Before Nibiru Comes

"The destroyer will come against every town, and not a town will escape. The valley will be ruined and the plateau destroyed, because the LORD has spoken."

Jeremiah 48:8

(note update from Jan 2020 at bottom of page)

The purpose of this page is speculation only. I am only guessing on all of this but I will tell you at the outset that Lisa’s vision is true, and the piece of the puzzle I found is true. All else are my own guesses and speculation on the events as they will play out. I am guessing as to HOW they will play out, not as to when. I do NOT know any dates, times, years, nada. I only know what I feel led to write. There you have it.

There are so many people asking the Lord when the Rapture is. They’ve been asking for years. Since we all would rather be in Heaven than on earth, this is a logical question to ask. If you had a child at summer camp and they kept calling you up asking, “When can I come home?”… you would feel your heart go pitter patter knowing your little one just wanted to be with you, where they were safe with no worries. Our God feels one thousand fold times what we do, even more. So much that I cannot grasp it. But you get the picture. We all want to go Home.

Five years ago I thought the Rapture would be any minute and we would all go poof and disappear and voila…appear in Heaven! I thought that for several decades. Whether I was in sin or not, on the path or off, stuck in a wilderness or out of it, I thought the Rapture was next. But in these past few years He has opened up the truth for me through others’ dreams, visions, and words….all from Him.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Last week I was pondering the Rapture. We all want to go Home and if we knew the date, life would go much easier because we could put plans…OUR plans…into place about what we want to accomplish before the Rapture. But it’s not about us OR our plans. However, God has giving us signs and He has hidden things in plain sight in the Bible. Since I feel the Rapture is not next but instead..the three days of darkness, I started to wonder if there was anything that could point to THAT time. And there is. I believe God gave me three things. 1) insight 2) a confirming physical item 3) and just now even DURING writing this up…even more of the scenario. Let’s start by going backwards.

  • Rapture – I believe this happens 40 days after the 3 days of darkness. (see update below)
  • Three Days of darkness – I believe that the Bride is transformed during this time. This has been confirmed over and over through multiple dreams and visions and words throughout the centuries. If you are reading this, then you have some inclination of what will happen during this time. If you are clueless, then here are more of my guesses about those three days. If you are still clueless, then google it and good luck.

  • Peace & Safety – the answer that God pointed me to for this entire scenario…is from:

1 Thess 5:3. While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. I believe the “destruction” is Nibiru…I believe it begins the cataclysmic event and that God is telling us in THIS passage what to look for before the cataclysmic event. There is no peace now in Israel, and there is no safety since we have Psalm 83 all around Israel in the form of Hamas, Fatah, Al-Quada, not to mention ISIS, Syria, etc etc. No peace. But it WILL come about at some point that people will be saying that there is peace and safety now. There may not be a peace treaty in place, but I believe that eventually one so powerful in assurance will come about that Israel will take down her Iron Dome. We are to LOOK for a proposal of peace. We don’t have to be here for the signing. 

  • Lisa’s recent vision – I had about 2 paragraphs typed up on this when my phone rang and it was Lisa of “Lisa’s Visions” page. We were talking about other things but she throws into the conversation that she had a recent snippet of a vision that she did not think was that critical. I asked her to share it with me. Here it is in email format:

“I had a vision the other night. I was asking God how we were going to know the darkness is coming. I was trying to see what happens that causes the darkness….I started to see ISRAEL boldly in front of me. The words (which it is rather rare that I ‘see’ words) and then I saw a couple of bombs go off…these were not just bombs but HUGE EXPLOSIONS!! I could not tell if they were going into Israel or if Israel was shooting them, but they were HUGE BOMBS big enough to take out a small city at least. Right after the Lord told me as soon as we see that happen we are going to be within days (if not hours) of the cosmic event that will then trigger the earthquake and 3 days of darkness.”

So I ask you, is this a coincident that God has possibly shown me these end time events AND Lisa has a vision AND she calls and we talk about it? She said during our call something about many pieces of the puzzle falling into place. Keep that in mind.

The piece I was missing although skipping is a better word, was the peace peace when there is no peace. This is not a vision or a dream or a Word. It is written BY God in HIS Bible! I keep forgetting about this piece! I admit, I watch about Nibiru and ebola plague and ISIS and all this stuff and I FORGET that “While people are saying peace and safety “sudden destruction” will come upon them suddenly….” God showed me this last week. It was there all this time, it was hidden in plain sight for me. So I am not focused on any years or months or dates, I am focused on HOW and WHEN Israel is going to obtain her peace. And I believe God allowed Lisa to bring me yet another piece for this writeup by telling me about the 2 explosions and what He had to say about them. Is He not a great God! All glory and power and honor and majesty to Jesus Christ the King! WOW! It just floors me that this has all happened this week!

