The Aliens and Missing Children Connection

Part 1

There will come a time when God Himself will remove the children from the earth before the Rapture.  When this happens, He has told us that the "aliens" will claim they did it.  I believe they will say this in order to coerce the parents and others to come into their ships.  This 2-part series gives more info on the aliens and what may come about when they arrive.

Part 2


In January of this year I had 2 visions. The first one was on Jan 20 and I called it the XFiles vision. You can read about it in the link but basically God wanted me to watch the upcoming season 10, which at the time, I knew nothing about…I had never really watched the show and was not a fan. The next vision was on Jan 26 and I did not post it because I knew it was related but the Lord was holding me off until I watched the full XFile season. The second vision I call the Pied Piper vision and I will go into that later in the 2nd video. Since Barb 278pikelk came out with her video called No Child Left Behind on Dec 15 last year, I’ve felt a pressure to learn information on both the missing children that God will be removing soon, and the connection to the soon coming aliens. Note that I will call them that all through this video but in truth they are demons and the Fallen angels, also other rulers shown to us in Ephesians 6:12.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

There are more than just Fallen angels and demons here, there are other beings that we know nothing about (the grays etc). This first video will include my thoughts on locations of the aliens now, and their physical appearance. Also, the claims and deceptions they will bring such as The Plan (Illuminati), and Project Blue Beam from NASA. The second video will cover a timeline and how the aliens will take responsibility for our missing children. Many links will exist in this transcript if you choose to read it. However I will NOT be posting any link that directs you to a New Age website or other wicked information, disguised as truth. The Lord has me look into these places at times and He protects me, but when I am done with the research I dare not go back to those websites.

Some of my sources include previous videos found here:

Arrival of the Imposters and Where did the Children go?

Also, some of the Watcher series by LA Marzulli, Messages given to Barb and also Ed Amos, and a variety of research from the XFiles, Roswell Crash, videos, books on aliens (some secular), and a woman that was previously part of the New World Order, having been brought up in this group. Her name is Carolyn Hamlett and I’ve linked her website. She found the Lord and knows He protects her now.

LOCATION: I’d like to start with where the aliens are located right now. From the above verse, we know that some of them are in the skies…the heavenly places. UFOs are seen around the world and some of you have even seen them. I never have and I want to alert you that when they DO arrive and they will, we are to immediately go into our homes. If we want, we can watch it all unfold on television. My source for this is from a Word through Ed Amos on 04/02/14 called Dream/Vision concerning the Arrival of the Imposters.

Another place these beings are at right now is under the earth. I believe God has shown me a hollow earth and while I used to think that was crazy, I don’t anymore. I had a dream about a zombie hidden inside a hollow tree, right after I asked God if there really was a hollow earth. Others have written about a hollow earth including Admiral Byrd who says he visited this place. If you do a search on that, you can read about this visit including the possible meeting of aliens. The Lord has also told us in there are beings in the earth, the pit, and they have a boss. This is found in Revelation 9. Also in the Book of Enoch we are told that the Watchers are buried “in the valleys” of the earth.

We also know they are contained under water. John sees the Beast himself comes from the sea in Revelation 13. I had a Night Writing from 02/26/16 where the Lord said: “Zombies ahead, look to the deep. A break in the ocean floor.” Another source regarding screams below earth can be found here, including a possible story about Jacques Cousteau hearing screams from the ocean floor. They believe it is hell but I feel it could very well point to these "aliens" that God has secured below the ocean for now.

Finally, they are already here. If you believe the crash in Roswell New Mexico on July 3, 1947, then you may have read many conspiracies about aliens and how we killed them and used their technology. This particular view makes the aliens seem innocent of all harm, and in fact this latest season of the XFiles points to that, instead of the aliens being the bad guys. Ironically just yesterday, this story of the new US Air Force B21 Bomber concept came out on various media outlets. I felt it was one of many confirmations for me. Also THEY are here if you believe the myriad of alien abductions/cattle mutilation stories. I downloaded one book from author David M. Jacobs. He is secular and has done extensive work with abductees and has come to the conclusion that the aliens are not here for our benefit. Go figure. I am reading his book “Walking Among Us”… where he calls humans with alien DNA…hubrids. Dr. Jacobs coined that term by putting the words humans and hybrids together. They walk among us now and are similar to us in every detail. As I read how the abductees interact with these hubrid children, I felt very much like these beings were soulless. I believe that satan has indeed created beings that will interact and already DO interact with humans now, and they are manipulative and deceptive in their approach to these end times. I don’t know much about this other than when I read his book as an end time watcher, I get the distinct idea that these hubrids are going to act as if they are purely human when the alien ships do arrive, and will spur on excitement in those that are not sure or are wavering in their opinions. These hubrids are a very deceptive and dangerous group. This brings me to my next topic..the appearance of these beings.

