Dailies - 2018

I am now writing into my 3rd year of doing the Dailies.  This is the second most read page of my website on a daily basis so I feel I am to leave it here and simply keep adding to it each day, however the Lord leads. I am a very quiet person, keeping to myself a lot...but you guys know me better than the people I am with each day.  I hope to meet each one of you at the Wedding Supper!  :-)

11/17/18 - Today I watched the TV version of Deepwater Horizon.  When the flames were roaring above the men's heads, and the water was full of fire, they had nowhere to go.  It was emotionally gripping because it is a true story.  I watch these types of shows and the Holy Spirit prompts me that these are going to happen during the Harvest and even worse in the Tribulation.  I pray the Lord allows us to miraculously help people in dire straits...that turn to Him.  In one scene the people that were rescued on a boat, said the Lord's prayer.  God knows their hearts and and will know future hearts and where to send us.  I look forward to helping, rescuing, healing, and defeating the enemy in days to come!

"I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve."   Jeremiah 17:10

11/16/18 - You know how lately the Lord has been telling us that He is revealing more and more mysteries to His Bride?  Well, sometimes we learn the mysteries through others, and sometimes He shows us ourselves.  And not every mystery we learn, can be made public.  Keep that in mind when you are learning things...if the Holy Spirit prompts you to keep them secret and keep them safe...then do so!  He has a reason for all He does!

11/15/18 - I watched the Amazon Prime show "Homecoming" with Julia Roberts.  I've discovered that when I do watch a series...it tends to point towards either a conspiracy theory, or something the enemy is showing his hand with.  God gives His prophets warnings, and I feel the devil is forced to show his hand too.  In Homecoming, you have a subtle story of super soldiers although in this case, they go to war and do horrible things, then the memories are erased.  They think they get to home after they are at this Homecoming clinic, but eventually they are to be redeployed.  The employees are dousing the food with drugs to make the soldiers forget.  I'm sure this is happening in some form even now.  That's why if you can, it's best to eat organic food, especially if you grow it yourself.  We don't always have the luxury though, which is why God has told us to bless our food at every meal.  Even though this show is meant for entertainment, it has brought me closer to God if I am asking Him to bless my food more often!

11/14/18 - Kind of a long story here but it may apply to you.  My coworker "Jane" had a small stroke several years ago.  She was back to work in 3 weeks.  A few months ago she had another mini-one, and then again early last week.  Both times my boss took her to the hospital and they let her go.  But something was up.  I started feeling a need to talk with Jane about Christ but it was not the right time because she was not herself when she was at work.  The irony was, my boss wanted her at work so all of us could keep an eye on Jane since she was clearly not herself.  As a co-worker, I have sat by Jane for 10 years (she is the one that saw 666 constantly...see 04/02/18) and have talked with her about God all the time. Last Friday after I had left for the day, Jane called out at work, "I'm having a stroke!"  Again the boss took her to the ER where she was eventually taken to Indianapolis, same hospital my daughter has been at.  Jane did ok over the weekend and they thought she might be released but come Monday she was still there.  Since my daughter was having a PET scan on Monday across the street, I decided to visit Jane as it was the perfect opportunity.  She could speak fairly well and was moving hands and feet and said only if she turned her head did she get dizzy.  I prayed for an opportunity and eventually I brought up God and told her that we just never know and had she made her peace with Him and she said, "I told Him to take me now, I'm ready!"  I was encouraged because she has been praying!  I have prayed for every coworker many times as I want them all in Heaven for get togethers!  And so we talked a bit more and I left.  Early this morning, Jane had a massive stroke.  From what I understand she is in the ICU with tubes here and there.  She has a problem that only chemotherapy can help (non-cancerous) but it will never heal her.  I am SO glad I spoke with her on Monday!  It had occurred to me beforehand that I did not want blood on my hands.  Ezekiel 33:6

"But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone's life, that person's life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood.' "

The reason I tell you this story is that when you feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to talk with someone about God, do it.  No matter what.  You don't have to be preachy, God will take care of that and when we ask Him, He speaks through us and says exactly what that person needs to hear, don't you doubt that at all because He does!  Salvation is simple! He loves all His children and is calling them Home in many ways, we just have to be obedient to His promptings.

11/13/18 - Tonight for the first time I made a quiche. Pinterest is my really good friend which it comes to cooking because I am not creative at all. I've explained it before...I can't cook without a recipe, can't play the piano without music, can't draw worth a nickel.  The Night Psalms and Night Writings and Selah Words...none are mine as I only write what I hear.  But in Heaven....we can take lessons!  You can learn from Mozart, you can be trained by Da Vinci, you can be instructed by Julia Childs!  Imagine!  I am anxious to learn to paint.  I love the pictures that Akiane draws and paints and maybe she will teach me.  Heaven is a VERY busy place!  Yes there is rest but we will also be very active!

11/12/18 - I forgot about this!  On Oct 27 the Lord gave me a warning.  Most of the time I no longer write down what He says to me because He told me not to.  But on this occasion I did and I wrote it down long before my daughter started having her head pain.  That pain began to manifest itself last Monday Nov 5.  She then stayed laying down 24/7 except for 5 minutes to eat here and there and that was maybe one or two bites.  She was clearly going downhill once again and my husband and I were VERY concerned that once again it was cancer...would have been the 4th time!  The night before her MRI that was ordered Stat...I prayed the curses prayer (see 11/07), 

Now she is up and around and back to "normal" for her.  Then the Lord brought this Word to mind!  For those of you that are unable to read my writing...He stated, "You are about to be overcome by something but be at peace, and hold still, for it will come to nothing.  It will come to nothing."  I HAD been overcome and it DID come to nothing!  Next time I will post that Word on my refrigerator and wait out the storm while safe in His arms.

11/11/18 - Have you ever wondered what Moses said to Charlton Heston when he arrived in Heaven?

11/10/18 - Tonight our daughter went out to eat with us and some friends.  What a turnaround from last week where she was laying down 24/7!  Praise God!  Thank you for your prayers!

11/09/18 - I've been told I have three months to bring my cholesterol down...or I need to take a pill.  I was talking with a coworker today and telling her that when I was young, I used to roll my eyes at those people who complained they didn't sleep well.  I thought that would never happen to me.  Uh...I was wrong.  This whole flesh experience. Ugh. The NDEs I've watched tell how some people are able to see through their entire body.  I don't mean transparent, but rather they can see out of their feet, their hands, their back, etc.  Imagine that!  Talk about seeing through a glass darkly now! Imagine Heaven!  Perfection in ways we can never think of!  I'm ready!  Oh and imagine never being too hot or too cold again!  Unless you want to be!  Maybe for some hot chocolate.  :-)

11/08/18 - No cancer!!!  Most likely just inflammation!  I'll have to tell you what I did last night but it will take a bit to explain so another time.  Plus I'll post a video with it...instructions but not from me!  Thank you for your prayers!  Grace is still in pain but we are praying that starts being relieved very soon.

11/07/18 - Please keep our daughter in your prayers for the next few days.  Once again she is not eating and has deep head pain, laying down 24/7.  The dr has ordered an MRI stat and we will know more in the next few days. Please pray there is no cancer and this pain is resolved quickly!

11/06/18 - I listened to another Mike from around the world soundtrack yesterday...I was directed from a friend to especially listen towards the end so I did, about the last 30 minutes.  Very interesting!  Actually I started at the 1:27 mark...1 hour and 27 min in.  Link to Soundcloud.  He is asked a question about what should we expect this winter...and it's interesting!

11/05/18 - I did not sleep well on Saturday night.  Last night I asked the Lord especially to help me sleep and catch up.  He said to, "Sleep sweetly".  Well, of course I had to look that up!  I've not heard that phrase before.  I found a poem by Victor Hugo...and it speaks of God!

Sleep sweetly in this quiet room

Oh thou, whoe’er thou art,

And let no mournful yesterdays

Disturb your peaceful heart.

    Nor let tomorrow pierce thy rest

    With dreams of coming ill:

        Why Maker is thy changeless friend,

  His love surrounds thee still.

Forget thyself and all the world;

Put out each glaring light.

The stars are watching overhead.

Sleep sweetly, then. Goodnight.

Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

11/04/18 - I dread this coming winter.  Like I have in the past, I feel this winter will be our last in these bodies.  I've thought that since 2012.  But THIS year we have the unveiling of a Trump Peace Treaty within the next few months.  After that comes the EQ when it's "cold, freezing cold".  So what better time?  And yet, I dread it.  I don't like the cold of winter, and not be able to driving safely.  But the Lord watches over us.

11/03/18 - Today I decided to pray for my Armor of God before I got up.  it was quiet and still and easy to pray.  I can stay very focused during these times.  So I prayed. When I got to the helmet of salvation, I always as for wisdom. On a very very rare occasion I do not do the praying, the Holy Spirit does.  I'm not talking about tongues, I'm talking about praying in my mind and then He just takes over.  The prayer is SO very cool and worshipful when that happens!  Well, this morning He did not take over but I did find myself saying, "And thank you for your truth which is like a Golden Feather."  I thought...where did THAT come from?  After I got up, I looked it up.  How cool is this?

Excerpt:  " If any Indian is given Golden or Bald Eagle feathers it is one of the most rewarding items they can ever be handed. Indians believe that eagles have a special connection with the heavens since they fly so high. Many Indians believe that if they are given this feather, it is a symbol from above.  Link

UPDATE:  After I posted this, my friend Michael sent me this...what encouragement!

" Even while you sleep among the sheep pens, the wings of my dove are sheathed with silver, its feathers with shining gold.”  Psalm 68:13

11/02/18 - Based on recent Messages about angels and ASKING God to have Him show them to us...(minus the Fallen), I did just that yesterday.  Now, you know how God is...His ways are above and beyond our ways so we never know how He will accomplish His purpose.  But last night I was thinking of a coworker and how he is the son of a preacher yet is FAR from a Christian and has much trauma in his life.  So I like him a lot...he is charming but troubled and I try to talk to him about God from time to time.  As I was thinking of him, I was given what I thought was a word but when I researched it...it is a name.  I believe it is the name of my coworker's guardian angel.  But I will not tell my friend unless the subject of his angel comes up.  Imagine walking up to your coworker and saying, "Oh hey...God told me the name of your guardian angel!"  I don't even know if my friend believes in them.  But the subject will come up as God leads.  Back to today..

I got in the car to come home early today.  I turned on the radio to my third fav Christian station...mostly it's all talk.  But I felt led to leave it on.  After a few seconds it dawned on me that Dr David Jeremiah was speaking about angels!  Ok God...what are you teaching me?!?  :-)

11/01/18 - I read this story today....NOT good!  There is probably a verse/story that parallels this in the Bible.

Giant leap for Israel-Gulf ties hasn’t shattered the Palestinian glass ceiling

10/31/18 - A few years back the Lord had me give a few prophetic Words to people.  Less than a handful total.  Today He had me give another one out.  You know...these things make me nervous!  lol  Sometimes they are Words that I have no idea what they are about.  I also ask for confirmations before sending but in this case, the confirmations came from both myself and the person I gave the Message to, all day.  It's been wonderful!  Trust in the Lord!

10/30/18 - An interesting story from my friend that she has given me permission to post.  Yesterday she had to speak with attorneys and a judge about being a jurist in a criminal sentencing case.  Life in prison vs death penalty.  She knew she would have to look at the pictures taken...this man had committed atrocities and she did not want to do it.  She was concerned and asked for prayer and after the interview, she was not chosen.  Praise God!  A few of us spoke on it back and forth in emails and she said the murderer had been in the room, back in a corner is where she saw him.  She felt bad...felt like she had failed somehow.  But as we all talked, the Holy Spirit moved in her and assured her He had a purpose for the entire ordeal.  She now feels very strongly that she will help this man during the harvest period!  Imagine that!  Her day started out in distress but ended in joy!  God is so good...you just have to listen to Him and have faith...He always has a purpose!

10/29/18 - HOORAYIT'S NATIONAL CAT DAY Without knowing what an honor this day is...my daughter sent me the picture to the right while I was at work today.  You see, yesterday I had set up the puzzle table again. (see 10/04/18)  I started the frame, then went to bed for the night.  Knowing my cat may play with any lone puzzle piece, I covered up the table with a blanket.  

My daughter took a nap this afternoon and apparently, said cat took advantage of this nap time to set herself high up and watch the world go by while on the blanket.

10/28/18 - Last night I watched Rocky 2.  I've seen it several times in the past but it's been a while.  What stood out to me this time was that Rocky prays SEVERAL times in this movie.  He wears a cross around his neck and I know some of you think that is bad, but for me its about why the person is wearing it.  For Rocky, it is his belief.  He isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but his faith is simple...just as ours should be.  He prays when his wife is in a coma, he is seen in church and also her bedside praying, also his old crotchety friend and trainer/manager Mick also seems to pray.  Even Mick has a respect for how he speaks in a church or as he refers to it.."a Biblical place". :-)  That is how we are to come to God, as little children full of faith in our Father.  In the end when Rocky wins (oops, spoiler), he thanks people over the microphone and "especially God".  These days more athletes and those that children look up to...should do that.  The enemy has made athletes on their knees, a blasphemy.  We are to be on our knees when seeking God.  Rocky does exactly that.

10/27/18 - Had a strange dream early this morning.  In my dream I had a jr high/middle school age son.  He was grinning at me and saying, "Scallow loves to hurt people, likes to kill people."  I became afraid and then quickly remembered that with Jesus in me, I am not to fear.  I calmly looked at my son and said, "Scallow has no authority here."  End of dream

When I woke up, I thought scallow was a word, not a name.  Yet I can ONLY find a name and get this..the only occupation I can find for this name is a Catholic Priest!

Excerpt:  " In 1880, the most common Scallow occupation in the USA was Catholic Priest. 100% of Scallow's were Catholic Priests."

Just thought I'd share.  :-)

10/26/18 - Everyone looks forward to the weekend...their day off, vacation etc.  Why is that? Because we can do what we want, we work for ourselves, not "the man".  In Heaven, we will "work" for God but it will be joyful!  Every day (so to speak as there is no time) will be perfect and full of joyful things.  Family that we get along with, friends that we love, ex-spouses, former enemies, people that broke our hearts, we will love them all and they will love us because of HE who loves us rules in Heaven and on earth.  So really, this life is our work, and Heaven is vacation.  Once we arrive for that vacation destination, it will be forever!

10/25/18 - Yesterday I went to the doctor's...annual visit for want of a better word.  Anyway, this Nurse Practitioner was really pushing for me to get a flu shot.  She said she saw hundreds of women with the flu last year, and could tell when she walked in who had the flu shot and who did not.  The ones that did not have the vaccine were laying sick on the table, but those who had received the flu shot were merely sitting in a chair saying they had a headache.  She almost had me convinced but I haven't had a flu shot in several years (haven't gotten the flu)...but on the other hand, my daughter has little resistance right now and I don't want to bring home something to her.  I told the NP I didn't want to take anything I didn't have to and she said that no it is not required but I could come back if I wanted one.  Also many of our medical places, drugstores even...offer this flu shot for free.  I decided to pray about it so I did.  I had this dream:

Dream:  I was at a doctor's house, young guy named Joe.  He was having a party although his house was messy and somewhat dirty.  Dr Joe was going around and asking everyone to try his drink. The more he talked with people, the more I decided I didn't want it.  I wanted to go home so I went outside to try and call my husband to come pick me up.  I was unable to talk to him although I could hear him and my daughter over the phone.  As I decided to call another friend,  I got in another person's car because I was not wanting Joe to find me, and as I continued to look through my phone addresses to call my friend, I said to the driver in the car, "I don't think I want to try that drink."  The driver turned to me and said, "You mean the cocktail?  Dr Joe calls it the Grenade."  End of dream

Wow!  I woke up and quickly realized that this was the answer to my prayer!  My favorite male name is Joe so this doctor was appealing to me.  However his home was not up to standard.  More interpretation is that If I take that flu shot, at some point it could (or maybe is meant to!) "blow up" inside me and really do some damage and not even my family can help me!  Guess who is NOT having a flu vaccine this year!?!

10/24/18 - Today I talked with a co-worker about God.  Know how it started?  Food.  We were enjoying a breakfast crumb cake that someone brought in...and I said, "This is good...imagine how good it will be in Heaven where everything is perfect!  And you can eat all you want, and never gain a pound!"  My co-worker started to imagine other good things in Heaven because as I told her, all good things on earth come from God so that means there is good food in Heaven.  That's the seed I planted today. I'm not a preacher, not a Bible thumper...I just want them to think about God and their eternity.  I want them to be with me. :-)

10/23/18 - This morning as I was leaving for work around 6:15, I looked to the left to make sure no cars were coming down our country road. I saw light…lotsa light on the road! It took me a moment to realize that it was the Moon shining on the road! It was so bright! This picture is not mine but imagine it just hovering over the road in front of you…it was awesome!  It is the Hunter's Moon after midnight tonight...look for it!

10/22/18 - Do you ever wish you could be let in on "God's timing"? Every time I get tired of being here and it seems to be bringing me down and I wish I knew more about WHEN....I am reminded of Col Spalko's (Indiana Jones) request...."I want to know everything!" That did not turn out too well for her.

10/21/18 - The juncos have returned. (sigh) These are considered "snowbirds" as they only show up in Indiana when it is time for the snow to begin.  Winter...even before Halloween.  I knew it.  I believe this will be a rough winter, perhaps the winter of the Great USA Earthquake. Once that occurs, we (the world) will never be the same..and certainly the USA will not rise again.  Only God knows if it is this winter season or not BUT...we can know ourselves, if we hear announcements of a peace proposal.  Through the next several weeks and months, I will be watching to see if Trump will make some sort of Middle East announcement, that'll be the trigger for me to go prepper shopping!  Until then, hubby is cleaning up the yard for winter.  We put out all the bird feeders and changed the birdbath to one that does not freeze in the winter. Get ready.

10/20/18 - Yesterday was my daughter's LAST chemo treatment...yay!  Today she is not feeling quite up to par BUT she is doing well and ate good all day.  Apparently almost every meal is a celebration meal...and I'm having to cook special dishes!  :-) That's ok with me as I remember a few months ago, she didn't eat for 4 straight days.  My friends, her eyes were getting dark, her cheeks sunken, and her legs were atrophying while in ICU.  But praise God she is back on track, and no cancer to be found!  Thank you again for your prayers, they are most welcome.  All she needs to do now is continue to get her strength back. I continue to pray what I did earlier which you can read on the 09/03/18 daily.

10/19/18 - Last night my husband and I watched Secret Service: On the Front Line from NatGEO.  I was not really surprised but saddened to see how much info they gave away.  I feel like the terrorists can just hit pause and take notes, ready for next time knowing what NOT to do.  Everyone talks about transparency but in truth, some things need to stay behind the scenes.  After all, we've seen that there are and will be people inside Trump's WH that are against him and plot to hurt him.

10/18/18 - A few months ago, the Lord had me purchase something for someone.  I had only seen this person once in my life but I made the purchase with the idea that if the Lord provided the opportunity again, then I could follow through with what I felt led to give this person.  Today I met that person again.  I was able to give him the gift and tell him, "The Lord told me to give this to you."  What a "divine appt" that was!

10/17/18 - You know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk right?  Well...it has changed during the years.  It was published in the 1700s and some say it was written because King Arthur was being written to death and it was time for a new hero.  Be that as it may, King Arthur's son is also a character and Jack ends up serving him (I always seem led back to King Arthur through these years of learning from God!).  The movie I watched was Jack the Giant Slayer and it was based on this book.  The movie was quite enlightening as it really pointed to Nephilim and how they will come back to earth...and even at the end of the movie it tongue in cheek notes how Jack the Giant Killer has changed over time.  I started out watching the movie for entertainment...but I got a lesson instead!

10/16/18 - Today I was sitting with my daughter while she was having chemo and I saw a woman coming in from the parking lot, carrying a cello.  What?  I couldn't figure that out at ALL.  Later on I left to get us some lunch and there were two woman in the lobby area downstairs playing a cello and a flute.  While we could not hear it in the area we are in (many patients fall asleep during chemo), it was lovely to hear when I did hear it, and am thankful for those that volunteer in the ways that they can to help those going through a crisis.