So are you ready for the physical confirmation? Ok here goes. Last week while I had “figured” all this out about watching for peace and safety….I was at work. I take the deposit to the bank each day and if it’s nice out, I will walk. Well, it was nice out but for SOME REASON I decided to drive. Then, for SOME REASON when I returned, I did not park in my usual spot that was still empty from me just leaving. But I parked in a spot that I have parked at maybe 3 times in 5 years. Then I got out of the car and for SOME REASON looked behind me in the parking lot. I had no reason to look back there but rather towards the front of the car to the door of the building. But something caught my eye behind my car.
It was a puzzle piece on the ground! I was flabbergasted. I did not ask God for a sign or a confirmation of this peace and safety thing. Seriously, you guys probably already knew all this and your eyes are more on Israel than mine were. But Jesus was like…nudging me that yes I should keep my eyes on Israel as a gauge because that is a piece of the puzzle! Then Lisa confirms the confirmation by saying, “Piece of the puzzle” several times during the conversation! Woohoo…can I get an amen?!?!?!  I taped the puzzle piece that I found in the parking lot to this postit and left it in our kitchen at work for a few days but no one picked it up.  So I brought the puzzle piece home…and took a picture of it for you.

(Right now I am going back and proofreading my document but before that I was watching TV and when commercials come on, we pause the TV. During one pause, I looked up and guess what…a PUZZLE with missing pieces was on the screen! Yikes!)

I could tell my husband this entire story and he would say it was a coincident. And some of you may think that as well. And most of you know to watch for the peace treaty. But for me, it was in the back of my mind rather than at the forefront. Well not anymore I tell ya!

So in conclusion with everything I have been “shown”…here is my final response to the events and the order they will appear.

We should watch Israel because there will be two HUGE EXPLOSIONS/bombs, either in Israel or because of Israel. Once those two explosions go off, we should REALLY be watching for warnings from our brothers and sisters in Christ who will give us those warnings. And believe me, I will have whatever God sends me posted in GIANT RED LETTERS on the Home page. At that point we know the cataclysmic event is coming, and the earthquake and the three days of darkness where God transforms the Bride. The Bride goes out into the world and helps (with the angels) to bring in the Harvest. The Bride will Hear God clearly, and perform miracles that He sends through her, and will light up the world because God will be one with us. Jesus has said so and He is our Bridegroom so He should know. I believe Him.

One last thing, the two bombs that Lisa saw are something tangible that you can watch for no matter what.  These were shown to her last week, in advance.  So that's what I am watching for in addition to Israel and her wars.

UPDATE 3 days later - Today, 278pikelk posted this video entitled Puzzle Pieces.  It's quite the confirmation!  She even speaks of watching the sun and Lisa's vision includes the sun.  See her vision of 8/11/14 on her page. 

This is so exciting!  God is really giving His Bride more knowledge each day!

Word to me - 08/15/14  (the room where I listen to Him was full of sunshine today and I was thinking of the song)
"Yes I am your sonshine.  I do make you happy when skies are gray.  But the skies are about to grow darker.  Evil is going to enter into the atmosphere.  Nibiru comes ever closer but she is holding back until Father gives the Word.  When the Word is given.....We ride!"
09/06/14 - Whenever I read or hear "NASA" and PlanetX...I am reminded of this article from 1983.  I only use this link because the actual newslipping is on there.  But today I read the article and the paragraph below is actually in the article!  (my emphasis)

" The gravitational pull of this tenth planet, on its way toward us right now, is already beginning to show its effects on our entire solar system. When Planet X crosses between the earth and the sun, the earth’s surface plates (the land masses) will be shifted; the earth may actually stop its rotation for 3 days while it is in the grip of this massive planet as it speeds past the earth; there will be mega-huge earthquakes; there will be massive tidal waves; there will be extremely high winds and hurricane force torrential rains; there will also be meteor showers from the debris dragged along in space in the tail of this planet due to its tremendous gravitational pull."


UPDATE 01/14/20

I was reading Lyn Melvin's website today and wanted to clarify some things.  I should have updated this page LONG ago but everything posted below has taken years to be received.  I do NOT know how long after the transformation it will be until the Bride is Raptured.  However, it is possible that various elements of the Bride...various ranks if you will, will work together on earth to bring in the Harvest but will have different time periods of work.  Even so, the dead in Christ rise before those left on the earth and together we meet Christ in the air.  The Bride is Raptured, but no one else.  Others left behind will be saints at the wedding supper.  Here are some thoughts that I've gleaned over the past 6 years...

From various prophets and seers:

1)  Some says 40 days after the transformation 
2)  Some says a year or so
3)  Some say 3 1/2 years 


Biblical precedent:

1)  Jesus was taken up after 40 days
2)  The Jewish bridegroom gives the bride gift(s) one year before the wedding

3)  There is a resurrection of the dead 3 1/2 years into the Trib (the 2 witnesses but also the dead in Christ that rise first, like in Matthew 27:

The earth shook violently, rocks were split apart, and graves were opened. Then many of the holy ones who had died were brought back to life and came out of their graves.  And after Jesus’ resurrection,they were plainly seen by many people walking in Jerusalem. (the Passion Translation)

Something else I've come to understand through various Words but especially this one from Julie that there will be some type of change BEFORE our full/shining transformation. Note:

"Yahushua gave me the understanding in my spirit that this was not my complete transformation, but rather the outpouring of strength that is coming very soon to His remnant people to prepare us for what is upon us, before He brings us home. " 

Many Words from the Lord point to an outpouring of peace.  Many people will not believe or understand how we can have peace in the coming days, given what will be seen in the sky.  Perhaps this outpouring comes before our transformation...which does not seem to be in full until AFTER chaos.

" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24