Lisa's Visions

Lisa is married mother of 3 grown children and lives on the West coast.   A friend told me that Lisa has visions  and sent me her email and we have been in communication ever since.  Lisa has been asking God to use her for His glory, and I believe He gives her these visions for His purposes so together with Him in prayer, we believe this is what we are led to do.  If you would like to be a part of Lisa's FB group, just drop her a message via her Inbox.  Also, if you are new to this page, the first vision starts at the bottom and moves up. We invite you to go on this journey with us as we step into His courts with thanksgiving and praise!

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01/13/18 – Harvesting in France

Lisa has had visions (see Paris at War vision below) and even a dream of working in France. This is what she sees. She is in a house with her husband and there is something like a bulletin board with her husband’s name posted at the top and Lisa’s name is posted just under it. She has the understanding that people from all around the area are coming to this house for safety because “something” is coming.

The house itself is very large, it has many, many rooms and people are being given these rooms to stay in. No one individual is in a room by themselves though as there are lots of people so families are staying together in a room. The house seems rustic, very old and somewhat in need of repair so everyone is helping to get the house ready. Lisa almost feels like there is no electricity and I asked her to look around for modern appliances, computers, washers, etc but we feel that God veiled that from her. She could not see either way. There were no animals or children in the house.

The land around the home had a lot of dirt, some grass too. She sent me this picture (a vineyard in France, how ironic!) as it looked somewhat like the town the house was in although the whole town was not as modern, with older buildings.

Here are some interesting facts about the vision. The weather was nice! It seemed like 70 degrees or so, with sunny skies! Lisa could sense that there had been no chaotic upheavals, at least not in this area of France. The people coming to her were Christians and were not worried about anything in the area. She specifically looked at their clothes for signs of bombings but did not see anyone injured. She felt very clearly that these people were being directed by God to come to this house, so they could be protected and have provisions once “it” happened, because something was definitely going to happen!

Lisa felt that everything would be provided for supernaturally. If there was not enough food, there WOULD be when the time came that it was needed. She also felt that her and her husband were getting this home, this area ready so that she and her husband could leave and help somewhere else. I asked her how she got there and she knew she had been supernaturally transported there. (She has never been to France by the way). She felt she had just a short period of time to get this area ready, then they would move on.

I asked Lisa about her health and she felt MUCH stronger in the vision helping out, than she does right now. She did not “glow” but certainly felt more strength so she could accomplish the tasks.

 Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it. Mark 16:20

And something that has been on my (Hope) mind for some time now…is will we be given strengthening and gifts BEFORE the 3 DoD/Transformation, and somehow help with this Harvest before even the darkness comes? I even called Lisa yesterday and we spoke about this. My reasoning is that several Words have seemed to point to an outpouring of gifts BEFORE our transformation. I am also reminded that the Jewish Groom brings gifts to his Bride a year in advance of their wedding. So there is precedent that this could happen as we’ve been told to look at this Jewish custom of marriage in order to see how we will fit in. Perhaps it will take place this way. Who really knows? Only God, and He is not sharing the answer, at least not yet. Because Lisa asked Him! During her vision, she asked God if what she was seeing was before or after the Translation. He did not answer right away….but then He said, “Immediate”. So we aren’t sure if that is pointing to a Translation event, or perhaps even immediately in our future right now! Lisa however, did “feel” that what she was experiencing had happened after the Translation so again, we leave it in God’s hands. But we are unable to explain the sunny skies and nice temperature, if Nibiru has come into the atmosphere and everything is erupting. Perhaps Lisa and her husband as translated beings with Jesus working through them, brought in perfect weather to help calm the people. I just had that thought…because it’s not about what we will do, it’s what Jesus will do THROUGH us. If anyone finds genuine Words that point to an outpouring BEFORE our Translation, please email me! ~ Hope

PS: I forgot…yes it’s funny and I was giggling but I asked Lisa to look around the house and see if she saw a calendar! (she was still able to see the vision when I called) Our angels probably got a kick out of that…”silly humans!”

Just a reminder too, that this was in Julie Whedbee's recent Word from Jan 4 of this year...

Excerpt: " Yahushua gave me the understanding in my spirit that this was not my complete transformation, but rather the outpouring of strength that is coming very soon to His remnant people to prepare us for what is upon us, before He brings us home"

03/11/17 - The "Jolt" Vision

Lisa sent me a text today as she had a vision.  She said she saw "busyness" everywhere, bombs going off.  She also saw a huge "jolt"...a big shaking and she asked if that is in the physical realm or is it financial and God says both.  The Jolt is so sharp that about everybody falls over from it and she could not tell if it's from an impact but it's almost like something hit the planet and there was a sharp huge jolt.  Then all of the sudden she felt this peace and it poured over her and she felt was euphoric as she was lifting up.  It was crazy to her because it seemed like one thing starts and then it's chaos everywhere.

She could see this happening around the entire world, both to the east and west of the United States....multiple continents  She thought the bombs started first but she could not be sure.  I asked her if she could see the sky and she said no, it just looks like things are flying everywhere.  She had not been looking up, but things were flying that were blocking the sun....or possibly she was seeing shadows from whatever was blocking the sun.

02/20/17 – Paris at War

Lisa had a vision today and it’s not the first time she has had one where she is helping people in Paris.  However there is more to this vision so she felt led to share it.  Here is what she saw:

The sky was “busy”’s possible it was due to falling asteroids but she cannot be sure as she was unable to focus, but there was certainly a lot of movement. After this she saw bombs going off “all over” and it seemed that immediately she was with a group of women in Paris, I (Hope) was one of those with her.  She was unsure of the timing of the transformation because she was not aware that it had happened during her vision, she just saw a war in Paris and then like a snap of a finger, we were there. She did not see us glowing.

There was a group of people that we were helping, mostly women but there was a least one man and one boy.  There may also have been men helping with us but they did not stand out to her. She is aware that she will be healing during this time (see her previous visions of her hands on fire).   We will also be witnessing to these people, letting them know that their healing is from God.

Lisa heard two interesting things during this visions…one was “Sons of God” and the other was “Issachar”.  I asked if she felt the Sons of God meant angels, or perhaps the manifested sons of God. She seemed to acknowledge the manifested sons of God from Romans 8:19.

The other interesting thing she heard was “Issachar”.  Issachar was the 5th son of Jacob and Leah; this is the one where Leah hired Jacob for two mandrake fruits.  Issachar means “recompense” and was named because of Leah’s purchase.  We also know from 1 Chronicles 12:32, “from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do--200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command;”  Lisa is unsure if our group was considered Issachar, or possibly that we were the manifest sons of God helping those from Issachar.  There is more about Issachar in other non-Biblical books so you can research that if you feel led.

(Hope note – lately I’ve been reading some visions and dreams that sound as if we may be healed to a certain extent BEFORE we are transformed.  As in, we may appear younger and be stronger and be healed of all infirmities in order to help those around the globe, BEFORE the transformation.  This is something I continue to pray about and ask for leading as it is just a simple thought right now that seems to be weaving through some things I read)

09/01/16 - Melted City vision

Lisa called me this morning and shared a dream with me.  

(from Lisa) When I laid down to go to bed last night I asked God to give me a dream that was from Him showing me stuff that's going to happen even if it was a disaster. So I was at the house of a family member this is kind of a distant family member that I'm not close to and I was walking through the house there was a bunch of other people around and I went outside to our view of the street and all I could see was a bunch of buildings that had been burnt or were barely recognizable, then there's a building right across the street that still was intact pretty much but the front of it ...the things that were attached to the building had kind of melted down like heat had melted them and I could see past that building about a block away or some kind of a roller coaster hanging just dangling in the air and I actually went back inside and got my phone and came back out and started taking pictures and then a video so I could show Hope and send it to her... So I started taking video of everything and as far as my eye could see this whole city had been like almost flattened I knew I was near the beach maybe not right on the ocean but I knew I was really close to where the ocean was in the dream ...I went back inside and I was getting ready to send these pictures and video to Hope and all the sudden she was there and so I grabbed her arm and I went to take her out to the street where she could have a view of all this and suddenly things have changed and they had flattened out even more so where I did see a building standing still partially now they seem to be smoothed out I'm going to say, so I'm not sure if I was seeing an asteroid that just hit or a bomb that had just went off but it was close to the beach and one thing that God made it really clear to me was He was showing me how close this came to my family member but yet did not touch them at all and He wanted me to really focus in on that how close it came right up to their street but did not harm them at all... I have to assume I'm in my transformed body and that's how Hope all of the sudden appeared there with me.

Hope here - I was reminded even during our talk...of David Wilkerson's vision of 1,000 fires in NYC.  That and the ocean made me think of that city so I mentioned it to Lisa.  Also that roller coaster is a big clue from God as far as I am concerned.  That's the kind of image in a dream that I feel deserves research so I asked Lisa to look at roller coasters cars from Coney Island.  She found one from Santa Monica in CA as her family members live there...but then she found this one called The Tickler at Coney Island and feels it is right on target!

08/15/16 - Through the Door (from Lisa)

I just had a vision...I was lifting up in the air...I felt like I was being lifted..but in looking around it was more like a balloon with helium just gravity. I wanted to go back and and see what just happened. It was dark (pitch black) but there was a door...Brightly lit but it was coming from around the cracks of the back of the door. I opened it and stepped through..that is when I started lifting I said like no gravity..almost immediately though gravity took a hold and I landed standing up with my feet in the sand..almost immediately I saw Jesus. It was so overwhelming I cried and shook and felt pure bliss...there were angels all around Him. Others were 'landing' just as I had. I can not even tell you the feeling i had. And it happened in seconds from seeing the door.

I don't feel like any crazy stuff was going on outside so take that for what you want (to me it meant nothing HUGE earthshaking had happened yet) It was dark for me so I don't know if it was 3 DOD or my time zone was night. I begged and pleaded with Jesus to let me stay...crying I wanted it so bad...He said VERY SOON. I just wanted to stay that place forever!!! The peace and comfort I felt was indescribable!! I could not bear the thought of coming back to 'this' reality...but He told me again..VERY SOON you will be here.

04/09/16 - Warn them

Lisa was speaking with the Lord earlier and He said repeatedly to "I want you to warn them, the time is here".  "Tell them it is time for the change."  He said "the change" 2x.  She asked for confirmation and received one in a dream, and awoke and looked up right then at the clock and it said 11:11.  Also, earlier in the month she asked for more confirmation and when she stopped her bus for the week, the mileage was as you see to the right.
"Warn the people now, the time is here, for the change. " 
 So that's what we are doing...we are warning you.  Will continue to keep watch for other messengers.

03/19/16 - IT IS FINISHED!

I just had a very weird but POWERFUL time with the Lord. I saw things coming at me fast..and I was almost yelling in my prayer language. I said what is it Lord..what is it?? (my WHOLE body was having tremors) He said "it is finished" and I asked WHAT is finished? "He repeated "IT IS FINISHED" and I asked for understanding...He said "I have shown you the bombs..." then I started to see them coming..I asked if they would hit the US...He said "yes, some would" I started counting....when I got to 14 it was different. It spread like a thick black smoke everywhere!! Something is/was different with the the grand finale in a fireworks show. It felt like it is/was happening my asking when wasn't helpful...all I felt was NOW!! ~ Lisa

(picture Lisa found to represent the thick black smoke)

It was day time, and the smoke started to darken everything!! These blast were big enough they could be taking out whole cities!!  (Lisa)

(I asked Lisa why did she count to 14...was she counting seconds or the # of bombs?)

The number of them...I started counting because I kept seeing them go off!

(I was thinking that perhaps the 14 bombs might not necessarily hit all at once.  For example, 2 bombs hit Israel one day, then they hit back with a few...the USA gets hit a few times, etc.  Why else would God have her count them as I feel she was prompted by the Holy Spirit to do this?  I also told Lisa that It is Finished was what Christ said on Passover.  Someone else that read her vision, said correctly that the also the 14th of the month!  Amazing confirmation!  So we are very excited about this coming week. 

 ~ Hope)

The Lord showed me explosions and fires last night and I heard, "Red Alert, Red Alert, Red Alert." 3 times. When I came in from the backyard I dreamed and saw people's bodies lying dead. (Minister Paul)

02/29/16 - Duck and Cover

I posted Sarah Menet's vision this morning due to some confirming information that I sent to Lisa.  If you have read her visions, you know that Lisa sees Israel being bombed as one of the first events that will transpire (and the colored sky).  When I sent this information to Lisa, she informed me that just Saturday, Feb 27, she had a vision.  Here is what she says:

I had a vision on Sat…something flying towards earth..I was not sure if it was a bomb or seems to block the sun for a sec as it passed…the earth shook hard when it least where I was seeing…I don’t know where it was…and yes I tried to see and ask… did seem to explode when it hit, but that could have just been the force of the weight bringing it to impact. It looked HUGE whatever it was!!! I was duckin for cover!!!

While we do not know what it was, it was SOMETHING to be sure! 

11/15/15 - Everyday Training​

Lisa had a vision on 11/15/15.  It was about her helping others in other countries.  She was speaking in other languages to these people and understood what she was saying to them.  What I believe Lisa got from this...and I that things that happen to you during the week are ALL for a purpose.  Even now through our everyday tasks, the Lord is training us.  Today I am taking some almost expired food to a friend at work who helps cook large meals at her church on Sunday for the people of the town.  I've told my friend everything about the coming end times and have prayed to help her during the coming Harvest. Even though she is most definitely backslidden (lives with a married man), she knows that she will be part of the Harvest by cooking for people.  The Lord gave her an amazing dream a year ago where she was told this, and I was able to interpret it for her.  I am giving her food now...and hope to help MULTIPLY food later!  This is also confirmation that those who are lukewarm and lost now, WILL be a part of the Harvest and WILL be Raptured if they only give their life to the Lord before that Event!

Please read this vision and understand how it pertains to you even now.  Perhaps you will see in the days ahead, that your current "duties" on earth, will be part of your Harvest duties as well.  Only in a MUCH more "transfigured" way!

PS:  Lisa did not know if the event in the vision was the 3 DoD or the Rapture but for sure, something HUGE had happened with the people she was helping.


I don't think this is a big deal...but in case it confirms or means something else to someone...

I just had a vision...I was talking to different groups of people in their language giving them instructions...then was in front of a different group..this happened dozens of times...I was going in front of people telling them where to go...what to do...then I was in front of a new group...speaking in a different language telling them where to go and what to do...I was trying to do as Hope has done and 'look' around for details...ages...all ages but no under 10ish...families and mixed people...I was taking some with me somewhere and telling the others to go with someone that was with me...separating them for some reason (but I do feel they were all believers) they were frightened like something had just happened...and the Lord told me to tell them He sent tell them what to do...and they were to follow my instructions if they wanted to be safe...

This all reminded me of earlier this week

​ (this event actually happened to Lisa)​

...a bus broke down..and I went to help..the driver was clueless what to do and just stood there of NO I asked what roads he took kids to..and started separating the kids..some were to go with me and some with the other driver that was there..NO ONE seemed to have a clue what to do so I took front of the principal and admin who didn't know exactly what to do either...I asked the Lord why He was bringing that to my mind right then during the vision...He said I am preparing you even when you don't really know that is what I am I guess it is more training...

09/11/15 - Judgment Falls

I AM the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I AM the Great Judge. I cannot sit by and watch this wicked, vile world any longer. My judgment starts now.

Many of my children are not prepared. For many this will catch them by surprise but I have tried to send out My warnings. I’ve tried to warn all My children. Some do not want to hear it, but it is time now. It is time for judgment will fall now on this nation, on the world, but America is getting ready to see My wrath.

My hand of protection has been lifted and the enemy has been given free reign. My children, stay strong for what you are about to see must come to pass. Stay strong. This is My time, this is My time.

My warriors will be transformed once this devastation starts. You will see many things happen suddenly. But those who are listening to me are prepared, and they know what’s coming and they know this is their time to shine.

I love you my children.  Hold on tight for the ride is getting bumpy now.

08/26/15 - Canned food and Water

I was spending time with the Lord last night and He told me to send 1 more last warning to get canned food and water…then He said, “It is finished”…I felt a sadness come over me that I knew was coming from His heart..I started to cry but also felt a warm oil poured in my eyes. He then said events are coming very quickly…and as I could see things coming faster and an explosion hit…it startled me so much it jolted my whole body…I jumped out and gasped even thinking it had just happened! I feel something will hit any moment (although He did say to get a warning out to family this morning) I feel bombs might be their way of dealing with a crashing market they can no longer control…

A 10 yr old daughter of a friend on FB also received a warning…a voice that spoke “AN EVENT IS GETTING READY TO HAPPEN!!” Two alarms off went off in her house yesterday which have never randomly gone off before.

I had confirmation dreams throughout the night…I was running around helping people prepare because something was getting ready to hit!!

07/17/15 – The End is Here

My child, the time is here. The time is here as I’ve promised. As you see things happening daily, you will soon see and recognize the thing that I have shown you will start the process, and you will know you are within days of your transformation. Do not listen to the scoffers; do not listen to all the different ideas and get yourself involved with all the different plans.

I am coming My child, and the time is here. The time is here. It is upon you now. It is upon you now. Keep looking up. You will see the signs; keep your head looking up and YOU WILL SEE THOSE SIGNS. They are upon you now My children, they are upon you. Do not be entangled or snared by the ways of the enemy, do not give into the flesh and feelings of giving up, the fatigue. Fight on My child, because the end is here.

"Watch the Star!" - 06/29/15

(email from Lisa in the middle of the night) 

I JUST GOT A WORD WITH A BRIEF VISION!!!!! WATCH THE STAR HE SAID….OVER AND OVER WATCH THE STAR…..then it appeared as a billboard…….I believe it is ‘the sign’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He started by saying watch the star...then after a few minutes I felt horrible sadness...then I saw Him on the cross...and He took His last breath and said " It is finished " and then it was so still...calm....a peace flooded me....then I could see a choir boisterously singing UP OUTTA THE GRAVE HE AROSE.....but my body was like sedated...and I could not move....and I see the star again...this time it was on the billboard...I feel He was saying, "This IS the sign I told you about."  (see 06/06/15 vision The Big Sign)
Then I could hear that you see what I see...way up in the sky might you see what I see....?

Said the night wind to the little lamb
Do you see what I see
Way up in the sky little lamb

Do you see what I see
A star, a star
Dancing in the night
With a tail as big as a kite
With a tail as big as a kit

(also today from a website member...sharing our emails from JUNE 10 ~ Hope)

I have also been watching a strange star in the sky.  It seems to be in the same place for a very long time.  I don't think it is Venus.  I am no expert, but it is large.  I have been watching it since the beginning of December.  It is in the Western Sky.  I sure would like to know what this is.  I went on YouTube a few days ago.  I am not the only one to see this thing.  The first dream the Lord gave me, I found myself standing before a very bright light.  I tried to draw it.  It turned out looking like a star.  The other day, the word sequence came to me, while in prayer.  First the star, then the soldiers, then the Day of the Lord.  We could be in for a good shaking.  Time to call in for the HS to fill us to the brim

It appears to have something like an arm or arms coming off the main body.  Sometimes off the sides and sometimes from the top and bottom. I guess that is what caught my attention.  Kind of like a double or triple conjuction???  

Okay, I live in  the heart of the South.  If I look West, I see the star or planet.  If I draw a line slightly upward to my left, I see a middle sized star.  When I continue up at the same angle, I see a third star, not as bright as the second.  So, is the brightest star Arcturus?  I will try to locate it with reference to the big dipper tonight.

(lastly)  The trio I saw was Regulus, Jupiter and Venus.  Venus had to have been the bright star I was watching.  I have never seen her so bright!

06/24/15 – Touched by an Angel

I thought I would tell you all my little trip I just went on...I was laying here praying..and got to the point of vision mode...I could see angels..fighting with swords..I could see how many Fallen were around..already here...some looking like werewolf's (???) and I saw a STRONG protection around my home...there are 12 angels inside...I started to ask names of ones I did not know..I wanted to 'feel' the one next to me, Nolan....I put my hand out to where he was and all the sudden I felt like the skin was melting off my face very I had been injected with novacaine... then I started hard it got to screaming husband thought I had lost my mind but soon he was laughing with me..this was the most awesome feeling...I asked what was going on with the angels fighting...He told me we are leaving soon and they are trying to 'keep' as many as they could on their side!! They are aggressive and determined...but so are the good ones!!! Keep fighting we are in the battle of our lives!!! 

06/12/15 - Flying

I had a vision last night of people in deep water...struggling screaming..all the sudden I as well as others started swooping down to certain ones and pulling them out to superheros...some of these people were we knew who to go to..and only SOME have the ability to fly like superman...this stuff seems to get more and more strange...but God assured me this is one thing that came as a reward for obedience to Him.. 

06/08/15 - War is in the Air

From Lisa - "Just awoke to a vision of a HUGE ANGEL looked like this but with a sword in his hand....and I hear there is a war."

(Lisa sent all three pictures above and then continued...) "There is war in the air../sky..I was saw good angels fighting bad...and was asked if I wanted to go up for a minute..I said, "Sure"..on the way up I was thrown a sword of my own (don't ask the color)..for the first time I was seeing everything as a silhouette as in the everything was black or white) as I 'caught' my sword I was trained quickly on how to swing it. that is all I remember...must have fallen asleep...the angel was VERY LARGE..much broader shoulders than the one in the pic..and wavy flowing hair...BUT MALE...was questioning if it was Michael.   I was attended by other angels...but the one I was watching looked like the pics..he is one more only one set of wings."

Also one last Hope note...we are told that at times the things in the spiritual realm are 3 days in advance of the physical realm.  It is possible that we will see war in 3 days.  Perhaps in Israel...the Fig tree (in the vision below, Lisa saw the Fig tree blowing in a mighty wind).  These are just my guesses.


PREVIOUS VISION:  Then she saw a little Fig tree shaking in the mighty winds.  God said, "The storm is coming, it is getting ready to hit.  Take cover now My children, take cover!"

Lisa also mentioned that this angel carried his sword in his LEFT hand...and the sword was pointed upwards.

Judges 3:15 - But when the children of Israel cried unto the LORD, the LORD raised them up a deliverer, Ehud the son of Gera, a Benjamite, a man lefthanded: and by him the children of Israel sent a present unto Eglon the king of Moab.

Judges 20:16 - Among all this people [there were] seven hundred chosen men lefthanded; every one could sling stones at an hair [breadth], and not miss.

06/06/15 - The BIG Sign!

"I keep hearing Shibah, not Sheba or Shiva but Shibah (accent on bah)".

Hope note - When I heard her pronounce that...this is the spelling that came to me.  S H I B A H.  Now...just yesterday I was reading Genesis 26.  Just yesterday I read about Shibah with this spelling.  Genesis 26:33 "So Isaac named the well Shibah (which means "oath"). And to this day the town that grew up there is called Beersheba (which means "well of the oath")."I don't think that's a coincidence!

Lisa then saw the darkness coming like a blanket over the bed where she was laying.  She heard Him say, "It's time for you to leave, My is time for you to leave..." over and over.  Then she asked Him to show her something that is happening (in order for us to KNOW that it is indeed time) or a confirmation.  But over and over that's what she heard..."It's time for you to leave now, My love."

Lisa felt SO different that she thought she was leaving her body for good, leaving for Home now..even told her husband that she was leaving and wasn't sure if she was coming back. Her husband misunderstood and said, "Night night" but she said, "That's not it, I think I'm leaving."

She keeps seeing explosions during this and thinks she needs to duck and she is thinking she will feel the impact of it...but then she feels so light it seems that she will float away.  But she was trying to stay conscious in case there was something else He wanted to show her or tell her.

Lisa's ear starting burning and God said, "Listen"...(remember this when your ear starts burning!).  She told Him she was listening and He said, "My daughter, I know how weary you all are....and I know how you are all waiting, suffering, getting worn and tired.  But you must trust Me when I say My time is now, that is what I mean, My time is now.  You are even now starting to see some of these signs that I am showing you and the rest of My children.  They will continue; you will see the BIG sign, and you will know, you will know you are within days of your transformation.  The time is now."

Lisa saw such a sadness and heaviness in His heart.  Then it felt odd to her, she saw dancing and a celebration.  God was not celebrating, but we were. 

"Palawanehey, My Bride, Palawanehey."  He said.

"Keep your eyes on the sky, for I am about to show you I am coming.  I AM COMING with a vengence to judge the unrighteous, to judge those that are turning their back on Me...that are mocking Me.  I am coming!  Daughter you are about to see in the skies, I am coming to judge this nation."   (She said this very authoritatively)

Then she saw a little Fig tree shaking in the mighty winds.  God said, "The storm is coming, it is getting ready to hit.  Take cover now My children, take cover!"

We do not feel this is the 3-day warning.  God even tells us above that we will see "the big sign" and we will KNOW that we are within days.  So keep looking UP!

Matthew 24:32-33 " Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door.…"

05/25/15 - The Russians are Coming!

I hear the sound of a wind up toy..the sound it makes when it unwinds....I am seeing a man in a military is dark olive green and looks old (the clothing) he is on a is his job to destroy the “A” is USA....”the big Apple” he is in cold water...(the sub is anyways)(to the north) he is not alone..there are others with him (as far a more sub maybe ships also...they are Russian.

Now I hear the command to fire...2 times..after that there is a big shaking..IDK if it is just the sub shaking or everything shaking..but I keep seeing this one guy. Planes as well as other ships are involved. They will all fire at or around the same time.
Then I hear “Benny hospital” clue!!! Which was separate from the other stuff.

Hope thoughts - Many people have had visions and dreams of foreign military coming onto US soil, even my co-worker had a dream about this which led to an "end of the world" discussion. We see this in the above vision.  I know some have seen bombs and other older weapons from previous wars in the ocean, possibly lost or even buried in trenches.  What if...the Russians have either found these, or have even STORED them for use in this upcoming war.  Look at what is coming!  " ...there are others with him (as far a more sub maybe ships also". I had a thought that these weapons are for example..the "A" bomb even..the Atom bomb that the USA used to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki almost 70 years ago in August 1945.

If these bombs were used on the USA then NYC will indeed be obliterated but not to the point that the enemy can't come on shore at a not to distant later date, unlike a nuclear bomb. Perhaps...that is why Lisa and others are seeing older uniforms.  My co-worker saw an older plane in his dream.  These are just my thoughts.  

Jackie who edits Lisa's PDF sent me this link, there is a Benny Hospital in India! 

05/18/15 - Tevah Vision

I kept feeling a wall of water behind me…and kept looking behind me…and I could see there was a group of people with me…as the water got close we started swooping people up and taking them to safety…in the air..I guess to these tevah’s (I am not familiar with these or the word..?) there were also many angels in this group and they were swooping people up as well…right before the wall of water hit them…we were like superman (or I guess superwoman!!) with a person under each arm as we shot up!! This was a good sized group..some like me (transformed??) some angels and some just human (for lack of thought haha) 

Hope here...I am thinking Lisa saw us transformed (we were flying!) and helping out during the Harvest and/or the Trib in times of disasters.  We have been told this will happen.  

As for what a Tevah is, it is an ark of safety.  You can find a link here..and you can find the word in Sue's PDF as the Lord has used it in the past.  We had to research it back then so we would know what it was.

05/09/15 - Shoshoni and Elohim Vision

Lisa was back on Palawan.  She said we were illuminated.  Not glowing as when she has seen us during the Harvest, but definitely radiant, like a Bride. It was if we were tourists and doing those types of things such as exploring, entertaining etc.  She felt the banquet nearby and knew the angels were preparing and getting ready to serve it.  She felt a lot of angels there but they were both male and female, androgynous it well as "elohim".  That was very hard for her to explain, she just felt that type of presence.

Most definitely she felt she had been there before.  Not because of all her visions but because she just knew she had been there before, like deja vu.  She asked God if perhaps He had taken her there at night sometimes and thought that could be possible.  She knew there was the cave on the island, in the mountain as she has seen before.  Also Lisa knew there was a big entrance into the mountain, a large opening that led to the cave that we all go in.  In this vision, we were wearing what seemed to be regular clothes.  I mentioned did we appear young like before and she said, "We aren't all a bunch of fat people." :-)  Yeah for that!

Also she felt the name of a being there..."Shoshoni".  While she did feel the angels were male and female, Shoshoni seemed femalish if you will, and she REALLY knew that she knew Shoshoni from the past.  She said "her" name out loud a few just seemed very possible that it was a female type angel, perhaps even Lisa's guardian.  She seemed Norwegian or Nordic to Lisa.  Please note that this is NOT from the Fallen Nordics that will come to the earth during the Tribulation as I asked about that.  It is hard to explain but Lisa felt this being was somehow Norwegian, blond etc.

Lastly Lisa saw something new, she saw "rays of light".  She was not sure what it was, not sure if it was Jesus..but she said rays, and then waves of light.  She tried to see more of that but was unable to.

I looked up elohim and we know that it could mean God, god, or gods, based on other words surrounding it.  Also looked up Shoshoni(e) and found a couple of references...Native Americans, an angel of purity, a language...but to Lisa it felt like a "being", someone she knew VERY well.

05/06/15 – Lisa’s Dream and “Discussion” with God

Lisa had a dream which I did not post earlier because it seemed to pertain to her FB group. However she has had a “discussion” with God so here is everything in full including her responses. 

I had a dream last night, there was a group of us and Pat (member of COTB) and I were working on figuring something out and the Lord said before the next my dream I asked Him if He was telling me this and He confirmed and said YES before the next 7....I believe that was the date that we would be gone by...(but it could have been the date events leading to us leaving would start) BUT the thing is I didn't really feel like it was necessarily the 7th as in a day but a 7 as in a series of sevens...if that makes any sense.....He confirmed it with me MANY times in my dream and I had a lot more details during the night (He even made me wake myself up enough to go to the bathroom and I knew that was to remember it better) but now I just remember Pat and figuring something out and Him being VERY CLEAR BEFORE THE NEXT 7!!!!!!!!!!!! Any clues???? Anyone??

(comment from Lisa later on…) I just asked Him for the answer...He said it's NOT a day or month!!!! And it is NOT Shemitah....there is some kind of sequence of 7..or series...and I can't get any further!

(email from Lisa 05/05/15) Ok…Just had a God moment…lol…and was asking about what it meant when He told me we will be gone before the next 7…so I started asking does it mean day or month…no was the answer….does it have anything to do with Shemetah..(?? however that is spelled) the answer was no…it is part of a series..??? Any clues?? He also said the word “Shebah”….not really a clue have never heard it but did a quick google search…it is the name of a place…it is in Genesis…

I have no idea why these games I will call them…BUT I do feel they have meaning!! ????

This was at a different time...and I asked if it was Shemitah...He said is NOT Sept....we will be LONG GONE by then!!!!!

(someone commented that it could be a 7+ EQ and Lisa responded) THAT'S WEIRD BECAUSE I TOLD MY HUSBAND I FELT IT MAY BE A SERIES OF 7. SOMETHING EARTHQUAKES....or the next 7 something earthquake...he said well we already had over 7. + earthquake since He told you that so my husband didn't think that was it...but I thought earthquake was a good possibility!!!!

This is what I (Hope) came up with…that it could be where the first bomb hits Beersheva.   Beersheba was a place where Abraham dug 7 wells and it has become a cyberhub for Israel.  Their "NSA" resides there as do some military personnel now.

UPDATE:  Lisa is not sure if the 7 and Sheba are related.  The dream with the "before the next 7" came on Sunday night May 3, the word "Sheba" (not sure which spelling but NOT Shiva, do not be confused), came May 5.  They may be related or not.  Perhaps God will show us more.  Sheba may be a place, or perhaps point to "oath".  

05/01/15 - "Palawa na hay" Vision

Lisa had a vision last night and it started out with her seeing the same events, only coming quicker and quicker, "feverishly fast" like a Star Wars fight.  Just zoom zoom zoom left and right!  She saw the darkness as well, and asked God if He has something new that she should tell us.  And fyi, she does not feel that there will be millions and millions of people killed before the 3 Dod, but rather a very solid "shaking" up so people will start to look up for God's help.  

She then left that scene and felt instant peace and was on an island and she asked "Are you showing me Palawan?".  Here is the interesting part....God started to say repeatedly, "Palawanahay".   That is pronounced "Palawa - nuh - hay"  like a Hawaiian pronunciation if you will.  Lisa believes this could be an added word about the Island, or about Palawan. 