APPEARANCE: If you have read much about aliens, you know there are numerous physical appearances described. Carolyn Hamlett in a recent video (I’ve watched so many that I can’t link them all so please just do a search on youtube), said they will appear as light beings, as well as having physical bodies. I know there will be the “grays” and Nordics or Tall Whites as they are also known. The higher up beings are known as the Ascended Masters in New World speak. Carolyn believes they are the top Fallen Angels and I do as well. The Book of Enoch describes this is more detail.

DECEPTIONS: The topic of deception from these aliens is mind blowing. I believe they are THE deception that God tells us about in 2 Thessalonians 2:11. Carolyn Hamlett was recently on a video with John Baptist and so I emailed him. I have found that he is pretty much the only person that I have heard of, that researched the aliens like I used to. For John, it is in the past as well. I asked permission to post part of his email because it says what many of us believe. He agreed and what he said was,

“Any of the claims "they" make, that do not line up with the bible I just "toss it" because its junk. So we basically know they play a major role in the Great Tribulation and "strong delusion", they are almost certainly "front and center" during the Rev. 13 "beast government" as (ascended masters, etc.), and their "power signs and lying wonders" (ref. 2. Thess 2) will use their fallen-angel technologies to "slurp up the radiation" left behind after the "Day of the Lord" and global thermonuclear war.”

Carolyn describes “The Plan” that the aliens will being bringing to earth. This is backed up by another man I’ve posted about on my website named Roger Morneau. As a young man he was headed straight into the occult and learned about the enemy’s end time plan before he made a quick exit! He was subject to death threats after that, much like Carolyn is now. While the devil may think it is his plan, in truth we know that God already knows what will happen, when, where, and why it will happen. And He allows it, plain and simple. God has His reasons and they include purifying the Bride and the Guests before the end of the world as we know it.

Another deception method that will be put into play is something you may have heard of called Project Blue Beam. In essence, this is a plot by NASA to implement the NWO with the AC at its head. The progress of this deception has been slow but steady through the years. Project Blue Beam has 4 major components:

  • Faked archeological discoveries
  • Big show in outer space
  • Artificial thought and communication
  • Supernatural manifestations

You can research it yourself but what I found from NASA left out important points. 1) that aliens are involved and 2) it was many years ago and much has happened since. What I DO believe might be the case is that the aliens have been in cahoots with NASA from the getgo and will use our limited technology to advance their purposes. Eventually though, the aliens will give us earthlings a lot of free “good” things in order to bring us to our knees so to speak.

1st VIDEO SUMMARY: To summarize some of my thoughts, I believe the aliens are on the earth now. They are under the earth and under the oceans, as well as in our skies. They even walk among us. It has taken thousands of years for satan’s plan to come about, but since God is allowing it, it will happen soon! The appearance of some of these beings will be alarming but it’s possible that the enemy will use that to put on a good alien/bad alien show, and "we" will root for the good aliens. Once they “win”, they will give us their technologies etc…and we will be oh so happy with our newfound friends. Their deception will cause them to bring in the antichrist and in turn, the Lord will allow this to fulfill what was written long ago in the Bible. Let’s move on now, to the second video.

MORE DECEPTIONS: I wanted to mention a few of the deceptions that these aliens will bring with them, the first being that they have removed the children from the earth, in order to protect them. I did a video on this already but even when I was done, I felt there would be more. That’s when the Lord gave me my Pied Piper vision. I call it a vision for lack of a better word but first I heard the phrase “Musical woods” and then I heard the beginning of a song which I’ll explain in a bit. Since I had been thinking about the missing children, when I heard musical woods, I immediately thought of the Pied Piper. (also woods made me think of woodwinds)  I recalled that the story contained rats that came to the town of Hameln and that a man came and played music to get the rats to leave, only the children followed him too. Little did I know that the fairy tale is supposedly based on a true story! (use discretion with that link) The link I have provided under "the story" shows many variations. The Brothers Grimm wrote a fairy tale about the Pied Piper and later Robert Browning turned it into a poem. There are many versions in the link above but the part that makes me believe it is true, is that the event was written in the town hall notes of Hameln. It says this:

In the year 1284 after the birth of Christ
From Hameln were led away
One hundred thirty children, born at this place
Led away by a piper into a mountain.

