Evidence - Long Term Agreement?

Published on Sep 18, 2014 There is evidence that many things are being worked on behind closed doors, even before the meeting with Egypt and the UN General Assembly Meeting next week. At this rate, all that could be left to do next week are the signatures. Transcript: I always watch news articles to get clues on how these are going with the peace talks. Just today, two articles came out that will give us an idea on what is happening behind closed doors. The first article says Israel releases two Hamas officials from custody. These are officials, top dogs when it comes to Hamas. There is no way Israel would release them unless something had been worked out. Also another article suggests that Saudi Arabia is giving $500 million to rebuild Gaza. The Palestinians are hoping more nations will also give. But this is suggesting that something must have been worked out with peace process behind closed doors. After all why would anyone give $500 million if there was a risk that it all could be destroyed again. So it is evident that a promise was made by the UN and Saudi Arabia was assured without a doubt that there would be peace and security. All this money invested will ensure that there will be peace. In fact it will most likely be forced upon both sides because of all the money that is at stake here. No one in their right mind would make such an investment if a deal wasn't in place. To me it looks like the deal is being worked on behind the scenes, as more updates are coming out every day. Soon all that will be left is the signatures. Please see the links below for the full article transcripts. Also one more thing to go with this. The Lord put this on my heart this morning among other things. He gave me the idea that it would be in the best interest of Israel to sign a peace agreement with the Palestinians and Hamas because if this battle should start up again, there is the danger that Hamas will Join with ISIS. The rest of the Arab world also have a stake in Palestine and they could also be recruited as you can see by example from Saudi Arabia. They see Palestine as the new capital of the Muslim world. ISIS could then come in and battle with Hamas and other neighboring Arab nations against Israel. This is a situation that Israel would never want to see, so signing an agreement with them and giving them part of the land, might help to keep ISIS out while bringing a so called peace. That is what Israel could think about the matter as Hamas had threatened in an earlier article something of the sort. So a peace agreement is being worked on behind the scenes even before the UN General Assembly meeting takes place next Wednesday along with the peace talks in Egypt. I think it is the fear that will get this agreement signed quickly. Like I said, all they may have to do next week is give their agreement to the UN during that meeting and all nations can sign. It could be that close! I will keep updated!

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