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Christianity can be as simple as two friends, you and God, walking through life together - Jeffrey Stewart

Christianity can be as simple as two friends, you and God, walking through life together.
Man has made it MUCH more complicated than it needs to be.
For example, yes it's good to pray and read the Bible, but some ritualize it. Have to pray thirty minutes EVERY morning. What if you carried that thinking over into marriage. Honey, our thirty minutes of talking is up, I gotta go to work.
Rituals are artificial. They can make things burdensome. What is burdensome, you don't want to do. Which is why many have shallow walks with God.
God invented the relationship. He is very, very good at it. Try waking up in the morning thinking "Oh good, another day with my Friend. Then start a conversation with Him that continues throughout the day. Rest in His Presence. Share your heart and wait and listen as He shares His. Or just rest in His arms as a small, dearly loved child would rest in the arms of a loving father or mother.
Get up, enveloped by His loving Presence.
"Isn't that a beautiful sunrise, Daddy? Thank you. That sure was a silly TV show, don't you think? Will you help my neighbor get better, they were really sick yesterday" Natural. You are walking hand in hand with your friend. Just let it flow, naturally.
Of course, there will be times you intercede, but when Paul says "Pray without ceasing", I think what he had in mind is different than what we've been taught.
The goal of a relationship is to be a blessing to each other. God loves you so much, He keeps count of the number of hairs on your head. It seems to me that God would LOVE a day spent like that.
Try it, and find out

Charles Moore - Article #7 The Fallen American Church or The church in America-just another business.

The church of today, in America, has become nothing more than a business. How many churches in America are registered with the government as a non-profit business? How many churches have employees, offer 401 retirement packages, paid days off, place employment ads for secretaries and preachers and music leaders and church area directors? How many churches have stores inside their buildings that sell “christian” merchandise, books, tapes, CD’s, wall decorations, T-shirts and the latest christian coffee mug.

How many churches hold concerts and conferences and seminars only to have entrances fees, sell tickets or have a “specified” donation-amount-required to get inside as the world watches from the outside?

How many pastors and preachers and “christian” authors offer speaking engagements for fees or “honorariums”? How many christian leaders of today write books on what God has shown them only to charge money for other’s to find out?

How many churches of today own acres of land tracts, build huge mega stadium buildings, have grand pastoral offices, meeting halls and class rooms only to charge for the teaching materials. How many churches build buildings for their children to go to a “christian school”, to be taught God’s way, but only for those that can pay the piper?

How many churches of today in America could exist without their tax-exempt status? How many church buildings and tracts of land owned by the churches could keep standing without property tax exemptions? How many people in the churches of today would continue to give without a tax deduction?

How many churches offer christian cruises, ski trips for the singles and trips to “The Holy Land” “The Promise Land”, with a promise that you personally get to share a meal with whoever christian leader or pastoral leader, as they lead you to where Jesus walked, and but have no mission trips for the lost?

How many churches have playgrounds and gymnasiums for their children but have no outreach to children in poor countries? How many churches offer dinners and banquets and paid for luncheons for their “staff and church volunteers” but the poor must fill out forms for food?

The business of churches in America today is a business. No longer does the preaching of the Word of God take precedence over the presentation of the church building and the Sunday Morning Services Show. No longer does the worship of God take precedence over the amplified sound of the musical show, with lights, smoke and wireless microphones as various inspirational scenes flash across a back drop electronically controlled through our presentation screens; all orchestrated by the “church worship ministry”.

No longer does the free Bible given to new believers take precedence over the christian bookstore located in the lobby directly across from our finest cappuccino coffee shop and christian fellowship area, who’s prices are equal only to the world’s market share.

No longer are people in the church giving to supply those who have needs as they did in the early church. But now they are taught to give as a means and God’s way to get something back in return.

No longer is the spreading of the Gospel of Christ-the salvation of souls for eternal life-the focus of the church as the needs of the new church building plans and congregational comforts focus in on it self.

No longer is the church in America taught to stand up and face persecution as followers of Christ, as examples of Christ, but they call upon the lawyers and legal minds of the land to represent their causes and “rights” under the laws and the courts of this country. The displaying of the plastic nativity scene on the street corner has taken precedence over the preaching of the Gospel, the reading of the Bible and the calling upon the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus in the public square, governmental meetings, institutions and yes the public school system.

What will happen to the church of America when it is stripped of all it’s governmental given rights and privileges protections and exemptions? What will happen to the church in America when America out-laws the church? What will happen when the preaching of the Gospel is reason for arrest, imprisonment, and a sentence of death is imposed? What will happen when the buildings are gone the land is taken away and the “legal rights” of Christians are no more in this country?

Are you ready for such a time as this? Can you put your total trust in Jesus our Lord? Can you exist in a world where you are the outlaw and where you are wanted for crimes against the state? Are you ready to give your life for His Gospel?

God is calling for His church to be ready. God is calling for His church to live to a higher degree-relying on Him-than what the government of this land and its laws vaguely and with the utmost regulations so called gives to the church. God is calling for His church to get ready and to be ready for a move by Him, for a shaking by Him, of His church and the governments of this land.

Can you live for God without your legalistic rights? Can you live for God under persecution by the government of this land? Can you live for God under the threat of death? The hand-chosen by Jesus, His Apostles and the early church disciples did. All but one Apostle was put to death for the Gospel of Jesus.

Are you ready for a move of God that changes your heart that changes your perception of the world that changes the world’s perception of you that changes your very course of day to day living? Are you ready for the spreading, sharing, speaking and preaching of the Gospel to be the most important aspect of your life? It was for the early church and it should be and it needs to be for the church in America. Are you ready?

The time is at hand. Jesus is getting His church ready for His return. Are you ready for the return of Jesus? Will He find you working in the field bringing in the harvest or waiting in the wings filling yourself full of “spiritual blessing”? Will you be spreading His Gospel or following the government’s decrees? Will you be bringing Him Praise, Honor and Glory or glorifying your own name or the name of your church? Will you be relying on Him and His provisions or will you be living to the world’s standards? Will you be calling upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ or will you have the world as your next best friend?

Jesus is coming back for His church and the church in America needs to be ready? Are you ready to face Jesus face to face?

In His Name and for His Greater Glory, Amen.

What it Means to Be a Son of God - Jeffrey Stewart 

The Father says:

“I am revealing all things about what it means to be My sons and daughters. This is so you may walk in the fullness of everything Jesus purchased for you on the Cross. Before the Wedding of the Bride, all of My sons and daughters will walk as My Son Jesus walked, and minister as He ministered.

When I placed you in Christ and Christ in you, I made it possible for you to walk as full grown sons and daughters, just as Jesus walked before Me as a full grown Son. So I am going to reveal all things about what it means to be in Christ, and Christ in you.

Jesus walked in great authority when on the earth. He walked in My authority. That is because He and I are One. We are one Spirit. When He spoke, it was the same as Me speaking. That is because we are one Spirit, He is in Me and I am in Him. He spoke words from My Throne into the earth realm. You are one spirit with the Lord. (1 Cor 6:17 But he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him.) So when you speak from your spirit, it is the same as Jesus speaking, and your words carry the same authority that His words carry. This allows Me to speak words from My Throne from ANY of My children. I am able to exercise Heavenly authority through My sons and daughters in the earth realm. I am able to enforce “on earth as it is in Heaven,” through you. My sons and daughters walk in a much higher level of authority than is commonly taught. When you speak in Jesus’ Name from your spirit, it is just like My Throne is exactly where you are standing, and no sickness, no oppression, no work of the enemy can stand before My Throne.