10/15/18 - I am no longer going to watch the Man in the High Castle.  Last week I abruptly quit reading an interesting book...because they introduced what I consider porn.  Totally unexpected so I actually slammed the book shut and took it back to the library (and complained!).  Yesterday I was watching the MinHCastle and they introduced a scenario that I wasn't comfortable with and I feel the scenes will become more graphic.  Having said that...today a friend and I decided to thoroughly read all of 278pikelk's transcripts.  In one from Sept 22, 2012, I read this...and am applying NOW!:

"Demons runs to and fro looking for open targets to enter. Do not leave yourselves open. Close your hearts and minds to everything perverse. Do nothing that might leave the open door or window to your soul. Reading and watching filthy Satan-inspired material must stop. Exposing your mind to those things leaves you open to attack. Turn from these things of this world back to Me. I have given you a natural curiosity about things, and please do not quit pursuing the path that I have you on. If you are a watcher, continue to watch, but do not lose sight of Me. You will need Me to be your strength and refuge until we meet in the sky. Search the scripture for clues, but look for Me first and clues second."

10/14/18 - I had another aliens are coming dream last night and will write it up and do a video over the next few days.  After that came a vision and then a Word.  The Lord is never boring!

10/13/18 - Even though the change of season is at hand, with the colder ickier weather...the birds are returning to our feeder.  We had put all the birdseed away due to a skunk that seemed to come every night and eat the fallen seed and suet.  We got rid of all the bird seed and did not buy more, last spring.  Well, we did have a few kernels of corn and sunflower seeds so I hung up the feeder that my husband had made and sprinkled them on the tray a few days ago....and today a sparrow showed up today!  Now we have plans in the works to buy more seed this coming week.  It's a "chore" that my husband loves doing each day.  The only sad thing is, I cannot hear the birds nor see them very well due to windows.  I am however, constantly reminded that in Heaven there need not be any windows!  And we can sit on the porch and have the birds come sit on our shoulder and sing softly into our ear.  Right now on earth...they are just getting tuned up!

10/12/18 - A few months ago I recall telling my daughter's physical therapist that I was hoping she could walk on her own by my birthday (today).  She kind of smiled at me...but in Sept all therapies were "done" based on insurance.  As you know, last week Grace started using a cane now and then.  There are many things she still is too weak to do...remove lids from jars, lift a gallon of milk, she is even unable to bend down to pet the cat.  But on THIS day, she got up from the couch and walked partway down the hall.  I was reading a book when she said, "Oh...I guess I forgot my cane!"  She had walked 10 steps without any help at all!  That was my gift from God on this day!  Praise Jesus!  :-)

See 08/03/18 below for why this was so important and exciting for me!

10/11/18 - I learned something new...the Nazis had a secret program called "Lebensborn".  

Excerpt: Lebensborn e.V. (literally: "Fount of Life") was an SS-initiated, state-supported, registered association in Nazi Germany with the goal of raising the birth rate of "Aryan" children of persons classified as "racially pure and healthy" based on Nazi racial hygiene and health ideology."  (full Wikipedia article found here) 

Fast forward to 2018 (as well as backwards to the Book of Genesis)....a breeding program has been ongoing for thousands of years from the Fallen.  In recent history we have "alien" abductions where the Fallen have removed human seed and manipulated it with the idea of forming a superior race.  LA Marzulli has spoke of it here and Chuck Missler has also spoken on this if you wish to research it.

"What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."  Ecclesiastes 1:9

10/10/18 - The Lord may be starting something new with me at night again...first the Night Writings, and then the Night Psalms.  If He speaks again tonight, I will post them in the morning as there will be 3 Words by then.

UPDATE:  He is!  Here is the link to the newest page..."Selah Words"

10/09/18 - My first thought when I read this headline....was wouldn't it be horribly awful if for some Incredible bizarre reason...Obama got to be the next ambassador?  Man I sure hope not!

child's game

10/08/18 - I mentioned the other day that I started watching The Man in the High Castle.  When I was little (mid-1960s) my mom bought me a game called Pickup Sticks.  (left)  As I was watching this Man In THC series...I discovered that one of the main characters uses something like this game (Chinese Fortune Sticks per Amazon), in order to see into the future!  I was shocked.  The Lord showed me...it is an occult practice called I Ching.  Practioners dump the sticks out (just like my old game) only instead of picking them up without moving other sticks...they look for certain patterns, similar actually to a hexagram ( Star of David ) and go from there. 

I understood that the enemy puts thoughts of wanting to know the future, into the minds of children when they are young.  Much like viewing sin as something humorous on TV (like funny homosexual TV shows), some games for children seem innocent but are in reality, preparing them for something more sinister.  (The Lord actually gave me the word "insidious" but since I had to look it up, I decided to use the more commonly known word. :-D  )

Fortunately for the Bride, we ONLY look to our Bridegroom for answers!  We are told not even to look to man, no preacher, no book, no DVD, no divination.  Just God!

Chinese Fortune Stick

10/07/18 - I cleaned up my hummingbird feeder and put it away today.  :-(   I miss the tiny birds but even more, I miss the season they represent.  When they are gone, cold is coming, and snow and sleet and hail.  Even though we see from Psalm 148 that these elements are to praise the Lord...I still don't want them coming my way. They are not human friendly.  Well the Lord just reminded me that at times they do keep the enemy at bay, whether on airport flights, or traveling, or war.  

10/06/18 - Did you know that these things that have no breath...are to praise the Lord?









Don't believe me?  Read Psalm 148

10/05/18 - So the first thing we (my daughter and I) want to tape on TV is the Book of Mysteries!  Oh boy!  Yes it was on regular TV but it came on at midnight my time and we have no way to record anything.  Now we have a way!  I'm excited about this as I read the book when it came out and found it fascinating...wanting to read more on specific days.  Yay!

10/04/18 - Tonight my daughter and I finished a puzzle we started a few weeks ago.  I had purchased three puzzles and this one caught my eye because 1) it was books! and 2) they had interesting titles.  

As I was putting the puzzle together, it occurred to me to suggest that you too buy some puzzles.  When the power goes out and there are no iPads or iPhones or laptops to use, or even TV!!!, then families may spend more time together and puzzles help relax those who may panic.  Just a thought.  :-)

10/03/18 - I started watching The Man in the High Castle and from episode 1 I was fascinated.  Because THIS is how it will be when China and Russia take over the USA.  It's very possible that one controls one coast and one controls the other...with the middle being a place where the forced labor kicks in most, the breadbasket.  

10/02/18 - Over the weekend I brought a few movies home from a library for my daughter to watch during the day.  Today when I arrived home, she was watching Deep Impact.  You know...that's really going to happen to those coastlines.  Waves many many feet high will rise up and cover the area.  This is an excerpt from the very first Word ever posted by Barb...278pikelk:

Great earthquakes causing great waves of destruction over your coastlands are coming. Prepare, prepare, prepare. When things happen on your coastlands, your entire nation will burn with the fire, and time will be man’s enemy as the fire spreads, burning up the interior regions.  08/28/12

10/01/18 - Dear God, thank you for chocolate.  :)

" Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

James 1:17

09/30/18 - We have decided to get satellite TV since our daughter spends so much time at home.  She can no longer read regular books which is very sad because she is a reader!  Her eye problems started last March when she began to have double vision.  We'll find out more about that this week but in the meantime, I too want satellite TV because I feel the international news will pick up soon, especially about the Middle East.  We purchased the cheapest package there is but wouldn't you know..we don't get the weather channel!  Figures!

09/29/18 - Thank you for those that emailed me about Melchizedek...will continue to look into it.  

Daughter update:  Today Grace used a cane. :)  She has gone from wheelchair to walker to rollater and now a cane.  Thank you Jesus!

09/28/18 - See yesterday...not a single person emailed me.  It's interesting because the more I and my friend look into this order of Melchizedek, the more we believe the Bride is part of it, if not  I T.  Still praying and researching though!

09/27/18 - The other day during devotions, the Holy Spirit told me to look in to the "order of Melchizedek".  Today I found this trusted video teaching from Chuck Missler...great stuff here!  If any of you have done personal indepth study of this, please email me.  Thanks!

09/26/18 - God gives us many opportunities each day to glorify Him...and find confirmations of His love.  I will tell you of one such confirmation that happened today.

For over a year my husband and I have put all doctor visits, eye visits, dentist, you name it it has been on hold.  We could not leave our daughter for any amount of time.  Since she is getting back on her feet now, I feel I need to see a dr. (which is ironic given how close we are to our healings!) so I prayed about it, asking the Lord to show me who to see.  I don't have a regular family dr.  Oh I used to...I used to get so many dr visits a year that it was overwhelming and once I found out the Lord really was coming back soon, I've left all my physical ailments up to Him...since 2012 I believe.  I think I've had 2 visitis since...have run out of pills etc.  Anyway, I prayed.  God directed me to ask one particular nurse that I see on occasion during chemo visits.  Today I asked her.  Here was our conversation:

Me:  "Jane, would you please come over here....(she arrives).  I have a question, do you see a female dr?"

Jane:  "As a matter of fact, just TODAY I went to see a new woman dr! And I love her!"

Me:  "No way!  Just today?!?  Wow!  I asked the Lord about this and He said to ask you so now I know why!"

Can you believe it?  Of course you can!  These types of things happen to you as well.  Cool eh?  Muy cool!

09/25/18 - So Nikki Haley and Jason Greenblatt were on the level when they said Trump would not mention the peace proposal during his speech today.  You can read the entire speech here.  On the whole, I think the speech went well and Trump seemed much more diplomatic this year...and stuck to his speech rather than go off on a tangent as he has been known to do.  Ten years ago I would have applauded his speech...the whole "we don't like globalism and we are into patriotism".  But the USA WILL fall, it's a given.  May not be this month like some "prophets" have said the Lord saith...I doubt they are hearing from Him.  We will see in the few days left in this month.

09/24/18 - I've been contemplating tomorrow's UN speech by Trump.  I am thinking that yes he may discuss Israel and the Middle East but he will not mention splitting Israel.  He will not discuss the "peace treaty" or whatever you want to call it, in any detail.  I think Trump will save this DEAL of the century for it's own announcement, perhaps later in the year.  One reason is because it would be SO huge...Trump's final deal as it were because who can beat it?  (The AC will eventually have the actual plan but that won't stop Trump from thinking he has the answer...Sharlene has seen visions of the signing.)  Another reason I feel the announcement will be put off, is that Abbas is finally ready to talk...most likely is being forced, possibly by Saudi Arabia (they have threatened him if you recall).  And thirdly, Barb of 278pikelk has given us this Word from God that it will be "cold...freezing cold" when God allows the USA to be split like Israel.  So it's not time for that yet.  The splitting will most likely (again just a guess) be very soon after the announcement, as many have seen the world come crashing down after that.

(Daughter update) - chemo week, please pray for continued strength and full healing.  I also want to thank you for prayers...for as of today her MRI and PET scans from last week show NO CANCER!  :-)  Praise God!

09/23/18 - Today towards the end of my devotions the Holy Spirit said, "He is coming! He is coming!  The Great Amen!"

09/22/18 - Today I drove my daughter to a nearby park so we could get some fresh air and walk a little bit.  As we rested in a gazebo area, I saw tiny ants forming lines to carry minute pieces of potato chips away.  I knew they were storing away for the winter and God was showing me Proverbs 6:6 in action.  I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again.  In three days Donald Trump makes his UN speech.   If he mentions splitting Israel...then the ants are NOT the only ones that will storing up things for the future...I'm running to the store!

09/21/18 - One of my top five movies is.....Alien.  Yep, that's right.  I've loved that movie since it first came out when I was in high school.  Yesterday I decided to watch it again (I have the full series...I know, right?!?!)  And at the beginning when they are discovering that they are not in their own star system...Ellen Ripley tries to call "Antarctica Traffic Control."  Oh the irony NOW when I watch it!  We know there are weird things going on down there...I've read much about it and won't go into it here.  But it's just interesting that this is where she is calling?  Almost 40 years ago when the movie was made...THIS is the place where they have established air/outer space traffic control?  Really?

09/20/18 - Today I took our daughter for her weekly dr visit (next week is chemo all week).  They gave her "fluids".  This happens weekly and fluids can mean anything from saline to nausea meds to vitamins.   It occurred to me that one day Jesus will give her FLUIDS...living water!  In fact, rivers of living water will flow from Grace very soon!  (John 7) They will flow from all of us.  it's just a matter of when, not if.

09/19/18 -Gill Broussard put out a very interesting chart today.  He says this, 

" So how big of an earthquake from a meteor impact, that would shatter or knock down every wall on Earth? "

09/18/18 - Tonight I was at the lawyer's office and while they were making copies of the forms I had brought, I looked at the large fish tank.  I discovered something that I've never known before.  I discovered that fish have personalities. :)  All you tank people already know this but, I did not!  This tank was out in the open so I just looked at the fish eye to eye and some of them looked back.  Some were skittish, and some didn't want to be bothered.  The more I looked, the more I realized...well of COURSE God would give them a personality!  Initially I thought they just thought I might feed them.  But no, I got the distinct impression that they were curious.  It was confirmed by the lady making copies, who said each morning when she walks over to the side of the tank to make coffee at a small table, they follow her and watch every move. Who knew!

09/17/18 - In 2013 someone gave me a Word that told me specifically what my rank in Jesus' Army was.  From time to time I think...perhaps that has changed...perhaps I've done something wrong, a horrible sin, or ventured from God's path.  Just about the time I feel that I need to ask God for a confirmation that I am still in that position, I remember that Jesus gave me that Word and Information, before I even know much of anything about the end times.  Does He change His mind?  No. I hold that promise to me.  I took it to heart then and I continue to.  

I would remind you to do the same.  Whatever you know about your time now and/or in the future, if Jesus has given it to you, then it cannot be changed.  We are all here for a purpose and each one of us has a very individual purpose that will be put into use.  Think of all the times in the past that you've done something for someone, knowing that no one else could have done that.  Things as simple as opening a door to help someone.  That is counted towards your blessings in Heaven.  It was and is God working through you and He will continue to so you are "being confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."  Philippians 1:6

09/16/18 - I went to a driveup today and got some fries.  Took one bite and almost spit it out.  No salt.  I suppose they think that's good for me...lower blood pressure and all that.  It doesn't matter if they sell me a double decker burger with cheese and bacon sandwich...as long as there is NO SALT ON THE FRIES I will most surely live longer!  Ugh!  It brought to mind this verse...

"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot."  Matthew 5:13

09/15/18 - The Lord has given me a VERY clear indication that I need to create a crafted prayer for a family member. Graham Cooke teaches that we are to be in alignment with what God wants for us, and the first step is to ask Him to show us what that is so we can create a crafted prayer and pray in agreement.  God showed me in a dream last night, about this person...and so now I have a project to do!  :D   (God knows I like it when He gives me a project to research).  I wanted to show you this book that Graham wrote because if you have an issue in your life, or perhaps God will show you an issue in someone else's...then you can create a prayer specifically to align with God's desire for them or the situation.  You can read the first several pages for free in the second link below.  I know I posted this before....but I am excited that God showed me a person, then the situation, which I was clueless about but now know precisely what to pray for.

Amazon link to book -  Crafted Prayer Paperback – 2003  Graham Cook

First 14 pages of book - from Graham's website  

09/14/18 - I read an interesting verse today in Acts 2:46-47.

Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.

It's like...people went to church, then visited each other's houses for meals and joyful discussion.  Remember those "Progressive Dinners" that you used to do in church/small group?  Maybe that started back in Jesus day!  Oh hey, let's do that in Heaven!  We can set up Progressive Dinners at our various Mansions! Don't worry about cooking and baking because everything done in Heaven is perfection!  YUMMO!

09/13/18 - Today my family and I watched a Christmas episode from Warehouse13.  One of the items they showed was a small shell casing from a tank that was turned into a tree ornament.  They said the casing was from the Christmas Truce, which took place in 1941.   Later on during my devotions, the Lord told me that we are empty casings...only that we are filled with the Holy Spirit.  He reminded me that we are His army and that we will do great and mighty things, only not through ourselves.  We have emptied ourselves of the world, and the Lord has filled us with Himself.  

I like being an empty casing...I like it just fine.

The LORD utters His voice before His army; Surely His camp is very great, For strong is he who carries out His word. The day of the LORD is indeed great and very awesome, And who can endure it? Joel 2:11

09/12/18 - My "life verse" is at the bottom of every webpage here.  But my all  time favorite verse is Daniel 12:1...it gives me goosebumpgs to read it:

"At that time Michael, the great prince who watches over your people, will arise."

So simple...you could even leave the middle part out and it would still bring the same response from me.  At that time Michael will arise.  We all know who MICHAEL is.  And we know right now he is fighting in the spiritual realm.  Now that I've reread some of Sharlene's visions, you can even see Michael in vision 19.  But in this instance he is going to ARISE...to stand UP!  What does that mean?!?!  I'm sure that verse terrifies the devil, maybe that's why I like it.

I will confess something to you...a friend of mine and I were once discussing what we would ask for if God said we could have anything we want.  I said I wanted to fight one battle alongside Michael one day.  Imagine that!  Are we not God's hidden army...are we not followers of our Commander in Chief Jesus Christ?  Then we are also to rise one day SOON, sooner than Michael even!  Be ready!  

09/11/18 - Don't laugh but...I bought the TV series Cagney and Lacy.  Those of you from the states, my age...will recall that show.  My daughter and I watched the first episode today.  They used typewriters and telephones with cords and rotary dials, and station wagons.  Oh the good ol' days.  Only one swear word too!  And they went on this ship and there were no computers that I could see...no circuit boards, no flashing lights, no Alexa.  I don't know that we have it better now except...without computers and the internet I could not have told you this useless story about my day.  :D

09/10/18 - The weather was very foggy this morning, and of course very dark (new moon) at 6:30 a.m. when I drove to work.  I noticed the halos around car headlights coming towards me...and I was reminded that when the 3 DoD comes, ALL light will be extinguished....EXCEPT for God's remnant.  Daniel 12 tells us that we will shine like stars...that is US!  Rejoice in this...and think on it next time you see a foggy halo. :)

09/09/18 - For those of you that have loved ones that are fall risks, you know about the "gait belt".  My daughter has one.  Medical people and caregivers use these belts to make sure the patient does not fall.  We have put my daughter's aside right now because she is doing well. :)  But I was reminded that God knows when we sit or stand (Psalm 139).  He has us in the palm of His hand. (Isaiah 49)  Gait belts may hold us up in the physical, but God holds us all the time and He will never let us fall. (Psalm 37)

09/08/18 - While I still don't like spiders and am sure I never will while on this earth, I am beginning to see God's handiwork in their webs.  There is a large one spun outside our bedroom window between the shrubbery and the window screen.  Normally the webs do not last very long and we've had a downpour of leftover hurricane weather.  However this web has stayed and there are water droplets on it. The Holy Spirit let me know that a drop of water provides much for the spider to drink.  I never thought of that.  Not even once.  But God cares about His creatures, large and tiny.  (you can see this web in the bottom right corner of the screen.  I had to open to storm window to take the picture but I quickly shut it!  :D )

(knowing man's penchant for war, I'm sure this has a practical battle application down the road, if not already in existence - Hope)

09/07/18 - I believe I met another one of the Called Out ones today...and I've known her for years!  If so, it'll be the ONLY person that I can talk with in person, about end time events.  The devil did NOT want our conversation to go like it did.  In the days ahead, I may reveal more but suffice it to say that I am ecstatic that I may have someone to sit down and have coffee (or tea or mocha in my case) with soon!

09/06/18 - This picture is phenomenal!  You may know the scene at the beginning of Warehouse 13, where they pull back so you can see how big the building is that goes under the mountain housing all the artifacts?  Or perhaps from Indiana Jones where you see that the Ark of the Covenant has been stored in a VERY large warehouse...supposedly never to be found again?  Well, this is my idea of Heaven...the largest library in Heaven has to look like that, like it goes on forever and SMELLS like an old library!  When I was little, my dad had left us when I was 7 and my mom had to work all day so I was literally on my own (I did not like my brothers at the time) and found the old small town library just a few blocks away... a wonderful getaway that housed all kinds of secrets and mysteries.  

This is a picture of Trinity College Library in Dublin Ireland.  How AWESOME is this library!  I would love to visit!  I'd find a cozy nook or window seat and just read read read!  I've been reading since before I went to school as my mother taught me ABCs and I read my brother's kindergarten books.  For those of you who are readers...imagine Heaven's Library!  I'll meet you there for "quiet time!"  HA!

09/05/18 - Today the Lord said to me, "A Holy Tide is risen."  I thought He was talking about the remnant...and perhaps He is.  But I also found this...very interesting!  

Definition of Holy Tide: 

https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/holy-tide  noun

theology archaic
a time or season for special religious observance
the holy tide of Christmas

God is pointing to the upcoming Feast Days...the first of which is our September 9, Rosh Hashanah. (lasts for 2 days), and will be observing the Days of Awe in my own way.

09/04/18 - I passed a sad looking field of corn today.  It was turning yellow, getting ready to harvest, but the farmer slashed the top half off so it would stop altogether.  My husband explained to me that this is so it will become seed corn.  In other words, you can't eat it nor is it given to cattle, but rather used next year to provide more corn.  I just thought it looked awful.  Like it was hacked to death.  I can't wait to see row after row of corn in Heaven!  Sweet corn no less! 

