The End is not near, it's HERE !!!

Posted on August 30, 2017 at 11:30 AM

I posted this dream on Sept 16, can find it here:


(09/16/15) -" I had asked the Lord a few days ago, exactly what disaster should I prepare for. Once I woke up, I knew I had my answer. Floods and imposters!


Dream: I was at work but needed to leave early to go to the bank (this is typical in real life as well as I make a deposit before going home). Before I left, I sat with some others at what appeared to be an old school desk. A high school friend was there but I did not want him to recognize me because I did not look as good as I did back in school (who does?!??!). :-) He was talking to others and mentioning California. Right before I got ready to leave, I did reveal who I was to him and we hugged. In fact, I felt overwhelmed with affection for him and hugged harder, almost sobbing as he tried to console me. He said something about living in Texas then.

Once I got outside, I did not recognize where I was although I knew the building (like a hospital) was where I worked, it seemed dilapidated and letters missing out of the hospital name, something like Lakewood. I turned in the direction of my car, then realized my keys were in my purse which was missing. I knew I had to go back in the building. At the right of the building was a strange sight (although not in my dream). I saw geodesic domes, all set out in rows like a trailer park.

This area was in front of the building…and it was flooded. It was at least three feet high with water and I knew I had to go through it to get back to the building. I felt it was what I needed to do so I started to walk back to the building to call my husband to come get me. End of Dream

There was more to this dream about "imposters" and you can read it in full if you click on the link above.  What I remember is that at the time I had the dream, I had NO CLUE that "Lakewood" was Joel Osteen's church.  I knew who he was but paid no attention to him and knew nothing other than I was to pay no attention to him.  :-)  

As of today, Hurricane Harvey has wiped out much of Houston.  It is ravaging the coast of Texas and is veering off into Louisiana.  We as watchers are not surprised about this.  There are many prophetic reasons for this...the one standing out to me is that we've been told by God that the Solar Eclipse we had on 08/21/17 was a harbinger.  God is now bringing His judgments to this country, He is no longer holding back. 

The point of this blog is EXCITEMENT though!  Not so much about the prophetic dream that Lakewood would be in a flooded area, but that I had asked to see what would happen right before "the end" in this is it!

Friends, I feel that we are now in the final throes of the time before our transformation!  It is possible that we will see some damage in California, as my friend mentioned it in the dream, and also I am reminded of John Paul Jackson telling us that there would be a HUGE storm on the West Coast before the USA is split.  So many people believe this split will be the New Madrid but we've been shown through Warrior Princess that an EQ will start in California and end up in New York.  So it's all about watching at this point.

One last thing about this dream...the geodesic temporary buildings. I have seen this design many times since this dream...and it always seems to involve aliens and their housing.  (Aliens being the Fallen)  As I've mentioned on other pages, once these calamities befall us (and Harvey started it), with them brings the aliens and their "help".  This is confirmed in my dream but also through other dreams and visions...even Julie Whedbee's latest Word from 08/26/17:

"There are entities all around you now that are not what they appear to be. I tell you, as it was in the days of Noah, so it is today. There are beings amongst you that are not of Me, not made in My image, and not fully human, although they appear to be. You are living in the time where iron has been mixed with clay, and in an attempt to make himself like Me, your adversary *asatan, (see below) has used forbidden knowledge to bring about vessels through which he can control and manipulate, instruments of death and destruction, with the sole purpose of destroying you, that which I have poured My Spirit into and created in My image; and, to elevate himself to a god-like stature, as he believes he can and will rule the earth and have his dominion here. This is an abomination in My sight!

I will speak more of this very soon, as this technology that has already been presented and is being utilized by many across the world will alter your very DNA, and you will be separated from Me forever, should you take this into your body."

It should be obvious to us that because of the is logical for all to have a chip so we can find people. Only don't do it!  I feel we are transformed first and won't have to make this decision but not all believe as I do.  Either way, we know what's coming and what to watch out for.

But more importantly is our coming transformation!  Time for us, our families, our loved be healed!  They make their final commitment to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ soon, and we will live with them and Him forever in Glory.  Count on it!

Please add your comments below about timing or anything else you like that will help encourage and uplift us!

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Reply Christy
11:17 PM on September 6, 2017 
The timing and names of the hurricanes are so prophetic...
Harvey means "battle worthy"
Irma means "war goddess"
Jose means "may God give increase"
Katia means "pure, virginal"

Sounds to me like it's time for the Bride to shine! God is giving his virginal Bride increase and preparing her for battle!
Reply Josephine
8:33 AM on September 4, 2017 
Dears, I found this comment about timing below a video about our Lord Jesus:
Look at the comment Diane Smith put regarding 2018! It is this year! I will copy and paste it here:
Thank you, Judy for this message from the Lord. A thought popped in my head when you said if we wake up in 2018, to keep looking for Him. The Jewish New year begins Sept. 20. It will then be the new year of 5778 on the Jewish calendar. Sept. 30 will be forty days from the solar eclipse. Referencing to the eclipse of judgement over Nineveh in the Book of Jonah. Sept. 30 will be the end of the forty days, as in Jonah. We will be in the year 2018 according to the Jewish calendar. So even if it is in the year 5778, not that far off...

