And he said, “Hear my words: If there is a prophet among you, I the LORD make myself known to him in a vision; I speak with him in a dream.

Numbers 12:6

Message to Philadelphia

7 “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write:

He who is holy, who is true, who has the key of David, who opens and no one will shut, and who shuts and no one opens, says this:

8 ‘I know your deeds. Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name. 9 Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you. 10 Because you have kept the word of My perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth. 11 I am coming quickly; hold fast what you have, so that no one will take your crown. 12 He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he will not go out from it anymore; and I will write on him the name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God, and My new name. 13 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’


Chuck Missler and The Church 

of Philadelphia ------->>>



For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;  Psalm 91:11
Let the king be fair
with everyone,
and let there be peace
until the moon
falls from the sky.

Psalm 72:7
I believe Zach wrote this as he is feeling similar to Lisa.  God gave her the "Planet Tilt" vision on 11/15/14 which you can find here.
I told Zach that this reminds me of those people who have NDEs.  For a short time after they return from "the other side", they are able to see beyond the veil for a while and can see people's hearts, etc.

Dreams & Visions


John Paul Jackson

05/09/21 - The Way Home (Dreams)

Early this morning I had a couple dreams that were all about the way home. In the first dream the highway I was on turned into a rocky grass path, not even a road. Yet I knew it was the path I had to take home. An older man was there and I said “well this is what I have to take home”. It seemed he was coming with me for a bit, then he sat down and started talking about when he was little. I knew he would be distracting me so I said I had to go on. I felt it important to get home

In the second dream I was driving home and suddenly I was in a bus. I looked around for the driver and was surprised to see that it was me! I was driving the bus and there were people with me and I knew we were going home. Suddenly I knew it was a dream and I thought “well if that’s the case I’m going to speed things up and get home quick!” I pushed my foot all the way to the floor and indeed things speeded up. Not the bus but what I was seeing. It was like a movie full of people that I could speed up or slow down. None of their circumstances concerned me but I found it interesting that I could speed them up or slow them down.

Interpretation: I believe “the end” is upon us and it’s about to get even worse (rocky path) yet in our earnestness to get Home, we will shrug off all distractions and do everything in our power to speed things up. Not quite sure about that last part. I do believe when the Bride is overtaken by Jesus, that we will be going in and out of different dimensions (speeding up etc) as we help bring in the harvest of people.

04/20/21 – The Two Towers (Dream)

No this is not about Lord of the Rings. Last night I had a dream. The only parts I recall were there were two towers (I saw at separate times) that had explosions. The first tower looked like the one on the left in that it had neither a square or round roof but was rather layered. This is a picture of the Silver West towers in New York City. I do NOT know the location of these towers in my dreams and am only posting the picture as a reference, it could even be overseas. I knew there had been an explosion because I saw the smoke in the sky much like during 9/11. However there was only 1 building…very tall. I saw it from a distance and I was on the ground.

After that and in a different location, I was much closer to a second tall building (across the street it seemed) and saw it from about midway up. It was darker in color, like dark concrete. The interesting thing about this one was that some paint had exploded through a window and looked like a large splotch on the building. The paint was orange.  The explosion did not seem as horrendous as the first tower and seemed most damaged in the center rather than the top.

Rather than try to interpret the dream, I will just leave it as is because as mentioned, I had no idea about location (or timing).

09/22/20 - My dreams of late have been different.  At least a few of them.  I am traveling to other places.  In the first dream my husband and I went to the West Coast of the USA. He went to Portland Oregon and I went to Los Angeles.  He then joined me and I asked him "did you see the fires?".  In a second dream we both went to California but that's all I remember.

Last night's dream had a element I've never seen in my dream and perhaps anyone else's.  I was in Denver as there had been a horrific EQ.  There was a crevice in the earth and there was simply nothing there.  To the "east" I saw what remained of a city but the new element was the sky.  There was almost something like debris in the sky, just hanging there.  It was not going away any time soon and I took pictures of it with my phone.  It was all so terrible looking that I wanted to hide.  Sounds a bit scriptural.  Anyway the area around the sky seemed fine but the area directly above the huge EQ was also hugely ashy and dark.  No way any planes could fly through it.

I wasn't going to share these dreams but when I had my 3rd one within days of the others, I decided to post them.

07/09/17 - I had this dream early this morning.  Ironically it's a Sunday and the video finished uploading on youtube at 8:00 a.m..  The other links to things I've mentioned in the video are here:


Paris Vision

Watchman of the Year Award   :-)

08/30/17 - Update:  Hurricane Harvey has hit Houston and the Lakewood church is involved...just like in a dream I had, you can read more here  The End is Here - Blog

06/26/16 - A friend sent me Lana Vawser's Word (in the middle of the night) and when I woke up, I decided to read it.  I got sleepy and only read part of it, then went back to sleep and had this dream. (I turn my phone sounds off at night so please do NOT worry about the time when you send me anything, makes no difference!) :-)

My husband and I were at my old home, the one I lived in as a teenager before I was married.  He and I were sitting on the porch and our dog came up and I started to pet her. I realized that she had died last month so I asked my husband why is she here?  Then I knew...I was dreaming!  I looked at him and said, "Don't wake me up!"

I got off the porch (with NO pain...another confirmation to me that I was dreaming lol) and starting to swim to the sky like I was trying to get to Heaven.  I decided I should try to sing...and so I did!  I made up the song as I went along and here is what I sang:

Show me...the way of the King

Show me...the way of the King

Show me...the way of the King

     in a new way

     in a new day

My voice was AWESOME!  Normally I sing alto but I started the song in a higher key.  I think this will happen to ALL of us very soon!  The reason God showed me at my old home, was because THAT is the way I want to look when I am transformed...18!

(this is from an email sent to me by a member/friend here on COTB)

06/12/16Hope, I saw a dream last was awesome...

    I was asleep and suddenly I felt rather than saw red light flashing from my cell phone beside me on my bed....I jumped up n took it..and I did not read anything but  I saw u had the red warning alerts on ur website...I was so excited n surprised too...I was thinking WOW IT'S FINALLY HERE...!!!
     At the same time I could see u ...u were in the kitchen typing this...u were full term pregnant and someone was telling u to to the hospital but u were saying..

06/08/16 - Wearing Idols

I had a dream this morning.  Basically a young girl was trying to sell me something that looked like a charm, could have been for a necklace.  It had an angel at the top, then Jesus' mother, then the Baby Jesus, and a lamb with an apple. It was very ornately carved and pretty.  The girl was selling it and with the charm came information on how my money would be used for school functions or charities.  I took the charm and another woman nearby, said that there would be a meeting later (at a church) on what these kids were selling.  This group of people seemed to be against this piece of art, yet they were against it due to a religious spirit, there was no love or compassion for the young girl or group she represented.  Her mother was with her so I told her and the other lady, that I would "seek the Lord on this".  Dream over

Interpretation - I think we are to seek the Lord on everything these days, no matter how small and no matter how innocent it seems.  Even if it appears to be a good thing, it may not be. The apple represents fruit from the Tree in the Garden of Eden, a forbidden thing. The enemy likes to deceive us and so disguises things to look good for mankind.  No matter what someone tries to give us, regardless of who they represent, take it to the Lord for answers.  Don't go to the church leaders or doctrine, or other internet friends.  Ask God!

06/03/16 - 17 more to be made

It's 6:15 a.m. as I post this and the Paris conference is to adjoin and have a TV press conference or speech at 6:30 (12:30 p.m. local)  I had this dream right before the conference started because I woke up about 3:15, just right after it had started.

Dream:  I was with my husband and knew we needed to make brownies.  I needed to make 17 more and asked my husband to find some paper in our printer so I could draw out 17 spaces to cut out and tape on the brownies, separating them.  He brought me back paper but it was already written on both sides.  There were even some orange lines already traced out so I used them and started making clearer lines.

I then found three brownies already made but in separate containers.  One was in a large candle type clear container, one was in a small white casserole dish, and one was in a smaller mini muffin container.  I did not find that one until later.  I put the small white one away for my lunch, and showed my husband that he could have the large clear one for his lunch, adding whip cream and strawberries if he wanted because we have those in the house right now.  All three brownies had chocolate chips in them and looked VERY good.  End of dream

Interpretation:  This MAY represent something going on in France.  It is possible that there are three countries already, ready to go with this peace treaty which appears to be a "good" thing (chocolate brownies!).  Three INDIVIDUALLY made though, having their own agenda.  Doing research, I found the brownies were first made in the USA but brought about due to British imports, possibly in Boston or at least Mass, (see link).  There needs to be 17 more made so perhaps this points to 17 more countries needing to agree to something.  (I recall reading that there are 20 Arab countries at this meeting.)  The paper is already written, Israel is ready to be split. Perhaps all these countries will split because they needed a separate paper to mark them.  I may be totally off the mark with this interpretation but I had another dream right after this one after I woke at 3:15.  The second dream I was in an office area and I KNEW it was a dream and was trying to find paper to write the first dream down, praying as I went along. I did find a small area of paper but it ripped as I was writing (EQ?)   I was shown an area of very modern equipment with laser type qualities and round glass screens to view things on.  Each area had individual seating.  There were also tubs to take baths there (perhaps some countries know what they are doing is wrong and wish they could cleanse themselves). Two of the office people were wearing all red.  One woman with dark hair wearing a red dress, and a man wearing all red with a turtleneck shirt.  

