The Alien Gray Interview

I found this article on a website and found it sad that many will be fooled by these hybrid beasts made up from demons and human DNA.  God showed us in Lisa's vision that there are "alien grays" that walk among us.  Some are in manufactured human suits, and others are just hybrids that look a little out of place but only if you stare long enough.  So I went through this interview with the idea that this is what those left behind will be hearing...they will hear that aliens are ok, and are already among us.  I won't post any pictures of them here, but know there are many pictures online.  

Please pray for and use discernment while reading this interview as well as my comments which are bolded in black.  ~ Hope

Since this is to be a permanent page on this website, I would like to explain how I came to be interested in this sort of thing.  If  you don't wish to read, please skip straight to the Interview below.

God woke me (Hope) up several years ago.  The very first thing I did was read Howard Storm's My Descent into Death and Colton Burpo's  Heaven Is For Real.  Long ago in the 80s I had read a few NDE books but there just weren't many out there.  But once I read the two above, I started buying every book I could get my hands on.  This was the same time that the Biography channel started showing "I Survived - Beyond and Back" which were NDE stories.  Most of the stories were about people that seemed to go to Heaven although they did not always meet Jesus.  (That is a whole other subject that God woke me up to - different levels of Heaven).  But back to I watched more and more shows, and read more and more stories, it occurred to me that in those stories where people saw angels, not all the angels seemed...genuinely loving.  Not only that but I knew enough about the New Age religion to know that when these people came back, they must have seen a fallen angel because they did not turn to Jesus for saving their life, rather they turned to some "source".  So I was learning...being trained by God, that although people die and seem to go to Heaven, not all the beings they meet ARE from the real Heaven, so they are being deceived. What was going on?

After I studied these stories for over a year, God then led me to watching Ghost Hunters and other haunting type stories.  So I went from mostly meeting God in these NDE stories, to supernatural stories, again with God sometimes thrown in.  The problem was, some of the people started to go to mediums and psychics for help for these hauntings.  They would bring both priests and psychics into a haunted house to get rid of demons.  Sad I know. Anyway, this led me finally to read channelings of the New Agers.  As I started to read them, I KNEW that somehow this was a type of training for me, that I was learning but yet God was keeping me safe.  If you think about it, I was reading the words of Fallen angels and demons and nothing bad was happening to me. I remember thinking, "If these are really aliens from other planets talking through humans, then what does an alien care about our religions or even the Jews?"  The channelings brought up our religions many times and said that we would all learn the truth soon.  Why would an alien care about OUR religion? So I was learning that they were NOT really aliens from other planets. I KNEW I was protected and continually prayed for that although I did not know about the armor of God then.  Still, I read and learned how deceptive these beings are.  The first day I started to read them, I found how blasphemous the words were, and how they would encourage the channeler and those reading, to look within themselves for help.  They referred to God as an energy or source or something of the universe but NEVER as God of the Great I AM.  Jesus IS thrown in with their mix and they DO say He will return, only He will be their pathetic imitation.  I read this stuff for 8 months before the Lord finally was done showing me this, and I went on to start learning about being a Bride.  He brings each individual down their own path which HE created for them.  That is why it is so important that you pray to stay on HIS path and not turn to the left or right.  That way you know you are doing what He wants for you, even if you do not "hear" Him.  

So now I present to you, this crazy interview which even if not true, is certainly true of what I read from channelers.  These aliens/hybrids really do promote this kind of lie and deception.  And we know that God is and will allow it in the future.  Please read with discernment and wisdom.  

This interview is written by a gentleman named  Paul Dale Roberts and can be found here if you really want to see it online.

Interview with Leisha, an Alien Gray Hybrid

Special Note: Leisha does not want to be fully identified. Here is my description of Leisha. She is small in stature. Perhaps she is 5’4”. Leisha is somewhat on the thin side. She has big brown eyes. Leisha’s skin looks normal, she would be considered a Caucasian. Leisha’s hair is blondish brown and I notice there are some parts of her hair that seems thinning and one area of her head that seems to have a small bald spot.

Question: Leisha, so you claim you are a Gray Hybrid?

Answer: Yes, my mother was abducted many times over from her home in Fresno. Through DNA manipulation I am an off spring of the grays and humans.

(I believe this to be true, I believe that humans have been abducted by demons and experimented with for decades now, you can read more here from this free pdf.)

Question: Most hybrids go with the Grays, why did you remain on Earth?