God bless you all!!
Reply Hope
6:10 PM on August 31, 2017 
Thanks for your response everyone! Very encouraging words from all of you, dreams too! I know what you mean about not seeming like we are here. It's like with being told my daughter has cancer...I'm not freaking out at all, all I think about is ok, Jesus is coming soon and He'll take care of that. Even today my boss was telling me how many days I will allowed to work before I lose my job and I felt like...ok well God will handle this too. Things that would have made me distraught in the past...are just another branch in the road but I'm keeping my eyes on Jesus so I don't see the branch!
Reply Josephine
6:14 AM on August 31, 2017 
My dear Hope, what an excellent idea this blog. This helps us all to endure the very last days on this earth. Personally, my first, best and daily encouragement were your Night Writings and are now your Night Psalms. These words are not from this world but divine. Since about two months I have this feeling that I am not here anymore. Wordly things doesn't interest me anymore and it's quite hard to be concentrated at work and even on little things that must be I was searching for confirmation about my condition and I found this in comments about the return of Jesus:

Claire Schneebergervor (14.08.2017)
Thanks so much for sharing!! I know exactly what you mean, I also feel like I'm not here anymore, I've checked out of earth and I'm waiting to go! I am tired all the time and emotionally drained. So many of us are feeling this way and I cannot believe that God would let His bride suffer this way unnecessarily. My husband doesn't quite get the prophetic impact of this year and reckons I just need to mind my diet and get more excercise 😉

Linda Searcy (14.08.2017)
From now on we should be in a constant state of looking up. My husband and I both said we don't feel like we are here anymore. It's hard to stay focused on work All we can think of is going home. Much love to you GiGi.

Oopsie Daisie Doosievor (14.08.2017)
Thank you Gigi! There's no doubt... we are all waiting & watching as we are longing for His appearing.... ANY day now!!! Praying for lost souls to call on Jesus NOW before it's too late! MARANATHA!!! Love you, sis! God bless you!

Nat Mvor (11.08.2017)
I had a dream of an eclipse, then a huge explosion of white light that came across the whole sky, then Jesus put his hand down through the cloud and then we were gone in a twinkling of an eye.

Roxanne: Here in Switzerland they started "harmless promotions" for the mark of the beast on TV and several are right, it is worldwide only in different packagins.

Everyone is waiting for THE EVENT! The end is doubt about it! But Jesus ist waiting already over 2000 years to hug HIS Bride :-)

God bless you all from far away
Reply Roxanne
6:05 PM on August 30, 2017 
During the floods in Texas this is the first time I ever heard that they wanted people to write their social security number on their arm in case they died and had to be identified. They will use all the upcoming disasters as a way to slowly push the need to identify people quickly. They will sell the "mark" of the beast to people as an easier way to identify people. Since you probably won't have much money, clothing or a place to live during this disaster, they will say the "mark" will help you get all the government services that you are entitled to more quickly and faster than that old way of doing things. Then you will need this "mark" to work, buy or sell.....It seems so much closer now than ever before. Prayers going out to all!!!
Reply Angela sharman
5:25 PM on August 30, 2017 
Goodness yes it really seems this is it now guys, both in birth pangs individually and globally!!! This certainly feels like the final stretch...whats interesting is that Craig is flying over to new York on Monday till Friday, our family lives in the UK he is very much a mocker and scoffer at present, I have not told him about warnings from the lord specifically....its all in his hands!!!
Reply Lionheart
5:09 PM on August 30, 2017 
Hey Hope, I wanted to share this with you as a confirmation: I want to try to show you what the Lord has shown me throughout the years, my most recent dream which was around around a couple of weeks ago involved me in a classroom setting and we were all taking a test on a scan-tron which had 50 questions (Jubilee reference?). I did not know how to answer questions 10-16 so I skipped them and proceeded through the rest of the test. After I answered the last question I saw that below question 50 there was a large rectangular box and it said this N. Korea. then there was another box off to the right of it which said NEXT with an Arrow pointing to the right above that word. I remember taking my pencil and it was like in slow motion I touched the N. Korea section (so it could be a nuke reference or that we start attacking them since my pencil could symbolize a missile or a nuke). As soon as I did that the teacher said in a loud voice turn in your test class is over/dismissed. I remember turning my test to the teacher who was a lady and I told her I was afraid that I would fail/no pass because I skipped over those questions and she said we would work something out.
I bring this to your attention because around 2 years ago I had another dream where I was in the car with my girlfriend and she was driving me to the airport(becoming rapture ready). She saw that we going in the wrong direction so she did a U-turn (repentance) and began driving in the other direction. As soon as this happened I looked up in the sky and I saw a small spiral of light and I know it was a rapture-related event. I chose not tell her about it because since the event was small she would not believe me but in about 5-10 seconds I look up again and that small spiral of light was massive then I knew the rapture was about to happen and I held her hand and said hold on and light surrounded everything and the dream ended.
Meaning of 2nd dream-the small spiral of light I believe now is a war with North Korea which will be small initially from the world's perspective but then other countries will get involved very rapidly which is why that small spiral of light grew so quickly, it was the same spiral of light just 10x bigger. The further escalations with North Korea will lead us to taking them out and when that happens it will further escalate into other countries getting involved which will lead us into WW3.

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5