And on the new gate was inscribed: Centum ter denos cum magus ab urbe puellos duxerat ante annos CCLXXII condita porta fuit.

[This gate was built 272 years after the magician led the 130 children from the city.]

Now here is something VERY interesting that I found in the reading from the Grimm Brothers.

“…for when he returned, the others had already disappeared into a cave within a hill.” Robert Browning goes a step further and calls the cave a portal.

We know that scientists are trying to bring interdimensional beings through the CERN portal. What if…just what if…the Lord removes the children while the scientists at CERN are making what they consider breakthrough events? I would never have come up with any of this on my own, but the Lord gave me visions of the Pied Piper story and I know it had to do with the children that God will be removing shortly. Perhaps He was showing me what the aliens will say happened to the children!

The original story occurred in 1284 but last month I discovered a story that there is a rat invasion on the way for the UK according to a source I found here. How ironic if God removes the children during this rat infestation! As for the song I heard at the same time I heard "Musical Woods", I found out it was Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. This was a song possibly written by JS Bach for the organ. Bach lived in Germany at the time and the town of Hameln is in Germany. When I heard the song and I’ve posted a youtube video of it here, I think of scary movies. This song is one that is frequently played for classic vampire and horror flicks. The word “toccata” means to touch, and in psychiatry… “fugue” means a state or period of loss of awareness of one’s identity. Not only that, but this song is frequently played by a …wait for it….PIPE organ! Hence the Pied Piper! And pipe organs are made from metal and WOOD…hence musical woods! I thought God was pointing to a location but the Pied Piper did not take the children to the woods, but to a mountain, possible a portal. God works in layers and I feel He did this time as well. Even this morning I decided to do a quick search to see if the terms Pied Piper and Toccata and Fugue in D Minor existed together…and they do…even on Wikipedia! What a confirmation!  I am thinking along the lines that the aliens will entice humans to come aboard their by touching their minds with this euphoria feeling.  This same feeling has been felt by NDErs that have a false heaven visit.  That's why they believe they visited heaven.  Most do visit heaven but not all NDers.

MISSING CHILDREN: Let’s move on to our being told about the missing children, soon to come. Barb 278pikelk gave us a Message from God alerting us of this very thing. In her video titled “No Child Left Behind” the Lord tells us:

"Your media and the enemies’ puppets will formulate a lie and spread it throughout the world that the children have been taken by other worldlies, but my saints will be 100 percent sure that the children are with Me.”

I have bolded this phrase for a very specific reason. What I interpret this to say is…that the aliens will NOT yet be on the earth. It may be that we on the earth, will see them in the skies, and we already know that in other videos, we are told by God that these beings will arrive during the financial chaos that will include the world. So they may be seen in the skies, but are not yet here BUT, are in contact with the media and the New World leaders. I do not know if the aliens will be seen before or after God removes the children. Arguments could be made for either side. But what I do believe is that the aliens will use the missing children to coerce the parents into going into their ships. Much like the Pied Piper’s music, these aliens will have an essence of euphoria when you get near them, and you will be pulled into it! This is why the Lord has emphatically told us to NOT go outside, not to get close to these beings at all. I also believe that the missing children are a HUGE component of why the mark of the beast will be utilized. Much like today, if you have it implanted, your loving parents would know where to find you if you were kidnapped. Well folks, since the skies are going to fall and the earthquakes will be prolific, what better method to find people in the destruction than with an implanted chip sending out signals? Those of us that know about this, know not to have it implanted but those left behind and possibly even during the Harvest, will think it’s a great idea! This brings us to the timeline of what the aliens plans are.

