Dailies 2020

Constantly remind the people about these laws, and you yourself must think about them every day and every night so that you will be sure to obey all of them. For only then will you succeed.

Joshua 1:8 

I am temporarily suspending this page until my internet connection is better!

04/12/20 - Help is on the way

I watched a documentary on North Korea today, several hours worth.  While it was mostly a setup for the interviewer to see how "wonderful" everything was, he did ask questions of some of the people and you could see fake smiles on their faces as they continually praised their leader who we know as Rocketman.  I started to feel compassion and empathy for the people.  As the documentary went on to expose more of their famine and no medical help, it became overwhelming.  I prayed that we can help these people after the outpouring and our transformation.  I'm sure God will send us....I can't imagine how they might have heard about Jesus or know hope of any kind.  Only God knows.  But these are His children and we are about to rise up and become the army that stands against their enemy!

04/11/20 - Experts my foot

Feb 17 - Don't Wear a Mask

"If you look at the masks that you buy in a drug store, the leakage around that doesn't really do much to protect you," he said. "People start saying, 'Should I start wearing a mask?' Now, in the United States, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to wear a mask."  Fauci also doesn't want people to worry, but many are.

Mar 2 - Masks May Increase your CV Risk

US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams not only wants people to stop buying facemasks to prevent the novel coronavirus, but warns that you actually might increase your risk of infection if facemasks are not worn properly.

Mar 31 - Wear a Mask

"The idea of getting a much more broad community-wide use of masks outside of the health care setting is under very active discussion," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases."

Apr 11 - Man Kicked off Bus for not Wearing a Mask

A viral video shows police dragging a Philadelphia man off a bus on Friday, seemingly in violation of coronavirus policy at the time.

The video, recorded Friday, shows the man fighting the police as they lift him up and off of the bus. He repeatedly shouts at them before demanding their badge numbers.  The man was not arrested or issued a citation.

04/10/20 - "Mitigation"

I'm starting to hate that word as much as the word "data".  The medical leaders are saying that the only reason the potential numbers of death from this CV are going down is because of human behavior.  NO ONE is acknowledging that is may have something to do with prayer.  The President told us to pray and we did.  We pray because we love our family and friends and the lukewarm and the lost.  We pray because we hate the enemy and his weaponizing of this virus.  But none say that things are getting better because of our prayers. This is frustrating to me but I expect it.  I just hope that Christians are seeing that you do not need to be together physically in order to pray spiritually. Prayer makes a HUGE difference!

04/09/20 - Lapghan

I just wanted to show you something I have completed during this down time of not leaving my house.  It's got both crocheted and knitted sections which are 7 x 9 and then sewn together.  I had been making it for a charity that I mail the sections too...and others join the sections together.  Since they temporarily shutdown for a while, I decided to stop sending to them and only work on the ministry now at my church.  I had a lot of fun doing this!  

I hope you are looking for joy in your down time, rather than what you are missing.  Look and see what you can do for others...for we are to think of others more highly than ourselves.    Philippians 2:3

Just as I have knelt before you as a servant, so you are to kneel before one another, rendering loving service. Just as I have gazed into your eyes to behold your dignity and worth, so you are to gaze into the eyes of the lost and the forgotten, the poor and the broken, and reflect back to them their dignity and worth. You see them through my eyes! Just as I have lovingly washed your feet, every part of your being has felt my cleansing so you too are to touch the lowly with kindness and gentleness, lifting them to their feet so that they may stand with you, in freedom and dignity, before me, their King and Saviour who will redeem them and lift them from the miry clay.

“I have set you an example.” Seek out the broken and the lost. Listen with compassion to those whose dignity has been trampled upon, who have come to see themselves as failures in this world, those who feel forgotten – or never really known – those who have been judged or hurt, those who feel they are not reachable. So many pass them by but I call you to show them what it is to be loved, truly loved, just as they are.

One by one, the water of his love washed over the feet of each disciple. No one is left out. Judas. Peter. The ones who say nothing.
All are washed. All are loved.

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.
(John 13:34-35)

Dana Jarvis - FB

04/08/20 - Passover

Today is Passover (and part of tomorrow) and yes I did the shofar (via phone) at noon my time, and the communion at 3:00 my time, and anointing per Diana Pulliam's post.  We are to prepare our families as well, and so I told my husband the reason I was going to anoint the house (and each other again) was because God has said to be obedient and do this in faith.  I was reminded of when God told Abram to step out and leave the country and Abram just did it...and it was counted as faith and I explained that to hubby and he was cool with it. In the past he has let me do everything and just goes along with it.

Fast forward a few hours later as he was coming in from his workshop for the night and before I anointed things...he says, "Should we anoint the workshop too?"  I was glad that my jaw did not drop on the floor.  I told him that I had done this a few weeks back but if he wanted to then sure.  He said there were tornado watches out and so he took the oil and went out and prayed and anointed his workshop!  We then anointed the house together and then each other.  Again just to testify to God's supernatural changing of the heart and mind...if you have a lukewarm or lost spouse or family member or friend that you want to see AWAKE in the days to come, go to the Courts of Heaven!  Study this and do it right and God the perfect Judge will hear your cause and begin a new work in them.  You can find my testimony here.

04/07/20 - Bird Update

For the past several days around supper time we've had a robin appear on our birdbath, to take a bath.  We dubbed him 5 o'clock Charlie. However since he is now appearing earlier each day we'll just name him Charlie.  Also three juncos appeared yesterday so even though today was 77 degrees, there is at least one more snow coming...per the birds.  It may just be a tiny smattering..what we call "spittin' snow", but the juncos have not led us wrong yet.  I'm so glad that nature continues to roll on despite the virus that is ravaging the people. God is in control.

04/06/20 - These Boots are no longer made for walkin'

My husband was tying his shoes this morning and told me some interesting facts.  He apparently put a drill hole on one side of his shoelaces because the piece fell out that holds the lace.  This allows him to continue to use the shoestring.  He then turned his foot over and showed me that he has glued the sole of the boot back on because it fell off.  With his finger he pulled up the front of the boot to show me it was also coming apart...and also said he would have to drill another hole soon on the left side of the shoelace tie so he could continue using it.  Sheesh!  Talk about getting good use out of something! 

He has always been like this.  If there is such a thing as a classic man..then hubby is that.  During our 40 years he refused to wear anything but Levis...searched doggedly for Converse high top tennis shoes (inexpensive ones like 1975)...and will not get rid of his record albums.