04/26/15 - I Am Coming!!!

I just had a short vision...I could see Jesus...He was on a white horse...He said "I am coming" He kept repeating it over and over..and soon it was "I AM COMING,I AM COMING!!!! The force of the horses footsteps were getting harder and harder till it was in a that point my whole body was shaking violently from the force...then all the sudden I hear "it is finished" and my body went calm and total peace...and I felt as if I had crossed over...then He said to me "go tell them I am coming....GO TELL THEM I AM COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Over and over!!

I have to say the past week 2 times where I started to have a time with the Lord in almost 'vision mode' I did not feel urgency...I KNEW nothing was going to happen that day or the was different...Today I felt a HUGE sense of URGENCY!!!! HE IS COMING!!!!!

04/19/15 - Children Vision (Lisa arrived home safe from CA but exhausted!)

"Ok guys here is what I got.....NO CLUE what it means but He is telling me it is an important puzzle piece.....I am VERY TIRED and am asking that He just shows me everything......but I feel I am suppose to throw this out in the group (FB) before passing out.....I am seeing a sculpture or something of kids faces....between 5 and 12 years is like a long mural picture that goes down a wall but like in 3 D.(like you could touch and feel their features real)......I have no more clues besides He says it's important????? I am too tired for riddle me this Batman......anybody with ANY clue let me know....I might get more as I lay here....but ready to pass out!!!!

Update:  Kids are smiling, very happy, it seemed that maybe I was seeing them live but they were frozen like.

(Hope note - I mentioned to look towards places Lisa has already seen in visions such as NYC and Wash DC, perhaps in malls, museums, stadiums, etc.  She said it is more like a 3D relief, and said "no" to the Denver mural airport picture. If you guys think of anything, please forward me any information to help with this puzzle!   My email is at the bottom of the page.  You can also inbox Lisa.)

UPDATE: Lisa was shown a few more things...the children were in a line, all looking a little to the right and upwards and smiling. They also seemed to be leaning forward a bit.

04/10/15 - Lisa had a short vision the other day. It sounds typical but it’s not. She saw the darkness coming in the sky. In the past during her visions, it has BEEN dark already. But this time, she saw it coming. So how might this tie in with her trip to California to visit her daughter right now? If you reread her vision from 09/13/14 you will find this:

“Lisa feels that God will listen to our special requests and possibly grant some of them so we can visit those we love. Lisa feels that I will be able to heal my brother. She feels she may be allowed to visit one of her daughters who will be overcome with what happens. So this is something that would be such a blessing…we cannot even fathom it at this point.” (from 09/13/14 vision

Is it possible that God is showing Lisa that THE darkness will begin while she is in CA? She is there until next weekend, around the 18th (I’m not absolutely sure at this point). He showed her the darkness coming, and He has shown her that she may be with her daughter (yes it’s the same one and she has three!) during the darkness…for whatever reason! We are hopeful that this is the case but regardless…we will know in the next few days. In all things human, we are not absolutely sure so please take this to the Lord. Only He knows when He is sending His Son to get us. But until then keep your eyes on the skies!

Vision word 4/4/15

My children do not doubt what I have shown you...make no mistake I am COMING NOW!!! I will do what I have shown My messengers I will do...I will come collect my bride, the ones that have totally made their heart pure and ready and are waiting and watching for me...I am taking them out and transforming them, training them..and we will be going through a betrothal ceremony and she will be given time to relax and meet new friends and some others she has been in contact with for a while you not see My hand?? I have placed you together...all to find encouragement and strength from...My chosen. For who would understand My ways and My plans but those who are closest to My have longed for Me My children, and I have seen that..oh how I can't wait for OUR time together!!! For those who chose to mock you or the ways you describe, it is ok My children, they were not meant to see and understand it...You are waiting for a warning My children..the warning will come through My actions...YOU WILL SEE THE WARNING and KNOW My time is at hand!!!! This will be NOW...have I not been telling you daughter to listen....shhhhh...listen...for this reality is not going to be the same reality...all your troubles are over My daughter!!! My children...WATCH FOR ME....I am at the door!!!! 

(the next is for a FB friend of Lisa's)

To My BEAUTIFUL daughter Barbra who has struggled so....OHHHHHH HOW I LOVE HER!!! Her body has lasted as long as I have needed...My precious daughter will be receiving a new body...and new dwelling...and a new assignment for I have seen and heard all...I will pour out My glory and My peace and presence on all My bride...assignments are coming..some of you have been shown..some have gone places even as you sleep..soon all the pieces will fall into place and you will understand!!

The barely is ready for harvest...soon the wheat will mature and all will be brought the place where I have been preparing for a long not worry about any details for EVERY one has been worked out!!!!!

Personal note.... I have told Him I do not care if I was wrong or out of order and I want Him coming today..tomorrow...He assured Me the time is NOW....but events will happen first as He has shown me.
3/26/15 - I just had a vision....and really it was just more of what The Lord was saying to me yesterday but today I had visual to go along with it...I see waves (like radio frequency waves)...and they are warping and going crazy..getting all mixed up...this IS affecting our minds...our thinking...our reality...the enemy has been allowed to unleash the spirits of confusion, deception and lawlessness. This is even getting into some that have heard from God in the past...we all need to be on guard right now!! Stay in your prayer closet...STAY CLOSE TO THE SOURCE....OUR TRUE KING!!! Pray over every word and article you read....even the VERY ELECT are hearing incorrect!!! Go to God...ask HIM for the truth in ALL things....ask HIM for confirmation!!! This tail end is going to be a time of severe testing....are YOU HIS or not!!??? His Plan has NOT changed..but the enemy at this last hour has been unleashed like the world has never seen before!! The ONLY way you will be able to stay grounded is staying in the Word and in prayer. God will reveal Himself to you if you ask and your heart is repented and right...He wants EVERYONE to know what is coming....that HE IS COMING!!!!!! I am under the impression that we may lose electricity soon....something is going to short circuit. He is but days away from our rescue....those that are HIS BRIDE will be called away to safety very soon!!!

The Lord is telling me this morning things are not as they appear....I was almost bummed when I see reports CERN is on hold....BUT God is saying don't look at that...the enemy is very busy trying to spin all this....GOD'S PLAN has not changed..HIS timing has not no matter what ploy the enemy does or does not throw in there...THIS IS IN GOD'S HANDS!!!! Things are not as they appear...remember that....some VERY WEIRD stuff is getting ready to go down....keep in prayer that your mind stay on Him and HIS reality....we are now entering the twilight zone.            03/25/15  ~ Lisa

I had a vision and word this morning....I think this may be one of my very last...

3/21/15 vision and word

As I lay there I kept seeing Russia, Russia, Russia, RUSSIA, RUSSIA..I said ok , ok Lord what do you want to show me about Russia? And Lord I want to make sure this is YOU and ONLY YOU speaking to me...I ONLY WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE AND REBUKE ANYTHING FROM THE ENEMY!!!

This is what He said " My child you KNOW ME and MY VOICE, you KNOW when it is I your Lord speaking to you and you know these things I have shown you are happening now. They are coming NOW!! This IS MY TIME My child for the times I have spoke to you about!! These bombs that are coming to your Country, ARE coming from Russia....and they will be starting any moment now! I need to wake up My children, I need to wake those whom have fallen asleep with the lies of this fallen world! Asleep to Me and My truth's...I MUST allow this for them to wake up and see that I am the ONE TRUE GOD..THEIR CREATOR!!! You know where these attacks are coming have known this and NOW is that time!! It is even underway as I speak..the plans have already been made..they are already in action as the rumors you have heard!! They are ALREADY HAPPENING!!! Now IS the TIME I will take My bride out of this world and take her into safety...there she will be transformed and then I will send her back for the mission she has been appointed for!!!"

I can see the white explosions everywhere!! And know they are coming from ships, submarines and planes..Last night I had another quick vision and saw bombs being shot off a ship at dusk.

I feel with everything in me the next 2 weeks will be the last for those of us leaving early..I will continue to warn for as long as I can until then but feel if something doesn't happen by April 6th my warnings will be over and I will sit and watch and wait with all the rest of you faithful servants!!

Time IS UP now for His warnings!!! They have gone all have been informed and KNOW what to do!!! It won't be long now!!!

(Hope note - Lisa added this later)  OHHHHH FORGOT TO husband tells me after I tell him all this he had a vision/ dream (???) last night and saw the American flag all torn and tattered!!!

Flash visions 3/18/15

I fell asleep early last night but woke after a couple of hours…after being awake again then and trying to go back to sleep I was in prayer..all of the sudden I had a what I will call flash first I saw these white bombs…like a flash bomb..I saw about 2 dozen of these before I opened my eyes and asked the Lord what was that…I said if this is something you want me to share show me more…or what is happening…2 more times I had closed my eyes and saw these flash bombs going off..

the next thing I was shown was a tree lined mountain in a V shape…there was white stuff rising and I could not tell if it was smoke or a cloud…it was smoke after looking more and asking…
the next vision was of 2 rounded (finger type) front end of either ships or submarines…I was looking up at them from like water level and these rounded front ends were up out of the water…

the next thing I was shown was a sky full of stars…millions of them…3 of them sudden appeared to fall or streak down from the sky…
and the last vision I was shown was a plane going down…it appeared to have a target but I could not see where it was…

(Hope note - I asked Lisa some follow up questions...and she said that she felt these events were taking place in the USA)

Vision and word 3/16/15

I see Jesus hanging on the cross..and I see it getting VERY DARK..VERY DARK!! I see the pain in the Father's heart as I am watching this...and I ask why are you showing me this? He said,

My children don't even realize or care that my son was sacrificed for them...for THEIR sins..They are so busy living for the things of this world. They don't care about the sacrifice that was made. I created all this for them..and gave them a way out for their sin, but they won't accept it. All they want are the short temporary pleasures they can get from this world! They don't seek after things that are eternal. They don't want Me and My ways. As hard as this is for me to do..this must end now for those who are still holding on to Me are getting so weak and weary!!! I have to come and rescue them now!!! I have to put an end to this now!! The things they are planning on doing- the evils!! They are working behind the scenes...their plan is to destroy everything that I have created!!

I see bombs coming in....OH JESUS....things are going to get crazy REALLY FAST NOW!! His heart is SO HEAVY!!! It is so heavy tonight!!
The only thing He can do is take His out of the way now..where things are turning so evil...I see creatures dropping from the sky...HORRIBLE CREATURES!!! 

He said they THINK THEY have created all of this!! They think they are in control of all of this....BUT they will SOON see the MIGHTY HAND OF GOD show them different!!!!

I am on my way Children...I am on my way!!!!
Vision 3/12/15 - From Lisa

We are so very close....I fully expect the next moment to forever change us all!!
I could see CERN..He was showing me this indeed has A LOT to do with some of the events unfolding...first I could see demons...not just demons but horrific looking things like we have never seen before..there in deep space I could see holes being made by this machine for them to come through.... I was trying to see if they appear before the 3 days of darkness because in the past I have seen them coming during the darkness. I think we may see some before the darkness hits. This CERN will make the sky vibrate...that is indeed what will cause us to see colorful waving skies...this will change everything in our atmosphere and throw everything off whack! I am sensing there will be bombs that go off right before the CERN machine is started up and everything will snowball from there...the colors in the sky, the planet, the collision of the planet, the red skies, earth shaking and volcanoes going off...then 3 days of darkness. Once you start to see or sense demons arriving it is time to stay in your home...this would be only days before the darkness hits!!

(Hope note - I asked Lisa some questions and she added this)

The sky was black…but I felt it was far out in space, not that it was darkness here necessarily…there were MANY holes all over being made MANY!! These things then could drop right through them….they were not alien looking..but more demonic creatures!! I actually had the feeling we would be able to see at least some of these. I could see stars like the galaxy where the were coming in but don’t know if they were by one constellation or all over…because there were many I am thinking all over…?? I did not see any other planets…just stars where the holes were.
I don’t know how quickly after starting the machine will we see waves…I could just see the sky moving and knew this machine was doing this. I didn’t see anything pertaining to the eclipse so IDK if it is before, after or even AT that time. ?? 

(Hope note - I am thinking that perhaps her husband saw this in his Oct 09, 2014 vision below...just my thoughts though.  Here are pictures from Lisa...she says "There are what these things looked like."

Vision and Word 3/4/15 from Lisa

I started to see an anger in God...He has had enough!!!! I could see things dropping and I was not sure if they were asteroids or missiles..They are missiles...and they are 'locked on' to their target!!!! They have an EXACT location they are headed for....{at this point I saw the face a female politician who just talked bad about Netanyahu} then I got this Word.......

"Tell them not to fear..tell my children not to fear!!!! The ball HAS STARTED ROLLING NOW and the shaking will start NOW!! Tell My children they will be protected and My hand is upon them! Tell them to STAY in prayer! Tell them they will NOT be touched by this, but make no mistake My JUDGMENT HAS COME!!! Make no mistake..they are about to see the MIGHTY HAND OF GOD!! Make no mistake..this will wake those out of their slumber! They will realize this world will not go on as it has been. Things are going to change very SUDDENLY and QUICKLY!! At first they will be shocked and stunned and then they will understand what is happening! I will bring comfort and peace to all those that cry out to me!

I have given all the time that I can. For those that have chosen not to wake up..there is NO MORE TIME LEFT!! I can not extend this any further! My judgment must fall! My judgment MUST COME NOW!! Oh how I have looked forward to this day but yet not wanted it to come!! I do not want all those to perish but there is NO MORE TIME! They keep falling further and further in sin, into the darkness and I MUST rescue those that are Mine out of this wicked world NOW!!!! I am here to take My children! To take them out of the wickedness that has fallen on this whole world! I am here!! The time is NOW!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Email Exchange for clarification - 

From Hope - Lisa, this is an incredible vision so I want to be sure about it. Did you see these were missiles from an enemy?  Or were they God's "missiles" locked on His targets?  I did not expect this as the first thing although we've certainly known about it.  Wow Lisa, if I can't sleep I can only guess what you are going through.  You saw Nancy Pelosi I'm sure.  So anyway, actual missiles?

From Lisa - I would consider what I saw were more of God missiles…they without a doubt had a target….the protection over those that belong to Him is incredible!!!!!! I think more of it will be bombs hits…and there is a blast I was seeing…but I don’t know how to explain ‘people’ being targeted for God’s wrath…He is coming after them!!!! Those proud arrogant ones who mock Him and His children!!!!! I slept GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually have for several days!! Was getting married in my dream last night!!!!! 

But it was VERY CLEAR..these are not things that will take place, they ARE taking place….the Angels and everything are here in place.
My whole body shook….I was crying and all I could say was JESUS..JESUS…JESUS!!!!!!


Vision 3/1/15 

I felt myself shooting through the air....I knew I was leaving...He said we are MOMENTS AWAY!!!!! What they are doing to Netanyahu this week is the very last straw....HIS JUDGMENT IS HERE...!!!!!!! The ball is rolling now and the events are happening....

He told me He has every detail worked out!!! EVERY HAIR on every child's head is protected!!! Every detail has already been arranged and everything is how is should be..NOT ONE of you needs to worry about your child, your husband, your pet, NOTHING...EVERY SINGLE DETAIL has been arranged!!!!!! 

The whole room was dark, all I could see was a bright blinding light coming from the door..then I saw Jesus with His arm reaching for me....HE SAID "I AM HERE, THE TIME IS NOW !!!!! I AM THE GREAT I AM...AND I AM TAKING MY CHILDREN NOW!!!!!!!!!

This has been one of the most (if not THE MOST) powerful visions I have EVER had...I could see how each and everyone of us that are struggling to hold on...hurting, feeling like giving up...this was allowed by the enemy but only to make us long for HIM MORE!!!! 


He also said we are going to start seeing MIRACLES!!!!! We will see the devastation start...but the miracles and power of God will MOVE LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!!
02/24/15 - Hope note-The Lord has been showing Lisa that Israel will be hit by bombs and will also retaliate for many months now.  Within the past few days, these confirming videos have come out.  FaithWalkHealing tells us to pray for Israel at the beginning of March and the end of March. Note that B Netanyahu's speech to Congress is March 3, and Purim is 4th & 5th.

Prophetic Word for 2015

"The Storm is Coming"

FWH was also in touch with Evelyn of Chosen Explosion church because Evelyn had a dream, Word of "Many Jews will die", and a vision of a black fist hitting the earth through dark clouds.  Please watch these videos and reread the visions below pertaining to Israel.  Keep the Jewish people in prayer at all times now, regardless of where they live. War is coming.

Prophetic Dream 
"Warning of Attacks on Jews"

02/22/15 - Israel Vision (Lisa)

I have seen a couple things about Israel and Netanyahu in the past couple of days that have really been speaking to me. Not sure if it was 'my thoughts' or the Holy Spirit prompting me. I shared my thoughts with my husband and he went into prayer. He came to me a short time later and said when I told him these things the atmosphere in our whole house had changed and he felt the Holy Spirit flood in....he felt God was confirming there was something to what I was saying...that is when I went into prayer also to ask for clarity on what I was seeing..(this is what I said to my husband earlier)...I feel that Netanyahu needed to be taken out of the way for the globalist to complete their plan...that he was not going along with what needed to happen and was holding things up for them..I was saying if he indeed knows they are trying to push him out this could make him act out towards Iran because he knows they will be a big threat to Israel if not...and also IF Iran knows they are trying to push him out they might take action because the other man will be more willing to compromise and they would miss their chance at going after Israel. Anyway I was feeling suddenly that Bibi needed to be 'removed' in order for the events to happen that need to happen.

Vision and word 2/21/15

My children the time has come to an end and I am coming to take those that belong to me out of the way of danger and to their home with me. As sad as my heart is for the things that are upon this earth, this needs to happen so my creation sees and KNOWS Me!! They have all fallen so far away from caught up in the things of this world! The events are starting now and you my child do not have fear! I see how weary you have grown and I know each struggle you are facing. This is the end of the sifting to see who really longs for Me and My ways. Soon the troubles of the earth with be a thing of the past and your rewards for faithfulness will be waiting!!

I (Lisa now) see danger coming for Israel...and I see God's heart breaking..these things must happen for the end to come but it is hard none the less. Netanyahu is in some kind of danger. I do not know if they are looking to kill him or just remove him from his position...he is in their way, and stopping what they need to happen. He is being set up somehow. The events are all lined up and about to begin!

(Hope note - Bibi is making himself an easier target by coming to the USA for March 3 meeting, also this was in the news yesterday:) 

02/18/15 - Incoming Vision (Lisa)

Last night I was having a short vision…nothing really I heard "Incoming!" several times and felt I needed to duck for cover..but I did ask about the bride and felt He confirmed…the only living people that will be part of the bride are the 144,000….the rest will be guests…I have been reading and praying about this all this week. We (the bride)are going to go out and invite more to the wedding…since they did not respond to the king’s invitation earlier…..I don’t know how the dead will fit in..but I am sure some of them will be part of it also.  

(confirmation in 2020)

02/15/15 – Betrothal Vision (Lisa)

I have had a couple of visions now of being on the beach, my feet in the sand. I know where I is ‘the island’…I can see a ceremony getting ready to start and I think what I am seeing is a wedding dress…and then I see I am the one in the dress. So I am assuming this is my wedding and since I am married it must be to Christ..I see the decorations, the canopy and everything set to go…

After praying I realize this can’t be my wedding…because WHO would be the guests….then 2/13 I had this vision and Word…

My Bride get ready because your time has almost come. I am bringing you to this Paradise and there are many things about it that are still hidden that you do not see or know of them is a ceremony that will take place after you go through the water and the cleansing, you will be prepared for this ceremony.

Time is coming to an end now and all the trials and problems will be behind you. It is only YOU MY BRIDE that will see this Paradise that I have prepared. It is ONLY YOU that will be snatched away from the horrors that are coming on the face of the earth. It is ONLY YOU that have prepared your hearts and set everything else aside and set your sight on me, you are looking ONLY to Me! I see the hurt, I see the pain in your eyes and in your heart and how you long for Me and our time together and it is coming very VERY shortly. Soon the turmoil and troubles will hit this earth and they will not know what has happened for just a very brief time...then it will quickly become clear to them they have turned away from Me..they have not watched and waited as I have asked. They have set their sights on the world and the things of it, they have set their sights on that and not on Me. They will see and their hearts will be turned. But only YOU MY BRIDE that are pure in heart now will be taken out of this place before ANY harm comes. YOU will be taken to safety and this Paradise with me! 

The vision started where I was standing in the sand again, and I KNEW where I was. Again I could see a ceremony about to take place. I ask IS this the wedding and He said this is the betrothal. 3 times He told me the word betrothal which I was not really aware of what that means. I could hear music playing and I tried to listen to what is was...but it was not familiar to me. I then saw the process of the water and was shown FIRST we will come to this Paradise and go through the water process (which has many layers of meaning) and then we will be PREPARED for this ceremony. I was not shown many details of the ceremony although I could see a lot of tulling around which reminded me of a wedding ceremony. After the ceremony we go for the feast and the training doesn't start until sometime after that. I wanted to write all this up BEFORE I read ANY of the articles posted on the vision last night so it was what HE was showing Me!!! And not what the actual process entails!!!

(Hope here – before you read on, please read the process of the entire Jewish bridal betrothal and wedding. Jesus is Jewish and we are from the Tribes so it is imperative that we understand what is going on in the visions based on this culture.) 

Also I had dreams that night about getting gifts…from Him..there on the island…(I was asking in my dream where was I going to store or keep this stuff because I wasn’t in a home per say, so I believe it was more than just 1 thing..but a guess) He kept telling me betrothal....I am not even sure what that means...but He showed me when we first get there we will go through the water process, be COMPLETELY SUBMERGED (that part IS important) and then be readied for the appears close to a wedding to me viewing it, but it is NOT the actually wedding ceremony..a betrothal..(???) after the ceremony we will have this BIG FEAST!!!! None of the training will start until days after this stuff.

01/31/15 - Sun Vision

Lisa drove to the beach Saturday and was relaxing when she closed her eyes and had a vision. Everything noted below is directly from Lisa: 

"I see the red sky, this is after the planet collided with something..Nibiru or whatever hits up there. And then the earth shakes really violent everywhere…The sky is red when this happens. I don’t know how much before the EQ the sky is red but…the sky is red.

And then when the earth shakes really hard, volcanoes go off everywhere. And that’s what I see. Smoke or ash coming up in the red sky.
I think that dark thing I see at the bottom of the left corner bottom of the sun is black and starting to go over the sun. I think that is going to cause the three days of darkness, I don’t know if it’s an eclipse or…its not smoke but I see some black thing like covering the sun up and that’s going to cause the three Days of Darkness. This is what the dark against the sun looked like..sorta…

And then I see for us…there will be a DOOR, I don’t know…but there’s just going to be a door that appears and we just go through the door I don’t see how we are transported there but I know it’s like almost immediately we’ll all be there in Palawan.

As I was laying there (on the beach) I felt very much like I could open my eyes and be in Palawan….I was not expecting to be in the warm sun like that on the beach in the realm again…so as I am laying there thinking things are changing and my eyes are going to open to a different reality…kids ran by screaming and some dogs were barking….didn’t have to open my eyes to see I wasn’t in Palawan…but that was clear!!"

Then Lisa says this:

"The Lord is telling me "The warnings have gone out, the warnings have gone out. Those that have listened and have heeded are prepared. No more warning to be given. The time is now. For these things to start."

I was asking Him about the Superbowl and if something may happen then. The veil is very very thin veil, like thinner than I’ve ever seen….I can see so clearly. He won’t show me about the Superbowl but He said the warnings have gone out."

One last note from Lisa:

" I didn’t take it as NO WARNINGS will be given ever again…it was like a time for warning is over…and this won’t maybe be for everyone, maybe some still are going to be putting out warnings..IDK…BUT I didn’t take is as NO WARNINGS from here on out, just He has given them over and over and now the time of warnings is over, and things are going to start?? If that makes sense!!??"

Revelation 4:1

"After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, "Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this."

01/26/15 – Who are We?

This morning I (Hope) stayed home from work due to a bad headache. Well it seems that the Lord had plans for this day, not only for me but for Lisa and that is why you are reading this. These things are never coincidence.

First let me tell you that this 144,000 thing is really making a lot of us do some research! Lisa feels that she is from the tribe of Gad and has been excited about that but it has not been confirmed to her. She had a dream last night that she was with a bunch of people from Gad but she could not remember the dream. However God has not confirmed that in a way that Lisa is sure about. She feels that He is showing us that we are part of these 12 tribes but He has not said so specifically. Remember, she asked outright a couple times if we are THE 144,000 and Jesus did not respond. So we are just going on our own  thoughts now, right or wrong.

I sent Lisa a quick text early this morning letting her know I was home all day. She is a school bus driver and told me that while driving the bus, “I feel like I am ice skating driving this bus.” Lisa could not see more than 40-50 feet in front of her because of the fog. However, she said there was more fog in her head inside than outside. She was really feeling out of it…like she could just leave her body. That is not good as she needed to drive the kids to school this morning! So she was praying about that and let her husband know to pray, so she could adequately drive.

I told her (via text) maybe she could not see through the “veil” today given the fog outside but she felt it was the opposite, that the veil was being removed like it does when she is going into a vision. As she sent another text she typed, “He is speaking to me as I am driving." This is then what she recorded:

“It is time for you to know who you are. Others have been shown and know who they are. Others are still seeking and waiting.” Note that we were told to release this...this is for ALL of us.

She said that she was shaking and crying just as if in a vision and felt she needed to be home like she normally is! He told her that none of this (our research) is a coincidence. Once she recorded exactly what He said, she felt total release of the vision and fog. Everything lifted for her and she was back to normal. So I sent this writeup to her right away for release because…well that must be the reason I am home today!

01/23/15 – The 144,000 Vision

The previous night you can read Lisa’s dream about the electricity going off. I know that some of you are concerned that you won’t get a Warning via the internet or email because you might be without power. But God has assured Lisa at the beginning of this vision, that having electricity is not important to get the warning.

He said, “The people should not worry if their electricity goes out. There WILL be big warnings and by looking in the sky they will know.”

That’s why it is so important to read as much of these visions as you can, rather than one or two here and there. Your questions will be answered first and foremost from God. We don’t have the answers. The most we can do is shed more light on something Lisa saw. But we cannot interpret without God’s help. We have even found Bible verses with divine guidance or unexpectedly, that point to Palawan. Yet the people that hounded us for Scripture, now say we are purposely finding verses to match what we want to see. This is PRECISELY why Lisa had her Cutting Vegetables dream a few nights ago. IT IS NOT OUR PLACE to find answers for you! You are to go to God. Enough about that. He’s in charge and that’s that.

So back to the vision. Lisa saw the familiar areas inside the mountain. She saw us go through the Cleansing process first. This is our first step. There are patterns of this throughout the Bible. One that comes to mind is when John the Baptist baptized Jesus, then He went through temptation for 40 days. Talk about a pattern! Also the high Priest (from Exodus) goes through a cleansing process with Moses WASHING Aaron.

After this process comes the banquet feast. I love to just imagine this! So many have had visions of already full tables. During Lisa’s prior vision of this area of the mountain, she saw fancy banquet tables set up with candles. The food was set down the middle of the tables and place settings were in place. We are emphasizing that this is not the Wedding feast. That comes later after the Rapture.

After this feast, we worship. Lisa saw us singing and praising God, in His presence. And His presence was MOST awesome! All of this took a while and she was not aware of any timing.

After the time of praise, we started training. This training is not for three days. We believe that once we come back from Palawan, we will arrive at the end of the 3 Days of Darkness. That is earth’s timing. But truly this entire process including training, could not be done in three earthly days. Lisa has no idea of timing. But we did indeed train AND we had time for relaxation as well. A lot of time was put aside for this! We are training and then have other things in between. There could be boats, swimming with dolphins, she has seen volleyball nets on the beach, and just talking between friends. Oh what a wonderful God we serve! First of all, I never thought I would be able to help others while in a glorified body. Once I believe that, now we know so much more about coming back to help and how that process begins. God is given us a training manual!

As Lisa was watching the people, she was focused on what they were doing.  Suddenly Jesus said, “The number of you are 144,000”. He directly told her that. So she asked Him, “Are we THE 144,000?” She says she asked Him that several times and He never replied to that question.

At another point God told her, “You have known that for a long time now.” That is, us being 144,000. Lisa said He told her this many times during the vision.  There are two areas in the Book of Revelation that speak of this group. One is in Chapter 7 and the other in Chapter 14. I will leave you to look up those chapters and read everything in full, not in part. Many of us including Lisa and me have always been stuck on three words…Male…Jewish….Virgins. What we did not do, was take it to the Lord and study this. (Also, please see Lu's teaching on the 144,000 found on her page)  We simply believed this could not be pointing to us. We know the Book of Revelation is not in exact chronological order. John sees things opening up and they continue to open up. It is possible that he sees one event and at the same time, he sees another event through another window. While they may follow each other in chapters and verses, that does not necessarily mean they fall after each other. These are the questions to ask of God for yourself. As for me, I believe the visions are from God and if Jesus says we number 144,000, then we do. He did NOT confirm that we were THE 144,000 so it is possible that we are two groups.

One last thing. I am going to go WAY out on a limb here. The Lord has told twice that I am from the Tribe of Asher. I know others on youtube have been told their Tribe as well and in the past, I would have MAJOR doubts about that. But He told me twice in the past 6 months, once again last week. I am telling you this because I’ve kept it quiet. I didn’t even tell Lisa until last night. Some of my friends are having dreams that God gives them a jewel. (like the jewels pointing to each tribe on the Ephod that the high priest wore) Once I told Lisa that, she became very excited as she is into gems! Lol So I think she is researching that today. Anyway, it’s up to you to go to God with questions on this. It is not our job to translate or interpret visions. Lisa has them and I write down what she sees and what God says. He is calling ALL of us to go to Him, not just some. Each one of us has an important part to play in this end time in history and if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, then you will be open to His instructions. 

Proverbs 19:20 Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.

Psalm 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.

Proverbs 4:13 Keep hold of instruction; do not let go; guard her, for she is your life.

01/23/15 - No Electricity Dream (Note that Pat is a friend of Lisa's and a member of this website who has posted on Palawan blog)

So I woke up to Pat's text, her electric was off...I read it and rolled back over and went back to sleep...I start dreaming..the electric going off was the LAST clue and now the earth started shaking...things started to fall apart everywhere!! We started forming and going out in groups...but they (the government) wouldn't tell us where to go (where the things were falling apart) they had maps but would not allow us to see or know where to go!!! BUT we had people's visions we were remembering...and that was leading us to where we needed to go!!! They (the gov) were chasing us but we were ahead of them because we were going off the visions and getting there before the devastation hit (or right after)...I kept rolling over waking up then falling back a sleep and was back in this dream again!!! For 2 HOURS!!!! CRAZY!!!! BUT the electric going off was our tip that the earth was going to start shaking!!
Soooo in my dream Pat got the last clue…it was the electricity to go out…then all kinds mess started happening!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I usually don’t remember my dreams!! This was longgggggggggggggg!!
There was a lot to the dream but the 3 DOD could have easily happened and all these crazy events…they (gov) knew they couldn’t hurt us in the dream (or we knew they couldn’t hurt us) and they were not after us so much as getting us..but trying to prevent us from getting to people and helping those in need!!

Just saying in the dream the electric going off was a big tip off…I have NO CLUE if that really means something!!

01/22/15 - Chopping Vegetables Dream

I had a dream last night..I was in a kitchen and in some type of competition. I did NOT want to be in a competition and not happy about being there. This was like the show Top Chef…someone was going to come and judge how I did….but the task they gave me they said (the judges) to cut the vegetables a certain way…and I thought what the heck I have NO CLUE how to cut the like that!!! I thought it was very unfair that they told me to do something I had no clue how to do!! I was trying to get the person next to me to help because I thought IF they KNEW I didn’t have a clue how to cut them exactly like that then they would ‘think’ I can’t cook at all…..I was really upset they were asking me do something I never claimed to understand how to do!!! I was even talking to God in my dream how unfair it was that they were going to be judging me on that!! 

