Surely the Lord GOD does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

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DRAW NIGH TO ME - 05/20/14 - Sue (pdf has been updated)


 Oh My little ones, fear not. The hour has passed and the time of your departure is nigh. Much will occur rapidly and in quick succession. The harvest will appear overwhelming for there is much to be done. You will only do what I instruct and then you will leave behind much that appears to be unfinished. When I call you away, out of the harvest, you will leave all of your bread behind. Nothing will have been gathered in vain. Much of the harvest will ripen after you leave, for upon many seeds more rain must fall. You will be severely missed. This will draw many unto Me, for then shall come to pass the saying:  “they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever.” Daniel 12:3

Fear not My little ones, for I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. We walk as One. The hope and trust you abide in, is discarded by many as insignificant. Yet these simple truths radiate constantly from you illuminating the path to Me. I will bring all things to their remembrance for there is no waste in the Kingdom of Heaven. Be One with Me. Tarry not at apparent failures, let the dead bury its dead; for you are raised in My likeness and truth. Let earthly things go, nothing matters but Me and Me alone. Forsake every thought of discontentment and strife. You need not to be right or wrong. Open wide your hands, cast your bread upon the waters, and pour yourself out each day as an offering; for the night has come and time of your departure is at hand. Shalom

NEWNESS COME - 03/07/14 - Spiritled


Children..newness comes each day for you.... if you will look for it.
 For I am life.. and.. I create life all around those that I Love... and their surroundings...
 Search out your surroundings and see if this is not the way.
 One day your world will be filled with complete newness and life like you have never known will surround you.
 There is one that seeks to destroy and kill..Beware..that one is always in darkness and gloom..
 For when you see these things flee children...for they are only there to bring you sadness and sorrow.
 I am life and I am your peace as you walk this day...and for the short time that remains..
 Look for newness in all things....
Love Yeshua

IN THE LAND - 03/06/14 - Spiritled


The Land that was promised awaits thee..
I shall soon bring you out of your land of destruction and discomfort...
To a land of Peace...Honor Love and Fulfillment.
All too soon My Loves shall we sit and rejoice in your new and abundant home.
The writing is on the wall.... and the events are soon to take place..
Gather all your kinsmen and those of like faith around you and begin to prepare...for the hour of My calling shall soon be.
Sing praises My children for you will soon be where I am and only tears of joy shall remain..
Love Yeshua​

THE FRUITS AND THE ROOTS - 03/05/14 - Lonnie

While in prayer, I saw a vision. I saw a large tree, and on the trees branches I saw a lot of fruit. Then, it was like my vision zoomed in on the branches and the fruit on each branch. On one bra...nch, I saw large ripe fruit, and then on another branch right next to it, I saw what looked like diseased, damaged fruit. Then I saw Jesus dig down and expose the roots. He showed me good healthy roots, and right next to them, I saw what looked like rotten diseased roots. Each root seemed to be connected to a branch that produced either good or bad fruit depending on the condition of the root connected to it. Then the Lord explained what this all meant.

"In your life, you have born much fruit, some of which has been good fruit, and some of which has been bad fruit. Deep within your heart, lies both good and bad roots, that have developed both good and bad behavior in your life. These good and bad roots, have existed side by side until now. My Word, and My Spirit both produce good fruit in your life as you have been obedient to them. But because you have suffered harm, and because lies have been sown into your mind and heart by evil, you have been damaged and need to be healed. I know you have not wanted the bad fruit, and that you have cried out to Me for help. I have come now, to set you free from these lies, and from this damage completely, and I have come to heal you from the pain of your past.

Will you allow Me to expose the damaged roots of your heart to you? Will you allow My Truth to heal the lies that have stunted your growth for so long? Are you willing to cease to practice sin, as I now set you free from its power over you? Are you willing to be well? Are you willing to face your pain? Believe that I can accomplish all this within you as you cooperate with My work of transformation. What you have not been able to accomplish alone, we will now accomplish together. Where you have failed trying alone so many times, we will now succeed working together. I have allowed you to see your absolute need for My help. You now know in your heart that you cannot fix these problems alone.