03/20/16 - The Enemy Working Behind the Scenes

In my dream early this morning, I was the age I am now but being instructed in a school-like setting with other adults. However, our teacher was NOT a good woman. The Bible personifies wisdom as a woman in Proverbs 8. But the instructor in my dream was the opposite of godly wisdom. I had had an argument with my husband and she was trying to convince me that he was a bad man. The first setting I remember was that my friends and I were in a bus with this woman. We were discussing the argument and this woman flat out said, “I used the argument to get you to see that I’m right.” Then she left and walked to the front. I turned to my friend Pat who is a member of COTB and friend on FB, and said, “I’ve been married over 30 years. She (meaning the instructor) should know that it’s just a little argument and we’ll get over it. The enemy has shown us her hand.” This instructor had been working on Pat as well.

The next scene had me returning from a trip to town, and coming back to this school. As I walked in, I found that some people had dropped their necklaces, they were made of a variety of metals and designs but all appeared to be gold in color. I walked past a table that was set up to register people for the school, and saw my old co-worker friend Lucy. Lucy was always very organized and confident and she was while registering these people. She did not see me so I walked past and went behind this stage curtain. I found my group and they were all sitting down, ready to begin a song as a choir. They were wearing hijabs (Muslim headgear that women wear). I knew I did not have to sing because I had been away in town, but I said, “What is this? I’m going to quit if I have to wear that.” I wanted to talk with the Instructor.

One of the singers turned to me and said, “She told us we can quit after we sing.” I said very adamantly, “I’m going to quit RIGHT NOW! Choir is an art you can quit but eventually this will be forced in all classes.” And I left them behind the curtain to go speak with this instructor. On my way, I found another person that was quitting due to this rule of wearing this Hijab. He was Maxwell Klinger from the television series M.A.S.H. (you can’t make this stuff up!) Max was concerned about having a job if he quit, but I patted him on the back and said, “It’s ok…the world is ending anyway.” As I walked up some steps to go behind another area so I could speak with this woman, Paul McCartney was standing in a choir area and looking out over the scene. End of dream

Interpretation: Some of this seemed easy, and some was totally given to me by God as I was clueless. You may continue to see things that could be interpreted differently.

We are being trained right now for our final performance. However, behind the scenes, the enemy is still trying to get us to quit. The instructor was this enemy and is using even family arguments and other small things to upset us. But if we stop and think about it, we can see the deception because the enemy always gives himself away. He is NOT full of wisdom like our Lord.

When I returned from my trip in the dream, I saw scattered necklaces. Necklaces are an adornment and are used to attract. These were fairly short necklaces and had no gems or colors other than gold. If you look at the link I’ve listed, what I saw might possibly be a “Princess necklace”. We are the sons and daughters of God even now, so in a sense based on Psalm 45 which is given to us, we are princesses. The fact that I saw these necklaces intact and on the floor, I interpret as some of the Bride are giving up. The enemy is getting to them and they are quitting. I needed specific help on this to discern whether we were quitting the enemy’s group or God’s. So after asking God, He showed me that the Bride is giving up her crown by following after the devil. These necklaces were thrown down right before I got to the table where my friend Lucy was registering people. Lucy (like Lucifer) means bringer of light. I believe Lucy is showing us that the devil is bringing some of the Bride into his camp.

I walked behind Lucy to get to my group and found that they were dressed in Muslim clothes and ready to sing. I knew our female instructor was the one in charge. She was forcing us to wear these clothes that reflected Allah so I was going to quit her choir. Now the man Klinger is truly interesting. In the television series that I knew his character from, he always wore female clothing because he wanted to get out of the Army. In my dream, I interpret him as willing to quit the school and stay with few of us that were also quitting the enemy’s school. In other words, he was going to be himself and no longer be portrayed as someone he was not.

The final addition of Paul McCartney was also interesting. I am very familiar with his life as a Beatle and his songs because he is my husband’s favorite performer. Sir Paul is one of the most successful composers and performers of all time. In the dream, he was looking out over the school as I was walking underneath him. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth the II in 1997 because of his services to music. Lucifer too was the cherub in charge of music based on Ezekiel 28:13. The name Paul means small or humble, but in my dream, he was standing above me and having been knighted, he is surely not humble at least for the sake of the dream.

That is my interpretation after talking with God about it. I feel that one of the confirmations I was given was immediately upon researching Paul. The first link I saw was an article in the past day that spoke of him trying to regain ownership to all his music. It seems to me that satan too is trying to acquire what he believes belongs to him, and some of us ARE giving up our princess adornments to go after the enemy. We know of some of our own that are being deceived. We have been told that the separation is growing and I am finding that to be true more and more. Please keep those you know are deceived, in prayer. Also make sure each day you put your armor on, and go to the Lord constantly with any concerns and questions. Also continuously praise Him by seeing Him in ALL things in your life!

03/13/16 - Another New Job

Last night another dream of a new job!  Only this time, towards the end of the dream, I was walking back to my desk and I was lifted up to see above everything.  I thought to myself, "This is kinda cool." and then turned to see who had picked me up.  It was the driver that brought me to the job.  The driver went to the lady in charge and told her to pay me in full because I was leaving for another job.  I believe the driver was Jesus, and we are all close to being lifted up!

03/12/16 - I've had many many dreams of late but can't remember much of anything. However, a few things do stand out and I feel led to share them.  One is that I had a dream that I knew involved WP's EQ Word from 12/13/14, I saw "crystal moon" and after research, discovered it may be related the crystals that cause a Halo Moon.  Another dream involved an old co-worker that was going to have a baby and I was to do her work while she was gone.  Lastly, I have had multiple dreams where I am cleaning up clutter in my home and giving it away.  Note that my home is not full of clutter!  lol  I am very practical and don't have much "fluff" around the house, in fact my family has complained that I throw their things away too often.  :D  However, since I've had these dreams of late, today will be spent in going to each room and getting rid of non-essential items unless they are nailed to the wall or are too high to bother anything.  I feel like I am getting the nest ready for others.  So be it.

02/17/16 - Philadelphia Tea

I was in a room watching from above.  This woman was on the phone and was upset that she had spilled all her tea.  She was holding a nicely decorated platter.  It had a brown bottom and the sides were an offwhite, cream colored.  It seemed the sides were made of something heavier like porcelain or stone, and were beautifully curved.  There was also a teapot on this platter and the tea was splashed all over the bottom.  I could clearly see and noted that there were rooms for cups on this platter but the teapot was the only thing on it.  I do not remember what the teapot looked like, my focus was more on the platter.  The woman was upset and explaining how she had upset her tea and she said, "And you KNOW what kind of tea it was?  It was the Philadelphia tea!"  End of dream

Interpretation - I was confused who this woman represented and the Holy Spirit quite clearly said to me, the Church of Philadelphia.  In order to find out even more about that church, I watched a Chuck Missler video this morning and you can find it below. It was very helpful.  We have a city named Philadelphia here in the US and Chuck explains that the word doesn't necessarily mean brotherly love, but more like friendly.  He said more scholars agree today that WE are the church of Philadelphia...the one that has held fast to God. That is true of those who are not lukewarm...we know many who love the Lord and will go in the Rapture soon. Are we being friendly and hospitable to those who need to come to the Lord?  Or has our oil spilled?

The woman in my dream was complaining on the phone to someone (God?) that she spilt her tea.  She was very concerned that it was the PHILADELPHIA tea!  Yet she represents the church that will be removed before the "hour of testing" which is about to commence on our planet.  There is abundant room on the platter for her to serve others and I know that will happen.  She's just forgot her way for a while, she's not been hospitable but she WILL be!

Lisa has had visions of others (not us but our family and friends) helping during the Harvest.  She says some may be given special gifts.  This makes me think that the teapot will be filled then, the Holy Spirit will be back in the church for this Great Revival when the "manifest sons of God" are revealed and we all help in the Harvest. There will indeed be a great coming back to the Lord once He reveals Himself.  Some will be martyrs and some will make it to the end of the Harvest but ALL will rise and meet Jesus in the air!  Have no doubt about that!

The Lord gave me this dream, then a Night Writing afterwards where He said, "Let Me show you hospitality."  This means a friendly and generous reception from a host, in this case, our Father.  He wants to wake up His church and show them His riches!  It's coming so very soon! 

02/03/16 - The Bride of Christ's Transformation - Dream

On Wednesday Feb 3, I woke up around 3:30 a.m. and found Julie Whedbee had posted a Word. I quickly read it and went back to sleep and had the following dream:

In my dream, Julie had announced that a woman that she thought highly of was going to have a conference. Since I feel that Julie is one of THE end time messengers of the Lord (not that I am exalting Julie, but the Lord who speaks through her), I felt that I should try to go to this conference to hear this woman. I discovered the conference was in Indianapolis so I went since I live nearby.

