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Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.  

Zechariah 12:2

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Main networks interrupted at least in Tehran shortly before midnight as protests spill into third night 

Iran blocks internet, may shut down Telegram app as protests spread 

Jordan denies arresting king’s brothers over Saudi contacts 

Turkey's Erdogan to discuss Syria with Macron in Paris  

Dividing Jerusalem – big deal, very bad idea 

Syrian regime forces advance on last province outside government control 

Thousands in Tel Aviv protest corruption, call for PM to be jailed 

Thousands protest in Tel Aviv against corruption 

Syria: Mass graves uncovered, Shi’ite militia poised on Israeli border

EGYPT: Security forces kill three suspected militants in gun battle on outskirts of Gaza 

Iran: 3 protesters shot dead by Revolutionary Guards as Iran rallies intensify 

Shooting Outside Christian Church In Egypt; At Least 9 Dead 

Iranian protest escalates, government cancels schools and trains 

Jordan’s king orders brothers, a cousin arrested over covert ties with Riyadh – report 

Israeli tanks, aircraft strike Hamas targets in Gaza after rocket attack 

Sunni jihadists claim they blew up Iran oil pipeline 

Report: 3 protesters shot dead by Revolutionary Guards as Iran rallies intensify 

Map of Iran showing locations of protests over the last three days 

Protests spread to Iranian cities 


Iran arrests demonstrators in 2nd day of anti-regime protests 

US-led coalition continues striking ISIS in Syria and Iraq 

Fierce fighting kills dozens in northwest Syria 

‘We told the Israelis clearly, we’re staying in Syria,’ US official says 

Coalition: Fewer Than 1,000 Islamic State Terrorists Remain in Iraq and Syria 

Syria: Hundreds left behind in evacuations near Damascus 

Thousands of Palestinians take part in anti-Trump protests 

Syrian rebels depart enclave in south as army gains in north 

Islamic State claims responsibility for attack in Egypt's North Sinai 

Yemen government says 32 killed in air strike, disputing UN toll 

Turkey finalizes deal with Russia to purchase S-400 defense system 


Netanyahu warns Iran, Hamas of 'tremendous firepower' of Israeli Air Force 

Arab world won't be led by Turkey,' UAE diplomat says 

Report: US and Israel formulate a plan to stop Iran – together 

Report: US, Israel sign secret pact to tackle Iran nuclear and missile threat 

Lebanon FM slammed for saying ‘We are not against Israel living in security’ 

Bomb kills 6, including army colonel, in Egypt's Sinai 

Anti-corruption protests spread from Tehran to other Iranian cities 

US envoy: Palestinian reaction to Trump announcement is ugly, antisemitic 


Moscow moves to make military presence in Syria permanent 

The Israeli government approved the transfer of funds to bolster security in Judea and Samaria

Iranian parliament recognizes Jerusalem as 'capital of Palestine' 

ISIS has lost 98 percent of its territory 

Hezbollah, Syrian forces advance on rebels 7 miles from Israel 

Syrian rebels say discussing evacuation from territory near Israel 

Syria hits back at Erdogan for calling Assad a ‘terrorist’ 

Turkey’s Erdogan calls Syria’s Assad a terrorist, says impossible to continue with him 


Saudis free 23 out of hundreds detained on corruption charges 

Building starts of permanent Russian air and sea bases in Syria 

Arab States Furious at Abbas Over Response to Trump | United with Israel 

IDF warns Gaza tensions could erupt into new conflict — report 

After decades of uncertainty, Christians in Iraq Syria are left wondering whether they can survive in the region

Syrian Army and Hezbollah Advance Deeper Into Border Area Near Israel 

Syria rebels, opposition reject Russia-proposed talks 


Coptic diocese says hundreds attacked church in Egypt 

Coptic diocese says hundreds of Muslims attack church in Egypt 

Israel withdraws from UNESCO 

Trump administration to snap ties with Palestinians, no peace plan, no more monetary aid

Israel arrests 3 Turks after ‘incident’ near Temple Mount 


Iraq's Shi'ite paramilitaries deploy to Syrian border 

US ups border training in Syria to prevent ISIS resurgence 

Serious setback for Israel on Golan border. Syria and Hizballah bisect Beit Jinn enclave 

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said that he would "no longer accept" any peace plan proposed by the United States 

Arab states believe U.S. aid secure despite defying Trump Jerusalem move 

Netanyahu says in talks with several countries looking to move embassies to Jerusalem 

'US no longer a partner': Five takeaways from the Abbas-Macron meeting 


While the UN voted, Jerusalem’s fate was determined in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi

After UN vote, Erdogan says he expects Trump to rescind Jerusalem move 

Red Alert in Jerusalem: Terrorist Vet Prepares Palestinian Intifada # 3 

UN votes to condemn Trump's Jerusalem decision 

UN votes 128-9, calls US move on Jerusalem ‘null, void’ 

Nikki Haley: ’65 countries refused to condemn the United States’ 

Netanyahu: ‘Israel completely rejects this preposterous resolution’ 

Abbas hails ‘a victory for Palestine’ 

Erdan: We will respond to UN with ‘construction in every part of Jerusalem’ 

Deputy minister urges Israel to withdraw from UN, ‘evict’ it from Jerusalem 

Haley: No UN vote will change US decision to move embassy to Jerusalem 

Hamas chief in Gaza says Palestinian unity deal is collapsing

Russian parliament ratifies naval base agreement with Syria 

Putin's Syria envoy: US forces should leave Syria 

Full text of UN resolution rejecting Jerusalem recognition 

Yemen introduces resolution at UN rejecting Trump Jerusalem move 

Israel’s Netanyahu calls U.N. ‘house of lies’ before Jerusalem vote 


Plot to Kidnap MK Rabbi Yehudah Glick Uncovered

Trump threatens to cut aid to UN members over Jerusalem vote

Saudi king receives Palestinian president Abbas 

Trump envoy, shunned by Palestinians, tells Netanyahu still working for peace 

US urges UN to punish Iran, but Russia says no to sanctions 

Trump threatens to cut aid to UN members over Jerusalem vote 

Palestinian minister slams US ‘threats’ ahead of UN Jerusalem vote 

Islamic State claims Sinai airport missile attack 

ISIS missile strike on El-Arish airport kills one, misses Egyptian ministers 

Middle East Expert: 'Showdown' Could be Coming Between Israel-Sunni Alliance and Shiite Iran 

The US Embassy Move to Jerusalem vs. The “Peace Process” -  Dr. Denis MacEoin

Greenblatt, US ambassador talk peace with Netanyahu 

Netanyahu under pressure 


UK’s May calls on Trump to advance peace plans 

Since Trump’s announcement on December 6, between 30 and 40 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip towards the Israeli border settlements

Abbas sends envoys to China, Russia to seek replacement for US in peace process 

Abbas flying to Saudi Arabia to meet king and crown prince 

Airport in Egypt’s Sinai targeted as ministers visit 

Pope, Jordan’s King Abdullah, discuss Trump’s Jerusalem move 

Missile intercepted over Saudi Arabia capital seconds before striking royal palace 


Full text of Nikki Haley’s speech at UN Security Council debate on Jerusalem 

Erdogan, May say international community should be active in solving Jerusalem issue 

Israel Defence Force bomb Palestine Gaza strip in retaliation to 'red siren' attack 

Turkey says shocked by veto of UN resolution on Jerusalem 

Palestinians slam ‘unacceptable’ US veto of Jerusalem UN resolution 

US vetoes Security Council bid to reverse Jerusalem recognition 

Saudi Academic: Arabs Should Accept Israel’s Historic Right to Jerusalem 

Palestinian leader says US not Mideast mediator 

Iran Is Ready To Fight For Jerusalem 

CIA chief Pompeo meets with King Salman in Saudi Arabia 

Post-referendum woes spark angry protests in Iraqi Kurdistan 

Fatah calls for ‘Day of Rage’ to coincide with Pence visit to Israel 

IDF strikes Hamas targets after Gaza rocket hits Israeli town 

Haley says past anti-settlement UN resolutions enabled Palestinians to reject peace 

Palestinians to seek full UN backing if US vetoes Jerusalem resolution 

After sanctions eased, IMF sees steady growth for Iran 

Full text of draft UN Security Council resolution rejecting US policy shift on Jerusalem 

UNSC to vote on draft resolution rejecting Trump’s Jerusalem recognition 

Palestinians may circumvent US on Jerusalem at UN Security Council 

Ramping up rhetoric, Assad calls US-backed Kurdish fighters ‘traitors’ 

Kurdish protesters set fire to KDP office in northern Iraq 


Arab Israelis protest US Jerusalem recognition in Jaffa, north 

Nikki Haley burns the UN to the ground with scathing evidence Obama's Iran deal was a complete sham 

UN Security Council said considering resolution to annul US Jerusalem decision 

Thousands protest in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu over graft probes 

Syrian troops march into rebel-held province of Idlib 

Palestinian billionaire Masri detained in Saudi Arabia: sources 

The US Presents Evidence of Iranian Weapons Supplied to Tehran Regime’s Ally in Yemen Civil War 


Erdogan and Abbas Bark About Jerusalem, But their Threats Have No Bite 

US says it wants Syrian govt to negotiate 'seriously' with opposition 

White House signals Western Wall has to be part of Israel 

Netanyahu plans to develop solutions to force Hamas to return the bodies of Israeli soldiers and civilians held in Gaza

Four Palestinians killed in new wave of violence over Trump Jerusalem move 

China joins call to make East Jerusalem capital of independent Palestine 

Amid Jerusalem fallout, Trump envoy heads to Israel to try salvage peace push 

"Putin's troop withdrawal from Syria may not be all he says it is" 

Turkish President seeks to annul Trump's J'lem decision at UN 

Russia to resume flights to Egypt, halted after 2015 bombing 


Police to recommend Netanyahu stand trial in both graft cases — report 

IDF: 'Anything other than total quiet in south will not be tolerated' 

US jets fire warning flares as Russian planes enters Syria buffer zone 

400,000 face starvation in Damascus as Assad blocks humanitarian relief 

Bahraini Delegation Visits Jerusalem To ‘Talk About Peace’ 

Security officials: Hamas fears, readies for war

US presents ‘undeniable’ evidence Iran arming Yemen’s rebels with missiles 

Hamas Warns It Will Liberate ‘Occupied Tel Aviv’ 

Saudis welcome UN report, US stand on Iran's missile supplies to Yemen's Houthis 

PM: Ministers to meet Sunday to find ways to ‘maintain the pressure on Hamas’ 

US envoy Haley says to forge anti-Iran coalition 

Two Rockets Fired From Gaza Intercepted By Iron Dome 

Syrian government won't talk with opposition 

Israeli deterrence against Hamas has collapsed

Snubbed by Abbas, US vice president to skip Palestinians on upcoming trip 


Palestinians at UN push for resolution on Jerusalem 

Palestinians push for UN resolution rapping Jerusalem decision 

Iron Dome intercepts two rockets fired at Israel from Gaza — IDF 

Europe’s War Against the Jewish State - By Caroline Glick 

White House: Abbas’s rhetoric ‘has prevented peace for years’ 

In rare remarks to Saudis, minister says Riyadh could broker peace deal 


Netanyahu told Macron he’d make ‘concessions’ within Trump peace plan — report 

Russia not withdrawing forces from Syria, Pentagon says 

Iran Guards Commander Says Ready to Back Palestinian Forces

A deeper significance on the day Trump recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel 

Iron Dome shoots down Gaza rocket shot toward Ashkelon 

Muslim leaders to convene extraordinary summit for Jerusalem 

'The international community is failing to deal with Iran' 

Netanyahu: Most of Europe Will Follow US, Recognize Jerusalem 

Thousands of Russian private contractors fighting in Syria 

Netanyahu says ‘no substitute’ for US role in peace process 


Netanyahu: Iran eyes sending 80,000 Shiite fighters to Middle East

IDF claims video shows ambulance ferrying masked rioters to rally 

Fifth day of protests in Middle East over Trump's Jerusalem move

Abbas, Sissi meet on coordinated response to Jerusalem move 

Hamas claimed on Saturday it had handed over control of all government ministries, but Fatah's top negotiator later said "obstacles" remained

Putin: US move on Jerusalem may ‘finish prospects’ for Israeli-Palestinian peace 

Russian and Turkish presidents meet in Ankara 

Iran president tells Hamas a united Muslim front can defeat Israel, US 

Turkey, Russia will meet to finalize S-400 defense deal next week 

Russia has started military withdrawal from Syria 


U.S. Warns Saudi Arabia on Mideast Actions as Allies’ Ties Fray 

Kuwaitis hold rare protest to denounce Trump's Jerusalem move 

Turkey Seeking Muslim Coalition To End Occupation of Israel 

Lebanese PM slams Iran-backed Iraqi militia visit to Israel border 

Israeli decision not to limit access to Jerusalem prayers helped reduce protests 

Palestinians to snub Pence during visit over Jerusalem move 

Arab League Sect.-Gen.: 'Israel has no sovereignty over Jerusalem' 

PM al-Abadi tells nation IS defeated in Iraq 

IDF warns further Gaza rockets will be met with ‘severe response’ 

Despite furor over Jerusalem move, Saudis seen on board with US peace efforts

Turkey condemns Israel's 'excessive' force 

Turkey president asks Muslims to remain calm 

Clashes continue in third consecutive 'Day of Rage' 

COGAT warns Hamas of testing IDF's resolve 

Powerful Iraqi militia leader appears on Lebanon-Israel border 


IDF general urges Palestinians not to listen to extremists fanning violence 

Abbas says US can no longer broker peace 

Hamas chief: ‘Blessed intifada’ will continue until ‘Jerusalem’s liberation’ 

2 rockets launched at Israel from Gaza, IDF retaliates

Israel girds for 'Day of Rage' over Trump's Jerusalem plan

Amid Jerusalem tensions, EU and Jordan stress backing for two-state deal 

IDF implores Palestinians to ignore extremist calls for violence 

Egyptian Muslim leader rejects meeting with VP Pence over Jerusalem 

Leaders of Turkey, Russia to discuss Jerusalem 

Scores injured, one dead as Palestinians hold ‘Day of Rage’ over Jerusalem 

Hundreds demonstrate in Israeli Arab town against Jerusalem recognition 

IDF general urges Palestinians not to listen to extremists fanning violence 


As Netanyahu prepares to visit Brussels, tensions with EU's Mogherini worsen 

EU vows push to make Jerusalem capital for Palestinians too

White House says it believes Saudi Arabia to allow a Yemeni port to open 

Israel strikes Gaza after rocket fire 

Senior Palestinian official says Trump meant all of Jerusalem 

14,000 housing units planned for Jerusalem, 6,000 over Green line 

Trump's Jerusalem declaration splits Israel's left wing

Palestinians riot in West Bank, Gaza as tempers flare over Jerusalem 

Netanyahu:  More Countries to Follow US, Move Embassies to Jerusalem 

'Red Color' alert sounds in Gaza perimeter towns 

ISIS withdrawing in great numbers from Iraq, Syria; heading to Egypt, other North African countries

Hezbollah urges new Palestinian uprising, escalation of 'resistance'

After US announcement, Israel said planning 6,000 new homes in East Jerusalem 

Nasrallah calls for support of new Palestinian Intifada 

Trump Jerusalem move sparks Palestinian protests, sporadic clashes as Israel's military deploys hundreds more troops to occupied West Bank 


Abbas says Trump’s Jerusalem decision ends historic US role as peace broker 

Arab, Muslim leaders slam Trump for destroying peace efforts 

Trump asks Saudi Arabia to allow Yemen immediate access to aid 

Jordan rejects Trump's move on Jerusalem, says legally null  

Saudi king, Turkish president discuss regional developments after US embassy move decision 

Syrian president says Jerusalem to be Palestinian capital 

Tunisian labor union says Jerusalem decision a 'declaration of war,' calls for protests 