Imagine your favorite crop, fruit, vegetable...and you WILL see fields of them in Heaven!  Whether trees or bushes or rooted plants, it will all be perfect then!  And very soon we shall see it with our own eyes!

09/03/18 - Genesis 49:3  " "Reuben, you are my firstborn, my might, the first sign of my strength, excelling in honor, excelling in power."

I read this a while back and prayed that the Lord would hear this prayer for my daughter.  My husband, her dad, is a strong man.  He works out a few times a week, and his idea of fun or a hobby is working with wood, gardening, trimming in the yard etc.  NOT a couch potato!  His family lives long lives..had an aunt who won the spelling bee in her nursing home at the age of 105.  So I pointed out to God that Grace was the firstborn of my husband's strength...just like Reuben was.  And I asked God to return that strength to her. She is now able to walk again and take care of herself using a rollater.  This is PHENOMENAL!  She no longer has to wake us up in the middle of the night!  God heard my prayer!  And yours as well for several of you continue to pray.  This is a praise to God for He is good all the time, and all the time He is good!

09/02/18 - In keeping with Aug 30 Daily...there is one thing about this season that I hate...that is...driving over caterpillars.  I've always hated it and these days it's even worse.  I find myself wondering if those caterpillars are in Heaven and of course they are!  Every good thing that God has made, is in its perfect state in Heaven.  I've been thinking about this and am hoping that God gives me a "caterpillar" rug for my entryway in my mansion in Heaven (or maybe a log cabin).Before you say "ewww"...let me describe the rug.  It would be multicolors in blacks, browns, tans, beiges, and off whites.  It would be the softest thing you ever set your toes on, and when you walk across it....it will giggle.  :-)  I've read many NDEs where people hear flowers sing...and animals use simple phrases like "pet me!"  So why not?  Why not have a rug full of fuzzy caterpillars that giggle when your foot covers them.  Of course there is no crushing because in Heaven, nothing never dies!

09/01/18 - I was on my way home this morning, and asking God where I could take our daughter so she could get out of the house for a while.  It was going to be hot outside (90s) but a breeze and some clouds made the idea a possibility.  She cannot go out in public due to bacteria, nor does she want to, given her hair loss and steroid side effects.  So I prayed.  As I continued to drive, I drove past a "reunion" of geese in a large courtyard area.  Our friends (the wife takes care of Grace during the workweek a few hours each day) have a small pond and geese kinda take over once a year.  Our friends have told us that they seem to have a reunion of sorts, of many geese family members for a few days every year.  So when I saw this large group, I wondered if my friends pond would be overtaken today.  

LIGHTBULB!  Hey I could take Grace to their pond!  I sent a quick text and it was arranged.  As I've mentioned before, during our regular life, at times I take my family on "mystery trips" to various places, sometimes overnight even.  This afternoon I took Grace on a mystery trip...to our friends pond.  :-)  Here is the ONLY photo of my daughter.  I thank God for answering my prayer...the Holy Spirit picked the perfect place!

08/31/18 - About 25 to 30 years ago I started listening to a man whose name is Malcolm Smith ( website   youtube ).  Other than Hal Lindsey's book Late Great Planet Earth...Malcolm started me on the path to who God really is.  I even drove to Chicago with a coworker to see one of his seminars...which back then, driving that far to the BIG city was pretty risque given there were no cell phones.  Anyway...one of the things Malcolm said that really helped me begin to understand God...was that God doesn't just love...God IS love.  He IS IS IS what love is.  That was such a simple thought, yet life changing for me.  God showed me who He was then, but only in the last five years has it sunk in how much of a wonderful God He truly is.  .  So simple..."be" the love of God Malcolm also says.  Throughout the Bible that is what we are told...even to love your enemy.  Anyway, just thought I'd share.  I don't really listen to Malcolm anymore...didn't know he even had a website or YT channel but it's possible that God is now leading someone else to listen to Malcolm.  :)

08/30/18 - I guess I am noticing God's creation more and more these days, especially when it involves death.  Tonight I was sweeping my porch and because of our daughter's wheelchair getting in and out of the porch and front door, the ONLY thing we have on the porch, is a pitcher so we can fill our bird bath.  As I was sweeping, I noticed a bug had fallen into the pitcher and was upside down.  Since he could not turn himself over, he was dead.  I felt sad about this.  When I find bugs or insect in the bird bath, I let them cling to a twig and save them.  I could not save this bug today.  Call me weird...but I did feel sad about it.  

08/29/18 - I've been very fortunate in my marriage since 1981 when I was 19.  My husband and I are still best friend although he is not perfect (and I too admit to faults, believe me!)  But I am not the young hottie I once was.  I am a typical 56 yr old woman who works too much at a computer and does very little work outside.  Yet hubby loves me very much, more so these past few months since our daughter has had her cancer return.  

Today the Lord showed me this is a parable of Him, although He has a far greater love for us.  It is NOT our outside appearance that attracts Him, it never was.  He has known of His Bride since she was young, long ago when she loved Him and still does to this day.  He feels this way about each one of us.  This love from Jesus applies to all of His Bride, male and female.  He KNOWS us, deeply and intimately and knows our hearts towards Him.  He knows we have troubles in this life but are true to Him.  Those who are lukewarm....are not.  The Bible is full of stories of the lukewarm people against their God, and He will spit any of the lukewarm people out of His mouth in days to come.  Yet for Christ, our relationship is a vow...only "til death do us part"...does not pertain for He has overcome death!

08/28/18 - I will be doing a fast of some sort during the Days of Awe...Sept 10 thru Sept 19.

08/27/18 - Today I saw this headline:

Iran's Strait of Hormuz control stokes tensions, could prompt US response

It caught my attention and when I was home for the day I watched a documentary I had purchased a while back...Six Days in June

Here is an excerpt from the IMDB link:

"Israeli's preemptive first strike was prompted by the military build up by Egypt and Nassar's closing of the Strait of Hormuz, which most authorities consider an act of war. The film strongly suggests that if Israel had not acted first it would have suffered many more casualties, especially from Arab air power. "

Iran has not yet closed the Strait but clearly they may do so in the days ahead, now that they have nothing to lose. (or so they think)  In the documentary, a former UN peacekeeper said that an Arab leader told him that they would not start the war, but they would give Israel a reason to.  Closing the Strait is well on the way to bringing many nations into the war this time...as there is nothing new under the sun.

08/26/18 - Very hot in Indiana the next few days, will feel almost like 100.  We are used to this "Indian Summer" weather but it does not make me happy.  Yet, I am VERY thankful there is no snowfall, always grateful for that. I hope to be changed this year and "impervious" to the snow!

08/25/18 - I went to the library today and turned in a movie and the librarian asked me about it.  This got us started down a path of "end times" which I found interesting.  She told me there had been a nearby church that had held a lot of guns in their basement.  This was very upsetting to me as I told her I understand the mentality of preppers BUT if you are holding them in a church..then you have no faith in God to protect you.  Don't misunderstand me, I am not against guns.  But to put them in a church is simply asking for trouble. But I did tell her I felt the end was coming.  :)

08/24/18 - I found this article interesting.  I think Bibi is trying to use reverse psychology.  And it'll probably work.  

Netanyahu sees ‘no urgency’ in advancing Trump peace plan

08/23/18 - Daughter is better today...thank you for continued prayer.  We went for a 15 minute appt and stayed 8 hours for IV fluids and meds!  When a cancer patient gets sick, the medical world goes all out to make them feel better.  My thanks for all you in the medical field!

08/22/18 - Please keep my daughter Grace in your prayers.  Over the weekend she became ill and is unwilling to eat most foods.  She WANTS too, but she will take a bite or two and say she feels nauseous.  We went through her new medicine and it says nothing about taste or even any food problems.  But everything she told me that sounded good...is white.  Toast, cottage cheese, oatmeal, milk...its really strange.  This is very upsetting to her because now that she can taste her food and swallow again, she looks forward to all kinds of things but even chocolate sounds nauseating to her.  Thank you for your prayers.

08/21/18 - Seems my iPad earthquake app is going off daily now.  I have it set to make a noise at any EQ over a 6.0.

69 Major Quakes Strike Ring Of Fire In 48 Hours…Fears Of BIG ONE coming to California

08/20/18 - At the end of my devotions every day, I listen to what the Lord has to say.  Today something new happened.  I was listening and Jesus was telling me about our future together.  Suddenly I answered back without thinking and without speaking on my own in my mind.  Basically I "answered" and responded to Him only it was not me, I was still hearing Him.  He responded back with more, and again I answered.  It was worshipful, speaking His names, Redeemer, Prince of Peace, etc.  It was if there was a two-way conversation going on in my mind only I was only listening.  Has this ever happened to you?  I am hoping this is a new form of praise as I have been praising Him for everything, even my daughter's cancer!  Perhaps it was my spirit talking with Him?  Let me know if this has happened to you!  Email me here.

08/19/18 - I feel this document created by Julie Whedbee could become very important in the days ahead.

Powerful Spiritual Warfare Prayer/Salvation And Repentance Prayer

08/18/18 - I know this sounds crazy but...has it ever occurred to you that some of those that are giving messages and videos and articles and just sounding the alarm..are not part of the 144K?  Not all of them believe in the transformation, not all of them believe we are taken out of the way before the Wrath pours out, not all of them believe that Jesus is coming first with both gifts and outpourings of the spirit before He takes us up.  What if...the reason we don't pay attention to some even though it seems they hear from God...is because they are not part of the same group we are?  I don't know, just typing out loud here.  But it seems to me that some "prophets" believe they will die and others feel there is no Rapture.  Perhaps God has set them aside for their own purpose and it is not link to the 144K remnant.  We know we are to help in the Harvest.  We know there is a Rapture very quickly after the Harvest. We know that we will receive a transformed body and Christ will SHINE through us to fulfill His purposes to bring all His children home before the Holy Spirit is lifted from this world.  I surely believe those I speak about will go in the Rapture, but what if they are some sort of separate group?  <shrug>  Don't know.

08/17/18 - Last night the Lord said to me that soon people will be saying, "What's happening?! What's happening!?!?!?"  

08/16/18 - On occasion, I join a Facebook groups that appears to be watching for the Lord's return.  I get good ideas for website material, and learn a thing or two along the way.  But I never seem to stay in the groups.  I recently joined two groups and again...I have now unfollowed both.  The first one was into watching EQs and volcanoes and weather.  Yet there were non-Christians in there, some even promoting their false religion, so I quit following that group.  The second group is led by Jaco Prinsloo who has good Youtube video about the end times...signs and wonders.  "God's Roadmap to the End" and the like.  Yet people are posting things in his FB group that point to evil, and then the comments...some are even swearing.  Jaco notes that his group is watching for the Lord's return. What I am seeing is that even though I do not go to church, I still come in contact with "church" people that swear and do not speak out of love.  I don't mean to say that everyone should be perfect...not even close!  But one who says they are close to Christ should be lifting up and encouraging their brothers and sisters, not offending them with comments. Also, these "righteous" people badmouth those who are different...perhaps transgender stories or alcoholics or those "labeled" people.  Yet does not Christ love them too?  Did Christ not die for them too?  Do not bash people's sinful ways but rather pray for them in love, and KNOW that there may come a time that if you are part of the Bride...you may be helping to Harvest these same people when they turn to Jesus!

08/15/18 - As I was sitting with my daughter today during her chemotherapy treatment, an emergency helicopter landed nearby.  Those on the ground were expecting it.  There were security people, an ambulance, someone with a gurney, and others.  The chopper landed and eventually the patient was put on the gurney and put in the ambulance and taken to the hospital.  Again I had the same thought I've had before that so many people go out of their way just to help one person. (all those involved with my daughter's medical care are just phenomenal!)  Yet when Jesus died on the cross, we had one Person die for not one or even many...but He died for all.  Totally opposite because He COULD die for all and is the only One that could, for He is the Creator of every person on earth that ever existed.  

08/14/18 - My husband (who still has a flip phone and does not want a "smart phone") has twice now...gotten some kind of "Kangaroo security" thing in the mail.  I have not looked into it but he tells me we would need to download an app, then make monthly payments so we can have this security on our technology.  However, he knows how I feel about stuff like that..security my fanny!  I feel bad enough having a smart phone.  ANYway....my husband told me he would throw the kangaroo thing away and I said I wanted to read it first.  I looked it over and handed it back and he said that he smashed the first one we got in the mail, and he would smash this one too before throwing it away.  I said..."But it won't be here, there is no tracking if its not here."  And he said, "You've got me so paranoid over all this stuff that I want it destroyed first!"   :D  I guess I'm doing my job as a watchwoman on the tower!

08/13/18 - I watched War Room today while my daughter was beginning her 3rd chemo round.  (she gains a little more strength each day...we can see it!)  I've not watched the movie before but knew the concept of the movie.  I like it!  And I felt really good about it because I know that a handful of times I have gone to the Throne Room of God and did what the woman did in the movie, the woman that was being mentored.  Although my exhortations are more for God to do something (using Scripture etc), rather than words against the devil...I liked what this woman did.  Telling the devil he had to get out of the house etc. That's what we need to do in these last days.  The Fallen angels have said (as aliens) that there are "more of them now" so they can help when the disasters come.  We know there are more of them because God has allowed it, and released them!  But He has also told us to stand our ground as children of the Most High and not allow this enemy to come into our homes.  We may be the only one that stands in our home, but it is critical and necessary that we do so now!

08/12/18 - You see?  We are SAFE!

" The coming time of sudden destruction will take over the lives of many of My sheep. They will need to leave their homes and flee their cities. Tell them to not leave My word behind. If they bring one thing as they flee, let it be Me, My word. My bride will bear witness to such anguish, and she will be safe and protected by My angels."

Do not let anyone tell you that you will die.  That is not the Bride's purpose here.

Warning - 278pikelk  09/07/2012

08/11/18 - From time to time I've wondered if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is from the line of King David.

08/10/18 - Did you know that we (the USA) dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in August 1945?  Look what happened on 08/10/45.  Article

08/09/18 - Our refrigerator broke down last week.  Long story short, a new one was installed today.  My thought is...is there a feature with this frig that will help us during the coming calamities, that the old one did not have?  I don't know, I just wonder about EVERYthing that occurs these days!  So many warnings going out now, to turn back to God, that surely something is in the works.  Especially in Israel right now with all the missiles being shot by Hamas.  Keep praying for the peace! 

08/08/18 - I went into a bank today that had this sign posted.  I asked the banker if anyone complained about being fingerprinted.  She said no, mostly they complain that they also have to give their Social Security number...oh and it costs $3.  The sign reads:


For the protection of our members, all NON-MEMBERS must be fingerprinted prior to performing a transaction.

08/07/18 - I distribute the mail at work.  Since I only work mornings, the mail comes in the afternoon and I pass it out the next day.  This morning we received a small booklet of children's programs from the local library.  I was upset (and I guess not shocked) to see Preschool Yoga!  How awful is that!  Let's indoctrinate our toddlers now...the enemy will find a way to get at them even if they are not watching TV.

08/06/18 - Yesterday I was putting a book away on my small library shelving that my husband built for me.  I have a shelf of recipe books, a shelf of gardening/prepper books, and two shelves of end time/alien/NDEs/Mossad books.  I briefly glanced at the Horn/Putnam book titled Exo-Vaticana...and the thought came to me that maybe I should give that away.  

Today the therapist came for his appt and as he walked past that library, he said, "This title stands out to me, what is it about?"  Oh you guessed it...he was pointing to Exo-Vaticana!  I told him it was about bad guys at the Vatican.  We talked some more and I came out and just said I was into end time stuff and he seemed interested as well!  So who knows where that book will lead but...I feel it was a God appt!  I eagerly gave him the book to read...and it has aliens in it!  He may be in for a real surprise!

08/05/18 - As Lucy discovers Narnia...so we will have the look of wonder once we see Heaven!  

" Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it." Mark 10:15

08/04/18 - I've been keeping my  screened in porch clean due to bringing the wheelchair in and out through there.  There is no furniture on the porch and I've swept it every other day at least.  However...the spiders return daily.  New webs and tiny bug sacs appear constantly and I am continuously getting my broom and sweeping them out.

I feel there is a very large angel posted at my front door which leads to the screened porch.. I believe we all have at least one of these angels.  Tonight I said out loud to the angel, "I don't want any more spiders on this porch!"  And I felt that the angel replied, "That is not my concern."  Um...ok!

08/03/18 - When my daughter was born...I laid her on her stomach to sleep at night.  That's how I liked to sleep so I assumed she would too.  When she was 6 months old, her legs were bowed in quite a bit and she had to have two tiny casts put on.  I blamed myself.  After 6 weeks or so we took the casts off so Grace could learn to walk.  One day I purchased little baby high top shoes.  I was visiting my mother with Grace and put the shoes on her and she took off like a shot and walked 10 steps!  That was the first time she walked.

As she has been wheelchaired bound now since early June, we all keep hoping for the day she could walk again.  In the past few days the Lord reminded me of my daughter's "indomitable spirit" and I recalled how she took off quickly with walking when she was young.  I told her that she again, might eventually walk 10 steps right away!  We all smiled at the thought.  When the therapist came over today, he said he wanted to see Grace use her walker.  I literally RAN to get it because this was a first!  So we get Grace up in her standing posture...and she walked over 50 steps!!!!  She was overwhelmed and began to cry...and I was again reminded that God will go above and beyond anything we can imagine, if we only ask Him!  

08/02/18 - Yesterday I saw the worst automobile crash.  As I drove past, there was a semitruck stopped and a small car was shoved all the way to the back seat, underneath the truck.  The airbag had deployed and I could see it in the window.  Several feet further down, another car had flipped completely over and was facing the opposite way.  The scene really took my breath away as I was just across from it and it was so real...not a movie or a picture.  It struck me that once we are transformed, this is EXACTLY the type of situation where God would have us pull over and pray over the occupants so they are healed immediately.  I can hardly wait!

08/01/18 - I will be sending out an email soon to all the members, and those on the "warning" list.  Mostly just to test the system again as I believe I did this last year or perhaps 2016.  Anyway, I want to be sure it does not appear as spam and no emails go through.  I will post this on the front page once I decide to send the email.

07/31/18 - Tonight the Lord told me things would happen in the next few days and the Bride needs to be ready.  I have no clue what this means, it could mean that we need to be in prayer for something urgent may arise.  We'll see!

07/30/18 - I'll take this small space to expand on an article I read, just off the cuff after finding it on Twitter.  I have been reading headlines that Egypt and the UN are working with Hamas to try to "deescalate" all the violence. (All Hamas has to do is stop sending fire kites...wait did I say Hamas?  I meant Iran.  Anyway...) 

Excerpt: Mladenov said he was optimistic about the progress being made.  “A productive day of meetings with Egypt officials on our efforts to de-escalate the situation in Gaza, resolve all humanitarian issues and support Egyptian led reconciliation process,” he wrote. “The devil is always in the details but we are moving forward in the interest of peace.”

This last line just blew me away.  Remember Sharlene's vision of a dark mystery man near the signing treaty table?  The devil IS in these details and we need to pay attention to see who becomes involved in this endeavor.  It may be a precursor to the final proposal of peace.

07/29/18 - Our friends came over today and the husband and I always end up talking for a few minutes on end times.  He is more of a prepper though...watching of politics etc.  I'm not sure how we got started on the subject but suddenly my husband starts talking about the wild fires on the west coast, the storms in the east...Yellowstone, Japan's third typhoon, etc.  WHAT?!?!  It looks like all my news alerts to him are paying off!  So anyway, my friend too seemed to know much of this.  Then he started to tell me how he hears God, and he knows it's God because he will get this idea in his head and he KNOWS it's not his thoughts.  He is an elder in the church we used to go to and he has even told them about how he feels God is speaking to him.  I was so excited!  Little by little God is paving the way for His will to be on earth, as it is in Heaven.  I have a feeling that in the days to come with our friends, there will be more focus on hearing what God has to say!

07/28/18 - A year ago my husband and I were living in solitude in our nice quiet home.  One year later, we have people coming in every day.  First they are strangers, then they become friends and helpers.  There are physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, family, and friends, arriving on a daily basis for the time being. For now the next day "off" we have is next Saturday but that will most likely change. 

With all these people coming in, I am trying to keep the house picked up.  Today I put things away, took out all the trash, did the dishes and put them away, and just made sure things looked "right".  As I was doing this, the Holy Spirit told me this was a parable.  Those coming in may see the house as clean, but I didn't clean yet.  That includes, scouring, vacuuming, dusting and the like.  What I did was cosmetic, surface cleaning. It appears clean, but I know it is not.  That is why we cannot judge, even the clean looking Christian.  Only God knows the heart and there are perfectly good looking people with dirty hearts, and there are dirty looking people with wonderfully clean hearts.  Only God knows who His children are.

