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Posted on October 28, 2017 at 11:15 AM

Please post below what you like and dislike about this website, especially the Home page.  I update that page every day, sometimes more than once.  Does it need to change a bit? Format differently?  Just say what you think about:

Messages from the Lord

Israel stories



Dreams & Visions

Strange things

Cosmic stuff

Other webpages on TCOTB

Other subjects


Or email me at


I should have added this to start.  This idea of taking November off is not from the enemy (I've been questioned).  It's merely my flesh.  I could NEVER EVER stop watching as the Lord woke me up to do that.  Also, this website, Facebook, and Youtube account are all His and I would continue all of those...but wanted to take a break from posting.  However the Lord said not to in a very kind manner.  Ok, so be it.  Last thing I want to do is disobey. 

I will probably change the right hand column of the Home page somewhat, based on the suggestions given below in the comments.  You guys are so helpful!  Also, wanted to let you know that I too feel you are "family" (those that emailed me as such).  I mean my goodness...we've been together a long time now!  I feel you are "my people", my band of merry friends and those of us who will meet soon in order to bring in the Harvest.  I have no doubt of that.  I know many of you keep track of my daughter and continue prayers for her and those are appreciated more than you know.   In fact it is used as a testimony at work and other places where I tell them that Grace has been healed (stage 0 from stage 4) based on ALL those praying for her...God is surely in control!

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Reply Latonyavak
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Reply Dee S
8:34 PM on March 2, 2018 
Yes! I too feel you are "family" :-)
Reply Carol
12:35 PM on October 31, 2017 
Hi Hope, You are doing a great job keeping us all informed as the Lord leads. I'm glad you will continue keeping the website active. I like all of the content you include on the homepage and I think it is well done. I look forward to going to your website each morning. Stay Blessed!
Reply Hope
7:43 AM on October 30, 2017 
Thanks again for all your suggestions. I apologize but I simply don't have the time to create a page that carries the links over each day. There is more to it than a quick copy and paste. Fortunately you should be able to do a search on the internet and find these stories/Words quickly.

We do have a Forum for sharing dreams and visions and prayer requests. But I am being careful on this website as the Lord leads...because other forums I've been in have had the enemy creep in and start sharing things from the dark side. This website is more for posting what I feel encourages the called out ones overall, rather than sharing more personal items. There are forums for that as well, and if the Lord leads you to create something like that, let me know and I will advertise it for you.
Reply Christy
3:50 PM on October 29, 2017 
I love the website! Sometimes I wish that links posted on the home page could be found in an archive once they "fall off" due to new posts being added.
Reply Dee S
1:56 PM on October 29, 2017 
Dear Hope, I too really benefitted from the Nightly Psalms, and now am greatly helped by the Classic Messages (some I'd forgotten and some I'd never seen.) The posts I don't normally read are the ones having to do with "aliens" (fallen angels=demons). It seems I can't handle thinking about them much, though I realize we need to know enough about the enemy to stand against it through Christ. I feel the same as the other commenters. I love finding something new every day, even your views on the latest news headlines to take to the Lord for consideration. You are encouraging and shepherding us I think more than you know. Exciting to wonder what the Lord is preparing you for! (And what He's preparing us for through this website.)
Reply Threadsofgold
1:32 PM on October 29, 2017 
I agree with everyone so far that you are doing a fabulous job keeping us updated on important prophetic events & words from other messengers that are so very important for the edification of the Bride! I understand how you (& other messengers) can become weary . This has been a loooong haul for many of us watchers over the years! BUT we are SO CLOSE NOW!!! I will pray for Jesus to give you a final boost of strength to keep going, a second Wind ;-) to finish the race STRONG!!! In fact, this is my prayer for ALL of His Bride who have little strength left. Persevere just a little longer, the Finish Line is just ahead 😁!!!!
Reply cat
9:57 AM on October 29, 2017 
My heart sunk when you said you were taking a break! NO! You do a wonderful job of keeping us informed and encouraged. The best part is the fact that you are very careful to discern who and what you ad to your website and I appreciate it. WE ALL can be deceived by the enemy and our flesh!
Reply Hope
6:48 AM on October 29, 2017 
I have tried to Reply individually but am unable to. Have no idea why. Anyway, I am reading each and every reply (emails as well). I too miss the funnier little things and will find a way to start posting them again. I'm glad others miss those too! I will probably change the right hand column to include more than the Classic Messages but still feel I will need to post one per day so no worries there.

Also I updated this initial post above. Stay tuned! :-)
Reply Josephine
3:00 AM on October 29, 2017 
My dear Hope, I am very happy the Lord told you to stay! I love and appreciate your homepage just like it is. Please do not change anything! Thank you so much for your precious heart and time you give to the bride every day! God bless you and your family abundantly. We are almost home my dear! The last mile is the hardest! Blessings from Switzerland
Reply Sean
6:45 PM on October 28, 2017 
Stay the course sister you are doing a wonderful job! I check it two times daily and enjoy all that you do. If I can help in any way let me know. Thanks for all your hard work and may our Father continue to bless you and work through you......See you soon!
Reply Burt
5:42 PM on October 28, 2017 
I like the ways you do thing right now. For me, something that is really important is all the transcriptions for the videos. I am not an english speaking person. (I think, that I am not the only one). So for me, to get right away all the transcription is very useful for later translations.
Thank you. God bless you sister.
Reply annmak
3:14 PM on October 28, 2017 
I also check your website several times a day- I wouldn?t change anything about it! It?s so refreshing to know that there are others who are watching and putting pieces together. I like the diverse topics because I think it all comes together in the end and it?s all related. I appreciate your work and diligence to this website! Oh! One thing I just remembered- sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to comment on the things you post. I?m not sure if that?s worth the work in reformatting it or not, though :)
Reply Stacy
2:04 PM on October 28, 2017 
I love your page and look forward to all your updates. The dailies are one of my favorites because even though I don't know you I care greatly for you and what you've done selflessly for us all. I appreciate your thoughts and opinions on these end times matters and thank you for all the work you put in. God bless you Hope! Your website is a God send in these last days!
Reply Nick
12:27 PM on October 28, 2017 
I love the whole website just the way it is, you do a wonderful job Hope, and I pray that God richly blesses you for the work that you do for his kingdom. I keep you and your daughter in my prayers and I pray that she is doing well.
God Bless You!
Reply Audrey Pope
12:09 PM on October 28, 2017 
This is the 1st website I look forward to each day. I feel connected as your friend and so many times I reach out with hugs to you and your daughter and feel like family. Whatever you decide to post I look forward to. You spend a lot of your precious time and I appreciate all you do.
Reply Jenny
12:01 PM on October 28, 2017 
I enjoy everything you post also. I really enjoyed the messages from the Lord every morning. I know that you can not control when get that. I don't normally read the stuff you post about Antarctica and hollow earth and similar things. I think that it is very important to know these things but I sometimes can't handle the darkness. It is a sort of twisted reality. I do think we should know these things but I need to stay positive. I'm always amazed how you find so much info. I appreciate your hard work and I know the Lord will reward your efforts. Thank you😃
Reply rriddlro
11:34 AM on October 28, 2017 
I like pretty much everything on the site. I especially like the little humorous, cute silly things you post once in a while on the home page.. We all could use some of that. That is my only suggestion otherwise I trust you will do what God leads you to do. :)

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5