TIMELINE: I discovered much information from a woman named Carolyn Hamlett. She was part of the illuminati but got out of that and has an incredible story. She moved so far up the ladder that she met with satan in the spirit. If you do a search on youtube, you can find many of her appearances on shows. She is now a Christian with a close relationship to Jesus Christ as she knows He is the all powerful Being that keeps her safe. Per Carolyn, the Fallen will launch a Shock and Awe campaign. She says there will be good aliens vs bad aliens. We know that all aliens are bad, but they will appear to play the good cop bad cop routine on the gullible humans. I’ve heard these evil creatures referred to as many things…other worldlies, imposters, people of light, aliens. The New Agers call them ascended masters, spirit guides, angels, aliens, and the humans are considered walkins or starseeds. But what we as watchers for our Lord call them, is evil. No matter what they look like or call themselves, they are pure evil and hate humans, but they use us if we don’t have the protection of Christ. Carolyn says that their idea is to bring harmony through chaos. In other words they (or their human minions…NWO leaders, media, etc) will first secretly cause chaos, then make everything all better. They already have plans for riots, and even some areas sectioned off for plagues. Many of our recent disasters were rehearsals for what is coming. Has not God warned us of this in many of our recent Messages? Carolyn also says that the aliens will twist everything so that it will seem the Christians are holding the harmony up. Now this is absolutely in agreement with what is found in the channelings today. They say that it is those that have the solid faith, that are ruining everything. And you know what? They will point to ISIS as proof! So these beings will come in and say they can eradicate evil religions, but take out Christianity at the same time. They will also eradicate the NWO which I find ironic, since those leaders believe they will be in charge, safely from their D.U.M.B.s. (deep underground military bases). These aliens will say they come “rescuing” the children and scooping up all the gullible humans to do what they want them to do. And it will open the way for the antichrist to take over, as he will welcome them with open arms. The Pope already does.

The aliens will bring free energy, which will come in handy because there will be loss of electricity when Nibiru comes right? They will introduce their own Jesus and say he is an alien and all can worship him as one of many religious gods. They will point to artifacts and explain the truth about them, which is not really the truth at all but lies right from Eden. They have already said that the Dead Sea scrolls explain where some of them come from. Do you see how they will belittle God?

XFILES: Finally I want to touch on the XFiles that God had me watch. The show started out as usual with Mulder explaining that the aliens are bad. This worked in the past while watching these shows, but now the true aliens needed to change it up. I read where the writer of the XFiles reads many abductee stories and gets info from them, though he denies it. Also on Watchers 7 I learned that Dr. Lear, the physician that removed several implanted alien chips…admitted to being consultant on the XFiles show! The writer knew where to get his info to write up these new stories!

We learned early on in the episodes that supposedly the aliens pushed genetic modifications on people. Towards the end of the series, the show started badmouthing the Bible and equating God with Allah. But it was the last episode that I took the most notes on. The entire series changed over these 6 episodes…and pointed to US HUMANS as being the bad guys. Apparently we are to believe that when the aliens crashed at Roswell on July 3, 1947, we stole the aliens technology, and the elite of the world now own it and are in charge! That is playing RIGHT into the hands of satan! The elite of this world are NOTHING and God will shut them down, or allow the aliens to. I even wrote of this to LA Marzulli after his first XFile commentary, explaining that the show is taking away our view that aliens are bad, and painting the bad picture onto the elite. People you must understand, the elite are satan’s puppets! It’s all about how the alien liars are LYING, and has nothing to do with the NWO leaders. Do not waste time on studying their moves because it will come to naught!

Another lie pushed in this last XFile episode is that we need to have alien DNA in order to save humans due to coming plagues. LA Marzulli does a good review here on his video. What I want to add are a few things Scully says. 

Alien DNA is all that can save us.” 

“We should all hope to have it, it is the only hope we have”. 

This is not the truth, the only hope we have is in Christ Himself, the Light of the world!

CONCLUSION: I believe God wanted me to watch this series and see how it might tie in with the missing children. Years ago, aliens were thought as bad, but through Hollywood, the media, and even this latest XFiles season, we are being told to assume, that aliens are GOOD and people are bad! Alien DNA is GOOD and human DNA has problems, including a short life. When aliens appear, some of them might look horrible but they are still GOOD! Problem is, when the humans get near, that sense of euphoria will overcome them and that’ll be all she wrote. I am hoping that part of our Harvest duties include revealing to the world, what the aliens really are. Like Julie from the TV series V from the 80s, I hope to be one of these.


A member of COTB sent me the cover of the Economist Magazine...the Pied Piper is on the far left!!!!