07/27/18 - Today the longest blood moon/lunar eclipse of the century took place.  We could not see it in the United States, but for sure they saw it in the Middle East.  Since my husband does not seem to care much about signs in the sky, I did not tell him about the blood moon.  Yet, it was brought up in our home anyway by...the physical therapist that is working with Grace!  I was shocked!  And ecstatic!  I immediately started talking to him about the Tetrad a few years back etc.  Hmm!  Perhaps he is a watcher?  How incredible that would be!

07/26/18 - Posted this Message from the Lord that He gave me on 07/24/18 - The Light. 

The transcript is in the description box under the video on my youtube channel.

07/25/18 - When I first became aware of what kind of relationship Jesus wants with us, I felt like I didn't want to be out in the world anymore.  I surely didn't want any part of it and still don't.  I knew at times at work...I would gossip or have unkind thoughts about people.  I also knew if I could just stay home, I'd not sin in that way and would draw closer to Jesus.  However, once I started to ask God to feel about people, the way He did, I changed.  For example, I know He loves all my co-workers exactly the same as He loves me.  If that is true, should I not feel the same?!?  Over time, I realized that I did/do love my co-workers, everyone of them.  And rather than keep me from them, God has reminded me that He too loves them and that "For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another." 1 John 3:11

In essence...we should bring Jesus into work and into our atmosphere at all times.  He is with us right?  The Holy Spirit resides in us.  So...

Take the Name of Jesus with You

07/24/18 - My husband is making me a pergola just like this one.  We have a wood porch very similar, so a pergola will go nicely overhead though small.  I know my husband will continue his carpentry work in Heaven.  He loves his job and his gift of working with wood.  He has built cabinets, furniture, added on rooms and porches.  

Whatever you love to do in this world, will continue only MUCH better in Heaven!  Imagine knitting with yarn from Jacob's sheep.  Or gardening with Adam.  Perhaps you'd like to cook with the widow from Zarephath that made bread for Elijah.  Maybe tend a flock of sheep with David!  We will still be instructed in Heaven...the learning will never end and it will be welcomed by us!  Today some of our tasks may be tedious but when we arrive at that beautiful shore it will be marvelous!

07/23/18 - Over the weekend my husband and daughter did some stands.  This is where he helps her stand up from her wheelchair and simply stand for a few minutes.  She says it feels "wonderful".  (take nothing for granted)  While I saw one of these stands take place yesterday, the Holy Spirit immediately prompted me with a phrase from my favorite chapter in the Bible in Psalm 139:2a.  It reads simply:

"You know when I sit down or stand up."  (NLV)

Sometimes the simplest thing brings tears to our eyes.

07/22/18 - As I read this sentence today during my devotions...it occurred to me that in some instances it can be used as an interpretation, perhaps of a dream or vision. Many have dreams of either being pregnant or seeing a pregnant person and while I always attributed it to giving birth to the Manchild...it is possible that in some individual instances it could mean that the pregnant person is not strong in some way.

"This day is a day of trouble, and rebuke, and blasphemy; for the children have come to birth, but there is no strength to bring them forth."

2 Kings 19

07/21/18 - Our daughter is improving each day and we are all doing well.  Chemo starts again on Tuesday. Thank you for continued prayers.

07/20/18 - I find this story interesting.  Hamas is terrified so they call a truce.  More importantly...look who helped put it in place.  Egypt and the UN.  Hmm!

Hamas announces ceasefire after killing of IDF soldier near Gaza sparks strikes

And just to be clear..you do know there is no "occupation" on behalf of Israel right?  In fact, Israel does not control nearly what they are supposed to in the territory that God has given them.  Not yet anyway.  But it'll happen.

07/19/18 - On occasion I go outside and breathe in the fresh air of summer.  I love summer, it's my favorite season.  The enemy has stolen my summer this year not to mention many other things from my family, but rather than dwell on what I am missing, I look forward to what God will give me 100fold.  What has the enemy stolen from you?  Health?  Jobs?  Spouse?  Even sleep?  Did you know that you can sleep in Heaven?  You are not required or forced to sleep at night...or ever for that matter.  But we can take naps in Heaven (remember I want my feathered hammock and pillow!), and we will dream!  Oh yes, we nap and dream in Heaven because many of us love that sinking down into a soft bed and resting for a bit.  All good things are in Heaven and sleep is a good thing!  You can count on it!

" God, your God, will restore everything you lost; He'll have compassion on you."  Deuteronomy 30:3 (Msg Bible)

07/18/18 - Since we've mainly been at the hospital this past month, my flowers and herbs that I planted at the beginning of the season, are pretty much dead.  I've neglected them.  Even though it is a small thing, I know these are creations from God and I did not do my part to help them thrive.  I gave them up to the elements of the sin nature of the earth.  I left them to try to survive on their own.  Fortunately, our God does not treat us this way, and He never will.

"The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."  Deuteronomy 31:8

07/17/18 - My daughter is home.  :-)   I have tomorrow off and would appreciate prayers for strength.  I need to be able to move and lift her in certain situations.  If ever this verse applied, it is NOW!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13

07/16/18 - Finally the Bible is becoming not only alive to me, but I am applying the Word to many things in my life.  It used to be that quote from movies would come easily to me in a given situation.  I could quote lines from The Matrix, Star Trek, Hunt for Red October, even Mary Poppins that seem to fit into a situation.  Then with my waking up....(and I have mentioned this before), the Lord brought back lines from hymns to my remembrance. He still does.  But these days, Bible phrases come to mind.  Yesterday in a drugstore, a woman in the next aisle was on her cell phone, telling someone that "he just got out of jail today".  I was instantly reminded of Isaiah 61 where he talks about setting the captives free.  

Today I worked an 8-hour day.  That may seem like a typical day to you.  It was a typical day for me for years...decades even.  But today was the first day in a YEAR that I had worked an 8 hour day.  I am working many hours early this week so I can have the end of the week off when my daughter will be home.  While I was pondering working, the Holy Spirit whispered John 9...."As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work."  I am rejoicing as the Bible is becoming a part of my every be-ing!

07/15/18 - Quite frankly, I believe the father.  We know about the royals...don't we?

'I think she is terrified' - Meghan Markle's dad concerned about her adjustment to royal life

07/13/18 - Batman vs Superman was on at the hospital today and I caught some of it here and there.  I found one line very intriguing!

Lex Luthor: [looks at a picture of angels vs demons] "That should be upside down. We know better now, don't we? Devils don't come from hell beneath us. No, they come from the sky."

The Fallen came from the sky during the Mayan era...and they will "fall" from the sky again very soon!  Even now they are making appearances to deceive the masses.

07/12/18 - Yesterday I saw something I'd not seen in decades...teenagers detassling corn!  This brought back memories of the 5 days that I lasted doing this same thing when I was 14.  I was with my best friend and her twin brother whom I had a crush on (he is a minister now).  It was so hot but the money was good!  As I sit here and type, it is 6:50 a.m. and I just saw a white bus go by, which is the same color as the detassling bus from yesterday.  What memories!  I am SO grateful that I no longer have to slave away in the hot sun.  I get to sit at a computer most of the day now.  Of course that is what is leading to much unhealthiness in this nation.  Those nations that do not have the technology that the USA has, have people who are much thinner and in better shape.  I've visited several Amish places throughout the years and everyone is always doing something physical.  The cooking alone is incredible because it involves gardening and also various outside cooking sheds, requiring much physical activity.  This "living off the grid" thing has some mighty fine perks.  The whole world will find out soon!  

07/11/18 - Driving to work in the early a.m....allows me to see the sun come up.  It was just coming up today and the song "Elohim" came on the radio.  I don't know the lyrics although I posted the song here once because I really love it when they start getting louder.  

Suddenly as I came around a small bend, the sun was RIGHT there and the lyric came on: 

His love is like the sun
Ever true
Shining over all

Wow!  I got Holy Ghost chills and started singing along in tongues and it was just a very divine time of worship. I knew it was a special time and the Lord suddenly put the words in my spirit to let me know what it was...it is called a "Sacred Moment".  I'm sure you have them too!

07/10/18 - Yesterday's post was from early in the a.m.  On my way to work an hour later...I saw the most incredible green and white pickup truck!  It was dazzling in its design, truly someone had put some thought and detail into it.  There were some letters on the truck...Z.O.R.T.  

As I read what the letters stood for, I found myself amazed.  Zombie Outbreak Response Team!  I kid you not!  Here is their website!

07/09/18 - This morning as I was walking out into our living room, my husband had the local news on the TV.  Seems there is a "sink hole" in downtown Indianapolis and the story was surprising to me!  I said something about it to my husband, and he said, "It's not a sink hole, it's a collapsed sewage pipe."  That always bothers me.  I feel that a true sink hole is a collapse in the ground due to unknown causes, like an act of God. Since there are SO many true sink holes around the world right now, I was excited to see this on our local news…finally Indiana has a sink hole! But apparently it was not to be. I asked my husband, “So why do they say that?” He gave me the best answer….”Because it’s the news!” Ha! Yes, kinda fake news…gets you all excited for no reason at all. Hubby is learning!

07/07/18 - Read this tonight in my devotions....is this a Biblical reference to a hollow earth?  I think so!

Psalm 95:4 - " In His hand are the deep places of the earth."

07/06/18 - We are being inundated with Japanese beetles on two of our trees.  Once my husband found them (they were practically in a swarm!), he immediately set out traps.  Plus we have other methods to rid ourselves of these pests.  During the Millenium, if there ARE Japanese beetles, they will NEVER be considered a pest, but rather one of God's most amazing creatures!  But not yet!

07/05/18 - I've decided to quit posting frequent updates about our daughter's health.  While I covet your prayers for her and hope that you keep her in your prayers, it seems the enemy always hits in a BIG way when I post major updates or videos.  So instead, I'll post updates once in a while.  I will not be answering questions about her, even in emails so please do not ask.  Just know that Grace is progressing as expected when you don't hear much from me in these Dailies.  I appreciate your understanding in this matter.  Thank you!

07/04/18 - Today I took my daughter to a small garden inside the hospital walls.  There was a fountain made out of of rocks (I love water features) with water falling lightly out of it and bubbling up on the small rocks below.  The sound was perfect!  There was a lovely tree with the branches and leaves giving us a nice shade in the hot sun (100 degrees in my car!) and a small breeze.  Since it was morning, it was bearable.  As the wind would blow around the walls, the leaves would sway back and forth, ALMOST touching the fountain.  1/2 inch away at most.  This reminded me of us..how we reach out to Jesus who is the Living Water. Yet Jesus would tell us that He is already IN us...He has indeed already given us this Water (via roots in the tree) and that we do not need to reach for Him because while we continue to move and strive towards Him (the blowing leaves), He is unmovable!  (solid rock).  Because of this...

"He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, 'From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.'"   John 7:37

07/03/18 - My beautician is a single mom and has moved to a town far away to be nearer her mother...I think she made a wise choice.  So today I had an appt with my old beautician who is very young and has much energy and passion for Christ.  She can discern evil in an instant and always has since she was very young.  In the past few years (I've not seen her during this time) she has asked God to remove her dark past of abuse from a close family member. In the past few months, she has begun to see dark images of evil things and has become afraid, even having panic attacks in front of customers.  She does have a VERY good Christian counselor who knows how to fight in spiritual warfare!  So together they are working through this.  I felt led to give some advice today because she told me that only 2 other people knew what she was going through and that was her mother and the counselor.  I told her that in fact God was removing the darkness right now...the darkness that she herself had asked God to remove.  I told her that we don't understand how God works but that this particular method did not surprise me...of her being reminded of her dark past being shown to her again and again...because it was time for it to come up out of her and God was removing it and there was NOTHING that she had to do but turn her fears over to Him!  That is what we are never taught...we think we have to DO something, rather than just let God take our burdens as we lay them down, and remove them from us.  It is never as easy as we want or think it will be, but God knows what He is doing.  We discussed much more but she really felt as if I helped her and I know that I would never have felt confident in saying that even one year ago.  God is working in us to accomplish His will and isn't it ironic (or not) that we have all learned SO much more from and about Jesus, by hearing it from Him and not preachers?!?!? 

07/02/18 - I am learning a lot about the men and women who are working with my daughter.  One question to them...opens them up and we start having a conversation about their life.  By the time we leave the hospital in a few weeks, I will know quite a bit about these people with big hearts.  You too can learn about "strangers"...those God points you to in your every day life.  The gas attendant, the cook, the cashier, the people that handle the drive ups.  Get to know them if you are led to...and pray for them.  The way I see it, it's VERY possible that God is hooking you up so in the future, you can help them find Him during the chaos that is coming.  Only believe!

07/01/18 - I found this story most interesting:   UK tabloid claims William is now devoting himself to Mideast peace

06/30/18 - I got a call last night at 11:30 from Mom's nursing home...she has fallen again.  This was after I had gotten home from visiting my daughter who was so exhausted from her day of therapy in learning how to walk and take care of herself again.  Do you ever feel like Job?

06/29/18 - Many times while in the car, I speak in our heavenly language of tongues.  I see people pulled over in their cars and I pray  I don't know what to pray for so tongues comes to mind.  Also there are many times when I do not want the enemy to know what I am praying for.  For example, I think of the people at work and their problems and so I will knowingly pray for them but no, I am not able to interpret what I am saying...I just feel it is related to the subject I want to pray about.  Why let the enemy know what you are praying for?  I remember Diana Pulliam once saying that she had a vision or dream where she was speaking on tongues with a mighty declaration and she saw the demons running off to translate it.  Ha!  That has stayed with me and that is one of the reason I do this outside my home, as well as while at home.

06/28/18 -  I took the day off and visited my mom in the morning. It's been over three weeks since I've seen her.  She was crying when I arrived.  That was very sad.  After a while, she cheered up and everything was ok again.  Mostly I just listened to her.  I truly do not feel we will be here very much longer...certainly not long enough for all of us to enter retirement and nursing homes.  I just don't FEEL it.  And I'm going with that feeling because I am no longer myself, but rather a changed person in Christ.  The Holy Spirit guides me and that is SO much better than ME guiding me!  (shudder)

06/27/17 - I've been wondering if this verse was prophetic...if something horrible will happen to Israel one day on a New Moon (first day of their month).

They have been unfaithful to the LORD; for they have borne illegitimate children.Now the New Moon will devour them along with their land.

Hosea 5:7

Link to the word "moon" from Hebrew (blue letter Bible website)

06/26/18 - Grace was exhausted by her third physical therapy encounter today so we all just talked while she rested.  It was a great conversation and I was able to remind my daughter that she is to tell the medical personnel how she is feeling when she is tired or in pain.  She is of the mindset that she has to follow all the "rules" and that is not the case in therapy as many of you know.  Exhaustion when you've become ill because of radiation and chemo...is not a good thing.So that went well and she also spoke up and told them she was not sleeping well so melatonin from the dr has been prescribed.  Also some lavender oil.  Day by day she is a little better and your prayers accomplish much. I love watching God work through people...even those that have no idea He is doing it!

06/25/18 - PRAISE REPORT!   Grace's insurance has approved her rehab right there in the hospital!  Oh my, what a relief!  I am happy beyond belief and the transition today to a different floor was so very simple!  My hope is that my husband will see that his prayers are indeed being heard because we have been praying for some specific things and today 2 of those prayers were answered in the way we had prayed for!  Grace's next step is to...walk!  She needs to regain her strength so she can come home and start her experimental chemo again.  Woohoo!

06/24/18 - I've come to realize that my local news shows more about the floods around the country, than the more general news.  Indiana has remained fairly problem free and I pray that it will continue to.  However I am concerned about the many around the world that live in the midst of volcanic unrest, earthquake movements, and drought and flood.  Things will only get worse. Prepare as the Lord leads you for He leads us all differently.  Do not listen to those that say STOCK UP OR ELSE!  And do not listen to those that say NO NEED TO STOCK UP, JUST HAVE FAITH!  Listen to God!  Ask HIM, the Creator of all creatures great and small, and all calamity, what He would have you do.  And you will have the perfect answer to your future needs for you and your family!

When a trumpet sounds in a city, do not the people tremble? When disaster comes to a city, has not the Lord caused it? Amos 3:6

06/23/18 - A month ago I had a flash vision of my daughter with a shaved head again, wearing glasses, and her dad standing behind her.  

She just informed me that tomorrow her dad would be shaving her head (for the 2nd time).  She still has to wear glasses due to the double vision (see 05/06/18).  A shaved head is easier to deal with in rehab next week, but it makes me very sad.  

06/22/18 - Much improvement on our daughter...no answer from insurance yet though.

Are you paying attention to all these volcanoes going off?  Or just starting up?  It is breaking records!

06/21/18 - Still no answer from insurance.  May be tomorrow but possibly Monday at the latest.  PLEASE KEEP PRAYING!  White blood count....6.5 !!!  She is now fighting on her own and her confusion was much less today!

On a different note...Grace has the TV going on classic shows most of the time.  Sadly it has occurred to me that on even Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy...they make light of potential cheating spouses.  IMO this is one of the most horrible betrayals anyone can go through as I saw my mother go through it when I was little.  So I guess we should expect Hollywood to make light of it.  And as the sitcoms become more modern....homosexuality has also been brought to light first in a comedic way...but of course now we know all kinds of perversion on television.  This is how the enemy deceives people into thinking these sins are not sins after all.  First he makes us laugh about them, then he makes them law because...they aren't so bad after all if you see them in a humorous light...right?  WRONG! The Lord does not change His mind!  He has never changed His commandments and He never will.  We can TRUST that about our wonderful God!

06/20/18 - No answer back yet on insurance...should be Thurs or Friday.  Grace is doing a tiny bit better, still confused though.  Her pain is getting a bit better as well.  Not eating much though, that needs to increase!   Thank you for your ongoing prayers!

06/19/18 - Ready for this?  Our daughter's WBC increased to 1.5....5x what it was yesterday!  Oh thank you so much for your prayers....but I covet them once again in the next several hours.  You see, the only way they will allow her to come home is if she can walk on her own. She cannot even feed herself at this point, let alone sit up in bed.  She is very confused at many things and so she naturally needs some rehabilitation.  They have that at the hospital and it will be wonderful for her...if ONLY her insurance approves it!  There is a chance it will not!  But with you praying for her, this CAN happen so again please over the next several hours into tomorrow, please pray that Grace's insurance will approve rehab AT the hospital!  

06/18/18 - WE HAVE WHITE BLOOD CELLS!!!!    .3  !!!!  Normal WBC are between 4.5 and 10.  My daughter had .3   yay!!  You know what hit me when I heard it was positive .3?  The cloud the size of a man's fist that Elijah's servant saw in 1 Kings 18:44

" Finally the seventh time, his servant told him, "I saw a little cloud about the size of a man's hand rising from the sea." Then Elijah shouted, "Hurry to Ahab and tell him, 'Climb into your chariot and go back home. If you don't hurry, the rain will stop you!'"

Grace has been in the hospital for 7 days!  You can see it was first documented on 06/12/18 and this is the 7th day....7th time and the cloud appeared!  So I expect the white blood cells to FFFLLLLOOOWWWW like the rain in Elijah's day!!!!  Tomorrow our daughter has an EGD to narrow down what specifically she has in regards to bacteria.  I would ask for prayers for two things:

1)  Prayers that the surgeon does not rupture the esophagus as he is obtaining the specimen...that is a slight possibility.  

2)  for clarity of mind because Grace is very confused at times and it is distressing.  She is not like this and we are praying for that to do away, and for full healing to come!

06/17/18 - Still no white blood cells.

On a Fathers Day note...the Lord told me that even though He had taken all my fathers home (dad, step-dad, father-in-law), He would never leave me.  You can count on that from Him!  He will NEVER leave us or even forsake us as some fathers have done.

06/16/18 - Our daughter was finally moved to a regular room.  She is still very weak and confused and her white blood cells are still non-existent.  It's disheartening to see but the Lord gives me back my strength every time I go to Him.  Please again pray for the peace that passes understanding to fill my daughter's heart and mind as well as my husband and mine.  Your prayers are cherished!

06/15/18 - Outside of my daughter's room are 3 abandoned goose eggs.  We had first seen these eggs in May when she started having chemo the 2nd time.  We were on a different floor than ICU and we were viewing them from much higher and at a different angle.  At the time I thought to myself, "Wow, those people in that area down there have a perfect view!"  Little did I know the perfect view meant ICU!  Sadly, the geese we saw at the first sighting of the eggs left their children behind and took off and these eggs are still here.  I was reminded today that in the Millenium, this will never happen.  Animals will never be killed or abandoned.  Of course, neither will people either.  I am constantly amazed in the hospital...all the trouble people, doctors, technicians, nurses, etc...are going through to save my daughter's life.  Some have volunteered to go buy things for her and she has only been there 4 days!  You medical people are amazing and God will give you SUCH a reward for all the energy and love and compassion you have shown to us human on earth. Thank you for your dedicated service!

