The Dailies

Each day I will post something may be a dream I had, a vision/word, a world news item, or music or who knows.  This page is found directly under the Archives tab.

10/31/16 - This is the last day that I will be updating this particular page.  Because there are so many entries it takes forever to load.  And during these past few weeks, the website has been down frequently due to initial hacking of the east coast a few weeks ago. 

10/30/16 - Today is my husband's birthday.  My daughter and I purchased and fixed "tail gating" food and we all watched the Colts, until they started losing so badly because hubby don't like that.  :)  You know, God does like sports, He created sports, and gave many people the gift of athletics.  I believe there are sports in Heaven and a tail gating of sorts will exist.  But unlike earth, the athletes will play for God, and the cooks will cook for God, and those rejoicing in the games will rejoice due to God and His gifts.  Heaven is all about God, and we will all honor His power there and the gifts Jesus has given us.  None of our trophies and medals will matter anymore.  And I will be able to shoot hoops better than Larry Bird.  :D

10/29/16 - So I was watching an XFile episode today.  Muldur was explaining how the Palomar Observatory in San Diego came to be built. He explained that George Ellery Hale had it built (via the Rockefellars whom I am finding out are into the NWO like white on rice). Muldur went on to explain that George Hale said he got the idea to built the observatory...from an elf.  Well guess what, that's EXACTLY what George Hale said!  It's noted here at the bottom of this page...and of course you know what an elf is alien!

10/28/16 - I was very frustrated again this morning when I could not get online.  "They" had a denial of service problem. As a user or member, you could not see my website.  I could not either, nor could I add anything.  Trust me when I say that I KNOW when my website is down....I check it many times every day for all kinds of reasons so I know within 30 minutes most days and even if I didn't know it was down, there is NOTHING I can do about it. But I did find one helpful resource for the future!  Any time you want to check and see if ANY website is working or not, you can type it in this link.  

10/27/16 -  I listened to Mike from Around the World on PPaul today...I hope he is right about December.  Listen if you want to know more.

10/26/16 - The enemy has hit me nonstop in the past 48 hours and seems to be ramping up.  I don't like to see him win, not even a LITTLE bit!  Every time this happens recently, when I've given the "burden" to the Lord, He has handled it and nothing is as bad as it could have been. I've discovered lately that because I'm learning to count on Him, I can given Him every single problem and then wait to see what He does.  It's quite marvelous to see how it ends up each time.

10/25/16 - I was reading a fictional book about a Mossad spy, and became very interested in the city of Jerusalem.  Now that I'm done with the spy book, I'm reading this.  I've read one chapter...when the Romans sacked Jerusalem and the Temple on the 9th of Av, 70 A.D.  What they did to those people is equal to what ISIS is doing now.

10/24/16 - I think things are starting to unravel in Egypt.  Keep your eyes open there as well as Israel!

10/23/16 - On occasion I've been watching the XFiles. (see 01/20/16).  Today I watched an episode about a UFO that crashed.  The operation that the governement uses when that happens is called "Fallen Angel".  HA!  I mean really?!?  A UFO crashes and they call it something...THAT IT REALLY IS!!!  Fallen Angels pilot those things!

10/22/16 - Something profound happened.  My husband said..."I think I may stop going to church."  (he only goes once or twice a month) I stayed silent to let him speak and he finally said, "They never talk about what's going on in the world."  Let me tell you how he came to realize this as it may encourage you with your loved ones.  Recently I've started showing my husband the wikileaks stuff, this started maybe a month or so ago.  I would show him articles, then ask if he heard it on the he had not.  As these articles piled up, it is becoming more obvious that no indeed, he not only did not hear about these incidents on the news, but they weren't speaking about them in church. He hasn't watched the debates at all, and doesn't really want to talk about it.  But these other things that are going on, on top of what I show him about the dead animals. tsunamis, hurricanes, etc...never mentioned in church.  Heck, there is a FLEET of ships around the UK right now and nothing is being said about end times!  (calm down, Hope). his own, he is realizing that he is not getting what he goes to church to get, whatever that is.  I explained how I never heard him talk about a sermon where you are to get closer to God, etc...all those things I've learned on my own.  

So perhaps if you gently, carefully, cautiously, start to let your loved ones see what is really going on out there WITHOUT preaching, a seed will be planted.  Remember, God brings each person in, there is NOTHING we need to do to "bring" a person to Christ.  It's not up to us, we are not God.  But if God allows an opening that someone may hear you pointing so something hidden in the dark that is being brought to light...then ask Him for His leading on the next step.  Mark 4:22

10/21/16 - Today I saw around 15-20 of those beige Army trucks headed towards Indianapolis.  Not sure what's going on.

10/20/16 - For those of you that frequently email me, know that I am tied up all day Friday and Saturday as well.  Free at night look for the Orionids!

10/19/16 - Lightening and thunder were over my house as I watched the final debate tonight.  :-)

10/18/16 - Some days I just want to close down shop, quit the internet, and just soak in the Word.  This is one of those days.

10/17/16 - Does it seem like time is speeding up?  I have a theory about that.  I believe God is shortening the amount of time in a second.  Same number of seconds in a minute, in an hour, etc.  But perhaps the second itself is faster than it used to be. I'm just sure of it! :-)

10/16/16  - I've not read the book of Job in quite a while...maybe more than a year.  Now, in that same past year, I've started to pray before bed, asking the Lord to protect me, my family, my home and "perimeter" that He has established for me.  I've not read or heard to do this, it's just something that seems logical to me as I feel there is an area beyond my property that is guarded by angels.  I was surprised today to read this in Job 1:9-10, 

So Satan answered the Lord and said, “Does Job fear God for nothing?10 Have You not made a hedge around him, around his household, and around all that he has on every side?"

I feel like I am praying the right thing!  I pray for me, my family, and the "perimeter"!  That's a praise to God!  Thank you Lord!

10/15/16 - I went to a used bookstore with my daughter today.  As I was searching through the aisles, it felt dark and pressured in there.  So many evil books now, so many dark titles and Halloween decorations hung about.  I am not used to that!  I could feel it.

10/14/16 - I've spent the last three days absorbing much that is new to me.  I've been listening to many blogtalk radio shows, mostly from a man named Robert Vandriest Mitchell who is an Illuminati defector, and a satanic ritual abuse survivor.  He has multiple personalities and while it's interesting, it's also disturbing.  When you think of SRA, certain occultic things come to mind, but there is SO much more than just that, way beyond what I ever knew. It really makes me angry what the Fallen have been doing to our people, other humans. If you decide to listen, please note that these programs are NOT for the faint of heart. But listening to Robert's story has brought my first "Journal" question to God..."Is there such a thing as time travel?"  He is already showing me some answers to my question.  

10/13/16 - My coworker (her mom and dad own the company) brought her kids in today as they had the day off school.  I really like the daughter and decided to have a little conversation with her...she just turned 9.  She is going through some rough times similar that I went through at her age so I told her when this problem comes up, to just pray real quick and say, "Jesus, help me."  I said, "He created you after all, He knows everything that's happening to you."  She politely told me that God created her, not Jesus.  I gently tried to correct that and explain that Jesus is God, etc.  They frequently attend a large non-denominational church service, but I guess the basics aren't taught to children.  :-(

10/12/16 - Today I was reading Genesis 23 where Abraham is buying a burial cave/field for Sarah.  My notes said (and this never occurred to me before) that the cave/trees/field that Abraham bought, was the only land that he ever owned.  Wow.

10/11/16 - I've decided to start a journal of sorts.  Believe it or not, I'm not real keen on writing in a daily journal.  When I was a little girl I wrote in a diary but now I write so much at work and on this website, that I don't keep a journal other than all the Words the Lord gives me.  However, I believe I will start making my requests known to God and writing them down, so when they are answered I can fill that in too!

10/10/16 - The Days of Awe are almost over.  I've fasted from some favorite foods, and look forward to the end in 2 days...coincidently when I turn 55.  :-)

10/09/16 - I'm watching the debate, 'nuff said.

10/08/16 - I had a dream last night and the part I remember is this:  My husband and I lived in a home and each morning he would unlock the doors. I went to the back door for something and found it unlocked during the day.  I thought to myself, "Well since we never come back here during the day, we should just keep it locked."  So I slid the door shut.  This was a barn like door that automatically locked into place and I could see it had a very secure locking mechanism.  However, the bottom of the "barn door" was open and blowing and any young child could easily slide under it.  End of dream.  I woke up and began praying right away! Was it possibly that we might have an "opening" for the enemy into our home?  I asked God to show me if it was physical or spiritual.  I told my husband the dream, then went about my day, running errands, groceries etc. While I was gone, my husband installed a cabinet in our home that he had built.  During lunch, we were talking about his next project and I asked if we could replace any windows and doors, what would they be?  (I TOTALLY forgot about my dream by this point)  He said the front door so I said let's replace it before winter as it is as a critical place in the home for drafts, etc. Then he mentioned his workshop door and trading it for our back door.  I then recalled that I don't like the back door as it has windows in it that could be broken into.  I asked him to make sure he replaced that with a solid door one way or another due to the glass.  Then it occurred to me that this may be pointing to my dream!  It's possible that God is giving us a heads up to replace that potential problem.  Thank you Lord Jesus!  I would encourage you to go to the Lord now with a request to know what you should do in the months to come.  Rev Mary has another Message today and she has mentioned that we should prepare essentials for one month.  Now I would caution every one of you that each individual is being told different things from the Lord so please go to Him about this, but GO to Him!  Time is running out!

10/07/16 - Well...we've now seen two "goldish brown" caterpillars.  5 weeks ago we had seen two all black caterpillars, so frankly I don't know what to make of that.  We have seen none here, with any stripes.

10/06/16- I've mentioned in other areas on this website that I have been blessed to have a husband with a gift of carpentry..he has been a carpenter since he was little. Throughout the years, his family has called upon him to fix and build stuff which he has faithfully and lovingly done. Over this past weekend, my brother-in-law drove his RV to our house and parked it.  Hubby is going to build a cabinet and add some doors. Wouldn't it be interesting if some calamity occurs in the next few weeks and we have an additional 8 places to sleep.  Just sayin!

10/05/16 - Based on my training from God these past 5 years...I've discovered that some of the "Bible" notes in my study Bible, are wrong!  Not only that, but the editors don't encourage you to pray about a question..  Here is an example. Under the notes for their own topic "Revelation as Apocalyptic Literature" it states: "Sometimes explicit interpretations such as in 1:20, or an obvious reference to Old Testament imagery or visions interpreted in previous passages such as Dan 7., give strong clues.  In other cases, WE MUST GUESS OR INFER THE MEANING".  Are you serious?  They should have said something like, "in other cases we must go to the Father and pray for divine wisdom for that leads to His understand and knowledge"....sheesh!  No wonder people are leaving churches..this is in my NEW Bible!

10/04/16 - Under August 31, 2012, 278pikelk transcripts read as follows: "When things begin with Israel and Iran, other things will begin to occur like dominoes falling one after the other. There is so little holding the evil back now." Written over 4 years ago!

10/03/16 - My daughter made it home safe and sound!  Thank you for your prayers.  

10/02/16 - Today marks God's and my anniversary of hearing from Him!  It's very easy, you just need to have a right and repentant heart before God, and be still and listen!  

10/01/16 - My daughter comes home from Florida's east coast tomorrow.  I sent her a text today..."Good thing your vacation isn't next week...Matthew!"  She had no clue about Matthew. (sigh)  Link

09/30/16 - We bought new tires yesterday for our car.  I am so iffy about these things now, have been since 2012 actually.  Do we spend the money?  Do we let it go another 6 months?  Finally we decided to get new tires and fix the brakes, but hold off another year on buying hubby a "new" truck.  (his current one is 1998 and has 160K miles on it).  I know you feel my pain!

09/29/16 - Yesterday I read Revelation 1 in my new study Bible (which I love...NKJV). Imagine my surprise under the notes for Rev 1:1, as it states "Revelation (a word meaning "Unveiling" or "Disclosure")."  HA!  I mean...does the enemy copy or WHAT?!?!  I assume most of you that read this website or at least these dailies...knows ALL about the coming "Disclosure!"  Oy vey!

09/28/16 - I am listening to some interesting videos on Sept 23 of next year, and Nibiru.  I will post them tomorrow.

09/27/16 - My daughter is STILL on her way to FL as I type this.  Apparently her 2nd flight did not want to wait for her and 19 other people so they left without them...the nerve!  Now she will be arriving late at night on the east coast and I don't like it...but God is in control so I gotta let it go.  Meanwhile, I am taking tomorrow off due to Rev Mary's Word on Sept 28.  We shall see if she heard from the Lord or not, by the time I type the next daily! (Update:  She arrived safe and sound at her hotel later at night)

09/26/16 - I just found out a high school friend passed away today.  All I can think of is that he is finally in Heaven where we all want to be, and where we WILL be very soon!  I told God to tell him Hi for me.  Do you think they know we have a purpose here now?  I know some do, relatives etc...but what about those that are more of a general acquaintance? Guess we will find out shortly.  I can only be happy for him. It's almost as if you have to cover up your happiness for these people..even when my motherinlaw passed a few years back.  I was so happy that she is with her stillborn daughter, and hubby of over 50 years, not to mention Jesus!  Oh the joys that await us!

09/25/16 - Well guys, Esther has not posted today.  That is interesting to me..I'm wondering what's going on with her.  I will say that none of the people that I know that would have seen something specific coming to NYC, have said anything to me about it...and I've checked with them.  So if God isn't showing them anything to worry about...maybe all the NYC worry is for nothing.  I am not counting out something happening somewhere in the USA on Sept 28, so I am watching that date for sure...may even stay home from work.  

09/24/16 - Yesterday at lunch I had a Mediterranean salad from Wendy's. This morning the Lord had me get up at 6:18 (long after the NW) and had me write some personal instruction for later...having to do with traveling "afar".  I went back to bed and after settling, He spoke to me and said, "I will show you the Mediterranean."  Listen up for the Lord is speaking through EVERYTHING you do!

09/23/16 - This morning was busy and when I was finally able to settle down, I felt a bit nauseous.  I was thinking I should eat something when it occurred to me that I had not yet taken my communion which I ALWAYS do before I sit down in the morning. I believe God was reminding me for me...not for His sake.  He knew that if I left to go to work without that small amount of communion with Him, I would be upset.  I can always do this after work, but I like doing that early in the day.  Thanks God!

09/22/16 - I saved a life tonight!  I really did!  Let me tell you what happened.  I saw this stink bug on the window, we frequently have them in the fall.  This one was maybe an inch long.  They don't hurt anyone and this one was no exception...except that he had gotten stuck in a tiny spider web.  Just one leg, and the spider was maybe 10x smaller than the stink bug but she went after him anyway, then gave up.  So the stink bug was unnerved by the entire affair and try to fly off.  Except...his leg was caught in this very powerful tiny string of a web.  I was fascinated watching this as I was mere inches away, being outside and all.  The stink bug started dangling from the webstring and the spider made a beeline for it!  She (I'm sure it was a she like Jezebel!) went after the stink bug with everything she had and I yelled, "Not this time!"  I grabbed a stick and looped between the webstring and set the captive free!  One less death tonight in the Kingdom of Spiders!

