How to Hear the Voice of God

 In conclusion, during your devotions, just take pen and paper and write what you hear in your heart, mind, and soul.  That is the voice of God. 


Seriously, that is how simple it is.  There are no books to buy, no courses to study, no videos to watch, no conferences to attend.  Would God make it that difficult?  "Nah" as the Robertsons from Duck Dynasty would say.  God is your friend, He talks to us all the time, but we don't hear Him. We think it's us...something is wrong with us.  But it's not.  I'll tell you my story, not so the focus can be on me, but rather so you can read how another servant like yourself, learned to hear the voice of God.


I’m one of those people that have important dreams from God on rare occasions.  I had never heard a Word from Him.  Yet I have the faith that others do.  I was given this faith as a gift, but with that came the knowledge that I constantly need to pray for wisdom and discernment.  When I would read others dreams and visions and words, I would go back and read EVERYTHING that person had ever written in order to see how they were hearing from Him, as well as if they heard from the enemy in error.  Some obvious mistakes are made by people to indicate that they do not hear from God.  These people are most likely being fooled.  But with prayer and faith, I learned there are some most awesome people that hear from God, so I learned to pay attention to what they said. One wonderful friend in particular was sent my way to give me a Word from God.  Now mind you, every time these Words came from others sent by God, I would cry my eyes out.  Who am I to have God give me a message?  I think most of you understand this.  So these Messages from others blew me away.  As you can imagine, I printed these Messages off and kept them near me at all times.  I still do.  They are treasures to me.


On June 24 2013 one dear friend sent me a Word and here is one sentence from it. 

“You don’t believe that you hear from Me like others do and you wish beyond measure you did.” 

I was astounded…God actually KNEW I wanted to hear from Him!  This was amazing to me.  You see, I was not jealous of others and their hearing of God’s voice.  I knew and know that God loves me exactly the same as those with dreams and visions and words, I’ve always known this.  He loves you absolutely as much as He does whomever you listen to.  He loves us equally like He does Abraham (He called him His friend), Billy Graham, your preacher, and even the middle aged accounting clerk from the Midwest (me).  That I knew.  But why did I not hear Him then?  The Bible tells us that others hear Him.


For who is there of all flesh who has heard the voice of the living God speaking out of the midst of fire, as we have, and lived? Deuteronomy 5: 26


If only you carefully listen to the voice of the Lord your God, to do watchfully all these commandments which I command you this day. Deuteronomy 15: 5


[God's voice may be heard by man when] he is chastened with pain upon his bed and with continual strife in his bones or while all his bones are firmly set. Job 33: 19


And the Lord utters His voice before His army, for His host is very great, and [they are] strong and powerful who execute [God's] word. For the day of the Lord is great and very terrible, and who can endure it? Joel 2:11


And the Father Who sent Me has Himself testified concerning Me. Not one of you has ever given ear to His voice or seen His form (His face--what He is like). [You have always been deaf to His voice and blind to the vision of Him.] John 5: 37


For He is our God and we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand. Today, if you will hear His voice, harden not your hearts as at Meribah and as at Massah in the day of temptation in the wilderness.
Psalm 95: 7-8


These are just some of the verses.  You can see that He is always talking, but we don’t give an ear to what He says. We need to have a relationship with Christ.  Do you have this?  Over many years, the Lord has been awakening me to my purpose in these end times.  If you are reading this, most like you too have been woken up.  These are not things we did on our end, rather they just….happened.  That’s how God works.  He has steered us to this point, and now He is wanting ALL of His Bride to HEAR Him. 


My friend mentioned above, gave me another Word on August 26 2013.  The part regarding hearing Him is this,

“I do speak to you directly; it’s just sometimes you doubt Me because it “sounds like yourself”. …..”All I ask now is that you trust Me and the promptings I give you….”

So we see that God was prompting me to do things, and speaking to me but I doubted it.  I know that MANY of you have the same doubt.  “I try to hear Him but all I hear is me talking to myself.”  Right?  So write it down, I can’t say that enough times.  Write it down and you will be shocked by what you wrote.