Thank you God, for this precious protector of my home.  I am blessed because of him.

04/05/20 - Q Who?

If you are a follower of Q, know that I agree 100% with Celeste.  She is very kind and respectful of those who follow Q but she herself does not follow him.  I also appreciate how she brings Truth from the Bible into all she does...if it's not in the Bible then she gives it no heed.

I feel this is an important video because she mentions that TPTB said they will take down the electric grid sometime in 2020.  She does NOT say 3 DoD.  We know a few other pieces of the puzzle that Celeste may not know...storm in the Pacific, EQ across the USA.  Plus IMO the final warning is the Message that Bonnie, Sue, and Warrior Princess will put out and be posted here.

04/04/20 - Unshakable Faith

So my husband and I decided to take a small trip "to town" today.  He went into a home depot type store and bought some fairly essential things.  Then we went to the driveup at the bank, and I went into a drugstore for a few things.  Seeing a few people already in masks...and Xs in stores where you need to stop your cart (6 ft) is a bit unnerving.  I've been pondering this and I don't believe ANYTHING has affected the entire world like this virus, since the Great Flood. Not even "world" wars have affected so many countries. I hear on the news tonight that 36% of the people say this has affected them mentally.  We've been told to have "Unshakable Faith" from many of the prophets and seers these days.  That's what this is all about.  Do you or do you not believe that God has this...and you stand in that and you rest in that. It's not about Trump or the NWO or the vaccine that's coming to cause harm...it's about unshakable faith.  You are part of God's Army!

04/03/20 - Stock Up

I've been watching, reading, and listening to much information.  Empty hospitals and no one in "testing" lines. People having no symptoms at all, testing positive. Places no longer accepting cash.  Face shields at cashier stations.  Fear ramping up via media when the outside doesn't look that bad at all.  People...listen to the ones surrounding President Trump.  Not all are as wonderful and helpful as they appear.  Trump is trying to let the states decide shutdown...but others advising him...are suggesting the entire country shuts down.  The NWO is taking root and it's happening quickly.  I would advise you go out and purchase what you need, while you can.  What happens to one part of your country, will eventually happen in your area.  But know this, our Father warned us about this!  We should not be surprised.  In fact, we should be prepared.  And no fear.  :-)  Why should we fear?  Who holds us in the palm of His hand.  The Great Shepherd.  We have been told we are and will be safe as will are families.  That's all we need to know.  It's really that simple.

04/02/20 - The Needs of the One

I watched another movie today that I'd not seen in a long time...Behind Enemy Lines.  Long story short, a naval officer is downed behind enemy lines and his commanding officer of the navy vessel eventually disobeys orders to rescue him.  I thought of our time to come when the outpouring has occurred or even our transformation and God has us go in to a multitude of people but only rescue one person.  The phrase from Star Trek which you may have heard from Spock is "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."  But in a later movie Kirk tells Spock the reason he rescued and revived him was because "the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many:.."   :-)

UPDATE:  I read this later!! 


04/01/20 - Best of Times

Today I glanced at the TV (I keep it muted a lot) and it was showing a veteran helping feed many other people during this crisis.  Immediately I heard in my spirit..."It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."  I recalled this was the beginning sentence in a classic novel and found it was A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.  I looked up the sentence and found the MOST interesting beginning paragraph!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

03/31/20 - Crickets

Another Word from the Lord told me that I would once again hear crickets.  Maybe this summer...or in Heaven!  Right now they are dormant and I only hear them on my sound machine at night.   :-)

03/30/20 - Message of Hope

The other day the Lord told me that soon there would be a Message of hope for the world and everyone would know it was from Jesus.

03/29/20 - Church Service

Last week after 299 times of practice (his words), our preacher figured out how to put a video out.  He continued in that vein throughout the week and today posted a live sermon.  He was at his pulpit and preaching to the video audience. He did great!  I knew he would!  I can see by the views on his videos beginning from the first day until now, that his influence is growing greatly.  From 20 views on day one, to a video yesterday of 5,500 views!  This is God's outreach.  I have told the preacher repeatedly that he will need to go from one sermon each Sunday, to either two sermons or to build a bigger church.  And as I see this influence grow, I am sure this is God's plan.  It's wonderful to see this growth happening and to be a part of it.  Praise the Lord!

03/28/20 - The Crazies

Recently I have noticed an uptick in the craziness of people.  God is really separating the good from the evil, the light from the dark.  Many reporters are being fired for ranting or making very strange comments.  These are starting to be headlines so I know you have or will see them.  I feel the demons are coming out of the woodwork.  I even watched a woman in the Senate ranting and raving until they called her out of order!  The enemy is making itself known much more easily these days.  I am finding those who are FOR the UN or global help, are most likely part of the enemy's lineup.  Those of us who do not wish for the "world" to make our decisions...are on the side of the good guys. Keep watch in the days ahead for people's personalities because the enemy is giving away his position.

03/27/20 - Lisa's Vision Repost

Just felt led to repost this from Lisa's Vision.

11/27/14 - "Teetering World" Vision (Thanksgiving Day in the US)
Lisa saw a vision of many many people pushing a globe of the world up a cliff. They are creating some big...huge problems...disasters, bombings etc. For sure one thing at first she sees a total economical collapse. Everything will start and go at once... like firecrackers. Like a domino effect, and I am reminded of Julie Whedbee's train wreck vision in her June 18, 2012 vision.
Lisa also saw that as soon as the earth started it's downward tilt, then we are transformed (not the Rapture but our transformation...the "first call"). I asked her if she wanted to add anything to this that I wrote up. She wrote:

" No I wish I could verbalize the effect and force that it drops over the cliff…with hair standing straight up from the force….like a heavy bowling ball being thrown off…heavy and it drops quick and hard!!!"

03/26/20 - Latest Mike from around the World (notes)

Here is a link to the podcast, it is 45 minutes long and the asteroid stuff begins after 20 minutes. I did not watch the video.



Asteroid to fly by somewhere around April 29

This is just one of "clusters of debris", more are coming

Gov is changing policy, needing "ID Biometrics"

   - Bill Gates part of this

   - ID type bracelets coming

   - 5G playing major role

03/25/20 - Planting

The sun was out today and it was warm!!!  Woohoo!!!  Summer is my favorite season and spring is the next best thing!  I even took a bike ride, and later just sat in a chair on the porch and soaked in the sun.  As you can see, I also planted some veggies and herbs.  I'm hoping not to be here in this form when they are ready to eat.  But either way I am getting the garden prepped starting with putting the goodies in my tiny plastic "green house".