09/21/16 - Short Word I just received:

"Time for sorrows; yes indeed it is time for sorrows.  Man will weep and wail in the cities, towns, and burroughs.  The mountains will also cry, and all will bow down to Me.  Receive this Word My children, for I Am humble of heart and sorrow overwhelms me.  Yet man will live again if he trusts in Me.  Men, women, and children all abide with Me in Heaven, and I love them.  I love them all.  Release this Word so they will know.  Love, Yeshuah"

09/20/16 - Our media is jam-pack full of....nothing.  There are Biblical events going on and we don't know about it because they only focus on things that scare us, not things that we can help with.I know this is the plan but still!  I guess this is exactly what the Fallen want to happen though, as their motto is "Harmony out of chaos".  The worse it gets, the more they can "save" us.  Keep in mind that there are three sets of leader entities.  The NWO which is trying to rule the world...the Fallen/aliens which will upset the NWO and try to rule the world, and satan who is in charge of both and thinks he will rule the world.  But Who is REALLY in charge?

The LORD has established His throne in the heavens, And His sovereignty rules over all. Psalm 103:19

09/19/16 - Yesterday's Daily was based on a rant that I deleted.  I am tired of the TARES!  People send me videos and posts of "confirmations" but in truth, some of those they send are hearing from the enemy.  I am not listing people, it's just not going to happen although in my FLESH, I SO want to list those whom I feel are not hearing from God.  I would just say to go to the Lord now with EVERY MESSAGE and ask Him before reading or listening..."Is this from You?"

09/18/16 - I'm ready for a break!  

09/17/16 - Tonight I watched All the President's Men with Redford and Hoffman. It is based on the Nixon resignation and what led to that.  What struck me is how the movie portrayed the media as wanting to be honest and give facts, before printing anything. That no longer applies!  We have the NWO in charge of almost all media.  Such a difference!  The Holy Spirit just now reminded me of why the sheeple aren't being told the truth...."You can't handle the truth!" which is what the media thinks about us.

09/16/16 - I can't wait until I don't have to drive anymore.  I get so upset with people that try to cut in front of me because they drove far ahead and didn't wait their turn. <sigh>  It's the human in me.

09/15/16 - I bought a new Bible today.  I've been reading the NKJV online for a while now, and have come to really enjoy it.  I purchased a study bible in the NKJV and have already discovered something!  As many of us  no longer go to church, we have asked God to be our Teacher.  And He has!  Tonight I saw something for the first time ever and believe me, I've read Genesis 1 MANY times.  In Gen 1:6-8 we see that God split the water into two parts, one upper and one lower, and inbetween was the firmament.  We know the firmament is really outerspace (which later on includes the sun, moon, and stars).  I was reading the study notes below and it spoke of the "two mysterious parts of water".  I thought, it's not mysterious at all.  The lower water is earth, and the upper water is the Living Water...the Water of Life that comes from the Throne of God!  God does not live in outer space, He lives "above" it...where the Living Waters are!  That's my take on it anyway.  :-)

Oh...ThreadsOfGold just emailed me to remind me of the Sea of perfect!

09/14/16 - Today is Elul 11.  Right now we are in the time of the "Days of Favor"...these are parallel to the 3rd set of 40 days that Moses was on Mt Sinai. 

09/13/16 - I have completed my study on Nehemiah and am on to whatever the Lord points me to.  I may already I am curious about the Days of Awe which are not Biblical, yet clearly the Lord speaks of them in Messages today. It may be something I put on the website for this will certainly be a time of drawing closer to I expect the calamities to start by the end of the year.

09/12/16 - I was watching numerous videos by a certain person for discernment what they say true or false?  I prayed about this and after watching several, found that the person pointing out their "truth", rarely talked about prayer, did not once say they asked the Holy Spirit for guidance, and only use what I consider enemy confirmations as their confirmations.  They also refer to a "Bible" that they say was written before the King James.  ALL the Bible was inspired and written down before we received the KJV.  But their "Bible" has extra things in it.  This is not an extra book like Enoch, rather there are things written in their "Bible" that are not scriptural at ALL.  So when you are asking for discernment from the Lord, remember what HE has written for us already.  This person has false teachings and is leading many to believe them.  (like my sheep and skunk dream!) Not only that, but Julie Whedbee just posted a Word yesterday that applies to this very issue.  (link here)  

From Matthew 13 I believe these people that teach doctrines in error, are the second type of seed sown by the farmer. " But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root."  They did become Christians, but were quickly taken in by the enemy and now they think they are hearing from the Lord because initially, they may have been.  What do we do?  We pray for them.  We do NOT despise them nor do we throw stones for who among us is without sin?  My mother says, "If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all."  This applies perfectly in this instance, not to try to "preach" to someone on YT or FB and explain the error of their ways.  If their message bothers you, then simple unlike or unsubscribe.  Keep your focus on the Lord, not the enemy.

09/11/16 - I can hardly stand this...I have a handicapped baby bird that is coming to our feeder, his little leg is hanging and he chirps his heart out for his dad to feed him (who does).  I hate this, all this pain and misery of the earth, in ALL God's creatures great and small.

09/10/16 - I am watching several older movies these days, and watching them with different eyes.  Today I watched The Matrix and if you watch the first few minutes, you'll see Nibiru!  It starts right in with the cops going after Trinity.  What you see is a spotlight getting closer, then it turns into a flashlight.  But if you look at it right, it is a planet getting closer, then the "wings" of Nibiru show up as the flashlight gets up to the camera.  Ha!  You can see it here right at the 1:28 minute mark!!

09/09/16 - I was in the process of writing an email to a friend, asking their opinion on a video of someone I am not subscribed to. I was asking them to watch and see if they were as confused as I was about what this person was saying.  Halfway through my email, the Lord reminded me of a vision Lisa had on 10/09/ is an excerpt:  " He gave Lisa a vision of someone asking her to reach into a bag and pass out animal parts.  She was horrified and said No!...and asked God about that and He said to her that this is what is happening to some in the Body of the Bride right now.  People are tearing each others flesh and passing it around.  It is amazing how we can hurt people with our words.  And this is also done behind the scenes (hidden in the bag)"

I feel God was reminding me that we are still ripping people when we "talk" about them, even in emails or phonecalls.  It's more than gossip of it's about a brother or sister in Christ.  Even if that person is WRONG, who are we to judge their heart?  I just wrote about this on 09/05 so clearly I am still learning my own lesson!  Our own flesh is imperfect and I cannot wait to be transformed and loving and compassionate no matter who is standing in front of me!  I cannot do this on my own!

09/08/16 - You know that we've read instructions from God that we are to sever bad relationships.  Well today I did that.  It did not occur to me that this needed severing, but it had to do with a co-worker that I had befriended.  I keep thinking that I need to tell everyone about what's going down...yet I get scoffed at and even yelled at, at times.  But I persisted thinking that I should continue this friendship. Last year this person upset me so much and made fun of my beliefs to the point where one morning when no one was at work yet, I went over and wiped my feet at their desk, as Jesus told us to do in Matthew 10:14. Yet the friendship remained, strained at times. But we need to follow God's instructions and if we can, then remove ourselves from situations that cause stress to us.  When we have stress that we heap upon ourselves, it takes our focus off God.  Plus we need to pray for those that stress us out...we want God to work in their lives too.  I am now apart from that friendship although a business relationship is easily maintained.  Perhaps I will help further in the Harvest.

09/07/16 - I posted a video today on how the Lord has guarded me lately over the enemy's lethal attempts.  Today at lunch, I drove up to the Starbucks that was destroyed in the tornado, and took a picture.  I found there was damage even just over one block from me!  Of course me being electrocuted would have trumped everything!

In the photo, you can see the Starbucks logo sign on the left, and the small sign on the right of the fence says No Trespassing.

09/06/16 - Pastor Begley recently posted a video called the X-Files...its about us in "alternative" media and how the enemy is out to get us.  This we know.  I am small potatoes.  Yet this morning on my first day back at work in 5 days, my desk lamp sparked fire...twice!  It even singed some paper on my computer and burned my daughter's paper art that she made me.  One of our engineers took the lamp away but I may try to get a picture of the internal parts he showed me.  I could have been electrocuted!  Thank you Jesus, for being my Shepherd at all hours of the day and night, no matter where I am (and yes I anointed this place a while back).  That's my story of the day!  :-)

09/05/16 - Have we come to the point in our walk with the Lord...that we can say 100% positively that we don't know the answer to something that we thought we did?  We don't know how the Rapture will play out...we don't know how the transformation will play out...we don't know how the 3 days of darkness and the calamitous events leading up to it will play out.  And if there is ONE thing that I do NOT's WHEN it will all start!  I will admit that it has taken me quite a understand this.  I thought God was showing us so many puzzle pieces because in the end, we would KNOW so much more.  But truly, we do know some things we did not, but other than that, He is keeping things to Himself for He is the best Keeper of all.  Be careful of that "religious spirit" that would have you tell someone else that they are oh so wrong about something, because you may find out they were right because the Lord showed them, and you did not have ears to hear and eyes to see.  If something strikes you as strange IMMEDIATELY go to the Lord about it!  He will show you EVERYthing you need to know so you have understanding and are at peace.  Don't assume you know, but once you feel He has shown you, then ask for confirmation.  Especially if it is strange!  lol  God is not the author of confusion but He does allow things we do not understand.  Why? Because His ways are not our ways...and thank you Jesus for that!  :-)

09/04/16 - Hubby and I took my mom to church today. (sigh)  During the sermon, I heard God spoken of at the beginning and at the end.  There was a Bible story at the beginning, and a prayer at the end, but very little God in between. The sermon was how we as Christians need to have compassion on others and reach out to them.  The old preacher then gave three examples of the church's charities that they need help with.  As a Christian, I agree with this, but at no time did this preacher mention to ASK GOD about a purpose, to pray to Jesus to show you what He wants you to let the Holy Spirit lead you to what God's will is.  God was simply not involved.  So my 2nd church service this year (see  04/17/16) and what I consider VERY IMPORTANT STUFF was left out.  

09/03/16 - Weather was what I consider a perfect Indiana day.  Wonder what it will be like one year from now.  Hmm

09/02/16 - My family and I visited Noah's Ark today and I will eventually post a few pictures and 2 videos about it.  I'm home now. :-)

09/01/16 - Tonight we are in KY.  There is a rumor going around that tomorrow is the Rapture.  We know that is NOT true...too many things will happen first..especially the Harvest!  However, if Jesus were to come, I'm in the right spot because I'll be visiting Noah's Ark!  lol

08/31/16 - My husband and I both had rough days at work.  Hubby has an employee that gets riled up VERY easily, and I have a coworker that scoffs at my faith and gets angry when I do not believe his science. (sigh)  Time for a break!  So we are going on a short trip tomorrow morning, for a couple days.  I'll let you know more later tomorrow evening...I think you'll be surprised where I am headed!  :-)

08/30/16 - I had lunch with a friend today that is basically an atheist. We've had several talks and I have to be very careful as he gets upset with my logic (like telling him the Nepal EQ was due to the idols..he got very upset and said,"I don't think those monks are bad men!") Today he actually sent me a link to a radio sound astronomers heard in the Centauri area that has gotten them excited, kind of a SETI thing. I carefully reiterated that I've told him many times now, that the aliens are coming and if they actually DO come, then he needs to remember I told him and more importantly to STAY AWAY from them! Since the idea of aliens seems absurd to most right now, now is the time to say, "Aliens are coming once the disasters start...and even though you think I'm nuts, when the aliens DO show up, remember that you heard it from me first and now I am warning you to stay away from them!" It's the Great Deception, so just pray for your loved ones.

08/29/16 - (see yesterday)  I was telling my husband about seeing an all black caterpillar and he informed me that he saw two of them!  Ok this is really strange for us!  lol  Three of these...and so far that's all we've seen all season.  I am starting to think that if we are still here, we may see Sarah Menet's very cold winter vision.  

08/28/16 - Today I saw my first caterpillar..and it was black...ALL black.  That is very rare for me to see!  Generally if I see black, then there is some brown thrown in too.  I was brought up to believe that the colors of caterpillars can "predict" how rough a winter is.  I will let you know if I see a different color in the days ahead!

08/27/16 - I am really REALLY beginning to think that the whole endoftheworld stuff will NOT begin until after the Jewish New Year...Rosh Hashanah. While that may truly be early Sept, I am thinking that the Lord will use the October dates.  I am thinking things will REALLY perk up then.  While September will still have tragedies as we work through it, October may indeed be the starting point...after Jubilee. That's when it will start to unravel...and quickly!

08/26/16 - We got the power reestablished at work so I went in this morning.  On my way in, I discovered that my favorite cornfield was obliterated.  That may sound funny but I've come to see God in EVERYTHING, nothing lives that is not from Him.  So I kept track of this cornfield since spring when the snow melted, then it was plowed up, then planted, then tiny stocks of corn grew.  I watched it form into beautiful rows of green.  It was easy to see all this because there is a hill that I travel over that allows me to see it each day.  Today I was saddened to see this wonderful field...just smashed all over the place. Not just a small area, but almost the whole field.  I've never seen this kind of destruction of corn before, and I've lived in this state every year of my life.  This is what we will be seeing, even now we are.  People were in kind of a fog at work...many kept saying, "I just want to go back to normal."  I had said the same thing the first time I had cancer....we just wanted our routine back when calamity strikes.  But that way of life is over.  While it's easy to see it as a sad thing, we must continue to rejoice with FAITH, knowing that it is all for a short time, until we meet Him face to face and live happily every after!

08/25/16 - I am home this morning due to yesterday's tornado (see below) as our power and phones are out at work.  Anyway, we have bird feeders in our yard as you know.  I think about 200 blackbirds showed up in my neighbor's yard, feasting on the bugs in her grass.  Eventually they made their way underneath my bird feeders so I shewed them off...over and over.  I got tired of it and went outside and said, "Go to another Jesus name!"  And they did!  They haven't been back!  :-)

08/24/16 - Tornadoes came again today (see 08/16).  The picture to the right is one my coworkers took, this is our parking lot with a tornado headed right at us from the west!  I prayed!  And the tornado turned just a few blocks to the north and obliterated a Starbucks instead! No one hurt!

08/23/16 - So I'm driving home tonight and I am beside a very large black pickup truck on a 4-lane highway.  As the truck passes me on the left, I see a sticker in the top right of his back window and the sticker says in black letters, "Infidel".  Underneath that is some arabic letter which I assume translate to the same word.  I was very upset!  There were two men in the car, one with many tattoos on his right arm which was near the window to my left.  I start speaking very deeply in my prayer language, hoping that God would disrupt any plan they may have!  The truck stayed behind me and I had to turn onto a ramp.  Keep us safe, Lord!

UPDATE:  I stand corrected!  The sticker is AGAINST those who hate:

"Design Name: Infidel
Description: Being a Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran when chaos surrounds you you have to be at the top of your game. Not just for your own life but the lifes of your battle buddies. You went over there for your freedom. If they want to call me a infidel, I'll proudly wear this."  