I arrived at the conference and saw Julie quickly running into the conference room. I was hoping to sit by her, then felt I had forgot something in my car. So I turned and started walking in the lobby area. The lobby had nothing but older men in it, 50s and 60s I’d say. They were walking around or sitting quietly. I then realized that I had my keys to my car, and my purse, so I hadn’t forgot anything after all. I was thirsty and spied a water fountain in the corner and went to get a drink. I turned on the spigot and a huge gush of water came right at my chest and splashed me! I thought I had been careless, and then got a drink of water. I turned and went back to the conference room and stepped inside, hoping to find a spot in the back. The conference was made up of all women.

I found a spot beside my daughter in the back row, she was on the end of the aisle. Behind us were empty seats. The woman speaker was talking, then she came all the way to the back corner where we were. She looked into my daughter’s eyes for a moment and there was no reaction… then stepped over to me. I felt she must be looking to see if we had “something”…but what I did not know. I knew I was part of the Bride so I wondered if I had this “something” she was looking for. This woman bent down to look into my eyes. I felt a quick tingle and before I could say anything, I felt a HUGE surge of electricity go through my upper torso and shoulders and head. It was amazing and I physically felt that I was lifted off the chair at least one foot into the air. I did not see anything but FELT it! I came back to the chair and to my senses and exclaimed, “I’ve never felt anything like that before!” The woman then started blowing into my face and I closed my eyes and opened my mouth because I wanted all that was offered. Then I woke up.


I first thought this was a personal dream and that God was going to give me a new gift. But now I think it’s for all of us and it’s more than a gift, it is about our transformation!

I truly believe Julie hears from God so if she recommends something, then I read or watch it. I believe I represented us the remnant Bride in this dream, but as Julie’s Message from Feb 2 says, we are to perform constant mikvehs…hence the water fountain splashing all over my heart. Julie’s Message from God said:

“Fervently pray to be cleansed and perpetually bathed in My anointing, a moment by moment mikveh, seeking Me with all your heart, watching, waiting, interceding, keeping your oil lamps filled to overflowing by staying in My Word, and by daily and constant communion and fellowshipping with Me”

As a Bride, we need to have our Mikveh before our transformation, hence the water splash and then drinking of the fountain.

John 7:38 says “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”

The water splashed on me first, it cannot flow from me until I am cleansed and I drink from the well of living water…Jesus! Then the living waters will flow from us during the Harvest.

After the spigot incident, I went into the room to listen, to accept what was going to be said. I sat by my daughter whom I believe represents the lukewarm church. There was no reaction to her when the speaker looked into her eyes. Still, my daughter was attending the meeting so that gives us hope. Also, the empty chairs behind me were for the rest of the Bride, once they come through the refining fires of the Harvest that is just ahead of us. We are the firstfruits and are in front of them. (note that our families will see our transformation)

I believe the “woman” Julie was telling us about, is the Holy Spirit. The HS was the conference speaker. Even though I was late and sat in the back row of the meeting, she came directly back there but started with my daughter who sat to my right. When the lady looked into my eyes, I felt the electricity, I was overwhelmed and started lifting up! I believe that is indicative of our transformation…our CHANGE! God knows who He has set apart and no matter where we are in this world, He is aware where each and everyone is. I already had the “keys” to my transformation. It just took me a while to remember I had them!

John 14:26 “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you.”

What else is there to remember?

Ephesians 1:11 (there’s that 111!) says, “In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to His purpose who works all things after the counsel of His will,”

We have been told we were marked at birth, our whole lives have been a path for us, to this very point and we are getting ready to be “activated”. I read a Message from Sarah Jubilee long ago that explains this activation. At first I thought it was false, but over time the Lord brought me the understanding that in fact, it is His truth! It has much to do with our DNA and how God will transform us. The Holy Spirit then breathed on me in the dream…

Job 33:4 “The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”

This is our eternal life, our transformation! Once we are transformed, we are permanently changed forever! No more death!

Finally I want to remind of you of more from Julie’s Message that speaks to us now.

In Julie Message from 02/02/16 that I linked above, God tells us:

“I call upon you to fully step into your positions now. Listen for My counsel, for I surely speak

it to My Bride! Where I lead, follow Me, no hesitations, no turning back. You will neither be moved or shaken at all that will befall this earth. Hold fast, for I will shake, I will purge, and I will scatter. My peace that surpasses all understanding dwells within your spirit.”

Like many Messages these days, God is giving us specific instructions. I pray that you will heed these instructions and follow through, so we can all be together for that final transformation!

01/20/16 Two Suns, an Animated Sky, and the False Neighbor

I woke up at 3:45 a.m. this morning, then drifted off to sleep and had this dream.


In my dream, I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and it was sunny outside. I got up and realized it should not be sunny, and woke up my husband so I could show him…I was excited that finally there was something he could see with his own eyes. Even though it was 4:00 a.m. the sun was located where it would normally be about 10:00 a.m. We were not in our current house but rather the one I lived in as a teenager. My husband and I walked to another room and my husband was trying to get the news on TV. I looked out an east window and saw a 2nd sun on the horizon…it was right above a line of harvestable corn. (for those that don’t know, cornstalks look dead when they are ready to harvest…I’m sure there’s a sermon in there somewhere but I digress). Anyway, I picked up my iPad so I could video tape this.

I have a password on my iPad and but the password screen did not show up and I was not able to swipe the screen or make any changes. While I was doing this, I was walking outside and wondering if this was a dream. Here’s what’s funny, it was SO real that I recall saying to myself, “This is so real there is no way this is a dream…it is finally happening!” I was very excited. Since my iPad was not working, I looked up and saw many things in the sky and air in my neighborhood. I didn’t live in a neighborhood during this time in my life, but apparently I did in this dream…but at this house, there really was a cornfield to the east. Standing outside, I saw animated flying things, I figured they might be drones from the government, even though they were kind of cartoonish looking. Also I saw a slow moving space shuttle. Just all kinds of things. I quickly went inside and shut the door as I did not want a drone showing up at my house.

I went past the living room and saw a woman with a baby at the front door. I would not have noticed her except that her foot was in the door, the door was partially open. Rather than be kind, I quickly shut and locked the door, THEN asked who she was. She tried to explain that she was a neighbor nearby and I asked where did she live exactly; also I noticed she seemed to have metal or shiny like teeth. I felt very suspicious but then I remember that Ed Amos’s just had a video about helping everyone out with provisions and having faith from God. But instead of assuming all was well, I decided to ignore her for the time being. I was thinking about my daughter as I walked away, and knew that even if she could not drive to me, she was aware of what was happening and had a backpack full of prepper things.

End of dream.

Interpretation and other thoughts:

2 Suns - My husband will only wake up once he sees something with his own eyes. We have been married 34 years so I know him pretty well…the state next door could fall off the map but until he sees it, it’ll just be a something that MIGHT happen to us. But in this dream, he was indeed waking up. He was even trying to get info on the television and the TV worked but it was not pulling in any stations; it was acting like my iPad. I believe this shows some of us may still have electricity at this point, but it will not be working correctly. The lukewarm and lost will be expecting to find out what’s happening on television.

The 2nd sun was seen during a harvestable period...I believe in more than one Rapture so it is QUITE possible that this refers to a coming Harvest time perhaps in October.  This is not the Bride's Rapture, as she goes first in the spring....hopefully this year!  I saw the sun at 4:00 a.m. because whatever happens with Nibiru…it WILL stand out to us! The whole world will see it, we’ve learned that already. And I believe we will see two suns. A few years, a young boy was on TribNow radio program and he said that Nibiru would push Mars into the Sun, then it would push another planet into the Moon. This goes along with Lisa’s visions because once Nibiru comes near, lots of bad things will happen and gravity on all the planets and moons will go ballistic. I also think Nibiru has its own planets and/or moons and they’ll come into the picture as well…again I am thinking of Lisa’s Sun vision of 01/31/15 and another vision on 03/12/15.

Animated sky – As I looked up to see these suns, the sight was blocked by many of these animated machines….planes, drones, etc. I had JUST wondered if it was a dream or real, then I see animated things. This shows me that the things in the sky, even if manmade, will not harm me, it’s as if they aren’t real. None of these manmade things from the government or wherever, will bother us. WE know this from all the latest information from the Lord. And I think it’s because we know our Transformation is coming right away from this point on, and our mind will be fixed on the Lord. He has told us to do this, be focused on Him and do not let what is happening in the physical, force us to take our eyes off Him. This will be difficult but the truth is, we will not be harmed. Please go to God for confirmation on this. It is my absolutely belief that the Bride that is being transformed early…will not be harmed.

False Neighbor - I quickly shut the door as my paranoia kicked in about the woman trying to get in. I did not think she was what she appeared to be….a worried mother with a young child. I believe this woman represents falseness of those around us that appear to be innocent. And if we let them in, they may give birth to or bring problems with them. Recently I was sent a video to watch and give my opinion on. Having seen who it was (a woman prophet), I replied to the emailer that I did not believe this woman hears from God and did not listen to her. Those of you that email me, and post in the Forum and comment on the blogs and FB, and even just "like" a post etc…are like a family to me. It bothers me that there are those Youtubers out there that are deceiving my family. I am in prayer about this because I do not know if I am to expose them or just keep quiet. I even did a video on the Bride rebuking the Bride, and how it should not be done right now, yet I see this false woman in my dream. For the time being, I will be happy to read or listen to short videos that you are unsure about, and give you my opinion. Please don’t follow me…follow the Lord. Go to Him with all questions and He will give you answers, in a variety of forms but He WILL give you answers.