Egypt's Sisi discusses repercussions of US embassy decision with Abbas 

Iran 'seriously condemns' US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem 

Tillerson says embassy move to Jerusalem to begin ‘immediately’ 

Jordan accuses Trump of violating international law on Jerusalem 

Additional nations said to consider moving embassies to Jerusalem 

President Rivlin congratulate's Trump on Jerusalem decleration 

Jerusalem mayor: Trump Jerusalem declaration sends message of US-Israel solidarity 

Ankara condemns Trump move on Jerusalem 

Netanyahu says Israel ‘profoundly grateful’ for Trump recognition of Jerusalem 

White House releases official proclamation of Jerusalem as capital 

White House Confirms Trump's Plan to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem and Recognize It as Israel’s Capital: Palestinians Call for 3 Days of Rage 

Trump signs waiver delaying embassy move 

Overlooked? In April of 2017, the Russian government announced that Moscow views Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

POPE Urges World Leaders to Back U.N. & Make JERUSALEM the Capital of BOTH ISRAEL & Palestinians

Trump says embassy will move, commits to two states if both sides agree 

Ahead of Trump’s Jerusalem speech, Fatah says protests should be peaceful 

Palestinians burn pictures of Trump as Israel braces for violent protests 


US Congress passes bill calling to freeze US aid to Palestinians 

Trump shuns warnings, vows to move embassy to Jerusalem 

Saudi king to Trump: Jerusalem embassy move a ‘dangerous step’ 

US State Department mum on Trump's talks with world leaders on embassy 

Jerusalem mayor says US embassy move can be done in 'two minutes' 

Hamas declares Friday a 'day of rage' 

Pentagon says US military to stay in Syria as long as necessary to ensure IS does not return 

Saudi King tells Trump: any declaration on Jerusalem will harm peace negotiations 

Hamas leader: Embassy move ‘crosses all red lines,’ says ‘all options on the table’ 

US expects 'Day of Rage' demonstrations, bans government employees and their family members from visiting Jerusalem's Old City as well as West Bank

Jordan calls emergency Arab League meeting over Trump’s Jerusalem moves 

Trump to declare Jerusalem as Israel's capital, delay embassy move

Trump Informs Abbas, Jordan's Abdullah He Intends to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem 

US bars diplomatic staff from Old City, West Bank amid Jerusalem tensions 

Trump phones Sissi on Jerusalem moves as Abbas rallies world to intervene 

Abbas seeks to rally world leaders against Trump Jerusalem move 

Jordan to take up embassy crisis with Arab League meeting 

Saudi detainees faced corruption allegations in the biggest purge of the kingdom's elite in its recent history 

Hamas calls for ‘day of rage’ amid tensions over Jerusalem 

Palestinians call for three days of rage over Trump’s decision on Jerusalem 

Abbas urges Pope Francis to intervene against embassy move 

Abbas urges Pope, Putin, Macron to stop Trump’s Israel embassy announcement 

Kremlin: Russia's Putin tells Palestinians' Abbas he supports talks on Jerusalem 

Egypt’s Sissi urges Trump not to ‘complicate the region’ by moving embassy 

Jordanian, Palestinian spokesmen say  Trump will announce Weds. he's moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Muslim world warns violence will follow

Moroccan King to Trump: "Jerusalem should continue to be ground for coexistence" 

Iran asks Muslims to disrupt Israeli ties in region: TV 

Jordanian King to Abbas: "Together we will halt whatever will harm Palestinian hopes" 

Egypt warns of ‘dangerous repercussions’ if Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem 

EU warns Trump against recognising Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Mum on peace plan, Kushner leaves everyone guessing, or scratching heads 


Yemen ex-president killed as fighting shakes capital 

Jerusalem mayor pleads with Trump to move the embassy 

France’s Macron tells Trump concerned over Jerusalem plans 

Turkey says recognizing Jerusalem as capital would cause catastrophe 

UN's Latest Anti-Israel Resolutions Deny Jerusalem Ties and Demand Israel Give Up Golan 

White House: Trump and Macron discuss Mideast peace 

Israel reported to strike site near Damascus, again

Reports: Israeli airstrike on Syrian weapons facility 

US Patriot missiles may have failed in Saudi Arabia — report 

Report: Trump to make big announcement this week regarding Israel’s capital and U.S. embassy 

Trump likely to miss Monday deadline on embassy announcement by several days 

Drumbeats Of Ezekiel 38 – Israel Bombs Iranian Base In Syria 

Kushner did not disclose his foundation funded West Bank projects 

Saudi Arabia: West Bank city adjacent to Jerusalem to be future Palestinian capital, not Jerusalem 

Yemen's ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed as fighting raged between his forces and Iran-backed rebels 

UN, France to hold international meeting to support Lebanon 

What to make of Kushner's remarks on Middle East peace 

Report: Trump Mulls Plan to Expand Gaza Into Palestinian State in Sinai

Trump Has Options on US Embassy Move to Jerusalem, National Security Adviser Says 

Israeli Arabs 'won't sit pasively' if US names Jerusalem Israel's capital 


Arab League: Trump recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital would fuel violence 

Abbas adviser: 'World will pay the price' for any change in Jerusalem's status 

Arab media: 12 Iranians killed in ‘Israeli strike’ in Syria 

Palestinians to Kushner: Peace process ends if Trump backs Israel on Jerusalem 

After reported Israeli strike, PMO issues video of Netanyahu warning to Iran 

Israeli warplanes launch airstrike near Damascus, Syria 

Reports: Israel attacks Iranian base near Damascus 

Hamas accuses Palestinian Authority of holding up unity pact 

Hamas: Renew Intifada to stop US from recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital 

Yemen’s Saleh says ready for ‘new page’ with Saudi-led coalition 

Middle East leaders paint ‘dark picture’ at Rome conference 

Yemen rebel alliance starts to crumble as ex-leader Ali Abdullah Saleh reaches out to Saudi-led coalition fighting Iran-backed Huthis 

Hamas vows renewed ‘intifada’ if US recognizes Jerusalem as Israeli capital 


Palestinians warn of violence if Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital 

Handover of control of Gaza Strip from Hamas to Fatah mau be in jeopardy, after factions agreed to postpone the move

Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in Wednesday speech -- report 

Eritrea Government Now Arrests Whole Christian Families in Homes, Separates Children From Parents

Palestinian officials warn Trump of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital 

Report: Hamas leader Sinwar headed for Egypt to discuss prisoner exchange deal with Israel 

Lebanon will only survive if Hezbollah disarms -Saudi minister 

Jordan's army chief: defense ties with Cyprus key to peace 

Syrian Kurds hold local elections, press on with autonomy plans 

Egyptian billionaire denounces Saudi corruption crackdown 

Jerusalem Is About To Become A Cup Of Trembling As Trump Considers Historic Move 


Saudi air defence intercepts ballistic missile fired from Yemen over the southern city of Khamis Mushait 

DC think tank launches tool exploring West Bank land swap scenarios possible for a 2-state solution

Renewed clashes between settlers, Palestinians following fatal shooting 

Yemen rebel ballistic missile ‘hits' military target in Saudi Arabia – Houthi TV 

Islamic Jihad: Gaza escalation attempt to distract from Palestinian killed in West Bank 

Jordanian king warns US against moving embassy to Jerusalem 

Report: Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital in coming days

Jordan says no return of Israeli envoy until guard from July incident investigated 

Palestinian Islamic Jihad dismisses IDF strikes in Gaza as attempt to ‘divert attention’ 

Israel strikes militant targets in Gaza after mortar barrage 

Abbas demands international protection for Palestinians after West Bank shooting 

IDF carries out fresh Gaza airstrikes, but says not looking for escalation 


Lebanon's Hariri signals may withdraw resignation next week 

Hamas, Fatah call to postpone transfer of power in Gaza 

Mossad Head Cohen reported to be carrying out negotiations to return ambassador to Jordan 

White House says Jerusalem embassy move report ‘premature’ 

Turkey claims over 80 ‘terrorists’ killed in northern Iraq 

TV: Israel expects Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital within days 

Israel believes US embassy move to Jerusalem ‘extremely likely’ — report 

Palestinian unity deal in doubt as key deadline nears 

Iran denies Bulgaria PM entry into airspace en route to Saudi Arabia 


Saudi Crown Prince Vows to ‘Pursue Terrorism Until It Is Eradicated Completely’ After Egypt Attack 

Saudis call Iran an enemy to conceal defeat in region, Iranian president says 

Pence: Trump considering when, how to move US embassy to Jerusalem

Senior Saudi prince Miteb freed after weeks in detention: family member 

Bill to prevent East Jerusalem withdrawal cleared for final vote 

Israel marking 70th anniversary of UN vote that called for creation of Israel 

Syria's government agreed to a ceasefire in rebel-held Eastern Ghouta, following days of heavy bombardment: UN 

With victory assured, why Assad is suddenly wary of Iran’s embrace


Visiting Russian intelligence chief briefing Israeli officials on Syria peace talks 

Navy says ship-based Iron Dome ready to knock down missiles on high seas 

Hariri says Hezbollah must remain neutral to ensure Lebanon moves forward 

Syrian Kurds say US weapons deliveries to ‘adjust’ but continue 

Greek government under fire over would-be Saudi arms deal 

Iran-backed militia in Syria says it’s ‘fully prepared’ to battle Israel 

Report: Assad Offers Israel 25-Mile Buffer Zone on Syrian Border 

Senior Hamas official: 'Military wings' weapons moved to West Bank to continue fight against Israel' 

Syrian congress in Russia postponed to February 

Despite the recent unity deal between the PA and Hamas, the PA claims it has security control of only 5% of the Gaza Strip


US to allow PLO offices in Washington to remain open under limitations 

Isis blamed for Egypt mosque explosion that killed at least 235 and injured over 130 

Mosque attack is a testament to Egypt’s impotence in Sinai 

Assad regime says foiled Nusra Front attack on Syrian army posts near Hader

Iran's Rouhani calls Sochi summit 'right step, at right time' for Syria 


Saudi Crown Prince calls Iran leader ‘new Hitler’: NYT 

Egyptian army strikes vehicles of terrorists behind Sinai attack — report 

Israel ‘stands shoulder to shoulder with Egypt,’ minister says 

Sinai: Egyptian drones destroy vehicles, kill terrorists involved in mosque attack 

Egypt mosque attack: Bomb and gun assault in North Sinai kills at least 235 people 

Iraq forces say IS retreating deep into desert 

UN: Saudi coalition OKs resumption of UN flights to Yemen 


PM: Iran will gain no regional foothold 

Syria opposition meeting in Riyadh sees no role for Assad in transition 

Palestinian factions leave Cairo with little reconciliation progress 

Netanyahu touts ‘ripening’ ties with Arab states 

Hezbollah welcomes PM Hariri's 'positive' statements 

Turkish official: Assad’s future up to Syrians to negotiate 

Syria's Assad should leave before start of transition -opposition 

Sparsely populated wastelands between Tigris & Euphrates rivers the last refuge of ISIS fighters in Iraq 


ISIS has been militarily defeated in Iraq and Syria 

Israel may ‘target’ Iran activity in Syria, Netanyahu said to tell Macron 

Palestinian factions agree to hold general elections by end-2018 

Kuwaiti pundit says Israel ‘a legitimate state,’ not an occupier 

Putin organizing 4-nation summit on Syria in Sochi with Turkey, Iran & Syria

Israel thwarts smuggling of tons of explosives into Gaza

Syrian opposition to stick to demand Assad go at start of transition 

Iran’s supreme leader hails end of IS ‘tumor’ 

Lebanon Army Chief Instructs Soldiers to Prepare for War With Israel 

Abbas threat to prosecute Israel could lead to closure of PLO’s DC office 

Lebanon’s Hariri tells supporters ‘I’m staying with you’ 

Saudi-led coalition pledges to ease crippling Yemen blockade 

Putin wins backing from Iran, Turkey for new Syria peace push 


Putin gives no indication Russia to leave Syria

Macron speaks with Netanyahu, Rouhani about Lebanon crisis 

Israel, Saudi Arabia Maintain ‘Covert Ties’: Energy Minister 

Netanyahu meets with Putin, expresses concern over Iran's role in Syria 

Putin ‘Sneaks’ Assad Meeting In Moscow To Plan Syria’s Future, Discuss U.S. Tensions 

France’s Macron urges both Netanyahu and Rouhani to reduce regional tensions 

In surprise Russia trip, Assad talks post-war Syria with Putin 

Iraq relocates hundreds of foreign wives and children of suspected Islamic State militants

Palestinians freeze ties with US 

Macron scores diplomatic coup on Lebanon but balancing act under test 

Palestinians 'freeze' meetings with US, blame Netanyahu


Saudi FM on Eisenkot interview: 'No relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel' 

UN envoy says conflict likely if Palestinians fail to agree 

Mission impossible: How an old US law could scotch peace talks before they start 

IDF tank fires at Syrian army position in response to another  breach of the ceasefire on the Golan Heights

Hamas rejects Arab League labeling of Hezbollah as ‘terrorists’ 

UN warns of conflict in Gaza if reconciliation talks fail 

Report of US Recognizing ‘Palestine’ in Trump Peace Plan Sparks Knesset Backlash 

IRAQ: Supreme Federal Court rules that Sept. 25 Kurdish independence referendum was unconstitutional 

Hezbollah says it sent missiles to Gaza; not to Yemen, Bahrain 

Hezbollah leader says ready to pull commanders from Iraq 

Netanyahu to make rare appearance at summit of EU foreign ministers 

Russia's Arms Sales To Middle East Countries Spike To Record-High Levels | Zero Hedge 


US may close PLO’s DC office over Abbas urging the ICC to prosecute Israelis 

Hezbollah reportedly on high alert, primarily due to Israeli threats

Palestinians say they won’t be blackmailed by U.S. move to close PLO office 

Egypt opens its border with Gaza for the first time since a unity deal saw Hamas give up control of the crossing 

Netanyahu welcomes US moves to shut PLO office in Washington 

US, Israel dismiss TV report claiming Trump ready to recognize Palestinian state 

Palestinian threat to cut communications with US

Saudi monarch to announce son as successor, who plans to count on IDF to defeat Iran and Hezbollah

Egypt warns Ethiopia Nile dam dispute 'life or death' 

US ready to ‘fight for justice’ in Syria without UN approval – Haley 

IDF fires 'warning shot' after Syrian border construction

Hariri vows to return to Lebanon by Wednesday


Macron says Iran misunderstands France's "balanced" position in region 

Turkey pulls troops out of NATO exercise over ‘enemy’ list 

Russian long-range bombers strike Islamic State targets in Syria: agencies 

Iraqi forces retake the country’s last IS-held town 

Saudi FM: No stability in Lebanon unless Hezbollah disarms 

Hariri says his Saudi stay was to discuss Lebanon's future 

Report claims Saudi king, 81, to hand reins to son next week 


Military chief of staff's comments were the latest sign that behind-the-scenes links between Israel and Gulf countries may be occurring due to Iran 

Iraqi Kurds end parliament boycott in concession to Baghdad 

Lebanese president hopes Hariri visit to France will end crisis 

U.N. pleads for end of Yemen blockade or ‘untold thousands’ will die 

Lebanon’s Hariri to fly to Paris within 48 hours: source close to Hariri 

Israeli army chief says ready to share information with Saudi Arabia 

In Unprecedented Move, Israel Co-Sponsors Saudi UN Resolution Against Syria 

Saudi foreign minister says message to Iran is: 'enough is enough' 

Map update: Government forces push deep inside Al-Qaeda heartlands - Muraselon 

In first-ever Saudi interview, IDF head says ready to share intel on Iran 

US ambassador ‘confident’ Trump will move embassy to Jerusalem 

IDF chief: Iran trying to escalate in Lebanon, but war unlikely

IDF chief surprised by Hariri resignation, says Hezbollah is cash-strapped 

IDF chief surprised by Hariri resignation, says Hezbollah is cash-strapped 

Saudi Arabia denies Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri is being held in Riyadh 


