Encouraging Word - Transcript

My daughter write these words for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. My children, move to a place within me now where I can be active in your life. Many of you still cling to the things of this world. Stop. Look to me now, and leave the things of this world behind. Worry is of this world. Fear is of this world. Anger is of this world. None of these things exist in my kingdom. The stresses that you cling to and allow to reside in your life are not of Me, My love. Don't you know that you are already seated in heavenly places with your King? Start by allowing Me to remove the expectations that are put on you by this world. Do not do the things that this world does. Do not do the things that you routinely do that are not part of my Kingdom. Some of my children still cling to their idols. If you pray about it, I will show you the idols that you are failing to release from your life. I want a Bride who is ready to receive, not a Bride who is bogged down with the weight of this world. Start now, My loves. Whatever you are facing, whatever you are going through, lay it at my feet from the smallest of problems to the hugest of crisis. I want them all. I want everything. I do not want you shouldering any burden. I do not want part of this world hindering our relationship. Draw close to me and let nothing steal from our life together. Nothing is too big for me to handle, nothing. No addiction, no bad habit, no sin, no up healthy attraction or relationship. No lust, no envy, no pride, no frivolous past time. None of these are too much for me. Many anticipating they must clean up their act on their own before come go to Me. This is a lie from the enemy. Come as you are for you cannot help yourselves, and when you try, you become your worst enemy. You are never really cured. You have never really walked away until I have removed from you the situation or removed the situation from your life. Pray, my children. Let me show you the things that come between us. Let me show you the idols you cling to. Let me do the heavy lifting and shoulder your burdens. Let me love you. Know that, when you turn from these things, I will be there waiting. I will not leave you alone, naked and hungry in the desert. Receive my fresh manna daily. Receive the guidance of my Holy Spirit daily. Open the book of your life to Me now keeping nothing hidden. No part private because, though you might think that you can keep things hidden from your Father, I see and know all things. There is nothing in your life, past, present or future that I AM not completely aware of. Does anything make me love My child less? Does anything disqualify you from receiving My love? Absolutely not for My love knows no bound. I will strive for your heart until it is truly surrendered to Me. I do not give up. I do not stop fighting for My children. Do not let the enemy convince you that I have let you go, that I have given up on you, that I have walked away, for no matter what, expect and receive My love for My love is the precursor for all things. Our relationship is the precursor to all things, your heart being filled to the overflowing with my Holy Spirit, the reconciliation of your heart with mine. Allow your old man to die daily and let My new creation be infused into your reality. All thoughts and deeds captured by My Holy Spirit. The old man buried, the old man dead and My new man stringing forth light and life through you. I promise I will not leave you where I found you. I love you too much, and I yearn for relationship with you beyond your understanding. You were created for Me to love you. You have a Kingdom purpose. Allow for My plan to come to fruition in your life. Road blocks will be temporary. Expect My good favor. Expect My promises to be fulfilled. Expect My healing. What you see and what you feel in the physical is not My reality. Walk in My reality. See with my spiritual eyes given to you by the Holy Spirit. Lift your faith away from this dark world and receive the light of My love. Allow the revelation to sink in. You belong to Me. You are part of My eternal Kingdom, not of this world, not of the darkness. You are princesses and princes of the Most High God, a Father eternal. Receive your inheritance now.

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" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24