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Compiled Messages from the Lord with Instructions & Warnings for the Bride

Take firm hold of instruction, do not let go;
Keep her, for she is your life.

Proverbs 4:13

Everything posted to date is from 278pikelk Messages.  The sentences have been brought together as the Lord led me to help give focused instruction in these last days...Part 1 starts at the bottom.  The idea for this series is based on the directives below:  ~ Hope

Barbra 278pikelk (June 29, 2017) CHOOSE GRACE: "...Go back, My children, and listen to the warnings that I have delivered through My end-time servants for many years now. Go back. Listen, for their time of fruition is coming soon..."  (full transcript link)  WEBSITE

Julie Whedbee (July 8, 2017) MY ARM OF PROTECTION IS NOW LIFTING: "...Go back and read all I have taught you regarding what is happening now. I have not left you without instruction..."   (full transcript link)

Instructions for the Bride of Christ
Part 5


There will be a powerful deception that will take place. My sheep will see through this, but the lost will not.

The new ones will take over with authority and the only way to stay alive will be to obey them. They are purely evil but so tantalizing to the weak of mind. My elect needs to warn and fight for the lost to see the truth.

Warn people of the great deception. The weak will lose their minds to them. They will present themselves as friendly, but they are Satan's creation.

They are his. Goodness is not in them no matter what they do or say. All they speak is a lie. They will be filled with such warmth, but they are really ice cold. Many will be deceived by this. The weak of mind will go and follow where they lead. My sheep will hear My voice and see through this great deception.

All at once, the children of this earth will be removed, snatched from the arms of their parents and snatched from the wombs of their mothers. They will be taken from whatever unthinkable situations that they may be subject to. When this occurs, chaos and panic will ensue. Your media and the enemies' puppets will formulate a lie and spread it throughout the world that the children have been taken by other worldlies, but My saints will be 100 percent sure that the children are with Me. Not only the children will be gone, but the innocent of mind, the ones who need protection. This will be the first major wake-up call to your planet as a whole. Many other things will occur simultaneously, and many will speculate as to where, why and how did these children vanish? Do not listen to the opinions of the so-called experts. Tell the distraught that their children are with their Creator, their Father in heaven, the One who loves them and will protect them for eternity.

I did not just give My life on the cross, but I bore every infirmity of your flesh. All disease, all illness, all disorders. I bore the pain so you can be pain free. There will be many who seek healing who do not find it, but many others who will. Discern My body and your healing will begin. A willingness and a heart free from the demons of your world are crucial. These demons need to be ejected before My healing can take place. Cast these demons of illness out of your body repeatedly for three days. Lay hands on the ill and cast away these demons for three days. After three days these demons will flee. I speak to many of you now. I ask of you to be still and listen. Most of the time I come to you in a quiet, small voice. You need to be still and very focused to hear Me. You need to be listening for Me now. You have believed Satan's lies for long enough. Step away from his lies and walk into My miracles. Many who are not healed believe his lies. It takes months, even years, for the lies to be eradicated. So many people do not receive their healing. It is when people believe his lies that the healing is prevented. Healings are common where people have not been exposed to his lies. The very roots of your soul are exposed to these lies, and never told the truth. You believe Satan's lies. Break the curse of believing his lies. His lies bankrupt you of everything good. He steals your health, your money, your time, your freedom, your forgiveness, your grace.

You are washed in My blood, no man coming against you can change that. Yes, there is a separation going on. A separation of those who truly hear My voice and those that do not. It is normal for you to experience self-doubt in your flesh. You are called to do this and must rise above it. You are called to call others into My fold right now. This is akin to the healing on the Sabbath. Should we not offer healing on the day of the Lord? Do not get caught up in your flesh, listening to the lies of Satan. I have called you and I have delivered you through so much to bring you to this place in Me. The way of Satan is to have you give up and walk away in defeat. Do not give in this way.

Expect Me to give you all that you need. Live not from the point of which you have yet to receive but live as if you have already received whatever it is you are asking for:- healing, blessings and relationships, financial blessings, whatever it is you need. Walk, think and speak from the point in which you have already been provided for. When you step out of hoping and into My reality your life will change. Expect what is coming is My best for you. I do not punish, I teach. I do not condemn, I convict. I do not walk away from you, I run to you. You are My children. Even with all your faults I love you so. I want you to expect My love and walk in it.