(this is the interpretation that we received from one of our members of the Dream Forum, she has given permission to have it posted)

You are feeling very vulnerable out in the public eye, where many see the visions & Words you get as being like a competition, where they will judge you, based on their own understanding of scripture or lack there of.  People are telling you to 'have your visions' in a way that they deem appropriate, & to listen to the Lord the way 'they' deem you should.  You simply cannot do things the way they want you to, because it is a gift from the Lord.....not some skill that you 'picked up' along the way cos you thought you might be good at it, so 'no matter which way you cut it' you will never be able to do things they way they want you to.  You are feeling victimized & unjustly judged.  I believe the Lord is showing you just how upset you really are in spirit, & also showing you that no matter what you do you cannot change your gifting to suit others.  You  were crying to God about the injustice of it, & He is letting you know that He understands & hears your anguish & sympathizes.  He is not asking you to understand, He is asking you to be obedient.  You are doing this for Him not them, hence you not wanting to be in a competition.  You are trying to placate & please other people hence you trying to get the person to help you so that they would think you could do it how they want.

01/18/15 – The Two Helpers

Vision: In a vision this afternoon, Lisa was able to see more of the area with the water. There are some things I need to be clear about. First of all, the water is crystal clear. And while it seems as if we are in a cavelike structure with rocks surrounding the water, we are not in a cave. There are no bats or bad things…and it is lighted. We are delighted to be in this place! Also another important thing is that we do NOT get into this area by going out on the river and then entering into this chamber area. We are somehow transported to this area supernaturally.

The baptismal area…and Lisa strongly feels we ARE getting baptized, is similar to a very large Jacuzzi. Keep in mind that everything is natural, it’s not like there is a tub here, but that gives you an idea of what its going to be like. There is an area where we are lined up to get in, and then we go down a few steps into the water, apparently holding rails at the side.

This is where it gets interesting. Once we stepped into the water, there were two “very important men” on the right that helped us in. She does not know who they were although she guessed maybe John the Baptist. I personally think it is Enoch and Elijah. But we simply don’t know yet. Either God will reveal more, or we will meet them soon enough. They do speak to us but Lisa could not hear them.

Once we are in, we then walk forward to Jesus who also speaks to us and is on the left. She does not see Him dip us because she cannot see what He does other than talk. We then walk over to another area in this water…roughly 30 feet away to the right. Lisa saw a group of people there. They were talking excitedly, most likely about what happened to them. They are also watching others be baptized. Lisa uses that word so I will too, despite not seeing any dipping. We are used to one thing, but God may have other plans.

Questions: Are the people wearing regular clothing? No, they are wearing robes with belts.

What is the purpose of the water? The water removes all our earthly pain and emotional strife. It heals us from all affliction, mentally and spiritually. After we are in this water, we will never feel these negative human emotions again. Note that we will continue to be US. We will keep our personalities and our loved ones will know us, etc. But we need help into this water, because of the way it makes us feel. We are immediately swept away with love and purity and cleansing. Lisa is not able to describe it but it is pure bliss. She questioned Jesus about this trying to get more information and she got the phrase, “Living Water”. This brings us to many verses in the Bible which I will leave for you to research. The first thing that came to Lisa’s mind was…is this the River of Life? She asked that, but did not get a response. What she DID get from Jesus was this:


This is what the water does to and for us. It changes us from mortal to immortal. I asked her about us glowing because I was confused. On the beach she did not see us shine. So she clarified that for me. When our families watch us transform during the darkness, they do see us glow. But when we come back from this training, we REALLY shine brightly! Our features are still recognizable, but we are “really ridiculously glowing” after this. Our emotions change and we are no longer US after this experience. I asked Lisa when in this blissful state, how would she feel about 10,000 people dying at her side. She said we would understand that we were on our assignment. We would feel compassion etc…but we will continue on with what we are purposed to do. The sadness and regret and depression we normally would feel for loved ones left behind, will simply not be there because we will only experience the emotions of Christ as we will be one with Him. Trust me, I don’t understand this either, but the Bible DOES speak of it and God is showing the tangible part of it to Lisa. So I believe it to be true.

Vision Pt 2: Lisa saw another level of this mountain. Remember, it’s more of another realm, rather than inside a physical mountain. If you recall from her previous vision, God told her there was something between the river and the top of the mountain. Lisa saw….a feast prepared! She saw long banquet tables laid out with the most wonderful decorations. She was not able to see them clearly but she saw enough to know it was elegantly done. This was NOT the wedding feast. She has seen that in other visions and this was NOT THE WEDDING FEAST. :) I want to be clear on that. Keep in mind that we are not the only Bride. The entire Bride goes up in the Rapture after the Harvest. We are just those set aside for a purpose for this end time. Anyway, she sees food down the center of each table, along with place settings. In the Palawan blog, I typed in a few verses from Isaiah which I will add at the end of this vision, because it could REALLY be the fulfillment of Isaiah 25:6-10a. Also, Rosemary had a vision that I posted in the other 01/18/15 vision, that may indicate the rectangle “boxes” are actually tables!

There are two other things I would like to add. These are my guesses and I could be WAY outta the ballpark here but I am posting it anyway. One is that it SEEMS like we are being consecrated for priesthood. I’ve been led to read the process for Aaron to become a priest in Exodus. There are some definite similarities that parallel Lisa’s visions to a point. There is a cleansing with water, and there is food at the end. In between is blood sacrifice and clothing. I learned a lot from this site.

Isaiah 25:6-10a

The LORD of hosts will prepare a lavish banquet for all peoples on this mountain; (some versions say IN this mountain!)

A banquet of aged wine, choice pieces with marrow, And refined, aged wine.

7 And on this mountain He will swallow up the covering which is over all peoples, Even the veil which is stretched over all nations.

8 He will swallow up death for all time, And the Lord GOD will wipe tears away from all faces, And He will remove the reproach of His people from all the earth; For the LORD has spoken.

9 And it will be said in that day, “Behold, this is our God for whom we have waited that He might save us. This is the LORD for whom we have waited; Let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation.”

10 For the hand of the LORD will rest on this mountain.

01/18/15 -  Additional Info from Lisa:

This is what look closest to me as what I saw…we did not enter from the outside via a river…but through the mountain some how….when I was looking at the pictures I had the feeling the Lord was telling me there is something above there!!! Inside the mountain and above the river….but IDK what….

I believe the water has some part to do with our transformation process… I felt we VERY MUCH could have been being baptized, (that is what I felt was happening) BUT I didn’t see Him dip people under..(maybe just not part of the vision yet) But I very much sensed that is what was going on/felt like!!

DREAM BY MEMBER (permission to post)

"I  was looking at a large map on my living room wall. The image was a mountain range. The mountains have two sections, a single mountain at the top and several smaller mountains at the bottom. I don't know where this mountain range is located. As I was looking at the mountain, I saw the top portion of the mountain, you can say the top layer peeled away and I could see "inside" I was seeing a microcosm of a living community at a distance. Inside a saw small rectangular boxes (don't know what they could be) and flecks of lights representing people living there. I didn't feel any evil present. I proceeded to show John from tribulation now about the mountain, then I woke up.

The flashes of light were all around. Unless these boxes were places where people live. I was looking at this from a far distance, as if miles away, so these so called boxes were not recognizable to my eyes. If I were standing at the pinnacle of the mountain then I could possibly see better."

HOPE NOTE - is it possible that these boxes are "altars"?  This member may have been shown by God MORE in the middle of the mountain! 

01/16/15 – The Mystery Continues

Vision: Lisa sent me a text telling me she was having a small vision….exact words were ”it’s a vision but not much”. I called and she began to tell me what she was seeing. Boy howdy but did it grow!!

Her feet landed on the ground, in sand. She looked around and saw people (adults mostly middle agish) playing on the beach such as volleyball, swimming, and some just enjoying the water. These people were us…but did not glow. Our bodies were definitely different, for example she did not see a bunch of heavy set people (like most middle age), and we did not shine.

She was then shown inside the mountain and God told her, It’s inside the mountain…meaning the mystery. Remember He has already told us it is HIDDEN inside the mountain. She felt like she was in a HUGE cave or area of sorts INSIDE the mountain. This area was not dark like a cave it…but lighted. She saw water, a river. This river was not seen while on the beach, rather it was closer to the mountain. People were lining up to get into the water and she saw someone there helping them in. She couldn’t tell who it was, then suddenly gasped and said, “Oh Jesus!” For the next five minutes, she was in pure worship mode with tongues and Oh Glory etc! At first I was not sure if she felt pain..but NO! She felt ecstasy! She was whimpering with joy unspeakable and full of glory! I was so happy for her! She continued to cry out to Jesus, and eventually was able to explain what happened. Lisa’s TOE had touched the water!

She tried to tell me what she felt but said she could not explain it. Best she could do was tell me it was like a pure filling of the Holy Ghost. She said Jesus was helping people into the water and she watched their faces change as they too went through what she did. The people that were lined up to go INTO the water, could tell that something was happening to those that had gone in, but they did not know what. They just watched in anticipation as the Glory of God hit these people! Jesus was up to His waist in the water but she did not see him dip the people in like we do in current practice. She definitely felt this water was underground but it was not a dark area. We thought maybe because Jesus IS the Light, that there was no need for artificial light.

Lastly she was then outside the mountain in a plush grassy area. She felt we were training here, then suddenly she said, “They are singing.” It’s a praise and worship song and for a moment she felt she knew the words and was trying to sing them, then she stopped. She did not know what the song was.

After all this, she felt her hot lava love starting to pour over her and she wanted to terminate the call.  So we did. Lisa went through this outpouring for an hour and at the end, her husband remarked that whatever happened to her, was powerful!

Finally, she had this to say in an email this morning:

The water underground has many layers and is to wash away past hurt. I don’t know what the others all are but He spoke that to me..I don’t know if that IS the mystery hidden deep in the mountain or IF there is more..I asked and it wasn’t clear.

So I am thinking strongly that God will reveal more to her in the coming days. Also to us. Remember that EACH ONE OF US is just as important in His eyes as Lisa is to Him. He uses her for one purpose, and He uses us for others. There have recently been many dreams of people on a tropical island type place. I think He is starting to reveal this to us because He wants us to search things out. The “Mystery” is still out there, but He is pointing the way.

Discernment: Ok please know the information below is MY interpretation. Lisa did not guess anything, rather she only tells me what she is seeing. I asked questions here and there during the phone call and based some information on her answers because as far as I am concerned, God is showing this to her and when He speaks, He is revealing new things for us! That is MY opinion and I would ask, request, and strongly suggest you go to God with your own questions and for discernment.

Here is a tourist’s blog about their trip. Sadly there are swear words and icky information on bats, but you will also find this:

“Inside the “cathedral” was a rock formation known as the “Holy Family”. One could clearly identify the characters such as Jesus, Mary, and Joseph from the rock formation.”


And here is a video about the river. I wanted you to get the feel of this river and the beach area nearby (I even see a volleyball net!!).

Palawan's Hidden River


This is where I start praying fervently that God WRITE this for me, and that He reveal things to me that will help show what He wants shown. I am not going into too much guesswork here just yet but I DO want to share some Bible verses. PLEASE READ THEM!

Exodus 29:4 - Aaron and sons being washed before becoming priests (on a mountain)

Exodus 29:35 - Taking 7 days to be ordained

Exodus 31:17 - God rested on the 7th

As I was reading and contemplating what these verses seemed to point to, I started this video on my iPad while still researching in the Bible. I kept thinking of how we are grafted into the Vine and within moments, the woman on this video gave those verses!

Children of God

Colossians 1:12-14 - Light (Jesus) - Dark (3 days of darkness)

Galatians 3:26-29 - All one in Christ

Here is what I am GUESSING, total guesses and speculation only. Perhaps we are taking through the Door during the 3 days of darkness, and eventually dropped on this island. We enjoy ourselves for a while, finally relaxing and KNOWING that we are done with the world as we know it, in these bodies.

Jesus then starts the consecration…the transformation process to make us into what He has set out for us. First we go through this water as if a new birth. This is a pattern after many things that involve water in the Bible. Perhaps…just perhaps it is THE Mikvah. I don’t know yet and don’t wish to speculate. For now, here is some information on that for you to research:

Immersion in the mikvah has offered a gateway to purity ever since the creation of man. The Midrash relates that after being banished from Eden, Adam sat in a river that flowed from the garden. This was an integral part of his teshuvah(repentance) process, of his attempt at return to his original perfection. Before the revelation at Sinai, all Jews were commanded to immerse themselves in preparation for coming face to face with G-d.

Immersion in the mikvah has offered a gateway to purity ever since the creation of man

In the desert, the famed "well of Miriam" served as a mikvah. And Aaron and his sons' induction into the priesthood was marked by immersion in the mikvah.

Are we being shown God’s Mikvah? THE FINAL Mikvah? I had never heard of one until He woke me up and I was brought to Him through a series of dreams that focused heavily on Jews, of which I don’t believe I am one. Yet that focus of God was and is the Jews. Even today, that is the country we are to “watch” because it is a compass for the end times. This is how we know who has woken up and who has not. My church does not talk about the Jews then or now, or even God’s Festivals. But when I speak with others about end times, if they know about His return, then they too know about how Israel plays into all this.

Another thing I am going to throw out there and I may lose several of you at this point. First let me say this. Did you used to believe the Rapture would occur and we would all just vanish one day? Do you STILL think that? My guess is no, not if you are reading this website with any consistency. God has brought us a LOOONNGGG way from one belief, into the truth of another based on scripture. We are the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God in Romans 8. We are the Lord’s Army in Joel 2. We are those that shine as stars in Daniel 12. And perhaps we are patterned after the people who have walked in darkness and have seen a great light in Isaiah 2. Oh my, read Isaiah 2:2-3 3

So knowing this…knowing that we are those who will help in this Harvest that we never knew about before…think for a moment…is it possible that part of the Bride, are these 144,00, and that WE are the 144,000? WAIT! I know you are stuck on two words…just as I was and still am frankly. “ Male Virgins” I would challenge you to look up those two words in Strong’s Concordance and also follow up on others research that have explored this topic further, keeping your mind open for just a moment, that God could be revealing something new to us…at least to some of us that have trouble believing we are part of this group. I will say, that whenever “prophets” of today say we are this group, I used to think they were false! Now I am not so sure. I am UNSURE. I just know that Lisa saw us singing a new song on a mountain. This is the same thing you will find in Revelation 14. Yes I know it’s Mt Zion. But I am open to anything God will show me. That is all I am asking. We already KNOW that we are part of the DNA of Christ now, like the Jews…based on Galatians 3:29. This was established by God but again, not many preach on this because we don’t think of ourselves as Jewish.

In all things I’ve learned from God, He starts out slow and does not overwhelm. That is why I hope and pray that I do not lose any of you readers based on MY guesses. I am human and am not perfect so please go to God with this and hang in there, knowing that if it IS Truth, then He will reveal it to us! It took me 2 years to learn that I would not poof and disappear right away. Imagine if I had been told this right away. I would have counted it as blasphemy! Thankfully, God was in charge of my path and directed me right where He wanted me to go. He still does. And if He is showing us that we are this group…then that is what He is wanting us to learn. Remember, to go HIM with your thoughts on this as He will reveal the Truth in His good timing! Amen!

01/13/15 - Lisa’s Visions have been under attack in recent days.  I have been a witness to these attacks and have kept quiet about it on this website because I have given them all to God.  But since He brings this Word to us, I feel He wants this known so others are aware and can pray in the fight against satan. 

There are people who call themselves prophets that are condemning these visions and are telling Lisa that I should not be helping her when she has them.  Because they have posted condemning words in a public forum, others have joined in on the attack although not in such a berating manner.  This has devastated Lisa.  She was friends with some of these people, and even though the attacks seem to be over, she is still questioned in detail about having her visions.  Lisa has had visions for over 9 years and now people are trying to get her to change what she does with them.  Some are even suggesting that she not release them right away, but hold onto them and pray, making sure the devil is not behind them.  So it’s time to confront this issue.

Now, this is me talking….Hope.  I am alongside Lisa during some of her visions via the telephone.  I’ve already explained under the “Who Writes for Lisa” page about how I handle these phone calls.  Know too that the Lord brought me through years of hearing HOW the enemy lies, and in doing so I have learned how to spot him.  I’ve heard him in so-called messages from God from others and I’ve let that person know, and at times I keep quiet and move on.  It’s happened on a couple occasions now with others and I believe God has given me this gift of discernment although I continue to learn!  Once in a while satan creeps up on my own website and as soon as the liar in him comes out, he is removed immediately.  I go to the Lord for ALL things on the website and do whatever He directs me to do.  He has told me that this website is a Lighthouse but that does not mean that every so often the windows don’t need cleaning.  I can also tell you that the people that say I should not be part of the visions, have insinuated that I am changing some of them.  Again, that would be a sin against God.  I feel these visions are directly from Him and I have been blessed to be a part and a WITNESS to them.   If I were to change anything, it’s not against Lisa or trying to make people happy or upset or confirm others.  It’s about what God wants, plain and simple.  The idea of changing anything in the visions is quite frightening to me!

So we have two problems here.  Because satan is working overtime and trying to bring this down SO hard, on my part, I’ve given it totally to God, laid it at His feet and asked Him to take care of it because I cannot.  I hate confrontations so when these people came at me directly, I did not respond in any manner.  As for Lisa, keep in mind that God has given her a second WITNESS for these visions.  Her husband.  He spots the devil a mile away, many times before Lisa speaks to certain people.  But she has a good and open heart and gives them all the benefit of the doubt.  I think that will change and going forward, both of us will be quicker to keep still, and listen to God’s direction with new friends.   Lisa’s husband is a very strong prayer warrior, he sees darkness in people without ever having met them.  He is also a witness to Lisa’s visions and prays over her at times, while these are occurring…I have heard him in the background while on the phone, and find comfort in this.  She is not alone, the Lord has given her two people to bear witness to her visions.  Are we perfect?  Uh….no way jose!  But we are open to the Lord and His will.  And we know that we KNOW that what we are doing is from God.  And please know that this NO WAY IMPLIES that we do not expect questions and in fact welcome them!  But as for whether the visions are legitimate…you need to go to Him who is Creator of all things for that.  If you do not believe these visions and Words are from God, then do not read them…RUN from them!  But if you are like me, you know in your heart that not only are they from God, but He loves us enough to bring us warnings as well as teachings. 

After this Word from the Lord came last night, Lisa went to sleep and had multiple dreams confirming that she is exactly where God wants her to be.  I trust this and I trust Him.  Finally I would like to leave you the most important part of this particular post, and that is the Word the Lord spoke to Lisa on this matter and this is what He said:

My children, I see and I hear everything that is happening right now, I see how the enemy is crafty and working, coming and attacking My children, even with others that call themselves Mine.   This saddens Me deeply to see My children hurt one another, or the enemy use those that claim to be Mine, to hurt others. Children you must know I am the only one that can give you the truth and the answers. Do not look to others, or listen to others try and speak truth to you.  You MUST come to Me, for My ways, My plans, how I want things to go, not others.

So as you seek Me, as you pray to Me, let Me be the one that shows you the truth.  Let Me be the one that opens your eyes to revelations.  So many, so many of My children now, are falling by the wayside because they are frustrated and they are losing hope.  But children know that I am so close, I am so close to changing this reality and taking you all out of this.  My chosen, that are living in My perfect surrendered will right now, doing exactly as I ask, will be taken very soon.  And then you will come back and help the others.  Be still My child, listen to My voice and My voice only, for no one else is going to have the answers that come from Me, but Me.  The enemy is so crafty and cunning, deceitful.  He will use anybody that gives him one little inch of an opening.  And My children do not be fooled right now, keep trusting in Me, keep leaning on me, keep praying to Me, keep going to My Word, for the answers.  I will speak to you My child, I will speak to you and I will tell you My truth. I will give you My answers.  Children look up.  Look up, because I am on My way, this will not be stopped now, this will not be delayed now.  I am coming…NOW. It is starting…NOW.

Palawan Word from the Lord:

Folks, after the Lord spoke through Lisa regarding the attacks against her visions, He immediately switched to this Word regarding our research into the mystery hidden in the mountains of Palawan.  Even Lisa’s voice changed to one more of happiness, rather than the sternness that had previously been voiced!

So I say…keep researching!  Our excitement over this mystery He has given us, delights Him and we should continue!  Here is His Word on this:

I want to say My children, I am so delighted when I see you coming together to try to figure out the mysteries, the mysteries that are hidden and covered. I delight to see you working together to uncover My truth and My mysteries of what is coming.

I will start with the end, then fill in more of the beginning. This is a continuation of the vision from 01/08/15.

The End - 01/10/15 - Lisa was asleep last night and woke out of that sleep to a Voice, "The mystery is hidden deep in the mountains." She knew that these were mountains in the island of Palawan. She told God that if this is true, He needed to confirm it. She went back to sleep and again a voice told her this was a piece of the puzzle...that the mystery was deep in the Palawan mountains. She woke up and asked, "Are you showing me that piece? Is it Palawan?" She went back to sleep and was told the same thing…again about the mystery in the Palawan mountains. Palawan part of the Philippines with over 1,000 islands. It is in the ring of fire and the ring of fire is where the world was created. When Nibiru draws close, it will trigger the ring of fire once again, and eventually the world will be made new. We also know that this is where our Bride Training will a different realm though.

The Beginning 12/10/14: One month ago (dated) I had a dream that I posted here called Skull Island. I can't seem to find it so maybe it wasn't posted in the dream forum, at least not under that title. If someone finds where I posted it, please let me know and I will update this.

UPDATED:  This is in the dream forum under Words in Dreams:

Dream -I was falling slowly from the sky and I knew I was going to die.  I even felt sick while falling and asked God to take me early like He sometimes does during NDEs.  However He did not take me early and I actually landed on the ground safe and sound.  I knew the place was called "Skull Island".  I felt like I was in a video game and this was my next place to journey.  This morning I researched Skull Island and discovered it was the home of King Kong.  I just looked again on this computer (rather than my iPad) and found that they are making a movie for 2016 called Skull Island: Blood of the King!  Ok maybe this is prophetic after all!  I expect to help during the Great Harvest as well as go back and forth during the Tribulation to also help.  Perhaps by 2016 this place will be overrun with giants...Nephilim! 

Back to Hope:  Later on I had a dream about “Remember the Alamo!” and a guy named George. I DID post that one and if you are a member, you can read it here.

George….Jorge….seems to be part of all this. I think He woke Lisa up so we would FOCUS on this for now. It’s been in the background of our minds like yeah…a nice tropical place for training. But now there is a “mystery deep in the mountains” for all of us to look into. Not all 1,000 islands are going to have mountains, it’s a very tropical place. And we may find it with research, or someone may get a vision or Word or dream. Who knows…only God! But Jesus is happily rubbing His hands together knowing that His little children are excited about the mystery of the puzzle piece that He has given us. Good luck and happy hunting!

01/09/15 FROM HOPE  -A few days ago God told me that I should look for puzzle pieces in the "remotest of places".  I sent an email to Lisa ...just so she too would know.  I don't know if it is part of the vision below least now you guys know as well.

01/08/15 FROM LISA - "First of all I just went into vision mode after my bath…first He said “it is hidden deep in the mountains” and then He took me and showed me the plush mountains (actually a valley) where we will go…it was a place that in my flesh looks like it is crawling with bugs, insects, snakes, any and ever nasty critter you can think of…I said good thing NONE of those will be there…He smiled and said no they won’t…I had the feeling the reason I was able to meet some ‘fellow’ brides was to know the feeling of being in this place…instead of training it felt like homecoming…a reunion with long lost family members…conversations flowing with laughter and EXCITEMENT!! Then after a bit in that and not seeing anything new really,

He also showed me the reason we were being ‘grouped’ together and sent out as such is because we NEED each other to complete these tasks!! One member can not simply go and do their task without the other functioning members…I need the protection you will provide, I need the warfare and teaching my husband will provide…so although working in whatever giftings God gives us is always some point He has a purpose and a plan and we need to follow that and not create our own….(as wholesome as it seems!!) I then tried to “look” for the puzzle piece…I am not sure who will be getting it..but quite possibly not me…(don’t know, just a hunch)" 

01/05/15 – Conversation with God and Dream


Lisa had a long phone conversation with a new friend last night who also has visions, some about the blood moon.  I am not going to name her but am in contact with her to possibly post what God gives her, provided of course that this is God’s will!  Anyway, Lisa fell asleep later and knew she was sleeping but started to have this conversation with God. 

God told her, “There is one more thing.” 

So Lisa waited….”Yes??” 

God:  “There is one more piece of the puzzle.

Lisa: “Ok…is it about the blood moon?”

God:  “There is one more thing.”

Lisa:  “Is my friend going to find out the one piece or is it me? Some other person?”

God:  “There is one more piece.

Lisa did not get a response to this!  She knew she was sleeping and having this conversation, but no answers came.  Then she woke up.  She continued praying but no answers came.  Finally she went back to sleep.  Then she had a dream.


Lisa was with a man and his young daughter.  They were walking around in what appeared to be a large convention area…a lot of space with people in it, and the daughter was running around like kids do.  Lisa was walking and talking with this man and she noticed their feet were in a small amount of water.  The water started to rise and pour in and she felt it was getting pretty bad.  Their clothes became wet and she wanted to get out of there.  The man seemed to leave her, and she went into an area of an apartment complex that had an outside wall.  She remembered the details vividly as she was describing it to me.

She looked up the stairs and saw some older ladies.  She asked them about the water and they seemed nonchalant…yes the water was known to flood the area.  But the water’s height did not seem to concern anyone.   Lisa asked again and the ladies just sort of blew it off.  Meanwhile, Lisa looked over the wall and saw the water was getting even higher.  Then her alarm went off and she woke up.

Again she started praying and asking about what the one more thing was.  But God did not respond.  So we will keep our eyes to see and ears to hear open and let you know if we find out anything!

01/04/15 - Snowing Vision

Lisa was having her quiet time with God on Sunday when He showed her something interesting….it was snowing.  Then she saw the arm of someone that was drawing back to throw a snowball.  Immediately she knew that once that snowball was thrown, an avalanche of snowballs would be coming.  She knew this indicated that once the first problem occurred, many would follow.  (again Julie’s train wreck vision).  She asked God, “What is the first snowball?”   She was shown the USA getting bombed.

I know many people have seen missiles and rockets hitting the coasts.  Lisa has seen NYC and Washington DC getting bombed.  She and many others have seen Hoover Dam in this same situation, along with football stadiums and shopping malls, also schools.  So we don’t know specifically what will occur first.  We know that the USA has to go down before Israel…so she has to rely solely on God for her rescue.  But once this first wound happens, then Israel too will be in dire straits.  I personally believe we may see the CA earthquake first, more storms etc. before this attack comes but that is merely a guess.  Since many have seen missiles come down as “we go up”…it is quite possible that the beginning will start out small and grow bigger, exactly like an avalanche…throughout the Harvest!  For example, Hoover Dam first, then malls, stadiums, until finally the missiles are incoming as we are outgoing (same timing as Efrain’s tsunami).

Then Lisa was taken to the Cross.  She saw Jesus say, “It is finished” and then hang His head with a heavy sigh.  She then saw this same thing as Jesus was showing her the vision.  She was very upset by seeing this and her emotions carried over into our conversation. (which isn’t really a conversation when she is in a vision state)  She took this heavy sigh to mean it is out of His hands.  He has saved as many people as wants to be saved at this point, and during the upcoming devastations He is very despondent that millions will go to hell.

Lastly, I recall Warrior Princess’s Words about looking to the East in her 12/13/14 Message in regards to NYC and the earthquake.  I reminded Lisa that we are to look to the East (I was wondering if this was part of the snowball).  When I said “East”, God showed her “Russia”.  Nothing more on that right now.

I think that these geological events as well as the first snowball will occur just before Israel’s bombing.  We are to keep watch on them so it would be no surprise if they go to war again soon, like a civil war since the PA really is against them inside their own country, as are the other countries soon (Psalm 83). So while it is concurrent, the USA will start to fall first.  If you are one of those people caught up in earthquake areas (like me being near the New Madrid fault), just remember to keep looking at the skies for those colors even if you are out of touch with the media.  Those rainbow colors are a SIGN…a PROMISE from God.  Let that encourage you even in the midst of troubles!

Lisa’s Word below came through and it is based on why we are going through so many trials right now.  We are being tested like Job, only the reason for our testing is so God will know who He can trust to absolutely without fail, obey Him at the end.  We have a VERY HUGE responsibility once all this kicks in, and He simply has to know who He can count on and not back away.  Please let this encourage you as well, as you are here precisely for such a time as this!

Word on 01/04/15 to go with Vision above

My child, what you are feeling is what I am allowing the enemy to have...more access to you.  And I know it feels like he is pressing in on wounds and damaging very deeply but it is Me refining and it is Me transforming the flesh, burning down every bit of the rest  that’s in you that needs to come out.  I know some of you feel like you are up against the wall and things seem like they are impossible right now in your situation.  But rest assured I will rescue you in time.  My plan is perfect and I have allowed all of these details to happen for a reason so I may have your full attention right now, so you may be crying out to Me, looking directly at Me, and not of any of the things of this world. 

My children, the transformation is about complete. It is about time for you to go out on your assignments very soon.  For very soon you will all be united in this very special place that I have set aside for you.  And you will finish the rest of your training and go out and do My work.  Don’t doubt or question that I am coming or that I am delaying any longer because I am not.  The time is now, My Children.  Don’t argue with each other and do not question My ways for My ways are different than yours.   Just keep looking directly up to Me.

Children, you have read about what happened to Job.  And how the enemy was able to test him, try him, he was able to press him to the very brink where Job felt like he couldn’t take it any longer.  But children this is all part of My plan when your restoration is complete, when your transformation is complete, you will see so clearly why I have done everything that I have done.  Throughout the ages I have tested My own.  I have allowed the enemy to afflict certain ones harder because I have big assignments for you My children.  So I want you to look at these tests and know that the bigger the test that you are going through, the mightier of a warrior you are becoming and the bigger the plans I have for you, because I know I could trust you My child.  I know the ones that will endure and make it to the end, I can trust with My work and My Kingdom.

​01/02/15 - The Light

Lisa has been having the same short snippet vision for a week now.  She gets up in the middle of the night and at some point when she closes her eyes while she is up (as we do when we are very tired), she sees pitch dark, then a blinding bright light.  This has happened a couple times and she was describing it to me on the phone last night.  I thought about it and it sounded like when then Lord might be showing Himself to us during the 3 days of darkness.  We talked about that a little bit but mostly she was just wondering what she was seeing.  I told her that many times, God starts out with one small thing, then unveils more to her.  I've seen this happen time and again with others as well.  Sometimes people can even think that God is done with them and they need to change their habits or that they are sinning.  But that is not the case because as long as you are emptying yourself to God and allowing Him to move at HIS timing, He will reveal more to you.  He has told us this time and again..."ask Me and I will reveal" etc.  So she did.

Several hours after our call, Lisa was praying  before bed and asking God "What is this?" that she keeps seeing. She immediately started seeing it again and it was like the Light was coming towards her, like in an NDE.  God told her, "The Light represents Me" and the Light enveloped her.  She felt what I call...100x Holy Spirit chills.  Even telling me about it this morning, she began feeling it again.  You know how when the HS takes over at times, you just kind of well up with Him.  It can be a righteous anger feeling, or joy unspeakable...but when it is the Holy Spirit you just FEEL it welling up.  That is what she felt as this Light hit her.  God was pouring Himself into her.  She says when this Light hits us, we will immediately have our glorified bodies....literally "in the twinkling of an eye" because that is the verse that came to her.  This Light will radiate through us and transform us fully.  That is why in her earlier visions of us in training, she cannot clearly see what we are wearing....because she sees so much light!

So why did God give her this vision?  My personal take on this and this is my idea not Lisa' that God wants us to be prepared for what will happen.  How amazing is that?  Lisa is not the only one that has "seen" this bright light in a vision...others have as well.  So He is preparing His Bride for what will happen to her.  How He loves us so!