06/14/18 - If you are praying for our daughter, please pray very specifically that Grace's white blood cells will increase starting NOW.  They are non-existent right now and until they start multiplying, her own immune system cannot help her.  This is what the doctor said was needed to start clearing out that infection...for her white blood cells to grow and do their job.

06/13/18 - Grace is still in ICU with a fungal as well as bacterial infection, most likely brought on by last week's chemo.  She has no white cell count and so the fungus took off and overwhelmed her.  All her vitals and important numbers are slowly going back to normal (as in, after 1:00 this afternoon no more alarms were ringing) but the pain in her throat is VERY severe!  She has these "episodes" where the pain is overwhelming and she cannot breath well and its just devastating to watch.  She was doing a tad bit better when I left, but I am concerned (even though she is a very safe place) that she will have an episode when I'm not with her and will be afraid.  Please pray for her pain level to go WAY down tonight and is able to sleep without fear.  I anointed her bed and pillow and prayed over her.  This is heart wrenching!

06/12/18 - Our daughter has been feeling progressively poor since the weekend.  We thought it was due to all that chemo last week (5 straight days of it).  This morning I took her for a weekly vitals and blood draw/checkup, and she was looking and feeling so bad that the doc's asst said to take her to the hospital.  Long story short...she is in the ICU will possible sepsis.  She is not able to walk right now, too weak.  Please pray for:

immediate clearing of infection

strength to walk again

removal of throat pain (due to severe Thrush)

Thank you so much!  Even people at the hospital I've never met...say they will pray for her. You too will meet her one day!

06/11/18 - The Trump/Kim Summit is on!  It starts in exactly 2 hours. At some point in the future...Trump will do something that'll make Kim run like a skeered rabbit.  Have no idea what but it's been seen and I believe it!  I personally think Kim is a puppet of China.  He's had far too many meetings with the Chinese lately, and whatever happens at this Summit is going to be what the Chinese dictate...NOT the rocketman!

06/10/18 - My visions may be starting again.  I've had a couple but early this morning I saw a cut stone wall like this one, only there was a large cutout like a window towards the top...as if someone could stand inside and look out.  Will keep you updated on anything new!

06/09/18 - Rather than tell you all the bad parts of my day...I will share that I had a Dairy Queen blizzard and it was GREAT!

06/08/18 - My family and I like watching America Ninja Warrior.  Some of these people have been tried in the fires of life, yet they come out refined because of it, and through training are able to accomplish great feats. Our training too will allow us to accomplish great things, only for the Lord rather than for us.  I can hardly wait!  Not much longer now!  Jesus is no longer saying soon...He is saying NOW!

06/07/18 - In my devotions I am reading Ecclesiastes and the word "vanity" occurs over and over.  It means meaningless, futile. Solomon wth all his wisdom learned...that there is nothing but meaningless things in life.  He learned half of the meaning though.  The other half of life is this, that God is doing a work in us and we will not know everything until it's over (which is very very soon!)

Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out! For who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has become His counselor?  Romans 11:33-34

06/06/18 - One of the last good days of spring I fear.  Very nice outside...but the heat is coming.  Drought seems to be in the works for the part of the USA as the calamities are coming.  

06/05/18 - A perfect day weatherwise in my area.  Maybe a touch dry, but I have been loving this weather.  Do you know that in Heaven, if you want it to snow over your mansion...you can have that?  I have often thought of riding in a horse drawn carriage with "fur" wrapped around me to keep me warm in the winter, and hot chocolate and cookies at the tap...with snow falling down all around me, the perfect winter wonderland.  I shall have it one day, and you shall have your perfect idea of Heaven as well!

06/04/18 - Today while driving home from work I saw smoke coming up from a field.  The smoke was covering the highway and as I got closer, I could see it was a grass fire and someone nearby was tending it.  If the wind changed, the person would surely start coughing and inhaling smoke, even people on the highway with their windows down could smell it.  It occurred to me that the people in Hawaii have a MUCH bigger problem and it concerns me that at some point, they may be inhaling glass.  This is just one volcano on a remote place in the world...imagine when the entire Ring of Fire erupts, along with known and unknown volcanoes across the world and under the oceans!  We will all be affected!

06/03/18 - I dreamed all night of the Trump kids...all of them.  In a few of the dreams they were going through drawers.  As I was pondering what they were looking for...the Holy Spirit whispered..."for their salvation".  This reminded me that we are to continue to pray for our leaders and their families.

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people- for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.  1 Timothy 2:1-4

06/02/18 - I visited my mother today...and gave her a manicure!  I'm a licensed manicurist.  Bet you didn't know that didja?  Her nails were very long but no  one had trimmed them as she used to do them herself but now she is too shaky.  Even though I no longer work as a manicurist (pedicurist too!), I was able to do something for my mom that no one else had.  God allows even the smallest blessings to make others feel good as my mother said she felt she was being pampered. Do something little for someone and you'll make their day!

06/01/18 - Our daughter's surgery went well!  Before I left the hospital tonight, she had ordered and eaten all her lunch and was doing superbly!  Thank you SO much for all your prayers!  I told her people from "around the world" were praying for her and God took care of her.  I was given three "signs" before she even went into to register this morning.  I saw license plates of 8888 and another set of 777.  And my favorite sign of all that I've mentioned before from God...is a hoot owl!  Last time I heard one was last year, so the one I heard early this morning...first far away and then close, made me smile so very big.  God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

05/31/18 - Our daughter is on her way home already!  Surgery went well.  Tomorrow I have more concern for but still do not know the time of the surgery.  I will post it once I know because you are welcome to join with me in prayer over this one. 

05/30/18 - Our daughter has surgery tomorrow to put a port into her heart so it will be easier to give her chemo and also to draw blood.  She will also have another surgery on Friday to put a port into her brain so the chemo can get into her brain and kill the cancer down through her central nervous system.  Your prayers are appreciated.

05/29/18 - Tonight three of my daughter's church friends (two of them are young preachers) came to visit for a few hours.  My iPad which is my constant companion when I am at home (I'm a WATCHER!) kept "going off" and making the same noise over and over. My husband and I were trying to stay away from the group and give our daughter her space...this lasted for two hours.  Finally I went over to the group and asked if I could have my iPad and the sound went off again and one of the boys/men said, "You are popular!"  And I said, "Do you want to know what that alert is for?"  And the other boy/man said, "Facebook?"  I said, "No, that alert is a rocket from Hamas terrorists hitting Israel."  They got quiet for minute...didn't expect THAT.  They had no idea, no idea that it had been going on all day.  I do not blame these preachers for not being watchers...only God knows the heart.  However, they have not been trained properly in my opinion.  So I was glad when the alert went off and they asked me about it.  Perhaps God was planting a seed in the young generation.  

05/28/18 - Because of a skunk that visited our bird feeder all last year into the winter, my husband and I decided to remove the bird feeder and all birdseed this spring.  Plus our grass was very soft and hubby wanted it to return to normal.  Our hope was that the skunk would leave.  We could not go out at night because the skunk was 10 feet away almost all the time, and would NOT be scared by rocks or even a BB gun.  

But something new has happened.  We miss our birds, our colorful aviary friends.  However, the Lord has brought many robins into the birdbath this year.  We've already seen babies hopping around their parents on the grass while looking for worms, and even more at the bird bath.  So He replaced with something new..what the we thought was gone...more bird friends.  :-)

05/27/18 - Today we watched a turtle take a very long time to cross the field across from our house  (same field in all my videos). There are already crops growing in this field so the turtle had to walk through and around many "obstacles" and could not see the way ahead.  This field is also frequented by coyotes and foxes but the turtle was determined to continue on his path despite those that would come against him.  As we watched, we agreed since a creek was nearby, the turtle was headed towards it...home.

Like the turtle, the Bride of Christ has many obstacles and enemies on our journey to Heaven.  And even though we may not see it, we KNOW that Heaven is our Home and Jesus is waiting for us there...for there is LIVING WATER in Heaven!  And we are ready to swim and partake of it!

05/26/18 - We moved my mom's furniture out of her apt today.  It is such a relief!  And I am starting to ask for blessings over my family today.  So this morning I prayed that there would be a blessing on my husband and brother and no one would get hurt and all would go smoothly and it did!  Keep up those blessings because they are from the Lord!  Has He not said He wants to bless His children?  Believe it to be so!

05/25/18 - So this shooting was in the next town over from me.  One of my co-worker's son goes to this school but was ok.  It seems the norm now doesn't it..."wonder what state the next shooting will be in" etc.  When I was growing up, I went to a small school in the country made up of mostly farm families and small town people.  If any one had ever brought a gun to school, it would have been in their truck because they were either just out hunting deer the night before, or scaring off coyotes from the farm animals.  These shootings simply did NOT exist at all!  And another thing...we never EVER had "bomb" drills in school like they do now, only tornado drills!  So when people tell you that life is better not worse...remind them of these constant shootings...and bomb scares.  The devil has been let loose in these last days and people need to WAKE UP!

05/24/18 - I took my daughter to the eye doctor (the only one of her kind in the state) and it was the second time we had met with her.  She said the most wonderful thing about Grace....she said she had a lovely personality and it made people just want to help her.  The dr. also said that as physicians they are to treat everyone the same, but once in a while a patient comes along that the physician becomes close to and Grace was one that many were drawn to her.  I felt like Mary...Jesus' mother...that I will ponder and think of those words in my heart for the rest of my life.  They were awesome!  And I can see...that God has granted favor to Grace in drawing all these specialists in.  God gives blessings, not curses, to His children.  We only need to see them for what they are.

05/23/18 - God used a word I had never heard of during my devotional time....He said I am His "bespoken". (which means you are too)

be·speak (bĭ-spēk′)

tr.v. be·spoke (-spōk′), be·spo·ken (-spō′kən) or be·spoke, be·speak·ing, be·speaks
a. To be or give a sign of; indicate: "Their impeccable coiffures bespoke a recent trip to the beauty parlor"(Daniel B. Silver). See Synonyms at indicate.
b. To foretell; portend: "He salutes them with a stricken look, as if their arrival bespeaks doom for him" (EdnaO'Brien).
a. To engage, hire, or order in advance: "Some of the volumes that she had just bespoken the bookseller was tosend to foreign countries" (Henry James). See Synonyms at book1.
b. To request: bespeak a favor.
3. Archaic To speak to; address.
[Middle English bispeken, to speak out, from Old English besprecan, to speak about.]

be•speak (bɪˈspik)

v.t. -spoke, -spo•ken -spoke, -speak•ing.
1. to ask for in advance; request.  (my highlights)
2. to reserve beforehand: to bespeak a seat in a theater.
3. to speak to formally; address.
4. to show; indicate: This bespeaks a kindly heart.
5. to foretell.

Link to dictionary

05/22/18 - My bosses have told me that they are making my hours, part-time hourly, so I can work when I can, but take care of my daughter when I need to.  This is A W E S O M E!!!  Talk about a blessing!  I've been trying very hard since last August to work full time and then at least 30 hours but I simply cannot, given Grace's various protocols and tests, especially now.  My husband's company did tell him that he only needs to work when he can but my bosses did not give me that permission until this week.  I am praising the Lord for it!  No longer do I have that mental stress of losing my job...and I can keep my insurance!  God is so good!  I know these too are due to your prayers!

05/21/18 - My daughter is set to start experimental chemo next week.  As far as her doctor is concerned, this is the last thing available to her.  This is devastating to me...and that is an understatement.  I know the Lord has this and He is in charge, but He has given me no guarantees...just to trust Him in the Fire.  

My husband and I were talking about the fact that Grace just seems to be going on like always.  When she is in only a little pain as opposed to a lot of pain, she does quite well, whereas I would be in despair.  As we were talking about her attitude...the Holy Spirit told me that Grace has an "indomitable spirit".  I'm so glad of that...what a blessing!

05/20/18 - Did you know that Esther and King Artaxerxes were married in the seventh year of his reign...in the 12th month (Adar)?  The Bible tells us that Esther first went to him in the 10th month...but Josephus goes further and tells us they were married two months later.  I find this highly significant to the Bride of Christ...that being the 12th month of the 7th year!

Bible So Esther was taken to King Ahasuerus, into his royal palace, in the tenth month, which is the month of Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign.   Esther 2:16

Josephus But when Esther came to him he was pleased with her and fell in love with the maiden, and made her his lawful wife. He held a wedding for her on the twelfth month, which was called Adar, of the seventh year of his reign.

05/19/18 - We got hit with warfare today.  From friends, family, even the riding lawnmower quit and needs a new drive belt.  I pray this means our transformation is closer than ever!

05/18/18 - We have a date for Trump to meet Rocketman...June 12.  Now, recall Sharlene's vision 29   where she saw a waterfall, then an attempt on Trump's life.  Note that NOWHERE does it say or did she see, that the attempt is while Trump is in Singapore at the meeting.  However, I showed her some waterfalls that came up on Singapore images, and she said this one looked like the waterfall in the vision.

05/17/18 - Treatment went fine (see yesterday's daily).  

Something I am watching at all times, on Twitter and the like...is the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea.  This is the Twitter feed I am following but at times, their website is overloaded...fortunately they report that on Twitter but their main goal is to keep the residents alerted.

Link to Twitter feed on USGS Volcanoes

05/16/18 - Grace starts 5 radiation treatments tomorrow...something she has not gone through before.  Then next week will be a new chemo treatment plan which we will learn about on Monday.  If that chemo does not work, the doctor will have used everything in his power from what we understand.  This cancer is a ferocious beast and everyone is giving their full effort to bring it under control and destroy it.  Thankfully, God has everything in His hands and already knows the outcome. "Trust and obey, for there is no other way."

05/15/18 - Last night I had a dream and one thing stood out...the song William Tell Overture played.  I recall there were current day men dressed in old uniforms (like civil war) uniforms in a church...like a reenactment.  It was funny, tonight I was remembering the dream and I asked my husband "Isn't this from a TV show?" and I started humming the song...dadadadadadadada etc...and he says, "The Long Ranger!"  

(William Tell Overture...my husband's favorite version...it's full of rock and roll)

05/14/18 - My daughter has good days and bad days.  Her good days are ok and her bad days are really, really bad.  Yesterday was a very bad day as her pain went to Level 10 and we took her to the ER.  A mother should never have to see that on Mother's Day.  Today we found out that her cancer has "returned" for the 3rd time and they are stopping the current chemo to give her radiation in her brain.  Then they are starting a new chemo.  I think that is the last option.  So I am having a very very bad day.  I'm not sure how long I can keep up the website...when I have good days then I'm all over everything watchable.  But the bad days with Grace, surely keep my mind on her.  Please forgive me.

UPDATE:  I will NEVER stop posting!  There is a chance I may miss a day here and there in the upcoming weeks but the reason would be due to medical crisis or loss of power, not because I am quitting.  I CANNOT quit, God will not allow it.  Remember when He told me, "Your life is not your own."  I have to believe I will be posting THE WARNINGS at some point to alert those everywhere...so no worries about that.  :-)

05/13/18 - Yesterday I went out to my front porch to look in the surrounding rocks and plants and find a good place to put a yard decoration that I got from my mother. I found a place and went to open the screen door and looked down to step and there was a garter snake (not actual one) directly in front of the door!  This is not the first time there has been a snake on the porch but it did come as a shock.  My husband freaks out at snakes, me not so much.  So I thought I needed to open the door so it could get out but before I could reach the handle, the snake scurried away to the side of the screen wall.  Then I shut our main door so it could not go in the house and I was amazed to see that THE SNAKE WAS AFRAID OF ME!!  It was desperately trying to get away from me and I thought that was very interesting!  It did finally slither under the screen wall frame and out into the grass and the whole incident seemed like a parable of a snake discovered hiding in plain site, but in fear of the Bride!  God will take care of it just like He did me.  the angel guarding my front door never let the snake in the house and I see this morning that my husband has put some kind of insulation under the porch wall.  :-) You guys know I like my screened porch...see 04/20/18 daily!  

Happy Mothers Day to all!  Did you know that even if you have no children now, you can have them in Heaven??  Oh yes, plan on it!  Not by human means mind you, but something divine that the Lord will give you!

05/12/18 - (see below) Grace woke up feeling about 20% better today which is fabulous!  I heard her Dad cry out to God last night...I will tell him soon that one of the reasons for her illness is for my husband to draw closer to God.  And God heard him!  These are the types of witnessing and testimony that your loved ones will believe from you...because they participated in it and saw the response from God with their own eyes!

05/11/18 - We took our daughter to the eye dr today and Grace's #6 eye nerve is inflamed.  It should NOT be inflamed as she just had a head MRI in late April and all her chemo was working and inflammation and lymphoma was much improved. This inflamed eye nerve has caused her nausea, facial numbness again, and an incredible headache along WITH the blurred vision.  There will be an MRI of her "orbits" today to find out what's going on.  I was listening to Dr Patricia's video that the Lord directed us to listen to in Sharlene's vision 69, and I continue to repeat the verse with Grace's name...

The LORD sustains Grace on her sickbed and restores her from her bed of illness.  Psalm 41:3

05/10/18 - I'm done with this journey.  Each day brings it's own pain.  People around us go on as if life is fine, but it's not. I know the Lord has changed His Words from "soon" to now...but when is now?

05/09/18 - Our daughter was too sick to have chemo today...doc thinks she has a viral infection...perhaps the flu.  I did not mention yesterday but she was very sick when I arrived home from work.  Not much better this morning although the doc gave her "fluids" and steroids which helped her to feel better.  We are hoping to see an eye doc tomorrow, "stat" but still no call for appt yet.  On a happier note, I saw my mom today and another burden turned over to God yesterday...resulted in a good meeting with the nursing home people.  And believe me when I say I am keeping BOTH EYES on Israel and the entire situation.  I believe some stuff may hit the fan next week, and once Trump announces that he feels the 4 neighborhoods in Jerusalem should be given to the Arabs, THAT IMO is the proposal that could divide the USA.

05/08/18 - Over the weekend I turned one of my burdens over to God.  We are told to do this and I keep thinking I am doing it but really I am just praying and asking for things, help, healing etc.  But I remembered so I gave God one of the problems that had been bothering me most.  A doctor was paid in advance for 10 treatments of therapy for Grace.  Insurance did not cover this.  This was back when we were told she was "cured" and were looking for help with neuropathy.  Turns out she was in pain due to cancer again so she only did 2 treatments.  I wanted a refund of what was not used.  I don't know how many times I called, and the front desk lady said she had passed along the amount of the refund to the dr, etc.  But he didn't pay it.  I mean...where is your HEART in this?  That was my thought.  Anyway, I turned it over to God and on Monday I received my refund.  I was all set to write a letter and even ask the attorney for helping me with my Mom, to help.  But God took care of it!  Don't forget to lay your burdens at the feet of Jesus!

05/07/18 - Please pray that this double vision leaves my daughter.  She had been reading books for about a month now, in great quantity.  Now the enemy has pounced on that and is seeking to remove this one joy from her.  He needs to stop in Jesus name!

05/06/18 - My daughter and I went to see The Avengers today.  It was supposed to finally be a day of "fun".  The movie in a nutshell (no spoilers) IMO was - a bad guy is trying to fulfill the Georgia Guidestones.  At the end of the movie, my daughter informed me that she had double vision...not a good thing, never had it before.  I sent a quick text to my husband to text me with the 24-hr nurse hotline and instead he called me.  I couldn't talk in that loud theater (even though it was the end credits) so I walked out and called him in the hallway.  I could hear him but he could not hear me.  Turns out he had dropped his phone during the first call, and stepped on it and broke it (it was a flip phone...not a smart phone).  So not the best of days.  Certainly not a day of fun. (sigh)   My daughter is still having double vision and may see a dr tomorrow rather than waiting until Wed.  On a positive note, it's possible that my husband's company will purchase a phone FOR him.  

Stay tuned!

05/05/18 - During my devotions today the Lord told me that we were larks.  He then told me to look it up...I was concerned thinking it meant something false or not genuine.  However I was wrong.  I would go into an explanation here but it's only a Daily and you can feel free to read up on larks here on Wikipedia.  Some points of interest that surprised me:

they stand strong (they are warriors)

they have a dull appearance (the hidden Bride)

they lose all their feathers in their first moult (transformation)

they have beautiful and elaborate songs (Song of Solomon)

they have a prominent place in literature (Bible!)