Do not give up so easily when your body is under the attack of the enemy. Continue to commune with Me often and remain in prayer. I will give you the answers to your questions regarding the healing of your bodies. Be still and listen, My children. I do not want you walking down My path sick! None of the Israelites left Egypt sick. Men of very old age leapt and danced as they were freed to walk away from that bondage. They were all in good health. Their own grumbling and complaining is what took their health from them. A thankful heart, one that praises the Father through all circumstance, cultivates perfect health in your bodies. Remember, you are on a journey and not a quick trip. Be patient in your suffering, but have faith in the healing that I have in store for you. Hold on, and do not give in to grumbling and complaining as the Israelites. The journey into the wilderness paints a picture of the lives of My children in many ways. You will be welcomed into My promise.

My children are parts of the body, and they are called to different duties. Do not strive. You know you are doing My will when things just flow and come easily to you. Do not try to do more or be in a different place than exactly where I have you. Listen. Be still and listen. You have an assignment. Do not miss out on your instructions. What I ask of you, I may not ask of another. Every single detail, every single moment of your life, I know about. I know exactly where you were, where you are from, what you have done, and where you are going, and what you will do. Do not second-guess My purpose for you. Do not second-guess why you are here at this exact time. I am the I AM. I know the number of hairs on your head. The path you've chosen has been laid-out by Me. I knew the mistakes you would make, and I know the victories I've lead you through. Don't second-guess where you are going or what I am doing with and for you. Your obedience shines in your patience and in your following Me.

Quit striving. When you try to help Me out, you usually slow the process. Be quiet and still, and listen for Me now. Many catastrophes will befall your once great nation and your world. My children will be the peace keepers and the light that shines in the darkness.

Your communion should be directly with Me. Reading your Word one with Me. Are you listening and reacting to the ideas of men? Become one with Me. Do not get caught up in man-made teachings and doctrines. There are many messengers that you can and should listen to, but do not allow them to set your ideas for you. Spend time with Me, and I will give you My direction. Do not put mere men on pedestals. Do not think that any one messenger is better than the rest. Rely on Me to give you the wisdom and knowledge that I require you to have. Do not focus on the teachings of one man, but many. Let Me help you sort through these teachings. When one man hears one thing, it means something different to him than it might mean to you. To become one as My bride, each of My children need to be alone in their understanding with Me.

Soon what you have been caring about and focusing on will be gone. The petty thoughts and obsessions that are consuming you now will be meaningless. This is true. You must heed this warning. Turn your focus to Me now and do not tarry in the cares of your world. When you set your eyes upon Me, all other things will fall into place. Relationships will be healed; addictions will disappear; your problems will disappear. How will you know unless you try? You must give over your mind to Me.

Big things are going to begin to happen around you now. I want soldiers that are prepared to stand against the enemy for the sake of My love. Ask that I consume you, and I will. When I consume you and all that you are doing is motivated and ordained by Me, miracles will never cease. Please expect big things from Me. Expect miracles. It is vital that you listen for Me in your spirit. Do not become paralyzed. Ask for signs if you are not sure. Expect miracles, and a huge revelation of My saving grace affecting many.

Do not quell My Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha'Kodesh, with the things of this world. Constantly present your will to Him. This is very important. Constantly present your will to Him. He will lead you down clear paths. Let all you do and say, and think be presented and okayed by the Ruach Ha'Kodesh. Remove the opinions and actions of your flesh. Become Christlike in your ways. You will see the reward of doing so.

Instructions for the Bride of Christ
Part 4


For My bride, My beautiful bride, I long to be with My bride now. My place that I have prepared for her is complete. My bride is not yet ready. Her body is submerged in the mikvah. She is becoming ceremonially clean. Her purification is almost complete. Satan, himself, is attacking her and keeping her from achieving her pureness required. My bride is strengthening now in the Ruach Ha'Kodesh, Holy Spirit and is winning in her battle against Satan.

My bride is hungry for direction. They wait with anticipation because they are the children who recognize the signs in the world around them. My messengers encourage them that soon their redemption draweth nigh. Do you want to believe man? Open your Bible like My messengers are telling you to. This is what is key now.

Examine your every action and word now, My children. You are being watched closely by those who want to find a reason to tear you apart. More than ever, you must be prepared to stand in Me and in My truth. If you are never in My word and you do not know My ways, you won't have a chance. You must put on My armor daily. This is what is needed, because now this is a battle like it has never been before. If you lead men astray by asserting your own opinions, this will be blood on your hand. Remove your pride. What is more important to you, your self-proclaimed manmade traditions or sharing My gospel of grace? Do not add to My simple message of salvation…your manmade plans. You cannot add to something that is perfect and complete.

All of My children have jobs now, laid out specifically for them. Many will continue on their walks striving to purify themselves through the Ruach Ha'Kodesh. Others will be led to seek out and find the lost and continue to bring as many as possible to eternal safety with Me. Your job now is to find out what your job is. In your quest searching for My answers, I will guide you, but your heart will grow specifically the way I have designed it to grow.