03/24/20 - It's Official

My state has a shelter in place rule.  They are pretty flexible about it for example, even though my husband works at a cabinet shop, it is considered "essential" for new homes.  He is home for two weeks but then is back to work.  That's good because I do not want to take any "free" money if I can help it.  I'm trying to stay hidden throughout all of this...and only go out for essentials etc.  Remember who is out there prowling around like a lion and who will whisper to have some soldier/police stop you and take note of who you are.  Don't ask for trouble.  Remember, God has warned us about this, that's why many of us have food put aside.  Yes it may have taken years but that's why He told us over a length of time.  We are to have no fear...it's not ebola or something horrific (which is to come later).

Now I will give you the good news...this whole Corona Virus problem WILL eventually go away but I DO think that this virus is the first birth pang and that others will follow.  Remember Julie's Message that she recently reminded us of here: 


Excerpt:  In the vision of the train, each car represents one of My judgments. The impact of the first one will shock many because of its intensity, but this will only start a chain reaction, so to speak, as each car or judgement follows the first in rapid succession, and with increasing intensity.

03/23/20 - The War Effort

I'm not sure if I mentioned it anywhere on this website or not but I had started a ministry at our church. Making projects for charity that require knitting, crocheting, or sewing.  I had just gotten the approval and set the first meeting for March 29 when this virus hit and closed down the church.  Today however, I got a call from the church asking me to make face masks for a local nursing home.  I drove over to another lady's house (former home economics teacher!) and together we measured and cut out many templates for masks that she will sew tomorrow.  I told her I felt like we were some of those during WWI and WWII that turned their talents into helping with the "war effort". We feel like we are really accomplishing something helpful!  My friend is a widow and has been asking God to give her something to do. Today He answered her.. :-)

03/22/20 - Let it Snow!

Today it snowed...we knew it was coming because the juncos are still at our house.  However, the snowflakes were SO large that I actually made a video for a friend.  I would say the flakes were 2 inches in diameter...I've never seen such snow!  My husband was in his workshop most of the afternoon as is his usual Sunday routine...and when he came in later he showed me that he make a quick video to send to his sister.  My husband barely types and knows little about iPhone tech so I  knew this was just as important to him as it was to me.  I'm wondering if it means something...I think so!

03/21/20 - Celebration!

That's what I heard when I woke up this morning.  Immediately following that I heard the chorus to an old Three Dog Night song..."Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!"

03/20/20 - Summary by Paul

A friend of mine wrote this and I find it a perfect summary of what was, what is, and what is to come:

God is beginning to deal with the nations like he did Egypt, pulling down the idols of men (sports, entertainment... even “church” 🤭) and He is going to manifest His name to the world in a mighty way... That the world (just like Egypt) might know the God we serve.  He’s calling His people (including those who are yet to know Him) out of Egypt and it’s all about sanctification.  A word you don’t hear mentioned in most churches nowadays.  And as people are being forced to remain at home and seclude themselves, I believe that it’s a parable of the Lord calling us to spend more time in the secret place of the Most High, that we may partake in the blessings of Psalm 91.

Furthermore, the church is going to need prophetic vision like never before... for “Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law (Proverbs 29:18).”

Prophets are going to emerge and arise.

03/19/20 - Obeying Immediately!

It's happened three times now.  As you know from 03/06/20 below, we lost our water.  At the cost of $200 it was working again the next day.  Last Friday afternoon the "check engine" light appeared on my car's dashboard.  That was over $600 and I lost the use of my car until Monday night.  Then last night our remote for our cable quit working.  That would mean that we could not watch the news.  So I had to order a new one which will arrive next week.  We are hoping the remote WAS the problem.  Here's the thing...

From 03/17/20 below, you know that I felt I should have told my husband about anointing us with oil right away, based on God's command.  I did not and he subsequently became strangely depressed.  After we did the anointing, he was his old self.  BUT...I did not anoint the rest of the house!  So last night the remote goes on the fritz.  When I anoint our home, I anoint the internet cable as well.  Again I was too late.  Now you may think that anointing us and these places and things would not have matter and only God knows.  But I did not obey right away, I put it off...and so again, learn from my mistake!  If you feel a nudge or prompting to do something, do it!  We walk with God and have a close relationship with Him so you can believe in faith that is He speaking to you, and not the devil.

03/18/20 - Atlas

I am very curious about this comet that can be seen by the naked eye early in April.  This page also has some interesting information on it as of today anyway...


This story about Atlas has me thinking it could be what Mike from around the world is talking about.  Also there is a story on the spaceweather page today about a man that takes photos when the ISS goes over his house...and enlarges the photos.  How cool is that picture!  I get very excited about space and believe that while the earth is misshapen and somewhat hollow, it IS a globe and we DO orbit around it.  I can't wait to see it while I'm being raptured up!

03/17/20 - Anointing

Today the Lord told me to anoint my husband and myself because we were surrounded by enemies.  I do this periodically and knew the time was near.  But tonight before I could mention this to my husband, he became depressed about our daughter.  He even said it was strange because he'd not felt that way for a while.  I immediately said it was the enemy and told him about the anointing!  We both did so and prayed.  Then he went outside to his workshop for a while.  An hour later he comes in all chipper and asks if I want to go for a walk!  We did so and the evening has gone on peacefully.

Is it time to anoint yourself and loved ones again?  Your household perimeter...cars, internet access etc?  Ask God about this as He will guide you.  It seems the enemy attacks MUCH quicker if we do not obey right away.  Just sayin'!  Learn from my mistakes!

03/16/20 - Shopping today

I went to three places today.  The dr, a craft store, and groceries.  As of today, here how it is in my state which is pretty much the middle of the USA.  Nothing unusual happened at the dr, in and out and I used the hand sanitizer.  (my husband and I had already been doing this for the past few years due to our daughter's cancer and subsequent low immune system)  At the craft store, they made me wait for three minutes until they opened precisely at 9:00.  I thought that was a bit much, considering everyone will be closing their doors to all pretty soon and NO one will have customers.  Then at the smaller grocery store, there was no line for me to wait in...no problem at all.  I got plenty of fresh fruit and enough food for at least 2 weeks.  They were running low on some items, and were out of a few items (yes the toilet paper for one).  Other than that it was easy shopping so try the smaller stores.  

