"We are all better than safe, we are in Heaven right now, but we are learning as of this date while still on Earth…that we may come back. I am not sure when or how long, but we are learning that we may be able to come back in our new glorified/supernatural bodies to help other new Christians find a way Home. Joel 2 in the Bible, talks about our return…Jesus’ Army. That’s us.

"I don’t know who this ruler/man will be – he will not come to his position until after we Christians disappear. But, you will be able to identify him as the one who signs a 7 year treaty with Israel and other countries, probably the Middle East countries. All eyes will be on him, he will seem to perform miracles! He may be a man known already to the world, he may be an “alien”. "

"It has been revealed to us, Believers in God all over the world, through visions, dreams and words of knowledge given to us directly from Jesus Himself that there soon comes upon the world a chain of events. By the time you are reading this, they will have already come to pass: massive bombings both into Israel and from Israel, the appearance of an enormous star/planet in the sky, an earthquake that shook the entire planet, and three days of darkness so complete that you could not see your hand in front of your face. I, and many others, were taken from this Earth to be with God during this period of time."

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