My friend David known as Spiritled, also hears from the Lord on a daily basis and I post his Messages on the Message page.  I asked David to write a little something about how he started hearing from God.


“The way this started for me was about 5 months ago. I would hear a phrase in my spirit and.. it would kind of just keep saying to me over and over.. these same words. I decided to write them down...and when I did.. more words came to me. At first they were very short messages and I thought this must be me dreaming something up..But after awhile I began to see these thoughts are not of me... nor could I even begin to think like this. I prayed and asked the Father if I should share them and He spoke to me and told me that they are a gift..I can share them with all that will receive them. I know that they bless me... and I have been told they are words that someone needed at that very moment when they read them..I truly feel that our Father will speak to any of his children [ if ] we will only.. turn this world off... and listen..

Again same situation…write it down.


A recent Word from Julie Whedbee shows us this from the Lord.


“Listen closely to Me, for I will allow you to hear My voice sweetly whispering My Words to you. I promise you-I will fill you with everything you need to complete that in which you are purposed.”


Again God WANTS you to hear Him.  He is already speaking to you! 


We see four Keys for hearing Him from Dr. Mark Virkler


Key #1 God's voice in your heart often sounds like a flow of spontaneous thoughts.

Key #2 Become still so you can sense God's flow of thoughts and emotions within.

Key #3 As you pray, fix the eyes of your heart upon Jesus, seeing in the Spirit the dreams and visions of Almighty God.

Key #4 Journaling, the writing out of your prayers and God's answers, brings great freedom in hearing God's voice.


God makes His voice free for all to hear Him as any loving father wants his children to hear.  Sometimes He even disciplines us so we WILL hear Him (Job 33:19 from above).


 Many of us know Bonnie from her blog, and that she hears from God.  Here is a snippet of her post from last October 25.


I will be speaking to each of My children individually from now on and there will not be the need for them to read others' words from Me, for they will hear from Me for themselves.”


This was another reason why I knew I was hearing from God.  Because I believed Bonnie, I had faith that she was hearing from God. 


So I started listening.  On October 2 of 2013 I found a quiet place in my home and read my Bible and sang some songs along with my music app.  I prayed.  And then I took pen and paper, dated the top, and listened.  The first thing I heard was my name, and I thought I was talking to myself. But THIS TIME I wrote it down anyway!  This is what I wrote after my name:


“I love you, I want you to know I dearly love you.  You are the apple of My eye.  My true treasure.  I will not leave you alone in the world, nor will I forsake you.”


I loved it!  It surely sounded like something God would say.  It was not blasphemous or against Scripture. It seemed very real to me.  So I did it again the next night…and the next.  I’ve not missed a night since.  I simply set aside a special time to hear Him, and He speaks to me.  I don’t hear God audibly, I hear Him in my head.  I’ve heard others say that God does not speak there, He speaks from your heart area, or your stomach area.  I’ve even read some  thoughts that if you AREN’T hearing from those places, then you are hearing demons!  Seriously??  I wonder what those people think about the man that heard God from a bush that was burning nearby. Surely that was a demon right? Nope, that was Moses.  Another friend of God.  So I ignore those comments.  This should not be a debate, especially among Christians.  God has given us His methods of speaking in His Bible,  It is a still, small voice.  End of discussion


So what do I hear?  What does it sound like?  Like many others who hear from Him, it’s that voice you hear when you talk to yourself.  Only, it doesn’t seem as if it is me.  For example, if you were to say in your mind right now, “I am hungry and need to go to the store.”  That is what it sounds like to me.  Only I wouldn’t hear those words.  They come out sounding Godlike, words that I would not say.  Many of us have to look up the Words we hear because we are not quite sure what they mean.  Know why?  Because it is not coming from us!  We know it comes from  God.  Where is thy faith?  If you have it, you will believe.


