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My daughter, write this warning for those with ears to hear. So few with ears to hear. If the plagues and disasters don't affect them directly, their ears are closed. Even when they can hear the news and see the pictures of the tragedy occuring in other places, they go on as if everything is wonderful, as if nothing can touch them.

My servants have put out warning after warning for many years now. Still many people remain in this world, only worried about the next sporting event, the next new movie, the next new phone or next party, as if they have no cares in the world. When they see what is to come upon your once great nation and the nations across the entire planet, they will wish they heeded my warnings and turned towards their creator. My heart is in despair for those who have turned away from me and have chosen this world over relationship with me. I will bring them back to me but it will not be without the cost of pain and affliction in their lives.

Natural and man made disasters will abound and there will be no reprieve. My messengers, servants and prophets have warned my creation, yet many have refused these warnings. Some with mocking and scoffing, to anxiously pursue their worldly activities. They are too caught up in their daily lives to even glance at their creator. I do not allow these calamities on my creation as punishment. I allow these things to wake you up. I cannot stand to see my creation wallowing in its sin any longer.

Understand my children, if you seek my face, you will be spared. You must never fear and continue fellowship with me. I will allow nothing to touch one hair on your head. Be confident in my power of protection over you who are under my wing. Never fear, but for those who are scattered, these calamities will come from every angle, with hardly a break between them. The resources will be spread thin, and your government will be unable to respond to the emergency needs of its people.

Woe to this nation, the great USA, for I will open the flood gates for unprecedented disaster to come upon your land. You mockers and scoffers will be mocking no more, for you will see and know my hand of protection is gone over your once great nation. I will use wind, water and fire. I will shake your earth with my mighty hand. I will use mankind himself to devour his own, in the name of his man made religion. Some will say this has gone on throughout our history. I will say no, no, not like this you scoffers. You have never seen what is about to come. Never in your history and these things will never be history. I love you my children.

Yeshua Ha'Mashiach

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" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24