08/22/16 - Somewhere else on this website I've mentioned that at times, I get a 'feeling' that one of my friends will get a Message.  I told Sue on Friday that I felt a Message was coming, and she replied that she too could feel it.  This one kinda hit me like a ton of bricks and when she emailed it to me she said the Lord was really pounding this Message in!  So I'm wondering....what will it be like closer to the 3day warning!!!?!?!?  I'm excited!  Also in this Message, I understand it to me what we've thought for a while...we "glow" during the Harvest time, but once the Rapture happens, then some will come back during the Tribulation as well and we will be "hidden"...unseen ones.  :-)

08/21/16 - There are videos out there saying that God has said the Rapture is Sept 2-3. Since I expect to be at the Ark Encounter in Kentucky then...I am pretty much right where I need to be!  lol  (PS: The person putting those videos out seems to ignore the Harvest period sooooo....I'm not getting my hopes up.  Also keep your ears open for the words , "I, me, my" in these videos.  Don't be fooled again!

08/20/16 - Posted a video on 2016 Hurricanes and Presidential Debates    Youtube Link

08/19/16 - I was talking to my co-worker from Slovakia today and he told me that Slovakia did not allow the "refugees" to go through their country, they told them to go through Hungary (to get to Germany).  I thought this was very courageous for such a small country!

08/18/16 - I stopped at Panera Bread drive up this morning because I had a free hot tea coming my way (Earl Gray, 2 creams, 1 sugar).  As I waited...I heard singing inside the building.  When the lady came back to the window and handed me my tea, I told her that I had heard singing and she laughed and said that was her.  Are you singing while you go through your day?  Even when you are somewhere you don't want to be?  The Lord tells us that He is with us all the time, but we don't recognize it as much when we aren't happy.  So sing praises to Him all the time and your entire attitude will change!  My attitude changed just from hearing this woman singing!!  

08/17/16 - Earlier today I posted "Desolate" in Night Writings. Later on during my devotions I came across the word - desolate- in the Bible.  Also, I am reading all of Barb's 278pikelk transcripts and came across this from Oct 2012.  Oh I so don't want to be here!

" There will be nothing left to bring people joy anymore, no green, only grey, no color. This earth will be void of color. Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. He will be void when My saints are taken. Human eyes will not be able to see color, just blah. All the comforts will elude them. No more animals or sea life. Nothing will be the same. Nothing inspired by God or the creation thereof will be left, nothing left at all."

08/16/16 - There were tornado warnings in our county just a little bit ago (7:00 pm).  Hubby says..."It's just rain."  I was in a tornado once in 1973, and told him that tornadoes are like Suddenlies...the rain is normal, then suddenly you could have hail, extreme wind, and horizontal rain within minutes...and that's what happened!  We were watching the TV people (our phone alerts had already gone off) and an actual tornado was getting closer but regular rain here.  Suddenly...the rain picked up and a heavy downpour came and I said GET IN THE CLOSET NOW!  I was in there...waiting...hubby got 4 pillows and a "safe" that contained important papers.  So of course the safe weighs so much that the pillows would be no good if the safe got flung around.  lol  Oh well, it was practice for the calamaties!  We're all ok here!

08/15/16 - I did not post this Message I received on Aug 12 because it is personal.  But it's been on my mind ever since and I feel I SHOULD post it as a witness...much like I posted my vision of people listening to me...a few days before I was invited to be on the radio. Here is what God said on Aug 12.  "There is another road you will lead.  You will find it soon for I will show you.  Do not hesitate to step out on the path for glory awaits you, My Glory."  I'll keep you updated!

08/14/16 - Today I found a rotten potato in my potato/onion bin.  I had just posted "The Menu has been Set" from the Night Writings a few hours previous...and here I have bad food!  There is NO bad food in Heaven though!  Everything will arrive at the table perfectly and on time.  And did you know...if you like to cook, you can cook whatever you want.  If you want food automatically, it is just provided.  Not sure how that all works yet BUT every good thing comes from the Lord and some enjoy the task of cooking, and some do not.  God supplies all.

08/13/16 - I had a dream where right before I woke up, I was telling someone, "They say they are going to establish electricity by the 10th".

08/12/16 - I had a dream that I heard something HUGE breathing! I was with people I knew, and they did not hear it.  The man went over to a large building with no doors, and there was a ginormous white sheet covering something.  He put his ear against it and we heard this breathing sound.  Then he pulled the sheet off and this humongous blue true was underneath...maybe 3 stories high!  After I woke up, I wondered if this would be a harvest vehicle. The front of the truck was uncovered and it looked exactly like this one!  :-)

08/11/16 - I'm so blessed to have an easy job that I am able to complete most of my work early each day.  It allows me to continually listen to videos and read some websites.  I'll be focusing on the coming EQ for a few days now.

08/10/16 - I drive on an interstate to get to work.  They are building a bridge now and will have to force detours soon.  All I can think about is how that bridge most likely won't be there next year at this time.  

08/09/16 - Today is the 222nd day of the year...only 144 days to go!  Seriously!

08/08/16 - This is not good...not good at all!

Excerpt: " On Sunday, the Chinese State Oceanic Administration (SOA) reported two Coast Guard ships conducting raids near Diaoyudao Islands, the Chinese name for the Senkaku Islands. A day earlier, some 230 Chinese fishing boats had been spotted in the same area by the Japanese side, causing Tokyo’s sharp response."

08/07/16 - Did a good study on "Peace and Safety" with a friend, finding it not only in the Bible, but on various pages here and also in Words such as 278pikelk and others.  

08/06/16 - I'm watching my cat flick her tail behind a curtain on a window sill.  She is sitting on a table that hubby built for her and is watching...a mouse.  We named him Tiny Tim and he has been around for quite some time.  We have a bird feeder attached to the window outside and the seeds fall out onto the windowsill.  Tiny Tim has apparently made a home nearby and visits once in a while to shop for groceries.  He stays outside, even in the winter...which works just fine for me.   Cat TV rules.

08/05/16 - Life was interrupted by mother.  She fell and ended up in the ER and then the hospital for several hours.  Took her home to my house and your prayers are improving her recovery minute by minute!

08/04/16 - Psalm 103

08/03/16 - Driving to work, I had to watch out for two deer coming out of a cornfield.  Now I'll be honking driving past over the next few days, so as not to hurt them  (or BE hurt!).  I can't wait until the millennial kingdom where there will be no problem with this!  

08/02/16 - I saw Saturn last night!  It seemed as if it only had one ring but that's because the view is so looked like this!!!   LINK

08/01/16 - I visited my mother today in her Independent Living apt complex.  Her best friend has finally moved up from Florida and it was fun to see them together.  Mom is 81 and Evelyn is 93. That's like in school...being in Kindegarten and your best friend is a Senior.  Get it?  A Senior?  :D

07/31/16 - I was on the Tribulation Now radio program and gave a lot of information about the Bride's upcoming transformation.  You can find it here under this date.

07/30/16 - Another new bird!!   This is a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher!  The United States had a Civil War with the north vs the south.  The north wore blue uniforms, and the south wore gray.  So I've named this bird "Rebel".  :D

07/29/16 - So I received a telescope at work today...I'd ordered it last week.  One of my co-workers recognized the brand and asked me what I was doing with it.  I told him I was going to keep watch for the big planet that was going to come in and tear up the earth. He thought that was hysterical and even told someone else.  He was joking around with me so I joked back and said..."Oh you think I'm kidding?"  

And we all smiled.

07/28/16 - There was a question on Jeopardy...who was Moses' older brother.  No one knew the answer.  (sigh)

07/27/16 - This morning I saw three birds...WALKING...across my yard.  I'd never seen them before.  They were Bob-whites!  which are considered quail.  We have lived here 11 years and these birds are normally in fields but NEVER have I seen one in my yard.  They stayed for quite some time and may take up residence under a small tree on the west side.  Hmm!

07/26/16 - I went to God and make a request and a promise.  I am posting here so we can see together how God works because I requested this in faith.  I prayed that the Lord would allow me to work 30 hours per week instead of 40, and I would dedicate those extra 10 hours to Him.  I do not like working so far from home and so many hours.  I don't mind working but I feel the need to press in closer to Him and while I think of Him all day anyway, I don't feel like I am LEARNING from Him.  Anyway, we'll see what happens! I'll keep you posted. :)

07/25/16 - Today is my 35th wedding anniversary.  :-)  I'm so blessed to have a good husband, believe me I know!  I came from a very dysfunctional family where we have steps and halfs all over the place.  Yet my mom insisted we go to church when I was little and that has helped me all through life.  These days I found myself singing old hymns that I learned, they just seem to be brought back to my memory at just the right moment.

07/24/16 - (sigh)  New animal.  Actually it's been around a few weeks but I was hoping it would go away.  A skunk.  Yep.  We bought some skunk repel stuff because it's eating our bird food...but the skunk just went to another area in the yard. I think it's here to stay.  

07/23/16 - Now that the month of red is almost over...what's next on the horizon for the world?

07/22/16 - At lunch I had a baby praying mantis on my car, no longer than one inch.  He was on my rearview mirror and I had the window rolled down.  Every time he heard a sound, he would turn his tiny little head.  What a glorious creature God made!  

07/21/16 - I found out that a good friend at work has liver disease.  He's been hiding it by saying his back hurts (due to many back surgeries).  He doesn't think he will make it long enough to get on the donors list.  I want to Lord to come so quickly so my friend can be healed!  People keep dying before they can be healed.  :-(

07/20/16 - Heard this on a Tom Horn video today, I cannot find it in ANY Bible version though which is too bad because it is TRUTH and those who translated the Bible, translated it wrong.  It's in Isaiah 13:2-3.  (my highlights)

2) Lift up a standard on the mountain of the plain, exalt the voice to them, beckon with the hand, open [the gates] (CERN!!), ye rulers.

3)  I give command, and I bring them: giants are coming to fulfill my wrath, rejoicing at the same time and insulting.

07/19/16 - I prayed before bed that the Lord would show me an end time event.  I then dreamed about the Trump kids. (The Donald has 5).  I don't remember the dream, but I am wondering...will something happen to one of his children that will make him step aside for a while?  Everyone thinks he himself will be shot and that will remove him from the voting arena.  But perhaps we are jumping to conclusions.  I think something will occur to make him quiet down for a while, but no matter what, I believe O won't leave office in January. 

07/18/16 - Listening to Chuck Missler's interpretation of Revelation 6 seals....I agree, they've not been opened yet!

07/17/16 - Have you ever considered the fact....that Jesus premeditated...pain?  Some people error in thinking that Jesus was only meek all the time.  But read the passage and see for yourself...MAKING a whip (a weapon?), takes time, takes thought, and He was perfect so He knew exactly what He was doing.  He was not making the whip to strike the table...he was making it to drive people and animals out of the Temple.

John 2:15-16 (NLT)

15 Jesus made a whip from some ropes and chased them all out of the Temple. He drove out the sheep and cattle, scattered the money changers’ coins over the floor, and turned over their tables. 16 Then, going over to the people who sold doves, he told them,Get these things out of here. Stop turning my Father’s house into a marketplace!”

07/16/16 - Today I attended a wedding.  My daughter was saying how beautiful everything was, and it made me think of our upcoming wedding to our Bridegroom.  Imagine the wonders that will occur then!

07/15/16 - The "Day of Rage" really did not come to much.  Rather the afternoon, we all started hearing about a coup in Turkey.  Keep your eyes on this because it could be a turning point...another false flag to bring Russia into alignment.

07/14/16 - Please keep my family in prayer on Friday and Saturday.  We will be traveling to southern Indiana to attend a wedding and the area is halfway between Cincinnati and Louisville.  Neither of those cities is on the "Day of Rage" list but we will be directly south of some proving grounds which was supposedly shut down almost 3 years ago.  I'll be looking for convoys if ya know what I mean.

07/13/16 - What do you suppose this means? From 2 Timothy 1:9b," This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time,"

07/12/16 - Today at work I needed someone to go into the men's bathroom closet and count the toilet paper. :)  I walked over to three co-workers, one woman and two men and mentioned it.  The woman said she would go then laughed.  I told her can go if you feel like you are a man right now.  Doesn't matter that you have 4 children!  We then talked about how awful everything was becoming in the USA and I said God was NOT happy about it and she agreed.  I then took the opportunity to tell her that He was going to shake things up...literally by starting with earthquakes.  She gave me a funny look like....what ARE you talking about?  Then we ended the conversation and went our ways.  Here is the thing though...a seed has been planted.  She may think that God will just watch from afar but when the earth shakes here near the New Madrid fault...she will rethink that!

07/11/16 - I had many dreams last night but one in particular stood out.  I felt that even during the dream, I needed to write it down.  I saw a woman in a green toga, kick a ball.  Then a woman in a white toga also had the ball and maybe a stick, not sure.  I feel the interpretation is that it is possible during a women's event during the Olympics (ancient Greeks wore togas), something could happen. Normally I would not have thought this at all prophetic...except that during the dream, I looked for paper in order to write it down, thinking it was important.

07/10/16 - My husband is waking up just the tiniest bit!  We were out on our small deck enjoying the view (we can only see directly south) and I showed him one chemtrail.  I've done this before but he has dismissed it.  Well, last night the chemtrail was LONNGGG and then there was another chemtrail beside it.  Hubby got his binoculars and watched both planes.  Then another plane started and he looked at it and said, "All these planes are white."  More planes came and all were white and he said jokingly, "We have a conspiracy here!"  Guys, he kept looking at them after that!  I'm very excited about the potential here...not because of the white planes but because he is LOOKING UP at the sky!  I am hoping he starts pointing things out to ME soon! Perhaps this will start happening to all of our loved ones. Time is short!

07/09/16 - I am finally starting to believe that truly...truly the enemy is forced to show his hand and he does so in movies and television shows etc.  I know you all know this...but for me it's been a long road as I had not believed it.  But I am REALLY starting to see the truth!

07/08/16 - I've been singing this song lately..."All to Jesus, I surrender, all to Him I freely give."

07/07/16 - This story appears in the Israeli newspapers....on the day that the Ark Exhibit is opened in the United States.  Truly we are in the days of Noah in more than one way!  It cannot be ignored!

"These scenes are very rare in ancient synagogues."

Lord willing, my husband and I hope to visit there this fall. ~ Hope

07/06/16 - I watched The Finest Hours...I don't like the ocean, it's too big and dark.  Yet I have a feeling that some of my assignments will be directly on ships out there...or even small boats.  I feel AWFUL when men are scared at sea, in all the movies I am just gripped with apprehension and wish I could help them because there is NOWHERE to go!  So once I am transformed...I hope to go help!

07/05/16 - Return to work after 10 days off...and our software quit working.  <sigh>

07/04/16 - We did nothing special today, hung out the flag but only because hubby insists.  

07/03/16 - I am excited to reading a new FREE PDF called The Witness to the Stars.

07/02/16 - Another new animal!  My husband was out fixing the flag on the side of the house, and some "birds" swooped down in the dark.  He thought that was strange so he looked up and come to find out...they are bats!  We've not had them out here!  Even hubby is starting to think something strange is going on!  :-)

07/01/16 - July is finally here!  We are starting to see the actual word JULY in's an exciting time now!  WOOHOO!!

06/30/16 - While we have been on "staycation" my husband built a wooden deck on top of our old concrete patio.  (this is fun for him...he is a carpenter by trade)  All I can think about is...the Left Behinders can use this wood for a fire, and it's easier to sleep many people on if the weather is good.  Hubby says if we had to, we could pitch our tent on the deck.  I'm wondering if I can stash some prepper goods and some letters under the deck!  :-)

06/29/16 - Update on latest new animal to arrive...a wild turkey!  :-)

06/28/16 - I found this Message VERY exciting today!  I believe it points to the time of the USA earthquake that WP saw!