05/04/18 - What a day.  The devil is really lobbing the bombs.  We found out much more about Grace's condition today and after our meeting, we went out to eat to discuss what we learned.  In the middle of my lunch, the phone rang...my mother's therapy is being stopped because she has "plateaued".  This brought me very low because it changes everything the lawyer and myself and brothers thought would happen.  Also I simply cannot focus on both my mother and my daughter so something's gotta give.  I again went to the Lord for His peace but He has said to give Him all our burdens too.  My question is, how can I give Him my burden if I still have to go through it? The only thing I can count on IS Jesus so I will indeed give Him my burden and ask for His care and peace in return for I do not know how I will do this without Him.

05/03/18 - Tomorrow my husband and daughter and I have an appt to meet with the bone marrow docs who are going to help Grace out.  She is excited about going to this place, this new hospital.  This excitement, this peace...is ALL because of your prayers!  I know this to be a fact.  I had none of these prayers many years ago when I had cancer, and I did not have this peace.  And while my cancer required several major surgeries, I am not going nearly through what Grace is.  Yet she has the "grace" to go through it.  Many people do not understand how people like us (and I include you because you've gone through crisis) go through these calamities and still survive.  But we know don't we?  We have no choice...we just BE and exist while it all goes on around us and in us.  But how we choose to VIEW it, to ABSORB it, to ENCOMPASS it...that's what makes us who we are.  While we may not be those in the verse below, we can still make every attempt to rejoice in our suffering because God has allowed it for His good purpose.  And God is FOR us, not against us...so surely He has something magnificent in mind at the end of our journey!

" Others were tortured, not accepting deliverance, that they might obtain a better resurrection."  Hebrews 11:35b

05/02/18 - Grace got her first haircut in 9 months today!  She looks beautiful!  Her hair was driving her crazy because as it grew back in from her chemo, she had these tufts of hair springing in clumps.  Turns out her friend that cut her hair...told her she had curly hair!  This is new!  It's only curly on the lower ends, not the higher where it's flat.  Sounds like my perfect kind of hair but no...Grace is from the "the hair is flat" era. :)

05/01/18 - I think God has a slight accent.  Yes...I do believe that's what I believe.  Although when I hear the Holy Spirit, there is no accent, but when I hear Graham Cooke read a Word, or Russell Crowe in Master and Commander...it sounds like a tender but certainly could be booming voice.  Not sexy, please don't misunderstand.  But commanding and yet gentle to His children.  The perfect Father.  

04/30/18 - I recuperated today and stayed home from work.  I wore gloves and a mask and my family wore gloves.  Yet my daughter (who is being treated for lymphoma and has very little white blood cells) got this horrific bug but not quite the same strength that I did (thank you Jesus!!)  Please pray today that she recovers quickly and also that my husband does not get it.  Thank you in advance!!

04/29/18 - Last night I felt nauseous around 9:30 and went to bed early.  I then spent almost the entire night...20 trips at least, in the bathroom being sicker than I've ever been before.  By early a.m. I was becoming shaky and weak and could feel my heart palpitating and knew I was dehydrated  So we went to the ER and found I had most likely, the same thing my mom had earlier this week....Norovirus.  I was sick as a dog and it hit me like a ton of bricks!  I  was going to start a diet on May 1 but God has now jumpstarted it for me. :-)  I've probably already lost 5 lbs!  I feel better but it's time for a nap now.  My friend Lisa sent me a text...many were worried.  Thank you!  I had no way to tell you because I was too ill to sit in a chair and type but fortunately that was all short lived and after my nap I'll be much better. Thank you for caring.

04/28/18 - I watched Master and Commander and while it's not the first time I've seen it...the parts about God sure did stand out.  One midshipmen was called a "Jonah" because they all felt he was giving them a curse.  Also the Captain read the Lord's prayer and there were other mentions of God.  I've been led to read the entire Master and Commander series of books so they will arrive tomorrow.

04/27/18 - This morning I went to one of my favorite driveups for a breakfast drink, and the person serving me was someone I had come to know.  When I see these people, they become part of "my people" over time, people that I pray for and want to help during the Harvest to come.  When I saw her I thought, "Lord, I'd like to help her during the Harvest."  But rather than the peaceful feeling I usually have in knowing that I'll help them in some way....I got the impression that she would die in the calamities very quickly.  

Remember those you come in contact, even if only one time, because you do not know how the Lord will use you in the days to come.  I have a feeling I'll be talking more to her in the days ahead.

04/26/18 - In the mornings on the way to work, for a brief period, I roll the windows down so I can hear the birds singing.  Spring!!  :-)

04/25/18 - For those of you who are keeping tracking and praying for my family, my mom and daughter are doing ok for now.  Daughter is much more pain free these days, and Mom is....ok physically (which is important).  Thank you for continued prayers.

04/24/18 - My husband grew up in the same house until we were married when he was 20. Outside of the kitchen window was a magnolia tree and I grew to love it because his parents lived there 30 more years. I even tried to plant a seed from the tree in my own yard and grow it but it would not take. I feel that God will have a wondrous magnolia tree for me at my home in Heaven. He will take a seed from the tree where my husband grew up, because God grew the tree Himself, so He can recreate that. God will do the same for you with ANYthing you have loved while growing up, or even these days. He knows your thoughts and has the perfect landscape and home already set aside for you!

04/23/18 - Definition of Intense Training:

2 Corinthians 4:17-18 (ESV)

For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.

04/22/18 - My Mother attended "church" today where she lives right now.  I'm very pleased about this because it gets her out of her room and she seems to be very lonely so this is a good thing!

04/21/18 - GOOD NEWS!  Myself and two brothers all visited Mom today and after I left, one of my brothers sent me a text saying that he was surprised to see Mom stand up from her recliner on her own, turn around and then sit down in her wheelchair!  This is HUGE!  IMO, this means that within a few weeks, Mom might actually be able to walk on her own...or at least with her walker!  This tells me that Mom will be moving independently and not having to wait on helpers or aids..some of which are men which makes her uncomfortable.  So this is just awesome news!  See...this is where the prayers of the saints make a huge difference and we don't KNOW it.  These are blessings that God gives us just because He loves us!  We see one thing but He sees past it and and takes our prayers and makes them His!

John 14:13-14 - "Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it."

04/20/18 - My husband MOWED the lawn today!  It just snowed 2 days ago but hey...that's Indiana for you.  Today though, we were able to leave the screen door open for a while with the sun pouring in.  In Heaven I just know the Lord has the most glorious "screened in" porch for me because all my life I wanted one.  When we moved here almost 15 years ago, My husband built a small one for me, just big enough for a glider and small table and I LOVE it!  It keeps out most bugs and I'm just content to sit there.  But oh when I arrive in Heaven to see my mansion...I can hardly wait!

04/19/18 - Again a comforting message from Kathy Mote just 15 minutes ago...

" The Lord is sending refreshing to you who have been burdened with emotional struggles. The outcome of your situation has already been settled, but now your heart be settled also."

04/18/18 - Bette says she will be having a series of visions soon so you may want to watch her video from today...and sub her channel.

04/17/18 - I find this very comforting from Kathy Mote today:

"This is what the Lord said. Lifelong assignments are being released, and My children will have no judgment for or against them. Things that have held you in check are being removed, and you will see the healing of your lifetime."

04/16/18 - Today I went to visit my mom and since she is in a new building (but still near her old one across the parking lot), I go to her old apt and carry things over.  Today I carried several books in a bag as well as a laundry basket full of things and I was heavily weighed down.  When I got to her new building, one lady with a walker asked if I wanted to set my books on her walker seat and use that to help me.  :-)

04/15/18- Today I spoke with my good friend and sister in Christ Diana Pulliam of The Mighty Hand of God blog. She gave me some Holy Spirit directed advice on how to deal with the spiritual warfare I am fighting, and discussed the need for me to read this book by John A MacMillan. (free online PDF) I encourage all of you to read it because from what God has shown Diane.."All Hell Will Come Against You"!

04/14/18 - I am watching what is going on in the Middle East with eyes wide open!  I don't post much about it because my website is not for that purpose but know that I am WATCHING and anticipating....very exciting events are happening right now!  

04/13/18 - I am still having older brother issues but you know what?  I am recalling that the Lord has said that He will remove some relationships that are detrimental to our growth in Christ and I found that reassuring.  I know this has happened to MANY of you but I feel I am experiencing it as well now.  It began when my brother made fun of me on Thanksgiving 2013 when I said that the comet Ison was a sign of the end.  I even had it on TV at my house so I could keep an eye on what was going on.  So just now I went to one of the websites where I find encouraging Messages that I post and found this by Sherry Edwards Mackey whom I like a lot...it's an answer for me and hopefully for you as well.

" However be not frustrated when the others are not willing to hear you, for we must come to the realization that not everyone can go with us to our particular field of ministry."

04/12/18 - I met with an Elder Care lawyer today.  He knows some more ways to bring income in to pay for Mom so we don't have to use up her savings.  Funny thing...because she has a "handicapped child"...she automatically qualifies for one of these sources.  The handicapped child is my oldest brother...who is 64!  lol  I guess it doesn't matter!

04/11/18 - The Lord is showing me something I was not aware of. He is showing me that I have unforgiveness in my life.  It's possible that He wants me to post this for a reason because it is personal and yet I can be very frank at times.  Anyway, I am harboring bitterness towards my oldest brother for ignoring my mother for years even though he has lived 45 minutes away.  He has visited less than a handful of times, but now he is stepping back into our lives as if he is in charge.  It makes NO difference if I am justified in my anger or not, none whatsoever. It only matters that I forgive him, even if he does not know he has offended me.  I am going to need the Lord's help and I will be praying about this.  When God shows you something, there is a reason...and as the Bride we have to cut out all the bad and learn to "be holy as I Am holy".

04/10/18 - 10:00 this morning...I am at the hospital helping my daughter get admitted.  I'm on the phone with my husband, letting him know the status etc...and my phone rings in a call from where my Mom lives.  Seems she has fallen again (she fells on Sat but too late for me to note it below) and this time there was a gash on the back of her head.  All is well, one brother met up with her and she is back in her nursing home room.  Again I can only repeat....

" I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13

...because I sure can't do any of this on my own!

04/09/18 - I was reminded of something BIG yesterday and I felt led to share.  For the month of March, I gave something up...I fasted from something specific.  I've never fasted for anything so long in my life, in fact I barely fast at all.  But I felt very led to give something up in March so I did.  I had no idea what I would "receive" in return but I felt it would be something big.  And it was, I just didn't recognize until yesterday.  I remember on April 1st, thinking..."I wonder if I'll have a dream or a vision or a Word to share!"  But....nothing.  However, what I remembered was...my daughter sat UP on April 1st, Sunday...for HOURS!  She "rose" so to speak, and I was astonished to remember that!  I've been SO happy since she sat up, able to walk now even without her walker for the most part!  At the time I began the fast, I remember thinking I was giving something up for Grace.  I had forgotten about that too but God did respond by giving me the best gift!  A daughter that can read a book now, eat food at the kitchen table, and have the cat sit on her lap for HOURS without pressure in her head anymore.  Praise God!

04/08/18 - I was encouraged by my oldest brother's visit to my Mom yesterday.  At this particular moment, all three of my family members are out of the hospital!!  However, Grace does return on Tuesday so she can have chemo treatment #3.  But back to my mom for a moment...after my brother's visit, she took a nap in her recliner.  When she awoke, she was hungry and decided to go get something from the "kitchen"...she took a step out of her recliner and promptly fell.  (sigh)   She forgets that she is to call a nurse.  And the "state" does not allow the nursing home to put alarms under the chairs like they do in hospitals...I'm not sure why.  Mom seems to be ok...brother #2 is visiting her right now and I'll see her tomorrow.  Oh, and she lost the only hearing aid she had.  I've ordered another one and have a spare from her hospital visit. But the GOOD news is this.  I wanted her catheter out as she didn't have one before the flu, so I prayed to God, and asked with the authority of Heaven and an open portal...praying however I knew to pray.  And guess what, they took the catheter out and she is doing great without it!

04/07/18 - I was cleaning out some old papers and making room for new.  Something I came across was one paper that I wrote during college.  After I was married and had our daughter, I decided to go back to college and finish my business degree.  One of the classes was political science.  The paper I wrote that I saved (the ONLY report I saved) is titled "Supporting God's Chosen People:  Israel and the United States Foreign Policy.  It's from 1990.  I did not get a very good grade because the professor was biased against Israel.  Go figure.  Anyway, I'm glad to have found it because it reminded me that all my life I've felt the pull to support the Jews. Soon it'll be even more!

04/06/18 - My daughter had a physical therapist come out to the house today.  He reminded me of Christopher Reeve but on the body of Robert Irvine.  Yikes!  His calf MUSCLE was bigger than my arm!  I told him my daughter was able to sit up much more as of Easter...and he said, "He is risen!"  You just never know who the Lord will send your way!

04/05/18 - I visited my mother today and things are not looking good.  She is the last of the parents/grandparents and I have given her to Jesus.  I don't want this burden and if I try to carry it, then the enemy can have his way with me.  She belongs to God, she is a child of the Risen King and a daughter to the Creator and Savior of the Universes!  What I am seeing is just her flesh, it's not her spirit which is already seated with God.  God has told me she is in His hands and that is where I intend to leave her.

04/04/18 - The floodwaters of spring are creeping into my state.  There are highways...interstates even, that are closed in places.  A co-worker showed me a video on his iphone today.  Apparently a small river now runs in front of his front door, his basement is terribly flooded.  This weather that destroys things is happening everywhere on earth.  It seems no place is untouched anymore.  Except maybe our Palawan...the one in another dimension.  I have it on my mind these days.  Remember that old commercial about Calgon?  These days I think,

 "Palawan, take me away!"

04/03/18 - Tonight I saw a tiny fly caught up in a web on a window ledge outside, just spinning feverishly trying to get away from the even tinier spider that was coming to poke it.  Even though I don't like flies, I had to help this one out.  I know that spiders can be a warning pointing to witchcraft and so they make me very uneasy despite their size.  So the fly was released by me and soared to live another day.  :-)

04/02/18 - My coworker who I believe is "lost" at this time, has noticed MANY times over the past few weeks...the number 666 appearing on many of the things she is doing.  She tells me every time and I also let her know when I see the number.  I tell her it's a warning and I'm glad she is seeing it.  I have prayed for her and every coworker as I foresee us all in Heaven attending former employment parties one day. :-)  God knows who we are praying for and He has told us our prayers are not in vain.  Like the thief on the cross, these lost souls may be saved right before death, but they WILL be saved!  My coworker says most people would make fun of her pointing out the 666 like she does and I told her they would be foolish to do so because what she is seeing is in the Bible, and we KNOW that's the Truth!

04/01/18 - Today my daughter felt much better and got up and "walked" around several times, and did not sleep during the day at ALL!  Also and this is the best part...she can feel more of her feet today!  Chemo is working...the cancer is dying!  And today I went to God again and prayed against the enemy's attack on my family which have been relentless.  A while back I was thinking that I don't know much about spiritual warfare but I feel I am learning now!  

03/31/18 - My cold is very light actually...just enough to keep me from visiting my elderly mom for a few days.  But you know what?  It could have been the flu.  What if the devil asked God to send me the flu and God said no to the flu, but yes to a slight cold.  Praise Him! It could be!

03/30/18 - Today is Passover.  The Lord died on Passover...I'm not sure who decided to change Passover to "Good Friday" because I do not believe Jesus died on Friday.  Be that as it may, Happy Passover to you as we look forward to First Fruits!

03/29/18 - So are you ready for some supernatural?  Oh my goodness...let me tell you what happened!  On Jan 2 I had a dream about a man named Chris...I recorded the video here.  I felt that since his name mean Christ that he was representing Christ and comforting me (listen to the dream, you need to understand the whole picture).  Today guess what...I met his sister who I knew in high school!  It seems she is in charge of MY MOTHER and that I am now comforted knowing that my mom is under her care in her assisted living place.  Now granted, right now my mom is in the hospital and is in a very confused state.  I had planned to visit tomorrow but within the past 24 hours I have been smited with a cold!  It is very frustrating, knowing my mother has not seen a familiar face since Sunday.  But we are praying that she calms down to the point that when we do visit either this weekend or early next week, she will be ok again.  It doesn't help that the hospital gave her Tamiflu which causes confusion!  (yes I know about the children...I was very upset when I found out mom had been given this)  So anyway though....the dream was given ahead of time to comfort me.  I have an inside relationship with this woman who is visiting my mom tomorrow...praise the Lord!

03/28/18 - My daughter is doing fine tonight, but I think I may be catching a cold or flu.  I have prayed about this because I am sick and tired of the devil seemingly to win all these requests against me in the courts of Heaven.  I don't know what's going on but I need to see my mother and get her taxes done this weekend.  I cannot visit if I am sick,  nor can I even go to my daughter's hospital to visit her.  She is due home in a few days...I left the hospital early this afternoon as I felt something coming on.  I am taking Zicam and C and other precautions...please again add me to your prayers because enough is enough!  Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!!  I believe and receive that!

03/27/18 - As I was walking out of the cancer ward tonight, a man was pushing a woman in a wheelchair past me.  She had on the gown that one wears when they are handling chemo fluids.  I could tell with a quick glance that she was not aware of what was going on, may not have known her name.  As we got closer and I was about to pass, I looked at her again and she was staring straight at me with the most anxiety ridden facial expression I had ever seen.  Right then it hit me how people will  change and be healed once we are transformed.  It is said that if they fall under our shadow that they will be healed, just like in Acts 5.  I prayed for her and look forward to the day when she WILL be healed, everyone in that ward, perhaps even that hospital will be healed if they just ask God for it.  Hurry up, Abba!

03/26/18 - As I type this, my daughter is having her chemo treatment.  I spent the day with her, ferrying her from the doctor's to the hospital, taking time for admission and pushing her in the wheelchair.  Not once did she get sick although she had much head pain.  As for the chemo treatment right now, my husband is with her and he has become very protective of his daughter.  It used to be her Dad was protective in the sense that he made sure her tires were good, oil was changed,appliances in her home worked properly, etc.  Now he is upset if people look at her too long, and he has taken to covering her with her blanket and making sure she is ok in the bathroom.  Our lives are very different from one year ago but one thing remains the same..."I the Lord do not change."  Malachi 3:6

03/25/18 - My daughter goes back for her second chemo treatment tomorrow...in her second cycle of chemo as the cancer has moved to her brain and spine.  She cannot sit up for more than 10  minutes before she becomes nauseated and tomorrow is a full day of doc visits and admission to the hospital.  Would you please pray that she is able to complete everything she needs to do tomorrow without getting sick or incur a ferocious headache....that would be appreciated.

UPDATE:  I just found out that my mom is on her way to the hospital due to vomiting and diarrhea.  The enemy works overtime!

03/24/18 - Something to rejoice about...there are no taxes in Heaven!!  Woohoo!

03/23/18 - The husband of the woman who watches our daughter during the mornings is the head elder at the church we used to attend.  He is a bit of a watchman so today I gave his wife this book and told her it was for him to read...seems she may read it is well.  One Second After

03/22/18 - I purchased the television series Jericho...my husband and I had watched it when it was on a few years back but some people on FB were talking about it and so I wanted to watch it again.  You can buy both seasons for less than $20 on Amazon.  As my husband and I started watching it, I told him that he needed to pay attention to all that happens, and plan because this stuff is really going to happen.  It doesn't take much for people to riot in towns, even your own neighbors when they don't know what's going on.  The Lord has PROMISED us that we would have peace, in fact others will come to us to find out HOW we have peace, and that is when we can share Jesus with them.  

He will provide the miracles such as feeding a crowd, finding places to sleep, and transporting/translating us...all we have to do is BE!

03/21/18 - So I was watching a John Fenn video (which I will post tomorrow) about house churches...and felt an immediate prompt to start one!  I asked my husband if he would be interested in having our best friends be a part of it (whom we just met with on Sunday and the wife is helping watch our daughter during the day) and he may be open to it!  He needs to "think about it" but these are our best friends and the man is the church elder so he knows how to do a service and I think this may turn into something!

03/20/18 - The first day of Spring...yay!  I love summer best but Spring is second to that...bring on the warmth and NO MORE SNOW !!

03/19/18 - People are having various dreams and Words about Pentecost.  I recall Sue's Message from June 2013 spoke of the "last Pentecost", and we know that like the first one, we will be changed so what's coming...the Isaiah 60 prophecy...will in turn be the last Pentecost.  I surely hope that things are MUCH different then in our world by May 20.  And by that I mean calamities hitting with God's judgment on the earth, and our transformation in the works!