Answer: I will be one of the hybrids that will lead mankind into a new age. I will help mankind go through their transition from the 4th world to the 5th world.

( I have read about this in channelings. The Fallen will use their own false lighted humans to shine their light, much like the Bride will appear during the 40 days of Harvest.  After this Rapture, the aliens will say that those missing have "ascended")

Question: When does this happen?

Answer: December 21, 2012.

(Haha…bet that surprised her when it did not happen, the Fallen do NOT know when God will send His Son for us; they have changed the date of the “event” many times through the years. )

Question: So this is not the end of the world?

Answer: No, that is why the Grays have allowed mankind to find the 1200 year old mural in Guatemala. There will be major changes.

Question: Is this a good thing, the changes?

Answer: With changes, you have good and you have bad. The veil will open and the Gods will reveal themselves. You will learn that they are not Gods, but beings from other dimensions, other worlds. The universe is teeming with life. Mankind once had interaction with these extraterrestrials, but a war was imminent with two warring factions of extraterrestrials. One faction wanted mankind to be conquered, enslaved or destroyed. Another faction wanted mankind to live on their own and only small interactions with other extraterrestrials would take place. The beings that did not want to interfere with mankind, wanted to see how mankind would progress, would grow. Of course mankind is failing on a constant level. Intervention is imminent. Intervention takes place December 21, 2012.

(If this were true, why would aliens intervene…as if they have the good of the human at heart. Yes they are from other dimensions to be sure, but will the humans believe that? Or will they think they are aliens?)

Question: Will there be catastrophes on December 21, 2012?

Answer: Yes, of course, the extraterrestrials will monitor the clean up. There will be devastation on many levels. There will be deaths, but there will be survivors. The survivors will experience the awakening. The survivors will become one with their extraterrestrials family. The number 11 has an important role in the change.

(Call this ironic…as I was responding to this interview, Lisa sent me a message about what does the number 11 mean? Can you believe it? God must be wanting us to see something here! We found 11 to mean destruction, chaos, and judgment. On the idea of survivors becoming one with their ET families, this is when everyone's DNA will be tested to see what "family" they are from.  The purpose is not for aliens (since there really ARE no aliens in this solar system) but rather to find who is Jewish and who is not.  All those of Jewish blood will eventually be marked for destruction by satan in the form of the ac.)

Question: Why 11? What type of catastrophes are you talking about?

Answer: I don’t know the answer to those questions. Mankind’s intelligence communities have various levels of clearance, you can just say my clearance is not high enough to know the significant reference to 11 is, and what catastrophes will take place.

Question: Who are the Grays?

Answer: Many extraterrestrials have evolved in many different ways. Some humanoids that evolve will look like Grays in the far future. Some Grays originate from other dimensions, another planet and some are humans of the future. There are warring factions of Grays. If one person is abducted by a Gray and another person is abducted by a Gray, it does not mean that both Grays are from the same race of Grays. Some Grays empathize with humans, while other Grays see humans as lowly animals and nothing more. The Grays that are humans from the future of course care about mankind.

(I asked Lisa about this since she had a vision of the grays, and could discern certain qualities. She says there are no enemies among the Fallen and their demons, but it may APPEAR as such to help deceive us. She said she did see “shoulders bumping”…kind of like, get outta my way. So they do have attitudes but they are working together to deceive mankind.)

Question: You mean some Grays are actually us? They are time travelers?

Answer: Yes, they can go into the past. They can only observe, they cannot intervene or interfere with mankind. They would be like ghosts in our reality, not being able to touch anything, move anything, talk with anyone. They would not be able to change anything. The past cannot be altered. The human Grays can interact with other non-human Grays through a dimensional frequency that does not alter the past timeline of humans.

Question: Is there a God? (Gets VERY interesting here!)

Answer: There is the Source Point that all extraterrestrials are aware of. This source point is very powerful energy in our universe. Of course there are many universes.

(So God is source…you may have heard this in NDEs. This was my introduction to how the Fallen will portray God. He is not love, He is not even a being, rather He is just an energy and we are all made up of that same energy. This is a very small part of the truth because we do all come from God, without Him nothing was made that has been created. Yet we are NOT God and will never be equal to Him. Satan already tried that. So these beings will point to SOMEthing so that people will understand that there is some type of higher thing out there, but the Fallen have always diminished God in the hopes that man will look to himself for his help. This is how the channelings have taught for many years. The Fallen have also channeled that they are not allowed to help man unless he asks for it.  Yet they never define WHO established this rule.)