06/27/16 - Wall Street sure took a fall today!  My vision from 05/28/16 one month ago, is reflective of Shanghai Composite.  Here is a current graph.

06/26/16 - Had a very quick rushing storm come in and later the rain turned gentle so I went outside to see the orange sunset.  I have no windows to the east, but once I was outside, I looked that way and saw this gorgeous rainbow that God sent!

06/25/16 - Saw the movie Independence Day 2 (if you know me, you know I like "alien" movies).  When this mothership landed on earth, it pretty much landed on an entire continent.  The effect in the movie was as if there had been a pole shift and I watched in amazement as people floated up in the sky (along with buildings and vehicles and mountains), knowing that this would all truly come to pass one day very soon!  The only way we will stay grounded is if our hope is in the Lord!

06/24/16 - I'm on vacation for a week so if you want me to read anything, please send!

06/23/16 - Early this morning  I woke up and heard GREAT gusts of wind!  My husband was glued to the TV for at least 20 minutes and I asked him to watch it in the living room as I was trying to sleep.  He said, "You don't even act concerned!"  Every time I heard the wind...I thought, "God is out there!"  Now I'm no dummy, if there would have been tornado warnings I would have been up and in my closet (we are in tornado alley in the USA) but no warnings like that so....God's got this!

06/22/16 - Today I prayed and prayed that I would be able to "makeup" with a co-worker who was upset with me for catching him stealing. (I know I know).  And yes!  God took care of it!  I gave it all to Him a few weeks ago (see 06/07) and we talked today as if nothing ever happened.  I'm so glad about that...I want this guy to go in the Harvest like all my other co-workers!  Praise God!

06/21/16 - Micah 5:3...this is ALSO pointing to the Revelation 12 sign in the sky!

Therefore he shall give them up until the time when she who is in labor has given birth;
then the rest of his brothers shall return to the people of Israel.

06/20/16 - We lost power last night, due to bad storms.  But I was not aware of the storms or power loss as I was asleep.  I can only pray that when the calamities come, we are still able to sleep peacefully through it all, trusting only in the Lord for all things.

06/19/16 - Did you know that today is the first day that Moses ascended Mt Sinai to meet with God face to face?   Sivan 13

06/18/16 - Just some of my thoughts on UFOs (keep in mind that I have never personally seen one, they are as elusive for me as Nibiru).

What they are:

1)  They move quickly

2)  They "disappear" because they move into another dimension we cannot see

3)  There seem to only be a few various shapes 

4)  They are practically silent


What they are not:

1)  If they are slow moving across the sky, chances are these days it's a drone no matter what shape (even my friend owns three)

2)  If there are several lights in a row, it may be only one large UFO, instead of several

3)  If #2 is the case, the UFO may be nearer than you think, especially if it is quit

4)  If a UFO has a flashing light that is constant, probably not a UFO but a plane/drone

5)  Safe...they are NOT SAFE!

06/17/16 - At work, our banker came in to talk with my boss.  He brought our annual contract for line of credit in for my boss to sign.  As they were speaking (I couldn't hear most of it), my boss answered one question with, "Easy come, easy go."  I think that means no one is buying our company!  That's good! That means I can continue as I am, and trust the Lord to direct each day as always.

06/16/16 - A book that the Lord told James Durham to read (see 06/14/16 daily) is The Power to Change the World. Yes I know about Rick Joyner but if the Lord says to read it, I'm going to read it!  Well I'm almost done and boy have I found out what REAL revival is!  In my Wesleyan upbringing...revival was something that was scheduled almost every summer.  But a real revival began in Wales in the very early 1900s, and spread to Azusu Street in California.  A true revival has no man leading it, only the Holy Spirit.  I cannot WAIT to see what kind of revival fills the churches in the next few months because I believe it's going to happen!

06/15/16 - Had a quick vision the other day of a sandy colored board full of a type of hieroglyphics. (may not have been Egyptian but similar to an ancient language). It contained both pictures and the English alphabet.  I could not see it all as it was blurred out like something was moving over it, covering up the characters.  For some reason I was able to count that it had 8 columns and 12 rows. I saw definite cutout characters as if it was sandy stone. I'll let you know if I see/hear more.  I should add...I had been watching a few videos on Bible Codes over the weekend.

06/14/16 - I've been watching James Durham videos in the early morning (data allowance from my internet is better before work) and purchased his book 100 Days in Heaven.  You can find him here on Youtube...he has been on Sid Roth many times.

06/13/16 - My husband went to church yesterday and I told him ahead of time, to please pay attention and see if the pastor talks about Pentecost.  I explained that it was the birth of the church and all preachers should acknowledge it at the very least.  I recalled a few years back when a different preacher was there, that the Feast was not acknowledged and that was one of the straws that broke the camel's back for me and I did not return.  This new preacher...again did not mention Pentecost.  My daughter attends a different church, and the preacher is a grandson of Lester Sumrall.  Guess what?  No mention of Pentecost from him either.

06/12/16 - My husband filled the birdbath (the one in all my videos) this morning with water, as he does each day. Later on as we were watching the birds through the living room window, we saw a baby bird hop onto the birdbath and just stare at the water.  Its parent came along and dipped its head a few time to show the baby how to drink (the baby actually tilt its head to watch), and after that, we saw the baby dip its head as well.  This went on a few times and I told my husband that little did he know that in filling the bird water that morning, it would lead to a baby bird learning how to drink water.  The Lord tells us there is a purpose for EVERYTHING we do!  

06/11/16 - Interesting dream Augusto Perez had about forced vaccines....almost 2 years ago!

06/10/16 - I had lunch with a friend who now cooks in a church with a HUGE urban outreach program. We ate in the church dining area and a neighborhood lady came in to get toilet paper.  This woman was in her pajamas and announced that she did not have cancer so all the prayers had worked.  It occurred to me, how awesome it was that this neighborhood feels that they can come to this church, no matter what they are wearing and for any reason...and they will be welcomed.  This is how we were meant to be as a "church"!

06/09/16 - My husband arrives home from work before me and today he had the news on.  I walk in and the weather people are talking about a "blob"...just a heads up for anyone that sees bad weather on the radar....when the skies have been sunny all day.

06/08/16 - I've updated the  3 Days of Darkness page at the bottom.  It now includes both Sue and Barb's recent Messages.

06/07/16 - A co-worker/friend of mine and myself discovered that another co-worker/friend of both, is basically stealing.  He was getting away with not paying for something and I asked him about it and he lied.  My other friend and I have gone to the boss to tell him because this stealing would have continued.  Now this other friend, is giving us nasty looks.  You are taught to do right when you are young...most everyone in the world knows it's wrong to cheat.  So by the time you are 40, you should know better!  But nope, not in today's world full of sin.  So my friend and I are hoping that this passes after a time as it's a very small company.  I've given it to the Lord and He has said to let Him handle it.  Here is good advice from Wings of Prophecy!  This couldn't have come at a better time!  I Am Able

06/06/16 - Another "Project Elrond" meeting (as I have dubbed them, being secret and all) today between the bosses and people of unknown origin. I know God is in charge but this not frustrating!  I'm sure some of you have had the same experience.  Lots of closed door meetings and phone calls, only to find out that you are under new ownership later on.  I am praying that it is better ownership.  Sorry to bring my personal life into this website but I'm not only waiting in my workplace, I'm waiting in this life as well...waiting for the transformation! I know I am not alone in this.  I wish we could all meet once a month for a big meal, just to help ease our stress!

06/05/16 - My husband and I have a week vacation coming at the end of the month.  It seems it'll be a stayvacation so we've decided to put a wood deck over our broken concrete patio.  I will incorporate a fire pit somehow because you know what?  It'll help when the electric goes out!  Isn't it strange how our minds think of those left behind these days, in everything we do.  With every purchase, God is leading us to help others that'll come after.  I have a feeling my house will stand during the chaos and trauma to come, so I follow His leading.

06/04/16 - This is another weekend for resting in the Lord.  My Tom Horn/Chris Putman book arrives Monday...wooho!  Study time!

06/03/16 - I want to tell you guys that I LOVE YOU!  It's strange you know, feeling this way about people you've never seen, met, or talked to.  Yet there are some of you that pray for me and this website, that have never told me.  You just do it.  There are some that send me emails with end time videos and articles, because you are watchman like me.  Some actually read these Dailies and you are the ones that listen all the way to the end of the videos I record. We have been brought together now, as a not visible yet indivisible family.  Know that one day we will share many meals and adventures in Heaven!  :-)   What would YOU like to do in Heaven?

06/02/16 - I am hoping that by 6:30 a.m. EST Friday morning that there will be an announcement from France about a Peace timetable.  Remember, Israel is NOT at the summit so they cannot sign any peace agreement, don't misunderstand the news you are reading and the people that are jumping the gun. But DO keep watch on documents that are created during this Jun 3 summit of leaders...perhaps it's time the USA will be split!  If the USA signs ANY paper stipulating that it's ok for Israel to be split...then I'm going to be watching the skies next!!

06/01/16 - I had to lay several things down at Jesus' feet tonight.  Several friends and people I know are believing the weirdest stuff these days...surely we are being tested right now!  We just need to stay covered in the blood of Jesus as He knows our hearts!

05/31/16  - For several months, I've been praying specifically for my two bosses (married) during my drive to work.  I have been praying that they be happy.  It can be difficult on everyone when they are NOT happy and they are not always happy with each other regardless.  Well, they've been quite pleased each day, laughing together (which shocked me the first time) in the past month.  It occurred to me that God is answering my prayer, although in a way I would never expect.  I am 99.9% sure they have sold the company (I've seen documents) and now are happy that they are free to retire.  I'm happy for them, and yes God did answer my prayer!  

05/30/16 - Today is Memorial Day here in the USA and most businesses are closed, along with post offices and government offices.  I've had a three day weekend and haven't left the house.  I feel like I should be doing something but the Lord reminded me that He had told me to just rest.  Even my husband said it on Friday so it was confirmed.  It's hard to just rest!

05/29/16 - I had a dream where I was running onto a hill and suddenly after me, were many deer and lions (both male and female).  I was concerned that the lions might be going after the deer as prey but I was not afraid of them.  But nothing like that happened. Both types of animals just began eating and relaxing, then I found myself lying next to a male lion as he slept.  I got up, not afraid but very curious as to why they were not ripping me apart.  I am thinking this was the Millennial Kingdom or perhaps Heaven (hill?). How cool!

05/28/16 - Once again, God sends a strike on Paris.  First the plane crash last week, then today lightening.

Is this another sign from God that He is against Israel being split?  The France Initiative starts in PARIS in 6 days!

05/27/16 - All day I waited until 5:00, until the moment FREEDOM arrived and I would have a three-day weekend!  Sometimes on Friday afternoons I want to walk out the door, then run to my car shouting FREEDOM!!! like in Braveheart.  :-)  

05/26/16 - I told hubby that it surely seems as if my company has sold our business and he says, "I hope you're right about the end of the world, otherwise we are in trouble when it comes to retirement."  :-)   I stopped our 401Ks a few years ago.  

05/25/16 - I had a long talk with a friend last night about the Jezebel spirit.  This is a horrible spirit that controls people, and most of the time the people don't even know it.  This spirit stays secreted away and has others do its dirty work.  It breaks apart marriages and ministries, cozying up to the leaders, then getting rid of them so the spotlight can be on them, all the time not even realizing they are damaging the hearts of people that the Lord has to heal.  I would encourage you to read this article, all three parts of it.  Also, always always ALWAYS go to the Lord for your questions and not man.  God WILL show you the truth but you must be ready to hear it!

05/24/16 - There is a fairly large baby bird walking right around our screen porch tonight.  Our cat ran right up to the screen but the baby bird does not know fear yet.  Is this how we are to be in Christ?  Knowing no fear?  Yes the dangers of the world are out there, but there is a shield around us called Jesus and His banner over us is love. 

05/23/16 - My family visited some out of state relatives today.  I got to hear a good story about my dad.  He left us when I was 7 and started another family.  My mother has not once in my life, spoke ill of him (he died when I was 16), yet today my uncle told me a good story.  Thank you God, for that blessing.  " Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow." James 1:17

05/22/16 - Since both dogs are gone now, we are starting to see a change in the wildlife animals nearby our house.  We now have a chipmunk that comes up to our birdfeeders (you've seen the feeders on my videos), and eats what falls to the ground.  Also today a coyote came up near the road, just across from our house.  Last night we had seen three coyotes.  We only have one cat now and she does not go outside so I am not afraid of the coyotes.  I have a feeling that soon, people will be very afraid of them because they will be hunting down anything.  Then after a while, there will be no animals left at all, and people would be grateful to see them as food!

UPDATE:  I posted the above earlier today.  Then later...I had to add two more new animals to the list, because they showed up!  Two ducks were under our birdfeeders!   One male and one female..and we have no ponds around here!  Then later on, ANOTHER new actual red-headed woodpecker showed up for the first time!  And a WREN over the weekend too!.  Seriously...Noah's Ark!!

05/21/16 - In the middle of the night, the Lord spoke very clearly and said, "Do not allow your house to be broken."  When I got up, I had discovered that a member has been "spying" which is silly because there is nothing to hide.  But this "house" was built on the Rock so it still stands and will continue to.  

"So they watched Him, and sent spies who pretended to be righteous, in order that they might catch Him in some statement, so that they could deliver Him to the rule and the authority of the governor."   Luke 20:20

05/20/16 - I picked up my husband's new glasses tonight...he paid over $400 for them after insurance.  Last year...after insurance, I paid over $600.  I am reminded that one day, we will have the eyesight of Legalos from Lord of the Rings.  :-)

05/19/16 - Last night my brother sent me a text saying my Mom was not answering her phone.  This morning I tried to call her, then my brother, then his wife, no one was answering.  God has brought my mother up from Florida to be within one hour's drive of me (thank you Jesus!).  I decided to go visit her before work to make sure everything was ok.  It was...her phone had quit working.  We have established an emergency backup for future situations.

As I was driving to Mom's, even though I saw two ambulances fly by with sirens and lights going...I rested in the fact that God has provided protection for our families in these last days.  I don't know if it is for those who are immediate family or what...but that reminder helped me as I looked to Jesus for my strength, and did not rely on my fleshly fear.

05/18/16 - I bought a new iPad today (my old one is close to 5 years old!) and I had a choice of color.  I went with gold because I thought...I'll be shining soon!  :-)

05/17/16 - Wise words from the wisest man who ever lived.

" For in many dreams and in many words there is emptiness. Rather, fear God."  Ecclesiastes 5:7

05/16/16 - I had a dream last night that I was at work but my bosses' (husband and wife) desks were missing.  Everything that belonged to them was gone.  The wife and her daughter were planning a party and I was trying to find out the address of where I needed to go for work the next day but no one would help me.   (See 04/26/16 below).  I've had prophetic dreams/visions before...this could be another one!

05/15/16 - Once again, the Lord is doing something new in my life.  I share this with you to remind you to look back over the past several years of your own life, and note what is NEW and from the Lord.  Do you think about Him in many circumstances, more than ever?  Do you see Him in nature, hear Him in songs, feel Him in the touch of another, or even a pet?  That's a big change, my friend.