AG: confiscation of private Palestinian land legal for some settlement use

US congress, Knesset sign declaration saying only Palestinian recognition in Israel will end the conflict 

A pro-ISIS media outlet in Egypt is encouraging Muslims to attack Christians, blow up churches 

Website Leaks Details of Saudi-Israeli Peace Deal 

Bahrain says deadly bus attack engineered by Iran 

Russia’s foreign minister debunks notion that Kremlin ever committed to limiting Iranian presence in Syria

Lebanon accuses Saudi Arabia of holding its PM hostage 

Lebanese prime minister invited to France amid resignation crisis 

Macron says he did not offer Lebanon PM 'exile' 

Palestinians denying report that Saudis forcing them to accept US peace initiative


Revealed - Saudis Plan To Give Up Palestine - For War On Iran

Threatened north to south, IDF tries to keep calm while steeling for worst 

Amid fears of PIJ strike, Iron Dome enters central Israel

IDF chief says Iran exploiting Syrian fighting to dig in in Syria 

Iron Dome deployed in Tel Aviv area as IDF girds for possible Gaza attack 

Netanyahu says he told Putin Israel not bound by Syria ceasefire 

UN dismisses Saudi conditions for reopening rebel-held Yemen port of Hodeida 

Report: Saudi-led coalition air raid puts Yemen's Sanaa airport out of service 

Islamic Jihad reportedly following Israelis, also raises alertness to highest level

Pro-Hezbollah paper alleges Saudis made plans for ties with Israel 


Israel Military Put On High Alert, Fearing Imminent Conflict 

Fears for Lebanese economy if Saudis impose Qatar-style blockade 

Israel claims new US/Russian brokered ceasefire deal  fails to provide secure Golan border

Iran's death toll from 7.3 earthquake rises to 407 

PM: Despite Syria ceasefire, Israel will act 'according to our needs'

Netanyahu: Israel will continue operating in southern Syria 

Lebanon president hails PM’s pledge to return home ‘soon’ 

France raises prospect of new sanctions on Iran over ballistic program 

Saudis told Abbas to accept Trump peace plan or resign — report 

Iran Establishes Military Base in Syria 35 Miles From Israeli Border 

IDF rolls out Iron Dome following Islamic Jihad threats

Saudi Arabia ‘Scrambles Fighter Jets’ against Hezbollah Amid Fears of WAR in the Middle East 

Netanyahu talks security with Egyptian President al-Sisi 

Even with Saudis on Israel’s side, war with Hezbollah would spell disaster 

Islamic Jihad Vows Revenge Against Israel After Gaza Tunnel Destroyed 

Greenblatt: no resumption of Israel-Palestinian talks in sight


Gulf citizens begin leaving Lebanon amid Saudi escalation 

Report: Saudi-led coalition bombed Yemenite Ministry of Defense 

Bahrain blames Iran for pipeline fire ‘terror attack’ 

Abbas: PA could move to back one-state solution if two states fail 

Abbas declares: 'If not two states, then one state for all its citizens' in Gaza speech 

Lebanese president says PM Hariri has been 'kidnapped' 

Lebanese president calls Hariri's situation in Saudi 'mysterious' 

Lebanon president calls on Riyadh to clarify reasons stopping Hariri return 

Satellite shots show Iran expanding into Syria


Saudi-led warplanes strike target defense ministry in Yemeni capital 

After questioning, investigators favor indicting Netanyahu – report 

Coming Mideast War Could Involve Saudi Arabia, Iran, The U.S. And Israel 

Hezbollah Leader Says Saudi Arabia Has Declared War On Lebanon | Zero Hedge 

France wants Hariri movements' free, able to play role in Lebanon 

Nasrallah says Saudi Arabia asked Israel to attack Lebanon 

Secretary Tillerson releases a statement on the situation in Lebanon

A house divided: How Saudi Crown Prince purged royal family rivals 

Iran provided capability for missile attacks from Yemen: U.S. Air Force 

Saudi Billionaires Scramble To Move Cash Offshore, Escape Asset Freeze 

US Air Force official: Missile targeting Saudis was Iranian 

Islamic State Driven from Last Stronghold in Syria 


Israel planning to lead UN action against Iran and Hezbollah

Israel hosts its largest aerial exercise in history

The Saudi Purge: The Middle-East Is On The Verge Of A New War 

In "already catastrophic" situation, Yemen's rebel-held Sanaa braces for a famine as a Saudi-led blockade tightens 

Lebanon PM’s party calls for his return from Saudi Arabia 

Hundreds rally at Western Wall calling for return of Goldin, Shaul from Gaza 

Police investigate Netanyahu for fifth time on corruption allegations

The Sunni-Shia Islamic rivalry is coming to a head because of Iran’s recent victories

201 detained in Saudi sweep over $100b in corruption 

Saudi Arabia Says Lebanon Has Declared War 

Saudi calls on its citizens to leave Lebanon 


Egypt's Sisi against idea of strikes on Iran, Hezbollah 

Report: Syrian army, allies, take last IS stronghold in Syria 

Egyptian president says regional crises can be resolved with dialogue but Iran must stop 'meddling' 

Egyptian president gives backing to Arab Gulf allies, says their security must not be threatened 

Saudi Arabia and Iran move closer to war 

In a newly revealed recording, John Kerry blames Israel for stalled peace talks with the Palestinians

Rouhani warns Saudi Arabia against befriending Israel, US

Abbas says Palestinians ‘stand alongside’ Saudis in face of attacks 

Iran bans hard-line paper for 2 days over threat to Dubai 

Saudi coalition lets Yemen’s Aden port reopen 

Palestinians resume security ties with Israel, eye Gaza enforcement 

Iran says fight to retake eastern Syria, Idlib will start soon: Mehr news 

240 new housing units approved in East Jerusalem 


Are We About to See a Full-Scale Saudi-Iranian War in the Middle East? 

Blaming Iran, Saudis Say Huthi Strike May be ‘Act of War’ 

A North Korea and Iran collaboration is a "huge matter of concern for #Israel."

PM: Seeing the Balfour Declaration as a crime is the root of the Israeli-Arab conflict

Riyadh rejects reports of prince’s death in graft purge 

Abbas discusses Trump’s peace plan with Saudi King 

Saudi reopens Lebanon front in struggle with Iran 

Saudi Arabia Is About To Confiscate $33 Billion From Four Of Its Richest People 


Saudi Arabia says Lebanon has declared war on it 

Saudi FM accuses Hezbollah, Iran of missile attack

Saudi-led forces close air, sea and land access to Yemen 

Saudi probe says crimes uncovered, trials ahead 

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to BBC: Iranian Takeover of Middle East Must Be Stopped 

Saudi Arabia blames Iran for missile launched from Yemen, warns it could be considered ‘act of war’ 

Saudi Arabia bars Yemen’s president from returning home 

IDF Holding Bodies of Five Terrorists Killed in Gaza Tunnel Demolition 

Second Saudi Prince Confirmed Killed During Crackdown | Zero Hedge (Hope note...WOW!!!)

Saudi king swears in new ministers, replacing those detained 


Saudi Arabia says it intercepts missile from Yemen close to capital 

'Death to Israel' at Iranian aniversary of embassy takeover

Netanyahu: Hariri’s resignation a ‘wake-up call’ on Iran threat to the region 

IDF fires rubber bullets at Palestinians throwing stones at settlement 

Syrian, allied forces converge on holdout fighters in IS group's last urban bastion 

Iran says resignation of Lebanese PM will create tension in region 

Thousands of pro-Palestinians march in London against Balfour 

Syria deal may be on agenda for Putin-Trump Asia meeting: report 

Report says Lebanese PM survived attempt to kill him days before he quit 

Lebanese PM Hariri resigns, attacking Iran, Hezbollah 


Egyptian President Meeting with US Evangelicals 'Prophetic' and 'Historic' 

IDF opens fire at rioting Palestinians by Gaza border

Putin positions himself as Middle East broker as US retreats 

In rare step, Israel says it will help Syrian Druze village fend off jihadists 

Corbyn urges UK to mark Balfour centenary by recognizing Palestine 

Islamic State Collapses As Syrian Army Fully Liberates Deir Ezzor City | Zero Hedge 

Syrian troops retake last major IS group city as Iraqi forces punched into the jihadists' last urban bastion 


Swiss say no more drone tests in ‘occupied’ Golan 

Palestinians must accept Israel, Netanyahu tells May in London 

Israel Demands That PA Bar Hamas From Gaza Border Crossings 

Israel denies request to recover Hamas terrorists’ bodies from tunnel 

Hamas fulfilled a key stage in the reconciliation agreement recently signed by the terrorist group & the PA

Lebanese president: Israel will lose next war with Lebanon 

Syria calls on UN Security Council to condemn Israeli strikes 

Gaza Strip: Breeding Ground for Radical Terror Groups 


Lebanese media: Israel bombed Hezbollah weapons depot in Syria 

IAF planes reportedly attacked in Syria 

Several tunnel terrorists still missing, may be in Israel

Iran's Rouhani: Tehran-Moscow cooperation needed to restore peace in Syria 

Iraq says negotiations with Kurds have failed 

Iran's Khamenei says Moscow, Tehran cooperation can isolate US 

Fearing reprisals after tunnel blast, Israel halts work on underground barrier 

Qatar: IDF bombing of Gaza attack tunnel violates Palestinian rights 

Although Egypt claims that new churches have been constructed, the reality is that many are being closed


Russian submarine fires cruise missiles at Islamic State targets in Syria’s Deir al-Zor: RIA 

Hezbollah’s military wing tweeted threats warning Israelis, in Hebrew, to look over their shoulders

Russia says its sub fired missile at IS in Syria 

Netanyahu on tunnel blast: 'we seek peace, but will not tolerate attack on our sovereignty'

Egypt says airstrikes kill militants, destroy vehicles 

PIJ senior militant says detonated tunnel intended to kidnap Israelis


US captures key militant in Benghazi attack 

IDF says it didn’t mean to kill senior Islamic Jihad members in tunnel blast 

Kushner makes unannounced visit to Saudi Arabia: report 

Fatah denounces IDF attack, claims Israel attempts to sabotage unity deal 

Hamas warns IDF's tunnel explosion 'grave escalation'

Six Palestinians were killed as Israel blew up what it said was a tunnel from the Gaza Strip into its territory 

Gaza Health Ministry says 7 dead, 12 injured in attack tunnel demolition 

Kushner, Greenblatt Make Secret Visit to Saudi Arabia for Mid-East Peace Push

UK’s Johnson says 1917 Jewish homeland declaration terms ‘not fully realized’ 

Iraqi Kurdistan President To Step Down After Independence Referendum Backfires 

Hamas say Israel trying to spoil reconciliation talks with tunnel strike 

Iran’s nuclear chief says weapons-grade uranium only 4 days away 

Islamic Jihad threatens Israel after IDF destroys group’s attack tunnel 

3 Islamic Jihad members said dead in attack-tunnel demolition 

Israel says destroys attack tunnel from Gaza 

Wake-Up Call: The Russia-Iran Axis Is an Existential Threat to Israel’s Security 

Saudi Arabia to extract uranium for ‘self-sufficient’ nuclear program 

Abbas says he won’t appoint Hamas ministers who won’t recognize Israel — report 


4,000 more homes could be built in Judea and Samaria

Iraq sees ‘progress’ in talks on Kurdish peshmerga pullback 

Saudi promise of ‘moderate Islam’ shifts power 


Israel, Palestinians said back to full West Bank security cooperation 

ISIS shores up last stronghold on Syria-Iraq border

FIFA throws out Palestinian demand to suspend Israel 

Iraqi PM orders 24-hour halt to military operations against Kurdish Peshmerga 

Coalition says no Iraq-Kurds cease-fire reached 


Iraq dismisses Kurdish offer to 'freeze' independence vote 

Iraq, Syria converge on Islamic State’s last strongholds 

In Jerusalem hills, Sataf forest fire worsens, ten firefighting planes dispatched 

Iraq wins Iran’s support of battle against Islamic State, Kurds 

Israel willing to take military action to stop Iran's nuclear armament, warns Intel Min.

Syria's Assad discussed peace process with Putin's envoy - RIA 

Hezbollah says U.S. sanctions aim to stir unrest in Lebanon 

Jordan Reportedly Furious Over Palestinian Reconciliation Deal  

Israel’s next challenge: Precision-guided missiles in Gaza


Hezbollah plans to return to Lebanon to replenish its forces in anticipation of future confrontation with Israel

Defense Minister: Iran slowly taking control of Hamas, we will thwart Iran's attempt to encircle us with enemies 

Netanyahu accedes to special envoy's resignation

Potential showdown in eastern Syria over IS-held territory

Swiss to represent Iran, Saudi interests after rivals broke ties 

Israel approves 176 new settler homes in East Jerusalem 

Police shutter PA conference in Jerusalem about land sales to Jews 

Iraq's Kurds offer to freeze results of independence vote 


After unity deal, Qatar to fund new Palestinian gov’t HQ in Gaza 

Iraqi Kurd parliament delays elections for 8 months 

Iraq paramilitaries battle Kurds in push towards Turkish border oil hub 

Thousands of Afghan Shiites have been recruited by Iran to defend Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime 

Yemen's rebel government threatens to close schools & send children to the front as soldiers

Crown Prince pledges 'moderate, open' Saudi Arabia, breaking with ultra-conservative clerics 


Hamas leader’s visit to Iran defies Israeli condition on Palestinian unity 

ISIS massacre of civilians discovered in recaptured Syrian town of Qaryatayn 

IDF casts doubt on Liberman’s claim Hezbollah behind Friday’s rocket attack 

White House Says Egypt ready to “help Palestinians” and assist in peace talks 

PSALM 83 WATCH: Hamas Attempting to Join Forces With Iran to “Wipe Israel Out” 

Syria rocket fire: Not accidental after all?


Militants attack Egypt police, dozens killed: sources 

Largest theft attempt of past several years thwarted (near Gaza border), 27 Palestinians arrested 

Israel believes rocket fire from Syria may have been deliberate 

Alarm sounds in Golan Heights; spill over from Syrian civil war 

Saudi oil minister makes high profile Iraq visit, calls for economic cooperation

Tillerson in Mideast as US seeks Saudi-Iraqi axis against Iran 

Syria warns UN of 'grave consequences' to Israeli fire

After strikes, Syria says Israel is backing anti-regime ‘terrorists’ 

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson returns to Saudi Arabia to seek breakthrough in Qatar diplomatic row 


Iraqi forces seize disputed town after clashes with Kurds 

Egyptian official: 14 policemen killed southwest of Cairo 

Senior Hamas delegation arrives in Iran for talks

Netanyahu lobbies world powers to stem Iraqi Kurd setbacks

Hamas warns Trump that they want to wipe out Israel, not recognize it 

For Israel, concern over Iran leads to better ties with Arab states 


Assad discusses military cooperation with visiting Iranian general 

US 'Unambiguously' Backs Israel on Hamas Disarming Demand 

The IDF responded to a stray Syrian missile that hit an open field in northern Israel

Russia says fight against Islamic State in Syria nearing end 

IDF denies second round of retaliatory tank fire against Syrian positions 

Syrian media report second Israeli barrage after mortar shell lands on Golan 

Israel airstrikes hit Syrian government positions in rural Quneitra 

Iran: We will intensify our missile program because of Trump 

Labor chief: Jordan Valley settlements ensure security 

100,000 Kurds flee Kirkuk since Iraqi army takeover -Kurdish officials 

Kurdistan region asks international help to spur dialogue with Baghdad 

Hamas chief: We won’t discuss recognizing Israel, only wiping it out 

UN says worried by reports of forced diplacement of Kurds in N.Iraq 

US envoy Greenblatt in Egypt for talk on Palestinian reconciliation 


Syrian militant group releases video of leader apparently uninjured 

Opposing settlers’ petition, state calls for evacuation of Hebron squatters 

Assad's 'animal commander' killed by land mine

Iran warns  that Israel’s next attack would be responded to with force

Israeli security forces raided eight Palestinian media stations suspected of promoting terrorism against Israel

Netanyahu discusses Syria conflict with Putin amid rising border tensions 

Isil’s Caliphate ‘Capital’ in Raqqa Falls After Jihadists Surrender

Sweden says UN’s Mideast session should focus on peace process, not Iran 

Public Security Min. Erdan urges Israelis to carry arms following Palestinian reconciliation

State rejects settlers’ petition, agrees to evacuate Hebron squatters 

Hamas called the #Israeli list of demands “an unacceptable Zionist interference in Palestinian internal affairs."

