Dailies 2020

Constantly remind the people about these laws, and you yourself must think about them every day and every night so that you will be sure to obey all of them. For only then will you succeed.

Joshua 1:8 

02/15/20 -

On Tuesday I have to turn in our taxes (and my mom's).  Even though I worked in accounting for years, I HATE taxes!  One less unpleasant thing we can get rid of when we get to Heaven or even the new Millennium.  I doubt we will use money at all unless there is a Temple coin of some sort to give to the King.  But bartering will be the way to go...no reason for tax collectors.  :-)

02/14/20 -

Today the Lord said to me that soon the Bride would be coming out of her cave and allowing the sun/Son to shine through her.  Later on I was reading a fictional book where the narrator spoke that while getting ready, the Bride does not want anyone to see her. It occurred to me that while yes the Lord is hiding us and keeping us safe, as a bride, that is what we do on our wedding day.  It is tradition here to NOT allow the groom to see the bride on their wedding day until she is walking down the aisle.  Even then she is veiled right?  I recall on my wedding day, that my groom/husband arrived as I was getting ready down the hall of the church.  I knew he was there and told him not to turn around but to allow me to look at the back of him as he had on a tuxedo.  Wow...now I am reminded of Moses.  Anyway you get the picture.  The SON is soon to shine once again through us!

02/13/20 - the 4 Days of Joy

My husband and I have decided to wait until we can celebrate Jesus' birthday with our daughter...hence we did not have Christmas last Dec. Instead, we decided to celebrate our daughter's "promotion" (as Kevin Zadai calls it) to Heaven and end with the anniversary of our engagement.  So we each made lists of presents we would like and went shopping these past few weeks.  Tonight is the 3rd night of exchanging gifts and it's been fun.  If we are here next year, then we will have something to look forward to rather than Christmas.  We start on Feb 11 and will end on Feb 14. Ironically we even purchased new wedding rings this year.  My husband had damaged his at work and he asked me if we should get new ones.  I ended up putting my mother's engagement diamond, plus mine, plus one to represent our daughter, into one wedding ring for myself.  (These aren't large diamonds..don't get excited. :)  My husband no longer has the typical gold ring either.  So several things are new and changing for 2020.  It's best to just take one day at a time!

02/12/20 -

I visited my mother today and as always, took her down to do group exercises.  This is a "Christian" nursing home so they sing some parts of older Christian songs as part of their exercise.  While we were waiting for others to come down and join the group, I noticed some residents with no expression, some asleep, you get the picture.  But once those songs started in, people sang out and even clapped at times.  I noticed one lady with her head tilted and eyes closed and yet she was mouthing the words.

For those of you that participate in music at your church, thank you!  All those songs you sing and teach, even when we were little, are remembered and cherished at times like this. These elderly people may not know their own flesh and blood, but they recall the songs of Jesus from when they were younger.  I know the angels come to this exercise group as they love to hear the praise and worship of those that can no longer walk or read or even eat alone anymore.  Don't stop singing!

02/11/20 -

Next week I start the "Shred" diet.  I've been reading the book and found something interesting to share with you.  The author of the book has named the 6 weeks that encompasses the diet.  Look at these names and see if you see what I see...the path of the Bride throughout her life:

1)  Prime

2)  Challenge

3)  Transformation

4)  Ascend

5)  Cleanse

6)  Explode

Right?!!  First we are in the prime of our life and most everything goes well. Then we are faced with obstacles, challenges, and go through the fire.  We are at the end of that stage right now.  Next is our Transformation!  After that...we ascend in the Rapture!  Then we will have our glorified bodies and will never do or even THINK of sin again, nothing evil or wicked.  We will be purified and cleansed!  And then the Millennium and eternity where we will continue growing and exploding out...the glory of God shining through us.  At least that's how I see it. :D

02/10/20 -

I was discussing a new ministry I want to start at my church (knitting and crocheting for charity) with my preacher this morning.  He's very likeable guy and talkative and we spoke on several subjects. At one point he told me a quick story where he had to repent from his thoughts on someone he saw and he said, "And then I heard God say..." and he finished his story.  I was so excited!  Even if people THINK God is talking to them, they don't say those kind of things unless they run in our circles.  Know what I mean?  They are CLOSE to God!  That's how I feel about my preacher and I am so excited about this.  Oh and I took him my Operating in the Courts of Heaven book by Robert Henderson.  :D  It has my highlighted notes and so I am very hopeful!  He said he would read it.

02/09/20 -

Today it actually WAS winter in Indiana (see 02/04/20).  Lots of snow, huge flakes actually.  It started in the afternoon so everyone got to church ok in the morning.

As I was looking out the window late in the day, everything was dreary.  I know winter is a time of rest but most everything turns darkened black and dingy white.  I miss the colors of spring and summer.  But in this view out my front window, there was that lovely spot of red.  We don't see cardinals so much in the summer even though they are the state bird of Indiana.  Yet in the winter their color is brightened and they stand out among the gray of the season.

When I see any bird I know God also sees that same bird and knows everything there is to know about it. There is a reason for everything and today the reason for this cardinal is for you to see God's color even during a blustery day.

02/08/20 -

Last year in January my daughter had said that she will never give up until her oncologist "Dr B" gave up.  Exactly one year ago today, he told us that all chemo treatments were stopping and there was no more to do.  My husband was with our daughter at the time and I was at work.

This morning my husband noticed that a light in an angel from a funeral arrangement had gone out.  We have this angel light plugged in 24/7 and today, exactly one year ago when our daughter "gave up"....is when the light went out.  What are the odds?