In the past few weeks (since the completion of the Night Writings), three times I've heard the Lord speak to me VERY quickly.  I cannot write it down because it is so fast, and He stays on the theme when He is talking.  The first theme was about how He loved me.  The second was about the arrival of the aliens.  Then last night He spoke a question to me, then answered it.  He said, "Do you want to know who I Am?"  When I said yes, some of the things He responded with are:

Lord of the Angel Armies

The I Am that I Am

Lifegiver moment by moment

Teacher 'til the end of all days

Lover of all things beautiful

Gracious King, Lord of My own

I had asked Sue about this "fast" talking because I'd not read it from anyone before.  She likened it to a "download" that she receives, and others speak of from time to time. The Lord has never said anything unScriptural and like I said, I've only heard it 3x.  But I am reminded of how much He has given me, and changed me over the past years since 2010 really.  Think back to your past now, and see how far He has brought you!

05/14/16 - Had an alien dream last night...a "pre-alien announcement"

05/13/16 - I had a vision this morning of an open book and there were words which I don't recall, except for the first one.  The format it is written in is how I sometimes make notes in other documents, to remind me of my thoughts.  I am unsure what this means...perhaps something is starting today and we are unaware of it right now.  What I saw was.... (uprising?)

05/12/16 - During a break today, I was reading a story from the Saturday Evening Post titled, "What Do Birds Do For Us?"  If you've seen my videos, you know we feed birds. So I'm reading along and here is a quote from the director of Stanford University's Center for Conservation Biology...someone you'd think had a lots of brain...yet not so much.

 "Until the next asteroid slams into the planet, it's people that will dictate the future course of all known life in the universe." 

WHHAAATTT???  Are you serious?  I mean, the first part is right.  There will be an asteroid that slams into the planet.  But we are NOT in charge of all known life.  That's a hoot!  And in all the universe?  Paleeze!  Her ego is so large, I cannot comprehend how she even came up with that answer.  She desperately needs to read and believe Job 38, one of my favorite passages.

05/11/16 - I stumbled across what may be a very cool website today.  Please use discernment:

05/10/16 - Tonight at supper hubby asked about my day at work.  I told him it was boring until the end of the day when I started an email communication with Johnny Baptist and we were talking about aliens and similar experiences!  I became very animated and my husband just laughed and I asked why.  He said, "Because I ask you about work and you end up telling me about aliens."  Well at least I'm not boring!  :-)

05/09/16 - Last night the Lord told me trouble was coming.  This morning, our dog was missing.  My husband looked up and down roads for her for quite a while, (she got out of the invisible fence) and found her on his way home.  She was walking but not quite herself.  She is old and in pain a lot but friendly and always greeting us, eating all her food each day etc.  Tonight when my husband came home from work, our dog had taken a turn for the worse.  So he called the vet and I met them on my way home, and we had our best puppy put to sleep.  As I type this, I am praying that she is in Heaven playing with our other dog.  If you follow this website each day, you know that back in 2013, I asked the Lord to take both our dogs before the end.  They were in great shape at the time, but the older dog suddenly died last year on Labor Day, and now this last one is gone.  In 2013, I had told my husband my request, that God take our dogs before the dark times.  You can read about it under the Misc page under Lukewarm Family Members.  My husband is pretty shook up right now, having just been through yesterday's "talk" (see video below).  So folks, I think it's coming to an end!  I do however, want to assure you that if you have pets, we have been promised that God will send special angels to take care of them.  Even cattle and the like.  So don't worry about your pets.  God is good that way.  This was just my way of a sacrifice I help my husband see that the end times are really here.

05/08/16 - I made a video today, felt promptly by the Lord to do so as it may help many others that go through the same thing.

05/07/16 - My husband and I are SO excited because today marks 11 years and 1 day that we have owned our home and today for the first Oriole sat out on our bird feeders station...2x!  So hubby quickly built an appropriate feeder and I've put jelly and some fruit on it.  God gives little things to make us happy...our delight is in the Lord!  

05/06/16 - Our (last) dog seems to be taking a turn for the worse.  In the past 5 years, we've lost three pets, and we are no longer getting any more pets.  This is happening with others too, so much so that I wrote a blog about it here, last October.

05/05/16 - After watching that Obama video where he turns into a demon, my husband asked me what country would be better to move to.  I told him New Zealand..Chuck Missler lives there and it is where they filmed LotR right?  Well, then I listened to a Stan Deyo video that said that NZ lies on an EQ "twisted" fault line and that he saw in a vision that the North Island would go, also a huge volcano there.  It's safe NOWhere except under the wings of the Great I AM! 

05/04/16 - The Lord is directing me to research tunnels and caves.  I know right?  I think it's to help the left behind. 

05/03/16 - I'm about 6 hours into this video and JP Jackson discuss ALL kinds of supernatural...heavenly lights, dreams, visions, visitations by angels, even transportation to other places that occurred to him!  It's fascinating!  He even was taken back in time in the body, to the time before King David..he went to Jerusalem!  Very cool stuff!

05/02/16 - Update on my Blue Moon Vision from 04/09/16 on the Visions of Hope page.

A friend and member of this website emailed me and said this, " I was reading your (visions of Hope) page on my phone and had just finished a section and had scrolled down a bit to continue but not looked at anything.  Then my father in law brought me a beer just then, (I have one or 2 occasionally).  Anyway, it was a Blue Moon beer… I don’t like that beer so never drink it, but he brought it to me so I opened it without complaining…. Then I looked back down at my phone and it was showing your BLUE MOON information perfectly.  It could not have been more aligned…. I don’t know why but it was clearly set up for me to notice it…. It was an unmistakable sign.  I was like WHOA!! and I had to show my wife what just happened….   Maybe God was bringing our attention back to that."

I asked him to email me a photo of the bottle and he sent four.  He thinks maybe the numbers are important.  Please reread the vision (based on May 21st?) and email me if you feel you are able to add to the puzzle pieces.

05/01/16 - I decided to marinate the steak my husband was grilling out today and the recipe called for red wine.  So hubby was gone and I tried to open the wine.  Yeah...I didn't know how.  I've never opened a bottle of wine before!  I had to find instructions on Youtube!  Better keep that in mind since we will be drinking wine at our wedding and in Heaven!

04/30/16 - I watched an interesting video about gray aliens today.  In this video there is no communication from the alien ("Interview at 32:00 minutes in) but I did find most of the video very interesting.  Just thought I'd pass it along here.  

04/29/16 - Today at work was "month end".  I work in accounting so I have to make sure all the general ledger accounts are accurate.  Every month end for a few years now...I've wondered to myself, "Is this the last month end?  Because if so that'd be great, it's stressful!"  May is the fifth month...5....and we are getting multitple confirmations of that numbers.  Hopefully it points to a big change in May.

04/28/16 - I found this website to be very helpful.  Today I sent a link to Debra, and as I was reading the home page, I found out the website owner has lost his job.

04/27/16 - When I sit down each evening to listen to God, it never occurs to me that He won't talk to me.  We've had a nightly short chat since 10/02/13 and not once has He not spoken to me and I've not written it down.  Even when I am ill (handful of times) He has said a few things and told me that was enough for the night.  Sometimes I think I am hearing myself but I write it down anyway.  Then I read it back later and it was God, not me!  What I am saying is...go to the Lord expecting to hear from Him. Of course He wants to talk with you, absolutely does He have something to say to you!  You are His CHILD!  Don't ask Him if He has something to say but go to Him expectantly!  Jesus never fails!

04/26/16 - I think my boss is selling the company.  It would not be a shock as he is almost 72, but I am curious as to where God will put me.  I would love to stay home all day and just read and worship and soak in God!  I would even be happy, VERY happy with working 30 hours per week instead of 40.  That's still full time in my state and I'd have benefits.  I'm just sharing some personal stuff here, not real uplifting is it?  lol  Sorry!  Ok I'm REALLY praying that Jesus picks us up before any of the above occurs and I don't have to come up with a plan!

04/25/16 - I read an NDE (near death experience) once where during the person's life review, they were shown that they were playing God.  They merely killed an insect, swatted a fly or whatever.  But they were shown that when they do that, they are choosing to end the life of a creature that God had made.  That stopped me in my tracks!  Now I avoid ants on the sidewalk, and drive around caterpillars (this is true!), and leave spiders alone as long as they are outside.  I've come to admire their webs actually, they can be quite beautiful. Now, I still kill flies in the house and spiders too, but I almost feel like I need to repent because I've taken a life.  I don't share this with you so you can feel guilty, but rather that you too start to see the "breath of life" in everything.  God is everywhere around you!

"The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life." Job 33:4

04/24/16 - My daughter and I watched War of the Worlds and she starts out by saying..."this is another one of those ugly aliens movies".  She is right, Hollywood for the most part, shows ugly disgusting aliens.  This is a farce because when the real "aliens" come, they will light up like we do.  Some of the Fallen can be so beautiful that they will almost fool the very elect!  There will be 2 "light" groups and the lost will not know which is which.  Part of our purpose will be to reveal the deception, for the Fallens light is not that of God.

04/23/16 - I preached to my hair stylist today. :)  We talked about the old days when no one scheduled anything on Sundays, then went on to how men are now allowed in women's bathrooms, then I told her about my going to church last week where a preacher that should have known better, left a verse out of the Bible.  At one point I said, "Can I get an amen?!?!"  I was preachin!  

04/22/16 - (see 04/20) I had a dream early 04/21. I was with my mom and aunt and uncle, helping fix dinner.I did everything my mother asked me to do but my aunt was upset with me and I was defensive.  So I left home.  I went to a nearby small town (in my mind I had run away from home) to wait for a friend and stood outside her house, hoping she would see me through the window as her family was eating at the table.  I overheard them talking as they left the table and somehow my friend's Dad knew I was there and told his sons to follow me and I would show them how to garden.  End of dream.  Interpretation: Long story short, if I go on vacation it is as if I am running away from my responsibility (like Jonah) and tending to the Harvest. I would have wi-fi on vacation but that is not the point. I believe this dream was a direct answer to my question....Should I go on vacation?  No, I need to stay and tend to my own garden.  That's you guys. :)

04/21/16 - I saw this Ghostbusters vehicle in a parking lot today.  Really?  A few weeks ago I saw a large black truck advertising paranormal services.  It is true that evil has darkened this planet even more these past few years. But I don't think "man" is able to get rid of anything.  Better call on God to bind these entities!

04/20/16 - I am wondering about a vacation this year.  I know many of us are planning even if we don't want to.  My husband and I prayed together tonight (very encouraging!) about this I plan for this event?  We are thinking towards the end of June. I hope we aren't here.  But if we are and nothing has changed, some of us will need a break!  Yet the break is always a rest in God is it not?  :-)

04/19/16 - Today I am starting Jeremiah.  As I read the opening information, it pointed to the time of 2 Kings 22-25 so I decided to read that for the day, and start Jeremiah tomorrow.  Of course as God would plan it, there was a verse pointing directly to Bael and how Josiah got rid of all that. That's what we need to do with our sin, offer it up as a burnt offering.  Instead, we rebuild it AND they even say, "rise up from the ashes" if it's a good thing.  Whoa whoa to them that rebuild!

Then the king commanded Hilkiah the high priest and the priests of the second order and the doorkeepers, to bring out of the temple of the Lord all the vessels that were made for Baal, for Asherah, and for all the host of heaven; and he burned them outside Jerusalem in the fields of the Kidron, and carried their ashes to Bethel. 2 Kings 23:4

04/18/16 - A few years ago I had a dream where there were a lot of small animals, birds, and insects flocking around me.  The dream bothered me until a friend told me that it was Noah's Ark...the animals knew they would be safe around me.  Well, in the past 24 hours we've had 2 ducks and a rabbit in our yard.  In the 11 years we have been here, we have NEVER had ducks (there is no water!) and never a rabbit right up against the house.  Maybe we will all start seeing signs of animals gathering near us!  Wouldn't that be cool?!?

04/17/16 - I went to my brother's Wesleyan church today. We were brought up Wesleyan so I am familiar with it's (former) strict beliefs.  The preacher's theme was miracles which was good, and he told the story about the paralyzed man in John 5 that never made it to the Pool of Bethesda.  He started to read from a different version than me (I use the New American Standard) which is typical, but it was not the King James Version.  I got lost in reading for a minute, then found my place.  He read from John 5:1-9.  The problem was that he did not read verse 4. (the part about the angel of the Lord stirring the water). I took my brother's Bible and looked at it, and it did not include verse 4.  It obviously went from 3 to 5 and in my NAS Bible, it mentioned that some manuscripts did not include verse 4.  But that was the miracle part!!  Then...the preacher played a video.  An archaeologist was in Jerusalem and pointed out the pool which I thought was a neat addition.  That is, until he said that the ancient people followed SUPERSTITIONS and that most likely the pool was stirred by an underground stream!  WHAT?!?!  This did bother me because as a Wesleyan, you pretty much stick to King James.  Yet this preacher did not explain why he did not include verse 4.  I pointed it out to my brother and he ignored me.  (sigh)  The rest of the sermon was fine but it sure did miss the most miraculous part of the entire theme of miracles.   

04/16/16 - Today was another visit to Mom's.  Although she is 81 (she corrected me when I said 80), she loves to do paint-by-numbers.  I tried my hand at it but realized it would take me away from "watching" as it can be time consuming.  So I gave this painting to my mother who is painting it for me.  She showed me today, that she has about 1/3 of it completed already!  I told her..."From now on when you paint, picture you and me sitting at this gazebo and having some tea while listening to the birds and the brook.  We'll be in Heaven then."  She just smiled.  

04/15/16 - Today is Nisan 7.  Joshua gave the Hebrews 3 days to gather provisions before they "passed over" the Jordan river.  This is 40 years after the first Passover.  Of course the miracle of the waters backing up, again occurred with this passing over.  You may be surprised to learn 1) the name of the town that the waters backed up to and 2) how many miles the waters backed up!  WAY more than needed! (may have to check your Bible notes for that)  Read about it in Joshua 3.

04/14/16 - There is actually a palm reader in the town where I work.  On occasion I drive past the small house, and pray quite fervently that the familiars spirits be revealed to them.  Today I was distressed to see a truck outside with a license plate you can buy in Indiana that says..."In God We Trust."  Sadly the driver truly does NOT trust in God, and if I had seen them, I would have asked why they had that plate on their vehicle.

04/13/16 - I have been having lunch with my co-worker/friend once a week for over a year now. I'm in accounting and he is an engineer so we both are analytical and have a few hobbies in common.  Last year I spoke a little about the left behind, the sky is going to fall, discussion because it's part of me and it just comes out.  But it almost led to arguments and I felt that the love of God is to come out of me, not debates or anything like that.  I want him to think of love and happiness when he thinks of God.  So I told him I would not bring it up again.  But today I did ask him for an answer to something so it would help me understand him.  I asked him if he believe in a being such as satan or Lucifer, one that fell.  He thought about it and shook his head no.  "I believe there are bad people, but not an evil entity.'  I now know that when these evil beings DO come upon the earth, he will be forced to believe in them but more importantly, because of our lunches, he will know there is a God that he can call out to.

04/12/16 - I am going to my brother's church on Sunday.  I've not been to church in over a year..maybe two!  Should be interesting!

04/11/16 - Have you heard the news?  The two Baal arches are NOT going to be put in NYC Times Square and London!  Read more here:

04/10/16 - Excerpt: " In an interview, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Malki says the hope is that Obama, freed of reelection concerns, will break with American protocol and refrain from vetoing it this time around."   Keep your eyes on the UN stories involving this!