US tells Security Council to look beyond nuke deal, punish Iran for terror 

Move All Palestinians to Jordan and Free Israel, Urges Conference on Middle-East Peace 

US, Israel urge UN to adopt Trump’s comprehensive approach to Iran

Israel finishes advancing 2,600 West Bank homes, as settlers push for more 

As new homes okayed, EU says settlements undermining peace efforts 

EU, UN members call on Israel to stop plans for new West Bank settlements

Iraqi Kurds postpone polls in face of crisis 

US-backed Syrian forces clear Raqqa after driving out IS 


PA dismisses Israeli threat of talks freeze if Hamas in government 

Israel advanced plans for 1,292 settler homes in occupied West Bank, in a new push by the government: NGO 

Instability set to follow Islamic State collapse 

Israel's conditions for negotiation include that Hamas  must disarm and give up violence

Former IS ‘capital’ Raqqa fully captured, US-backed forces say 

Trump says Iran deal could be terminated altogether

Syria: Iranian chief of staff in Damascus to meet Assad 

Saudis Join Israel in Applauding Trump’s Strategy on Iran 

Fighting in Libyan capital closes airport 

Iran Revolutionary Guards commander reported dead in Syria 

Iraq president blames Kurdish poll for Kirkuk assault 

PA spokesman says Israeli demands won’t deter Palestinian unity efforts 

Israel advances 1,292 settlement homes, plans hundreds more 

White House says neither settlement building nor freeze will bring peace 

Ministers put kibosh on peace talks after Fatah-Hamas unity deal 

Bennett praises PM for laying out ‘strategic’ conditions for negotiating with Palestinians 

Cabinet: No negotiation without prior Hamas disarmament 

After Kirkuk, Kurdish forces pull out of more areas in Iraq 

Israel: No negotiations with Palestinian unity gov’t unless Hamas recognizes Israel 

ISIS Attacks Southern Israel With Rockets From Sinai 

Hamas denies report it will stop attacks against Israel as part of unity deal 

US coalition says IS pockets remain in Syria’s Raqqa 

U.S. strike on Islamic State camps in Yemen kills dozens: Pentagon 


Iraq Responds to Kurdish Quest for Independence by Seizing Kirkuk Oil Fields 

Hezbollah claims to have captured 3 Mossad agents

Syrian forces drive final IS group fighters out of Raqa with the help of batteries, masking tape and plastic bottles 

Labor head says he won’t evacuate settlements under peace deal 

Liberman tells Russians Israel won’t allow Iran to run riot in Syria 

Turkey to close air space to Northern Iraq, work with Baghdad on border 

Russian defense minister lands in Israel for talks on Syria, Iran 

Mourners bury victims of twin bombings in Somalia as the death toll rises to more than 300

Netanyahu warns Syria that Israel prepared to strike ‘as needed’ 

Iraqi forces seize Kirkuk from Kurds in bold advance 

Iran Tried 30+ Times to Buy Illegal Nuclear Technology in 2016 

Netanyahu: Bombing of Syria battery was necessary for Israel’s security 

IAF Destroys Syrian Anti-Aircraft Battery That Fired On Israeli Planes  

Analysis: Neutralizing Syrian battery draws a new Israeli red line

Iraqis celebrate retaking of Kirkuk as Kurdish forces pull back 

After IAF strikes anti-aircraft battery, Syria warns of ‘dangerous consequences’ 

Israel okays 31 settlement homes in Hebron, in first since 2002 


PM condemns 'tsunami' of police leaks on his bribery allegations

Yemeni Christians Face Persecution On All Sides As Risk of Disease Grows

Huge blast rocks Somalia's capital; police say 20 killed 

Islamic State faces imminent Raqqa defeat, Syrian YPG says 

Turkey orders detention of 100 former police officers in post-coup probe: Anadolu 

Top Israeli minister to demand PM cut all ties to PA after Hamas unity deal 

Tension flares in flashpoint town as Kurdish-Iraqi crisis escalates 

Talks seek to secure Islamic State withdrawal from Raqqa 


Full text of President Trump’s remarks on the Iran nuclear deal 

Pentagon identifying new areas to pressure Iran, reviewing plans 

Joy mixed with caution in Gaza after Palestinian unity deal

Turkish troops move into al-Qaeda-dominated Syrian province 

Israeli minister says Trump speech may start war with Iran 

Netanyahu welcomes Trump’s ‘courageous’ decision on Iran deal 

Israeli minister calls for new sanctions on Iran

Kurd forces move back defense line around Kirkuk in disengagement effort 

Iraqi army launches operation to retake Kurdish-held positions around disputed oil city of Kirkuk 

Despite appearances, Abbas hasn’t given up on disarming Hamas 

Civilians pour out of Syria's Raqa as bombing intensifies 


Key points of the Hamas-Fatah Palestinian reconciliation deal 

Today is a new day at the UN, where there is a price to pay for discrimination against Israel.

Gazans happy but cautious amid signing of Hamas-Fatah reconciliation deal 

Civilians pour out of Syria's Raqa as bombing intensifies reports

Fatah-Hamas unity: Rub your eyes in disbelief 

Netanyahu says Israel to withdraw from UNESCO along with US 

Israel says will only accept Palestinian reconciliation deal if Hamas disarms 


IDF general warns Hamas that lasers aimed at troops could lead to escalation

Kurdistan region says Iraqi forces preparing major attack in oil-rich Kirkuk 

Europe scrambles to save the Iran nuclear deal 

TV report: Islamic State chiefs gather near Israel border, in Golan Heights, set up training camp 

Yemen Islamist party members arrested, ratcheting up tensions 

Islamic State to fight ’till the end’ in Raqqa: U.S. coalition spokesman 

Special Report: In blocking arms to Yemen, Saudi Arabia squeezes a starving population 

Bennett reveals plan for peace, calls for drastic West Bank change 

US rules out negotiated IS withdrawal from Syria's Raqqa 


Israel's Next War Will Be Fought Against Both Hezbollah and Hamas, Defense Minister Says

UN envoy: Yemen's warring leaders seek power, not peace 

Report: Israeli delegation in Cairo ahead of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation talks

Egypt expands buffer zone along Gaza border 

Live update: US official: ‘Unrestrained settlement activity doesn’t help peace’ 

Report: Iran made 32 attempts to procure ballistic missile technology

Iran's armed forces say time to teach US 'new lessons' 


IDF destroys Gaza observation post after rocket fired from Gaza

US-backed Syrian fighters preparing for final push in Raqqa

ISIS Fighters Are Surrendering ‘En Masse’ In Iraq 

Nusra Front, Islamic State clash in Syria's Hama province 

Palestinian rivals head to Cairo for reconciliation talks 

UK’s May tells Netanyahu her country is sticking with Iran deal 

Iraqi VP warns of 'civil war' over Kurdish-held Kirkuk

Kremlin warns of ‘negative consequences’ if Trump quits Iran deal 

Trump says giving peace a chance before US embassy move to Jerusalem

Israeli-Palestinian women’s peace march exposes Palestinian divides 

September deadliest month this year in Syrian conflict

Ministers lament Trump decision to delay US embassy move 

Hamas rebuffs Abbas’s comparison to Hezbollah as ‘illogical’

Turkish military vehicles enter Syria's Idlib

Saudi guards killed in rare attack at king's palace


Syrian jihadist alliance decries rebel groups planning incursion 

Turkey backs Syrian rebels for ‘serious operation’ in Idlib 

US Embassy in Saudi Arabia cautions citizens after unconfirmed reports of foiled attack in Jeddah 

Hamas forces arrest senior ISIS official in Gaza 

1000 ISIS militants surrender at key city in Northern Iraq

US State Department approves potential $15 billion sale of THAAD missile defense system to Saudi Arabia 


Debris and dust: Raqqa ‘sacrificed’ to defeat Islamic State 

Iran open to talks over its ballistic missile program 

Syrian army nears Islamic State stronghold al-Mayadin 

Trump Planning to Declare Iran in Breach of Nuke Deal 

As another Iraq city is recaptured from ISIS, Christians wonder about their safety in a post ISIS world

Analysis: If the US leaves Syria, that is bad news for Israel


Trump to announce that he'll 'decertify' Iran nuclear deal

Iranian youth have shown a great interest in learning about Christianity, but the regime wants them to stop

Syria fighting worst since Aleppo, air strikes deadly: aid agencies 

Netanyahu demands Palestinians recognize Israel, disarm Hamas 

Turkey threatens to blockade Iraq's Kurds 

Russia says it fired 10 missiles at IS in Syria 

Trump Expected to Declare Iran in Breach of Nuclear Deal 

Erdogan says Turkey will soon close Iraq border and air space 

Hamas picks new deputy chief whom Israel blames for helping spark Gaza war

Hamas blocks reconciliation until agreement reached with Israel


Saudi king arrives in Moscow on historic 1st visit to Russia 

Syria's militant ex-Qaeda group denies leader injured in Russian strike 

Khamenei says America, Israel want to create a 'new Israel in the region' 

Iraq eases financial restrictions on Kurdistan region, in first sign of de-escalation 

Israeli, Arab lawmakers split on Palestinian reconciliation


US official offers mild rebuke of Netanyahu settlement construction pledge

Palestinian cabinet convenes in Gaza in move to reconcile with Hamas

Turkey seeks to isolate Syria Idlib jihadists opposing truce

Hamas vows never to disarm as first rift in Fatah talks emerges 

US official offers mild rebuke of Netanyahu settlement construction pledge

Netanyahu: Palestinian reconciliation comes ‘at the expense of our existence’ 

Netanyahu: 'We won't allow fictitious reconciliations at our expense' 

Lieberman sees Assad winning Syria war, urges more US involvement

Kurdish leader and former Iraqi president Talabani's dies 

Iran foreign minister visits Qatar amid diplomatic standoff 

Defiant Qatar emir meets Iran’s Zarif 

Kurdish lawmakers boycott Iraq parliament session in Baghdad 

PM pledges 1,200 housing units to Ma'ale Adumim, hints at annexation

In message to PA cabinet in Gaza, Egypt’s Sissi lauds reconciliation 

Live update: Palestinian official slams Netanyahu’s settlement pledge 

In Ma’ale Adumim, Netanyahu promises thousands of new West Bank homes 

US welcomes PA dealing for Gaza control, but says all must disavow violence 

Greenblatt calls on Palestinians to 'recognize Israel'

ISRAEL's USE OF FORCE: The Only Way To Stop Iran's Nuclearization


Iran, Iraq hold exercises near Iraqi Kurdistan 

UN ‘carefully optimistic’ on Fatah-Hamas reconciliation 

Suicide attack on police station in Syrian capital kills 17

Iran sends tanks to border with Iraq’s Kurdish region, Kurdish official says 

Iraqi forces seize air base from Islamic state near Hawija 

Deadly twin suicide attack hits Damascus police station 

Palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah arrives in Gaza for his first visit in two years

3,000 dead in Syria in deadliest month of 2017 – monitor 


Trump might have Middle East peace plan soon 

Nasrallah: Kurdish vote will sow division in region 

Russian air strikes kill over 2,000+ ISIS and Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria in 11 days

Syrian army, allies seize more of Jordanian frontier -report 


Macron: France ready to help Baghdad ease tensions with Kurdish region 

Erdogan claims Mossad played a role in Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence vote 

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif fears the US will abandon the landmark nuclear deal

Iran, Iraq announce joint military drills in response to Iraqi Kurdistan's "illegitimate" independence referendum 

Turkey's Erdogan says Iraqi Kurdish authorities "will pay price" for vote 

09/29/17 - Yom Kippur (at sundown)

Sec. Tillerson: The US does not recognize the Kurdistan Regional Government’s unilateral referendum held on Monday

Two years later, Libya arrests ISIS militants accused of beheading 21 Copts from Egypt

U.N. agrees international experts to probe Yemen war crimes 


US Congress Slams Back at UN Israel Blacklist With Anti-Boycott Bill 

UN offers to help resolve Baghdad, Kurdistan region crisis 

US ambassador says ‘settlements are part of Israel’ 

Erekat blasts US envoy’s ‘false and misleading’ comments on settlements 

Baghdad suspends all foreign flights to and from Iraqi Kurdish capital in retaliation for independence referendum 

Putin visits Ankara as Russia-Turkey ties deepen 

Hamas says it won’t even discuss giving up weapons if PA takes over Gaza 

Hamas leader says nothing will stand in the way of Hamas-Fatah reconciliation 

Two arrested for planning terror attack on Temple Mount 


UN threatens to blacklist 150 companies for West Bank ties — report 

Israeli intelligence believes Iran developing new precision missiles — report 

Officials say 92% voted for independence in Iraqi Kurd referendum 

There is still the relentless Arab War Against the Jews 

PM to settler leaders: Israel told not to be a ‘pig’ on settlement building 

UN 'appalled' at mass hangings in Iraq, concerned more may follow 

Iranians pour onto the streets to mourn soldier beheaded in Syria 

Iraq sends delegation to Iran ‘to coordinate military efforts’ 


Turkey warns Kurds 'Israeli flags won't save you'

Iraqi Kurds claim victory in independence vote 

Iran vows to stand with Baghdad, Ankara against Iraqi Kurds' independence push 

Iraq gives Kurdistan 3 days to hand over control of airports to avoid embargo 

Threatening ties, Erdogan tells Israel to ‘review’ support for Kurdish vote 

EU slams ‘reprehensible’ Hamas praise for Har Adar terror attack 

Arab league calls for dialogue after Kurdish vote 

Iran Missile Launch was Fake | United with Israel 

US Congress Slams Back at UN Israel Blacklist With Anti-Boycott Bill 

Turkey threatens retaliation after Iraqi Kurdish independence vote 


Lebanon's president says Syrian refugees must return home 

Op-ed: Israelis don’t believe Netanyahu, but see no alternative

Iraq army starts major maneuvers with Turkish army at the border 

Netanyahu banned ministers from talking about Kurdish referendum — report 

Kurdish independence referendum turnout 76 percent one hour before closing of station 

US establishes permanent military base in Israel for the first time 

Iraq parliament demands troops go to areas disputed with Kurds 

Israeli planes attack Hezbollah weapons warehouse 

US-backed Syrians say hit by Russian airstrike 

Syria government rejects Iraqi Kurdish independence vote 

Erdogan threatens military action over Iraqi Kurdish referendum 

Turkey's Erdogan threatens to close border with northern Iraq, block Kurdish oil over referendum vote 

Palestinian government to visit Gaza in reunification step 


Turkish parliament extends mandate on troop deployment in Iraq, Syria 

Israel, Bahrain could announce normalized ties by next year — report 

Syria's foreign minister says victory within reach 

Israel says Iran missile test a provocation to US and threat to whole free world 

Defense Minister Lieberman: Iranian missile launch threatens entire free world 

Syrian foreign minister at UN: Israel aids terrorists, we'll take back the Golan 

Saudi foreign minister at UN: 'No justification' for Israeli-Palestinian conflict to continue 