Back to the dream, I believe this metal mouthed woman was trying to get into my house when I was not paying attention. I hadn’t locked my door. Be sure to anoint your homes again…this has been on my mind for a few weeks but I still have not done it and this may be God’s gentle reminder. In Proverbs 30:14 it says, “There is a kind of man whose teeth are like swords and his jaw teeth like knives, to devour the afflicted from earth, and the needy from among men.” This verse points directly at this woman’s teeth so we need to go to the Lord for discernment on ALL messengers. I think it was funny that I remembered Ed’s video during my dream…but I feel that when all this really does take place, we will be praying our knees off and will know what to do, who to help etc. God will direct in this because He has promised us that He will. So I’m not going to worry about it.

Finally, God will take care of our families. Reread Bonnie and Sue’s Messages because they are full of information to pray for our family BECAUSE God will honor those prayers, not one will fall short during this time. Even those of us that have families that think we’re crazy…they will remember what we said. Recent Words from the Lord have also said this. And as I was finishing this up…I came across an older Message from Sue from 08/18/13:

"Little ones, you have been ordained since before the foundation of the Earth for this time. Do not fear for your lives or the lives of your loved ones, for I have All in My Hands. “I have heard your prayers for your unsaved loved ones and I have ordained individuals that will reach them even at the moments just prior to My return. Some will be as the thief on the cross and will be swept into the Kingdom with even no breaths to spare. Some will cross the bridge with the assistance of angels in the gap between life and death. For have you not stood in the gap for them for many years? The gap is large and the ravine is deep, but the bridge your prayers have created is strong and with the assistance of the angels your loved ones will arrive Home. Trust and have faith, for I the Lord Am your Redemption and I draw nigh!!”

That says it all! You can see that there are already individuals ordained to do this! People such as us…have already been set aside with tasks to reach loved ones, we just don’t know it yet. There is no reason to worry. If you worry, it’s as if you don’t trust the God that you just prayed to…right? Please be in peace about that.

I hope this dream has helped…we WILL see two suns, that is for sure. Don’t worry about WHAT you see, put your faith in the one that is allowing the Destroyer to come. And also anoint your homes again…while we wait!

01/09/16 - The World, The Wedding, and the 21st.

I was at a conference with another woman and I knew I was dreaming.  The woman said to me, "It's stupid to memorize things."  I replied, "Last year I memorized Psalm 23."  I debated about telling her I was working on memorizing Psalm 91 but let it go.  Then I looked up at the ceiling/sky (it was daytime) and saw a planet very much like earth...with blue oceans and land masses.  I looked over the audience at the conference, some were sitting and some were standing as no one was speaking up front.  I said, "Does anyone see that?" (meaning the planet above us).  A woman responded, "Nothing is there."  I looked up again and it was a night sky with clouds, only stars were peeking out here and there where there were openings in the clouds.  The woman's response frustrated me because the Bible tells us even the stars point to future events.

As I said, I knew I was dreaming.  This dream started to become very prophetic and I wanted to write it down.  I got up to look for a journal and went into another area.  Above me was a small stage and I knew that on the stage was God, Jesus, and His Bride, standing like a wedding (forgot to say that in the video).  These were small black cutouts like paperdolls that would fit in your hand.  I was below the stage standing on the floor.  The Bride cutout doll fell into my hand.  Then more black things fell into my hands and I knew these were gifts.  I became very enchanted by this because I could feel God tapping the backs of my hands as I held the Bride and caught more gifts.  I felt (and still do) thrilled that the God of Abraham even knows I exist. I know this is not logical and we should know better but…it’s still thrilling to me!

When this was done, I still wanted to write it down...knowing it was all prophetic.  I went into another area to find a book or journal and as I did, I saw at least three monthly calendars on the wall to my left.  I was forced to walk fast and not see them in detail, but I noticed the date of the 21st stood out on the last calendar. No months were listed on the calendars and there was no month after the one with the 21st bolded.

I continued to look for a book and found some all jumbled together, with the pages already full.  I then looked for a recording device like a cassette player, and found one that had a tape that played a song.  I knew the song and wished I could remember it now!  I’m fairly certain that the song was by Foreigner and was one of their slower songs. Anyway, I could not find the Record button and knew I needed my husband to help me.  End of dream.


As the dream begins, I am in the world with people who do not believe in God, they purposely ignore His existence. Those of us that obey Him however, and have that solid relationship with Him, are having our eyes opened to see more. I saw an earthlike planet in the sky…there were clouds at the time but I saw through and around them to see what’s happening. I looked to see if anyone was looking up and no one was so I looked up again and saw a night sky this time, with the clouds but stars poking out. I asked if others saw this and by the woman saying “nothing is there”, told me that they did not even recognize that the stars point to something, let alone solar flares and blood moons. Even the magicians of both Abraham and Moses’s time, told their Pharoahs about someone coming that would hurt them, they could tell this by reading the stars. The Bible tells us:

And there will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars.  Luke 21:25

So we know that the stars such as alignments, also point to coming events.

I went to another place in my dream, knowing I was dreaming. I was seeing things that would come to pass so I wanted to write them down, but couldn’t find even a piece of clean paper. This is because this is not my purpose…I am not a seer or prophet. I do have visions and dreams and I am to share those with you guys but my real purpose is just bringing God’s information to you from others that have the Words, visions, and dreams that you may miss out on. Also, I am to encourage you which is why you don’t see many negative news stories even though they may be prophetic.

As I moved into this next room, I was moving out of the world and into the spiritual atmosphere. I saw a stage like prop above me and knew there were black cutout dolls that represented the Bride and Jesus and God. They were black because we cannot see the face of God while in this body, and most of us have never seen the face of Jesus although some have. Even the Bride is not known because many who are the Bride 1) don’t know it yet and 2) don’t believe they ARE the Bride. Yet the Bride is full of the Holy Spirit and she fell into my hands, because we are the Bride and we agreed to come to earth and fulfill our purpose. Jeremiah 1 speaks of this as does Romans 8. The first verse of Enoch 1 is specifically for us as well. So we are here on earth which is the Bride in my hands as I am part of that group. I knew that more black cutout things were falling and I believe these were gifts that have come to us, and will be coming to us. I knew I was being touched by God because the back of my fingers were being lightly touched and I knew it was Him and was amazed by it. God was touching me! Even though we cannot see the gifts, they are still falling onto us like light rain showers and eventually we will see everything that is coming to pass.

That’s a nice segue into the next area I walked to which again was in order to write things down or record them. I saw at least three calendars on my way. I was walking quickly and only saw the last one very well, and the date of the 21st stood out to me and it did not fall on a weekend. I did not see ANY months on these calendars, I did not even see if they were from God’s calendar, or our Gregorian calendar. But here is just something I’m throwing out here. In three months it will be April. April 21st is the 13th of Nissan, the day before Passover. My own interpretation of Lisa’s Word from God that we are gone before the next set of 7, is that we are gone before the next set of Feast Days and April 22nd starts that! (see 05/06/15 of Lisa’s Visions). If this sounds like I am setting a Rapture date, then you haven’t read much about me because I believe a remnant of the Bride is transformed first, and then goes out and helps in the Harvest, weeks before the Rapture happens. I believe God was telling Lisa that this small group which includes her, is transformed before Passover. I may be wrong, so I’m not focused on that. But there is enough logic in there for me to think that may be the case. So that means we are transformed before April 22nd….Passover. And April 21st is a Thursday..not on a weekend day.

Lastly, in my dream I had continued looking for a book or journal to write things down in, or at least my old cassette recorder so I could speak into it what I could see prophetically in the dream. As I mentioned, that is not my purpose even though I might WANT to do those things. We ALL want to know as much as possible, that’s why we read so many website and listen and watch youtube people. We are children of God, the Bride of Christ, and we are not of this world. We are of the heavenly realm and want to know what’s going on, it is human curiousity…now that we have been taught THIS much about the Bride, we want to know more! But we have also been told that only God knows and controls everything, and that we are to just “BE”, while He “DOES” all the work. Patience is tough but my guess is that you are like me and thought we would be gone by now. Ok so we are not, we accept that, and rest in that, and let it go. It sounds easy but truly when these thoughts bother us, give them over to Jesus and tell Him to help us get through it. He is ready to take on our burdens whatever they are.

To complete my dream, that’s exactly what happened. I could not find the RECORD button on the cassette player yet it started playing a song anyway. I cannot 100% say it was this song but it was for sure a slow song by Foreigner and I believe it was Waiting on a Girl like You. In my dream, I knew I needed help finding the RECORD button and that I needed my husband’s help. In these types of dreams, our husband usually points to Jesus our Bridegroom. So this last bit is very specific in that we need Jesus help in everything we do, even simple tasks should be given over to Him. I ask His help in cooking and even opening jars! I believe He allows angels to help me when I ask Him.

That’s my dream and interpretation after a few days of prayer. These three scenes from my dream seem a bit disjointed to me, as if they don’t go together. Yet I think they do, first being in the world, then understanding the role we play as the Bride, then the timing of our transformation? Maybe? Finally, asking Jesus help in all things and knowing that He will come for us soon! Maybe before the next 7 feasts!