04/09/16 - In this 3rd CD that I've listened to with JPJ, he starts giving prophetic information about people in the room.  He sees light from God over them and heavenly lights flying around the room.  It became emotional for me as I felt for those people, knowing that God was speaking about their lives through John Paul.  I miss him.

04/08/16 - I've received my JPJ dream interp info and will be studying it this weekend.  I am going to post things as I feel led. One thing I found out is that a dream about remodeling,  may mean that God is showing you changes in your life.  Last night I dreamed about my workplace being totally remodeled including my boss's office.  That could mean God is working on him!  I've been praying for that!

04/07/16 - Twice now I've heard God say, "This is for you" so I don't write that's been interesting.  I'm starting to think that this is how He will give us instructions later on.  Keep in mind though that ALL of us will hear Him! He will be LOUD and CLEAR when He does no worries at all about when it's time to obey!  

04/06/16 - Not to be morbid but...I am so sick and tired of seeing animals dead at the side of the road.  I just want the Lord to raise them all from the dead and find a nice woods with a stream and raise a family, know what I mean?  I long for Heaven as all will be perfect there, including cuddly animal parents with their little ones.  Right now I am watching a "barred owl" sitting on her eggs, but she brought in a cardinal to eat.  So no eating of other birds in Heaven either!

04/05/16 - At work our furnace broke so we are all using space heaters.  It's a blessing to have these now, knowing that when the Tribulation comes, most everyone at some point, will face bitter cold, as well as scorching heat.  

04/04/16 - God told me that we will have family picnics in Heaven that are huge!....100s of family members that we never met!

04/03/16 - Today my family went to a Blue Heron Rookery.  I felt a connection with God there and hope to fly with the Herons soon.  :)

04/02/16 - I plan to record a video tomorrow with my thoughts regarding the children disappearing, our transformation, and a timeline. :)

04/01/16 - This morning when I opened my iPad (from 2011), I saw the apple logo...and that was it.  It never went away, I couldn't even turn off my iPad!  Nothing worked and I tried everything.  So I started looking at support forums and found that they said when this happens, the only thing you can do is reset all the default settings, as if it was out of the box, losing all data, not to mention for me...hours of updates. I tried the solution of attaching it to itunes but the message came back that it could not download the software, and none of the support buttons would light up.  I left it at home, plugged into the computer, and went to work.  At noon I looked at new iPads at Best Buy and sighed. Not only due to the cost but because I would STILL need updates of things and that takes all my data.  I had been praying about this all morning and afternoon.  I came home from work and went over to the iPad.  It was a new screen that I had to login my password, and then was my old iPad!  Everything was still there!  I had clicked NO buttons at all in order to update or download or fix or restore ANYTHING!  I'm sure some of you prayed and I thank you ever so much! I am still in shock!

03/31/16 - While in the shower tonight I found myself singing this song out of the reason at all.  I think it was from God.

03/30/16 - Upon arriving at work today, I noticed a Smithsonian Institute magazine on a table in the kitchen.  I tapped the picture of the budda on the cover and told my friend, "This is evil, this is an idol...God doesn't like it!" would have thought I dissed a great piece of artwork.  It got very quiet and then I had to explain to my weekly churchgoing friend, why God is not happy with like that.  She said she didn't worship it, how can it be wrong?  I explain that she needs to see it from God's perspective which we can find in the Old Testament.  I reminded her of the idols of stone and wood that cannot speak, but represent "gods".  And that God told us no other gods before Him.  After a few minutes, she was convinced.  She is no different than most all church goers who don't see that even ISIS destroying these actually a good thing.  God used Babylon to destroy before...then He destroyed Babylon.  Nothing new here under the sun folks...just move along.  

03/29/16 - Today was a normal day, nothing special.  That is a GREAT blessing from God!!  When I had cancer the first time, I so desperately wanted to return to work and just have a "normal" life, that I learned never to complain about it again.  I love a regular day!

03/28/16 - I'm just waiting.  I go to work during the week, and look forward to the weekend so I can read/watch more.  During the weekend, I look forward to the work week so I can stay busy and get through another week, until the weekend.  I didn't use to be like this, there is nothing to look forward to except the end of the world.  No wonder people scoff.  Yet that is ALL there is!  He is coming! There is nothing that comes close to comparing to the excitement of that!  So we watch!

03/27/16 - Yesterday it thundered and lightninged (how do you spell that?) here...and we've not heard that in months due to winter!  It is spring, and time for the Lord!

03/26/16 - We watched the Ten Commandments last night.  Do you know that the phrase "rabble-rouser" came from Exodus 12:38?

" A rabble of non-Israelites went with them, along with great flocks and herds of livestock."  

They are the mixed multitudes you read about in other translations.  In the movie, there is most certainly a rabble-rouser from Egypt and the movie does an excellent job of portraying him correctly!

The rabble with them began to crave other food, and again the Israelites started wailing and said, "If only we had meat to eat!" 

Numbers 11:4

03/25/16 - Do you ever feel that your angels think you're weird?  For example, I KNOW there are awesome bakeries in Heaven!  Seriously!  There are pizzarias, bakeries, chocolatiers, you name it!  If we like it here on earth, it's because it existed in Heaven first!  So...I brought home this round donut from work was strawberry iced on top.  I knew I would have it this morning as I took the day off to visit my mom (she is spending the night).  I cut the donut in half this morning, and scooped out the cream as I can't stand that.  And I said outloud, "I'll bet you angels think I'm weird!"  My guess is that bakeries in Heaven use lots of luscious divine whip cream in their donuts!

03/24/16 - In listening to John Paul Jackson's dream interpretation series, he explains that when people consistently ignore dreams and assume they mean nothing, then God will allow them to no longer remember the dreams.  I told my husband this last night, (since he never remembers his dreams) and asked him if we should pray that he have a dream.  He hesitated, and said he would think about it.  That may sound bad but you know what?  It's not, it's a sign of faith, a sign that hubby believe that God WILL give him a dream if he asks...but right now hubby is content with being lukewarm and staying asleep.  Yet the seed has been planted.  :-)

03/23/16 - I gave up on the Noah PBS special.  They were not reviewing the Bible for dimensions, but rather some other ancient text they found, and also talked about yes there were floods here and there.  Honestly, I am excited about God making every knee bow and acknowledge Him!  They paint Him as this distant God that is angry at man and floods him to wipe him out.  They don't touch on satan, evil, the Fallen, and the Nephilim.  I should have known better.  I found MUCH more enjoyment watching the show before it, on the Japanese Snow Monkeys.  It made me feel good to realize that while humans have no clue as to what goes on in beautiful nature...God does.

03/22/16 - A few days ago I clicked a setting in my old iPhone, thinking it would be better for the battery.  Suddenly, I no longer received an iMessages from iPhone users, including my daughter.  And my text turned a different color.  After I found out I was missing texts, I asked my daughter about it because she used to be a phone specialist at Best Buy.  Between us, we figured out what to do, but I had to sign in with my Apple ID.  Once I did that, I started getting an error message, "unable to connect to the imessage server".  GRR!  That was yesterday.  Today I assumed I would have to go to the store at lunch, ruining a perfectly fine day to sit outside and enjoy the sky.  So I prayed about it, and told God yes it was a small thing but it was a burden to me and I am to lay everything at His feet.  Just now (1 hr before lunch), I had a thought to go online and check into this error message. I had done this last night but nothing worked.  The first link I checked, gave me the answer and my phone works perfectly now!  You see?  You are to lay EVERYTHING at His feet.

03/21/16 - I discovered today (with a little help from a friend, ok a LOTTA help) that God is using and directing Trump the way He wants things to happen.  As such, we need to pray for his protection in the next few months. There is no single candidate that I like, but I want to obey and so that's what I'll do.

03/20/16 - In keeping with The Last of the Mohicans theme these days, I watched the movie.  NOTHING like the book, and I'm only halfway through!  Hey lets take a classic, well-known and famous, and try to make it better through Hollywood.  Yes I liked the movie but gee whiz people!  And no mention whatsoever of God in the movie. Yet He is really all over the pages of the book.  What a shame.

03/19/16 - We went to my sister-in-law's today for an Easter meal and had a good fellowship time.  But the children will disappear, and one of the younger women is pregnant.  The Lord has told us to wait on Him for sharing things, and I feel once the bombs/sky/EQ go off, they will be asking!  Then I can tell my family and many others, they will be desperate for Him!

03/18/16 - My husband and I are watching old episodes of Mission Impossible.  In this latest one, the team infiltrated an enemy "fake America" town and found out that the idea was to inject a plague into all the people that were going to America as spies, only those people would spread the plague then die.  Sounds like a recent conspiracy theory only...maybe its been planned for a long time!

03/17/16 - Today is St. Patrick's Day where we in the USA try to wear green for fun and in honor of Patrick of Ireland.

According to the Confessio of Patrick, when he was about 16, he was captured by Irish pirates from his home in Great Britain, and taken as a slave to Ireland, looking after animals, where he lived for six years before escaping and returning to his family.

03/16/16 - Today is my Dad's birthday.  He died when I was 16 but I know he looked over the balcony in Heaven today and saw me wave at him.  Our loved ones pray for us up there...did you know that?  We may not know what's going to happen to us in the days ahead, but they know our purpose, and they helped pave the path to get us here.  Even ancestors WAY back in time have done the same. I can't wait to meet them!

03/15/16 - A good message that I'd like to make sure gets seen.

03/14/16 - My co-worker comes from overseas, eastern Europe actually.  He has a habit of eating a banana EVERY day, never misses a day.  I asked him about this routine and he explained that where he grew up, bananas were considered a rare treat, almost a luxury item.  So now that he can have them any time he wants in America, he has one every day.  Count your blessings my friends.

03/13/16 - Have been led to read The Last of the Mohicans of all things, not my usual cuppa tea, not even close.  Yet I have found that there are many references to God.  A few years back, I read the original Dracula and you know what?  Same thing!  Many mentions of God and the possibility of damnation.  We could use some of this in today's books; imagine if the great authors of today, spoke of God as if He was in their characters thoughts as they carried out their day.  Wouldn't that be something!

03/12/16 - I felt the need to CLEAN...almost as if people will be coming over.  I have had dreams of me getting rid of clutter, so I did today!

03/11/16 - No matter NOT forget to watch the headlines pertaining to Israel.  Did you see this one?

03/10/16 - Once again on the way to work I am singing "Soul on Fire" from Third Day...and a truck passes me with the license #144.  :-)

03/09/16 - I am rereading the Book of Revelation and this verse struck me the other day...Rev 8:7  " The first angel blew his trumpet, and there followed hail and fire, mixed with blood, and these were thrown upon the earth. And a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up."

A 1/3 of the earth and a 1/3 of the trees burned...but ALL the green grass is burned up.  Imagine no grass seen at all, ever again!  We went on vacation to Utah one year and I missed the grass. There was nothing but rocks and sand for as far as I could see, and I knew I was anxious to get home and put my bare feet in the grass in the yard again.  In Heaven, the grass sings to God!

03/08/16 - While I was distressed to see a "Playboy" category on Jeopardy, it led to a conversation with my husband about how television has changed from what we used to watch...and what they are showing now. And we don't have cable or anything! I don't think there will be a television to be found during the Millenium!  Yay!

03/07/16 - I was home today and just basked in the Lord's presence off and on, it was a wonderful rest!  I can focus solely on Him when I am alone and no "chores" to do.  Later this afternoon I was making an Italian soup that takes about an hour with the various steps.  My daughter called during this time and we talked about taxes which are almost due in the USA.  I became caught up in the taxes and the cooking and I hated it!  It would be so easy to slip back into the world...and when that happens we forget about God.  I mean, not really but we don't have that relationship, that constant feeling with Him.  I have that now and am jealous of it and keep it close!  I know our families and Christian friends do not understand this but we on this website, and other watchers on social media etc...KNOW what this is!  As we read the Bible now, it is ALIVE to us..we understand the Seek Ye First part don't we?  I'm so glad we have the Holy Spirit as a constant inner person to continually guide us back to Christ as we go about our day.  Just thought I'd share that.

03/06/16 - Lisa and I had a 1 1/2 hr conversation today and established the following possibilities of firm maybe conclusions:

The earth may or may not be round

Nibiru may or may not currently be seen in the sky

Some people may or may not be interpreting their dreams correctly

We felt 100% totally better after making those iffy decisions and hope this information helps you.  :-)

03/05/16 - Today I made a double layer cake.  I asked my husband for a good chocolate cake mix as I had a homemade frosting I wanted to make.  My husband brought home a "devil's cake" mix.  It occured to me that even WAYYY back in the day, we were calling evil good, by naming a cake that tasted good...devil's cake.

03/04/16 - This was one of the roughest days I've had all year for a variety of reasons. Some of you may remember that commercial about the bath softener called Calgon. A harried lady said to the camera, "Calgon...take me away!" Well let me tell you...I need Calgon tonight! :) 

Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.  Psalm 55:22

03/03/16 - Last night I slept well, so well that I woke up at 4:10 and didn't hear voices in my head.  :D  That's what happens during the Night Writings.  When I wake up, I hear THE VOICE over and over to the point where I know I have to write it down.  Also that it is not something that I would normally say.  But last night, nothing.  So I thought, "I'll just act as if He is waiting on me and see if He has anything for me to write."  I got my little flashlight pen and notebook and pencil and just "listened" and He started right away. There are two things I want to bring to your attention about this because it pertains to all of us, not just me.

1)  God trains us in little steps.  If you think you may be hearing or seeing something from the Lord but are not sure because it seems so little, DO NOT DISMISS IT!  Tell the Lord that you are not sure and He needs to make things clear.  He WANTS you to hear Him and He WANTS to show you heavenly mysteries!  We have heard this is Messages and it's in the Word so it's true!

2)  God is bringing us to a closer relationship to the point where we turn to Him for all things and at all times. It's Him, all about Him!

03/02/16 - I just finished watching A Year in Space and found the wonder of God amazing!  Yes science and engineering of the Int'l Space Station is incredible are the sights!  There was not very many camera shots of earth but what there was, was indeed amazing.  I hope to find a book of Scott Kelly's photography because there are no borders in the photos he took.  This is how God see us, there are no borders and only beauty from it was meant to be.

03/01/16 - I asked my husband if anything significant happened this day that I could write about and he says, "One more step closer for this country (USA) going down the tubes."   :-)

02/29/16 - I had a dream last night that a co-worker had a very small lamp with no lightbulb.  I felt the Lord was prompting me to tell her about Him so I asked Him to make an opening at work.  This morning I got to work and my co-worker immediately told me that last Friday when she went home, her furnace had quit working.  :-)  I told her the dream and said, "I am to tell you that Jesus is the Light of the world." This is not easy for me but God made it easy because I asked Him for the opening...see how that works?

02/28/16 - After two  months of research, I've completed what I feel the Lord wanted me to do in regards to "aliens" and missing children.  You can find it here.

02/27/16 - I had a dream that confirmed last night's Night Writing...both are posted here under this date...title "The Unseen Door". 

02/26/16 - My daughter is moving into her own place this weekend.  No roommates, just her, she is VERY excited but my mind is still on these end times.  Our minds are fixed on our Bridegroom and when we are called away from seeking His face, what a joy it is to return!