Iran says it tested medium-range missile despite Trump’s warnings 

Lebanese president: I won't prevent Hezbollah from having weapons 

Iran tries to reconcile Syria and Hamas, rebuilding alliance 

Defying US warnings, Iran tests new missile capable of reaching Israel 


Turkey says it won't accept Kurdish independence vote 

Iraqi Kurdish leader says referendum to go ahead despite opposition 

Special Report: The Iraqi militia helping Iran carve a road to Damascus 

Israeli jets said to strike weapons convoy outside Damascus 

Squeezed on all sides, Hamas bids for reconciliation 


Turkey to deploy troops inside Syria's Idlib 

Estimates say over 1 million Christians live in Saudi Arabia. Religious police force them underground

Bet on Trump or challenge Israel? Palestinians mull strategy

After meet on Iran nuke deal, Tillerson says Iran complying but violating spirit 

Hezbollah has 10,000 fighters in Syria ready to confront Israel, commander says 

American, Russian generals talk face-to-face on Syria

Abbas warns Israel: “Don’t ever try to start religious war with us” 

US-backed fighters say they are in "final stages" of capturing Syrian city of Raqa from Islamic State group 

Turkey returns fire in Syria after shell hits Hatay province 


Trump & Qatar's Emir discussed ways to enhance cooperation & advance security & stability across the Middle East

Saudi Arabia urges Kurds to scrap independence referendum 

Israel's UN ambassador calls Palestinian leader's speech 'lies' 

Abbas: UN must try to end Israeli occupation 'within set timeframe'

Full text of remarks by Trump and Abbas in New York 

At UN, Trump tells Abbas Mideast peace may be ‘toughest deal of all’ 

PA President: If the two-state solution is destroyed, we will have to continue the struggle and take steps 

PA President: We have adopted peace initiatives—and Israel has rejected them

Iran's President on Israel: 'A racist regime which ignores Palestinian rights

Saudi Arabia does not believe Iran abiding by nuclear deal 


Israel has become the only country to openly support an independent Kurdish state 

Rivlin says Iranian presence on northern border intolerable

Full text of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s UN speech 

Netanyahu holds first official meeting with Egypt’s al-Sissi 

Emir of Qatar condemns boycott in speech at UN 

Netanyahu calls to end Iran deal ‘sunset clause’ 

Netanyahu addressing UN General Assembly -  Netanyahu says Israel standing in the world improving 

Contradicting IDF, US says it didn’t establish military base in Israel 

Erdogan calls for end to nuclear weapons 

Iran says Trump's UN remarks 'shameless, ignorant' 

Erdogan at UN: Palestine is ‘the gaping wound of the world’ 

Emir of Qatar at UN: International community must put ‘more pressure’ on Israel 

Netanyahu says Israel committed to achieving peace with neighbors 

Iranian Army Chief Threatens To Turn Tel Aviv And Haifa Into Dust 

Netanyahu praises Trump’s ‘bold and courageous’ UN speech 

Israel shoots down Iranian-made drone over Syrian frontier: military 

Israel Atomic Energy Commission head warns of Iran's nuclear threat

Netanyahu trying to persuade world leaders to switch UN speech slots 

Hamas invites Abbas to resume control of Gaza 

Britain, Saudi Arabia sign military cooperation deal: state media 

Hamas asks Abbas to lift Gaza sanctions after disbanding shadow government 


Netanyahu meets Trump in New York before addressing UN 

Path to peace between Israel and Palestine goes beyond its leaders

Did a Saudi prince secretly visit Israel?

Analysis: Using an extended hand of ‘peace’, Hamas backs Abbas into a corner

UN chief comes out against Kurdish independence referendum 

PM @netanyahu to urge UN to prepare for day after ISIS defeat

Defense Minister hails the settlements, but cautions the settlers 

Israel claims UN ignored intel on secret Iran nuke sites — report 

Mossad chief pushing to ‘act now’ to prevent Iranian nuclear bomb 

Iraq vice president warns against ‘second Israel’ in Kurdistan 

Russia Rejects Israel’s Request for Buffer Zone: Allows Iranian Forces Into Syria 


Turkey says northern Iraqi referendum an issue of national security 

Iraq could use force if Kurdish referendum leads to violence 

WH official: Peace conversations to be kept ‘mostly separate’ from UN meetings

‘Netanyahu to present Trump with specific plan to nix Iran nuke deal’ 

Pro-Damascus alliance declares Syria offensive near Iraq border 

Jets strike U.S.-backed forces in eastern Syria – SDF 

Syrian/Hizballah troops cross Euphrates to east 

A US-backed force battling the IS group in Syria accuse regime and Russian warplanes of bombing its fighters 


Kurdish parliament votes to move ahead with referendum 

Israeli Consulate in NYC shuts down over threatening letter againt PM in envelope with white powder

US official: Trump to discuss Mideast peace in all his meetings at UN 

Trump tells Jewish leaders of hopes for ‘significant progress’ on Mideast peace 

US-backed SDF set red line for advancing Syrian Army at the Euphrates River

Signs of war still visible in Damascus, including a Christian neighborhood dominated by Shia militias

Iraq's Christians gather to celebrate the liberation of the Nineveh Plains from ISIS

Qatar’s emir says ready to talk to end Gulf crisis 


Russia said to reject Israeli plea to keep Iranians 60 km. from Golan frontier 

Yemen Houthi rebel leader claims UAE is in missile range 

Netanyahu backs bill strengthening security cabinet, ability to declare war 

Turkish media warns Israel sending Jewish Kurds back to Kurdistan 

Iranians among 52 dead in Iraq attacks claimed by IS 

Yemen's Houthi leader says could target Saudi oil tankers if Hodeida attacked 

US to extend Iran sanctions relief under nuclear deal 

Two ISIS suicide attacks in Iraq leave at least 60 dead 

DEBKA Exclusive: Hamas agrees to hand over Gaza to Abu Mazen 

At least 50 dead in attack on Iraq checkpoint 

Iraq dismisses Kirkuk governor amid dispute with Kurds 

Islamic State claims attacks in Iraq that killed at least 50 

Russia says close to Syria deal with Turkey, Iran 

Russian subs off Syrian coast launch cruise missiles at ISIS targets 

Rattling neighbors, Russia launches war games on NATO’s eastern flank 


Lieberman: 'Anyone over 18 must enlist'

Iran's president to address UN amid debate over nuclear deal 

Israel's navy drills for surprise Hezbollah assault

Israeli envoy to preside over UN General Assembly as Netanyahu delivers speech 

Qatari Emir to meet Turkey's Erdogan in Ankara 

Putin meets Lebanon PM Hariri in Russia visit 

Turkey will take its own security measures after Russia defense deal, Erdogan says 

Two more advanced F-35s en route to Israel from US 


Hezbollah chief says Syrian regime has won the war 

Netanyahu: Either change Iran deal or cancel it 

Arab feud over Qatar boils over at Cairo meeting 

Iraqi parliament rejects ‘unconstitutional’ Kurdish referendum 

Egypt: terror attack near el-Arish claims lives of 18 policemen, reminder why Christians had fled the city

Liberman warns Hezbollah next war will end with ‘decisive’ Israeli victory 

Russia says Syrian forces seized most territory from IS

The gathering storm on Israel’s northern borders 

Turkey signs deal to buy Russian S-400 air defense systems 


After alleged Israeli airstrike, Liberman warns Syria: ‘Don’t test us’

Saudi Arabia, Jordan back Syria safe zones after talks with Russian FM

Lavrov reports Saudi, Jordanian support for Syrian de-escalation zones 

After alleged Israeli airstrike, Liberman warns Syria: ‘Don’t test us’ 

After Russia, Iran seeks deal for long-term Syria garrison: Israel 

Hamas ready to reconcile with Fatah with no conditions

UN rights head accuses Israel of ‘serious violations’ of international law 

Syrian/Hizballah forces seize Jordan’s border, rebels on Israeli border about to quit 

10 militants killed by Egypt's police in Cairo, cell's intended target remains unclear 

EGYPT: At least 18 policemen killed in an ISIS IED and gun attack in Sinai


War, Disease & Famine: Yemen Crisis at Breaking Point 

Israeli, American Officials Work on Ending Palestinian "Refugee" Status 

Hamas leaders in Cairo discuss expansion into Syria and Lebanon 

Arab League forms committee to foil Israeli bid for UNSC membership


Although ISIS is retreating from Syria, the militants still remain a threat to Christians

US-Kuwaiti bid to broker Saudi-Qatar feud stalls 

Hezbollah claims of finding Israeli spying equipment hidden in rock 

Hamas leader in Cairo to discuss Gaza blockade

Lebanon to file UN Security Council complaint against Israel 

Qatar, Saudi Arabia enter new crisis after 1st talk since Qatar boycott began

US-backed fighters launch new offensive to oust Islamic State group from Syria's eastern Deir Ezzor province


Lebanon: 'We cannot remain silent about the Israeli attack on Syria from our air space'

Terror attacks against Israelis drop following harsh July 

Netanyahu says wife’s indictment will ‘evaporate’ 

IDF intelligence chief: 'Iran helping most severe threats against Israel'


Trump deems there is a 'chance' of peace in Israeli-Palestinian conflict 

Kurd rebels in Iraq mountains shrug off Turkey-Iran threats 

Syrian army confirms Israel behind attack on chemical weapons research center which left at least 2 soldiers dead 

Amid Syria strike rumors, IDF prepares for Hezbollah attack

Attorney general said to tell Sara Netanyahu she will be indicted 

Trump Quits Syria and Iraq, Passes Anti-ISIS War Torch to Russia and Iran

Iranian Drone Warfare Takes off Alarmingly in Syria, Yemen and Lebanon 

Iraq’s Kurds to Hold Referendum - But Delay Independence 

MID chief: Iran behind our most urgent security threats 

Netanyahu said to expect indictment in two graft cases

Syria complains to UN about alleged Israeli strike

Saudi Arabia Is Laying the Foundation for Improved Relations With Iraq

After alleged Syria strike, Liberman says Israel will prevent Iranian corridor 

Israeli air strikes reportedly hit Syrian chemical weapons facility 

Bolton: Israeli Strike Against Iran May Be Only Option to Stop Nuclear Program 

Syrian military: Predawn IAF airstrike on position kills two soldiers 

New report details “assembly line” of torture of Egypt's perceived dissidents

Friedman: US to Move Embassy to Jerusalem under Trump 

Rivlin warns Iranian meddling could ‘sink whole region into war’ 

Syrian opposition leader says UN mediation has failed 

Israel's alleged strike against Syria's chemical weapons plant 

As the noose tightens around Netanyahu 

Israeli planes reportedly hit chemical weapons site in Syria 


Netanyahu: Ties With Arab World ‘Stronger Than Ever’, But Still Under the Radar 

After string of defeats, IS faces retreat to the desert 

For tens of thousands of people escaping conflict elsewhere, Syria is a place of refuge 

Israel's covert ties with Arab nations have reached unprecedented level: PM 

Over 1,000 ISIS terrorists killed in Russian operation in Syria: general 

Yemen’s Saleh keeps friend and foe guessing after skirmish with Houthi allies 

Kuwaiti ruler in Washington for talks with Trump on Qatar, Iran 

Netanyahu tells Red Cross chief of unbelievable Hamas ‘cruelty’ 

Dozens of demonstrators in Netanya protest against illegal aliens 

Syrian government forces used chemical weapons more than two dozen times: U.N. 

DEBKA sources: Reports on breaking of Deir ez-Zour siege premature

Report: Russia Worked Secretly to Protect Hezbollah at UN 

Hezbollah welcomes Syrian breach of Islamic State siege 

Rights group accuses Egypt of widespread torture of government critics 

Syrian army fights to secure corridor into Deir al-Zor 

Trump to meet Netanyahu and Abbas on sidelines of UN to advance peace talks 


UN envoy Haley: "If Trump says Iran violating nuclear deal, does not mean US withdrawal"

Abbas government slammed for detaining Palestinian activist 

Construction Begins on High-Tech Underground Gaza Wall 

Nikki Haley says Iran nuke deal ‘flawed,’ but pulling out difficult

North Korea, Iran and Syria are forming a network of evil 

Expect Millions of Iraqi Refugees Shortly 

Russian frigate fires cruise missiles at Islamic State targets near Syria’s Deir al-Zor 

Netanyahu suspected of taking bribes from producer Milchan – report 

Syria’s Assad congratulates army on breaking IS Deir Ezzor siege 

Qatar says new port will help circumvent Arab sanctions

Syria army breaks years-long IS siege on Deir Ezzor 

Disabled protests: Knesset to hold urgent special session 


Israel's water sources at new low

Egypt finalizes deal with Russia for first nuclear plant 

Turkey slams Merkel and rival for anti-Turkish rhetoric 

Syrian forces are rapidly approaching Deir Ezzor, aiming to oust the IS jihadists and break a years-long siege 

Libyan forces attack Islamic State near former stronghold 


Hezbollah slams US over IS convoy stranded in Syria 

Saudi king says kingdom has made progress in tackling terrorism 

Iranian military chief warns attack on Iran will spillover into region 

Nineveh Province, home to many of Iraq's Christians, declared fully liberated by officials

Hawija, key to oilfields, is next anti-ISIS target in Iraq 

Iran sees little chance of enemy attack - military chief 

Lebanese PM denies Iranian weapons factories built in Lebanon 

Iran’s new defense minister stresses ultra-hard line

Lebanon denounces Israeli allegations that Hezbollah infiltrated their army 


Merkel: Germany must react decisively to latest detentions in Turkey 

Iran/Hizballah noose tightens around Israel 

US-backed Syria force says seizes Raqqa Old City from ISIS 

Lebanese PM: Israel knows there aren't missile factories in Lebanon 

With the fall of Tal Afar, Iraq declares all of Nineveh province freed from ISIS 

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Rabbis seek pope’s cooperation in fighting Islamic extremism 

US takes aim at Iran over ties to Hamas military wing 

Netanyahu Vows Never Again to Uproot 'Settlements' 

French foreign minister to travel to Libya to push peace deal 

Hezbollah chief urges recapture of Mt. Dov from Israel 

Iran, Syria, Hizballah Intent on Pushing the Americans out of Al-Tanf 

Forced by court order, Netanyahu reveals almost weekly phone calls with Adelson 

PM pledges to 'return south Tel Aviv to Israel' amid migration row

US to let Iranian-backed militias within 10 km of Golan Heights — report 

Jordan Heads for Split with Israel after Long Military-Intelligence Partnership 

Hamas Comeback as Iran’s Palestinian Military Arm 

How the Kurdish Independence Bid Sent Turkey Running into Iran’s Arms 

In Gaza, UN Chief Guterres Calls for Peaceful Palestinian State “Side-by-Side” With Israel 


Palestinian leaders are reshaping their alliances

Minister wants to annex Judea and Samaria

Netanyahu: We Will Not Allow Iranian ‘Noose’ to Tighten Around Israel 

US air strike destroys bridge to impede ISIS convoy out of Lebanese border 

Netanyahu pummels media, accuses ‘fake news industry’ of trying to topple him 

Coalition threatens to bomb Syrian government convoy evacuating ISIS fighters to Abu Kamal

UN to bolster peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon — report 

Coalition planes hit IS fighters meeting evacuees under Hezbollah deal 

US troops fired on from Turkish-held Syria area 

Israel declares Hebron an official Jewish settlement 

Hamas spokesman to UN chef: 'Punish Israel for its crimes.' 