You can read more about what I feel will happen during this event, here 
12/17/14 - Lisa was feeling very strange last jolts and surges running through her, "...felt like an electric eel...".  This was when she got home from work and was trying to eat.  A heavy headache came over her along with the surges.  She tried to rest and was praying for an answer about what to do for the holidays.  She is driving 14 hours down the coast of Calif to visit her family on Saturday and is not sure whether to go or not.  I know we all are concerned about what to do next week, especially if we are traveling.  So Lisa went to the Lord about her dilemma and again He showed her massive bombing from Russia over the USA.  From ships on the coasts and planes overhead.  Russia is losing out on oil and their currency is going downhill fast. 

This story is from TODAY:

And just in time to relax the borders...

I want to add that the coastlines did not look disrupted by an earthquake when these bombs were going off.  I personally do not think this means anything other than God did not show her that.  We are not to add to anything He shows us so what we do know is that Lisa tried to look for signs of EQ and did not see any.

I am also reminded of dreams from many people that state that the USA will be caught off guard when missiles come down.  They will come at night and will land on the coasts.  Others have seen them over Chicago and large cities. We don't know when...just like we do not know when the EQ is coming from WP's Word. What we do know is that we have been warned by God that these things WILL happen, and the warning is a blessing for us.  Even if you are going on a trip, you can surely make room for a case of water and canned goods (also a can opener!). 

Another thing I am reminded of is this Word from God from Lisa's Vision on 10/11/14:

"It is their plan to try and destroy Christmas, even though this is not a holiday that Christians should be celebrating. But even to the world, it is a very important holiday that they attribute to Christ’s birth. They have plans to destroy during that period. They want to do this just to hurt My children. They don’t understand that I am coming to rescue them (His children). All their plans (enemy) they make in vain to their own downfall. I Am coming to rescue My children. And yet they try and cause more chaos and confusion, trying to twist the truth so everyone is deceived. But My children are going to be taken from this.” 

We know He said the same thing in WP's Word 12/13/14 that He will rescue us during the EQ...could these events transpire before the end of the year?  It is quite possible!  When it ain't gonna stop...

From Julie Whedbee's Train Wreck vision 06/18/12 - (her pdf can be found on this page)

"The arrogance and complete mockery of My laws will bring severe judgment. In the vision of the train, each car represents one of My judgments. The impact of the first one will shock many because of its intensity, but this will only start a chain reaction, so to speak, as each (car) judgement follows the first in rapid succession, and with increasing intensity."

Keep looking up!

(Update on God's Word below about rescuing His children at is my firm belief that He did this by causing this great storm over the Christmas holiday...thereby shutting down many airports.)   USA   UK

12/08/14 – Word from God to Lisa

(Lisa said that this first paragraph came first, then the second one came along with visions she has seen before.  I've noted them below.)

My children, it is starting.  It is starting now, do not doubt what I have shown you.   And do not question the way you are feeling inside.  Because it is all happening now, just like you feel inside of you, you know that it is happening now. Things will be visible.  Things will be visible and you will see that it is starting now. Look up to the sky, it will reveal a lot. 

(Lisa said that God was getting stern here...angry even at what we are doing on earth) Everybody is so distracted.  They all have holiday plans.  No one has any time to see Me, to hear Me, to speak to Me.  There’s so many things go through their minds, all these plans that have to be made,  but I’m on My way. And I’m about to get their attention.  (long pause here)  I’m going to stop them.  Right in their tracks.  These holidays that they think that they are making plans for.  I want to show My plans, for I AM the great I AM!  And I..... AM.... on my way!  

Vision - Lisa felt that she saw Israel and Syria and Iran bombs going off.  She even felt the shaking.  Then the sky colors started.  She feels that Israel will actually feel SAFE when they see the sky if God is with them and the colors are proof of this. Then she saw Nibiru (the "planet") get closer and then just right in the sky.  The colors in the sky grew gray etc.  She even felt the shaking, perhaps how people will feel this shaking when the bombs/planet are near.  Finally (and this has happened a couple times now), she sees herself in my house, as my husband sees my transformation during the 3 Days of Darkness.  She is unsure why she is seeing this.

12/04/14 - "Electricity" Vision

(Hope here - I am consistently reminded of Galadriel's thoughts at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring movie: "The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.")

Lisa emailed me and said: I went into prayer tonight…so much pain in my body, aching…headache, dizzy (just feeling out of it disconnected) even some nausea off and on…I heard the Lord start to speak to first I felt tingling and then numb…I had no idea what that meant….but then I started to feel electricity going through me, like I was plugged into a socket…and He was very clear these things are all part of the completion of the transformation…then He gave me this word…(still feeling surges of electricity going through me an hour later!!)

My child it is Me.  I am burning the rest of your flesh out of you.  I am completing the transformation. Some of you are experiencing this in a way where your body is hurting or aching or feels like you’re sick or something is wrong.  It is Me just refining and bringing about all that I need to accomplish in the flesh.  Some of you are having surges, like electricity shooting through you or strange tingling like I just showed my daughter…that is also Me just completing the process in you. 

My children, do not fear what I am doing in you for the time has come, the time is here now. And as your transformation is completed  your body will go through all kinds of different sensations that you’ve never felt before.  You can look around in your world children, and see things are falling apart more every day. All these things are lined up and part of the plan, My plan.  My plan for My children is now nearing completion.  Children how I long to spend every day with all of you, with Me together.  Oh children how I’ve waited for this day.  How I’ve waited and longed for you all. 

Soon the enemy and all of his deception all his lies, everything he’s had the opportunity to use in this world to lead my children astray, it’s all soon going to be over for it will be My time to reign completely on this planet, in this universe.  I will reign completely, there will be no more temptations from the enemy.  All of this will be behind and we will live in peace and love.  No worrying about sickness and death.  All of the worries and cares that come along with this fleshly life.  All of you will be equal here no matter what size you are, no matter what color you were, you are all equal here in the spiritual realm and My heavenly realm.

There are those warriors that will have greater rewards lined up for them, Every waking moment that you have, until I come children, look to Me, ask Me what My plan for you that moment is.    Children I will start leading you into different situations to talk to different people.  Be open to My plan. Be open to My prompting and My leading. For the time is over now, and you need to hear Me speak to you.  You need to hear what My plans are for you.  You need to be obedient, and the rewards children, will be so  great.  I have rewards lined up for you, for your obedience.  I can’t wait to show you what I have lined up for you in your eternal home.

11/27/14 - "Teetering World" Vision    (Thanksgiving Day in the US)

Lisa saw a vision of many many people pushing a globe of the world up a cliff.  They are creating some big...huge problems...disasters, bombings etc.  For sure one thing at first she sees a total economical collapse.  Everything will start and go at once... like firecrackers.  Like a domino effect, and I am reminded of Julie Whedbee's train wreck vision in her June 18, 2012 vision.  

Lisa also saw that as soon as the earth started it's downward tilt, then we are transformed (not the Rapture but our transformation...the "first call").  I asked her if she wanted to add anything to this that I wrote up.  She wrote:

" No I wish I could verbalize the effect and force that it drops over the cliff…with hair standing straight up from the force….like a heavy bowling ball being thrown off…heavy and it drops quick and hard!!!"

11/23/14 – "The Transformation" Vision

This afternoon Lisa was in prayer.  When she feels she may have a vision, she lets God know that she is totally open to whatever He wants to show her or speak to her.  She does not go off searching for something..for example yes we would like to know more about the bombings in Israel but she leaves everything up to God.  We understand that the minute we try to take things into our own hands, God will take His visions elsewhere to someone that WILL obey Him.  The learning process for this takes time but Lisa has “died to self” and keeps her focus on His will.

So He showed her a bright light in the sky.  We can envision it best by thinking of how bright and round a full moon is.  Only this “moon” was shining down on earth.  More specifically, it was shining down on those that will be transformed during the days of darkness.  Lisa saw pitch blackness outside.  She did not know what she was seeing but it looked similar to this full moon shape.  She didn’t know if it was “alien” or even from God.  Then God explained to her exactly what it was.  Also know that this will occur early on in the darkness and it will happen before God reveals Himself to all.  When He does this, He will explain to our family members and whomever is in our house at the time, what happened.  Not only that, but before He speaks, Lisa believes our family members will SEE us transform.  In her vision, she saw my husband in shock…disbelief…at what he saw happen to me with the light.  No one really, will see the light in the heaven because we will be in our houses where it is pitch black.  (although we as the pure Bride may be able to see because I recall in Julie W’s vision she could see her husband).  Even though I have told my husband this will happen, he just kind of nods his head and agrees with me.  Anyway, Lisa started to know that this light was a good thing and from God. 

MY THOUGHTS – this could be a portal somehow, where God pours His oil down on us for the final transformation (the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God).  Since this thing in the sky is round and light…that’s why I think that.  I cannot think of a verse in the Bible that speaks of some THING in the sky FROM GOD that will shine over us and transform us.  So I am wondering if it is a portal from His dimension.  He may clear things up more in future visions so for now that is just my guess, it’s not even Lisa’s guess.  She says we will NOT be able to see this because again, we’ll be in our houses.  Our family/friends will see us transform and fall on their knees before God.  He will speak to them right after He takes us up.  As for this vision, this is what God told her…to tell us really.

WORD – “My child, I know you are questioning what I am trying to show you but you are seeing exactly when the darkness hits…there will be a bright light that appears.  What you see as a “moon” or something shining straight down from the heavens will finish the transformation process in you and bring you to the place that you need to be for your training.  Only the people that are going to be coming along with you will see this bright light, this floodlight that I will shine down on My children that I am completing this process in and taking to this place of refuge.

The “aliens” will be coming along and trying to use this same technology to fool people, but Mine will be first children, and you will know that it is Me.  Once the Fallen have arrived, things around there will get bad really fast, and although they will try to use the same type of a light technology with beaming lights, you My children will already be taken to a place of safety.

Just warn others, those that you love, to try and stay inside to avoid any temptation of looking at their tricks.  I do not want any of My children to see what’s going to be happening for there will be so many horrific things going on at that time.  The screaming and the horror that will be outside although I don’t want My children exposed to this, it is something that must happen to wake them up, those that are sleeping, backslidden, the lukewarm, the lost.  They need a great shakening.  But warn them it’s coming, warn them that the Fallen will be here, with all their tricks.  Not only will the horrors show up but then some things that seem like they may have come from Me, that they may be part of Me, but do not let them fall for these tricks.  Tell them not to fall for these trick for the enemy will be clever in what he will be doing.  It will fool many into thinking they are coming along with Me but this is not the case.  This will lead to their eternal death, and a place along with the Fallen in the lake of fire.

Warn all that will listen, to spend this time in deep prayer and seeking My face.  My truth will be revealed at this time.  It is SO very vital that they not get distracted with the things that are going on outside and around but that they seek My face during this time, that they really open their hearts to me and repent at this time for it will mean the difference between life and death for them.  Eternal life with Me or eternal damnation in the lake of fire.  For some who think that they are Mine are living so far in the world, they do not see it, they do not see that they follow the enemy and they truly do not follow Me. During this time of darkness I will be showing them that.  I will be coming to each one of them and showing them that.

This is a time of great sorrow but also a great time of great rejoicing for this is the time that many of My lost sheep will come back to Me.”

Above are possible pictures of the fake light beams that the Fallen will claim came from them.  Based on Lisa's Word, these Fallen will claim responsibility of the initial transformation...the one from the True God.  The Fallen will then entice those left behind by telling them they too can join their families and "be safe" from all that is going on with earth.


"Aliens make predictions of an imminent period of global chaos and destruction. They say that a certain number of humans -- and the number varies dramatically from case to case -- will be 'rescued' from the planet in order to continue the species, either on another planet or back on earth after the destruction is over. Many abductees report that they don't believe their alien captors and foresee instead a much more sinister use of the 'rescued' humans.

(Note: This reminds me of the vision/dream one man related of a mass alien landing and 'harvest' amidst global chaos, with aliens encouraging humans to board their craft so as to escape to a better place, however in the vision/dream this man had the distinct impression that those who boarded these craft would be entering a living hell... Satan's rapture?

11/19/14 – “Tug of War” vision

Lisa was dizzy again last night with a lot of pressure in her head, not a headache but very much a pressure. When her ears started ringing, she went to the Lord in prayer and He gave her a vision and spoke to her.  We debated about whether this was strictly personal but I feel many of you can be encouraged by the lessening of pain soon.  Know that many times, Lisa's visions are personal and I am not privy to them.  It's just that she was not sure about this one so I felt led to go ahead and post it.


My daughter, the sensations going through your body is My presence, My Glory, flushing out the last of any impurities in you. I am making the transformation complete. What you feel happening is part of the process which is near its completion. Soon all these things that are happening in you, these physical symptoms, will be over and you will triumphantly be walking in your glorified body and all those things will be of the past. You’ll be a new creature in Me. A new being anew, and will not have to deal with anymore of the pains or sensations, anything that this fleshly body can feel, because it will all be changed. Even now you can feel the changing. The heat that is burning through you.

Look up My daughter! Look up! Keep your eyes looking up! These events are all going to start very quickly. As I told you My daughter, very very soon these events are going to start. You will see it in the heavenlies and you will know. Time is complete. You are almost finished my child. You’ve almost finished this race. Hold on, Hold on. Your glorious body awaits you. Hold on.

She saw the planets/objects in the sky and felt there was a tug of war going on in space.  This could be the fulfillment of Isaiah 13:13 and Haggai 2:6 soon.  She called it tug of war but was not able to explain it at all. I have watched videos on this but will not include them here because the woman that is explaining the pull of the orbits…channels “aliens”. We know that these aliens are really the Fallen so I will not post anything about their information here. Every article I come across that attempts to explain what will go on with Nibiru’s arrival includes names of well-known people in the Nibiru world that seem to have the explanation for everything. Yet even if those people do not believe in the channelings, then they generally believe humans were created to work as slaves for “gods” of the past. I cannot find a good Christian source for Nibiru so until I do, you’ll just have to use your imagination. We do however, have God explaining some of this to Lisa and so we will go with that. He is a perfect Instructor after all!

As the vision was taking over, Lisa felt that this event, this seeing “something” in the sky, may occur even before bombs in Israel. She knows the effect of these planets/objects are the reason for the colors in the sky. Even at night, these colors will make the aurora borealis looks like child’s play. There will be a “sundog” effect. Now, I live in Indiana and had never seen a sundog until last year..and I have lived here over 50 years. But there was a sundog two or three days in a row when I came home from work. I even took pictures. Here is a good explanation and picture from the internet.

Now, the colors may look like this in the sky at first. We won’t all see this covering the sky until after the bombs.

If you look up, even these days you might see breaks in the clouds of storms. I saw this last week. There was no storm but due to the snow and cold that the USA is experiencing, the sky was covered with clouds, but there were weird breaks where you could see blue sky. Lisa said last night she saw this same thing, and she lives 2,000 miles away from me! This is why God keeps telling us to look up. Have you noticed how people these days do NOT look up at the sky? We have iPads and smart phones and we are looking at others, etc. Pretty much no one looks up. So God will get everyone’s attention this way. He will be putting His signs in the sky so people will start thinking something is up…and eventually their thoughts will go to, “Is there a God? Is He doing something?” 

Now, Lisa feels that something, not sure what but something will either hit the planet Nibiru or jar it in some way, and that will in turn pull earth into the “shaking”. I am reminded of a young boy's dream where Jesus showed him that Nibiru would push Mars into the Sun, and then it would push another planet into the Moon.  It would appear there were two suns in the sky,  So when Lisa mentioned this jolt, I thought of this young boy's dreams as confirmation.  This jarring could easily happen with a jolt due to an orbit change caused by something pulling at earth’s gravity. Lisa says the earth will shake HARD, then there will be a deafening silence. The demons…their coming from Nibiru and landing and screaming and all that, won’t happen immediately. We believe that the order of events MAY be that we see this planet and other objects in the sky, then colors in the sky, then bombs in/out of Israel. Once we are WARNED to get in our houses, then the shaking will happen within 3 days and the EQ will hit and when it goes silent, I personally believe is when God will speak to all people on the planet. There will simply be NO noise in all the earth to keep anyone from hearing Him. HE will have caused this…and we are to not be afraid of it. WE will be leaving!

Finally, this morning I asked Lisa how she felt.  I had a difficult time understanding her at first last night.  She is aware of this and tries to speak but usually ends up speaking in tongues.  lol  Eventually she is able though, but this time was different because she was being physically affected by this draw...this pulling of her body.  So this morning she told me she felt "heavily sedated".  lol  It's evening now and she seems back to her old self.  The irony is, that I am not feeling ANYthing.  I am not dizzy or headachey or anything.  I believe that is from God, and it is to show you that just because you don't feel these sensations like Lisa, does NOT mean He is changing you.  If you are worried or concerned, just ask yourself one question.  Do you act/behave differently than you did 5 years ago?  I know I SURE do!  God has been changing me over time.  Have faith people...and Look Up!  

11/15/14 – Planet Tilt - Word and Vision to Lisa

Lisa was feeling dizzy this afternoon, only not quite dizzy but more like her legs were turning sideways. She went into prayer and was praying about other things, but God showed her why she was feeling that way. First I will put God’s Word here, then more explanation that Lisa gave me.

Word -My child, things are changing quickly now for your world. Your planet is being changed, pulled, turned. There is a sharp shifting going on right now and that is the reason for so many people feeling so many odd, strange different sensations in their physical bodies. Anywhere from dizziness, lightheaded, off-balance, queasy. Even the floating sensation like you might lift up…these are all parts of the things that are happening right now in the atmosphere around you.

It is not just the physical, it is happening in the atmosphere of the spiritual as the changing of your flesh goes from mortal to immortal. The sensations you are having feel unnatural or odd. Most of it is the cause of the planet being pulled and tiled. There is a lot of shiftings going on right now in the planet, a lot of changes taking place. Pretty soon it will be visible to the naked eye. You will see the things changing and moving.”

Vision - Some of you may be experiencing an upset stomach, nausea, muscles twitching in legs, dizzy, etc. God says earth is tilting. It is being pulled sideways and people are feeling all kinds of different sensations. There is movement NOW in the heavenlies…in the sky above us. We cannot see it yet but Lisa feels STRONGLY that the whole world will be seeing planet type things in the sky by year end. We will see the sky changing with our own eyes, it will be “JAW DROPPING”. It will look unique and crazy, unexplainable things in the sky. God tells her that man will no longer be able to cover it up. He says it is “getting ready to go dark.” This all has to do with space above us, planets that are in our solar system, and whatever Nibiru is bringing along with it.

Lisa believes that soon we will go outside one day and look up and see a very close by planet, bigger than the sun and we will be able to see distinct features on it. She was seeing this in her vision along with a lot of “bright things” so I asked her some questions. I asked if this was daytime or night. She said it seemed like dusk. I asked her if the “bright things” are what we know now as the planets in the night sky, or were they aliens. She said no, these are MUCH closer and bigger than even the sun and moon. What we will see are events that occur before the sky changes color. That is different. These are just planet type things that will appear. These are the cause of the earth tilting and in the coming days, we will see more earthquakes and volcanoes. Watch the Ring of Fire! These things are pointing to indications that our transformations are being completed. The last thing she said was, “This is all part of the process to bring about the end.”

Personal note – Hope here, I am not experiencing any of this. I wanted to add that so you would know that if you aren’t experiencing anything, that does not mean that changes are not happening to us. God is working on each one individually so have faith in what He is doing!

Philippians 1:6, And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

PS:  I am feeling the Lord's leading to post David Daughtrey's vision from 1996.  We don't know that everything will happen this way but it sure is interesting...take special note of the "21".

11/11/14 – Word to Lisa

I see My children arguing over all the little details, although some of them might not be so small. These things really will not matter for My coming is near, just know that. For each one thinks they have figured out how this will all go down or exactly what timing it all is, but I believe all of you will be surprised in one way or another or in how these things unfold and what time and where it is truly at. Just know that I Am who I say I Am and I Am coming now.

I Am transforming My Bride and she will go to work, for the Harvest will be so large. There are so many out there that need this time. That needed this wakeup call, that needed to really see and trust Me. I truly Am their Savior, but they have called Me that for many years, but have they put their faith in Me? Have they actually trusted Me? Have they actually lived according to My Word and My ways? But that is why I Am giving them this chance, that is why I Am giving this call, this “shaking” before I come, so they will all know; they will ALL know that I Am their King. They can choose to accept that and look at what they have done and how they have led their lives and repent, or they can choose to turn their back on Me and stay in the evil of the world.

Darkness is going to increase every day and soon the darkness will be unbearable. It is coming to a place now where I know Mine that are surrendered to Me, Mine that call Me their Lord and Savior. Mine that are living in My perfect will are feeling the struggle and the depth of the darkness, the uncomfortableness, the “out of the place” of being part of this world that they know they are not part of. Do not worry My children, just knowing I Am at the door. For now is the time, now is the time for the transformations to begin.

Soon all that call Me their Lord and Savior will SEE Me as their Lord and Savior. They will know they have not been living their life as if I was their Lord and Savior. They will be shown; that is what this time is for. That is what the darkness and the Harvest is all about. For you see My children, when somebody’s life ends, it ended when I wanted it to end. It had a timing and a purpose and nobody was taken until it was their time. They were given the chances, they were spoken to, and everything was revealed to them.

So now before I call this great Harvest home, I want to show My children where they have been living and how they have been living so all will have the opportunity to be included, all that have called Me theirs. All that have thought they belonged to Me but how the enemy has lied to them, and allowed them to live more in their world than part of My world. But this is all getting ready to end because I will be revealed, the veil will be lifted from each of their eyes, the lies and the deceit of the enemy will be lifted from their eyes and they will all see the Truth very soon.

So hold fast My children, it is upon you now and as you see the events start to unfold, have GREAT faith! Rise up my children, rise up! Your transformation is being completed!

11/08/14 - Vision on Antichrist & Obama, Tsunami, Israel, Angels

Antichrist and Obama- Lisa started out praying to God. She was asking about the AC again, and about Obama. This is what God told her...that people do not want to hear that Obama is not the AC…they want to believe that Lisa is in error. He said, “They want to believe a lie, the deception. She asked God why some people, very genuine Christians that hear from God, believe that O is the AC. God said that he has the spirit of the antichrist.

1 John 2:18, “Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour.”

I (Hope) personally believe that O is one of the ten horns found in Rev 17:12. Once those ten kings are established after our Translation, then the little horn, the TRUE AC, comes up FROM them. Remember from the list in the previous vision of the AC on 11/02/14…the AC comes from obscurity. No one knows who he is right now, but that does not mean we do not see the spirit of the AC among our established leaders. Let’s look at some verses in Daniel 7 which shows us the Ten, the AC, and characteristics of the AC that Lisa saw in this vision.

Daniel 7:8,20,21,24,25 ...'I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things. And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows. I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them. And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings. And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.' ...

Now before I go into Daniel, let me tell you what Lisa saw in this vision. Again she saw this man that was SO captivating in looks! He was “hot” in her opinion, and others have emailed me saying the same thing…that God showed them a man that they could almost not take their eyes off of. Lisa says, “piercing hypnotic eyes” and that he would fool everyone. Even our loved ones that are not Watchers, but have heard everything we have told them in the past few years. Even THESE lukewarm soontobe Harvest warriors for God…would be fooled by this man! He will be VERY believable, and appears to be a kind, loving person.As you can see by her vision, the man described is SO not Obama! So take this to the Lord as HE wants you to do this. Ask Jesus for revelation knowledge so you can know the Truth about what you have been reading and hearing. Please know this is not to badmouth others that have heard O is the AC, or even to adamantly let our brothers and sisters in Christ know it’s not him, rather it is to reveal what God is telling and showing Lisa. It’s as simple as that.

As for this true AC and Daniel, do you see how Daniel describes his eyes too? “eyes LIKE the eyes of a man”…and later on, “…horn that had eyes”. So IMO Daniel in his vision, recognized that the AC had eyes that were not truly human eyes. Lisa saw this too, and tried not to look in the AC’s eyes. I half-jokingly reminded her that this is what happens to people that look in the eyes of a vampire. So whatever this guy has, he does not have eyes like we do.

Tsunami – Lisa again wanted to know more about this. She DOES see an asteroid hitting earth. In fact there are and will continue to be many geological events occur that will bring about deaths. Even in this upcoming storm in the USA over this week, there will be deaths. The “super storm” is going to be the worst this year (so far) and affect 250 million people. The Polar Vortex is being thrown south due to the aftermath of Super Typhoon Nuri up near Alaska. Yes this is a birth pain, we NEVER used to have storms like this and here in the mid-west, we had never heard of the Polar Vortex until last year. Yet the weather is getting worse. So Lisa was asking, and she feels that these events will occur and continue to bring about the death of others, yet it is not THE tsunami that Efrain Rodriguez sees. She does not believe that millions will die before the 3 days of darkness. God has shown her this in visions. We both believe it could happen AFTER we are translated. In fact, I was reminded this week that many people wanted to kill Lazarus, the man that Jesus raised from the dead, because Lazarus was PROOF of Jesus as God. So it is possible (guessing only) that many will die during the Harvest, possibly even in this tsunami, just so that God via the Bride, can raise them from the dead so that others see the power of God. This is ONLY a guess on our part but it IS a pattern from the life of Jesus.

Israel – I asked Lisa about the new UN Foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini. She has insisted that a Palestinian State is the position of the European Union. Lisa drew in her breath and said she sees a powder keg in Israel. She feels like something happened there a few weeks or a month ago, that is already setting off the end events…and it is down to the last bit of fuse. When this bomb finally lands in Israel, she sees chaos, confusion, and shock come to the Israelis. They do believe that God is on their side (and He is) but they believe that will continue to happen whether they believe and worship Him, or not. This bombing…will make them see that they are not invincible. They will ask, “Where’s God?”  I asked Lisa if this bombing comes after the USA is hit with its own end time events and she believe is it practically simultaneous. She has seen in visions before (noted below) that NYC and Wash DC are hit, including the WH although Obama will not be in the WH at the time. So keep watch on his schedule!

Angels – The Bride is getting even more angels now because the world is growing darker. God has told her that He will reveal more about the angels. We must be careful to remember that they are here for our protection and not to unduly try to interact with them. Lisa has “seen” a very very large blond angel standing post at her front door. I asked her if she sees a sword. Yes she sees one, and it is poised at roughly a 45 degree angle outward with the sword facing similar to a 2:00 position. This angel facing the front door so he is able to see who comes up to the entrance. I believe we ALL have the same type of angel at our front door and after I found this out, last night I whispered “Thank you” to him before I went to bed.

I asked Lisa how the angels were responding to us asking about them. Last time I asked her a question about her guardian angel and when she looked at him, she got the sense that he was thinking, “Oh you are noticing me?” She said today that they seem amused by our interest in them. Again I am reminded not to give them too much attention. They work for God just as we do. But I believe God is allowing us to know more about them because we will be working with them soon.

 These are not little fat angels holding up swords mind you. This picture that I added helps me to see the “power” behind these guys. Even though we cannot see them, does this not give you encouragement that you are indeed being protected?!? I have had several emails from single people and single parents that feel afraid these days, even though they know they are part of this end time army. Perhaps like me, you can add this picture as a wallpaper on your desktop to help give you strength, and to show you that GOD is watching over you! He loves us SO much that He sends these wondrous beings to guard us. THIS is why we cannot let our armor down! Make sure you put it on every day. 
I recently read something that may or may not be true but it sure struck me. That is, when we pray for our armor daily, our guardian angels get armor as well. But when we do not pray, they too go out without armor. Makes you think eh?

Lastly, I asked Lisa whether ALL these angels go with us when we leave the house. She quickly said no, but only a few stay behind like the front door angel and maybe one or two others. In the time ahead, I will post more about these companions of ours as the Lord allows.
11/02/14 – Heaven Pt 2 (part 1 is below and begins in the Holy of Holies and spreads outward)

Inner Courtyard – Lisa could see another area. She said it was like a “downtown” place with a boardwalk and a few mansions scattered next to buildings. This seemed fascinating to us…why have SOME mansions (although few) next to some downtown buildings? She felt these were permanent mansions so we thought perhaps these were people that did not need to be in the Throne Room but had duties outside of it that were important to the other saints. She guessed the Disciples or Old Testament people but that was ONLY a guess. Unless God reveals more, we simply don’t know. 

(allow me to add that if any of you can draw, maybe even with colored pencils, and can draw what you are reading…if God leads you to do so, perhaps you could draw some of these visions and send them for me to post? Just a thought, send an email! ~ Hope)

Further on the outskirts of this metropolis…is a river. Lisa knows this as the River of Life and it has trees on either side of it. Also next to the River is a Park. This Park kept Lisa busy for quite some time because it has some amazing water features. She tried to find similar things on youtube but of course it’s impossible to copy God’s design. Yet she did find some things.

King Abdullah Park - Saudi Arabia

These water features in Heaven have birds singing and flowers dancing as it sprays around them. There are many children splashing through the features and playing. Lisa felt that the water was “singing”…one of those hard to describe things. There were also colors throughout the water show, again hard to explain. There were picnickers on the grass in the Park, and behind the Park were many trees that went along the River and lined it.

Lisa felt God asked her at this point…what else would she like to see? So she had me call her and gave me all this info.

The minute she mentioned this, I thought about Kat Kerr and before I could even ask, Lisa said that she feels some things Kat says are right, and some are wrong. So we just won’t go there. Lisa DOES feel there are other types of entertainment even beyond the city walls. We believe the area beyond this is the “outer courtyard”…or as Jesus mentioned, Paradise for the thief that died that day on the cross. This may very well be the area that those who are saved briefly will live. Those of 1 Corinthians 3:15, “If anyone's work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire.”

I asked Lisa if she could tell that all those records in the buildings…also contained records of those not yet born on earth. This seemed to throw her for a bit but her response was Truth and not anything I would have guessed her to say. After thinking about it (know that when she “thinks” during a vision, it is to get the feeling, or correct answer for something) she “felt” that these were the records of everyone who would ever be in Heaven. Everything is kept track of. Again I was reminded of Ephesians 1:4, “For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. ”

I asked her if she could go into the water that was in the Park by the River mentioned above.  This is a pond like area, not the actual River of Life.  She did go in and I could tell her emotions were changing. She said it was not wet, but felt refreshing, like when the Holy Spirit is poured out on a person.  It is a spiritual experience.  She said mostly adults were in the River of Life and received a cleansing experience, while the children were playing in the pond with the water features.  Also besides the birds and flowers were many smaller animals like squirrels and bunnies, also playing.

I asked Lisa if she could go to the gate (remember she is inside the city).  She said no, that it was very far away although she can see it. 

Some things I neglected to ask Lisa and wished I would have are…did she see the sea of glass?  Also, what about the 24 elders that surround the throne?  Again just a reminder that if you have questions, you can ask them here.

Space Needle (in Israel – underwater observatory)

Lisa has seen something like the Space Needle in the water outside of this area.  This Space Needle is out in the water and visible to all whether on the ship or on the boardwalk.  When she found the pictures online, she was very excited because this seemed VERY MUCH like what she has seen. These are pictures of The Underwater Observatory at Marine Park, Eilat (note that you can translate the page in your language at the top link)

She also saw something like a cruise ship and felt that the people were on a “day trip”.  Also she felt that this type of cruise was not Carnival but more like Princess...very much elegant but certainly accessible for anyone.

I hope this has helped you to picture Heaven a bit more.  Our goal here was not so much to show you Heaven because that information is in the Bible and with others who have had dreams and visions.  But more so that there are areas in Heaven that are accessible to some but not yet to others.  They are still being taught, whether here are earth or in Heaven.  This is VERY encouraging I think, because it shows that God wants us learning all the time and that our loved ones that are not saved, may even make it by the skin of their teeth.  Their works will burn up, but they themselves will be saved!

11/02/14 – Heaven Pt 1

At the beginning of this vision, Lisa started to “spiral down” and the feeling of a weight was on her.  After 4-5 minutes, she came out of the spiral and found herself in the Throne Room of God…the Holy of Holies.   We believe that the City of God is made up like the Temple and inner/outer courtyard of the Tabernacle of the plans that God drew for Moses.  The short pdf found here has some great information on the areas of the sanctuary that God drew.

We would also direct you to chapters 3 and 4 of Oden Hetrick's book here

Note that Lisa does not agree with other things in his book, but she saw the area that he describes and feels it is accurate.