03/18/18 - I've been purchasing some prepping things for years now.  A while back, I was inclined to stock up on a few personal items...especially if we have no running water.  Today, my daughter came home from the hospital and she needed a shower but was unable to do so.  It seems that sitting or standing for too long, brings immense pressure in her head where the lymphoma thinks it has settled into a new home (NOT!).  So we thought I'd have to give her a bed or sponge bath.  I was looking for a basin, just a plastic tub in a bedroom closet and I found something incredible that I had forgotten about.  Adults washcloths!  HA!  These do not need any rinsing, they are just large hand wipes really.  I was ecstatic!  God is simply incredible.  All you need to do is what He prompts you to do...and someday everything you have purchased or made or put aside...will be needed!!

03/17/18 - Have you noticed lately how evil the commercials are? For those of you that don't watch TV...you aren't missing a thing!  For those of us that do watch some tv here and there, are you noticing the same trend is happening?  The "evil" starts out as cute.  People dressed up as devils and witches and making funny comments...there was a commercial the other night with the devil and the grim reaper and a doll on a porch.  All comedy. The same thing started with homosexuals on tv.  First it was funny (Will and Grace), then it was in talk shows (Ellen Degeneres), and the other day while watching tv at the hospital, I saw two men in bed during a soap opera while skipping channels.  Granted, we don't have cable tv at home, we only have antennae, but the evil is there as well.  It starts out cute but there is evil within.  

Can anyone say Disney???

03/16/18 - I witnessed an accident today.  The guy behind me was talking on the phone...initially he was WAY too close to me.  We stopped at a light and then went forward.  He drifted further back which made me feel better.  As I approached the next stoplight, I was thanking Jesus for driving for me and keeping me protected and safe because driving to this hospital is in a very busy area of Indianapolis.  The light turned yellow and I decided to drive through it.  After I got through it, I looked in my mirror and the phone guy was still driving.  I thought to myself, "He's going to go right through the red light!"  And he did!  I watched him...for about 1 second before someone else going through their now green light hit him.  This is the PERFECT example of what's going to happen to those that cling to the world in all their wants, and they are not paying any attention to the WARNINGS.  The "suddenlies" will hit them and it'll be all over.

03/15/18 - God is good all the time and all the time, God is good.  Sometimes that's all I can say.

03/14/18 - Grace was better today ergo I was better today.  God says trust Him and I do, absolutely I do.  I just have to have His PEACE.  If you guys know of any books or great Bible chapters I can read to have this peace that is continuous please email me.  I DO have peace off and on during the day, but I want His divine peace permanently.  When she is suffering, I just lose it.  I need to know how to "keep the peace".

03/13/18 - Grace was nauseous tonight, exhausted, lots of pain...and they are doing an MRI and chemo both within hours.  All I can think about is how many chemicals can you put in one body?  She is very small now, has lost a lot of weight.  God told me to trust Him in the fire.  That's all I have to cling to is Him.

03/12/18 - My daughter has been increasingly lethargic again with facial numbness and this morning her jaw would not close and she cannot speak correctly.  After an MRI and lumbar puncture today, the doctor thinks her lymphoma may have spread to her brain.  She is now in the hospital and possibly looking at staying in there while having chemo.  Tomorrow though, is another spinal MRI to see what it reveals.  People, I don't know how much more of this I can take.  My life is split between watching and posting here and taking care of my daughter whom I don't even know what will happen to her. I will do my best to keep up but I feel the enemy is trying to keep me from this website because the end is very near and he does not want the warnings posted.  But for now I will do the best I can.

03/11/18 - My husband took our daughter to be anointed at our old church today, based on James 5:14.  I was going to go but felt very pulled by the Holy Spirit in the middle of the night to stay home and go to the Courts of Heaven for her, and I did.  Praying that this week brings some kind of breakthrough for her!

03/10/18 - These days when our daughter is laying on the couch in the living room, we generally have reruns of I Love Lucy on (we bought her the series for Christmas).  This is one of the few decent shows that I feel we can always watch and feel safe that nothing immoral is on.  There has never been a single swear word and we won't walk in on half clothed people so for us to have something on tv constantly, this show does the trick.  Our daughter wants "noise" and the old black and white comedy seems to help.  Ironic because I had a vision with I Love Lucy a while back...you can find it under Visions of Hope under the date of 07/18/15 titled Hollywood.

03/09/18 - Don't be distracted by this upcoming meeting between Trump and Rocket Man (NK).  It is to take our eyes off the peace treaty.  Keep those eyes posted on Israel!  Trump is to visit Israel in May, and conduct meetings with Little Kim in May...hmm! And as a side note, Pentecost is on May 20.

03/08/18 - So now the Crown Prince is coming to America...right after Bibi and Trump had some discussions.  This seems to be the routine...Arab leaders and Netanyahu and Trump, NOT the Palestinians.  They don't seem to be involved unless it's behind the scenes.  Not only that but rumor has it from Amir, that Abbas is very sick.  Time for a PA new leader that WILL agree with a 2-sate solution.  Then watch out!  Meanwhile,re member Sharlene's vision #9 of the Arab leader? Read her description and check out his pic in the article above.  Hmm!

03/07/18 - Daughter visit to new dr went well.  Her first goal is to be able to eat.  She cannot feel her tongue and cannot taste.  80% of her face is numb.  Please keep this #1 goal as a prayer request if you feel so led.  Her first treatment is Friday, then all next week. Thank you.

3/06/18 - Headline:

Trump warns 'world is watching' after North Korea says it's willing to give up nuclear weapons

My feeling is that these talks are totally pointing to what Byron Searles said two weeks ago:

My son, within the next few days a series of events will draw this nation into war. There will be much diplomacy behind closed doors, but the end result will be war. Many people will be set free, and great rejoicing will take place as I have answered My people’s prayers. "

NK may play nice for a while, but then Rocket Man will do something stupid and Trump will let the arrows fly.  

03/05/18 - My daughter's visit went well.  The doc says his idea right now is electric stimulation to rejuvenate her nerves.  My family tells me that this will take 60 days.  I was shocked!  I thought...will she ever even heal??!?  So to think that he feels this will eventually go away is awesome for me!  She cannot drive, she barely walks, stays awake 4 hours but needs to sleep after that (even nodding off getting blood drawn), and eating is becoming difficult.  This is an acute problem but I am encouraged today!  Her next visit is Wednesday afternoon and I'll be taking her.  I continue to appreciate your prayers and I know that when those prayers are sent up to God, He sends angels to help because Sharlene saw them coming quickly to earth.

03/04/18 - I am hopeful that tomorrow brings new light into my daughter's life.  She has become very weak, for example she cannot walk far, we are concerned that she can no longer drive, and it's getting hard for her to eat.  Last week she could not cut an apple.  This week she cannot eat an apple, only soft foods that are easy to chew because her face is numb.  She is unbalanced and can barely dress herself.  Life is simply pain and suffering for her right now.  Her oncologist merely prescribed another Rx but the Lord pointed me in the direction of a book on peripheral neuropathy and within the pages I discovered three words...and if you have a loved one going through anything like I do, this may be an encouragement to you.

Functional Chiropractic Neurologist

I'll let you do the research but suffice it to say that this is a holistic doctor that has been educated on both the brain and body functions and how they relate to one another.  There is MUCH brought into play, alternative practices etc.  I've watched some videos and some people are "cured" within days, based on injuries and retraining the brain.  In my daughter's case, her neuropathy is chemo induced and based on stage 4 lymphoma so her treatment was DRASTIC and AGGRESSIVE and this has changed her life.  Yes she is going through hardships, just like her dream (posted a year ago in the forum) prophesied.  And yes I am keeping the door open on her (dream) because again I am asking for prayer from all of you.  This child has been through the RINGER and needs to find joy and peace in life.  I told her the other day that for Mother's Day, I want to hear her laugh.  I've not heard that for several months.  Please keep Grace in your prayers (today she is weak and in bed as a bath to relax her muscles just did her in) for tomorrow's doctor visit to begin to bring her back.  I believe the Lord gave this doctor a gift and his goal is to help those like Grace so please, please continue to pray.  God answers the prayers of His children!

Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.  And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

Romans 5:3-5 NIV

03/03/18 - For those few who actually read the Dailies...a preview just for you of tomorrow's vision from Sharlene!  (dated 03/02/18) Preview

03/02/18 - We know that PM Netanyahu is going through tons of police questioning these days.  What I find curious is...no prophet either true or false...has said anything about Bibi stepping down. Not a one.  In fact, prophecies pretty much ignore the PM.  This is neither good nor bad because if God does not want to say anything about Bibi, then so be it.  I just find it curious is all, given the circumstances he is undergoing.

03/01/18 -

02/28/18 - Last week I awoke hearing a VERY CLEAR lyric in my mind.  I heard the tune and the words were..."I am ransom...I am ransom...

I am ransooooom....for you".  It sounded like a men's group, very soft and melodious as if it might be playing during an altar call.  :-)

02/27/18 - This morning my daughter and I went to visit the oncologist nurse.  My daughter Grace has chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy and the nurse said she had never seen a severity like Grace's.  We wanted to discuss pain options and we did, then Grace went to work.  She was very tired and came home after a few hours and I thought it was most likely because of her pain medication.  When I arrived home tonight, she was once again lethargic, not knowing whether to sit up or lay down. She is low on fluids and mentioned the ER and my husband has now taken her.   She hates going and so I know she is VERY miserable.  Please pray that the tests reveal what is wrong so Grace can get back to her semi-normal life where she can at least drive and work a few hours each week.  The enemy is working overtime with her and she is becoming despondent due to the pain that she has 100% of the time and does not seem to lessen or go away...ever.   Thank you.

UPDATE:  Grace came home last night after about 5 hours in the ER.  (Her dad took her because I had a headache and then stomach problems...nerves most likely)  Her blood work was good but there are underlying factors why she is nauseous so we're working on that.  I've given her my mom prescription this morning which is to eat something every hour.

I thank you for your prayers.  Last night I got on my knees and committed to doing something specific in March for the Lord and a few minutes after that, I got the call that Grace was ok and coming home.  I feel for MONTHS that the Lord has led me to make this commitment and so this is not a bribe to God, hey if I do this will you do this kind of thing.  But know that if you are being quietly being led to do something by the Holy Spirit...do it!  There is NO time left now!

02/26/18 - You might keep Lisa in your prayers.  Last week she was parked at a light and a truck with a big front grille hit her from behind.  She has a concussion and other problems such as balance and is off work for a while.

02/25/18 - This morning the Lord gave me a word...."Tenet".

Tenet -  A principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy.

Link to word

I feel this word was directed for those that believe the "aliens" are really good guys.  They have a belief that all they need to do is think positive thoughts and eventually the good aliens will help us all ascend.  There is SO much that they believe that is wrong wrong wrong!  We've been told lately through various Messages that we cannot let our faith in God lapse.  There is a time coming when most of the world will believe that our ancient ancestors have returned and they are here to help us.  Our friends, family, and churches will feel that the tenets we have in believing God created all the world, isn't quite right after all.  They will start to believe that perhaps we DID come from "others"...because there will be "PROOF" positive.  It's being planted now...the proof...in Antarctica and other places.  They will find artifacts soon, created to disprove the Bible and prove that the Fallen really seeded us here.  So keep the faith...keep the faith.

02/24/18 - God is good all the time and all the time, God is good.

02/23/18 - Last night I was SHOCKED while watching Jeopardy!  The question was about WHO the prophet is from Malachi 4:5 that will be sent before the great and dreadful day of the Lord. The current champion of Jeopardy said, "Mohammed."   WHAT?!?!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Oh for pete's sake!  Where are our churches?  Where are the parents who should have taught this man differently?  

02/22/18 - Remember these prophetic headlines that John Paul Jackson saw?  In the next few days, I will post some research that Dee did, confirming these headlines have now come to pass!

02/21/18 - Billy Graham died today.  I am saddened for his family but rejoice that he is finally reunited with his wife and JESUS!  I shared this on my home page as well as a prophecy...but as the day went on and more people posted on FB...things turned ugly.  Many called Rev Graham a false prophet.  I did a quick search in our own dream forum and found more denunciation of him.  So sad.  We are to know them by their fruits and Dr. Graham's fruits were global.  We simply don't know how many are in Heaven because of his evangelical gifts, given to him by God.  Anyway, I'll just leave it at that.  I almost became sick over the comments against him, very demonic yet people...Christians supposedly, don't GET IT.  So Billy, I hope to see you soon, THIS YEAR even!

02/20/18 - What is a conundrum?  My definition...A conundrum is when you listen or read a "word" from the Lord, and it does not set right.  You are TOLD by the prophet you listened to...to pray and discern.  So you do.  You pray, and then compare the questionable part of the word to the Bible.  It does not match up.  You know then, this is not a word from the Lord.  You privately and kindly go to that person and explain what you feel you have discovered.  What happens?  They get upset and say they are being attacked. They have "righteous anger" in their mind, but it's possibly a sign of pride.  You are now considered an enemy. 

So what do we do?  We are told to pray and discern!  If we feel a word is not from the Lord, a word that causes fear, confusion, or unsettles you...then simply quit reading.  Do NOT allow your ears to be tickled just because you believe part of what a prophet says!

"...when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him." Deut 18:22

What does that mean?  Again my definition...it means QUIT READING OR LISTENING TO THAT PROPHET! I'm starting to think that there are more false prophets than true.  Maybe I'm too skeptical...I don't know.  Thank you for letting me rant.

02/19/18 - My office was closed today due to Presidents' Day so I stayed home which was a good thing since my daughter was awful sick yesterday (see below).  We decided to watch a marathon of Jason Bourne movies. We were watching the fourth installment (with Jeremy Renner) and he gave a new ID to this woman and I wanted to know more about it so I googled it.  I came to this page and started reading some of the trivia.  Bourne Legacy Trivia

I just about flipped when I read this!  

" By the end of the film, at the last shot, Aaron and Marta are on board a small ship, and that scene was shot in Palawan, the Philippines. Local newspaper The Philippine Star reports that Rachel Weisz was so awed by the beauty of the place that she declared that she could live in Palawan forever. The rest of the cast also expressed their amazement at being in such an exotically beautiful spot."

Woohoo!  Palawan here we come !  If you don't know why I'm so excited, you need to spend some time reading Lisa's Visions!

02/18/18 - I had not mentioned that one of my brother's is in the hospital.  He is a veteran and he was in hospital #1 (really a VA approved nursing home while he recuperated from a body sore), and they did something to him that caused a "super infection".  This eventually sent him to Hospital #2 and so today I took my mom up to visit him.  She has not seen him in a year although he lives nearer her than I do.  "Nurse Ratched" was in charge at this very small hospital and scolded me for bringing an elderly person to the hospital when so many were dying of the flu.  We did not stay long and I took mom home, then drove another hour to my own house.  When I arrived, my daughter was throwing up (and has been since) due to all her chemo induced problems.  Not my best day!  But there is a part of me that knows it is all in God's hands, and He is directing my family's lives.  I don't see the end but sometimes I wish I could...knowing that there is a reason for everything.  Don't you wish you knew why the people you loved suffered?  Because that is what I am seeing with my daughter.  Suffering.  Her pain has her BP around 160/120 most days, and she does not walk normally.  She is too weak to cut an apple, yet she is working part time when she can.  I remember when I had my own cancer that people would say..."Oh you are so brave!"  I remember thinking...I'm not brave.  I have no choice.  I have to go through this.  NOW I know that it is part of the life in this school called earth.  God knows how He will reward us but at times I wish my family would see their eventual reward...just a glimpse!  (words from the mother's heart today...I know you understand!)

02/17/18 - I've noticed as I am memorizing Psalm 91 that it is weaving itself into my prayer time when I put the Armor of God on each morning. There is refuge and protection in Psalm 91 and I am thankful that God puts these thoughts in my mind. Hopefully He is with you too.

02/16/18 - During my daughter's recovery time, we bought her I Love Lucy DVDs...all the seasons including things they had left out.  Last night we were watching one of them and I caught myself laughing out loud several times.  I don't do that very often because most shows that are supposed to be funny...are not.  But I laughed last night and it just goes to show you that we don't need new humor or new technology because Lucy is in black and white.  What she has is talent...a gift from God for humor.  "A cheerful heart is good medicine..." Prov 17:22a.

02/15/18 - My husband gave me my Valentines Day gift early this year...and it was free!  Don't ever think that the small things you do, don't make a difference. What he did was this:  he knows I like our fireplace, like to see the fire going and feel the warmth in the winter.  (I like it so much that I bought one of those cheap DVDs where the fire is burning all the time on your tv.)  This past Sunday while I was still getting up, hubby cleaned the fireplace glass and got a good fire going.  A bit later, I sat down in my favorite chair with my tea and banana nut muffin, all ready to listen to Charles Stanley.  As the program started, I realized the fire was perfect...PERFECT.  And I could see it so clearly!  The only way I can even see the fireplace is when I sit in that chair but all three of us sit there...(4 counting the cat).  But it was free for me on Sunday so there I sat, taking it all in.  I told my husband how much I appreciated the fire and that it was perfect.  He told me this, "I knew you'd be sitting in that chair and would enjoy seeing the fire so I cleaned the glass and got a good fire going."  :-)  THAT is love...free and from a good heart.  You don't need to spend money on family and friends, just do something that you know only they can appreciate. And if they fail to say anything to you, just know that your Father in Heaven sees it...and He knows the motives of your heart and you will be rewarded fully for it!

02/14/18 – A coworker of mine is going to be off work for 5 days, just at home relaxing by himself. He has had some rough times lately and wants to take some time off. (FYI he is a preacher’s kid but is FAR from being religious or churchgoer etc). As I was just thinking about what he will be doing…it occurred to me to loan him my new DVD, the Hollow Earth Chronicles. What a weird thing to occur to me, right? I mean…he might look at it very strangely because the video is a documentary about evil beings living below us (based on scripture). I felt it must be a God thing as I would never think to give him a video about fallen angels and giants and aliens coming up from under the earth…very soon. But I did feel I should give it to him.

On the way to work today, DVD in hand, another Holy Spirit prompting ran through my mind. What if…these giants come up and this man has to fight them as a left behinder? Maybe that’s why God wants him to see it! And then it HIT me like a ton of bricks. My friend’s name is Josh…Joshua!

 And at that time Joshua came and cut off the Anakim from the mountains: from Hebron, from Debir, from Anab, from all the mountains of Judah, and from all the mountains of Israel; Joshua utterly destroyed them with their cities.  None of the Anakim were left in the land of the children of Israel; they remained only in Gaza, in Gath, and in Ashdod.  Joshua 11:21-22

This morning I gave Josh the DVD and shared everything with him. He just smiled and said he would watch it. Now are you ready for this? His son…is named Caleb! I asked him if he knew about the whole “Joshua and Caleb” partnership in the Old Testament when he named his son and he said no…he said they had been expecting a girl so the name Caleb just came to him. Huh!!!

02/13/18 - For a while today I had posted about the identity of the AC and how a recent video made me think twice about the person and their beliefs.  But you know what...it really doesn't matter in the end.  All this fuss over the identity of the AC is pointless and distracts us from keeping our eyes on Jesus.  I've heard people almost shouting...adamantly about who they believe he is...but to what end?  We won't have to participate in his pogrom of evil and wickedness.  Indeed...my goal is to help SAVE those who might have been part of that.  The Lord will work through us to save His own, I am sure of that.  So it matters not to me who the AC is...yes I have my opinion but there is no reason to send me more videos or websites that backup your belief.  I understand it and appreciate everything up until now...but I am no longer concerned.  And besides, when one believes this way and the other believes that way...someone inevitably gets hurt.  This is not the  way we are to walk, this is the path the enemy would have us trod.  If we keep our eyes on the Lord, then it all works out in the end!  :-)

02/12/18 - Today I needed to go with my mom to a dr visit.  Very long story short...I became overwhelmed when I got home tonight.  Between my daughter's health, and now my mother's, the enemy is working overtime.  I prayed and cried out to God, giving all to Him and asking Him to just take over and handle it because I am unable to do things with my mother that need to be done.  I can't leave work anymore as my boss is firm about that, and everything that needs to be done is during business hours, and she is 30 minutes from my work.  So after praying, I sent a text to my one brother and he is actually off work right now (he works for a union) and is going to take care of everything over the next week.  Glory by to God in the highest!  He is so good to His children!

02/11/18 - I took this picture of a sun pillar last week, on my way to work.  I pulled off the road into a parking lot and quickly pulled my phone out to take this before it disappeared.  Since there was a communication phone tower in the way, I felt the sun pillar was an appropriate backdrop because we fellowship/communicate with each other and we are walking in the Light. :-)

"...but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin."  1 John 1:7

02/10/17 - Has the war against Israel started?  Yes I know...it's been there a long time but THE war that we all know is coming...did it start today?  Syria and Iran and Israel all going against each other.  Throw a few more countries in and you'll have Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, and the Ezekiel War.  Tomorrow I am posting a very interesting "word" from someone I do not know but I want to post it because it points to specific timing.  These are good because if they don't come to pass, then I know to stay away from anything that person says.  This particular message...is from a Rabbi.  Stay tuned!