US envoy denounces Hamas, calls on it to return Israeli captives 


Arab League chief condemns Netanyahu settlements remark 

Netanyahu ally denies Putin rejected request to shackle Iran 

Iraqi-Jordanian border crossing to be reopened after two years 

US coalition exchanged fire with rebels in Syria 

Saudi security forces brace for haj but no militant threats detected 

Lebanon's negotiated IS evacuation angers many 

Lebanon calls on UN to renew peacekeepers' mandate 

US targets Islamic State financing emir with sanctions 

White House downplays Netanyahu’s vow to continue settlement buidling 

PA urges US to intervene after Netanyahu’s settlement remarks 

Liberman: Illegal West Bank building ‘sabotaging’ settlement enterprise 

Jordan denounces Israeli MKs visit to the Temple Mount 

Israeli ambassador returns to Cairo after 8-month hiatus 

UN chief in Ramallah says no alternative to two-state solution 


Hamas leader in Gaza: Ties with Iran now ‘fantastic’; we’re preparing battle for Palestine 

Journalist Interrogated, Fired For Story Linking CIA And Syria Weapons Flights 

It's official, Russia and Syria have linked their air defense networks

UN chief meets with families of soldiers and civilians held captive by Hamas 

US asked for 3-4 months to present peace plan, Abbas adviser says 

Israel Warns Of Bombing Assad’s Palace if Iran Expands in Syria 

Christians in Egyptian village prevented from worshiping at a private home

UN Secy Gen arrives in Israel for first visit 

Netanyahu: Iran can’t be allowed to build missile plants in Syria & Lebanon 

PM to UN chief: Iran building missile factories in Syria, Lebanon 

Greeting Guterres, Netanyahu rips UN, says Iran turning Lebanon, Syria into warfronts against Israel 

Trump team, Netanyahu renew talks on US embassy move to Jerusalem 

To negotiate, Hamas says Israel must first free prisoners 


Netanyahu, Trump to meet on September 17


Jewish residents suffer as Samaria Arabs illegally burn trash




Hundreds turn out as anti-Netanyahu protests resume near AG’s home 

ISIS launches counter offensives in Syria & Europe 

France pledges support to stabilize post-Islamic State Iraq 

Israeli envoy says UN must address Hezbollah ‘weapons buildup’ 

ISIS wanted to dislodge Christianity. Now, the defenses in one of their last strongholds in Iraq is dislodged

Syrian army, allies advance against Islamic State in central Syria 

Iraq says 90 percent of Tal Afar, Iraq retaken from ISIS 


When ISIS swept through Iraqi Christian towns, they destroyed centuries old churches 

Magazine: The odd couple behind the weekly anti-Netanyahu rallies

In Policy Turnaround US State Department Refuses to Commit to "Biased" Two-State Solution 

Turkey and Russia agree sale of S-400 missile defense systems 

In Persian Gulf, Iran's drones pose rising threat to US

US Ambassador Haley: Nuclear inspectors should have access to Iran military bases 


With 500 Iranian army soldiers already stationed across the border from Israel in Syria, Israel is not sitting still 

Iraqi forces hope for quick victory over Islamic State in Tal Afar 

Netanyahu tells American team that peace and security are possible

Netanyahu says meeting with Kushner ‘helpful, meaningful’ 

Kushner stresses Trump’s Mideast peace optimism but details scant 

North Korea Aiding Syrian Chemical Attacks: UN  

This year Jewish Feast of Trumpets coincides with UN Int'l Peace Day 1 Thes. 5:3

Kushner and Greenblatt meet with PA President Abbas 

PA says it ‘highly appreciates’ Trump administration’s peace efforts 

Egypt Cancels Meeting with Jared Kushner After U.S. Withholds Aid 

Palestinians give Trump 45 days to support two-state solution 

RUSSIA Now Moving Soldiers NEAR ISRAEL's Northern Border 

Taking Israeli aid, Syrian rebel says crisis on Golan overrides old hatreds 

Freedom of worship denied in Egypt as authorities close church serving 3 villages

EU slams Israel for demolishing Palestinian schools 

Two Major Battles open Syrian Borders to Iranian Control 

After Trump’s Pullback from Syria, Erdogan Cozies up to Iran, Beckons to Jordan 

Egyptian-Saudi-UAE Plan Seeks to Unify and Rejuvenate Palestinian Leadership 


They are fulfilling prophecy about the Jewish people returning to Israel 

Israel’s red lines in Syria long crossed by Iran 

Christians in Iraq return home to find churches destroyed & their houses uninhabitable

Air raids on outskirts of Yemen capital kill "at least 30" 

Iran Warns it Can Enrich Uranium for Nuclear Weapons ‘in Five Days’ 

Turkey to tell Iraqi Kurds independence vote wrong, foreign minister says 

Netanyahu to Putin: Israel willing to act against Iran in Syria 

Iran extends reach with fight for land link to Mediterranean

Jordan king to US delegation: Two states the only solution to conflict 

Palestinians say Trump must commit to two states before peace talks 

Netanyahu to Putin: Iran’s growing Syria role threatens Israel 

11 beheaded in jihadist attack on Libya checkpoint 

PM says Israel, Russia aligned in combating Iranian influence 


Palestinians wait for US envoy Kushner to break his silence

Iran's Revolutionary Guards denied claims by Turkey of joint military operations against Kurdish rebels in Iraq 

UN chief to visit Israel, PA next week 

In talks with Putin, Netanyahu to focus on Iran threat 

Lebanon army says in final stage of IS border battle 

Official in Tehran: Five days for resuming high-grade uranium enrichment 

In talks with Putin, PM plans to raise [the problem of] Iranian ambitions 

PM Netanyahu to discuss Iran's Syrian entrenchment with Putin 

US-led coalition acknowledges it has pounded Raqa and surrounding area with more than 250 air strikes over past week

Germany’s Gabriel hits back at Erdogan with call to back Turkish democracy 

Militant groups in Egypt target Christians, government cracking down on dissidents

PA says ‘nothing’ achieved in 24 years of peace talks 

Move against Kurd rebels on Turkey-Iran agenda: Erdogan 

Iraqi forces close in on Islamic State-held Tal Afar 

LEBANON: Army finds anti-aircraft missiles among cache of weapons abandoned by ISIS fighters

Turkey, Jordan call for ‘serious’ Israel-Palestinian peace talks 

Source on the ground tells AFP it was the first time that Hezbollah deployed weaponised drones against IS in Syria 

A Defiant Assad Praises Russia’s Putin, Iran’s Khamenei, Hezbollah’s Nasrallah 

Abbas: Trump Administration Is in Chaos and I Don’t Understand Their Peace Plan 

Hezbollah drones attack ISIS positions on the Lebanese border


Arab foreign ministers welcome US Mideast mediation 

Three armies fighting for control of Syrian-Lebanese border 

Netanyahu to meet with Putin in Russia this week 

Muslims Tell Europe: "One Day All This Will Be Ours"

Turkey kills IS suspect, detains 4 more ‘planning attack’ 

Fierce clashes rock Palestinian camp in Lebanon 

Lebanon army launches offensive against IS on Syria border 

Erdogan slams German rebukes over election 'interference' 


Iran building missile factory in Syria

Assad advisor says Syria war nearing its end 

Christianity is Rapidly Growing in Iran 

Lebanese army finds surface-to-air missile in Nusra Front arms cache – security source 


Criticism mounts over Netanyahu’s response to US neo-Nazism 

UAE, other countries pledge $15 million per month to Gaza 

Record Number of Jews Visit Temple Mount Under Threat of More Violence 

UN hopes for Syria peace talks in October or November 


Iran Sending Warships to Atlantic Ocean Amid Massive New Military Buildup 

Syrian warplanes attack ISIS near Lebanon border 

Iraq asks UN to collect evidence to prosecute Islamic State 

Hamas chief says Israel would be ‘crushed’ in next war 

Hamas leader promises to 'pummel Israel' if conflict arises

Police arrest 72 Palestinians suspected in Temple Mount riots 


Iran building missile factory in Syria — report 

Tunisia says IS plot to seize territory foiled 

Syrian army says jet crashes in southern Syria, probing cause 

US accuses Islamic State of genocide against Christians, others 

Abbas congratulates North Korea’s Kim amid nuclear tensions 

Suspected Syrian Scud site spotted by satellite 

Palestinians to U.S.: Shut up and give us the money! 

Iranian court freezes assets of more than 150 BBC staff 

Two policemen killed in Sinai attack 

Saudi Arabia and Iraqto re-open border crossing after 27 years 

Lebanese troops advance on Syria border ahead of anti-IS push 

US Navy reports another tense encounter with an Iran drone 


Iran filling any vacuum is dangerous, but a vacuum on Israel's border makes it particularly unsettling

Three NGOs halt Mediterranean Sea migrant rescues over increasingly hostile stance of Libyan coastguard 

Likud MK holds ‘protest’ office at Temple Mount gate 

Yehudah Glick Sets Up Temple Mount Office in Protest of “Absurd” MK Ban [INTERVIEW]  

UN fears for thousands trapped on Syria-Jordan border 

Netanyahu: Israel Welcomes US Efforts to Ignite Peace Process 

Hezbollah attack will bring ‘destruction throughout Lebanon’ – Bennett 

Cash crisis exposes rift within Saudi-led coalition in Yemen 

Hamas denies existence of tunnels under civilian buildings 


Dozens protest against religious coercion in Jerusalem 

Turkey arrests 3 suspected Islamic State ‘executioners’ 

Official: Syria to facilitate chemical weapons team mission 

Trump-Putin deal imperils Israeli, Jordan borders - 
The Syrian-Iranian-Hizballah alliance using the Trump-Putin ceasefire zones accord for seizing control of southern Syria and grabbing the Jordanian and Israeli borders.


Temple Mount saw record number of Israeli visitors, despite tensions 

Trump to send envoys to Middle East to discuss peace between Israel and Palestinians

Jordan continues to block Israeli ambassador’s return 

At least 3 Palestinians said wounded in riots along Gaza border 

Gaza faces ‘increasingly dire situation,’ UN rights commissioner says 

Syrian commander predicts Raqqa's liberation from ISIS 4 months away

Hezbollah steers Lebanon closer to Syria, straining efforts to stay neutral 

US-backed Syrian fighters pressure IS in Raqqa 

Syrian rebels to pull out of Lebanon border enclave


Israel nabs "ticking time-bomb” terrorists just before "imminent attack." 

Hamas says Israel’s anti-tunnel barrier won’t stop its ‘resistance’ 

Militants trapped in Raqqa center but Syrian Kurd commander sees long battle 

Israeli security picks up 5 terrorists, thwarts another Jerusalem attack 

US Asymmetry for Iran on Syria’s Borders: Open Gate to Lebanon. No Entry to Iraq 

The Saudi Game in Syria is over. Assad Is the Winner 

Hamas considering replacing its civilian rule in Gaza with military rule in its stead

Israeli forces arrest 5 Palestinians said on way to terror attack 

Likud Holds Solidarity Rally for Netanyahu Amid Investigations 

Waqf says Israel didn’t damage any historic items on Temple Mount 


After rally, opposition slams Netanyahu as corrupt dictator clinging to power 

At solidarity rally, Netanyahu accuses left and media of trying to overthrow him 

Thousands rally for Netanyahu as scandals multiply 

Islamic State threatens new attacks in Iran 

Netanyahu Faces Trials of Predecessor King David as Enemies and Media Seek to Destroy Him 

50 African teen migrants 'deliberately drowned' off Yemen 

Iran Hosts Delegation From Hamas Terror Group Amid Warming Relations

Egyptian officials: 4 policemen killed in northern Sinai 

Kurdish leaders promise Christians they would be protected if Kurdistan gains independence


In light of terrorism, support for Israel in Iraq rises

Palestinians fire rocket from Gaza into southern Israel 

Illegal homes going up in settlement across street from Liberman aide 

Liberman rips rumor mill after IDF chief said killed in crash 

Gazan travelers face new restrictions from Israel 

Iranian drone buzzes US Navy jet in Persian Gulf 

Unarmed Iranian QOM-1 drone came within 100 feet of US F/A-18 as the fighter jet prepared to land 

Jordan’s King Abdullah Meets Palestinian Leader Abbas in Ramallah 

Two soldiers, six al Qaeda militants die in Yemen attack 

US denies bombing Iraqi Shi'ite militia near Syrian border 

PA issues new demands of Israel, but is quietly still arresting terror suspects 

Seven ISIS rockets hit Lebanese army posts in Baalbek 


Netanyahu adamant his investigations won't lead to his downfall 

Social Equality Minister Gila Gamliel: 'Netanyahu is here to stay'

Syrian army stepped up shelling and air strikes on the last rebel-held enclaves in the Syrian capital on Monday…

Syrian army steps up strikes on capital’s last rebel enclave 

Attorney general said to be bringing charges against Sara Netanyahu 

Jordan and PA agree to establish committee to monitor the situation on Temple Mount 

Security source says initial information shows Islamic State fired rockets into Lebanon 

East Libyan city suffers as military forces tighten siege 

Al-Qaeda ousted from oil-rich Yemen province 

Partial lunar eclipse to grace Israel’s skies tonight

Iran captures 27 ISIS-linked terrorists plotting attacks in the country

Amnesty International says Israeli plans to close Al-Jazeera move send ‘chilling message’ 

Jordanian king tells Abbas Trump committed to peace process 

Bennet backs Netanyahu in light of possible indictment 

Pray for Baghdad, so few Christians remain that 8 churches were closed 


Hamas said to accept Egyptian plan for Palestinian unity, Fatah holding out

The beginning of the end of King Bibi? 

Despite Trump claim, Lebanon fighting alongside, not against, Hezbollah 


Opposition leaders call on Netanyahu to resign over corruption cases 

Iran vows 'unified' response to breach of nuclear deal 

Turkey reinforces military on Syria border  

Ari Harow’s parents say his woes part of plot to topple Netanyahu 

UN reported that ISIS genocide against Yazidis continues unabated

Five buildings evacuated as fire rages in central Jerusalem 

Wildfire in Valley of the Cross under control, five buildings evacuated due to smoke 

Jordan king to meet Abbas in Ramallah in bid to ‘revive’ peace talks 


ISIS starts conscription of male youth in Deir Ez-Zor, Syria as battle looms 

Israel to build underground barrier on Sinai border

Charities are cautiously hopeful that Christians will return to ISIS-cleared parts of Iraq

Syrian militants, refugees arrive in Syria rebel zone from Lebanon 

PROPHECY WATCH: Will the Coming End of ISIS Unleash War on Israel? 

Two Muslim states in Africa send first-ever envoys to Israel 

Palestinians pelt 70 tourists with rocks in West Bank


Jordanian king to make rare visit to Ramallah Monday

Terrorist who plotted attack on Israel soccer game killed in Syria 

Netanyahu rejects graft accusations as ‘witch hunt intended to topple government’ 

Dramatic Spike in Jewish Visitors to Temple Mount Could Spark More Terror  

The Saudis Ravage Shiite Town after Iran-Inspired Terror 

Iran Set for Localized Military Clashes with the US 

Learn why Lebanon signed deal with Al-Qaeda group to transfer refugees back to Syria:

Thousands march in Jerusalem Pride Parade under tight security 

US lawmakers advance bill to defund PA over terror stipends 

Poll: Drop in Support for Two-State Solution in Both Israelis and Palestinians 

IS calls young men to arms in eastern Syria 

The Temple Mount crisis ended Trump’s Palestinian honeymoon. The Kushner tape made things worse 

Israelis March Demanding Access to Temple Mount and Building of Third Temple 

New US Sanctions Are 'Breach' Of Nuclear Deal, Iran Says 

UN: Yazidi genocide still ongoing, unaddressed 

Kushner: Israel Right In Temple Mount Crisis, Amman Embassy Attack 


1,300 Jews on Temple Mount Signal End of Exile, Beginning of Joyous Redemption on Ninth of Av 

In Leaked Briefing, Jared Kushner Says Trump May Not Have Solution to Mid-East Conflict 

Jews Ascend Largely Arab-Free Temple Mount Before Tisha B'av 

Cape Verde's president announces his country will no longer vote against Israel in UN 

Israel completes new stretch of security barrier in southern West Bank 


In rare move, Abbas hosts Hamas delegation in Ramallah 

Kushner: There may be no solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 

Israeli-Palestinian conflict may not be solvable, Jared Kushner says in leaked off-record remarks

The geographical defeat of #ISIS isn't the end as it will seek to go virtual. 

Turkey, Qatar launch joint military exercises 

Report: Netanyahu suggests land swap with Palestinians

Christians left Baghdad “to protect ourselves and to keep our sanity.” 