 Here is a description of what Lisa saw.

Holy of Holies - It was very bright in the Throne Room, and it was similar to the way a football stadium is laid out with seating all around and God in the middle.  In the area where the Throne is, are also box like seats which are similar to apartments.  They are very close to God. These apts go up many many levels and most of them permanently belong to people.  However there appears to be one level that is reserved for people to come and go.  Perhaps they have business in the Throne Room but are not allowed to stay permanently.  For example they come to worship for a while.  This area of apts (or chambers) is the only “living” in the Holy of Holies, all else is temporary. The large stadium arrangement around the middle reminds me of  Revelation  7:9,After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb. They were clothed in white robes and held palm branches in their hands.” 

Just outside of this area are numerous buildings that contain records, including one building for Jesus’ life.   When Lisa had me to call her, she had already been in the building that housed Jesus’ things.  She described it as a museum type building that contained many artifacts, pictures, and books. She was not able to see anything in particular however.  Lisa did say that in some areas, you could actually experience His life.  I asked her to try to see His baptism by John but she was not able to.  Apparently these events were laid out in the building when you came across them.  She said this building was as large as the Smithsonian.

Lisa could see these other buildings as well and she knew they contained records.  She could see people coming and going in the buildings, as well as angels.  She knew the angels were different because they were more “glowy”.  They are brighter than the humans in Heaven.  Perhaps once we have our new bodies, those saints in Heaven will appear different as well.  But for now, they seemed to be wearing ordinary clothing.

11/02/14 - Vision of the antichrist posted

In mid-October when Lisa had her vision about the gray aliens that step into human suits, the Lord showed her something else that has not been posted until now. He showed her features and characteristics of the antichrist. When God was showing Lisa these aliens (10/16 vision), at the same time she saw a man nearby.  In her spirit she knew it was the AC.

Physical Characteristics:

  • He is roughly 45 – 55
  • He is single
  • He is somewhere between 6’ and 6’4”
  • He has dark hair, somewhat wavy
  • No glasses
  • Great teeth
  • No beard, not sure about mustache

At NO TIME did God show this man’s face to Lisa, let’s be clear on this. She does not know the identity of this man, but what God showed her does line up with Scripture which I will get to in a minute.

Personality Features:

When Lisa saw him, he was walking confidently, almost arrogantly. She said to me, “Imagine George Clooney looking his ultimate best on the red carpet”. This man was a sharp dressed man, wearing a very expensive dark suit and dark shirt, and fantastic, shiny shoes. (I looked up “shoes” in a Christian prophetic dream website and they spoke of the condition of your walk with God, so this man is flashy and arrogant since he does NOT walk with God)

Geographical Location:

She knows he is from the Middle East but does not know which country. When she saw him, he was “going all over” traveling and fixing things up after the 3 DoD chaos. This took him quite a while, perhaps 6 – 9 months as mentioned in other visions (The signing of the peace treaty comes after his travels). He was waving to people and looking very fit, very handsome and “reeking suave.”

As you have seen above, if you base the features of the AC solely on Lisa’s vision, then he is undoubtedly NOT President Obama. Personally I never thought he was. I believe O’s role is to help bring down America and he seems to be doing that quite well. He may have a significant role to play in revealing the AC in days ahead, only God knows. We just know he is not the AC. Oh and Prince William does not fit the characteristics either. Even if you think one of these men IS the AC, you should reread Daniel 7:8 again which tells us that until the 10 kings arise, this little horn remains obscure and does not arrive until later. See #4.  O and William are already famous.

We also know that the AC is not yet on the scene because WE are still here. We are Raptured up in Rev 4:1, then the Lamb comes and opens the 7 sealed scroll. The first seal, the white horseman, is the antichrist. He may be on earth but he is not yet “released” to appear as the man of lying wonders and miracles. I believe he is somewhere in the Middle East right now, a wealthy man with power but unknown to us. He comes from the Roman Empire and yet he is also an Assyrian based on Isaiah 10. If you overlap the Roman Empire with the Assyrian Empire, perhaps his location can be narrowed down a bit.



You can see that there is a wide swath of places he can come from geographically. Yet the Bible seems to point to this area. God has placed information in the Bible, not always for us but for the Left Behind. I think this is one of those times. Since it is in the Bible, people for eons have become so sure that they know 1) who the AC is or 2) specifically where he is from, yet again based on the seals not yet being opened, there is no WAY we can know! The Restrainer still holds him back! So for now, I will conclude at this point until God shows us more.

Finally, let’s go to the resource that shows Biblical characteristics (posted below the link):

1. He comes from among ten kings in the restored Roman Empire; his authority will have similarities

to the ancient Babylonians, Persians, and Greeks [Daniel 7:24; Rev 13:2 / Daniel 7:7]

2. He will subdue three kings [Daniel 7:8, 24]

3. He is different from the other kings [Daniel 7:24]

4. He will rise from obscurity…a “little horn” [Daniel 7:8]

5. He will speak boastfully [Daniel 7:8; Rev 13:5]

6. He will blaspheme God, [Daniel 7:25; 11:36; Rev 13:5] slandering His Name, dwelling place, and 

departed Christians and Old Testament saints [Rev 13:6]

7. He will oppress the saints and be successful for 3 ½ years [Daniel 7:25; Rev 13:7]

8. He will try to change the calendar, perhaps to define a new era, related to himself [Daniel 7:25]

9. He will try to change the laws, perhaps to gain an advantage for his new kingdom and era 

[Dan 7:25]

10. He will not be succeeded by another earthly ruler, but by Christ [Daniel 7:26­27]

11. He will confirm a covenant with “many”, i.e. the Jewish people [Daniel 9:27]

This covenant will likely involve the establishment of a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem 

[see Dan 9:27; Mat 24:15]

12. He will put an end to Jewish sacrifice and offerings after 3 ½ years and will set up an 

abomination to God in the Temple [Daniel 9:27, Mathew 24:15]

13. He will not answer to a higher earthly authority; “He will do as he pleases”[Daniel 11:36]

14. He will show no regard for the religion of his ancestors [Daniel 11:37]15. He will not believe in any god at al [except for himself] 

[Daniel 11:37]

16. He will have "no regard for the desire of women": He will either be asexual or homosexual 

[Dan 11:37]

17. He will claim to be greater than any god [Daniel 11:37; 2 Thess 2:4]

18. He will claim to be God [2 Thessalonians 2:4]

19. He will only honor a “god” of the military. His whole focus and attention will be on his military. He will conquer lands and distribute them [Daniel 11:39­44]

20. His arrival on the world scene will be accompanied by miracles, signs and wonders [2 Thess 2:9]

21. Either he, or his companion [The False Prophet], will claim to be Christ [Mat 24:21­28]

22. He will claim that Jesus did not come in the flesh, or that Jesus did not rise bodily from the grave 

[2 John 7]. He will deny that Jesus is the Messiah [I John 2:22]

23. He will be worshipped by many people [Rev. 13:8]

24. He will hate a nation that initially will have some control over his kingdom, but he will destroy 

this nation [Rev 17:16­18]

25. He will appear to survive a fatal injury [Rev. 13:3; 17:8]

26. His name will be related to the number six hundred and sixty six—but not necessarily in an 

obvious fashion [Rev 13:17­18]. 27. He will be empowered by the devil himself [Rev. 13:2]

10/31/14 - "Surgery"     How Jesus Heals Us

When I called Lisa last night, she was having a different sort of vision.  Allow me to set the stage.  

She had been attacked by another Christian over her visions.  I read the comments and messages from this person and believe me, they were horrific. Not only against Lisa but against her husband.  This person does not know Lisa or anything about her. He did not use the language of a loving Christian brother, but rather that of a Pharisee.  Lisa understands that not all have eyes to see and ears to hear, but as we have seen time and time again, we are hurt most by those who call themselves Christian.  This man based everything on this one vision without reading anything else.  Lisa was deeply hurt and almost started to doubt what she was seeing.  We do not know why God allows these things to happen but she is MUCH stronger now for it, and her strength comes from the Lord.  She had questions to God on another matter but here is what happened instead:.

Jesus came to her and started to touch her.  She said, "What are you doing?"  He said, "I am performing surgery on you.  I am removing all these pieces."  She looked down and Jesus was removing large arrows and nails and other objects that had been shot into her.  She could actually feel them being removed!  She said Jesus was pouring love and peace and forgiveness back into her as well.  He then told her that He was the One giving her these visions and Words and they were not coming from her.  He told her to let others know that if they had a problem with the visions, they were to go to Him  He said, "Shut them down, do not listen."  This is advice from Abba and we are to see it as not only comfort, but a command.

What Lisa described is what another sister in Christ saw happen to me in a vision a while back.  I tell you this because I want you to KNOW what the Lord does on your behalf when you are hurting!  I had been falsely accused of something by a sister in Christ.  I had been close friends with her for a very long time so the pain she caused ran deep into my heart.  I cried out to God, asking Him to show me what I had done because I knew the accusations were groundless. One week later, the Lord sent a Word to me through another sister.  This friend gave me the Word and then told me that God showed her a vision of me standing on the battlefield and fighting, then getting shot with an arrow in the back and falling.  It seems that while we go about experiencing things on earth, that our SPIRIT reflects what is really happening.  

Wendy Alec published this book in 2013.  I highly recommend it!  While I am not able to copy and paste any words from the book here, I will tell you that she was given visions and here is just a short excerpt on what she sees happens in the spirit to us.

In her vision, Wendy saw an angel announce the day and hour of a man's birth on earth and heard that he was preordained to proclaim the Kingdom of the Most High God to prepare the way for the last generations. When she looked at the man, the entire surface of his face was punctured by tiny, metallic-like arrows.  There was also a huge arrow speared into the left side of his heart, and another had gouged his entire right side and it was still bleeding.  All across the backs of his hands and his face were fresh, bleeding grazes and wounds, boils still festering. There was more but his face was dark with hopelessness.  She was riveted.

When he was born, the man's mother loved him and dedicated him to God as a servant of the Lord,  When she died, Wendy saw a medium arrow pierce his chest with a deep lunge. He then grew up in a godly family and eventually married the youngest daughter.  He became an evangelist and secret records of his deeds were recorded. A wonderful ministry was born. Training schools were established, signs and wonders followed him, and establishments set up for the poor and needy were created. God overshadowed all. The man remained pure and did not seek to promote himself but give God the glory.  Then the enemy dispatched a horrible assignment and Wendy saw a great and terrible arrow launched and head straight for the man's heart..."LIES OF THE ENEMY, DECEPTION". It was easily deflected because the man was strong is his faith.  But over time he grew older and weary, the ministry became harder and small wounds appeared. He neglected to look to Jesus for his provisions and started looking to man. I've already typed too much and I know I am leaving you hanging the book!  Jesus tells Wendy...tells US really, how He can come alongside each one of us and heal our pain.  There are other "arrow" stories in her book and I was encouraged to see a story of a man that fell deep into sin, but that the Lord was slowly bringing him back to God.  God will perform "surgery" on you too as well, if you but let Him.  Go to HIM with everything!  Every small detail in our lives are to be given to him.  If you haven't already, start today!

10/26/14 – Training Grounds 2 - more on Angels

While Lisa was having the turkey vision, suddenly everything went dark. It always gets very interesting when something different happens because GOD is working here! So I stay still and just pray quietly. Lisa gasped and then said she heard something, like a spouse talking to their spouse. After a moment, she saw us…the Bride..”landing” on our feet on the training grounds. Paula Marie has even been shown this place and she calls it a “Place of Holding”. Here is her video describing it.

Before I continue, Lisa had said that she very briefly heard a spouse say goodbye to another spouse. I was ecstatic to hear this! Here is what I think it is (note this is ONLY a guess), and I am praying that God reveal even more to Lisa soon. A while back, we know that “Invitations” from the Lord were sent out to the Bride, via Words, Dreams, and Visions. In one of the dreams, Jesus said to be ready at 6:00 because the doors would shut permanently at 6:15. At the time, I mentioned that perhaps we would have time to say Goodbye to our families. Yes this is during the three days of darkness but since we will have the Light of Jesus in us, we will see each other in our houses. My theory of saying goodbye was shot down by everyone I talked everyone thought we would just disappear. But I think HERE we may be seeing confirmation that yes indeed we will have time to say goodbye. Lisa was clear to say that while in this vision, she does not believe we will “change our minds” and stay behind with family. We will KNOW that going through that Door will only HELP our families because we want to be translated into new bodies to help whomever God sends us to. Also, we have been CHOSEN by Jesus Himself, we didn’t choose Him, He chose us! So we will be able to go right through that door after possibly saying goodbye to loved ones in our household!

Back to the vision…after we landed on the ground, Lisa saw a table. I asked her if it was outside and she said no, it was in a building. There were implements and vials of all kinds on the table and angels were handing them out to us and we would place them in our “toolbelts” that went around our robes. (toolbelts are discussed previously) Lisa describes the training area as “very lovely”…lush green grass. She does not know if we were transported there and were dropped from the sky or what. She does feel we can each fly individually at some point. Imagine that! No WONDER we’ll have fun during our break times! As I asked her about the transports and flying, she tried to “look behind” her after we had landed and see where she left but she could not. Yet we know that God may reveal more later.

Again Lisa mentioned that even though we are training, it feels like a holiday for us. It occurred to me that the “turkey on the kitchen counter” vision may be a holiday of sorts in Heaven to celebrate the Bride’s initial translation. Anyway, if you have ever worked in a large place of business, this will sound familiar to you. She says during the training day we are split up into groups of similar skills. Angels train us in what we are doing. She has not seen actual training but for example purposes, let’s say there is an area of training on how to heal. There would be several groups learning this. Meanwhile in another area, those who are handling swords will be working on weapons training. Remember, I am just making these up; until the Lord shows Lisa specifics, we are just using our imagination. So like in business, we can be attending a large conference, yet we are split up into different breakout sessions. Same situation. At the end of the day, we are brought back together with the group that we will be going out with on actual assignments. Lisa believes these groups are roughly 8-12 people, at least that is what she has seen. At the end of all our training, each larger group will be given specific instructions on what to do. I am reminded of part of a Word from Sue on 08/26/13,

“Do not expect to receive the entire set of instructions at once. Instead I will instruct you one step at a time, for as you complete one step of instruction another step will closely follow. You will not be overwhelmed or panicked for I am with you. When you arrive at heaven’s shore you will look back and laugh with joy at the miraculous path you ran through unharmed.”

Angels – if you have read this far, you get an unexpected bonus. Some information about angels! First let me say this…I want you to know this information for encouragement purposes. At NO time do we or should we pray to an angel. The angels each have a specific purpose, as we do. However, I know that during this training time, as well as throughout the Harvest, we will be working with them. So I personally am curious about this, and have asked Lisa some questions while she is having her visions…because she is able to “see” her own angels. I think I mentioned before that she knows she has 5….one guardian who is like 7 feet tall and is always on her right and watches her all the time. The other four are shorter and look out for her. Lisa believes that her guardian angel, knows my guardian angel. It is possible that we TOO know our guardian angels “from before we were born” but due to the veil, cannot remember this. Many NDEs speak of “someone” that goes with the person through the tunnel etc…and that person knows this spirit LOVES them and has always loved them, and they feel the same. These are just my guesses but I’ve read this frequently. So I am cognizant of many times I did something wrong and my angel may have looked on with sad eyes to record this. I know I am forgiven now and try to live each moment as if Christ is right next to me….because He is already inside me! There are books in Heaven with angels recording all the things you do. We do not believe that our angels can read our minds but we DO know that God can and also knows our hearts…He knows how we are thinking inside, with every action outside. So back to training…Lisa feels it may be possible to ask our angels to take on an assignment for us while we are training. An example of this might be to go help a family member. Remember, once love comes down during the darkness, the veil will be lifted and those who have chosen God, will be able to see both demons and angels.

Lastly and this is MOST interesting…if you recall, Lisa feels God has shown her that the Tribulation will begin next Aug/Sept 2015. Now…God has also given her the idea of 6 months before…and 9 months before. As an example, Yom Kippur of 2015 is on Sept 23. 6 months previous is March 23, and 9 months previous is…you guessed it…December 23 this year! What does it mean? We are clueless right now! Lol But God will reveal whatever He decides, whenever He decides. Meanwhile, we are left with those seasons to wonder about. Please be encouraged…the King is coming!

10/26/14 - Turkey Vision and Levels of Heaven

When I called Lisa, she was having a vision that she had had many times in the past.  This is where she is in her Heavenly mansion with her family, including SOME deceased loved ones.  (I’ll get to the some later).  One thing that we have not shared about this vision previously, is that on the kitchen counter is a turkey.  Lisa has clearly seen many times, an island countertop in the kitchen with a turkey sitting on top of that.  The reason we did not share that piece of info is that it SEEMS to point to Thanksgiving in Heaven.  Based on the knowledge of the 3 days of darkness and the 40 days of Harvest, there does not seem any logical way for us to be in Heaven by this Thanksgiving.  But since God has shown this to Lisa several times, we are putting it here for your information.  We don’t know why there is a turkey there, but there is.  Now…Lisa “feels” during this vision, that it IS a holiday of some sort in Heaven.  We understand that only those in the USA would celebrate a Thanksgiving meal but Lisa feels more like this is a holiday “season” in Heaven, not just one particular day.  She says people are celebrating this day all over Heaven.

Outside she sees some waterfalls near her house, and believes that where she lives, people are roughly 1 mile apart.  She cannot see the City of God because there are hills in the way.  She feels that if she wanted to, she could travel to her next door neighbor in an instant.  She also feels she can travel anywhere in the universe(s) instantly if she so desires.  This seems to be due to a reward and not everyone will be able to do this.  Lisa has seen a monorail in Heaven.  I know many people have seen ALL TYPES of transportation in Heaven so there must be a reason for this.

While she is in Heaven, and in this vision, she has NO concern that her children may be left behind during the Harvest.  She knows that God will take care of this. I will explain this more in her updated Training Grounds vision later.  She says her husband has a mansion somehow attached to hers in this area.  She also knows that he has a mansion near God’s Throne. This is a good time to explain something that you may or may not believe.  It is something I feel God showed me by watching the NDEs, but He shows others in a myriad of ways. If you are reading this website consistently, then you are already open to what I am about to share.  I personally find it VERY encouraging!

We believe that there are “levels” in Heaven.  The best way I can explain it is to have you watch this video from Neville Johnson (less than 5 minutes)  Please watch this and then continue reading.

Lisa believes that some of her family members that really did not seem to come to Christ during their lifetimes, may be in this Paradise or Outer Court area.  Those in that area are not able to travel to the “Inner Court” where Lisa’s house is and so is not able to be there for that dinner.  Yet she feels during the vision, that they are in Heaven.  The Inner Court is in the City of God, but the Outer Court is not.  A confirmation of this comes from Alex Malarky whose story is written in The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven.  On page 49 we see this,

"When I went to Heaven, I arrived on the inside of the Gate. I was with Heavenly beings, but the other people who came to Heaven were all on the outside of the Gate. "  

A few paragraphs later, this is written, 

"The outside of the gates is like a waiting room. Things don’t move on the outside like they do on the inside. They move, but it’s not the same. I can’t describe it."  

 I think this is one of those things in the book that most people skip over.  We never learned about another area in Heaven. Certainly I never learned it growing up.  But during the NDEs I’ve read and watched, many people see their loved ones during their experience, but they don’t see Jesus.  Sometimes they see His Light and feel His Love, incredibly overwhelming love, and they know then that God exists.  But they don’t see Him.  In one of my favorite stories from Howard Storm, Jesus tells Howard (after rescuing him from the gates of hell) that he (Howard) is not yet a candidate for Heaven.  So I believe Jesus was taking him to Paradise or this outer court area.  Please note these are only guesses but over time they seem to find confirmations in other things I read. 

Lisa feels there are at least three areas of Heaven or places where we can walk as the Bride.  It is my speculation that those who are lost NOW, but come to Christ at the end of their life will reside (and are residing) in Paradise.  A Biblical confirmation of this may be the thief on the cross whom Christ told, “Today you will be with Me in Paradise.”  This was a last second salvation so it is possible that like Howard, this man had not earned the right or blessing or reward…to be near God’s Throne…which is like the Holy of Holies.  I have been told through a Word from another sister in Christ, that I “reside near the altar of God”. At the time I read this Word, I thought everyone resides there.  But it seems they do not.  But the Bride surely does!  Or at least we can have a mansion there if we want to.  I know others have said Jesus allows us to live wherever we want.  Lisa also believes that we as the Bride and those like us who have died, will have more privileges if you will..than those that are not allowed in the Holy of Holies.  Please note too that I am merely using the words the man in the video used, I have no clue what these areas are called.  

So how does one get to be allowed in the Holy of Holies?  Lisa feels we MUST be obedient to God.  Now is certainly the most important time for the Bride.  So many of the lukewarm church are not obedient, but some try based on what they have learned.  So we don’t want to guess as to who lives where, and has what privileges or blessings or rewards, but we do feel there are at least three areas.  Mr Johnson says something in his video that I do not agree with but it is ONLY my opinion.  I believe people CAN move forward in Heaven because we have learned that we are also learning in Heaven.  There are schools etc. and it may take MUCH longer, but people can move forward.  God tells us that we only get to live one life here and so we need to make sure we are obeying Him as much as possible in this life.

I hope this helps and encourages you, especially when thinking of loved ones or friends that may not make it in the Rapture, even during the Harvest.  It seems that God has a plan for them too.

Finally I am reminded of 1 Peter 4:8 "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sin."   Have we not been told over and over that God sees the heart?  We cannot judge or tell who will make it to Heaven or which level. If we think we can, then we are full of what Sue calls, "godly pride" in her message on the Pearls of Wisdom page, and we need to repent of that.  Only the Father knows who is truly coming Home and where He is putting them.

(12/10/14 update) Jackie, the creator of Lisa's Visions pdf sent this link in to can hear Johnny Baptist discuss the reward vision above starting around 15:00 minutes in.  He is very right...we need to be open about things!  Only after I researched hundreds of NDEs did I discover that not everything I was taught as a young Christian, was correct.  Mostly I found out that I was not taught enough!  Learning this has made me much more open to new things of God, but with new learnings come new discernment.  Fortunately we can go to the Father for all Truth.  Oh...and someone tell John that yes, he wins the $500!

10/16/14 – Visions of Alien Grays

I was not able to speak with Lisa while she was having this vision, but she does remember it in full.  So I talked to her about it and wrote this up.

The vision started with Lisa seeing things ‘flying in the sky”…spaceships, LOTS of spaceships. She knew this would happen during the three days of darkness so she wondered if that was what she was seeing, those three days.  She had not been thinking about aliens or UFOs, this is not her cup of tea and she does not pay much attention to these things in the news, although like most Watchers she is aware they are demons and are/will deceive those left behind.  And as mentioned before in visions, she has seen “aliens” walking around during the 3 DoD.

One of these spaceships lands on earth and Lisa sees an alien walk out. She is told this is an “alien gray”. This alien is between 5-6 feet tall and walks away from her BUT…every so often turns and stares at her. She has NO fear in this but is curious. Then something very strange happens. The alien steps into a human skin…like a suit. Like it zips it up or whatever, but the human flesh becomes a perfect human only it’s not…it’s an alien, known as a gray alien. Lisa asks questions of God….is this body dead or alive? It is alive because it is standing up. Is this from the ebola virus? A human offering himself to satan? Is this happening now? The human body has been manufactured and there are gray aliens IN this flesh now, walking around among us. They are already here she finds out…and some of them, many of them are very important political figures in the world (also entertainment industry)! They are soulless, they are in a manufactured human suit and there is no soul within that “person” because it isn’t a person, it’s a demon. These suits are created for this very purpose, and these demons have been around for a very long time. Some of them will also inhabit dead bodies from ebola or satanic as well as other people that have given their soul to satan. The Holy Spirit gave her these answers. This is separate from the actual event of the 3 DoD because this has been going on for decades.

Some of us know that this is true and we’ve heard or read rumors about who is a gray alien etc, in the political world.  That is not what God is showing her though, I believe (and this is my opinion only) that He wants us to KNOW that these beings are among us NOW.  We have been shown this in others dreams and visions and Words about “imposters”.  God showed Lisa more about this…and that it is indeed a fact.  While it is a very WEIRD fact, if you believe God is speaking to Lisa, then you understand that what He shows matter WHAT it is, it is a blessing that we know this in advance.  He is giving us more knowledge, and more training in this matter.  I (Hope) personally loved this!  I do feel that my purpose during the harvest has to do with revealing these demons and the Fallen for what they are.  So to hear this from Lisa was 100% confirmation for me that these things are out there in manufactured human flesh.  Trust me, it is very strange to even TYPE this so if you have not been aware of this issue before, I know it is difficult to take in.  Please pray for discernment and clear reasoning in everything you read.

Now, you might ask how can this be?  Well, since Roswell the “aliens” have been abducting people and experimenting with DNA.  There have been a multitude of animal mutilations and when you watch the documentaries, you find out that these mutilations have surgically cut skin with entire organs removed very precisely.  I’ve watched many of these shows with discernment, knowing that some are just fluff.  However, my interest is peeked when for example, they bring out a surgeon to look at a mutilated cow and that surgeon says yes, that is surgically cut skin.  Those types of things are what I look for.  If you watch these shows or videos, eventually you come to understand that whatever these aliens are, they are NOT the good guys.  On this website, we believe they are demons and the Fallen and are the great delusion that God will allow…IS allowing now.  I find myself becoming quite ANGRY at what these things have done to humans.  Not just physically but mentally.  When reading their channelings a few years ago, the deceit was so cleverly put out there.  So where is the positive in this?  I found one. I have always been bothered by this verse because I knew that Hell was created for satan and his angels.  But now I read this verse in a new light.

Revelation 17:8 “The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.”

You see, as the Bride, our names HAVE been written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world.  God created us for this purpose to be in this generation now to do His will through us during these end times.  These “soulless” people who were created artificially….manufactured…by satan and his minions, are those “whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world.”  They are not even human.  They never had a chance at redemption because they will happily take the mark of the beast because it is the mark of their father the devil.  I think there are more of these things out there than we realize.  When I was reading the channelings in 2012, the Fallen always said they could walk right by us and we would never know.  I believe this to be true now. 

In upcoming days, I will post an “interview” with one of these things.  They present themselves as if they are aliens from another planet etc.   But I will take the interview apart similar to how I did with the NDE that was from a New Ager, and explain where the deceptions are.  They will be obvious to you I am sure.  But to those left behind?  They will buy into it and we need to keep that in mind as we find out more and more from God, and how He is training us.

10/20/14 - Update on the Alien Grays vision...I spoke with Lisa last night and she gave me more insight into this.  While these "people" are apparently walking around like everyone else, for the most part we cannot tell who is an imposter and who is not.  Those with great spiritual insight ARE able to see that these people have no soul...generally when they look in their eyes they can tell. These "suits" were made for this purpose...for this time, and eventually they will be accepted as will the aliens that looks like aliens (aka demons). Lisa feels that satan is coming with the UFOs during the 3 DoD but will not be introduced to the people just yet.  She also feels that the AC will spend several months "fixing" all the chaos on the earth from events BEFORE the Tribulation starts in a year from now.  Should God give her more information on that, she will let us know.

10/18/14 - A Conversation with God

On Oct 16, Lisa woke up a couple times during the night. She seemed to think that God was speaking to her and she finally realized that He indeed WAS speaking to her. As the discussion grew, Lisa realized that she was asking God questions and He was answering…she was having a Conversation with God the Father! Here is what she described to me. These are my words but Lisa “approved” them.

Many people that are our friends and family, and many in the prophetic world…believe the Revelation 6 seals have been opened. Maybe not all of the seals but some of them. Many of these same people think that the 6th seal points to the 3 days of darkness so it must be obvious that the first five seals have been opened. They believe that the first seal is an antichrist spirit that has been around for a long time, or that he is in the world but not yet on the scene. The second seal is war and have we not had WW1 and WW2, both devastating wars? Then famine? Well there are those starving in Africa (I do NOT say this lightly!) so that must be the third seal…and finally well there was the one plague in the 1800s so it started then and now we have Ebola, etc. Oh and the 5th sealed martyrs..that’s been going on for centuries, millennia if you count starting with the disciples. So people justify the 5 seals opening based on some of these things…or based on others. But they DO justify it in their minds. So what did God actually tell Lisa?

God told Lisa that these seals have NOT…I repeat NOT been opened. Not even the first seal has been opened. God says that these Seals and Trumpets and Bowls…are all for a SET time to occur at the end. This will be in the Tribulation period. God has revealed His truth to us in the Bible, the seals come after the Rapture in chapter 4. We know the Rapture is a Door…so after we walk through the Door like John did, THEN we see the events happen on the EARTH. We are seeing from above.

What God explained to Lisa is that those that believe the seals have been opened are in error in their thinking. They have “engineered” these thoughts so that they are part of their thinking pattern and they fit what they believe to be past as well as current events. They have effectively brought them into alignment with a false belief that fits their mold of end time events. But this is incorrect and not what the Bible teaches. Yet…we each have free will and God will allow this type of false thought because it is everyone’s will to do so. People have strayed from the truth in these last days. Clearly Chapter 4 verse 1 speaks of the Rapture as John first looks up and sees a Door, and is then told,

 “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” 

So the Seals are opened after we go up. How did we get so off track? It is easy to take our mind off the Bible and put it on man who shows us great charts and graphs and points to events in the past that MUST be the seals right? WRONG!

I have read many versions of what people think the Seals are. They sound quite logical and obvious. Yet that verse in Chapter 4 is pretty plain. God showed John what must take place AFTER this…after the church age from the first three chapters. God showed Lisa that these Seals take place in a specific order along with the Trumpets and Bowls and that they all happen pretty close together. They will be absolutely the most horrific times ever in the history of man. Almost all men will be killed…I am reminded of Isaiah 13:12,

“I will make people scarcer than pure gold, more rare than the gold of Ophir.”

Is that happening now? Has it ever happened? It is my belief that God speaks to our friends, prophets, seers, whatever you want to call people that hear from Him. But if those same people turn their ears to another person who explains the 2nd seal began with World War 1 for example, then that person is exercising their free will to do so. If they continue to think about this as truth, then God allows them to think that..until they believe it so much that it becomes an absolute for them because they have left the path that God set them on to the real truth. God may still use these people and speak through them to us with Words…but their own thinking may be skewed. If they believe the seals are open, then it would be easy for them to believe another teaching in error. And on and on…so reread your Bibles with the mindset that these events are written in Revelation in the order they are…for a reason. The church is no longer spoken of after Chapter 3. The next verse in 4:1 speaks of the Rapture (Door), then we see the events unfold on earth while we are in Heaven. After that…here comes the Bride with the New Jerusalem to help usher in the Millenium.

I hope no one is upset by this message but I believe it to be from God and therefore it is Truth. I feel at peace now because while I will not argue with other members of the Bride about this, I do know how easy it is to believe something like the seals being opened. My goal for this was to present the conversation that God had with Lisa and you can pray about it and seek God for even more truth about the Book of Revelation.  I myself love teachings such as those of Chuck Missler below.  Chuck knows at times he could be wrong, and he tells us that he is guessing at some things.  But if "God" is giving a "Word" through someone that you listen to...and that person says that "God" says the 5th seal is open...then which God is he listening to?  Which will you listen to?

Finally, I listened to this teaching by Chuck Missler on the opening of the Seals. He covers all of Chapter 6 so if you ONLY want the Seals info, start around the 32 minute mark. 

He explains clearly the elements of the 1st horseman, going as far as the bow could be a covenant with many. Much of what he says includes the exact Greek word structure as well as where else in the Bible you can find things such as other times the sun is black. Note that there are three EQ in Revelation, and they are not necessarily the same one.