Don't ever think you are strong enough in your flesh to do battle with the enemy. You in your flesh are no match for him. When you don't spend time in My Word and listening to anointed teachings, the Ruach Ha'Kodesh starves. He is there, but you are not allowing for His work in you. He works in you according to you receiving Biblical, sound knowledge. He receives His energy to bring you forward in your walk from you spending time in the Word. He is quelled when you exist in your flesh.

Like sand pouring through an hourglass, your time runneth out. You cannot take leisurely breaks from your walk with Me now. You are urgently needed in My plan for you, not your plan for you.

Keep focused on Jerusalem. This is where many signs will begin to unfold. You are My watchman, and you are to lead others to examine these times.

I give you a sense of dread to alert you to what is coming. You need to prepare, and then be silent and wait further instruction. Your earthly plans will not come to fruition. Only My plans now. My voice speaks loud and clear, but you are not listening. Today starts a new journey. Feed your family in every way. They will rely on you as a source of information and comfort. Every single soul follows its own path and has a predestined plan. You control what you control. Do not worry about so many that you cannot touch.

My sheep need to flock together now. Work together. Pray together. Pray for one another, even when you can't see or hear one another. Soon your way of communicating will be attacked. Please say what you need to say soon, as there is not much time left. They will try to take your life away. I will protect My flock, so don't be afraid. Fear is not of Me. My sheep need to be ready to fight. Not as sheep, but as lions.

My Holy Spirit will be your Guide as things will happen quickly and you must be spiritually prepared. Never deny My name under any circumstance. The road ahead will be hard, but My children will be protected until I bring them unto Myself. This will happen in due time, but there will be some time in which you will have to remain on your Earth to see the beginning of the end. You must stay close to Me now.

I must warn you that time is short, and soon your nation will be changing into some place you will not even recognize. Death is coming to America.

Research the four horses of the apocalypse spoken of in Revelation. They will wreak destruction on your planet. So many people, Christians included, have their heads buried in the sand, and they do not see the signs that have been so clearly laid out before them. My time is now, and soon I will rescue My bride and bring her to the place I have prepared for her. Many will accuse My messengers of being false prophets and wrong about sounding my alarm, but do not let this dissuade you from spreading this urgent message. All things are perfectly aligned in the spirit realm and on your earth for the catching away of My bride and the coming of the tribulations written in My word. This is coming much quicker than most people think, and many will be caught off guard.


Your heartache will ease, just ask. That's what I want you to do, is ask. Don't suffer alone. This is what I am here for. Just ask. You think you can do some things on your own, but everything must be done My way. The unimaginable will become reality in many ways going forward. Now you get so caught up in your earthly life that you simply forget to call upon Me or rely on Me until the crisis comes upon you. This is not how I want Our relationship to be. Your relationship with Me should be like a young child adoring their Father, not a teenager that comes around asking for money and the keys to the car. You fill Me up and bless Me when you allow Me to bless you, when you rely on Me as a small child, adoring Me, asking Me questions constantly, and letting Me wrap you in My arms, just letting Me take responsibility for you and your needs, both physical and emotional.

The more you fill your life with Me, the better everything will be for you. There is a direct correlation that is so easy to see and experience, if you'll just give Me a chance. Move away from the pitfalls of this world and closer to Me. I am the I AM, the Creator of all things. You must give Me credit for such. This is faith that I develop within you. Let Me foster that faith within you. I will build your faith if you will simply sit back and say, "I'm Yours." Trying to force things in your life does not work. Time is not your enemy. Patience is your friend. You must see that I am using time as an instrument to whittle your heart into the shape that I want it to be, not the shape that the world wants it to be. Being patient and understanding that I am working on and in you is key. Do not become frustrated and give up. Even when you fail, even when you fall, do not quit. Just strive to enter My rest.

No man knows the day or hour, but some men think they do, and they falsely claim My plans with their human pride leading them astray and down the wrong path. Many of My servants have patiently waited and asked with child-like hearts. They know they are in the season, and they are pleased to have just that knowledge. Other people's pride has them so wrapped up in their human predictions of timing that their focus has been removed from Me and put on the predictions of a special date. Do not be deceived. At this time, know that you are in a season, and with that be satisfied. Human pride brings you beyond that satisfaction in a quest to find a day. It is not your place to know. You must love your brothers and sisters, the messengers. I have called, and I command an end to the strife that Satan is placing between you. Open your eyes and recognize that a kingdom divided will fall. Calling others false when your pride is leading you to that conclusion is blasphemous.