Several hundred Jews allowed to ascend Temple Mt, on Tisha Be’Av 

As record number of Jews visit Temple Mount, Jordan warns of more crises 


POPE to United Nations: Want 'Lasting, International Status for JERUSALEM' / (last paragraph) 

Hundreds of Russian combat troops posted at Quneitra opposite Golan 

Senior Fatah official says coordination with Israel won’t return to ‘what it was before’ 

PA to renew contact with Israel in civic matters 

Iraqi general sees easy victory over exhausted Islamic State fighters in Tal Afar 

Iraqi Shi’ite leader Sadr makes rare visit to Saudi Arabia 

Could Iran's Moves in Syria be the Seeds of the Next War with Israel? 

Amnesty International calls on Hamas to free Israeli hostages 

Australian Labor Party votes to recognize a Palestinian state 

Israel Closely Monitoring President Abbas' ‘Deteriorating’ Health 

Police deploy in Old City, shutter roads to secure Tisha B’Av prayers 

Abbas refuses to meet Trump envoy in Ramallah 

Violent hail storm strikes Istanbul, Turkey leaving at least 10 injured 

To defend Raqa, Islamic State has deployed barrage of car bombs, suicide bombers, weaponised drones, snipers & mines 


Temple Mount crisis ‘coming to an end,’ says Liberman 

Violence erupts in Jaffa at funeral for suspect killed by police 

Liberman slams Likud MKs for outburst against Shin Bet over Temple Mount security 

Eastern Libya air force jet shot down by missile over Derna 

Hundreds protest outside of AG's home in Petah Tikva, Israel 

Yemeni rebels say targeted UAE ship of Saudi-led coalition 

Jordan’s king says Amman preventing ‘Judaization’ of holy sites in Jerusalem 

To defend Raqa, Islamic State has deployed barrage of car bombs, suicide bombers, weaponised drones, snipers & mines 


US hits Iran with more sanctions in response to space launch 

US Treasury slaps sanctions on Iranian companies after satellite launch 

IDF: Hundreds of Palestinians participated in riots in West Bank today, 4 were arrested 

Arab states to meet in Bahrain on Saturday to discuss Qatar 

Likud Minister Pushes Resolution Barring Palestinian State…FOREVER! 

Amid heavy Jordanian pressure, Israel announces probe into Amman embassy attack 

Iran denies rocket test violates U.N. resolution 

Iranians stage anti-Israel protest in Tehran 

'Al-Aqsa agreement betrays Allah' 

A missile fired by Yemeni rebels is shot down close to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Arab military coalition says 

With Hajj weeks away, Yemeni rebels fire missile near Mecca 


Nearly 100 injured in Jerusalem clashes, Palestinian medics say 

Live blog: Arab League chief warns Israel risking ‘religious war’ at Temple Mount 

Jordan: Israeli embassy won't reopen unless security guard is put on trial 

IDF deploys six more battalions to deal with possible unrest in Judea, Samaria 

Netanyahu calls for Halamish terrorist to be executed 

Turkey opposition stages sit-in to protest changes to parliamentary procedure 

Palestinians riot on Temple Mount, stone Jews praying at Western Wall 

Israeli police and Palestinians clash at a Jerusalem holy site as Muslim worshippers enter compound 

In bitter tirade, Jordan king slams Netanyahu’s ‘political showmanship’ 

Thousands rush to pray at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque amid tension 

Clashes erupt at Temple Mount as Muslim worshipers return to site 

Jordan’s king calls on Israel to put on trial guard who shot dead two Jordanians 

Palestinian worshippers stream into the Haram al-Sharif compound as they end two-week boycott of the Jerusalem site 

Muslim leaders call off Temple Mount morning prayers despite Israeli removal of security measures 

Jordan king calls Abbas to urge calm amid mounting Jerusalem tensions 

Waqf renews demand to cancel new security arrangements 

Turkish president: Removal of metal detectors not enough 

Knesset advances bill tomake it harder to withdraw from East Jerusalem


Mobilizing militia, Abbas orders mass protests Friday over Temple Mount 

Waqf presents police list of demands to end protests 

King of Jordan continues contacts with PA to resolve Temple Mount crisis 

PA joins Hamas in calling for Temple Mount 'day of rage'

Mobilizing militia, Abbas orders mass protests Friday over Temple Mount 

Hebron Jews Retake Beit Hamchpela in Response to Shabbat Massacre in Samaria 

Knesset advances bill to make it harder to withdraw from East Jerusalem 

Turkish president: Removal of metal detectors not enough 

Waqf renews demand to cancel new security arrangements 

The Temple Mount crisis — far from over, it’s really just beginning 

Bennett accuses Arab MKs of siding against Israel on Temple Mount crisis 

Russian military police deploy close to Israel's Golan to monitor safe zones  

Bennett slams handling of Temple Mount crisis, backs Netanyahu 

Hamas declares Temple Mount ‘victory,’ calls new ‘day of rage’ 

Turkey’s Erdogan says Israel damaging Jerusalem’s ‘Islamic character’ 

At the Temple Mount, it’s not about metal detectors, it’s about sovereignty 

Libyan forces step up patrols to stop Islamic State regrouping 

Iran’s President Says Country Will ‘Take Action’ If US Sanctions Pass 

Hamas, Fatah call for mass protests, ‘rage’ on Friday

Trump won't let Assad get away with 'horrible' crimes 

Trump: Hezbollah a thret to Lebanon and entire Middle East 


PA President: 'Won't renew relations with Israel until restoration of previous security arrangements on Temple Mount 

Abbas: Security coordination with Israel to remain frozen 

Netanyahu says Iran filling the void left by IS in Golan 

US envoy to the UN hopes ‘wisdom will prevail’ at Temple Mount 

Muslims maintain Temple Mount boycott after detectors removed 

Israel to Replace Metal Detectors in Jerusalem With Smart Surveillance 

Police deny rumors of planned X-ray cameras on Temple Mount 

Mourners chant ‘death to Israel’ at funeral for Jordanian embassy stabber 

Israel removes Jerusalem metal detectors, Palestinians reject new measures 

Jordan wants pre-crisis status at holy site 

Israel Hit With Rocket Fire From Gaza Amid Temple Mount Tension 

Israel removes metal detectors from Temple Mount 

Israel-Jordan crisis over, diplomats leave embassy 


Netanyahu and Jordan’s King Abdullah talk as crisis eases 

UN warns of escalation if no Jerusalem mosque solution by Friday

PMO denies Jordan demanded removal of metal detectors to allow Israeli guard to leave 

Israel, Jordan said close to resolving crises over embassy deaths, Temple Mount 

Security Minister: We’re Not Backing Down on Temple Mount Checkpoints 

Jordan's Foreign Minister: Remove the metal detectors 

Police looking at new hi-tech security measures for Temple Mount 

Lebanon's Hezbollah says Syria border assault 'nearing end' 

Calls For Death Penalty After Shabbat Massacre in Samaria 

Trump’s envoy arrives to try help calm Temple Mount tensions 

Envoy says dispute with Jordan will be over ‘shortly’ 

Hezbollah says battle with Nusra Front almost won at Syria-Lebanon border 

Israel cites self-defense in Amman embassy shooting 

Turkey says Israel violating human rights at al-Aqsa mosque 

Trump Envoy Greenblatt Heads to Israel in US Effort to Calm Mid-East Tensions 

Israel sends more troops to West Bank after stabbing, unrest 

Israel installs new security cameras at Temple Mt 



Halamish residents fume at failure to install CCTV cameras

Abbas confirms he halted security coordination, warns Israelis will ‘lose’

Iran Cracks Down on Christian Converts, Sentences Believers to 10-Years in Prison 

WATCH: Jews in Turkey under attack over Temple Mount crisis

Live blog: Security failures may have enabled Friday’s deadly terror attack - report 

Palestinians report clashes, wounded near Jerusalem 

Settlements woefully undefended, says Samaria Council leader 

Syrian warplanes strike near Damascus despite ceasefire: Syrian Observatory 

Abbas: Israel most to lose in termination of security ties

UN Security Council to meet Monday on Jerusalem violence -diplomats 

Iran and Iraq sign accord to boost military cooperation 

Palestinians: We reject any alternative Temple Mt security devices 

25 Hamas operatives, including senior figures, arrested in West Bank 

Entry of Palestinian workers into West Bank communities restricted, following terror attack 

IDF: The rocket fired from Gaza exploded in an open field 

Israel looking for alternatives to metal detectors at Temple Mount 

Arab League says Israel ‘playing with fire’ at Temple Mount 

Erdogan on the Temple Mount crisis: 'The Muslim world cannot remain silent'

Erdogan says prolonging Gulf crisis 'not in anyone's interest' 


More Palestinians-Israeli police clashes in and outside Jerusalem 

Egypt opens military base says largest in region 

Heavy clashes again erupt outside Temple Mount 

Israel said set to replace Temple Mount metal detectors with fenced access paths 

Iran announces new missile production line

Three Israelis stabbed to death in terror attack at Halamish 

Egypt calls for halt to violence in Jerusalem 

Palestinian Leader ABBAS "Suspends ALL Official Contacts with ISRAEL" 

This is a war for sovereign control of Temple Mt 

Palestinians clash with soldiers near Halamish stabber’s village 

Police clashes with rioters in several locations in east Jerusalem 

Protests across Muslim world condemn Israel over al-Aksa measures 

The IDF set for long period of unrest, also attack from Gaza 

Turkish President Erdogan condemns Israel's 'excessive' force in clashes over sensitive Jerusalem holy site 

Syrian army declares cessation of hostilities east of capital  

Security forces in Mosul take the law into their own hands with extra-judicial killings

Eastern commander’s forces battle resistance in Libya’s Benghazi 

Hezbollah and Syrian army advance in Syria-Lebanon border offensive: reports 

Abbas announces immediate halt to ‘all contacts’ with Israel 


Iranian troops clash with 'terrorists' on border with Iraq 

Palestinians report three killed in violent clashes with Jerusalem police 

Islamic Movement official: Israel ‘using chemicals’ to corrode Al-Aqsa Mosque 

US State Department Blames Israel’s “Settlements” for Palestinian Terrorism 

Arab MK: ‘Arab world will rise up’ if Israel doesn’t remove Temple Mt. metal detectors 

Thousands protest against Israel in Amman, Istanbul, Beirut 

Hezbollah confirms its fighters have begun operation against militants on both sides of border with Syria

Thousands of Palestinians rioting in West Bank 

Palestinian critically injured in At-Tur riots in east Jerusalem 

Abbas asks US to intervene in Temple Mount crisis 

Temple Mount Crisis Intensifies as Palestinian Killed, 190 Wounded’ in East Jerusalem 

Erdogan says Turkey will try to solve problems between Gulf states 

Israel Braces for Calls to Storm Temple Mount Friday

Riots erupt yet again on Temple Mount ahead of Friday's mass prayer 

Metal detectors will stay on Temple Mount, says Israeli cabinet 

Yemeni rebels vow to fight against Israel

Libya's eastern forces deny reports of summary executions 


Turkey Discloses Locations of 10 US Military Outposts in Syria to ISIS 

The US And Russia Need A Middleman. Enter Bibi Netanyahu 

Libya's eastern forces deny reports of summary executions 

Israel expects Turkey to condemn Temple Mount attack, Rivlin tells Erdogan 

Turkey urges Israel to remove Temple Mount metal detectors 

Israel faces mounting Palestinian anger over holy site metal detectors 

Syria rebels blindsided by U.S. move, say jihadists to benefit 

Kuwait shuts Iran cultural mission, expels some diplomats 

Amid temple Mount tumult, the who, what and why of its Waqf rulers 

Russia calls new US sanctions against Iran unfounded 

Hamas calls for mass protests over Temple Mount metal detectors 

Kuwait orders Iran envoy to leave within 48 days

UN Mideast envoy calls for de-escalation of Temple Mount tensions 

Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels 


Israel prepares for Muslim 'day of rage' over Temple Mount crisis

Netanyahu denounces EU's political demands on Israel as "absolutely crazy", in leaked remarks from Hungary 

Churches in Egypt are on lock down as ISIS makes more threats

Palestinians rioting at three locations in the Jerusalem area, three arrested 

Iran still top state terror sponsor; global attacks down 

Temple Mount metal detectors to stay up for now, PM says 

Israel in talks with Jordan to resolve Temple Mount crisis 

Abbas cutting short China visit over Temple Mount tensions 

Temple Mount tensions spark fourth day of clashes 

Police Close Temple Mount to Jewish Visitors Over Prayers  

Amid protests, Israel weighs removing Temple Mount metal detectors 

Bomb, gun attack on Egyptian police in Sinai. At least 9 dead 

Muslim protesters slam Temple Mount metal detectors as Israeli ‘provocation’ 

Arab nations boycotting Qatar dropped list of 13 demands, now want Qatar to accept six broad principles 

Netanyahu: We struck Iranian targets in Syria, arms shipments for Hizballah 


Analysis: ISIS in the Sinai eyeing Israel

Iran condemns ‘worthless’ US sanctions, responds with its own 

President Xi reaffirms China's support of two-state solution, with an independent, fully sovereign Palestinian state 

Russian troops for Quneitra in defiance of Israel 

China says it will host Israeli-Palestinian ‘peace symposium’ 

US slaps fresh sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missile program 

Israel’s Netanyahu tells Macron of doubts about U.S. peace push 

US, Russia tout Israel's security needs amid concerns of Iran in Syria 

Saudi-led coalition airstrike in Yemen kills 11 civilians 

‘Apocalypse Between Islam and Judaism’ on Temple Mount 

Fatah calls for ‘Day of Rage’ amid new Temple Mount security in wake of attack 


Rioting Palestinians clash with police outside Temple Mt. Gate 

Protests in Jerusalem’s Old City amid Temple Mount unrest 

Muslims avoid Temple Mount over Israeli security measures 

Israel totally opposed to Syrian ceasefire plan, Netanyahu in Paris 

Turkish government extends state of emergency rule for another 3 months 

Macron Calls for Two States With Jerusalem as Shared Capital 

Democrats and the EU were determined to force Israel into a supposed peace deal that would create yet another terror state on Israel's borders. Trump has ruled that out.

Militants kill 5 police in complex attack in Egypt's Sinai 

Turkey Begins Bombing US-Backed YPG Positions In Syria | Zero Hedge 

Islamic State leader Baghdadi almost certainly alive – Kurdish security 

After getting boot from Qatar, Hamas looks to Algeria – report 

Turkey: Erdogan's Obsession to Take Jerusalem

Israel to reopen Temple Mount following attack, tread carefully amid heightened tensions 

Amid tensions, scuffles break out at Temple Mount entrance 

Churches in Egypt Shut Down Summer Activities Amid Heightened Attacks Against Christians 


The White House condemns the recent attack in Israel in a new statement

Rival groups clash in Syria's rebel-packed Idlib 

Security forces continue searching Temple Mount for weapons 

Russian air force strikes ISIS in eastern Syria 

Hamas calls for more violence after Temple Mount attack

UN envoy: No signs Syrian gov has given ground 

Arab League accuses Israel of 'continuing to harm Al-Aqsa'

Arab League scolds Israel for Temple Mt. closure, failing to mention attack 

Israeli ambassador returns to Cairo under heavy guard 

Latest Syria talks wrap up: 'No breakthrough, no breakdown' 


Turkey dismisses thousands more police, ministry staff, academics 

Temple Mount to be reopened Sunday

Gunmen kill five Egyptian police south of Cairo 

Two Israeli police and three gunmen killed in shootout at Temple Mount  

Egyptian authorities warned churches of potential attack, pray for safety

Three Terrorists Open Fire Near Temple Mount, Killing Two Officers 


Netanyahu: Anyone who raises a hand against us faces a powerful response 

Quartet for Mideast peace meets for first time since Trump’s election 

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson leaves Gulf with no end in sight to Qatar Crisis 

Qatari ships barred from ports along Suez Canal 

Israel, Palestinians reach landmark water deal for West Bank, Gaza 

US, Israel, Jordan & Palestinians agree on ambitious water pipeline project 


Netanyahu meets with Trump envoy amid reported US peace push


ISIS may be down in Iraq, but it isn't out. 