(at times there is poor quality of this video)

addtl website found 11/16/14 -

10/11/14 – Vision & Word

Asia - Lisa texted me to call her and when I did, she was speaking in a very strong Asian tongue that was new to her (nothing surprises me anymore when she answers the phone).  She did not know or was shown what country or even what the people were doing.  But she felt a VERY strong urgency for people in Asia right now.  She has not read the news or been on the internet for a couple days and so was not aware of anything going on.  A few hours earlier, I had read this headline but never read the article, but I mentioned it to Lisa.  She knows about the Japanese typhoon but she was not able to pin down anything specific.   She was shown “plans of war” that start and then greatly escalate.  She was also shown catastrophic environmental problems but was not aware of what they meant, only that she felt her tongues was interceding for the Asian people.  We had both been reading Matthew 24 about the wars and rumors of wars..and she felt that THIS was finally happening.   I asked her if she felt the bombs (see previous visions) went off first and she very adamantly said, “Yes, first the skirmish in Israel, then these bombings and wars erupt and build quicker and quicker.”  Again I am reminded of Julie’s train wreck vision.

Dates - (Hope here) I asked God if certain dates He tells us still have significance, One of the dates I asked about was the 23rd.  Please note this could be ANY month in ANY year. But so many of us have been given that date for some reason that I thought I would get some clarity. 

"Yes the dates are significant.  I do not speak in riddles, if I give a date then you will know it to be true.  It is not something you should try to back engineer into something that will fit into your mold."  

Also know that I asked if this was a date on God's calendar, or man's.  At that point Lisa said she saw the dates on our calendars...not like Tishri 23 etc but our regular calendar. This is also very helpful because I did not know in this specific case what calendar to watch.  During the Tribulation, the Jews will be going back to God's calendar of 360 days.  But that is not yet in force.  

Tribulation period – Lisa could “see” that there would be a gap between the Harvest Rapture at the end of 40 days, and the start of the Tribulation.  She seems to see that the Tribulation will start in Aug/Sept of 2015.  I told her it has been my thought that the bad events would start for Israel around the time of the final Blood Moon because this is the only time that Israel would see the Blood Moon and this would be a sign to them.  When I told Lisa that, she got chills and said that GOD said, “This is truth!”.  

Christmas 2014 – As mentioned above, there is a gap between the Rapture and the Tribulation.  Frankly I could never understand why people did NOT believe there would be a gap.  At the actual Rapture when we ARE caught up and leave this earth, the earth will be in such a panic…how in the world could there be a group of people saying, “Oh yes well people disappeared but hey…lets go sign that peace treaty!!”  No way in my mind, will people be able to do that…its just not logical.  So this gap thing has cleared that up for me.  I also believe there needs to be time for the "aliens" to adjust...or more like humans to adjust to THEM.  Governments also need to find out who is missing and who is not among their leaders.  Remember...the catastrophic event will have caused great chaos on this planet.  But back to Christmas…Lisa repeated what God was telling her, “It is their plan to try and destroy Christmas, even though this is not a holiday that Christians should be celebrating.  But even to the world, it is a very important holiday that they attribute to Christ’s birth.  They have plans to destroy during that period.  They want to do this just to hurt My children. They don’t understand that I am coming to rescue them (His children).  All their plans (enemy) they make in vain to their own downfall.  I Am coming to rescue My children.  And yet they try and cause more chaos and confusion, trying to twist the truth so everyone is deceived.  But My children are going to be taken from this.”

(I want to add a note there that God did not say HOW He would rescue us...only that He would!  Please do not think this points only to the Rapture.  I sure hope it does BUT...we know we can count on being rescued!)

Lisa could see that they are vindictively hurting Christians and even the non-Bride Christians and others, even though they are not religious…they still believe in it (the reason for the holiday).  They believe that the devastation and harm will make it clear who is running, who THEY think is running the show.  I asked Lisa…”Who are ‘they’”?  The big global order.  Their plan will be very clear that Muslims have precedent more and more and they have less tolerance for Christians.

I then asked a question that did not have to do with the Rapture but I will not repeat it here.  Lisa says, “Ohh!  More veils were just thrown over me!”  We discussed that and she was not able in any way to see what I asked her about.  So we feel this means two things and know that this is our opinion only.  We feel that 1) God simply did not want that shown and 2) He was protecting her/us by not showing us.  So that will remain hidden.  I asked her what the “veil” looked like.  I personally have this idea that it is a dark gray covering.  No she said, it’s not like that at all.  It’s like a bridal veil…lacy.  And when He threw more layers over her, she simply could not see through it.

After this Lisa asked if I had more questions so I just kind of threw some out.

1 – What does Jesus look like?  “He usually has on a long whitish robe with a ropelike belt and sandals. He looks a lot like this.  Lisa made it VERY clear that she has never seen God.  When He appears she sees a “blazing burning glory”.

2 – How many angels are in your room?  Lisa said 5.  There is one that is 7 foot that has always been with her and he stands to her right.  I asked her if this was the one that poured the oil stuff on her and she said yes.  There are other angels like 5-6 feet, then a few shorter ones.  She says the tallest one may be her guardian angel, but she is not sure what the duties are of the other ones.  I asked her if they were watching her, or were they looking outward as if on guard.  She said they were watching her.  I was reminded of 1 Peter 1:12, “It was revealed to them that they were not serving themselves but you, when they spoke of the things that have now been told you by those who have preached the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven. Even angels long to look into these things.” Lisa feels there are multitudes of angels around her house…around EVERY Bride’s house.  I know this is true as I have read it many times from others that God has sent extra angels right now.  Lisa says when she does more devotions, that is when more come into the house.  We were told in a previous Word that God wants us to spend more quiet time with Him so be encouraged by this!  She also said there were several angels with her husband, especially because he prays so much of the time.

3 – I’ve not mentioned this before but…Lisa has asked about the AC before and she has always felt that this is an area she is not to try to look into.  Neither one of us believes O is the AC, he is just part of the deception to come.  But that is our opinion and we really don’t care who he is.  Trying to figure that out takes our focus off Jesus.

4 – Lisa’s dog Ollie is really acting strange for the past 3-4 days.  He is constantly crying and whining around her.  Also he stares off into doorways but nothing is there.  Also her other dog at one point was staring at nothing together and I saw this in a picture of them.  And lastly the crying dog has been waking her up at 3:00 a.m. each morning…just whining away!  That would be 6:00 a.m. on the East Coast, and 1:00 pm. In Israel.  We are clueless about that. 

I hope you have been encouraged by these visions she is having.  I know I sure am.  Jesus is using Lisa to affect people in ways that He wants them affected.  He is calling us, in a variety of ways but He is CALLING His Bride!  I feel so sad when she see Him sad…she will say, “Oh Jesus!” And I just want to give Him a hug!

10/09/14 - Word and Vision

Lisa has been bothered by a personal situation and so she went to the Lord in prayer about it last night.  After some quiet time, He started speaking to her and she felt it was directed to the Bride in general.  Here is His Message:

“Don’t be distracted by the enemy’s ploys.  Do not look to the left or to the right and let him get your attention and mind off Me and My purposes.  Children, some of you are even seeing with supernatural increase, either through visions or other ways that I am speaking.   The time is here and the enemy wants to do everything he can to sidetrack you.  Make sure you are coming to Me and spending quiet time with Me.  My presence is being poured out so much stronger for those of you that are truly seeking for it.  I told you the transformation has already started."

Then Lisa saw Him blowing on some of the Bride.  She just does what she does and started blowing in my ear on the phone.  Lol  She said it was a very large wind and we know Jesus is IN the wind so I totally believe God is starting to do this.  It reminds me of when Lisa saw some tiny drops of the empowerment on some, and large pourings on others.  In this case, she could see that He was blowing hard on a few people close to her including her husband.  She is really excited for what is about to happen to those people!  Then He continued with a few more Words which are summed up here.  He is saying that the enemy is coming for us…coming for the Bride, and ESPECIALLY after those that are being poured out in full from God.  He gave Lisa a vision of someone asking her to reach into a bag and pass out animal parts.  She was horrified and said No!...and asked God about that and He said to her that this is what is happening to some in the Body of the Bride right now.  People are tearing each others flesh and passing it around.  It is amazing how we can hurt people with our words.  And this is also done behind the scenes (hidden in the bag). 

He said the enemy is trying to make us stumble or chase after foolish things, because such power will be coming to us soon.   The enemy is trying to STOP this.  I asked what could we do in order to receive this outpouring:

“I see your heart, and how you seek and hunger after Me.”  That is why He is getting ready to blow out His gifts to the Bride.  So I personally am going to try and spend more quiet time with Him as He says above.   I also wanted to add this last part as a confirmation.  This morning on my way in to work, I was driving our other vehicle which I have not been in for 2 weeks.  I decided to play whatever CD was in the radio slot.  I discovered it was Hymns sung by Steve Green.  I listened to a few and was ready to turn it off, but turned it up instead.  Guess what started playing….”Breathe on Me, Breath of God.”  

5 Words from Barbara Thomas, along with 
Breathe on me, Breath of God music

10/09/14 - Lisa's Husband's Vision

In a vision there was a round object in the sky with broken lines in it …there was gray and pink inside the circle that appeared like smoke. It was daytime out and when this object appeared my first thought was this is it..this is it!!! I knew it was not the rapture but events leading to it and I could not not take my eyes off what I was seeing. I had no fear in seeing this but knew it was not a good thing. Shortly after I saw this object there appeared a bright blinding light in the center. All of the sudden black spear type objects started shooting out of the center. 

They were coming in from behind it and going through it really fast.(they were coming through the blinding bright light) They suddenly changed direction after coming out of the center and went into a circular motion as if in a holding pattern instead of the downward direction they were first coming. I realized these were high level principalities, rulers of darkness. (Ephesians 6:12) They were given direction to stay there until the moment they are to be realized to do their damage.

** a note to Hope from Lisa  ..If you can find a better picture he said it looked more like the second picture but more uniformed…the first has way too many lines and there was more space between them..He says he doesn’t think it was a UFO or a planet..but more of a portal or a vortex they enter through…he did say it was like the object in the sky that will announce that we have a warning to get in our house.I forgot to put in there that as he was staring at it he kept thinking; "I need to get my phone out and take a picture to show Lisa," but he was so mesmerized he couldn’t take his eyes off it to get his phone out for the picture.

10/04/14 - Lisa was in prayer this afternoon, due to concern over someone's discernment.  The Lord started showing her the deceptive spirit that is prevalent right now.  He then went on to tell her that this is why we are going to have the 3 days of darkness and the Harvest....because people need to wake up!  "Wake up My children, for so many are asleep."

She hesitantly questioned Him about who would be going in the Rapture based on those waking up.  He said, "Why wake them up and not call them Home with you?" He explained that those of us who are awake and ready now, will have greater rewards than those who come later, because we have been obedient.  Those that repent during the coming events will certainly be taken Home with Him but their rewards are different.  I am reminded of this verse in 2 Tim 4:8:

"Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing."

Coming events

She started seeing the bombs and EQ and darkness as if in fast forward speed.  As she was explaining this to me, she said in a very serious tone, "This is for you, this is for you. These events are right upon you."  I knew she was repeating something God wanted me personally to hear.  I have been reading some things that indicate we may be here for another year and was thinking of posting them.  This was a direct Word from God that this would be wrong for me to do.  Lisa continued to see the coming events but was in awe when she started seeing the "Rain" again.  If you review Lisa's previous vision you will see that she saw something like rain, poured out on us.  This time she saw heavier drops, larger intense drops of this gold liquid...and it was beautiful!  Every individual that is part of the Bride will have this poured out in different strengths but it was even now becoming heavier.

After some very heavy tongues speaking (this happens frequently and I just remain quiet), Lisa made it clear that these things going upon us will happen very quickly.  The bombs, the colors etc.  She also saw that the earth shaking will be what causes the volcanoes to spew ash all over. I asked her if this ash is the same ash that she saw arrive after the colors in the sky.  No, not necessarily.  She believes that ash is caused by something colliding in space...the cosmic event. When that event occurs, the sky will appear like the large rainbow waving like a flag in the sky, covering the sky in solid rainbow striped colors (remember the finger painting vision?).  These will occur fairly quickly after the bombs between Israel and other countries.  There will be multiple events happening including us the Bride...being transformed.  (as I add this in, I see that Iran has just had an explosion in a nuclear facility! While Lisa was in her vision but she said it seemed like what she saw was RIGHT NOW…but since that has happened before, we just weren’t sure.

While she was relating this to me, she also started to tell me a Word that the Lord had given her earlier. 

"My children that I call My own are protected at this time." (of these events above that she saw earlier)My children have nothing to worry about.  My hand of protection will cover them." 

Lisa said He was very clear that we are protected and that all who WILL repent and turn to Him, are also going to be protected.  He was clear to let her know that we are NOT to fear Ebola.  We just simply don't have to fear anything during this time. She said that God knows those who WILL turn to Him, He knows their hearts and He will give them every opportunity to turn to Him before the Rapture or their death.  He will not take anyone before their time, and He already knows who will turn to Him and they will be given every chance to know Him before they leave this earth.

"I know what their heart looks like and what they will and will not do.  I see the heart and what it will do, who will turn to Me and who will not." 

At this point, I had to ask a question.  I asked if any of these events she was seeing, would happen in October.  I had just listened to Ed Amos's Video of 10/2/14 - A Message of Hope...where he says towards the end that he believes (in his own opinion) that October will be a bad month.

Lisa started to see..”.yes events are unfolding”. God said they are taking place now although we may not see them taking place.  Then she started to see a BIG explosion (see Iran link above). She feels October will be a very eventful month...and then she started to get excited, very excited!  She started to see the Glory of God upon His Bride.  She saw us walking about in a higher if we were put on a platform. These things are happening in tandem.  During the explosion, people are screaming in the same time, they are staring at us, as they can see some kind of change, a transformation in us.  Then she started repeating over and over "The Glory of God!"  She repeated this about 10 times at least, because she could see it falling on us and it was amazing to her. Then she asked about Ebola and God told her that we are going out before any pandemic is in the USA.   Then she started laughing. There are a couple things that Lisa does during these visions and when she does them, my pen is poised above the paper until she speaks.  She might laugh, she might be speaking in tongues, she might be gasping...and I never know what she is going to say.  But laughing after seeing this Glory of God...what had she seen? 

Ruby slippers!  She saw the Bride as if we were tap dancing...we were dancing and elated, there were no concerns or sadness.  It's as if we knew (like in the movie Wizard of OZ) that we would be going Home and were thrilled because it was finally coming about.  The people also notice this.  They are pointing and looking at us...and this happens before these events of the sky colors.

She then saw something else.  She saw our bodies changing a little at a time.  She giggled again and said it looked like fireflies.  This is funny because she said, "We don't have them here.” and what she meant was lightening bugs...the insects that flash their tummies off and on every couple of seconds.  We have them in Indiana and when kids are little, they catch the bugs and put them in a jar and take them in the house to let the jars light up...punching a few holes in the top of the lid of course.


It seems that we start to change before the darkness. I recall God saying this in the last vision when I posed the question…but we have a tiny more insight now based on what He showed Lisa. When our bodies start changing, we also start using the manifestations that God gives each one of us. When the bomb hits Israel, many things start to change and manifest. The people will think the colors in the sky are pretty, but will quickly become horrified at the ashy tangible air that comes with it. Our manifestations from God will become more apparent as the air gets heavier with fear. Yet God said in Lisa’s vision that He STILL will be calling to people to repent. More than once, Lisa has seen Jesus’s heart break when this initial explosion goes off but He is also happy His Bride is coming Home.

Current stuff

As she saw the Glory of God, Lisa saw the fire of God go out of her hands…being manifested again, and with the “Rain” pouring down heavier and heavier….I knew that it had not happened to me yet. So time for a question…and I asked it because I know many of you, in fact most of us don’t “feel” as if anything from God has been manifest in us or on us yet. So I asked….”What should I expect to see happen to me?” I again asked this in a humble state but I am a child of God, I know I am part of the Bride, and I wanted to know. I am as curious as anyone else and I wanted to ask Abba. All these beautiful things are being shown to Lisa and she said she wished I could experience it. But to be honest, if I did then I couldn’t write about HER experiences could I? And I believe right now, that is my role, to write this down for all of you (and me) to see and be encouraged with! We are being shown prophetic events to come in many forms, and to read about that and know we are part of it, is such a blessing! So I wanted to know what would happen to me. What I did NOT expect was what happened next. Lisa burst out laughing…over and over! Uh oh I thought…what have I done? What’s going to happen? <sigh> God has a sense of humor that’s what! Lisa told me that He showed her a video clip…Elaine from Seinfeld dancing and her legs were very wobbly. She looked crazy! Lisa says that He will do things through us that may look crazy to other people. Some will understand and some will not. For sure more attention will be drawn to us. (the video is at the end of this post)

She believes that all our empowerments or whatever you want to call them, will start at the same time the bombs start. And at this point it may be roughly 7 days until the actual darkness hits the earth. I have heard and believe we may have a 7 day warning, rather than just 3. Jesus has told this to others, and Noah had 7 days as well. Lisa believes she will be without electricity but I feel confident that I will have electricity here in the Midwest to at least get the Warning from one of my sisters in Christ. That is what I expect and will post it right away.

And for the finale, I wanted you to smile as you watch this video, understanding why Lisa burst into laughter during her vision. I love how God gives us visuals!

This is the music that Lisa listens to when she has her visions.  In this video, there are angels singing.

10/02/14  - The End of all Things is Here

Lisa started seeing the rainbow again tonight in a vision.  She wants you to get a better picture of what she is seeing.  She says to imagine that someone is holding a rainbow end to end and just shakes it and it rolls like a flag rolling in the wind.  The colors are not attached to each other, yet they are solid in their own coloring and stripe.  She feels this “rainbow” will appear very soon after the bombs are exchanged between other countries and Israel. While she saw this vision, she started to hear a Word from God and so she sent me a text and I called her.  Here is the Word:

“My children, the end of all things is here. I am getting ready to change your mortal to immortal.  I know some of you have felt like giving up, you lost your hope.  Some of you have even given up. I see the struggles that you all are going through but have hope, your redemption is here.  All these things I have spoken of…it is time.  They are here.  They will start happening and you will see it’s just like I have said.  Be strong and have courage for I am equipping you."  (at this point, Lisa saw something being tossed to some people and she felt it was some type of supernatural manifestation like her healing hands.)

“The heat in your hands brings not only healing but revelation and a deeper understanding through that.”  (that is, laying her hands will bring a revelation of God and His glory to the person that she touches, lukewarm or lost or even atheist)

“ You My children are going to start using these weapons and healings.  This will be like nothing that has even been before, the fields are ripe.  People are so hungry and desperate.  Where you had nothing but resistance in the past, this will be different.”

(at this point I HAD to ask a question!  I asked if these things that were going to happen to us, were going to happen BEFORE the darkness…that is what He seemed to indicate with Lisa and other Words I had read..  Here is His reply)

“Certain things are coming before the darkness.  Very soon you will have a deeper understanding of all these things.  These things will be revealing .”

Then He started yelling…VERY LOUDLY per Lisa (like a roar).


I asked another there something that WE are supposed to do to help receive this?  Or since we are already we just accept it?  Lisa prayed about this and said God said we need to HUNGER for Him and He will pour it out on us!  This "glory" encompasses everything that is God.  But we need to be grounded in God to receive this.  I am starting to understand more about how God is, in that I am no longer really watching the Ebola scare, ISIS and the wars, volcanoes, dead animals, aliens...etc.  My mind is becoming more centered on God and I believe after this experience, God is starting to show me more based on this dream I had a few hours after talking with Lisa.  I am telling you this about my dream, because I believe this is God calling the Bride, not just me.  He is telling ALL of us what will be coming soon, how He is pouring out His glory and what He is looking for in us.  There is nothing we have to DO...we just have to BE and allow Him to manifest Himself and His gifts, but we need to purge ourselves of sin and the world for this to happen.     ~ Hope

Here is a picture of my notebook when I am talking with Lisa and writing down what she hears from God.  The "Ask Q" is when I asked the question...are these supernatural gifts going to happen to us before the 3 days of darkness?

09/28/14 – Vision, Word, and Empowerment

Vision - As much as we discuss bombs and Nibiru and the fall of the USA, this is not what God chose to show us today.  He chose to show us the coming Glory and Empowerment.   Here is what happened with Lisa.

She could tell a vision was coming on so she got comfortable as she always does.  She could see “waves” of some sort, not a color in particular but just waves.  They started to flow over her and she felt so wonderful that she started dancing.  God told her these were His Glory waves.  She felt wonderful and could just feel love and joy and the beautiful gloryness of God.  This lasted about 10 minutes when suddenly she started to feel heat on her.  A lot of heat to the point where she told her husband about it and it was only 72 degrees in the house.  Then she felt as if she was having contractions.  She even felt them go up her back and she KNEW without a doubt that she was giving birth to something in the spirit.   This lasted about 10-15 minutes and then she started to feel better and called me.

I could hear ALL her emotions going on and I can tell you that this stuff is not made up.  She started to have a vision of this glory around the earth…this glory wave being poured out over many people.  Then she exclaimed that it was raining!  It was raining this love, this glory, this wonderful joy over certain people.    Some had a few drops raining on them, sprinkles really, and other had pail after pail of Glory poured out on them. It reminds me of the "latter rains".

Word – while she was explaining all this to me she says, “He is saying something.”  Of course I got real quiet.  Then she started to repeat what she heard.  Since I was on the phone with her and I have dedicated my website to Him, I believe God wishes this Word to be posted.  

To the best of my ability and recall, here is what the Word is:

“This is the start of My Glory being poured out.  This will get you through until the full transformation.  Trust in Me, walk in Me.  My strength will be everything you need.  My Glory is being poured, do you feel it?  Do you feel it?

In this Glory you will find strength.

In this Glory you will find love.

In this Glory you will see Me more clearly.

In this Glory I will be revealed to others.

In the times coming you will need to be steadfast.  The world will look up and be fearful.  You will be filled with My Glory.  They will see the peace and strength that you carry. Are you ready for My outpouring? It is coming My child!  You will not be able to contain the Glory. It will be uncontainable.  It will overflow out through you.  

Get ready My children, it is here!  

(at this point Lisa told me “My hands have fire, my hands have fire…my whole hand is on fire, not just in the center like before.”)  Then she repeated more Words:

“You will start to see and feel it from this day forward.  You will know it, you will see it, they will see it and start asking you about it.”

Then Lisa started to recover.  Oh but it gets better. She saw some “disaster stuff” happening out of the corner of her eye but it was irrelevant.  As the Bride, the disasters will not matter to us because we will be with Him and His Glory will be upon us.  We will only care about HIS will and obeying it.  As Lisa continued to recover, she started getting more  from the Lord.

Empowerment – As we were talking, suddenly she could “see” angels around her.  Note that she cannot see them with her naked eye, but with her eyes closed she sees in the spirit realm of what is going on in her room.  The angels were around her but then she said one of the angels was doing something to her hand.  I asked if he was touching it and she said yes.  I asked if he was using something like oil and she said no, he was using his hands.  Then she said whatever it was, it was something “useful”.  Something she could use going forward.  Then she said, “He is putting it into my hand and it’s like a snowball only fire!”    Then she felt this essence go through her veins.  If you have ever had a medical test where they put dye through you, you know what Lisa is talking about.  

She felt this heat traveling through her, like a flushing through her body.  Then she could see that instead of the small fire in the center of her hands like she saw previously, this time she saw that her entire hand up to her wrist was on fire in the spirit realm!  I asked if the angel was smiling and she said she cannot “see” him but knew he felt joy for her.  She said this fireball made her feel as if she could throw it at someone and something would happen.  I asked her several questions, trying to at least eliminate things because God just told her it was useful but not what it was.  So we believe it was not a weapon, nothing to be used for protection (we won’t need to protect ourselves, God is our buckler). 

Finally, Lisa felt that even though all was calm now after the vision etc….that she could relax her hand but this power/essence was still accessible.

Given all that has happened during this vision today and the Word that was given, we might start to feel and see things happen to us.  Such exciting times we are living in!  We are so blessed!

09/25/14 – Lisa had another vision today with bombs exploding everywhere. You need to understand that she has been “seeing bombs” all week. Also she has seen “snap visions” this week of power going out…lights flashing out etc. She does not know if that means that the darkness is coming or that power has gone out, but feels confident that it could mean a bomb or bombs may be EMP. She believes we may lose power at least for a short time.

The bombs that she has seen are clearly for NYC and Wash DC. These seem to be major bombs that will be very destructive and have the most impact, possibly nuclear. Other places seem to be stadiums, malls, and she tried to look at California airports based on my dream here. She did not see a specific place but thought of LAX airport given the size. The other bombs seem to have less destruction, less deaths etc. The stadiums make her think it could happen on a Sunday, and of course people are shopping on that day here in the USA anyway. 

Lastly, one bomb that seemed to be different seemed to be in Israel. She could clearly see “rings” coming out from the bomb. Possible that could signify nuclear or atomic bomb, or perhaps EMP.

All the events above just feel imminent to her, and many of you too I know. Tied in with my dream, we surely need to keep our eyes open on this weekend and keep our hearts in prayer.

I also would like to mention that timelines are NEVER given in these visions.  The Lord is just not giving us that information through Lisa. So when you read these, keep that in mind.  I've had emails expecting exact events on certain days and I apologize for any miscommunication but we want to state emphatically that dates aren't given.  All guesses are OURS and as humans we fail.  We speculate like many and are looking for our Redeemer ALWAYS!  But just know that nothing is set in stone in these visions.

09/20/14 - I spoke with Lisa tonight and the Lord has given her more insight into her USA bombs vision as well as the portal she saw during this past week noted here.

Bombs: She feels that ISIS is behind these bombs that are coming upon the USA and very likely other countries as well. The government is aware of the planning behind the scenes and is encouraging it. Lisa has strong feelings that there will be bombings in NY, DC and the Chicago area. These events are tied to others but in a different way. The ones I mention are more scattered around the cities. However she has also seen a potentially larger destruction of bombing of a football stadium. Lisa has a sense of where it is and says that there is enough water nearby to flood the stadium when she sees explosions. Lisa saw her vision from overhead and says there is a partial roof over this stadium so we are not sure if that means a partially retractable dome roof or not. That is simply what she saw.  Others have seen different variations of stadiums being bombed so it is possible that more than one will be attacked simultaneously.

Black Hole – I wrote about this vision in a Blog to get some others comments. All emails were forwarded to Lisa and she asked God about this tonight as He was showing her other things. He showed her the vision again and said, “This is an opening for demons.” He told her this is what will occur during the black mass being held Oklahoma City. (Sept 21). He then told her , “Portal/Bombs”…she had the very distinct feeling of putting the two words together.

(pictures added 09/30/14 - possible Seattle stadium? 10/12/14 next home game - also true Columbus Day)

09/17/14 – I spoke with Lisa around 7:00 pm her time on the west coast. She was really feeling the Holy Spirit on her…she asked the Lord what was happening and He told her, “I am changing you.” She was not feeling her fleshly self but SO in the spirit and wanted to just dance…like the prophetic or interpretive dancing we see on videos (except her legs wouldn’t move). Of course she could not explain it to me but she was home and safe and hubby watching over her, and quite able to answer questions, although she felt no sense of time. And this morning (09/18) she said that she woke up in the middle of the night and spoke in tongues for a while…having no idea what she said!

Work – You need to understand that Lisa is not 100% in perfect shape. She is not feeling well most days, very headachy and aches and pains and stuff I won’t go into. Lately she has been sick but with the Holy Spirit on her, she does not feel any of this sickness! She was driving to work happy as a clam, cardancing and asking the angels to shew away the animals that creep onto the road when driving in the early morning. She has felt like this all day! She had continued feeling her hands being hot throughout the day and at work she pulled a co-worker aside. Lisa asked her if she wanted to feel what was going on with her hands and the co-worker said yes. Lisa placed both of her hands on her friends shoulders and her friend said, “Whoooaaaa!!!” She felt something! Lisa continues to feel that and see fire coming out of her hands during her visions.

Now during the evening at home, her thoughts are solely on God and she feels such unity with the Holy Spirit. He seems to be in control at this time and she is helpless to do anything, can’t walk etc. We are starting to believe that God is showing her what the rest of us will feel like as I asked her many questions during this time that I feel pertain to all of us, even though her experience was personal. I also believe that this is happening to other people in some way or another. Different forms for all.

Darkness – some quick questions here…did she hear any sounds while the dark planet was coming? Yes, she heard “cracking” in the skies. There were all kinds of sounds in the sky and this is one of the reasons people panicked. Please know that we will see all this coming and know the panic that the world will see. How we deal with that is another matter. Some of us have the faith to get us through, regardless of the event. Lisa says we start out “vibrating”…a small shake of the world. With that plus the sky colors plus the sounds, we are part of all that and are still here. I have read where some people believe nothing will happen to them at all. I know personally that I am protected right now. But the Lord has told me not to believe I will be “unscathed” with these things that come. There is a dry patch we go through, there is a time of fear and panic but how do WE handle it? We go to the Lord! It will seem as if God has left us but this is where great faith comes in and we need to practice unshakeable faith, in more ways than one! Did Lisa hear any people making sounds during this event? Yes, she heard screaming and scratching and clawing…it was horrible but once we were taken to the Training Grounds, we heard none of that. She thinks that when the darkness actually falls, that we will be gone within 30 minutes.

Training Grounds (my name for it) – Now for the fun part! I asked her about what we look like. If you recall in previous visions, she was not able to see anything except that we were in robes/gowns. This vision was different. The Lord knows we are still quite human and are curious about what our bodies will be like. Well, these are NOT the bodies we have now OR in Heaven! I believe and this is only a guess on my part, that these are the bodies we will have during the Harvest only since we have not been Raptured fully with all the saints to Heaven, that comes at the end of the Harvest 40 days later. I also think this would help those who know us recognize us during the Harvest.

Our Bodies: There is no one wearing glasses. Lisa still saw only gowns/robes but specifically saw NO jewelry or adornment on our hands. I asked her to “look” at her arm and the words she used were “not solid, not transparent, more like iridescent”. Yet they were VERY strong arms. She did not see perfectly shaped bodies, but thought the gowns and robes covered a lot. She seemed to think we still had the same hair styles we do now. There seems to be a variety of ages represented although not many people under 30. One man in particular stood out to her and here is her description..these are GUESSES as to age, size etc. He was about 72 and tall around 6’1”. Maybe a size 42 pants and not thin but sturdy. He seemed to have a mustache and had gray hair. He has a very loving face…almost Santa Claus like and VERY rejuvenated! Lisa may try to find a picture to give us an idea of him. She says we are surrounded by an invisible shield, nothing can penetrate it and the demons run from us. If they try to hurt us, the shield gets ‘em!

Training – She continues to see groups of people working together during the day. This is a bit different though. These groups would be like all the doctors learning heart surgery are in one group, all the eye physicians in another group etc. The angels are teaching us and we stay in the groups where we are learning the same thing…at least for a while. She has seen a building that the angels “Get things out of” and she also saw something new. Last time she saw what appears to be toolbelts on us. I asked to her look into that more. Well, she did not see into the toolbelt but she DID see vials of some substance…perhaps oil. And she feels we will all have these vials. (I am reminded of the vial of healing that Father Christmas gave Lucy in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.) I asked her if the angels held anything while they were training us and what she saw were angels using their hands as gestures. (an example is how you would show a round ball with your hands). She cannot hear anyone speaking but knows that we are given explicit instructions for what we are to do in these groups, and where we are to go.

Fellowship – We LOVE everyone! There is a genuine love for all and it’s like a VERY loving family getting together after all this time. We are trained during the day but at night (yes there is day and night), we have divine fellowships…on the level of this: Imagine a perfect Thomas Kinkade Christmas get together with the perfect food, decorating and enjoying fellowshipping, making gingerbread houses etc. Just PERFECT! And the angels interact with us this entire time as well! She says that we don’t sleep and there is very little down time. A wonderful euphoria of love is just poured out all over this place.

Physical Training Grounds – Again this is like a perfect Thomas Kinkade painting. If it is cold on earth, it is not cold where we are. Everything is green and plush (perhaps we are in the Garden of Eden which is kept hidden? Or maybe Psalm 23? Who knows!) Lisa has seen a nearby lake but is unable to see it when I ask her. I asked her if she sees any animals and she says no.

