Word to Bette Stevens

From her description box: Published on Aug 27, 2017 www.vvmint.org Word Given by the Lord Aug 27,2017 Climate,perilous,dangerous........ When I got this word today,it quickened in my spirit,things are changing,,,This is for all whether they hear or not,God's word will NOT come back void.........Days have been shortened,know this now,to bring into more intensity of the times we are in.....Things will not necessarily go like we think,but flow as the Spirit leads......Things will rapidly begin to take place....knowledge will not only increase,but knowing toooo much can get you killed,,, It will be very important to guard our hearts and minds from outside interruption,noi noises,,,those that proclaim you are not hearing from God correctly,or that you have come with false or pride because you are the messenger.....It will cause turmoil inside the church because it will bring fear to the lukewarm,the mocker and those that don't want to be accountable.Turn from these kinds of things and PRAY and Seek knowledge and find the truth.... For those who are seeking the Lord deeply and those bringing truth in messages,you will be vindicated,and man that ycame against you will come forward to ask you questions and to get in right standing with God and truth,,,,,,Will you,indeed turn a deaf ear or welcome them and allow God to restore the brotherhood...??????? IT IS TIME!!!!!!!!to come into unity/,harmony and faith and prayer..... Scriptures:55:6-13 Matt 11:28-29 2Pet 3:3 Psalm 129:126 Rom 13:11 Eph 5:14 Isa 51:17 Isa 60:1 Mal 4:2 and 4:5

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" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24