Israeli Foreign Ministry: George Soros Behind Groups That Defame Jewish State 

Tillerson, Saudi king make no progress on Qatar 

Syria opposition says government won't negotiate 

ISIS declares new leader, but not all militants are happy. Learn more about infighting in ISIS

Ahead of cabinet debate, Liberman defends plan to expand Palestinian city 

Refugees return to Syria from Lebanon in Hezbollah-mediated deal 

Tillerson meets four counterparts in Jeddah, seeking to end Qatar crisis 

Battalion commander responsible for Israel-Egyptian border suspended 


Syrian Observatory says it has ‘confirmed information’ that Islamic State chief is dead 

Battalion commander responsible for Israel-Egyptian border suspended 

Egypt says Qatar should be kicked out of anti Islamic State coalition 

Gaza ‘unliveable’ ten years after Hamas seized power: U.N. 

Massive anti-Erdogan rally In Turkey 

Tillerson and Qatari FM sign deal to help combat “terrorism funding” 

Israel turns over 3rd power station to Palestinian Authority


U.N .sees strong chance for Syria deal, but warns on partition risk 

France calls on Israel to reconsider construction plans for settlements in East Jerusalem 

Syrian army & militias attack rebels in southeast desert 

New Syrian-Hizballah offensive defies ceasefire 

ISIS falls in Mosul, but now Iraq struggles to maintain unity. 

Arson suspected as fire breaks out at IDF base for second day 

Iraqi forces plant flag on bank of Tigris River as Prime Minister al-Abadi declares victory over ISIS in Mosul 

ISIS claims Israeli UAV hovers over Sinai

Disaster would ensue if Christians disappeared from the Middle East. 

As culmination of month-long march, thousands join mass rally called by the leader of Turkey's main opposition party 

Op-ed: Israel a key player in Syria ceasefire deal

Egyptian president tells Abbas he supports 2-state solution in 1967 borders 

Syrian opposition's HNC welcomes deescalation zone hopes for extension 

Germany starts military withdrawal from Turkish Incirlik Airbase

Italian prime minister says Mosul liberation final defeat of Daesh terrorists

Report sheds light on Iranian missile factories being built in Lebanon

Iran sets up underground rocket factories in Lebanon- report

Israel not bound by US-Russian ceasefire deal in Syria: Libermann

For Israel, the Good News and the Bad News About the Syrian Cease-fire


Why Putin-Trump meeting at G20 is a breakthrough in the Syrian conflict

Ankara to prevent establishment of Kurdish state in southern Turkey - Erdogan

Erdogan says expectations from Russian-Turkish joint efforts in Syria high 

Turkey will not tolerate Kurdish state & terror havens on it's border - Ergodan


Erdogan says Turkey will respond to any threats on its border 

ISIS continues to be a dangerous threat to Christians in Egypt

U.N. deputy Syria envoy hopeful for southwest ceasefire deal 

Egyptian police kill 14 gunmen said linked recent to Northern Sinai attacks 

White House introduces new strategy on Syria widening cooperation with Russia

Report: Israel & Hamas close to prisoners exchange deal

Tillerson: Russia must ensure Syria does not 'Illegitimately' retake its territory


Qatar says Arab quartet accusations are false 

At least 23 Egyptian soldiers killed in Sinai car bomb attacks 

U.S., Russia prepared to announce ceasefire in southwest Syria: AP 

Netanyahu cuts $1 million from UN funds, transfers them to Hebron heritage projects 

Israel outraged over UNESCO ruling Hebron Shrine “Palestinian heritage site”

Hamas condemns the attack on the Egyptian army in Sinai 

Mattis, Qatari counterpart discuss importance of de-escalating Gulf tensions

Four arab states to take political economic and legal measures against Qatar

Turkey's military actions in Syria violate Int'l law - Syrian foreign Ministry

US exploring options to establish joint mechanism with Russia on Syria

Construction Under Temple Mount Preparing for Third Temple

IDF Keeping a Close Eye on Iran's Weapons Factory in Lebanon

Latest Developments in Saudi Arabia Chart a Course for Israeli Ties With Arab World


The war in Yemen has created a perfect storm for the spread of cholera.

Pastor miraculosly survives bomb attack, dedicates his life to preach to new converts in Baghdad. 

MAP: Detailed map of the battle for Raqqa  

Amnesty says Turkey director, activists arrested in Istanbul 

Syria says it extends ceasefire in southern Syria till Saturday

Iraqi forces battle the last IS fighters in Mosul's Old City -- the UN says 20,000 civilians are in "extreme danger" 

Is Iran Suffering Divine Retribution Through Soaring Heat Wave? 

Islamic State makes desperate stand in Mosul, commanders say 

US open to working with Russia to establish no-fly zones in Syria

Israel Blasts UNESCO for Latest Resolution Declaring Jerusalem “Occupied”

Abbas: “I’d Quit My Job Before Stopping Terrorists’ Pay”

Improving ties between Egypt and Hamas unsettle Palestinian politics

Arab statgholdes slam Qatari response to demands

Islamic state under pressure as it loses last Aleppo stronghold

Reduction of Iranian influence just as important as defeating ISIS: IDF Chief

Nearly 40 suspected ISIS members arrested in Turkey

Naming Bin Salman Saudi heir impacts US, Israel


Hamas' new top leader delivers first speech in Gaza City, calls on Abbas to terminate cooperation with Israel 

State of Emergency in Egypt extended through September. 

Saudi Arabia says Qatar boycott to remain in place 

Abbas says ready to sign peace deal, waiting for Israeli response

Hamas says Egypt ready to help Gaza 

Turkey Warns It's Ready For Military Intervention In Syria, Accuses US Of Creating A "Terrorist Army"

Netanyahu reneges on Beit El settlement expansion project 

Qatar shows mettle, offers compromise as Gulf states prepare meeting 

Fierce fighting as East Libyan forces close in on last Benghazi holdout 

PA slams US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley as ‘ambassador from Israel’ 

Security restrictions to impact flights to and from Israel 

Police catch six Palestinian men entering Jerusalem with knives, firebombs 

US strengthens presence in northern Syria

Arab states' demands are impossible to meet, says Qatar as new deadline looms 

Saudi Arabia to meet with allies after Qatar rejects ultimatum as unrealistic

UNESCO panel okays softened text blasting Israel over Jerusalem activity

Miracle at Rachel's Tomb After Firebomb Attack Leaves No Casualties or Injuries


Police catch six Palestinian men entering Jerusalem with knives, firebombs 

Security restrictions to impact flights to and from Israel 

Iraqi commander says IS in ‘fight to the death’ in Mosul 

PA slams US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley as ‘ambassador from Israel’ 

Seymour Hersh: US Lied about syrian chemical attack then bombed them anyway

Aboard US aircraft carrier Netanyahu haisl symbol of freedom and victory

Nikki Haley urges UNESCO against wasted focus on Hebron vote

US warship in Mediterranean wary of tensions with Syria's allies

Latest Developments in Saudi Arabia Chart a Course for Israeli Ties With Arab World


Turkish Christians are facing increasing persecution at the hand of the nation's Islamist president

Saudi Grants Qatar 2-Day Ultimatum Extension As Saudi King Unexpectedly Skips G-20 Summit | Zero Hedge 

Trump says ‘interesting things are happening’ on Mideast peace 

Syria says chemical inspectors refused to visit key sites 

UN Secretary-General to visit Israel and the Palestinian Authority next month 

Palestinian cleric at Al-Aqsa calls on Allah to help us ‘slaughter Americans, Europeans’ 

Syria declares truce before Trump-Putin talks 

Trump and Putin urge diplomacy in talks to Gulf leaders 

Qatar foreign minister arrives in Kuwait to respond to Arab states demands

Trump calls Gulf leaders to urge unity as Qatar deadline extended


Syrian govt blasts OPCW report, denies latest rebel gas attack claims

IDF targets Syrian army position over errant projectile in fifth such exchange over week.

Russia - Turkey S400 deal to take on Western policy of Chaos in Middle east

US Claims about chemical attack in Syria sign of new escalation

Netanyahu vetoes bill to make dividing Jerusalem impossible

Zakharova: White House afraid there could be leaks about planned provocation in Syria 


Rabbi Believes Arch of Ba’al Is New World Order’s Model for “Temple of Darkness” in Jerusalem 

US aircraft carrier the USS H.W. Bush anchors opposite Haifa, Israel

Putin tells Qatar's emir diplomacy important to end Arab dispute 

Syria government airstrikes spill over into Jordan 

Washington, Tel-Aviv, Riyadh Colluding to Escalate Conflict in Syria and Beyond 

US-backed forces launch a renewed attack on Islamic State jihadists inside their Syria bastion of Raqa 

Syrian Kurds plan to liberate northern part of Syria from Turkish invasion

UNSC unlikely to condemn US Syria strikes under China's presidency 

After UN hosts 2 day anti-Israel event, Israeli envoy says it colludes with terror supporters

Israeli forces enter Jenin to remove monument to terrorist


Army says five suicide bombers attacked Lebanese troops during raids on two Syrian refugee camps

Islamic State under pressure as it loses last Aleppo stronghold

UN sends envoy in effort to bridge gap between Hamas and PA over power crisis

Islamic State counter attack causes fierce clashes in Syria’s Raqqa 

Tension flares up between IDF and UN in Lebanon 

Without support Christians will cease to exist in the Golan Heights.

US Backed Syrian forces warn of open conflict with Turkish forces

NATO's main focus in Iraq to build capacity to train Iraqi forc

Heavy fighting continues in Mosul's old city after mosque are liberated

Why Turkey and US could end up as adversaries in case of gulf conflict

Saudis won't resort to intervention in Qatar in fear of NATO response

New Saudi Royal Appointment Appears to Correspond with Prophecy 


Iraq declares end of caliphate after capture of Mosul mosque 

Danon slams PA for legitimizing terror groups at UN event 

Other fronts opening up that have far more to do with Iran than with ISIS

UN condemns fighting in buffer zone between Syria and Israel 

Contrary to Iraqi PM's announcement, end of ISIS 'caliphate' is still far off 

Saudi Arabia’s March Towards Civil War | Zero Hedge 

US prevented imminent Syrian chemical weapon attack: Mattis 

Russia accuses US of plotting chemical weapons 'provocation' 

New Intel: Moscow reveals where new provocations could take place in Syria

US Provocative claims about chemical attack in Syria directed against Russia

Spitting mad: Saudi Arabia deports 15000 Qatar camels

Turkish troops detain over 850 suspected PKK members within week

Iraqi forces liberate two Mosul old city districts from terrorists

New Turkish military operation in Syria possible.


Russia carries out airstrike near Israeli border: reports 

Israel forces hit Syria army after new stray fire 

Moscow warns Washington against ‘incendiary, provocative action’ in Syria  

Mortar shell falls in Golan Heights, IDF retaliates

Revived U.S. travel ban sows confusion, anger in Middle East 

Erdogan Seizes 50 Syriac Churches and Monasteries, Declares Them State Property 

Hamas creating buffer zone with Egypt to improve ties 

ISIS expands through Egypt to attack Coptic Christian churches. Read More: 

Syrian Rebels: We Want Peace With Israel, Real Enemy Is Iran 

Pentagon chief says Assad took Trump’s chemical warning ‘seriously’ 

Iraqi military says it has retaken two more neighborhoods from ISIS in Mosul's Old City 

At Ariel University, Netanyahu vows West Bank city will remain Israeli 


Kremlin spokesman Peskov says Russia 'not aware' about chemical weapons threat, US warning is unacceptable 

Syrian opposition leader: ‘The enemy is Iran, not Israel'

Macron agrees to work with Trump against a new Assad chemical attack 

Saudi Foreign Minister says there would be no negotiations over list of Qatar demands 

Trump Warns Assad Will ‘Pay Heavy Price’ If He’s Plotting Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria 

Yemen Now Facing ‘Worst Cholera Outbreak In The World 

Israel Strikes Hamas Targets Following Gaza Rocket Attack 

Israel Faces Down UNESCO in Double-Pronged Battle Over Jerusalem, Hebron 

Infrastructure to Bring Millions of Pilgrims to Temple Mount is Quietly Being Constructed 

US threatens Syria says Assad is planning chemical weapons attack

Golan battles bring Hizballah near Israeli border

Syria warns Israel of grave consequences for continuing reprisals

First Russian base for SE Syria - near US garrison


Top Russian and US diplomats discuss cease-fire for Syria 

Mosul battle to end in days as troops advance in Old City: Iraqi general 

Trump pressure on settlements disappoints 

Fuming opposition looks to fell government over Western Wall reversal 

Egyptian police stop attack on Christian church. Learn more: 

Israel targets Syrian artillery positions & ammunitions truck in 2nd incident in 2 days

Qatar siege intimidation & sanctions unacceptable for Iran

Ergogan backs Qatar in diplomatic rift, says Gulf states demands violate international law

Iran’s Bizarro Jerusalem Day Celebrations Begin by Declaring Death to Israel


Liberman: Shelving Western Wall plan a ‘severe blow’ to Jewish unity


Israel attacks Syrian posts after cross-border fire from Syria


Turkish police disperse Gay Pride march, fire rubber bullets



Egypt, Iran capture ISIS terrorists in time to foil attacks 

UAE: Arab states don’t seek ‘regime change’ in Qatar 

Israeli warplanes target 2 Syrian tanks over spillover cross-border fire 

Israel launches air raid on Syria in return for projectile fire: army 

At least 2 Syrian soldiers killed in Israel's strike in Golan Heights 

Syria says Israel strike kills civilians 

UN: More than 200,000 suspected cholera cases in Yemen 

Egyptian president ratifies treaty to hand over two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia in deal that sparked protests 

Iran arrests ISIS-linked group planning attacks - state TV 

Palestinians say ending terrorist stipends not a precondition to talks

Former Israeli generals against US bill slashing funds to PA

Danon says UN turning blind eye to Hezbollah

Rabbi Yehuda Glick as well as the Sanhedrian going to Turkey to visit the Mahdi to have him agree to build 3rd temple.

Israel’s Slow Creep Into the Syrian Civil War


State media says Saudi security forces foiled a planned attack on the Grand Mosque in Mecca
Hezbollah head: ‘Thousands’ of Muslim fighters will respond if Israel attacks 

UN force on Lebanon-Israel borders has seen no violations 

A Turkish base in Qatar was revealed by Arab states’ 13 demands 

VIDEO: ISIS releases footage of destroyed al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul. Claims it was destroyed by US 

UAE warns Qatar to accept its list of demands, including shutting down news agency Al-Jazeera, or face 'divorce' 

ISIS Is Killing Children To Force Families To Stay In Mosul 

Arab States Issue 13-Point Ultimatum To Qatar: Cut Ties With Iran, Close Al-Jazeera, Shutter Turkish Base 

Everything You're Not Being Told About The US War Against ISIS In Syria | Zero Hedge 

Russia Shoots Down US Drones Near Syria (UNCONFIRMED yet at this posting)


YEMEN: AP investigation reports hundreds have disappeared into secret prisons operated by UAE, Yemeni forces

Trump’s son-in-law launches Middle East peace effort 

Turkey sends Qatar food & soldiers, discusses Gulf tensions with Saudi 

Egypt to extend state of emergency for three months 

Israel turns to UN after NGO found disguising Hezbollah outposts 

Liberman: Abbas trying to draw Hamas into war with Israel 

Israel's Air Force chief boasts of ‘unimaginable’ power in future Lebanon war 

New Saudi prince ready for compromise on Syria and 

Top NATO official: Russia and US should resume work on flight incident 

Syria: Personal stories from the frontlines

Israel has unimaginable power to strike Hezbollah

US Plot for future Syria