I've been home to hear the CV Task Force update each day and on Saturday we were told to limit groups to no more than 250.  On Sunday we were told to limit them to no more than 50.  Today the new "guideline" is no more than 10.  Wow!  I would suggest you try and think of anything you might need in the next few weeks that you can stock up on, and get it.  Don't forget pet food!

03/15/20 - I Am Legend

I watched this again this afternoon...a zombie movie.  But it starts with the measles virus and they "manufactured" it to get rid of cancer. No spoilers but let's just say it didn't turn out quite the way they expected.  The land was in chaos, animals running wild etc.  With this Corona Virus, most states are no longer automatically arresting those who break the law. They are just giving them a summons to appear.  And the courts are reorganizing appearances so that only essentials will occur.  Did you know Iran let 50,000 prisoners go just because of the virus?  Yep...it'll happen at some point.  Maybe not now but certainly during the Trib...then again Christians will be behind bars by then.  What a turnaround.  My husband and I watched the entire George Washington documentary on the history channel.  Where are the men like him now?  Certainly not in office and for SURE they've not held the office of the President in the past century.  I'm SO glad that God is in charge and is going to "do something in your day that you would not believe".  I can't wait!

03/14/20 - Closing church

Today we found out that our church service was cancelled for tomorrow even though we are under 250 people.  Also a dinner next week has been cancelled.  So my husband and I will return to our former church...that is "Dr Stanley Church".  :-)  If your church is cancelled, I highly recommend this television series each Sunday.


03/13/20 - Mike from Around the World & Pastor Paul

Last night's recording of PPaul and MFATW was MOST interesting.  Mike's part starts at 27 minutes in.  I took a few notes so you can know what all they talk about.  Mike told us last November to "watch China".  And since Dec or at least Jan...he told us by March many would be dying and the whole world would know.  When he initially said that I was VERY skeptical.  Yet here we are and who hasn't heard of the Corona Virus?  I will be paying attention to "May 12"...even my husband brings it up now!


​CV- TPTB watching people's reaction to virus,  No worse than the flu
Nations around Israel ready for war vs Israel
5 waves of energy
Sky colors, radiation “this is the first time we have observed...”
Amateur astronomers will see things that scientists are lying about
Even tho days and nights will be “off” and earth’s rotation will be off, science will have an explanation
"A very stressful moment is coming upon us"  (Is this May 12?)

03/12/20 - Fist Bump

I visited my mom yesterday.  I felt it may be the last time I see her for a while and indeed there were a few new measures in place due to the CV even though none in the county or even surrounding county had the virus.  When I saw the receptionist, we talked for a bit and she gave me some good news unrelated to my mom.  It made me feel very happy and so I held up a "high 5" and she did not high 5 me back...she fist bumped me!  Now 24 hours later, she probably wouldn't even do that.  Last week Indiana had no CV people and as of today we have 12.  Still a small number but every time I think of that nursing home in Washington, I understand why everyone is taking the precautions that they are.

One thing I would remind everyone that is stocking up...don't forget pet food!  We are getting that (and kitty litter) tomorrow. Be prepared!

03/11/20 - "I'm upright"

Today I stopped at a driveup for a quick bite to eat while traveling.  When I got to the intercom to order, the woman began with, "Hi, how are you today?!"  Since I don't normally hear that type of thing at a driveup, I said, "I'm doing good, how are you?"  She said she was doing GREAT!  Once I got to the window I asked her why she was doing great and she was quiet for a moment and then she said, "I'm upright."  She went on to say she had a great team etc, but I liked the first answer.  Are you glad to be upright today?  Or in no pain?  Or with no personal problems at the moment?  Just relying on Jesus to get you through and you have JOY no matter the circumstances.  If you're reading this then you have the blessing of eyesight.  Let's count our blessing today and give thanks!

03/10/20 - I Honk for Squirrels!

That's right.  I honk so they get out of the road and not get runover.  I step over ants so I don't squash them.  The Bible even speaks of ants so who am I to take a life?  I see these creatures differently now...God knows about every one of them.  And there is a reason they appear.  Sometimes they are tests for us...will I kill this insect and take a life, or will I put it safely outside?  Will I turn over one of those beetles, or will I let it slowly die?  God is watching and angels take notes for the record.  I've read this in near death experiences.  This may sound REALLY weird but I am hoping one day that as the shadow of the Bride crosses the path of a dead animal, that even they may be raised to reveal the glory of God.  Who knows?!?  It could happen!

03/09/20 - Memory Lane

My BFF from high school sent me a text today letting me know that her nephew had died.  My friend had 6 brothers, she was the only girl.  This particular "boy" that died (he was 33) was the son of my friend's youngest brother.  Her brother was only one year younger than us and I knew him well back in the day.  I would go over to their house during summer vacation and help the family pick green beans. There was more of a family atmosphere there than my own home at the time.  Little did her brother and I know that one day when we were adults, our only child would die in the prime of their lives.  One by suicide, one by cancer, yet still horrendous in that the world has lost good kids.  That saying "only the good die young" is so often true.  Hug your kids today and let them know how you feel.  The world is a smaller place when they're gone.

03/08/20 - My Dear Children

(yes I'm going to start titling my Dailies)

Today a FABULOUS thing was done in my church.  We always have a short communion message before we take communion and the head elder stepped up to the pulpit for what we thought was the usual message.  However he said he was going to do something different.  He wanted us to close our eyes and pretend that Jesus was talking to us.  Then he began with what could have been spoke to my little church from Jesus Himself.  It was WONDERFUL!  It was like hearing a Word from the Lord and I was ecstatic about it!  I told the elder so too, because we must always encourage a waking up moment.  I marvel at how God led me to this church and He keeps confirming Himself.

03/07/20 -

Just for some humor...I really like this cartoon on YT.


Also, our water was back on before noon...a pressure switch was bad.  :-) (see below)

03/06/20 - Where's my Water!?