Pray for these people that judge you, and ask for their minds to be inundated by My grace. Forgive them and pray for them. Pray for them to see that they trample on the cross when they prophesy judgment over you. They trample on the cross when they add to My pure and simple gospel. Pray for them. Love them. Exercise the power found in My pure and simple gospel.

Instructions for the Bride of Christ
Part 3


Voice My messages and do not become discouraged. Many will be touched and moved by the messages My messengers share. Do not be lazy or think you are wasting your time with My messages. There is a seed planted with every message that would not be planted otherwise. You have jobs to do, and each one of you plays a different role. Do not be dissuaded by the naysayers. Do not let the scoffers' attacks quell your presentation of My messages.

Tell the other watchmen, they must listen carefully, or they will not receive My messages to them. This is not a time to leave your post as watchman. This is a time that you have been called to. Warn My watchmen to be sober and listen. Watch for signs and listen. Time to be bold in your messages.

When I give you a peace that passes all understanding, you know a message is pure. If you are left wanting explanation and uneasy, even after you've spent time praying, be aware not all messages come from Me. But trust Me that you will be given confirmations and peace to make your heart sure that messages are of Me. Evil spirits roam about My flock now, fooling whom they may. If you are not remaining in Me, you can and will easily be fooled.

At your first glimpse of fear, you need to rebuke it. Fear is not of Me. The things that are coming will not be fun. The worse things get in the world around you, the more you will be blessed if you continually seek and abide in Me. Do not stray from Me now. I should be on your mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pray in the Spirit continually. Commune with Me. Read My Word. Listen to anointed teachers and anointed worship music. Give Me access to your entire self. Let Me in to any areas of darkness still left inside of you. Allow My light to penetrate any dark areas that are left. My power inside of you can only be used by you if I am the ruler of your heart. I will not share space with the motives of your flesh. I need to be 100 percent on the inside of you, and 100 percent of the time for My power to be manifested.

As things unfold, you will be experiencing fear and uncertainty. When these feelings come over you, search for Me, seek Me, for I am always very close to you. I promise My creation that I will never leave you. Accepting and walking in this promise is the key. Walk in Me now. Let Me carry you through the coming trials. Let Me assure you, things will start to fall apart in this world around you, worse than ever, violence, earth changes leading to destruction, never before seen illnesses, so much pain, so much depravity. Cling to your Shepherd, and remain under My watchful eye. Do not walk in fear. I will deliver you through all of these trials and keep you from harm. You are under My protection. All you need to do is ask. Those around you will recognize this. They will ask you how you come through unscathed. Don't miss opportunities to share Me with them.

When you constantly seek to find every little sin you've committed to repent, you are not realizing your full freedom from sin. Am I saying do not repent? Absolutely not, but I do say to you, My children, when you make repentance about you, you remove the Son, and it becomes filthy rags unto Me. Focus not on your failures, but focus on your righteousness. This opens the door, so that the Ruach Ha'Kodesh can change your heart and nature from sinful to fruitful, from evil to pure.

There will be mayhem like never witnessed before in your world. Now is when My children will have protection and guidance from the Holy Spirit, heightened to new levels. It is important you understand the spiritual laws. Sin is the opening for demons to enter your body. Ask for spiritual discernment. Ask what sin remains in you that may be allowing these demons to enter your body. Are there meaningless objects that these demons are attaching themselves to in your house? What are the evil spirits attaching themselves to that is close to you? The closer they are to you, the more severe their attacks. You must learn their ways now. You must educate yourselves on how they operate. Call out to My messengers now, and tell them to gain this understanding and spread their knowledge. This is very important. These demons surround all of My children. Take away their rights, and don't leave any opening.

There is a place in your heart only I can fill. You have to be filling it with something. If it isn't Me, you must step back and recognize this before you can change it. I will help you purge these things from your life. If it is a person, you don't always have to cut yourself off from that person, but you must recognize that you need to change the way they impact your life. When I hold the position of authority in your life and I am where I belong as the number one priority above all things, your other relationships will fall into place naturally.

There are members of My army that are being dragged down by different demons, different repetitive sin. These are demons that are on the front lines of Satan's army. For My army to march forward, these demons need to be defeated first. This is preparation for real battle. Learn how to rid yourselves of these demons and keep them from returning. I will give you the tools and knowledge to break you free, but you must love Me more than you love your life, more than you love the world and more than you love the sin. You must really want to be free. Seek Me, and I will place in you a new heart, a heart that will no longer be drawn to the sins of your past. I will break the chains, if you take the steps to do your part. This is imperative for My army, for My bride.

