always so sure that the words he is getting are "straight from the throne," with no margin for possible error! Brothers, we are still moving in the "in-part" realm. I know we can be quite confident about many things we receive as being absolutely from the Lord, but I can't help wondering a bit when someone always speaks as though he (or she) couldn't be mistaken! That although others are often wrong, he KNOWS that he isn't, --and is not reticent in telling you that he's right! If he is really right, he won't have to talk so much about being right, --just to convince you!

Check it out with the Lord before you decide whether they are right or wrong. Don't take anyone's word for it, --just because they are older Christians, have more Bible background, have had "wonderful" spiritual experiences, or are such "lovely" people! Our final authority is the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit. There is agreement there!


Praise God for His angels, who do minister to His people! We have Biblical examples of the ministry of angels of God, bringing messages, strengthening God's servants, protecting, etc. And we know there are angels still ministering in these days. We believe and appreciate this truth. But, dear ones, even these angelic appearances, with their revelations and messages, must be tested! We are not to accept blindly what some teacher says simply because he says angels told him about it. Maybe they did. And maybe they were truly Holy angels of God! And if so, they will stand the test, and their message will stand the test!

But remember that Satan also transforms himself into an angel of light, to deceive! There are some who are "false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. AND NO MARVEL. FOR SATAN HIMSELF IS TRANSFORMED INTO AN ANGEL OF LIGHT. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness." (2 Cor. 11:13,14) Many false religions have been started by men who have apparently (or supposedly) had supernatural visitations by angels! And if I would name these religions, you would recognize them as false!

Remember this, however, that as we said earlier, not everyone who is teaching false doctrine is knowingly or purposely trying to deceive! Some are very sincere, but they are mistaken. They are deceived, and deceiving! Some are wonderful people! But we do not want to accept error, no matter how wonderful the person is who is teaching it, or how good a friend, teacher, or pastor they may have been. We want TRUTH at any cost! We can pray for those who are in error, that they may see the truth, and be delivered from deception. If no one follows the one in error, he has a much better chance of being delivered from it.

We are not denying the truth of angelic visitations! We are just saying, do not accept a teaching merely BECAUSE it is said to have come from angelic visitation! If it really came from God, through His Holy Angels, it will stand any true test we may give it.


If there is a swerving away from focusing on the Lord Jesus Christ, we need to beware! If some other ideas or teachings are occupying the center of the stage, the center of our attention,---beware! Go back and read Colossians, (as well as the other epistles, and the Gospel accounts) and notice that it all centers in Jesus Christ! He is before all things, and by Him all things consist. "That in ALL THINGS, HE might have the preeminence! For it pleased the Father that IN HIM should all fullness dwell!" Hallelujah! It is CHRIST in us, the hope of glory! Paul was preaching and teaching in order to "present every man perfect IN CHRIST JESUS!" He it is who is working in us mightily! (See Col. 1)

Even some things that are true could be "another gospel" if Jesus is not the center of emphasis! "I marvel that ye are so soon removed from Him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel, which is not another, but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though WE or an ANGEL FROM HEAVEN, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed." (Gal. 1:6-8)


Quite often, a teacher of false doctrine begins in a seemingly gentle, loving spirit. But it is not unusual for him (or her) to become gradually more harsh, overbearing, impatient with any who do not accept readily his teachings, his "anointing," and his "proofs."

Any kind of control over you is suspicious: attempts to control and influence what you think (brainwashing and mind-control again), what you believe, what you say, what you do. There is often psychological pressure to persuade you to give of your finances to the teacher, prophet, apostle, --or to the "cause." Scripture may be quoted, subtly twisted or misapplied, to confirm the teacher or teachings to be of God. There may be scathing denunciations and accusations and condemnations, especially if one is getting more in bondage to the one who is deceiving. Satan will do all he can get away with!


Beware of threats and predictions of doom, or of curses coming to you, if you do not respond "properly" to the message and messenger! You may be reminded of men of God in the Bible who shook off the dust of their feet against those who did not receive them, or "know the day of their visitation" and opportunity!

Beware of anything that is used to cause you to fear! We are to fear God, not the devil, and not some self-declared leader and teacher or prophet, man or woman or group! Be like the noble Bereans who did not take for granted and swallow without question the teachings of even God's anointed apostles! But they searched the Scriptures daily for confirmation! (Acts 17:10-12)


Don't be afraid to trust the Christ IN YOU for guidance, for discernment, and for confirmation! The Holy Spirit IN YOU will lead you into all truth, confirming the teachings you hear from others, if they are really of God! But don't be RUSHED into accepting a teaching! If it is of God, it will bear the test of waiting on the Lord for confirmation. Be on guard when any teacher tries to rush you into agreement with him. Don't let yourself be pressured into hasty agreement!


If you feel an uneasiness or hesitation in your spirit for any reason, --GO SLOW! Heed the warning! Don't rationalize that caution away by saying to yourself, "Oh, this teacher must be all right! He is so wise and knowledgeable! He knows the Scriptures so much better than I do! He has taught so many good things in the past! I've always had confidence in him. Others think he is all right. Shame on me for doubting for even a moment! He has had a revelation of this teaching. (Vision, angels, prophecy, or other supernatural revelation.) He has studied it out. He has all these Scriptures to prove he is right."

Haven't we all had experience in rationalizing away the little nudgings and the still small voice of the Holy Spirit? ? ? Well, let's learn from our experience! Let's heed that uneasiness of spirit, and be on guard against swallowing ANYTHING, until we have had time to get away by ourselves, away from brainwashing, hypnotic influences, and get quiet before the Lord. Let Him speak and sort things out for us! The Lord is not in a hurry, and He will not rush us! We need to give Him TIME to get our spirits quiet and listening to HIS VOICE! If the new teaching is from Him, He will confirm it! If it is not from Him, we are so glad to have the warning, and not to get entangled in it!

We have called attention to just a few characteristics of false teachers and teachings. Remember that not ALL will be evident in ALL cases! But if one or more are there, ---examine and test the person and the teaching before the Lord, prayerfully, and searching the Scriptures FOR YOURSELF!

We know that the Lord has vast areas of truth to unfold before us. We want to be open and receptive to all that is OF HIM. His word is a treasure house, or a deep mine of jewels, and we rejoice to find continually, deeper depths of precious truth. But we want to be sure that it is PURE truth that we are receiving, and BALANCED truth! (For truth out of balance becomes error.) The Lord is faithful to confirm or to expose, so we need not fear, IF WE KEEP OUR EYES ON HIM!

The various names, and/or titles, given to God, reveal numerous aspects of His glorious, many-faceted character and functions, --whether it be the Hebrew word "Yahweh," "Elohim," "El Elyon," or any other. Whether it is Father, Son, or Holy Spirit! Whether it is Creator, I AM, Ever Present One, Eternal One, Savior, Guide, Comforter, Most High God, or any other of a multitude of names or descriptive titles which give us further knowledge of the infinite God of the universe!

Yet, "Hear, O

" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24