There are many, many more things I am going to share with you about what it means for you to be in Christ, and for Christ to be in you. I delight in sharing these things with My children. Before I return, millions of My children will be walking in EVERYTHING My Son Jesus purchased for them on the Cross. All creation has waited for the manifestation of My sons and daughters, and THAT DAY IS HERE.”

“As part of revealing all things about what it means to be My children, I am going to share with you more things about what it means to be In Christ. Who you were before you were born again ceased to exist. Colossians 3:3 says: “for you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” I recreated you WITHIN MYSELF. Therefore I see you as being JUST AS HOLY as Myself, and there is none more holy than I. You exist WITHIN ME, the One whom the angels declared “Holy, Holy, Holy” meditate on these words. I had to hide Moses in the cleft of the rock as I walked past Him. He could not behold My Face. Now you are inside the One who walked past Moses. No other beings are as close to Me as you are.

My Love for My Son Jesus is infinite. He is the most highly favored person that there is. I demonstrated this favor by giving Him the Name that is above every Name. My Face shines on Him at all times. When you were born again, I recreated you WITHIN HIM. You are now one spirit with Him. So you hold the exact level of favor with Me that My Son Jesus holds with Me. My Love for you is also infinite. And My Face shines you just as it shines on Him.

You are holy and dearly loved in My sight beyond your comprehension. My children are the most loved beings in the universe. Every single thought I have about you is for your good. You cannot comprehend how precious and fully accepted you are in My sight. What Jesus did for you on the Cross was a perfect work. A work so perfect that as far as our relationship is concerned, the fall never occurred. Ask Me to help you comprehend these things, to show you in My Word where I say these things to you. Then meditate on these things, so you can walk in the absolute freedom of what it means to be sons and daughters of God.”

My Face will captivate you throughout all eternity. It is the Joy that is set before you. You see, ALL I AM is visible on My Face. My Infinite Love, Joy, Peace, Light, Life, Wisdom and Truth all shine from My Face. You cannot imagine the beauty of Heaven with your natural mind.

I placed My Beauty in you when I placed My Son in you when you believed. I made you beautiful beyond your comprehension because I placed My Son, the infinitely beautiful one, to live in your heart. That is how I see you, and each of My children.

Because you are one spirit with Me, you can see through My eyes. You can see your brothers and sisters as I see them. You can see beyond their external appearance and see just how beautiful they are in My sight. You can see just how much each of My children mean to Me.

When you were lost, I found you. I put My Heart within you, the most beautiful Heart that there is, and your purpose, as My sons and daughters, is to show My Heart to a lost and dying world, so they will come to Me, and I can beautify their lives as well.

My sons and daughters represent earth in Heaven, and Heaven in earth.

They intercede for the affairs of the earth realm before My Throne, and they speak and act on behalf of My Throne on earth.

My sons and daughters are able to do this because they are seated with My Son Jesus (Eph 2:6) while at the same time, their physical bodies reside in the earth realm.

My sons and daughters operate in both places at once because they are one spirit with the Lord.

Where He is, they are. And where they are, He is.

They pray before Me in His authority, and they speak for Me on the earth with His authority.

My sons and daughters operate in both realms in order to involve Heaven in the affairs of man.

My sons and daughters operate in both realms to enforce “on earth as it is in Heaven.”

My sons and daughters have the highest authority in existence because they have the right to operate in the Name of My Son Jesus, who has been given the highest Name in existence, as direct representatives of My Throne in the earth realm.

All of Heaven responds to the Name of Jesus.

If it is loosed in Heaven, My sons and daughters can loose it on earth.

If it is bound in Heaven, My sons and daughters can bind it on earth.

There is no sickness in Heaven, so they can loose the Life of Heaven into the earth realm, healing the sick.

There is no death in Heaven, so My sons and daughters can raise the dead on earth.

There is no demonic oppression in Heaven, so My sons and daughters can set the captives of oppression free on earth.

My sons and daughters have the ability to represent and enforce how things are in Heaven, on earth.

My sons and daughters not only walk in the freedom of Heaven, they can release the freedom of Heaven into the lives of others.

My sons and daughters represent Heaven to those who are lost, so that the lost will know that My Son Jesus died for them.

By demonstrating Heavenly Authority in the earth realm, My sons and daughters demonstrate the reality of the Heaven in the earth.

The lost will see this, and they will see that the Gospel is true, and many will be drawn to Me, and be saved.

Where My Throne is, My Kingdom is.

My Throne resides in the heart of every believer, because My Son Jesus, the King of kings, resides in the heart of every believer.

Where you go, the King of kings goes.

This is because the King of kings lives in you.

He has been given all authority in Heaven and on earth.

So where you go, the highest authority in the Universe goes.

I have trusted My Son Jesus with all the authority that I have.

I did this when I gave Him the Name that is above every Name.

He has entrusted My sons and daughters with all the authority that He has.

He has entrusted His Name to My sons and daughters.

When you walk into any situation, you have the right to exercise the highest level of authority that there is.

My Throne is above all. And My Throne lives in YOU.

You, My sons and daughters, are to be My Throne operating in the earth realm.

You are extensions of My Authority in the earth realm.

You extend Heaven into the earth realm, wherever you go.

Where My Throne is, Heaven is.

And My Throne lives in the hearts of My sons and daughters.

When I placed My Son Jesus in you, I placed all My Authority in you.

I have trusted no other beings with this level of Authority.

You carry the very keys of the Kingdom wherever you go, because you are My Royal Family, sent to represent My Throne, on earth.

I have placed all that I AM in My Son Jesus.

I have placed My Son Jesus in the heart of every one of My sons and daughters.

So every one of My sons and daughters are able to make Me visible to the world.

When the world sees Me, they are drawn to Me.

The world thirsts for My Love, My Joy, My Peace, My Life.

They seek to and fro for these things.

They seek for Me, and do not know it.

You carry the water that they seek.

For where My Throne is, the River of Life flows.

My Throne lives in the heart of every believer.

Where you go, the River of Life goes.

Revelations 22:1 “Then the angel showed me the River of the Water of Life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the Throne of God and of the Lamb”

John 7:38 “He that believeth on Me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”

These two verses of Scripture refer to the same river.

Where you go, the River of Life goes, flowing into a dry and thirsty world.

Drawing men from far and wide, to drink of Me.

Col 3:3 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.

Because I recreated you within Myself when you were born again, you are uniquely qualified to share what is within My heart with others.

You, as My sons and daughters, exist within My Heart, and can take those things that are within My Heart, and share them with people who do not know Me.

My love for EACH person on this earth goes far beyond what you have the ability to imagine.

Yet, I have put within each of My sons and daughters the ability to share this love from their hearts.

You will learn to share My intense love for them as you begin to see the lost through My eyes.

You can see the lost through My eyes because you are one spirit with Me.

You cannot only see the lost as I see them, you can feel what I feel about them.

We are One Spirit, because you are within Me.

That means we share the same heart.

When people see My heart in your eyes, and hear My heart in your words, they will be deeply touched.

My love breaks down barriers that nothing else can overcome.

You are on earth to display My heart to those who have never known My Love.