01   17  - Dream

01/04/16 - I had a dream last week that I did not feel led to post until now.  Rachel Baxter had a confirming vision which you can find here:    

In my dream, my husband and I were going on a hike on a mountain with other people.  I told the guide that I wanted an easy hike, I don't like the rugged stuff.  He said we would need two meals and held out two bags.  One bag said "01" on it, and the other said "17".  I thought that was strange.  The bags should have read 01 and 02, but they did not.  I turned to my husband and said I don't want to go on this hike, lets just take a car to get to the mountain.

I did not want to post this because it seems....SEEMS to point to a date or a month and year.  I have seen dates come and go and the last thing I want to do is have you thinking my dream means something about mid-January, even if 2017.  Yet Rachel Baxter posted her vision today about Jan 16 famine.  Does it mean this year?  Who knows!?!?!  Only God.  Keep that in mind.  Please prayerfully go to Him and ask because I've not been thinking about this dream, until her post.  Surely is something to think about though as she had a powerful vision.

12/20/15 - Missing Christmas (dream by COTB member, permission to post)

Over the past few weeks I'd see an object relating to Christmas upon waking from a dream. Whether it was Christmas lights or wreaths etc. A week ago I had a dream there was a little wind up toy bird. It had writing all over it but I can't remember the words that were on it. I pulled the string and its head spun around as it spoke and it said "we will have many a Monday but we will not have Christmas this year." 

The wildest part of this is upon waking as I sat on the edge of my bed writing it in my journal I began to hear a music box playing Silent Night. This supernatural audible noise lasted about 10 seconds and I was covered in goosebumps. I didn't take the message as being this year 2015 but more of a riddle. Possibly a year Christmas lands on a Monday? That's was one thought of mine. I was waiting to release this but seeing the repost of Lisa's word (10/11/14) and other words God has mentioned Christmas I decided now is the time. I'm curious if anyone has any more on this and what it means exactly.

Interpretation:  (compiled from several members)

Obama stated, "I will win the war on Christmas."  .Many have seen him in office for a 3rd Term as he declares Marshall Law, suspends the Constitution amongst the attacks from Russia and planned crash of the US economy.

- Obama does not leave office until Jan 2017

It's in 2017 when all the stars align to the woman giving birth.. The great sign in the       heavens. (Rev 12)

- Christmas (25th Dec) on Monday is in the year 2017

- Birds in dreams are messengers

12/22/15 - Our Loved Ones are Guarded

I dreamed I went to visit my husband.  He was in his workshop and as I arrived, I saw three beautiful white dogs (samoyeds), a brilliant sheen coming off them almost like diamonds.  They were not aggressive to me at all and one was grooming his coat.  He had a small orange mark on his forehead.  The rest of the dream is personal but I wanted to give you the interpretation of these dogs because in the past, I had dreamed of two dogs guarding my husband, instead of three.

These dogs represent the angels the Lord has sent to guard our loved one.  He has increased their guard (as He has promised in MANY Words) because of the evil that is around and being poured out.  The orange mark was to show that one angel had already taken a direct blow that was meant for my husband.  Thank you Lord, for your protection at all times, even when we cannot see!

12/15/15 - The Door, the Bird, and the Tornado

(video link below)

I’ve never had a dream like this before. The green and the blue elements were a brilliant beautiful color, something you might see if it was touched up but nothing I’ve seen before in the natural. Also, God has not shown me things from Heaven before and while I was not IN Heaven, I knew later that He was showing me things from there. I woke up from the dream smiling because I knew it was from God.

DREAM: I was in my house with my husband. I don’t remember any conversation with him, I just know he stayed in the house the whole time. I found my daughter sitting on a floor wearing a light orange sweater. I knew I was dreaming and came up behind her and placed both hands on her shoulders making sure I could feel her as I thought she was dreaming the same dream I was. I was aware that I could feel her and said, “Let’s go outside.” She got up and we both went outside.

The first thing I saw was a brilliant green soft fuzzy rope hanging in front of me. My initial thought was, well this can’t be a tree because it’s not on the ground. I tugged lightly on it but was afraid to pull too hard. It appeared that I was on the roof of my house and as I looked out, I could see things flying around in the distance and I said, “Those must be angels.” Also, I saw this beautiful (again brilliant in color) bluish teal birdfish with something like tiny gold sparkles on it. It seemed to be a fish but had feathers. The birdfish landed on the ground and I decided to jump off the roof and pick it up. I floated quickly down and landed with no pain. I was somewhat surprised at this. I picked up the birdfish (I guess I call it that because it was shaped more like a fish than a bird) and admired the bluish feathers, then held the bird up to my face so I could feel the feathers. I noted they were as soft as my cat’s fur and my daughter was also on the ground with me and was interested in the bird. I held her hand and I “jumped” back up and landed on the roof again, leaving the bird on the ground.

To my immediate left was another roof with people on it. There were also people on the ground. I started to hear action music for a movie.  I told my daughter, "Ok pay attention to everything that happens now."  I looked left again and saw a city, and right in the middle of the city heading towards us was a tornado. It was black and was not funnel shaped but rather just straight black coming from the sky. We were standing on the roof edge and I knew it would get bad out so I grabbed my daughter’s hand on my left. To my right, I said, “Jesus, take my hand.” He did not appear and I repeated it but He still did not appear. (I have asked this of Him before whenever I’ve been put on the gurney for surgery and I assume He is standing there.) Since I did not see Him, I did not worry and felt this must be what is supposed to happen. My daughter and I sat down to watch on the roof’s edge and as the tornado came our way, in front of it directed towards us…was an umbrella. I started laughing and said, “See? God is showing us that we are being protected!” I opened up the umbrella with my right hand but by the time I was done (had to struggle a bit), the storm was over. A woman on the roof to my left was laughing in relief that she was still ok. End of dream.

(note that I started praying about this interpretation immediately and most of it came during my shower this morning)

INTERPRETATION: My husband does not want to see what’s going on so he stays in the house. The orange color of my daughter’s sweater indicates earth and she is sitting on the floor, still attached to the world. Yet the color is light orange, more like pastel so I am encouraged, and she did get up to go out with me so she is watching. I believe the sweater indicates that she is protected. We went outside and watched…we are watchers of what’s going on in the dream. We were on the roof which is set higher up so our spiritual level is higher than those on the ground (closer to the world).

Now here is something amazing. I’ve NEVER had Heaven elements in my dream. What I first thought was a tree, was actually a rope that would pull open a trapdoor in Heaven. This door is similar to an attic or garage pulldown rope that you might use to open up to get to the top. The color green means flourishing or alive so this door was coming from a “living” place…Heaven! This door is something I’ve been praying about…the “open door to Heaven”. We have read many Messages from God about these Open Heaven blessings and I’ve started to ask Him about this, how to do it or activate it or whatever. I believe in this dream, He is showing me that the door is already here but I’m not working very hard to open it. The fact is though, I barely have to try and it will open but I was hesitating. So I’ll be praying on that more.

I saw angels flying around in the distance. This did not seem to surprise me too much. I am thinking these are the angels we are told we will be seeing during the dark times that are coming when the unveiling starts. These were “good” angels so my guess is that they were sent to protect and also collect those who will die in the tornado tragedy.

The birdfish was awesome! Today as I was praying about it the Lord gave me the impression that this bird due to it’s coloring…was from Heaven. A bird of paradise! It was shaped somewhat like a fish but flew and landed like a bird so I believe He is saying there are things there we cannot imagine. It was so soft that in my dream I smiled…the element of touch was certainly there for me to feel my daughter’s shoulders, this bird, and the umbrella. I remember all these things vividly. Also, God is telling us that in this life...the soft touch of a pet is a gift from Him.  My daughter likes to bury her nose in her cat's fur, and I love the rub my cheek against my cat.  He is saying...these companions are a gift to you!  

I asked Jesus to take my hand but I did not see or feel Him there. This did not bother me…and I interpret this to mean that it’s not our time to change yet, and its not His time to appear yet. However, we are protected.  This was another confirmation to me that I was still on earth and not in Heaven.

My jumping, floating, and landing without harm strikes me as not being hurt. I don’t believe we will have our supernatural bodies right away…I believe we have to go THROUGH some rough stuff, that is why we are required to have faith and keep our focus on God. But we ARE protected right now. 

The music made me think that the events that are coming aren't real for the Bride, they are just events that we can watch and see what transpires.  We saw the storm coming but in the Lord’s sense of humor, He sends an umbrella to show His protection. I barely got it open and may have struggled due to some lack of faith in its protection. God has said that even His strongest warriors would have fear in these coming periods so keep that in mind during these upcoming chaotic events…and it never did rain before my dream ended.

The lady on the roof beside me was surprised that she made it through the storm. She too was on higher spiritual level. I believe the Lord wants me to mention Wes Wattenford’s book here called “Casting Pearls.” There is a free pdf of this book that Wes said I could give out and I’ve attached it in a link in this transcript. In this book, Wes says that some of the remnant Bride will be surprised that they are part of this translation event, like the lady on the other roof. I believe these people are being shown dreams right now and visions and Words, yet they do not believe they are part of the remnant Bride…because they do not believe in the 40 days of Harvest period. Also Wes indicates that some of the Bride are clueless about any of this, such as a homeless person that still has a heart for God and God will use them soon in the Harvest.

