My Notes from Kevin Zadai

Links to video series are included where applicable.  I've italicized sentences may pertain to the Remnant.

Please keep in mind that these are my notes, only what interested me at the time.  I wrote them for myself and you may find some of the notes controversial. Please go to the Lord on this and if you have questions, watch the videos.

Fort Mill – July 10, 2020

Link to 1st session only:

Notes –

Roe vs Wade will be overturned

Att General Barr has indictments to release

2nd disease Sept thru Christmas UNLESS the church fasts and prays (see Prophetic Update at the end)

Soldiers will be at the election polls

Many will come back from the dead to preach

We have giftings, anointing on and in us, baptize of fire, and angels coming

John (Revelation) saw flashes of the future BUT not in chronological order

People need to focus on lifting Jesus up

In the Spring, all is going to break open, tables will be turned and we will function in our calling and will minister to people

God and Jesus are NOT doing these terrible things

Preach the Good News, not the bad news

1 John 3:2 - we don’t see

Jesus told Kevin, “I’m done with lukewarmness”

We met God before He formed the world as He wanted fellowship

The Tree was placed in the Garden to remind man (Adam) that he was not God; God would eat from the Tree in front of Adam and Even. Stay Humble!

The atmosphere was 4x better in Abraham’s day. The magnetic field is cut in half every 4 years so back then we could carry more weight. We lived longer. We don’t need to know evil, we only need to know the right answers.

Some of the demons are under the water (water spirits)

Don’t get a vaccine because you don’t know what is in it

UFOs are real

We can “sit” with Christ in Heaven and pray until we get the answers

Lostant – July 17, 2020

Link to 1st session only:

Notes –

We are not to witness, we ARE the witness

The Melchizedek line was placed on the earth after the flood. They were judges. A ruling class until Moses’ law came into place

Golgatha = Gath + Goliath

Jesus was crucified over the skull of Goliath of Gath (David had decapitated)

satan tried using his seed to form dinosaurs so he could get “back on his feet”. (Note that satan was not one of the Watchers and never slept with a woman, he wanted power, not children)

We are 4 notches above angels, neither male no female in Heaven

Jesus came back to buy back “My god-man”

Helel (satan) ate from the Tree first…and fell

satan placed marks on the earth to reverse engineer the stars because he does not know the future (for example the Nazca lines and the Pyramids…my thoughts, Hope)

All the angels that fell with satan are imprisoned

The “fallen ones” got the “sons of God “ to go into woman

Melchizedek was not human

There were 3 types of beings on the earth during those years that were different:

  • The fallen ones
  • Nephilim
  • Sons of God (I wish he would have explained this further)

Pray for Att Gen Barr because of the indictments as many people will go to jail and will practically close down one of the political parties

Phoenix is a hotspot for the demonic/alien deception

Stay home Sept thru Dec and “let the military handle it”

Ministry next year will be VERY different

God/Jesus said to stay connected to each other Sept thru Dec (meaning us)

House churches are coming

Try to purchase extra to give to others during these coming dark months

Dalton – August 1, 2020

Link to 1st session only:

Notes –

His next 2 meetings are critical or we are in deep doodoo

We are to pray for and anticipate peoples needs

Jesus wants the 5-fold ministry to be in place to build up the church as Scripture says

We will need to change/adjust how we do things:

  • The USA needs to be cleansed
  • Kevin is to speak as if he won’t be back to any of these towns
  • We are to be ministers of the Most High

Melchizedek was placed on the earth after the flood to keep order

The 24 elders are not men nor angels

Speaking in tongues keeps you in the love of God based on Scripture

The “mighty ones” are arising

If we don’t these adjustments before Sept (uh oh), then we are going into darkness until Christmas:

  • Pray for leaders
  • Pray to bind the dark ones and take them out
  • Vote at the polls

It will be SO obvious what the evil leaders are doing

Be prepared to let “fire” come out of your mouth in prayer through August!