You are on earth to make My heart visible.
My Love is the most powerful force in the Universe.

I placed My Love in your heart when I placed Jesus to live in your heart.

It is this Love that draws men. It causes you to say to the lost what they have always wanted to hear.

It shows them that I am the One that they have always been seeking and didn’t know it.

It draws them to come to their true home, in Me, as they accept what My Son Jesus did for them.

My love, within you, is what sets them free.

As My sons and daughters, you are the ones that I have chosen to have this high privilege and honor, to rejoice alongside Me as the lost come to My open arms, and are saved.

The New Normal - Jeffrey Stewart  12/22/17 - FB

The Father says "My Son Jesus is to be the NEW NORMAL. You have been taught to view Him in the wrong way in some areas. Yes, He is God. He is the Head of His Body, but He also represents what you can walk in because of His death on the Cross. He took YOUR SEPARATION from Me upon Himself so you could have the SAME kind of fellowship with and relationship with Me that He enjoyed. Not similar - the SAME. He is the EXAMPLE in how I want you to fellowship with Me. And with My Grace, YOU CAN WALK IN IT. And from that fellowship, from that relationship, you can walk IN THE EXACT SAME TYPE OF MINISTRY that HE WALKED IN, with EVEN GREATER MIRACLES. He walked LIKE A MAN WHO NEVER FELL, so YOU COULD WALK WITH ME LIKE A MAN OR WOMAN WHO NEVER FELL. He even made it possible for you to be sitting in HIS THRONE RIGHT NOW (Eph 2:6). So lay down the thoughts of man, the lies religion has told you. Seek My Face, meditate on My Word, ask Me to confirm these things to your heart - AND WALK IN THE FULLNESS OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A SON OR DAUGHTER OF GOD."

Several Words thru Kathy Mote

Someone, I am sent to tell you, this is what gratitude does. It is an action that equals stepping out in faith to receive humbly from the Lord. It takes you out of a passive place to honor the Lord. It is the expression of a heart in the act of receiving, and that is in itself its own reward. 

Gratitude is a form of worship, and it brings you into His presence and fills you with joy. Gratitude is a choice you make, the posture of one kneeling with a pure heart to receive from the Lord in wisdom. The freedom that gratitude walks in is a natural consequence of aggressive surrender. Be encouraged today to always keep gratitude in your heart. It is one of your most effective tools of walking in the Spirit!

Kathy Mote

Someone, in a vision I can see that you can't see. You can't see how your life will ever change. You can't see how the Lord will turn your situation around. You can't see how you will ever feel any different even if your life DOES change! Yes, you are right, you can't see! You can't see what the Lord is about to do. You can't see that great change is right around the corner for you! You are about to see just how faithful He is, because you are about to have an encounter with your destiny that will make your head spin! 

You will soon have a moment when even how you see yourself will be changed! All the failures in your life are about to come together and paint a different picture for you, and all the moments you have seen yourself as a failure will disappear in your enlightened point of view. 

You are entering the season when things will turn around. You will be delighted to see what the Lord has been talking about! Hang in there, don't let go of your faith, let your heart be renewed. The Lord is working on your behalf, angels are sent on assignment for you, and soon you will look back and say, Thank You, Lord, Thank You!

Kathy Mote

In seemingly small lessons in obedience, you are being tested and tried of the Lord. As you are established, you will be strengthened, and given a larger, more appropriate portion. This is why you seem to be coming back to the same elemental flaws. You are being corrected so that you will be able to carry more! More knowledge, more responsibility, more freedom, more closeness and intimacy with the Lord, for as you stand responsibly before Him, you will be trusted with more.

Kathy Mote

Someone, you have asked the Lord for a great blessing, and this is it. To walk in faith as a child of God, to follow in the footsteps of your King. To do great things in the name of the Lord, to have adventure instead of adversity and to overcome. To stand among the mighty, to be called a great warrior for Him. 

There is one problem with receiving this. You don't recognize it when it is given. The strength and glory you ask to receive is His, and you to lay down your own strength to receive it. What you desire is found in His presence and it works by yielding to Him.

Many opportunities are given to those who stand before the Lord, but it takes maturity to see the value that the Lord places in them and to embrace them. Surrendering your life to the Lord also means the surrender of own value system to Him and that means finding your reward in Him. A man can own great treasure and not know its true measure, so it may seem worthless to him. But in this life there is only one reward worth seeking and it is found in Him.

Kathy Mote

Beloved, you are learning new depths of being 'hidden in Him' that will give you greater joy in your deepening fellowship with Him. People and situations that used to challenge you won't make you blink an eye as your confidence rests in Him. Thoughts and emotions that used to plague you won't come to mind as you walk with your heart set on Him. Everything you give to Him will be blessed and made to honor Him. This includes your reaction to everything you face as you place your trust in Him. You will come to know the joy of the Lord as your strength, and as you do it will have great impact on all those who used to see you as being weak. The Lord is about to use your closeness with Him to bring shame to those who walk in their own strength. For His glory they will be brought to their knees in their need for peace, and every heart will yearn to see the beauty that is in Him.


Dear friends!
I was just spending in time with my Father now, resting my head on His chest, listening for His heartbeat for us.....and just SUDDENLY, I heard these words from His heart! I have NEVER received this kind of word with such urgency and knowing without ANY doubt, God has spoken this....Hear the word of our Lord....Love Angie ♡♡♡

"Today, no matter who you are, whether you are My child or not, there are MANY people who have this morning and last night, prayed some prayers for needs they have. And if you are reading these words, then I AM talking to you.....!"

"I have chosen you and many others, to literally to "be" and to "bare" the "answer" to these prayers. I have equipped you with the "answer!" No matter the prayers, and no matter what you think you can or cannot do! Just obey me! It might sound hectic and almost foolish what I ask you to do for that person. But I AM asking you to trust Me and just obey!"

"Some will be the smallest of things. But others will be bigger and almost sound ridiculous! But as My own mother, Mary said, over 2000 years ago, to my disciples, "Whatever He tells you, do it....!" That's My word to you today! Whenever you read this!"

"It will suddenly come into your heart to do something or you will even now as you read this, be thinking of someone! And I will instruct you what to do! Don't delay, if you have peace as you read this, then don't delay, cause delayed obedience is disobedience...."

"You might not know whose prayer you will be answering yet, but you will know, for I will tell you. Don't question or argue whether in your opinion the person deserve's their prayer to be answered. It's not for you to question what I tell you to do. I know the "why!"

"So as soon as you have heard Me in your heart speaking to you! And you have peace that it's My voice, you must act immediately....! This is very important....!"

"For I AM about to release "suddenlies" into YOUR life! I have already dispatched My messengers to act on My behalf in the earth! Your obedience in this, My request for you to in some way, "be" the answer or "bare" the answer to prayers that have specifically been prayed in the last 24 hours, is a "catalyst" and a "key" for the release of the most incredible miracles in your life....!"

"For know this, I have also heard YOUR prayers! And I will do exceedingly, abundantly above ALL that you can EVER think or imagine in your life! For we have shifted into the new season! A Divine "shift" has taken place, and you are a part of My blessings being poured out over many people!"

"For is has been said in My Word, that obedience is better than sacrifice....! Today I am calling you to obey and to sacrifice, it will "cost" you to obey. But let your obedience be a sacrifice of praise and worship to Me!"