I hope this dream and interpretation help you. For sure, please go to the Lord about the door to Open Heaven and how those blessings can be applied now.

12/02/15 - Moon Falls Apart and Hurtles Toward Earth (Dream)

Early this morning I had a dream. I had woke up at 4:15 and went back to sleep, knowing this was the best time for me to have a dream that I could remember!  And sure enough, God gave me one.  In my dream, my husband and I were outside out night.  I looked up and directly overhead was the moon.  It was under some clouds but shining. 

Suddenly the moon rolled across the top of the sky!  I looked to see if my husband had seen it and he had.  As we looked back up, suddenly there was a large piece of it hurtling towards us.  It looked like those asteroids in movies that are rushing towards earth, only we were on earth and watching it overhead. I saw the moon behind the piece so it had just fractured part of it.

 It grew very large very fast.  We ran into the house to watch it on the news and I wanted to get ahold of our daughter.  I was texting her but she answered her phone in error.  As my husband turned on the television, there was nothing on the news about the moon.  On the phone, I could hear my daughter answering questions from a game show that she was watching.  I was yelling at her but she did not hear me.  I had no idea how long it would take for the piece of moon to hit us.  End of dream.

I had an earlier dream of the moon being in pieces and you can read it below under 02/07/15 - My Moon Dream

In essence, I was driving during the day and the moon was out, looking normal at first.  I looked again and something looked funny on the top left side of the moon.  I stopped the car and got out to record it on my iPad.  What I saw was that there were pieces of the moon...something had hit it.  I have drawn this picture and put it on my website but today I found this MUCH BETTER picture!

I recall reading others dreams on Five Doves I think....where they see the moon in pieces or things crashing into the moon.  I also recall reading the dreams of a little boy who said Nibiru would push something into the moon.  

"For the past 8 years, NASA astronomers have been monitoring the Moon for signs of explosions caused by meteoroids hitting the lunar surface. "Lunar meteor showers" have turned out to be more common than anyone expected, with hundreds of detectable impacts occurring every year. "


So NASA can see the small impacts right now, and are even monitoring them.  But soon we shall all see something happen to the moon, and it won't be on the dark side of the moon, it'll be where the entire world sits up and takes notice.

I had a dream about Nibiru. I was awake and my husband was just getting up. We were on a large balcony of some sort but back by the wall. I looked out and saw a lavender sun and sky. It was either sunrise or sunset but very close to this one on the left.


As I mentioned, I was looking over a balcony but there was something like a column blocking part of my view to the left, the sun being on the right. As I moved over to my right a bit so I could see past the column, I started to see a HUGE planet! This was not earth nor was it the color of earth. It had a lot of blue and red blended together. There was a chain around the planet and a padlock in front. One chain and one padlock around a reddish blue planet but this picture is a representation.


The sky was still lavender in color with this planet appearing to be at least 10 times the size of the sun which was on the right. In my dream, I logically tried to size up the planet compared to the sun and I came up with 10x the size. I started to wonder if this was real as it seemed very real!

I realized this was Nibiru I was seeing. There were people closer to the edge of the balcony just walking back and forth and ignoring the sky altogether. I had no clue how they could ignore the hugeness of this planet! I started to speak about it only my words were full of stuttering like I was in total shock but wanted to tell what was going on. I could only get one or two words out at a time and my husband was facing me and ssshhing me, maybe trying to calm me down or keep me from telling the others. End of dream.

There are several ways you can interpret this dream. I don’t believe it points to any absolutes so in a way it is just another Nibiru dream BUT I do see some elements that may be true. We know the sky will turn red…and colorful before this happens. I saw a lavender sun and sky. My logic kicks in here and says we normally see a blue sky and when I think of primary colors, purple is a mixture of blue and red. So blue…then purple…then red. Perhaps we’ll see a purple sky before we see the red one.

The sight of Nibiru was very interesting! 10x larger than the sun…yes I’ve read messengers Words to that affect, also others dreams and visions. I don’t know how physically large it will be compared to the sun BUT in this dream, that is how it appeared and they were side by side.

The chain and padlock are fascinating to me. All I can think of is that God will unlock this cosmic event in His timing. Isaiah 45:7 tells us, The One forming light and creating darkness, Causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the LORD who does all these.”

So clearly God causes calamity…or allows it to happen through our enemy but always…always for His glory in the end! But its His timing and so when He is ready to unchain Nibiru and let her do her thing…it will happen! Will it appear exactly that huge in the sky? I don’t know. Can I see it but others cannot because I am part of the remnant Bride? Don’t know. I DO know that when I was seeing the humongous moon the other night, I asked a gentleman in the parking lot if he noticed it and he did say yes. But no one was looking at the moon the same way I was. I think that huge moon is a precursor of things to come. In my opinion, the reason men’s hearts will fail them. Look at the exact Wording of the 25th and 26th verse in Luke 21:

And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; 26 men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”

Men’s hearts are failing from things happening with geological events. Imagine when they see Nibiru! I am expecting that planet, have known about it for years now. I read dreams of people visiting it with Jesus, learning it’s a prison planet for evil. It may have instigated the Great Flood even, and could have a cyclical orbit. All this stuff, yet in my dream I was stuttering. I think it took my breath away! But when I woke up, that’s all I could think about! Lol I was excited to have that dream and even wondered if I had been having a dream or vision or if it was real. I believe we are seeing the pull of the planet, affect our earth right now and will only get worse. I know you guys all know this. I just wanted to share the dream because of the lavender sky, and the chain around the planet. These seemed pertinent to me.

Dream 10/24/15 - I was with my co-workers and we were going on our lunch hour to shop. The only pair of shoes I had was a new pair of white tennis shoes (with a splash of red and blue color) that had not been unwrapped. My friends left to get in the car and another co-worker named Josh was watching me unwrap my shoes and put them on.. These were NOT shoes that I would normally buy as they were not pretty or fancy like I would like (as a female), but in the dream I felt that they would do the job. They had shoelaces and I don’t believe I tied them all the way. The shoe fit width wise and felt fine to walk but had at least an inch in both the front and back to grow into.

I left the building with Josh and we were in a parking lot. My friends were on the left getting into the car. I saw to the right of me, the most beautiful thing. A small container…basketball size…of a hummingbird. The hummingbird was singing and drinking nectar from a flower, there were lots of flowers in this container. I wanted to be in that container with it and just enjoy God’s nature! Then I looked further to the right and saw a tentlike structure, like the ones that stores set up in the spring to sell vegetables and flowers. Inside this area I could see a large grove of trees with fruit, and it was nighttime in there, with beautiful twinkling stars! I wanted to go there too and take pictures with my iPad for my website (you guys!). But if I did that, I could not help my co-worker friends. It also occurred to me that I was quickly using up Josh’s lunch as he only gets a half hour. I knew I could stay and enjoy the beauty on the right of the parking lot, but I went to the left, knowing I needed to be with my friends. I also felt I could come back to the beautiful area after their lunch was over, as I would still have time.


The shoes are for the remnant Bride to walk in now, no matter which direction they go. We were chosen before the foundation of the earth. There is NOTHING we could do to qualify as this remnant…yet the Lord has brought us to this point and we are qualified. He made me CARE about repentance, communion, holiness, etc. The reason the shoes are longer in the front and back, is because we are not done just yet. The shoe was not too wide and felt ok so I am wearing a shoe that fits, I just need more time here.

The new shoes are tennis shoes so they are good for any terrain/situation. I was just unwrapping them so they are the final pair of shoes, at the end of the race. At work I am constantly concerned about what I say out loud to my co-workers…I don’t want to be humorous and find out it really hurt someone later. That has happened to me, and I know I’ve hurt others with silly remarks as well. So I am guarding my tongue. I can’t remember if I tied the shoes all the way or not but if the “tongue of the shoe” is loose, I need to continue in prayer in that area. But the initial tying of the shoes was a definite action that I did in the dream. Then I left the building with “Jesus” in front of me. The name Joshua is another translation of the name of Jesus and He is overseeing what we do as His Bride. Ironically in real life, my co-worker Josh is the son of a preacher. Josh has a shorter lunch hour than me as he works in a different area. So all this is true.

In the dream, I had a clear choice to make in the parking lot. I believe this applies to all of us now. We can either choose the “easy” route and just bask in the Lord’s love and beauty until the end, or we can continue on our same walk, the one He set out for us. We are still the remnant Bride, we still have the shoes on no matter what, we cannot be disqualified because the Lord will just pull us back to Him, as He did in the first place by waking us up. But there is a definite purpose in this walk to the left, a ministry of sorts whether you believe you have one or not. In helping our fellow man, we are already working in the Harvest. We have the white shoes ON…we are WORKING! We can either continue on working with the lukewarm and lost in our fields, or we can take an easier yet still fulfilling route. Pray about this path for yourself and your purpose.