Trust in Me, that I am the Master Gardener, and that I know exactly what to do to heal each damaged area of your heart. Once you agree, there will be no turning back. This may sound easy, but it will be very challenging and painful at times, more than you can realize right now; but I will stay with you throughout this process. I will take your hand and I will not let you go, even for a second. At times, you may feel alone, but I am still here. I am the Faithful One, and I work to heal and restore My Body. Trust that My intentions are completely good even though this may hurt intensely at times.

Know that as we go forward in this time of healing, that I do this to make you whole, I do this so that the evil one cannot harm you anymore with his lies. I do this so that you can fulfill your calling. I heal you so that righteousness will reign, and that all I wish to give you will not be withheld any longer because of sin. Remember that I am with you to the end, and that I love you completely and absolutely. Be courageous and trust in My wisdom, and in My power, and most of all, in My great love for you. You are My beloved Tree of Righteousness, and I have come to heal you, and make you whole so that you can bear all good fruit. Trust in Me, and you will see this happen before your eyes.”

WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT - 03/04/14 - Spiritled


For those that are lonely...I am your light..I am your friend..I am the One that will always hold you and hold your hand.
For those that are lost..I am the path..I am the way that will lead you out of darkness and away from danger.
I will supply all that you need My children.
Be aware of this comfort that is always near to you.
For soon the things you have and may even cherish will be set apart from you as you begin to see the Heavens move and open unto you..
Be filled and ready...
For when you least expect Me...
There I will Be...
Love Yeshua

Message - 03/03/14 (late) - Hope

I am the God of the universe.  I AM the Great I AM, who was and is and is to come.  Do you know this?  Spread the word, tell them I AM is coming.  All power to Him who rules on high!  He owns the cattle on one thousand hills and He rules the world.  Soon victory comes to those who wait.  Patience is a virtue, a fruit of the spirit.  I love all of you who wait upon the Lord.  “Give us this day our daily bread, “ you say.  But soon you will receive this one hundredfold.

The next thing you will see is war.  Russian will move upon Ukraine.  Thousands will take to the street and die.  My love is not there. The hearts of men grow cold there.  They wax and wane like the moon they worship.  These are those that wish to do harm to My children there and they will use this war as an excuse.  Tell the others, shout the warning!  He who comes is vicious and cruel and all power is his for a time.

Leave Me now and you will find no love, no love in sight.  Do no harm to those you love.  They seek you for a reason.  They learn of Me through you.

Time comes to an end soon.  Be sure your sins are forgiven.  Call upon the Lord now before it is too late.  I am waiting here for you.


MY CLOCK - 03/03/14 - Spiritled


Children look at the it not late? 
Are not the events of the day proclaiming the words of My prophets of long ago...
My clock is never late...but in perfect time.
All that was spoken is coming all too fast for those not prepared..
But you My Beloved Bride will soon be at My table and we shall rejoice and proclaim your new and Glorious home to all that are seated there.
Be prepared to give a testimony of your Hope..The Hope that is in you..and you will shine like the noon day sun.
All too soon you shall depart that life...and forever you shall be with Me.
Love Yesuha

Message (partial) - 03/01/14 - Hope

When will people listen?  What must I do to be heard?  Even the children cry out to Me.  “Oh Comforter, please come and tend us.  We are the children of the world and we are crying for You to rescue us!”  Oh how I want to come now, today!  Yet My father has not given the command and I obey Him fully.  He is My Father and I am your Bridegroom.  He will send Me soon.  He tells me so.

Wars are on the increase.  Russia has invaded the Ukraine.  Rumors of wars are over, this one has begun.  Russia will not leave now.  They are in a position to fight Israel.  The Ezekiel War is about to occur.  Little do they know this.  The hook is in their jaw.  But you will see it.

COMMAND IT TO GO! - 03/01/14 - Lonnie

 My dear one, you are facing some serious problems right now and you have been crying out to Me and begging me to come and help you, but I would tell you this day to command this problem to go and you will be free. I have given you My authority to command all that is not of My kingdom to go but you must rise up in faith and do it. I know how desperate your situation and need is right now but I am trying to help you to stand up and step into the authority I have given you to receive what you need in life.

Though your faith seems weak right now I would tell you to stand and to command this problem to go, rather than laying down and giving up. It doesn't matter how many times you have tried to command it to go in the past for I am doing new things in My people right now and you are ready to move up to a higher level of operating in My kingdom. If you lack faith and strength then ask Me for it and I will grant it to you. So My child I would tell you once again to stand up and command this problem to go!

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