Beyond the Voice

Are you feeling frustrated that you cannot hear God?  

Then this page is for you!

"Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!"

Proverbs 6:6

(ants create lifeboat in the Amazon)

I am writing this to explain some…SOME of the ways that the Bride is hearing from her Bridegroom. It is meant to be an encouragement, like my name “Hope”. My real name is Julie (NO I am not Julie Whedbee! Lol) but I was led to use the name of Hope as an avatar when I first became a moderator in another Forum. I feel one of my gifts is encouragement which is why my website is more about helping the Bride, rather than posting the news of the day. The prophetic news is everywhere and I read as much of it as I can, don’t think I don’t! But this website is not about that, it’s about the calling in of the Bride. God is waking MANY up. When I listen to a dream on youtube of someone who had a dream about a bride or something similar…I get very excited as the Lord may be directing their path to see as the Bride, instead of the Rapture which comes after the Harvest (AMEN!!).

This page is for you, my Bride family. I want you to KNOW THAT YOU KNOW that God is speaking and showing you things for YOUR benefit, and those you tell. At first this was going to be just a quick note on the Misc page but…it just can’t be. God is not that small. He reveals Himself in so many ways and I can only cover some of them here.

I’ve been close to many people that have prophetic dreams, visions, and hear from Him, so I know of the variety of ways He speaks through, including me. As you read this, I am hoping and praying that you will begin to look around you each day, to find how God is showing you His creation and purpose for you. You know that small ant that you see, so small that you almost miss it? He created that ant. Having researched so many near death experiences, I know that even the ant has a purpose and God gave it that purpose. Sometimes when I see a very tiny bug, my thought is that God put that bug right there at just that time, in order to show Himself to Me. He is the Creator! He wants me to focus on Him at all times! So think twice before you kill that small animal. They DO have His breath of life in them.

So on to the topic. I think God certainly uses animals, those in the wild, others that are tame, and even our pets. He has given us companions, small and sometimes furry things that love us unconditionally. As I write this, my much loved Anatolian Shepherd died three days ago. I know I will see him in Heaven, I just know it. Many NDErs have seen their pets in Heaven. For those that don’t really like people, God may give them the heart to love animals. I think Sarah Menet mentioned this in her book. People can rescue animals and have a special way with them. My brother is like this…I remember him calmly talking to my best friend’s German Shepherd. My friend’s family always tied the dog up when others were around, but my brother was able to communicate easily with him with no biting. That’s just a gift from God. Like the dog whisperer. If you can afford it, purchase a small bird feeder and feed the birds, even if all you get are sparrows. God is watching them, so He is watching your house right? And if your mind is on the birds and their song, then perhaps it is a way to take your mind off your own problems. God can do anything WITH anything, and will when you allow Him!

Speaking of birdsong, another way God reveals Himself is through music. You know about this don’t you! I can see you smiling! Not just in worship songs but in secular music as well. Right now I am reminded of my former all-time favorite song which is Dream On by Aerosmith. Even the hardest rock and roller can acknowledge God in these lyrics:

Sing with me, sing for the years
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears
Sing with me, just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

Amazing isn’t it? You just never know when someone singing that particular lyric, may actually have a God moment right then. Stranger things have happened! And He is called “the good Lord” in this song, rather than taking His name in vain as many others do.

And not just music in the songs we sing or hear, but the instruments that are played as well. We know David played the harp, and I love songs with strings. Makes no difference if it is a guitar or a cello, I simply love it. However I was taught to play piano as a child. My mother used to say, “Play with feeling!” I guess David played with feeling or the songs would not have helped Saul. Sometimes music is SO wonderful that I feel I can breathe it in! Surely that is from God! He is lifting our spirits!

Another way the Lord “speaks” to you is through sound, not just music. I’ve heard shofars, I’ve heard alarm clocks going off, I’ve heard my name, and music in dreams too. Pay attention to the sounds you hear when you should not have heard a sound. The Lord is getting your attention. He wants you to know He is WITH you!  This is just another form of speaking to you.

And smells! I have read about people that smell wondrous scents at times, and know it is from the Lord especially for them. Generally it is a floral or outdoor scent, fresh and clean and makes them smile. I have also read of those that smell bread baking, or some other wonderful memory, when there is nothing around! There ARE bakeries in Heaven you know! I had a co-worker recently say that there are most likely no pizza shops in Heaven. I corrected him immediately! If we love it…the Lord will provide it! See…God even uses your imagination to speak with you and point things out! You are already thinking about what you can eat! And the smells? The Lord gives us those wondrous odors at unexpected times I am sure. They bring happy thoughts! And these happy thoughts can only come from God because all good things come from Him.