This upcoming week will be a tough one BUT I have set up something new called the 4 nights of Joy!  I will explain later next week.  :-)

02/07/20 -

My husband and I went to a home show today.  While hoping to get ideas for gardening outside, we ended up buying food.  :D  It's hard to get excited about anything that has to do with the world.  I am reminded of Diana Pulliam's latest Words where we are told to leave the world behind and just rely on Him.  Everything we have should be looked at as a resource only, not a desire or want.  God supplies all our needs right?  And what we REALLY desire is to be with Him in Heaven which is our true Home.  This is just a snapshot.  Meanwhile, we are still planning gardens, how to eat, what if the food supplies stops etc.  Each one is led to "prep" (or not prep) differently so as long as we obey, we are doing the right thing.  

02/06/20 -

Imagine what the US politicians would say if they gave one iota of faith...the size of a mustard seed...to hear from God like we have.  We knew President Trump would be acquitted, and we know he will win a second term.  Yet we are the sheeple and apparently don't know how to vote correctly.  I'd rather be a sheeple and hear from God, than a wealthy and powerful politician who only pays lip service to my Creator.

02/05/20 -

Today I went to a funeral for a woman at my church.  I only spoke with her once but since I feel led to become part of a church body, I went and sat with another lady who lost her husband last summer.  Next week marks my daughter's one year anniversary of her "promotion" to Heaven as Kevin Zadai puts it.  I did fine today.  My husband and I plan some special celebrations next week and I may share it here.

For some reason, this whole death thing had me researching my dad's last name.  He died when I was 16 but left us (divorce) when I was 7.  It turns out I am half Irish.  Whoda thunk!  I can trace the lineage even to the area in the state where my mother met my father.  Anyway as I was researching, there were several family member links to my grandparents (never met them) and great-grandparents etc.  My dad was an orphan at the age of 16 and lived with various family members.  He was a wayward teen and did not have the best upbringing...most likely that also led to his early death.  As I researched further, it turns on that my great uncle had a Bible verse on his tombstone.  I thought that was kind of cool.  Seems my great grandfather died at the age of 91 and he saw his wife and 5 of his 6 children die before him.  What a sad life!  But this uncle, his one surviving son...had this on his tombstone.  I take great comfort in it, hoping my dad saw some of his uncle's faith.

" I refuse to be ashamed of sharing the wonderful message of God’s liberating power unleashed in us through Christ! For I am thrilled to preach that everyone who believes is saved—the Jew first,[a] and then people everywhere!" Romans 1:16 (Passion Translation)

02/04/20 -

We broke a record yesterday...67 degrees in Indiana!  Smack in the middle of winter!  Not only that but the record we broke was from LAST year!  Apparently it was 62 degrees then.  Seriously, we should be having 10-20 degrees with wind chills at 0 and sometimes even lower.  I feel like Indiana is being favored because normally schools are cancelled and even work delayed or cancelled, generally a few times each winter.  But not this year.  I appreciate the warmth believe me!  I long for summer!  I want flowers on my porch again.  I have even put fake flowers out for now just to cheer me up when I am sitting in the chair with an outside view through our patio doors.  

Now this may interest you.  If you have been paying attention to Mike from around the world, he is pretty gung-ho that something will be seen in the sky by May 12.  He's gone further than that but even so as I have listened to him, hubby has heard it to.  Tonight we were outside semi-planning our garden and hubby says, "I guess it depends on May 12th huh?"  WOW!  He is waking up!  These past few weeks he has been changing a bit, ever since I went to the Courts of Heaven for him.  I did not tell you about this but I am keeping track of all his changes.  Be sure to go to the Courts for anything you deem important from God.  The Lord really DOES hear you, as does all those who have gone before that are the cloud of witnesses in Heaven.  Time to review some Robert Henderson videos!

02/03/20 -

Yesterday I visited my mother at the nursing home.  One of the things we like to do is to go to the room that has an aquarium.  It's fairly large and we both sit there and talk about the fish.  At one point my mom said she wished she could be a fish for a short time (I immediately thought of the King Arthur tale). As she talked about it, I was reminded that in Heaven, we CAN have a mansion in the water if we like.  Those of you that love the water and wish you could live there...you can!  Remember that 1) God gave us the imagination to even think these possibilities and 2) everything good is open to us in Heaven.  When my daughter was little she loved the movie The Little Mermaid.  We all thought the city under the sea was cool.  Then there was the movie Oblivion that I watched and LOVED the house in the sky!  Know this...you can have one if you want!  Everything good that we can think of on earth (pizza, ice cream, chocolate, football, rugby, hang gliding, mountain climbing, swimming with dolphins!) is 1,000 times better in Heaven.  Believe it!

02/02/20 - 

I listened to the latest with Pastor Paul and Mike from around the world.  If you can spare 10 minutes, you might want to listen from 28 minutes in, until 38 minutes.  They speak solely about May 12 and as far as Mike is concerned, it is almost for sure a date that we will SEE something by then.  The entire world will see and cannot be denied.  This year!  You can listen here.

02/01/20 -

The Lord has prompted me to start the Dailies again so here is my first post.

I am in a Facebook group that knits and crochets for charity.  Someone made a blanket for a "rainbow baby".  The blanket was in the colors of a rainbow.  I asked what a rainbow baby was.  Having seen the world change so much over these past few years, I thought that the idea might tend toward evil.  However I was pleasantly surprised when they explained the following:

"A rainbow baby is a baby born shortly after the loss of a previous baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth or death in infancy. This term is given to these special rainbow babies because a rainbow typically follows a storm, giving us hope of what’s to come."

I think that is a beautiful thing!  

" But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me."

Micah 7:7