May 13, 2019

News that involves Iran and USA

Dee is once again helping me compile some headlines to chronologically show how this event is coming about.  (I feel it may be another "one shot" hit like Trump did with Syria). It starts with the Israeli Mossad giving secret intel to the USA, then the USA has a meeting at the CIA and then sends ships to the Strait of Hormuz.  The ships were already scheduled to go BUT arrival was pushed up made the news as more of a preventative measure. 

While is this not the Ez 38-39 war (Israel walls come down before that), it MAY be pointing to Psalm 83 and/or Isaiah 17. 

A day or so before May 13, I had a vision where an angel took my hand and said, "Come with me."  As I took her hand, we flew over the earth and landed on a mountain.  Below me was a city on fire...with explosions rocking it from within. 

 I asked the angel what city it was and she said, "Damascus."  Keep your eyes on Israel!  ~ Hope

Iranian Official Downplays Possibility of Military Confrontation with U.S. 

Iran mulls foreign air defense aid for domestic security. Russian S-400s with teams? - 

Israeli & Western intelligence officials concerned Iran could initiate action against Israel to force US to negotiate

IRGC surrogate forces launched a rocket attack against an Exxon site in Iraq

US and global oil firms' Basra compound hit by rocket 

Don’t expect the US to secure Arabian Gulf shipping alone, a top general says 

Trump: Oil tanker attack ‘very minor,’ but would go to war over Iran nukes 

Pompeo: US must be able to respond to any Iranian attack on US interests

Pentagon: US to Send Additional 1,000 Troops to Mideast in Response to Iran's 'Hostile Behavior' 

US - Iran Standoff
• Rocket attack on joint US-Iraq Taji base, N Baghdad
• 3 Katyushas, no casualties 
• US sending MORE troops to MidEst 
• US releases close-up Photos claim to show IRGC Near Japanese tank
• Iran Asks US to leave Region 

US intel: Iranian strike at major Saudi oil target imminent. Another 1,000 US troops for region

U.N. OFFICIALS: US planning tactical assault on Iran in response to the tanker attack in the Persian Gulf

Iran gives 10 days till it surpasses uranium stockpile limits, threatens to leave nuclear deal in entirety by July and also increase production drastically, if no solution to its economic crisis

Secretary of State Pompeo says  US considering a range of options, including a military response, regarding rising tensions with Iran, but emphasized Trump does not want to go to war 

Secretary of State Pompeo doubles down, says it's "unmistakable" that Iran attacked oil tankers 

Of the world’s 193 states, so far almost none, not even close US UK allies, are backing US UK govt Iran blame claims

Japan became second major U.S. ally to demand more evidence for the US accusation against Iran over the freighter attacks. German FM Heiko Maas did same thing two days ago.

Intelligence experts question Iran video: "US track record on ginning up evidence for war is not good" 

US Navy Dispatches Destroyer After Apparent Torpedo Attack Near Iran 

Iran tried to shoot down US Reaper drone that arrived on scene of oil tanker attacks: officials 

Iranian forces fired missile at US drone before tanker sabotage — report 

Britain blames Iran for attacks on tankers in Gulf of Oman 

U.S. focus is to build global consensus after Mideast oil tanker attacks -Shanahan 

Week of June 16

Japanese tanker operator says crew aboard US warship, refuting Iranian claim of rescuing the crew

Trump: Iran a 'nation of terror,' was behind tanker attacks

Footage, officials say, shows Iran's Revolutionary Guard after the attack alongside targeted ship to remove evidence – an unexploded limpet mine attached to ship's hull  - Iran Caught Red-Handed in Oil Tanker Bombing? After Stunning US Surveillance Video, Iran Cries 'Iranophobia'

U.N. chief condemns oil tanker attacks, says independent probe needed 

Week of 06/09/19
Pompeo Says US Ready to Talk to Iran with ‘No Preconditions’ 

U.S. aircraft, ships conduct joint exercise in Arabian Sea 

Rouhani: We're willing to talk if US 'shows respect' 
"Trump... knows well that any war on Iran will ...engulf the whole region."
Nasrallah: We will take over large parts of Israel in next war -

A small group of former Obama administration officials reached out to their contacts in the Iranian government. Their message to Iran: Don’t take Trump’s bait. Stay calm. 

We updated this article with a list of all of the members of Congress who did and did not sign this hawkish letter calling for Trump to escalate the war in Syria to "pressure" Iran and Russia.

New negotiations could be Tehran’s only option.

US, Iran both say they're willing to talk, on their own terms, amid tensions

Iran Might Not Be Able to Wait Trump Out

Trump Adviser Bolton: Iranian Threat Persists Despite US Actions

State Dept. says Iran pulling Hezbollah from Syria

US national security adviser: Iran seeking nuclear arms

Trump Undercuts Bolton on North Korea and Iran
Iran claims secret weapons for sinking US warships 

Zarif: U.S. troop move to Middle East 'dangerous for international peace' 

Hamas: Iran Cut Us Off

Defying Congress, Trump sets massive arms sales to Saudis, UAE 

The Trump administration has notified Congress it plans to send 1,500 troops to the Middle East amid heightened tensions with Iran, U.S. officials say. 

"I think it's going to be very good in the Middle East," Pres. Trump says after announcement U.S. is sending 1,500 more troops to the Middle East."I don't think Iran wants to fight. And I certainly don't think Iran wants to fight with us."

US warns Iran it would retaliate if Tehran launches attack
Trump: I don't think we need more troops in Middle East

Iran threatens, should we be concerned? 

Iran says it will not surrender even if it is bombed

Terrorist groups like Hezbollah are withering on the vine as Iran sanctions take effect. The administration’s maximum-pressure strategy is crippling the regime’s ability to wage war across the Middle East:

Trucks hauling S-300s to coastal Asaluyeh shown on social media
President Donald J. Trump's New Strategy on Iran | The White House

Shanahan says after Iran briefing U.S. deployment has deterred attacks 

Rouhani has now lined up behind the hardline supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, saying, Now is no time for talks, only resistance 
US aircraft carrier the USS Abraham Lincoln has yet to enter the gulf through the Strait of Hormuz 

Rocket attack near US Baghdad embassy had Iran’s signature. Trump spurns Saudi bid for US strike on Yemeni Houthis

Sen. Graham calls for “overwhelming response” for Iranian attacks

Trump Warns Iran of Ruin if It Starts Fight, after a rocket landed less than a mile from the U.S. Embassy on Sunday in Baghdad’s Green Zone 

IRGC chief: We are in full intelligence war with America

The IRGC (Guards) operate independently of Iran President. They answer to the Ayatollah & have significant autonomy. Leading insurer says they are likely behind recent attacks against commercial vessels

US warns airlines against flying over Persian Gulf 

Gulf Countries Accept Redeployment of US Forces to Deter Iran
First tentative US-Iranian talks don’t promise easing of war tensions
Saudi newspaper calls on Washington to launch strikes on Iran 
(Hope note - just as Iran wants someone else to do it's dirty work, so does Saudi Arabia)
Top Iranian general warns Tehran's missiles can 'easily reach warships' as Middle East tensions escalate and amid fears a miscalculation could end in war."

Top Iranian general tells militias to ‘prepare for proxy war’ — report

Colossal B-52 bombers leave Qatar to 'send message' to Iran

"Top Iranian legislator calls for Iran-US dialogue in either Iraq or Qatar to de-escalate Gulf frictions."
Trump's top intelligence and military advisers held unusual meeting at CIA on Iran, officials say
Report: Mossad intel of looming Iranian attack led US to send in carrier force

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5