Now I know people that have heard from God.  Dear servants that have supernatural events happen to them.  But they get so caught up in what is happening to THEM, that they forget WHO it’s coming from.  So eventually God allows satan to tickle their ears.  This can lead to devastating effects and I sure don’t want this to happen to me. God gives these people plenty of time to turn back to Him but if they don’t, they will F A L L.  However, in the end it’s about refining and they will turn back to the TRUE God once they realize it is not HE that is speaking to them.  Since we do not want this to happen to us, we don’t want to hear a false voice, what do we do? 


Each morning before I even get out of bed, I ask for forgiveness of all previous sins I can and cannot think of.  I thank God for giving me the day and then I give it back to Him so I can just BE and He can DO His work through me.  I then pray for the entire armor of God to be put on, piece by piece because without it, I’ve been hurt tremendously at times.  But with the armor, things roll off my back, and I am able to accomplish His will for that day.  Before I listen to Him each evening, I ask that the demons, evil spirits, and the fallen that are nearby, be bound in Jesus name and thrown into darkness so they know the misery they have caused.  They are NOT allowed in my home because I’ve anointed it and given it to God.  They are NOT allowed in the temple of my body, because I’ve given that to God and anointed it as well.    These things and / or others that YOU do, are very important!  We are told in the Bible about these things because it would be quite simple for an evil spirit to take over and speak to you.  There are seducing spirits out there that tell you what you want to hear.  There are familiar spirits out there that tell you things that you think only God would know, but they are “familiar” for a reason.  So these practices that I do above, work for me.  I’ve not heard anything against Scripture, nor have I heard a blasphemous word about Christ.  Of course, God’s voice should always be asked who He is.  Remember, the demons will admit that Jesus is the Son of God, so you need to go beyond this.  God will prompt you in what to ask.


Lastly, as I started to hear His voice, after a couple weeks, I still was not sure.  I had another friend also hearing and we were comparing notes.  We decided to ask one sister in Christ named Sue whom we trust hears from God.   This sister came back with a most beautiful Word from God for us!  Here it is in its entirety:


Hearing Me


Oh My little ones, does a baby bird learn how to fly without ever hitting the ground? Does a baby child learn how to walk without ever falling down? Even so are My little ones, who seek My face to hear My voice. As a Father, I greatly cherish and delight in those who long to hear Me speak, for I am ever speaking to those who will listen. Very soon these little ones will not only hear Me speak, but they will come to understand My ways with astonishing clarity. Like the bird and the child, these little ones gain balance and strength, as they seek My face. For in the process of time they continue to grow and mature; and soon they will soar over mountains and win great marathons. Seek Me always for I am ever guiding you.



Is this not beautiful?  My friend and I broke down and cried.  How sweet of Abba to tell us this!  You see…it does indeed take some practice to hear His voice!  But we are to start now!  As we have seen our friends say in Messages, and others on youtube, God is calling us NOW to hear His voice!  We no longer have to desperately seek others Words to know what He wants for us.  You can hear Him today!  Just write it down!  Worst you can do is write yourself a letter right?  And then, relax, and try again the next day…and the next.  Don’t give up!  He has been speaking to you since before you were born.  He’s not going to stop now, but it’s time for us to L I S T E N.  Do not let anything get in the way of hearing His voice.  He is first in our lives.  And He is speaking and prompting all the time, most especially for His Bride.


So In conclusion, during your devotions, just take pen and paper and write what you hear in your heart, mind, and soul.  That is the voice of God. 