I was taking a shower before bed and as I finished and turned to turn off the spigot, I watched the water slowly come to a stop on it's own. Hmm.  This has happened before throughout my life, just as it has most of you as well...something wrong with the plumbing.  I checked the sink to make sure it was the water and not a pipe, then alerted my husband.  He called the plumber who has been out 2x in the past 10 years, and he should be here tomorrow morning.  The reason I am sharing this with you is that my FIRST thought when I saw that water trickling away was..."Did they stop the water due to the corona virus?"  Yes I know that makes no sense but do you see how my thoughts could go there?  Not out of fear but rather TPTB.  As we know, all kinds of chaos will break loose soon and if you've not experienced some already where you live, you will.  The Lord has said we WILL go through this "swirl" but Psalm 91 teaches that nothing will harm us.  So when these do start to come about around and in your home, thou shalt not fear but look to your Father for protection and reassurance. "Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!"

03/05/20 -

I feel we need to REALLY start watching for the AC.  According to Julie's recent Word found here, he will be coming onto the public stage soon.  I know the USA/Taliban peace treaty has just been signed but it's not working out the way Trump thought (go figure).  So I'm watching to see if anyone comes forth to give their opinion.  Same with Israel of course.  I don't think the AC will start with Israel...he will first simply just make appearances and slowly seem like just the right person to create peace for Israel...and the world really.  Keep your eyes open for this man now.  As of today he has not (nor has ever been) in the spotlight...but soon!

Julie Excerpt: " The one who has been selected and groomed for the role of hero and god of this earth walks among you. He is the man of perdition, he is the one they believe will rule the world and finalize the evil plans of satan.  It is he who disguises himself as a peaceful leader, one to bring harmony across the world. Soon he will be made public." 

03/04/20 -

I took this picture today...it was the only bit of sun in the sky but boy did it stand out!

I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in Me may not remain in darkness.

~ John 12:46

03/03/20 -

Last night a bolt of lightening and roar of thunder woke me up around 2:00 a.m.  It continued for another hour and the lightening was nearby and the thunder was LOUD and just rollllled and rolled.  In the morning I discovered that 22 tornadoes had ripped through Tennessee which is 2 states away from me.  When the sound woke me up, I thought that this will be what it is like consistently once the seals are open, perhaps even before.  I had mentioned below in 02/19 that the Lord told me things would swirl around me.  I'm wondering if there really will be an outbreak of tornadoes this spring.  I've gone through a tornado before when I was 12.  In 1973 one went through my town and my mom yelled at me and my brother to get in the hallway.  Living in Indiana, we knew about that as we had monthly tornado drills at school.  When the tornado went over our house, it DID sound like a train.  And we lived by the train tracks so I know what I'm talking about!  Thank God that it went over us, however school was closed as there was much debris in town.  ANYway...will be keeping watch this spring! Starting NOW I guess!

03/02/20 -

My husband likes spicy things.  Preferably hot but if not, at least spicy.  One of his favorite cookies is the Gingersnap.  Generally he does not bake; he may cook but not bake.  But he has been perfecting this cookie in these past few months.  The first time was really his favorite...a very hard crunchy cookie.  If we were milk dunkers then that's the perfect thing to dunk.  But the cookies was so hard I felt I was going to crack a tooth!  So I asked him to soften it up a bit.  Little by little, bake by bake, he has done so.  It reminds me that when we get to Heaven, everything we do will be perfect the first time.  There are no mistakes in Heaven because to make a mistake would cause you distress.  Especially in Heaven!  And since there is no distress in Heaven, there are no mistakes, only perfection.  Now having said that, this does not mean that we cannot be taught by the masters.  Piano lessons, art lessons, cooking lessons, all from famous people if you like.  If they loved doing it here, they received that love because God gave it to them, and their talent.  I believe I'll take some art lessons from Thomas Kinkaid.  My guess is that he lives in a wonderful cottage in a village full of light.

03/01/20 -

The other night my husband and I attended a "basket auction" at our church for a charity.  I ended up purchasing some maple syrup as it was homemade from a gentleman from church.  A few weeks ago I had found sap running out of one of our trees.  I'd always seen this in the summer but the sap was hard and reminded me of the amber from Jurassic Park.  However in January, the sap was actually dripping!  So I researched it and found that you need TONS of of sap to get even a small amount of syrup.  I bought 4 bottles!  I'm very excited about this and plan to make all sorts of baked goods with this syrup.  Of course this reminds me of Heaven.  (Clearly I am not of this world as I am always thinking how much better things will be in Heaven).

Imagine pancakes in Heaven.  We used to visit my grandparents in Pennsylvania once a year when I was little.  The drive took forever but once we were there, my grandma would make pancakes and bacon.  I can see her kitchen now, where the dishes were etc.  I loved that particular meal.  I think once I get to Heaven, I'm going to ask my grandmother to make me some pancakes and bacon..."like old times". :-)

02/29/20 -

I have tinnitus. It's has gotten so bad that I now hear two sounds constantly in both ears.  One sound is like high electrical overhead lines, the other (new) sound is like a truck idling outside the house.  It's worse at night so I decided to invest in a sleep therapy sound machine.  I found one that's very small, the size of an orange.  It's even portable.  But the best thing is...the sound.  Most people like ocean or raindrop sounds.  Me?  I like crickets.  :-) The sound of crickets chirping reminds of me a summer night with a nice breeze and my window open.  I can't really open the window in the summer even where I live in the country now because generally once a week I wake up to the smell of a skunk.  But hearing the crickets really helps because my ears are drawn more to that sound than the ringing and rumbling in my ears. 

I think once Jesus moves me in to my mansion in Heaven, there will be the sound of crickets at night.  Oh yes, there IS night outside of the city.  In the city no way of course.  But for sure there is night outside...stars and planets are seen.  This is verified in others who have visited Heaven.  We don't HAVE to sleep but if we love to sleep at times, we can.  If we love to nap, we can.  We will even dream.  If we love to cook, we will, but if we want to simply sit down to a gourmet Italian feast, it can be ready in an instant.  Anything good is in Heaven.  But for now, my needs are simple  Crickets.

02/28/20 -

Early this morning I had a vision of the night sky.  Across the sky going from left to right was the year "1979".  That was all I saw.  As I dug a little further in, I found something interesting.  I have a friend who says, "It's not all about aliens!" but for me at times..it is.  :-D  It's one of my favorite topics. Here's what I found.  

