They are Coming Back - Ed

Published on Feb 22, 2014 Disclaimer: I am of the race of Adam....sometimes I may inadvertently make a grammatical mistake. Please consider the overall content of the message given.....We are told the Lord wants to fellowship with us...we need to get to know Him if we don' Him out daily...allow Him to work in your hearts giving you confidence and assurance in Him. The people of the world look at our Heavenly Father as though He loves to inflict punishment, pain, suffering....He does not, Satan does though.....The fallen ones are going to make some sort of up in their space craft or just plain show up and manifest themselves to men once more. Like unto the days of Noah, they're coming back and death and destruction are following close behind.

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" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24