02/09/18 - I posted this Word today from Jo Ellen Stevens about March.  It sure SOUNDS to me like SOMETHING will occur in March, something Big that changes the USA forever right?  That's how I see it.  So I am posted a link to that Message here, so I can point to it and recall it.  We are to test the spirits and this is a test for us.

02/08/18 - Another Reason to Pray about Everything!

Last night I had a handful of popcorn.  One hull decided to stay put in the back of my throat.  It was very irritating!  I tried eating bread and gargling and sticking my finger back there as far as possible, even using a Qtip but to no avail.  The hull stayed there all night.

This morning...still there.  I had breakfast, just one slice of pumpkin bread and some hot tea.  I thought surely the tea would make it dissolve but no!  Then lunch...chicken and rice and carrots.  Again, it stayed put.  Midway through lunch (I eat in my car and listen to videos and read email)...Julie Whedbee posted on her website and youtube.  Even though I'd been praying about this popcorn hull, it was still there.  So I said, "Lord, you created this apple I'm about to eat, and your Word is being read in Julie's video.  Would you please make this popcorn hull go away by the end of the video?"  

It was gone in 5 minutes!  :-)

02/07/18 - Due to adverse weather conditions these days...I've taken the long way to work and today a deer crossed my path in the darkness.  When there is one there is bound to be more so I slowed down and sure enough, there went 4 more.  They made me smile and reminded me of this video.

02/06/18 - Where will we be one year from now?  In a place where there is no time?  I surely hope so!

02/05/18 - I finally got to where I feel my daughter is ok...granted she is on 4 yes 4 blood pressure meds for her extremely high BP, and her pain is very bad at times, but she is managing.  Because she is managing, I am doing much better.  So today driving to work, I was at peace, the sun was just starting to come up now in the early a.m. here, and I prayed quite a while for family members including my mother.  Forward to 3 hours later..my mom's dr. called me (never has) because they had some concerns about her and wanted to talk with me. (sigh)  My routine is changing again to include more driving time and personal time with my mother, because she is 83 and becoming confused.  The enemy is at work in our lives more than ever.  Have we not been told that he would be? He was given more free rein in 2012 and IMO he has once again been allowed to invade more people's lives than ever before.  We've been told this would happen, God told us.  He said our problems will worsen like birth pains BUT...we are to see it as birth pains, knowing that Jesus is coming even sooner than we think!  You know what...I think that since most everyone believes Jesus HAS to come during Feast of Trumpets...that when He says He is coming sooner than we think, He will come around Passover or Pentecost and surprise everyone!  Please surprise me this year, Lord!

02/04/18 - I watched Divergent again today...haven't watched it since it came out.  You know what?  Once the Bride of Christ rises from the ashes...she will be Divergent! 

02/03/18 - I spoke with Diana Pulliam for a few hours today...wonderful woman in Christ!  God strengthened my belief that He is speaking to Diana through her visitations.  You can find out more about her here and I would encourage you to read ALL her blog posts noted on the right hand side.

02/02/18 - This year we put up a bird calendar from a bird shop that we purchase birdseed from.  My husband asked me if I had read January's entry on the calendar and I had not.  Come to find out...a bluejay really isn't blue!  Here is an excerpt and link to explain:

" What the taxonomists didn't realize was that bluejays aren't really blue! We perceive their feathers as blue, but they are actually black."

What color is a bluejay?

02/01/18 - Not sure if you watch DutchSinse or not but here is his YT channel.  He is not a watcher for Christ, but the Lord HAS given him great talent for predicting EQs.  Lately he has been explaining that the recent EQ are equal distance apart.   While he goes into a scientific explanation, I'm starting to wonder if these specific EQ are caused by man.  Not oil wells or fracking but rather explosions/bombs in the earth set off by men.  I say this because if you recall, WP's Word about the USA splitting EQ is "manmade"! 

01/31/18 - My daughter is doing fine now!  Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers!  I've read many NDEs where the people that "died" see those that are praying for them...and they actually see the prayers go up to God like ribbons of color. So as I have been praying for her myself, I asked God to see all the colors of prayers going up to Him.  This morning Grace came out into the kitchen and made herself some breakfast.  I was SO glad to see her out of bed!   My husband (I had to go to work to complete yearend in accounting) took her for her procedure to remove her port, and she did fine and they came home for the rest of the afternoon.  Again, thank you!

01/30/18 -  (this is copied from my Facebook post tonight)  

I've never posted a prayer request but today I have one, very important to me. Many of you may not know that my daughter was diagnosed with Stage 4 aggressive lymphoma last July. After 6 rounds of chemo, she is now in complete remission...this is great news! However, as the chemo has spread throughout her body, she now has horrible nerve pain, and because of the pain, very high blood pressure (she's on three medications to lower it). Monday's BP at the dr. was 191/142. Tomorrow she has her port taken out but right now is feeling miserable, so miserable she is afraid to move due to pain or nausea. I am asking you to pray for her recovery tonight from all pain and nausea so that tomorrow she can have the surgery. We are working on detoxing her body naturally but meanwhile, she cannot function. The enemy is afoot here to be sure! I know this is her path to take (the Lord gave her a prophetic dream in 03/17 that she would be going through hardship in 6 months) but as the mother of this only child, it is heartbreaking to watch! I'm starting to lose weight because of it...which ironically is a good thing but not the way I'm losing it! So if you could keep Grace in your prayers and I know some of you are prayer warriors...you have permission to go to the Throne Room for Grace! Thank you so much!

01/29/18 - The results are in!   My child is considered to be in complete remission!! "Praising the Lord...all the day long!!!"

01/28/18 - As I mentioned on the Home page a few days ago...the Lord had me close my journal that I write down all His Words during my devotional time.  He did this a second time two days later, and then yesterday He told me to close it for good.  I must admit this made me nervous because as I've said before, I don't hear Him perfectly like those who are to give Words.  Yet if He told me to do it, I am NOT going to argue!  I feel this is now my time to really listen and draw close to Him at His feet.  So today I did not open my book but waited.  He did indeed speak to me and part of it was to tell me I was a "light in the desert".  I live in the Midwest, nowhere near any desert!  So I had to look it up.  You know how God is always telling us we are His treasure and a precious jewel?  Well, when I typed in the phrase "light in the desert", this is what showed up!  Link to article  "Light of the Desert".  (I know He said "in" but this is what appeared in the search)

Folks, we are all the same here.  I believe God is taking us to that next level now, drawing us in for the final preparation.  Are you with me?!?!

01/27/18 - My daughter and I went to the movies today and saw the Maze Runner.  While there, we saw previews for Alita.  It's awful!  It's so inyourface hybrid child that it's not even funny.  "Does it bother you that I'm not completely human?"  Egads!   Movie Trailer

01/26/18 - I will give you a clue about the new page...it's about God and Heaven!

Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.  Matt 18:3

01/25/18 - 40 years ago today I was 16 and a sophomore in high school.  Only I didn't have to go to school on this day because we had a BLIZZARD!  As our newscaster said this morning, 40 years ago was the first time that there had ever been a Blizzard Warning in Indiana. 

 I LOVED it!  School was closed for two weeks and we lived in the country so my brother and I built an underground snow tunnel all the way out to our barn.  It was awesome.  I have a instant photo of it somewhere in my photo albums.  It was after that...that kids had to start making up time from school being closed.  We never had before, never had a blizzard before.  Now it seems like there are storms with 2 - 3 feet of snow on the east coast...weekly.  Wake up people!

 Link to 1978 article. - excerpt below

Excerpt:  " Police asked citizens who had four-wheel-drive vehicles or snowmobiles to transport doctors to the hospital. From January 26 to 27, the entire Ohio Turnpike was shut down for the first time ever. The total effect on transportation in Ohio was described by Major General James C. Clem of the Ohio National Guard as comparable to a nuclear attack."

01/24/18 - This morning we had icy roads and due to two wrecks, it took me 45 minutes to drive 1 mile.  We won't have that problem in Heaven.  There may be ice but it will be beautiful and make tiny tinkling music and the brilliance of it will be wonderful!  And it won't be cold!  Imagine what ice sculptures look like in Heaven!

01/23/18 - I had a dream a few nights ago where myself and another woman were in medical training.  We met with this patient who was close to dying.  My partner gently pushed back the old man's (patient) hair and patted his face but there was not much she could do.  I didn't even want to try anything medical to help him.  I just started talking about Heaven and the great things there and this man's eyes lit up and he became very animated.  I remembered this dream today because a co-worker told me how he found his mother dead a few years back, just sitting in her chair.  And while my coworker friend is not a Christian per se and believes in mostly Cathollc ways, years ago he had prayed that God would not allow his mother to die like her sister (stroke, laying on the floor, vegetative state for a year etc).  I was able to tell him how God granted his exact prayer and it was a blessing and so now he sees God perhaps...in  a different light.  God cares so much for each one of us!

01/22/18 - Today's biopsy went very well; we will hear the results next Monday.  Meanwhile there are thyroid issues on the horizon.

Here is a challenge...whatever your search engine is, see if you can find a Bible verse that goes with it each day.  Is it a picture of praise?  Or music? Perhaps people?  Maybe even a manmade object?  Just for yourself, see if you can.  You'd be surprised!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco California

Therefore we will not fear,
Even though the earth be removed,
And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
Though its waters roar and be troubled,
Though the mountains shake with its swelling
Psalm 46:2-3

01/21/18 - Tomorrow my daughter has her bone marrow biopsy to confirm that her lymphoma is all gone.  This is around 9:00 EST and we would appreciate your prayers.  Thank you.

01/20/18 - Lately there has been some hubbub about a prophet named Mark Taylor who prophesied that Trump would become President. I wanted to know for myself...is this someone I should be posting?  I listened to several videos and found a page with all his messages on them and so began my study.  He seems sincere in the videos and says the right thing.  I believe he genuinely believes he is hearing from God.  But I do not.  The truth is, I feel he is hearing from what I call the "rhyming god".  I've seen it with Matt Smith, and Reverend Mary, so Mark's is third time's a charm.  Here are my three red flags:

1)  It's rhyming.  I've not seen God write prophetic poems like this with the prophets we DO believe such as Julie Whedbee and Godshealer, 278pikelk and Warrior Princess.  The Bible is lush with poetry but nothing that rhymes that I am aware of.
2)  Not everything has come to pass.  A prophet must speak 100% truth.  I am not talking about events that may not have come to pass YET...MANY things could be in the future.  But there are obvious problems with some of the stuff he feels is from God.
3)  There is NO, and I mean NO mention, not one time, of the name of Jesus in all the prophecies.  Not once!

I've been tricked by this god/entity before.  First with Matt Smith who has a rhyming poem for one year, and several things did come to pass, then suddenly they stopped coming to pass.  I was tricked with Rev Mary in a big way, even doing videos on how she was hearing the truth...until she didn't and things/specific events on specific dates did not come to pass.  And so THIS time, I shall not be fooled! 

01/19/18 - I saw WAY too many chemtrails on the way home...makes me wonder if there will be some kind of outbreak to the west of us within days.  I'm always looking up at the sky...one day I'm going to drive right past my road!  :-)

01/18/18 - Today I had a decision to make about something important in my end time world...so I asked God if I was doing the right thing.  I was doing this at lunch which means sitting in a parking lot in my little SUV...freezing cold.  (at times I have my grandma's afghan wrapped around my legs)  I eat my lunch in the car because I need the break from work!  Anyway, so I was talking to God about this and asking if I should do it.  A few minutes later...a hawk flies over our building.  Where I work, I've never seen a hawk before...this is in the city and very industrial etc.  But there was this hawk clear as day flying over my building..then he changed direction and flew RIGHT OVER MY HEAD!  I felt that was my confirmation right there!

01/17/18 - Due to all the snowstorms over weekends, plus my entire family got this cold that is going around...there has been a delay in visiting my Mom for "Christmas".  I called her tonight to schedule it for this Saturday, we'll go up and take breakfast and enjoy some time together.  She knows we have all been sick and asked how we were doing and I said we're all better now.  Then she told me we needed to get a flu shot.  WHAT?!?!?  NO WAY JOSE!  lol  For once, Mother does NOT know best!  :-)

01/16/18 - My happy thought for the day was...January is half over.  Yippppeeee!!

01/15/18 - Lymphoma aside...my daughter is now scheduled to have at least part of her thyroid removed in March...possibly the entire thyroid. She has had a biopsy and a few PET scans but no one can tell if it's cancerous or not, not until it's removed.  So...we are believing there is NO cancer!  I'd really like to think the outpouring of gifts happens BEFORE March but if not, it's good to know the Lord has all this!

01/14/18 - Last night I watched (again) Independence Day: Resurgence.  At one point in the movie they were looking for something from Area 51 and one of the military men said, "The Smithsonian was supposed to come and get it but they never picked it up."  I started laughing...just another subtle movie confirmation that the Smithsonian is housing MUCH of the Fallen's stuff.  Link to interesting article (one of many).

01/13/18 - I am often questioned about Lisa so I wanted to give you a quick update.  She is doing fine and still walks and talks with God.  :-)  She has dreams and visions but like many of those who Hear Him, at this point she is not to share them.  They do not come as often as they used to but we both know that when God has something to show her...show her He will!  And she always knows when it is meant to be public so no worries that anything is being held back.  All is well!

UPDATE:  Several hours after we talked, Lisa was given a vision.  Read her Harvesting in France vision from 01/13/18

01/12/18 - We are blessed to have a fireplace (an Amish one no less).  On nights like these, I have to drive a half hour through snow and ice, while it's getting dark, and it's cold and blustery, snow blowing across the highway as I drive home.  Picture that being our path through this world.  When I arrive home (Heaven), my husband (Jesus our groom) has the fireplace going, and supper on the table.  I arrive to find a warm and lighted home, comfortably warm and good food waiting for me, and someone who loves me ready to hear about my day.  THIS is Heaven!  This is exactly how Heaven will be for each and every one of us.  These types of days do not occur often for me but when they do, they are appreciated.  Just imagine how our arrival will be once we are welcomed into Jesus's Home.  Never to lift a finger again unless we WANT to, never to cook or bake unless we WANT to, and always perfectly comfortable even if the sun is high in the Heavenly sky in the suburbs...or we are up in the divine mountains of God climbing the highest snow peak.  All is calm...all is bright.  That's your happy thought.

01/11/18 - Next time you look up and see a cloud, remember...it is but a dust particle to God.

" The Lord has His way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of His feet."  Nahum 1:3

01/10/18 - Thank you for praying for my cold...I felt it "lift" yesterday about 3 in the after noon...48 hours after it started.  I worked all day and did just fine.  It is such a BLESSING to know that I can ask you all for prayer!  I've not had that before in my life.  I know the prayer of a righteous person availeth much and I believe that which is why I ask you for prayer.  Also my daughter is doing fine.  She continues to work part time and we are awaiting a doctor visit after which a surgery date for thyroid removal will be done.

01/09/18 - So I look out onto our porch and something catches my eye that I have NEVER seen in January...ever in all my 56 years!  A caterpillar....in January!   We had the cold snap you know...the "broke numerous records" cold snap...so how did this little guy survive?  As I watched him, he was making his way very slowly across the wooden planks of our porch (a frozen tundra for him).  I decided to take this picture, then scooped him up and put him in the green part of protected grass near the house in the hopes that he survives this season.  Interesting...the dark lines at the top near his head, show the beginning of winter to be harsh (which it has been).  His remaining brown body supposedly reflects an easier winter for us.  Give me a few months and I'll let you know how it works out!

01/08/18 - I don't know if I mentioned this or not on the 2017 dailies but...a few months ago I was sent paperwork to fill out for jury duty.  My whole life I wanted to do this, be on a jury.  I'm a fair and balanced person, I work in accounting for pete's sake so both sides have to be equal and all that.  I always thought I'd make a good jurist.  So I filled out the paperwork.  Then in December, I got CALLED...SUMMONED to jury duty!  I start to get upset and fret about it and so I asked God what I should do and I felt very led to try and defer it based on still taking care of my daughter.  Funny thing...she TOO had been summoned for jury duty in August, just after her cancer diagnosis.  She got out of it of course, so I filled out my paperwork for a deferral and the city was very kind to agree.  Today was supposed to be my first day.  Today...icey conditions with many businesses including my own, delaying schools and work for at least 2 hours.  Snow we can handle, ice not so much.  I stayed home anyway because (see yesterday) I'm sick.  What a blessing God gave me because I had forgotten all about the jury thing but my daughter and I were watching I Love Lucy today and Ricky was summoned to court.  It hit me!  I was supposed to go today!  Praise Jesus I did not!  I am feverish and the roads were bad and thank you God for knowing all this in advance and taking care of me.  :-)

01/07/18 - I could use your prayers...between family and work somewhere I picked up a bug and now have a headcold or "the plague" as we call it at work.  Plus tomorrow morning is going to be treacherous driving thanks to incoming ice and snow.  Wahoo.  Is it summer yet?

01/06/18 - Last night I remember a part of a dream.  I was with my daughter looking out a window and I felt that I was being given a vision in the dream.  Since I was aware of this, I knew I should look UP out the window, at the sky, and not at the ground or the people.  As I looked up, I saw 100s of stuffed animals coming down from the sky.  They looked like very fluffy and colorful teddy bears and even some muppets...all things a child would delight in.  Then I woke up.

I feel that this is pointing to the great deception for children as well (since my daughter was with me).  We do not know how long the children will be here, but they will look up and see the "aliens" in the sky, perhaps the UFOs and flying machines.  However the aliens will disguise things for the children so they will not be afraid and in fact will WELCOME the aliens and their gifts.  We know that when the children DO disappear (thanks to God taking them), that the aliens/Fallen will tell everyone that they have them in their ships for safety reason (due to the calamities that arrived before the Fallen)...enticing the parents into their ships.  Perhaps these stuffed animals were for adult benefit as well..."we come in peace"...blah blah blah!

01/05/18 - Lately I've had a "feeling" that I will be going back to church.  I've not attended for several years now but if I return, it won't be to the same one (most likely).  Either way, I don't know what to do so I told God that if He wants me to attend church, He is going to have to send an invitation in the mail.  I am telling you all as a witness...this would be incredible if we actually got something in the mail because in the past several years, we've received nothing, not even from our old church.  So we shall see if God wants this or not!  I LOVE leaving these kinds of decisions in His hands because I don't know what to do, and I wish I had learned to have this faith long ago.

01/04/18 - Last year I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to watch the Stargate series.  I understood while watching it, why God wanted me to see it.  In fact there are several confirmations of secret space programs, lenses in the sky, aliens stuff, stargates and other things He had wanted me to see...things I did not believe.  So now I have finally completed that series and now I have moved on to Babylon 5.  Today I watched the first episode and one of the characters was watching Bugs Bunny and guess what...they found Planet X!  lol  You can't make this stuff up!  

01/03/18 - I finished reading The Invisible Man today and focused on listening to a few more Howard Storm NDE videos where he goes into detail about his experience with Jesus and the angels.  I got so excited about it, that I sent Howard an email asking him if Jesus had shown him the Bride of Christ.  Amongst other things, Howard wrote, "Jesus and I did not discus the Bride of Christ during my NDE.".  Bummer.  :-)

01/02/18 - I had an idea today.  You know how you get free calendars in the mail and you only need one or two of them?  I've decided to use one of my spare calendars to "record" when a prophet says that something will happen.  For example, all those that said. "Thus saith the Lord...Obama will never leave office" ..or those that said, "Thus saith the Lord, Hillary will become president, " I want to record those supposed prophetic words because there are some prophets who are false, and they do not hear from God.  They prophesy from either their own thoughts or from the enemy.  So if they are saying that GOD SAYS this and that will happen and it's an event that we can note a time or date, then I will do so with my calendar.  I feel this is one of the ways we are to test the spirits.  Are we not told to be as a Berean?  Well then, when we DO act as a Berean and find that prophets spoke as if God said this, and tell us something that did NOT come to pass, I know I can strike them off my list of who tells the Truth from the Lord.  It's a very simple concept...did it come to pass or not.

“If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him” (Deut. 18:22)

01/01/18 - Invisible Man update - This was written by H.G. Wells in 1897 and I found something humorous in this story.  The invisible man is making headlines in the story, and the outlying towns where he has been, are reading these stories of him and assuming they are FAKE NEWS!  lol  They feel it is made up, a "fabrication" in the news, it's quite funny because in THIS fictional story, an invisible man is truth!

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5