When I was growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut.  I wanted to be on Skylab...remember that? Skylab was the space station that came before the International Space Station.  Astronauts would go up in the sky and stay for months!  So as I researched the year 1979 and coupled it with the sky that I saw...I found something very interesting (at least to me).  Check this out:

" On December 28, 1973 NASA Mission Control in Houston, Texas could not communicate with Skylab 4 for about 90 minutes, about one full orbit of Earth, when there should have been radio contact."


Can you believe it?  I mean...it's called the Skylab Controversy! The astronauts shut off communication!  I had no idea!  I doubt you did either!  Well you know my guess...they saw a UFO!  If you read the article, you see that none of these astronauts had been in space before whereas early Skylab missions had someone who had been in space.  So you have rookies freaking out over what they are seeing.  Here's the thing though...this was 47 years ago.  This should have been answered by now if it was a logical shutdown, yet it is still an article on wikipedia?  Hmm!  Now I don't know if this is what they saw or not but I gotta say...it was VERY interesting to me!

02/27/20 -

Many of us have been shown that Pope Francis is the false prophet.  As of today, he has the "sniffles".  Since Italy has the Corona Virus much like many other countries, what if the pope has the virus?  What does this mean if he is the fp?  As I type this, it has not been reported what he has.  But we know he has one lung and the CV is a respiratory flu.  So IMO if he ends up with the CV either now or in a few months, the likelihood of him surviving is very small right?  Like, next to impossible.  Yet if he lives...again IMO this really does point to him being the fp.

02/26/20 -

I'm binge watching a television series from 2017 called Salvation.  The show centers on a meteor that is going to strike the earth in 6 months and how different governments and private companies try various methods to either blow up the meteor, or change it's path.  Since I just watched a similar show 2 days ago, God must be showing me something.  I do know that the 11th episode title is The Wormwood Prophecy and that is the title of Tom Horn's book. Spoiler on the book though...Tom does not believe in Planet X (I was VERY disappointed to read that)

As I've mentioned previously, Mike from around the World has told Paul Begley that "something" will be recognizable by May 12.  Something in the sky.  Gill Broussard's recent charts (found on his FB page here) also point to us being able to see something around that time.  So I for one will be watching the skies for anything out of the ordinary. However, I will not look to man for my "Salvation".  I look to the Lord.

02/25/20 -

I took this picture off my television when doing a search for something else.Do you see the irony with the "Family Friendly" show?  It's from Frozen and the girl Elsa possesses magical powers.  In other words she is a witch.  I've not seen the movie but that image sure did catch my attention.  I remember when witches used to be bad.  Now they are portrayed as good.  Correct me if I am wrong but...aren't witches casting curses against our President?  Yeah. 

 Oh how far we have fallen.

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.  Exodus 22:18

The Lord would have all witches come to Him for forgiveness and to live and follow after Him in the true Light and Love.  Please do so before it's too late for you!

02/24/20 -

I watched Deep Impact the other day.  SPOILER as I will be telling the ending because it perfectly acts out a verse.  This realistic (if not prophetic) movie is about a meteor that is going to crash into earth.  An extinction level event.  There is a lot to discuss and I had to quit typing and delete it.  :D  But in the end, the only way it seems they can move the meteor...is to take a shuttle and ram into the meteor kamikazi style.  The astronauts on board make that decision because if they don't, there is not going to be much earth to go back to.  Their initial missile explosion did not do what they expected so they decided to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.  Having seen this movie several times, the verse had never occurred to me before but it did this time.

Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

02/23/20 -

Remember back in 2012 (and later years) how we were afraid to plan a vacation?  What if the Lord came back?  What if we had an EQ?  We aren't home...chaos!  Yet that has not yet happened.  More importantly, we will be EXACTLY where we are supposed to be when any of these events and others, come to pass.  I am thinking about sending my husband off to the trip of his lifetime...a week spent walking the Appalachian Trail.  It's been his desire for a couple decades now.  I'll pray about it to see what God says.  If he can go, I will give it to him as a gift for the fall.  Not sure where I'll be cuz I sure ain't walking THAT trail...but perhaps I'll be there in some way. Either way, I'm asking God first.

02/22/20 -

If I were titling these Dailes I would call this one "I'll follow the sun".  It is a Beatles song but the lyrics don't fit for this website.  What DOES fit is that the Bride of Christ follows her Bridegroom the Son wherever He goes, and we know He is always with her.  We follow and obey all His Words.  Even moreso than my cat who makes sure she is always in place for where the sun hits.  :-)

02/21/20 -

I ask God about everything...and sometimes the Holy Spirit whispers answers to me that I didn't ask about.  God has said that we should discuss everything with Him.  Recently I asked Him what to make for supper and immediately something came to mind (I thought I was out of meat).  I asked Him about pain medication and He went beyond that to have a pharmacist speak to me that I hadn't even thought to ask.  So the other day (brace yourself) I was watching Survivor.  I learn a lot about people by watching this series.  I learn about evil and I learn about love.  But like the video I had posted about how to read someone's body language, I learn too about how people lie.  We need to learn discernment for that "great deception" coming.  Anyway, as I was watching the show, my cat looked in three different places above the couch and I thought perhaps she was looking at angels.  She kept doing this and finally I said to myself, "I wonder what angels think of Survivor".  Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke and said, "They don't watch television.  They are constantly on alert and guarding."  Oh, ok.  Since we are in this realm, we think in the flesh but we are supposed to think in the spirit.  God is helping us do this every day if we let Him.  Just listen to the Holy Spirit inside you because He DOES speak to you!

02/20/20 -

I have discovered that I can no longer find ANY legitimate news programs.  It's not just fake news, it's no news.  Since this is an election year in the USA, there has been two items covered so far...impeachment and the upcoming election. We are having a flooding catastrophe in the Mississippi River but there has been no coverage that I've found. I also cannot find anything else in other countries.  The news is too focused and there is no "top of the hour news" either.  Rather there are "talk" shows where you have a couple reporters interviewing either government officials or other reporters. I don't mind reading the internet news but I like some noise in the background at home every once in a while. My husband told me tonight that they will start covering the news again on year from now when the election is over and Trump has given the State of the Union speech again.  He's probably right.

02/19/20 -

On January 5 I posted a video of a prophetic dream I had.  It was about a flood to the east of us before Valentines Day.  You can find the video here.

This is a headline from Watchers News from February 10. I feel this had now comes to pass.

"Deadly winter storm spawns 19 tornadoes, causes major flooding and power outages, affecting 300 000 across Eastern U.S."  