Question: A Multiverse?

Answer: That is a good name for it. (Laughing). Yes, a Multiverse of sorts. Let’s say if you were able to travel to the end of our universe, you would encounter a huge void afterwards. Traveling through this void, you would discover another universe and it would go on and on like that.

Question: There goes the Big Bang theory. (Laughing).

Answer: Funny you would mention that. Did you know there was a universe before the Big Bang? The universe recycles itself over and over again.

Question: About the Source Point? This is God?

Answer: Source Point is believed to have been here before any life in the universes began. Source Point is pure energy that is intelligent. It contains all of the knowledge of all of the universes, of all life, of all histories. If the Source Point was a computer, it would be the ultimate computer, because it contains all knowledge. Everything is recorded in the universes. Everything.

(Do you see how she belittles God? He is just an essence.)

Question: Do you ever watch Ancient Aliens?

Answer: Not really, because some of these documentaries are somewhat off base.

Question: Do you mean that the Sumerian Clay Tablets are not true? That we were not kick started by the Annunaki?

Answer: No, this is true. Extraterrestrials were here witnessing the birth of the Earth; they had plenty of interactions with early man. This is all true. But, some things that are depicted in these documentaries are simple guesses and theories. Sometimes these guesses are way off base.

Question: Can you give me one that is off-base.

Answer: Extraterrestrials did not kill off the dinosaurs. If dinosaurs had survived, one of the species would have become intelligent. The Annunaki would have been just as happy using a dinosaur intelligent slave race over a humanoid slave race.

Question: Okay, since I have you here, I am going to ask you all kinds of questions. Is that okay. Questions, I want answers to.

Answer: Yes, go ahead.

Question: Do we have souls?

Answer: Yes, energy lives on forever. Your human body is surrounded by energy. This energy contains all of the knowledge of what you are, this energy is intelligent.

Question: Will we travel outside of our galaxy and explore other worlds?

Answer: Yes, but not on your own, you will be guided by the Viewers.

Question: What are the Viewers?

Answer: The ones that watch mankind. They will intervene and bring mankind to the level of space travel. Mankind will not learn this on their own.

(Note to self…stay away from Viewers aka the Watchers from Enoch!)

Question: Were aliens once assisted by other aliens to bring them towards a level of space travel and exploring other worlds?

Answer: Yes, all extraterrestrials have been assisted at one point of time by other extraterrestrials. No race of beings has ever advanced to monumental levels without the assistance from other beings. The only intelligence that may have done this is the Source Point, but there is even controversy in regard to the Source Point. It has been argued, that there was a Source Point before the Source Point.

Question: Is the Source Point the God for extraterrestrials?

Answer: No. The Source Point is powerful energy that contains all knowledge of all of the universes.

(The Fallen insist they have no God, that we are ALL God blah blah blah.  Yet they can't get past the rules that forbid them to do things and that something created even them.  If you ask them, you will get generic fluff as we are seeing here.)

Question: So the past exists? The Paul Dale Roberts of the 70s is still dancing on the disco dance floor? There are other dimensions with other realities and beings?

Answer: Yes. A Multiverse as you call it.

Question: What are the MIB?

(This stands for Men in Black, these are the people that interview alien abductees)

Answer: I don’t have that answer. I am aware of this phenomenon and I think it has to do with some kind of trickery from our Government. I think it is disinformation from Government intelligence sources to make the witnesses look like they are crazy. I am not sure about MIBs, because the Grays never communicate anything about MIBs.

Question: Cattle mutilations?

Answer: I don’t have that answer. I was never told and I never asked. I do believe Grays are involved. Perhaps it has to do with the DNA of the cattle? I am not sure.

Question: Crop Circles?

Answer: I don’t have that answer either. Once I heard a Gray telepathically communicating with another Gray that another type of extraterrestrial is attempting to communicate with mankind through crop circles.

Question: Are you visited by the Grays?

Answer: Yes, I am contacted maybe once every 3 months. I get information here and there.

Question: Are you afraid of the Grays?

Answer: No, I am part of them, there is nothing to fear. I fear humans more than I fear Grays. There are many humans that display evil, that is why there will be a clean up on December 21, 2012. A much needed clean up. 

(Sorry Leisha, didn't happen. It's all in God's timing, not anyone elses.)

Question: Will the Grays do the clean up?