"I am speaking about many types of "costs...." Some might be financial, others are your time, others facing someone or something that you have been afraid to do, cause it might "cost" you, others will require for you to did deep in your heart, for I will ask you to answer the prayer of someone you don't particularly like! But you must obey and answer my request with a pure heart! And with a cheerful heart! Not begrudgingly....! Otherwise it will not have My Supernatural authority attached to it, for I cannot go against My Word...!"

"I AM Your Faithful Father, and NOTHING is impossible for me in your life! I will move things around in your favour in ways you have not yet seen, ways you might not even think you deserve! But My grace in your life, and the life of those whose prayers I have chosen you to answer, is not in ANY way dependent on whether it's deserved or not! You can't do anymore for Me to love you more! Or any less, for Me to love you less! I AM Love, and nothing can separate you from My love..."

"Even this instruction I AM downloading from My Throne Room, whether you obey or not, will NEVER change My EVERLASTING love for you! Ever! So this "call" must not put ANY fear in your heart! Cause then you are acting out of fear! Hear this, if you don't obey, NOTHING bad is going to happen to you or your loved ones! This is linked to your reward for your's a key to unlocking something in your life and your families lives!"

"This day, and whichever day you read this, I am giving you the opportunity to be My CHOSEN messenger, to answer the prayer of someone who has prayed a specific prayer in the last 24 hours! You are My hands and My heart! And those that I send you to, they will know it was Me! And you must tell them I sent you...."

"But you have no concept of measurement, on the GREATNESS of this reward I have for YOU, for your obedience and your sacrifice.....! For I have called you personally! Some "calls" are a corporate call to My church! But this "call" is to EVERYONE no matter who you are! No matter what you believe! It's an individual and personal call and I will reveal Myself to you.....!

"All I ask you to do, is to obey, without trying to work it out! But you will and MUST have peace, for as My Word says, it's MY peace that will guard your heart and mind...," says the Lord.

"It is I that have spoken, now listen for My instructions and obey....! Great, and I mean, GREAT is your reward, for your obedience and sacrifice....!"

Angie Van Greuning -

To you who hope in the Lord I am sent with this message. We are on the fast track, and the Lord's plan for our lives will be advancing very, very quickly now.

At this rate of speed it is critical not to take our eyes from the Lord, not even for one second! Consider only Him, and no alternate plan. Do not consider the consequence if He should fail, He will not! Do not allow fear in your heart, it derails your faith!

I hear the Lord say, I do a quick work! We will be moving great distances in a very short time! Situations will be changed overnight. There will be some who experience one hour turnarounds, some will see their lives changed in one day, and all will stand and be amazed! Threats that loomed over your life will be removed from your sight as mountains dissolve from the horizon!

The key to moving with the Lord is to BE in the Lord, so brethren, keep your eyes on Him! All who hope in the Lord need to be in the Lord to receive from the Lord. This is the work of the Lord in you, that you flow in Him, and you can rejoice that you have been prepared for this!

Kathy Mote - FB 11/07/17

Marty Breedent - Part 1

What you are about to read, I've only ever shared while speaking publicly in a church. I've not spoken about this experience for many years.
It's hard to read and even harder to comprehend. It will take you a few minutes to read through, but it may well save souls and even those loved ones who God is dealing with, so please share this as much as possible.
For I will not even say the "Stakes are High", for they are far beyond that, they are eternal!
This I can all but assure you, you will never see life nor death the same again. Nor the sacrifice or call of God....THIS IS REAL!!!

The other evening as I shared my testimony about coming to the Lord when I was 17 years old, I mentioned , if you recall, that leading up to me getting saved that I had encountered a “dramatic experience”.

I want to take a few moments and share this astonishing and yes frightening experience. First a brief background.

Before I share though, you must remember that God knows what it takes to bring each one of us to a place of brokenness and repentance. Some can hear or feel the gentle call of the Spirit and be immediately drawn to the Saviors side. Others, God may well have to deal with in a stronger fashion, yet both of these, as you will see is undeniably God’s Mercy.

Having been raised in church from a little boy, I knew the requirements of God and the truth of salvation through Christ alone. As many have, so did I run hard the other way. Then when I was about 14 or15, the Hand of the Lord begin to really contend with my heart and I could feel His Holy Spirit calling me as the Bible refers to this as “Deep calleth unto deep”.

About this same time, I would have what some would refer to as “panic attacks”, but this was far beyond that. The fear of death would literally grip my heart like a python and it would squeeze every fiber of my heart soul and mind. The fear that would grip me was beyond words.

During this same time I begin to have other powerful movings of the Lord that would come to me. I was not in church at the time, I had quit going.

Yet, I lived close to a little country church and on a Sunday morning I would see these people park their cars and begin to walk to that church and I would literally break down weeping knowing that these fine poor country folk were going to meet with GOD! It would break my heart and I would weep profusely.

These “spells of the fear of death” continued and actually begin to intensify. The only thing I knew to do was to call on God for mercy for these terrible spells. I would , in my ignorance , but desperation say something like this, “LORD, if you take this episode of fear from me, I promise you that I will go to church this Sunday!”

In His mercy, God would answer this prayer! The fear would leave almost immediately and then I would keep my end of the “bargain” and go to church on Sunday. I recall though, that I would slip in the back of the church just after the service started, and I would set on the back row, KEEPING my end of the “deal.”

Then, when the preacher would ask this dreaded question I would literally run out of the back of the church out the doors and run to the car!....I knew the preacher was going to say, “If there’s anyone here who does not know Jesus as Savior and Lord and you want to ask Him into your heart today, then please come forward to the altar and we will pray!”

I could not stand that feeling of deep deep conviction and did not want to go forward so I continued to play this “game” if you will for quite a long time.

This is how it would go….The fear would come, I would promise to go to church if God took the fear away, the fear would leave, I would go to church, I would then run out of the church as the altar call began.

Then it seemed as though the Lord begin to really deal with me even stronger. It seemed as though everywhere I would go throughout my day, that I would find Bible tracts EVERYWHERE!!

I would grab them, stick them in my pocket and then read them late at night. I was sharing a room with my little brother Michael at the time, so I would wait for him to go to sleep. When I knew he was asleep, I would take all the tracts that I had collected through the day and I would get out of bed and set on the floor with my little flashlight and begin to read them.

I remember the warm wet tears, even sobs as I begin to read about the love of Christ and how Jesus had died for my sins and I could feel His loving hand very very heavy upon my heart, yet I would not give my heart over to the Lord.

Even as I would walk toward the church, even before entering I could sense the strong tug of the Holy Spirit on my heart and I would get a lump in my throat and the tears would begin to flow. I would gather myself as best I could, then walk into the church.

At the absolute height of this, I had a very candid conversation with my mother about some of these things. My mother was not a Christian at the time. I told my mother that I could feel the Lord dealing with my heart and that I was considering becoming a Christian, I really didn’t know how to even tell her this.

Her exact words to me then was, “Now Marty, I want you to become a Christian one day too before you die, but I want you to live your life first and have a good time and enjoy life and be happy and see the world and THEN, when you get older before you die you can become a Christian so you can go to Heaven, but for now just go live your life and have fun!”

Now honestly for a 17 year old boy, my mother’s words had a great impact on me. In fact her logic at the time made absolute and perfect sense! I thought, “Why of course, WHY NOT do it that way? Why sell out now and give my heart to the Lord when I have my whole life ahead of me? I’ll miss out on all the fun life has to offer, so I’ll just wait until I’m an old man and then come to the Lord!”