Here is the article.

(early a.m. 02/20/20)  The Lord told me this morning that soon "things will swirl around you" and to watch for them.  I asked Him if they were physical or spiritual and He said, "Both".  Spring brings tornadoes to my area and we know the enemy continues to be given more leeway to attack Christians.  Keep you armor up!  I feel this was meant for all of us, especially the spiritual part!

02/18/20 -

I saw this article and it immediately brought me back to when I was very young.  I had this cheap kaleidoscope as a child and it fascinated me.  Fast forward 50 years and now I understand I was looking at a very simple rendition of God's sacred geometry.  This is not new age, this is from our Creator.  He is the one that established perfect math!

02/17/20 -

I continue reading my Joan of Arc book.  They sure did fight battles differently long ago.  In one scene, an enemy general sends a note and asks Joan to fight a battle and she responds that she will do so in the morning.  And so they do.  I guess that was the civilized thing to do.  What would those soldiers think of terrorists now?  What would they do to someone who knowingly digs a tunnel under a kindergarten so they can appear at random and start killing children?  There is a special place in hell for those people.

02/16/20 -

Today I read the scripture reading at the front of the church that we've been attending since last July.  Both my husband and myself feel very comfortable in this church and I've had several interactions with the preacher.  Today one of the ushers ask my husband to help give communion and take offering.  Hubby agreed and was fine (I think I did fine too) and I feel another milestone has been crossed in our personal life.

However in the "end of the world" part of my life, it seems VERY slow right now. I'm not sure why but it is becoming most difficult to find the normal things that I post.  I have prayed about this and it is daily in the Lord's hands, but it's just quiet right now. We are to keep our eyes on Israel so the next event is their election on March 2.

02/15/20 -

On Tuesday I have to turn in our taxes (and my mom's).  Even though I worked in accounting for years, I HATE taxes!  One less unpleasant thing we can get rid of when we get to Heaven or even the new Millennium.  I doubt we will use money at all unless there is a Temple coin of some sort to give to the King.  But bartering will be the way to go...no reason for tax collectors.  :-)

02/14/20 -

Today the Lord said to me that soon the Bride would be coming out of her cave and allowing the sun/Son to shine through her.  Later on I was reading a fictional book where the narrator spoke that while getting ready, the Bride does not want anyone to see her. It occurred to me that while yes the Lord is hiding us and keeping us safe, as a bride, that is what we do on our wedding day.  It is tradition here to NOT allow the groom to see the bride on their wedding day until she is walking down the aisle.  Even then she is veiled right?  I recall on my wedding day, that my groom/husband arrived as I was getting ready down the hall of the church.  I knew he was there and told him not to turn around but to allow me to look at the back of him as he had on a tuxedo.  Wow...now I am reminded of Moses.  Anyway you get the picture.  The SON is soon to shine once again through us!

02/13/20 - the 4 Days of Joy

My husband and I have decided to wait until we can celebrate Jesus' birthday with our daughter...hence we did not have Christmas last Dec. Instead, we decided to celebrate our daughter's "promotion" (as Kevin Zadai calls it) to Heaven and end with the anniversary of our engagement.  So we each made lists of presents we would like and went shopping these past few weeks.  Tonight is the 3rd night of exchanging gifts and it's been fun.  If we are here next year, then we will have something to look forward to rather than Christmas.  We start on Feb 11 and will end on Feb 14. Ironically we even purchased new wedding rings this year.  My husband had damaged his at work and he asked me if we should get new ones.  I ended up putting my mother's engagement diamond, plus mine, plus one to represent our daughter, into one wedding ring for myself.  (These aren't large diamonds..don't get excited. :)  My husband no longer has the typical gold ring either.  So several things are new and changing for 2020.  It's best to just take one day at a time!

02/12/20 -

I visited my mother today and as always, took her down to do group exercises.  This is a "Christian" nursing home so they sing some parts of older Christian songs as part of their exercise.  While we were waiting for others to come down and join the group, I noticed some residents with no expression, some asleep, you get the picture.  But once those songs started in, people sang out and even clapped at times.  I noticed one lady with her head tilted and eyes closed and yet she was mouthing the words.

For those of you that participate in music at your church, thank you!  All those songs you sing and teach, even when we were little, are remembered and cherished at times like this. These elderly people may not know their own flesh and blood, but they recall the songs of Jesus from when they were younger.  I know the angels come to this exercise group as they love to hear the praise and worship of those that can no longer walk or read or even eat alone anymore.  Don't stop singing!

02/11/20 -

Next week I start the "Shred" diet.  I've been reading the book and found something interesting to share with you.  The author of the book has named the 6 weeks that encompasses the diet.  Look at these names and see if you see what I see...the path of the Bride throughout her life:

1)  Prime

2)  Challenge

3)  Transformation

4)  Ascend

5)  Cleanse

6)  Explode

Right?!!  First we are in the prime of our life and most everything goes well. Then we are faced with obstacles, challenges, and go through the fire.  We are at the end of that stage right now.  Next is our Transformation!  After that...we ascend in the Rapture!  Then we will have our glorified bodies and will never do or even THINK of sin again, nothing evil or wicked.  We will be purified and cleansed!  And then the Millennium and eternity where we will continue growing and exploding out...the glory of God shining through us.  At least that's how I see it. :D

02/10/20 -

I was discussing a new ministry I want to start at my church (knitting and crocheting for charity) with my preacher this morning.  He's very likeable guy and talkative and we spoke on several subjects. At one point he told me a quick story where he had to repent from his thoughts on someone he saw and he said, "And then I heard God say..." and he finished his story.  I was so excited!  Even if people THINK God is talking to them, they don't say those kind of things unless they run in our circles.  Know what I mean?  They are CLOSE to God!  That's how I feel about my preacher and I am so excited about this.  Oh and I took him my Operating in the Courts of Heaven book by Robert Henderson.  :D  It has my highlighted notes and so I am very hopeful!  He said he would read it.

02/09/20 -

Today it actually WAS winter in Indiana (see 02/04/20).  Lots of snow, huge flakes actually.  It started in the afternoon so everyone got to church ok in the morning.

As I was looking out the window late in the day, everything was dreary.  I know winter is a time of rest but most everything turns darkened black and dingy white.  I miss the colors of spring and summer.  But in this view out my front window, there was that lovely spot of red.  We don't see cardinals so much in the summer even though they are the state bird of Indiana.  Yet in the winter their color is brightened and they stand out among the gray of the season.