My blood creates a line Satan and his minions cannot cross. His strength lies in the fact that the majority of My children wear the uniform of My army, but they do not carry or understand the way in which to use the weapons that I provide for them. These demons that are coming against you have no right. They are trespassing. If you are giving them footholds, they will not give up until they are forced to retreat. You are responsible for using the weapons that I am supplying for you. You are responsible for learning what they are and how to use them. Sitting back and staying ignorant of these demons and the way they operate is not how I want you to be living your life. Being chained to your sin and unable to break free is not what I want for My children.

The reason so many of My children fail is that they do not take advantage of the power in My name. Speak My name and My Word over everything. Command My will be done over your circumstances. I am not a God of lack. I do not put you in situations of need, financial, health or otherwise. This is done by the prince of your Earth. He puts the spirits of lack into you, and you struggle in perpetual lack. I am the I AM. Is anything too hard for Me? You speak your destiny upon yourself when you speak Satan's words out loud. As times get tough, you must be aware of the power in your tongue. Your words are living things and when you speak negative complaining, your outcomes will be as such. This is such a simple tool, yet so many of My children speak themselves into sickness and financial lack. Speak good things over your life.

If you are speaking defeat into your life, you are lying to yourself and you are letting Satan win a battle he has already lost. He has been defeated. Why do you keep saying different in your complaining and calling down bad things over your life? Why do you give him ground that he has no right to? Why? Learn of the power in My name and use it! This must happen now! Things are going to become very difficult for My children if they do not utilize the weapons I offer to them. Do you even know what the weapons are? Figure this out. First, let Me say loud and clear, speaking bad things over your life and the lives of those around you is dangerous and wrong. You must walk in My strength and have faith that what you can't do, I will do. Listen for Me now.

My hand shakes your earth, though it may be far from you, My hand shakes your earth. Maybe you don't feel the shaking where you live now, but My hand shakes your earth. Soon many will feel and hear of this devastation. The clouds of ash will rise above the earth and the red lava will escape its place within. So many earth changes, so much destruction. My hand controls all of this. And soon all eyes will see that they need to call upon the Creator. People will flee the cities and find no comfort in the countryside, for there is no escaping what is coming to your earth. The violence in your earth-changes, you will see, has never been seen before. Many buildings will fall, and your paved streets will crumble. Ashes will fall from your skies, and fires will burn around you. Your mountains will be made flat, and your flat lands upheaved. There will be no direction safe to flee, and your comforts of today will be yours no longer. It is My hope that many will see Me through these signs.

There will be nothing of beauty left when I remove My Hand. Does it make sense now why these catastrophic events seem to be increasing? When there is no longer the Ruach Ha'Kodesh, all the presence of beauty will cease to exist. As I have told you before, My daughter, even color will cease to exist in the eyes of who are left. Vibrancy will be gone because everything will be dead. Satan destroys your Earth little by little. In some cases with the help of man


As it is written, there will be more and more and larger and larger earthquakes in diverse places. Many lost will perish in the catastrophes that are coming quickly upon your Earth now. Some made by man, others as your Earth reels out of control, as it cries for its reconciliation to Me.

You are the witnesses to what will come. Do not take this responsibility lightly. Terrible things lie on the horizon for your once great nation and your world. The times are rapidly approaching where you won't have supply of the things you are used to having. There will be great lack coming upon your great nation and the world. I promise to keep My children under safety of My wing. They need to show others how to come to know Me. This is what must happen, for these things are written.

As fire rains on your Earth, as My hand shakes your Earth, My children are not afraid. Fear is not of Me. My children are of Me. No matter what My children are faced with, they will be protected. Do not reject Me. Do not reject My protection. Should the slightest bit of fear come over you, rebuke the enemy immediately and call My name. Troubles will intensify now. My children understand the truth. They have been put here at this time for a reason. They have been given a longing to search the signs. They have been given a heightened awareness and an ability to perceive what is happening around them. Hold fast now to your hope.

Blackness is coming to your nighborhood soon. Lights will be off. No electricity. This will be the beginning. There will be no time at that point. It will be too late to get supplies. I will keep you safe though. The pain and suffering to those who do not know Me will be great, and this will be just the beginning of things to come. I will allow earthquakes and storms to your Earth, and there will be many things otherworldly. Your life as you know it will cease to exist, and the flowers will all die. There won't be anyone to turn to, and all of you will fight against one another, 

because common decency will cease to exist. There will be no rule of law, and scraps of food will mean life and death as many will kill for a small crumb. I warn My messengers, but still many don't believe Me. All the preparation in the world cannot prepare for what is to come. Your supplies of food and water will only last so long and will be taken for what they say is the greater good, which is no good at all. . The people of other nations will come upon your destruction. This is their opportunity to offer their support, but they will overtake you. Your once great nation will fall and cease to exist.