The Harvest – With our “shield of faith” in place, once these three days of training are over, we step out into the world in our groups. We will show up exactly where we need to be at exactly the right time, and will do what we were instructed. It seems we will help some not only find the way to Jesus, but set them up with provisions for the next 40 days etc. Many will come to us during this time but God Himself is directing what we do, and working through us to accomplish His will. We have no worries! As my sister in Christ Sue says…’we just “be” while HE does all the work’. No worries! The one thing Lisa sees over and over whether it was with her co-worker or her training visions…is what she calls “lava love”. It’s this most awesome hot flow of genuine love for all that we meet! It is from God to be sure. She is FEELING this while we talk and speaks of God loving everyone. I asked her to tell me what emotions she feels if suddenly someone from ISIS stood in front of her. She says she does not feel the same love for them and that judgment is coming…they will burn in Hell and this is a fact. They are of their father the devil. And she has NO fear of them.

I wonder what the Father has next on His agenda not only for Lisa, but for all of us!


Video right - "A Parable of Two Nations" edamosamos

09/13/14 - late Evening

Tonight Lisa had more visions as well as feeling of fire all over her. It’s hard to know where to begin with this but I will start with what she feels is personal for her BUT it may apply to some of you as well. Lisa believes we are being trained and flooded with the Holy Spirit NOW. She has felt it and it occurred tonight. I know I have read it on others Words but I will be honest and tell you I feel nothing during the day. At night in some of my dreams, I have prayed with others and felt energized. In one dream I conquered something and was ECSTATIC when I woke up! It was such a great feeling! So even though you may not feel these types of things, know that they are happening all in God’s timing.

Gift - So what did she feel? She felt like she was on fire. Like hot metal was being poured over her…to the extent that her husband had to get a cold cloth and put it on her face. In her vision she could see swords of fire coming out of her hands! Her hands had felt hot all day and also in the past at times. She knew during the vision that she could heal anyone through Christ who was doing this for her. God told her, “Now go walk in it!” And she said He was yelling and she was like…ok Lord where? Show me where to go! She said should could tell right then if someone had a horrific cancerous tumor and stood in front of her that it would immediately fall off because of healing. She says that this was being “downloaded” into her. Lisa’s husband was in the room with her and if you recall, he is a prayer warrior and huge Bible reader/studier. Lisa saw a download of the Word into his spirit and it was shown as a sharp sword coming out of his mouth. He personally did not feel anything while this was going on but she saw it in the spirit. She says God is doing this to everyone that He is preparing. At the end of this is when she heard the Shofar and she kept asking her husband if he heard it too and he said, “Yes I do hear it!”

Bombs – Tonight Lisa saw that the USA would be bombed as well as Israel. She says the USA already has these bombs established here…something like a suitcase bomb etc. They are placed in strategic areas and may be used along with planes to cripple us as a nation. Yes people will die when they go off, but the idea is not horrific deaths like 9/11 but rather (and these are guesses) loss of electricity, loss of water, loss of transportation, etc. It will be larger than 9/11 in a sense that it could be anywhere in the country in several places. I asked her if she could see if it occurred during the day or evening and she said she did see light in the sky so it sounds as if it is during the daytime here in the states. She still sees the bomb(s) going off in Israel but in a much larger scale. She sees “state of emergency” declared in Israel. I asked her about the sky and she said it was dark..nighttime. If you live in the USA, Israel is anywhere from 7-10 hours ahead of us. So Lisa does not know if these bombings are simultaneous or not but she feels it could start at ANY MINUTE. These visions seem to have a NOW NOW NOW mentality and she just feels any moment it could happen. She sees the people planning these events as being underground. Many people know about this and it will keep our attention off Israel when it occurs. Meanwhile Israel gets bombed. She feels this comes from rockets shooting in like before and I asked her how they get around the Iron Dome. She says that she asked God that the other day and she saw Him allow it…He simply allows it. Now I know why she saw Jesus crying in her last vision. Words do not do any justice for some of these things.

Message:The warnings have been given, sound the alarm, the time is here!” God told this to Lisa and I am posting it in obedience. I believe this means we are to KEEP FULL WATCH for what transpires next, most certainly this week. I personally do not see this as the 3-day warning because I know that I know that I will hear at least one warning from another Sister in Christ as well. But we are to be on FULL ALERT now! I also believe we will get these warnings before the power goes out. Just my opinion.

Pets - Since we’ve had questions about pets, I asked her about this. Lisa is a HUGE animal lover…in fact when she saw her mansion, Jesus showed her what seemed to be a zoo of animals just for her in her yard. She simply loves her pets and treats them wonderfully. Many of us feel such love for our animal companions that God has given us. Well you can be assured that we have no need to worry. Either the angels that are guarding our homes right now….will take care of our animals, or an angel will take them straight to Heaven when we are translated. They do not go to training with us, but they ARE taken care of. If people scoff about this to you, know that every animal in the world was created by God. And like us, every animal has a purpose for being here. Even the smallest ants are mentioned in the Bible. Our God knows that our love is given to more than just our family, and we know there are horses in Heaven. Numerous NDErs explain how their childhood pets were in Heaven to greet them. So no worries, just trust Jesus!

Training – This is kinda the best part for us. I was able to just start asking questions so I tried to get more detail.

  • What are we wearing during training? She says we “glow like glowbugs”! Because of that, it was somewhat hard to see what we are wearing but there are just robes and gowns. She didn’t see anyone wearing pants instead of a robe or gown. It is possible that we have something like a toolbelt to hold things but she does not see hats or shoes or adornment of any kind. Mainly because it’s too bright to see.  She can’t even see if our robes are colored.
  • How are we different than the angels that are training us? Lisa says it is very apparent that we are different but she has no words to explain it. She cannot even see their hair color.
  • Does she know what other gifts/abilities others have in the group? No, she does not sense that at this time. She is going to pray about that though. She does seem to feel there are weapons of some type there but she has no training for that and it was not shown to her.
  • I have a brother in a wheelchair…will I be allowed to heal him? Oh you will love this! Lisa feels that God will listen to our special requests and possibly grant some of them so we can visit those we love. Lisa feels that I will be able to heal my brother. She feels she may be allowed to visit one of her daughters who will be overcome with what happens. So this is something that would be such a blessing…we cannot even fathom it at this point. But I wanted you to know!
  • What is going on geologically during the Harvest? She feels that THE earthquake won’t split the earth…not even the USA, not at first. She sees God shaking the earth with His hands, like…”Pay attention to Me!” We aren’t saying these things won’t happen, for example I asked her if fireballs were falling all around us. She does not feel that will happen all over all at once. Yes in some places, yes earthquakes in some places etc. But until the actual Rapture occurs, the world does not go into chaos just yet.

Angels – The angels that are guarding us now are totally consumed with their duties. This was confirmed months ago from another friend who can see angels and said that she does not even look them in the eye because of their stance. This other woman got the sense that they are “guarding the Bride” and so that is how we should look at it. This is very serious business for them and even though we cannot see them, we can be assured they are doing God’s will.

Each angel has a special role to play (like us) during this time. One may have the role of taking pets home to Heaven. Another has a role to inform us of our instructions, our trainer so to speak. Lisa says that some angels are being trained especially at THIS time as special agent angels….that is the only way she could describe it. (I cannot imagine how excited they are !) Again, they take their role very serious…they are working for the Creator! So finding out this information helps put me in the right attitude anywhere I am because I know I am safe and carefully guarded right now.

Lisa has not seen anything further regarding the dark planet or the floodlight. There was nothing new with who targets Israel or who they hit…only that God allows it and removes His hand.

Lisa feels like her hands will be on fire for days, and so I will ask about this again during the week. It is time for us to go to the Lord again and repent and acknowledge His authority over all, and His sacrifice on the cross. If there is ANYTHING in your life that you know is wrong, then that is because God is prompting you to bring it to the feet of Jesus right away! You are so loved by the King! We will meet soon everyone…get ready to welcome your Bridegroom!

09/10/14 – Evening  

Lisa spent several hours in worship last night. She could feel many angels surrounding her (at least a dozen) and pouring oil on her and she just loved the time she was worshiping. She could “feel” His presence and says there is a certain quality about it that she knows she will have a vision. Just at the point where it would have started…she saw Jesus hanging His head quite sorrowfully with one teardrop coming out. Lisa was overwhelmed with sadness and knew she was feeling a tiny amount of the emotion that Jesus was feeling. He was in deep sorrow. She asked Him if there was anything she could do to warn people and she felt He said, “It’s done”. All the warnings have gone out and that is that. She asked if there was something she had done to upset the Lord and perhaps not receive a vision but no, she felt VERY strongly that this was not the case. He reassured her that she was in the right spot with Him. There was such agony and mourning…she described it as getting off the phone and immediately finding out your child or parents had been killed. Just such grief.

After that experience, Lisa then went to bed and tried to sleep.  Just before or after falling asleep she had a vision.  A black horse galloping away very fast!  She immediately wondered if that was symbolic of death and quite frankly that was my first thought as well.  That is all she saw.

Roughly 30 minutes after that, she again woke up and felt violently ill, almost physically sick but spiritually too.  I think many of you have felt this same feeling off and on.  For sure, those that have visions and are more in tune with the spiritual world, feel these things on occasion.  When Lisa woke up this morning, she continued to feel this way.  At lunch, she said she just felt numb.  I asked her about the angels and she said they continued to pour the oil on her. One thing you need to know about Lisa is that her husband is a HUGE prayer warrior for God.  He knows of Lisa’s visions and stays aware of the situation when she is having them.  He keeps in continuous prayer, especially when she feels ill.  I am very grateful for this!

One thing I shared with Lisa at lunch was something I learned from others who dream and have visions. There are times when what is seen in the spiritual realm, will manifest on earth 3 days later.  Perhaps this is one of those times and we need to be on watch for Sept 13 (Sabbath).  Her vision was 09/10/14 during the evening hours in the USA.  Regardless, I think many of us are feeling something coming.

We definitely need to pray for both Israel and the US, as well as the world in general. Also, something I have been keeping in mind is not to go ahead of God.  I’ve been thinking that perhaps all these visions and dreams of “We will be gone before Thanksgiving” that SO many people had last year…well maybe we were given the right information but we assumed it was for THAT year!  Maybe those who heard that we would celebrate Thanksgiving and other holidays in Heaven…weren’t actually told 2013 but we ASSUMED that!  I don’t know, just wishful thinking maybe, but hoping it means this year!  But it could account for these types of things.  We are not to get ahead of God, and we are not to guess dates. Watching on the other hand, is a form of worship and that is what we do here.  When the Lord gives us a date or day or anything, we are just passing that information along.  I personally don’t know of ANY date until THE WARNINGS come!  Then I will know it is 3 days away!  And I will post that immediately!

09/07/14 - Lisa and I were able to cover quite a lot of detail today. Again, same format of me being quiet and then when she is done…ask questions.  The pictures that follow are those Lisa found on the internet to help us "see" the colors of the sky, etc.

Heaven - She was shown our family and friends in Heaven that have gone before us. They are ECSTATIC that we are coming very soon and they are scurrying around getting last minute items that they know we love, even though they haven’t been with us. They are almost as excited as we are that we are coming Home and their joy will be made complete once we are there. 

Q&A – Lisa says that some of these members in Heaven may come back to help us during the Harvest although very few. She says that she feels that those who come back, were very obedient to Christ during their lifetime. She asked me if I had anyone like this in my family that has died and I said yes, my Grandpa. I told her he was wonderful Christian and a Watcher, and was looking for Jesus return so much that he denied my mother a college education because he said Jesus would return before it would pay off. He would bounce me on his lap when I was very young and say, “Jeeeesus is coming…” over and over. Lisa said she saw him, she saw my Grandpa and he was with me while we were in one of the groups helping with the harvest! I have felt for a while now that he might interact with me in this way once we are transformed. I wanted you to know this because you too may recall a family member like this.

Bride training Q&A - I asked Lisa to look to see if she was able to view our training time during the 3 days of darkness. She said yes so I had more questions. 1) Do 3 days during training also occur during the same time on earth? Yes, we are “hidden” away somewhere on earth for this training. Jesus may make an appearance and the angels will train us. 2) Do the angels have weapons that they are training us with? No, they are teaching us things like logistics, who we are grouped with, who will be healing, where we are going, detailed instructions. This is when we receive our assignments.

I know many have seen “invitations” to a dinner or banquet during this time so I asked her if she saw that. She said this training period would be AWESOME! She said it reminds her of her own professional life when her company would train employees. During the day there would be training on a new product, but at night there would be extravagant dinner cruises etc. She sees this happening for us! During the day, we are trained by the angels but at night there is some divine partying going on! Those are my words not hers but I don’t know how else to describe it! I just know I can’t wait!

Misc discussion –Lisa feels that we will only see a “door” to go through if we are part of this initial Bride that is transformed. Our other family members will not see it.  I asked Lisa if we have a choice to go through the door or not and she said no. We were chosen for this by Jesus a long time ago, He chose us, there is nothing we can do to earn it, there is no form of obedience that we can follow to be chosen. It has already been done. I have heard this before but it sure was nice to be confirmed!

I asked if she could go back to look at the colors in the sky. I asked her to go back to just until the colors started being visible and describe what she saw. She said she saw a calm and normal day, blue sky. It did not start with one small color that people would ignore. Rather it was a SUDDEN inflow of colors! (Bonnie and Julie W. and others have used the word “suddenlies” and this sounds like a perfect example.) She described it like an entire sky full of one rainbow and that it had MOVEMENT. It was important to know this…the colors moved back and forth like a painter’s brush. I asked if she could draw something very simple and she said she already thought of this but knew she could not. She cannot draw nor can she focus long enough because she would want the picture to show exactly what she sees and that can’t happen, That is why she finds picture on the internet to send to me so I can post them. So we shall continue down that path.

We talked more about an event planned on 9/11. She says that she thinks the event(s) may not happen then but for sure she knows the men are planning such events. She sees a window of a couple days on either side of 9/11 because the men want to throw us off balance. Anywhere from Sept 9 through the 13th seemed like such a time that these events might occur. Unrelated to 9/11, Lisa feels like once the colors start to appear in the sky, we may have 4-6 days before the 3 days of darkness. She says that even if the three days of darkness are not directly on Sept 23, some type of event(s) seems to be occurring on Rosh Hashanah. Keep in mind that after the colors come, the dark planet appears. I asked her to look further into the floodlight that appeared to her right. I asked her if it was a white light or more yellowish. She said it was more like an LED light. I replied that it sounds like a “clean” bright light and she agreed. I asked her about the shape of the light from the bottom to the top and she said it widens out at the top (like a floodlight would). I asked her to look closely into the light to see if she saw anything and she said she did not see anything in the light. I asked her if she could see how far away it was and she said, FAR. She said it was so far away that it appeared like it was on the horizon.

I asked her of the dark ominous planet showed any kind of red color. She could not really see that BUT she said that the sky behind the planet was not normal coloring. It was not as if there was blue sky behind the planet. She has already told us this though because the pretty colored sky will change into gray ashy smokey colors. All in all it just sounds dreadful.

Aliens – Earlier we had discussed the timing of their arrival. Also, note that whenever I use the word “alien” I am ALWAYS referring to the Fallen and demons. So Lisa was reviewing her vision of when she saw them walking the streets (see 8/20 vision below). She simply does not see them before the 3 days of darkness and believes they come at the same time those days arrive. She sees them walking around with “attitude” as if they belong here…they are cocky but friendly to people. They know they are allowed here. God is very sad about them, very conflicted. They are part of His creation but they want to destroy His creation. This tears Him apart and He is very sad about it (understatement). Yet at one point Lisa sees God release them out of His hand. They will have access to earth more than they did before. God knows He has to do this because it is the End.

Q&A – I asked Lisa if she saw anyone that seemed to be an alien messiah. She could only describe what she saw and that was a male type being…only not an “alien”. He is with the aliens when they arrive, they are carrying him on the ship but he is not like a human. Lisa could not tell if he was Lucifer but he definitely “glowed”. Not quite like we will but very similar. He is bigger than these demonic beings and/or the Fallen, but she had a tough time explaining it and/or him. Then she said maybe he was like fire, like the glow was really that of fire rather than a lighted being. She tried to understand what she was looking at but could not be clear about it. She has never seen anything like it. She somewhat understood “possession” and said perhaps it was more spiritual, but like a fire being. The more she talked, the more I was reminded of satan’s coming false trinity. The False Prophet, the AC, and the Beast. I explained this concept to her and asked if perhaps she was seeing the “beast”. Yes! She said that word resonated immediately with her. It is now our impression that this is the Beast of the book of Revelation and that he acts as the Holy Spirit does with us now. This beast will possess those that worship it. So that’s our opinion.

I hope this has been helpful to you. I especially hope it helps those left behind to not be deceived. Could this be the AC that will possess a human at some point? We aren’t sure but are continuing in prayer several times a day about what God wants revealed.

What the dark object would appear like before the sky turns greyish.
The object is big like the center pic.

The area on the right side of this picture seems to look like the sky BEHIND the dark planet.

09/05/14 – Last night Lisa had another vision and I will do my best to describe it here. There were three different segments. I will use the same format as before where first I give you the entire vision as I wrote it down (just the facts ma’am) and then I discuss the questions and answers as we went through it.

9/11 – She saw men planning together for destruction on this date. She thinks it may be the USA, furthermore she thinks it could be NY and Wash DC again. She is not clear about this but just got that feeling.

She feels the government is behind it (think NWO) and there may be planes involved as well as bombings from the planes directed at objects such as the Hoover Dam but she is not sure. This was not a specific vision although it was as clear as always.

Q&A - I questioned her as to if she could see these men clearly, did they appear to be Americans? No they did not, but they were in the United States planning it. I asked about the timing of this vision compared to the other two and she feels it comes before the colors in the sky and the dark planet. I asked her if there was anything that people could do for protection or to warn…and she said no. She does feel that whatever may happen, the plan is for something bigger than the original 9/11 events. Definitely a heads up for this coming week!

Colors in the Sky – Lisa sees colors that flow across the sky, like an amazing aurora borealis. She called it “finger painting the sky” (which I thought was marvelous!) This time in her vision, there was more detail. She saw her neighbors come out of their house to view the sky and she knew that people all over the world would see this in the sky. At first they would think it was pretty with the colors swirling to the left and right, but some would panic, and some would wonder what was going on as this was different than anything ever seen. In no way did she sense demons or aliens or spaceships of any sort. This was just a sky full of color but it was DIFFERENT. It would happen for more than one day and even atheists will look up and start to wonder if “God” is doing something. People would have different thoughts about what they were seeing…based on what they believed.
Q&A –Since my mind immediately went to Daniel 5 with the handwriting on the wall, I asked her if she saw fingers or a hand. No she did not. I asked Lisa if she could sense that this would be a witnessing time…where we could explain to others about Jesus return and she said, “Yes!”. These people were very afraid and confused. I then asked her if she and her husband were afraid as they were looking up at the colorful sky and she adamantly stated NO. That there was no fear and that she was VERY excited to see this because she knew what it meant. It was pretty and she wanted to go outside and see it. This vision was so real to her that she wanted to go outside during the phone call to see it! Lol But logically she knew it had not happened yet. She strongly feels that these changes will occur soon but after any Sept. 11 event. She continued to describe that it looked so very strange. Just saying aurora borealis is not right. It was different! It was “mixed up”. This is what brought fear to others but not to Lisa and her husband. I asked her what people were wearing where she lives (Oregon). She saw short sleeves still. No one was wearing winter clothes. The sky was light out…as if it were dusk. Since this lasts for a few days give or take, my own interpretation is that God is allowing us to know that everyone will see it during the hours that it is light outside in their country. We’ve been told numerous times that the whole world will see His sign in the sky. So it is logical that it would be daylight at some point all over the world for this divine phenomenon to be seen. I asked her if this was the "cosmic event" and she said no, that will be when something hits the sun.
Dark Planet – at some point during these colorful lights, they will begin to turn gray, smoky, darkish. Lisa sees something HUGE, round, and dark in the center of the sky, between the sun and the earth. She cannot see the sun and feels the object blocks it. It is ominous and foreboding but it is NOT an eclipse. The atmosphere is tangible but hard to explain, like dust or ashes…definitely gray and dark though. Also there was a small light to the right of everything.

(these pictures and the 4 above were sent to me by Lisa in order to give you somewhat of an idea of she saw.)

Q&A – When Lisa was trying to answer one of my questions, she said…”If I fast forward it”…as she is able to move back and forth through the vision. Having never had visions myself, I find this fascinating…learning how God allows His people to “see”. We know that everyone is different. People have even asked Lisa WHERE in her head she has her visions! Lol I personally don’t think it matters…God shows people visions at night, during the day, in their mind, outside of their vision, just wherever HE wants to. Are people trying to discredit others that don’t have visions the way THEY think they should? Only God knows the heart. I got the same question when learning to hear His voice. “Where do you hear Him?” as if a certain place in my body is wrong, and only their place is correct. Did this same God not speak through a donkey? Did this same God not speak through a bush? The only way you will know if God is truly giving these visions or not, is not by anything WE say or do, but by going to Him and asking Him! Please do this now because imagine how your life might change if you realize these visions are from Him..and for YOU to read! God loves you so very much!

Lisa is able to see a vision while describing it to me on the phone, and she is able to move through it or go back and look at something further. We give all glory to God for His allowing this. Because this is NOT just for Lisa, but for ALL that read this! We want you to know and I personally cannot say this enough, this website is NOT for any personal gain. There is no paypal set up.  This website is for the glory of God and what He wants us to know about our soon coming Bridegroom Jesus Christ! How awesome that He does this for us! Who are we that He should allow this? I am so very thankful and humbled by these experiences. Ok sorry for going off topic.

There were two more questions that I felt needed asking. 1) Did Lisa see anything coming off the dark round planet? She took a long time to answer this…she was focused totally on her vision and I kept quiet. Finally she said no, she did not see anything coming from the planet at this time. I asked her ….did she see this 3rd vision as part of the 3 days of darkness? No, she did not, this vision is previous to the 3 DoD. But it is right up against the 3 days to be sure. Also the shaking starts around this point.

The other question that really needed asking was if she could explain more about the “Light” to the right of everything she was seeing. In my opinion, this is a huge thing that God is allowing us to see. We have no interpretation for this, and I’ve personally not heard or read this in any other vision. So this is a new element that we are not going to speculate about at this time. I asked Lisa to “look to your right” and describe where the light was coming from. She said it was coming from the ground. I asked her where was it pointing and she said, “It is pointing toward the dark object in the sky.” Whoa!! She feels it is a solid light, like a floodlight and while the light does not reach to the planet, it is pointing towards it. She says the light is to the “far right and down” from the planet. Logically it cannot be the sun since she feels the object is between the earth and the sun, thereby blocking the sunlight. I am hoping God shows her a bit more about this light to the right in the days to come.

One more thing I wanted to add about our conversation. It helps to know HOW these conversations are carried out. I pray several times a day about adding what God wants to this website. If He told me to shut it down, I would do so without hesitation! It is all about obeying at this point…and nothing about what “we” want. What do we want? Our Knight in shining White armor to rescue us! So when I know Lisa will be calling as she is having a vision (she quickly texts me first)…I immediately go to God and ask Him to show her what He wants all to see, and nothing more. I also ask Him to direct my questions to her, and nothing of my own. These visions aren’t about us…they are about Him and as long as our focus stays on Him, I believe He will continue with this. If He does not, well He certainly knows better than we do right? So we just want Him in control.

When Lisa calls, she is kind of in a dreamy state and even told me last night that if she wanted to go outside and look at the sky, she could not because her legs wouldn’t move. Lol Most of us are not familiar with these types of experiences but the more you know, perhaps that will allow you to understand the visions better. She starts out giving as much detail as she can without me saying anything. I note everything down and also jot quick questions that I can ask later. She may speak for 10 minutes straight before stopping.

During this conversation and the last one, there were times when Lisa would speak in her prayer language. The last time (see 09/02 vision) her language sounded full of sorrow and after each one she would cry out to Jesus because she could feel some of His pain. Last night’s tone during her tongues language was very different. It is almost as if she was asking questions. Again, I just keep quiet and wait upon the Lord. Prayer is constant during these conversations. These are sacred times to me and so we just let God take the conversation where it will.

I hope all this information helps you. I believe God is showing us all quite a bit of what will occur in the coming days in the entire world, not just one area. In the past few weeks, the number of visitors to this website has tripled and the number of countries that view these pages has grown tremendously. This is His will and we hope you are feeling blessed and encouraged by this. Should you have any questions for Lisa, you can post them here, she has already responded to some.

09/04/14 - Hope here...Lisa and I have been discussing Sept 23.  We realized that we have been getting ahead of God.  He has not told us September.  What He DID tell Lisa was "23".  So we would like to add this disclaimer that it may not be in the month of September but for sure Lisa and many others are hearing and seeing that number.  Now I will add to this discussion, that I asked the Lord about that number during my quiet time with Him earlier tonight.  This is the Word He gave me:

"Let's take a walk.  Yes I will answer.  I Am speaking to you now, as God of the universe, as the Great I AM!  Do not fear Me for I cherish you.  I want you close to Me.  My heart beats for you, every one of you.  You can trust Me to carry out My will.  Will it not be done on earth as it is in Heaven?  What does "23" mean?  Look up its meaning and come speak to Me.  I will hear you."

(I hesitated here because I go to an empty bedroom for my quiet time and shut the door with no outside interference.  So I said, "Lord?" and He said, "Go look it up."  So I did!  I did a google search on the words gemetria, 23, bible number.  I looked up at least 10 of the references (all Biblically based) and found only twice where there was a meaning attached to 23.  That meaning was...."death".  So I went back to listening God.

"Yes death - death will arrive that day, that's why Lisa sees darkness.  This is not by chance.  I do not lie nor do I change My mind.  Prepare for it.  It is coming your way and it will not stop until it is completed.  Post this message without hesitation.  I love you!"

So I want to be clear here...He did NOT confirm September 23 in any way, shape or form!  But He did confirm the date of the 23rd!  I don't know if this helps anyone or not, but it sure did help me.  All we need to do is ask our Abba!  

09/02/14 - Hope here....I spoke with Lisa last night right at the tail end of her vision.  It was a VERY interesting experience!  

She was still seeing things so I just got pen and paper and stayed quiet while she began to speak.  This is the gist of what I understand to be coming, followed by Q&A.

She began by asking God if she was one of the ones that would get a Warning Message.  The Lord said not only would she get one, but the whole world would.  Within this month she believes that the entire world will start seeing the sky "change".  It was hard for her to describe so understand that these words are the only words we know to describe what she saw.  Something similar to volcanic ash was in the sky. She did not know if it was actual ash from a volcano such as in Iceland or not, only that there was something in the air.  In our lifetime we have only seen the sun and moon and stars and other typical space objects, but this will change.  Because the sky starts to change, people start to wake up to what is happening.  They will be "shaken"...Lisa used that word frequently but not speaking of a geological event, but that initially people will be wondering what they are seeing in the sky.  It sounds as if it will get worse and worse because people will be terrified and very frightened of what they are seeing.  These are not demons or aliens they see, but rather just space.  The sky will look "mixed up".  That's the best she can explain it.  She saw "waves of dark" move over the sun, so not total darkness at first but a darkening sky to be sure.  She purposely looked for any event around Sept 11 but nothing was pointed out for her to see.  She does feel that maybe something manmade will happen in the USA first, perhaps a NWO thing or false flag or just a guess here.  But the manmade event would happen before the 3 days of darkness.  What we see in the sky will NOT MAKE SENSE to people, most will not understand what they are seeing.  She says even those who do not believe in God will be shaken and it will get their attention.

After she explained everything, she asked me if I had any questions as she could still see into the vision. I asked her if the bomb that hits Israel will start everything (see previous visions) and she said that the scenario she believes will happen is that the bomb(s) hit Israel and then Israel and God start to fight back.  It sounded a LOT like the Psalm 83 war as she explained it, only a very quick war because all Israel's enemies see that the hand of God is with Israel and they back off and try to stay low for a while. 

I asked her about all the "shaking" she saw.  She said this is man waking up.  People will be shaken to their core.  The earth wobbling comes AFTER Israel is hit.  That is why she has previously seen Israel shoot off 2 missiles, after that everything really comes apart.

I asked if the sky being all "mixed up" was because she could see demons...or was it because of geological/cosmic things.  Could she see the sun?  Moon?  She said she did NOT see a second sun, but rather just a darkening, like a wave of ash over and over and that is was not normal.  It was like nothing we have ever seen. Everything she explained to me was a confirmation of Julie Whedbee's message found here: 

I asked her if it appeared that something hit the sun that was causing the darkening and she said no.  That happens later.  What she sees is just strangeness in the sky in the beginning.

I asked about Israel and she began to cry.  She said she could see Jesus heart and He was crying for what was about to come upon His people.  He is so very sad about it but knows that is what will happen; but we cannot begin to know His pain. His heart is breaking.  Lisa spoke in tongues off and on so I just waited....Jesus' heart is very heavy.

Finally I asked her about the number 23 that keeps appearing to her.  She feels confident that the 23rd of this month will have darkness associated with it.  That somehow it is part of the 3 days.  It is possible that it also involves Sept 25 which is Israel's New Year.  Do not take this vision as "THE" of the main things I have learned over the past 4 years is that we will all be exactly where we are supposed to be when the darkness hits, even if it is the bottom of the ocean.  Continue your plans around this date...this week...this month.  God will have you be where you are supposed to be and that is that. "Be strong and courageous!"  

Finally, the one thing that she was adamant about the vision...was that we do NOT LACK FAITH that this will happen!  She says (like we all do) that we have been hoping and waiting for so long and she was overwhelmed with confidence that we are not to lack faith in this!  This will shake us up too but we know Who is in charge, and we listen for His voice and strive not with ourselves or others at this time.
08/30/14 - I spoke with Lisa on Saturday 08/30 and we discussed a few things that I have added below.

Israel - Last night Lisa was in prayer for Israel and she did not have an exact vision but felt some things coming at Israel, especially now that IS is in the Golan Heights. She feels that in Sept, possibly even this coming week, events may transpire to cause IS and Israel to clash. She feels "something big" will happen.

Dead in Christ - I asked Lisa about those that are dead in Christ now...has she seen anything that had to do with them and these upcoming harvest days.  She said it was ironic because she was just thinking about them as well.  After she got my message, she began to pray about it and God told her that He had already shown this to her.  After hearing this several times, she recalled a vision last year where she was helping in the harvest and "felt" her family around her, those that have already died.  She does feel some of them may help.  I told her that while I feel I too will somehow have help from my deceased Grandpa, I know that in our flesh now, we are not to speak to the dead.  The Old Testament is clear about that. Lisa reminded me that Christ died, yet came back and spoke to those at His grave and even after that, with the disciples.  She also reminded me of Matthew 27:51-53 that immediately after the earthquake that occurred during the Lord's crucifixion, was when the 500 dead were raised and went back to their towns to their loved ones.  They were no longer considered dead.

51 And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;

52 And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose,

53 And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

So we are in prayer about this...and wondering about those family/friends that have already died but were true to God...and how they will come into play during the harvest.  It is not only possible then, but we have Biblical evidence that the dead came back to life.  We know the dead in Christ rise before us during the Rapture.  Perhaps they will rise during the earthquake that the cataclysmic event brings about.  Lisa "feels" that these people may have earned a special assignment of sorts...and this is how and why they are able to help during the Harvest.  I can SO see my Grandpa doing this!  To me, it's almost as if those who were looking for Jesus to come during their lifetimes and had given themselves to Him, will be part of this special group.

Having said that...Lisa was also thinking (as are many of us) that during the darkness, the demons/aliens will indwell some living and possibly the dead.  My guess is that satan has his duplicates in both his "lighted" people being a twin to us the Bride, and his zombies being as the dead. But since God already knows the enemy's plans...He'll take care of all that, no worries.

That's it for now, but just a reminder that all of the above are GUESSES on our part.  I know you too have guesses and have read different things.  Our Father wants us to go to Him with all questions and He will give answers.  Sometimes it takes longer than we think, so we go looking elsewhere.  Don't do that!  lol  Stick with your praying and He will NEVER let you down!

08/28/14 - This was something I have pieced together so keep that in mind.  As Edamosamos says before every video...I am of the race of Adam and make mistakes.  However I did want to note what I was thinking.  Feel free to email me with your thoughts.