02/25/16 - There's nothing like having a normal day.  I recall when I had cancer the first time, I wanted SO badly to be driving to work and inhaling that bad diesel odors and hearing blasts of horns and people getting upset with co-workers!  I just wanted to be a productive member of society again!  I tell you this to remind you to count your blessings, no matter what they are!

02/24/16 - Recently Ed Amos and 278pikelk both put out videos with Messages from the Lord telling us to collect final provisions that He told us to collect.  So I asked God about this...I pretty much said, "Please SHOW me absolutely what I need to purchase based on food and water!"  And He gave me a dream.  Long story short, my husband and I were going on a trip into the Grand Canyon (very hot on the surface) and had backpacks.  We went through a long dark path (roadway though) walking, and ended up at a house that had provisions.  I knew we did not have anything to drink so I went to the refrigerator to make sure we had drinks for our journey.  Then the trip was cancelled.

interpretation:  We're going to have it rough (dark path but easy to walk) before our final destination but all the provisions are ready for us. The trip was cancelled (we don't have to go through the Tribulation!) but I knew we needed drinks.  Since we had backpacks, I interpreted this as needing more bottled water.  We have some already but I asked...and this was my answer.  I feel it is to be passed out to others.  

Please go to the Lord if you have this same question about asking what you need to do...and He WILL show you!  God bless you!

02/23/16 - I was expecting a great financial calamity today and so far at 4:45 p.m. EST that I post this, I've not seen it.  I'm watching until midnight of course, because it may not be Wall Street related..although the Dow closed at 188.88!  What a sign, eh?


02/22/16 - Today I purchased E.W. Bullinger's book "The Witness of the Stars".  You can find it for free here, $.99 on Kindle at Amazon.

02/21/16 - The other day I was thinking how many of us have had dreams of helping others out during the Tribulation...AFTER the Rapture.  This is something I truly believe will happen, even my own daughter has had dreams like this.  I even had a vision (see 08/30/15 MacBeth vision) as confirmation.  The Lord reminded me of the TV series called V.  Then He prompted me on this thought...when we come back and work in disguise...we will be God's Fifth Column!  Isn't that a cool thought!

02/20/16 - My husband and I watched a VERY confused flock of geese earlier that did NOT form a "V" shape.  I've never seen that before!  I've always seen the V.  Two weeks ago I saw roughly three flocks of geese and they separately formed in a Vs but did not come together and did not fly any straight path.  Today...same thing.  They all seemed very confused, all were squawking, and they eventually headed Northeast.  Not normal, not at all.  

02/19/16 - Do NOT miss Ali's update for February 23!  More info from God on the financial meltdown starting next week!

On an unrelated note, (or maybe not), one of the things I do at work is keep track of UPS.  I've seen delays due to weather, storms, even earthquakes.  Today's was a new one...rock slide!

02/18/16 - I am keeping watch on February 23!!  After Ali's post today about that date, I continue to go to the Lord asking for more information.  I will be posting a video about this over the weekend.

2/17/16 - I wanted to update you from my 12/01/15 post.  I have been praying for 15 minutes each morning when I drive to work.  In the near future, we are going to learn about how to pray successfully in the battles ahead and this will be a great help.  Stay tuned!

02/16/16 - I did not feel well this morning.  Yesterday's stress coupled with a poor day of eating, waking up at 3:00 a.m. with a headache and having to stand up to get rid of it...made for a bad morning.  As I got ready for work, I noticed my heart was beating so fast, I could feel it and hear it in my head.  Not a good sign.  I sat down on the edge of my bed and starting singing.  I rested there, and made up a song to Jesus, and I could feel my heart slow down.  I am telling you this because it may help you as well.  I think my blood pressure was pretty high but I didn't want to take it and freak out.  :-)  So I sang.  Sometimes on the way to work, I will sing in tongues.  Perhaps today I was hearing an interpretation of what I sing in my prayer language...because like I said, I made it up.  Who knows!

02/15/16 - Our daughter called me a while ago to let me know she had just been involved in an accident.  She is fine, praise God!  She says she does not know what the Big Man has planned but she knows He is in control of this.  Her car may be totaled based on what I am hearing.  But I told her I prayed for her safety earlier this morning, and we don't know right now, that she would have had a worse accident had neither of us prayed today.  We just don't know what is in the works, but we know He holds our future in His hands.  It's an inconvenience but not a tragedy, a mishap but not a calamity.  I'm so thankful to Him!

02/14/16 - Happy Valentines Day!

" For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him 

should not perish, but have everlasting life."  John 3:16

02/13/16 - My mother spent the night and was talking in her sleep this morning.  I was not able to understand her...and told her later that I thought perhaps she was speaking in tongues. "Oh no, we don't believe in that."  "We" is the Wesleyan Church where she was brought up for her entire life. When I asked if she believed God could heal today, she said yes.  I explained that is a gift and is still in believed in today, so why not tongues. In essence she told me that she relies on the great leaders of the church who are very knowledgeable and schooled, to tell them what is right. I said, "But Mom, they aren't preaching the truth!"  Not so much about tongues because not everyone has that gift, that is not the question.  Men (and women) get their training in schools and most do not go to the Lord for Truth.

Preachers do not preach that we are NOT to rely on men, but to rely on God.  HE is the One we should communicate with, not look to others first, for answers.  Yes God uses other people to give answers in our life, but we go to Him FIRST.  Mom nodded her head and I let it go.  No sense arguing with an 81 yr old woman. :-)

02/12/16 - The picture of the day on was a lion in a field of wheat.  My question for you when you first view you see a lion in a field of wheat?  Or did you see Jesus getting ready to bring in the Harvest!  I was shocked as I opened the page...thinking went prophetic!  (whether they knew it or not!)

02/11/16 - Right now there is a video going around about "Nemesis Giant" and people are flipping over it.  So I decided to check it out.  My friend Jeff sent me the link of the original (that's not noted on the video that's going around) and you are able to change the dates and times since it's from a weather camera.  I changed it to 24 hours previous...and 24 hours previous to that...and the thing is still there.  But the crater on the right moves, but not on the left.  I think this is a lens flare because it stays in the same place every day, even though the sun is moving, plus when the sun leaves, the flare goes away.  Check it out for yourself.

02/10/16 - I'm psyched!  I showed Teresa's video my husband.  And he seemed just the tiniest bit interested! I'm VERY skeptical when it comes to seeing pictures and videos of this Planet X.  I am most skeptical of people that have a YT channel for the very purpose of seeing this.  So when Teresa had her dream, then she recorded it just like in the dream...and I KNOW Teresa...I was thrilled!  We've had such gloomy and overcast weather for days here but once that sun starts shining, you can BELIEVE I will be recording it!

02/09/16 - Teresa records Nibiru!  A friend to many of us...she recorded it!!

Planet X, Nibiru, it what you will!  

02/08/16 - I prayed this morning, that the Lord would be with me at work and help me with the numbers (I work in accounting).  I got to work and found out that it was the day to complete yearend...AND one of our customers had used their annual credit.  Both things are detailed and time consuming, and potential error exists because I only complete them once a year.  But today went smoothly! 

Thanks to be God who is the Great Mathematician! Pray in ALL things and He will show you the way!

02/07/16 - I received a Night Writing this morning where

the Lord said:

Love Me tender

Love Me true

I will post is the song by Elvis

02/06/16 - On this day North Korea shot a missile over Japan, in order to get a satellite up into space.  Japan's response?

" 'We absolutely cannot allow this. We will take action to totally protect the safety and well-being of our people," (Japan's PM)

02/05/16 - I had a quick vision last night of an angel.  I can only remember one dream once where there was an obvious angel in it and he was old and not in the best of shape, although he looked angelic.  But last night...THIS GUY was obviously a good, divine angel.  He was sitting down and wearing the oddest outfit.  I knew there was like...a white robe or warrior type undergarment to his knees, but over top of that was a camouflage long tunic.  He was looking at me and was very handsome, and his hair was average length and wavy black with the lightest tinge of blue at the edges of it, not blue hair but an outline almost.

A few years back I thought that if God would grant me a wish, it would be that I could fight at least one battle with Michael the archangel.  I even prayed for this.  At first I thought it might be Michael in my vision, as he was sitting down.

And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.   Daniel 12:1

But...he was wearing camouflage?  I don't know.  I'll let you know more if I see more!  :-)  If it WAS him, then we are VERY close! 

02/04/16 - Today I decided to compile a quick document that had several "Words" about the upcoming USA presidential election in November this year.  Now frankly, I hope we aren't here and everything seems to point to that. But that does not mean that by then, they will leave the office of the presidency open.  I know many have said they believe Obama will force enough problems that he will have to stay in office and that could very well be the case.  But for now, my document contains the following from "God" and people that think God has spoke to them. (note that none of the people I listen to on an ongoing basis have stated anything specific from God.  If they do, THEN I'll sit up and pay attention!  Meanwhile, this is what I found today...

  • Obama stays in office, and then is removed
  • Hillary will win the election
  • God will raise up one who walks with Him to win the election

  • everyone will want to vote because of the split between good vs evil
  • no one will want to vote because what is the point.

CONCLUSION:   Your guess is as good as mine!

02/03/16 - I woke this day feel very friend Ali Winters had a Word that said yesterday and today, calamity would strike.  Well, it did start yesterday but we were not aware of it until this morning when FoxNews posted the news story.  You can read it all here.

02/02/16 - Last night I had a dream that many in the news media lost their jobs.  When I awoke, I heard "Age of Retribution". 

I thought it only referred to evil things but...apparently it can be the opposite as well.

Retribution: noun

1.requital according to merits or deserts, especially for evil.
2.something given or inflicted in such requital.
3.Theology. the distribution of rewards and punishments in a future life.

02/01/16 - Today I decided to share the Feb 2 and 3 information with two co-workers...2 friends actually.  One agreed and will be watching this week, the other one scoffed and pretty much made fun of me, saying that I had already said all this in 2014 and "nothing happened". I'm glad I mentioned it today though, because if it truly DOES happen this week, then that person just may start turning to God for answers, rather than ignoring Him.

01/31/16 - I was talking with my husband today about how the founding fathers would feel about satanists praying in Phoenix City council meeting...and he said that all this started when prayer was taken out of the schools.  He is right!  I looked it up and found the following statistics which might surprise you...they sure did me!

01/30/16 - The warnings are not over for February.  Some of us are fasting next week...there are a variety of methods to fast.  If the Lord leads you to do so, please keep loved ones in your prayers as each day draws near.

01/29/16 - The Lord seems to be directing me to research more of the Fallen.  I've not done this since 2012; I had put it on the backburner as directed by the Lord in a dream.  Now He is bringing it to the front burner so I'll be creating a new page soon.  I know He has me watching the XFiles (can be disturbing so do not watch unless given a clear directive!!), and I have ordered LA Marzulli's Watcher DVDs because I trust him.  This may not be a subject for you but I can assure you that I will continue with the topics on this website that are already covered on a regular basis.  

If anyone knows of solid Christian websites that discuss the Fallen as demons, please email me here, thanks!

01/28/16 - Last night I watched over half of the PBS show on the Nepal Earthquake.  As I saw the devastation, I thought about what was to come upon the entire world.  This is our Harvest, this is what it will look like.  Watch those devastating videos of aftermaths of EQ and tsunamis and volcanoes and war...and you will see where your Harvest fields are.

01/27/16 - Is this Blog from July 2014 coming to pass? 

01/26/16 - What a verse!!

I am the Lord, I have called You in righteousness,
I will also hold You by the hand and watch over You,
And I will appoint You as a covenant to the people,
As a light to the nations 

Isaiah 42:6 

01/25/16 - Back when we first found out that God was going to remove the children early on...I did a video on that.  Even when I was done, I had a feeling that I needed to do another one but felt that God said, "Not yet."  I put that in the back of my mind until He told me to watch the new XFiles.  It started last night and...I forgot to watch it!  I will catch up to be sure...the enemy is afoot here.  I know the first and last episodes have to do with the two main characters missing son so it's possible that I could find more information that would go into my missing children just never know what God has for you.  But I know he has total control in my life so I will find the rerun and watch it somehow...everything is His perfect timing anyway!

XFILES UPDATE:  Please do not watch the show/series unless you are led by God to do so.  I know it has bothered one person already and another told me that they were going to watch it but the Lord told them it was for Hope and not them.  So please do not feel that you need to watch it for any reason to "keep up" or anything like that!

01/24/16 - " Encourage the exhausted, and strengthen the feeble."  Isaiah 35:3

This is my prayer for this website.

01/23/16 - I watched the movie Unbroken tonight....all my problems seem small and insignificant right now.

01/22/16 - Today at work I went back and talked to our shipping clerk about a shipment.  Before I left, I ended up speaking to him about the children disappearing and how it was from God and not aliens.  I've spoken to him before because he has had dreams about end times.  he is not saved and is fairly clueless about end times but God pointed me to him last year and we've spoken off and on.  It is amazing how you think the conversation will be about something, then if you keep your heart open to obeying God, He will direct your path and who knows where a conversation will end up!   Trust Him!

01/21/16 - The Essence of Irony

At work today I passed by 4 co-workers. 2 women and 2 men were standing talking, one of the men is an atheist (Man #1), the other man is an elder at church (Man #2)...lukewarm isn't even the word for the elder.  One of the women said she thought of something funny but she would not say it because she did not want to offend Man #1 (the atheist, who is kinder and gentler than the elder).  So she told Man #1 to close his ears.  How ironic that Man #2 just listened and said nothing, such are the lukewarm...for now.

01/20/16 - The US has a winter storm coming this weekend.  For whatever reason, we've decided to name our winter storms now.  It's not enough to name hurricanes, now we name everything.  The weekend we are having Jonas come to the capital.

You can look up online and find that the name Jonas means "dove"...and of course is a Hebrew name.  Another name for Jonas is Jonah..and we all know who THAT was right?  I am hoping Jonas is a harbinger...I am hoping that Jonas is coming to bring news of eventual worse devastation to our government, because they are not looking to the Lord. 

“Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it, because its wickedness has come up before me.”   Jonah 1:2

01/19/16 - I feel with all my heart that this is the year we are transforming.  I don't know when...don't know what order certain events will transpire for timing's this year!  There are new Messengers...and messengers.  Take ALL Words to the Lord, do not rely on man to tell you who God is speaking to.  Ask God yourself...strike up a conversation with Him today!

01/18/16 - I started reading "The Indifferent Stars Above" which is a true story from the 1840s about the journey of many people from the East to the West in the United States.  What stands out is that these people were stranded in the snowy mountains and resorted to cannibalism to survive.  I've not gotten to that part yet but as I am reading this, I am seeing the "enemy" creep in and disrupt things, not to mention the geological features of torrential rivers and tangled trees and very tall mountains.  I read and see things with a different mindset now, I'm like those I use to frown on...those that saw evil everywhere.  Nowadays, we don't see the true evil at all, it's not even hidden in plain sight, in fact it's voted in as law. Even the man on the street is seeing the END, whereas the church goes on its merry way.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  
 Isaiah 5:20

01/17/16 - While at work last Friday, I felt prompted to talk to our sales guy at the end of the day.  A week can go by where we don't speak even though we sit 20 feet away from each other...he's just a very quiet guy and I don't work with sales much.  Anyway I stopped by and said, "How are you doing?"  As God would have it, we ended up discussing politics and Russia, and the end of the world.  (I can't help myself!) He said that he remembers his 4th grade teacher telling them that a lot of people would disappear but he does not really believe that...yet he remembered it!  I told him that God was prompting him to remember that for a reason...and that soon people WOULD disappear except that aliens would claim they took the children so the parents would go on their ships.  You DO know how absurd this sounds when you are trying to have a normal conversation right?  I said a couple times to my friend, that I wasn't crazy.  He smiled and nodded but you know what...when it actually happens, he will remember that I told him they were NOT aliens.  Oh well, it's in God's hands.