PS:  I was rereading Julie Whedbee's Words (found on the PDF page) and found this from our Lord:


Sunday, July 14, 2013


I want My dear children to know that they should not be troubled or concerned because they don't feel I am speaking to them. I have a very unique and personal relationship with each one of you individually, and I use various methods to communicate to you My heart and My will. To some, I will speak inner thoughts that are similar to hearing with your earthly ears. To others, I speak through an unction, or emotion you suddenly have that you did not imagine yourselves. Many times, you will experience a message from Me in a song lyric, a quote in something you read, or simply a glance at My beautiful creation in nature. It could be a gentle word from a friend or loved one, or a kind look from a stranger as you walk down the street. You see, I am speaking in many, many, different ways, and any attempt to categorize Me and put limitations on Me by saying I only talk to a special few, is only your fear. I am as close as your next breath, and I see you all the same. I do not favor anyone over another, therefore I could not possible 'speak' as you see it, to one or several of you, and not 'speak' to others of you as well. I love you all equally, and there is always a divine order to what I communicate and when, seasons for everything. The only time I would not be able to talk with you or express My heart is if there is unconfessed sin in your life. If you are harboring bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, judgment, or simply do not have charity, love, for all others, then you will be prevented from hearing My instructions and Will for your life. So rest in My heart dear ones, I embrace all of you seeking Me with all your heart and always, always remember, you are loved by The King!


King Messiah

Embrace Your Season - 278pikelk 06/21/14

My Daughter,
Write my words and share them with those who have ears to hear. My children, be still and listen for my voice. I come as your creator and Father. The more time you spend in quiet and listening for me, the more you will hear my voice. This takes practice, my children, for everyone. Often I will direct your path with peace. When you are at peace about something and not relying on the answers of the world, then you have your answer. Many times, my children become impatient with waiting. I purposely place them in seasons in their life where they are expecting the season to last only a few days. Seasons are meant to make you come to some significant change or meant to teach you some of my important truths and how they apply to your life. Do not be impatient, my little ones. The things that I will teach you are valuable, and some of you are more open than others. Some learn quickly while others fall away back into the world over and over again, and their seasons grow even longer. It takes them longer to learn what I am trying to show them. All of my children are so different from one another, yet still all perfect in my eyes. You can grow, yes; and you will make mistakes along the way, but you are my children who I love. Some of the things that you are doing are not perfect, but you were created in my in image. You are who I made you to be, and I will not leave you as an unfinished work. Your relationship with me is a process. It will grow and change. This is for certain. But my love for you remains constant as does the truth that you were created in my imagine, and I want a deep and meaningful love relationship with each of my children. I love you all the same, yet each of us shares something special in that each of you are different and so is the love that is between us. Oh, how I love you, my children. Continue to remember that, and the cares of this world will melt away. Enjoy our relationship now, my love. I am with you even though you are not with me in heaven yet. Many of you pine away waiting, and you ignore the here and now. The life I have planned for you, do not get so wrapped up in our future together that you ignore the here and now. Let me in your life, my children. I want to be part of the air that you breathe. I want to be included in all your thoughts. I want to be a part in all your plans. I want to see what you see and hear what you hear. I want you to surrender to my love and let me be your guiding light in your journey to me. So, my children, whatever season you are in, embrace it. Open your hearts and receive me and what I am trying to show you. Be still and quiet and watch what I will show you, my loves. Do not pine away for the future, but be so caught up in the moment that you are breathing me in, in every breath. (thank you P LaSalle for typing)

Wonderful Message from our Lord on Listening for His Voice!   09/17/14  Mary Dovie

Discerning the Voice of the Lord - Elaine Tavolacci

02/14/15 -  The Lord says, listen for My voice.  I speak to you in various ways.  I speak in dreams, I speak in visions, I speak in nature, I speak through your circumstances, I even speak to you in your trials.  As you go to sleep at night with expectation, you will be more receptive to hear from Me in your dreams.  As you quiet your mind and posture yourself in an attitude of prayer, you will learn how to hear and become more sensitive to My voice when you pray.  As you prepare yourself by conforming to My ways, renewing your mind and attending to My words you will become more attuned to My voice.  When you free your mind from the cares of this world you will begin to hear with more clarity.  As you read My word and meditate upon it, you will begin to discern My plans for you.  As you lift your voice to Me in praise and worship, you will begin to hear Me in the song, and you will begin to rise above your circumstances and rest in My presence.