In a way this dream was personal because lately, I have felt I could easily close down the website, and just read my Bible and worship for the rest of the time I had here. In beautiful music and praise, wonderful nature and life, realizing that God is everywhere and finding Him in all things. Perhaps the Lord is giving me that choice. But I have prayed consistently and fervently for my co-workers…I have prayed that they ALL come to the Lord during the dark times coming, and that they will ALL make it in the Rapture and I will see them in Heaven forever and ever! If I take the easy way at the right of the Path and just close down not only my website but my “end of the world” loving discussions, my friends may not all make it. That’s my take on it anyway…and Jesus (aka Josh) is overseeing what I will do. So I will continue with the website…and my friends. 

My Godshealer7 Dream - (posted and sent to her 4 days before her stroke)

Dream: This was a long dream but I only recall parts of it. I was in a house with Sister Barbara of Godshealer7 channel. We were talking and I was telling her that I noticed lately that she had some people that posted horrible comments on her channel (I’m sure she removes the worst of them). I felt that she might close comments and I told her that is what I did. She said that she wanted those that left the bad messages, to know the Truth and that is why she left them there.

In the next scene we were in a car and she was driving, I was the passenger and there were others in the back. We pulled into her driveway and there were workers on her roof. Brother Dan was overseeing the placement of a repair on the corner of their roof, making sure the correct part was attached.

Interpretation: The first paragraph speaks for itself. I did wonder why Barbara would leave her comments up if she knew trolls would post (or even wellmeaning but hurtful Christians). This dream tells me that people need to know the truth, and she handles her replies with grace and love. This makes sense now.

The second paragraph has Barbara in the driver’s seat. She is leading her ministry and I am one of her followers, but as she arrives at her home, Brother Dan is watching a repair being made to the corner of the roof. The roof symbolizes our covering who is the Lord God. Jesus is our cornerstone. (It's also possible that he is overseeing her rehabilitation from her stroke.)

I added the FB message that I sent to can see it was read on 10/10/14.  Not sure if she clicked on the link or not.  :-)

Ephesians 2:20-22

“having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the corner stone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit.”

Brother Dan is watching over his home continuously, making sure that Jesus Christ is their covering and the solid cornerstone of that covering.

02/07/15 - My Moon Dream

I had a dream early this morning. Another “sky” dream you might say. I was driving a car and came to a stop in town. I looked out my front window and saw a full moon in the sky, during the daytime. This is typical of what you would see when the moon is full and out during the day, nothing unusual but it was very large in my dream. Something looked just a bit off though…the top left corner was just…not quite rounded like usual. I moved in my seat until I was looking through the shaded part of the windshield. You know, that dark area that is supposed to help with sun glare. When I saw the moon through that, it was VERY different. I could see that the not quite rounded part was actually broken into small bits. Then I saw one bit hit another and a tiny flash appeared for an instant. I knew this was NOT good because it had just happened on the moon! I then saw more of the moon pulling apart in bits and pieces that were no longer attached, and I knew in my spirit that Revelation 8:12 had just occurred.

I grabbed my iPad so I could video tape it…thinking it was happening NOW and I could catch it occurring and maybe scientists could figure out what was going on. I did not see anything hit the moon, rather it just started to come apart. It is quite possible that something hit it from behind but I did not see any kind of explosion from something else. It was more like the moon was just coming apart. The picture I drew is the best I can do. Lol Sorry, I am not even close to being gifted but when I looked at the moon in the sky, it looked like the moon with all the mountains and shadows etc. This is just a very rough drawing.

As I got out of my car, I yelled, “Look at the moon!” My iPad refused to work and so I could not videotape it. Some women were gathering near my car and as I looked up, I saw one woman I knew from long ago at the church where I grew up. (note that I just dreamed I was in the church and posted that in my Choir Boy dream in the Forum) The woman called my name and I said, “Helen?!” Helen had been dead since 2007 but she appeared like she was in her 50s, wearing a green coat as it was cold like now in February.  Also she wore a scarf like ladies did in the 60s.  This is the part I have problems  interpreting because it seems as if the first thought would be “The dead in Christ rise first” but this did not seem the case. She was just there with the other women, wearing regular clothing and not shining. :-)

I turned to go into a building which was like a bar. We all started watching on TV to see what had happened but nothing was on about it. I then turned to everyone and yelled, “Jesus is coming! He wants you to repent and follow Him!” Then I left the bar…dream over.

Jan 22 2015 - Signs in the Sky Dream (member Forum)

Yesterday, I had a dream that Jesus said He would give us signs and these signs would occur right before His arrival.  Shortly thereafter, I was looking up at the sky and saw a rainbow.  After seeing the rainbow, I remember thinking that this must be it!  Then I saw another rainbow appear, but this wasn't an ordinary rainbow, it formed a perfect circle.  Then a second circular rainbow appeared and then a third circular rainbow.  Now there are 3 circular rainbows right next to each other in the sky.  Then a peace sign formed out of the clouds, and after that, the face of Jesus appeared in the sky.

I felt so overjoyed because I knew these must be the signs He was talking about!  I knew that once I saw these signs, I had to leave the area.  I'm not sure how I knew that, but in the dream, I just knew I had to get out of there.  This may not make sense, but in the dream, I also knew where I was supposed to go and that I had to go quickly once these signs appeared.  I was then hurrying around, grabbing a few things that I needed to take with me, and while I was doing this, I was thanking God over and over again with tears in my eyes. I was so happy!

I then remember calling a friend of mine.  This friend didn't believe me when I told them that we are living in the last days and Jesus was coming soon, so I wanted to call and let them know what was happening so they could go outside and look up at the sky and see for themselves.  I knew if they saw what was in the sky, then they would believe and accept Jesus into their life and be saved.  I also wanted them to prepare for what was about to happen next.  I also somehow knew that something bad was going to be happening soon. 

Another thing I should mention is that I was carrying what I think was a baby throughout the dream, or it may have been my dog...not sure because I don't remember what they looked like, or who or what it was, but somehow I just knew I had to take them with me. Like they were dependant upon me-like a baby or a pet would be.  (I don't have any babies, my children are grown, so maybe it was my dog)  After I gathered my things and called my friend, I headed outside to leave.  Once I got outside, I saw that all kinds of crazy things were going on.  There were people running around looting and stealing cars and even killing people.  It was horrible-mass chaos.  I ran to get into my car and then woke up.  Would appreciate any interpretations anyone might have-I'm especially curious about the 3 circular rainbows.

Rec'd this 11/18/14 - posted with permission from Zach Wilkinson
Hope! I meant to tell you that something is happening to earth and/or reality itself lol. Okay so for the past 4 days just about God has done something to my vision. What I mean by this is I am starting to see the actual effects of sin on reality. Like I am seeing that sin has degraded this physical reality to where it is a blanned surface level of the true beauty and reality of this world since the beginning of time. It's like I'm seeing, but through this vessel I know I missing out on the true beauty and what is really there. It's hard to explain but the best way I can explain it is it is like my spirit man (man-child) is grown to a point now that its eyes are opened and ready to break out but he recognized he is trapped and since he is trapped he sees through this vessel and the blandness of reality. I am saying this as confirmation to the way ppl have been feeling. When I prayed about this, that same day God started showing me the word "illusion" multiple for a few days.

Second. My mom. That same day I started experiencing these things and still am. My mom had this scarf wrapped around her head. She said there has been a shift in the atmosphere multiple times. She said that her ears kept popping and that her head was feeling a change in pressure. She has been feeling this for two days now
10/24/14 - I had a dream last night about Billy Graham's house.  People were walking around and moving furniture.  But Billy himself was not there.  Nor was it a sprawling mansion like this Olsteen house.  Not sure what the dream means because Billy is quite old and I am sure he is ready to go Home and be with his wife.  He was born Nov 7 and is 95.  ~ Hope

10/03/14 - Hope here...I had a dream about an hour ago. I was on a road alone in my car and I made a left hand turn into a parking area with what seemed like a dilapidated barn.  As I was turning, my car hit a post and I was swung into the barn lot and my car stopped. That seemed like the end of the dream, but then suddenly I KNEW it was a dream.  The post was gone and the car was not damaged.  I turned and looked behind me and there was a car behind me.  In the car behind me was The A Team!  Somehow I was able to talk with my husband and I said to him, "Hey do you want to be in my dream?  The A Team is in a car behind us!"  And husband was in the back seat of the car with me.  We both got out and as I turned to look, the A Team car was not there.  My husband and I started to walk around this barn thing and I said, "Be sure to notice all the flora and fauna because we are in a dream and there is a lot cooler stuff here!"  Then I noticed my feet were walking on VERY soft grass.  My husband was in front of me and I noticed he had on his tennis shoes and couldn't feel the softness, but he was checking out the flora.  Then suddenly I realized that I could bounce, my feet were very light and it was simple for me to just jump a little and bounce to the next step.  I also told my husband about this and he started to bounce too although his attention was directed to the flowers on the ground. 

As we came around this building, I noticed a large hill to my right.  The hill was rounded and almost straight up and at the top I could see the rounded outline of what appeared to be the wall of some ruins.  I saw a dirt path going up the hill and I knew that I could easily get up that hill because I could bounce and would not get hurt.  My husband was already ahead of me walking toward the hill.  I started on my way and saw a woman seated to my right.  Now about this time, I remembered the Words from God that I had written down from Lisa's vision.  I knew that I was being shown something important.  I knew that although it would delay me, I had to stop and listen to what this woman had to say. 