People will be coming to the Lord for years into the Harvest. We need:

  • Warrior church
  • Bible study
  • Pray
  • Love on people
  • Offering to help the unsaved

House churches will have water and blankets supernaturally (during the darkness) eventually so no one will be without

Buy 2 cans so we can have extra to give away

There will be a supplies disruption

They tried to kill Moses in the womb, also Jesus, also this last generation through abortion. But the younger generation and those in the womb now will prophesy and see the Lord’s Return

Note that in these videos Kevin consistently dispels the lie that the earth is flat. He says this comes from a religious spirit as people are too prideful to change their mind

Waupun – August 13, 2020

Link to 1st Session:

Notes -

We are not part of the “judgment” that’s coming from Sept thru Dec. We are in Goshen! (Hope note…I have seen a false countdown until calamity comes. God does NOT give this type of word, this is false and you should not read that lie nor follow that person. This entity merely copies what it sees in True Words from the Lord and twists it to bring fear. When you post this type of prophecy you are helping satan spread deception)

If we pray in Sept we can delay what the devil wants to do (see Prophetic Outlook below)

  • Cities on fire
  • Distribution of supplies disrupted
  • MAGA/NRA will have lying spies to damage those groups

NO VACCINES! Only take in what’s good and will boost your immune system

“The body might be a remnant. It might be a smaller amount of people than you can imagine”

The Egyptians gave all their gold and jewelry to the Hebrews in Exodus because it was back wages…Kevin asked Jesus about this

We will begin to appear other worldly

People will go to sleep at night and wake up healed through dreams and visions…this will affect whole families

satan plans a covid revival plus something new

Most conspiracy theories are true, example Jason Bourne

We pray and take out the powers in the 2nd Heaven so that evil here on earth has to leave

Prophecy in the New Testament is conditional because we know as Christians how to pray with the Holy Spirit, same with today; as even Jesus was limited

Bubonic plague is coming…read John G Lake

4-CD Series My Time with Jesus Concerning your Future (from May 2020)

Link to CD Series:

Notes –

When Saul was killing Christians he thought he was pleasing God but what he did actually slowed down the plans of God.

The church needs revelation; The Holy Spirit will come speak to us and we need to quiet our soul.

Be ready to lose friends who want to manipulate and not be spiritual

Need to teach on the 5-fold ministry…we have it wrong, read the Bible. They (the 5-fold)are to prepare the Body of Christ for their (the believers) own ministry. The 5-fold are not to prophesy to the world

Believers will start to unite

Jesus is going to start visiting people; angels will come and stay and bring “coal” and influence families

Cleansing is coming, jail for others, it will be obvious who the church is and laws will favor the righteous for a while

Read John 15 for intercession, we are attached to the Vine, the true purpose of God, He is the Life Source

1 Corinthians 12

Look and observe how the enemy operated in the past few months (learn)

Pray and perceive how to operate the next time so that we can cut him out

Let the Holy Spirit speak to us to move 3-4 steps ahead of the enemy

Christians will be deceived thinking it is THEIR gift that is helping others. But the Holy Spirit does ALL. John 15

The angels are ready to implement the final move of the Great Harvest

We need to teach meat to the Body of Christ

We are to discern and pray about our role for the Body. The 5-fold is to build up the Body so that the Body can go forth and testify – the BODY ministers to the world, not the 5-fold.

The GLORY is coming and is the destiny of EVERY Believer

  • Don’t compromise
  • Don’t back off
  • Pray more as our prayers MATTER!

Many believers and businesses will prosper but will fall again…up and down. However the Holy Spirit will give wisdom

We will be instructed what do to and will walk in divine revelation, NOW

We will be provided for supernaturally and will be witnesses and have a testimony

You can tell a Believer is off course as they are constantly closing their eyes to the mysteries of the faith, and going back to guilt from old sins

PROPHECY OUTLOOK (this August video is only available to partners of Kevin’s ministry)

Notes –

Stay on your path – ask God

  • What is my part
  • Be ready for a separation from goats and sheep as the testing will reveal
  • End of August will see fire of God increase
  • Sept (mid to end and into Oct) will see things manifest and it will be in the news
  • “Rebellion” is what it will be
  • Turn up prayer and fasting so we can turn up the fire

We can cut satan’s plan for the fall in half by fasting and praying…even if you just miss a snack and pray 10 minutes at a time

Open Heaven started in August and into Sept, repent and pray for nation

UPDATE: Based on our praying, we have pushed back the darkness for a few weeks…into later September/Oct

(Hope note – I am attending Kevin’s last event for the summer and fall over Labor Day, that was just added. Lostant Illinois: At this time there is a waiting list but I had already signed up!)

" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24