What I did not know, was that God had a completely different plan. What I did not realize was that there was a scripture in Luke 12:19 that spoke this sobering message; : “19 And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.

20 But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee!”

So that night, having considered all things that my mother had said and feeling somewhat content that I had made the right decision, I went to bed as I had so many nights before. Little did I have ANY IDEA what was about to happen!

As I said earlier, I shared a room with my little brother. I reached up to cut off the lamp and said to him, “Good night Michael I love you!”, he said to me, “Goodnight Marty I love you too.”

What I’m about to share with you, I say before a Holy and almighty God is the absolute truth without adding a single word or taking one away. If this is the last message I ever write, then let this be my final words spoken knowing fully that I will give an account to God for that which I am about to share.

SUDDENLY and without warning the middle of my bed opened up!

I recall falling down through the mattress, I remember going through the crawl space that was under our house. I remember the ground opening up and I begin to descend with a speed beyond that which any words could possibly capture.

I begin to go down through the ground and it got darker and darker and darker and darker and my decent begin to get faster and faster and faster and faster.

ALL of the sudden the thought flashed through my mind with lightening speed,

“OH MY GOD!, I’ve died without Jesus!, I’ve died and he called so many times!”

“He beckoned me to come to come to Him, He Called me, I REFUSED to answer His call and now I’m lost I’m LOST FOREVER AND EVER!”

I continued to descend faster and faster. The darkness begins to get darker and darker. The fear of eternal separation from God and love and life and family and all that was good was getting more real with each passing second!!

I remember continuing to fall and the thing that pounded my head and the screams that seem to gush out from my very soul yet it seemed as though I could not make any sound whatsoever.

It’s absolutely impossible to describe even the smallest part of the frightening reality that eternity was now my lot, my life over forever, and separation from God and the KNOWING that everything could have been so different but I was wise in my own conceits and I would now pay by spending eternity in hell !!

Finally after what seemed like a “Free-Fall” for hundreds and hundreds of miles at a warp speed, I hit solid ground and lay there for a moment in the darkness totally bewildered and scared beyond words.

I recall standing upon my feet and I could not believe the blackness of this place I was in. It was so dark, so very dark. It was so lonely, completely devoid of anything representing God or Jesus.

I remember putting up my hands to my eyes to see if I could see my fingers and the darkness was so prevalent, so deep and thick that I could not see anything because there was no light there that could cause even the slightest of shadows.

I remember then that Jesus had called hell a place of “Outer Darkness” and that’s where I was (Matthew 25:30)

Even today, these 36 years later, the events of that night are as real as the second they happened.

Again, I did not know exactly how I had ended up in this horrid place, my mind and senses were in full operation and the worst thing of all was this constant non-stopping reminder that this was forever, but that I had many chances to not be here and had ran from this call on many many occasions.

Then suddenly, I seemed to know, although I could not see it, I seemed to know that there was something up ahead of me evil, large and foreboding.

I remember knowing that even though I could not see, and that I had no idea where to go and there was certainly no visible place to hide, that whatever THIS was, that I needed to get away from that as fast as possible.

To this very day, I believe with all my heart that this was the LITERAL GATES OF HELL !

I remember thinking, “Oh My GOD!, I have to run, I must GET AWAY, if I go through those gates or cross that evil border there is something even more evil and sinister and terrible than the darkness which I was experiencing even now!

So I turned to run in the darkness. Scared, with no sense of direction, nor navigation I turned to run away from this large evil that was before me.

As I turned to run, something HUGE literally grabbed my shoulders from behind and begin to push me toward those Gates of hell. I struggled, I fought, I resisted all to no avail. I was being overpowered by some unknown evil entity that was determined that I would not escape, but that I would be thrust forward and pushed to and through this evil structure.

Again now, for the second time in this experience I begin to try to scream! I wanted to scream feelings of sorrow and regret and anguish for not coming to the Lord Jesus when He had called.

Over and over and over again my soul cried out, “OH GOD NO!, Please Lord NO!, How could I have rejected this love? How could I have turned from His grace, Now I’m lost and I’m lost forever!”

As these soundless screams got more and more frantic and panic beyond ability to describe begin to set upon me, I realized that I was getting closer and closer and ever closer to this evil structure that held UNKNOWN horrors behind it.

As I was being pushed CLOSER, CLOSER NOW CLOSER, I was only a few yards away now and as I was about to go through this structure, silently screaming my regrets……..I then suddenly opened my eyes and in a deep sweat I set STRAIGHT UP IN MY BED!!!

I looked over at my little brother as he lay there silently asleep.

The Mercy of the Lord God had saved me from that terrible eternal torment and fate. I jumped out of my bed, fell on my face before God and plead for forgiveness and told Him that I would not let another second pass without knowing Him as Lord and Savior.

It was within the week that a traveling Evangelist came through town holding revival services at the very church that I was raised in as a boy, in the very church that I had heard the call from the Holy Spirit of God but had resisted and rejected so many times before.

This time when the call came and I heard those eternally defining words:

“If there’s anyone here who has never made a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ and you now want to come to Him, then come to this altar RIGHT NOW!”

I do not even remember the tearful walk to that altar, I only remember staggering passed the pews, past the praying people with tears running down my cheeks knowing that I was spared, I was called and I was about to let the world know that I was going to accept Christ as my Savior.

I hit that altar with a contriteness and brokenness and weeping and sobbing and even now I recall the first words out of my mouth were, “OH GOD I DON’T WANT TO GO TO HELL, THANK YOU FOR CALLING ME AND SAVING ME LORD! OH GOD I GIVE MY HEART TO YOU! DEAR JESUS WRITE MY NAME IN THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE!!”

Well, it’s many years later now and God knows, and in fact He knew that I would take some terrible wrong turns, and fall and fail and yet would indeed return with the same heart as that young boy who staggered to the altar at 17 years of age.

Even now I can softly hear the words to the song I heard as a child, “Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling, Calling for you and for me, see on the portals He’s waiting and Watching, Watching for you and for me.

Come Home, Come Home, ye who are weary come home, Earnestly tenderly Jesus is calling, Calling OH SINNER COME HOME!”

My friend if this has touched you in some way, if you yourself are hearing that call of the Holy spirit, If God Himself is dealing with your soul, CRY OUT TO HIM NOW!

For as surely as I write this and as you read it, your day will come. The moment it happens your eternal fate is sealed without remedy or recourse.

The Bible says that “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord SHALL BE SAVED!

If that’s you, then call upon Him even NOW!

Part 2
As I've been sharing about things I saw when I coded back on July 17, 2015 not aforementioned, I go to the next:
(Keep in mind, that as I share these events, these scenes, I'm not trying to build a doctrine, I'm only sharing with you, what I believe the Lord showed me. Others,have had different experiences and seen different scenes.
I'm sharing with you, that which I saw and am allowed to share.)

As I stood humbly and awestruck in the Presence of God, to my shock and surprise came walking directly FROM the Presence of God was..... MOSES!
Now this part is possibly one of the hardest to describe because the glory was so strong that I could not, or was not allowed to fully focus my eyes.
He was a very serious man. He was much much taller than I had ever considered.
His eyes seemed impenetrable as the light and fire of God still shone brightly through him.
It was one of the only times that I remember feeling a bit frightened, when he first stepped out because the look on his face was so stern!
We often call someone "Reverend" , well I call no man that anymore BECAUSE no man is worthy of another mans reverence!
Respect and honor indeed! BUT Reverence?, NO!