                                                                                                     (all bolds are mine - Hope)

Instructions for the Bride of Christ
Part 2


All of these messages target different people. I have some for the lost and some for the found. I have some for the spiritually dead and some for the betrothed. All of My children are at different places in their walk, but they have one thing in common; they're on their way home.

All of My sheep are of different sizes, shapes and colors. They all have their own individual relationships with Me. Satan tries to divide the flock and conquer. My sheep need to put aside petty disagreements and uplift one another during this end time. The packaging of each of their hearts is a wrapper of a different color. One may be compassionate about something and another one, not so much. That is how a flock exists. They all work together, but each in his or her own way. When one wanders from the flock, it is up the Shepherd to bring him back, not the other sheep who may not have herding skills. Sheep are to follow the Shepherd and not run ahead of him. If they run ahead, they will surely fall victim to the traps set by the evil one.Satan and his minions wait for one misstep, one opening to bring destruction into your life. Let the Ruach Ha'Kodesh direct your every choice. If you should step off into darkness, return quickly to the light. Do not let guilt and shame keep you from the Son. He is forgiveness. Guilt and shame are not of the Lord.

Don't let your heart be penetrated by these spirits. They pry their way in and never leave unless you kick them out. When you tell them to leave in the name of Jesus, you need to tell them to go to the feet of Jesus until the day of judgment.

When you speak My Word out loud, evil has no choice but to flee. When moments of fear come upon you, simply whisper My name. I will never leave you. You simply obey and wait for My instructions. I see so many of My children shrinking back now, intimidated by even their own brethren. Yes, this is the truth. They all must test the spirits and test the prophetic words against My Word in Scripture. Do not be so offended by this. They are in the right in doing so. It is not your job to feel offended or to take these things personally. This will only get harder, as you will come upon many wolves in sheep's clothing.

Unless I warn you, how will you know what to expect. Wouldn't these things terrify you if I did not let you know ahead of time in My word? You need to read and study My word. If you do, many Mysteries will be revealed to you, then turn and share these revelations with others. Instead of letting the cares of this world pull you apart, join Me. Spend time with Me. Abide in Me. Really ask if what you are doing in this world will matter to My kingdom. If it will not matter, do not do it. You need time with Me now to fortify yourself for what is coming. Enter My presence and My peace, and stay there, so you will be ready when I need you. You will have work to do. You are not coming home right away. You will be helpers for a time. I will never leave or forsake you. Constantly trust.

From the beginning of the time, people have tried to predict Me. I am not predictable. The fulfillment of prophecies can be measured, yet until they are fulfilled, they are not totally understood by man. Have a humble heart when it comes to the prophecies. You may think you know, but you don't. My time is not your time. But My signs are your signs. Read the signs, but stop there, for no man knows the day or hour. This mystery is sure to confound, but when it takes your eyes off of Me and focuses them on the "when" and not the "who", this is dangerous. Watchers, do keep watching and warning and alerting of the season you are in, the season, not the day or the hour.

What day will I come? My watchers watch. They are awaiting the wailing of the trumpet. They wait patiently, as they do not wish any to perish. They all study the feasts, and the moon, and the stars. They think they can find My plan hidden there. Tell them I Am not so obvious. Tell them to continue to study, but tell them to pursue Me and the lost, and worry less about predicting Me, as I can't be predicted.

Do not chase to find the day or the hour of My coming. Do not spend countless hours researching My arrival. Research Me. When you research Me, you will found many clues as to when I am coming. Spending too much time on this mystery is taking many away from spending time with Me. There has to be a balance.

This curiosity and need to pinpoint the exact day and hour, I know for some, is hard to keep at bay. I understand. I made you like this, but try, try, try to press into the gospels and receive Me through My word, for knowing Me is what is so important now. For, as you wait for the day and hour, as you wait for the Groom to shout, you may have to face some trials.

The pain and suffering you see will be forgotten when you come to be with Me, but these things will cause you to question and doubt unless you remain close to Me now. When the hearts of the Gentiles are made pure, the bride will be swept away. She will see some chaos first but nothing like what will be after the bride is taken.

My love for you is insurmountable, insurmountable, insurmountable. And in your time of fear and weakness, you may question that love. You might. But, My Holy Spirit will quickly restore My peace in your hearts. You will have peace and soundness of mind. Rest in Me while all the others seem to panic, running about trying to save themselves. When people see your calm demeanor, they will ask from where does this peace of heart come. You need to be very clear that it comes from Yahshua through the Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha Kodesh.