1/16/16 - If you have read the Message I heard in the night and wrote on the Home page (along with Ali Winters Word), then listen to this.  Our daughter spent the night as she does occasionally on Fridays.  She told me this morning that she heard me moaning in the night, then talking out loud.  I don't recall doing this AT all and even if I did, it did not wake my husband up who was right beside me!  Our daughter is fasting right now...perhaps she "heard" what I heard from the Lord.  I found that very interesting!

01/15/16 - I had a tribulation dream last night where I was helping people go down a sewage drain to hide.  I was reminded of the movie Schindler's List.  I watched it once and it was one of those movies that changed my life.  I remember thinking how grateful I was that I did not have to die that way.  Even if I died of some wasting disease, it would have been better than the lot of those Jews.  This movie is NOT for children or the faint of heart!

01/14/16 - Genesis 5:24 " And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him."

I can't wait to be like Enoch (and meet him!) and walk WITH God!  Next time you have to walk getting up at work or walking from the car to the post office, or walking from the bedroom to the living room...imagine if Jesus were right there with you!  He is there NOW...but soon we shall see Him!

01/13/16 - I love driving home from work.  No matter what...I get to see a BIG SKY.  In Indiana where I live, not much is big.  No big hills or mountains, no Mississippi River, no large grassy fields with no breaks of trees.  But when I drive home, I get to drive over some open fields and the sky just stands out...whether it's a storm with huge clouds, or the sun and big blueness....I am blessed!

01/12/16 - I am not doing well at the "nothing negative" talk at work!

Romans 7:15 "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do."

01/11/16 - I had a vision that shows flooding in the Netherlands before the children are taken by God.


01/10/16 -  For the director of music. For Jeduthun. A psalm of David. I said, "I will watch my ways and keep my tongue from sin; I will put a muzzle on my mouth while in the presence of the wicked."   Psalm 39:1

01/09/16 - This morning I heard "boxer in Germany".  When I looked it up, the first images were that of the breed of dog...but I'm thinking God was showing me something besides a canine.  :-)  Anyway, I just wanted to post it as a heads up as something prophetic may occur.

01/08/16 - I am paying close attention to the stock markets!  I recall Julie Whedbee's Words from God that spoke of the Great Shaking and she felt it begins with $$$.

01/07/16 - I had a vision about an EQ (more than one) last night, and then a dream.  I know the interpretation of the EQ and posted a video below.  The dream is more complex and I am praying about that now.

1/06/16 - On Jan 2 I listened to that Word through Barb on working on having love as my first reaction to people.  Let me tell you, it's NOT as easy as it sounds!  Almost hourly at work, I am catching myself NOT thinking "love" first.  But you know what?  The fact that I am catching that...tells me that I am indeed leaning on Jesus to help with me with resolution because as soon as I think of it, I repent and start changing my attitude.  Thank you Holy Spirit for those thoughts!  This is not about how good I me.  It's about yes, if we lean on Him and ask Him daily, hourly for help, He gives it!  

01/05/16 - My daughter is on the third day of a 21-day fast of liquids only.  She is working with a group at her church to become closer to God.  She started Sunday morning and on Sunday night, her blender broke...the one she was going to use to make protein shakes.  She told me this on Monday morning and I said THIS IS A PRAISE!  This means she is doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing because the enemy is trying to stop it!  God says...take the negative and make it a positive!  (and she bought another blender the next day  :)

01/04/16 - My first day back to work this year...praying and leaning on Jesus to help me react with LOVE first when I meet people!

01/03/16 - I will be posting a video here later, that the Lord has led me to make on How to Narrow your Path with God.  We are coming into some rough times and it is time to buckle in and LEAN ON HIM!  

01/02/16 - I really like this Word through Sister Barb...I am going to work on the last part as a resolution for the new year, that is, to look at each person first with love. Regardless if they are a stranger or a family member.  It's like a WWJD I guess.  :-)

01/01/16 - Well we are still here so we make the best of it, stay on the Path and move on.  Last night my husband and I watched "Exodus", the new movie. I do NOT recommend it!  Almost everything that is in the Bible, is told incorrectly to the point where even my lukewarm husband was pointing out errors. excellent thing came from watching this with him.  At one point, Moses warns Pharaoh to keep an eye on his son because of the death angel coming.  So Pharaoh decides to sit up in a chair all night, keeping watch over his son, yet he falls asleep.  My husband saw that and said, "He's not a very good watcher if he fell asleep."   BINGO!  I used that moment to explain that this is how the church is as God sees it...asleep even knowing the signs of His coming!  Point for God.  :-)

12/31/15 "If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."  Joshua 24:15

12/30/15 - EQs popping on alert in the USA!

12/29/15 - I felt strongly led to pray for one ISIS soldier today, someone that God wants to wake UP and show him TRUTH from Jesus! 

I prayed and spoke in my prayer language as well.  I encourage you to do the same, Muslims ARE seeing Jesus in dreams and visions!

12/28/15 - Late yesterday I got three phone calls from a wrong number...and the city and state popped up as Babylon, NY!  

Are you serious?!?!?!

12/27/15 - Bible Reading and Hearing from God...things to work on in 2016.

12/26/15 - God gave me a word upon waking today..."Icing".  I understood that it meant that like icing, the news covers things up.  Icing can hide problems and it can misdirect your attention elsewhere.  Later, a few COTB members sent me this story...   (before icing)   (after icing)  

12/25/15 - Merry Christmas!

12/24/15 - This is fascinating    it's caused by ice

12/23/15 - I posted a dream about my husband being guarded by additional "angels".  I believe all our family members have more protection now.

12/22/15 - The grandaughter of my boss is here at work today and I like her a lot.  I've known her all her life.  I asked her today how old she was and she said, "8".  My first thought....oh Jesus is going to take her away soon and protect her!  Her parents will be devastated but He will show them the truth, and may even use me to do that!  Either way, my little friend will be safe from the coming storms.

12/21/15 - I had a dream which I do not remember any of it except one word.  "Patuin"   I cannot find that word anywhere!  I found that some people have the name, but no mention of what the name means.  If anyone knows this word in any language, please email me!

12/20/15 - From the Book of Jubilees we start learning a HUGE amount of information from Abram's early age in Chapter 11.  Did you know that he created farming implements??  And in verse 17 he prays to the God he does not yet know, but has faith in.

12/19/15 - Posted a new video that compiles info from God regarding when He removes the children from the earth.

12/18/15 - The Lord has showed Derek Prince (not Joseph), and I am learning from him.  WOW!

12/17/15 - I have a praise!  I told you about my furnace quitting in the Dailies on 12/13/15 .  We have a Homeowners Warranty that will take care of it, but we’ve been somewhat cold lately.  I say that because it’s been unseasonably warm so it’s not nearly as bad as it could be.  The installers are ready to go but they had to wait for the Home Owners people to approve everything and send a furnace and that’s been holding everything up.  On Monday, the installers told my husband that he should call the Warranty place and maybe they would speed things up.  Hubby called and said we needed the furnace quickly because it was going to get down to the 30s (snow weather) by this weekend.  The Warranty people said they should have an answer next week.  Not acceptable!  So I told hubby, we need to pray based on John 14:14 and Matthew 18:20..  Hubby said he wanted the furnace installed by Friday and so I said, “You are the head of the house so that’s what we will pray for.”  We prayed early Tuesday morning.

Wednesday around noon he called me and said we are scheduled to have a new furnace put in tomorrow…Thursday!  And now he just called again and the installers will be here by 9:30 (fyi the high today is 38 degrees!). I am SO pleased about this!  I had been praying for God to do this because it would show my husband that prayer is important and God HEARS him!  This is such a blessing…I wanted to share it!

12/16/15 - Our company had our annual 401K meeting today with our financial advisor.  He said the August crash was a "normalization" and was actually a good thing.  He said next year looked good and showed many lovely graphs to prove why everything is fine.  He is a really nice man and very knowledgeable as he has been with us for 6 years.  But I wanted to say, "Uh no...the Great Shaking is coming!"

12/14/15 - As I post this, it is 11:00 p.m. in Japan.  Here is their financial news today...and here in the USA Wall Street is about to open.

12/13/15 - The Lord has provided a miracle for us this week.  Last Sunday our furnace broke down.  For two days we used our fireplace and stayed warm enough.  Then we were able to hang in there a few more days until the furnace people came out on Friday.  They told us...You need a new furnace.  Fortunately, when we bought our home 10 years ago, we purchased Homeowners Warranty and have paid it annually ever since.  So the furnace is only going to cost us $100 !!!  Our furnace is SO old that the repairman cannot buy parts for it!  And then there is the current weather.  We are in the high 60s this weekend, and up to Wednesday next week.  Today I even have the door open!  It's December in the mid-west!  Yet the Lord has allowed us to make it through until just in time for 30 degree weather next week...when our new furnace will be in place!  The Lord our God is good!

12/12/15 - A saleslady (who normally does not come in) came to my business last week to drop off an order.  We spoke for about 30 minutes and when she mentioned she use to be on the teens Bible team, my ears were alerted. She spoke on not going to church anymore and not knowing Bible answers like when she was young, and I felt the Spirit rise in me and I turned to her and said, "This is the reason God had you come in here today.  So we could have this conversation and you would know you need to start talking with Him."  She laughed with a little bit of guilt and said I was probably right.  But I know this was not me...this was from God.  We chatted and she left.  My prayer is that at some point she picks up her Bible again..seed planted!

12/11/15 - I will be posting a video on the Faith of our Fathers over the weekend that the Lord had me do.  It is also written for the Left Behind as they will have very little faith.

12/10/15 - If you wish to read the difference between God's Words...and the enemy's these two.  It's a no brainer.

12/09/15 - I will no longer be posting messages from Susan O'Marra and would suggest that you do not read her stuff.

12/08/15 - The Lord has told me to write on the "Faith of your Fathers".  If you have any stories of absolute faith in the face of despair, stories of an ancestor or parent that helped change your life, please email them to me at 

12/07/15 - Today is my daughter's birthday.  We celebrated by watching San Andreas.  The minute I saw the helmet on the pilots, I knew it was the same helmet I saw in my Civil War vision...where you cannot tell the good guys from the bad.

12/06/15 - Posted a vision of Civil War today

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.  Matthew 24:7

12/05/15 - I visited my mom at her little apt today in the independent living area of a nursing home.  It takes me one minute to walk somewhere while it takes a resident 10 minutes with their walker.  They can't see or remember their mailbox number so I helped them but you know what?  We don't realize how fortunate we are right now.  Most of us are not in this situation.  Be very blessed and share your helpful actions with others...because even giving someone a cup of water fulfills what Christ calls us to do.    Mark 9:41

12/04/15 - Philippians 4: 11b-13

I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.

12/03/15 - Had a dream that I was in a resort town that was among mountains.  I heard a VERY loud sound and walked out of a cavelike area and looked up into the sky.  The sound continued and I recognized it as those "sounds" that people are hearing from the sky, that originates from nowhere.  Other people started to come out of their areas as well and we were all looking up.  There were several of these same toned sounds, perhaps like a gong or drum.  When the last one was done, I knew Jesus was coming and then I heard a Shofar.  Once I heard that, I started jumping up and down and I could hear the shouts of YAY!!! all around the resort area.  We knew it was time!

Matthew 25:6, " And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him."

12/02/15 - Had a dream about the moon hurtling towards us.

12/01/15 - Today I am going to start using my driving time for a solid 15 minutes of prayer.  

11/30/15 - When my oldest brother arrived for our Thanksgiving meal last week, he immediately told me that I need to pull WAAAYYYY back.  I said, "I don't know what you are talking about."   He says, "Facebook..."  So he has found my end times FB page.  He said what he wanted to say and he was done.  I am blessed that it went no further because I know many of you have to listen to rants and ravings of people you love, telling you that you are crazy.  God reminds us of what to do in Acts 4:19, "

But Peter and John replied, "Do you think God wants us to obey you rather than Him?"

11/29/15 - This was a dream I had about Lavender Sky and Nibiru.

11/28/15 - This year I don't feel the same animosity towards Christmas as I usually do. So I am modifying my Christmas traditions.  We put up a live tree yesterday, and I added pine cones, strung popcorn around it, added white lights and will have an angel or star on top. This is our "nature" Christmas.  After all, our Lord was practically born outside, and later on did not have a place to lay His head and call home. After this season, we will put the tree out where the birds can find shelter and eat the popcorn.  I have a peace about this.   0 :-) 

11/27/15 - My mother was brought up as a staunch Wesleyan.  I was not allowed to wears pants to school for many years.  My grandpa would not even allow me to iron my doll clothes on a Sunday!  Suffice it to say, Mom was brought up strict.  The other day, she bought 2016 calendars for several people.  When she got home, she was shocked to find pictures and quotes from Buddha on these calendars (she hadn't looked at the back before).  She had purchased "enlightening" and inspirational calendars.  She was so upset that she is taking them back and having a "word" with the store people (she is 80).  God bless my mother, if there were more like her, we might not be in this lukewarm state that the church is in.  I told her it was Rev 3 church and God's judgment was coming.

11/26/15 - Happy Thanksgiving !!!

11/25/15 - A FB friend sent me a link to "two moons" video that I posted below.  I also posted my huge moon video...and ask that you all look at the moon tonight where you are and compare it to what you usually see.  Any comments added to the Blog are welcome!

11/24/15 - I had a dream last night where God specifically showed me that I was going to help a friend soon. However, I have an "encumbrance" against that friend...I felt they owed me something. So for all us Bride, make sure you do not hold anything against ANYone in this world, or you are not allowing them to be free.  Even if they truly owe it to you, it makes no difference to the Lord.  In His eyes, He holds ownership over every single person, not us, and we should expect nothing from another person.  When we do, we put bonds...a lien against them, and the Lord will not allow us or them the freedom that He created for us, until we let that encumbrance go.  Shalom

11/23/15 - Received more "location" information in vision format. I think these go along with my daughter's dream from 11/20 below.

11/22/15 - I received confirmation to post may be part of my ongoing vision but regardless...early this morning I saw "Casaroc" as part of a phrase.  The phrase included a person's name and a location.  I researched Casaroc and only found it one Spain.  It is not a town or country or lake or even a mountain. It appears to be a community? 

11/21/15 - We had the first snowfall here in Indiana today and I was reminded of Lisa, Warrior Princess, and my visions.  I will create a video tomorrow and post then. 

11/20/15 - I had a dream that Oprah introduced a perfume that I told her was occultic.  It had symbols on it and the word "penta". I do not know what the name of the perfume was.

Also... my daughter had a Calif EQ dream...3 EQ.  She remembers...Solona?  Sonora?  Somerset?  She cannot recall (we've never been to Calif). In the dream, I sent her a text saying, "End....dreadful end."   ~ Hope

11/19/15 - Before going to sleep the night before, I asked God for a dream to show me something that I would see before the end of the year.  I had a dream that Jackie and I were talking on the phone...about things that were falling from the sky.

11/18/15 - New visions starting

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5