However ,I found it almost impossible to not show reverence to him.
His hair was long and white like wool and flowing.
It draped majestically upon both of his shoulders.
His beard was white and long but he had the face of a young vibrant man.
This is going to sound odd, but I found it hard at times, not having received a glorified body as yet, to tell the difference between the Lord and Moses because he walked so closely to and in and out of the glory of God.

His robe was breathtakingly white. He had long flowing sleeves that had huge openings at each end.
I remember seeing large Golden rings around his sleeves, I also saw beautiful Scarlet rings at the base of each sleeve.
He spoke with the authority of God!

As He spoke, at one point he was making such a strong point and he brought down his right hand in expression and it felt as though the cosmos would crumble!!!
I remember literally closing my eyes tightly as he spoke.

He too proclaimed the soon return of the Lord with such urgency and it being so imminent that I still find it almost impossible that He has not come yet.
Moses words and expressions literally resonated in my chest, his voice was jarring!!!!

More soon.....

(also posted 10/28/17 from Marty

I'm going to start sharing small portions of things that I saw when I went Code Blue that I have not said publicly before .
You will see them from time to time because there's much that I saw that I have not revealed.
If you go back and listen to me when I gave my testimony that I said I don't speak about certain things that I saw ,but I'm going to start sharing some of those and I believe by permission of the Lord.
For example.....
I was allowed to see one particular view of Heaven. I saw MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF MILLIONS as far as the eye could see, of the redeemed of the Lord standing in their robes of purest white.
Everything and every persons face just glistened with the glory of God. All pain, heartache and sorrow and weariness was wiped away.
They were standing on beautiful rolling green hills and although they were individuals, there was a unity among them unimagined on this earth.
There wasn't the faintest hint of any darkness, it was all light. Unimaginable LIGHT!
They praised as one, flowed as one.
This was one of the first things I told my wife when my trach was removed. ....
More later

William Pollock-  (typos not corrected)

In a Vision there stood a multitude of people, more than one could count, they were peering upward, and clouds were moving as if a great wind were moving them, some very dark, and some mixed with grey and white, they were swirling , and then there appeared to be lighting flashing, piercing the clouds, it seemed fierce! Coming from heaven, straight through these clouds and directly upon the people standing on the ground, that were looking up, this continued happening for a time, then the lighting seemed to get brighter and more intense!

And then the Holy Spirit said watch, And great openings were forming in the clouds above them, And the lighting grew in its intensity and the light that shined began to grow. It was like looking at many suns, they were that bright, And the Lord said look, And next you could see multitudes of people sitting in Christ Jesus our Lord, the Redeemer, you could see the presence of his glory flowing from the throne, rivers of light, living, flowing over and through them, then you could see them speaking words, that came from the Father of Lights, and as they spoke, the words that left their mouths we're like lighting flashes, as these words left there mouths, it pierced space itself through the heavens all the way to earth, we're they we're standing and then connected to their bodies.

Then they were being transformed, they actually began to illuminate and shine, and this continued for a time, as this lighting would touch one then another, it was as if the very light grew and it began to touch the ones on ever side of them. Then the Lord said, the river of fire was flowing from the throne, and to tell the people to rise up, and take there, place, the place that I have prepared for My Body & My Bride. He is releasing the Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation, like never before. So as they begin to open their mouths and speak, they began connecting in a way they have never seen, nor have experienced until now. For this is the plan of My Father, from the very beginning. The Lord said, So as My Spirit has moved and spoken to them, moving them and drawing them, Now is the time for the son's and daughter's of Destiny to arise, for all of creation has waited for such a time as this, to be released, for it was said," and from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent shall take it by force"

For this is the time and this is the season that the body of Christ is coming into divine alignment, and the plan is being unfolded in the hearts of his church, for the force that is being released in the earth now, has not been seen since the beginning and the darkness is fleeing from its presence. For now is the time of complete healing and restoration of the former and the latter ,the two streams that have flowed side by side are now coming together as one says the Lord, the former rain or moves of God and the latter rain or moves of God coming down in unity from My Father upon the body! So prepare, prepare yourselves Saints, for this is the time of great revelation, for the mystery is being unveiled, and this is the beginning of the greatest out pouring, for now is the the time of the gathering, of the harvest.

For the Apostles and the Prophets to stand together as one, with an Apostolic anointing, releasing to the body of Christ, the gifts that are within them, walking in high places and functioning under the anointing that I have given them!

For you have not seen or imagined in your hearts what the Father has prepared for those who love Him and are standing in faith with him in this hour! So rejoice and be glad for this is the day of the Lord! For the heavens are rejoicing of this release, and the Angelic hosts that have been prepared, are being released into the earth as we speak, for this is the time and this is the hour! If you have an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit of God is saying, rise up and release what the Father is saying.

Have not the prophets spoken of this time, so arise and declare the word of the Living God. For this is the time the Fathers of old saw and longed for, So walk in it Children of God, For it is raining and the glory of God is flowing and it is covering the earth as never before, for even those who have been wounded, those who have been rejected, those who have been cast out, will see and be healed and restored, think not in your own heart, for no man has seen this, but the Father has prepared this, for this is the time. A time of restoration and healing, don't look to the left or to the right, but look up, for this is for you, so rejoice and be exceedingly glad. For the Father is calling to you, to rest and to see, for the plan has been prepared before the foundation of time, so rest in the Lord your God, For He has prepared the way for you, yield and see His glory as never before. Praise God forever more.


The Father says:

I am going to tell you about
the ultimate joy that awaits you in Heaven

It is not the splendorous views
It is not the chorus of a billion Angels
It is not being reunited with loved ones

It is when you stand before Me
and become completely, utterly, enraptured as you Behold My Face

You see, My Face is what you have
Always wanted to see
Even though you may not know it

All I AM
Radiates as the brightest light
Beyond what you can imagine
From My Face

All My Love for you
Which I have treasured
Before I created the worlds
All My Hopes and Joys regarding you
All My Dreams for you
All My Infinite thoughts of love about you
All My deepest affection for you
You will finally see and know these things
My dear, dear, child
As you behold My Face
You have absolutely no idea
How much I treasure you
But as you see My Face
You will finally begin to understand
Just how much you truly mean to Me

Before this moment
You had a vague idea
But as you behold My Face
Your heart will be flooded with such joy
No ocean could contain it.

Your sorrows and cares
From your time on earth
Will dissipate in an instant
You will no longer remember them
As you are overwhelmed knowing
That I TRULY, TRULY love you
As one as never loved another

You will completely understand just why
I HAD to give My Son for you
Because the thought of losing you
Is something I could not bear

Peace, like a mighty wind,
Will flow through you
So that any worry
Any fear of Me not accepting you
Ceases forever

The Joy I feel
At knowing we will be together forever
Will become OUR joy
In that moment
You first behold My Face
You will know
Without any doubt
You are My dear child
You will know My tenderness
Regarding you
And it will make you weep with joy
As you behold My Face

You will stand
With such boldness
That no army will ever intimidate you
As My total acceptance of you
Fills your heart with new, unlimited strength
As you behold My Face.