As the breakdown of your nation and the entire world unfolds before their eyes, people will find comfort in the words of My messengers and prophets of today. I lift them up in a sea of disinformation as beacons of light directing ships through a fog. The fog is as evil now and the ships must follow the light and stay on course, or they will be swallowed by the waves. Tell My people to be certain in My redemption. Please, above all, tell them that no matter how it looks, they will be safe as long as they have no other lords over them but Me. I will watch over them and keep them from evil.

Tragedy will strike you soon, daughter of Babylon. You have stood too long disgracing My name. You will find yourself alone with help from almost no one. The evil see what is coming, yet My children do not, blinders put on them by Satan. Black smoke will cover the sun, and the stench of the smoke will fill your noses and burn your eyes. The quaking Earth will shake underneath you. Your help to other nations will not be repaid you. They will do nothing to help the people of your nation, since there will be no value to your money. Your civil servants will walk away and fend for themselves. Christians must stick together and help one another. You will be provided for and taken care of. Until this day, reach out to those around you and spread the gospel message.

Being in Me is the most important place for you to be now. Do not be overcome by fear when My events begin to unfold. These things have been destined to happen from the beginning. Watch for signs to continue to grow in frequency. There will be things that occur that people have never seen before. They will need comfort from those who know Me, comfort that they will be protected if they come to know Me by seeking My face.

Your land is sure to burn. The Earth will swallow your cities. The hearts of many will be filled with unthinkable evil. The oceans will cover your nation. Your currencies will be worthless. Fireballs will fall and make your cities desolate. War will erupt around you. The government will collapse. Wailing and terror in the streets of Babylon. How fitting for her. Men's hearts failing them from fear. Blackness for three days. Human flesh dissolving off of bones. Many don't listen. Many don't care. These warnings fall on deaf ears. Can they not hear? These things are soon to befall you, very soon. Those who face these things will cry out to Me. I will say, "I never knew you." The terror felt within will be worse than the events themselves. From riches to rags. Your once great and honorable nation. So many lost. So many doomed. These words are a sweet aroma to some. The feast is prepared and the wedding supper of the Lamb is on the table. The time and waiting has been spent preparing many things for My bride. The saints of old will be the guests at our wedding supper.

The way to prepare yourselves for what is coming is My word. My word is your security.

(all bolds are mine - Hope)

Instructions for the Bride of Christ
Part 1


Dark days approach, and My children will see the foremost, the beginning of what will eventually become the end. My protection is upon you, so don't be alarmed as bigger and bigger the catastrophes seem. My bride needs to know how to defeat his (satan’s) attacks. Use your authority in the name of Jesus Christ, Son of the most Holy, and do not let his attacks on you succeed.

Stay in My word to stay protected. You can no longer seek Me once a week, or even once a day. You must be continually seeking Me and in continual prayer. Pray in the Spirit all the time. Bring Me the offering of your praise and prayer. Open your mind to the Messages from the prophets and seize every opportunity to share My grace with the lost. Use Me. Research all of the tools I have given you to walk with Me and glorify Me: fasting, holy communion, putting on My armor and praying constantly in the Spirit.

Encourage all to do their holy communion with Me. They can do this on their own in their homes. When you commune, you must discern My body. Do you understand that there are two parts to the Lord's supper, body and blood. Please ask for Me to show you the truth about these things. I cannot show you unless you seek the knowledge. Discerning My body during communion keeps people from illness and premature death. Does satan want you to discern My body when you commune? Absolutely not. I cannot stress enough, stay in My word. Pray in the Spirit, even silently, all of the time. Commune with Me. Recognize My body. Discern My body. Not only was there blood shed on the cross for salvation, but My Body was scourged beforehand. Recognized that in this all physical and mental disease was taken from your cup. Discern My body, or you will surely grow weak. Diseases of old will be returning to your earth now in new and untreatable forms. The communion you do with Me will keep you of sound mind and body, and the time you spend praying in the Spirit will edify you. Speak My truths over your life, not his lies. Don't speak symptoms over your body, speak health and wellness over your body. By Yeshua's stripes you were healed.

Consume My word now, children. Read My word as much as you are able. Ask for direction, for wisdom, and for discernment when you study Me.  It is fine to be educated on the special days and feasts in the Torah so you can draw parallels and see things unfolding, but do not participate in these holy days. How will you spend the Day of Atonement? Yeshua died on a tree so that all of you would be worthy to be reconciled to your Creator. Keeping the holy days and feasts of the Torah brings back the law. The law has been abolished. It is like eating rotten food. You can know the food is there, but you do not need to eat it or smell it. I love the zealous learners that want to understand the law, but to recreate what has been removed from you is like cheating on your spouse. The husband of the bride has done everything to provide for His bride. It is finished. Observing the laws and feasts of the Torah is adding something that has already been done, and done perfectly, perfectly completed. You cannot make it anymore perfect.

