Welcome to The Call of the Bride!

"But at midnight there was a shout, 'Behold, the bridegroom! Come out to meet him.'"

Matthew 25:6

Hi there, welcome to this website.  God is in charge of it and I ask Him each time I post, what He wants posted.  He has told me it acts as a Lighthouse which I find very humbling.  

I don't often update complete pages anymore but if I do, you will see a link to that page.  The Home page is mostly what I work on, and older Transcripts are placed under "Messages".  Also the Lord has started to give me visions that seem to evolve like puzzle pieces and once He has given me the interpretation...then I post it.  There are a few messengers that have their own pages as you can see on the dropdowns.  The Transcripts were not typed by me, but are typed by either friends of mine, or have been copied from the person's own message.  I have permission from each messenger to post their message.  If I was unable to obtain permission, then for SURE I point back to the author's own website because that's where the Lord wants people to look.  

The only page not accessible to the public is the Forum.  You must be a member for that.  You can easily register at the bottom of the Home Page, then I have to hit an approve button.  (please note there are times when I am not accepting memberships) Then you're in!  You can then read dreams and visions and prayer requests and post your own.  You can put comments on the Blog (which is permanently under the Home dropdown), and you can always email me for any reason!  I will admit I am not good with confrontations so I let the Lord defend me.  This website is meant to be an encouraging word for the Bride.  If you are reading this, then most likely you are part of our group.  Wahoo!

You won't find a lot of current news here because that is easy to come by. Rather I post things that you won't find in your everyday media.  I try to stay away from upsetting news because again it goes back to why this website is here..for encouragement!

One piece of advice I would give to you as you discern these words and any others.  Go to the Lord yourself...do NOT look to any other person that tells you someone is true or false.  I have seen far too many friends rely on something else they think is "smarter" than them, or closer to God.  That is NOT what God wants.  He wants you to go directly to Him!  He will give you wisdom and discernment.  Do not count on man for anything.  I myself try to read or watch several words or videos made by someone before I post them.  After prayer for discernment and wisdom, if the Lord gives me the thumbs up, then I post 'em.  In all things, look at the person's fruit.  Is their message full of fear?  That's not our Jesus.  Does their message speak of death to the Bride?  That is not what we have learned.  Do their words go against Scripture?  Uh...not going there.  On the other hand, God WILL bring about judgment but He is a merciful God and is STILL calling His children in!  That is the God I serve!

UPDATE:  I added a video series to help with Discernment because it is VERY important these days!