For no other thing in Heaven
No matter how wondrous
The streets of gold
The gates of pearl
Buildings beautiful beyond compare
None of these things
Will so totally carry you away
In joy beyond description
As that moment you first stand before Me,
And behold My Face.

~ through Jeffrey Stewart

Six Encouraging words from Kathy Mote

1 -
Someone, I see God giving you the inner strength to get up and face the day in His strength instead of your own. You don't realize it yet, but your agenda has just changed from being vulnerable to those around you to being caught up into your fellowship and sense of belonging with the Lord. You have just been called into a deeper and more intimate walk with Him, and you will experience a greater sense of contentment than you have ever known. 

From this place you will begin to hear His voice more clearly, and understand and walk in His presence day and night. Very quickly He has gone from the periphery to the focal point of your awareness. This means a great shift in His importance in your heart and you will be more God minded. This is the great change that has been prophesied and it came like a thief in the night to steal you away from the world!

2 -
I hear the word turbulence, I feel the wind blow. I perceive that it is a great surge of the power of the Lord coming to us.  There is always great shaking when the winds of the Spirit move and blow. 

We are becoming more centered and anchored in the Lord, and like a sword we are being forged and honed, sharpened, and made strong like we never have before.

This shift we are experiencing in the Spirit will leave us forever changed. We will not be affected by challenge like we used to be.  We are seeing the Holy Spirit rise up within us like a soldier rises to a battle call. We are getting ready to walk in imperturbable strength in the Lord.

unable to be upset; calm.
composed, calm, cool, and collected, coolheaded, unperturbed, unflustered, unruffled; unfazed

3 -
To the warrior that the Lord now sends. You are beginning to realize that your agenda has changed. Where you were on the defensive before, you are feeling more like you will storm the enemy's camp and step on his neck! The Lord has removed all your hurt, and now you stand on the pinnacle of a great vantage point. You know first hand that the power of God is explosive in its power to heal. 

The enemy intimidated you for decades of your life, but he is about to see that he no longer has the ability to do even that! You are a testimony to God's promises being fulfilled, to His faithfulness, and to His powerful love that heals! The Light that shines from you cannot be hidden from view, and the enemy has come to fear God's power in you.

4 - ️
Someone, you think you are a lone voice, speaking as He leads, but no one listens, no one hears. I hear the Lord say to you, they will come in droves to hear you. I will send the masses to you. I have placed My Word in you, and in your appointed time, they will come to you. In what you see as your lonesome walk, you are being given the eyes and ears of a hawk. You will be as effective as I have said you will be, and you, My weapon, will deliver My Word like an arrow shot into the heart of many hearers.

a large number of people undergoing the same thing.
crowd, swarm, horde, multitude, mob, throng, host, mass, army

5 -
The Lord said that for many of His children who have been frustrated in trying to accomplish what He has called them to do, He will now give the proper tool. I hear the word expediency for you. You will now see results that will be like a miracle compared to what you previously struggled and failed to do.

Things have moved in the unseen spiritual realm and will now be seen quickly in the natural realm. The Lord has built into you the necessary tools and that has caused your accelerated movement in the Spirit realm! You will now be effective in what you were unable to do.  What seemed like an impossibility will become a pleasant reality for you!

6 -
You have probably been wondering why you have endured such humbling trials and difficult temptations. Through them you were brought, with consuming and dire need, into the presence of the Lord. In response to giving Him your very life, He has given you His. All the strength and peace you now have you received by accepting Him. Even the course of your life has changed as you surrendered that to Him.
We have been prepared to enter the season in human history when Jesus is going to show up big. His Word will be vindicated in the lives of those who call on Him and He will be showing the world just Who He is to His children. There will be signs, wonders and miraculous turnarounds in the lives of His Beloved. 

This is why we have received emotional and spiritual healing that wrought humility in His presence. We have been changed, taught to honor Him, and not a single one of us would dream of falling to pride again. His Life now flows from deep within us, and we know that pride means death. The eternal Life we now live will soon become miraculous!

What will happen in heaven on September 23, 2017  (SkyWatch Media)

What will happen in heaven tomorrow, September 23?

Tomorrow Saturday will be speaking an alignment involving stars, planets, our sun and the moon in the constellation Virgo and Leo.

Tomorrow, this unique alignment will occur in history, which has never been recorded before, and in the future it will not be expected to show up again, they said astronomers consulted.

This alignment involves all stars of Virgo and leo constellations, also to our moon which will appear at the foot of the figure (Virgo-woman), the planet Jupiter will emerge from the belly of Virgo, also our solestará appearing on the shoulder Left and mercury, Venus and mars will be seen as part of Leo to add visual objects in that constellation.

The Virgin dressed in sun with the moon under her feet with a crown with twelve stars ready to enter labor; it is for many to fulfil a prophecy written many years ago. For others it is the appearance in the sky of a new object (a new planet).

Which prophecy is the one that announced this event?

This unique prophecy is found in the book of revelations written by John in the late th century or early th century while serving a conviction on the island of patmos.

Quote Verbatim In Revelation 12:

1-a great sign appeared in the sky: a woman dressed in the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a 1-Star Crown.

2-and being pregnant, cried with pain in childbirth, in the anguish of childbirth.

3-also appeared another sign in the sky: Behold a great scarlet dragon, which had seven heads and ten horns, and in their heads seven tiaras.

The astronomical models (Stellarium, skymap among others) scientists confirmed that this alignment is going to happen and the simulitud between John's written and this astronomical alignment is a reason for debate on social networks.

Being a unique event in history, never before has happened, and that will not be presented again, many wonder how it is possible that someone (John) two thousand years ago, without knowledge or instruments and platforms such as the current described Exactly what will happen tomorrow.

And something else that draws attention is that the fullness of this alignment will be seen only over the skies and territory of Israel where yesterday the new year was held within the lunar system and calendar used in that nation.

According to and the Bible (Christian), John was a disciple and apostle of Jesus. Also several historians of the time said when he wrote the book of revelation or apocalypse he was imprisoned on the island of patmos where he was banished as a conviction by a Roman court.

He is also recognized to be the last of the twelve disciples of Jesus to be alive for those years. He is believed to have died of old age on that island, not before writing revelations.

This is the sign of great changes to come.

Prophecy Watchers   08/28/17

100 years ago a world-changing event happened in the village of Fatima, Portugal. An apparition appeared to three children, who many believed to be the Mary of the Bible. They were told a miracle would soon occur, and on October 13, 1917, as more than 70,000 peasants stood in the rain, the so-called "Miracle of the Sun" occurred. This of course is public record. Suddenly, what appeared to be the sun began to dance wildly in the sky, mimicking a giant kaleidoscope. Then suddenly it came streaking towards Earth as people quickly became hysterical. Many began confessing their sins, thinking the end of the world was at hand!   Then, just as suddenly, it returned to its place in the sky. Just as bizarre, all of the people quickly realized their clothes were completely dry after spending hours in the rain! Are you kidding me?

What did the witnesses really see that day? Did psychics really predict the events of Fatima? Why did the aberration speak telepathically only to the children? What happened to the original testimonies of the witnesses taken back in 1917? Why was the main seer, Lucia, cloistered with a vow of silence for almost two decades? What actually appeared in the sky in 1917? Many witnesses described seeing a dull, silver disc beneath the sun. Was it a UFO? . . . a Satanic deception?