My word is the truth, and they can learn to see everything I am trying to show them. They can learn by reading the Revelations. It is there for My sheep as a help in these last days along with the books of the prophets: Daniel, Ezekiel, Habakkuk, Amos, Joel, Nehemiah and the book that was not put into this day's bible, Enoch. Revelation is being given to My saints through dreams and visions.  Take the time to spend in My word searching for things that I am trying to show you. Open your bible, My child. Read it and spend time in prayer.

Prepare your hearts, minds and physical bodies for the coming destruction.  The coming time of sudden destruction will take over the lives of many of My sheep. They will need to leave their homes and flee their cities. Tell them to not leave My word behind. If they bring one thing as they flee, let it be Me, My word. When things begin with Israel and Iran, other things will begin to occur like dominoes falling one after the other. Damascus will fall, for it is written. This will be a major indicator of time closing in.

Warn the people of the coastlands to leave. There will be no reprieve once the calamities start.  You will see things that make you sad. Pray! You will see things that make you angry. Pray! You will see things that make you fearful. Pray!

Your buildings will tumble. People will run in the streets like ants. Waves will crash over your coastlands. Missiles will fall from your skies. Smoke and fire will cover your nation. Life as you've known it will stop.

Will the people start to listen when they see two suns, when the sky is darkened for three days, when the rivers dry up and it rains blood red, when the rocks flow with water, when the air is thick with smoke, when the earth shakes underneath them and swallows up their homes? Many will come to Me, but many will be deceived.

Prepare your households with food and water. Do not fill your storehouses. I will provide, but just enough for your family and a bit extra. This should be done now. My believers will know each other by My will in the coming days. My believers will help one another, and spur one another forward. Do not walk in fear, for fear is not of Me.

A great earthquake is coming to your land. Your government will try to help but will only be able to help a small number. No food, no water no electricity will be common place and to add insult to injury it is going to be cold, freezing cold. Chaos describes the scene as the people fight for what is left. Looting and stealing scraps of food for survival. The eventual suffering will be immeasurable. People will be rounded up like cattle and put into internment camps. There will be no toleration of any type of free speech as you know it in your once great nation. The location of this earthquake will surprise many. Even the experts will be perplexed as to how and why its devastation stretches so far. This will be a game changer for your once great nation. The so called friends of your nation will do little to help. They will be digging out of their own problems. This is a message to America. Quakes causing tsunamis to come upon your coastland will occur. Many people will perish. The elements will rule. Earth shaking, water covering, fire burning. The Creator hates wrath. The Creator weeps when his wrath must come upon his creation. His heart aches and longs for his creation's initial perfection.

It will be too many things, big things at once, for people not to recognize that these are signs of the end. When there are time lapses between events, people often forget and move on with their lives while people affected by the tragedy try to get back to some semblance of normal. Soon everyone will be affected in one way or another.

Encourage all to remain vigilantly seeking everything they can learn about these final events. It is all there in My word. They just need to open their Bibles. There are many wolves in sheep's clothing. Ask My people to be vigilant in their quest for information and communication from Me. If they open their ears to Me, they will be amazed how quickly I speak to them. They will hear My voice. As evil increases, so will My instruction, protection and blessing upon My saints.

You will be guiding lights to all who do not have the knowledge but are seeking Me. Your sacrifices will not go unnoticed. Courage and strength that you have never known will be imparted to you. Many will look to you for knowledge and comfort. Evil will be so perverse. It will surround you, and you will be protected as with a shining shield.

My bride continues to walk on the lighted path so as to not stain her gown. My bride has seen the signs and has allowed herself to be refined. Her gown is gloriously white without stain or blemish such as the sacrificial lamb was perfect. The bride was made perfect. . The Groom is preparing the way for you but also wanting the wedding guests and bridal party to know the details, for the door is opening. The banquet hall is full of the angels ready to receive the love of My life, My eternal passion, My spotless bride! Oh, how My angels have waited with such hope and excitement for the beautiful and perfect bride to enter the wedding feast.

You will not suffer in pain and in hunger with the lost. You will be watched over and protected. Wait now for a short time, as the battles rage in heaven, and the Father will soon give the go ahead to bring My bride unto Myself. Soon, My bride, I will be bringing you home to My Father's house.

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