It occurred to me today while watching another tsunami video, that possibly Efrain's tsunami is a second tsunami that will hit the USA right at or after the Rapture.  Lisa as well as Patrick Winfrey believes it will hit at those times, instead of before the Rapture.  Yet others are seeing tsunamis before.  We are in prayer about this but meantime it's just a guess.  Here is a possible scenario:

Cosmic cataclysmic event - every eye sees and every ear hears this event all over the globe since God wants our attention

Darkness comes - and starts with "THE" earthquake.  Lisa has seen the earth wobble..many people have this same dream/vision/Word.

God reveals Himself - to EVERY soul on earth and points to Jesus as the Savior.

Meanwhile, the tsunami starts from the EQ.  After the 3 days...AFTER everyone has had their chance to decide FOR God or against Him, the geological disasters begin.  One of them might be a tsunami.  A few of my friends continue to mention the volcanoes in Iceland...tsunamis could be generated even before the 3 days if those volcanoes go.  But so many people are saved FROM the giant waves that I believe they are seeing themselves as the Bride in a translated body, the one we will get during the 3 days of darkness.  

At the end of the 40 days of Harvest, the fireballs begin, the asteroids fall, and the Efrain tsunami takes hold.  Just my guess.  ~ Hope

08/25/14 I spoke with Lisa on Sunday evening and she described this vision to me. I’ve written it for her and gotten her permission to post. I am writing this as if I were explaining to another what Lisa told me.This particular vision contained scattered pieces of visions, however they continued to line up with and divulge more information about the previous vision with the 2 bombs and cities of light.

2 Bombs – Lisa saw the firing of the missiles as if it were a clock. One missile shot towards 12:00 and one missile shot towards 2:00. I have read many visions and dreams that point to Jerusalem as being God’s compass, timepiece, however you want to see it, everything flows from Jerusalem. Lisa and I looked on a map and one of the cities mainly north of Jerusalem is Damascus. One city directly at 2:00 NW of Jerusalem is Amman, Jordan with Tehran, Iran being further away. She does NOT know if these are the cities, she only saw the direction, this is a new piece of information. We also know that in the area of at least one missile…people are wearing Arab head gear. The people in that area saw some kind of shockwave coming at them and ran away from it in fear. Please refer to the previous visions below.

Cities of Light (before the Rapture) – Lisa continues to see not only the Bride go out, but the lukewarm and lost that have JUST been saved or returned to God (after He visits us all during the 3 days of darkness….see Julie’s Word found here )

There will be groups of people that stay in the same place and will be safe. Going forward, I am going to refer to these formerly lukewarm/lost people as the “Redeemed” so as to designate how they are different from us. I asked God for a word and that’s what popped in my head. A few of the Redeemed in each group will go out and collect supplies from other places and bring them back. These are the same people that may have an extra supernatural gift from God, although they were not part of the original group like us…the Shining ones. I don’t know what else to call us because ALL those that accept Christ during this time are the Bride and will ascend with Christ when He comes for us. Then we go with our entire families and groups in the Rapture…or the Gathering you might call it. Anyway, these people that have chosen Christ at this time, will be gathering supplies during the 40 days for those in these groups. And since by then we will all know what is going on, these same people will collect supplies for those left behind that will end up in these cities of light. These people will be protected by angels as they go about collecting. I will tell you that Lisa has seen my husband as one of the “leaders” that help the groups and collect. I can also tell you that for a LONG time now, I have known my husband was lukewarm but would help others in the end. I tell you this so you will be encouraged for YOUR lukewarm and lost family members. Remember, God ALREADY has every detail planned out. We are NOT to worry, we are only to pray and turn them over to God, lay them at Jesus feet and then smile and relax, knowing He has them in the palm of His hand.

Before the Rapture – Lisa does not see nukes flying before we are gone. I would agree with this because God wants man to look to Him for help, not other men or countries, especially during this time that the Holy Spirit is still on earth.

After the Rapture – Lisa has seen something new. She still sees some members of all the Bride coming back…that is some of us shining ones and some of the Redeemed. These groups continue to supply the cities of light. I know in others dreams/visions, they have seen us bringing in even more, sometimes right at their death, and sometimes directly from the gates of hell. I’ve read many instances of this and believe God will do whatever He says He will. His Arm is far reaching and He will bring in ALL who are His! He is a very protective Father that way.

During this time, Lisa (as well as many others) has seen the Russian and Chinese attack the USA. (Personally I do not think they will use nuclear weapons because then they cannot enter the country due to radiation, that is just not logical.) However, the USA is HAMMERED (her words) with problems. She saw the country split (most likely the New Madrid fault) and great famine as scarcely any food can be found.

Meanwhile, Israel feels “secure”. Lisa feels like since the USA seems to be the target of everyone’s hate and destruction at this time, Israel is doing fine, having food, no famine etc. Even Israel feels this way about the USA being the target.

We are GUESSING that the 3rd Temple will be built at this time and we are GUESSING that the above info is during the first half of the trib. We are pre-tribbers and feel that there will be a 7 year treaty signing with an abomination happening in the middle of the time. Lisa has not been shown anything contrary to this and so for the time being, these are things we are accepting.

08/20/14 - Hope note - I spoke with Lisa on the phone before posting this...and was able to pull out a few more details.  I also have MULTIPLE confirmations of what she saw and will try to post that over the weekend.  I will present Lisa's typed version first, then I will add additional notes.

Lisa I was shown Israel in a vision, I could see there had been some substantial damage from a bomb, to the point where they had had enough and were finally FIGHTING back. One bomb I saw I am fairly certain went to Iran. It appeared it was nuclear or hit their nuclear facility, it was HUGE explosion!! I was again shown that this would be a sign for us that the darkness would be here in days…not sure if that was 1 or maybe several days. There is a collision in the sky, I am not sure if something hits the sun but some things collide together which makes the earth start wobbling violently, where people cannot even stand. As the darkness hits and the bride is taken away I see demons manifesting and horrifying people, but for the first some I saw something new..ALIENS walking the street. They arrived sometime during the darkness and some people seem to be accepting of them as friendly. (They will be part of the norm from there on out) The end of the darkness when the bride is sent out...those that have completely surrendered to Christ will flock to us. We will begin to gather those and take them to a safe house, this will be either a big church or a huge mansion. I was seeing groupings like the Left Behind movies show. We will provide provisions and heal those in need. Minister and set them up to wait out their time. Angels will be set around the area to keep them safe. I also think at this time some will be infused with ‘supernatural’ (God) abilities. In order to go out and get more supplies, maybe even more people. The bride will then continue to travel around and set up these groups all over. EVERY detail of EVERY person is planned out. The places we are going, the people we will help, the supplies needed in that area, God has made EVERY detail and showed me not to worry about ANYONE when I was looking in my vision for friends and family….HE HAS THIS COVERED!!!!

Addtl Notes - 

Israel - Lisa thinks the two bombs went to two different places.  She feel almost positive that one is going to Iran, as you can read above. She does not believe the second one went to Gaza, but to another Arab country, or possible Iran again.  I told her I was worried about PM Netanyahu and she feels that in this vision, Bibi was the one kind of "rolling up his sleeves as if he is ready to get down to business."  She thinks that he makes the (final?) decision to approve the bombings.

Collision - I believe this is one of the best pieces of detail so far.  The earth is so shaken that people can't stand up.  Here in the midwest we don't feel that very often, in fact I never have.  Some places like Calif have frequent EQ.  But imagine NOT being able to stand consistently!

Darkness - Lisa and I have discussed this before and she continues to feel that the Bride will be taken and hidden soon as the darkness starts.  It sounds as if we will go through everything else that others do up to this point, then we are taken away. She also says the aliens were "casually" strolling around, as if no one was upset they were there.  Humans seem to take them in as common.  It is quite possible that they will arrive and say that people prayed and here they are, our saviours.  

Bride - Very detailed here with how things all work together!  I knew of the healings and gathering together, but this is an ordered process now.  I feel it is very critical and enlightening to know that God has EVERY detail decided in advance!  I now have more hope that my lukewarm husband will not be left on his own for 40 days.  Even if he knows what's going on, I do not want him terrified.  This part of the vision gives me great hope for many family members and friends.

Missing Tsunami - Most of us know about Efrain Rodriguez's tsunami vision.  Lisa has seen this wall of water and the horror and catastrophes it will cause.  She specifically looked for it in this vision and did not see it.  This vision took her right up to the Rapture, she believes.  If you recall, I told Lisa she would have a great vision a few days ago and this seems to fit the bill.  We believe that if we have questions, we can go straight to God with them and He will show Lisa and others, what you want to see IF it is His will.  He is Pappa and wants His children to be prepared.  Look what all He showed us just in this vision! Are you more at peace now about your family?  I surely am.  Since we all know someone on these coastal areas, and possibly have family members there, we are going to specifically pray that God shows Lisa more about the tsunami soon.

08/18/14 - (Hope here)  I spoke with Lisa on the phone Saturday for a while.  Then Sunday we spoke again.  I had a very strong "feeling" that she was going to have a vision.  I've not really spoke of this before but when I get close to people that have supernatural gifts, I seem to just get a knowing feeling that they will have a Word or vision or dream.  This has happened several times over the past year and I've let those people know ahead of time.  So I felt I wanted to tell Lisa.  Lisa was ill yesterday and we were not sure if it was of the devil or the fact that her home on the West coast is surrounded somewhat by smoke due to fires.  I know that those of my friends who DO have these supernatural gifts...seem to feel weaker in the flesh at times.  I think that is because they are stronger in the spirit, and can see beyond the veil easier.  God has granted them this gift, and in turn it sometimes makes them ill.  I know many of these people have problems taking medicine etc. But moving along....I told Lisa to expect something.  A few hours later she wrote me an email with a vision. We spoke later on the phone and I wanted to add the facts as I know them, that we spoke of. As a READER of visions, every detail is important because God is IN the details isn't He? :-)


Lisa - I was laying here in prayer and saw something…like if your eyes are closed and a dark figure passes by the sunlight??(but over and over like waves) Anyway I was trying to figure that out….was it the white part of waves cresting on the ocean?? NO…was it demons?? NO… then I saw middle eastern people…like in a city…mixed women, men, young….and this one dressed in a military uniform started screaming (yelling out) to the crowd…

Hope - at this point the initial vision stopped and Lisa felt that it was not enough to let me know.  But she ALSO knows that I believe if she has even the smallest vision, then we are to report that here unless God specifically lets her know otherwise.  This is HIS gift and His website, so we obey His will as close as we can.  Knowing that, Lisa asked God if there was more because this seemed insignificant to her.

Lisa - I was still seeing stuff and tried to describe it to my husband…and he said, "Like shockwaves?"…and I said YES…EXACTLY WHAT I WAS SEEING!! Then all the sudden this group of arabs/middle eastern people saw something coming and started running and screaming…. I have NO CLUE…I was telling the Lord IF He wanted me to pass this on He needed to give me more..because I didn’t have a clue what good this would do….and that is when the second paragraph part was seen.

Hope - During our phonecall, I had one question about this vision and that there any way that the people she saw were Jewish.  Lisa said no because she asked God the same question and then God gave her a better look at the crowd and she saw men and women in Arab dress and head gear ).  She said when the people heard the soldier screaming, they all looked in the same direction and became terrified at what they saw.

Please note, it is important that we do not ADD to this vision.  We do not know what they saw but it appeared as a shockwave so that could be a LOT of things.  I believe if God wishes her to see more, then He will show her and we will post it here.

08/14/14 - Lisa forgot to tell me something of great importance on the vision below.  At the same time, we don't want to go overboard with it, at least not until God makes things more clearer.  But I will tell you this much.  When Lisa watched this video about the Equinox Dream, the Holy Spirit came over her very strongly during the mention of September 23 date. If and When God reveals more, you'll find it here!

08/11/14 - (after our phonecall from 08/10/14 below)  Lisa emailed me with a HUGE VISION.  It was 1:00 a.m. before I read  Then I found where she sent it to another friend on FB and had written it a bit more clearly and then she emailed me again...I present both to you.

FRIEND VERSION - (night of 08/10/14) "The bombs that I saw going off the other day (see vision below) from Israel were made more clear to me in this vision. They were huge bombs that could take out a small city, and it's Israel that is shooting these bombs off at their enemy, when they are provoked. After the bombs -- the bombs will be the warning to the bride that we are very close to the three days of darkness. At first, there's something that appears to hit the sun or some huge event in the sky -- impact in the sky -- and -- there will be a delay, and then this phenomena in the sky is what will cause the earth to start shaking violently. This is when the darkness will hit, and the Bride will be translated at the beginning of the darkness. There will be many many people that will die during this three days of darkness, but the people that repent or give their hearts to Christ during this time will be protected. Everyone's sin will be exposed to them at this point, and they will clearly be able to see it and, at that point, make a choice to repent or not. The Bride will be given instructions during this three days, and they will be grouped together. At the end of the three days, the bride will go out in their translated bodies and start to harvest those that have repented. The Bride is going to go out and harvest those who have repented or those who have newly accepted Christ. There will be many people that will die during this darkness, and then, during the 40 days, God will protect his children that have repented during this time. At the end of that time, asteroids are going to be falling, and one will hit Puerto Rico and cause a huge tsunami, which I believe, at the point of impact is when the rapture will occur because there will be many, many lives that will be lost after this tsunami hits and goes up the east coast, and God will make sure everybody is given a chance during the three days of darkness to repent." 

MY EMAIL VERSION - (this morning 08/11/14)

Let me try this now that I am awake...

I had a vision which I was asking to see what we are looking for as warning time is here…the other night in a vision God showed me Israel and a couple of HUGE BOMBS…and then we would know it was within days…tonight this is what I saw:

I saw the HUGE BOMBS were coming from Israel. I believe in retaliation for something that happens to her. These bombs like I said can take out a small city. RIGHT after these bombs is when I believe peace will be talked again and the peace treaty signed or talked about signing..that is when I see a huge impact in the sky, which I believe is something hitting the sun. There will be a delay of hours but that impact will cause the earth to shake violently. Once the earth starts shaking the darkness will hit. At the onset of the 3 days of darkness the bride will be translated and gathered for instructions and grouped. Those that are lukewarm (AND ALL OTHERS) will endure some very difficult days with much hell going on outside. At that point your sins will be shown to you and most of the lukewarm will repent and come back fully to Jesus, there will all be new converts at this time. At the end of the 3 days the bride will go out and do her part in the harvesting. She will be healing, teaching, protecting and providing for these that come to her. The ones in Christ will KNOW the bride and be drawn and run towards her light (Christ will radiate us!!) Those that did not accept Christ will run from the bride in fear. God will protect and provide for these 40 days and at the end, asteroids will come down and a large asteroid will hit Puerto Rico….at this point the rapture will happen and all that are HIS will go up. Many, many will die in this tsunami which is caused by the asteroid hitting. It will go up the East Coast and reach far inland. I believe the earth will be shaking, volcanoes will go off and there will be MUCH HORROR on earth that hits right as the bride is going up!

Tell me if that is more clear…..I just never saw the tsunami at the end…and when I was seeing it last night I was saying "but Lord are you going to protect your children that have not repented yet?" because we were on the onset of the 3 days of darkness..and He said no..back up and look at what I am showing you….The tsunami doesn’t hit till the end of the 40 days!!

UPDATE:  08/11/14 - 8:00 pm  I emailed Lisa and asked her to be clear about WHEN the tsunami was going to hit.  This is what she said:

" I believe God showed me VERY CLEARLY that is happens just as we are raptured….EVERYONE has had their chance to repent during the darkness…God was very clear on backing me up to see it properly!!! Because I questioned all the people that I saw dying during this…and I said but Lord they did not get the 3 days or darkness and chance to repent (thinking it was the first thing that happened)…it seems 1/2 the country or more are wiped out!! That’s why He said..BACK UP AND LOOK AGAIN!!! And I told my husband right then…YOU REBUKE,TIE UP AND CAST OUT ANY ENEMY OR DEMONIC THOUGHTS THE ENEMY MIGHT TRY AND USE..BECAUSE GOD IS SHOWING ME SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!! SOMETHING HUGE!!!!"

Also, a friend of mine mentioned the two bombs could be in Iran.  Apparently they will have their own "Iron Dome" type defense to go up by Sept. 22.  Anyway Lisa had this to say:

VERY POSSIBLY to be going to Iran…I TRIED to see but could not see where they were going!! I just saw that it does a HUGE amount of damage which brings about the talk of the peace treaty…I could not tell if it was signed..or on the cusp as this event happens in the sky.

God sometimes shows people more along the way, as He did in the case of Lisa's 08/10 and then 08/11 visions.  At the same time, if we are not to know WHO is being bombed, then we will never learn it.  Only God knows what is best for us and we just let it rest there.  And just a note on my own here...I do not in any way believe this makes Efrain R a false prophet.  I believe him to be a man of God who saw a true vision and is doing exactly as God leads him.  Efrain says the asteroid hits before the 3 days, but God's mercy tells me otherwise.  At the same time, God's ways are not our ways.  And thank goodness for that!  :-)

08/10/14 - (via phonecall and email) I had a vision the other night. I was asking God how we were going to know the darkness is coming. I was trying to see what happens that causes the darkness….I started to see ISRAEL boldly in front of me. The words (which it is rather rare that I ‘see’ words) and then I saw a couple of bombs go off…these were not just bombs but HUGE EXPLOSIONS!! I could not tell if they were going into Israel or if Israel was shooting them, but they were HUGE BOMBS big enough to take out a small city at least. Right after the Lord told me.. as soon as we see that happen we are going to be within days (if not hours) of the cosmic event that will then trigger the earthquake and 3 days of darkness.
(Hope note - read this vision inconjuction with this page)

08/08/14 - Visions I have had lately have been weird..the vortex again twice…I was inside of it….and it was spinning fast….it was like a pastel rainbow had made a tube and started spinning…I told my husband it oddly felt like I was stuck in a carebear episode (I guess in a good way) Not quite sure what to make of that…also I have been seeing certain people, situations…that I do not know who these people are…all I know to do is intercede for them…cover them in prayer.  (Hope note - I then asked Lisa how she felt while in the vortex)

I had a very comfortable feeling while inside the vortex…it was Beautiful and warm (just like any good carebear episode There was no fear although it was spinning so fast I did have a thought it might make me sick or at least dizzy (which it did not)

07/17/14I had a vision now of a whirlwind(a few times), like a vortex…not sure what that means…

I could see in a vision everything crumbling, like dominoes things will happen FAST!! I could see something happen in the sky, a bright HUGE something (I personally think this will be our warning about the darkness and destruction coming and to get inside) the bride will be taken up and transformed as soon as the earth starts to shake, destruction will start everywhere..many will die. MANY will be hurt and all will be shaken awake!! The bride will be given instructions and grouped together, then sent back after the 3 days of darkness. I could see us going around and just touching people (people that were open to it and seeking God) and just the tips of our finger was enough to shoot lightening and healing through someone…the power of God was within our touch..HE is going to heal, transform, restore through His Bride. As soon as one thing happens they all will be start to happen (earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami’s) and we are the next breath away from our reality changing!!

06/14/14 - Part 2 - The scene switched and there was a group of us that had gone to Jesus for "instructions" I will call them. There was one man that my husband and I asked Jesus what to do about because he did not want to follow the rules and do things the way Christ had laid out. We were told by Jesus to send him out of the community. When we did so I could see him go and find others that were not protected in a community and form their own type of community, where there was no provisions and the way was difficult. It became clear to me that these were the ones that would break off and rebel. There group got larger and larger, but they were kept far from any community and the provisions there. The community must stay in harmony and live in a peaceful loving environment. Those that rebel are asked to and must leave.

(Hope note - this is exactly the same thing that Howard Storm saw during his NDE.On page46 of his book My Descent into Death, he says, "Occasionally an individual would become a recluse for as much time as needed."  So it sounds as if there continues to be salvation in people's life...later on in their life and not always right away.  Or perhaps they just step off the path for a while but then get back on we do now.  Or perhaps he becomes part of satan's end time army  noted below.


Also this verse stood out to me about the above info from Lisa found in Rev20:7-9 "When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth—Gog and Magog—and to gather them for battle. In number they are like the sand on the seashore.  They marched across the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of God’s people, the city he loves. But fire came down from heaven and devoured them."

06/13/14 Part 1 - I was shown bombs being dropped, I could see they hit almost every state in the largest cities…people were running and screaming…and then there was a deafening silence. Every thing had gone dark and still. He showed me it was coming VERY SOON!! Then I asked to be taken away to something peaceful…and He took me to the Millennium…I could see children running and playing with animals, I saw they way they were taught in small classrooms (like little house on the prairie) I even saw the teacher!!! 😃 There will be some there to help in these communities, besides the ones ruling it, that have their glorified bodies(but few). I saw people and angels protecting the community. Most of the children were still ‘flesh’ children, only those belonging to us in our glorified bodies come back down. My children are grown but I am getting a lot more!!! I was shown one of my (new) girls…running and playing with animals. The scene switched...(part 2 above)

06/07/14 - Lisa and I spoke for more than 3 hours today.  Her visions seem to be coming more frequently and she is going to start writing them down.  God shows her not only the Millennium, but  also Heaven, as well as coming disasters upon the earth such as tsunamis hitting New York City. Whatever God puts upon her heart to share, you will find it here!


I asked Lisa if the perfect earth was like Narnia and she said excitedly, "That's it!" 

Who will actually be on earth during the Millenium? - 06/05/14 here is where I am at…I feel God STRONGLY pointing out verses that if you OVERCOME, ENDURE to the end…then you will reign with Him and be a priest and king..(Rev 5:10) (overcome till the end 2:26-27, Rev 3:21, others as well) IF you read Rev 20:4 it sounds as though ONLY the ones beheaded during the tribulation will  reign with Him a 1,000 years….BUT we know some of us will as well..those that were faithful and have overcome..ENDURED till the end..
If you read Rev says "But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection." THEN Rev 20:6….Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years….
In other words, what I feel God is ‘showing me’ is..ONLY some that are raptured (and even dead) will rule and reign with Him, ONLY if you were Faithful, and overcome and endured..I don’t know if that would refer to the ‘Bride’ only I know there will be a lot of people that will be in Heaven (AND someone like the thief on the cross, he made it…but only by the hair of his chinny chin chin..and was NOT TRIED AND TESTED and REMAINED FAITHFUL!) Well those people would be part of the rapture, BUT I don’t believe part of the Millennium, because they have NOT be tested and overcame, and endured and REMAINED FAITHFUL!! So Jesus will have no use for them during the 1,000 years, they have not been tested, tried and trusted!! I believe He is showing me ONLY those that have ENDURED will be kings and priests will Him during that time.

More on Life in the Millenium - 06/04/14


One thing I wanted to know about is animals during the Millennium period…I know animals in Heaven will be tame and not die, but I didn’t know about the Millennium….God showed me ALL will be restored as it was for Adam and Eve. The animals will not have a need to eat each other, nor will we kill and eat animals…I see children riding, playing, rolling around on the grass with big animals we would not be able to do that with now. Food will not need to be prepared in these communities like we do now, but some will enjoy preparing and doing it for fun…plants will grow with food (not the amount of time it takes now..ALOT SHORTER) but those of us with glorified bodies will be able to put our hands out and produce say a turkey.

I do not see temperature changes being drastic, but there is a place we can go where there is snow and skiing and sledding and such. The people that are still in their flesh bodies (they made it through tribulation or were born after) will depend on the communities head (or leaders) for food and supplies they need. The people in the communities all will have a role or function to make things work…they will all be self dependent communities and have no need for outside resources. The people in their flesh can leave these communities, but from what I see most everyone is happy, content and gets along…there is a great amount of love between them.

Life in the Millenium - 05/31/14


Vision 5/30…. God has been showing me more of the Millennium, when I see Heaven, there are still many people there (during the Millennium) Hope said she thought we could go back and forth (those with a glorified body) and sure enough God showed me that we will…Those that are His Bride will rule over communities. These are like large Amish communities where everyone works together to make it run…There will be large meeting halls (like the ranch in the earlier vision) for people to be taught and fellowship, a lot of community meals together. Technology will be very limited for the duration of the Millennium. A lot of our technology was created by demons to pull us away from God (distract us) and we will go back to a simple life. I even see the way the Amish travel as the way most will get around. I do not see extremes in weather, if there is seasons they will be very mild (at least where I can see) there seems to be so much peace and harmony I can’t imagine people will turn from God after this..(remember there is no satan or his influence because he is bound for the 1000 years) The people born during this time WILL KNOW JESUS is the truth, we will give accounts of Heaven and what awaits them…STILL there will be so many during this time that follow satan when he is released it will be as the number of whom is as the sands of the sea!! Rev 20:8. This is the last rebellion against God in history. Many of those born during the Millennium evidently choose to reject Christ’s visible lordship and choose instead satan and his lie. From what I see during this time I don’t understand! (But just as the angels in Heaven CHOSE to follow satan and turn from God…so will many of these)

I see so many children running and playing!!! (those in glorified bodies) there are some that want to be part of a family and God gives them that.  There will be rewards, and levels you achieve here on earth that will last for eternity. We can learn more in Heaven, (or even during the Millennium) but it will never count as a reward and change your standing. The way we live here on earth determines the level of glory you receive in Heaven. Where you will have access to…what assignment you will get, how much you are given….if you are a good steward here with what He has given you, He will reward you with much there!! 

Update - 05/30/14

He was showing me that the Earth will be restored to original Garden of Eden…for the 1000 years, then at the end the new Heaven will come down (or new Jerusalem) and that is when things change here…from ‘the Eden’ to Heaven on Earth…I question because I know the Mansion I see in Heaven is different from the ranch in the millennium!! So I am busy trying to see when the changes take place…He is revealing…but it is like I am getting puzzle one at a time!!! 

(Hope note - I told Lisa that from all my research, it appears that we will be able to go back and forth from earth to Heaven since we will have glorified bodies.  Normal humans that survived the Trib and those born during the Millenium, will not have glorified bodies and will not be able to go back and forth)

Questions - 05/28/14


 I am asking Him silly things and waiting for Him to answer like...will the animals die during the 1000 years…will the people that made it through tribulation die and then will they go up to Heaven if so, will there be some in Heaven while some are down on Earth or will it just be God and angels in Heaven…

Weather - 05/27/14


I have had a vision or 2 but God is piecing things together…just showing me more clearly the difference between Millennium and Heaven, when and how things will change over..and stuff like that…I have asked about seasons..I don’t see big weather changes…He keeps showing me like Eden…I don’t see snow..or really cold, or really hot…more mild year round..(maybe that is just the area I will be in though, I don’t know..)

From a vision 11/05/13 - Children


Babies and children in Heaven....I have 3 grown children of my own...BUT in Heaven I get more...there are SOOOOO many babies and children!! If you would like you can raise some. There will be NO diapers, accidents, sickness, preparing food (unless you want to) so only the good enjoyable part will be there. If you had a miscarriage that baby will be whatever age you want them to be. If you have lost a child they will be waiting (unless they were over the age of accountability and not a believer) I also see my oldest daughter with about 10 kids run around her legs...(she has never been married or had kids yet @ 27) Some kids will just always be around Jesus, some others who have passed on take care of them, (like a big group home/nursery) Some I don't know if they desire a family or what the difference is but some will be adoptable is the best way to put it I guess. No supervision needed in Heaven. So they can freely play and we don't need to worry about them.

From a vision 10/19/13 - Order of things


Ok...I remember another thing..after seeing these things I went up into Heaven..I was looking around at the ORDER of things...and I was being shown some people that seemed to be higher authority than others..some more as generals, some airman, some officers (is the best way to describe it..) He was showing me some that make it but never spiritually matured on earth will have a lower ranking and less authority there...this isn't a BAD or NEGATIVE thing I guess just a part of the reward for being COMPLETELY SURRENDERED to CHRIST while we are here...and those that aren't won't have some of the same rewards there..SO KEEP FIGHTING...PUSHING ON....BEING LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!! It will NOT only make a difference here...BUT THERE!!!!!!!

THE MILLENNIUM….(Lisa - 05/24/14)
God has been showing me a ranch house for a couple of years now…I know it is NOT Heaven…and He has made it clear now these are visions of the Millennium He is showing me. I will share what I have seen during this time (after the tribulation, when Jesus rules with us on earth for 1000 years)
I see a large ranch house, the time seems to be hundreds of years ago with VERY little that we are used to…no TV, no car, no technology as we know it…(think of Little house on the prairie days) there is a ranch house with beautiful grounds (reminds me of a retreat center) there are children running around a large pond area..there are MANY horses (and I think this will be the transportation mode for those that have made it through the tribulation period and still in their human bodies. The rest of us will have just spent years in Heaven and will have our glorified bodies when we come back to earth for that time period. Those of us with glorified bodies will not need transportation. There will be people still having babies and having the need to eat and so on as they are in their human body still. There are many people working together to make this huge ranch working…this is what I see as a province, a community that works together. There are these small type communities all over. More along the lines of large families back in Bible days…maybe a few hundred people. This ranch is where the people in that community would come for anything they need. There is music playing and people singing around the clock there. People are ministering to others and praising and worshipping God there. People that are in their glorified bodies can go from one community to another just by thinking. Others still in the human bodies would need to go by horse it appears (as I see NO TYPE OF TRANSPORTATION!!) The enemy is bound for these 1000 years and won’t be released until the end (for a short period) There will be peace, safety and prosperity and righteousness throughout the earth. The Nations during this reign are obligated to continue in faith in Christ and obedient to His rule. However some will choose the way of rebellion and disobedience and will be punished. At the end of the thousand years, the Kingdom will be handed over by Jesus to the Father. Then will begin the final and everlasting Kingdom of God and the Lamb. This is when the new Heaven and new earth will be..and new Jerusalem will come down from Heaven.

05/24/14 - In the link to the right is a video of Howard Storm's NDE where he is describing future earth during the Millenium and says there is very little if any technology. I have ALWAYS wanted to know more about this 1,000 yr time period, and God is allowing me to learn it through Lisa, What a blessing!)


05/23/14 - (Hope here - Lisa sent me this email, then sent another.  Since we are trusting the Lord to let us know what is posted, I am going to post her emails as is...folks, stay tuned because this is very exciting! )


 - (from Lisa) Last night God was showing me ways He wants things put out..He showed me headings..and then a series of visions put I will try and get atleast one put down tonight..maybe a couple…… 

 - Eating and working in Heaven….Eating is not something we need to do in Heaven, but will still enjoy…Many people who enjoying baking and cooking can do so and give to others. Some will go down to a bakery and prepare wonderful pastries and bread and people walking by will stroll in for a taste of the aroma coming from the bakery. That is how most of our jobs will be. If you enjoy making flower arrangements, you may just find your self in a floral shop creating beautiful centerpieces for people..or if you enjoy handcrafting jewelry then maybe you will enjoy creating pieces of art for people to wear. Since there is no money or payment system in Heaven these things will be done as enjoyment…and you share with others what you like to do!! I have also seen cooking at a family gathering at my mansion…but that is by choice, for those who never did LIKE to cook or bake there is no need to.  
Transportation….I have not seen any personal vehicles in Heaven…you can just think and then be somewhere. Some people who prefer to travel or see where they are going can choose to do that. I have seen a monorail system in Heaven, which is one way to travel. There are boats and ships in the water as well. We will not need any type of transportation, so these will all be for pleasure. The only vehicle type thing that I have seen on the ground though would be a monorail. We will not even need to walk as in moving our legs and carrying our weight. We will be able to glide along or a type of floating when moving.
Intro - (Lisa) I have had many visions or what I call 'trips' to Heaven, sometimes I see my mansion and what is around it, a couple of times I have seen my sister who died when I was 8 and spent time with her, I have been in the throne room a few times in front of Jesus (at His feet weeping) God was a brilliant light behind Him which I could not even look at, I have seen the crystal sea and a space needle (like in Seattle) in the water, it over looks the city area if you go up in it, and shops along the water...God has shown me some of how things work and one example would be there is an inner area, which only certain people can go into (that is where the throne of God is) then an outlying area where some people will be. There are MILLIONS of babies, children there - aborted, miscarried and deaths. If you want more kids you may (adopt for lack of better words) them. I have 3 of my own children but God showed me I will have many more that I will raise.

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