When I see any bird I know God also sees that same bird and knows everything there is to know about it. There is a reason for everything and today the reason for this cardinal is for you to see God's color even during a blustery day.

02/08/20 -

Last year in January my daughter had said that she will never give up until her oncologist "Dr B" gave up.  Exactly one year ago today, he told us that all chemo treatments were stopping and there was no more to do.  My husband was with our daughter at the time and I was at work.

This morning my husband noticed that a light in an angel from a funeral arrangement had gone out.  We have this angel light plugged in 24/7 and today, exactly one year ago when our daughter "gave up"....is when the light went out.  What are the odds?

This upcoming week will be a tough one BUT I have set up something new called the 4 nights of Joy!  I will explain later next week.  :-)

02/07/20 -

My husband and I went to a home show today.  While hoping to get ideas for gardening outside, we ended up buying food.  :D  It's hard to get excited about anything that has to do with the world.  I am reminded of Diana Pulliam's latest Words where we are told to leave the world behind and just rely on Him.  Everything we have should be looked at as a resource only, not a desire or want.  God supplies all our needs right?  And what we REALLY desire is to be with Him in Heaven which is our true Home.  This is just a snapshot.  Meanwhile, we are still planning gardens, how to eat, what if the food supplies stops etc.  Each one is led to "prep" (or not prep) differently so as long as we obey, we are doing the right thing.  

02/06/20 -

Imagine what the US politicians would say if they gave one iota of faith...the size of a mustard seed...to hear from God like we have.  We knew President Trump would be acquitted, and we know he will win a second term.  Yet we are the sheeple and apparently don't know how to vote correctly.  I'd rather be a sheeple and hear from God, than a wealthy and powerful politician who only pays lip service to my Creator.

02/05/20 -

Today I went to a funeral for a woman at my church.  I only spoke with her once but since I feel led to become part of a church body, I went and sat with another lady who lost her husband last summer.  Next week marks my daughter's one year anniversary of her "promotion" to Heaven as Kevin Zadai puts it.  I did fine today.  My husband and I plan some special celebrations next week and I may share it here.

For some reason, this whole death thing had me researching my dad's last name.  He died when I was 16 but left us (divorce) when I was 7.  It turns out I am half Irish.  Whoda thunk!  I can trace the lineage even to the area in the state where my mother met my father.  Anyway as I was researching, there were several family member links to my grandparents (never met them) and great-grandparents etc.  My dad was an orphan at the age of 16 and lived with various family members.  He was a wayward teen and did not have the best upbringing...most likely that also led to his early death.  As I researched further, it turns on that my great uncle had a Bible verse on his tombstone.  I thought that was kind of cool.  Seems my great grandfather died at the age of 91 and he saw his wife and 5 of his 6 children die before him.  What a sad life!  But this uncle, his one surviving son...had this on his tombstone.  I take great comfort in it, hoping my dad saw some of his uncle's faith.

" I refuse to be ashamed of sharing the wonderful message of God’s liberating power unleashed in us through Christ! For I am thrilled to preach that everyone who believes is saved—the Jew first,[a] and then people everywhere!" Romans 1:16 (Passion Translation)

02/04/20 -

We broke a record yesterday...67 degrees in Indiana!  Smack in the middle of winter!  Not only that but the record we broke was from LAST year!  Apparently it was 62 degrees then.  Seriously, we should be having 10-20 degrees with wind chills at 0 and sometimes even lower.  I feel like Indiana is being favored because normally schools are cancelled and even work delayed or cancelled, generally a few times each winter.  But not this year.  I appreciate the warmth believe me!  I long for summer!  I want flowers on my porch again.  I have even put fake flowers out for now just to cheer me up when I am sitting in the chair with an outside view through our patio doors.  

Now this may interest you.  If you have been paying attention to Mike from around the world, he is pretty gung-ho that something will be seen in the sky by May 12.  He's gone further than that but even so as I have listened to him, hubby has heard it to.  Tonight we were outside semi-planning our garden and hubby says, "I guess it depends on May 12th huh?"  WOW!  He is waking up!  These past few weeks he has been changing a bit, ever since I went to the Courts of Heaven for him.  I did not tell you about this but I am keeping track of all his changes.  Be sure to go to the Courts for anything you deem important from God.  The Lord really DOES hear you, as does all those who have gone before that are the cloud of witnesses in Heaven.  Time to review some Robert Henderson videos!

02/03/20 -

Yesterday I visited my mother at the nursing home.  One of the things we like to do is to go to the room that has an aquarium.  It's fairly large and we both sit there and talk about the fish.  At one point my mom said she wished she could be a fish for a short time (I immediately thought of the King Arthur tale). As she talked about it, I was reminded that in Heaven, we CAN have a mansion in the water if we like.  Those of you that love the water and wish you could live there...you can!  Remember that 1) God gave us the imagination to even think these possibilities and 2) everything good is open to us in Heaven.  When my daughter was little she loved the movie The Little Mermaid.  We all thought the city under the sea was cool.  Then there was the movie Oblivion that I watched and LOVED the house in the sky!  Know this...you can have one if you want!  Everything good that we can think of on earth (pizza, ice cream, chocolate, football, rugby, hang gliding, mountain climbing, swimming with dolphins!) is 1,000 times better in Heaven.  Believe it!

02/02/20 - 

I listened to the latest with Pastor Paul and Mike from around the world.  If you can spare 10 minutes, you might want to listen from 28 minutes in, until 38 minutes.  They speak solely about May 12 and as far as Mike is concerned, it is almost for sure a date that we will SEE something by then.  The entire world will see and cannot be denied.  This year!  You can listen here.

02/01/20 -

The Lord has prompted me to start the Dailies again so here is my first post.

I am in a Facebook group that knits and crochets for charity.  Someone made a blanket for a "rainbow baby".  The blanket was in the colors of a rainbow.  I asked what a rainbow baby was.  Having seen the world change so much over these past few years, I thought that the idea might tend toward evil.  However I was pleasantly surprised when they explained the following:

"A rainbow baby is a baby born shortly after the loss of a previous baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth or death in infancy. This term is given to these special rainbow babies because a rainbow typically follows a storm, giving us hope of what’s to come."

I think that is a beautiful thing!  

" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24