Answer: Some will. The Grays are under another power of extraterrestrials. It is by the order of these other extraterrestrials that the clean-up will take place. Our Earth has been visited by many variety of extraterrestrials, but only one race of extraterrestrials have made claim to Earth and any extraterrestrials that have visited Earth, must go through the extraterrestrials that have made this claim.

Question: Who are these extraterrestrials that have made this claim?

Answer: You call them the Annunaki. There will be great battles between many warring factions of extraterrestrials and the prize is Earth. Since the future is already known, the outcome will be beneficial for mankind. That is all I know about the future.

(This points to how unclear she is. If the future is known…WHO knows it? HOW do they know it and how CAN they know it? The only One that can know it is the One that designed it to be so. A REAL God, tangible and full of Love, He IS love. He is not some source and only a source! Also, stay clear of ANYONE that seems to think the Annunaki. is a race of being from space. ALL beings from space in our solar system are the Fallen and demons. I believe there are TRUE aliens in the universe(s) but that God is not allowing them to interfere with humanity at this time, rather only the devil and his minions are lying about who they are.  If you want to read a very interesting book that depicts many of satan's forms of deception, read The Book of Adam and Eve)

Question: Does our government know about extraterrestrials?

Answer: Yes. Your government is aware of the clean up and are preparing for it right now.

Question: Do extraterrestrials have bases here on Earth and nearby planets?

Answer: Yes, there are bases in your oceans, your deep lakes. There are bases on the moon, Venus, Mars. There are invisible extraterrestrial space stations.

(This is most likely true.)

Question: Did we visit the Moon?

Answer: No, it never happened. The Viewers would not let it happen. Some government officials have visited other planets and the Moon, but under the guidance of the Viewers. The Viewers have actually taken people from the beginning of time to other planets and bases throughout the galaxy.

Question: Are there wormholes that can take a person or spaceship from one end of the universe to another end of the universe?

Answer: Yes. Wormholes can take you into other parts of time and other dimensions too.

Question: Are there extraterrestrials among us?

Answer: Yes, of course. Many varieties. One variety is made up of pure energy and you cannot see them. Another variety is on another level of frequency and you cannot see them. There are extraterrestrials that look human, so they can actually comfortably intermingle with humans. There are extraterrestrials that have the ability to cloak themselves and you can’t see them. Some extraterrestrials can have matter bodies and transform into pure energy bodies and walk through walls. All variety of Grays have this ability.

(Remember Lisa’s vision of the human suit…they have been manufactured so that extraterrestrials demons can intermingle with us through the government, Hollywood, etc.)

Question: Are there UFOs and aliens at Area 51?
Answer: I don’t know, but I do know that extraterrestrials have been involved with your Government.

Question: Do you watch a lot of UFO documentaries and such?

Answer: No, I have a lot of human qualities, I am normal. I watch reality shows, game shows like everyone else.

(Define “normal”.)

Question: Last night, I went and saw Marvel's The Avengers 3D. Is this something that we could witness in real life, when the Gods return?

Answer: Everything that you see in movies from Lord of the Rings to Stargate SG1 are engrained in the human DNA. What you believe to be science fiction or fantasy is actually science fact. Early humans witnessed creatures like The Hobbit, witnessed Stargates, witnessed robots, witnessed Star Wars, witnessed beings with super powers or beings that could fly. Anything that can be imagined, actually was a reality for early man. When extraterrestrials reveal themselves, mankind will throw everything out the proverbial door as what is real.

(Some of this might be true but NOT robots. Think about it…when God created the Garden, did He need mechanical devices or beings? The Fallen taught man about minerals, then about how to melt them, then about how to make weapons. )

Enoch LXIX

6. And the third was named Gâdreêl: he it is who showed the children of men all the blows of death, and he led astray Eve, and showed ⌈the weapons of death to the sons of men⌉ the shield and the coat of mail, and the sword for battle, and all the weapons of death to the children of men. 7. And from his hand they have proceeded against those who dwell on the earth from that day and for evermore.

Question: You just mentioned that you have to leave. Is there anything you would like to add?

Answer: Mankind’s eyes will open soon to the great reveal. I will also be shown things that I am not even aware of. I do not have all the answers and I am anxious to learn everything there is to be known about our universe..

(These beings will be allowed to deceive man.

2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

10and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.11For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false,12in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.

We need to remember that GOD HIMSELF allows this delusion. Satan has come up with this a long time ago and got permission from God to do this as we see in these verses.)

" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24