Of course God will use a tangible item. Many of us see numbers..the same ones over and over. Confirmations can come from ALL KINDS of things, including license plates, phone calls, just a variety of things. I even found a puzzle piece last year…and that same week many things of a puzzle variety were seen. I still have it taped to my computer as a reminder! While it’s on a page about Nibiru, you can see it here if you scroll down a bit.

Most everyone has dreams. Now, I know my husband dreams because of his twitching. However he cannot remember anything. God has told us in His Word that He gives dreams in the night for training. I believe if your heart is right with God, then the dreams you have will be from Him. I believe that satan can also be allowed to send dreams…it just depends on your heart and protection you've asked for. I don’t know why or how or anything like that, but I think we all know when we’ve had a nightmare. Satan can also deceive and appear as the angel of Light, in both dreams and visions. Before I go to sleep, I bind the demons in Jesus name, and ask the Lord to place warrior angels around the bed. Even though I have a wonderful husband that loves me, that was not enough “covering” to keep nightmares out as I discovered years ago. NOW I know what to do, mostly it’s because I try to live each moment for Him. Then the devil has no toehold. These prayers have helped lately as in the past years like many of you, I have been trained in my dreams. We also know that prophetic dreams come from God. MANY of us are having them now. Not only that, but they are specifically for this time…the END times! Barb (278pikelk) has given us Messages from God about sharing our dreams. Today AFTER I typed this, she posted a video and this is in it: 09/09/15

“ I am also sending dreams and visions and messages to my children so they can share them with their brothers and sisters as they begin to unfold around them.”

Even if just among your friends, sometimes sharing your dreams, encourages them to share as well and at this point, just pray for interpretation and sometimes the Lord will send you a thought that you can respond with right away. EVERYTHING is done for His glory! Don’t be shy! 

Finally are the visions. I’ve never had a vision until July 2 this year (2015). And I will tell you, if I wasn’t prepared for it, I would have missed it. Mostly I just have pictures in my head that the Lord sends. Here is what to “watch” for. As you are in that waking up time (no matter what time it is) and your thoughts are lingering on your day or a problem or a TV show or just SOMETHING, then SUDDENLY a thought or word pops in your head, sometimes accompanied by a picture. Pay attention to that! That could be from the Lord! I have been praying about having visions for some time. Once they actually started, I had to pray all the more. Then He gave me a very clear Word that I should only go to Him for interpretation. He told me that it could get very confusing to let others interpret. But I also know that that is not the same for everyone. God allows help from others, and gives them interpretive gifts as well. So it’s all on an individual basis and God makes that choice. As long as you give yourself to Him, then ask. He will answer one way or another. I’ve found that His answers never come the way we think they will, nor at our timing. So with this new gift of visions, I’ve discovered that answers come over time. I pray about it and patiently wait. The most amazing answers come! Things we never would have thought of, yet they come. Just talk to Him, wait on Him, and focus on Him. There really is nothing else for us now. As the Bride, our entire focus is on Him now and the world is a distraction. So I bring things of the world that I have to interact with, into my relationship with God. What I am about to share is personal but I feel that it will help some of you SEE God all around you.

Food is easily included as coming from Him…or not included if I am fasting. Enjoy the taste of whatever you can eat, knowing that Jesus too had the same physical necessities we do. When I am at work, we are allowed to listen to iPod music so I have my songs on there and during work…” then sings my soul”. During lunch, I walk out and immediately look UP at the sky! What is He doing today? How is He interacting with me there? And if I go to a store, is He requesting that I speak with or pray for someone? The drive home is much like the drive to work in that I listen to KLove on the radio and sing and pray and worship. And I am trying very hard to give Him EVERY problem, even the littlest ones. The more I give to Him, the less I have to worry or participate. That helps me stay hidden. These are simple things but they are what help me stay strong in my relationship with Him. I see Him everywhere and in everything. If you aren’t already experiencing this, I would suggest you start your morning by saying, “God, please reveal yourself to me today in ways that I can see.” Amen?

I hope you understand why I am explaining all this. It is not to point to myself, but rather actions that you can take to become closer to Him and RECOGNIZE what He is doing in your life! Believe me, if you are not hearing Him speak…you ARE hearing Him speak! And He shows you things…you just have to “see” Him in every experience. He gets our attention in so many ways, but now is the time to give our attention back to Him. Try to find Him in all your circumstances. When you sin, don’t dwell on it, but simply request forgiveness and give it back to Him. Let Him take the burden. His shoulders are WAY bigger than ours! He wants our focus and the more you learn TO focus on Him, the more He will allows you to SEE of Him! Remember, fear is NOT of Him. If you are afraid, again just say "Jesus" if that’s all you can say. And He comes in and helps…He is RIGHT THERE and wants you to acknowledge Him! We are doing what the world is not…and God responds so much that it becomes tangible. Try it!

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