The woman was wearing white and had long auburn hair, at first she had glasses but then she did not.  She had a book in front of her and was looking at it.  I stopped in front of her and she told me some things that I do not recall.  Then she said something that I told myself I HAD to remember because I was dreaming and it was important.  She said, "ISIS is already here."  I knew that and felt great anticipation....she then said, "Here is what I want you to do."  I was so excited...this was what God had been talking about through Lisa!  Here was my next step, my next level.  I had even prayed about this a few hours earlier when I awoke in the middle of the night, so I was all ears! husband moved in our bed at that point and I woke up!  AARRGGH!!  lol   But I have a feeling that this dream will be continued soon!

Little Girl's Dream - someone Lisa knows  Sept 8-10

So tell me if this means anything to anyone....I saw this little 6 year old girl this morning...and she has never spoke more 2 words to me(is shy) but this morning she was glowing!! She says "I HAD A GREAT DREAM LAST NIGHT" and I say..oh really??? So she starts off..she was outside her house, but over by where she isn't allowed to go past, and she sees something over by the ditch moving in the tall grass/ bushes..and all the sudden this white bird comes flying out...she was able to catch it and hold it for a minute, and then her mom's friend came up shouting Ezekiel!!! Now if it weren't for yesterday's messages about Ezekiel I may not have thought much about it..BUT then I ask do you have a brother or someone you know named Ezekiel in your family and she says no, but there used to be an Ezekiel on the school don't think she had much of a clue about anything, but it sure spoke to me!!!

Another dream from my little 6 yr old shy friend!!!! She sees me and says...I HAD ANOTHER DREAM!!!! So she says she was out hiking, when they came upon a cabin...and decided to go in for a minute and check it out...she said it was NOON..(she wanted to be VERY CLEAR I knew it was NOON!!) a few minutes later they came out and it was COMPLETELY DARK they decided they would have to lay down and sleep overnight there...she said there was a quilt, not the kind I am thinking of with little squares, this was different...AND all around the edges were JEWELS!!! Jewels and gold!! They slept there and when they woke up, there was a REALLY BRIGHT LIGHT!!!

UPDATE:  09/06/14 - I have not updated this page in quite some time.  As you know...MANY people all over the world are having dreams and visions now.  I have permission from Kelli to post her dreams...if she continues to have them and the Lord points to posting them all here...then I will create a new page for her.  Here is what she said today:

I, Kelli Davis, have witnessed things that I know have yet to pass. I have been debating whether or not I should share my dreams or visions with anyone since every time I mention them I’m called crazy or need help. I am a Christian. I have suffered and have been mocked by many but I will never deny my Lord, the ONLY GOD, Jesus Christ. I am no more perfect than the next sinner and I do not spend my days pretending that I am self-righteous because I am not. I seek repentance every day and I know I am not worthy and I put my life and my faith in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit has witnessed to me things that I could not have known with my logical mind, that is confirmation that I know it is his special revelation. He speaks to me now as I am writing this, giving me confirmation that this is indeed what I should do. To those that see this and heed my warning, please heed it. Time is short, and the rapture will soon be upon us. I know God takes the broken and heals them. I have been broken and reborn again through Christ. I am a mixture of Paul and Jeremiah in the Bible. I weep for all of mankind. I do question God sometimes but I know that I must trust him. I am a paralegal student and in the past before God, I wanted to be Chemist. If God permits and time is left I will help those legally that need help. I will try to change some of this wicked world and fight what I can until the Good LORD comes back. The Bible says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20 KJV). I will expose this evil that has infiltrated into our law systems. A Law system that thinks it has all power over everyone and that it can destroy and take away everything from innocent people just because they don’t know the law. In these next paragraphs I will be describing dreams that I have had since I’ve came back to Christ.
The first dream I had, was sometime a year ago, I dreamed of a tsunami that’s waters washed away all that could be seen. I saw people screaming in sheer terror but despite their efforts they couldn’t escape its waters.
Another dream I had, involved me looking out a glass window as what the media refers to demons as UFO’s.. These UFO’s were attacking us. I watched them come into our atmosphere and hover for several hours. People were getting out of their cars and houses, just standing and looking at these abominations. There were hundreds in the sky. Suddenly, they sent lightning beams down and destroyed everything.
My next dream is a bit complicated and no words can describe how terrifying it was. I woke up crying and screaming. I was taken to an elevator that went to a floor, the number is unknown to me. When it opened I was in total darkness until sticks that were burning laminated the room. The scenery was almost like in a huge cave. I saw these beings, deformed and freighting to the eye, screaming and moaning while have sexual intercourse. It was like it was painful and they couldn’t stop doing it. There were hundreds of them. They were so terrifying I screamed and returned to the elevator before I woke up. The Holy Spirit confirmed that I had seen hell. I had seen what hell was like for those who were judged for fornication, adultery and other related sins.
My most pleasant dream, was when I was at home. A woman that I knew came by with a gun and was threatening to kill my mother. My mother went outside to confront her. The next thing I knew, I’m in the middle of them, telling them to lower weapons. Then, I fall to my feet and look up to see a light in the clouds, when I fell completely down, I saw Jesus’s feet. I felt such happiness and Joy that I cried and kissed his feet with hesitation.
One dream I can recall, was a short one. I was standing in a neighborhood in front of a house that I have never seen. There were thousands of people. All the sudden fire balls larger than the house started to fall down onto the earth. It went into the house that I was standing by and destroyed it. I felt no fear as I watched everyone run in all directions trying to escape but there was no escape. I felt sadness for these people and I woke up.
One dream that is hard for me to interpret, is watching the sky and seeing another planet hit ours.. I watched all water sources run backwards.
I encourage anyone that does not know Jesus to accept him into your heart. He is the only one that can save you from Gods wrath. Christianity is more than a religion it is a relationship. Don’t wait until his wrath is pouring to repent. Find him now.

Dreams in the Bible

When he was set down on the Judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, `Have thou nothing to do with that just man; for I have suffered many things this day in a dream, because of him'
''--Matthew xxvii, 19.

``God came to Abimelech in a dream by night, and said to him, `Behold, thou art but a dead man, for the woman thou hast taken; for she is a man's wife''--Gen. xx., 3rd.

``And the Angel of God spake unto me in a dream, saying, Jacob; and I said, here am I''
--Gen. xxx., II.

``God came to Laban, the Syrian, by night, in a dream, and said unto him, take heed that thou speak not to Jacob, either good or bad''-- Gen. xxxi., 24.

``And he said, hear now my words, if there be a Prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream''--Numbers xii., 6.

``In Gideon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night''-- 1st Kings iii, 5.

``They answered again and said, `Let the King tell his servants the dream and we will show the
interpretation of it.' ''
--Dan. ii, 7.

``And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into
their own country another way''
-- Matthew ii, 12.

``And it shall come to pass in the last days, sayeth God, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams''
--Acts ii, 17.

``Then thou scarest me with dreams, and terrifiest me through visions''
-- Job vii, 14

``In thoughts from the vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth on men, fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones to shake''-Job iv, 13-14.

``And he dreamed yet another dream, and told it to his brethren, and said, `Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me' ''--Gen. xxxvii, 9.

``And they dreamed a dream both of them, each man his dream in one night, each man according to his interpretation of his dream, the butler and the baker of the King of Egypt, which were bound in the prison''-- Gen. xl., 5.

``And he slept and dreamed the second time; and, behold, seven ears of corn came up upon one stalk, rank and good''-- Gen. xli, 5.

``And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions''-- Joel ii., 28

``And the King said unto them, I have dreamed a dream, and my spirit was troubled to know the dream''
--Dan. ii., 3.

``And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold, the angels of God ascending and descending on it''--Gen. xxviii., 12.

``And the angel of God spake unto me in a dream, saying `Jacob:' And I said, `Here I am' ''--Gen. xxxi, 11.

``And it came to pass at the end of the two full years, that Pharaoh dreamed; and behold, he stood by the river''-- Gen. Xli., 1.

``And it was so, when Gideon heard the telling of the dream, and the interpretation thereof, that he worshiped, and returned into the host of Israel, and said, `Arise; for the Lord hath delivered into your hand the host of Midian' ''--Judges VII., 15.

``And Solomon awoke; and, behold, it was a dream''-- First Kings, III., 15.

``Then thou scarest me with dreams, and terrifying me through visions; so that my soul chooseth strangling, and loss rather than my life''-- Job xvii.,14-15

Famous People Dreams

The Roman Emperor Marcian (Flavius Marcianus) dreamed he saw the bow of Attila the Hun break on the same night that Attila died
  • Plutarch relates how the Emperor Augustus, while ill, through the prophetic dream of a friend, was persuaded to leave his tent, which a few hours after was captured by the enemy and the bed where he had lain was pierced with the enemies swords
  • Joan of Arc predicted her death in a prophetic dream
  • Hannibal based his battle plans against the Romans according to a prophetic dream
  • Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own death just days before his assassination
  • The defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo was foretold in a prophetic dream
  • The author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) said that his novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it was conceived in a dream
  • Golfer Jack Nicklaus found a new way to hold his golf club in a dream
  • Albert Einstein's theory of relativity was inspired by a dream
  • " And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

    Genesis 5:24