The Watchman Chronicles team and your intrepid host, L.A. Marzulli, traveled all the way to Fatima, Portugal to interview the experts and obtain the answers to these questions from an impressive array of guests who suggest a different story than what we've been told. You will be astounded when you hear what amounts to a completely different version of events than the one everyone has been led to believe for the past 100 years. This is L.A. Marzulli on the trail of the real truth . . . at his very best!

Can you believe that on the 100th anniversary of Fatima, L.A. Marzulli will be delivering the keynote message on Fatima at our upcoming Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum? Just a coincidence? SPACE IS FILLING UP QUICKLY. Join us!

Attend the conference in Norman, OK on October 13-15th, and hear 33 of the top prophecy experts in the world! YES, 33!

Here's the link.…/blessed-hope-prophecy-forum…/

Or, Live Stream most of the event from the comfort of home.

Here's the link.

The Fatima DVD is at the duplicators and should be available to ship out of our warehouse in mid-September. A PROPHECY WATCHERS EXCLUSIVE!!

Here's the link to order in our online bookstore.…/fatima-miracle-sun-harbinger…

Kathy Mote - 07/11/17

In a vision I see a dragon whose wings have become too heavy to fly. he is cast down to the earth and he roars in frustration, for things are not going his way! 

This is what the Lord said. The dragon thinks he can fly, but I will knock him to the ground. He thinks his power is limitless, but My children know My promise, and are not afraid of him. No longer beautiful, his time to shine is done. Leviathan, Leviathan, My children see right through you! All your lies are exposed, you are not the bearer of light, and not the morning Son, but you paved the road He traveled on! Oh, devastated one, it seems you have purpose after all. You have set the stage to display God's greatest Gift of all! What the world took for wisdom was the simple mockery of God. What the blind eyes did not see was that you lied to them! They say misery loves company, and you have had your share, for many have strayed from righteousness because of your lies and the pride in them! But ho, the misery of death led them to the cross, and the Lamb who saved them. The triumphant Life given in the Son is greater than death without Him!

identified in different passages with he Devil (after Isa. 27:1).
Gill Broussard 08/02/17 (was asked this question)

Q:  is there any date on it about nibiru arriving?

A:I can not confirm an arrival without a sighting, there are no sightings that are valid in the public realm. Let me give an analogy, let's say we have a forest fire, and we see smoke and feel the heat,... but we still can't see the flames. There is enough evidence of tugs from unknown gravity (magnetism) affecting all our planets, moons and our Sun in our solar system. These effects on our Sun is causing a change in the Sun's output of energy. this causes all the planets to heat-up as we have observed. This, in turn, is the root cause of all the disastrous effects we see on Earth 
Let's say that P-7X distance from Earth is at Neptune orbit. Then using Kepler's laws of planetary motion shows us that it would take 16 years to reach the Sun, with the present signs we see on Earth and our solar system it's much closer than 16 years.
Marty Breeden - 08/03/17 

Yesterday, and I wasn't even praying at the time, I heard the Lord say multiple times,..."There is a new music coming!" "There is a new music coming!"  Then late last night, I believe this to be a word from the Lord. (You by judge it)

There is a new music coming! A music that will usher you into my PRESENCE in a way you have not known before.....because in the midst of your praise, you will be joined by a sound from Heaven that your heart and spirit will immediately recognize that is coming from me.

The Lord says, "We will have a closeness and a communion that you've not known before....your praise will draw you closer to me and my love and care for you will be tangible. 
There will be no question as to where this is coming from and those with ears to hear and a heart that is open, will experience my glory in ways that they have only dreamed of.

When you sense me drawing close, do not fear, but move into the glory.
For you will be joining angels that minister to me and we will commune with an intimacy that will drown out the fears and sorrows of this world and there you will find rest for your weary soul.
Have I not spoken in my Word that times of refreshing will come from my PRESENCE?

You will need my PRESENCE in the days ahead, and you will find it and you will both see and sense my heart for you, my love for you and your understanding will be opened for I will allow you to see my heart and in my glory you will see that this was my will all along to draw you near to me!
Come now, and begin to enter in, for I will meet you there!

Marty Breeden   07/25/17 - 6: 00 a.m.ish

There is a coming event. This statement is not hyperbole nor conjecture. In my spirit for days now I have both seen and heard people frantically saying these EXACT words with both FEAR and confusion in their faces.

I can hear it and I can see it....they are walking around in a dazed state, hands clasping their heads, as one can see the chaos and devastation all around them and they say:

"MY GOD!!!... I never thought this would really happen, I never thought it would ever really be this way!, This should have never happened, .....What shall we do now??"

Again , I can see the devastation behind them, I cannot discern whether this is man made or natural or a series of both, but this I know, ....IT'S COMING!!!

God is both warning now and calling now, let Him bring His peace into your life, so WHEN that day arrives, you will intimately know the source of your strength and that which will sustain you and your family!

Jeffrey Stewart    07/13/17

The Father says:

"I allow My Children to go through tests because man's natural tendency is to believe that what they SEE is more real than what they cannot see. The opposite is true. Everything you see around you will be gone a billion years from now. But Spirit, which is INVISIBLE, will REMAIN forever.

I am Spirit, and I remain forever. You and other people are Spirit, and will remain forever, somewhere, as well. My Word is also Spirit (John 6:63), and My Word remains forever.

My Word is INFINITELY MORE REAL than ANYTHING you see with your eyes, because My Word created everything that you see with your eyes.

Job 9:8 "He alone stretches out the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea."

Jesus walked on this promise when He walked on the water.

He could do this because this promise in My Word is INFINITELY MORE REAL than the water He walked on. This Promise in My Word is infinitely more solid, sturdy, and reliable than ANYTHING in ALL Creation, because My Word created All Creation.

So If you STAND on My Word, nothing IN ALL CREATION can move you. My Promises, which ARE MY WORD, are settled FOREVER in Heaven.

My Promises to you are INFINITELY MORE RELIABLE than what your eyes tell you. So you can STAND ON THEM, and your heart can be forever settled on the matter.

This is why I allow trials to come. I am training you to rule and reign. AS you learn to rely on what My Word says, on what My Spirit says ALONE, and not on what your eyes and other senses say, you become the type of Leader My Son Jesus is.

Isaiah 11:3,4

"His delight is in the fear of the Lord, And He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes, Nor decide by the hearing of His ears; But with righteousness He shall judge the poor, And decide with equity for the meek of the earth;"

When you learn to TRUST in My Word, I will in turn trust you with levels of My Anointing that you cannot comprehend right now. I will cause your life to glorify My Son. And through you, I will shake the world."

Marty Breeden shared his post.    07/06/17
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Remember my post from Saturday July 3rd?........
Well check out this 2 hour old headline from TODAY from Newsweek:

"Russia has also fortified its side of the border, which includes the Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad. Last year, Moscow moved nuclear-capable missiles along with other military assets to the coastal territory, which lies between Lithuania and Poland. Both sides of the conflict have also separately held a number of drills in the strategic region. Russia’s latest drill includes China, and an upcoming exercise with Belarus called Zapad, or “West,” will utilize up to 100,000 troops in a simulated NATO invasion from the Baltics. Defense Secretary James Mattis echoed local allied leaders in calling the massive maneuvers “destabilizing.”

Marty Breeden

I awoke this morning and heard "Watch the Baltic Sea, Watch the Baltic States!"

" But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me."

Micah 7:7